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Saving the Doctor: Part 2

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The General was sitting alone in the council chamber alone with her thoughts when the sound of the Tardis began to grow louder and the wind picked up, looking up from the table the General watched as the Tardis began appear before landing with a gentle thud followed by silence, getting to her feet the General moved around the table and waited for the owner of the Tardis to step out.

Soon Clara stepped out of the TARDIS and she looked at the General “Hello General, nice to see you again” she greeted.

“Miss Clara” the General greeted with a nod of her head “I assume you are here for the end?” she asked.

Clara shrugged “Well, that kind of depends on you” she replied as she stuffed her hands into her pockets “I am willing to return to my place in time and die facing the raven… but I have 3 conditions” she said.

The General looked curious “What conditions?” she asked.

Clara took the Tardis Key from her pocket and looked at it before she pulled an envelope from her pocket and she handed the envelope to the General “1st condition; I want you to give this to the Doctor” she said.

The General looked at the envelope “What is it?” she asked.

“One last goodbye” Clara said with a sad smile.

The General nodded her head “I will give it to her personally” she said.

“2nd condition: “Once you give the Doctor the letter… you… ‘her?’” Clara became confused and a cheeky smile lit up her face “Are you saying the Doctor is a woman now?” she asked.

“That is correct” the General replied before looking to the terminal as she spoke into the wrist computer on her armour “Pull up an image of the current Doctor” she ordered.

“Very well Ma’am” the response came and Clara bit her lip as a blonde woman was shown on the screen.

Clara stared at the screen for a while “Wow” she whispered in awe before whining “Now she becomes a woman” she pouted petulantly “Now… when I am not there” she stamps her foot and growls “That…” she stamps her foot again before looking at the General with a glare “Wipe that smirk off your face” she snarled, the General smothered the amused smirk off her face, she had to admit the Doctor’s new look was so much more enjoyable to look at… considering the previous face shot her and caused her to regenerate.

Clara turned from the screen and smiled “2nd condition: once you deliver the letter, you leave the Doctor alone, unless it concerns the fate of the Universe, you stay away from her” Clara stated firmly.

“And your 3rd condition?” the General asked as she looked at Clara.

“The 3rd…” Clara looked at the image of the current Doctor “River Song” she said “I want you to resurrect River Song and send her back to the Doctor” Clara said.

The General looked stunned “Miss Clara… we haven’t resurrected somebody since the Master” she said “Or Missy as you know her now, resurrecting a Time Lord is not easy” she said.

“She’s not a Time Lord though, she’s a child of the TARDIS, conceived by Amy and Rory in the Time Vortex” Clara stated “So I think that maybe it’ll be a lot more easier to resurrect her… don’t you?” she asked before reaching into her pocket and she tossed a device to the General.

Catching it in her right gauntleted hand the General looked at it “What’s this?” she asked.

“Professor River Song” Clara said as she looked at the General “Downloaded her from the Library central computer core” she revealed “Everything you need to resurrect her” she said.

The General smiled “I think we can do that” she said “So… will you return the Tardis and return to your time zone?” she asked.

“I will return the TARDIS” Clara said as she tossed the keys to the General “I will make sure you live to my conditions first before going back” she said

The General looked offended “I assure you Miss Clara, I will honour your last wishes” she said.

Clara shook her head “Excuse me for not taking your word but considering you lot had my best friend trapped in a confession dial for 4 and a half Billion years and used it as a torture chamber… forgive me for being suspicious” Clara snapped.

The General nodded her head with a heavy sigh “I… deeply apologize for that, had we known the truth, I would have let him out” she admitted.

Clara looked to the current Doctor before looking at the note in the General’s hand “I… I would like to see her” she said as she reached out for the envelope, removing the letter from inside she scribbled out the small message she had written and she wrote a different message, handing it to the General “Tell her to meet me outside the city” she said.

The General shook her head “The Doctor will never agree to that” she said.

“Which is why you will give her the note, proof that it’s really me” Clara said “I want your word she will not be harmed” she said.

The General bowed her head in respect “She will not be harmed Miss Clara” she promised.

Clara watched the General leave, taking a deep breath Clara sat down on the edge of the table and watched as the Tardis get pulled away by some technicians that had come for the Tardis “Be careful with her” Clara called before sighing “Time Lords, don’t any of them know how to treat a woman” she muttered bitterly.

In the meantime:

The Doctor, Yaz, Graham and Ryan had landed on the planet of Mera, the Doctor beamed as she removed her goggles “Mera, so named by the great governess in honour of her wife who died in the massacre of Emera 9” she explained.

Graham looked confused “Emera 9?” he asked, “What’s that?”

The Doctor smiled sadly “Emera 9, was the planet of the greatest defeat the rebellion suffered, a planet that’s nothing but a mass graveyard now” she explained “Mera was the Rebellion leader that led her army to stand against the Tyrant Queen of her home world Aphrodite 9, the Tyrant Queen Rayna had executed Mera’s daughter, Emera 9 was the staging planet where the Rebellion was base, when the Tyrant Ruler Rayna found out about Emera 9 she had the entire planet massacred before being deposed by a scary, beautiful genius” the Doctor explained.

Yaz looked at the Doctor “You?” she asked already knowing the answer.

“Yeah me” the Doctor admitted with a shrug.

“Hold on Doc” Graham said as he looked at her “Where were we?” he asked.

“Yaz was back home for her Nanny’s Birthday?” the Doctor replied “And you and Ryan went home to grab some things” she replied.

“So you went and had an adventure without us?” Yaz asked kind hurt about that.

“There was a distress signal, I couldn’t just ignore it” The Doctor defended “Now come on” she urged Yaz, Graham and Ryan out of the door before she followed, the Doctor beamed as she closed the door behind her and they made their way into town, the laughter and the joy as little children ran around “When are we Doc?” Graham asked.

“The year is 3557” the Doctor replied “Humanity has spread out amongst the stars and settled down on so many planets, this planet was settled and named by Great Governess Amara in honour of her wife” she looked around “Hmm, it’s been 70 years since the Tyrant Queen was deposed” she said.

“So Great Governess Amara stumbled onto this planet and named it after her wife?” Yaz asked before grinning “That’s so romantic” she said “Wish somebody did that for me” she mumbled.

“She didn’t stumble on it, after the Tyrant Queen was deposed Amara left her planet and spent 12 years… looking for a planet that in her words ‘beauty matched her wife’s’” the Doctor explained.

Yaz sighed dreamily “So romantic… why can’t I meet somebody like that?” she muttered.

“Maybe if you stop…” Ryan’s sentence was cut off by Graham’s hand smothering his mouth.

Yaz glared at Ryan “Want to finish that sentence?” she asked cracking her knuckles.

“Now children… no fighting or so help me I will take you back to the TARDIS and there will be no more adventures for a month” the Doctor said, Ryan, Graham and Yaz looked at the Doctor stunned whilst she beamed proudly “Always wanted to do that” the Doctor giggled before stuffing her hands into her pockets and she walked away as Ryan, Graham and Yaz pouted and mumbled under their breaths like petulant children.

Ryan looked at the statue in town square and he called out “Doctor?” he called.

The Doctor, Graham and Yaz joined him and Yaz stared in awe “Is that?” she asked.

The Doctor nodded her head “Yep… Mera” she said.

“Wow” Yaz said as Graham and Ryan nodded their heads in agreement.

Soon a little hand tugged on the Doctor’s coat, looking down at the human child the Doctor beamed “Hello” she greeted.

“You look so much like the statue over there?” the little chubby cheeked girl said as she pointed at the statue across the way leading into the next square.

The Doctor looked confused as Ryan, Graham and Yaz already bolted towards where the girl had pointed, the Doctor smiled “Where your parents?” she asked.

The Little girl pointed to her parents across the way “Over there” she said.

The Doctor smiled “Why don’t you go to them” she said.

The Little girl nodded and she ran back to her parents side, taking her mother’s hand the little girl looked up at her mother with such love, the Doctor smiled sadly as she remembered the feeling of being a parent, shaking herself up the Doctor cleared her throat and made her way to where her friends had gone.

They were standing their with their mouths hanging open and their eyes wide as saucers, the Doctor though looked up and she sighed heavily, sure enough the little girl was right, it was a statue of her, gripping a sword with a battle hardened expression facing of against a woman wearing an armoured gown, the Doctor’s clothes looked ripped and torn in some places.

Her friends looked at her “You had a swordfight?” they asked at the same time.

The Doctor simply looked at the plaque ‘The deposal if the Tyrant Queen Rayna’ the Doctor remembered that fight, Yaz was back home with her family for her Nannies Birthday, and Ryan and Graham were back home grabbing some things… this was before the trip to Yaz’s Nanny’s past.


The Tardis landed on the planet of Aphrodite 9, she had picked up a distress beacon from this planet so she came to investigate, she had nothing better to do because Yaz was with her family for her Nanny’s birthday, the Doctor closed the TARDIS doors behind her, stuffing her hands into her pockets the Doctor used her sonic screwdriver to trace the signal source of the distress beacon.

She found it in the heart of the city, kneeling at the makeshift device the Doctor examined it when she heard the sound of a weapon powering up and a rough feminine voice “Alright… lower your weapon” the woman spat.

The Doctor got to her feet “Not a weapon, just a tool” she assured “And I really hate guns so why don’t you drop yours” she said firmly.

The woman scoffed “Just who do you think you are!” she spat “Ordering me to drop my weapon”

The Doctor fixed her most fiercest gaze on to the woman “I’m the Doctor” she said as she stalked forward “And I am the only hope you have at surviving… so put down the gun or I will take it from you!” she said keeping her voice deadly calm.

The woman hardened as she kept the barrel of the plasma rifle trained on the Doctor “I’d like to see you…” before she finished her sentence though the Doctor snatched the gun from her hand and tossed it over her shoulder “I really , really hate guns” she said before smiling “Now… we can talk properly” she said before nodding her head “You’re name… what’s your name?” she asked.

“Amara… my name is Amara?” the brunette replied as she looked at the Doctor.

“Nice to meet you Amara” the Doctor replied “So tell me… what’s going on here” she said as she looked around “I remember Aphrodite 9 being more… peaceful” she said as she looked around at the down which was half destroyed.

Amara explained what was going on and how the Tyrant Queen Rayna had killed her wife and massacred the rebellion, killing innocent people who dared speak out against her, the Doctor helped as best as she could to protect the innocent people of the town that survived, until one day Queen Rayna came to find out who dared come to the planet and stand against her.

The Doctor and Queen Rayna clashed that day but the Doctor refused to kill, when she won the fight she officially deposed the Tyrant Queen and watched as the guards dragged her away screaming, Queen Rayna languished in prison for the rest of her life until the day she died, the Doctor made sure the deposed queen had a view of the city of course, some saw it as mercy but what it was… was a punishment.

The Tyrant Queen was tortured by the sound of laughing children all running around enjoying their freedom, the sound of laughter and joy as men and women went about their lives.

A city celebrating its freedom… that Rayna would never have again.

The Doctor left and Amara went in search for a planet.

Amara never forgot the Doctor.

Flashback over:

The Doctor looked up at the statue of her and Rayna fighting, obviously Amara wanted to honour her for saving the people of Aphrodite 9 from Rayna’s cruel tyranny, the Doctor turned and walked back to the Tardis with the gang following her close behind, none of them how to react to the fact the Doctor had a sword fight without them knowing.

Ryan looked back at the statue "That must have been epic grandad" he whispered to Graham.

The Doctor reached the Tardis and the gang followed when Yaz spoke “What happened… to Amara?” she asked “was she happy in the end?”

The Doctor smiled sadly as she shook her head “No… she founded this planet and named it, she founded this town and named it after the daughter she and her wife adopted ‘Ramara’” she said “But with her daughter gone as well as her wife, once she founded the town and the laws these people live by, she went into self-imposed exile” she pointed to the snowy mountain “She built a log cabin… and there she remained until the day she died” she said.

Yaz’s heart broke as a tear ran down her face “She… she died alone” she whispered tearfully.

The Doctor nodded her head and she looked at Yaz and saw her close to tears, the Doctor walked over to her and she smiled “You would have liked her” she said before she hugged Yaz tight.

Graham, Yaz and Ryan entered the Tardis and the Doctor went to follow when she came to a stop “So… you found me” the Doctor spoke as she stepped back from the Tardis and turned to the General, but not before making sure the doors were closed to protect her friends.

The General bowed to the Doctor “Doctor” she greeted.

The Doctor looked at the General “What can I do for you General?” she asked.

“I have a message from Miss Clara” The General replied as she handed the envelope to the Doctor.

The Doctor opened up the envelope and read what was inside ‘Run you clever boy… and remember’ it read, the Doctor looked at the General “Why send me this?” she asked.

“Miss Clara sent it to prove it’s from her… she wants to see you one last time” the General revealed “Before…” she stopped.

The Doctor closed her eyes as she nodded her head “She’s going back… to Trap street, isn’t she?” she asked.

“Miss Clara has made certain conditions” The General replied “She wants to see you one more time and she wants the Time Lords to leave you alone” she revealed.

The Doctor chuckled “Yeah… sounds like her” she said.

“The 3rd is a surprise that Miss Clara has arranged with us” the General said “She wants to show you personally” she said, the Doctor looked hesitant and the General continued “We have arranged for you to meet with her outside the city, no guards, no troops… just you, her, me and the 3rd condition that Miss Clara wishes to show you herself” she said.

The Doctor nodded her head “Very well… give me the co-ordinates” she said, the General handed the Doctor the envelope containing the location of where she would be meeting Clara and the Doctor smiled… the location, only Clara would want to meet her there, it was after all; where the story began.

The Doctor stormed into the TARDIS and set the time and date for Sheffield, pulling the lever the Doctor gripped the TARDIS console tight as it flew through the Time Vortex, as Ryan, Graham and Yaz held on for dear life until the TARDIS landed hard sending them all to the ground.

Yaz got to her feet “What the hell was that?” she demanded “Where are we?” she asked.

The Doctor smiled “Sheffield” the Doctor replied “I need you both to remain here but I will be back” she promised.

“Where’re you going Doc?” Graham asked concerned.

“Home” the Doctor replied.

Once Yaz, Graham and Ryan left the TARDIS the Doctor pulled the lever and began her journey back to the one place where she never wanted to go again…



Clara sat on the tyre in the old barn, a place that held significant memories for Clara and the Doctor, it was this place where she convinced the Doctor to save the Time Lords, it was where she spoke to the Doctor when he was just a little boy, the General was stood nearby as they waited patiently.

The sound of the Tardis made Clara smile as she watched the familiar blue box appear before her before a soft thud and then… silence.

Clara got to her feet and nervously waited when the doors opened and the Doctor stepped out, Clara looked nervously because she didn’t know wherever or not the Doctor remembered her “Hello Doctor” she greeted.

The Doctor beamed the brightest smile possible “Hello Clara” she greeted, Clara launched into the Doctor’s arms and hugged her tight, the General smiled sadly as she turned and left the 2 to reunite.

Beside River was waiting outside and somebody needed to make sure she didn’t run away and steal her own TARDIS, the last thing the universe needed was the Doctor and her wife running around in 2 Tardis’s causing trouble.

The Universe could barely handle the Doctor in the TARDIS.