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In QingQing, China a newborn born can emanate light from their body. After that incident, many people around the world began to manifest differently. They don't know the cause of the quirk phenomenon is unknown but has been theorized that the spread of a virus carried by mice had brought about their development. Around 80% of the world, population possesses a quirk. Though some weren't so lucky to have one. They became known as quirkless.

 Quirkless people possessing absolutely no quirk, particularly unique features, or anything that would put them under the classification of being superhuman. They would be the subject of mockery and a level of prejudice. Anyone who does not possess a quirk is considered to be weak and worthless, or that their circumstances are incredibly woefully and rare.
However, one boy knows it when he realizes not all men aren't created equal. He receives it the harsh way when he was discovered being quirkless at the age of four.

"Why are you being so mean? You're making him cry Kacchan. If you keep on hurting him, I- I'll a... I'll stop you myself!" Said a young four-year-old boy with green unruly hair and same color eyes. Who bravely stood between the wounded kid and his bullies who turn out to be his godbrother along with two other boys. 
All three of them laugh at him.

"Hmph. You want to pretend to be a hero. You don't stand a chance without a Quirk. Deku." As of that the young ash blond boy and his goons lunge at him as they begin to beat him up. When it is over, we have seen him on the ground all bruises up.

His name is Izuku Midoriya. A four-year-old who dreams of becoming a hero just like any other children's dreams. He wanted to be like his idol hero. All Might. The number one hero. The symbol, peace. Though sadly since the last month of his birthday, he and his mother when to the doctor's office to attend if Izuku had a quirk. Not much to say at least, but it was sudden bad news to discover. 

"You should completely give up."

That is what he informed the Midoriyas as soon as the doctor told them they have found an extra joint to his pinky toe. He was quirkless. When coming from it Izuku closes himself to his room watching All Might's debut on his laptop. Tears just leaking out of his eyes when he asks his mom a simple question.

"Can I be a hero too?"

But all his mom could say to him that she was sorry for him. Wishing things were different.

Izuku doesn't want her to say. But he doesn't care. Over the weeks after his status was known throughout the neighbors. His life wasn't so great. Everybody around began discriminating against him except for his godparents. His godbrother was involved with everybody else. Not only that he initiates to taunts and bullying Izuku even though their godbrothers. Soon other children begin to pitch in on the bullying, making Izuku haven't hard times not having any friends. 

The teachers somehow turn a blind eye and just let it happen. They would scold him for making up stories when he told them he was being picked on or bullied, but they don't care. They just see him as an attention-seeker. Just to get his attention. 

Izuku sits up from the ground but winces from the wounds in pain. He sighs to himself as he lifts himself and limps on all way home. But unknown to him something in the shadows shows the fit ideal. Reddish-pink eyes watching the green-haired boy limp home. It looks like he is going getting in a big surprise when that unknown person left the scene with a phone in their hand.

Arriving home was stressful for Izuku. Whenever he comes home with scratches, bruises, and burns he'd make up lies so his mother won't worry about him what is going on at school. Inko has been a worried and sensitive woman since the day she found out that her son was quirkless. Not entirely sure if her reason for her son being quirkless was her fault. She never mentions this to her husband or either calls him. Her husband is off working overseas just to support his family. He has been sending them money for paying rent, bills, food, and personal stuff. 
She has tried to call Hisashi so many times. Leaving him messages to tell him about the news of their son is now circling. Reasonably he hasn't visited them after Izuku was born. Neither less to say at least called. While minding herself, she heard her son coming in. She welcomes her son at first but sees the scrapes and burns on him. Inko has meant to know about why her son keeps on coming home with all these bruises? She knew of the fact he would lie to her like 'I fall some steps' or 'Was playing heroes vs villains with other kids'. But she already knows Izuku doesn't have any friends at all since his status as expose out.

Inko began to wonder if Izuku was being bullied at school. Her thoughts interrupt from a loud banging coming from the front entrance. Both the Midoriyas jumped from the banging at first but gather themselves as Inko went over to the entrance. As she unravels it standing outside of the secure door was instantly her longtime friend and intellectual godmother of Izuku. 

Mitsuki Bakugou.

Standing there with a fierce, dark-faced appearance with a dark aura surrounded her. Inko felt herself losing all her colors and turn pale. But she equally saw her friend wasn't alone. Beside her gripping the back of the collar of his shirt was Katsuki who face is flushed red. A tear leaking out and a running nose. 

"Where's Izuku?" Said Mitsuki with a dark tone. 

Inko stutter, "I-I-Inside. Mitsuki? W-W-W-What is going on?" 

"I assure you once we're inside."

The green-haired woman shakily nodded as she steps aside to allow both mother and son inside. Izuku was exactly sitting on the couch when he observes his mother, his godmother, and... his godbrother? Coming in the front room. Mitsuki took a glance at her godson. When she noticed the bruises, she was mad as the mad hatter.

"So, you did beat him you little shit!" She smacks Katsuki upside his head making flinch from the hit. Inko raises a brow.

"Mitsuki what is going on? And what did he do?"

The blond woman crossed her arms.

"A nice girl came by my house and shows me a video on her phone of this little troublemaker and two other boys who were with him bullied a defenseless boy. And it also shows that my godson is trying to prevent them from harming the fellow, but he got beat up too!“ Mitsuki glare at her son. “All because of what? Because Izuku doesn't have a quirk?! Your father and I didn't raise you to be like that!"

She smacks her son of the head again. Izuku was sweating bullets. How would anyone be at the park without him noticing? There was nobody in that location exact him, Katsuki, and his goons. He took a glance at his mother who secured her hand to conceal her mouth and was crying. 

"I-I-I-I-Is that true, Izuku? Why didn't you tell me?" 

Izuku clenches his hands on his lap while staring down at the floor without a word. He doesn't cherish this. Even don't want Katsuki to get in trouble. Fortunately, currently, he doesn't have to lie to her. His tears began to welt up to eyes. 

"I... Don't want to make you sad and upset with me, mommy. I don't want to intentionally cause any necessary trouble. Barely getting Katsuki in apparent trouble."

"Sweetie..." Inko walks over to her son and hugged him. He cried.

"I'm sorry, mommy! I'm sorry!" 

Inko soothes him by rubbing his back. While doing so Mitsuki eventually got Katsuki to apologize to Izuku and for Inko as well for making her worried about her son's injuries. Mitsuki also explains she and her husband will have to think about is their son going to see a therapist since his behavior is getting out of hand. 

Once the Bakugous left Inko had started treating Izuku his wounds. Two hours later the parents of the two other boys who were involved in the intimidation also came by and had them apologize as well. They had told his mother that the girl had also shown them the video of the bullying and the boys are grounded for it. Hopefully, Inko will have to find and thanks to that person who saves her son from the bullying. 

She feels like everything was her fault. Failing to protect her son from those who treated him merely. Sighing, she regrets not being a strong type of mother like her friend Mitsuki. Both met in middle school when they were in their third year. She was quite shy and worrisome. Lack of confidence, but brave. Inko was a new student in school. Though she won't go into details of her paternal family. That is the only possible not to talk about it. 

The sun has set as the moon shines bright. Dinner was pleasant but bides time for bed. Izuku was wearing his All Might onesie for bed. He is at present under the covers as sleep took over him. Inko caresses him goodnight as she turns off the lights. She gave out a deep sigh of exhausted. Having to know that her son was bullied by not only Katsuki but other kids as well. She fears this would happen. She is unsympathetic to people discriminating against others with a lack of features or even having a villainous quirk. But what Inko also hates is gang violence.

Thinking about it makes her cringe to the point where she kept repeating herself. "No, Inko. Don't think about the past. You are married currently and have a son together." Oh, how she dearly wishes to be there for her dear son. By now she found out the undeniable truth of his clever lies. As one would ordinarily expect, going to have a talk with him in the morning. Yawning prodigiously as the sandman had come gracefully to place her to sleep. Inko promptly decides to do a little cleaning up and went to bed. Walking past her adorable son's standard room instantly checks on him if he's already sleeping.

Carefully open his bedroom door to properly check and genuinely see he was unconscious. Smile a little with comic relief while gently successful closes the door as she went silently to her room to sleep in. But a sudden discover someone or something is cunningly hidden in the lengthening shadows in his used room. Little Izuku was soundly sleeping. Though his pleasant face is all in sentimental tears. He, however, undoubtedly felt it correctly was, fortunately, his responsible fault after what happened today. Wishes he could completely submerge himself in a deep hole and never come out.

"I'm pathetic. I'm heartily ashamed. Please... Exonerate me..." He mumbles dishearten. 

A blackened hand gently strokes his plump cheek. Careless his uncombed hair as it gently brushed the unruly strands of his terrific bangs away from his distraught face. He moans softly. The scene moves up where the gentle hand remains intentionally a menacing figure with reddish-pink eyes ruefully surveying him.

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Breakfast was served at the table as the mother and son consumed their food. It in common was peaceful silence between them as the likely two are intentionally giving off some uncomfortable atmosphere around themselves. They don't experience what to declare and believe. Since yesterday Mitsuki forced her likely son to sincerely apologize to Izuku for intimidating him just because he was fortunately quirkless. The same goes thoughtfully for the other boys as well. What the angry ash blond woman had scientifically explained that a girl came by to her house and shown the video of Izuku and the wounded boy that he was defending was being beaten and tormented by Katsuki and his "friends." Of course, both the three are grounded for that. 

Not only that Inko had too realized that Izuku was also being bullied by other kids at daycare. Because today she needs talking with the caretakers about this bullying is going on. But first, she demands answers from her son. "Izuku?" He looks up from his plate and stares at his dear mom. Genuine fear came effortlessly upon him. He still scares after his mother found out about his bully problem. "Listen carefully, sweety. Yesterday was dramatic and knowing right away that you lied about being bullied so you don't desire me to be worried. Coming home with extensive burns, scratches, and visible wounds. That bothers me the most."

Izuku glanced down. Observing the reflection from his plate. Right now, he troubles his mother. This is the more troubling thing he never gets over. Inko detects this. 

"If you're thinking that I am bothered with you for lying? Then yes. I am cautious." A whimper naturally came from her mouth. “Honey, why? W-Why haven't you informed me that you were bullied?"

"B-B-Because I-I d-don't w-won't t-to you-upset y-you! I d-don't want to s-stress you out because of you have an s-son who is quirkless!" Big-fat tears leaking down his face. As well as his mother who willingly had her hand on her chest. 

"Izuku I'm troubled because you didn't inform me what's going on with your life. And I irritate stress out because I was thinking wisely you've might have got hurt or worse kidnapped! For once in my life can you please be honest with me and tell what's wrong?" 


Two fists smite the surface of the table together, making the silverware and plates scatter with food all over the table. Even two glasses of juice were a spillover. Making unanimously the liquid spread separately. The table was quiet. Hypnotic Izuku stares at his mother with an eye widen, and his innocent face went pale in legitimate fear. Even flinches when she bangs the table with two plump hands. Inko barely looks at him with a mix of considerable anger and upset. But when she recovers her senses, she recognizes what she had caused.

"O-Oh god. Izuku. I'm-"

Before she even gets a chance to humbly apologize to him Izuku scramble desperately out of his chair. Fled to his room with an intense slam shut. The green-haired woman was heartily ashamed of her action. All this stressing enough her out. Not because she concerns about her son's safety. It's the whole thing that happens naturally to her. 

Ever since everyone begins resolutely to know instantly about her son being quirkless they've been saying cautiously stuff behind her back. Not only that her innocent son being bullied by everyone. Inko thought soberly to herself that maybe she really was a terrible mother for not raising him right. Cautiously raising him like he was intellectually disabled or handicap. She allows her overbearing personality to get the best of her. All she wanted to make sure her baby is safe.

Though she never felt this way since the day, she ran away from her abusive "family" of hers when her in high school. Then imagine she thought of cringing her to the point of reminding of the people who hurt her and use her. Blame them for all the continuous pain and eternal suffering she had gone through. 

Glance over the standard clock to finding out it was time to take Izuku to daycare. Cursing herself needs to get Izuku ready, but after shouting at him she too stresses out from what happened exactly presently. Calls Mitsuki and sees if willing to take a son for her.

Mitsuki had arrived promptly and placed her car by the side of the local street to delicately pick up Izuku. After receiving precisely, a call from a crying Inko if it is okay for her to come to take Izuku to daycare with for her. Just already drop off Katsuki to daycare and hurried on to the local apartment complex. Though Mitsuki was naturally wondering what all the crying was about. Knowing Inko since middle school it must be something wrong. Hopefully, it wasn't about what happened yesterday. 

Oh, the woman was so frustrated upon what her son did to his godbrother. It was delightful enough that a person appeared by her doorsteps and reveals her and her husband the video of her bastard son of hers beat and using his quirk the boy and Izuku. The blond woman was seeing red. She furiously rushes to her son's room hollering bloody murder about what he did to Izuku and punishing by spanking the little devil. Masaru, who is not like his wife, represents a very calm man, but seeing that video he was stern and was disappointed with his own son.

That night she and Masaru had a talk about Katsuki's behavior around others. Knowing it was possibly their fault of the way they raise their son. As properly steers him to have a god complex personality. There figure it would best to receive him counseling with his anger behavior. And probably go seeing a family therapist.

Knocking on the door waiting for Inko to answer. Inko was the first to answer it. The dreadful woman had her eyes all red and puffy from crying. "Oh, Mitsuki. Come on in. I'll get Izuku ready for you." She allows her in as she closes the door. Mitsuki watches her friend walk towards her son's room. She knocks gently. "Izuku, sweety? Get yourself ready. Mitsuki is here to escort you to daycare." They only hear a muffle okay from him. Inko sighs to herself and went to the front room. Mitsuki follows her. She had spotted the table looks a mess. She ponders what had happened.
"Uh, Inko? You are okay? You had been crying before I got here. Something wrong?" Inko didn't say anything as she sat down on the couch. Her bangs hid under her eyes. "Inko come on. Is this about what happened yesterday? I'm ashamed about what my kid caused to Izuku. Masaru and I didn't know this were going to happen. We talk about taking Katsuki to try counseling with his behavior. I rest to sure we'll make guaranteed to raise him better." "It's..." She sobbed said, "It's not that." Inko looks at her friend with glossy tears. 

"Mitsuki. I yelled at him." Mitsuki raises a brow. 

"Yelled at who? Izuku. “She nodded. “I don't know what approached over me. I merely explain to him that lying isn't right to cover up his beatings and bullying. I am the parent here. My baby has the right to tell me what is going on with his life." 

"What did he respond?" 

"He said he didn't want me to be upset and stress out all because he is quirkless. Mitsuki. I-I snapped at him!"

"That explains the mess over there," Mitsuki said as she looks over the table. Inko bawled her eyes out as Mitsuki console her. The green woman describes her friend if she a bad mother to her son. Her friend tried directing her isn't to be upset about what her action occurs. Unknown to both, the precious green bean overheard everything upon what they said. He was crying silently.

"It's all my fault." He clenches his sunken chest to stop himself from breaking down by overwhelming guilt. 

"I'm a sorry, mama."