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Lovely Lovely Lovely!

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It had been a year. 

If you asked any one of the three of them if it felt like it had been a year since they got together they'd all undoubtedly answer no. Between the hectic schedules of being an idol group and being helplessly in love with not one but two other people, the passage of time started feeling weird awhile ago.

Yoongi still remembers his shock of finding out that both of his crushes liked him back. It's rare for someone to get lucky enough to find one of their soulmates, much less two, but Jimin and Jeongguk always tell him he deserves that kind of luck, and lately he's been starting to believe them after hearing it so much. 

Not only did Yoongi’s crushes like him back though, no he was even more lucky since they both liked each other as well. "One big lovely, lovely, lovely triangle." Jimin would always tell them, making sure to stress the fact that each "lovely" represented each member of said triangle, and honestly even if it was a bit ridiculous, Yoongi doesn't think he could describe it better if he tried. 

One year of being a lovely lovely lovely triangle approaches soon. 

Yoongi and Jeongguk had worried themselves over what they should do to celebrate and where to go and how to dress and on and on and it was only the nonchalant wave of Jimin's hand that had stopped them in their worrisome tracks.

"My two baby's don't need to worry about anything." Jimin had stated cooly.

Before the other two could question him further Jimin had walked away, simply turning around for one second more to give them a reassuring nod before completely wandering off again.

Yoongi and Jeongguk knew by now that they could rely on their partner, so that was that. They'd wait to see what Jimin had in store for them, doing their best to not overthink the upcoming date any further.



Before they know it it's the day before their anniversary, and after a long day of schedules, Yoongi and Jeongguk could not possible wait another day for their lover to show them what he has in store and to, hopefully, relax them a bit. 

Just as the night is winding down, around 11pm, the whole group is out on the couch watching some random movie on the TV before some of them glance at the clock and decide to head out for the night.

After living with three incredibly horny lovers, the rest of the group has learned better than to stay the night in the same rooms as them on the night of their anniversary. Jeongguk had insisted that they didn't need to leave, worried over his hyungs as usual, but each of them always gave a nervous side glance to Jimin, barely noticeable, before turning back and smiling their sweetest smile and insisting they don't mind. "Just in case." Namjoon had told the maknae through smiling teeth.

Jeongguk didn't get to see the smirk that that elicited from Jimin's lips, looming calmly behind him. 

Once the other members had head out to various friends or their own respective partner’s houses and apartments, it was just the three final members remaining in the dorm. 

Jeongguk turned to Yoongi after waving goodbye to the last of them rushing out the door for the night. 

"What now?" The youngest asked quietly.

Before Yoongi could respond Jimin's voice rang out from the entrance to the hallway beside them.

"Come with me my lovelies." Jimin smiled with his eyelids low, gesturing behind him with his head. Without another word he turned his body to the side, very clearly showing where he wanted them both to go. 

Without even thinking about it, both other members feet began moving almost on their own. Trained by now to obey that singsong voice that they trusted with their lives. 

They both pass by Jimin and head into Jimin's room that the had extended an open hand towards in a silent command.

Once inside Jimin was close behind them and closed the door behind them, still smiling  with a poisonous sweetness.  

"Strip." Jimin stated calmly, leaning patiently against the wall with his shoulder.

Jeongguk mentally chuckled at himself for a moment when he realized how quickly his hands were at his belt just from a single word.

They had all been together long enough that they had finally gotten Jeongguk to stop blushing furiously every time he took his pants off, much to Jimin and Yoongi's delight but also dismay.  “Who can resist those sweet red tinted cheeks after all ?”  Yoongi had concurred with Jimin at the time.

Jimin watches with dark yet sparkling eyes as they both strip off each of their layers and place them to the side, eventually both standing completely naked before him.

"Good boys," Jimin doesn't miss the way they both blush a little already at the praise, "Now up on the bed, on your knees please my pretty boys." 

Without any hesitance Yoongi and Jeongguk each climb up onto the bed, Yoongi on the left side of the bed and Jeongguk on the right, both facing the bottom of the bed on their knees so they can see Jimin were he still rests half against the wall.

Jimin smiles at his obedient boys, god he loves them so much. 

"Kiss each other, show me how much you love each other." 

As always at the continued use of his more dominant voice Jimin could already see the edges of both of their eyes begin to glaze over. 

Yoongi reached out for the back of Jeongguk's neck and turned the younger to face him slowly. They stared into each other's eyes for a moment hazily before closing their eyes and leaning in together, perfectly in sync somehow.

At first they just sweetly place their lips on each other and hold them there, no one in any sort of rush, but eventually Yoongi continues the kiss. The oldest opening his mouth slightly and kissing the maknae's top lip, sucking it into his mouth just barely before letting it go with a pop.

They quickly get caught up in each other, the feeling of their warm lips working against each other only furthering the buzzing haze slowly wrapping around their minds. Without either of them even noticing, Jimin makes his way quietly over to a nearby chair he had placed in the room specifically for this purpose, much to Hoseok's initial dismay when he realized what the chair’s intended function would be.

Jimin watches both of them the entire time, never taking his eyes away. He sits down calmly and his eyes darken further the longer he watches both his lovers touch each other.

Jeongguk is already clutching at Yoongi's sides to stay grounded, along with Yoongi tightly gripping the hair on the back of the others neck much for the same reason. 

One of Yoongi's hands glides back to cup Jeongguk's cheek, bringing their chest together subconsciously. Yoongi can feel himself slipping into subspace and if Jeongguk's whimpers are anything to go by, he's not far behind. 

With each passing minute the amount of whimpers only increases and Jimin's hardening dick is direct proof of the effect it's having on him. His dick might be the only proof though as Jimin's face is simply smirking at the both of them, expression remaining utterly calm as he stares them down from his corner of the room. 

Eventually both boys on the bed are almost completely gone, easily faded into their headspaces just from each other's lips and the clustering gaze of their other lover across from them. Helplessly licking into each other's mouths and whining with how overwhelmed they already are, but in the best way possible. 

Yoongi licks all the way up from Jeongguk's chin to his lips and Jeongguk keens uselessly, losing control of his noises long ago. Both of their cheeks dusted a deep pink, sinking further into each other, forgetting anything but the feeling of each other's mouths and the set of eyes burning a hole into their sides.

Jimin easily recognizes just how far they've both slipped, and stands up slowly, pacing over to the bottom of the bed next to them, unzipping his jeans   languidly.

"Beautiful boys," Jimin lilts smoothly, causing them both to both look over, completely dazed. Jimin is almost taken aback by how gone they both already look, eyes far away and spit covering both of their lips entirely, with a telltale string of saliva connecting their lips for a split moment when they look over. 

"Think you could help me now?" Jimin asks to the both of them, already knowing full well what the answer will be.

They both nod easily and crawl their way over to him on their hands and knees, Yoongi still on Jimin's left and Jeongguk at his right. 

Jimin pulls himself out of his pants and underwear casually and immediately both other boys have their mouths on him. They both lean in from either side, not even bothering with their hands in their fuzzy states, only knowing they want to please Jimin.

They messily lick up and down the sides of Jimin’s dick, messy and wet. Jimin gets a tight grip in their hair, partially to help guide the blissed out boys beneath him, but also partially to ground himself and retain his facade of nonchalance. 

Soon Jeongguk can’t hold himself back anymore and takes Jimin’s length into his mouth. Jimin lets out a small grunt at the sudden silky wet heat wrapped around him, doing his best to hold in any louder noises than that. 

Jeongguk quickly begins sucking in earnest, doing his best to make his lover feel good. Working his tongue on the underside of Jimin’s length, mapping out the vein there. Yoongi doing his best to hold in his useless whines, leaves wet kisses anywhere he can reach without straining his neck. Kissing around Jimin’s hip and upper thigh, or kissing the side of Jeongguk’s cheek and mouth.

Once Jeongguk eventually pops off of Jimin for a breath of air, Yoongi is quick to take over swallowing Jimin down, letting Jimin press his length forward into the beginning of his throat. Yoongi has always had seemingly inhuman control over his throat and gag reflex and he never wastes an opportunity to remind his lovers of this fact.

Jimin chokes out a cut off whimper at the abrupt tightness but simply pushes himself further in, knowing very well by now that Yoongi loves it. As if to confirm this, Yoongi’s eyes nearly roll back as Jimin fully breaches into his throat. Yoongi lets himself go totally lax as Jimin uses his throat like a toy. Jeongguk whines at the sight and from how useless he feels on the side of everything and kisses at Yoongi’s neck, feeling Jimin’s stiffness through Yoongi’s throat. 

Both Jimin and Yoongi briefly see stars at the faint feeling of Jeongguk’s lips. Yoongi pulls off soon after and meets Jeongguk’s lips hovering next to Jimin’s dick, kissing above and around Jimin. Their lips slickly lave over Jimin’s hardness and each other’s lips, too far gone to put too much detail into their movements anymore.

Fully realizing he’ll come way too soon if he keeps watching the boys below him, Jimin grips both of them by their hair and pulls them away slowly, hearing their high pitched keens as he does so. 

Jimin looks down at the both of them now looking back up at him and can’t stop the groan bubbling up from his chest. Both of them stare back up at him with hazy eyes and spit slicked chins, their tongues lolling out of their mouths ever so slightly as they pant, obediently waiting to be told what’s next. Jimin knows it’s no small thing that they both trust him enough to fully let go like this, and he takes it very seriously.

“My lovely boys, get on your backs for me will you?” He poses it as a question but neither other boys take it as anything other than the command that it truly is.

They both quickly flop onto their backs with their heads resting on the pillows at he top of the bed. Jimin, still fully clothed other than his dick now hanging out of his pants, finally gets onto the bed and kneels in front of his two beautiful lovers patiently awaiting his next move. 

Jimin runs his hands along either of their thighs in a silent moment of adoration, making eye contact with the both of them and seeing the same loving gaze reflected back at him. 

Eventually tearing his eyes away, he leans over and grabs the lube he had preemptively placed on the bedside table and pops open the cap. He quickly pours a generous amount of lube into both hands, coating his fingers thoroughly. After offhandedly dropping the bottle back onto the bedsheets, he wastes no time leaning forward and rubbing small little circles around the entrances of both other boys. 

Immediately both horizontal boys moan loudly, caught slightly off guard by the sudden sensation. Jimin gently eases the tips of a single finger into either boy below him. They both subtly roll their hips into the familiar intrusion, relaxing into the pressure. 

Jimin tenderly works the both of them open, adding another finger once they’re sufficiently used to the first one. He scissors them further open and adds a third finger soon after that. All three of them bottom quite frequently for one another, and with their combined libido they tend to be found getting fingered open a few times a week at least.

Yoongi not so subtly reaches for Jeongguk’s hand, holding onto each other hands between their heads as they get opened up in sync, gripping onto one another for grounding. Jimin smiles to himself at the loving display, fully aware of the elders affinity for sneaking into any consenting hand within grabbing distance. Once Jimin is satisfied with his work he removes his fingers slowly, ignoring the whines pulled out of either other boy. 

“Hands and knees lovelies.”

Begrudgingly they both pull themselves up onto their hands and knees, a bit confused as to what was coming but too blissed out to care too much. Jimin guides them both into position until they’re on all fours facing away from one another, nearly ass to ass. 

Before either of them get a chance to voice their slight confusion, Jimin reaches into a drawer of the bedside table once again and pulls out a long, thick, purple, doubled-sided dildo. Jimin smirks at the immediate glisten in both of their overcast eyes, as well as at how their breath picks up the pace ever so slightly. 

Cutting off any possible utterances, Jimin quickly lathers both ends of the dildo in lube and places a hand on Jeongguk’s ass. “Ready baby?” Jimin asks directly next to Jeongguk’s ear. Jeongguk trembles slightly at the static that shoots through his spine at the question, nodding a quick and eager yes. 

Smiling at this, Jimin places the tip of one end of the dildo at Jeongguk’s empty hole. Jimin prepped both of them well so there’s little resistance as he slides the length halfway inside of the mewling mess below him. 

Yoongi puffs out a breath of air in realizing that he’s next and Jimin rubs his back soothingly, using his other hand to guide the other end of the dildo into Yoongi. Yoongi whines and lets his head drop a bit until the other half of the length is fully seated inside of him. 

Both penetrated boys hold completely still until Jimin tentatively places his hands on either of their backs and forces them to rock forward and backward once. Their asses meet in the middle once again and both of them nearly scream at the motion, panting heavily already. Jimin pushes them forward and back again, slowly amounting a quicker pace with each push and pull. 

Both Yoongi and Jeongguk gasp in deep breaths of air, breathless at the fullness rubbing perfectly inside of them simultaneously. Their asses bounce off of each other forcing them forward again, until coming backwards to repeat the process again, leaving them both choking on silent sobs at the endless tug inside of them. 

Once they both have a pace going Jimin retracts his guiding hands and finally removes his own clothes, both other boys once again too caught up in themselves to even notice. Keeping a watchful eye, Jimin quickly uncaps the lube once again and lays backward on the bed propped up on his elbow as he rubs a quick circle on his own entrance before fingering himself open to the beautiful scene in front of him. 

Jimin’s heavily lidded eyes watch them bounce off one another, mindlessly bumping back and forth against the other, whining uselessly at the small explosions of electricity exploding through their bodies at each motion. 

Jimin opens himself up quickly on four fingers, not wasting time before finally getting back up and gently stopping the motion of the others. They whine out in confusion at the abrupt end to their newly formed routine, until Jimin shushes them and rolls them off their now aching legs and onto their backs. 

They both lay on their backs, still ass to ass, staring up at Jimin as he readjusts the dildo to sit comfortably inside the both of them again in their new position. Jimin strategically tangles their legs over one another so they’ll have leverage to push and pull against one another. They both adjust to the new position and are about to start rocking against one another again when Jimin suddenly stops them. 

In smug succession he kisses both of their puzzled and already fucked out faces, before kneeling over the both of them facing down over Yoongi. Jeongguk is the first to realize Jimin’s plan and whines loudly, his eyes opening almost comically wide. Yoongi, still lost to what was going to happen, looking into Jimin’s sadistic gaze innocently until Jimin slowly dropped down onto Yoongi’s length, now exposed in the new position. 

Yoongi chokes on air as he scrambles to grab at Jimin’s hips for grounding. Jimin slides down easily onto Yoongi and breathes out deeply through his nose. Jimin rocks up and down a few times to adjust before reaching back for Jeongguk’s expectant dick to press it into himself as well. 

“Can you help me, baby?” 

Jeongguk lets out a high pitch noise for the millionth time but obediently helps feed his throbbing untouched dick into Jimin’s stretched out hole. Jimin hisses a bit at the stretch, but this wasn’t his first time taking the both of them at once so he retains his composure as best he can. 

Once they were both fully inside Jimin, they all three seemed to pause in time for a moment as their bodies pulsed together in sync, taking a brief lull in the universe to truly breath together. 

Eventually Jimin forces himself up once and then down, falling back down roughly. The forceful motion causing the mattress to bounce ever so slightly, bouncing Yoongi and Jeongguk ever so slightly and subsequently jostling the dildo still tightly fitted inside the both of them. They all gasped in sync, all quickly realizing no one was going to last very long.

Jimin slowly works up a purposeful pace, bouncing in earnest on his mewling lovers aching dicks. Barely able to stand the double stimulation, Jeongguk throws an arm over his eyes as he repeatedly unwillingly lets out noises only a few decibels away from screams. Overwhelmed in the best way possible, tears of pleasure make their way down Jeongguk’s cheeks underneath his arm, never being one to be able to hold in the tears. Yoongi isn’t any better, drool leaking down the side of his mouth as his watery eyes nearly turn over in bliss, letting out noises he isn’t even aware of making, feeling utterly drunk off of the overwhelming sensations abusing nearly every sensitive spot of his body. 

Jimin’s thighs ache but years of dancing has given him the stamina he’s eternally grateful for in times like these. Feeling utterly elated at the clearly blissed out states of both of his lovers, he bounces with renewed purpose on the both of them. 

Eventually Jimin realizes neither of the other two will last much longer, and reaches down to tug at his own cock bouncing along uselessly with the rest of his body. Jimin tightens slightly at the added pleasure and Jimin can tell from the sudden silence emitting from Yoongi that it was probably the last straw for him. Jimin keeps up his pace as best he can as Yoongi goes rigid and releases into Jimin with a strangled cry. 

Yoongi’s cum mixes into the cramped space inside Jimin and the added wetness seems to also be the final blow to a now nearly sobbing Jeongguk, head thrashing from side to side almost violently as he’s forced to sit back and take the mind rattling feeling that engulfs his entire mind and body. Jeongguk cums with a loud scream, enduring the longest orgasm he’s ever had as his prostate is continuously rubbed against just right by the dildo, as well as being locked into Jimin’s tight warmth flooded with he and Yoongi’s release. 

Jimin bounces weakly on both overstimulated boys laying melted on the bed, only needing a few more pulls on his dick from his hand before he comes onto Yoongi’s navel. As he cums his composure truly cracks as he shakes out a strangled moan, eyes squeezed tight as he heaves in breaths, almost entirely slouched over Yoongi. 

They stay in that position for awhile, feeling their pulses pound in tandem with the others, utterly melted into the moment, forgetting about anything else. Eventually Jimin at least somewhat regains his breath and awareness enough to achingly pull off both of the others. Jimin’s aching joints protest loudly but he manages to maneuver to the side, carefully removing the dildo from his exhausted lovers, who only let out a few muted hisses at the overstimulation. 

Jimin plops the dildo at the end of the bed to be cleaned and put away later on when he can feel his legs again. Jimin leans back on one arm, feeling comfortably numb and sated. 

Jimin watches as Yoongi weakly reaches a slightly trembling hand into the cum still warm on his stomach, gathering it up with a finger before making unabashed eye contact with Jimin as he brings it to his mouth. Jimin holds his breath as his body thrums, carefully watching Yoongi’s lick his finger clean, neither one breaking eye contact. 

Yoongi suddenly pulls himself half up with a slightly pained grunt before leaning down over a still dazed Jeongguk. Still seemingly floating a bit, Jeongguk offers no resistance as Yoongi opens his mouth with his own and slips Jimin’s cum into the others mouth. 

Jimin groans, knowing fully well if he wasn’t already so sore he’d tackle them both down to go again.  Maybe in a little bit , Jimin’s mind helpfully offers. 

Yoongi and Jeongguk lazily pass Jimin’s cum back and forth between them, Jeongguk softly humming into the kiss as he tentatively comes back to reality. Jimin quietly scoots forward, ignoring his aching muscles, and places a hand in the other two’s hair, gently stroking the backs of their necks encouragingly. Jimin would coo at his two lovers if he wasn’t so wrapped up in how it somehow made his worn out dick just barely twitch.

“My beautiful boys.” Jimin helplessly whispered out, entirely head over heels for the both of them.

The other two blush a bit under the mushy praise, always being weak for each other’s words. Eventually Yoongi gets tired of holding himself up anymore and breaks the kiss, either of them swallowing the remaining cum in their mouths. Yoongi plops dramatically back onto the bed next to Jeongguk, huffing out a single tired breath. 

Jimin laughs slightly at his dramatic boyfriends and pulls himself up onto his feet before he can convince himself to lay back down and just never get up again. Grabbing the discarded dildo on the way, Jimin quickly grunts his way to the bathroom washing off the dildo haphazardly in the sink, deciding to fully sanitize it when they all woke up the next day. Abruptly turning his attention to getting a warm wet rag to clean between his legs, finally returning to the room to wipe off the others as well. More or less wiped clean, Jimin carefully begins nudging the both of them out of the light sleeps they had fallen into.

With a pair of annoyed grunts Jimin manages to maneuver the other two to lay under the blankets. Jimin crawls into bed with them finally, promising himself he’ll make sure they all shower in the morning.  Maybe we can even shower together , Jimin’s mind once again very helpful provides. 

Jimin finally crawls into bed, Yoongi snuggly tucked in between Jimin and Jeongguk. He’d always been the most cranky about physical affection after sex and neither of the other two ever had any complaints about loving on their self proclaimed perpetually touch starved Hyung. 

“Happy anniversary.” Jimin says slightly amused into the open air of the room. Two hardly audible grunts echo off next to him in confirmation and Jimin quietly smiles to himself. 

Safely wrapped together and wonderfully sated they finally drift off to sleep together. 




Jimin’s mind dully registers the sound of the front door opening and closing a few times, cracking open one eye and taking in the affronting sunshine piercing its way through the blinds.

Thudding yet comforting footsteps quickly made their way in all directions around the house as more members came back home. Eventually a set of footsteps making their way into the bathroom come to an abrupt halt. 

Jimin barely has time for his eyes to fly fully open before his brain registers Hoseok’s ear piercing shriek shooting through the walls, “WHAT THE FUCK IS IN THE SINK?”  

It takes Jimin a few beats to suddenly remember the abandoned purple dildo still laying neglected in the sink.

Jimin pondered yelling out an apology despite not wanting to wake the others still somehow sleeping next to him, however before he could make up his mind Hoseok’s now more shaky voice called back proactively, “Nevermind! I don’t want to know! I..I’ll just use the other bathroom!” 

Chuckling to himself, Jimin did his best at keeping his laughter to himself as much as possible to let the others continue resting. Glancing at the clock and seeing it was still early, Jimin made the executive decision to go back to sleep and deal with Hoseok’s inevitably flustered gaze when he woke up again.

Rolling back over with a huff and gazing warmly over the sleeping faces laid out in front him Jimin comes to the same conclusion he’d come to a million times before, but finding it no less comforting each time, “I love you my lovely, lovely, lovely little family.” Jimin barely voices aloud, heart expanding almost painfully in his chest before eventually settling back down to a warm glow as he lets his head fall back against the pillow. Jimin finds sleep quickly, snoring rhythmically with the other two pieces of his heart piled on top of him.