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Study Break

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“I guess study time is over, huh?” Madison says as she hooks her finger around a belt loop of his jeans.

“I guess so” Jason answers with a chuckle. Madi presses her hips to his crotch and rolls them against him, Jason gives a cut-off groan as he feels every bit of the friction run through his body and make it twitch slightly. Jason goes to sit up, but she places a firm hand on his chest and pushes him back down onto the bed with a devilish smile.

He bites his lip and runs his hands up her thighs, the very idea of Madison taking control makes him so hard he can’t possibly ignore it. She slowly opens the button on his denim and gradually zips down his fly, watching his face as she does so, she then forcefully tugs at the waistband of his jeans, pulling them down and he grunts as he wriggles out of them completely.

Madi swings her legs over to the side, taking off her jeans and panties and throwing them over the side of the bed, before returning to her position over him, “Take your shirt off” she orders as she runs her palm over his hard-on, stroking it up and down through his boxers.

Jason fumbles a little, caught between trying to do what Madi told him and enjoying the feeling of her touch, he claws at his shirt and he slips it over his head before he drops it beside him. Madi leans forward and presses a firm kiss to his mouth, drawing a whimper from his throat as her tongue grazes his.

She takes his hands and slides them up to her body to her shirt, where he pinches the hem and pulls at it needily. Madi sighs a little and breaks away from him, sliding it off quickly. Jason grins as he studies her body on top of his, he runs his hands up her thighs and squeezes them slightly.

Madison runs her fingers around the edge of his boxers before rolling them down, making him groan quietly at the freedom and wraps her fingers around his cock, feeling it twitch a little in her hand, she teasingly pumps him a few times before she lines him up and sinks, gasping a little as he fills her. Jason bucks his hips into her eagerly, but Madison halts him by firmly pushing down on his chest with one hand.

“Not yet, baby boy.” She warns with a firm, controlling tone in her voice.

“O-okay.” He nods in agreement, barely able to contain his lust, the feeling of her walls hugging him tight making his skin quiver with pleasure.

“First, you gotta do me” Madi orders as she takes his hand, she raises it to her mouth and kisses his middle and index finger gently, she then trails his hand down over her breasts and to the down to her core. Jason lets out a low hum as he presses his fingers into Madi, feeling her wetness for him and watching as she closes her eyes with a short moan as he starts rubbing her ever so gently. She releases his hand and curls her fingernails into his muscled chest as she feels the shock of desire run through her veins.

“That’s it, good boy.” Madi praises him as she ruts her hips against his hand and cock slightly, giving him a little taste of what's waiting for him.

Fuck.”  Jason breathes as he grows needier from her praises, he increases the pressure of his fingers, wanting to see her cum, wanting to hear those blissful moans and Madison whimper his name. She gives a long, drawn-out whine as he brings her closer, she opens her eyes and looks down at him, his jaw slack, transfixed by the way the body reacts to his touch, his breathing heavy, he's completely focused on giving Madi what she wants.

“Shit, Jason” Madi mewls as she feels her stomach grow tight and her thighs clench. He licks his lips quickly, he gives a short grunt as she once again bucks her hips, his cock still inside her, feeling her grow tighter around him.

“Oh my god, Madi, please, please let me–” he begs with longing.

“Not yet. You wanna be a good boy for me don't you?” She cuts him off assertively, placing her finger on his lips. Jason whimpers and nods, not wanting to disobey her.

Madison shudders and moans loudly as she finally cums against him, Jason lets out a gasp as he feels her clench around him, she ruts her hips, breathing hard as her orgasm washes through her body, feeling like heaven and it makes her groan so filthily as she rides it out, it makes Madison lightheaded and dizzy. She kisses his plush lips forcefully as her skin shivers and tingles, the feeling fading and then she pulls on his hand urging him to stop.

“Good boy” Madison whispers against his mouth, Jason looks at her hazy expression, she smiles, kissing him quickly, he moves his hands to her thighs and watches her expectantly. Madi lifts her hips teasingly, drawing out his full length, before slowly lowering herself back down and he raises his hips off the mattress with a whimper.

“Madi, please,” He whines as he presses his fingertips into the muscles of her thighs. She doesn’t answer his plea, she let out a hum before she starts rolling her hips into him, feeling him slide in and out of her, the sound of skin meeting filling the room. Jason’s thrusts start to match hers, hard and rough, slipping his hands from her thighs to her ass, squeezing it as every movement she makes fills his body with pleasure. 

He tilts his head back, his lips part as ragged breaths pour from his mouth, she feels his body contract under her, his abs flexing, his thighs shaking and his grip becoming harsh enough to leave bruises like his fingertips.

“Are you gonna cum, Jason?” Madi leans forward and whispers passionately in his ear.

“Y-yeah” Jason barely manages to reply as he's overwhelmed from the pleasure she giving him, he pushes his mouth onto hers, gripping the back of her hair with one hand, tangling his fingers into it. Madi feels him breathe in sharply, then moan into her mouth, his cock throbs inside of her as he bucks his hips into yours.

“C-can I?” He asks her, his voice only just audible, desperate for release.

“Yes, baby cum for me.” Madison allows as she brushes their lips together.

Jason lets out a debauched moan, he clenches his fist in Madi's hair as she feels him spill inside of her, his entire body trembles as she relentlessly ruts against him, drawing his orgasm out for as long as possible, he moves his mouth to her shoulder, she hisses as she feels his teeth dig into her skin and he give a final, firm push inside of her before his body finally lets him relax.

He rests his head in the crook of Madison's neck, heavy-lidded in the afterglow, whimpering softly. She wraps her arm around his back, her other hand runs through his hair and gently massaging his scalp. Going into aftercare mode to make sure her baby boy feels safe and loved.

"Aww, baby it's okay, you did so well." She coos, pressing a kiss to his ear.

"I did?" Jason asks softly, pulling away from her neck to look into her eyes.

"Yeah. I honestly thought you wouldn't last that long, but you proved me wrong. You're such a good boy." She smiles at him as she moves from his waist, sliding him from her and curling up beside him, he drapes his arm over her and pulls her into him.

“So, I guess you like being told what to do?” Madi jokes quietly as he beams in response.

“I guess I do.” Jason answers hazily before he kisses her softly, “That was intense." He grins as he shifts on the mattress, getting comfortable.

“So, back to studying then?” Madison proposes with a giggle.

“Fuck studying,” Jason mumbles with a frown as he ran his fingertips up her spine tenderly.