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amethyst & jade (working title)

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       It was a cool Thursday afternoon. Few people lingered around in the coffee shop, a majority of them students who were just starting their papers that were most likely due in seven hours. The setting sun let a few rays pass through the windows, making the room glow a soft orange hue.

     Virgil was at the counter, cleaning up before preparing the register for whoever was taking the next shift. He hummed to himself quietly, taking his time because it was a relatively slow hour. A voice caught his attention just as he finished stacking the plastic cup covers.

"Hey there", the customer greeted him before smiling. The man was around his age, taller by a few inches, and had a very playful smile.

"What can I get for you?", Virgil  asked, looking the man over while he thought of what drink to buy.

     He had medium brown hair, with blonde highlights around the tips. His eyes were sharp, a light shade of hazel with gold specks making him seem like a predatory animal. He wore a few rings, some with yellow stones embedded within the intricate designs. The stranger also had piercings on his right ear, as well as a dangling earing that shimmered from the café lighting. His most prominent feauture, however, was what Virgil guessed is a birthmark covering the upper-left half of his face.

He was gorgeous.

     Virgil snapped out of his thoughts once the man finally replied.

"I'll have one large iced mocha and..", the man trailed off.

"..And?", Virgil inquired after the man chose to grin at him instead of completing his order.

     The man smirked before finally saying, " Could I also get a tall glass of you?"

     Virgil blinked twice before the man's words finally registered in his brain. His face flushed despite him willing it to stop from giving away his less than stoic reaction.

"I'll be back with your order!", he blurted out before quickly turning around to avoid looking at the handsome stranger.

     Virgil made the drink, his mind going a mile a minute, trying to make sense of the stranger's words while thinking of how to speak to the man when giving him his iced drink. He wished his face wasn't as red by then.

     One mental tirade about not being distracted by hot customers in his head and a couple of wasted ice cubes later, Virgil had finished making the totally not hot customer's order.

     Slowly he turned to face the counter again, relieved that the customer had decided to lean against the counter with his back facing towards Virgil giving him more time to compose himself.

"Uh, H-here's your drink, sir-", stutter failing him as he called to make the man face the register again.

     The brunette turned around smirking at the heterochromatic barista. He made the motion of grabbing his drink before stopping and quickly leaning forward towards Virgil's face.

     Virgil was rooted to the spot, too shocked to move away. Instead , he flinched at the sudden closeness of the pierced stranger and continued staring forward to avoid making eye contact. He gasped silently, taking a deep breath and smelling the man's perfume.

     He smelled of salt and coconuts, like the wind sweeping through the beach in the summer. Like he had just come from suntanning by the sea, drinking coconut juice as he sat on the sand.

     The stranger did one last thing before giving Virgil back his personal space.

     He closed in on the corner of Virgil's lips, gentle but with an overwhelming effect on its recepient. To others, It may seem as if he was only whispering something to the ravenette, a secret between the two. Virgil thought of pressing an almost kiss as something you would likely do to a significant other. Letting them chase your lips for a proper kiss. Teasing of something that could become more.

     The yellow clad man lingered only  for a few seconds, which to Virgil  felt like an eternity, before removing his lips from Virgil's own parted lips. He hadn't even noticed them open from the shock of all of this stranger's advances.

     The man licked his lips, making them shine.

No he totally wasn't staring, thank you.

    The stranger chuckled lowly before speaking in a hushed tone.


     Virgil was at a loss for words. He lifted a hand to touch where the stranger's lips had just been. His face flushing into a deep rose color as he realized what the stranger had meant.

He tasted my chapstick holy shit, holy shit, holy shi-

"Thanks, cutie.", the man chuckled before handing him some cash. "Keep the tip." he walked away sipping at his iced mocha, leaving Virgil stunned and unable to look away until the man closed the glass door.

     Virgil finally took a look at the money the stranger handed him and noticed a piece of tissue from the counter to his right.

     The stranger had left him a note along with his number.

'Call me Damien, sweets.'-


~ × ~


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     Virgil sighed softly, entering the employee break room and closing the door behind him. His shift had already ended but he still couldn't get the stranger from earlier out of his mind.

     He raised his hand and looked at the man's number for the fifth time.

Should I actually contact him?..It's probably just a prank and I'll call some poor old lady or something..

     Virgil shook his head and shoved the note inside his apron pocket and started walking towards the lockers.

     He knelt down to open his locker, taking out his backpack and hoodie. Carefully folding his apron, something compelled him to keep the note safely hidden inside the piece of clothing.

Just in case..

     He locked the metal door shut.

     He stood up and started putting on his hoodie, a precious gift given to him by his best friend Remy. It had a unique design, customized  by the fashion forward coffee addict. The material was made of black fabric with patches of purple tartan, soft and big enough to cover to the tip of his fingers.

     Placing his headphones over his ears and plugging it to his phone to listen to on the walk back to him and his roomate's apartment, Virgil grabbed his backpack and left the buiding.

~ × ~

"I'm back!", Virgil called out to no one in particular. He wasn't sure if his roomate had returned from whatever play he was rehearsing for in their school's drama club. He wanted to notify his roomate of his arrival either way.

     He walked to the living room after seeing light flashing from the television reaching towards the hallway.

"Hey Ro", he greeted his roomate who seemed to be engrossed in another Disney film. A quick glance at the screen told Virgil that he was in the middle of watching The Little Mermaid.

"Welcome back Virgil!", his roomate greeted back, gaze leaving the screen to acknowledge his prescence. "I'll just be here having a Disney marathon", he paused before continuing, "Feel free to join me if you'd like."

     Virgil decided he'd think about it after changing out of his uniform and into more comfortable clothes. "Maybe later. See ya, Princey" , he waved, yawning.

     He headed towards his room, clueless to his roomate's gaze following him as he stumbled around the hall.

'He's so cute when he's sleepy..'

     Roman smiled to himself before returning his attention towards the bright screen.

     Virgil set his backpack beside his dresser. It fell on the ground with a soft thump. Virgil opened his cabinet, grabbing a soft purple sweater. He took of his shirt and replaced it with the softer clothing. He untied his sneakers and removed his socks, throwing them aside. When he took off his pants, he realized that he had a bit of a problem.

Shit.. Why now?..

     He glared at his half hard member, willing it to go away so he could sleep comfortably. To his dismay, it didn't seem to return the same sentiment.

     Virgil sighed to himself and plopped onto his bed in frustration. He usually wouldn't have a problem just getting off quickly when he was alone, the problem was that he wasn't.

     Roman was just a couple of steps away from his door..

I'll just.. make it quick.

     Virgil laid against his pillow, removing his boxers with one hand and shuffling his drawer for lube with the other. Once he had discarded of the article, he took some lube and spread his legs open.

     Virgil flinched at the cold liquid at first, before slowly pumping his shaft up and down. Virgil bit his lip to keep himself from moaning, little whimpers coming out from his mouth as he played with himself. He thought of the stranger from earlier, imagining his smooth voice coaxing Virgil to cum for him, replacing his own hand with the stranger's mouth in his mind.

"Hah..hah..fuuuck..", Virgil couldn't stop himself from moaning quietly.

     He continued fantasizing about Damien, thinking of how his broader figure would feel against his. Thinking of of how the man's smirk would feel against his neck as he watched Virgil fall apart. It only took a few pumps before Virgil felt the pressure in his belly being released. He came with a scream, throwing his head back on the wooden headboard, adding a rush of pain to his pleasure.

"OW, FUCK!", he shouted out, forgetting that he wasn't alone in the apartment this time around.

     Virgil's eyes shot open, pain forgotten as he remembered a crucial step he had forgotten.

Shit, I forgot to lock my door!

     Roman came rushing to his room thinking he had hurt himself and needed aid, only to find a very flustered Virgil sitting on his bed, pulling down his sweater to cover his previous...activities.

'Holy shit.', Roman thought to himself. He didn't think he'd ever see his totally not secret crush like this, but there he was. Staring at a half naked Virgil, very much aroused and questioning if he was currently dreaming.


     Guess he wasn't. He smiled before asking Virgil about what he was doing.

"Were you doing what I think you were doing?"

"Sh-shut up!", Virgil turned away from his gaze even more.

'Adorable..',and here Roman thought his crush couldn't get any cuter!

     Roman walked towards Virgil slowly as to not startle him. Virgil was still refusing to face him, blushing a deep scarlet. He touched his cheek which earned him a flinch, before leaning to whisper in the younger's ear.

"Would you like some assistance?"

     Virgil whipped his head to look at Roman, eyes wide open with shock and confusion.

"What do you mean?..", he murmured under his breath. He couldn't mean-

     Roman sat down beside Virgil, gaze never leaving his. Slowly he   held Virgil's chin to look towards him. He leaned in stopping inches away from touching their noses.

"May I?..I'll stop if you don't want to continue, stormcloud."

     The nickname made Virgil relax, his eyes moving from Roman's emerald eyes to glance at his lips before returning to his eyes. He gulps,nervous and not really knowing the full extent of what Roman was asking of him. And yet.. He feels arousal return to him at Roman's proposition.

     He nods slowly. Roman closes the distance between them.

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     Virgil felt warm. Roman kissed him slow and gentle, romantic in the way he'd expect his roomate to be from his mannerisims. He tasted  like sweet cocoa, with a hint of mint. He held Virgil by his waist while his other hand guided Virgil's chin, deepening the kiss every so often. Kissing Roman was like sitting by the fire on a cold night, sipping at a cup of hot chocolate.

     They parted looking into each other's eyes, pupils blown with lust and slightly out of breath. Roman adjusted their position so that Virgil was leaning back onto a pile of pillows, he settled between Virgil's legs. They attach lips once again, this time less innocent and more sensual.

     Roman's hands trailed downward, while Virgil wrapped his around Roman's neck. His fists grab onto  Roman's curls as Roman squeezed at Virgil's ass, making Virgil gasp softly. Roman took advantage of this and let himself into Virgil's mouth, tounge exploring it's expanse. Virgil moaned as Roman dominated the kiss, grinding against the taller male desperate for friction.

     Roman broke  the kiss, Virgil whining at the loss. "Shhh, Virge I just need to take of my clothes." Virgil decided to entertain himself by stroking lazily at his member as he watched Roman strip off his red shirt.

     Virgil moaned at the sight of Roman's exposed body. He had the figure of a dancer, strong arms and legs, and the faint beginning of a six pack. He was easily more built than Virgil and would definitely be able to take control over him.

He was most taken however by the sight of Roman's cock. He was longer and thicker than Virgil, and the thought of him filling Virgil shot a shock of arousal straight to Virgil's dick.

"Like what you see?", Roman raised an eyebrow at Virgil's reaction. Virgil rolled his eyes and gestured towards his spread legs.

"I'd much prefer to like the feel, Princey"

     Virgil smirked as Roman began to climb over him. He giggled to himself knowing that his efforts to rile up his roomate had worked. His giggle turned it to a keen however as Roman started nipping at his earlobe. He grinded against Roman as the older male kept leaving open mouthed kisses across his sensitive neck.

     Roman seized from assaulting his neck and focused his attention at the point near Virgil's ear where his jaw and neck meet. He sucked  on that area earning a soft mewl from Virgil's lips. He broke contact with the skin leaving a hickey to be seen later before nuzzling closer towards Virgil's ear.

     "How far do you want to go, my prince?", he whispered low and softly. Virgil shuddered at the feeling of Roman's hot breath against his ear.

     Virgil already came before Princey barged into his room a while ago, he was glad Roman thought to ask him of his limits considering he just came from work and was very tired.

     "Please.. Could you get both of us off?.. I don't want it to be just me..", he trailed off distracting himself by letting his right hand trace shapes lightly onto Princey's back while his left stayed playing with the other's reddish-brown locks.

     Roman smiled onto his skin before kissing him yet again, slow and sensuous. "Of course, kitten."

     Virgil barely had time to register the new petname before he was moaning once again. Princey had chosen to wrap their dicks together in one hand, his thumb pressing onto the slits of their heads. He slowly began pumping their cocks together, conntinuing to leave kisses across his collarbones.

"Ohh, fuck! Roman~", Virgil closed his eyes and bit his lip, overwhelmed at the sudden friction. He met Princey's hand, grinding against the other's cock to add onto the building pleasure.

      Roman grunted and caught his lips into another open-mouthed kiss, their toungues dancing against each other. Every spike of pleasure leaving Virgil moaning into Roman's mouth.

     They break the kiss for breath, moans and pants filling the room as Princey's hand goes faster.

     Virgil began mumbling incoherent cries of pleading as he feels his orgasm nearing. His nails leave red scratches on Princey's back as Roman grips onto his hips strong enough to bruise, but neither feel the pain as they both chase their climax.

"F-fuck- fuck, fuck, AHH! ROMAN- I'm so c-close~", Virgil cried burying his head into Roman's neck.

     Roman grunted in response, unable to speak feeling his control slipping.

Virgil came first painting their torsos streaks of white. Stars swam through his vison as he released with a cry of Roman's name, going limp into his roomate's arms.

"Shiiit, sorry kitten, I'm almost there-"

     Virgil whimpered at the overstimulation, but he didn't want Roman to stop until they were both satisfied.

"Fuck, Virge-" He nipped at Virgil's neck, "Oooohhhh fuuuuck~".

     Roman finally came with a low groan, laying his forehead onto Virgil's shoulder. He panted to catch his breath, rolling over to lie beside the smaller.

     Slowly he came to his senses. He couldn't believe he had just given his crush and himself a handjob. He nudged Virgil to coax him into standing so they could both get cleaned up.

     When he looked at his roomate's state however, he was left breathless at the beautiful sight.

     Virgil had fallen asleep, breathing even and heartbeat as quick as Roman's. His face was relaxed, a vast difference from his usual frown or indifference. His cheeks were dusted a light pink indicative of their previous activity, and his body was covered in a sheen of sweat. His purple sweater stuck to his curves in the loveliest way Roman couldn't get enough of.

     Roman smiled fondly at the pale beauty that laid beneath him. He noticed the faint marks across Virgil's neck and chest, as well as the hickey near Virgil's jaw that he had made.

'Virgil is gonna kill me for that later..', he chuckled to himself.

     He started to clean the both of them up, thinking of what this interaction meant for them. He couldn't help but smile however, as he knew that he had lucked out this time.

     He can have me however he wants. I'll be his friend and roomate if he'd like me to stay that way.

     He left one last kiss on the raven-haired boy's forehead before leaving him to slumber in peace.

~ × ~

     Virgil woke up to the sun filtering through his blinds. He felt a strange serenity as he began rubbing his eyes, willing them to open. He felt boneless and well rested, which was never a common occurance.

     Suddenly, vivid memories came crashing at him. Flashes of dilated green eyes, the sound of his own moaning, the feeling of being held close and the taste of cocoa come rushing to the front of his mind.


What the fuck?


Holy shit. No way.

     Virgil shot up, eyes wide and no longer bleary from sleepiness. He threw of his blanket and ran to his vanity beside the window.

     He pulled down the neckline of his sweater, revealing bitemarks littered across his chest and collarbones.

No. Fucking. Way.

     He remembers the rush of arousal as someone sucked at the sensitive spot towards the back of his jaw.

      He cranes his neck to the side, lifting his chin to see underneath and sure enough..

     There was a hickey blooming on his pale skin.

What the actual fuck.

      He whispered to himself, making sure he was awake and not stuck in some weird nightmare. Dread and embarassment spread through his veins as he heard his own voice, raw from all the moaning he had done yesterday.

"Roman and I did that..."

Holy. Fucking. Shit.


Chapter Text


Virgil's attention was diverted from his roomate dilemma by the soft buzzing of his phone on the nightstand. He picked up the device and looked at the caller ID.



CaffeineAddiction😎☕ is calling...


Virgil pressed the button to answer the call.

"VIRGIL. BLAKE. WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?!", his best friend's voice rang from the other line. Virgil almost threw his phone into the wall, but instead he chose to put it at arms lenghth to avoid going deaf.

"Remy, please I just woke uuup.", he whined softly. "I don't want my ears bleeding so early in the morning.", he said laughing at his own quip.

"Gurl, what do you mean early? You have, like, 15 minutes before Mr. Barry gets here!"

Virgil cursed to himself, throwing his cabinet door open and grabbing the first set of clothes he could find. He also grabbed a scarf to cover the marks just to be sure.

First he had the revelation that he couldn't keep it in his pants and decided to go at it with his roomate, now he was running late for their class with just enough time to make it if he didn't want to get another detention added to his ever growing list of misdemeanors..

"Tick tock, bitch! Better hurry up cuz' I bought you starbies!". He gave a laugh at Remy's comments.

"Got to go, Rems- save me a seat you asshole!"

"Bye babes~", Remy hung up leaving Virgil free to rush down the shared bathroom.

God, he hoped he wasn't late again.

                                     ~ × ~

Virgil ran up the stairs two steps at a time. He reached the building's third floor, turning to the right wing and entering the fourth door. He stepped in, already preparing some poor excuse for the grumpy teacher on the other side.

To his surprise, the room was empty with the exception of Remy who was sitting back on a chair, his legs crossed and draped on the table in front of him. He sidestepped to look back at the sign outside, confirming that he was at the right room. Baffled at the lack of people, he walked towards the leather jacket wearing coffee fiend.

"Remy? Where the fuck is everyone?", he asked brows knit in confusion.

Remy turned to him, staring him up and down while sipping whatever starbucks drink he held in his hand. He stopped sipping at the straw and started grinning at him like he was crazy.

"Oh my god, I can't believe you actually came.", Remy started laughing in his seat.

"What are you talking about, you literally told me that I was late, OF COURSE I'M HERE.", he huffed in annoyance.

"Virge, I love you babes but please, check the time.", Remy continued sipping his drink.

Virgil frowned before taking out his phone. The display seemed to make fun of him, informing him that he wasn't late, and was rather the opposite.

It was 7:13. Classes didn't start until 8:30.

"What the fuck, Remy?! Why would you call me over an hour early?", Virgil shouted at his best friend.

Said man took off his shades and place them on the top of his head, revealing his teasing caramel gaze. He raised a perfectly manicured eyebrow at the other's accusation.

"Hey, not my fault you didn't check the time~"

"Remy...", he growled, glaring at the man's black shades.

"Aww come on, I wasn't fully lying! I DID bring you starbies~", he cooed at the emo who had decided to sit on the table, kicking his legs off in the process.

Remy shot him a grin, holding up an iced tea for the glaring emo.

Virgil stared at the peace offering, knowing full well that he couldn't stay mad at the guy who stuck with him for six years.

Letting out a huff, he took the drink from his outstreched hand. "Gee, thanks..", he smiled rolling his eyes and feigning sarcasm.

"Welcome, babe~", Remy flashed him a wink, smile rivalling the sun.

Virgil blushed at this, remembering his undying affections for his best friend. He didn't fall for people very often. And on the rare occassion that he did, they would only last a couple weeks, two months at best. And yet...

He had been in love with his best friend for over a year now. He realized he liked him more than he thought the first time they got drunk at Remy's house, singing a bad cover of Teenage Dream and waking up the entire block. Remy swung him around as they 'danced' in his balcony, the moon illuminating the other's warm amber eyes. Once realization dawned on him, Virgil fell hard and fast.

And he sure as hell wasn't getting up soon.

Neither was he planning on telling him.

He didn't want to lose his best friend because he let himself catch feelings .

He hid his blush behind the scarf he wore around his neck, deciding that fiddling with the cup's green straw was suddenly the most entertaining thing in the world.

"Sooo... What did you call me an hour early for?", he broke the comfortable silence that had settled between them.

Remy finished his drink, throwing the cup at the trash can behind him before propping his head on his hand to look at Virgil.

"Well... I found us a new 'hiding spot' and I wanted to show it to you before everyone comes~"

Virgil flushed deeper at Remy's statement.

'Hiding spots' for them were abandoned places within the town that were far away from where people would usually pass. They needed these spaces to be far away from the public because they didn't want to be found doing their.. er.. bonding.

"Rem! We can't do that  here! This is a school!", he whisper-yelled despite knowing there was no one else in the room.

"Shhh, relax babe~ I promise you, no one will find us! You can even be as loud as you want..", Remy teased him by taking his hand and kissing his knuckles.

Virgil was finding it very difficult to say no to Remy. Stupid Remy and his stupid face. His best friend knew that he couldn't say no to him. The bastard used that knowledge quite often, getting Virgil to do shit he wouldn't have had the guts to do alone.

"This is why you brought me starbucks, isn't it?", he questioned the man pointedly. Remy only continued kissing his slender fingers.

Virgil opened his mouth to protest once more but he was cut off by Remy pulling him down by his shirt and kissing him senseless. Remy let go of his lips and stood up, holding Virgil's hand in his as he did so.

"Shall we?", he grinned wolfishly at the now quiet Virgil. Virgil took a deep breath before jumping off the table and letting Remy lead him around the school. 

~ × ~                        

They reached outside the main building, wandering towards the old gymnasium. They entered the dusty old building and walked slowly towards a room near the rear end of the court. Remy opened the door with a key that he got from who knows where and gestured for Virgil to enter.

His eyes swept across the room once, immediately knowing the room's purpose from gathering the various items that  were strewn around.

Virgil let out a soft laugh, " The old drama clubroom? How romantic of you!"

Remy walked across the room kicking aside some crumpled pieces of paper. He inspected a wooden table at the far end of the room that looked like it was previously where the club adviser would sit while watching students practice.

"Yeah, well, romance isn't really what I was going for."

Virgil felt his heart ache at those words.

Remy continued, "After all, we are just friends with benefits.", he paused before turning around to look at Virgil in the face.

"Right?", he asked raising an eyebrow to look at his friend.

.. I wish we weren't..

Virgil kept a tear from falling and smiled sadly to himself. Slowly, he walked towards his best friend.

"that's wrong...", he spoke, making Remy stare at him in confusion. He continued walking before finally stopping in front of Remy. He placed on arm on the taller's chest and the other to float just above his cheek.

I'm so much more than just a friend..

"We're BEST friends with benefits", he corrected, slowly lifting Remy's glasses and placing them neatly on the table.

After all..

He turned his gaze to look into Remy's eyes. His pupils were blown-out, staring back at him with anticipation.

Friends don't do the things we do.

"Get it right next time, you idiot", He leaned in to kiss Remy softly, silently wishing that those amber eyes would return his longing gaze.

~ × ~


Chapter Text

     Remy tasted like coffee. Virgil wasn't surprised, considering that was all he ever seems to drink. But it was always a different experience tasting it through his best friend's mouth.

     The taste was sweet,  traces of vanilla and caramel made Virgil smile into the kiss. Then Remy was slipping his toungue to deepen the kiss, pulling him closer by the waist. Suddenly it was bitter coffee, with hints of dark chocolate. Virgil moaned as Remy switched their positions, pinning Virgil to the desk by placing his hands on either side of his hips.

     Remy began riding up his shirt, finger's feeling up Virgil's back and sides. He took his time exploring the smaller's body before breaking the kiss and moving to remove  Virgil's silk scarf. He leaned forward to tease at Virgil's neck, knowing where exactly to suck to make his pale friend weak in the knees. He was surprised to see a hickey already staining the spot, a bright contrast against the milky skin.

     He laughed softly, kissing the spot before asking, "Ohoho, what do we have here? Has my precious coffee bean been having fun without me?"

     Virgil blushed at the reminder, head turning to hide the hickey away from the other's view. "I'll.. tell you later.", he said shyly. "It's embarassing.."

     Remy tutted playfully before moving his head to the other side of Virgil's neck, now exposed because of his efforts to hide the blemish. He licked at the same spot before whispering, "Guess I'll have to make do with the other side then~".

     He dove to suck at Virgil's skin, abusing the spot repeatedly, making the smaller moan long and low. Virgil held his hand up to place it at the back of Remy's head, a silent request for the other to keep going. He let out a whimper when Remy finally ceased, leaving one final kiss at his handiwork.

     Remy caught his lips briefly, leaving a chaste kiss before lifting Virgil by his thighs and onto the table. He took off his leather jacket and shirt before removing Virgil's shirt as well.

     He began leaving a trail of kisses starting from Virgil's collar bones. He went further down, occasionally stopping to play with Virgil's nipples earning him a high-pitched whine. Eventually he reached the button of Virgil's jeans, smirking at the tent formed by his hard on.

     Remy palmed at the area, finally giving Virgil some sweet, sweet friction. He watched Virgil cry out, babbling pleads for him to hurry up. He teased a bit more before finally giving in and unbuttoning the jeans and unzipping his fly. Tugging at the waistband of Virgil's boxers, he finally let his cock spring free from its confines.

     Virgil shivered at the feeling of cold air hitting his member. His eyes met Remy's caramel orbs, his pupils blown out and gaze playful. Remy kept eye contact as he began touching the smaller's dick, he teased with light touches before using his whole hand. He loved watching Virgil lose his tense aura, becoming putty from his touches. He gave a few slow pumps, using  Virgil's pre-come to make his movements quicker.

     Virgil's begging became even louder, "R-remy please! F-faster-" his eys shut from the building pressure.

     Remy complied, drinking up all the noises Virgil was giving him.Virgil became even more vocal when he used his thumb to rub at his pink head. "Fuck, Rem- ngh!", his mouth stayed open moaning silently.

     Suddenly the hand on his cock was removed making Virgil whine needily. He was about to plead with Remy more when he felt a wet heat envelop his aching member.

"Ohhh shiiit, f-fuck Rems- ah!", Remy closed his eyes and put his mouth to work, Virgil's cries like music to his ears.

     Remy bobbed his head up and down, tounge pressing underneath Virgil's cock. He held Virgil's legs, spreading them open to give him more access.

     Virgil was a moaning mess, a string of silent curses spilling from his lips. Virgil suddenly became silent, gripping at Remy's hair. Remy knew this was a sign that he was close and slowed down his bobbing before popping off of Virgil's weeping cock. He got off his knees and began singing praises to Virgil's neck as he began to further roll down Virgil's pants and boxers.

"Mmm.. You're doing so good, Virge.." he left kisses all across the younger's face. "So good for me, baby.."

     Virgil felt a spike of arousal at the pet name, attempting to grind against Remy. "Uh-uh! Be patient baby~", Virgil whined but obeyed, helping the taller male remove his bottoms.

     Once he was fully naked, Remy pressed their mouths together again. Virgil didn't mind that he could taste himself, and was instead distracted by Remy slowly pushing him to lie down over the table. He let go of Virgil's lips, adjusting his hips making sure that the pale boy was comfortable.

     Virgil gripped at the table's sides in anticipation of what would happen next.

     Remy shuffled around his pockets looking for something. Eventually he found what he was searching for, a small foil square that he waved at Virgil with a sheepish grin.

"Hey, look what I didn't forget this time."

     Virgil scoffed at the memory the last time they decided to do the do in public without a condom. Virgil liked the feeling of being filled, but he sure as hell didn't like having to walk around with cum dripping from his ass.

"You better not forget! Or else I would've left you here to jack off on your own!", Virgil giggled. He may have made a lot of dumb choices, but that was definitely one he wouldn't think of trying again.

     Remy smiled softly, before leaning in to make out with Virgil, returning them to the previous mood. The kiss was hot and heavy, leaving a trail connecting the two when they parted. They stared at each other for a moment before Virgil pushed at Remy's chest, urging him to continue.

     Remy turned to look for his jacket. It's pocket revealing a small packet of lube. He poured the fluid onto two of his fingers before pressing them against  Virgil's entrance.

Virgil flinched at the cold liquid before relaxing with the help of Remy rubbing slow circles at his thighs. He gave a nod once he had settled down, taking a deep breath.

     Remy slowly pressed his fingers inside, watching carefully for any signs of discomfort from his friend's scarlet face.

     He gently pushed deeper until he was knuckles deep into Virgil's tight walls  before making a scissoring motion with his fingers.

     Virgil let out quiet moans and pants as he was fingered open by Remy. He scratched at the wooden surface when he felt a third finger make it's way inside him. He whimpered as he felt his hole relax onto Remy's motions. He let out a drawn out keen when the taller male finally found his prostate, pressing back onto the fingers to hit it again. Remy kept moving his fingers, curling them to brush against Virgil's sweet spot occassionally.

    Once Remy deemed Virgil ready, he removed his fingers slowly. Virgil cried at the loss but let his legs spread wider for what was about to come.

     He watched Remy roll on the condom, add lube onto his palm and pump at his thick lenghth, groaning at the feeling. He coated his cock generously before returning to Virgil.

     Remy leaned over Virgil's face, asking for silent permission. Virgil could feel his hard lenghth pressing against his hole. Virgil leaned to kiss Remy on the cheek before moving his hips to press his ass against Remy's dick. Remy moaned before moving back to position himself between Virgil's legs. He hooked both of his arms under the back of his knees, lifting them up and spreading them apart. He pressed a kiss on Virgil's thigh before letting Virgil's hand guide his throbbing cock inside him.

Chapter Text

Virgil moaned loudly as he felt  the head of Remy's cock penetrate him. Remy wasn't any better as he cursed silently, eyes shut as he felt Virgil's wet heat around his member.

"Fuck, babe- you're so-ngh! Tight!"

Virgil could only whine, loving the stretch that he felt as Remy sunk deeper into him.

When he finally bottomed out, Remy groaned before opening his eyes to look over his partner as he let him adjust.

He watched the other's chest rise and fall, panting and covered in sweat, his little fingers were gripping the table, knuckles white and hands shaking.  His toes were curled as they were suspended in the air, and his usually snow white skin was stained a lovely crimson blush.

'Beautiful..', he thought.

He was snapped from his daydreaming as he heard Virgil pleading. "R-remy, please m-move.."

Virgil looked at him with half-lidded eyes. His eyes were dilated, green and purple circles barely visible as the black pupils grew consumed with lust.

Remy felt something deeper than arousal stir inside him as he looked at the sight laid before him.

'How can I say no to that?'

He pulled out until it was just the tip of his cock inside, before slamming back in and beginning a quick pace. Virgil cried at the rough treatment, gasping at the pleasure he received from each hard thrust.

Remy rolled his hips, searching for the spot to please the ravenette beneath him. He knew he had found it when Virgil cried out his name, back arching into a wonderful curve.

"REMY~! Ah- AH, th-there! Please, right there~!"

Remy groaned as he felt Virgil clench onto his dick. He angled his thrusts, aiming for the spot to make the bottom see stars.

"Fuck- shit, Virge does that feel good baby?"

Virgil cried out fingers scratching at the wooden table. He felt so full and so good!

Remy kept hitting his prostate with every thrust, leaving Virgil a babbling incoherent mess. He felt heat coursing through his body as arousal took over his mind.

"Ohh- fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck! Faster! H-harder~!", Virgil wept hot tears from the overwhelming pleasure.

Remy kept giving him praises, kissing his thighs as he pounded into Virgil mercilessly.

"Shit, baby boy. You're taking my cock so well.", He leaned to kiss Virgil's tears away. "Fuck, your dripping so much."

Virgil's cock bounced against his stomach twitching and leaking cum. He removed his hand from its grip on the table and started jerking himself off to the pace of Remy's thrusts. He was so close!

"Sh-shit~! Ahn~ R-rem, I-oh fuck! I-m gonna c-cum~!"

The taller male began pouding into him even harder, eager to make the smaller reach his climax.

It only took a few hard thrusts before Virgil's orgasm hit him hard.

"Oh GOD- Oh FUCK- I'm cumming, f-fuck! REMY~~!"

Virgil panted heavily, coming down from the high as he felt Remy still pounding into his ass. He squirmed at the overstimulation but sat still and let Remy finish.

Remy gave only two more shaky thrusts before stilling inside Virgil. He caught Virgil's lips and kissed him passionately as he let his cock spill into the condom. They parted panting, out of breath. Virgil chose to close his eyes while Remy left small kisses across his chest.

Eventually, Remy caught his breath first and pulled out of his hole. He tied the condom shut and threw it in a corner of the dark room. He cleaned up the come on both of their stomachs and let the smaller rest on the table.

He sat at the chair beside the table, opting to look over his best friend.

He watched his flushed face and small figure. He watched his chest rise and fall evenly, meaning he was almost back to normal. He admired the boy's freckles, dusted across his pink cheeks. He looked at his long lashes, which were on the verge of fluttering open.

'He's so gorgeous...'

The thought caught him off guard. He had ne ver thought of his friend like that before...

'What am I thinking? Virgil is my best friend! I grew up with him! I treat him like my little brother!'

'A brother isn't really supposed to fuck his younger sibling against a table in an abandoned club room though..', a voice suspiciously sounding like his friend Emile supplied.


He chose to ignore thre voice in favor of talking to Virgil. He had finally opened his eyes.

"Holy fuck, I came so hard. Where the fuck did you learn to move your hips like that?"

Virgil joked, raising himself up so he was sitting instead of lying down.

Remy chuckled before replying, "It's probably the coffee. Hyper energy and all that~"

Virgil laughed softly a comfortable silence falling between them. Remy admired his new found crush for a few moments before speaking.

"We should probably get dressed. We have about," he whipped out his phone to check, "20 minutes before people start pouring in."

Virgil seemed to squirm in his seat, huffing out in frustration.

"Sure... Could you uh..", he trailed off.

Remy raised an eyebrow at his wriggling, "Yeah?"

"..Could you help me stand up?.."

Remy laughed out loud at the other's predicament.

"Sh-shut up! You were moving too rough!", Virgil shouted, mortified. He crossed his arms and pouted away from Remy.

Remy composed himself, wiping a tear from his eye before responding.

"Hey you were asking for it," he paused before mimicking Virgil's high pitched voice.

"Ohh, Remy~ H-harder! Ahn~ Faster-", he was cut off by a scarf being thrown in his face. He hid the fabric and laughed at Virgil's face now very much looking like a tomato. He still refused to look at Remy, pouting even harder.

'Cute..', the thought not even fully sinking into his mind.

He apologized to Virgil, who swatted at his arms a couple times before giving up so he could be assisted with standing up.

"I hate you.", Virgil announced after he was able to stand on his own.

"Awww, love you too Virgey~"

Virgil's heart ached at those words.

I wish you actually meant that...
I wish you meant every nickname you give me...

I wish I was more than a best friend and  fuck buddy to you...

I wish we were something more...


I need to move on from him...

Virgil acted unaffected and rolled his eyes at his best friend's quips.

                                    ~ × ~

They went around the room looking for their respective garments and wearing them so other people would be none the wiser of their early morning escapades.

"Hey, Rems?"

"Yeah, babes?"

"Have you seen my scarf? I threw it at you awhile ago.."

Remy searched for the garment and gestured for him to come closer.

"Let me put it on for you."

Virgil stood near him, his back to Remy's front. Remy folded the scarf before hooking it over Virgil's head. As he was adjusting the grey garment, he saw the hickey on Virgil's neck that he had found earlier.

His movement's stilled as a rush of jealousy and protectiveness filled his mind. He didn't like the thought of Virgil being with another man..

'Mine..', his mind growled.

"Rem? Is something wrong?", Virgil asked concerned.

He snapped out of his thoughts and immediately felt bad. Virgil wasn't his. He was just his best friend. He had no right to be angry over someone he didn't even know.

He wasn't  Virgil's boyfriend..


"Nothing babes, just saw a piece of lint on your shirt.", he pretended to dust off Virgil's shoulder.

Virgil shrugged and continued staring at his finger nails, the black nailpolish was chipped from scratching at the table.

The brunette secured the scarf in place before resting his head onto Virgil's hair, wrapping his arms around Virgil's waist.

Virgil tensed before relaxing into the hug, a faint blush on his cheeks at the sudden display of affection. He placed his hands over Remy's and closed his eyes, imagining Remy doing actions like this more often if they were actually together.

Unbeknownst to the purple clad boy, the other was thinking the same. He hugged the smaller tighter, pressing a soft kiss at the top of his head. He nuzzled his nose against Virgil's lavender scented locks.

Both boys basked in the moment, enjoying each other's presence. Longing for the other in the same way.

Sadly, all good things must come to an end. The two let go of each other at the same time, reluctant but not wanting to risk the other knowing of their affections.

To his surprise, Remy linked their pinkies just like they did when they were younger.

"Let's go?", he asked in a soft tone.

Virgil's heart twinged just a bit, thinking that the gesture meant that Remy still saw him as a brother. He suddenly felt like tearing up and  wanting to cry.

Instead he smiled, bright and deceiving.

"Yeah, let's."

The two left that room with the same feelings, but they were going to deal with them in differing ways.

'I'm going to ask him out this weekend..'

..I'm gonna give up my feelings for him.

                                    ~ × ~

Chapter Text

The two of them got back to their classroom just in time. Virgil chose to seat where Remy had sat earlier that day, it was near a window and at the very back of the classroom so Mr. Barry wouldn't see him slacking off. They sat through an hour of English Literature in relative silence, Virgil even took down a couple notes(he filled half a page, then he doodled in the rest but hey, it's better than nothing).

Occassionally, he would look towards Remy who had gone uncharacteristically quiet. Usually he would've received a text or crumpled note from his friend, something to make fun of or a new idea for a piece he was working on, but there was no movement from Remy like that at all.

Remy was sat beside him, seemingly staring into space. He had a far away look in his eyes, obviously not paying attention, but it was impossible to see from the front due to his obnoxious shades. Virgil brushed it off as him thinking of how to confuse the poor starbucks baristas with a new, overcomplicated order.

He turned to face Mr. Barry and tried to focus on the topic. Virgil let out a small yawn as he tapped his pen against the desk. He only lasted a couple stanzas of poetry before he fell asleep.

~ × ~

Virgil woke up to Remy tapping on his shoulder. He opened his eyes to see many figures moving about trying to get to their next class.

"Rise and shine, guyliner" Remy smiled, pointing at the door, "Come on, lit's over, I'll take you to your next class."

Virgil stood up, grabbing his notebook and pens and stashing them into his bag. Remy let him exit the door first before moving to walk by his side. They kept talking about many things, ranging from the pineapple pizza debate to the latest school drama until they reached Virgil's next class. Virgil waved his best friend goodbye, but before he could try to enter the door, Remy suddenly grabbed at his wrist.


He sent him a questioning look.

"What is it Rems?"

Ask him to go on a date with you! Come on Remy!

"W-would you.. uhh.. umm..", he stuttered. He never stuttered. Virge is gonna think something's wrong. Dammit Remy!

"Is..everything okay?", the smaller asked turning to look at him face to face. He looked up at him, slight concern etched in his features.

'Just spit it out! God, why is it so much easier to ask him to fuck around in an abandoned clubroom?!'

"Uhh.. would you like to..."

Virgil was now very confused. Stuttering and trailing off weren't things that Remy was known for. The boy could talk anybody's ears off and could recite multiple starbucks locations in a 5 mile radius faster than you could ask him to do so.

"Would I like to... what? Remy we're blocking the entrywa-"


Virgil blinked twice, processing his gibberish before giving him a confused smile.

"That..that's it?", Remy nodded.

'You gotta tell him it's a date and not just as friends!'

"You know, just me and you, we haven't had a besties night out in ages, haha!" NO, THE OTHER WAY AROUND YOU DUMBASS!

Virgil giggled softly and Remy found himself unable to correct his previous statement. He felt heat rise to his cheeks and he was suddenly glad that he wore shades despite everyone looking at him like he was a lunatic for his fashion choices.

"Sure thing, Rem! Of course I'll go with you", he paused, frown turning into a small smile.

"You were stuttering and talking way too fast, you know that's my job! Maybe lay off the coffee for a bit, okay? I'll see you at the cafeteria later!", he waved at the now stunned brunette.

"See ya..." Remy waved back, less enthusiastic. He watched his best friend disappear into the back of the room.

'...Wow..That could've gone way better.'

He shook his head and began walking to his own class.

'I need to think this over better..' Atleast they were going on a date? Just not the type of date he wanted..'

He let out a huff, frustrated at his situation.

He'll do a better job next time.

~ × ~

It was finally lunch time.

The rest of their respective classes went by smoothly, Virgil tried to pay attention and Remy thought of his feelings and ideas of how to ask Virgil out, which lead to him earning more than a few teachers scolding him and giving him warnings.

They met by the elevators, Virgil laughing at Remy's recollections of what had happened to him through the few hours they were apart. Despite how he looked and acted, the coffee addict's first experience with coffee was because he used to pull all nighters to get good grades. Now he's become more loose even though his love for the beverage, and his grades, stayed.

The two sat down at their usual corner table, picking at their food and eating whatever seemed edible. They mostly chose to chat with each other, enjoying the other's company. Eventually their conversation landed on the hickey Remy had found earlier.

No he wasn't looking out for potential competitors, shut up Emile.

Virgil choked on his mouthfull of food, coughing continuously before finding relief in his juice box.

Remy laughed as he sipped at his grape juice, hiccuping every second or so. He breathed in a lungful of air before opening his mouth to speak, only to be stopped by someone tapping on his shoulder. Remy greeted the person who had approached them with a small nod. "Sup, Roman?"

Virgil froze, eyes widening as he quickly turned his head to look at the new arrival.

"O-oh, uhh, h-hey! Roman- totally wasn't expecting to see you h-here." He was smiling at Roman, but his eyes were wandering around to look at anything besides him.

Remy looked confused, gaze moving from his best friend to his roommate. It was obvious that something was up.

"I'm good Remy, uhmm.. Virge?"

Virgil squeaked at the call of his name, eyes suddenly trained at the ground.

"Can I talk to you for a second? About the..uh.. you know.."

Remy watched Virgil's hand unconciously  rise up to cover where the hickey was supposed to be underneath his scarf.

The brunette put two and two together and came to the sudden realization as to why the two were acting odd. He suddenly felt irked by the princely boy's prescence, glaring at him from the side. His silent threats were ignored however, as the receiver was focused on the pale boy who sat on the other side of the table.

Virgil seemed to tremble under the other's hopeful gaze. He breathed in and out slowly to get his nerves to settle down. It took 3 cycles of breathing before he had the courage to look up again.

He was greeted by two pairs of eyes, one filled with annoyance and the other with something he couldn't place. Remy was glaring daggers at Princey, which quickly turned to concern at seeing his slight trembling. He guessed that his best friend was being protective and quickly mouthed out 'I'm okay' to appease the other. Remy deflated a little before returning his gaze to the standing male.

"Virgil?.. I can talk to you later if you'd like, I don't want to intrude or anythi-"

Virgil cut him off quickly. "No, no! No it's okay, I just.." he looked back at Remy apologetically before continuing, "..I'll text you later, ok Rems?"

Remy could only watch his best friend leave with someone who could potentially take him away from him. He watched Roman's red sneakers and Virgil's black combat shoes move away from the commotion of the canteen together.

He held his head in his hands, fingers roughly running through his brown hair. He closed his eyes in frustration.

"... damn it."

Silently, he left the cafeteria. He felt numb. Suddenly the excitement he had for their 'date' tomorrow felt like consolation prize.
The thought of someone else getting his best friend's affections before him left a bitter taste in his mouth.

It wasn't the coffee this time around.

~ × ~

Chapter Text

He played with the hem of his shirt as he let Roman lead him somewhere. He let his mind run off, his eyes unable to focus on one thing so he held his head down to stare at the tiles. He looked up when he noticed Roman slowing down. It seemed they had arrived.

Roman had tugged him around to the library. There was no one inside, besides the librarian who only sent them a questioning glance before continuing to type away at the computer. Roman led him even further back. They made a final turn once they reached the farthest side from the entrance.

They had settled between the Chemistry and Biology section, leaning against opposite bookshelves.Virgil cradled his arms, keeping them close to his chest. He kept staring at the floor, which was now made out of some sort of dark hardwood.

A pregnant pause sat between them. It lasted for over twenty seconds before Roman coughed to grab his attention. "Virgil, I.." he let out a sigh.

"..I'm sorry."

Virgil's head suddenly snapped up, his eyes a mix of surprise and confusion.

"Sorry? What- why are you sorry? If anyone should be apologizing it should be me!"

"No! No, Virgil, look- you don't understand-"

"Then explain, Princey. I don't know why you're apologizing- It was my problem, you didn't even have to help me-"

"I wanted to help you!"


Virgil felt his breath hitch at Roman's outburst. "Wh-what?.. What do you mean?"

It was Roman's turn to look at the ground. He was blushing a light pink, face looking halfway between embarassed and.. something else Virgil couldn't quite place.

The red-faced theater star slowly lifted his gaze to look straight at Virgil. He breathed in and out slowly, before speaking.

"I've liked you for a long time now, Virgil. I didn't plan on telling you this way, but.. Seeing you like that just- I didn't know what I was doing until it was over. It just.. happened..." he trailed off.

Virgil held a hand over his mouth in shock. He never would've guessed that Roman Prince, school idol, future Broadway superstar, and the Disney extraordinare would have a crush on him. Him! He was a nobody! A self-proclaimed outcast and emo nightmare. But even so..

He felt conflicted.

"I know it isn't even a good excuse, it isn't an excuse I swear, but I can't take it back now. I just hope you'll forgive me for taking advantage of the situation. I'm really sorry.."

"R-roman, I.. I don't know what to say.."

He had a million  thoughts racing through his head. He tried to come up with a reason as to why Roman liked him. He thought of what Roman had thought of what they did last night. He thought of all they had been through together. He thought of what would happen to their relationship, as roommates- as friends. He thought of the how Roman would treat him if they became something more than those...

He thought of Remy.

His heart wrenched, sudden sadness overpowering all the confusion and worry he had earlier. He looked at the slumped figure in front of him.

He decided to start with the easiest part.



He gave him a small smile before continuing. "Even though I don't believe you took advantage of me in any way-"

" But I did !!"

"- If it's what it takes to make you stop pouting around and blaming yourself... I forgive you."

Roman stared at him in awe, before breaking into a large grin. You could almost see the relief washing over him and taking away the invisible weight from his shoulders.

"Ohh, thank god! I don't know what I would've done if you started hating me! Although I still think I deserve it-"

"Shhhh, you didn't do anything wrong, I was being a horny shit and you just happened to barge in on the one time I forgot to lock my door!" Virgil smiled back, relieved that they had somewhat broken the tension. The two laughed until the librarian told them to 'keep it down'.

They were quiet for a short while, before Virgil decided to continue with his next statement.

"About your... confession."

He flinched as he saw Roman immediately return to being  gloomy.

"I know what you're gonna say, I don't mind- I'm just happy you actually forgave me and I'll be more than content staying as your friend and roommate. Really I'm gonna be fine, don't worry about me Stormclou-"

"I'm not rejecting you."

Roman stopped talking in an instant. He stared at Virgil with such hopeful eyes, that Virgil was almost scared to continue.

"I'm not accepting it either! Atleast.. not right now."

"Of course, storm cloud! You don't have to answer me right now, haha!", Roman rubbed at his neck sheepishly. "Should've said it earlier but.."

"You were too busy thinking I hated your guts?", Virgil teased the taller male.

"Heh...Yeah." Roman looked back at Virgil, urging him to continue.

"What I mean is.. I like someone else right now,but..They don't like me back. Give me some time to.. Try and move on from them?", he looked at Roman for a fleeting moment, before letting his head fall, bangs covering over his eyes.

"Please?..", he let out a shaky breath as a single tear fell from his green eye. He quickly wiped it off before talking again.

"I really do think you're a great guy, Roman. I think I could learn to like you and give you a chance but the timing... It isn't so great."

Virgil felt a scarlet handkerchief move towards his cheek. He looked up at Roman who was focused on patting Virgil's face, while his other hand held the other side. His thumb moved in back and forth in a soothing motion against his pink stained cheeks.

"Wh-what are y-you doing?", his voice trembled for some reason.

Roman looked at him with a sad smile. "You're crying, Virge."

And he was. He didn't know why he was crying. He was overwhelmed at how Roman was being so patient with him. He was overwhelmed by all the emotions he had gone through in the past 12 minutes they were talking. He felt his cheeks heat up even more at the intimate gesture.

Eventually, his tears had finally dried up. Roman made a gesture for him to hold out his hand, palm face up. He did so, only for Roman to place his handkerchief in his hand before closing his fingers over the piece of cloth. Roman broke the silence between them.

"Of course I'll wait for you, my dark prince. I'll keep being your friend, your roommate- Whoever you want me to be. Just know that I am thankful that you are giving me a chance, and if you do decide to let me prove myself to you.."

He lifted Virgil's closed fist to his lips, brushing his knuckles with the faintest of touches before staring at his mismatched eyes with the most sincerity Virgil had seen from another person in his entire life.

"I promise that you won't regret it."

Virgil felt a rush of emotion through his mind. His face flushed even more at Roman's promise. He looked back into the other's eyes before raising his other hand to envelop Roman's, giving it a soft squeeze.

"Thank you, Roman. I promise to make up my mind as soon as possible."

"Take your time, sweet prince." he lets go of Virgil's hand.

"For now," Virgil looked at Roman before holding out his hand again. "Roommates?"

Roman shook his hand with no hesitation.

"And friends."

The two shared shy smiles, before leaving the library once they heard the bell. They parted ways at Roman's locker, both feeling like a stronger bond had grown between the two of them. They continued on with their day, both feeling lighter now that they had let all of their worries out.

The lilac boy held the piece of fabric in his hands. It was scarlet, made of cotton and felt very soft against his skin. He smiled at the fabric before finally leaving to go home.

Movie night was definitely going to have more cuddles than usual.

..Platonic cuddles, for now.

Virgil couldn't wait.

~ × ~

Chapter Text

Rehearsals for that day were finally done. Roman packed up his clothes after changing into a fresh t-shirt. As he was finish zipping up his bag, he felt an arm sling over his shoulders.

"Hey, Roman! You coming with us over to Rachel's? They got her brother to buy drinks!"

"I heard they got whiskey!", he heard another one shout followed by chants of approval.

He shook his head before replying. "Nah man, I gotta get back to my roommate. I promised him we'd watch movies later."

"Boo, you're no fun!" his co-star jokingly teased him.

"It's cause he has a crush on our resident brooding emo!" someone supplied from the doorway.

This made him blush, rubbing the back of his head in embarassment.

"Holy crap, does he?"

"He totally does- look at him, he's turning red!"

"Oh my god, that's so cute!"

"Prince Charming has the hots for the Dark Knight~"

He was followed by such comments by various members of the drama club for a short while. He turned even more red as some more explicit comments were added.

"Don't forget to use protection!"

"Princey's getting laaaaaaaiiid!"

"Ah, to abandon free alcohol for a night of passion! Truly a difficult choice!"

He tried to talk over all the noise. "Sh-shut up, all of you! We're just gonna watch a movie!"

"Yeah, you guys better quiet down, we have to leave the theatre in 10 minutes!" a tiny voice shouted through the speakers. They all turned to the booth where a boy dressed in pastels stood, speaking into the mic.

Oh, thank goodness for Patton.

Patton opened his mouth to speak again,this time with a mischiveous twinkle in his eye.
"Roman can't get laid if you kiddos keep him here, after all~!"

The announcement was received with roaring laughter.

He spoke too soon.

Eventually the amount of people around Roman thinned out. People started either going home or leaving in groups to go to the house party. Patton approached the younger boy with a playful grin.

"You're welcome, Romeo~"

He deadpanned at the statement. "Thank you, Patton.."

The smaller giggled before beginning to walk.

"Soooo... How's the whole 'Virgil hates me' thing, kiddo?"

"Well, we talked about it and... he doesn't hate me." He said with a dopey grin.

"I told you so!", Patton said happily.

He chuckled to himself, "Yeah.. That you did, Padre."

A pause fell between them. Patton knew that there was more to the story than that.

"Go on..." he encouraged the younger to continue.

"I can't hide anything from you, can I?"

"Nuh-uh you can't! Can't hide anything from your dear old Pat!", the smaller replied, gesturing with each word before pointing to himself.

Roman felt his grin growing even wider.

"..I told Virgil that I liked him."

Patton let out a gasp at his confession.
"No way, kiddo! How was it? What'd he say? How do you feel?!"

He let out a hearty laugh before answering,
"I feel like a bird soaring through the sky! I didn't know telling your crush you like them could be so freeing!"

Slowly, his grin had turned into a soft smile on his lips. He turned to face Patton to continue relaying what happened between the two of them.

"He didn't reject me! He says he needs more time to think, but.. We're still friends! We're okay now!"

"Awww! I'm happy for you, Roman!" Patton jumped along with Roman, seemingly infected with the other's cheerful mood.

"Thanks for telling me to talk with him, Patton.. I feel waaay better now."

"What can I say, I love all of my kiddos and I want all of you to be happy!" the parental friend announced.

The two friends walked the rest of the way to Patton's home, talking of other things they could think of. Roman waved the blonde goodbye before making his way back to their shared apartment. He walked as fast as he could so he could see Virgil again.

Knocking on the door, he waited for the other to let him inside. He waited for a short while before the door finally opened, hinself being greeted with a shy smile.

"Welcome back, Princey."

The smell of microwaved popcorn filled his nose as he entered the hallway.

"Thanks for setting up without me, Virge."

"No problem, just go get changed and grab the soda before you sit!"

"Got it, Hot Topic!"

He did as the raven haired boy told him to, changing into his onesie and taking a bottle of cola with him before entering their living room.

"Greetings, Dark Knight! I have arrived to offer you the spoils of my travels!" He handed the bottle of soda like he would a valuable treasure.

The smaller boy rolled his eyes before patting the seat beside him. "I now deem you worthy of my prescence! Sit your butt down already, Sir Sing-A-Lot." he finished with a giggle.

The two of them settled on the couch, wrapped in blankets and eating unhealthy amounts of salt and sugar as they began their movie marathon.

Slowly, the two of them huddled closer, cuddling with each other. Roman felt himself falling asleep, his arms wrapped around the smaller's waist. No amount of free booze and blaring pop music would've made him move from where he was. He felt the warmth of the body beside him, the younger's head resting against his chest, close to his beating heart. He was content to end the day right then and there.

And so he did. The prince let his eyes shut  close, letting sleep carry him off to dreams of a legendary prince and his snarky, handsome knight.

~ × ~

Roman's eyes fluttered open. He took off the blanket above him and let out a yawn that he quickly quieted down once he saw the sleeping beauty that still laid on top of him. He smiled as he saw Virgil's relaxed face contort into a frown before the smaller snuggled deeper into what was left of the soft fabric. His face returned to it's relaxed state after cocooning himself inside.

He quickly adjusted the blanket to its previous location, draping it over the pale boy's shoulders. He then tried to move Virgil's unconscious body so he could carry him back to his room. With a huff, he stood up from the couch, a soundly sleeping Virgil in his arms.

He's so light.. Maybe I should get Patton to help him eat more?..

He made a mental note to give Virgil a few more servings of dinner the next time they eat.

He carried Virgil into his room, just across the hall from his own. He laid the emo burrito on his bed before removing the blanket and replacing it with the light gray comforter that was already on the bed. Roman then placed his beloved spider plushie inside Virgil's arms when he made grabbing motions at his torso when he tried to leave the bed. He cooed at the sight of a sleeping Virgil. He had just noticed that the other wasn't wearing any makeup, exposing his light freckling and bare eyes.

He really is a Sleeping Beauty. Roman laughed at his own joke.

Suddenly, the lump on the bed began moving. He covered his mouth, thinking that he had woken up the resting figure. Instead he saw his lips begin forming into a small smile. He began to hug the plush tighter. He nuzzled his cheek against the soft object before mumbling.

"R-r..m.." he went silent.

"R-rem..y" a small hum comes from his closed lips.

Ah.. of course.

Roman knew wasn't the brightest student within the school. He got Bs and Cs, and he excelled in the arts.

But he didn't have to be the sharpest pencil in the box to know that Virgil had a crush on his best friend.

The one and only Remy LeBlanc.

~ × ~

Chapter Text

Remy LeBlanc. Straight A student, straight up bitch, and the most openly not straight person in their batch. He transferred to their town around middle school, wasn't that eye catching for the first two years he was there. All everybody knew was that his family was rich, and that he was always fighting for the top academic position with some other kid named Logan.

No one knew Remy or Virgil that well back then. The two kept to themselves and minded their own business. No one knew why the smart, rich kid took an interest in the shy wallflower. Despite their lacking ability when it came to interacting with their peers, the two became best friends.

But then highschool came around. Everyone seemed to want to leave their old boxes behind to make a new  and improved version of themselves. Freshman year saw a few new changes in wardrobe, a new hobby or interest, or even a slight change in the way they acted towards others. Remy made all of those changes in just a little over two months.

Remy LeBlanc transformed into a whole different person.

Suddenly, he was no longer found studying in the library after school. Instead he frequented the mall and flaunted his wealth through his various clothes and outfits. The coffee obsessed boy turned from quiet bookworm into a social buttefly within the span of that summer.

Everyone liked the new Remy. He was more approachable and overall a really fun person to be around. He was friendly to everybody, engaging and charming. He was handsome, outgoing and loaded. People wanted to either be him or be one of his friends.

That was when Roman noticed Virgil.

In Roman's eyes, it seemed that no matter how many friends Remy had acquired, his number one top priority would always be Virgil. The now loud-mouthed boy made sure that everybody knew who his best friend was, and that no one could ever replace him. He cancelled parties and started fights over the emo kid. The message was clear. If you even try to mess with Virgil Blake, it's surefire way to incur the wrath of the queen bee.

Roman got curious. Why was he so protective of Virgil Blake? What was so special about the pale, raven-haired boy?

~ • ~

He had his chance when they were partnered up for a music project.

Virgil had volunteered his house so they could work with his instruments easier.

Roman would be lying if he said that it wasn't the most fun he'd had in a long time.

They talked and learned more about each other as they created lyrics and melodies. Roman saw a more laid back version of Virgil that he knew very few people have seen. The aura of being guarded when they were in the school hallways slowly melted away as Virgil began to relax through the music they were making.

The boy that he saw in the halls and in classes was so different from the boy who had invited him over. The boy who showed him his cat Webber whom he treated like royalty. The boy who spoke fluent sarcasm. The boy who called him dumb for not saying he was hungry before announcing he was making sandwiches as a 'break'. The boy who could sass you off on the same level that his best friend could. The boy who could sing you to tears. The boy who could transcribe his thoughts, dreams, and emotions into song.

The shy and timid Virgil turned out to be kind and sweet, the dorkiest dork you would ever meet. Virgil Blake may have looked like rough edges and spikes of steel on the outside, but behind those barbed gates of iron was a person with a heart made of shining gold.

He could see why Remy liked him so much.

The two got closer, after the project. They kept going to Virgil's to have jamming sessions. They shared a love for Disney, although they had different ways of showing it. He had Virgil to practice his acting in front of. Virgil had him to listen to a short melody for a song he was making. They became close friends.

Hanging out with Virgil led to Roman being noticed by Remy as well. He started getting invited around the smaller hangouts with the people Remy knew. He started being friends with people like Patton, the bubbly head of club organizations and Logan, who was still vying for batch Valedictorian after all those years.

People noticed the change. People stopped calling him 'Drama Geek' or 'Theatre Nerd'. Instead, he had turned into Roman Prince, campus idol and drama club darling.

His new found circle of friends made his school life better than he ever thought it could be. All because he was friends with Remy LeBlanc.

~ • ~

Summer came and went. They were Juniors now.

Roman was excited to see his friends after 2 months without contact. He saw the queen bee himself first, towering over the students. Remy waved him over to where they were sitting at. He began running to greet the two, but stopped when he saw Virgil.

Virgil spent summer at Casa de LeBlanc and it really, really showed.

The once scrawny, pale kid turned from Dark and Dreary to Dark and Dreamy.

He grew a little taller, but still shorter than him. His face lost a bit of it's baby fat, but his cheeks remained soft. His pale pallor gained a healthy peach colored glow. His wardrobe got an upgrade, the usually too baggy clothing now fit his frame nice and snug. His makeup went from smudged eyeshadow to perfect winged liner and shiny lips. He wore nailpolish on the tips of his fingers.

He looked dangerously attractive.

It wasn't long before he was crushing on Virgil.

Most other people did too. Virgil was now turning heads alongside Remy whenever they entered a room together. Still, despite the spike in the amount of admirers the quiet musician, No one would even dare to approach Virgil Blake.

There were three common reasons:



1. Virgil Blake was still too dark and creepy.



2. Virgil Blake was likely to be uninterested.



3. Virgil Blake was definitely dating Remy LeBlanc.


The last one became widely accepted when rumors began circulating that someone had saw the two making out in Remy's car after a house party. Roman didn't believe the gossip because Virgil and Remy would've told them if they were dating so Roman knew the last one wasn't true.

Sadly, he still fell in the first two categories. He couldn't ask Virgil out.

~ • ~

It was the first month of the school year when Virgil approached him. He said he wanted to get used to living with another person during college and that he knew Roman lived in an apartment that had an extra room.

"..Okay? Why are you asking me? Shouldn't Remy be your first choice?" He remembered asking the shy boy over milkshakes and fries.

"I don't really think rooming with Remy would help me do that. He's probably going to offer to pay for everything and I wouldn't be any better at interacting with other people aside from Remy."

"You sure about this?"

"I'll help pay the bills! I'm gonna be an okay roommate, I promise!"

"Hmm.. Alright, Storm Cloud. You can move in with me. It'd be even easier to force you to help me practice lines that way~"

The groan he received made him laugh, but he could see the small smile on Virgil's face.

Roman helped him move in that Saturday.

~ × ~

And now here they were. Two weeks into senior year. It has been a year since the two of them started living together.

The previous year had been heaven and hell for him. He got to live and grow closer with his crush, but he also got to read Virgil's actions so easily.

He found out about Virgil's crush eventually, even if he didn't say it out loud. He could see the way he looks at Remy like he were a shooting star.

Something to be admired, but only from afar.

He wished he could know whatever it was that Remy had that made Virgil look at him in that way.

Roman felt that way about Virgil too. However, he thinks the smaller boy was more like a bright firecracker.

He should admire his light from a distance.

But he could get closer, at the risk of getting burned by the flying sparks.

He risked being rejected by Virgil and affecting the relationship that they already had.

He took that risk and it had paid off.

He had a chance now.

It wasn't a steady chance, no.

But it was a chance he was willing to work with.

He looked at the sleeping boy one last time before closing the door and leaving him to continue dreaming.

~ × ~

Chapter Text

Movie night went as well as Virgil thought it would. The two of them ate enough soda, popcorn and m&m's to feed a small army of children, completing six Disney movies before they began yawning. Roman had already fallen asleep, cradling a drowsy Virgil who was close to shutting his eyes as well. Wall-E playing on the screen, the soft notes of La Vie En Rose lulling him to slumber even quicker. The last thing Virgil felt was the fabric of Roman's beast onesie against his cheek before he let sleep take over him.

Virgil woke up on his own. Mind foggy and body rested. He noticed that he was no longer on their couch, which was probably why he wasn't feeling any soreness around his neck. Roman likely carried him to his room when he woke up much earlier than Virgil. Saturday was usually his fulll day of rehearsal...

The thought of a sleepy Roman carrying him to his bed to make sure he woke up well rested made his cheeks heat up, a fond smile crawling it's way onto his lips.

He shook his head, rolling over to grab his phone from the nightstand. He unplugged the device from it's charger before opening his lockscreen.

3 missed calls from CaffeineAddiction😎☕
8 unread messages from CaffeineAddiction😎☕

He clicked the notification immediately out of habit. He rubbed his eyes in an attempt to correct his bleary vision, squinting at the texts

heyyy gurl, what happened with u and Romano?
1:42 PM

everything gucci?
1:43 PM

wanna talk abt it over starbucks, I wanna try this new secret menu itemm
3:02 PM

vivi? you there??

3:54 PM

The next few texts were the same, asking Virgil of the event that happened during lunch.

Shit, I forgot to text Remy...

He scrolled down to look at the latest text which was sent just a few minutes ago.

we still on for today? we dont hav 2 if u dont feel ok :((
7 minutes ago

His thumbs moved swiftly across the keyboard, typing a reply to keep his best friend from worrying.

hey rems, srry abt that. my phone died on me when i got home.

princey and i talked it over and chilled over disney and i fell asleep on the couch.

yeah, we still goin out, im good now. when u wanna meet up?
Just now


CaffeineAddiction😎☕ is typing...

rise and shine virgey~ its aite, u HAVE to spill abt it later tho.

mmm, ill pick u up around 11 so we can get lunch together?
Just now.


Virgil looked at the time. It was 8:46 AM.


sure remiiiiiii, get me a choc chip otw?
Just now

sure, bbyyyy i gotchu :*
Just now

Virgil felt a twinge of sadness before snapping out of his thoughts.

Getting over him, getting over him...

make it two, m hungryy
Just now.

okk, cookie monster lmao
Just now.

Virgil threw his phone onto his mattress, stretching his spine upwards with a yawn. He began getting ready to start the day. He looked forward to finally having a full day with his best friend, especially since their schedules changed a lot compared to last year and they only had a handful of classes together. He couldn't wait to spend his saturday with his partner in crime later.

A rumble from his stomach interrupted his train of thought.

Breakfast first...

~ × ~

Virgil looked himself over in the vanity mirror one last time. He took a sweeping glance at the outfit he had chosen.

He wore a tight fitting turtle neck, the black fabric showing off the silhouette of his torso. The shirt was tucked into his favorite pair of ripped jeans, the distressed pants showing off his pale, smooth skin. He wore a  dark purple jacket over the ensemble, adding it mostly as an extra layer if he got cold in the movie theatre and totally not for sneaking in skittles and other types of candy. He wore black boots, which went up to his mid-calf which he left the last few inches of string loose instead of tying them tight. He finished the look by choosing a few pieces of jewelry from his collection, settling for a silver necklace with a flat amethyst embedded in the tiny pendant. as well as a black, chunky ring which he placed in his right ring finger.

He put more effort on his makeup than usual, covering up the hickey(s) and choosing to draw in more eyeliner on his lid instead of eyeshadow at the bottom of his eyes. He huffed at his messy curls, failing miserably to tame them down with his straightening iron. He let his hair do it's own thing, leaving it a mess of wavy black hair.

His phone buzzed just as he finished applying his chapstick. He placed the small tube down before picking the device and looking at the new notification.

CaffeineAddiction😎☕: Im hereee bitchhhh

He smiled to himself before grabbing his wallet and keys and leaving his room.

Swift knocking came from the door of their apartment along with a repeating shout of 'Open up, you little fucks!'

"Just a second!"

Virgil opened the door to be greeted by the sight of Remy in a slightly different wardrobe than the usual. He let his eyes take in the other's appearance, scanning him up and down.

His best friend wore a tight, black v-neck which he paired with a red leather jacket. His eyes wandered down to Remy's legs, which were hugged by black skinny jeans. He wore a nice pair of maroon converse where he tucked the cuffs of his jeans. Lastly Virgil noticed his friend's nails which were now coated a deep red, tying the whole look together.

"You look great! Where'd you get that nailpolish?"

Virgil could've sworn he saw Remy's cheeks turn a shade darker, but he chalked it up to the heat coming from outside.

Remy suddenly snapped his head to the side, seemingly taking interest in a patch of dirt. "Y-you look nice too.."

"Ready to go?", Virgil pointed at the car behind him.

"Yeah, let's go babes" He seemed to return to his normal demeanor, smiling at Virgil before jogging to the driver's seat.

The two of them settled in, Remy adjusting the car's mirror as Virgil put on some music.

Remy started the car and they were off to the local mall.

"Your cookies are over here by the way." He gestured to his side as he manouvered the car out of the driveway.

"Thanks, man. We ran out of cookies yesterday." he spoke through a mouthful of the baked treat.

"No problem, babes~ But you're paying for snacks later."

"Yeah, yeah, that's fair"

The two travelled to their destination relatively normal, Virgil blasted MCR through the speakers while Remy handed him his phone so he could look at a few pictures of his new sketches.

Eventually, they arrived at the mall and Remy parked the car. They walked around the mall, talking about where to eat. They settled for going to the foodcourt because it had more options.

The two fought for a bit over who gets to sit at their booth while the other went to buy their food. It ended with Virgil winning against Remy in a game of rock, paper, scissors.

"Haha, you lost! Go buy me sustenance, peasant~"

"Very funny, Virge. Don't be surprised if you find hot sauce instead of strawberry drizzle on your froyo."

"You wouldn't dare-"

"Oh, I dare~" he chuckled before standing up from his seat. "Wait here and don't move around like last time. I do not want to have to go around asking people if they've seen a 5"6 child who wears all black!"

"Fine, mom." he shooed Remy away. The other boy only left with a wave of his hand, leaving Virgil to sit and wait for him to return.

A man stood against a pillar only a few feet away. He watched the interaction with great interest. He hummed to himself before throwing out the stick of his lemon lollipop into a trashcan nearby.

Slowly, he walked towards the ravenette who was now scrolling through his phone. He let his lips form into a smirk before speaking to announce his arrival.

"Fancy seeing you again, dear."