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Frank squeezed his eyes shut harder, willing his magic back into his hands. He'd been trying to cast the spell Grant had been creating for him for a few months. After Quite A Few evenings of Frank giving him the subtle puppy-eyes and being extra flirty, Grant had given in and told him about it. It was a relatively advanced spell, if done correctly, it would let Frank manipulate his existing ink, moving it around and merging the colours with one another to create a new one, but temporarily. What Grant hadn't told Frank yet, that it was only a step one, and he'd really been trying to make Frank's art manifest into the real world, as perfect, fully functioning replicas of the drawings, which was a pretty game changing advantage in Frank's line of work, especially since most of his body art was of various weapons he'd come to learn, love and have a story with. Excluding, of course, quite the amount of carefully planned, extremely subtle love declarations for two of his favorite men in the whole wide world. The spell had been in Grant's mind since exactly a year ago, when Frank had been injured during a mission and, almost convinced he wouldn't survive it, had accidentally sent his friends a panicked distress call through a mind link he hadn't realized he'd developed with them, wanting to at least let them know how he truly felt for them and say goodbye. It had taken Grant and Gerard almost 12 hours of continuous healing procedures and several days of artificially induced coma for them to make damn sure he wouldn't be going anywhere anytime soon, which prompted the two to finally speak up about their feelings for the younger man, their confession returned with no hesitance or doubt. It had taken Frank about a month - which would've been several, had it been human doctors taking care of him, really - to be able to leave the house for small walks under strict supervision from either man and intensive care from both. Frank reveled in the attention. He'd pined for the couple for two years, always having been too afraid to fess up because of either his job, or the fact that the two had been together for over a century and so very clearly still as in love and enamored with each other as a couple still in their honeymoon phase. It was beautiful to watch. It used to frighten Frank, he'd thought that he'd never really be a part of them as much as they were a part of him, but every time either Grant or Gerard saw the slightest shadow of a doubt so much as cross his face, they would kiss him breathless and reassure him of the depth of their love as much as necessary until they'd wear him out and put him to sleep wrapped up between them.

Even the start of their friendship had been full of drama, Frank was hired to find the vampire responsible for recent carnage in a nearby village, where he'd met Grant in his own local herbal shop, which Frank had heard of before but never had the chance to visit. It blew his mind, his magic needed herbs and careful rituals since his innate power wasn't as prominent, as he was the first in several generations of his family to have it at all. He quickly befriended the older man which was completely out of character for him, but he supposed it could be excused because of small celebrity-like crush created by the amount of good he'd heard and read of Grant's shop and his influence on his side of the supernatural world. Eventually, Frank's investigation wrongfully led him to a reclusive red-haired boy living seemingly alone just outside of town, skin almost fair enough to match that of a creature of the night's. The whole ordeal was very emotional and slightly messy, involving a couple threats and silent stares into one another's eyes, but as soon as Gerard was released from Frank's grip and huddled in the arms of Grant, It was clear neither one of them could ever hurt a fly. After Frank had finished the job (with the help of the couple) and got rid of the real culprit, he'd felt, for the first time in his life, that he didn't want to leave. He wanted to get to know the two better, see more of their life, feel more of the copious amount of good energy coming off of them in waves after waves whenever they were together. Luckily, they'd told him he was always welcome back to their home, should he ever need a roof over his head, guidance, or just someone to talk to. Frank had eagerly accepted the offer and would come back to them for a few days in-between his assignments. It still amazed him how easily he started referring to this beautiful house as Home, though he knew the men he shared it with had a lot to do with it. 

Grant had been so diligent in teaching Frank how to access and bend his power to his will, with centuries of his own training and almost the entire span of his relationship with Gerard under his belt, but Frank wasn't the best at taking direction, used to working alone and prone to outbursts of self-doubt, one of which he felt bubbling up as he felt the familiar warmth and buzzing in his bones, just out of reach and threw his arms up in exasperation as Grant gave him an encouraging nod and Gerard gave a tiny giggle, face buried in his book the instant Frank shot him a dirty look.

"Are you laughing at me?! Grant! He's laughing at me!" To this Grant gave a fond chuckle, his face lighting up as the exchange kept going.

"I'm sorry Frankie, your face is just too cute when you try to concentrate too hard" Gerard answered fondly.

"Well maybe you shouldn't be sprawled like a fairy princess wearing THAT when I'm trying to work." Frank answered faking bitterness in his voice, to which Gerard's face took the expression of pure outrage.

"What's wrong with my outfit?!" He asked, voice a pitch too high to be completely believable. Frank suspected if he kept this up Gerard would not hesitate to fill his eyes with tears and fake a fainting so Frank would have to make it up to him, but looking him up and down clad in his short, lacy black dress that left nothing to the imagination, (especially not the skimpy pair of a-little-too-small red panties underneath) he wasn't sure he'd mind.

"You can't expect me to concentrate like this. Mr. Morrison, I'm afraid he's acting highly unprofessional"

"Oh?" Grant decided to play along, eager to see where the shared mischief in his boys' eyes would lead. "And what do you suggest we do with him?"

Frank hummed and rubbed his hands together for a moment. "I fear I must challenge him to a duel." he answered, raising his fist, then two of his fingers, breathing out the spell as his middle slid down his forefinger. Gerard put his book on the end table next to his head, gracefully lowering his legs to the ground and sitting up straight. He felt the buttons on his dress becoming undone and the armchair moving closer towards the pair. "Foul play, Iero," he gasped when he stopped right in front of them. Frank raised his eyebrow, smiling, and put his hands underneath Gerard's thighs, lifting him and plopping down on the chair in one swift motion, sitting the redhead down in his lap, the boy giving a twinkling giggle as his arms came around Frank's neck, a single arm of the dress falling from his shoulder in a delicious display of skin.

Grant had never imagined he'd think Gerard could decorate another man's arms even more beautifully than his own, but it had been a wonder seeing Frank play with his beloved, especially when he saw the brilliant smile the youngest man flashed at the little incubus, Gerard's painted shimmering red lips curling in a smirk as his hips gyrated on Frank's lap, humping like teenagers as if they'd never done it before. The brunette's hands squeezed his ass roughly, pulling a whine from the boy on top and Frank was only one man, he dived straight into those strawberry lips, eagerly sucking on Gerard's tongue and pulling his panties upwards, causing it to stretch over the boy's cock and reveal his full, plump ass for Grant's appreciative eyes. His hands squeezed and pulled Gerard's cheeks apart, fingers gliding over the plug placed by Grant and himself the same morning, from when Grant had cum inside him and Gerard insisted on wanting to keep it there, which had been lingering on Frank's mind the whole afternoon, his concentration not withstanding Gerard's fake indifference. An image flashed in Frank's mind, making him shudder and break the sloppy kiss, looking at his face, lips swollen and smudged with makeup. He decided, then and there, that that was his favourite look on Gerard, debauched and wanton and still so obviously and completely in love  with the person he was looking at.

Frank looked over Gerard's shoulder, carefully nipping at it in the process. "I don't think I can properly teach him a lesson here. We should move this to the bedroom, don't you think?" Grant smiled and moved immediately, elated with the prospect of satisfying his inner voyeur, which had been a more or less recent of a development, though, he supposed it was inevitable, you couldn't blame a man for wanting to look at the most beautiful display of eroticism in the form of his two young lovers. 
He got the lube out of their bedside table, dropping it next to the pillows on their shared bed, with a pair of silver nipple clamps, one of their birthday gifts for Gerard earlier that year, but they had yet to be used on him, even though he had been ecstatic to receive them, what Grant hadn't anticipated that night on Gerard's birthday though, was that they'd reverse it on him. They tied Grant up, teased and played with his nipples until they were oversensitive, put the clamps on him and made him cum untouched, just like that. It was one of Grant's favorite nights, and the first time he'd submitted to anyone in one too many years to count. Gerard and him were never really vanilla, they slid into their roles easily and had been perfectly satisfied with each other, but Frank had been a cherry on top of their nights (and sometimes days), pushing them a level beyond what they were already used to. He snapped back to reality when the door was basically kicked open, immediately followed by Gerard's backside. He sat down in the middle of the bed, spine against the headboard and parted his legs, allowing Frank to lower the boy between them, still wrapped up around each other. Frank pulled back as Gerard's hands came up around Grant's neck and lowered his head, meeting each other in a sloppy, dirty kiss. Frank noticed the items near their pillows, smiling at Grant's choice, he'd been wanting to see their boy wearing them too, quickly grabbing the nipple clamps as he trailed his mouth lower, sucking on Gerard's skin and biting his nipples, teasing them before fastening the clamps over them, tugging a couple times before leaving a wet trail over his body. He soon reached the silky red panties that had been teasing him the entire day. Frank licked over the small bulge, smelling Gerard's arousal, it was heady and musky, the half-demonic pheromones making Frank's cock twitch in his pants, catching his hand halfway from rubbing it, wanting to withhold for as long as he possibly could, he knew that would please Grant. He looked up just as Grant pulled back from the kiss, his mouth now also covered in lipstick, Frank had to chuckle a little as Grant looked back at him, nodding slightly, indicating Frank to take Gerard's panties off, so he did, as quickly as he could, and looked at Gerard's tiny cock, weeping precome on the redhead's carefully maintained heart-shaped pubes. "Look at him, he's about to cum and still so small. Thank god I have you to fuck me and that he's so good with his mouth and ass, huh?" Frank told Grant, not even looking at Gerard as he heard the man underneath whimper in shame, knowing he got off on being humiliated. Grant gave a small laugh, "indeed. Its such a shame your talented mouth has to be wasted on that little thing. How about you put it somewhere it deserves to be?" Gerard squirmed, his cheeks blazing, but Grant held him tightly. "Oh, you read my mind babe, wanted to eat him out since this morning. Turn around, Gee, show Grant what that mouth can do, since your dick clearly isn't up to much." Frank said, sharply flicking Gerard's ballsack, his warm smile contrasting his words and actions. Gerard sat up, quickly stealing a kiss from Frank and moved to his knees. Grant quickly took off his shirt and snapped his fingers, his pants and underwear dissipating in thin air, watching Gerard get comfortable between the two and taking hold of the red hair. He quickly gave the boy a kiss and lowered him down to his fluffed cock. 
Gerard licked Grant's sack first, taking each of his testicles in his mouth, then licked up to his head, stopping and spitting all over it, as dirty as possible, swirling his tongue around The head, digging into the slit a couple times. Frank got caught up watching them until Gerard let out a whine and shook his ass. 
He smiled at the neediness and went back to his original plan, quickly throwing his shirt off and coming face to face with what had to be the best ass he'd ever seen. Not that it was the only thing he loved about the man, but it was up there in the favourites section. Beyond plump and squishy, not to mention tight as hell, decorated with a few freckles here, a stretch mark or two there and a beautiful, diamond plug in the middle. He had to take a breath before he could proceed, taking both of Gerard's cheeks in his hands, squeezing and kneading the flesh as hard as he could. They all enjoyed marking it up far too much. After giving it a few sharp slaps for good measure, he parted them and dived straight in, licking around the plug, down the perineum and behind the sack, feeling it twitch. He went back up, toyed with the plug before taking it out ever so slowly, stopping when he felt it nudge against Gerard's prostate when the boy gave a moan, to rub it over the gland slightly, before removing it. He sucked on it once, tasting Grant and giving them a delicious groan before going back in, harshly spitting on the hole, licking around the stretched rim, scooping the dripping semen back up inside and swirling his tongue over the pink hole, slurping and sucking on it as hard as he could, Gerard's moans were no longer muffled and they echoed through the room, Frank swirled his tongue inside him to encourage the beautiful sounds on as Grant watched Gerard's face contort into pure pleasure, his expression changing from shock to delight. 

He loved it. Loved watching his face and hearing him from up close, loved watching Frank's concentration on his task, loved his fascination with Gerard's ass and the need to please him, loved how he had specks of his cum on his face from licking it out of Gerard, loved how Frank hadn't once touched himself and loved how he knew it was for him. He had to tug Gerard's nearly slack mouth off him to make sure he wouldn't cum too soon himself, held the boy's head and tried not to wince from the death grip Gerard had on his arms. Frank felt Gerard trying to ride his face, held his tongue out and let him fuck himself on it, his face covered in a mix of his own spit and Grant's seed, he spit on Gerard's hole again, hearing a loud moan and took a hold of his thighs, burying his face in the ass and lapping at the rim as fast as he could, he wanted to make Gerard come untouched, just from his mouth, but he heard the moans, whimpers and soft "Ah, yes, Frankie right there! God!" turn into frantic and reluctant "Wait, stop Frankie please". Frank let go of his thighs and sat back, watching Grant gather Gerard in his arms. "Are you alright, darling?" He asked softly, slowly rubbing Gerard's hips and thighs. Gerard took a shaky breath and chuckled, looking up at Frank, trying to remember how to speak. "I dunno, I've been better". They exchanged soft laughs and Frank came up close, kissing Grant and letting him taste his mouth, he was just gross like that, barely anything phased him anymore and he knew Grant enjoyed a little bit(or a lot) of Nasty in the bedroom. He looked up at Grant's face, smudged lipstick all over his mouth and no doubt on Frank's own as well. He stroked Grant a couple times before turning his attention to Gerard, who took Frank by the hair "want you both to fuck me, right now, Frankie, Grant, please, want you to stretch me out" he managed to get out before Frank groaned, hooked his finger under the chain of the clamps, tugging at it and smashing their mouths together, tangling his tongue with Gerard's, giving him a taste, too. "Yeah. Fuck yeah, Gee, are you sure? Anything for you, baby. Fuck" Grant took ahold of Gerard's face as he nodded and kissed him, deep and slow. "How do you want us, sweetheart?" He asked, a little breathless himself. "Just like this. Wanna ride you. He'll appreciate the view, I'm sure" said Gerard, looking up at Frank and giving him a sly smirk, to which Frank gave a smirk of his own and leaned in for a kiss. "You can bet your ass I will, babe" he squeezed and slapped Gerard's ass as he leaned up, kissing Grant for all he's worth and moving down, trailing soft kisses along his jaw. Grant's hand came up to his cheek and tilted Frank's head up, giving him a strong kiss. "Don't think I haven't noticed how well you're behaving, darling, haven't even touched yourself once. I'm proud of you." Franks face split into a maniacal grin. He placed several kisses on Grant's lips in quick succession before moving back and letting Grant scoot and lay down, before Gerard could climb into his lap. He got off the bed and took off his pants, underwear absent, as per usual, and moved behind Gerard, sliding his fingers down as he kissed the boy's neck. He was still stretched from the plug that's been in him the whole day and slick enough from Frank's mouth for him to be able to take two fingers right off the bat. Gerard took the bottle of lube, uncapped it and poured it over Grant's cock, letting Frank finger him open for a couple more minutes as he worked his hand over Grant, flicking his wrist at the head with practiced ease and enjoying Grant's moans. "I'm alright, Frankie. Really wanna feel you both tonight." He said with a contended smile, darting his tongue to quickly lick over Frank's mouth, who smiled and followed Gerard's tongue with an empty threat of a bite, his teeth snapping not a centimeter in front of the redhead's mouth. Gerard moved to sit on Grant's cock, letting it slide against his hole, teasing, prompting a disapproving tut and a warning glare from the man. Gerard just chuckled and continued stroking the throbbing member with his hand, occasionally letting it catch on his rim. "Frank, be a darling, will you?" Grant asked the boy observing them over Gerard's shoulder. Instantly getting an "On it, babe".

He grabbed Gerard's wrists, pinning them to his back with one hand and lining Grant's cock up with Gerard's hole, nipping at his earlobe in the process. "That's it, work yourself on his cock, be a good little whore for us, baby, I know you can't wait 'til I'm in there too, God, Gee, that's it." He chanted encouraging words in the boy's ear until Grant was fully seated inside him, making both of them Groan in approval. Gerard started gyrating his hips, moaning at the feeling but moreso at the thought of what Grant must be feeling. He loved pleasing them. Truly loved it. He could happily cum from having his men orgasm because of him. He moved his hips in circles while maintaining a direct eye contact with Grant, panting and bouncing in his lap. Slick fingers prodding at his hole while a hand on his back pushed him down, soon finding himself chest to chest with Grant, who held his asscheeks open for Frank's hungry eyes and smart fingers. Grant pulled his cock out, letting Frank insert a couple fingers before moving back in. The stretch was delicious, Gerard could barely wait for Frankie's cock aligning next to Grant's, completely filling him up and making his head spin. Just as Frank was adding a third finger, Grant's cock roughly pushed against his spot, making his cock spurt and his throat constrict, releasing a loud, broken moan, Grant rubbed over the spot for a few seconds, making Gerard see stars and Frank an opening to easily insert a third finger.

Grant nuzzled Gerard's face, kissing his jaw and nudging it sideways, so he could kiss him for all he was worth. Frank, holding Gerard's pinned wrists at his back with one hand and lube with another, poured it over his cock and Gerard's opening, the cold making both of them shiver and hiss. His cock slid next to Grant's own, making him stutter in his movement from how good it felt, even in concept. Gerard was impossibly tight and hot around him, Grant's cockhead rubbed against his and created deliciously wet friction, all the while Gerard could only have his eyes shut and mouth open in a soundless moan, tears streaming down his face as Grant kissed them off. His spine snapped straight as they both started moving inside him. He willed his vocal chords to start collaborating, trying to display how good the pain of the stretch felt, how grateful he was that they'd do this for him with little to no planning. Sex was his life source, as a mix of an incubus and a human witch, the more sex he had, the wilder it got and the sorer he felt after it, the stronger he got and younger he felt. He smiled to himself as his orgasm drew closer and closer, moaning as loudly as he could, as if he was a virgin and this was his first time getting railed, by two men, no less. It turned him on to be vocal and his partners had no qualms. He started trying to bounce on their cocks, feeling the waves of his pheromones leaving his body in an effortless plea, making both of his men fuck him harder, faster. Gerard felt his heartbeat in his asshole. It was perfect.

"Yes, yeah, right there, please. You're s'good. So good to me. Love you. Yeah" got him two grunts and a swear on Frank's behalf, as well as a slap to his ass and a bite to his neck, courtesy of Grant. Gerard tried to clench his hole over them both. "Come inside me, please, both of you, please, please, please."

"Fuck, baby. Don't even gotta fucking ask." Frank panted back, sneaking a hand between Grant and Gerard to grab ahold of the tiny cock, jacking it off with his fingers. Gerard hadn't realized how close he'd been before he started coming all over Frank's fingers and Grant's stomach. Frank rubbed him through it and even afterwards, when both he and Grant were preparing for their own climax. Grant felt his orgasm hit just as Gerard's started slowing down, Frank following soon after, pulling out halfway through, decorating the redhead's backside in process. Gerard felt them both, filling him up and oozing down their shafts. His wrists were freed and he thumped down on a broad, sweaty chest, sobbing as his hands came up to hold Grant as closely as he could. Both of them pulled off after catching their breaths. He sobbed at the sudden emptiness and felt his hole flutter. He thought about the mix of their semen leaving his stretched out body and whimpered as Grant rolled them sideways and laid him down on his back, carefully taking off the clamps as he felt Frank lying down next to him, cuddling him up and kissing his forehead. Frank looked up at Grant and noticed his hand sliding down to Gerard's hole as his eyes flashed golden for a split second and felt Gerard exhale onto his neck.

Gerard loved this spell, Grant's cold fingers rested against his hole. It felt like heaven, they were all dirty and tired and covered in bodily fluids and it was amazing. Suddenly he felt the fingers dip inside him, he gasped slightly, still oversensitive, but the cold of Grant's fingers felt perfect inside him as they scooped out the come and slid into Gerard's mouth for him to taste. It tasted bitter. Perfect. Frank leaned down to capture his lips and share the moment with him. Groaning at their combined taste, as Grant's cold fingers lowered themselves to Gerard's sore nipples and his other hand went back down to give his hole a rest.


They laid there, completely still for about twenty minutes, Grant's spell gradually fading as Frank played with Gerard's hair and held him tightly, but shower was definitely necessary. Maybe he could convince them to do it together. Gerard groaned, his voice muffled and throat sore as he said "Whatever you're thinking of - and I KNOW it's a joint shower, it's not happening anytime soon." Frank huffed, totally indignant as Grant gave a hearty laugh and kissed the back of Gerard's head. Maybe it could wait.

"Why were you distracting me the entire day, anyway?" Frank asked Gerard. "I don't know. I really wanted you to pay attention to me." "Ugh, you're such a diva." Frank bitched, tutting, as Gerard gave a whine in response and buried his head in Frank's chest. 

In reality, he just knew what Grant had really been concocting, he helped him design the spell for Frank, but if the man found out about it, he would no doubt be upset. Grant had been working on it non-stop and Frank would try to get him to stop. He liked to say he didn't want to go back to his old life, but both Gerard and Grant knew he missed his work, he missed helping people and missed going around the world, capturing whatever creature broke the rules of The Circle, which had kept the human world separate and protected from the supernatural for years. The Circle was still a new system, founded by Frank's grandparents, whom the boy was practically raised by, he loved and respected them, always striving for their approval. It was the most inclusive and fair government their world had ever had before, Grant had been friends with the founders, assisting with the development of their laws when necessary. But ultimately decided to stay away from it and with his lover, in their house, in their small town, with their shop and library and garden, happy in their own, expanding little world. He loved having Frank around all the time, they were all happy, but he felt Frank yearning for the feeling of contributing to the greater good, making a difference. It wasn't like he wouldn't have to leave eventually, his excuse of therapy and rest could only last so long, The Circle needed him, he was an invaluable asset, pressured into it since birth or not, he was the best person to continue the legacy. Keep the world safe and in order. And he would.

Gerard didn't realize when he'd fallen asleep, his body protested his moving but he felt too disgusting and crusty, sacrificing his comfort for a nice, hot shower. He felt completely rejuvenated the moment he got up, he could swear his skin was glowing, his hair redder and his face void of all wrinkles when he looked in the mirror, though he knew all of his aging flaws were still loved by his partners, it was nice to feel fresh again. Young.

He quickly took a shower, deciding to treat Frank to a surprise and wash his hair as well, before drying off and putting on a soft pair of boxer briefs, along with a hoodie he stole from Frank after he'd exercised and foolishly left it unattended on their bed a couple weeks ago. Gerard made a beeline to the kitchen, he was starving and the delicious smell of pancakes had been making him dizzy since he'd left the bathroom, his men never disappointed. Grant had known of Gerard's favourite post-coital food for years, but Frank had caught on quickly and started experimenting with his pancake recipes for Gerard, resulting in various failures and new favorites for all of them. The scene greeting Gerard had been breathtaking, to say the least. Grant was wrapped around Frank, holding his waist, swaying to soft music coming through their old gramophone, Frank flipping a pancake effortlessly enough to make it look easy with no magic involved. Gerard put his hand up, stopping it mid-air and dropping it on a nearby plate, stacked full and dripping with chocolate sauce, no doubt made by Grant, a bowl of strawberries grown in their own backyard standing next to it. The men turned around, Grant let go of Frank's waist, only to saunter over, softly singing along to the music, grab Gerard's  and bend him backwards into a kiss, one hand holding his hair. They faintly heard Frank laugh. "Your dinner's almost ready, you should sit down. I think you'll like what we added to the sauce this time." Grant told him as he pulled Gerard up, sitting down at the dinner table and lowering the boy sideways into his lap, trailing kisses on his jaw and neck. "I'll love everything you make for me, you know that...Though I really hope you didn't add too much cinnamon again. I could barely taste anything else for 2 days." Grant chuckled as Frank pointed his spatula at Gerard, his tone accusatory, "But you said you liked it!" hesitating before adding "You know what, don't answer that. I knew it was too much, even I hated it. But no, we added a little bit of vanilla, pretty basic, really, but I realized I hadn't tried it before. Weird." Gerard smiled as Frank poured him coffee and served his plate, giving a kiss to Grant's waiting lips before sitting down next to them himself. 

Life was good.