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He had always been observant. Watching other heroes and creating notebooks on them, he knew the weaknesses and strengths of almost every hero in Japan by the time he was 10. 

Even though this is all good and true...Midoriya's quirkless status reigned supreme in all of his findings. For example, when he was four 4 and found out that he was quirkless his little mind went blank. Then his mother burst into his room that night and told him she was sorry. 

It wasn't a week later that he found his father crying on his knees in front of the front door, a beautiful wedding ring placed on the ground with a note underneath it.

His mother had left, she couldn't continue to see her son the way he was. Her sweet little boy, in her mind, was broken both emotionally and mentally and she didn't know how to fix it. So she ran.

When he had told Bakugou about it all, the small boy had sneered and thus the bullying began.

On his 11th birthday, Hisashi had seen the burn marks and bruises on his arm when he made the mistake of wearing a short-sleeved shirt instead of a long-sleeved one. He had sat him down for a long while and talked with him about it, he ended up saying that he would talk to the principle.

Izuku wasn't enrolled at the school anymore by the time the next school year happened, he was sent to a new school. 

At age 12 he moved schools again because of the bullying, this time at his third school he didn't tell people he was quirkless. He made up a lie, 

"My quirk is called Analyzer, I can analyze any quirk." Midoriya had beamed at the class who whispered in excitement. 

That didn't mean he made friends, on the contrary, he stayed to himself all throughout his middle school years. He didn't join clubs at all and his father worried about him, so he did what any good parent would do. Tried to find his son's interests. 

It wasn't difficult.

Izuku was an analyzer, so Hisashi made sure to take him places and ask him plenty of questions to make the wheels in his brain work hard. He had given him books on biology, chemistry, mathematics, and literature so his son could use any and all information to fuel his analyzing brain. Soon he skipped to his last year of middle school while being 12 and 1/2...

And he loved it.

"I'm back dad!" Izuku yelled as he opened the door to the apartment, he could smell Katsudon being cooked in the kitchen.

"Hey, bunny. How was your last day of school?" Hisashi asked as he wiped his hands on the apron he wore.

The older Midoriya turned around to face his son who was pulling his long hair into a messy bun.

"I ran into this group of girls while walking home, they were looking for their mom so I asked them if I could help. They gave me her number and they decided to do my hair while we waited."

A smiled graced Hisashi's features "I'm glad you helped them out and that they knew their parent's number. Most kids don't do that nowadays."

Izuku shrugged then headed upstairs to his room, when he got there he face-planted into his bed. 

His room was clean but cluttered at the same time, there were notebooks and pens in stacks on the floor. Books about anything and everything was neatly put on a bookshelf, his room was covered in-hero merch but as much as it was when he was younger. There were more heroes being featured than there was All Might. 

Midoriya got changed and walked down the stairs to find his dad dishing up some Katsudon for the two of them. He walked to the table after his dad sat down and they ate in silence.

In the silence, Midoriya's mind was wondering until it arrived at the memory of himself helping those girls, something sparked in his chest. It was familiar but foreign at the same time until it dawned on him. This was a spark he hadn't felt in a long, long time.

"What has you thinking so loudly?"

His green emerald eyes snapped up to meet his father's dark forest green ones only to look away soon after.


Hisashi watched as his son seemed to shrink in on himself, with a sigh he put his chopsticks down and stood to walk over to his soon. The man was soon kneeling beside him and he could hear the rushed muttering he was doing, with a fond smile on his face he poked at his kid's chubby cheeks.

"I can't understand you when you do that."

Midoriya waited another moment before looking back at his father, he sighed heavily before leaning on the man.

"I was thinking about how I helped those girls...and I remembered something."

"Like what champ?"

"I remembered when I thought I could be a hero."

His father didn't say a word after that, the only thing the older Midoriya family member did was give a hum in understanding.

"Let me ask you something," Izuku pulled from frm his dad in order to look at him again.

"Do you still want to be a hero?"

Izuku scoffed "I'm quirkless remember?  

"That isn't what I asked Bunny, do you want to become a hero to at least still go to U.A? You know the entrance exams are coming up and you could still try out for it."

Midoriya nodded slightly "can I think about it?"

"Of course you can, now eat. I didn't make this food just so it could grow cold."

A smile graced itself on Izuku's face as his dad got up and waked back to his spot at the table. Conversation then filled the otherwise empty apartment.