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Baby I'd only seek you

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He knows he's very well hidden between the wall and behind the numerous cardboard boxes kept in this dusty storage room. 
Why the hell on earth he felt this was his best bet at not being found, he doesn't really know.
But he's sure that for now he's well concealed from curious eyes and he knows that Jin won't be able to find him. 

He hears a small creak and the smell of peppermint infiltrates his respiratory tract. 
He risks a small peep over the edge of this one particularly large box and is greeted with the sight of the blonde alpha. The same person he has been trying to hide from. 
Instantaneously, his skin prickles with excitement and his stomach does a quick somersault. 

It's pitiful, since he has never had the courage to profess his love for the elder and he knows that the alpha won't like him that way so it's useless even trying. He's too shy and fragile for a rejection. 

He crouches lower and ducks his head below the edge of the box, so as to be hidden when he hears something....or more precisely someone. 
He isn't sure if his hearing is right but is that... 
There is a spike in the peppermint scent and with every passing second it grows stronger.
He hears it again. 
And this time his jaw drops in shock.
He can't believe his ears so he risks another peak only to be scandalised by the scene unfolding right before his eyes.
Jin is sitting right in front of him, just a few feet away, his hand palming through his sweat pants with his back towards him.
He takes a sharp inhale as he watches the blissful expression on Jin's face through the mirror.

Why would there be a mirror in a storage room? 
Well, because the room was the golden maknae's room before he moved in with Namjoon. 
What better way to use the room than to turn it into a storage area mainly for their music equipment?

Another breathy moan falls from the alpha's lips and Namjoon looks away,  his gaze falling onto the bed right next to the chair Jin is seated on.
Why did he have to witness this and be tortured? 
The silky yet dusty sheets make him wanna be on them with jin over him. 
But he drives the thought away as soon as it makes it appearance.
Jin doesn't like him. 
But then he can't help thinking -
What is going on? 
Weren't they playing hide and seek and.....wasn't it Jin's turn to seek? 

But then why... 

"Hmm, you'd be so good for me. "

That snaps Namjoon's attention back to the alpha. Through the mirror he can see the way that plump bottom lip is being caught between white pearly teeth, it makes the inner omega in him preen. The way his handsome face is scrunched into an expression full of lust makes him want to submit to the alpha. 
His eyes are transfixed and he knows that even if the blonde opens his eyes he won't be seen owing to the angle he is situated at. 
But that doesn't excuse him from being shameless and oggling.

"So so good for me. ", At this Jin loosens the pants and let them pool at his ankles while he slips one hand underneath his boxers. 

And that's when his foggy mind catches on -

"Oh he's thinking of someone. "


His heart drops for a moment and when he shifts he feels the wetness pool between his thighs.He can feel the heat rise up to his cheeks. He is so so embarrassed.

But it's too late.

He can feel flames of arousal lick his abdomen.
And he is well aware that his scent suppressors will do nothing to prevent his strawberry fragrance from percolating through his pores in no time. He can only hope that the elder will be done before his pheromones go out of control.
He wants to escape but he can't without being noticed so he does what he can do best i.e continue to watch on and pretend to believe that Jin is thinking about him even though the truth might be otherwise. 
He knows it'll hurt later on but his horny self can't care about it for now. 

"Oh....hmm~", Jin moans out as he pulls his member out, stroking it with vigour.

He is pulled out of his reverie and Namjoon almost loses himself at the sight, quietly moaning into his own hands which are clasped over his mouth. 
He wants to palm himself too but he knows that he'll be caught so he does nothing to satiate his growing desire and growing bulge.

"Oh baby doll ~", Jin sings out as he continues to pleasure himself,  one hand moving up and down the sensitive shaft while the other gripping the arm of the chair.

"So he's  thinking about an omega girl?", Namjoon solemnly thinks to himself even in the midst of arousal. 
Jin had made it clear that his preferred subgender was omega regardless of the primary gender. 
So it had to be.... 

"Oh hyung will make you feel so good."

Wait a minute.
But Namjoon is rudely interrupted again. 

"Oh joonie,  babe I think I'm gonna, I think I'm gonna -"

But before Namjoon can even process the words or understand the fact that Jin had taken his name -


His allergies had to kick in at this very moment.
Didn't it? 

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'Shit shit shit', his mind goes into overdrive as he shifts uncomfortably in his not so concealed ambush, his eyes fixed on the storeroom floor.

When he had sneezed, he being as clumsy as he was, managed to move some of the boxes, thus exposing himself.

He is still crouched on the floor though and as much as he wants anything else in life, he wants to believe that he can't be seen, just like an ostrich. 

'No no no this can't be happening.', he keeps on repeating the words in his head like a mantra. 

"You know I can see you. ", comes a silky voice which brings Namjoon back to reality.

He snaps his head up only to be met with a half naked Jin and ruby red eyes in the mirror.
Lust filled ruby eyes. 

When had Jin gotten rid of his boxers,  he doesn't know by the sight is very appealing nonetheless. The alpha looks like a meal. 

The thought makes him freeze, rendering him unable to move.

His legs have turned to jelly. 

Those otherwise mesmerising chocolate brown orbs now seeming to blend in with the red that screams alpha, calls out to his inner omega. 
He can't help it when his head tilts to the side of its own accord, baring his plain neck to the alpha in a welcoming fashion.
His eyes turn royal blue and when he sees the other's reflection emit a low growl, his own eyes drop down in complete submission.

In no time he feels rough hands grab his waist and cage him against the wall. Namjoon let's out a small whine when Jin buries his nose in the crook of his nose, scenting him for a brief second before pulling away. He can feel the alpha's hard gaze on him but he doesn't lock eyes with the blonde. 

"Look up. ", Jin says, his voice laced with authority.

It's not a request, it's a command.

And he does listen, his blue submissive ones staring deeply into the other's dominant red ones. 

Jin's alpha voice is so sexy that Namjoon can't really fight it when it makes him leak more slick. 
He can smell his own strawberry scent now mingling with Jin's peppermint one.
He has an inkling that Jin can smell his arousal despite the suppressors and it's confirmed when Jin takes a deep breath and smirks, 

"So needy for me huh?"

Namjoon looks away,  flushing pink with embarrassment. 
But it's not long before a crooked finger comes up-to his chin and gives it a flick so that he's back to staring at the alpha's handsome face. 
"Oh baby~", Jin coos with a wicked grin on his face.

Namjoon can feel the heat crawl up his neck and he finds his gaze suddenly fixed at the other man's spit slicked lips.
He licks his own lips but before he can do anything he finds Jin's soft, pillowy ones settle on his own, the elder's large hands holding onto his sides in a firm grip. 

At first he's in shock at the contact but when the blonde nips at his lower lip incessantly, demanding access, he let's out a low moan, giving in to the other. 

How long has he been waiting, dreaming and lusting for this? 

Namjoon opens his mouth only for the other to slip his tongue in and draw out more moans from the younger. 
Jin slips his hands under the omega's nightshirt while slotting one knee in between the other's legs without breaking the kiss. 
The omega can feel heat pool in his gut as he slings his arms around the elder's nape, drawing them flush against each other.
They stay like that for a while kissing and exploring each other's mouths before they pull away to catch their breaths. 

Jin then latches onto the omega's jaw, swiping a wet strip along the line before moving down to the younger's exposed clavicle.

Namjoon always wears those oversized shirts that exposes his chest and makes him look like such a snack.

He peppers a few sweet butterfly kisses over the brunette's collar bone, while one hand sneakily roams up under the younger's nightshirt to pinch the omega's perky nipples.

" Ahhh...Hyung.... ", Namjoon whines, his toes curling in pleasure.

His shorts start to tighten while his inner thighs continue to be smothered in slick. 
He is rewarded with jolts of pleasure down his spine as he feels the elder's hot mouth alternating between his nipples.
He can't help but cry out loud, his own half lidded eyes drooping close in pleasure.

And while Jin continues to kiss him roughly, hot tongue occasionally slipping into the younger's wet cavern, the brunette begins rutting against the elder's leg. 
Namjoon can't take it anymore,  he needs the friction. 

Jin is quick to remove his leg, after which the alpha pushes the omega back. 

"Not so fast babe. ", the alpha taunts, red eyes gleaming. 

"Alpha please.. ", Namjoon whines, trying to rut against thin air. 
" Uh uh.. ", Jin drawls out before pulling Namjoon in for a chaste kiss and then turning them around to face the mirror. 

With the way Namjoon's back is now flush against his hyung's chest, the omega can certainly feel the alpha's exposed and precum dribbling member poke against his clothed ass. 
The elder is so hard for him and the thought makes him moan. 

"This is how you make me feel, look at how hard I am for you....You've been driving me crazy with those extremely short shorts of yours that expose your sexy thighs. ", Jin mouths against the omega's earlobe sending a shiver down the younger's spine. 

" Uggh the way your ass looks when you bend makes me wanna cum right inside you. You've tortured me enough Kim Namjoon.", the alpha hisses before sticking his tongue out to lick the shuddering omega's earlobe, giving it a few nips before moving down the younger's neck to where his scent gland is. 
Jin works his tongue, lapping and then lightly biting into the sensitive area drawing loud moans from the clearly aroused omega. 

" you even know the number of times I've jacked off to the thoughts of fucking you so good... Uggh", Jin continues to spew profanities while one hand slips under  waistband of Namjoon's sinfully short shorts to rest on the younger's aching length. 
The alpha lazily moves his hand up and down the whimpering omega's dick, while continuing to litter bruises on the younger's neck. 
Namjoon starts grinding his ass against the alpha's hard length, drawing out a few growls in return.
While they both find a momentum and moans of pleasure ring through the room, Jin abruptly stops them from moving. 

"Clothes off.", Jin demands.

Namjoon obliges, striping himself naked in the blink of an eye. 
No sooner does the omega dispose the last of his clothing than he is being roughly pulled by the alpha.

"Bend forward, ass in the air and keep your hands on either side of the mirror. I wanna see how I wreck you with pleasure.", Jin hisses out, a sly smirk on his face. 

Namjoon does as told,  bending forward and spreading his legs to keep balance with his ass on full display for the alpha. 

For a moment or two Namjoon stands there in position, waiting with arousal and anticipation clawing at his abdomen before he...Oh... 
He bites down his bottom lip raw when he feels the older's wet tongue prod at his entrance. 
Jin places both his hands on either side of the omega's ass cheeks and spreads them wide open before plunging his hot tongue through the ring of muscle.

There is slight resistance at first, but the stretch feels so good, slightly burning, but pleasurable nonetheless. The slick that he produces serves as self lubrication and it saves him a great deal of pain. Namjoon can't help but grip the edge of the mirror for support while letting out a loud moan. 
The alpha doesn't stop there, he continues to lick and suck at the younger's abused entrance drinking in the omega's juices like its ambrosia and opening him up as best as his tongue fucking skills allow.
After a few more laps Jin adds in two fingers along with his tongue, thrusting the two digits down to his knuckles and circling them inside the omega's warmth while doing the same with his tongue.
The blonde continues with his antics and it's not long before he hits the younger's bundle of nerves.

"Feels so ahhh...." Namjoon cries out, voice hoarse from all the moaning and knees ready to give way. 

The alpha continues to scissor the omega open regardless, and finally adds in a third digit. 
This time Jin bites down on one of the omega's ass cheeks while his previously free hand kneeds the other cheek harshly. 

"Hyung... I ahhhhhhh....I'm gonna....", Namjoon whimpers incoherently and Jin takes that as a sign to stop and so the alpha pulls back. 

"Hyuuuuung.... Please...", Namjoon whines, on the verge of tears. 

The older pulls the omega in for a back hug before twisting Namjoon's face to the side , only to crash their lips together.
Namjoon can taste himself on the alpha and it makes him feel so so aroused. 

"Alpha please ....please fuck me... I.. I need you. ", the omega whimpers against the elder's lips. 

The way Namjoon is begging for him makes his already hard cock twitch as he hurries to get rid of his shirt before pushing  the omega back to his previous position. 
He wastes no time in aligning his thick cock against the younger's entrance before pushing all of himself into the omega in one go. 

"Al...pha... Ahhhh.", Namjoon screams, head lolling to one side while his eyes roll back.
He fulls so full and so good that he can't keep himself quiet. 

Jin thrusts forward at a slow pace at first so that Namjoon can get used to him. But just after a few thrusts he loses patience and quickens his pace,  drawing noises of approval from the younger. 
He grabs onto Namjoon's hips tightly, digging his blunt nails into the younger's unmarked flesh while he drives himself deeper into the other's warmth. He's sure it'll leave five crescent shaped designs on either sides later on, but he cannot really bring himself to care.
All he can concentrate is on how beautifully the omega's walls clench around his dick. The soft velvety walls eating up his length so greedily. The younger is so tight for him, so good. 
His eyes wander and the alpha makes the mistake of looking into the mirror and he feels he'll end up with an aneurysm.
With every thrust, the way the omega's face scrunches into an expression of utter pleasure makes him feel like he'll cum prematurely.
The way Namjoon bites his lips and closes his eyes makes him wanna bang the other harder and deeper.

He just wants, no, needs the omega all to himself.

Namjoon is his, the inner wolf in him mutters.

"Your so hot Joon...", Jin pants as he sets his rhythm, looking at how amazingly his cock slides in and out of the other's ass.
He continues to draw back all the way to the tip before thrusting with full force back in, being rewarded by the omega's songs of pleasure.

"So so good for me.. ", Jin praises as he angles a particularly hard thrust that sends Namjoon into a frenzy. He'd hit the omega's bundle of nerves. 

"Your mine... ", Jin growls out which makes Namjoon reply with a soft mewl. 

He was Jin's. 

"Fuck.... Hyung I'm yours. ", Namjoon says breathlessly when the alpha continues to hit his prostrate and pleasure him. 

"No one's but mine. ", the alpha says while tightening the grip he had on the omega's waist possessively.

"Yes yours....Hyung... I think I'm gonna -", Namjoon moans out, holding onto the edge of the mirror for dear life. 

"Cum for hyung baby... ", Jin whispers, voice all soft.

And with that, Namjoon sees blinding white before rivulets of cum are seen painting the mirror he is in front of.
Jin isn't far behind though and with just a few more thrusts Namjoon can feel the alpha's knot grow inside him.
It feels so satisfying, almost like he's found a missing part of him and he finally feels whole, complete.
It's not long before the knot fully grows and the blonde finally releases his load into the younger.

Jin pulls Namjoon up into his arms so now they both are standing with Namjoon leaning against his chest, and he nuzzles his nose into the crook between the omega's neck and shoulder, lightly biting at the skin while waiting for his knot to go down. 

" I really like you Joon-ah, I've liked you since a while now." the alpha confesses, looking into the mirror to drink in the omega's expression. 

Jin can't help but chuckle when he looks at the coy expression on Namjoon's face,  pink dusting his cheeks and eyes focussing elsewhere.

"You can't look like that with my knot still up your ass. "

"Hyung.. ", Namjoon whines,  looking utterly scandalised.

But then the omega looks at the elder's reflection, looking into those beautiful chocolate brown eyes before hesitantly saying, "Hyung this isn't a one time thing is it?"

Jin catches the tone of vulnerability and sighs, "Joon-ah didn't you hear me? I said I like you. "

"Oh... "

"How did you not get the hints I kept dropping?", Jin questioned, nuzzling his nose once again into the younger's neck. 

"I don't know. I just thought you were into skin ship with everyone and I was no special.", His throat closes up on itself when he answers. 
The number of times he had to bite down his jealousy when he saw Jin share lingering touches with the other members, it just brings bitter memories to his mind. 

"But the question is... Namjoon do you like me back?", the alpha mutters the question into his neck so softly like as though he's scared to know the possible answer. 

"Yes hyung I like you so much,  you have no fucking idea. ", Namjoon finally confesses.

Jin's head snaps up from where it's resting on Namjoon's shoulder and his face breaks into a breathtaking grin when their brown eyes meet once again in the mirror.
Once the alpha's knot goes down they separate, much to the omega's chagrin.

"Come on let's clean up and go to the others, they must be wondering where we are. ", Jin suggests while he searches for some sort of cloth with which they can clean themselves.

Namjoon happens to find two pieces of spare cloth and while he gives one to the alpha, he has a question burning at the back of his mind,

"Hyung? "

"Hmm? "

"Did you know I was hiding here?"

To his surprise this time it's the alpha that blushes, he clears his throat before answering, 

"Actually no I didn't. The thing is that I had already caught Hoseok and Taehyung and they hinted to someone being here. But then when I came here I couldn't smell you or anyone for that matter I... " Jin trails off.. 

"And? ", Namjoon presses on while wiping himself.

"The way you looked in those extra small shorts had triggered my horniness.. I..  I thought I'd jerk off real quick to the thoughts of me fucking you.", Jin mutters sheepishly.

Now it's Namjoon's turn to turn beet red at the confession.

" I was on scent suppressors..", the omega mumbles. 

"So now what?", Jin questions, conveniently changing the topic. 

"Now in? ", the younger counter questions. 

" I mean like are dating or boyfriends or... "

" I don't mind us being boyfriends hyung. ", Namjoon is quick to cut in with a dimply grin splayed across his face. 

"But that doesn't excuse you from taking me on our first date though okay", the younger pouts cutely, making the alpha coo. Jin pulls Namjoon in for a warm hug before placing a chaste kiss on his lips and responding with, 

"Don't worry babe we'll go on our fist date soon enough, but first let's go fetch the others. "

With that they finally emerge from the store room, hand in hand,  only to find the whole dormitory empty and silent.
They check in every room but seem to find no one present.
They finally stumble into the dining area only to find a large note on the dining table.
The alpha pulls the younger into and embrace as he starts reading the note aloud-

From your fellow bandmates -

I knew you guys needed that extra push to get the Namjin ship sailing. Ha! I told you Namjoon that jin is crazy for you....And hyung didn't I tell you that Joonie is just waiting to hop on your dick! . I'm always right since I'm the sunshine.
I'm so proud of taetae and Jimminie for suggesting the idea of playing this game otherwise I swear my old ass would wither away tryna get u dense idiot's together. Sha this whole dorm reeks of you guys. Jeez...but I'm soooo happy :);) Wish you happy fucking!! And you better tell me that you're a couple after this or else I swear..... Also hit us up at our usual cafe once your done with your session...



"Seokah has to be loud doesn't he? ", Jin chuckles as Namjoon rest his head against the alpha's chest. 

"Hmm", the omega hums in agreement and Jin continues to read. 



Taetae ~
Hey I should get credit for getting u guys together since I was the one who told him hyung u were hiding in the storeroom :( I don't wanna share the credits with Jimminie! But I'm so glad you guys finally got the balls to actually do something instead of pining after each other. Fuck like rabbits my hyungs but please spray some room freshener so that we don't choke on the smell of you guys having sex :(

Finally,  fucking finally. Hyungs seriously this better be good and I'm all in for the dirty details;) I just hope I can find my alpha soon... 



"And so does Tae and Jimminie. ", this time Namjoon says,  eyes glued on the note. 




Jungkook ~
Ew you guys are gross,  seriously...
But I'm glad for you too :)



"Jungkook is just cute...i love that kid, ", Jin chuckles as he reads the small note from the golden maknae. 
"Cute indeed.", the younger agrees with a fond smile.



I don't know why I have to move my ass,  I don't wanna go to the café. All because of you idiots!!! 
I swear if I ever catch you guys fucking each other like rabid dogs anywhere near my room I'll kick you out of the dormitory. I ain't kidding no one. 



" And Yoongi  hyung... ", Namjoon trails off.

"Well let's not dwell on his threats now shall we? We have somewhere to be. ", Jin says and pulls the omega along with him towards  their designated destination.