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Please, Handle With Care: Shaky and Explosive.

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Mitsuki Bakugou never expected that she would be the mother of twins. She was over the moon with joy when she found out she was having just one. Now that she was having two bouncing baby boys? She couldn't be more excited! Her husband Masaru was a little more apprehensive about this new development. This new one was yet another mouth to feed, he was excited, sure, but he had to recalculate everything.

The day of their birthday came, and Masaru was dashing to his wife's side, he made it just in time. Mitsuki was holding two small bundles, containing their boys.

"Wanna see them?" Mitsuki asked, her smile was warm, her reddish-brown eyes shining bright. Masaru walked up to the bed, looking down at the two boys.

One was grumpy looking, glaring at everything with a, 'I'm fucking here now, what's the big deal?' glare.

"That's Katsuki," Mitsuki cooed at the balefully glaring one. The other one was smaller, his eyes closed and he was peacefully sleeping. They both had their mother's golden hair and eyes, including the shape.

"That's Renaru, they're cute, aren't they?" Mitsuki asked. Masaru smiled.

"Yeah, they are," he agreed.

That's when Katsuki had enough with being ignored and let out a cry, waking his little brother up, making him whimper and start to sob.

Masaru and Mitsuki glanced at each other and sighed, parenthood is not going to be easy.

Renaru was holding his mother's hand standing in front of the kindergarten with tears in his eyes, he wasn't feeling up to socializing. He clutched his Endeavor plush and hid behind his mother's legs. Mitsuki reached down and petted her younger son's fluffy golden hair, he was more like his father in personality, while Katsuki was the exact opposite, running around with his friends.

"Mommy…? I don' wanna go in…" Renaru mewed quietly. Mitsuki knelt, scooping him up.

She held him, "Katsuki is gonna be there with ya, don't worry about your hands, either, who cares if you get made fun of? You got your brother right there with ya!" She said, kissing her son on the cheek. Turns out that Renaru was born with grip and balance issues, making walking and motor skills difficult to master. He let out a little smile and adjusted his little white wristbands and adjusted his brace straps on his legs.

He was ready to go and seize the day!

I was nervous, watching mommy leave, I didn't want her to go, I wanted her t' stay! Katsuki was mean! He always wanted to play with his friends instead!

It's not fair that he got his quirk first! But screw him! I got a chance too! I looked down at Endeavor.

"Do ya think I'll be a good hero, Endy?" I asked I made him nod.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't my little bro! Playing with Endy again!" Katsuki said, standing in front of me and holding out his hand, sparks flared up and I flinched. His other two friends were with him.

"Katsu… can ya stop? Leave me alone!" I squeaked out, my eyes tearing up. Katsuki pushed me down, his friends laughing and spitting on me.

"You'll never, ever, get a quirk. You'll have to get another job like Dad!" He shouted, laughing. I gritted my teeth, my eyes shining with tears, he picked up my Endy and burned it. I started to cry harder, 'why wasn't anyone going to help? Why was Katsu so mean?' I thought, my eyes closed.

I felt something inside my chest, it was a warm, bubbly feeling like when Mommy and Dad would read me stories and do all these happy things. Then it turned into a bad feeling, an angry feeling, something happened and I felt something in my head snap. That's when I opened my eyes, and Katsuki was staring at me with a shocked face. My hand was wrapped in sparks, coming out of my hand in a claw shape. It was really weird and made me feel odd.

It was a sparkling claw, and it wasn't alone. Another one joined it and I giggled. It had a head, too! He nuzzled me and made me smile again. His head was shaped like a dragon's.

"Is this my quirk?! Oh wow! It's awesome!" I gasped when the dragon trumpeted, I pet him and picked up my singed Endy. There were sparks in my hands too, but I couldn't burn anything with them.

Katsu scrambled to his feet, shouting apology after apology. My spirit friend loomed over him, then faded into two masses of sparks in my hands. Whistling out when the others started to gather around me. That's when I found out that my shakiness didn't matter. Mommy had gotten to the kindergarten in no time flat, seeing me and my friend together, he was smaller, blowing small spark rings and watching me draw. My hands sparked but didn't burn anything, shaking like they usually did.

"Mrs. Bakugou, your son Renaru's quirk is interesting, we haven't seen one like it before… it's like his brother's. The only caveats are that spirit and the types of blasts he can emit. He seems to like summoning his spirit and talk to him," The doctor sighed, I watched my little boy through the glass, his smile wide as his mouth was moving, the spirit looked like a humanoid dragon, laying on the floor and watching him draw and talk.

I only hoped that the spirit wouldn't see me or Masaru as enemies… Renaru was such an adorable little guy. To have a quirk orbiting him like that, it worried me. Would he make friends the same way Katsuki does? Would the spirit let him make friends at all?

I went in to see him, the dragon-man looking up at me with a wary stare.

"Ren, who is this?" I asked.

"Oh! Hi, Mommy! This is… Fire of Soul! He's my new friend! I also heard that he can go down into blasts and make 'em do all kindsa things!" Renaru chirped, with the spirit cooing gently. It only seemed concerned with Renaru's safety.

I hugged him tightly, "Sweetie, you should've told me about what your brother did to you…" I sighed.

"I didn't want Katsu to get in trouble…" he sniffed, his glasses fogging up from his breath.

"Shh… Renny…" I soothed, picking him up, Fire of Soul faded into my son's body, his sparks in his hands whistling out.

I carried him out, seeing his singed Endeavor plush. I carried him to the car, with just the two of us because Katsuki was at home getting chewed out by Masaru. He still cuddled the singed Endeavor to his chest, smiling and adjusting his armbands a bit.

It was only a year ago when we found out that he had Quirk Palsy, it was a new sort of science garbage.

Not only did Masaru and I have to drain our bank accounts just to get him those armbands, but it had made our son cry because he didn't understand what was happening to him. All of a sudden we were getting him new eyeglasses, new armbands, everything.

His brother just ridiculed him, and he cried more and more, drew more and more, stayed inside more often than not. Now that he had a quirk… he was so happy. It was his and his alone.

"Mommy?" he asked, looking up at me, I looked at him through the rearview mirror.

"Yeah, Ren?" I ventured.

"Am I gonna be a cool hero? Like Endeavor?" he asked, his head cocked to the side.

"Nah, you're gonna be cooler! He doesn't have a cool dragon spirit, or the ability to shoot blasts like no tomorrow, you're gonna be better than him!" I encouraged, and his reddish-brown eyes widened in excitement.

"Really? Yay! I'm gonna be the greatest hero! I'm gonna be the best! So I can take care of you an' Daddy one day! Katsuki better get ready, 'cause I'm not gonna give up!" he cheered, his spirit, small enough to fit in our five-seater station wagon, appeared next to him, trumpeting calmly.

"Damn right, little man!" I snapped, Renaru's smile was bright and happy. I never wanted that to end for him. Keep on smiling, Ren.

I realized that we had to run some errands, and first was the grocery store. Renaru was holding my hand and walking along with me when we heard the explosion. I thought he'd gone off, but it was in the distance, back outside.

We ran out to see what was going on, and Renaru was hopping on the balls of his feet.

"Mommy! Mommy! Look! Look, it's Endeavor!" he squealed, pointing towards the street. I followed where he was pointing and saw him. He was towering and imposing, his eyes fixed on his opponent. His opponent had some sorta metal quirk and was somehow keeping an equal footing with him.

"Go! Go!" Renaru yelled, pumping his little fists in the air, that bright smile never leaving his face. His eyes shining with glee. I smiled gently, seeing my boy so excited to see his favorite hero duke it out with a villain, and getting an almost front-row seat to the action? Nothing could be better than that, 'good job, Mitsuki! Good job!' I thought, looking down to see my son cheering on his hero.

Endeavor was keeping the villain back with twin jets of flame, but the metal guy seemed to absorb it. He was reflective… It seemed Renaru realized it and he was GONE. My youngest was tearing towards his hero, his spirit flying out and absorbing the rays of heat.

His fist was reared back, cloaked in sparks, I tried to get to Renaru, but of course, the police kept me back. They were just doing their jobs, but damn whoever tries to keep me away from my babies.

That's when the explosion sent us all tumbling with a yell of: "LEAVE ENDEAVOR ALONE, Y'BIG ASSHOLE!" When Renaru's fist collided with the mirror guy, the world just went white, and the guy was on the ground, a huge, twisted glass and metal pile with the actual guy dispelling his quirk.

Renaru was standing, his hand smoking and shaking. His other hand was busy tightening his armband. Fire of Soul stayed right next to him. His shirt was shredded from the force of his blast.

"Oh my god!"

"That kid just ran in!"

"What kinda explosion was it?!"

"Dunno…" The chorus of gathered citizens commented, my panic mounting.

Endeavor forced himself to his feet, striding over to Renaru, and I hoped to get myself over to my baby before Endeavor verbally nukes him. I've heard rumors among my model friends that he was rough and terse.

"Ma'am! Please, get back!" the police officer yelled as I tried to vault over the partition.

"Hell no! That's my baby out there!" I snapped back.

'Please, Endeavor, don't be angry at him, he was just trying to help…' I thought, finally relenting and stepping back, Endeavor could bring Renaru back to me. I bit my lip, trying not to try to vault over again.

I didn't know what happened, all I did was dash forwards once I saw Endeavor go down. I saw my spirit friend right next to me, nuzzling me. My hand shook, and I tightened my bands. I just looked down at it, it was gently smoking. I heard footsteps behind me, "You there," a rough, deep voice said. I turned and saw my hero striding towards me, scowling, he looked so scary. I took my glasses off and cleaned the lenses as Daddy taught me to.

"S-sir! S-sorry for getting in the way!" I squeaked, backing away. Normally I'd be cheering and freaking out. But seeing him all lit up was scary in person! He was taller than Daddy and even Mommy! He put out his flames, smoke curling through the air. I clenched my hands, they were shaking so much, and I was scared. He just… was staring down at me. He knelt, smirking. His shadow was over me.

"You're reckless, but… why?" he asked.

"You… you went down… and I kinda lost it…" I admitted, my eyes looking down at my feet.

"Ah, what's your name?" he wondered.

He wanted to know… my name?! Why would he want to know it?

"M-my name is… Bakugou Renaru, s-sir…" I answered. I felt a weight on my head. I looked up and saw that Endeavor was ruffling my hair.

"You did so well, Renaru Bakugou, I'll be watching your coming career in interest," he said, and I started to cry.

"Y-y-you w-will?!" I gasped.

He smiled and stood up, taking my hand and leading me over to Mommy. I was still crying in joy, I was noticed by my hero! And he was nice to me! Is this what it felt like to be a hero? Mommy vaulted over the partition and tackled me over, her hug tight.

"Mommy! Endeavor's so awesome!" I cheered, but she was crying.

"Don't do that again… please don't…" she sniffed, holding me.

"But I won! Right?" I asked.

"Just don't. Okay?" she snapped.

I went quiet, Mommy was scared… she was still in tears when stating to the police. Endeavor was busy talking with the camera people, trying to keep them away from us.

"Sweetheart, that was dangerous, you could've gotten hurt…" she sighed, we were in the car and driving back home, I cuddled a new Endeavor plush to my chest, my hands shaking.

"But no one was gonna do anything! What if he got hurt? If I hadn't stepped in… Endeavor would've passed away…" I huffed, looking down at my hands.

"Renaru… still, don't be reckless, okay? I want you to follow your heart, but saving lives isn't about giving yours…" Mommy sighed deeply.

"You're wrong, that's EVERYTHING. You give your all because you want to save something!" I snapped, my eyes narrow.

Mommy bit her lip again, silent and looking at my shaking hands.

"I wanna… I wanna be a hero! Not just because I want to take care of you and Daddy! I wanna prove that… that guys like me can be them, too!" I hiccuped.

"Being noticed by my hero… it felt good… like someone finally saw what I could do! Soul and I are gonna do great things! Just watch!" I wiped my tears, and I smiled.

My story begins… now!

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I sat in class, bored out of my skull. I hated how much Katsuki ragged on me for meeting Endeavor. I only remembered it because of Mom reminding me whenever that day came up. I called it my 'Quirk Day' because it was the day I made my mark with my quirk. Now I was just listening to the teacher drone on and on.

I grew into a shy, withdrawn kid. I was drawing a picture of Katsuki lounging on his desk, highly detailed, just perfect. I only drew him because he was an oddly willing subject. He always liked when I would draw. He got nicer right around the time I gained my quirk.

The official name for it was Arsenal, but I liked Fire of Soul better. It made my spirit sound much more intimidating. So I went with the name, The Arsenal Hero: Fire of Soul. I know that seems long, but I liked it. I adjusted my glasses, finishing the drawing off right. The glasses were wraparounds, that way when I'm slinging blasts they don't go flying off. At least that's what Dad told me. I never had any real friends.

I was too scared, too scared that Soul would get jealous or I'd accidentally blow someone up. Soul was tiny at this point, his claws rapping on the desk, his rhythmic tapping getting on my nerves.

"Soul, can you go inside and do that? You're breaking my concentration," I whispered. Soul nodded and disappeared. I never had a crush on a girl, or ever needed a friend. I was sitting at lunch, alone, as I always did. Even Katsuki didn't sit with me, neither did Midoriya because he was scared of my brother's elitist ire. I liked him, though. I didn't see the girl until she sat down.

What I first noticed about her was her hair. It was long and green. Her eyes were a pleasing shade of dark green, and she was watching me closely. Almost observing me as if I was a specimen under a microscope.

"Day one in front of the demon… no sign of demonic activity, though it could be all a front…" she muttered, writing in a notebook.

"Uhm… can I help you?" I offered gently.

"It has initiated contact with me," she continues, putting the notebook away.

"What are you doing? Is that… are you studying me?!" I gasped.

"Yes, I have heard of you, Renaru Bakugou," she said.

"Well… that's comforting…" I sighed, my hands smoking a bit.

The girl looked at my hands and paled, "Look! I'm not a 'demon' okay?! It's just my quirk! Geez… did my brother put you up to this? He did, didn't he?" I asked.

"Who? The Rider of Conquest? No, it's my private investigation," she said as if it were the most normal thing in the world. Which it wasn't.

"Listen, I don't know what your major malfunction is, but I'm not gonna be your friend… I don't need 'em in the way," I sighed.

"Shiozaki Ibara," the girl said.

"Hm?" I grunted, blinking.

"My name is Shiozaki Ibara, Renaru, now we know each other," she said.

"Tch, fine! You can investigate me all you want! But know this: Soul is not a demon!" I conceded. Ibara smiled, and it was a nice smile, all things considered. I just sat there, and she wrote avid notes about me.

"Can you show me, Soul? I'd like to meet him," she asked.

"Sure. He's overzealous, just gimme a minute," I agreed, Soul popped out of my hands, he was less humanoid, the size of a medium dog. More like a Chinese dragon. He wound around my neck, glaring at Ibara's hand.

She poked him and he recoiled, hissing a little. Her dark green eyes shined with amazement, and my little dragon spirit nudged her hand. She continued to pet him, all insinuations of him being a demon gone. She just petted Soul and he loved the attention, purring and hissing.

"He's so cute…" Ibara sighed, her face so close to mine. I backed up a bit, but the little dragon noodle of my spirit clambered onto her, wrapping around her neck and nuzzling her for more pets.

"He's not always like that, sometimes he's a ten-foot-tall humanoid dragon with claws the size of broadswords… it just depends on the situation. He's my guardian," I explained, Ibara wrote that down, her pretty dark green eyes glancing over at my little dragon noodle.

She was sketching us. She had almost finished up when from out of nowhere, my brother swaggered up to us.

"Hey there, little bro! Seems like your 'no friends' policy is comin' to an end with this fine little lady!" he said, a snide edge was on his voice.

"What's your game, Katsuki?" I asked, Soul, rewinding around my arm and becoming a black dragon tattoo on my arm.

"Nothin' bro! Nothin' at all, just have fun with your new friend! You always attract the weird ones!"

"The fuck, Katsuki?" I snarled.

"Language, Renaru," Ibara hummed, I groaned softly. I gained another new friend soon after.

The park was a peaceful place after school, a place I frequented to get out of my twin's way. I usually hung out at the lake and drew there as well. I drew frogs, toads, dragonflies, sometimes even a picture or two of Ibara.

Yet there was someone with me today, I saw her swimming towards me, all I saw of her was her hair and wide black eyes, her wide mouth stretched in a smile. I looked up from my drawing pad to see the girl striding towards me with a small hopping gait. Her hands were large, and her feet too.

Her smile didn't fade as she settled next to me. Her eyes closed serenely.

"I see you around here a lot, ribbit," she said, the little croak in her voice was cute… wait! What am I thinking?! Get your stupid mind outta the clouds, Renaru!

"Yeah, I use this place to get away and doodle, my brother is a ticking time bomb…" I sighed. The Frog Girl smirked and held out her hand.

"Tsuyu Asui, call me Tsu," she said, smiling.

I shook it, "Renaru Bakugou, call me Ren or Renaru, whatever your preference," I answered bluntly.

Tsu and I became friends from then on, and Ibara and I too. I went home after a long day of drawing and hanging out with Tsu to see my Mom and Dad waiting, with Katsuki griping and snarling.

"Hey, guys! What's up? Why're you all so tense?" I greeted, Dad was smiling and Mom too. Katsuki looked like he wanted to murder me, which was daily. Mom was holding an envelope, and I didn't know what it was about.

"Renaru, your mother and I… we… got this in the mail!" Dad admitted, passing the letter to me, and written in strong, sweeping ink, was the penmanship of Endeavor! My heart soared as I opened it.

But… looking at Katsuki's face… it didn't seem right. He should be the one with this letter, not me.

It said:

Renaru Bakugou,

It is not often I come across certain quirked children of other families that impress me as much as you do. I seldom offer recommendations to UA as well. Consider this as repayment for your brave rescue from Mirror Man, I look forward to working with you.

The Hell-Flame Hero, Endeavor.

My heart dropped like a stone, this wasn't right. As much as I wanted it to be right… Katsuki was enraged.

"Katsuki? Let's take this outside, okay?" I asked.

"Grr… fine!" he conceded, stomping out with me following. I shut the door behind me. He was sitting on the front stoop, his teeth grinding.

He whirled around, his eyes narrow, "What makes you so special?! What's so special about that dumbass dragon or that fucking dumb Arsenal?! Stop thinking you're fucking better than me!" Katsuki yelled angrily, grabbing me by the collar.

He shook me, "I should be the one with that letter! I should be the one who becomes the top hero! NOT YOU! Always lookin' down on me, always fucking smiling at me!" he yelled, I saw tears running down his cheeks, and he let me go.

"Dammit… I was jus'... Jus' wanted to protect you…" he admitted, grabbing my shoulders.

"You… you were behind the other kids… and I tried to help… but… they convinced me that I was top dog compared to you, and you're MY BROTHER!" he snarled, his teeth clenched.

"I forgive you, Katsuki…" I huffed.

"You shouldn't… I, I called you so many things… thought you were quirkless. Now on the day, you gained it, you just so happened to save the number two strongest hero in the country from a mirror guy?! We were only FIVE!" he yelled.

"You deserve the recommendation, Katsuki, not me," I said.

"Why?! He'll know it's not you!" he objected.

"That's why I'm gonna take the standards with you!" I decided.

Katsuki's face went slack, and I smiled, summoning my sparks. He summoned his limply. We clenched hands and pulled each other into a bone-crushing hug. I smiled.

"You… you sentimental bastard!" he sniffed, hugging me tighter.

"I'll climb up with you! Who needs a cushy recommendation?! Not the Bakugou Brothers! It's either both of us, or neither of us!" I said.

"Damn right, Ren!" he yelled.

I grinned, knowing that I was throwing away my free ride to the top. I had never felt any happier than I do now. Katsuki and I came back inside, seeing that Mom and Dad had listened in. Mom pulled us into a hug.

"I knew Ren wasn't gonna leave ya behind, Katsu… he's not the type to do that," she whispered into Katsuki's ear. She went over to me.

"Y' made the right choice, Ren, you two are gonna rise and gonna do this right! We Bakugous never accept handouts! Unless it's cash!" she laughed, kissing us on our foreheads. We both scoffed and went up to our rooms.

My room was full of clutter and papers covered just about every wall. All of them were my drawings, of me being a brave, strong hero. In all of them, Katsuki and I were equally fighting side by side like the brothers we are.

I fell on my cushy bed, staring up at the ceiling. I didn't need some hero telling me I'm good to validate my dream. The real conundrum was tomorrow…

Oh well, save it for tomorrow's me...

Soon, we were only a summer away from our high school years. my shaky hands still shook without the bands, but I was still working on it. His quirk was still unwieldy and made his hands shake more. Katsuki had changed,

I was drawing his hero suit in his 'Special Book' today. He had more comfy bands on his wrists, developing the rest of the suit. He made the coat red and black, with silver accents. He would wear a mask, over the bottom of his face, keeping his eyes and hair hidden under a hood.

'The Arsenal Hero: Fire of Soul... nice ring to it...' I thought, dismissing it.

For now, I just had to dream about UA.

Katsuki and I revitalized our relationship as brothers. Soon to be torn apart again because of UA. At least there was some sort of peace at the house. I wasn't very combative at all. While Katsuki was more combative than ever. Our two opposite natures clashed in the worst ways imaginable, like today.

"I don't understand! What crawled up your ass and died?" Renaru snapped.

Katsuki had busted into my room, grabbing his book.

"There can only be one Bombing King," he growled, activating his quirk and incinerating it.

My bands were off in a second. I tackled my brother like a linebacker. We fought each other, slinging fists and feet I was body-slammed to the floor. Katsuki was the stronger of the two of us physically, I was stronger Quirk-wise and mentally. By then, Mom was yanking Katsuki off of me, I knelt and tried to pick up the ashen remains of years and years of hard work and dedication. Mitsuki heard the heartbroken cries and tried to comfort me once she'd strong-armed Katsuki into his room.

She'd hugged me close, regardless of how much I bled.

"It's going to be okay... you have other books." She reasoned.

"But... one of the pictures in there was going to be for Katsu, for the day he got into UA..." I sniffed, blood and snot leaking as my mother handed me a box of tissues. I held the flow back and Mitsuki realized what he was saying.

"So, you're giving up?" she asked.

"Yeah... I'm not all that strong, my hands shake, and my explosions can destroy the people I'm trying to protect! What kind of hero is that?!" I sobbed.

"Shh... shhh... It's okay, you don't have to compare yourself to your brother, you just have to leap of faith, ya know? It never hurts to try." Mitsuki soothed, petting Renaru's hair.

I nodded, smiling just a little bit. Katsuki was listening, feeling terrible about incinerating his brother's special book. He felt even more terrible as he realized how much damage he'd caused his little brother. He walked back to his room, closing the door behind him.

"Mom? Do you think Katsu and I would be good heroes?" Renaru asked.

"Of course! You two will be the greatest ever!" Mitsuki encouraged.

That night, when their parents were asleep, Katsuki came into Renaru's room, even if he was fourteen, Lil' Endeavor was cuddled against his chest, Ren was curled into a little ball. He stirred, muttering about a giant grasshopper before settling back into dreams. Katsuki laid down beside his little brother, crying as he hugged him.

"Sorry... I'm so sorry..." Katsuki sniffed, smiling sadly I opened up my eyes.

"Katsu? It's okay..." I yawned.

"No it isn't, that book was irreplaceable. I incinerated it... and that was wrong." Katsuki sighed, his softer side was exclusively for me only.

"What was that drawing you were gonna give me anyway?" Katsuki asked.

"Your suit," I answered.

"What?" he questioned.

"Well, I drew a hypothetical hero suit for both of us." I sighed quietly.

The reality hit Katsuki when his brother said that. He was jealous of his brother because their parents liked him better, he was quiet and gentle. He rarely raised his voice and was always focused on something else other than himself. Katsuki thought his brother was a better person than him, but he was just a gentle person by nature. He wanted the two of them to be heroes together.

We stood before UA, it was a beautiful day, and I was jittery with excitement.

"Alright bro, this is the day that we become heroes!" Katsuki encouraged and we walked up to the front doors.

We walked into an auditorium and saw some other students. We sat next to each other,

I nodded, smirking the program went on.

"Alright! Who's ready to ROCK?" a man in a black leather suit and bright orange sunglasses with a tall blond pompadour crowed.

There was no response.

"Alright, you hip kids and groovy cats! Lessee if you can handle what we here at UA are throwing down! Today's practical exam is gonna pit all of y'all against our patented 'Faux Villains'!" the man continued.

"It's kinda like a video game! And I understand that it may seem a bit too hard, but... there are some y'all who'll find it easy!" The man acknowledged.

Katsuki felt his brother tense up, he gave his shoulder a reassuring squeeze.

"There are three types of villains in this test, each is marked with a certain number of points!" the man continued. I noticed there was a fourth type in the introduction packet.

"Um... e-excuse me!" I called, standing a spotlight fell on me.

"What is it, listener?" the man asked.

"I-I... Noticed there was a fourth type. Is that a mistake?" I asked.

"Not at all, kid! There is a type of robot that doesn't give you any points at all! Think of the Thwomps in Mario, they're just obstacles in your way! Thank you for your attention to detail!" the man yowled. I sat down, my eyes downcast. Katsuki smirked at his embarrassment.

"Now then, get out there and go beyond, PLUS ULTRA!" the man yelled.

Katsuki and I were separated with Ibara being with me. I started to panic, "Bro... Bro!" I called after Katsuki.

"You're gonna be fine, Ren, you got your girlfriend to keep you company!" Katsuki called back.

"G-Girlfriend?" I stammered, latching onto Ibara's arm. Soon, we were on a bus on the way to the battle centers, their bus was filled with the smallest amount of people.

"May I ask why your hands shake too much?" Ibara asked, cocking her head to the side in confusion.

"I was born with it, and I have balance problems... that's why I wear these bands. They help me steady my hands so I can write better and eat with chopsticks." I sighed, tired of explaining it.

"Why is this bus so empty?" I asked.

A girl with a black ponytail piped up, "This is the bus for the Recommended Battle Center, where candidates with recommendations duke it out with stronger robots." the girl described.

I remembered that red-letter he got days ago, from Endeavor himself. It was simple and to the point, and it also sparked yet another brawl between the brothers. He had been recommended and Katsuki had not. That was why I had a bandage wrapped under the long-sleeved shirt I put on, even if it was the end of summer. Katsuki had blown me through a wall, and my arm got cut as I tried to stop myself. It wasn't deep, but it had healed easily enough and didn't get in the way of my quirk.

I was lucky, but the bus came to a stop. I realized that I couldn't go back and make good on my promise...

"Showtime!" the driver yelled, opening the door, we all filed out. The RBC was huge! It was the size of a whole city and was filled with many city-like things, like stores and apartments, fully furnished and realistic. There were alleys and backroads and all kinds of shortcuts.

"Alright! You Elites are gonna have to fight the robots without causing too much collateral damage. The goal is not to harm the buildings or property too much." A new voice said, belonging to a sleepy-looking man wrapped in a bright yellow sleeping bag. I felt even more nervous. I looked to the others, some of them even have their gear and suits. I knew I wouldn't be able to get in on measly odds like this... my quirk was too powerful, and I had intended to go all out and get in without using my bands. But now I had to. I looked over to Ibara, who sent me a reassuring smile.

'C'mon Ren! Be a hero!' I thought, sparks igniting between my fingers, a timer ticked down from ten.




'Mom believes in you! Dad does too! So does Katsu!'




'Take those bands off! Show them that you belong here!'



'Just go beyond your best...'


I made a mad dash inside, seeing three robots marked with ones in front of him, I dashed towards them, using my quirk to blow them apart in a heavy right hook. 'My hands only shake when I have to do ranged attacks, If I stay close, I can wade in and blow them apart that way!' I thought, going from robot to robot, seeing that they were learning. They were staying out of my range, so I had to improvise, I held out my hand, it was shaking mightily. I aimed not for the robot, but for where it was going to go. it was a direct hit, despite the shaking hands.

I heard someone calling for help, it was that ponytailed girl from earlier. She was fending off the robot with a metal rod, holding it back, but still, it was learning. It was overpowering her slowly but surely. I advanced with an explosive enhanced jump into the fray.

"BLASTER SHELL!" I yelled, a corona of explosions sent the three-pointer flying backward in pieces. I ran back over to the girl.

"You okay?" I asked, hoisting her up.

"Y-yes, I'm alright. Thank you." She said, a small smile on her face, making me blush again.

"Uh... you're welcome!" he stuttered.

'I met two cute girls today! Man, I'm on a roll!' I thought happily, dashing off to see if there were more people to save and more bots to blast away. I had not found any more robots as the city fell away, revealing me and the other students standing in the middle of it.

"ALRIGHT! TIME FOR THE FINAL BOSS!" The man from earlier in the auditorium yelled.

From the sky came a giant black steel robot. Its many eyes pinning the others to the spot.

"DON'T GIVE UP! WE GOTTA BEAT THIS THING! OTHERWISE, I WILL!" I roared. The others didn't move. My sparks turned bright and I stood still, charging up a final blast. After this, I might pass out.

"FULL POWER!" I yelled, blasting the advancing bot into smithereens. I fell to my knees, gasping for air, I felt an arm around my shoulder. It helped me to my feet. I clung to the person, my eyes closed. I could still hear though.

"I've got you, Renaru. You're in the first place." Ibara's lilting voice said, with admiration in her tone.

I let out a small laugh, knowing that I made it in. My dream... it'll be realized. I woke up in a makeshift infirmary. My mind was hazy from all the stamina it took to blast all of those villains. Katsuki was sitting on my bed, looking down at me in rage.

"How could you? How could you do that?! After all that talk about us climbin' to the top together, you pull this?!" he snapped.

"Katsu... how the hell was I s'posed to know?" I asked.

"Y'coulda jus' oh I dunno, took yer eyes offa Ibara for five seconds and jump ship?!" he snarled.

"Oh, so now Ibara's at fault?! Next, you'll say Tsuyu is, too!"

We glared at each other, he then softened.

"Whatever at least Dad n' Mom will be proud enough..." he sighed. The door opened, and Tsuyu with Ibara in tow shuffled in, Tsuyu slightly hopping. They looked worried as Katsuki pushed past them.

"You okay? Ribbit?" Tsuyu asked.

"I'm fine, just tired..." I sighed. Ibara grabbed my hand, and Tsuyu fixed her with a sideways glance.

"Who's she?" Tsu asked, a bit guarded.

"That's my other friend, Ibara Shiozaki," I introduced.

The two girls glared at one another.

"Ibara," Ibara said with false serenity.

"It's Tsuyu to you," Tsu trilled.

When did my life get so complicated? All I wanted was to be a hero, now two girls are gonna start a war over me? How could this get any worse?

Chapter Text

I woke up to see a beautiful sunrise. I knew it was the first day of school, and I was excited to go. I pulled on my bands and my uniform, making sure it was all in order. I grabbed my New Special Book, unfilled and blank, just waiting for drawings to fill its pages. I stepped out of my room.

"LEMME GO, YOU OLD HAG! I DON'T NEED A TIE!" Katsuki yelled as Mom fully restrained him and put on his tie.

"Mornin' kiddo! Are you excited?" Mom asked, a smile on her face. I nodded meekly. Sitting down and eating my breakfast quickly. Soon, Katsuki and I were ready to go, we were posing for a quick photo (Katsuki was reluctantly smiling while I was smiling widely.)

"Alright, Mom! We're gonna go! Have a good day! C'mon Katsu!" I cried.

"Remember you two, I love you both more than life itself and the world is a scary place!" Mom called as we left the house.

As we walked, I had popped in my music as he walked alongside my brother, latched onto him as usual. We got to the train station, boarding the train as we had an hour before school to spare. He was playing a game on his phone, leaning against me, I smiled as I nodded his head to my music. Lo and behold, life had to kick our peaceful morning in the nuts and tear it to pieces.

A woman was standing close to us, watching us quietly as her son milled around being a total nuisance. He saw Lil Endeavor poking out of my bag, and took it. I didn't notice until I wanted to cling on to something other than his brother. He usually had his Endeavor if no one I trusted was around to cling to. I had the little plush since I was five.

"Um... Katsu? My Endeavor is gone!" I gasped.

Katsuki looked at his brother, "What? Where'd he go?" he asked.

"He was right in my bag! Where..." I faltered, seeing the boy messing around with him.

"Hey! Kid!" Katsuki called as the kid came over, Lil Endeavor in his hand.

"That's my brother's, he needs it," Katsuki said, smiling amicably at the boy.

"No! It's mine, Finders Keepers!" He yelled back.

Katsuki looked like he wanted to strangle the kid, "I'mma give you ONE-SHOT. Give me the Endeavor, now." he growled.

I got up, my eyes covered by my hair, I quickly snatched the Endeavor away, "Thank you, it's our stop." I said quietly.

We stepped off the train, giving the kid my extra one.

They got to the campus, listening to their music and Renaru peacefully cuddled his worn-out plush as they went to their class. Class 1-A was still filling up as Katsuki slid the door aside.

"WHAT'S UP, ALL YOU DUMBASSES?!" He yelled, making me cower behind him.

"YOU BETTER NOT EVEN BREATHE ON MY BRO! HE IS THE ONLY PERSON I FUCKING CARE ABOUT!" He yelled, stomping over to his seat. I scuttled over to mine.

I buried my face into the plush, breathing in its familiar scent. Katsuki always had to make a big deal out of everything. The scent was sweet and sour, reminding me of someone I knew, someone I hadn't seen in years... My father. I was interrupted from my musings by the sound of footsteps.

"Excuse me, is this seat taken?" A voice said.

I looked up and saw Ibara standing there. She wore a longer version of the uniform skirt and she looked good in that uniform. She looked down at Lil Endeavor clenched in my hands.

"Ibara? I didn't even know you had 1-A! Maybe it was a schedule change?" I gasped, happy that his oldest and long-time friend could be here to stay with me for this new chapter in my life.

Her small smile told me all I needed to know.

"The only reason why I'm here is that there was someone that was booted out of the exams... I think his name was Mineta or something... In any case, I'm glad to be by your side, Ren!" she said, smiling and sitting down at the desk next to me I put Lil Endeavor away. Another guy came up to me.

He had blazing red hair and a bro-like smile, "Hey there! Looks like you and I are gonna be deskmates with this lovely little lady! The name's Eijirou Kirishima!" he greeted.

"Renaru Bakugou and the lady is Shiozaki Ibara, nice to meet you!" I introduced and I saw Katsuki willingly talking to a brown-haired girl, clearly miffed.

"SHUT IT, KIRBY!" he yelled.

'Typical Katsu, always trying to start something...' Renaru thought.

"Wait... that kid's your brother? Wow... and I thought he was angry..." Kirishima sighed.

"My brother cares about me, but he kind of gets mad easily..." I said, my hands shaking.

"Huh? What was that?" Kirishima asked, pointing to my hands which were shaking.

"W-well... I was born with balance and motor skill issues. It makes my hands unsteady." I explained as Kirishima smiled.

"That is SO cool! You're... you're DOUBLE SPECIAL!" Kirishima proclaimed, clenching his fist and wrapping an arm around my shoulders.

"COME, MY NEW BRO! WE GOTTA BECOME HEROES!" Kirishima yelled, smiling, he dashed out the door with me in tow until Ibara dragged us back to our desks with her hair, the thorns weren't there, so neither one of us got hurt.

Ibara hugged me to her chest, making me blush scarlet and Kirishima smirked.

"Aw, cute!" A floating uniform cried, running over.

"AHH! G-ghosts! THEY'RE REAL!" I yelled, hiding behind her, shivering. Who wrapped some of her hair around me, giving me some sort of comfort.

"What? I'm not a ghost!" The uniform objected.

"T-then... what do you look like? C-can you t-turn it off?" I asked.

"No..." The uniform sighed, her voice glum.

"My apologies! That was very uncouth!" I yelled and Kirishima snickered.

"Man, Tooru got you!" A boy with longish blond hair with a few black streaks in it laughed, walking towards us.

"My name's Denki, It's nice to meet all of you. Tooru and I were wondering... what are you guy's quirks?" Denki asked.

"W-well... my quirk i-is explosions. With a higher payload than my brother... I can't aim very well due to my shaky hands... I don't like hurting people either... Oh! I also have a weird spirit projection thing." I explained.

"I have a quirk that hardens my body to bone-tough armor and lances and awesome stuff like that!" Kirishima explained.

"And I have vine-like hair, I can grab things, and adjust the sharpness of the thorns on them." Ibara described I sat down at the desk next to her, laying my head against her shoulder. My red eyes closed peacefully.

"Aww... you two are so... CUTE!" Tooru cheered, her sleeves bobbing up and down.

Shiozaki blushed, "Renaru likes clinging on to those he trusts if he has no one to cling to, he either shuts down or gets the Endeavor plush he has." she said quietly.

"But... you two are still so cute together! It's like you two complete each other!" Tooru cried.

Kirishima nodded, "I approve of that statement, Tooru!" he agreed as I huddled into Ibara's shoulder, feeling a little overwhelmed.

"Can you all take a chill pill? He's lookin' a little overwhelmed." Denki asked.

The others nodded as Shiozaki gently ran her pale hand through my blond locks and the storage cabinet shook.



My grip tightened on Ibara, and Katsuki was at my side in a second. A yellow bag fell out of the cabinet, slamming to the floor.

"AHHHHH!" All of 1-A screamed, quirks activating. Except for Ibara, a boy with two different hair colors, me, and Ponytail.

I immediately stood up, kneeling and helping the bag to stand.

"Stop touching it, Ren! What if... What if it's dangerous?" Katsuki yelled.

"It isn't. It's our teacher!" I said, the bag standing and turning around.

"SIT DOWN!" a voice yelled.

We all did as we were told.

"I'm too tired to deal with you guy's bullshit, okay? Let's get this started!" Their teacher snarled. He unzipped the bag and stowed it in the cabinet, walking to the front of the room.

"My name is Shouta Aizawa, Let's get this test done, shall we?" he asked as we all filed out, with him watching us closely, raking a hand through his black hair languidly.

Something about those two set Aizawa's inner alarms off, he just didn't know what.

'I'll have to keep an eye on them...' he thought.

We all lined up to receive our assignment. I was shuddering in anticipation, it's not often that I get to show off my quirk, especially since Fire of Soul is so protective.

"Now, you may find this test extremely simple, but all you have to do is lob this ball as hard as you possibly can, with your Quirks, then there are other tests as well. Just physical ones, Renaru, Katsuki, you both are first." Aizawa ordered, with my older brother stepping forwards.

He used his quirk to blast it high into the sky, the faint sound of glass shattering in the distance.

"Now, take off your bands and let loose, Renaru." Aizawa scoffed.

I picked up the other ball... my bands falling to the ground with small craters forming under them.

*Thwok! Thwok! Thwok! Paf!* I caught the ball in my shaking hands. My hands sparked brightly with a blue flare.

"Stand back, I'm gonna let loose with all I've got!" I yelled, drawing his arm back, the sparks igniting any second. Fire of Soul appeared behind me. I smiled, my red eyes glimmering as my fuel boiled within me.

"HYDROGEN... SHELL!" I yelled, firing it off and a huge blast blew almost everyone away. in the bright corona of the explosion, my smile was wide.

"Beat that!" he challenged the others, my stomach growled mightily.

"When's lunch? I'm starving!" I asked, nonplussed that he pretty much tossed his classmates in his blast.

"Uh..." he looked around, seeing everyone scattered around, with some of them still on their feet, watching me in shock. 'OH NO! I-I killed them! Barely even a day and I already have a body count?!' I thought in a panic. But then, Kirishima and the rest of 1-A got back up, staring at me in shock. Aizawa walked up to me.

"Throw one again!" he ordered.

"But... my fuel was used up! It's dangerous if I run on empty!" I objected.

"Fine, grab your bands, and sit in the bleachers, you're done," Aizawa said, smirking as I walked towards the bleachers, head hung low and I sat, my P.E uniform was torn up. I kept my head held low, looking down in shame. 'I... could've killed everyone... Katsu, Ibara, and my new friends... all of them dead...' I thought and Katsuki plunked down beside me after yelling at Aizawa who just didn't care.

"Katsu... I can KILL people." I sighed.

"Yeah, I can too. I knew you didn't intend to." Katsuki acknowledged.

"You don't understand, Katsu! I could've taken all of UA with me! Now everyone's scared of me! I have the payload of a hydrogen bomb! That's why I hold back! Because I don't want to hurt anyone! I'm going to be a murderer! I can't be a hero with a quirk like this!" I yelled, my eyes blazing and I punched the bleachers in frustration.

Shiozaki watched her friend rage and rant, airing so many grievances. She noticed that he was yelling about her, about his brother, about Kirishima and the others. He walked towards the inside, grabbing his bag from where he left it and pulled out his Endeavor, holding it tightly as he sobbed.

She had followed him, sitting down next to him.

Shio tried to put her arm around his shoulders, but he scooted away as the rest of the class came in, staying silent because of what happened. Aizawa motioned towards the door for Shiozaki and Renaru to go outside.

They sat down against the lockers as Ibara drew him into an embrace, "I can kill people... without even meaning to. How can I..." Renaru was mumbling.

"Hush! Don't speak!" Shiozaki said, holding Renaru tightly. Shiozaki cupped his cheek, her eyes staring into his.

"W-what?" He stammered.

"Renaru Bakugou, you can and will become a hero! I worry about you! I always have ever since you moved away from our hometown! I care about you and how you feel! You might even say that I love you." Ibara reasoned.

"This... this is going a little too fast..." Renaru stammered.

"So what? You love me in that way as well. I see it there in your eyes." Shiozaki leaned forwards, kissing Renaru on the cheek.

"I will NEVER give up on you, now come, the next class is about to start." Shiozaki said, grabbing her friend's hand, shaky or not. She would still hold it.

They all had the same schedules, as they were all part of the same hero class, first up after homeroom was Modern Art. Renaru sat in the back, not willing to talk much after second was a lunch break, and the third, fourth, and fifth-period classes because the schedule was so weird.

Everyone was excited for the next class to start as Renaru was jittery again with excitement, he can finally show off his drawings! And design his hero suit and gear!

They saw a woman with long black hair and sky blue eyes enter, dressed in rather provocative attire for a schoolteacher, a sly smile was on her lips as she strode up through the aisle, eyeing every one of the boys. Her eyes locked with Renaru's as his already uncomfortable attitude was rising to full-blown panic. There was something about her that made Renaru feel immediately unsafe. Her eyes were beautiful, and she knew she had him under her spell.

"Something you like, little boy?" the woman taunted, sashaying towards Renaru, leaning down, her chest just inches away from his face. He took a deep breath, about to speak.

"ACHOO! Shit! Uh... I got a bloody nose!" Denki yelled, distracting their teacher long enough for Renaru to come out of it. He'd used his quirk to cause it, and he ran out with a tissue stuck up in his nostrils.

Their teacher, who introduced herself as the 18+ heroine Midnight, and gravitated instantly back to Renaru, the distraction only momentarily working.

"Back to... business," she said, sultry and almost seductive.

'Who the hell made her a teacher? She's coming on to my new bro! Renaru's too nice to tell her to stop! SO IT'S UP TO ME!' Kirishima made a huge show of throwing his chair down.

Midnight looked up at Kirishima.

"Look, my new bro doesn't like that kinda thing! instead... TAKE... ON ME!" Kirishima sang loudly, dancing furiously.

"C'mon! TAKE ON ME! YOU KNOW THE WORDS!" Kirishima yelled as Mina joined in.

Midnight brought her whip down on the desk, making a loud cracking sound.

The pair was sufficiently cowed as Renaru made a mad dash for Katsuki, as he was closer, and was already standing, miffed with that teacher. She had grabbed Renaru.

"Now, now, don't be scared, but then again... here's your assignment for today! You all have to draw me a beautiful portrait to free this little cutie..." Midnight started, caressing Renaru's cheeks with her hands.

"Hey! He's the best artist in this class! YOU BETTER LET MY BROTHER GO YOU HARPY!" Katsuki yelled.

Shiozaki tried to get close, but a quick crack of the whip kept her back.

Renaru was clenching his Endeavor plushie to his chest, shut down.

"Let me through! He's scared out of his mind!" Shiozaki pleaded.

Katsuki was drawing like a madman, "I'LL GETCHA OUTTA THERE, BROTHER! AHHHH!" he yelled, making Kira's linework look like a kindergartener's shorthand.

"No! No! NO! You're getting it... huh?" Midnight faltered, seeing a page from Ren's Special Book on her desk.

"As you were walking up to me, I drew a quick sketch of you! I knew that you had my profile on hand because your suit doesn't have pockets! Denki, Mina, and Kiri's distractions gave me enough time to finish it! Also, securing my student profile from you!" Renaru cheered, tapping the side of his head.


"You didn't get my nose right..." Midnight giggled.

"WHA? NO!" Renaru gasped.

"HAHAHAHA! HERE I COME!" Katsuki yelled, tossing his picture at her.

"Hm? Oh! It's almost lunch! See you all tomorrow! My husband is waiting for me!" Midnight chirped, leaving the room.

"What just happened? I feel like something awesome just happened, I just don't know what..." a tall boy with dark blue hair and glasses sighed, with the other students not actively participating in the huge confrontation agreeing with him. Lunch break was finally upon them!

Me, Ibara, and Kirishima walked to the cafeteria. The streams of other students went into the huge room. With so many options, I picked all of the spiciest options.

"Hey bro, you sure you can handle that heat?" Kirishima asked.

"Yeah, the hotter my food is, the better my fuel is!" I cheered.

"So... let's say if you were to eat a ghost pepper, how potent would your fuel be?" Ibara asked.

"Well... I'd be able to use my ultimate payload! The Ragnarok ULTRA!" I yelled, striking a pose. Giggling happily. Kirishima posed alongside me. With Ibara shrugging and doing the same.

"SANJOU! EXPLOSIVE TOKU-SEN-TAI!" we yelled in surprise tandem. We sat down, our trays covered in food.

As Renaru shoveled food into his mouth, Shio tapped him on the shoulder.

"Hm? Yeah, Shio?" he asked.

"The next class is swimming..." Shio commented, smiling.

"What? No! I-I can't swim!" He objected.

"I'm sure they'll understand... I'll be with you, okay? It's remedial and it's solo lessons, so it'll just be me and you, okay?" she assured.

I nodded as Denki, who joined them later, said, "Maybe Shio's got a sexy swimsuit... hehe." the lightning boy snickered as I sent him a warning glare. I took my tray to the washer and sat back down, opening up my old world. To the picture of me and Ibara playing with Howl and Calcifer, who chose a more humanoid form after he became free from his 'curse' it was more of a contract. I felt someone looking over his shoulder.

"You love those movies, don't you?" Ibara asked coyly.

"Yeah, I always wanted a sub like Fujimoto's or a castle-like Howl. Or to swim like Ponyo, or walk through the air like Sophie... oddly enough... I forgot your name and just referred to you as Angel." I giggled, grabbing her hand.

"Now you gotta teach me one of those things, isn't that weird?" I asked.

"It's not weird at all. You've long since forgotten!" Shiozaki said, grabbing Ren's hand and guiding him towards the pool outside.

The teacher that was out there in case things went wrong was a guy with slate-gray hair in a red and black shirt, watching a little boy with spiky black hair and bright blue eyes playing with a teddy bear.

"Mr. Kenzaburo! I'm here!" She called.

"Hey! There you two are! Good to meet the two of ya! The name's Giriko! That little guy right over there's my kiddo Akira. You've already met my wife." he sighed sheepishly.

"Can I go visit Mommy?" The kid asked.

"Sure, go find your Uncle Hizashi or Mr. Aizawa, alright? I gotta make sure these two don't end up makin' out." Giriko snarked, smirking.

Akira giggled and ran off, leaving the pair who were already in the pool to their own devices as Giriko watched them like a hawk.

I didn't like feeling weightless, or the fact that I had to go horizontal. Ibara held me close, her calming voice the only thing I focused on.

"Kick, keep kicking, keep your arms straight, Ren." she coached gently. She soon let go, swimming alongside him, her long green hair spread out in the water, fanned out and flowing beautifully. The water truly made things more beautiful.

I let out a joyous whoop as he wheeled through the water, my body and hands remembered in tandem what to do instead of one at a time. I wasn't exactly a strong swimmer, but at least I could swim now. I stopped against the wall, with Ibara stopping next to me, her eyes sparkling with pride.

"You're a fast learner," She said, her smile wide and genuine.

My eyes drifted to her swimsuit, it was a dark green bikini with white lining.

"Do you like my swimming attire? Momo-chan made it for me once I suggested this for..." Shio faltered as she realized that wasn't something to say to her crush.

"Wait... did you just do this as a ploy to spend more time with me?" I asked, loosening his bands and throwing them at his stuff.

"Well... it's part of a plan Mina-chan and Tooru-chan..." Shio faltered, blushing scarlet as my hands, barely even shaking, grabbed her hands.

"You don't need a plan, Shiozaki. You don't need a sexy swimsuit. You're fine as you are... I..."

"Should I go?" Giriko piped up.

"Yes!" we said in unison.

Giriko walked off towards where his son went, smirking in his happy way. 'Damn kids... makin' me feel...' he thought, smiling.

I grabbed her hands again, "I... love you, Ibara Shiozaki, I always remembered that time on the beach where we built sandcastles and gathered seashells and played under the cherry trees, wishing that summer would never end. Yet it did. Now, we're back in each other's arms again... I don't want to let go! I want... I want... A normal life with you! Let me be your firework!" he said, smiling.

She decided to kiss me, full and true, a proclamation beyond words. In our minds, the fireworks went off, sparks flew, everything just felt... right.

We got on our uniforms and walked back to class, hand in hand.

"Dude! Where've you been? We're about to get dorm assignments!" Denki called.

"Yeah, that swimming lesson sure did take a while. Looks like you two are next-door neighbors! AND we're together! In the same building!" Kirishima yelled.

"So! How have you two been adjusting?!" Mitsuki yelled over the noise of the stove, she was cooking something and couldn't hear her boys too well. They couldn't leave the campus, so they all decided to pretend that they were at home.

"Well, they said that we were gonna have to move into the dorms on campus, so tonight's our last night at home with you. I've been swimming with Shio every day! I've been finding more and more ways to adjust my quirk! My fuel is more potent the spicier my food is!" Renaru reported.

"Yeah, Ren's been makin' friends left n' right, and Shiozaki's his girlfriend now. They started dating a few weeks ago." Katsuki drawled.

I smiled. Blushing a bit from the comment about Shiozaki.

"The first day was so weird though, the art teacher held me hostage, and Katsu looked like he was gonna kill her." I sighed heavily.

"Hm... how interesting," Mitsuki said.

We had gathered up the stuff we were taking and were talking via video call so that we could talk to Mom.

"You wanna see my dorm? I'm rooming on my own... but it's nice! It looks almost like it's home! So don't worry about me! I gotta take a shower, love you!" I cheered happily.

Mitsuki smiled as her younger son disconnected, leaving her and her oldest alone.

Katsuki sighed quietly, "Ren... he's so positive. I'm just scared. I'm scared that he'll lose that..."

"You know Shiozaki won't let that happen. His friends won't let that happen, and you won't let that happen! You care about him so much, take care of him for me, Katsu." Mitsuki said, disconnecting before Katsuki could tell her that he loved her.

"Love you too, mom." he sighed.

Mitsuki Bakugou was the epitome of a success story, beautiful, independent, and so very outspoken. Aizawa knew more about her than her kids by now. She was raised by her single mother, who had died the year before the Bakugou twins were born. Never knew her father, or even saw him until recently. He followed her social media and pretty much knew her routine by rote memorization.

'There's gotta be something about their grandfather...' Aizawa thought, poring over his notes, his eyes frantically searching for anything in the database, or even a CRUMB of data.

Then he remembered, 'Renaru and Katsuki had seen him! Which one of them is still up?! Probably Renaru. Yeah, it's only eight!' he thought, grabbing a notebook and running to the dorms, finding Renaru's door easily enough. He heard sounds of a video game coming through the door, it sounded like the new All of the Bravest title. He knocked.

"Door's open!" I called.

Aizawa came through the door. I paused the game, "Uhm. Am I in trouble?" I asked. I was huddled on the floor, a huge fluffy blanket wrapped around my shoulders and my Endeavor plush in my lap, I looked so innocent and pure and my reddish-pink eyes looked up at him.

"No. I just need to ask you some questions... about your grandfather." Aizawa said.

"Oh... A-are you going to... expel me?" I asked.

"Not at all. You just need to answer my questions, all right?" Aizawa assured, sitting down beside me.

"Okay..." I breathed out, almost coaching myself along.

"What do you feel when you're around him?" Aizawa asked.

"Fear. Just fear. Cold and empty. That is what I feel around him." I muttered.

Aizawa wrote that down, "Has he ever displayed his power before?" he continued.

I grew distant, "He... killed someone... he had... the man, my father's voice. I remember crying. My mom was holding me, then... then I can't remember the rest." I held my plush to my chest.

"Do you remember how he killed?" Aizawa asked.

"Big spikes of bone. Blood everywhere." I then started to cry.

I hugged Aizawa, "Don't let me go back... I don't wanna go back!" I sobbed.

He awkwardly hugged me, "Go back where?" he asked.

"The bar! The bar!" I yelled.

He wrote those two things down as a blur of green sped into the room, separating the two of us.

"Stop!" Shiozaki snapped, hugging me to her chest, her hair forming a kind of tether to her and I. She'd heard my panicked cries and ran to help.

"Ibara, this is none of your business. I was just asking him some questions..." Aizawa said.

"Yes! That's precisely what's wrong! You're asking him questions he doesn't want to answer! You're making him relive that moment!" she snarled, holding me in her arms as Aizawa stood.

"Fine." he snarled.

"At least you gave my grandchildren powerful Quirks, now begone."

"DADDY!" I screamed, remembering it all. Blood, screams, silence. ANGER.

"HOW COULD YOU?!" I screamed sparks lit up in my hands as Ibara held onto me tightly.

Slow... painful...

"Blood..." I sighed. Silence... Mother, Father, Brother, and Baby... Mother, Brother, and Baby... Sounds scary at midnight, doesn't It? Your father's DEATH? All Your Fault!

Ibara held on for dear life, there was no calming him from this.

Then... I stopped, my red eyes looking into her green, I didn't smile, didn't break down, I just... stared. Catatonic, unmoving. my hands shaking fiercely as if I was warding something off.

"Is he going to be..." Aizawa started.

"Leave! You made him this way! Now leave!" Ibara insisted, pushing the teacher out of the door. Slamming it shut behind him.

She laid down next to me, her arms wound tightly around me, her hair weaving around me as well, forming some sort of extra comfort for me.

"Mmm... Ibara?" I asked, coming out of my stupor. Seeing the lights off, and the only light being the moon in the window. Wrapped in my big fluffy blanket and holding the most beautiful girl in existence to my chest. I looked down at her face and saw that she was crying, or had cried while I was remembering that, my shaky hands cupped her cheeks. I looked out at the stars in the sky, then back to her.

"Dad... did you send her?" I asked the stars.

One of them twinkled, not in response, not an answer, just shined.

I smirked and settled into pleasant sleep that night, forgetting the past for just a moment. We slept soundly, the blanket covering both of us from head to toe. The next morning, just about everyone in 1-A heard about what happened, with Katsuki immediately concerned.

Kirishima snuck in alongside Denki, he wanted to find out what caused the whole, 'Dorm Incident.' He brought Denki as the back-up.

"Seriously dude, this is their time together, why'd you bring me anyway?" Denki whispered.

"Wait... in All of the Bravest, he's the Grandmaster Midnight?! I've been trying to beat him since last summer!" Kirishima growled, looking up at the screen, seeing my special Midnight's stat screen, seeing the bright gold symbol of grandmastery. He also saw the small statuette of the heroine next to the one of Endeavor on the entertainment center. I was a meticulous person by nature, as everything in his room screamed, 'I'm organized and I don't give a crap!'

"N-no way... he's got the limited edition Judgement Idole!" Kirishima fanboyed quietly.

"Dude, why'd you bring me?" Denki asked quietly.

"Because you're the equivalent to a human taser! Also, you gotta record this." Kirishima said as Denki reluctantly readied his phone.

We were in that period between waking and sleeping where you can hear things but you haven't opened your eyes yet too. She was somewhat holding back her laughter as the pair of Denki and Ejiro were snooping around. She could've done something, but she felt my lips plant soft kisses on the back of her neck in my sleep. It was her weak spot, it always made her blush and go weak in the knees if someone kissed her there, and the fact that I was sleepily muttering nonsense made the vine-haired girl want to just giggle aloud, that was what she loved about me, I made her happy and my joy was her joy.

"WAKE UP, SLEEPYHEADS!" Kirishima yelled.

I shot up, "DID YOU GUYS TOUCH MY IDOLES?!" I yelled, clambering over to the EC, seeing my figures not where I left them.

"You got the order all wrong! Midnight and Judgement are supposed to stand next to each other, while Endeavor's 'sposed to stand next to... where's All-Might?" I asked.

Kirishima smiled as Renaru glared at him.

"Give it," I said.

"I don't have it!" Kirishima said. I looked at Denki, who just shrugged. I looked at my nightstand, seeing the statue there.

"Ah! Okay! I must've put it there 'cause I was usin' him! Hehe!" I giggled and Ibara sat up, rubbing her sleepy eyes and Kirishima yowled out.

"THEY SLEPT TOGETHER! OOOOOOH YEAH! YOU OWE ME TWENTY BUCKS, ASHIDO!" he ran out and Denki awkwardly bowed, "I'll see myself out." he said, backing out.

She wrapped the blanket around herself, feeling indecent.

"How are you feeling?" she asked.

"Well... I felt myself fade away... then, I just felt all warm and heard your voice. You kept on saying, 'It's going to be okay, he's not here, everything is gonna be okay.' Then I woke up to your arms around me, you cried, didn't you?" I asked.

"Of course I did! My boyfriend was yelling about a memory that my teacher brought back so selfishly and callously! As I was holding on to you, you were thrashing and crying and screaming..." Ibara said as I shrugged off my shirt.

What she saw on his back was nothing short of nightmarish. It was a spider web of scars, most certainly not from his mother, but someone else. I also had one on my cheekbone. She'd never seen them before.

"Where'd you get the scars?" she asked.

"Where do you think? From my bastard of a grandfather! I'd rather not talk about it." I growled just like my brother. Ibara flinched back a bit from me as I shrugged on a new shirt.

"Sorry. I lost my composure..." I sighed, putting on my uniform and Shiozaki stood, watching me wash my rather long blond hair. I reached for the towel, bumping her on accident.

"This is a one-butt bathroom!" I joked, drying my hair and tying it back in a messy ponytail. Ibara went back to her dorm to grab her uniform, walking back still wrapped in the blanket.

She saw Mina, all dressed and ready. She ran towards her.

"So, I take it the swimming lesson went well! You slept with him last night too?! Man, you two are going fast!" She cheered.

"Not in a sexual way, he just... had an issue up in his mind. I had to push Mr. Aizawa out of the room because of it." Ibara sighed.

"Wow... that must've been bad..." Mina sighed.

"Yes. It was horrifying, he kept on screaming, and everything. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go get ready." She left at that to check on Renaru and how he was doing.

He was already gone, there was a note that read:

Hey Shio, I'm gonna go have some breakfast, you can take a shower, brush your hair, whatever, just close the door and lock it... Love, Ren.

She smiled, his handwriting had gotten way better, almost flowing with how neat it was. She had to get ready for the day, though.

Chapter Text

I didn't know what to think. Ibara and I were just friends! But then she kissed me and now treated me like her boyfriend! I didn't like it too much. Tsu was still my friend, too. I just wanted to clear the air with them. Fire of Soul was out, chuffing and purring. I wanted to choose my girl. Of course, I had a complication. The fact that they seemed to have a rivalry was going to be a challenge to get past.

So I turned to the one person who I trusted beyond all else. My mom. *Ring... Ring* the phone rang.

"Renaru? What's wrong, baby? Do you need me to come down there? Did your brother blow something up?" she asked.

"No, it's just... I don't want my friends fightin' over me... Ibara's already treatin' me like her boyfriend and it's breakin' Tsu's heart, I jus' wanna... I dunno," I mumbled.

"Aw... my little Renny-pie is havin' girl trouble..." she crooned.

"Yeah... and I wanna let her down easy..." I sighed, petting Soul gently, he let out a huff. My dorm was way too organized, but I liked it that way. I couldn't bring myself to break Ibara's heart or Tsu's. I was saddened by the prospect of losing their friendship.

"Ren, I'mma give ya the same advice my mama gave to me, 'Love is a battlefield, love ain't a paradise. It can be if y' find the right one.' You're young, baby, okay? I know you're quite the romantic type, but be careful," She said.

"Thanks, Mom... I'll talk to ya later after the battle," I sighed.

"Go get 'er, soldier!" she commanded, hanging up. Soul let out a whine.

"I know you like Ibara, buddy, but... I like Tsu too..." I sighed, he went inside me and I tightened my arm braces and leg braces, my hands sparking. I took a deep breath. Stepping out into the day.

Tsuyu Asui was never one for romance, but something about how gentle and kind Renaru was set a fire in her heart, something she couldn't shake no matter how hard she tried. She and he orbited each other in kindergarten, with her watching him dejectedly wander around clutching his plush endeavor like a rosary. Every bully she faced would call attention to her frog-like features.

Renaru would too, but he would smile and say how cute she was with those features. Then Ibara Shiozaki showed up and whisked her best friend away from her. The word of their sleeping together tore the young frog's heart to pieces. She cried so much when she found out, but then it turned to vindictive rage. If she wanted Renaru, fine.

Over her dead body!

Tsuyu watched Renaru come into class, his mannerisms stilted and clipped as he had somewhere to be. Ibara breezed in behind him, and he sat down in his seat, right between the two girls. Tsuyu smiled at him and he smirked shakily back.

'Ibara Shiozaki... what do you have that I don't?' Tsuyu thought, analyzing her rival. Her perfect dark green eyes, her long vines for hair, her cutely rounded face. Her dainty hands and her rather supple body made Tsuyu's blood boil.

Ibara Shiozaki never wanted to fall in love. She wanted to decide on her own who she'd fall in love with. When she first saw Renaru in middle school, eating lunch alone, she felt it as her mission to become friends, as unconventional her methods were. Now it began a burgeoning relationship, whirlwind and haphazard. He seemed withdrawn, barely speaking to her in more than one word.

She felt those wide, black eyes on her and repressed the urge to punch the desk. Tsuyu Asui, Renaru's childhood friend, who abandoned him in middle school. What does she have? She's a frog! Ibara tried to repress the vindictive rage she felt. Renaru was HERS. Not Tsuyu's. She had her shot. She reached over and grabbed Renaru's hand.

'He's mine, Tsuyu, mine, and mine alone,' she thought triumphantly. She glared at the hunched, dopey eyed girl with quiet fury. Then, in a sudden turn, his hand jerked away from her's.

I let go of Ibara's hand and looked at them both with hurt in my eyes, I hated seeing them fight. I hated feeling stuck. All I wanted was to handle this without those two throttling each other. I had a feeling that it was easier said than done. I didn't want a blemish on my school record, and I didn't wanna hurt them. I cleared my throat.

"S-so... uhm... Uh... well..." I faltered, not knowing that my saving grace was my brother. Katsuki stomped in and stood near me.

"Listen here, you two. My brother cares about you both, but he's not lookin' for a relationship! He's naive, and sometimes a total pushover, but he's my bro. An' if y' wanna split hairs, split 'em with me!" he challenged.

"Ehhh?! Ka-ka... Katsu! That's not what I wanted to say at all!" I gasped.

"Aw c'mon bro! Sit with me today, leave these girls to their pinin', they gotta pass the 'Katsuki Bakugo's 'My Brother is a Total Badass' Test!' So c'mon!" he said, grabbing my arm and depositing me in the desk next to his. He smiled.

"Uh..." I mumbled again.

"Listen, Ren, you're my little bro, and I gotta keep an eye on ya... Dad made me promise," he admitted, looking ashamed.

"I worry a lot about ya... yer still that little kid that saved Endeavor, y' know? I'm worried that... that if I'm not strong enough, you're gonna get hurt... I mean, Y'got Soul, but even then you can't summon him on demand..." he sighed gently.

"Katsu... I understand. I'll be stronger from now on! Today is a new day for Renaru Baku-" I was cut off by Mr. Aizawa clearing his throat.

"Renaru, the support class teacher wants to see you... something about your Palsy?" he asked.

"O-oh! Sure! I requested that they accommodate it... I'll be back!" I chirped, running down the hallway. I was so excited! I loved seeing the inner workings of the hero profession! Just like Izuku! I wanna be the second most powerful hero! Like Endeavor! I wanna take care of my mom one day! I wanna repay her for all the crap this stupid palsy forced her to do!

But most of all... the reason why I wanna be a hero, tantamount to all else... is because I want my family to be safe! That's my credo! That's my code! I am Renaru Bakugou, up and coming hero! NOTHING WILL STO- I went flying, crashing hard into a wall, a door slamming into me as well.

"Oh god! Someone was on the other side!" A voice gasped.

"Hang on! I got this!" A cheery, female voice said, I felt the door move off me, and I shot up to my feet.

"HUP! RENARU BAKUGOU, MEMBER OF CLASS 1-A REPORTING FOR COSTUME CREATION!" I yelled, saluting like a soldier. That's when I saw her. Y'know that phrase, 'They get along like a house on fire?' Well... that was me when I saw Mei Hatsume for the first time. She was standing close to me. She had salmon pink hair, done in thick dreadlocks, with golden eyes that looked like crosshairs on a scope.

"Ooh... you're really solid for a guy with the palsy..." she cooed, rubbing my chest and back, pressing down a bit to make sure nothing was broken. Soul was asleep, and I felt the heat rise in my cheeks. 'Oh god, I'm already in love! She's really cute! No wait, focus!' I thought as Mei backed up. She was wearing cargo pants, a sweatshirt was tied lazily around her waist, and steampunkish goggles were on her soot-streaked forehead.

"Hmm... those braces are bulky..." she mumbled, taking my hand and leading me inside the still smoking room. What was it with me and surrounding myself with people that could blow me up? Mei was grinning.

"Okay! Take off one of each brace! I'mma hafta do some kinda... alterations," she said.

"Al-alterations?! How long are those gonna take?!" I gasped, I couldn't possibly go on without my braces... people would start staring... and...

"You okay, Ren?" she asked.

"No... not at all..." I sighed. Mei sat across from me, her expression serious.

"I know what's going on, even if we just met, I got a sorta intuition about people just by starin' at 'em... you're extremely self-conscious and shy, and you hate your palsy because you know people stare..." she sighed, at this point, I took off one arm brace and a leg brace.

*Taptaptaptaptaptap* My leg and foot started to tap on the floor, and my hand started to shake. I saw her scan them.

"Yep, these are crap, take off the other ones," she said. I did so and she chucked them into a low pit. *Fwish!* a small jet of fire consumed my old braces.

"AHHHHHH! Tho- those... those were... that was... EXPENSIVE!" I thundered, my hands sparking, Soul was still asleep, but that didn't mean I couldn't use my arsenal. Mei started to laugh.

"Hehe... Hahaha... Listen, Renaru, you're one of the reasons I wanted to go into support in the first place... I see all kindsa people like you with crazy awesome quirks just dyin' for a chance to become a hero fall flat because of this stupid condition! I wanna help ya get there, I'll have the alterations done by lunchtime, so come down then," I got up, 'is this... gonna be my first date?!' I thought, walking back towards Class 1-A.

When I got there, Katsuki was waiting for me, alongside Kirishima, Sero, Kaminari, and Ashido.

"Hey Ren, how was it?" he asked.

"The support girl is cute! Super cute!" I chirped, and Kaminari started to laugh.

"Ooh! Really?!" Ashido gasped, her eyes shining. She was kind of a gossipmonger, and a scatterbrained person, but you couldn't ask for a better person to confide in. Katsuki sighed, already gearing up for the 'Katsuki Bakugo's 'My Brother is a Total Badass' Test.'

"Yeah... I gotta go back down there to get my altered braces..." I explained, my voice was naturally quiet. Kaminari looped his arm around my shoulders.

"Look, man, it's clear you like that Hatsume chick... but ya gotta slow down!" he advised.

"I know, it might just be a fleeting thing... but... if it does end up a relationship... I hope it'll be a happy one!" I mumbled.

I went down to the support lab with Katsuki, not by his choice, but his insistence. I hoped he would like her. I went up to the door carefully, totally expecting to be flattened again. I opened it like normal. A high-speed, high-velocity, and salmon pink blur slammed into me, sending me toppling to the floor. It was Mei, who probably got a running start.

"It's done! C'mon! Lemme show ya!" she squealed, hopping up and grabbing my shaking hands and yanking me into the lab after her. Katsuki was just observing, barely making a sound.

"See? They're not those trashy plastic monstrosities!" she chirped, handing me four small black sleeves, like thigh-highs for my arms, and two sleeves for my legs. She smiled.

"Alright, go put those on, okay?" she asked. I nodded, going somewhere else to put them on.

(While Renaru's putting on his new bands...)

"What's yer game, Hatsume?" I snarled, looming over her. If she's gonna use my brother as a guinea pig, then she's got a right hook with her name on it.

"Huh? Oh! You're that Katsuki guy! I just wanna help your brother out, is that so bad?" she asked.

I crossed my arms and growled, "Listen, Renaru likes you, like a lot. So... you better step lightly,"

"Aw... c'mon, is he that fragile? The kid blew up a bot that was meant to take on the Big Three all at once... with ONE BLAST! Don'tcha think you're being a little too defensive?" she asked.

"Look! He's... he's naive and... I don't want him getting hurt, okay?" I conceded, still defensive.

"Don't worry! I like him, too! He's pretty much the only guy who's okay with all my peppiness, and I've only known him for about... an hour or two? I 'unno..." she sighed.

I smirked, "He's got that effect on people... but normally when girls are chompin' at the bit to have him, like Eden and Frogger, I scare 'em off," I said.

Hatsume nodded, and I sighed.

"I just... I'm scared, okay? If Renaru wasn't my twin I wouldn't care, but... you gotta promise me two things first!" I snapped.

Hatsume grinned, then became wary, gaining an oddly deep voice, "Name them,"

I rolled my eyes at her Aku impression, "One: Renaru is extremely self-conscious, so, please... try not to stare at his shakiness too much,"

"Got it," she agreed.

"Two: He's a total dork when it comes to social things... so..." I mumbled, remembering the time when he tripped over a guy in the train station and yelled 'Are you sorry!' at him.

"Oh, and the next two are important: he gives it his all, so... don't be surprised if he gives ya a super expensive gift, and the last one... he... he gets hurt often, and I guess you're used to that, so..." I faltered off, leaving before Renaru came back. I needed to trust my bro.

(Back with Renaru...)

Wow! These are... so comfy! It's like they're not even... not even... I don't shake anymore. I don't shake anymore! I ran out of the back towards Hatsume.

"MEI! THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU! I could kiss you!" I screamed in glee, swinging her around and smiling and laughing. She slowed me down.

She pecked me on the forehead, "There's more where that came from, Renaru!" she chirped.

"Ah!" I gasped, my cheeks heating up.

"Uh, don'tcha think this is goin' too fast?! I mean, I let Ibara down easy... but..." I mumbled.

"There's one thing you gotta know about me, Ren, I'm spontaneous," she said, pulling a pair of black fingerless gloves onto my hands and squeezing them. I still was blushing and my hands started to spark. Mei was so close, I could smell the tang of her sweat and the motor oil she used for the boots she was working on. She smiled.

"There we go, now your wrists are steady, which is the origin of the shaking. Your gloves are blast-proof and fire-resistant, if you need any adjustments... you know exactly where to find me," she said, pecking me on the cheek, too.

"Uh, Gottagobye!" I forced out, dashing out with my face afire. I never met a girl that matched my zeal and determination in the same way Mei did. Tsu and Ibara saw me running with a crazy blush on my face.

"Hold it, Renaru!" Tsu called.

"Gah! T-tsu! I-ibara!" I stammered my face beet red.

"Why're you blushing? Ribbit?" she asked.

"Uhm... I like Mei Hatsume! Sorry! Gottagobye!" I dashed off to my dorm, where I could be safe. Mom would wanna know. So after class ended, I went back to the dorms.

"Get. Out."

"Mom, I'm serious!" I chided.

"No way! Awesome! My little Renny-pie found someone..."

"Ugh... Mom... Mei just kissed me on the cheek and forehead... I'm not sure if we're together..." I sighed.

"Seems like a case of love at first sight,"

"Hm..." I mumbled. I think Mom was right, it was love at first sight. Hatsume was feisty and overzealous, while I was cool-headed for the most part. I still felt off about the whole thing. I wore my sleeves, though. She didn't have to help me, but she did anyway. I liked that. She was cute, hyper, a genius... everything that I wasn't. I was dorky, naive, more of a shut-in because of my condition.

Mei didn't see that, though, she never saw my condition as a detriment. To me, love isn't something planned for, it's an explosion, it's messy, hot, and throws you backward. Yet if you survive it, you get something great in return.

"Renaru... earth to Renaru... come in, Captain Bakugou!"

"I'm here, Mom, I'm here! I just... spaced out for a minute..." I sighed. Mom laughed, and I just adjusted my glasses. I looked around my dorm, seeing all the Idoles, the gaming console, the art I drew on the walls, and I felt more at ease. My world was here, safe and inside... where no one could stare at my hands and the way I walk without getting a few snickers. I could be a hero with Katsu and Mei's help. They wanted to help, so I'll take 'em up on it.

"Well, I'm proud of you, sweetie... have a good rest of your day,"

"Yeah, I love you, Mom..." I sighed. That's when I heard a knock on my door. I went up to it and opened it. On the other side was Mei, covered in soot and other gunk, smiling like always. I found myself scrambling for words.

"Heya!" she greeted.

"Hi?" I said.

"Can I stay here?" she asked.

"Why?" I wondered.

"Oh, I blew up my dorm and half the support dorms," she said, waving her hand.

"WHAT?!" I gasped.

She laughed at my rubbery expression, "Haha! Your face!" she tittered. I blushed.

"Fine! Just... did you bring your clothes?" I asked.

"Not any except the ones on my back!" she cried.

"Hahhh... Okay, you can borrow some of mine... I'll get laundry started. The bathroom's down the hall, to the right, the linen closet is inside, you can use my body wash and shampoo considering you're a walking Pompeii figure..." I sighed, going into my small main room and sitting on the bed. I had my TV on and I was watching a movie.

'There's a girl. In my dorm. There's a GIRL. IN. MY. DORM. No need to panic... no need to panic... just another, a normal human being in your space, you can handle this.' I thought, hearing the shower turn on. 'I can't. I can't handle this! She's in my space, in my shower, currently washing the soot off her body from BLOWING UP A WHOLE HALF OF THE SUPPORT DORMS! What the hell is happening?!' I continued, wrapping myself in my blankets. Soul came out with a small hoot.

I looked at the small danger noodle and he was wrapped around my neck, nuzzling me.

"Hey, buddy... it's okay, I'm just... a little scared is all," I sighed.

Mei came out of the shower and was wearing one of my favorite shirts, a yellow shirt with the school motto on it in white. My dad made it for me, and since he was so busy, he couldn't be here. Soul immediately hissed at her.

"Ooo... that's not autoerotica, right?" she asked.

"Soul isn't a robot, he's the embodiment of my fighting spirit," I answered, she got on my bed to take a closer look and I started to blush. She nodded and reached out to pet him. *Hiss...* he hissed in warning, before being pet by her. He clambered onto her and wrapped around her neck gently.

"Hehe! He likes me!" Mei said. She cooed and pet him. He purred and nuzzled her. I wasn't too surprised, Soul liked any girl I did at the time. So Mei and I just sat and watched the movie, it was about a guy that built a metal suit after almost dying in a blast from his weapon. Mei watched so closely.

"Man, what wouldn't I give to have a suit like that... I have a long way to go," she sighed, hugging her knees to her chest, her golden eyes sparkling. I awkwardly wound my arm around her shoulders.

"I-I... I can help... I gotta return the favor somehow..." I mumbled.

"Really?! No way! Oh my God, thanks, Renaru!" she squealed, tackling me in a hug.

"Oof! Mei! C-c-c-c-c-can't breathe! I can't... breathe!" I gasped. She separated from me.

"Oops! Sorry..." she sighed.

"No, it's... it's nice," I admitted, my mumbling always getting in my way of what I always wanted to say. I wanted to tell her that I'd always be around to help. She didn't have any of her 'babies' to work on, so she just got under my covers.

"Goodnight, Renaru!" she chirped.

"Yeah, goodnight, Mei," I sighed, getting under beside her. Again, love is like an explosion.

Chapter Text

I woke up to Mei bustling about, with about twenty of her 'babies' in my dorm. She was bobbing and weaving around it all, working quietly. She looked up from her work to see me rubbing my eyes with jerky steps and shaking hands. I blinked, grabbing my glasses and putting them on.

"Morning! Hope y'don't mind my babies!" she chirped. I looked at all of them in veiled shock. How many does she have in total?! I mean, she's prob'ly gonna blow my dorm to hell and back!

"Can these blow up? Please don't tell me that they can!" I demanded.

"What? No, silly! These are the costumes for the hero department! Here!" she said, tossing a case at me marked with ARS HER: FoS.

"That's yours! And your sleeves can be used with it, in fact, I put the blast boosters into the gauntlets... but wait... how does your arsenal work?" she asked.

"I just yell out what 'shell' I'm using... like C-4, Minefield, and even Missile! I gotta charge up a sweat for the sparks, hence the tank gauntlets," I explained.

"Ooo... I like your style, Renaru!" she complimented. I blushed and smiled sheepishly.

"W-well... you learn to adapt..." I mumbled. I found her to be feisty and adorably hard-working. The way she got so excited when it came to all the support items she made was cute, but I was a little guarded this time. I put on my hero suit, which consisted of a black bodysuit and silver gauntlets to protect my lower sleeves. The tanks closed over them, siphoning sweat from them with small funnels.

What went over it was a long orange duster coat with metal pauldrons. It was lightweight and durable. The real attraction was the thick goggles that went over my eyes, shaded to assist with the blast glare. Also, my thin earphone-like protectors that went over my ears to protect from the sound.

I still could hear through them, it was just adjustable, it would listen for the coming blast and adjust accordingly. My hands still shook, barely noticeable by looking at me. I still couldn't use chopsticks, but I could write much better than usual. Mei smiled and smoothed my sleeves out.

"How does it feel? Feels good, yeah?" she asked.

"Yeah, thanks... Mei," I said. I liked her more as a friend, like Ibara and Tsu. Fate has a very roundabout way of bringing me romantic partners... or my future one, anyway.

I stretched, my muscles straining, the aching pull of stretching muscle comforting. Today was the Battle Training, and due to my condition, they let me show up early. I didn't go through the battlefield, I'd know too much with that information. I had my goggles on my forehead and my tanks on. I already felt some sweat pool in them. I smiled, seeing the others show up, with All Might at the head of them.

"Young Renaru! Hello!" he greeted.

"All Might, everyone, hey," I greeted. Katsu and Kirishima showed up.

Katsu put his hand on my shoulder, "You alright, bro?" he asked.

I nodded, "Yeah,"

"You got your stretchy strap, right?" he asked.

"Uhm..." I faltered off, Katsu took it out of his pocket and deposited it into my hands.

"Sleeves off, go stretch," he ordered. I went off to the side, removing my tanks and boots, sliding the sleeves off my legs. I looked around and placed the strap on my foot. *Krrr...* it stretched out as I laid back. I laid there for about five minutes. Then switched to the other leg.

"Uhm... excuse me?" a female voice asked, I looked up to see a girl with dark hair tied up in a ponytail, her eyes were a shining silver and sparkled in the light. I reacted by hurriedly pulling my sleeves back on, beet red and stowing the strap away.

"Yes? What is it?" I asked.

The girl smiled, and I felt my legs turn to jelly, my words died in my throat. She got a concerned look on her face.

"Are you okay? Why were you doing those?" she asked, motioning to the small indent on the grass where I was laying only seconds before. My face heated up even more.

"W-well... I have Quirk Palsy..." I mumbled, and she cocked her head to the side.

"It's something like a quirk-related disability, due to my blasts, my hands shake. That's not all, my leg muscles tighten and I want them to get loose. That's why I stretch. 'S nothing to be afraid of, it's not hereditary, it's just something that happens," I sighed, shrugging. The girl smiled again, and my whole body melted into jelly. She was extremely pretty, but what she said next was what sealed the deal for me to become her friend.

"I don't think that it's bad," she dismissed.

"My name is Bakugou Renaru!" I responded, blurting it and flinching a bit.

"Yaoyorozu Momo," she answered, shaking my hand in her dainty, but strong hands. I was smaller than most of the kids in the class. Hell, I was downright scrawny. No matter how much I ate, I still was scrawny. That's how things were. It turns out that Momo and I were partners for this. I was jittery and nervous, she was radiant and I was more like a piece of roughed-up, broken, and shattered a diamond.

"Renaru, your brother is simply villainous sometimes..." Momo sighed, I nodded.

"Yeah, he's a hardass, I gotta admit it... say, y' wanna hang out after school? My friend Mei's prob'ly gonna be up until the crack 'a dawn jus' workin' on buncha equipment," I sighed.

"I don't have much in the way today, I'd like that, Renaru," she agreed. I felt a shock of something go through my system. A spear of excitement hit my chest. I was over the MOON. Our opponents were Kirishima and Ashido, with us being the villains.

"So... Renaru, tell me why there are a bunch of small balls floating around," Momo asked.

"Those are thermo detonator shells... I'm figurin' that Kirishima's gonna be the fighter, while Ashido's gonna come in from the back or sides, so I got some C-4 Shells lining the hallways to the east, west, south, and north, if they're lucky, we'll have to dance with 'em," I said. Momo nodded.

"You seem to have things on lock," she said.

"What can I say? I'm jus' a bit... cautious," I 'pressed' my thumb into the 'detonator'.

*BABABABABABABABABABABA... BOOOOOOOOOOM!* Explosions ripped the hallways apart, with Kirishima and Ashido raging through the blasts, only a little bit singed. Kirishima and I clashed, with my tank blocking a hardened fist. I countered with an explosive kick, sending him backward. Momo was busy with Ashido, and I threw a grenade shell their way.

Ashido parried it back, I had to act fast, if that went off, the minefield around us in the air would too!

"Get down, Mo!" I yelled, pushing her down, taking the blast myself, my coat got singed and I landed on top of her, shielding her from my dumb chain reaction. She looked up at me as I was doing so. Kirishima and Ashido did the same with him shielding her. I forgot how many thermo shells I placed, and I screwed my eyes shut, holding Momo tightly.

I lost, all because I was too cautious. I made a mistake that almost got Momo, Kirishima, Ashido, and even I, killed. I started to sob, unable to take any more feelings of self-loathing. It was my fault that my classmates and new friend almost died. I was too soft, too pure-hearted, I couldn't bear to see anyone die. Endeavor was cold and aloof, not sticking around for too long.

I was still sobbing when we left, barely able to see through the rain of tears clouding my eyes. I couldn't be a crybaby. I dried my tears, "I made a mistake, but I'll learn and grow stronger... break my limits, shatter them, and tackle them again with all I have! I wanna be strong, I wanna surpass my limitations! I swear... by my shaking hands, by my unsteady feet and untapped potential... I'll be that hero!" I vowed with all my heart.

Momo smiled at me, and I smiled back.

"Before creation comes to ruin, yeah? So let's go, partner!" I declared. Momo giggled and took my hand. That was the beginning of our long and storied history... well, I hoped it ended up that way...

I didn't know what to think about Renaru Bakugou. Something about him interested me, something about that friendly smile and cute shyness drew me to him. Normally, I was cool, calm, and collected. Around him, being as gusto-filled and truly limitless as he is, I felt butterflies. He truly never let his condition hold him back. He was better than his brother.

His brother was currently shocked to see his brother even more confident and even more assured.

"You okay, bro?" he asked.

Renaru's smile was bright and his positivity radiated off him in waves, "Yep! I'm alright! That was scary..." he sighed, laughing sheepishly. His brother grabbed him by the shoulders.

"Don't do that again, idiot! You almost got everyone in your group killed!" He snapped.

"Okay..." he sighed.

"Look, you can't just expect everything to go right, got it?" Katsuki sighed.

"Yeah... but..." Renaru faltered.

"But nothing! An' Ponytail, stop starin'!" He snapped at me. He led his brother off, with Renaru breaking away, coming back to me.

"Hey, you didn't get hurt, didja?" he asked, grabbing my hands and checking my arms and legs, making sure that he didn't hurt me. I shook my head and he smiled.

"Good! Man, I got a little scared there... It was loud, right? Sorry, shoulda told ya to cover y'ears..." he sighed, leading me inside alongside the others, who were talking excitedly about the training. We went into the locker rooms, as I was changing, one of the other girls, Ashido, came up to me.

"So, what's up with you and Renaru? You two together or something?" she asked.

I blushed, "No, we aren't, but... it felt nice when he protected me," I admitted.

"Oh wow! He's cute!" a floating uniform chirped, her name was Tooru Hagakure. I didn't nod, I knew he was cautious but braver than most of the other boys. The way he just pushed me down and covered me without a thought of his life being in danger made me feel odd. I felt so bubbly and nervous when that happened.

I went back to my dorm, changing out of my uniform after a shower. I was a little excited about this, it wasn't often that I was... what's the term? 'Asked out?' Yes, that's it. I heard a knock on my door.

I stood before Momo's door, after an hour or two of me trying to find her room, Ibara decided to bail me out, seeing as they were neighbors. My dorm was sparse of all of Mei's 'babies', so I was on my own again. I breathed a sigh of relief, glad that I indulged in taking a shower and washing the plaster and dust out of my hair and sticky sweat off my body.

The door opened, and I saw her, she was dressed casually like I was. Her hair was up in her usual ponytail. She looked great, I smiled shakily.

"Shall we?" she asked.

"Uhm... sure!" I said, taking her outstretched hand. I was yanked along behind her.

"So... where are we going?" I asked. We were on the sidewalk, going towards the train station. I wasn't comfortable, but the train ride was nice.

"See, my house is just over past the stop after this," she explained, I'd never been on a train for long, Mom usually kept things relatively routine for me, because I felt scared and confused when there wasn't one. I clung to Momo like a life preserver. I didn't mean to, it was just instinct.

The train came to our stop, and we got off. The whole neighborhood around us was a complete one-eighty from the rest of the ride over, there was a metric shit-ton of mansions and villas, all parsed out into their subdivisions. I was completely out of my element. Momo seemed so calm.

"It's okay, Renaru," she assured. I trusted her, she was gonna be my partner, after all. If only I knew what it meant to her. We came to a stop in front of a huge man- No, it was practically a PALACE compared to my house. It had Momo's last name printed on a nameplate on the front gate.

My mind went on overdrive, gawking at all the luxury, Mom only made enough cash for us to live comfortably, and I never asked for any luxuries I knew she couldn't afford. Seeing that Momo had an excess? It made me a little intimidated, to say the least.

My friend led me up the front steps into the house, where a butler was waiting.

"Miss Yaoyorozu, your parents are waiting in the living room," he said.

"Thank you, Gensho," she responded. I paled, I've never seen actual servants, let alone a butler before. It was like I crossed into a parallel world far removed from anything else. Momo seemed to get nervous, turning to me.

"Can you take your sleeves off?" she asked.

"What? No! I'm not... I'm not..." I faltered off, Momo sighed and opened a door that led into a spacious living room. I saw two people sitting patiently on the couches, and... MOM?! She looked up at us, and I offered a weak smile. Mom responded with a small smile and motioned to the cushion next to her. I sat down, looking at the pair of people that Momo sat between.

The man was intimidating, tall and imposing, but his features relaxed into a smile.

"Alright, now that everybody's here... let's get started," He said. It turns out that Momo's dad was pretty casual despite his hard disposition. Her mother regarded me coldly.

"Now then, this agreement shares our assets with your assets, sealed through the union of Renaru and our daughter," Her mom explained, and we gasped.

"What?" I gasped out, my hands starting to shake in fear, I couldn't make them stop. Momo paled, looking down at her legs, finding them intensely interesting.

"Renny... please," Mom soothed.

"But- But... Mom, you can't be serious..." I mumbled. Mom looked downright pitiful, the same woman who told me I could be a hero without a crutch to fall back on going back on her word. I felt used, I felt broken.

"Am... am I just a bargaining chip?" I whispered.

"Baby, no... this was in the making for a long time," Mom sighed.

"I... I... Okay, I'll do it, but it'll be on my terms," I determined.

"These terms aren't yours to decide, boy," Momo's mom interjected harshly.

I flinched when she raised her hand, flashes of when Katsuki and the other bullies did the same to me went spiraling through my mind. I felt my hands spark. I held fast, if she wanted to split hairs, then so be it, I'll destroy her! She's just another roadblock I have to bash out of my way. I glared at her, not saying a word, we left on tense terms, but Momo came out with us, standing off to the side. Mom engulfed me into her arms.

"I'm sorry, Ren... I'm so sorry..." she sniffed.

"Mom. It's okay, I said I'll become a hero no matter what, and that's what'll happen, I promise that I'll love Momo eventually..." I sighed quietly.

"I know you love her, the way you two look at each other, I can tell, Renny-pie," She assured.

"I just... don't wanna force it..." I sighed.

"Then don't, take your time, it's easy enough," Mom assured, hugging me tightly. I smiled and joined Momo, taking her hand with confidence. I was gonna be a hero, and to be a hero, you have to make changes in stride! I just wanna get through this with our new relationship intact, as sudden and odd the circumstances were. Momo was now Mrs. Renaru Bakugou.

"So... where to?" she asked.

"I wanna show you something amazing... close your eyes real quick! I brought it with me... so, here!" I pushed a piece of paper into her hands. I drew her, just a portrait, because of my photographic memory. She opened her eyes and unfolded the picture.

"See? I got ya exactly right! Wait... Mo? Are you crying?" I asked she was, she held the picture tightly and embraced me right then and there. She was sobbing, low and gentle, I hugged her back.

"Hey... we'll find a way through this, I know we'll become amazin' heroes! We'll rub it in yer mom's stupid face! Momo, c'mon... let me see that smile," I sighed, she gave me a shaky one, and I smirked.

"That's good enough, Mo... don' sell yerself short again, got it? You're awesome, and I know this is sudden, but... we got the rest of our lives to figure this shit out," I sighed. We separated, with Momo relieved. Change is spontaneous.

We ended up with our own house, courtesy, or discourtesy of her father, who understood Momo and I's reluctance. We were just hormonal teenaged kids thrust into a quirk marriage just because we showed some compatibility. It was better me than my brother, he'd be too abrasive and rough. She needs someone gentle, set in his ways but also willing to compromise.

That's when I realized that she was more inclined to show her affection in public, not that I minded, but the more I woke up alongside Momo every morning, the more I realized how much of a match we were. She never once looked unhappy with me. I always was a good supporter, I never once decided without her input, we learned that marriage was a lot like a partnership.

So, since it was the weekend, and we settled in after battle training, I was tired. I staggered in, ditching my lower sleeves and laying down in her gigantic bed. The indents were mostly in the middle where Momo would curl around me. Class 1-A didn't know about our... 'union' yet, and that was better that way. I was wrapped in the blankets, my head poking out slightly.

I fell asleep, and I didn't notice a few prying eyes come up to the door, the person was my big brother Katsu wondering why my dorm was empty alongside Momos. I woke up to see him waiting.

"Eep! Ka- Katsuki! Uhm, it's uh... nice to eh... see you?" I squeaked.

"Uh-huh. Why the hell are you in here?" he asked.

"I sleep here, duh!" I snapped. I was much more ballsy when I was sleepy. He nodded but looked around a little closer. Momo and I had brought a lot of our stuff around to make the transition easier. Katsuki smirked balefully when he heard the front door open. I flinched, Momo and Mom talked on the phone a few days ago, even Momo called me Renny-pie now!

'Don't you DARE say it, Momo! Call me sweetheart or honey, not that dumb nickname!' I thought, she walked through the house.

"Renaru? Sweetie? I'm home!" she called. I breathed a sigh of relief. Katsuki sputtered out a laugh. Momo came into the bedroom to see Katsuki rolling on the floor and laughing up a storm.

"EHHHH?! Bakugou?! What're you doing here?!" she gasped.

"Aw hell... aw fuck... the rumors are true... y'all are a COUPLE! PAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" he cackled. We just glared down at him. He shot up to his feet.

"So... walk me through it, Mom arranged this with her Mom, you two are married, and expected to pop out a kid with a composite of Arsenal and Creation?" he summed up.

"Yeah, that's the long an' short..." I sighed.

"Also your mother gets part of the company," Momo concluded. Katsuki knew what it meant, he grew withdrawn.

"Katsuki? What's the matter?" I asked.

"Ren... It's about Dad," he sighed.

"Yeah? What about him?" I wondered.

"Remember Grandpa? How obsessed he was with us?" Katsuki asked. I vaguely remembered him, all I do remember is that he always wore a black suit, and had a weird voice. Katsuki rallied himself.

"Grandpa killed him. Mom's been tryin' to make ends meet for years... it was either bring a murderer into our lives or marry one of us off... seein' as how you were wooing the ladies like it was goin' outta style, the choice was obvious," he sighed, and I felt my emotions drop like a stone.

"I... I..." I sniffed, my tears coming down my cheeks. I wiped them away, Dad would want me to soldier on. Katsuki hugged me tightly.

"Sorry... but Mom thought hiding it from ya was the best course of action... To make it seem more... natural," He sighed.

"I get it," I concluded, my smile shaky and small. I wanted to make the best of this, I knew that Momo and Katsuki were my closest friends. Every step I take is another to my future.

I knew that it was gonna be hard, no one said it was gonna be easy.

Chapter Text

I woke up with my arms around Renaru, and I ended up blushing. He looked so adorable, he was curled up against my chest, blissfully smiling. How could the twin brother of such a jerk like Bakugou be so attractive? He was kind, gentle, and patient. He was scared of confrontation, of course. But... he was just so adorable! Wait, no, calm down the thirst, Momo.

He's just another roadblock Mother decided to throw in my way... an extremely positive, adorable roadblock, but one nonetheless! He stirred against my chest, his arms were so strong... No, keep those thoughts about him in check! You're going to be a-

"Hahhhh... Morning, Sweetie!" He chirped, sitting up and getting his glasses and bands. He was shirtless.

'Oh no! He's... he's HOT! What kind of regiment was he doing?! Was he drinking protein powder?! OH MY GOD!' I thought, my cheeks flushed.

"You okay, Momo? You're lookin' a bit..." He sighed, leaning up to kiss my forehead. My blush worsened when I looked down at his pecs. 'He's... he's... his pecs are in my face!' I thought. He separated, still concerned.

"Mm... you're not hot... so... wait! I got it, you stay in bed! Be back in ten!" he cheered, getting up and putting on a shirt. I didn't want him to. He was built like a brick wall, but... a warm, fluffy, and shaky one. I heard the turning on of a stove and a warm humming. What was he doing? Was he...? No, he couldn't be, I thought he didn't like me.

I heard the sizzling of a pan and Renaru's cheery humming of 'Flight of the Valkyries.' Then I realized he was singing.

"Cookin' for Momo, cooking for Momo, cookin' for my wife today! Cookin' for Momo, for Momo hooray!" he sang.

'Hehe... that's cute...' I thought. Still thinking about how cheery he was.

"Now where did I put the bed tray? Hm... Ah! Okay, here it is! Thanks, Soul!" he giggled, I heard his footsteps step carefully towards our room. I saw the door open and there he was, with a huge tray of western-style breakfast food. I looked at him in shock.

"What? Surprised? I'm not expectin' you to be a housewife, so... I'll be a househusband! I mean, if hero work doesn't work out... A-anyway! Uhm... Coffee or tea?" he asked. He was so cute when he would ramble.

"Tea, thank you," I answered bluntly.

"Okay! I'll get started on that! Then I'll plan out what we've got today!" he said, leaving again. He was committed to this.. wasn't he? He came back with two mugs, one had tea, the other had coffee. His smile was wide.

"Hey! I'm back, Momo! Here! One mug 'a tea for you, coffee for me!" he cried, handing it to me.

I took it and set it on the tray.

"Why are you so committed? Did you not want this?" I asked. He looked downcast. Almost pitiful.

"Well... I... I wanted to know what it felt like... what it felt like to be a husband... Y'know..." he muttered.

"You're beautiful, a rare genius, and a stunning hero candidate... and... I'm just a guy who won the quirk lottery, I almost killed you, and I don't wanna make that mistake again," he sighed. That gave me a new window to see inside of Renaru Bakugou. The only reason why he was so committed was that he wanted to know what it felt like.

"Do you like the food? I know that your quirk takes a lot of biomass... so..." he muttered.

I took a bite of the pancakes, drenched in syrup, with a tiny bit of butter. I felt like I was sent to heaven. I groaned a bit, and he grinned.

"You like it? I knew it! Haha!" he cheered, I didn't just like it, I loved it! I knew that he was giving it his all, being the concerned hubby looking after his oddly acting wife.

"I was scared that I wasn't a good cook! Seems like Katsu's lessons came in handy!" he sighed in relief.

"I'm just... I'm sure you don't love me... I just don't want it to be loveless, you know? When I first saw you... it was like a bolt of lightning hit my heart, harder than Ibara and Mei, and stayed there, Momo... you don't have to love me to be happy with me," he admitted.

"What? No, that's not-" I gasped. He looked up at me expectantly, it has been a week since the arrangement, and I had a lot of time battling my emotions.

"It's okay, enjoy the breakfast, Momo," he said warmly. Taking his coffee and a biscuit and leaving me be. Dammit. I was helplessly in love with him, and he's convinced I don't love him? Renaru...

Dammit! Way to screw it up! I made breakfast for her and her just... she just... FUCK! I stared down at the biscuit Soul was eating. Taking a sip of my now cold coffee. She didn't have to ask that, of course, I was! What husband ISN'T committed?! I know that it was sudden, but dammit, Momo Yaororozu was cute! She let me sleep in her arms last night!

The first week we fell asleep with a huge pillow wall between us, now we're CUDDLING?! What kind of world is this? I told her what I felt, and she... she... wanted to say something. I heard the door open.

"Renaru?" she asked, and I looked away. She was so pretty with her hair down, and her pajamas so bedraggled. She looked just like anybody else, but... she... looked so much different, too. She was beautiful, and I was just dorky...

"What?" I snarled, gaining an edge to my voice.

"I wanted to say... I wanted to say sorry for the terse way I asked those questions, I know you... you love me, and I... I..." she stammered, her cheeks lit up like a Christmas tree with only red lights.

I stood up and walked over to her, taking off my bands, letting them drop to the floor. I grabbed her dainty, strong hands in mine, my rough, unpracticed hands that shook slightly, and leaned over her.

"I..." I started, feeling her lips on mine. She was smiling, and I could tell. It was only a week since we met, but...

I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. I wasn't always the smartest guy, but... I could tell when someone liked me. The number of times she checked me out outnumbered in the teens. She always cared in little ways, like when I was studying for a math test and fell asleep towards the end, I woke up with a blanket wrapped around me and a fresh cup of coffee waiting for me in a Soul mug.

She separated, "Thank you for breakfast, Renny-pie," she teased.

"Wha? Hey! Don't call me that! Only my Mom gets to call me that!" I objected.

"Alright... alright... I want to ask you something," she said.

"Yeah, what?" I wondered.

"Do you want to go see the new Endeavor movie? I have tickets for the press screening," she said.

"Oh... my... God... MOMO, SHUT UP AND TAKE ME ALREADY! I wanna go! Man, Mr. Endeavor's gonna flip out when he sees me again!" I squealed, hurrying to get dressed. I was so excited! A press screening meant he might be there! He WILL be there! I modeled my exercise regiment, fighting style, and general persona on his! With my little quirks of course. He's gonna see me and flip out! Man, what a time to be alive!

I came out of our closet wearing some casual clothes, with my hands in my coat pockets, seeing as it was still a little chilly outside. Momo went in and I sent her a smile. I was waiting for her when my phone buzzed. It was Katsu.

Hey bro, whaddya gonna do today?

Eh, I'm just gonna go to the new Endeavor movie with Momo later, 'til then I guess we'll just wander around...

I'm glad you two like each other.

We kissed.

It took a couple of minutes for the reply, but it was funny.

What. The. Fuck?

I giggled and grinned, my brother can be a comedian sometimes.

"Renaru, what do you think?" Momo's voice asked. I looked up and my heart stopped. She was wearing a cute jacket, it was long and thin, her shirt was a pleasing shade of carmine, and her pants were just jeans, but she looked stunning.

"Uh... ... Stunning!" I sputtered. She smiled and we handled the breakfast dishes before we left our little house on campus. I linked arms with her, my eyes closed. This was my first date with her! We walked into the train station to go to the swanky districts Momo usually haunted. The disconnect for me took longer to get used to. There were stores for everything!

Momo giggled as I pointed at everything.

"What's that?"

"A clothing store?" she asked.

"OH MY GOD...! I've never... I've never... you have MULTIPLE STORES for everything?! And it's so clean! Wow... wait a minute..." I calmed down to see that her hair was still down, as much as I liked it, it was oddly bothering me.

I pulled a hair tie out, "Hold still, Momo," I said, getting behind her and tying her hair back into her signature ponytail. There, now she's awake. She looked up at me and borrowed the mirror that I used to check for stuff in my teeth. The sparkle in her eyes told me that I did a good job. I grinned.

'Hehe! And the award for 'Most Attentive Husband' goes to Renaru Bakugou!' I thought gleefully, she grabbed my arm and yanked me into a store. I looked around, and there were rows and rows of clothes, normally Mom would just get Katsu and I's clothes from some chain store, only splurging on our coats and other essential seasonal wear.

I wasn't prepared for how long it took, or how much money we were spending, I have just been whisked away on a spending spree of mammoth proportions.

"Wait! Hang on, Momo!" I gasped, trying to match pace with her. I was watching for the bobbing ponytail, and I found her talking animatedly with another girl. I caught up to her with gusto, using a jump jet to land. I skidded in, my smile wide as I drew myself up to my full height.

"Show off," Momo scoffed.

"That's one-way t' put it, babe, I'd say that it was warranted. Gotta practice for when I'm a hero, yeah?" I asked.

"Well... in a store?" Momo sighed. I blushed, looking behind me to see nothing being disturbed. Just some smaller items jostled and some fading ash.

"Was it loud?" I asked, my wife, giggled, then started to laugh at my dumbfounded and rubbery expression. I steeled myself, looking to the other girl.

"Momo? This is your husband? He's quite the... firecracker," the other girl commented. She was more chubby, eating something, probably chips, but the bag was too fancy, everything was fancy here. Fancy cars, fancy foods, fancy men and women, and even my WIFE was fancy!

"Well... he is a little flighty..." she admitted. I plunked down, knowing that I needed to stretch. I removed my bands and got out the stretchy strap, my arms and hands were fine, but my legs needed to be loosened because of the jump jet and skid I did. I stretched.

"So what's his problem?" Mochi said, munching on her chips. I felt a pang of anger in my chest.

"Problem? He has no problems. You're crazy, Mochi..." I sighed, seeing my husband doing his stretches, he had a smile on his face, albeit a confused one. He switched legs and stayed laying back and stretching. Soon he slid his bands back on and kicked on his shoes.

"Well... your mom has good taste..." she marveled, motioning to his chiseled arms underneath the armbands. I was shorter than him by a tiny margin, but he looked bigger. He was never intimidating, he was a rough and tumble kind of man. I hooked my arms around his arm and stuck out my tongue at her.

"Huh? What's up? She botherin' you?" he asked.

"No, Mochi is just an old friend, are you done?" I asked.

"Yeah, M' done..." he drawled with a smirk on his handsome face. He grabbed our bags and we left the store. Most of our purchases were for parties and other more formal functions. He was uncomfortable with the whole enterprise of being here. I knew that the whole 'early screening' was just a way to get him out of the house.

He had to be with me at my parent's company's gala, he'd have to chase off my other suitors. Not just that, but I knew he'd get a kick out of being at a fancy party. He looked around and became withdrawn and nervous again.

"We ain't goin' to the movies, are we?" he asked.

"What?! How did you know?" I gasped.

"I keep an account of what we got, an' y' got me a suit. They're only worn at premieres, and the premiere of the new Endeavor movie was last week, y' didn't have to lie about that," he sighed, not looking hurt, just disappointed. He wasn't glum though.

"Yer gonna take me to somewhere your parents are gonna be pompous an' you want me to bring some... 'Commoner Sass?' Am I right?" he wondered.

I nodded, and his smile was enough to send me into a smile myself.

"Well, there's good news for you, I got a can of Sass and a can of Whoop-ass, an' I don't have a can opener!" he said. I cocked my head in his direction.

"Oh! It means I got sarcasm, and I'm able to kick anyone's ass that'cha need me to kick," He explained.

Later on, after all the shopping was done, and we went out for a bit to eat, I was busy gettin' ready for this... 'party' as if, none of these people know how to, I'd bet my bands on that. I'd bet my life on it, but I value it too much to let it go. I cracked my knuckles, wearing a black suit with a red dress shirt and a white tie. I put on my glasses.

Looking in the mirror, I didn't see Renaru Bakugou, I saw Renaru, but he wasn't a Bakugou, he was someone else. I wanted to take off my tie and suit jacket SO BAD. Ties felt like mini nooses, and the jacket wasn't practical, but we needed to cover my bands. I was shaky, not infirm! Momo came up behind me. She was wearing a short white dress and her hair was in a fancier ponytail. I grinned, taking her hands into mine.

"Let's go then," I said. This wasn't a charity ball, it was a family thing, where I had to play some dumbass role to the other guests. That role was the goddamn dancing, 'Oh mommy, look at the commoner!', monkey! I kept my rage down, this was only for a few hours, you can handle it. Momo squeezed my hand and I squeezed back, she was leading me right into the jaws of death.

A fancy party where I was outta my element, the band was a goddamn orchestra, the food was barely even FOOD, and every second glance at me and Momo pissed me off. I was seething and we barely were here for five minutes. Momo seemed to sense this and pulled me aside.

"Renaru, baby, look at me," she soothed, I looked into her eyes.

"Just focus on me, okay?" she asked.

"I'm tryin'... I'm tryin' Momo... but every little thing 's botherin' me..." I growled. She grabbed my face and brought it closer, one more inch and we'd lock lips.

"I know it bothers you," she sighed.

"Then can we go? I don' wanna be here..." I groaned.

"Renaru, it's going to be alright," Momo assured, her silver eyes shining. I made myself look small and shadowed her closely. I couldn't stay away from her, this was the only way I could be comfortable. Her mother and father were here, and he sent me a smile. I returned it.

"So, Mr. Bakugou, how do you like the party?" her mother asked.

"Well... uhm... to be honest, I don' see the appeal," I sighed, rubbing the back of my neck sheepishly. I was a downtown boy married to an uptown girl. Their house was practically a palace. I practically married a damn princess. I didn't like the look on her mother's face, and I immediately became wary.

"I see, it seems that your husband isn't used to our ways," she said. Momo looked downcast and nodded.

"Of fuckin' course, I'm not... It takes time, Mrs. Yaoyorozu. I feel so outta place here..." I sighed.

"I know the feeling, buddy..." Mr. Yaoyorozu assured, wrapping an arm around my shoulders and patting me on the shoulder. I just edged towards Momo and stayed by her side.

"He's unpracticed, must we be related to such a... roughneck?" Mrs. Yaoyorozu asked.

"Well, look at our girl, if she's happy, then there are no problems," Mr. Yaoyorozu reasoned, smiling at us. At this point we were awkwardly swaying to the music, we were smiling shakily at each other, still trying to cut through the red tape surrounding our relationship.

There wasn't much to tonight, but I noticed Momo's smile was kind of... plastered. Like she was faking the whole time. I decided to do something for her, out of my hand came tiny embers of explosions, flittering into the chandelier at the top of the ballroom, blotting out the light.

I smiled, and looked down at her, she was looking up at the chandelier, seeing the embers waiting patiently.

"What's your plan, Renaru?" she asked.

"I'mma show ya that my quirk ain't just destructive, wait for it... wait for it..." I cautioned, spreading my hand out, then, in a shower of small pops, came softly falling embers of sparks. I smiled, they whistled out before they could do damage. My ember shell was my first shell aside from Atom.

Atom was my first dangerous shell that I developed completely by accident. I glanced over to my wife, who was in awe at how beautiful it was. I smirked. 'Mission accomplished, Major Bakugou, Momo's happy.' I thought, my smirk going into a full-on grin.

"Hmph, pompous," her mother snapped, I didn't react. I just danced with Momo, finally feeling like I could get used to all this. So what if everything's fancy? I have a gorgeous wife who can handle my bullshit. So what if I'm a 'commoner'? Momo has my back. We both didn't want it at first, but now? I can't imagine anyone else by my side through all of this shit.

Renaru's whole demeanor changed after the ember chandelier trick. He was more confident. I wish I could say the same, Mother's eyes boreholes in the back of my skull, judging me as heroes do to the wicked. Renaru guided me away from her and my father so that we could talk.

"Momo, I know that your mom is a hardass. I know that yer tryin' to make the best of our situation, but..." he segued, grabbing my hands.

"You don't have to worry about if you're good enough around me or not, you ain't outclassed by me, you're equal, always. How 'bout we blow this popsicle stand an' go home?" he asked. I leaned against him, my smile small. I loved the smell of him, like burnt sugar mixed with his deodorant. He wrapped his arm around me.

"Hey, Mr. Yaoyorozu, Momo an' I are headin' out!" he called to my father, my father smiled and waved goodbye.

We arrived back at our home with tiredness seeping in, Renaru was carrying me despite my insistence that I could walk perfectly fine. He denied it.

"You've been wearin' six-inch heels tonight, your feet must be murdered right now. 'Sides, I like carrying you," he supplied. I laid against his chest, hearing his heartbeat drum softly in my ears. I wondered how he got this way, this strong to just effortlessly carry me like this.

"Renaru? What was your motivation to get strong?" I asked.

"I wanna show the world that guys like me can be heroes, and take care of those I care about one day... Without limits, without safeguards, I wanna show that through hard work an' determination guys with Quirk Palsy can beat the odds and win! If I become the strongest, that's enough proof, yeah?" He asked.

"I guess..." I mumbled, and he looked at me with a serious expression.

"Momo, you can get so much stronger, too! Anyone can! Now get some sleep, got it?" he grunted.

I did a mock salute, "Yes sir, Major Bakugou!" I chirped.

He smirked, taking off his suit jacket and tie, leaning against the bedpost.

"Whew! I'm bushed... Do shindigs like that take that much outta ya? This is for future whatever-the-fuck-it-is," he huffed, getting into bed alongside me in his pajama pants.

"Future reference, darling, it's a future reference," I corrected, he got defensive.

"I know what the hell I said, I jus' don' like complications! That's why I shorten my speech a lot, bein' a walkin' thesaurus isn't all that great when nobody understands what yer sayin'," he sighed, taking off his glasses.

"Why do you wear those?" I wondered.

"'M farsighted, can't see shit far away, but up close is free real estate..." he explained. He leaned towards me, pecking me on the forehead. His burnt sugar smell mellowed out but was still there. I wound my arms around him and curled up against him.

He chuckled, "Don't get too comfy..." he teased.

"Shh..." I hushed, lazily placing a finger on his lips. My eyes were closed, but I could just feel his nervous blush. He was a small space heater of a guy, warm like a fire, Soul never came out now, only residing as a black tattoo on Renaru's right arm. I felt his free hand undo my ponytail, running his fingers through my hair.

"Goodnight, Momo..." he sighed, losing the rough edge to his voice and leaving a gentle sigh. It was rather cute how he could lose the roughness that his brother had. Yes, his temper was just as, if not more, than his brother's, but in those moments it was mostly justified.

I surrendered to the sliver seas of sleep, with not so much as a complaint.


I petted Momo's hair, hearing her soft sighing breath. She was honestly a mix of pretentious and adorable. I couldn't stay mad at her at all. I wasn't mad, I was just frustrated. Why did her mom hate me so much? I didn't do a damn thing to her. Why did she stare daggers at me the whole time? It frustrated me because I didn't know what I did wrong.

Did I do something wrong just by being intimate with Momo? Or was it because of my condition? I couldn't control it, I couldn't stop my hands from shaking. Or my balance being off-kilter. Was it the fact that I was an 'outsider?' Hell if I know, I'm just her daughter's husband.

I slowly felt the haze of sleep come over me, wrapped in the arms of my wife. This Saturday was a long day, but a day I never wanted to forget. It was my first real date, and I was extremely proud of myself. I never let anyone else corrupt it. I buried my face into her hair, my eyes closed finally.

I loved the warmth, seeing as the night was here, I had no dreams as usual. I woke up early, my eyes bleary and full of gunk, seeing Momo still curled up against me. I decided to get up and start breakfast. But... she held me down. Her face was buried into my chest, her shoulders shaking with sadness.

I held her tighter. My hands shaking, but I still held fast. She was in tears, even if I didn't know why I had to stay. I had to hold her tight. It was my duty.

"Shh... Shh... let it out, Momo... let it all out," I comforted, I'd never done it before, so I didn't know what exactly to do. Of course, I heard her voice grunt and coo, rubbing her face on my chest. So was that good?

Honestly, finding what she liked and disliked was a crapshoot. Even watching her wasn't a good indicator. I stroked her now a messy cascade of hair, she let out a wet and rattling breath, heavy with sadness. My chest was wet with her tears. I needed to know why she was crying.

Momo finally looked up at me, her cheeks had tear tracks on them, her eyes red from the tears. I took a corner of the sheets and dried her tears with it. I kissed her.

"What's the matter, Momo-bug?" I asked I gave her that pet name as a counter to Renny-pie. She didn't answer.

"Momo-bug, c'mon baby..." I whispered.

"I..." She warbled out.

"I... I... wanted to know..." she sniffed. I was still coaxing it out, being gentle and speakin' without the edge of roughness to my voice.

"You wanted to know if I knew that yer mom was trying to get a rise outta me, right?" I guessed, getting a tentatively cute nod in response.

"Nah, she'd hafta hurt you or Katsuki, then I'd wipe her off the face of the Earth," I said, meaning every word. She knew I was stronger than I looked. I nearly leveled the training ground. I'd still get stronger, there was something with my quirk and general potential. I was truly limitless.

I still found more and more plateaus to reach. More and more powers to attain. Mom always got a lot more distant every time she heard I blew something up with a shell that I just developed. There was something off about my family. Not only did Mom never speak about her upbringing, but she also never talked about where or who we get the fancy silver envelopes full of money from.

That's why I wanted to find the truth, I wanted to find out who our mysterious benefactor was. I had an odd feeling that it was someone she wanted to scrub from the history books. Someone that was still around. Someone... someone that I remembered.

"Renaru, you're spacing out..." Momo advised.

"Oop! Sorry! I was... thinkin'," I mumbled gently, my eyes clouded in thought. I shook the clouds away once I realized that my darling was okay.

"How about I cook today, hm?" she asked.

"Is it gonna be good? Y'got some sorta experience right?" I asked.

"Yes, yes, I do, you worry too much, now stay in bed," she commanded.

"O-okay!" I gulped, taking the tray and setting it up. I was panicked a bit. What if Momo was just lying? No, trust is an important part of any relationship! Besides, maybe she learned from someone, she is a fancy type, after all. I sat there, sending Soul out to keep her company. I still had to think.

Who was that guy? Who was that guy who sends us all those envelopes? Why does Mom hide the letters that go with 'em? There are too many elements to this to pin anything down as fact. Katsuki and I tried to investigate a lot, but we only got as far as Dad's blast-proof safe.

I dismissed those thoughts, thinking about what kind of names I'd give Momo and I's future kids, I wonder what she thought about them, too.

I'm only fifteen, and I've got the rest of my life to figure this shit out. My training's been going well, and weekends were always breaking days. I looked in the mirror near our bed, looking at the same arm that I used to punch Refractor Man all those years back. It turns out that in the blast I cut up my arm and hand pretty well, leaving jagged scars.

I always admired Endeavor, but he never got scars, he never knew what it was like to have your back up against the wall. He wasn't fake, but... I had an odd feeling about him. Like something was wrong. I get these odd gut feelings about people, it's not like a normal instinctual thing, it's heightened due to my condition and Mom's overprotectiveness.

Mine was going off around both him, and the blast-proof safe Dad had. There's no correlation between them, I jus' wanted to show an example. Momo came back in with... something. On a plate. She set it down on the tray and my gut feeling started up. I poked at it gently.

*PUHHH!* a huge cloud of steam rushed out of the odd... Ripley's Believe it or Not specimen. I gave a shaky smile.

"L-looks great, Momo! Hehehe... hahaha haha... ha..." I faltered off, and I must've gotten an odd look on my face. I raised my hand...

Momo flinched.

Why the hell would she be scared of me? I'm not my brother! Then it hit me, the fidgetiness, the confidence issues, that sadistic drive to impress people... She was abused. My Momo, my wife, the smartest, most beautiful, most kind girl... was abused.

"I-I'm sorry! I'm so sorry!" she yelled, bunching up and shaking. It shattered my heart, I couldn't do anything about it. But I did. I put the tray aside, gently pulling her to my chest. She continued to shake. Tears rolled gently down her cheeks. Maybe that's why she was crying last night.

"Shhh... hey, I didn't mean to. You know me, Momo... I'd never dream in a million years that I'd hurt you... who did it? Who hurt you?" I asked she didn't answer, burying her face into my shirt and breathing in my sweet scent. I buried my face into her glossy black hair.

"I-it... was back when I was five..." she admitted. We were gettin' somewhere, thank god.

I was just a child back then, and I knew I was the only one of my family with such a powerful quirk.


My mother always... always found some fault with me...


My mother would hit me, and I thought it was because I was a bad girl...

"Mommy! Mommy, no! I'll be good this time! I-I promise! Put the belt down, please!"

I became more confined to my room, I was safe there, warm and happy.

I saw Renaru's face turn from one of rage to one of understanding, I had to continue.

Then this arrangement came... and you... you helped me understand that it's alright to make mistakes.

I looked up at him, kissing him, "You saved me from all of that... thank you, Renaru..." I sighed blissfully, feeling his warm hands dry my tears.

"As long as you're here, it's okay to make culinary abominations, it's okay to sleep against my chest, because that's you, Momo. You're bein' the real you. Not some hackneyed attempt at dreams gone by... I care about you because I don't see a failure... I see a beautiful girl that's perfect just being who she is... I see Momo Bakugou, the woman I married," He sighed, picking up my attempt at breakfast.

"I'mma go call the SCP, I think you made one..." he joked dryly. I laughed gently.

I found someone that loves me for me, and it took an arrangement I didn't even agree to. I fell in love with someone I never thought I could love...

My hero, my other half, my darling husband... Renaru Bakugou. The man who fervently and vehemently believed that he could be a hero, with passion and drive the size of Everest. He was training hard, every day he did, even today.

"HAHHHHHHHH!" He screamed, blowing a training bot back with an intense explosion, I was watching him train so brutally and so stubbornly, ignoring the shake in his steps and hands.

"I gotta... I gotta break my limits! I gotta surpass them! I gotta make Mom proud! I gotta make Katsu proud...! BUT MOST OF ALL!" he snapped his finger up in the air, smiling with that unabashed confidence.

"I gotta make my Momo proud of me! So I can fight on with the knowledge that everyone has my back! No hero is alone!" he yelled, charging up a blast I've never seen before.

"NEO MISSILE SHELL!" he yelled, and a bolt of energy flew out and blew up the robot. He fell to his knees, his smile wide.

"S-rank... S-rank..." he mumbled proudly once we left the training center, he was smiling widely.

"I got an S-rank... I did... Oh... oh my..." he still mumbled. He was so cute when he did that. I wrapped my arm around him, and he smiled.

Chapter Text

All it took was one thing to set me off, one more goddamn thing to make me pissed. I started the day off well, with Momo and I waking up and being in a good mood. Now I was pissed, sopping wet and standing alone against a whole group of villains, my hero suit heating me. Momo wasn't by my side, I was charging up a huge blast. My coat billowed and the villains charged. I screwed my eyes shut, remembering the recoil that could happen. No matter how resistant my bands were, they'd be dust due to this shell. I felt Soul energize me, and I let out a roar.

"HYDROGEN SHELL!" I roared, thrusting my arms out and forcing all of the villains back, my bands were in tatters. This day all started with us intending to work on rescue training, but now I was fighting for my life. My hands shook, and I clenched them into fists. I wouldn't die here! Not when there are my classmates in trouble! Every fiber of my body screamed in agreement with me, I smirked seeing the daylight through the USJ's roof. The Unforeseen Scenario Joint was a large, theme park-like building. I was bashing and blasting my way through the villains to get to my brother and my wife, they were probably handlin' themselves well.

I was slinging blasts ever since I hit the ground this morning. I was pissed because my armbands were gone, and one more good blast could break my arms. Damn palsy kept me bein' careful. I was in the central plaza, where all the villains congregated. I was runnin' low on time. I remembered that I set up some C-4 Shells.

"Hehehe... where you goin'?" one villain asked, he was blast-proof, reflective and huge. I recognized him.


"Refractor Man?! Damn, you're WAY taller than I thought you'd be after ten years! You've trained!" I complimented.

"Course I did, all 'cause I wanna get back at the little bastard who ruined my goddamned life! Let's go, y'little shit!" he challenged, and just before we started, I saw Katsuki dent the guy and send him flying. I shielded my face from the massive blast kickback that came forth from the shattered crystalline glass. Katsuki stomped towards me.

"Renaru, you're done," he snarled, grabbing me.

"No, I'm not! I gotta find Momo! I gotta make sure she's okay..." I sighed, he grabbed my other shoulder.

"NO! Let's face it, Momo can handle herself. What're you tryin' to prove?" he asked.


"C'mon Renaru, spit it out!" he demanded. I answered by blasting him back and jump jetting off deeper into the central plaza, I was going for the command. I needed to buy time, even if it meant my death. That's the mark of a true hero. I landed right across from where all the villains were coming from. There was a cloud of dark purple smoke that transported everyone being battled back by Kirishima and my brother, who resigned me to my fate.

"What a child... thinking he's the last stand of these pitiful little children..." A gentle, rasping voice said, revealing a young man with azure hair covered by hands coming out of the shadows. I clenched my hands into fists, my eyes narrowed.

"What's your game? Why do you wanna kill the number one hero when he's not even here?" I asked.

"Ahahaha... I like your spirit, little one!"

"Killin' a bunch of kids is your plan? Just to piss 'im off?" I guessed.

"Very astute, Renaru Bakugou, very astute..." Hands applauded.

I smirked, getting into a stance to charge up another blast. 'I gotta prove that people like me can be heroes, too! Katsuki... that's my reason! That's why I fight on! With these next blasts, I'LL PUT MY SOUL INTO THEM!' I thought, Soul, energizing my body and arms, my hands quaking, my legs skiddish, my mind racing, thinking of Tsu, Mei, and Ibara, of my brother and Momo, and my mom.

My final thought before I charged it was of my father. Of all the times I felt useless and he picked me up and dusted me off. All of them were with me, here in this building and fighting for their lives. All except for him and Mom... and Mei.

Mom was waiting for me to come back a hero... an' today... I'LL HONOR THAT!

I dashed headlong into danger, my fists flying, there was something in my way!


All of my hits were blocked by something huge and blackish purple. A golden beak jutted out towards me, but I couldn't give up! I still hit it with all I had, my hands shaking, my legs skidding, but my mind and heart screamed that we weren't done yet! I felt pain rocket through my system, but I pushed on. I kept pushing and pushing on despite the pain telling me to stop.

I then was sent flying back, my arms weak and my legs even weaker, I crashed into the ground, my body screaming in pain. I spat up blood but pushed myself back up.

"How did- What the- How did you survive all that?!" Hands gasped.

My body was screaming in pain, yelling at me to stop or I'll die. I staggered forwards, my hands smoking, my mind only focused on one thing: To stop these villains. I didn't care if I was hurt. Tears ran down my cheeks, my will wavered, and with it, so did my first friend. Soul fended off the monster for as long as he could. I smiled one last time at him.

I knew that after this, no one would save me. No one could. No one was close enough or fast enough. I was okay with that. Better to die a hero with everything than a villain with nothing. I saw him shatter, and with it, my spirit finally broke. I let out a sob, my reality was idealistic and optimistic. I wanted to live, dammit! All of this was my fault...

I felt someone pick me up like a baby, cradling me in his arms, was the hero I was buying time for.

"Young Renaru... thank you for buying enough time for me to get here. I owe you one," All-Might's voice said, giving me a reprieve from all the chaos. I was laid down on a nearby stretcher, my arms were blackened with soot, my scarless one now cut open. My arms shook, my eyes were blurry.

I was alive. I was alive and broken, but I was alive!

Everything went dark, and I was finally asleep. I heard the soft beeping of something when I came to, my eyes cracking open to see a hospital room, or the infirmary of UA, seeing as my house was on the property. No one was there to greet me, but I heard the panicked rantings of my mother.

"You were supposed to protect your brother! An' look what happened! He almost died! I can't lose you or your brother, do you understand, Katsuki?!"

"Mom, yeah, I get it. But look at 'im, he started training ever since he met Endeavor. He's got a strong sense of justice... I tried to stop him, but somethin' held me back, somethin' that told me that he wanted to do this," Katsuki was defending me? What was the world coming to?

I saw a little old lady bustle in, she was wearing a lab coat and goggles, her hair done up in a tight bun with a syringe stuck into it. That was Recovery Girl, and I'd help her out sometimes, so she was like the grandma I never got to have.

"Ren-chan, that was so stupid what you did! Brave, yes, stupid, yes, but... to tell you the truth... you gave it your all," she sighed, patting my head gently.

"Sorry I pushed myself so hard... I just think about my friends gettin' hurt an'... lose all sense," I sighed. Recovery Girl smiled at me, leaving to let my family in. Mom headed up the pack, with Katsu in the middle and Momo-bug heading up the rear. Tsuyu and Mei came in later with Sero and Kirishima, mutual friends with my brother, came in too.

Mom pulled me into a hug, "Renaru, that was the most dumbass thing you woulda ever done, I thought you were the smart one... but it seems you an' your brother both have dumbass streaks..." she sighed, gently squeezing me. That's when Mei and Tsuyu got a free license to practically tackle me.

"Aw man, once I heard about what happened at the USJ, I couldn't stop worrying about ya, then... I got yer suit and... saw you get wheeled in..." Mei mumbled, her cheeks red. I knew she still had feelings for me.

"I-I made you a new suit an' a set of bands, though! Hehe..." She deflected.

"It's okay, I know that you worked hard," I sighed. Tsuyu punched me lightly on the arm.

"I was worried too, Ribbit! So much of my time there was spent worrying about everyone, you're like... like... uhm..." she faltered off, the awkwardness still palpable. Tsuyu and I were as thick as thieves ever since we met, so seeing that I had a wife already really set her protective friend mode off.

They both moved off, leaving for class, with Katsuki, Sero, and Kirishima next.

"Man, that was AWESOME! The way you tore through those villains like paper! Then that fight with that monster guy!" Kirishima cheered.

"But'cha gotta admit... seein' Little Baku get torn up made us realize how much you make everybody feel like they can climb mountains... 'Renaru can do it, so why can't I?' You jus' gotta be careful next time," Sero sighed, raking a hand sheepishly through his black hair. That only left Katsu, Mom, and Momo.

"Katsuki..." I sighed.

He clenched his teeth, his hands balled into fists.

"You had me worried! You better believe that the next time we get mochi, you're owin' me double!" he snapped. I giggled and grinned.

"Okay, okay,"

Then, there was Momo, and she rushed me, squeezing me tightly. I hugged her back with my good arm. She was holding me.

"Don't you dare do that again, Renaru... I won't ever let go of you again..." she sighed, kissing me and cuddling me. I didn't know what to say. I started to cry.

"S-sorry... I-I wasn't thinking an'... an' I imagined if they got you and Katsu... you too, Mom..." I sighed, my tears were dried by my wife creating a handkerchief. She dabbed at my cheeks. I still was crying, I couldn't stop, I was scared. I was scared of dying and everyone I cared about forgetting me.

"Aw... sweetie..." Mom sighed, drawing me into a hug.

"I jus' ran in like that time when I first got my quirk... an' Soul died to protect me... I was SO STUPID! I knew that I was gonna die if I held back, and even if I let loose!" I snarled. I never felt more like a failure than I did now. I never held back during that fight and almost shattered my arms in the process. I wanted to maybe reconsider being a hero.

"Mrs. Bakugou, Katsuki, can you leave us alone for a moment?" Momo asked.

"Sure, kiddo," Mom agreed.

"Hell no! If he's gonna be what I think is gonna happen, I swear to god, Yaoyorozu..." Katsuki snarled before Mom dragged him out by the ear.

Once they left, Momo sat on the bed. Her eyes gleamed with a serious glint. She grabbed my bandaged-up arm and smiled.

"Your scars tell stories, Renaru, stories of the hero you're going to be. It doesn't take a genius like me to see that... I was worried, yes, but I also knew in a way you'd pull through," she sighed.

"Wanna go home, Momo? To our place?" I asked.

"I would love that, but I'd much rather stay where my husband is," she sighed. Outside, thunder roared and rain started to fall. I thought of my favorite song, a quiet number called Space Lion. I used to listen to it to sleep. I thought of something else, though. An oft-forgotten number called Memory, a gentle melody that I always was told that was my dad's favorite, but mine was one called Goodnight Julia. I liked that one, it was a beautifully melancholic song that I wanted to play one day for the ones that left me.

Momo curled up against me, her eyes shining and her lips upcurled into a smile. I undid her ponytail, putting the hair tie on the side table. I petted her hair again, she laid her head against my chest, and I felt my sadness and frustration had left. Replaced by relief and safety. Replaced by that melancholic sense of growing up before your time. Of seeing the world as a cruel place where anyone you know could be torn away, but you still hang on because you love them and hope they come back one day.

I kissed my wife on the forehead, she meant so much to me. I could just fight onward no matter what because of the people around me. No matter what happens. I'd still fight, I'd still explode forth in power, I'm not done yet, I won't be done yet! I gotta carry my weight.

For Momo, for mom and Katsuki, I gotta carry that weight.


In the days following the USJ, I was tentatively moving, I got my new bands, but I knew I had to be careful. We were taking a break for a week or so. I needed more than most of us, me and Izuku both needed the break to recover. My wounds weren't too bad, but the effects of them on my body were more than enough to make me take it easy.

I still trained hard, pushing on despite my injuries and condition, kicking its ass again and again, over and over. I was on the floor, gasping and huffing. I still pushed on, my body was slick with sweat. I never once listened to anyone, there was no rest for me. How was I supposed to be the best if I just held back? Flashes of what happened to me at the USJ played in my head.

Now, I finally broke my body, soaked in sweat on the floor, my muscles screaming for rest. Momo heard me crash down and ran to check on me. She knelt.

"What the hell? Why're you training?! I thought you were going to take it easy!" she yelled, I hated making her mad, but I needed to get stronger so I could protect her and Mom and Katsuki, too. She helped me up.

"Momo... you don't understand... I'm doin' this 'cause I wanna... I wanna protect you..." I huffed. She gained a wry smile and a huff in her voice.

"I'm perfectly capable of protecting myself, thank you," she scoffed.

"Says the girl with the boob window... one good hit to the chest and yer either bleedin' out or dyin' of a punctured lung," I criticized. She sighed and carried me out of the backyard and into the living room, laying me down on the couch.

"You must realize that most of my body fat is concentrated on my breasts and thighs," she explained.

"T' me it's blatant fanservice... Like, c'mon, I get your explanation, but it's makin' ya blatant fap material! I swear you gotta get a better version of yer suit... I don't want to be judged for marryin' Japan's newest eye candy, you're mine, yer no one's eye candy," I snarled, bringing her into a fierce kiss.

"Renaru, why're you so protective now?" she asked.

"Because I thought I'd lose you at the USJ, I thought that if I slacked, that you'd die. So I kept goin' and goin' my arms almost blasted out of their sockets. I poured blood and sweat into buying time, every single one of my blasts was for you, every single blow that I took was for everyone... but... if you don't want me to train, that's fine! All y' needed to do was tell me..." I sighed, smiling and finally gaining feeling back in my arms and legs.

Momo grabbed my shoulders, "Look at me, Renaru," she said. I met her silver gaze.

"You aren't Endeavor, he's a pro, you're just a student who is sadistic enough to throw away his life, cast his life aside for anyone. I can't stop you, I can't let you go either. You're the only person that makes sense to me. My mother was always so strict, but then there's you... and you don't care about such things, you're pretty much the only one who lets me be me," she admitted, drawing me into an embrace.

"Heh, I've never felt stronger, Soul was a crutch. He's now more fuel to find my strength! Even if I can barely aim, I'll still be a hero, I'll still surpass all the odds and become even stronger! I just... I jus' didn't take yer feelings about it into account..." I sighed.

She sighed and shook her head. Momo just stayed next to me, her silver eyes staring right into my red.

"I want my husband to be ALIVE when we have a ceremony... I want him to be happy, I want him to live... he's tenacious and a total blathering idiot sometimes... but he's my idiot," she said, kissing me on the forehead.

"Momo-bug... I realize that I can't completely honor that. I know I won't be able to live up to all the expectations... I don't wanna promise that I'll honor them, that'd just stress me out," I sighed, getting a bad feeling in my gut. Something was wrong, something just didn't feel right. Regardless of my being alive, it felt like this was all some sort of test.

I kissed my wife on the cheek, going over to her lips and locking mine with hers, I knew that someone out there wanted my brother and I. Our quirks are as strong as they can be, but... I don't know who else would want me. Who finds a boy with Quirk Palsy an obstacle worthy of killing? That's like shooting an already dead body. Either that or I'm just overthinking things like I always do.

Momo was blissfully cuddling with me, her hair was down, I ran my fingers through it. I know that those villains would KILL to get Momo, but me? Why me? I'm just a near-suicidal hero wannabe. She can literally create anything she can think of, she made me a Daruma just the other day. It looks just like me. Anyway, where was I? Oh, yeah!

It felt weird going up against that monster, I was too calm, normally I would run the other way screaming for my life. I just... saw Momo and Katsuki dying and just snapped, running in and just holding nothing back. I loved my wife and my brother and would do anything to keep them out of harm's way. I knew that the heroes made the same sacrifices.

I just valued my family and friends over myself...

"C'mon, Katsu! You're better than me..."

"What?! No! Stop saying that! It doesn't matter!"

"I... wanted to end it, once. I jus' thought that the world would be better without me. Mom would be happier, Katsuki could finally get the attention he wanted. You would end up with someone better... I guess the reason why I ran in is that I found that as a ticket to that world, I felt like I was training for nothin'. That Endeavor just said that because he didn't want to hurt the little shaky boy's feelings," I admitted, Momo looked up at me in slight shock.

"I was suicidal because I knew, I KNEW, that I couldn't really be the hero everyone expected. For days after I met Endeavor, the others at school relentlessly bullied me, not believing that I saved a pro hero. Every time I looked at him, I felt a little betrayed. Mom tried to help, and Katsu too... but I was already accepting that maybe I could just off myself and everyone could go on with their lives..." I sighed, feeling tears bubble up.

"Then when I... I met you... I found someone I could live for, who I could come home to every day and you'd treat me like a human being. To other people, I was just a footnote... but every time I get hurt I think of you crying over me and I just feel like a failure. So that's... that's why I break myself! I break myself for you, Momo! I break myself to protect you... to protect those I care about because I know that you're all more important than me..."

"And... dying for all of you? That would be one hell of a way to go, yeah?" I asked dryly, my tears flowing. Momo hugged me tighter, my breath hissed out, my throat clogged with so many words that I couldn't get out. With so many feelings wheeling through my brain. I touched her cheek.

"You're... you're so... so perfect... your skin's so... so soft, your hair... I'm just a guy with hard edges..." I sighed, Momo grabbed my face, staring right into my red eyes, redder because of my tears.

"Renaru Bakugou, you're better than most suitors I've met. Do you know why? Because you're a real person, you fought like an animal because you knew that you had to buy time. You matter. You're never less important just because you almost died. Your brother loves you, your mother would most likely die for you, and I love you... never forget that. Never give up, Renaru, never let someone trample your spirit... the world needs more heroes like you," she said, leaning in and kissing me, her arms around me.

I felt my tears still run down my cheeks. I smiled during the kiss, separating to kiss her all over. She giggled, kissing me back in the same places. We just laid there, my tears still falling but my heart still solid like the metal that was used for my tanks. My anger was gone, only soft-bellied sorrow was replacing it.

A comfortable warmth settled in my chest, a warmth that was familiar, a content warmth that I felt around my mom and dad, and my brother as well. I was so comfortable around her. Who would've thought a few weeks ago I was tentatively making breakfast for her not knowing what she liked?

I loved her a lot, and I wanted to keep her safe and warm and glad. I wanted to fight on, I knew that the villains were licking their already festering wounds. I knew that they were going to gear up for another attack. But why did the hand-man know my name? How did he know?

I couldn't just dash off on pipe dreams. I needed concrete evidence. Dad had something in his safe, something important to this whole investigation. Why would he hide it, though? Unless it was some sort of pathogen or weapon, I didn't see my dad keeping secrets from us or Mom.

I felt the world go hazy, and I ended up asleep, I guess my body's adrenaline ran out...

I saw Renaru fall asleep finally, his face was a mess, he was blissfully smiling, but his cheeks had dried tear-tracks on them. He was oddly at peace when he was asleep. His hand was making my hair be all messed up. He was sleeping so soundly and so peacefully that I barely recognized him.

He wasn't surly, but he was stressed a lot of the time. His arms were locked around me. His face buried into my hair, his breath softly sighing. He was finally at peace again.

Chapter Text

Everyone knew that my brother and I were shoe-ins for a ton of internships, but I knew that Endeavor was gonna fight anyone and everyone to have me intern with him and his son Shouto. I was nervous, I knew that I'd mess up. So much was riding on impressing enough heroes. The Sports Festival was here, and everyone in 1-A was abuzz with excitement.

All except for me. I was scared. Shaking and sputtering like a pilot light. Mostly because of two things, the pressure to succeed at this, and the pressure to make Momo and Katsu, Mom too, proud. I stood in front of the mirror, thinking that I could do it, only to be crushed by the realization that my bands would be frowned upon. If I wanted to make history, if I wanted to make history as the first student with Quirk Palsy to win it all, I had to shed my bands on my arms and legs.

I took them off and walked out with my head held high. The stadium was loud, but I ignored it, listening for the commentators. The commentator was none other than Present Mic, due to injuries sustained in the USJ incident, Mr. Aizawa couldn't commentate alongside him... I went berzerk and almost killed him and the monster at the same time.

I knew that there would be time for apologies later, now there was only the objective ahead. I smiled, striding out confidently, my hands shook, but I smiled widely, smiling came easy to me now. I looked at my brother, who was smiling and striding alongside me. I stepped up to the platform, locking eyes with the referee. She was the 18+ hero Midnight. I didn't know if I could do this. If I could rise to the challenge.

I was out of control, out of options, and out of time. I was scared. Scared of failure. Katsuki went up to the mic.

"HEY THERE, WORLD! This is Present Mic here at the UA Sports Fest! We have an awesome line-up with the first years! WITHOUT ANY FURTHER ADOS! HERE THEY COME!" Present Mic yelled. I had never seen so many people... the stadium was packed up to the rafters with people! All cheering their hearts out for us.

"We have two very important potential heroes who the eyes of the world's heroes will be watching, Renaru and Katsuki Bakugou, otherwise known as Fallout and Ground Zero, are two very powerful boys. With the pair having the highest scores in the Entrance Exam and have the most points in combat training ever recorded, they will open up the ceremonies for us! Alongside the lovely Midnight!" Present Mic said as Katsuki and I walked towards the raised platform where our referee was waiting.

"Okay boys, the mic's yours!" she said, offering a hand to help me up there.

Once we got situated, I took up the mic.

"H-hey! W-well... uhm... wow! What a turnout! I'm shaking! Like, no lie! I'm so nervous it's not even funny! I hope all of you guys enjoy the show and... well... uh, yeah... G-good luck to-" I mumbled. Katsu wrenched the mic out of my hand.

"What my brother is trying to say, is FUCK ALL OF THE OTHERS, WE, THE BAKUGOU BROTHERS, WILL WIN!" Katsuki yelled, dropping the mic. Everyone in 1-A flinched in dread, knowing that Katsuki would say that. I saw Momo cringe, everyone in 1-A looked rather shocked.

"Alright, moving on! Let's get started, okay?" Midnight called.

She brought her whip up and brought it down with a sharp crack, her face taking a sympathetic expression as I flinched.

A roulette animation played up on the screen.

It stopped at Obstacle Race, and I smiled. It was a gauntlet run with all kinds of obstacles and I was pumped. I got into position, my ear covers secured and my glasses in place, as I found out my blasts could make my glasses fall off. I took my position, looking over at my brother.

"Are you gonna win?" he asked, I learned how to read lips. I nodded.

"Good! There are one-on-one fights later, I wanna have a match with you!" Katsu cackled.

I smirked as the starting whip cracked with huge bursts of our explosions.

All I focused on was outrunning the rest until I got to the platforms. I took a deep breath, using the full potential of my power to cause an explosion to rip out of my back, blasting me over the platforms. My hands keeping me in the air, in fact, I was high enough in the air to see the rest of the track, with the robots and a series of hurdles.

I smiled as I glided by my brother, a smug smile on my face, my shaking hands didn't matter. I was flying. I wondered how my darling wife was doing, she was probably doing as well as she could. I flipped and landed on my feet, my legs pumping, my eyes wide and my arms swinging hard.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Todoroki, my brother, and Izuku coming at me. I smirked, streaking ahead with a huge blast out of my feet, my legs buckling ever so slightly. I skidded over the finish line at the same time as my brother and the other two. It was a four-way tie. I looked up at the jumbotron, showing me skidding in, I looked so serious, followed by the other three right at that moment. It zoomed in on my foot, it was over the line, my skid pivoted me forwards. I won.

I knelt, tears starting to fall, my mouth quirked into a smile. I raised a fist to the skies, letting out a loud cry. I won the race! I won! Finally, I proved my worthiness in this world! All of the training, all of those times I forced myself through pain, all of those times... those times I...

I remembered Dad at that moment, I remembered that Mom and Dad were the ones to never give up on me. Katsuki looked at my relieved and joyful tears. Smirking, he helped me up. He put his arm around my shoulders, leading me into the locker rooms, my eyes were trained on the goal in front of me. Katsuki saw the fire in my eyes, the sweat streaming down my face, the fact that I was screaming. I was relentless. I was attacking it. Someone in the crowd noticed it. Someone in our class noticed it too.

I wiped the sweat off my forehead, splashing some water on my face and glaring into the mirror. No one will get in my way. No one will cheat me out of my ambition. I wanted this. I wanted to become a hero. I needed to be one. I needed to be the strongest. Then, I saw one of my obstacles, Shoto Todoroki.

"Hey," he greeted.

"Yeah, Todoroki?" I asked.

Todoroki put his hand on my shoulder, dead serious.

"Don't. You're only going to turn out like my old man," he cautioned, I slapped his hand away.

"No, all I'll be is the strongest," I snarled.

Then, Shoto made me think, "What about your wife, Renaru? If you turn out like Endeavor? Would she be happy?" he asked. I closed my eyes, thinking about it. Going off on what happened to Mom when Dad disappeared. Mom would cry, punch the walls, her frustration never extended to us. She would give us plastered on smiles.

I imagined Momo doing the same to our child who asked why Daddy was so brutally sadistic in his drive to become the strongest. Shoto saw me treat this race like life and death. I imagined myself accidentally hurting her, my hands shook. It was good to have ambition, but...

I didn't want to hurt Momo, Mom, or Katsuki. I changed my uniform and was met by Endeavor himself, a proud smirk on his face. I met his gaze, seeing a pang of hunger in his eyes. I clenched my fists, remembering what Shoto said.

"Renaru, you've grown," he stated.

"Yes sir, I have," I said, bowing.

We stared at each other, my rose-tinted glasses were torn off.

"Are you considering an internship?" he asked.

"Yes," I muttered, looking down at my feet. Endeavor scared me. I used to like him, but... I wanted to be a hero so badly. All the doctors said...

"Mrs. Bakugou, I'm sorry but I don't recommend him going down the path of a hero. His condition will get in the way," the doctor said. Mom looked so angry then.

"Mommy? I... I wanna be a hero..." I remembered one birthday where I dreamed that and wished every year for it to happen. Then the wish changed, 'Please let Mommy be happy again, please let Dad come home, please let me become a hero,'

The reason why I attached myself to Endeavor was that he was strong, he never backed down, I replaced memories of my dad with memories of watching Endeavor on television, copying his moves and stances, training so hard that Katsuki had to go out and find me. I remember crying once when Katsuki was dragging me away from my goal.

"I saw your determination and spirit through that race, you have plenty of potential, Renaru," Endeavor complimented. I was taken aback by that. Why? Why would he care about me but not his son?

He put his hand on my shoulder, "I still remember that day you saved me, all of a sudden, some random kid blasts aside a high-class villain with one blow? I've never seen such a tenacious child in my life," he chuckled, and I smiled.

That was one of the best days of my life, then, he hit me with the clincher.

"One flaw I see is... and follow me on this... is your attachments. You're too soft, Renaru. You have the will and the power, but not the laser focus on what you want, I know that you've been told no more often than not," I grit my teeth, my muscles tensing. Something about that seemed so wrong.

"With all due respect, my 'attachments' are what made me this way in the first place. I want to protect those I care about... They're my fuel, while your fetish for power is not what I want to inherit, I grew up believing in the Endeavor that never once gave up or held back, I won't hold back, either! I'll fight to preserve the values of heroism! The ones you've twisted and forgotten!" I vowed, clenching my fists.

"You're a fool, Bakugou, a poor young fool..." Endeavor sighed. I turned to him and smiled.

"You're right, I am a fool, but... I believe in a new age, an age where anyone can truly be a hero! I'm here to prove that," I said. I walked towards the tunnel, my eyes taking in the light. Next up was the Cavalry Battle!

Chapter Text

"Could Izuku Midoriya and Renaru Bakugou come here please?" Midnight asked as Izuku and I marched grimly forwards.

She put two headbands on our heads labeled with 1,000,000P.

"Wait! Holy shit! Uh... we have one billion points?!" I gasped.

"Yes, and all of the other teams will try to steal yours, you can steal their bands as well," She explained.

"Now! You have ten minutes to strategize and pick your teams!" She announced, turning us loose.

No one wanted to be on our teams, except for Momo and Denki, and surprisingly Katsu too (on mine, anyway...)!

"Alright, Katsu, you'll defend the back as I defend the front myself, Momo, watch for openings and steal bands, when I yell switch stances, we launch Denki at an opposing team to move in and grab their band or bands, then Katsu and I switch positions, they'll be too confused to know better!" I said, winking.

"Quick and dirty, I like it," Katsu said.

"Wait... you're gonna WHAT now?!" Denki yelled.

"Stealing seems hardly sporting... but I'll do what I can," Momo sighed.

"Wait." a new voice said as another boy from 1-A stepped up to us, it was Shoji. He looked down at me from his massive height.

"Your front would be completely exposed, let me assist," Shoji said through one of his tentacle mouths.

"Are you sure you can move quickly, Shoji?" I asked.

"Yes, I can move quite quickly, you can count on me," he sighed.

We formed up, with Denki and Momo picking me up and I was covered by Shoji's tentacle tent. Denki had tied a length of fabric to the rubber on my shoes so I could reel him back in without getting shocked. Katsu had my back and always was vigilant.

"You got your fists clenched, bro?" He asked.

"Yeah, I do!" I said, thrusting my hand through the opening in the tent, screwing one of my eyes shut, I aimed.

My tactics kicked in as the battle started, all I concentrated on were the weakest links in the chain, they were closing in!

"SWITCH STANCES!" I yelled, bursting out of Shoji's tentacle tent and sending a two-handed barrage everywhere as Momo launched Denki at one of the teams, his electricity paralyzing them momentarily enough for Katsu and Shoji to catch me and form up again. Due to our lighter weight, I stood and flung explosions, hitting the ground and scattering the teams.

My whole body shook, and Katsuki noticed, quickly switching to be up top while my hands and legs stopped shaking so much.

"Team Bakugou is up top with their leader's innovative strategy of Stance Change!" Present Mic said.

I reeled Denki back in.

"Denki! How many bands did Momo grab?!" I yelled, as we sharply turned away from Shoto Todoroki's team. She came back, with bands hanging off her arms. I smiled, she looked so cute all flustered but focused, I was brought back to reality by Shoji and Katsuki.

"ENEMIES AT OUR SIX AND TWELVE!" Shoji and Katsu yelled.

"There's only one way we can do this! Glass Floor, let's go!" I yelled, jumping, bursting into the air and barraging the ground alongside my team. Momo tethered us with her grapple lines. We barraged the ground, sending the others into chaos. Soon, we were one of the last teams standing, with all of us drained.

"Teams Midoriya, Bakugou, and Shoto will move on to the next events!" Present Mic announced.

I smiled, falling to the ground. I kept on passing out, my body barely being able to take all the blasts I slung. I was shaking too much, I could just feel my limit just about to be shattered. Just about. Momo held me, her eyes looking down at me. She looked so worried. I remember waking up in the locker room again, my bands were back on.

Momo and Katsuki had been screaming at each other, Katsuki about how I was being honorable by making myself equal while Momo was attacking the fact that I had so many problems. I sat up, my hair was messy. Momo was red-faced, anger blazing in her eyes. Katsuki was doing the same, red-faced, arms crossed, eyes narrowed. I woke up in the eye of two storms.

"Guys, what I do is none of your concern, now if you'll excuse me, I gotta get ready for the next event," I informed. Momo and Katsuki glared at each other, with Momo hiding it behind a gentle smile and hugging me. Katsuki grunted and watched me get ready.

The one-on-one fights were next, and I didn't notice that Mom was in the crowd. Until I heard her.


"WHAT?!" I yelled back.


I nodded, flashing her a thumbs-up. I tightened my bands, my eyes tense. Waiting for the brackets to come up.

"ALRIGHT! First up, we have Renaru Bakugou Vs. Tokoyami Fumikage! These two have similar quirks... so there!"

I stood in front of Tokoyami, his red eyes were glaring into mine, I smirked and took my stance. Soul was always with me, and I closed my eyes, feeling him appear, I opened my eyes to see him, huge and imposing, looming over Tokoyami and Dark Shadow. The two spirits hissed and snarled at each other, their eyes glaring into each other.

I charged with an explosion wrapped fist, my eyes wide, "SOUL SHELL SERIES: MELEE!" I yelled Soul was wrapped around me, we clashed, with Dark Shadow proving to be more than enough to match us.

"Just look at that synchronicity! Both Tokoyami and Renaru are giving all that they have!"

Tokoyami and I kept our battle close, neither one of us gave an inch to the other, I started to weaken in willpower, and Soul let out a growl, being hurt by Dark Shadow. My eye was burning with searing pain. I roared and my hand became wreathed in sparks.

"HRAHHHHHHHH! SMASHER SHELL!" I thundered, my fist connecting with Dark Shadow's face, sending them flying, with Soul licking away my wound, leaving a scar. Tokoyami and Dark Shadow rebounded, staying towards the shadier parts of the arena, I clenched my fists.

"DON'T! RENARU, ARE YOU CRAZY?!" I heard Katsuki yell from the stands.

"If a hero doesn't give their all, THEY'RE WORTHLESS! SOUL SHELL SERIES: FULL! SALVO!" I screamed, my uniform shirt blasting off with the sheer power that I was feeding Soul, my hair billowed, my hands and arms wreathed in white-hot sparks. Full Salvo was a dangerous boost, I could burn alive from the sheer pressure it puts on my body.

Midnight watched in abject shock, thinking of the feeling in her gut she got once the seven-foot-tall dragon-man came out of Renaru's chest, she still wanted to see this through, to see how much youth Renaru had. Renaru shot forwards, his Soul and his fist struck against Tokoyami, the ensuing blast cracked the arena with its sheer force alone.

Once the dust cleared, she saw Renaru kneeling, holding out his hand. Tokoyami was outside the boundary lines.

"C'mon, Fumikage, let's get you up," he said, smiling. He hoisted the bird-headed boy up and guided him out, Renaru was shirtless, soaked in sweat. Small sparks popped on his arms, the smell of glycerine in the air.

Midnight's jaw worked, trying to sound out that Tokoyami was out of bounds. Present Mic finished for her.

"I don't believe it! Renaru's guiding Tokoyami out! What an honorable opponent and what a grand fight! The second and third round fights are gonna be no pushovers for the young Blast Saint!"

My cheeks burned with a blush, I hated when my blasts would tear my shirt to ribbons. I only burned Tokoyami a little bit, a first-degree burn was on his arm.

"Why did you not hold back?" he asked.

"Because strength is the only message loud enough to convince the world that I'm strong enough to become a hero. Soul and I are one being, so are you and Dark Shadow, don't sell yourself short. I thought you almost had me a couple of times back there," I admitted, it was the truth. Tokoyami gave me a small smile. I saw him off and turned to wring the sweat out of my bands. I almost ran smack into our referee. I backed up a few paces, she was looming over me.

"How?" she asked.

"How what, Miss Midnight?" I wondered. I noticed her eyes drift down to my chest and toned body.

"Ahem! My eyes are up here, Miss Midnight, also, I'm married, and you're older than me by a good amount," I snarled, hoping that Momo could give me a backup shirt, this was getting embarrassing. She was old enough to pass as an older sister, the sheer levels of what Mineta called, 'Ara ara energy' was making me feel quite uncomfortable.

"How are you that strong? That... youthful?" she asked, she was taller than me too, her voice sultry, reminding me of that time she tried to come onto me before. Sero and I were her usual targets, but something told me she wanted it to be for keeps. Going after the more inexperienced, insecure twin of the school's resident firecracker seemed like the best move. It didn't help that I was so muscular due to my disciplined regiment.

"Uh..." I faltered, she placed her finger on my lips.

"I think I know why... you have someone to fight for other than your family... Yaoyorozu, yeah?" she asked. I nodded dumbly, mesmerized by her eyes and how beautiful she truly was. Momo was the only girl who could compare. Then I realized what made Momo and Miss Midnight so attractive to me, I remembered that Midnight was one of the only heroines I ever thought about two years ago when I was a hormonal thirteen-year-old. The reason why I liked them was that they were stronger than me. So much stronger, and capable of protecting me. I loved the thrill of pain, of pushing so hard that you end up bleeding, vomiting, or a mix of both.

The fact that I was just standing there, dumbly being led off by Katsuki in the throes of attraction, made Midnight giggle, all I heard was a gentle musical sound.

Momo was not amused, she threw a black compression shirt at me, and dragged me into the class box. I sat there, embarrassed, ashamed, and angry. How dare she play me like that?!

"Momo..." I sighed, looking to her.

"What? Am I not good enough? I saw the way you were looking at her, and Mei, and Ibara," she started to rant, her silver eyes gaining a fire in them.

"Momo..." I cautioned.

"I mean, what do they have that I don't? You're mine, Renaru, you promised," she sighed.

"Momo, listen! I'm not interested in them! I used to, you should've seen me down there, I was being played like a goddamn instrument! All 'cause I'm 'youthful' an' shit! I'm ashamed that I didn't jus' walk away... Momo, I... I'm sorry," I choked out, my eyes staring into hers. Momo gasped a little, she wasn't expecting me to just own up to it.

I silently watched the other fights, my next round was my brother. I couldn't look Momo in the eyes without being ashamed. I didn't want that, Midnight could've just told me her questions with ample space, everyone in UA knew that Momo and I were married. I clenched my fists, seeing me and my brother's names up on the jumbotron, whoever wins this gets to fight Todoroki, who unlocked his flames and sent his father into a proud rant.

I grimly prepared myself, my previous fight was quick, against Shinsou, the ace of general studies. I just kept quiet the whole time and blasted him out, he broke his arm, but I still helped him out.

It's what a hero does, after all.

Chapter Text

"With an explosive battle ahead, it's brother versus brother! We reinforced the arena so we'll all be safe! Here they come!" Present Mic yelled.

"Alright... here I go!" I snapped, jogging out. I looked up towards the student box, seeing Momo and Sero sitting together, Momo looked worried and Sero had his hand on her shoulder.

I smiled, "Hey baby! Catch!" I yelled, tossing my glasses to Momo, she shakily caught them, still worried.

"Take care of those for me... and watch the show!" I said, a cocky smirk on my face. 'Why am I so calm?! Katsuki is gonna kill me!' I thought.

Katsuki strode out, wearing just his uniform like me, with my compression shirt being the only difference. He was smiling as the sun crested over the arena.

"Katsuki... know that I have no hate for you..." I growled.

"Get out of my way!" Katsuki yelled.

"READY?! BEGIN!" Midnight yelled the only sound was from our explosions.

"HAHHH!" I yelled, clashing with him.

"YOU WERE ALWAYS THE FAVORITE! YOU WERE HANDED EVERYTHING! I HATE YOU!" Katsuki yelled, punching me with an explosive right hook. I went skidding back, my shoes steaming from the force.

"Oh? We're starting? You didn't even give me a chance to warm up!" I snarled, smiling. My back exploded into sparks, crackling and spitting.

I blasted forwards, the arena cracking beneath me as I yelled, "I ALWAYS LOVED YOU! WHY DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND THAT?!" I hit him with a point-blank Blaster Shell, sending him flying.

"Hold on! They're shattering the arena with their attacks!" Present Mic yowled. The arena was gradually becoming a glass floor beneath our feet!

"I'll never hold back... I'll never bow down, NOT TO ANYONE!" I yelled, shattering the arena under my feet, extremely thick concrete and metal flew into the air, dust-obscured our mighty battle, we forced the dust to clear as we clashed.

"WHO ARE YOU?!" Katsuki yelled.


"You're like me... trying to make history..." I huffed. We stood across from one another.

"No... I'm nothing like you! I'm not... a hero, not yet! I'm Katsuki Bakugou, and you're just another Deku!" Katsuki snapped as he sent me flying.

'I think... I understand... you saw me grow into myself. You're trying to see if I'm strong enough to take the responsibility.' I thought, launching myself into the air.

"What is he doing?! He's flying into the air!" Present Mic described.

"There's only one way I can accept losing to you! If I do this... and I fail, then we'll continue!" I yelled, clapping my hands together.

My sparks coalesced into my hands as I started to charge my final attack. Soul appeared around me, the sunlight increased the power, I narrowed my eyes, feeling Soul coalesce into my hands. 'All of my power! All of my rage! All of my spirit!' I thought. My Soul turned a bright blue, waiting for the spark. 'My ember... become a mighty blaze! BECOME HELLFIRE!' I thought, smiling.

Katsuki did a rapid hand motion, "MURDER BOMBER!" he yelled. A golden bolt of explosive power screamed towards me.

"RAGNAROK... ULTRA!" I yelled my attack firing and going around the bolt. Soul crashed into Katsuki, sending the remaining concrete flying into the air.

"NO WAY! THEY'VE BROKEN DOWN TO THE FOUNDATION!" Present Mic gasped as the crowd roared.

"RENARU! RENARU! RENARU!" one side yelled.

"KATSUKI! KATSUKI! KATSUKI!" the other yelled. Katsuki's attack hit me first, knocking me out of the sky as mine hit him over and over. I landed, rolling to prevent much worse damage.

"That hurt like hell, Renaru!" Katsuki howled.

"Yeah! That's what it's supposed to do, jackass! Part ONE ANYWAY!" I snapped, smiling as he smirked back.

"Haa..." I breathed, letting some steam out of my mouth, my body was rather cool despite how hot Soul was, he was wound around me.

'Thanks, Soul...' I thought, charging.

"HWAHHHHHHHH!" he yelled, making me block his strikes with my bands.

"Katsuki is forcing Renaru into the defensive!" Present Mic yelled as I blocked explosion fueled strikes over and over.

"DIE, RENARU!" he yelled, hitting me in the stomach with a huge explosive-fueled strike.

"Blah!" I spat, falling back. My breakfast came back up in full force as Katsuki stood over me.

"Good try, bro. It was fun!" he complimented.

My head swam as my brother raised his hand, "GET UP! DON'T YOU QUIT! I DIDN'T SAVE YOU FOR NOTHING!" An oddly familiar voice said as I turned to see Endeavor standing near the ruined arena above us.


I got up on one knee, "Hah... hah... not... yet... no! Not... yet...!" I gasped. Everything hurt, everything was hazy

"Huh? Do you think you can beat me with no fuel?! Dream on, Ren! Sometimes you gotta lose!" Katsuki snapped.

"I... I..." I huffed.

I looked into the stands, seeing Momo standing on the edge, she took a deep breath.


"You heard the lady... hands..." I got up, put my shaking hands on his shoulder... and said, with absolute finality.

"Are TIED!" I yelled, throwing him back and charging my blast.

"HURRRRRRRRGH... FINALE BLAST!" I yelled as a gargantuan blast, bigger than the Ragnarok Ultra, tore through my body. It was so large that you could see it from space. I heard Soul's roar, and the bright sunlight streamed down to my shaking form, still on my feet, barely even stable. Once it faded, Katsuki was in the wall, knocked out. His uniform was torn up.

"Hehe... I did it... ugh," I groaned. I was staggering, my bands ragged, but still holding. I staggered towards my brother, everything so quiet, I started to panic. 'No... no... Katsu!' I thought, plucking him out of the wall.

"Katsuki! C'mon, wake up!" I urged, gently shaking him. He coughed heavily.

"Holy... holy shit..." he groaned. I breathed a sigh of relief.

"Ren... you gotta win this... you gotta... you gotta show that guys with Quirk Palsy... can be heroes, I told ya not to hold back... 'cause I know I wouldn't, and I didn't. Yet, ya pushed harder than anyone else... I wasn't the strongest... my confidence is a weakness. Yours is a rare strength..." Katsuki gasped, his breath wheezing I guess I gave it a bit too much.

I sat down in the locker room once more, my hands couldn't stop shaking. No matter what I did. I clenched my hands into fists once again. I felt someone's hand on my shoulder. It was Momo.

"Hey," she said.

"Hey," I echoed gently. Her words of encouragement were violent, but her eyes told me a different story. She was worried. She sat down next to me, her lips stuck in a tiny scowl.

"What's wrong, Momo?" I asked.

"I... well... good luck! I know I can't stop you, go impress Endeavor and get what you want!" she said, an edge of venom in her tone.

"Momo, is it your mom?" I wondered.

She started to shake, her eyes welling with tears. I drew her into a hug.

"It was h-horrible..." she stammered.

I could only imagine what happened. If I was there, her mom would be a red stain on the far wall! No, ash! Momo didn't deserve that... She did her best! Her best is good enough for me! I swear if I clap eyes on her mother again... I'm gonna let loose with all I've got! That's the mark of a hero, willing to help anyone regardless of if you know them or not, regardless of their creed and background!

I seethed, my anger seems to make my sparks worse, they popped over Momo's body, I felt her lean further into my embrace. She didn't care, her sobs made my heart shatter. I wanted to win, but...

Maybe I should hold back this time? At this rate, my blasts would shatter my bones... Momo needs her hero, and that might as well be me.

"Don't hold back because of me, Renaru..." she sighed.

"Huh?" I wondered.

"At this point, I know what you're thinking, 'Momo needs me, so I'll throw the match!' Don't hold back, okay? This is your dream, everything you could ever want is in front of you! Fame, fortune, an awesome internship with your childhood hero, a long and productive life as a handsome pro with a heart of pure gold... another... better... woman..." she faltered off, she was crying a whole ocean at this time.

"Momo. There IS no better woman, I love you! I'll say that over and over till you get that into your pretty little head!" I vowed, kissing her on the forehead. I sent her a roguish smile.

"Keep an eye on my glasses, okay?" I asked. Momo grabbed me.

"Hold on," she cooed, kissing me full on the lips.

"Go get 'em, Fallout," She sighed, smiling.

"Can do, Creati!" I laughed, smiling.

I was walking towards the tunnel, my eyes on the prize.

"This is it, folks! The moment you've all been waiting for! Who among these two finalists will bring home the gold?! Will it be the Blast Saint, Renaru Bakugou? Or will it be the Son of Endeavor, Shoto Todoroki?!"

"I don't know what to tell you, but it looks like Renaru is serious!"

I smiled, my eyes narrowed. My fists shook, but I held firm. I felt the pressure in the stadium, my hands sparked. I took a deep breath, waiting for the signal to sound.

"Renaru!" Todoroki snapped.

"Yeah?" I asked.

"Don't hold back, got it?" he snarled.

"Same to you, Shoto! Let's make this a battle fit to shake the heavens!" I yelled, feeling my sparks start to fire. 'As long as I keep this battle close-quarters... he can't use his crazy ice attacks... he won't use his fire just to spite his old man!' I thought I charged in, my fists flaring. We exchanged blows, with me noticing that he had created a makeshift ice gauntlet to block and parry.

We were fighting at our maximum, I knew because of how winded we both were getting. How much I was struggling was a testament to his skill as a fighter. I danced along with him, my eyes focused on his next moves, I was smiling. Enjoying the battle was only a fraction of it. I knew that we were only coaxing each other's power out. Bit by bit we were toying with the notion of REALLY letting loose.

"NO MORE PLAYING GAMES, SHOTO!" Endeavor yelled.

"RENARU! KICK THIS SNOTTY BRAT TO THE CURB!" Mom yelled. The pair glared at each other, Or at least it felt like they did. I was too busy fighting to pay attention to it. I needed to win. This was more than just a fight. This was a way to show everyone the fruits of my training. The arena turned slick with ice, with sparks popping through my now bare feet. I still had traction. My shirt was torn, and Shoto summoned an ice wall to push me out, I blasted it to water and raged forwards, clocking him on the jaw.

I sent him back, our melee still going with Endeavor and Mom's encouragement. I got serious, my smirk falling. I let everything fade out, my eyes focused on nothing but the battle. Nothing but the blows I deal and the ones that countered mine. We were fighting seriously, my blasts keeping the ice to a minimum. I felt each sting of pain, my expression broke into a vicious smile.

"This is bad..." Katsuki remarked.

"Wait... how? He's easily winning..." I wondered, watching my husband dodge and break Todoroki's ice.

"The last time Renaru got serious was when he was fighting in the exam... when you see his smile like that..." Ibara supplied.

"It usually means you're fucked," Katsuki sighed.

"But this time, it means Todoroki got in the way of his ambitions, ribbit," Tsuyu said.

"Hell yeah, that means he's gonna show what he and Soul got!" Mei cheered. We were an odd group, most of the girls in it used to crush on Renaru. Then there was Sero and Kirishima.

"GO LITTLE BAKU! GO!" Kirishima roared.

"HELL YEAH! GO!" Sero screamed.

Katsuki and I watched with bated breath, seeing him smiling like that. He tore off his compression shirt and uniform pant legs, revealing his bands and making the crowd audibly gasp. Then, he exploded into life. His eyes were shining, his hair was billowing due to the sheer force of his blasts. His Soul was wreathed around him. We knew that this was going to be one hell of a fight.

I decided that enough was enough. I wanted to end this to stop the dumbass yelling 'encouragement' at my opponent. I saw Shoto's annoyance and he just sighed. I understood what he wanted. He was in the same boat as me. We both wanted all this shit to end.

"Do ya want me to win?" I asked.

Shoto looked to his old man, then back to me.

"If it gets him to stop yelling, then yes..." he sighed. We charged at each other, ice shot out of his feet, my sparks kept the floor flat. We kept our battle close, our concentration maximum. We still fought, my hands were shaking, my legs unsteady.

Never have I felt more alive than now! My excitement and my drive to win summoned forth my greatest power-up I've ever felt. I decided to end it with the same move I used to save Endeavor all those years ago, now I had to unleash its ultimate form! I clenched my hand into a fist, feeling my power well up.

My sparks didn't pop, THEY EXPLODED! I reared my fist back, "SMASHER SERIES... ULTIMATE BUSTER!" I screamed, Todoroki smiled. We didn't clash, but I clocked him hard in the face, my explosion sending a huge storm of smoke and ice up, the wind got knocked out of both of us. My arm shook, and I grabbed it with the other to make it stop. I was barely standing.


"Shoto! Shoto, hey! Get up!" I snapped, helping his prone form up. He cracked open his eyes.

"Why are you helping me? Go celebrate your win..." he groaned.

"It's not a win if I don't help my opponent! What kind of hero would turn his back on one? So, good job! Medal or no, that was an amazing battle!" I complimented. Shoto gave me a small smirk.

I raised my fist and roared, my voice loud. I then guided Shoto off. I smiled.

Chapter Text

"So Renaru, didja get the internship you wanted?" Mom asked. We were hanging out around a lull in my schedule. Despite my differences with Endeavor's brand of justice, we worked well together. He was hard on me, and I was hard on him. Shoto kept us both focused.

"Well... I now believe in the phrase, 'Never meet your heroes'," I huffed. Endeavor was a tough taskmaster. I'd always come home sore and aching. It was the end of the week, and I was tired. I wanted to go home and sleep. Momos were more relaxed than mine, I'm sure. I took a sip of my soda.

"Sweetie, is everything okay?" Mom wondered.

"No... I'm tired, I try to help, but Endeavor seems to either ignore me or tear me and Shoto down. I just want to spend time with Momo, but I come home so late that she's already asleep and I don't want to wake her up..." I sighed.

"At least you're considerate..." Mom sighed.

"Therein lies the rub, due to Endeavor tearing me down, I started to doubt myself again. I started to think that everything I did was wrong. He's only interested in cultivating Shoto and I's powers to suit his needs. He must've seen my victory at the Sports Festival as another shot at number one, then the hero killer attacked while I was frustratedly handling a gang hit," I huffed, rubbing my bandaged cheek.

"Yeah, I heard about that! They're already callin' you a pro hero just for takin' care of the civilians after," Mom was glowing with pride.

"I remember thinkin', 'That's my baby boy, doin' what's right instead of doin' it for money or fame!'," Mom said, reaching over and ruffling my hair. I covered up the fact that I was demonized for just helping by some other sources. They hated me for doing what was right and decent, kind even.

Even my childhood hero hated me for it. This whole world frowned on heroes that try to stand and fight because they feel it's right. Because they want to bring a little bit of hope to the world. All Might isn't always going to be there.

I came up to the door, the lights were off. I guess I was late again... I sighed. I wished that I didn't take the scenic route home... well, I didn't. It was Endeavor again, seriously, I get it now. Shoto and I became close in the same way, a united front of doing more and more impressive things just to spite him. Now I was finally HOME. I was home.

I entered Momo and I's house, smelling the dregs of her dinner in the air. Ramen, of course... Momo's a hopeless cook. I tried to teach her, but every time she'd try, something had to go wrong. It was cute. We had our little quirks about our relationship. I loved to play with and style her hair, sometimes when I was little and we hung out with our younger girl relatives on my dad's side, I'd style their hair.

Doing that for Momo was a callback to that.

For her, she always wanted me to give her physical contact in the form of wrapping my arms tightly around her in a hug and laying on the bed, giving her tiny kisses and she would just let me. I loved her. She would always smile at me, but I knew that this time...

This time, my being late was inexcusable, today was murder, and I promised that I'd make her dinner! I screwed up! What if she hates me?! Wait, no, calm down, she's probably asleep, just get in bed, wrap your arms around her, and pull her close! Bingo!

"Renaru?" I heard, seeing her sitting up in bed with her hair down, her silver eyes locked on my red.

"Uhm... hey," I mumbled.

She gave me a small smile and pulled my side of the bed's sheets back. I took off my coat and shirt, stripping down to my boxers and getting in alongside her.

"You ain't mad?" I asked.

"Why would I be, Ren-bo?" she wondered, leaning up and kissing me on the cheek.

"I promised ya I'd cook an' stuff... then the old man gave me an' Shoto one last run around, I had lunch with my Ma, then I lost track a' time and I ended up forgettin' that I promised you that I'd do that for ya..." I sighed.

She cooed and buried her face into the crook of my neck.

"Mm... you smell so nice..." she sighed.

I felt my cheeks go beet red, my eyes averted.

"W-well... that's my SWEAT, babe..." I stammered. She giggled, and I smirked.

"Of course, your blasts work on the same principle as your brother's, which means you smell so sweet all the time..." she reasoned, I nuzzled her.

"So... how was your internship?" I ventured. She got quiet.

"To tell you the truth, it's... rather embarrassing..." she mumbled. I smiled.

"Aw c'mon, Momo-bug! Can't be that bad, right?" I scoffed. She buried her face into my chest, her blush was apparent.

"I... I did a commercial with Itsuka Kendo!" she admitted. She gained a cute waver in her voice, I leaned down, my chin resting on the top of her head. I was taller than her, but no giant.

"Yeah? What's so bad about that? Bet you were prettier than 'er!" I encouraged.

"That's what was so embarrassing... I don't like the spotlight too much now..." she huffed.

"Why's that? You're drop-dead gorgeous..." I crooned, she pulled back, looking up at me with those silvery eyes, shining in the lamplight. Looking at her, I could see why she had a more mature body type than most girls in our class. But I didn't see her body, I saw the beautiful mind attached to that gorgeous figure. It was just icing on the proverbial cake.

"Just look at Mineta..." she said.

"True, but hey, you got me. I can blast him to next Tuesday..." I snarled.

"Don't ever discount your beauty, to me, your beauty is just icing on the cake. I don't care if ten years down the line, you let yerself go. To me, you're still gonna be the pretty girl that didn't care about my bands," I said. I saw her lips stretch into a grin.

"Of course, I still see that little dorky kid that fights anything and anyone~" she teased.

"Aw, C'mon, babe..." I sighed.

"I know I know, I'm just kidding," she dismissed.

Still, I loved it when she'd smile, she'd laugh. Because I knew that I made her smile, that I made her laugh. I was the drawling commoner goofball, and she was the prim and proper princess with a bad history with the queen. I fell for her so hard that I see stars in her eyes all the time.

"Also, they curled my ponytail and the bang..." she admitted.

I got serious, "No. None of that, the Momo bang is sacred! Only I get to curl it!" I snapped.

She laughed, making me cut up even more.

"I mean, I get the ponytail, but the BANG?! Oh no, not the BANG! We gotta curl that too! Seriously, they coulda called me in, I'd have ya look so stunnin' that you'd outshine Midnight and Uwambi!" I scoffed. Momo was practically laughing her pretty little head off.

"I should help ya! Whenever we go to a fancy party an' shit... lemme style your hair, 'kay?" I suggested.

Momo nodded, kissing me on the lips, my eyes closing, leaning into it. I pulled away, starting from her shoulder to her neck, then up to her jaw. She mewed a little, urging me to keep going. I nipped at her, my eyes focused on her. I was tired, but a little make-out session before turning in would be nice. She countered with her tiny kisses, her nips were a bit stronger than mine.

I always shook when those happened, and she'd giggle. She liked it when I'd buck and shake whenever we were intimate. I couldn't control it. I laid against her, she was steadier than me, she was stronger than me sometimes. I sighed and closed my eyes. I didn't want to let go. I didn't want to tell her that I'm reconsidering my stance on heroics.

I'd still fight, I'd still carry the weight I've been carrying. The arm I used for the Ultimate Smasher was scarred up, shakier than the other. I continue to train, to better myself.

The only way I could ever stop is when I die. Or when my body can't take it anymore. It's not taking too long. I curled up with Momo, and she smiled.

"Please, don't ever let anyone stop you," she sighed.

"I don't plan on it, babe..." I huffed. She kissed me on the chin.

"Of course, don't stop," she reasoned. I closed my eyes, feeling my consciousness slip from me.

I woke up early. I knew what that meant! I got out of bed, rubbing my eyes, glad that I had the weekend off for once. I sighed, turning on the stove and working on breakfast. I closed my eyes for a moment, seeing nothing, but feeling a little empty. I opened my eyes, looking to the wall, seeing my gold medal gleaming. I saw that as my ticket to fame.

My ticket to have my ideals spat at and spat on. It was bittersweet. Katsuki looked so beaten down whenever he saw it. Mom bragged that I won it. Momo looked at it and polished it lovingly. I just held it, still not believing that I won it. I then started to not value it at all. It was just a fancy piece of metal. I focused on the food. I plated it, hearing my wife bustle about.

I forced myself to put on a brave face. A hero can't be depressed. A hero is insurmountable, mental health be damned. I then crumbled. I scoffed and realized that I could be fallible. That was also my goal, I needed to be a little approachable and deal with all this crap. It was stupid how much I held back. I wanted to at least find answers on all this crap.

Did my grandfather murder my dad? Will I get the chance to find out? I didn't know. I was planning for years ahead. I should be living for the now, what's in front of me. Instead of just coating my pain in sweet smiles and fake confidence, I should be what I always was. Always kind, always faithful. Always fighting because it's right. Not because it's for money or fame.

It's all for the girl shuffling in all bedraggled, it's for everyone that I know. It was never meant to end up for fame. I looked at the medal, seeing her shuffle over to it.

"You know, let's throw this stupid thing in the ocean," she suggested. I nodded and took it. The medal shined so beautifully when it flew out of my hand. I smiled, seeing the splash and turning away. Momo straightened my lapels, her smile wide.

I brutally bashed the thugs aside, my hands smoking. I mainly used my explosions to propel my fists into ones hard enough to put dents into steel. I sent a small pulse through my back, blasting me forwards, it was training and a way to make the name of Fallout well known to the public. I added gauntlets to my arm design, gauntlets with small vents to let blasts through.

Mei had given them to me after the Sports Festival. I hated seeing her so down. That was the problem. I loved Momo, and I also loved Mei. I knew I couldn't just stop, but with each upgrade, the more she wanted to tell me that she loved me.

I knocked a thug out, my eyes narrowed. I knew that I promised to help her with the suit. I saw the heroes coming and summoned up a shell.

I spiked it at the ground, "Flash Shell!" I hissed. I was about to jump out of there when all of a sudden I felt my phone buzz against my leg. I ran off, pulling the thing out and still dashing.

I answered it was Momo, "Hey! No time, vigilante, gotta run!" I gasped.

Momo laughed, "Really? Well, stay safe sweetie..."

I skidded and ran a little further, I put up my phone, seeing the house ahead. I opened the door and saw my wife standing in the kitchen. She was cooking. Oh god, help me. I snuck up behind her, wrapping my arms around her middle.

"Oh! You're back!" she gasped.

"And just what are you doing, Momo? I thought we didn't need any more SCPs..." I sighed, kissing her on the cheek.

"Aw... baby... I just wanted to try cooking spaghetti..." she giggled, and I got a weird expression on my face. I pulled her back from the stove.

"Nope, my turn, you stay back, Little Miss Creati," I said.

Momo did as I instructed, with a playful wiggle of her hips in her walk. She was a little more frisky than usual, with my eyes following her, I poised my hands near my cheeks. *Pap!* Okay! Maximum Cooking Mode: Online! My concentration kept on being messed with, with Momo frolicking around behind me, not being annoying, just... so damn promiscuous.

I then remembered that the last two weeks had been extraordinarily busy, and I barely had time for Momo between training until I puked and kicking ass as Fallout. She seemed okay with it, but now she wanted something ELSE. Something that I was sorely unprepared for, so I watched my back carefully. She wrapped her slender arms around me, pressing her face into my back.

"Mm... my sweet little exploding prince..." she cooed, taking a deep breath and smelling the glycerine. I shivered as her hands traveled down my legs, rubbing the taut muscles.

"Does that feel good, Ren?" she asked.

"Mm... yeah... Mo... you're good at this..." I sighed, leaning over to get the forks and plates. Momo shifted to be in my way. My face was careening towards her chest and neck, her most vulnerable areas.

I landed, and Momo smiled down at me.

"Greedy, aren't we?" she teased.

"WHaaaa! No, I was- You-" I stammered.

"Aw... how cute... you're beet red~" she crooned.

Oh no, no, no! This isn't how it's supposed to go! I... I didn't even have a contraceptive! If that's what she wanted, then I was dead in the water! I AM DEAD IN THE WATER!

"I'm just recharging myself, sweetie... gosh, you're so jumpy, that's good~," she said, pulling me down to her level, which wasn't far. I stared right into her desire filled silver eyes. She wanted me. She wanted to... to...

I was about to just go back to plating everything. What she said next made my heart beat fast.

"After dinner, let's take a shower together, have you done that before?" she asked.

"No, not at all, that's gross... I don' wanna," I scoffed.

"Aw... but your face tells me the exact opposite, am I wrong?" she coyly said.

"You want it, you want me so badly, I can tell..." she playfully teased her hair with a finger. That knowing, saccharine smile made my legs jelly.

God, I hate it when she's right! I hate it so much! But, she was so beautiful, and the way she was smiling was so... so...

Seductive. So unbearably seductive. We were husband and wife, and we promised to hold off until graduation... but fuck, she was making it so hard to hold back and remember that promise. Her smile, her eyes, her hair, the fingers twirling through it. She was a far cry from the once-sheepish Momo that I knew when our relationship first started.

Her cute little bang wiggled with her finger curling it. I blanched. My arms felt so rubbery, and my hands started to spark softly.




She looked down at my hands, her teasing smile still plastered on her face.

"Looks like your hands are steady..." she quietly muttered.

"Why?" I asked.

"Because I wonder what those sparks feel like on my body..." she answered.

OH NO. CODE FIVE, THIS IS NOT A DRILL! SHE'S MEETING ALL MY STANDARDS! I was panicking so badly. My eyes darted over her body, my instincts going wild. I had no time, dinner was going by way too fast, my body seemed to be on autopilot, shoveling meat and sauce and pasta into my mouth like a monster. I wiped my face and stared at Momo with a shocked expression.

Why? Why did she want to be so intimate? Damn our promise to Hell? I was distracted by Momo grabbing my hand and leading me into the bathroom, her back to me.

"We're still husband and wife, right?" she asked.

"Yeah, but..." I mumbled. I saw the way she looked at Shoto. I saw the way she looked at that chiseled jawline bastard.

"Is this about Shoto?" she asked.

"Yeah! What's so good about Icy-Hot?!" I snarled.

She looked down in shame, and I turned away.

"Renaru, you're a sweet guy, I know you got forced into this..." She sighed, I grabbed her roughly, pinning her to the wall, her breath came out in a tiny squeak.

"You're mine. Momo," I snarled, smashing my lips to hers. She relented, wrapping her arms around me. I nuzzled her gently.

"Renaru... you're so... ahh... territorial," she sighed.

"You like it?" I asked.

"Of course..." she said, smiling.

"You just did that to rile me up, right?" I wondered.

"Yes... you're so rough and dominating when you're mad!" she cried, her eyes shining.

"I love you," I sighed.

"I know," she agreed.

I knew that she could never take that away.

Chapter Text

The midterms went well for Momo and I, with me coming in at a comfortable third place. I never wanted to show myself off as too smart, something both Mom and Katsuki would tease me for. Something that my grandfather took pride in. Now it was time for the finals, and my fervor for first was coming up loud and hot. Momo didn't know that I was frantically studying last week, and the next two weeks are for studying too.

I remained quiet and closed off, wondering what kind of hell the Physical Exam is going to be. I put on my hero suit, my fists clenched. Momo and I were paired up. I got the weirdest feeling that this was gonna be hard. First off, we were in some sort of arena. A steel cage settled in around us.

"Mo, stay close, this might get ugly..." I advised. She created two shields.

"Look who our opponents are... that crazy mouse was right... we're fighting the teachers! But I haven't seen that silver-haired guy before..." Momo muttered.

"That's Mr. Giriko, Miss Midnight's husband... not much is known about him other than Ibara knows him..." I snarled. He stood up, striding over to the center with his wife by his side. His smile was razor-thin, the glint in his eyes nothing but murderous.

"Hey there, Renaru-kun..." he greeted, with Miss Midnight winking at me. Momo seethed. She hated when Midnight would be promiscuous around me. Giriko glanced at her for a moment.

"Nemi-chan, drop the persona and get serious! I owe Nezu a favor!" he snarled.

"Well... maybe we can get a little... alone time after this is over?" she asked, Giriko's smirk grew into a wild grin.

"Alright, kids, don't hold back!" Nemuri encouraged. Giriko shot forwards before I could react. Momo blocked a full-on saw blade attack from him with her shield.

"Go to the exit! I'll hold off Blade Boy!" she yelled.

"Nah! I'm gonna take him on! Think about it! If I go for the exit, Miss Nemuri can take me out! You gotta take her out, Mo!" I yelled back. She reluctantly separated from me.

"Huh, it seems like you're the hero type, Renaru-kun... I like that! Come at me, then!" Giriko challenged, his smile widened.

I smirked, my sparks popping in my hands. I took my stance, my sparks starting to flare.

"Alright... let's go, Giriko-san!" We charged at each other, with him mainly using his feet and leg blades to fight.

"I figured I should handicap myself, normally... when I take out villains, I do it for keeps!" he said. I blasted him with some Missile Shells, keeping him on the defensive. Those blades could hurt if I got stuck on one of 'em, then it would sear. I played Keep Away with him, trying not to get close. Giriko was fast on his feet and extremely agile.

He was so incredibly silent, too. Once we got started, there was total silence on the speaking end of things. We traded blows, my gauntlets were resilient, and Giriko was smiling, staying in the air for most of the time, using the momentum from his jumps and his blades to stay nimble. He backflipped, shooting circular saw blades out from his legs.

I dodged, trying to stay frosty. He was attacking constantly. He was trying to overwhelm me.

I was moving through the arena, with my eyes peeled for Mrs. Kenzaburo, or Miss Kayama, my eyes scanned the area. There wasn't much, the arena was your classic gladiator dueling pit. Even though I had to admit that Nezu did have style. But it seemed that he didn't have a hand in it. I made a small filter just in case, she could still use her quirk on either gender, it just works better on guys.

I hated how tense things were, in the distance, I heard nothing but revving blades and huge explosions. I saw her at the exit, smiling.

"Well, here we are, wife against wife... at least our husbands are having fun..." she sighed.

"Is Giriko usually...?" I asked.

"Oh, he's VERY pent-up. His job is very stressful, and of course he never relaxes, so..." she sighed, waving her hand.

"Oh... OH! Oh no, that's horrible..." I sighed.

"Yes, I have to pin him down to get him to lay down, then use most of my quirk to put him to sleep..." she huffed.

"Let's get this over with, then..." I sighed, raising my shields. We clashed, not all-out fighting, but we were just comfortably sparring.



We clashed, my sparks rocketing up his leg, he spun away, smiling all the same. It had only been ten minutes, and it felt like we just started World War Four. Giriko had started using his arms, and now we were going at full tilt just trying to one-up each other. At this point, my body was one big bruise, and so was Giriko's. We landed on the ground, using our arms to drag us across the arena to where our wives were at.

"I'm... gonna... get... there... first!" Giriko proclaimed.

"Oh yeah? Well, not until I shift into maximum overdrive!" I yelled, army crawling to get to Momo.

We started to race, and we could only imagine what kind of hell was waiting for us...

"So, he's a domestic type?" Miss Midnight asked.

"Yes, he cooks, cleans, watches out for my health, and well... I couldn't ask for a better husband..." I sighed, at this point, we were just waiting for our husbands to get done with the fighting, and the twisted no man's land of the arena behind us was eerily silent.

"Mine always keeps track of important dates, times, and my favorites, that way he's not scrambling. Giriko is very well-organized," Miss Midnight chuckled. I smiled. Then we heard shuffling.

"My wife is better! She helps me sleep!" Giriko roared.

"Oh yeah?! Well, my wife's smile is enough to comfort me when I do somethin' stupid!" Renaru yelled. Miss Midnight and I looked at each other, sighing.

We walked over to them, "Okay, Giriko, I gotcha..." she sighed, hoisting Giriko up.

"Hey, Nemi-chan..." he groaned.

I picked up my husband, he looked up at me.

"Hey there, Momo-bug..." he moaned.

"Aw... poor you..." I sighed.

He smiled, "At least we won, right?" he asked.

I forgot about the exit! Giriko and Renaru looked at each other.

"FIRST ONE TO THE EXIT WINS!" they yelled. We started to haul them over there, with Renaru being somewhat stable despite his condition. Soon, we made it to the gate, and we both toppled to the floor in exhaustion.

"I guess... we'll have to go to that training camp after all..." Renaru gasped. I curled around him.

"Yeah, I guess..." I mumbled.