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Life Will Change

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April 9th, 2517, G.U.N. Headquarters, Station Square, UFN

"I hate paperwork."

The black and red hedgehog, who had a gray shirt, with a black leather jacket and black pants, muttered as he filled out some paperwork for G.U.N, an special organization that was both the army and the spy agency of the United Federation of Nations, the government formerly known as The United States of America

The hedgehog, Shadow Robotnik, the Ultimate Life Form, was a top agent of G.U.N. and had taken down a terrorist organization in Italy a few days ago, and he was currently filling out the paperwork required to take them down. He hadn't slept for 100 hours.

"Sometimes I wish Gerald had given me the ability to not require sleep. I'll have to tell Commander Towers that I'm going to be taking some days off. Though he will probably think it's to spend time with Rouge... He's such an idiot. He should know that even I need a break after staying up for 100 hours."

The paperwork was complete, although he knew the next case that Towers was going to have him investigate. The mysterious disappearance of world-renown thief Sly Cooper, who had left a calling card at the lab of terrorist Dr. Ivo Robotnik, also known as Dr. Eggman. Apparently he stole the seven Chaos Emeralds, objects of mythical power which allowed transformations into Super forms, which have been seen in use by 4 individuals: Sonic the Hedgehog, Silver the Hedgehog, Knuckles the Echidna and Shadow.

"Cooper's disappearance makes absolutely no sense. He left Eggman a calling card, stole the emeralds, and then... vanished. He disappeared when normally he would have made an elaborate exit. I don't get why Towers wants us to investigate; Carmelita should be able to handle it herself. As well, there are no leads and no way to deduce what happened."

The hedgehog grabbed a coffee from his coffee machine, but before he could teleport home, a portal sucked him in. He was in a blank void. He saw Dr. Eggman, but there were two of him? Odd. It seems that the older Eggman was on a machine with a gigantic beast under it.

"Doctor, did you really time travel to recruit yourself? And I thought that your Soleanna plan was the dumbest you could be."

"When did I ever plan something in Soleanna?"

"Never mind that. Do you really think that this time the Eldritch Abomination you have recruited will listen to you?It seems everytime you release something, it backstabs you, causing your plan to fail. Chaos, myself, Metal Sonic, Dark Gaia, Emerl, and of course, Eggman Nega. What makes you think that this time it will work? Also why recruit yourself and not someone who is actually intelligent? You claim to have 300 IQ, and yet you are constantly beaten by a 15 year old and his friends, which include an 8 year old fox that is smarter than you. Pathetic."

"But this time I have the element of surprise on Sonic and friends! And since I banished the thief and his partner to the distant past, they won't be able to use the 7 Chaos Emeralds this time in order to stop me!"

"So that's what you did to Cooper? Good plan Doctor, however, I can easily warn Faker since you forgot that I happen to be right in front of you. You aren't intelligent in the slightest."

"That is why I am sending you to the past! So long, Shadow!"

April 2nd, 2017, Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan






"What the fuck just happened?"


Shadow cursed as he appeared in an alleyway in Tokyo.

"I haven't been here since that vigilante case, though Rouge does like Tokyo... I'll take her later."


However, a blue butterfly spoke and said, 

"Perhaps you can change the fate of this unjust game."


Shadow checked his phone, and immediately saw the date and location.


"What the hell? Eggman said he was sending me to the past, but 500 years?"


He then realized when he was.


"I'm in the era of the Phantom Thieves of Heart!"

He needed to get more information, considering he had researched the Dark Hour and Apathy Syndrome far more then the mental shutdowns and the Phantom Thieves.

He knew what his best bet was.

Hijacking the investigations regarding the mental shutdowns.

Now, to find Sae Nijima and Akechi Goro... That would be the difficult part.

April 2nd, 2017, Velvet Room, ????

"A new player in this game? How... interesting."

A man in a desk, named Igor was holding a stack of tarot cards. However, there were extras, the Consultant, Faith, Reverse Justice, Justice, two Fortune, two Hierophants, two Sun, The Universe, and two Star cards in the deck.

"Though he may not be a wild card, he will certainly change the game... But how?"

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The raccoon was standing, cane in hand, in front of Dr. Ivo Robotnik's famed laboratory. The good doctor had been famed in recent years for his various attempts to roboticize the world. But, Sly saw this as an opportunity to steal from the good doctor. Bentley had discovered that Robotnik apparently had possession of the Seven Chaos Emeralds, legendary artifacts that allow the user to go into a "Super Form". They were famed for their usage by Sonic the Hedgehog and his compatriots, including his sidekick Miles "Tails" Prower , the Last of the Echidnas, Knuckles, and The Ultimate Lifeform, Shadow the Hedgehog.
Of course, this would be the greatest heist in history if Sly could manage to steal them. That, however, was a big IF.
"Sly, Robotnik has many more defenses than any of the people we have had to rob before!"
"Even the Contessa?"
"...Yes, Sly, even her. These defenses are designed to stop the most powerful beings in the world, not simply to catch some criminals!"
"And how successful have they been? The good doctor hasn't even managed to beat a 6 year old bee, let alone Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles. I think I can handle this, Bentley."

The thief decided to enter through the front, and was immediately greeted by a host of laser beams and badniks in front of him.
He used his Slow-Mo-Jump to dodge the lasers and then easily destroyed the Badniks with one whack of his cane each.
"Bentley, do all of these things go down in one hit?"
"Yes, Sly. In fact, when a Badnik is destroyed, an animal pops out!"
"Okay, so he still roboticizes animals?"
"Yeah, he has used the same process for 5 years!"
"He really needs help, because he should know that these things need to be more durable."
Sly continued into the base, easily dodging traps with his Slow-Mo-Jump, until he finally arrived at the vault where Robotnik was keeping the Chaos Emeralds.
He grabbed all seven emeralds and started to leave, before seeing Robotnik in front of him.
"You must be joking! Common thieves can break into my bases!"
"I'm no common thief, Doctor. I'm Sly Cooper, the latest in a long line of master thieves. And you deserved this anyways, considering you nearly destroyed the world and destroyed Station Square."
"So you're the infamous Sly Cooper. I must say, I am impressed. But you and your team..."
"Not a team. A duo."
"So your friend left you. Ahh, whatever. This is my chance to get rid of you, your partner, and the Chaos Emeralds all at once!"
A mysterious creature appeared, and a portal opened.
Sly and the emeralds fell through the portal, and ended up...
In Tokyo.

"Where am I?"
"Sly! Why are you here?"
"Eggman must have brought us here... Bentley, where are we?"
"According to my computer... That can't be right!"
"What, Bentley?"
"We're in Tokyo, Japan.... In the year 2017."
"How? Wait, that creature that Eggman used... could it be able to manipulate the fabric of time?"
"It could have also been the Chaos Emeralds..."
"Wait, Bentley. If we are in the year 2017, in Tokyo... The Phantom Thieves of Heart started around this time. Which means... I know the perfect target for our next heist!"
"Shido, right?"
"Exactly! He hasn't had his heart changed yet... which means we could be able to find some incriminating evidence to use against him!"

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April 2nd, 2017, Sae Niijima's Office, Tokyo, Japan


Shadow decided to go to the address he was given, however he got many weird glances from civilians as he passed by.
"Right, this is when humanity didn't know of the existence of Mobians yet... So I'm going to be getting a lot of stares."

Shadow thought to himself. He then arrived at the office of Sae Niijima.

He opened the door and entered, with her replying only a few seconds later.

"What even are you?"

"My name is Shadow Robotnik. I'm a CIA agent, and I'm here to investigate the mental shutdown cases. And I'm not answering that question."

Shadow then also realized that he had nowhere to go, despite him having his card that had his ridiculous amount of wealth.

Investing in the stock market was the right choice 50 years ago, he had figured out after he figured out that he inherited all of Gerald's money as well as what he had invested in the stock market so long ago. He became the richest man in the world as a result.

"Also, I need somewhere to stay because my bosses didn't bother to give me money for a hotel room or a apartment. So damn stupid..."

"I... see. Why exactly is the American government sending someone to investigate these shutdowns? This is my case!"

"Because there have been many strange incidents in Japan in recent years, from the JOKER killings in '99, to Apathy Syndrome and the mysterious death of the CEO of the Kirijo Group, to the Inaba killings that were apparently caused by shoving people into a television, and now people dying and breaking down for no reason? It makes no sense! And I'm a person who tends to believe in weird incidents, but this is absurd!"

Before her response, someone said,

"Hello Sae-san. I see you have a guest."

"He's our new partner in investigating the mental shutdowns. As if I needed another one."

"Interesting. Anyways, Masayashiro Shido was apparently robbed by an unknown thief who left a calling card that no one has been able to identify."

Odd, Shadow thought. He didn't seem confused by me at all. Strange...

"May I see that?"

Reluctantly, Akechi gave Shadow the photo of the calling card.

"Seriously, the Coopers again? Sly couldn't have just stayed in America, now could he? "

"Who the hell is Sly?" Akechi asked.

"Sly is a master thief, and the latest in a long line of them known as the Coopers. They've been around since Ancient Egypt and they've NEVER been caught. Sly in particular has been a thorn in my side ever since he started operating two years ago. My coworker Carmelita is obsessed with catching him, though sometimes I wonder if she isn't in love with him."

"So we can't catch him?"

"No, "Detective Prince", we can't. So, I need a residence, since my superiors were so  kind as to not give me any damn cash for a place!"


"Fine, Shadow, you can stay in my apartment. Don't touch Makoto, or I will have your head."

"Makoto is your younger sister, correct? I wouldn't. That's one line I won't cross. Also, do ya know a good coffee shop? I need some."

"Fine. There is one in Yongen-Jaya called LeBlanc. Now can you leave?"

"See ya, Sae, and "Detective Prince"."

Shadow walked out, still thinking about how obnoxious Akechi was. Seriously, Sonic was more tolerable, and even that damn bee he would take over the supposed Detective Prince any day. Then he saw a strikingly familiar van

Great. Just what I needed, Cooper and his... band... of thieves. 

"Hello, Cooper. So, can we cut to the chase? Because where the hell have you been the past week? Carmelita's been annoying me to death about it!"

The thief came out of the van and said,

"Hello, Shadow. Long time no see?"

"Cooper.  Answer me, now."

"Fine. I had successfully beaten Metal Sonic and taken the Emeralds, when Eggman traveled me, the Emeralds, Bentley, and our van into the past! So I decided to rob Shido of the Metaverse research. Speaking of, here are a few copies."

Sly handed Shadow 3 copies of the research.

"Why are you giving me these copies?"

"So that you can give them to Sojiro and Futaba, and in case you end up in the Metaverse. Unfortunately, history seems to have already irrevocably changed, as my book on the Phantom Thieves of Hearts disappeared from existence after my robbery of Shido."

"Are you sure you didn't screw over history by doing that? We won't be affected by a change in the timeline, but what if you fucked up and made it so that way when we return to our time, everyone we know isn't dead or gone?"

"Well then Agent, let's hope we don't mess up. Here's my phone number. Stay in touch, okay?"

"Fine then, Cooper."

April 2nd, 2017, Akechi's Apartment, Tokyo, Japan

Akechi sat down and dialed... his phone number.

"Akechi, so nice of you to call? So, has the great Detective Prince figured out my robbery yet?"

"Sir, there's another issue. There's someone else on the mental shutdown case now; a CIA agent named Shadow Robotnik, and I feel like he could easily get in our way."

"Then take him out when he is an issue. He isn't one at the present moment. However, who stole the Metaverse research?"

"According to Shadow, it's a legendary master thief who has never been caught before. Which makes this another dead end. Especially since he doesn't show up in the Metaverse when I typed his name in, which means he might have a Persona, which could make him even more dangerous."

"You'll find a way to take him out. After all, I'm counting on you."



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"I need some coffee."
Shadow said this as he was going to the address of LeBlanc, a coffee shop which seemed to be important according to his book about the Phantom Thieves. Plus, staying awake for 100 hours straight meant relying on coffee, and this was a convenient coffee shop with good coffee.
He found the shop in Shibuya just as it was about to close. He opened the door and saw the owner about to close up the shop. He saw Shadow and then reacted similarly to everyone else who had seen him
"What the hell are you?"
"I'm Shadow Robotnik, CIA agent. And I want some coffee and curry. I got a recommendation from Sae, so I decided to see what all the fuss was about."
And to see where Joker would live in a few days, but that would make no sense to Sojiro right now.
A bit later, Sojiro came back with the coffee and curry. Shadow tried them. They were the best coffee/curry he had ever had. Even if the leader of the Phantom Thieves wasn't living here, he would still come for the food. But he knew that Sae and Makoto would need food for dinner.
"Hey, may I take two bowls to go?"
"Yes, but it will cost extra."
Shadow was rich, so it didn't matter.
"Here's 1000 yen. That should cover it."
He left the shop and teleported himself along with his bike and curry to the apartment complex where the Nijima sisters lived. He walked upstairs to their apartmeng, then knocked. Makoto opened the door.
"What are you?"
" I'm Shadow Robotnik. I'm going to be helping Sae and she accepted my offer to live here for now. Here is some curry for you and Sae. "
He walked towards the bedroom of her late father and promptly fell into a deep sleep.