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He had always been observant. Watching other heroes and creating notebooks on them, he knew the weaknesses and strengths of almost every hero in Japan by the time he was 10. 

Even though this is all good and true...Midoriya's quirkless status reigned supreme in all of his findings. For example, when he was four 4 and found out that he was quirkless his little mind went blank. Then his mother burst into his room that night and told him she was sorry. 

It wasn't a week later that he found his father crying on his knees in front of the front door, a beautiful wedding ring placed on the ground with a note underneath it.

His mother had left, she couldn't continue to see her son the way he was. Her sweet little boy, in her mind, was broken both emotionally and mentally and she didn't know how to fix it. So she ran.

When he had told Bakugou about it all, the small boy had sneered and thus the bullying began.

On his 11th birthday, Hisashi had seen the burn marks and bruises on his arm when he made the mistake of wearing a short-sleeved shirt instead of a long-sleeved one. He had sat him down for a long while and talked with him about it, he ended up saying that he would talk to the principle.

Izuku wasn't enrolled at the school anymore by the time the next school year happened, he was sent to a new school. 

At age 12 he moved schools again because of the bullying, this time at his third school he didn't tell people he was quirkless. He made up a lie, 

"My quirk is called Analyzer, I can analyze any quirk." Midoriya had beamed at the class who whispered in excitement. 

That didn't mean he made friends, on the contrary, he stayed to himself all throughout his middle school years. He didn't join clubs at all and his father worried about him, so he did what any good parent would do. Tried to find his son's interests. 

It wasn't difficult.

Izuku was an analyzer, so Hisashi made sure to take him places and ask him plenty of questions to make the wheels in his brain work hard. He had given him books on biology, chemistry, mathematics, and literature so his son could use any and all information to fuel his analyzing brain. Soon he skipped to his last year of middle school while being 12 and 1/2...

And he loved it.

"I'm back dad!" Izuku yelled as he opened the door to the apartment, he could smell Katsudon being cooked in the kitchen.

"Hey, bunny. How was your last day of school?" Hisashi asked as he wiped his hands on the apron he wore.

The older Midoriya turned around to face his son who was pulling his long hair into a messy bun.

"I ran into this group of girls while walking home, they were looking for their mom so I asked them if I could help. They gave me her number and they decided to do my hair while we waited."

A smiled graced Hisashi's features "I'm glad you helped them out and that they knew their parent's number. Most kids don't do that nowadays."

Izuku shrugged then headed upstairs to his room, when he got there he face-planted into his bed. 

His room was clean but cluttered at the same time, there were notebooks and pens in stacks on the floor. Books about anything and everything was neatly put on a bookshelf, his room was covered in-hero merch but as much as it was when he was younger. There were more heroes being featured than there was All Might. 

Midoriya got changed and walked down the stairs to find his dad dishing up some Katsudon for the two of them. He walked to the table after his dad sat down and they ate in silence.

In the silence, Midoriya's mind was wondering until it arrived at the memory of himself helping those girls, something sparked in his chest. It was familiar but foreign at the same time until it dawned on him. This was a spark he hadn't felt in a long, long time.

"What has you thinking so loudly?"

His green emerald eyes snapped up to meet his father's dark forest green ones only to look away soon after.


Hisashi watched as his son seemed to shrink in on himself, with a sigh he put his chopsticks down and stood to walk over to his soon. The man was soon kneeling beside him and he could hear the rushed muttering he was doing, with a fond smile on his face he poked at his kid's chubby cheeks.

"I can't understand you when you do that."

Midoriya waited another moment before looking back at his father, he sighed heavily before leaning on the man.

"I was thinking about how I helped those girls...and I remembered something."

"Like what champ?"

"I remembered when I thought I could be a hero."

His father didn't say a word after that, the only thing the older Midoriya family member did was give a hum in understanding.

"Let me ask you something," Izuku pulled from frm his dad in order to look at him again.

"Do you still want to be a hero?"

Izuku scoffed "I'm quirkless remember?  

"That isn't what I asked Bunny, do you want to become a hero to at least still go to U.A? You know the entrance exams are coming up and you could still try out for it."

Midoriya nodded slightly "can I think about it?"

"Of course you can, now eat. I didn't make this food just so it could grow cold."

A smile graced itself on Izuku's face as his dad got up and waked back to his spot at the table. Conversation then filled the otherwise empty apartment.




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Becuase of plot convenience and I'm slightly lazy this is a time skip brought to you by coffee. Coffee is amazing.

"Do you think I could become a hero without a quirk?"

"It's good to dream kid but maybe think of things more realistic."

The bad part about skipping a year of school and being able to have a full year off because your dad started homeschooling you was you could have instances like these. Now, Midoriya wasn't by any means looking for trouble but it seemed to find him. Earlier this very day a sludge Villian decided to attack an old schoolmate of his; Bakugou Katsuki.  

Midoriya was there watching the whole thing, he saw how the heroes didn't do anything when they could've and how they relied on All Might to swoop in. Midoriya was about to save the boy himself but All Might got there first. 

When the green-haired teen saw the Number One Hero in person a part he thought had long since died resurfaced, the part that idolized this man that it became an obsession that motivated his drive to be a hero. After pushing past reporters Midoriya called out to the man as he was about to fly away, surprisingly he was heard.

"Did you want an autograph my boy?"  All Might questioned with a smile that could rival the sun's glow.

"Actually I had...I had a question." Midoriya stuttered when was the last time he did that?"

"Well ask away." All Might replied with an undertone of impatience that Midoriya barely caught.

"Do you think I could become a hero without a quirk?" 

Midoriya sounded more hopeful than he felt, he knew the answer but for some ungodly reason he wanted to be wrong. He wanted to know all his bullies were wrong and he could do something most of them might fail to do.

"It's good to dream kid but maybe think of things more realistic."

Of course...he was right.

After that interaction with his childhood hero he couldn't help the tears the swelled up in his eyes as he turned to walk home, the train didn't sound appealing and he wanted to think.

Without noticing, his body led him to what was commonly referred to as the Trash Pile aka Dagobah Beach. He walked out on to the sand. It was shameful really, this beach must've been beautiful. His dad always talked about how it was once clean and he would go on picnics with him.

The beach was a large trash dump and Midoriya just glared at it all, spinning around on his heel he left and headed home.

When he arrived he could hear his dad in the kitchen, walking in he sat down at the table and summarized his day. 

"Well, I wouldn't complain about the beach being dirty."

"Why do you say that?"

Hisashi shrugged with his back still turned to his son, "your complaints about it won't fix it. Are you going to fix it?"

He was silent, thinking over his old man's words. He was right. Midoriya shouldn't complain about something he wasn't going to fix because complaining did absolutely nothing to help the situation. True venting about something that was irritating was one thing but he had been whining about it.

"I will."

Hisashi turned around to look at him with a confused look, "huh?"

"I'll clean up the beach since I'm complaining about it. Maybe after we can go on a picnic there."

Hisashi just nodded with a knowing smile, the only thought he had was that now Izuku would smell like garbage...

oh well, that's why they have a shower. 

His neck, his back, his ass, actually his everything hurt.

Midoriya had started cleaning up the beach just like he said would, it took him a week just to make it look like something was actually being done to the beach.

The good thing though was that he was gaining muscle. 

How you may ask, well, when you have to clean up a mountain of trash that is literally taller than a fucking skyscraper in New York you have to pull heavy things. Thus the reason why he was in pain everywhere.

Let's not forget to mention he fell on his ass so many times it must be microscopic now.

After tieing up his 10th trash bag of the day he grabbed another and walked back to his pile, the last few things were light stuff so he shouldn't have to push his limitations anymore. Among the items was a sewing machine, a bike peddle and an old brown bookbag that has seen better days. 

Midoriya got rid of the sewing machine and peddle first before lifting the bag, he was surprised by the weight of it and the sound of glass bottles hitting each other gently. A part of him was about to just throw it into the trash bag but the other wanted to look into it. Curiosity got the better of him and he opened the bag only to be greeted by bottles with different colored liquids and powders. None of them were labeled and he didn't want to smell them either.

Checking the bag he saw a faded paper at the bottom of the biggest pocket, in plan yellow letters it said 'CHEM SET!' 

Midoriya had a lot of intrests since becoming a hero wasn't really apart of his plans now, the idea of finding a free chemistry set that looked relitivly undamged made his tremble with excitment. He put all of the bottles back into the bag carefully and continued to fill the trash bag until sunset.

At that point he grabbed the chemistry bag and all the other trash bags in order to put them by the cub so that trash collectors could get it. Of course, by that time he was starting to feel sore and he headed home with a new prize. 

As soon as Izuku saw his dad he ran over and told him about what he had found.

Hisashi told him to slow down he could understand him and his son won't bite his tongue, that however did not work, right after his father requested he slowed his speech Midoriya ran upstairs to take a shower.

Hisashi just rolled his eyes and settled back into his spot on the couch.

Soon the peace and quiet he had been given was ripped away from him as he heard the hurried footsteps of his son.

”DAD I HAVE TO USE THIS!” Midoriya exclaimed from his post on the stairs.

”Bunny, I don’t know what ‘this’ is.”

Not long after Izuku gave his dad a recap of his time on the beach, he was tapped a bit roughly when he said that his ass hurt. Hisashi didn’t have any heat behind it though, also, Izuku heard his dad curse enough times. It was fine.

”Alright, so I’m happy you found something but you’re going to do all your...stuff elsewhere.”

Izuku couldn’t help the face he pulled at his fathers commands.

”Izuku, remember when huh decided to build that clock that almost blew up the entire apartment complex?”


That makes sense...

”Yeah, not my brightest moment. I’ll do it on the beach.”

Hisashi made a slightly concerned expression, Izuku was quick to calm whatever worries he may have had.

”No one goes there and I’ll do it after I clean up the beach.”

Noticeably, Hisashi relaxed with a found expression. Seeing this, Izuku ran back up stairs, most likely to try and figure out what each bottle contained.

Hisashi sighed at the stairs and decided to get started on dinner with a single thought in his mind...

’That kid is way too much like me...’ 



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Another time skip brought to by The_Devils_Angel in order to remind you that mental health is important and the way you feel is okay! I love you all and hope you enjoy it! 

Ten fucking months...

Ten months to clean that goddamned beach and finally use the open spaces for his experiments that he had been planning with his father.

In that time frame, he had started studying for anything and everything he could think of. Mathematics, Languages, Hero laws, First Aid, everything he could get his hands on. Not only that but Hisashi took it upon himself to buy more elements from the Periodic Table once he saw how excited Izuku had gotten when he first saw him labeling those glass bottles. He even got him lab equipment just in case which ended up being a good idea.

Today, just a week before the entrance exams the green-haired teen was on the sand in a white lab coat, rubber gloves, and goggles. He stood over a bubbling blue colored water and a notebook with different colored pens laying on it. 

He had been so focused on...whatever the hell he was doing, that he didn't see a girl with pink dreads walking up to him from behind.


He didn't scream. He just yelled an octave higher than his usual voice was.

"Sorry, didn't mean to scare ya but I wanted to know what that smoke stuff was!"

Izuku looked up and saw there was some smoke, he grabbed a jar and held it inside of it then closed it. When he brought it out he could see he had caught some of it.

"I don't know either..."

Izuku turned his attention back to the girl who was rambling about something he hasn't been listening to, instead of letting the pointless one-sided conversation continued he held up his hand to her.

"Who are you again? I missed that part." Midoriya sounded a bit annoyed but could you blame him? This random chick decided to scare him and interrupted his, as his dad called it, 'mad scientist mode.'

"I'm Hatsume Mei, nice to meet you greenie now what are you working on?" Hatsume asked as she quickly bent down to grab his notes.

Midoriya watched her carefully, she muttered some things before locking eyes with him once again with a maniac smile spread across her face.

"One of my babies would be perfect for what you're trying to do!"

This caused Izuku to sputter, Hatsume, seeming to know why the sudden action of shock happened just giggled. 

"Oops, sorry, I call my inventions my babies. Speaking of which I have something that may help your experiment."

"So you have something that could help me make foam have the ability to withstand over 290 degrees of heat?" 


The look on his face must've told her that he didn't believe her, "okay so I have a bodysuit that can take up to 400 degrees below or above-average body temperature. I thought of it when I first had the displeasure of meeting Endeavor."

Izuku nodded and motioned her to continue.

"That would be if it worked properly, but if we put your foam stuff in it and add an extra middle layer to the suit then-“

"Maybe," Izuku interrupted as the wheels started turning in his head "maybe it could work."

"Exactly!" Hatsume shouted as she yanked his arm in order to bring him closer to her. 

"I can't get it to foam though, yes it has to be soft but also sturdy."

"Well, how much Borax did you use?" She lifted brow as Izuku grabbed 2 different colored pens and handed one to her.

"I used 1/3 the amount which made normal foam then I added a liquid mixture of Coneflower and Daylily so it makes it a little flame resistant. I haven't even tried out that concoction yet though."

Hatsume hummed "did you add an equal amount of the resistant liquid to the Borax? Maybe if we add more then it would build up a tolerance to flames."

Izuku shook his head "that would be good if that were the case. Just adding more of it won't really solve it. Believe me, I tried."

"Have you tried Askumict metal? It's flame-resistant up to 300 degrees."

Izuku shook his head, "I don't have any of that. If we add it though-"

"That could give it the flame-resistant ability we need for it. But would that make it sturdy is the true question."

For the rest of the day, the two teenagers planned and bounce ideas off each other for the Flame Game project they're working on. Once they parted they exchanged numbers and decided to come to the beach the next day. All the while though Izuku couldn't help but wonder when the project became a 'we' thing instead of just a 'him' thing.

To his surprise, he didn't mind the intrusion.

"-that would be ideal."

"And they don't have rules against it so it's not like we can get in trouble, besides it'll be great to show them our babies!"

"We should still bring our own projects just in case though, better safe than sorry."

Hisashi just sighed, when Izuku brought Hatsume home with him than 3 days ago he almost shit his pants. He didn't even have the talk with Izuku about sex, and then his little Bunny was so focused on other things he probably didn't even know what sex was!

Did he even know what a date was?

Then he found out they were friends who had met on the beach during one of his experiments and that they were going into the Support Department at U.A together he felt at ease...until Hatsume said that their baby would be beautiful.

"I can't wait for our baby to be shown to them! I'm glad we-"

"You...wait a minute what?!" 

Izuku and Hatsume both stared at him in shock at his outburst until Izuku donned a face of understanding.

"Dad we don't have kids, she calls both our shared and her own inventions her babies."

Hisashi visibly relaxed at the news, he was not ready to be a grand-father just yet. Give him 80 more years.

After 4 more hours of listening to the two of them talk Hatsume went home for the night, he watched Izuku go to his room. is as good of a time as any. He really should've done this earlier in his son's life. How old was he now? 14?

"Izuku can I come in?"

There was a movement behind the door before it opened revealing Izuku in a black and white cat onesie, he stepped to the side in order to let Hisashi into the room.

Izuku watched his dad made his way to his desk and sat down in the chair, sensing this was serious he sat down on his bed and waited for his dad to speak their first words.

"So you and Hatsume?" Izuku didn't even try to stop the snort that followed from that statement.

"No dad, we aren't a thing."

"Oh thank god," Hisashi took a deep breath "have I ever given you the sex talk?"

Hisashi snorted this time at the complete look of horror on Izuku's face, "I'll take that as a no."


The outburst made Hisashi start wheezing, "calm down! I don't want to give it to you either. I'm glad you were taught about it."

"What even made you bring that up?"

"You brought a girl home and I wanted to make sure that if you ever decided-"

"I don't know if I should feel loved that you care or horrified that you immediately thought I was going to sleep with her."

 "You've never brought anyone home since Bakugou okay. I was a tad bit worried."

"Don't worry dad," Izuku smiled pleasantly "if I ever decided to sleep with someone then you will never know."

"That's goo- wait, Izuku Midoriya!"

The teenager just laughed at his father's mortified face, "I'm kidding. I don't plan on doing that anytime soon. Besides I'm only like 14 1/2, and I don't hang around enough people to get someone to even date me."

The words were said with a smile but Hisashi knew what was hidden underneath it, they had talked about his social growth countless times. It seemed like Hisashi was the only person he's ever had as a friend.

"Hey bunny," Izuku looked at him with dull eyes. The same eyes that he had whenever he was thinking about something from his not-so-great past. Those were the eyes that Hisashi came to hate because he knew they only meant pain.

"Bunny come here," Hisashi opened up his arms and Izuku dove into them.

Harsh sobs shook his body as he tried to calm himself, after a couple of minutes of this he nodded and Hisashi loosened his hold on him.

"Izuku look at me."

Midoriya did exactly as instructed.

"You're doing great, you made a friend and you're going into U.A. I'm proud of you." Izuku nodded and then hid his face in his father's chest.

"I'm so proud of you proud."

Today was the day, Midoriya and Hatsume were both jittery with excitement. Once they arrived at U.A the sheer amount of reality hit them like a train.

"We're really going to be doing this."

"I'm glad you let me braid that ridiculous hair of yours!"

That's true, to stop Hatsume from blowing up the beach and themselves he allowed her to braid his hair for this event. She actually did very well, she had given him a fishtail braid that went a little ways past his shoulders.

"You ready for this?" Izuku said with a smirk to which Hatsume returned tenfold.

"Let's blow this bitch up."

The exam they, along with other kids aiming for the Support class took was difficult. Not only were the questions asking things about safety in the lab but also how to build random pieces of junk that Izuku never even heard of.

Then there was the interview, most of the kids except for 5 left after the written exam because of their scores. Unlike the exam other classes like the Heroes Course took, the Support Department got their scores right after the last paper was handed in.

Hatsume. Midoriya, a girl named Akihiro Aimi, a boy named Arakan Atsushi, and a girl named Chiasa Biddy who seemed to be an exchange student were the only people who passed.

"I can't believe it! I can't believe it!" Hatsume shouted as they prepared for their interview.

"Now all we need to do was get this interview done and boom we made it!"

The two waited for their names to be called, in that time Midoriya told Hatsume the plan just in case things went south in there. If their joint project flopped then they would introduce their individual inventions, that way even if something didn't work they could still get in. Since they were the last ones everything should be good to go.

Amazingly they didn't really have to do anything, Power Loader was one of the judges along with Recovery Girl. Both had actually heard them talking about their inventions and just wanted to poke at them just to make sure it's safe.

"Congrats you both made into the Support Department courses. Now here are things for your parents, because we know how inventions can be and because of some thinking and planning on Principle Nezu's part you will be living in dorms."

Hatsume and Midoriya both glanced at each other wondering what the planning and thinking involved.

"Do you both understand?"

The green head and pink head nodded as they gathered their things and walked out of the building, in the distance they could hear the screams of other might-be students and felt the vibrations of falling machines and building.

"Do you think-"

"Might be. Or it could be something else, like a hero emergency."

Hatsume gave him a puzzled look while her eyes gleamed behind her goggles, "hero emergency?"

Izuku nodded, "I study heroes. I know most heroes around the world and their weaknesses and strengths. Maybe there's something going on."

Hatsume's expression turned into one of a maniac's "does that mean we're going to investigate?!"

Izuku thought about for a moment before an equally crazy smile spread across his face at the idea of snooping behind U.A's carefully placed curtain. 



"Sure. Why not?"

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When Izuku walked through the door his father was sitting right next to the door, then when Izuku told him he cried.

"Dad..! You’re squishing me!” Izuku shouted as his dad picked him up as he hugged him.

“I’m so proud of you! But,” Hisashi then sets him down and pushes him away slightly.

“Do you still want to be a hero?”

This made Midoriya freeze before slowly shrugging his shoulders and scrunching his brows.

“I...I don’t know.”

Hisashi slowly nodded “that’s okay. You still have time to figure something out.” 

Izuku just nodded, Hisashi noticed how the atmosphere went from happy to glum. Instantly he hugged Izuku as tight as he dared, the change was was small but noticeable. He could feel the way 

Izuku relaxed slightly and so he continued to decrease the stress of his son.

“So...what exactly did you show the judges?”

The smile that his son gave could have lit the world on fire.

“So you’re living in dorms and they didn’t really give you a straightforward answer as to why?”

Hisashi asked with a raised brow as he read over the paper Izuku had just given him.

He understood that it would probably be safer and better for an inventor like his son to be close to the school he was learning at. It was just…

Izuku was his baby. His pride and joy, and he would be damned if he let anything happen to him.

At the same time, he understood the school’s point of view in that sense as well, if a villain were going to attack that means they could get information on the students. It would be a game of hunter versus prey. If students were at the school 24/7 then the teachers could keep them safe.

Izuku watched carefully as his dad scribbled his signature on the dotted line, after a moment of standing still he raced upstairs to his room to start packing and called Hatsume. As soon as he shut his door he whipped his phone out and pressed on her contact, once he was sure the ringing stopped he screeched at the top of his lungs.



Then, like the complete weirdos they were, they squealed in unison.

For the rest of the night, they talked and screamed about how their future awaited.

“Wait when do we move into the dorms?” Hatsume asked after their 5th screaming match.

Midoriya ran downstairs, into the dining room, grabbed the paper, ran back upstairs then waited a moment before he answered the pink-haired kid.


“Stop talking and catch your breath.”

“We’re supposed to be there by 6 am.”

Hatsume went silent on the other end until she let out another scream.

It wasn’t of happiness but fear.


Midoriya sighed heavily, “no. It’s only-”

The green-haired teen then looked at the alarm clock on his desk, the digital clock read 3 am on the dot. The same stress-filled panic that Hatsume had covered him completely in an instant, in a matter of seconds he screamed too.



Another screaming match comes to be as the two teens started packing, both telling the other what they shouldn't forget and asking what they themselves should pack. 

By the time it hit,5 am Izuku had shaken his dad awake and told him to get ready with a groggy voice. He soon after went downstairs and prepared tea for his dad and coffee for himself.

Sadly it still didn't wake him.

It was 5:30 am when they started heading towards U.A, Hisashi was grateful that Izuku wasn't a morning person in the slightest. He really didn't want to deal with an excited teen so early in the morning.

"Okay we're here kiddo," Hisashi said as he looked over to the passengers' seat only to find Izuku fast asleep.

Gently shaking him out of his slumber Hisashi got out of the car and helped gather his son's baggage. Surprisingly, there were only two bags. Just when he was about to ask the freckled face teen a shout was heard and rushing footsteps became clear in the otherwise silent air.


Hisashi watched as the girl tackled Izuku, making him spill his coffee on the concrete. 

"My baby...My child...the thing I need to live." 

Hatsume didn't seem to notice Izuku's turmoil.

"Why do you look like your barely escaped death?"

"You made me drop my coffee, the only thing in this godforsaken world that will never leave me, and you dare ask me that?"

Hatsume just snorted "aren't you excited?"

"I am," Izuku sighed as he grabbed a bag from his dad and the trio started walking towards the school gates as the sun started to rise.

"I just don't show it at the ass-crack of dawn." 

Hisashi chuckled at him and stopped at the gate, "well this is as far as I plan to go."

Izuku hugged his dad as tightly as his sleep-deprived body could.

"Now stay out of trouble, Izuku, Look after Hatsume. I don't want to hear about how the best hero school was blown up less than a week before classes start."

Hatsume just gave her maniac smile at him which he sighed in exasperation at, nothing good came from that smile.

"Hatsume, watch Izuku. Make sure he stays safe."

This time Izuku mimicked the girls smile, only it looked creepy because of how tired he looked. 

Hisashi just sighed, "just watch each other okay?"

"Don't worry about, we'll make lots of babies together!" Hatsume beamed as Izuku looked like he was about to fall asleep standing.

Hisashi just rolled his eyes and waved them off as they entered through the school gates.

"Good morning everyone, welcome to Support and Weapinary class. I'm Power Loader but you all will call me Maijima-sensei." Power- Maijima-sensei announced as soon as they had gotten to class.

The school day started at 7 am so when they arrived at 6 am they only had an hour to get to their rooms, get dressed in their uniforms and such. Since the Support Department was so small they all had one dorm building and their rooms on the same floor, every other floor was either a lab or it was a lounging area sometimes. They didn't really explore...

"Now because there are only five of you in here we need to know who the others are-"

"I'll go first!" Hatsume shouted in glee as she tried to drag Midoriya out of his chair.

After a full minute of struggling she picks Izuku up...while he's in the chair...over her head...

Then, like the psychopath she is, she slams him down on the ground.

"My name is Hatsume Mei, and this is Midoriya Izuku. We're partners in crime and he helps me make babies will I help him with his lovers!"

To say that Maijima chocked on air would be an understatement, the man almost fell out of his chair completely. The rest of the class was silent before someone screamed and chaos erupted.

Midoriya just sighed and cleared his throat loudly which made everyone turn their attention towards him.

"Hatsume calls her inventions as well as our shared ones her babies. I, on the other hand, call my chemicals my lovers. We aren't dating anyone or each other and we aren't friends with benefits."

The class and teacher nodded their head's numbly as Hatsume picked Midoriya up with his ass still in his chair and walked back to their table, as the class continued the introductions Midoriya had to stop Hatsume from drowning them with questions.

With a heavy sigh, Maijima looked at the two students...

he finally understood what Aizawa was talking about when he said he had problem students.


Chapter Text

"I'm a mistake."

"No, you're a regret. I'm the mistake."

Midoriya and Hatsume were standing over one of Izuku's lovers, it was currently doing...








Absolutely fucking nothing.

Now that wasn't a bad thing, it meant that they had room to improve...but where they had to improve was the question.

"Did you check the-"

"Yep," Izuku nodded as he grabbed his notebook in order to double-check the ingredients.

"We added everything and measured it exactly-"

"Are you sure?"

"Hatsume, I wrote this shit. I-" Midoriya didn't finish his sentence, instead, he narrowed his eyes at the notebook as if it had personally offended him.

When Hatsume turned to fully face Izuku she saw how he glared at the paper, a smile formed on her face.

"You owe me 1,000 yen."

"Fuck you, " digging into his lab pocket he got out the cash and handed it over to his partner.

Today was their first official lab day after they took a test on lad safety and rules. It also happened to be the same day students from other courses would move into their dorms.

"We substituted the Lagoon blood with the Powder Sugar,"

"What if we add some of the Butterfly Milk to it?" Hatsume suggested while going to fetch the chemical mixtures.

"The Butterfly Milk is basically a mixture of hydrochloric acid and lava with a smidge of liquid nitrogen. Adding that to the-"

"Let's do it!"

Before he could stop her she poured about 7 ounces into what they liked to call the Monster's Liquor, suddenly the once bright orange substance turned into an icy blue before bubbling. Thinking quickly, Izuku grabbed some thick rubber gloves before grabbing the glass jar. Hatsume followed his line of thinking and opened her Treasure Chest made specifically for some of Midoriya's more dangerous experiments.

Placing the jar inside they both watched it through the clear lid, Izuku wrote notes on everything and anything he could. The icy blue color faded into a beautiful blood red color before it stopped bubbling.


"I know, I'll prep the testing table."

The green-haired student ran to another table in their lab, he then took out a leather and rubber placemat before bringing out a brick. When he turned around Hatsume was walking up to him using rubber gloves to hold the blood-red jar.

"Get a micropipette," Hatsume ordered as a creepy smile slowly spread across her face. 

Midoriya zoomed off into the direction of which the tools were stashed and in record time he had one, placing it in her open palm.

She took the micropipette and sucked up some of the liquid into it then she let it squirt out on to the brick. In a matter of seconds, the brick had glass-like spikes coming from where few drops of liquid sat. Not even a minute later the spikes retracted into the brick with such force it caused it to break into smaller pieces.

'"I think..."

Hatsume started after a long moment of tense silence, Midoriya smiled as he had already nodded along with whatever she was about to say.

"Yeah, we need to redo the label."

Something interesting about the Support student schedule was the fact they had different days for everything. For example, in the first few days of school for them, they had labs. Then the next week their schedule finalized itself.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday were lab days. Tuesday and Thursday would be for their core classes, they also get online assignments to make sure they aren’t behind.

”Today’s the day all the other classes are going to be arriving!” Hatsume squealed at breakfast.

She wasn’t wrong, today General studies and the Hero course would be showing up. Management as well, Midoriya wondered why they had to come in earlier than everyone else. 

Right after breakfast, Midoriya walked into Maijima-Sensei’s class with a cup of coffee in his hands. After several minutes the rest of the class came inside the class and the lesson began.

”So today is the third day of your second week. This is the third day of the hero course classes. Since we are the people who make costumes and support gear we’re joining them on the field trip. Don’t worry, you won’t need to fret about the hostile behaviors that they might have.”

For some odd reason Izuku had a feeling of dread, he ignored Hatsume’s exaggerated hand motions and excited talking.

What about this field trip is making him so uneasy? He didn’t even know anyone in class 1-A.

”Alright we’re here.” Maijima’s voice pushed him from his thoughts.

As they got off the bus Hatsume walked up to him and gave him a belt with over 12 pockets.

”What is-?”

”I carry all my inventions on me with a tool belt and stuff. I was thinking that you could do the same.” Hatsume said with a smile before her face became serious.

”You weren’t listening to me earlier. You had a faraway look, what’s the matter?”

Despite popular belief, Hatsume could calm down and take things seriously, she just didn’t do it often.

”I’ll let you know when I figure it out,” Midoriya answered as he put the belt in his waist of his legging like pants.

Since this was going to be or might be a messy activity, Maijima-Sensei didn’t want to hear complaining about their uniform. Sadly he didn’t have gym clothes for them so he just had them dress in any athletic wear they had.

Izuku wore his long hair in a messy bun, black leggings and a black workout shirt that showed off the muscles he had.

While he didn’t go to the gym, he still went to the beach to clean up any trash and he lived with Hatsume. Every activity they do together ends up with the two of them running or picking some heavy objects off the ground.

Hatsume wore gym shorts they stopped just below her knee, her goggles and a bright blue workout shirt that showed off her own muscles.

”And there goes class 1-A.”

The entirety of class 1-F turned towards the street and saw another bus pull up and stop. When the doors opened they watched as class 1-A walked off.

The dreadful feeling morphed into straight panic as he saw one of the students standing off to the side. He had blond spiky hair, crimson eyes...

”Kacchan...” Izuku whispered as his eyes widened.

All of a sudden he felt a pain spike in all parts of his body. There was a burning sensation on his back, wrist and both arms. His ankles felt sore and his nose felt like it was bleeding. Midoriya’s breath started to quicken, he blindly grabbed whoever was closer to him.



Hatsume’s voice shook him from his thoughts, though it didn’t keep him from feeling like he couldn’t get enough air.

”Can you hear me? Tap my wrist if you can hear me.”

The voice no longer sounded like Hatsume, forcing his eyes to focus on the person in front of him he saw Akihiro.

“Midoriya, if you can hear me tap my wrist,” Akihiro demanded softly.

Slowly he tapped her wrist, he then looked around to see Hatsume and the rest of the class about to head into the building. Class 1-A was also at the door being instructed by The Space Hero: Thirteen.

”Hatsume is reassuring everyone that you’re okay. She didn’t think you would like more than one person helping. She herself isn’t really good at handling stuff like this."

Midoriya just nodded slowly before getting, the two teens walked in silence from that point on. Once Midoriya stood by Hatsume at the door she grabbed his hand gently. Her action was slow enough to allow him to pull away if he ever decided that was something he wanted.

"Alright. Class 1-F is going to be joining us today, they're the ones who made your hero gear. Please understand that they are only watching, not participating." Aizawa-sensei noted right after Thirteen got done telling him something.

Izuku and Hatsume gave each other a glace, that must have something to do with All Might not being here and the reason everyone lived in the dorms.

Both classes walked into the USJ, someone in front of him with spiky red hair let out a low whistle, "this place is like the Universal Studios of Japan." A few heads nodded in agreement.

Thirteen then went on to talk to the hero class while class 1-F walked around, waiting for the trials to begin. 

It was Hatsume that noticed it first, a name purple spark right in the center, then it grew. Biddy let out a shriek that alerted the teachers there that something wasn't right. Eraserhead pulled Biddy behind him in order to keep her as far away from whatever was happening as possible.

"Thirteen protect the students and get All Might here now. I'll handle this."

Just as Thirteen got in position to do what has been commanded by the man a group of people stepped out of the purple porta. A man that looked like straight-up mist stuffed into a tux came out. Then a man with hands all over him, one cover his face. It looked like they were the only things holding him together. After him, a bird-like creature came out, it's brain was exposed and its eyes were pooped out of its head. 

"We are the Leauge of Villians, we're here for All Might." The man with hands all over his body shouted. 

Aizawa rushed forward his capture weapon flying out towards him, the misty villan held up a hand and a large warp gate flew towards the teacher. Power Loader barely grabbed him in time to move him out the way.

Thirteen used her quirk, Black hole, to try and suck up the blast. Hatsume grabbed his arms and his vision soon filled with leaves from a bush. Midoriya turned to his said and saw Hatsume beside him.

”What the fuck is going on?” Hatsume hissed as she peaked out of the bushes only to see Thirteen laying in the ground unmoving.

”I don’t know,” Izuku looked at his belt and saw nitrogen in a small bottle.

”We have to do something about it though.”

Hatsume gave him a frown before she took out little metal balls that Midoriya knew were bombs.

”Do you have a plan Mr. Save everyone?”


”Wing it and hope for the best?”

Izuku gave her a maniac smile that she matched.

”Yes sir.”

The two teens snuck out of the bushes just in time to say the bird creature slam Aizawa-Sensei’s head into the ground for the second time. They saw his elbow and how it looked like a piece of it cracked off.

It was a sickening sight.


”I know.”

The two stood in silence for a moment before she spoke up.



”I’ll give you a nickname if we survive this.”

Izuku nodded “same here. For now though,”

He took out the nitrogen bottle, “let’s beat the fuck outta that thing.”

Chapter Text

“Hey ugly!” Hatsume yelled as she sprinted forward.

The bird thing stopped smashing Aizawa into the pavement, the teacher himself looked surprised at Hatsume running forward.

While having the things attention she screamed at it, and as she suspected it screamed back. As soon as its mouth opened the pink-haired girl threw a bomb into it. Predictably it choked as it detonated inside of its throat, while it was distracted she hurried to grab Aizawa-Sensei away from it.

That, however, is when things went to complete shit.

Now they had a plan. It wasn’t good but it was all they could come up within the 3.0 seconds they had.

Hatsume would be the distraction, she would get whatever that thing was to focus on her. After that, she would use her bombs which Izuku learned are smoke bombs. They were supposed to be a distraction for Power Loader if they did something and needed to run away from the pro-hero.

Said pro-hero was holding his own against a large gang of less than mediocre villains.

Hatsume had another job, get Aizawa out of danger. She was supposed to grab him and tumble away with him; once she was at a safe distance Izuku would jump on the animals back. After gaining a good grip on the beast he would pour the nitrogen on its exposed brain.

That didn’t happen.

Yes, Mei’s distraction went perfectly, but when she tumbled away from the bird with Aizawa-sensei the bird went to grab her.  

In a flash Izuku was there to intercept the hand, he smashed the nitrogen bottle on the reaches out a hand. It let out an inhuman shriek as its skin seemed to burn at the contact then bubbled up. It was disturbing.

Sadly that wasn’t enough to keep it occupied. With its other hand, it grabbed Midoriya by his neck.

Izuku’s brain seemed to shut down. The image of the monster’s face melted away to a boy with blond hair and red eyes.

”’re hurting me.”

The words were weak and raspy as the monster tightened its grip around his neck.

”Huh...maybe if we kill this brat All Might’ll show up.” The man with hands all over him suggested.

”Nomu, take care of the brat.”

With another inhuman sound, the newly named Nomu threw him into the air. Only when he fell back down did he feel the powerful fists push him into the ground.

 Still, though, Midoriya didn’t see the Nomu. He only saw a familiar face laugh at him as sparks flew from his hands. An ugly sneer painted his face.

The face he used to trust to no end.

”Kacchan-“ Izuku cut himself off in order to scream in pain as he was thrown into one of the mediocre villains.

The man had a knife and literally stabbed him in the back before running away so he wouldn’t be caught in the crossfire.

The Nomu was relentless in its attacks. One punch after another then being thrown into a wall on the other side of the USJ.

He could feel it. His lungs itch with the need to take in air while his legs screamed along with his arms. Bones were sticking out. If his vision wasn’t so blurry he would have sworn that he saw a piece of his left arm’s bone was lying next to him. Only hanging on because of a piece of muscle.

Green hair also framed his paler face as he slid down the wall and collapsed into the grass.

Midoriya’s vision swam and the light of the USJ started fading into nothing. Then the sound of glass shattering and more people yelling filled his ears.

A reading “I AM HERE!” was the last thing he heard before he allowed himself the sweet release of sleep. 

Hisashi was furious.

After coming home from work early he settled down in the living room. Turning on the t.v the first thing he was greeted with was the news. Normally he would just ignore it but what had caught his attention was where the reporter was at.

It was U.A high school.

Izuku’s high school.

That man was out of his apartment and back in his car immediately, smoke slowly coming from his mouth as he attempted to calm the flames of his anger.

Once he got to the school however, that was when he really blew up. 

The school was already out of session and the reporters were nowhere to be seen, he walked up to the gate and pressed a button to let the office know he was there. It didn't open so Hisashi did what any sane parent would.









He jumped over the gate.

Was it graceful and elegant? Nope, but it got the job done, he knew the teachers would still be there and he was determined to make them explain themselves. 

Once he had finally gotten into the school a number of pro-heroes were at the door in a combat-ready stance. That only ticked him off the most.

"Sir, you're not allowed to be here. Visiting-"

"Where is my son?"

All of the pro-heroes froze, All Might, however, stepped forward.

"Sir, what do you mean by that?"

"What I mean is that my son goes here and there was an attack. He hasn't called me saying he was okay, your teachers didn't call me to assure he was fine. I had to find by the news, so please tell me where my son is."

All Might took another step forward, "I understand you are upset and I apologize on behalf-"

"Listen to me All Bitch," Hisashi walked forward to be in the man's space. AlMightgt looked shocked as well as the other heroes there but the number of fucks Hisashi gave was less than 0.

"I don't care if you're the number 1 hero, I don't care that you're sorry on everyone's behalf. My son was here when that damn attack occurred so you better tell me where he is."

All Might was just about to offer another excuse to get him to leave the property but Hisashi just about had it with the guy, "oh no you don't. You may be the number 1 hero but as of right now I'm an angry single parent who will raise hell and pour out so much fire Endeavor would be jealous."

Hisashi's eyes were blazing with both fury and worry, the biggest hero walked back towards the others with a shocked and fearful expression. Good.

"Now I'll ask this one last time. Where. Is. My. Son?"

The first thing Izuku became aware of the strong scent if disinfectant that seemed to have settled inside the room. When he opened his eyes he was greeted by bright white everywhere and blinding lights, he turned his head over only to see black hair next to him. 

Even though he could see the black hair it was blurry, as if he was seeing through a carnival mirror.

His heart rate must've sped up because the monitor was now beeping furiously, the black-haired individual sat up quickly and Midoriya's heart calmed at the sight of his dad. His forest green blurry eyes soothing him instantly.

"Bunny? Bunny oh my god, you're okay."  Hisashi sighed in relief with a smile directed towards Izuku.

The bed-ridden teen tried to smile back or at least say something but couldn't. A moment of panic set in as he looked at his father for help, the man only sighed before giving him a sad but fond look.

"Bunny, they had to wire your jaw shut, you had surgery on it. You were roughed up quite a bit."

As soon as the older Midoriya said those words a woman who he assumed was the doctor came in then when she saw him staring at her she gave a smooth and happy smile.

"Good, you're awake. So I won't ask you anything because of your mouth so instead, I'll read you or at least remind you of what happened."

Izuku nodded as much as he was able to, once he did though he saw the extent of the damage done to his body. 

He had his legs and arms elevated in swings with white bandages around them. His chest and stomach area also had bandages around them, now that he was mostly awake he could feel how light-headed he was. The drugs they must him on must've been strong because he almost felt like he was floating.

"So firstly your jaw has been wired shut. It was broken during the attack as well as your arms and legs, the elbow in your left arm had to be replaced. Your other bones were only reset and would heal with time. Just make sure you stay up ion you're calcium."

 Hisashi started gently combing his fingers through his son's hair to help him calm down as the woman continued.

"Your lower and upper torsos were also damaged. We had to replace a rib. Finally, it is your eyes. We couldn't do laser eye surgery on you because you were unconscious and it would cause more harm than good. Luckily all you need to do is wear glasses and there was no brain damage. All you had was a minor concussion surprisingly."

The tone she used was gentle but it felt like ice slowly covering his body, his heart rate sped up again and he could faintly hear his father telling him to breathe. 

Slowly he calmed down then looked towards Hisashi, the man was smiling gently in order to reassure him that he was okay. The doctor then cleared her throat in order to get his attention, when he glanced back at her she took a breath. As if she had to prepare herself for the following words.

"Mr. Midoriya, you've been in and out of consciousness for about a week. Today we're going to be removing the casts and bandages to check how the healing process is going. Afterward, you're free to leave once you have your medicine."

At the mention of medicine, he looked at his father once again.

"You were bleeding a lot and you lost a lot of iron. They'll be giving you pain medication also." 

Izuku nodded at his dad's words and without realizing it he succumbed to sleep.



Chapter Text

Hatsume was crazy. She had known that for years now, she had known that since she was born.

Loud and bursting with ideas, that was her...until now.

Back at the USJ, she didn't have time to go up to Izuku and make sure he was alright.

That was a week ago.

"You insignificant fucker!" 

Class 1-A turned towards the door as a girl with pink hair slammed it open, All Might look somewhere between shocked and scared. 

Today the class wasn't going to do anything field related so they stayed in the classroom.

"Young -"

"Say anything about me being disrespectful I'll rip out your eyes!" The girl all but growled at the number 1 hero with a look in her eyes that obviously said she could pull through with the threat.


All Might took a step back as she walked closer, "all last week I've worried and scared. My best friend is in the fucking hospital and no one would tell me how he's doing."

All Might once again pull a face of shock at how fast the girl's mood changed. 

"He was hurt because you didn't show up to your own fucking class. He saved Aizawa-sensei and all, why did he do that? I'll tell you why you didn't show up!"

"Young lady-"

"It's Hatsume you cheap ass clown looking ass balloon." 

"Young Hatsume, I understand why you're upset and I am sorry that I couldn't be there as the attack started. However, I am not allowed to say anything about Young Midoriya's progress."

Unknowing to the class Bakugou froze and just stared at the two people in front of him. He remembered that name but he didn't know who it belonged to or where.

"Do I look like I give a damn? He's in the hospital all because you couldn't do your fucking job."

By this point, there were other students crowding by the door to see the commotion going on in the room. They watched with awe and utter terror as Hatsume yelled and verbally annihilated the number 1 hero as if he was another student.

"I get that you can't save everyone, that is literally impossible but you could have saved him."

With those words, she walked out of the room. The sea of students that had crowded the door parted like the Red Sea in the Bible for her so they wouldn't face her wrath.

"Bunny," Hisashi started as Izuku opened his eyes once again. 

This time he was greeted with a desk right in front of him, his brain still sluggish from sleep barely registered that he was in a wheelchair.

"Izuku are you with me?"

The green head nodded slowly as his muddled mind came back on track, he looked at his dad as he was handed a bag.

"You mind holding this for me?" Hisashi asked as he sat the bag in the teen's lap.

"What are these?"

Hisashi sighed deeply, "that's something we need to talk about."

The single father pushed the wheelchair away from the desk and started heading towards the elevator to get to the parking lot. Izuku watched as they passed people and cars with interest, when was the last time he was outside?

Oh right, about a week or so ago.


Izuku looked back up at his father, "yeah?"

"I have to talk to you about that bag in your lap okay?"

The teen nodded his head and felt Hisashi take a breath then lean onto the chair a bit.

"You went back to sleep yesterday then woke up extremely early. You stayed awake till noon and they took some brain scans."

Izuku nodded again, not worried at all with what the results could be.

"Your Hippocampus, the amygdala and prefrontal cortex were damaged before the fight. They said that your hippocampus is shrinking and so is your cortex thing. The amygdala might be enlarging or something I'm not sure what that lady said so they gave you anti-depressants to see if that'll work."

Izuku retracts his earlier statement. He is afraid now, what if Hatsume finds out about this? What is he saying, she will find out then what? What if she decides to leave and then everyone views him as weak because he doesn't have a quirk. No one even knows about him being quirkless except Hatsume and-

"Come on Bunny. Breathe with me," Hisashi commanded with his hands on Izuku's shoulders.

 Izuku took in deep breaths trying to match his father, the hands-on his shoulders were comforting and helped keep him steady. It only lasted a couple of minutes, then Hisashi pulled him into a huge hug.

"I know it's a lot. I promise you though, I'll be here to protect you and help you through it alright? All Might won't be the reason you're in a hospital ever again, do you hear me?"

Izuku nodded as he buried his head in his father's neck. 

"I promise you'll be alright."

They sat like that for a long, long time before they continued their walk towards the car.


Chapter Text

Hey guys, Angel here. Would you guys be opposed if I made a Kaminari Denki-centric fic? I've been thinking about it but I want to know some of you guys' ideas. Anyways take care and enjoy this chapter!

When Midoriya finally returned to school it had been 2 weeks after the USJ, a part of him was excited but after what he had been told about his mental health...that part had died rather quickly.

"Hey everyone," were the first words he said just as he opened his classroom dorm. 

In an instant, Mei had him in her arms and swung him around.

"You're alive!"

"Mei...I can't breathe!"

The pink head girl put him down and loosed her hug but still had her arms around him. Power Loader came up to him soon after he was put back on solid ground with a packet in his hands.

"Hatsume said that you would hate to be behind so all of your teachers made a packet for you." 

Hatsume growled at the teacher, "he JUST got back. You don't even say good morning?"

Power Loader groaned and went back to his seat with a sigh.

Hatsume then started to rant about everything he missed, the experiments and all. When she got to the part about All Might and Izuku lost it.

”I cannot, I just cannot!”

It was at lunch when she had told him and the green-haired boy was wheezing. Many of the tables were staring at him in either confusion or annoyance.

”I know you’re fucking lying!” Izuku yelled as his fit of giggles subsided.

”Nope,” Hatsume grinned “all facts.”

”I wish I would have seen that, picture it. All Might, the number one hero, being scared of someone who wasn’t even in the hero course.”

Both teens then started giggling like mad, if Hatsume would have posted the non-existing video the news would throw a fit.

Afterward, Izuku told her about his dad not liking All Might either. When he mentioned that he had said it in the parking lot of the hospital...Hatsume’s entire demeanor changed.

”Mei, you alright?”

”Are you alright  should be the question.”

Hatsume looked at him with her goggles on, other people would have trouble reading her facial expressions. Not him, he could see the worry that made itself at home in her face.

” went against that thing and almost died. Hell, I saw you being rushed to that damn wee woo wagon and I thought you did die.”

Izuku grabbed her shoulder gently and the girl pulled him into a hug. They stayed like that until the end of lunch then still leaned against each in their way to class.

“You’re a really touchy person aren’t you.” It didn’t come out as a question but more of a statement.

”Yep and you’re gonna deal with it until you learn not to scare me like that.”

”One time.”

”You’re friends with me, the number of babies we’ll make will cause us to be in the hospital.”

”Speaking of which,” Izuku asked as they entered Present Mic’s class “what happened to the Monster Juice.”

”I have it in storage, I was thinking we could make it into tiny little balls for weapons.” Hatsume suggested with a smile steadily growing in her face.

”Maybe we can make something that’s just a capture weapon too. We both know I haven’t been able to have some fun with my lover in a while.”

Present Mic, who had overheard their conversation choked on his saliva, the two teens didn't pay any mind to it though.

"Right! Also, we need to relabel Monster Juice, it sounds cool but it could be cooler."

"Yeah but-"

"Maybe we could use it at the Sports Festival." 

Izuku short-circuited, "the what festival?"

Mei looked at him for a minute before her mouth formed an 'O' shape. 

"The Sports Festival is literally next week, no one told you this?"

Numbly Midoriya shook his head, the look on his face sent Mei cackling as the bell rang to signal that classes were about to start.

"At this point...just drop kick me into the sun."

Mei wheezed, she could barely breathe at this point. The entire class was looking at them with tried, exasperated faces. Even Mic who's usually up for chaos.

"You know *wheeze* there's a girl in class 1-A who could float you into the sun!" The words were barely understandable because of how hard she was laughing.

Izuku got up and started walking to the door.

"Midoriya, where are you going?" Present Mic said with a heavy sigh.

"To ask someone to float me into the sun."

With that, he shut the door but even though the door was shut he could hear Mei yell "Holy fucking shit" in the midst of her laughter. After walking just three steps from the door he could hear Present Mic's voice shout through the door clearly as if he was right next to him.


Chapter Text

"Oh my fucking god what a mood," Shouta said with a slight chuckle.

Hizashi groaned into his hands, Shouta was looking at him with amusement. Finally, someone besides him had problem children.

Over the years teachers would tease and make fun of him for calling his students Problem Children but now it was his turn.

"No Shouta, do not encourage their behavior!"

Shouta hid his face in his capture weapon to mask the grin while Hizashi glared at him, and Shouta being Shouta wanted to add the icing on to the fucking cake today. 

"Yeah, whatever. Also, don't Uraraka and Midoriya share the same lunch period?"

As soon as the words left my mouth Hizashi's eyes shifted to the window, following his gaze Shouta couldn't help the snort the escaped him. 

Midoriya was currently floating outside of the window in the teacher's lounge.


Hizashi ran to the window and opened it, the taller man grabbed Midoriya before he could float into space and pulled him by the arm while going to find Uraraka.


The green-haired boy had the guts to look bored as he was being dragged down the hallway, Shouta followed with his camera trained on them. He was loving this.

"That was yesterday. Today is today and you didn't say no today."


"Do you even believe in God? Your language proves otherwise."


"With your quirk, it's difficult not to hear you Present Mic."


"Okay, where are we going?"


Midoriya's bored expression melted into one of glee, "she didn't do this. I did."

Just outside of the lunchroom the Pro-Hero stopped then turned to grab Midoriya's shoulders. His eyes were full of worry and anger, mostly worry though.

"You have ten seconds to explain everything."

So Midoriya explained everything while looking like an excited puppy, then he mentioned Mei Hatsume and Mic looked livid.

Shouta was struggling to keep his composure at this point.

Hizashi kicked the lunchroom doors open, all the students were already looking at the doors with slightly shocked and scared faces.


Everyone watched as a pink-haired girl with goggles stood up smiling like a maniac.

"MEIMEI RUN!" Izuku could barely make out the words because he started giggling.

With a cackle, the girl took out a pink ball thing and smashed it onto the floor, for a minute pink smoke filled the room and once it disappeared Mei was nowhere to be seen.

Mic turned to face Midoriya who was flat out crying from laughter.


The duo left with Shouta busy video typing still while the students were left to wonder what the hell was going on.




Chapter Text

Somehow, even after Hatsume reappeared yesterday and started blowing stuff up without adult supervision, the duo didn’t get detention. They did, however, manage to get Present Mic to practically live in the same dorm building as them.

It was great.

”Morning little listeners,” Hizashi greeted them as all the Support Course students start filling in the common rooms.

Each of the students was already in their uniforms, they would grab breakfast then leave.

Just as the group was about to leave Hatsume burst through the room looking frantic.

”Code coffee! I repeat this is code coffee, not a drill!”

Hizashi hurried to prepare the coffee.

Now, over the last few months the students had lived together they all learned something very important about each other. For example, Akihiro Aimi hated any neon colors. However, is she ever wore some it's best to leave her alone. She's going through the mental breakdown mode she had bi-monthly.

Arakan Atsushi was a quiet boy, he loved silence and anything that was over Hatsume's regular yelling volume made him afraid (no one knows why). That is until he gets a bad grade or gets frustrated at an invention, once that happens he starts yelling and cursing everything and anything that he sees. He was also fluent in sign language and when sad would start signing instead of speaking. It's funny when it's not aimed at you.

Hatsume Mei was hyper and loud, she might be chaos in human form but she also had a gentle, quiet caring side to her that nor many people had the chance to see.

Chiasa Biddy was a singer, she would always hum or mumble lyrics. At times she stops singing she's thinking hard about something and asking her what she's thinking about would irritate her, she loves figuring things out on her own. But if you ask her how she's feeling all she would do is quote song lyrics and leave you to figure it out. Surprisingly, Arakan is the best at deciphering her emotions.

Lastly is Midoriya Izuku, while he is usually sweet and caring while being a menace there is nothing scarier than him in the mornings. He was not a morning person and if you even speak before he had his coffee it was an instant death sentence. The number of times Hatsume died by doing that should be a world record, after his coffee, he is much nicer.

Since out of all of them Midoriya was the worst they developed 'Code Coffee', basically whenever Midoriya woke up, whoever happened to be in the kitchen at the time would make his coffee. Usually, Hizashi was cooking so he managed to make the coffee exactly how the green head would want it.

A shit ton of milk, two teaspoons of caramel and two teaspoons of sugar.

When said green head walked in his hair was a mess, the curls were wild and stuck up in random places. He had an oversized sweatshirt on and too big sweatpants that threatened to trip him as he walked in with fuzzy socks. The boy's face was a little pink and he had drool on his chin, his eyes were unfocused and his freckles seemed to stand out more in the light.

Everyone stepped to the side and allowed the sleep ridden teenager to get his coffee and take at least 5 sips of the hot liquid, once he had Midoriya's eyes focused and he let out a yawn.

"Good morning everyone!"

A chorus of good mornings came from every person in the room before the already dressed students, except Hatsume, walked out to head to their classrooms.

"You make the world's best coffee Hizashi-sensei." 

The pro-hero smiled and ruffled the already mess long hair, "I would hope so. I make some for Shouta all the damn time." 

"Tomorrow is the Sports Festival," Maijima-sensei told the class as soon as he was sure everyone was accounted for.

"Since you are not trained her students or even in General Studies you all will be allowed to bring support weapons. The limit is three at maximum and they have to be low in damage." His gaze turned to the resident chaos duo. 

"That means Monster Juice or whatever you now call it is not going to fly."

Hatsume let out a whine, Izuku patted her shoulder soothingly. He would miss their baby girl just as much as she would.

"Now you all have your weapons you'll be using, I want you to try and improve them if you can. this will be a good time to show what products you'll be able to market in the future. Think of this as a large advertisement for you all."

Once he said a few more words the class was dismissed to upgrade their gear. Midoriya had been doing so ever since he was told about the event happening not even a month ago. So far he had the pink smoke bombs that Hatsume made, he only added a shock factor to them.

Basically, anyone caught in the dust will end up getting shocked just a bit.

Next was a bo-staff. It wasn't a regular staff, this baby turned into an anti-gravity stick that when held up horizontally would allow him to float. He had made it with Mei's hover boots in mind, he knew they would team up for the event. They pinky promised.

And you NEVER break a pinky promise.

Not if you want to live anyways.


"Absolutely not."

While working Mei decided to try and come up for a nickname for her partner in crime, he had many for her which included Meimei, B.B or Insanity. B.B stood for Boss Bitch which was fitting since the incident with All Might.

"How about Bunny?"

Izuku just giggled, "my dad calls me that!"

"Pine tree?"

"Too long."

"How about-"

"If you say Broccoli," he stopped messing with his staff and glared at his best friend, "I will not hesitate bitch."

Mei laughed loudly, "fine! How about slut?"

Izuku gave her a deadpan look, "I haven't even kissed anyone."

There was a gleam in the girl's eyes just as the words left his mouth, inwardly he sighed.

"So, Izuku Midoriya is not only a bottom. But a virgin as well, damn. Whoever you fuck is gonna be lovin' life."

"Or whoever fucks me."


Maigima-Sensei, as well as the rest of the class, didn't even spare a glance in their direction. Everyone was so used to their conversation topics that it turned into background noise.


Izuku stopped fiddling with the wires in his hand and stared at the girl in front of him.


Mei shrugged, "your hair is green like the rest of your closet. At this point, I'm shocked that I'm only coming up with this now."

The two chuckled then started talking about their inventions. Hatsume had asked him to help her create a bomb that temporarily leaves her opponents paralyzed. 

Even she was scared at the look that crossed the fluffy boy's face as he agreed to help her.

She also made gloves that looked like regular exercising gloves but doubled as a shield. 

Both made fast work to create other support items, after all, they didn't need to just have only three options the entire time. They just had to have three at maximum. 

The day of the Sports Festival...

Izuku was a mess.

When he awoke that morning his hair was everywhere, his eye bags were huge since he stayed up all night creating new weapons and theorizing. 

Then he got out of bed and noticed that he had yet to wash clothes so he had no uniform. That's fine, he could get away with wearing his pj's or he could steal Hatsume's uniform. Then he had gone downstairs only to find that his coffee wasn't ready and his dorm mates, even Arakan, were speaking loudly about how excited they were. Ignoring them Midoriya had walked into the kitchen only to find that his normal coffee had been replaced by decaf.

Which led to everyone cowering in a corner in fear of him...

"I only want to talk I promise. Just tell me who switched my beloved coffee and I'll forgive you."

No one said anything, they knew better not to say anything or even claim they didn't do it. 

Hizashi didn't get that memo though, when the man had walked in and heard what Izuku had said he yawned and answered.

"Oh I did, I didn't want you to get addicted to caffeine."

The silence was deafening.


A growl escaped the green head's lips and he lunged at the still sleep ridden teacher. 

Hizashi didn't have enough time to prepare himself for impact, the class watched in horror.

While Izuku was busy trying to kill the pro hero the rest of the class ran to Power Loader and explained the situation, their teacher didn't even try to save Present Mic.


The scream that followed less than a minute later would be stuck in their minds forever.


After Izuku had finally gotten his regular coffee (and almost committed murder) he put the precious liquid into a mug then grabbed his things to leave. Once he left the dorm building he remembered that he wasn’t in uniform and his hair was a mess, the teen shrugged to himself.

At least he had shoes on, washed his face and brushed his teeth.

Sadly that wasn't the end of his terrible morning, on his way to the main building a couple of students accidentally shoved him which made him drop his coffee.

"" Izuku turned towards the boys and if the fear on their faces were anything to go by, he must've looked furious.

It was only by the grace of God that he didn't actually kill those kids.

Finally, inside the building, Izuku made a beeline for his classroom, wanting to get there before the bell rang. Then, as if the universe decided it wanted more entertainment he ran into someone.

"Sorry, I didn't see you there."

The voice was slightly monotoned but he could hear the faint tone of worry in it, Izuku looked up to say it was okay but the words died on his lips.

The boy in front of him was...breathtaking.

He had dark purple eyes and indigo hair that stuck up as if it defied gravity. He was taller than Izuku (not just because his ass was on the floor) and Izuku could see the muscles the boy had. Midoriya mused slightly, wondering if he had a sick pack underneath his uniform.

"Hey, are you okay?"

The stranger's voice brought him out of his thoughts ( his voice was deep too), Midoriya quickly stood up and played with his already very messy hair.

"I'm fine!" Why did he sound so nervous?

The other just nodded and stepped past him to walk to his destination while Izuku stood there until the bell rang.

In a flurry of movement, the green-headed teen rushed into his classroom looking frazzled and flushed.

Luckily Maijima-sensei had enough common sense not to get on Midoriya for his clothing or his tardiness.

He didn't want to be killed like he was sure Present Mic was.

"Today is the Sports Festival," the pro hero said instead, "get ready. It'll be starting soon. Dismissed."

Midoriya couldn't help but sigh...

'This,'  he thought 'was going to be a long ass day.'



Chapter Text

When the Sports Festival started Izuku could not have been happier that Mei teamed up with him. After being announced by classes and having Midnight explain their fist obstacle and the rules he let out a sigh.

It was an obstacle course, Mei and Izuku lined up at the finish line together and as soon as the count down was over he used his anti-gravity bo-staff stick to lift himself over the competition. Hatsume then used her boots and grabbed a hold of his waist so they were both flying over the crowd at a beautiful 40 mph.

Besides, flying meant he could keep his phone on him. He didn't trust some U.A kid not to steal it and he made it himself.

While flying over the competition they watched as other students took down robots, went over the large ditch thing and minefield. It was hilarious to see this weirdly familiar blond kid and duo colored hair student fight each other as they crossed the finish line. 

The look of shock on their faces: priceless.

"HATSUME MEI AND MIRODIYA IZUKU FROM THE SUPPORT DEPARTMENT TAKE FIRST PLACE!" Present Mic yells into his microphone to be heard over the cheering crowd. 

"I can't believe that actually worked!" Mei cackled as they both gently landed.

"We're fucking geniuses B.B, if it didn't work I would ask Recovery Girl to make sure we're okay," Izuku commented with sass.

The smiles they wore could've brightened the least until-


The crowd cheered but it didn't seem as lively but Izuku didn't notice, he had focused in one of the contestant's names.

"Jade? Izuku? Midoriya? Bro is everything-" Hatsume reached out to touch his hand, wanting to shake him out of whatever stupor he was in.

As soon as she touched him though he let out an ear-shattering scream and stubbled away, other students whipped their heads around to only see a messy green-haired student breathing heavily with wide and unfocused eyes.

"Izuku...hey look at me," Hatsume took a careful step closer as other students took a few steps away from them.


Hatsume gave her friend a look of horror before she forced her expression to be calm, she had to take control. She didn't see anyone who looked like they could handle this type of situation.


The green-haired student took a step back from her, his face was in the purest form of fear that she had ever seen. 

He looked worse than he had at the USJ.

"Hey...hey listen," Hatsume took another step forward with her hands where he could see them.

"I...I'm sorry I just-" he stopped himself and gripped his right shoulder with a wince as if he had hurt there.

"Hey Izuku," Mei smiled softly.

Some light or spark appeared in her best friend's eyes, "...I...Izuku? You don't call me-"

"Yes I do, we're best friends."

This was good right? Progress, while it wasn't good that he seemed confused at his title it was good that he no longer looked terrified of her.

"You don't like me...cause of what's wrong with me."

The venom in Midoriya's voice wasn't like normal, anger-filled venom. It was full of self-hate and fear. 

Mei never wanted to hear that tone as long as she lived.

"There's nothing wrong with you Jade I promise." Hatsume finally stood in front of him, he was in arms reach, other students continued to look on.

Hell, even Present Mic and Eraserhead were quiet just like the crowd. It wasn't silent but everyone was trying to see what was going on with the students, in her peripheral vision she could see some of Recovery Girl's robots coming forward with a stretcher.

"You..." more light come back in those green eyes she had grown to love, "you aren't Kacchan."

She watched him look around ever so slightly, he was trying to find someone and once Mei finds out who and how they caused Izuku into such a state she was going to raise hell.

Just like her aunt had said to her once about anger: Never try to rain down on others and break heaven like an angel, God will fix that and the person will remember none of it. Instead, raise hell, the Devil will help you and watch them burn.

"No I'm not, do you know my name?" Mei kept her tone soothing and peaceful as if nothing was wrong.

The robots finally arrived close to them but she waved them away, the pink-haired student even saw Midnight coming forward through the crowd. 

Time was ticking.

"I...I should?" Izuku's face twisted into one of confusion and Mei racked her brain to find something to jog his memory.

"Float me into the sun?"

His eyes widened, for a moment she felt hope then it was crushed with him asking her why she would want to do that and asking if he made her feel like she should die.

Whatever panic-induced moment must've wiped him clean of that fantastic moment...damn.

Midnight was getting closer and she reached out to grab his shoulder; the exact shoulder he had gripped harshly like he was just wounded.

In a split second she drew a blank, nothing was coming to her. No joke they shared or funny moment she could describe in the 3 seconds she had left, she couldn't even think of an-


That's it...


Damn, she's a dumbass.


"Izuku, Monster Juice!"

Finally, his eyes lit up with recognition, a large smile crossed his face, "we need to relabel that."

As soon as those words left his mouth Midnight's hand landed on his shoulder, thankfully, he didn't grimace in pain. 

"Is everything alright here?" Her voice didn't have as much worry as Mei would've liked but she didn't sound annoyed so it was a plus.

"Yeah, I'm-"

"Actually he needs to go see Recovery Girl, don't worry he's fine," Mei grabbed Izuku's hand and forced him to sit on the stretcher the robots had.

"Mei what are-"

"You see! He's completely lost and confused, must've been when you got handsy with your lover earlier huh Izuku? LET'S GO SEE RECOVERY GIRL!"

In an instant, he was off of the stretcher and being carried over Hatsume's shoulder with ease as she ran off the field leaving behind a confused hero, student body, crowd and well...nation.

As she sprinted down the hall Midoriya pulled harshly on her hair.

"Ow, what the hell-"

"Don't what the hell me," Midoriya squirmed in order to get his partner in crime to set him down.

"What was all that back there?"

Mei looked at him as if he just said that he was an old lady from 1843 and married a duke.

"You seriously don't remember-"

Midoriya's phone interrupted her as it rang out in the otherwise silent hallway, with a heavy sigh he looked at saw his dad's contact appear. A smile spread across his face as he answered.

"Dad, I'm at the Sports Festival. I can't talk right now and yes I have my medicine so you won-"

"I'm sorry, is this Midoriya Izuku?"

That...that was not his dad.

A horrible gut retching feeling exploded inside of him, for some reason he started freaking out. Why was he freaking out?

"Yes, who is this?"

"My name is Kana Emcia, you said you're at the Sports Festival? I need you to come to Musutafu Hospital, it's about your father."

"What about him? What happened to my dad?"

Mei was now worried at the frantic tone in his voice but she didn't say anything. Not yet.

"We shouldn't discuss this over-"

"TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED," Izuku's body shook. From the worry and tears or the anger at this woman for not giving him a straight answer, he didn't know.

The line went quiet as if this Kana woman was trying to be dramatic, then with a sigh and slight hesitation his world came crumbling down.
















"Your father is in the Emergency Room as we speak, he was in a car accident."





Chapter Text


"Hey! Aren't you...?"


Run faster...


It was silent as he waited, no doctor or nurse coming out of those double doors with any news of his dad. 

There was nothing outside but inside...

The inside was so loud.

Every thought of what could've happened and what can happen as he just sits there waiting.

Izuku had told Kana or whatever her name was that he would be there in 15 minutes, he somehow made it there in 10. The woman was small and thin, she had big green eyes and black as night hair. Her face had deep frown lines in them as if she had seen far too much from a young age and it still sat heavy with her in her later years.

As soon as he arrived she told him everything she could, his father was in a devastating car crash. It was a miracle he survived long enough to even get to the hospital. When he had asked why she had called him, she just answered saying that he was on his emergency records.

When did he do that? Was that even fucking legal?

It didn't matter.

As he walked quickly down the halls of the hospital with Kana as his guide he finally made it to the E.R and he's been in the same position.

Sitting silently, praying to whatever higher power that was out there that his father would make it through.

He needed him to make it through.

Hatsume had called his phone a million times and texted even more but he ignored each call and message, he couldn't stop staring at the doors that held his old man in them.

After what felt like forever of him sitting alone he heard footsteps coming closer. With an unexpected amount of energy, he turned his head only to see a nicely built and pretty woman in her early 40's or late 30's walking towards him. She had green eyes and black long hair. There was a man on her arm as well, possibly 6 feet tall easily. Strikingly bright orange hair that stood out against his dark suit, both looked displeased to be here.

Just as they were close enough to him the doors opened up and a woman in a long white lab coat walked out, Midoriya tried his best to ignore the bloodstains her coat was covered in.

“Are you-“

Midoriya took this moment to stop the woman from giving any information to the two strangers in the room.

”How is my father?” His tone was cold despite the worry on his face.

Why did this lady try to bypass him as if he hadn’t been sitting there for hours?

”Oh, you must be Izuku Midoryia.” The woman’s face became dark and her brows creased in the center of her forehead.

”I am sorry but we couldn’t save him.”

Every breath he held was released, the hallway seemed to shrink in on itself and the floor started moving on its own. The voices of those around him faded into nothing as he stared at the doors.

The doors that held his number one supporter. His best friend...

His dad.

A hand in his shoulder brought him out of his thoughts and he whirled around to see the woman standing behind him. It was as if she was moving in slow motion, her arms tried to circle around him and he pushed her away as gently as he could.

”Who...who are you?”

The woman sighed heavily before looking at the man she had brought with her, upon closer inspection he could see wedding rings on their fingers. 

So she was married...good to know.

"I told you Hisashi didn't mention me to him, he forgot about me." Her voice sounded disappointed but not surprised but that didn't really catch Izuku's attention.

The name. This stranger had called his father, who had just died, by his name. 

Who the hell-?

"Just tell him who we are, Harumi is waiting in the car with Chie and I don't really believe she's the best babysitter." 

The man had a bored tone which irked Midoriya a bit as he wondered who those names belonged to...his eyes widened a fraction. They are married so maybe those were their kids but that doesn't explain why they're here. 

He ignored the way his mind wondered about whoever this Harumi child was and why he would speak ill about them in front of a stranger.

"Alright, alright," the woman's green eyes turned back towards him and a sense of familiarity came crashing into him. 








"Izuku, I'm your mother Inko. My husband Daiki and I will be taking care of you for now on."






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Chapter Text

"I'm sorry but I don't have a mom." 

The woman, Inko his brain supplied, just stopped and stared at him for a moment.

"You really don't remember me?"

As if her words were some type of alarm or signal memories flooded back to him, they were faded but still easy to make out...

"Daddy..? Daddy doesn't cry, no crying."

The green head was watching himself and his dad as if he were watching a movie, his younger self ran up to his father while begging him not to cry. The man on the floor was not the father he remembers. 

This man was sobbing and shaking mess, desperately clinging to his only child as if he was going to leave him too.

That's right...Inko had left them.

Another memory slowly took the other's place, he was a bit older now. Staring at a picture that was once on the wall, a woman that he looked exactly like had him in her arms. His father most likely snapping the picture of them, he was small. So very small, perhaps only 4 years old.

This was one of the only pictures of his mom- no not his mom, his egg loaner, that was still in the house but the younger him knew that it would go away soon as well. 

His father came to hate or at least strongly dislike that woman in the picture, so Izuku watched as his younger self glared at the pretty yet bitter picture as much as he could. Then he grabbed the picture and threw it in the trash.

Vaguely he could feel the satisfaction of doing such an action.

A cough shook him from his thoughts, Inko was looking at him expectantly and it made his blood boil.

"I remember you alright, you left us. Do you even know how much dad was struggling?"

Inko just huffed, "he made the most money so I doubt it was that bad." 

Those words could have made steam roll out of his ears, Izuku could already feel his face turn red in his frustration. His many emotions and his brain didn't have the power to separate them.

”I don’t mean financial struggles. I’m talking about emotional struggles-“

”Sorry to break it to you champ,” Daiki said with a bored face, "men aren't really supposed to cry."

For the sake of not wanting to murder this guy because he would get instant help since they're in a hospital, he ignores the man, however, he mentally tells him to fuck off with his toxic masculinity.

"You don't have to be physically struggling just to be struggling." Izuku finished with a glare, in his peripheral vision he could see the doctor going back into the operation room. Possibly to give them some space or to prepare the body. Probably both.

"Whether you like it or not I am your mother as well as your new guardian so I expect you to treat me with respect."

"Then I expect your husband to avoid saying anything that involves toxic masculinity."

Inko sighed "use his name. It's very rude Izuku-"

"You're going to call me Midoriya."

Inko's face turned pink in her agitation, "no I won't."

"Yes," he stepped into her personal space, "you will."

With a small step back and a deep calming breath, he started speaking again.

"I just found out my father died less than 20 minutes ago, then out of nowhere, you show up. Now you're demanding respect and telling me to call a man I don't know by his name. Which, may I add you only gave me his first name which is not a formal introduction. Not only that-" Izuku took another breath.

He was going to end this whole woman's career.

"You fail to realize that you're my egg loaner, not my mother. Mother's don't run away from their family because of the fact that their child is quirkless, mothers send out a text or something to connect with their child even if they are divorced."

He ignored the slightly guilty look on Inko's face.


"Mothers care about their children so you aren't my mother."

Not wanting to argue anymore, Izuku walked to the front desk in order to get all the documents he may need for his dad. Surprisingly the woman gave him a folder and he left without letting her explain everything.

As soon as he left the hospital he walked towards the train station to go home, Midoriya didn't know whether or not Inko and that man of hers would throw out his things so he better grab what's valuable.

Once he made it to the apartment though, the teen had made a beeline for his dad's room.

Opening the door he tried not to think of all the memories he had of him, once inside he walked to his closet and pulled out all of his father's favorite hoodies. Next was the dresser that had a picture of both of them, he took that too. 

Everything that Izuku knew his father loved he took and packed in his suitcases before moving to his room to collect what he wanted to keep. Afterward, he headed back to the train station to head back to U.A. Thankfully he left before Inko and Daiki arrived. 

Back in the comfort of his room he finally broke.

First, it was silent like his mind was trying to convince his body that crying wouldn’t do. Then it agreed with it all of a sudden because loud and ugly sobs escaped him.

The last time he felt this much pain was back when Bakugou turned into a bully...


That didn’t compare to this.

Nothing could compare to this.

What did he last say to him? Did he say I love you?

"Dad...Dad, you were...supposed to be there at graduation!"

He didn't know who or what he was talking to, hell, whatever god out there probably wasn't even listening to him. If they were then they were just watching, not doing anything to help him and his grief. 

Izuku sunk to his knees in front of his bed, sniffles and broken sentences filled the otherwise empty room. 

"You...were supposed to be there! were supposed to stay with me."

After a couple more minutes of crying, he heard footsteps coming towards his room, not even seconds later the door was thrown open and arms wrapped around him.

"Jade? Jade, what happened?"

Hatsume...his friend. She was still here but...



But for how much longer?


Chapter Text

"Internships are something every student has to do but yours will be different. True you can shadow someone who makes support items but what I would rather you all do is shadow a hero. Make improvements for them, I want to see how you act in the field and all that." Power Loader explained just before the bell for lunch.

During lunch, Mei and himself were talking about the internship offers they had, well...the ones she had at least.

"You could come with me-"

"That wouldn't work, I don't have any and I'm fine with that. Maybe I can ask Maijima-sensei for some help? I don't know how much help he could be though."

Hatsume answered with a hum before they went least until a smirk appeared on his best friend's face, "so. Do you-"

"God yes, tell me who won." Izuku interrupted and with the green light, Mei proceeded to retell everything that happened at the festival after he had left.

"Oh and this guy named Shinsou Hitoshi won up until he got to this guy who had an electric quirk."

Just as the name was spoken a familiar face made its way to Izuku's vision and his jaw dropped slightly. He was pretty sure that he was either drooling or blushing a bit.

"Oooooh," Mei turned slightly to follow Midoriya's love-struck gaze and smirked when she saw who it was directed at.

The love-struck face however melted into one of concern as he watched Shinsou get stopped by his one and only least favorite person, Bakugou.

A familiar panic gripped his chest but a feeling of undeniable, strong and deadly hatred outweighed it. In seconds he was on his feet, the movement causing a few strands of hair to fall from his bun and frame his face. With a steady breath, he calmly walked over, as he made his way over he listened to the conversation.

"-I really should blast your ass to hell for the stunt you pulled! You fucking-"

"Excuse me." 

Shinsou, Bakugou and his group of friends (at least he thinks they're his friends) all turn towards him.

"You promised to help me with my homework and you're late," Izuku lied as he grabbed the purple-haired boy's arm and basically dragged him back to the table he was sharing with Mei.

As soon as they arrived he quickly let go of the other's arm and sat down, Mei, being the best friend that she was, gave him a knowing smirk. Meanwhile, the new addition to their table stood looking at Izuku with a mixture of confusion, slight annoyance, and...remembrance.

"Sorry about that, I know him and he's..." Izuku motioned vaguely with his hands as if that would explain everything, luckily the other filled in the blank.

"Way to blast happy? I know, I had to go against him at the Sports Festival." His eyes then narrowed slightly at Midoriya who was pretty sure he was blushing madly.

"I don't know why you lied and pulled me away from him though, if there was a fight then I could've handled him myself."

"He just knows something about him, don't you Jade? Something important that will be told in the near future." The pink-headed girl cut in with a meaningful look at the green head, "anyways, come sit. I wanna know about your quirk!"

The sleepy-looking teen didn't get any words out before Hatsume stood and pushed him to sit by Izuku, "now spill all the tea!"

"You," he looked at both of them with a puzzled expression, "wanna know about my quirk."

Midoriya nodded while Hatsume smiled widely.

"Okay well, my quirk is brainwashing and I can basically control people with my voice-"

"So you're that Shinsou guy!" Midoriya interrupted happily before he started mumbling about all the applications brainwashing could be used for. It was only when Mei kicked him hard in his knee that he stopped.

"Sorry, I do that sometimes but it's just so fucking cool!"

Shinsou looked stunned as Midoriya started ranting about how his quirk would cause less property damage than other quirks because it's just his voice and how it could be helpful for crowd control.

"Anyways, what else?" Mei asked just as soon as Izuku took a breath and stopped speaking.

"What else what?"

"Duh, what else is there to know about you? I mean, come on. That cannot just be it."

They were all silent for a moment before a dramatic huff escaped Hatsume's lips, she then pulled out a phone that definitely wasn't her own.

"How the hell did you get my-"

"Shinsou, you are now in a group chat with myself and Jade. We'll be spicing up your life because Kami forbid you to have something interesting happen to you."

Before Shinsou or Midoriya could protest the bell rang and the girl picked up her stuff before they could stop her.

The two sat there for a moment before Shinsou got up to let Izuku out of the booth they were in, the green head mumbled thanks before grabbing his things and walking away.

'That,' Shinsou thought, 'was the awkwardest yet nicest conversation I have ever had.'

The purple-haired boy then gathered his belongs and started heading to class after throwing away and cleaning up his mess, making sure nothing was left behind at the table.








'Wait a minute, I know that Midoriya kid.' His eyes widened comically 'He ran into me the day of the Sports Festival!'










Chapter Text

As soon as the school day was over Hatsume dragged Izuku to his room since it was most likely the cleanest out of the two of them.

"Explain all that shit at lunch. Right now or so help me I'll play that damn Baby Shark song for the next 15 hours." 

Izuku gaped at her before looking at the floor with tears starting to sting his eyes, once he came back after he just ran away from her at the festival she stayed with him while he cried. He didn't explain anything to her though.

Not about his dad...or Inko.

Definitely not about Kach-Bakugou.

"Midoriya," Mei sighed quietly, "I know I shouldn't and can't force you to talk but this has to be addressed."

It was silent for a minute which turned into two but then the tears started spilling onto his cheeks.

Then he felt her hug him while whispering comforting words to him.

That's when he spoke.

Everything, starting off with his ex-best friend turned to bully to getting put in the hospital and all the meds he has to take right along with Inko and his father's death.

"I don't even know if I'm going to be paying for his funeral or if Inko will and...and..." another sob broke through.

"Not only that but I don't trust her or that guy she's with."

Hatsume nodded as she rubbed his back soothingly, "understandable. I wouldn't trust her either. But I do have a question."

She, thankfully, waited until he gave an acute nod for her to continue.

"Why didn't you take some days off school? Maijima-Sensei would have given you time off-"

"Even if I took time off I would still feel like shit. At least with school, I can distract myself."

Mei nodded before asking another question, "have you been taking your medicine?"

Izuku nodded, "yeah. Dad would turn in his grave if I wasn't. Which reminds me, I have to get a refill soon."

Hatsume nodded again before a comfortable silence covered them, then she broke it.

"Hang on, so you mean to tell me that you not only hid the cause of not one but at least two major panic attack sessions from me. Then you came to school as soon as you were cleared for the hospital and your father. I want to know how you got your jaw unwired after just 2 weeks by the way. Also, you've been acting all handy fucking dandy while your dad passed away less than a month ago."

Izuku nodded slowly, slightly worried his friend was going to explode. To his surprise all she did was run out of the room, not even 10 minutes later she came back with Mic being dragged behind her.

The man looked shocked and a bit worried as he opened his mouth to question why he was just dragged all over the dorm building but Hatsume beat him to it.

"No one can replace Hisashi but for now at least, Hizashi is going to be your substitute father figure or at least uncle or something."


Mei sent him a questioning glace and with a shrug of his shoulders, with a deep breath, she summarized everything she had just been told. Wordlessly Hizashi walked over and sit on Izuku's bed before pulling him into a tight hug.

"Never feel like you have to just deal with all of this and you can't go to anyone okay? I'm here to help you all and that all includes you."










Izuku cried for what felt like the millionth time that night.


Chapter Text

"So in conclusion, I am a dumbass bitch."

Mei sighed as she hit her head against the breakfast table, Izuku just nodded as he sipped his coffee.

It was late in the morning on this particular Saturday, their dormmates had gone home to spend the weekend with their families. Mei, however, didn't want Izuku to be alone and Izuku didn't want to see Inko and her damn husband. 

"All you did was miss one calculation, at least you didn't do what that one boy in class 1-A did," Izuku stated after taking one long sip from his mug.

Mei looked at her friend with a questioning gaze causing Midoriya to explain what had happened.

"Okay, so you know that one pervert Mineta? So he thought it would be a cute idea to look up this one pink girl's skirt and the boy with blond hair grabbed him by this shoulder and literally threw him into a wall, he then used his quirk to shock him right?"

"As he should but how does this relate to my dumb bitch moment?"

Izuku glared at her as he shushed her, then continued.

"Then Shinsou came out of nowhere and used his quirk to make him fall-"

Izuku stopped as soon as he saw his best friend's eyebrows go up, a quick blush covered his face and suddenly he was wide awake. Coffee had nothing on embarrassment.

" and mind fucker right? I bet that'll be great in bed-"

Oh, how he regrets everything that led them to this point. 

As if the universe was finally, after years of neglecting him, was looking out for him Hizashi came into the common area with a sigh.

"Hatsume please refrain from using kinky language in the common area," the blond rubbed his eyes soothingly to try and fight off his headache.

If Shouta felt this way all the time then he understands his need for sleep.

"That wasn't kinky, I was just stating how good mind control would be in a sexual setting," Mei turned towards Midoriya who looked like he was about to either pass out or kill her.

"You should test it," a smirk appeared on her, "for science." 

Hizashi could only sigh as he watched Izuku try to kill Hatsume, "alright guys. If you kill each other, don't get blood on the carpet."

His only response back was a scream of utter fear from Hatsume as he turned and left the room.

He was not dealing with his problem children right now...






Oh god, he sounded just like Shouta...

"And therefore," Shinsou continued as he sat with Mei and Izuku in Izuku's room, "I made a friend and I have no idea how to handle it."

Mei was cackling while Izuku just sighed as if he was about to be forced to save the world for the tenth time today.

"So after you and that Kaminari dude hurt the purple fucker-"

"We purple fuckers don't claim him," Shinsou interrupted with a monotoned voice that caused Mei to wheeze from her spot on the ground.

"Hurt that guy and he literally didn't stop talking until three hours after the incident. Now he's texting you at 12 am discussing the meaning of the universe as if you both didn't just meet each other less than 76 hours ago." 

"Yes, and I need help."

"Shinsou, you do realize it's healthy to have other friends right?" Hatsume stated after controlling her laughter.

"I know but it's so weird, do you know how weird it was when you guys talked to me?"

He was sure they gave Shinsou a heart attack, while Izuku knew what it was like to be bullied he didn't know how badly Shinsou had it after all Izuku was able to leave the situation. Sure he had some less than lovely...incidents because of the bullying but Shinsou never left it.

Hell, he was pretty sure people in General Studies still give him the shit of life cause of his quirk.

"I understand but by the way you described this Kaminari dude, he seems like he's along for the ride."

Shinsou gave Izuku a small but genuine smile and he could have sworn his heart flutter just a bit.

"Maybe we should add-"

"Absolutely not," Shinsou stated as he halted Mei in her tracks.

The pink-headed girl gave a snort and a shrug before bringing out her phone.

"Did we have homework?"

Izuku paled, trying to think of all the homework he might've had but ended up coming up with nothing. Shinsou just shrugged while staring at Izuku's forever panicked expression.

"Mei...tell me we don't have any."

The girl just shrugged which caused Izuku to sigh heavily, "you know what? If I fail then I'm just going to fail. At this point, it's the only option."

Once again Hatsume started cackling like a madwoman and Shinsou gave that small smile, damn that smile was going to kill him.


Chapter Text

Internships were upon them. Well, upon Hatsume. Izuku, on the other hand, was just laying in his bed since he was excused from having internships.

A groan escaped his lips as he sat up and walked out of his room, he was tired of having nothing to do!

Homework? Done.

Experiments? He wasn't allowed in the lab.

"You can always hang out with me you know?" Hizashi had told him when he saw him lying face down in the common area.

"I know but I don't want to bother you or anything."

"Midoriya," the boy lifted his head to look at his English teacher "if you bothered me I wouldn't have made the offer. Now go get dressed and get Hitoshi."

At his friends' name, Izuku raised a brow, "why is he still here? I thought he had some internship offers."

Mic gave him a questioning look before a smile replaced his features, "you still don't know? Damn."

Izuku didn't stop pestering Mic for a good hour until they both got Shinsou from his dorm.

When Shinsou opened his door Izuku cornered him with questions, ranging from why are you still here to how did you escape internships.

"I intern with my dad all the time so he didn't see a need for me to do it since I'm doing it already."

Midoriya stopped for a minute, "whose your dad then?" 

"Wait a minute, is Hizashi-sensei a top or a bottom?"

Shinsou snorted gracelessly as Hizashi glared at them as they headed for his car.

The trio was headed for Hosu city, apparently, Hizashi wanted to go see a friend of his since he knew they didn't have, and he quotes, a fucking life.

"Why would I know that?"

Izuku gave a deadpanned look at his purple-haired friend, "you're Aizawa's kid."

"That doesn't mean I listen to them when they're having their adult time."

"Okay, but does one of them-"

"BOYS!" Hizashi's window cracked beside him at his volume, his face as red as one of Midoriya's experiments when brought to its overflow point.

"Can we not discuss my relationship with Shouta? And besides," A smirk appeared on the older man's face and Shinou's skin paled.

"Papa please, I'll do the kitchen by myself for a month. Just don't-"

"In order for a pancake to be cooked it needs to be flipped on both sides. But between you and me, that man is extremely flexible."

There were many reactions at that moment, Shinsou groaned and complained about how he hoped that the Earth would swallow him. Meanwhile, Izuku was yelling "I knew it" at the top of his lungs while Hizashi laughed so much they almost crashed.

"That was pure gold, wait until I tell MeiMei. She's going to fucking flip!" Izuku cheered as he pulled out his phone with startling speed.

"Do not tell her, Midoriya please do not-" Shinsou was cut off by a ping from his phone.

"If it wasn't for the fact that I'm aiming to be a hero I would have killed you for that."

Hizashi cleared his throat, "you're also not getting blood all over my damn seats. I just cleaned this car from the cat hair your dad keep on him like a coat."

Another groan came from Shinsou as Izuku giggled at his expense.

This type of behavior continued until they got to Hosu city and a large boom shook the ground.

"What was-" Midoriya's question died on his tongue as he watched a car get crushed and explode into flames.


The three of them practically jumped out of the car as they watched a muscled giant pick it up and throw it at a couple of heroes. 

Izuku recognized the mutant creature immediately...




His eyes widened and he could hear Shinsou yelling at him to move but he sounded like he was underwater...


Someone grabbed him as he watched a fist fly at him, just barely missing his face...





His heart almost felt like it stopped.




"No...not again..."



Why was everything becoming blurry?






'Not this...anything but this.'


It was a nomu wearing Bakugou's face...



It's always Bakugou's face.

Chapter Text


Please note that it's not really accurate. I tried to incorporate both Heather's characters and My hero Academia characters personalities. I should add this disclaimer in the fic now that I'm thinking about it. Anyways its out people!


The ideas you all gave me really helped me figure out how to write it and I thank you all! Don't worry, another chapter shall be out for this fic as well!

Chapter Text

Mic knew exactly what was happening, he had gone through it a couple of times after extremely hard missions.

The reminder...the fear. All of it kept inside of you until that one thing sets it off and everything comes crashing down. 

"Shinsou I need you to get somewhere safe okay? Do you understand me? I will take care of him, now go!"

Shinsou looked like he was about to argue but quickly turned away from his friend and father to go find somewhere safer while he stayed with the other teen. 

The nomu tried to follow Shinsou but a ball of fire was thrown at it and it practically melted, turning towards the area of which the attack came from Hizashi saw Endeavor scowling as he attacked another creature.

Never before had he been so happy to see that asshole he dared to call a man.

Instead of standing there though, Hizashi started to run to a safer area by an alley, people were screaming and running around like a chicken with their heads chopped off which made it harder to contain the nomu's because so many obstacles were in the way. 

"Izuku," Hizashi turned his attention back to the teen as he sat him against the building wall. "Hey look at me."

His voice was soft and he gently ran a hand through green unruly curls, slowly he saw the panic leave his face as a smile crept on to his.

"That's right, breathe in and out for me. It took you a lot quicker than I thought it would in order to calm you down."

Izuku blinked slowly and gave a curt nod, Hizashi frowned and looked over at the alleyway.

Overall the chaos he didn't here a certain student giving a killer a lecture over his brother.

"Izuku, I know you aren't at 100% so go hide in the alley while I help out here."

"Shinou, where is-" his voice was weak and a bit rough.

"He's safe I swear it but you need to be safe also. I'll be back I promise."

With that being said he helped Izuku stand up then gave him a once over just to be sure before slowly backing away to go aid heroes in the fight.

Izuku, on the other hand, had finally gotten a grip of his bearings and watched Mic run into the fray, quickly he ran into the alley and stopped at seeing a U.A student laying on the ground and the pro hero Native knocked out cold.

Without thinking he ran towards the man, who upon further viewing, had two swords and a about a dozen knives. He jumped in the air and did a flying side-kick which was of course dodged.

"And who might you be, kid?" The man, who had no nose? asked with a hint of annoyance.

"Who are you?" Izuku countered raising his fists.

Why the hell is he raising his fists? He can't fight.

"I asked you first."

Izuku gave an easy grin to hide the fact that he was scared shitless and the fact that he had just came down from an attack emotionally and mentally speaking.

"I asked you second."

The man chuckled "I'm The Hero Killer Stain, you must've heard about me on the news."

"Actually, I don't recall."

Stain shrugged before forcing himself into a battle like position.

"Whatever kid, I'll make you the same offer I made him." Stain nodded towards the kid on the ground.

Izuku didn't recognize him but based on his hero costume he only assumed he was from U.A.

"Leave now, this is between me, Native and that kid. Runoff and go find somewhere else to hang."

Izuku inwardly cursed at himself at his next words, "Nah. I think this place needs my attention.

"Alright then," a knife was thrown at him and Midoriya dodged seconds before it came into contact with his body.

The fight had begun.

 Shinsou was understandably internally freaking out.

Izuku had a meltdown and he knew exactly why.

Mei hadn't told him all of the details but he knew that whatever that thing was, it reminded him of his bully from all those years ago.

Just the thought of someone going out of their way just to harm Midoriya had him clenching and unclenching his fists in anger but mostly worry.

His Pa was out there with one of his best friends, out there with those bird-like creatures that almost killed his dad. And look where he was.

Hiding on a rooftop overlooking the chaos. Like a coward.

Just as he was about to kick the building he heard a scream below him and looked over the edge, one of those ugly ass things were crawling towards a little boy and his mom.

Shinsou saw that the kid, no older than 6, stood in front of his mom as if he was going to save her.

'Not on my watch bitch.'

Without even considering faster and safer ways to help the two below he jumped off the roof, landed on the back of whatever the creature was and then kicked it in it's exposed brain.


They didn't need to be told twice but before they went, Shinsou saw the little boy's eyes sparkle and he could have sworn he said 'my hero'.

He could dwell on that later.

Shinsou quickly jumped off the creature and ran towards some heroes that were fighting, "can someone give me a hand!?"

No one heard the purple-haired teen and so he kept running and running until he stupidly looked behind him to see if it was still there.

As soon as he did a ball of flames flew at it and the thing screeched in agony.

Facing forward he collided with someone, and just by the feel of the leather jacket they wore he knew who it was.

"What- Shinsou?! I thought I told you to run and I don't know, hide?!"

Shinsou ducked and proceeded to jump on the thing's back and stand on its shoulders briefly to stomp roughly on it's exposed brain. The impact made it fall to its knees and Hizashi took the time to scream so loud that it's rain vibrated and fell out of its head.

"There was an unexpected development that may or may not have caused me to jump off a roof."


Another nomu came at them and Shinsou squared up just like his dad taught him.

"Can we talk about this later?"

"You bet your ass we're talking about this later. With your father."

Shinsou didn't even get the chance to groan, the monster ran at them with lightning speed.

Chapter Text

Izuku was considered a smart kid, his dad would say so after every single test he brought home with an A. For all the complaining he did, the teen also knew Power-Loader thought he was smart if not a little crazy. 

But at this moment. 

He wasn't being smart at all.

Stain didn't even need to dodge his attacks, it was the other way around. Izuku leaped, turned and jumped in every direction he could to avoid knives and swords. 

'How is he so fast? Does he have a speed quirk or something?'

While trying his best not to be stabbed but the serial killer the green-headed teen started scanning him, his weapons were obviously made to draw blood from his victims. Stain was also careful his sword as to make a direct hit with his target but he was also careless in a sense.

'No, if he had a speed quirk he probably wouldn't use both knives and swords because it could slow him down right? So why does he have knives if having a quirk like that discredits it?'

Izuku slid in between the man's legs then jumped up while turning his body in order to punch Stain into the ground with surprising strength. Just as the teen was about to deliver another blow to the hopefully stunned villain, Stain surprised him by licking his sword.


The smartass remark died in his mouth immediately, his body for the best way to describe it, started to pulse before going frozen.

Numbly he could feel a sting on his upper arm, adjusting his gaze to the limb he saw a small cut.

'A cut? Wait, he licked his sword-'

"You have a blood quirk don't you."

It wasn't a question but a statement to which Stain gave a twisted smile before walking over to the other teenager in the alley while raising his sword.

'No... No, he can't do it!'


Just as the paralyzed emerald-eyed boy screamed a blast of bright, random fire pushed Stain away from the student...

who know under closer inspection had a costume that looked similar to another hero...who was it?

'Not important right now Midoriya, focus on the impending doom and the random ass fire blast.'

"There are a lot of people getting in my way today, and it's becoming quite vexing." An annoyed yet monotoned voice rang out in the otherwise silent alley.

Angling his body Izuku looked at their new party guest, a boy with both white and red hair as well as two different colored eyes stared at Stain as if he was well...a stain on a white garment.

"One after all just keep coming like rats to a cheese trap don't you?"

"Tragic I know," the other sassed back with the same dead voice.

Izuku let out a small snort at the comment the stopped as he felt a chill go down his spine, the boy's fire was out and ice spread out from his right side under his foot.

Then he started attacking.

"Todoroki he has a blood-related quirk! Don't let him cut you or else-"

"I'll be paralyzed? Got it."

'Wow...damn bitch couldn't tell me that shit from the start?'

Izuku couldn't help but glare at the two boys now, a small feeling of bitterness arose as he watched the two-toned teen fight the killer like it was nothing. 

"Pros should be here in a few minutes!

Deciding laying there wasn't a good idea, the green-headed teen tried moved his limbs a bit and smirked when he found out he was no longer stuck for whatever reason.

Todo-or whatever his name was made a huge ice wall which forced Stain to jump in the air, as he did though he switched targets, he was back on to the hero slumped on the ground.

In a burst of sheer desperation, Izuku intercepted the murder by basically tackling him in mid-air. Once he landed though he heard something rushing towards him and without another thought he tumbled to the side, effectively dogging some ice.

"Hey, peppermint! Warn a guy next time!"

Todoroki just glared at him, and made another ice thing and shot it forward then his fire, he narrowed down the field.

'These damn Pro-Heroes need to hurry up, I don't know how long we can hold him.'

Izuku turned towards the boy blasting out his fire, that's when he noticed the other was injured...which didn't help him in the slightest.

'Oh great, not only am I mentally not good, a pro hero is down and so is that glasses bitch. But Peppermint Patty is hurt as well, what else could go wrong?'

As soon as the thought entered his mind he looked towards the two on the ground. In his peripheral vision, he saw someone entering into the alleyway...













'I am in every sense of the word...screwed.'




Chapter Text

Izuku dodged a knife being thrown his way and somehow managed to jump off the wall and almost kicked Stain in the head. 

"You want to make your brother proud?!" Todorroki shouted over the roaring flames of his quirk, "then get up!"

Izuku looked back towards the alley and saw another figure alongside the first one, both were running towards them.

'Now I know you're fucking lying.'

Instantly he geared up to fight more enemies while silently praying that the other two teens could take care of Stain without much trouble.

"Izuku is that you?!"

The closet figure came into light and Izuku almost cried out in relief.

"Shinsou, I have never been so happy to-"

A sharp pain burst on his back then a yelp was torn from his throat, suddenly a hand was on his arm supporting him.

"Izuku, what the hell just happened? What is happening and why-?"


Both teens looked over at the loud voice and watched as Present Mic ran over and used his quirk to help render the killer unconscious. Then he walked over to the two teens holding each other calmly...

Too calmly.

"Midoriya Izuku and Shinsou Hitoshi...we need to have a chat after this."

His voice was calm and gentle, it made Shinsou and Midoriya's skin prickle in anticipation.

After making sure the Hero Killer was officially out for the count the small group tied him up and dragged him to the street where Hizashi checked injuries while lecturing every single person there.

"Hey over there! Is Everyone alright?" A hero among others ran towards them shouting.

"We need medical attention over here now, can someone-"


A horrified screech was heard as Izuku turned around then felt his body become weightless for just a moment.

"What in the hell?"

Izuku looked around and saw buildings rushing past him and the others down below him get smaller.

"Hey, wait for a second! Put me back on the ground!"

The green head looked up and saw what was carrying him for just a moment, a nomu.

Then as quickly as he saw it, as quickly as he was lifted from the solid ground it all came crashing back down.

The creature hissed as it started free falling with Izuku still in its grip.

All of a sudden, strong arms wrapped around his body as the ground came closer and closer into view.











'I have almost died at least 8 times in the last 2 hours...what the hell?'



Chapter Text

When he was finally placed back on the ground he had fallen to his knees, he nomu was on the floor as well. 

"Who just-"

Izuku froze when he saw Stain standing next to him with a crazy look in his eyes.


As the man screamed he had gotten into a battle position. Looking as if he was about to fight all over again. Then, it was as though the sky turned red.

No one, not even Endeavor could move.

Just as Izuku thought that Stain would run forward (he didn't understand how the guy had so much fight left in him) stopped and whatever aura that was coming from his disappeared. All, that stood there was an unmoving hero killer.

Midoriya stood up on very shaky legs and walked forward towards Mic then he promptly fell over in his arms.

"I never want to do something like this again. Ever."

The greenhead's voice was muffled since his face was pressed into Mic's chest but the other heard it loud and clear.

"I don't want any of you to do this again. Especially with so little training."

Izuku mumbled something else but was overpowered by the sirens that were closing in around them.

"So we're being punished for something that-"

"What I am proposing, Mr.Todoroki is that your names will not be in the news as the individuals that took down Stain. You three do not have your hero license, however, the license of the heroes you were under will be suspended as well as their teachers' license."

Halfie--er, Todoroki just huffed and sat down. 

The inspector and whatever the hero's name was left the room, instantly that kid he was trying to save glared in his direction as well as Shinsou's who was sitting on his bed.

"What are you staring so hard at? Take a picture." Izuku sassed in response to the harsh glare.

"Who are you? I haven't seen you in the hero courses in U.A, if that is a school you go to." The boy with glasses said in a tone that was border-lined annoyed.

"You're Iida Tenya aren't you? From class 1-A?" Shinsou jumped in before Izuku could say anything else.

"That's right-"

"Tell me, what would your teacher say to this fucking display? At least say thank you."

"You both put your lives in danger. You aren't even a hero course student." Todoroki cut in with a monotoned voice.

"Yeah, I'm not. But I still held my own and kept you from being killed for a good minute back there." Izuku then sneered, "you're welcome by the way."

"Also what was that?! You could've told me about Stain's quirk instead of having me figure it out!" Izuku went to try and stand but Shinsou pulled him back on the bed.

Iida looked down in shame, "I am sorry. That was rude and dangerous to withhold any information that could've helped you in your fight with Stain. Also, thank you for keeping me safe. You as well Todoroki, thank you."

"I'm glad you all made up."

Four heads whipped towards the door where Present Mic was standing, the other two didn't notice how Izuku and Shinsou tensed up.

"Hey there-"

"Do not 'hey there' me young man."

Shinsou snapped his mouth shut instantly.

"Before you say anything else!" Midoriya cut in quickly when he saw how red the voice hero was becoming in anger.

"We're still injured! So and all physical laboring punishments should be held off until we get the green light from the doctors."

Hisashi took a breath and nodded slowly before coming over to them quickly and pulling them both into a bone-crushing hug.

"I'm so glad you both are safe. Next time either of you two do something like that again though, I will tie you both up to your beds for a week."

Midoriya smiled, "we're a little-"

"Midoriya Izuku," Shinsou interrupted, "do not finish that sentence."

The green-haired boy just laughed. Everything was good.





Everything was good.




Chapter Text



As soon as the purple-haired and green-haired students returned to U.A, they were greeted by Aizawa Shota himself... and he was not impressed.

"I can't stand," Shinsou warned as he face-planted into Hatsume's bed.

The girl was cackling madly at their pain.

"What happened?" 

Izuku groaned from his spot on the floor next to her office chair.

"So remember the Hosu incident? Well, this fuckers dad found out from his other dad and now we have extreme training and more homework."

"It's not just my fault," Shinsou said as he rolled his eyes. Not that anyone could see it since he was still face-first in Hatsume's pillow.

"Damn, that's tough." Mei wheezed as she looked at her two friends with amusement.

"It can't be that bad can it?"

The two boys looked at her with utter disgust.

"We have to run...100 laps. For the next 3 weeks!" Izuku cried out as he sat up from his spot on the floor.

Shinsou threw a pillow at him, "quiet down! If either of them hears you complaining they'll make it worse!"

Izuku picked up the pillow and threw it back at his sleep-deprived friend, hitting him straight in the face.

"Two can play that game pussy ass bitch!" 

"Bring it on twink!"

Izuku shot up from the floor with newfound energy and tackled Shinsou while Hatsume was laughing her ass off.

"I am not a twink!"

"Shut up Izuku!"

"Make me you limp noodle!"

Hatsume fell out of her office chair with tears streaming down her face, "he called you a limp noodle!"

Shinsou glared at her and threw a pillow at her head, making her stop her laughing.

"Shinsou Hitoshi...your ass is grass, you're so dead."

The usually energetic pink-haired girl's voice was deadly calm which made the other two boys stop dead in their play fighting.

"Oh fuck..." Shinsou whispered as Hatsume got up and started looking through her closet.

"SHINSOU RUN!" Izuku shouted and both teens ran out of the room with Mei hot on their tails.

"Come on and fight me like a man!"

"No thanks Meimei, we're good!"

The trio ran around their dorm building then out of it, neither knew where they were headed.

"Wait for a second, why are you running?"

Izuku panted a bit before answering, "she's crazy! She'll kill us both!"

The two continued running before they saw someone walking into a building.


The girl had pink hair and skin, she looked back at them and dove out of the way as the trio ran into the building.

The two boys ran into the common room where a good 12 people were sitting. Both ran and jumped behind the couches panting heavily.

"Hey who are-" a boy with larger than normal elbows tried to question them but then stopped as soon as Mei came in cackling like a madwoman.

"Come out, come out, you little shits. You guys and test my new baby!"

Shinsou, in a moment of forgetting all fear, got up from behind the couch.

"I'm gay!"

Hatsume snorted, "that's not what I meant but if it makes you feel better I'm questioning my sexuality."

"Also," she said after recovering, "gotcha!"

Shinsou made an 'oh-shit' face and grabbed Izuku (who was struggling not to piss himself) and tried to make a break for it.

Hatsume, however, tackled both of them in the middle of the floor.

All three teenagers were laughing hysterically.

"Get off!" Izuku wheezed, "before I piss myself!"

Neither of his friends moved if anything it made them laugh harder. That was until...

"What the hell do you three think you're doing?" A monotoned, exasperated voice said and the three of them stopped laughing and shot up to stand.

"Hi Mr. Aizawa," Midoriya started but with a flash of the man's red eyes from his quirk he shut up instantly.

"All three of you, head back to your dorm. Now."

The three of them bowed their heads and said a 'yes sir' in unison before walking out of the dorm building in single file.

On their way out Hatsume whispered, "that was fun."

The other two just and nodded along, tehy might get in trouble later but for now...






It was so worth it.


Chapter Text

"So...are we going to talk about it?" Mina asked as the whole class watched Aizawa walk out the building with the three kids that just...did something.

" we're not because..." Jirou started but then trailed off and suddenly the room was stuck in silence.

"What the fuck was that? Mina broke the silence softly...

A few weeks went by without any incident and drama which made Izuku feel happier than usual... villian or Aizawa wrath type of drama, ther was something else happening.

"He's so cute and he's always dead inside! He's my soulmate!" Izuku moaned dramatically as he flopped onto the construction table in the lab.

Hatsume smiled while patting his back gently, "it's okay. You'll be okay."

Midoriya shot up, "and it's not just him. Like okay, Sleepy Cat is beautiful but have you seen the walking Peppermint? He's so-" 

Instead of finishing his sentence, the green-haired boy made a dying noise in the back of his throat.

"Hatsume and Midoriya," Power Loader interrupted their conversation with a sigh.

"I would hate to stop...whatever this is-"

"Then don't," Midoriya sassed to the older man who ignored the comment.

"However, I need you both to pay attention right now. I'll be going over a project."

At this the two teens stopped the experiment they were about to conduct and joined the class by staring at their teacher.

"Alright so, for your final exams, you all are taking a written test like every other student for all of your classes."

He paused as if waiting for a reaction but when none came he continued.

"So, for this class, you are all in charge of making your own hero suits, then after grading them on creativity and functionality, we will be using them as a test run. I'll give you all a rubric for that after class."

The whole class stayed focus on him for a minute longer to make sure power Loader wouldn't say anything else. When in the clear they went back to their personal projects.

That's how they earned classwork and test grades, they create something from scratch and it needs to be done by a certain date. Once the date is upon them it's time to show their invention, creativity, and all-around working ability gave them their grades.

In short, everyone had above a C.

"So...his code name is Sleepy Cat?"

Midoriya nodded as he added a mixture of...something to a beaker. 

Honestly, he didn't even know what it was.

"Yes. Yes, it is, and don't say a thing about it."

Hatsume laughed the entire period after that comment.

"Have you seen his fluffy green hair?" Shinsou groaned as the two of them were walking to the dorms.

She still hadn't figured out why they had dorms.

Mei sighed, "yes I have. I see him every day, it's kinda hard to miss."

"And his eyes? Oh my god his eyes, Hatsume, they sparkle. Like anime character eyes! How is that possible?"

Shinsou launched into a complete and slightly impressive recount of all of Midoriya's-er sorry, Forest's good attributes.

Honestly, Hatsume could tell the exact moment Midoriya started crushing hard on Shinsou, he would allow the sleep-deprived teen to talk to him before he had his coffee. Once he even let him, drink his coffee. It was cute.

But it was starting to get really fucking annoying, she would hear him gush and flutter on and on about Shinou, it was like he barley wanted to hang out with her and build something.

She had turned into his gossip buddy which was always something, no, someone she never was.

Mei could pinpoint the exact moment Shinou fell for Midoriya, he would just stop and stare whenever the other boy was in the room. Hell, one time he even did a pick-up line he had heard from that Kaminari kid.

While they didn't do much separately, it still stung to know that he was only hanging with her more now was because his gay ass couldn't handle their mutual friend.

She loves both of them, she does, and she's glad they're so open about being who they are with her, They know she would never, not once in her life, judge them.







She almost wished for things to be just like how they were before Shinou and Midoriya it was like there's barely any room for her to be there.

Chapter Text

Hatsume waited in her room for the other two boys to show up so they can start studying. Time was flying and their exams were almost upon them, however...

"Where are they?"

The dread-headed girl had waited an hour for them to show up, she had finished designing her final project for Power Loader in that time.

The suit was amazing, it had powerful jet-boots so she could fly and be able to move faster. It also had numerous hidden pockets for tools and smaller gadgets, she also added some goggles so she can see about 5 more feet away than she could usually see, and it had night vision. It's basically a booster for her quirk Zoom.

Mei waited for another five minutes before she went out to find them, she looked in both their rooms, the common room and some of the labs in the building.


So she went to find Power Loader, maybe they were with him.

She then stopped herself, Shinsou wasn't much of a builder and knowing Izuku, he would bend over backward to make him feel a bit more comfortable. 

The pink-haired girl traveled across the campus but found nothing, hell, she even looked in the General Studies dorms. 


By the time Mei had made it back to her room, it was 7 pm and their study session was supposed to start at 5. 

'If they had gotten busy they could have texted me.'

Hatsume Mei is absent-minded and often forgets how to be social when not working on something with another person but she's been getting better. Now, she wished she was back at square zero. 

"Why didn't they show up?"

Instead of bothering to call or text them, she decided to work on her homework and study alone. 

The next day she was up bright and early and started getting ready for the day.

As she got ready she grabbed an additional bag in order to carry more of her inventions, this happens often so she's usually the last one in their group to be ready to leave.

Finally finished, the teen picked up both her school bag and her invention bag then made her way to the front of the school.

However, when she had gotten there she saw she was the only one there which was highly unusual...they were the only friends they have.

Not fretting on it she went to class and dove into her work, she didn't even notice that Izuku came into the room. Not just because she doesn't pay attention to her surroundings but also because...he didn't talk to her. Instead, he had a love-struck facial expression as he played with his chemicals.

When lunch rolled around she sat by herself...she hadn't done that in what felt like forever and that's how her day went. She was forever by herself.

Finally at the end of the day on her way to her room she saw them talking and walking hand in hand.


The outburst was uncalled for but it got their attention.

Shinso glared at her which made her blood boil.

"Why the fuck are you yelling?"

"You guys ditched me to get together! Really?"

Midoriya and Shinou stared at her, "Mei what are you talking about?" 

Her narrowed eyes turned towards Izuku, "you will call me Hatsume. How could you both do that to me? I've been there for both of you!"

"I didn't think we owed you anything for being a friend," Midoriya said, however, his voice shook from the amount of anger in Hatsume's voice.

Hatsume however, stepped back from the two, not even realizing how close she had gotten to them.

"You know what? You're right," she took in a deep breath, "I'll be in my room. I would say come over..."

Both boys watched as she shoved them out of her way with wide eyes, her tone was so...dead. 

Then, the dread headed girl turn around to throw a strong glare that even made Shinso gasp in a bit of fear.

" I don't feel like that's a good idea."

And just like that, she slammed the door.















"What was that about?"


Chapter Text

"Now tell me what happened?" Kaminari asked as he looked at Shinso and Midoriya.

Shinso had gone back to his room after his argument with Hatsume ended up as an argument with Midoriya who insisted they go check on the girl, to which he said no. Then to make matters worse, Midoriya stormed out of the dorm (of course he followed), they almost had a shouting match which led Kaminari to see them and force them to talk out their feelings.

He was just like his's a bit unnerving.

"Our friend Hatsume got...irrated at us. Which never happened before, usually she's so light-hearted and happy crazy," Midoriya started off with downcasted eyes.

"We don't know if we did something to make her upset, she didn't say anything to us except yelling," Shinso added on as Kaminari whipped out his phone and started texting someone.

"Mmmh, don't worry, we'll get to the bottom of this."

"Kami, who did you just text-"

All at once the entirety of class 1-A came down the stairs and took different seats in the common room. Midoriya and Shinso watched as they all stared heavily at them and moved to sit a little closer to each other.

"Hey, you guys are the ones who came in here screaming that one day!" A girl who they couldn't see except her clothing said...possibly with a finger pointing at them.

"Oh yeah, wait, weren't there three of you?" Another girl with pink hair and skin asked with her head tilted just a bit.

"That's actually what we're here about," Kaminari answered for the couple.

"Shinso, Midoriya, please meet my friends and classmates. We will be helping both of you, not only get your friend back but also figure out how to avoid such an unpleasant event like this in the future." The blond teen stated with a triumphant smile which turned into a harsh glare at the two.

"And you both are going to sit there and listen so Midoriya shut your damn mouth."

The green head did with a small click of his tongue.

"Wait, why are we receiving everyone's help?" Shinso questioned to which a boy with larger than normal elbows answered with a smirk.

"You both are dense, trust me, I know it when I see it."

"Yeah, you're dating that idiot." A chick with headphone jacks on her ears commented.

"Jirou, I'm not charging your phone if you keep this up."

The girl, Jirou,  stopped talking immediately.

"Now back to the matter at hand," Kaminari took a breath. 

"These two accidentally made their trio into a duo and don't know how to fix it, we're here to help. Any questions?"

A boy with glasses, they both recognized as Iida from the hero killer spectacle, raised his hand high into the hair.

"Yes! Please realize it is a school night and go to bed on time!" His arm went down swiftly after he spoke. 

"Iida," a student with bright red hair gelled up sighed, "that wasn't a question but thanks for the heads up."

"You are most welcomed Kirishima!"

The rest of the class shook their heads and went back to the topic at hand. 

"Can we get a full story? What happened exactly?" A girl with green hair tied in a bow questioned.

"They got into an argument with that Hatsume girl from the Sports Festival," they heard someone huff in the background along with a few chuckles.

"These two don't know why she got mad at them, Midoriya here wanted to ask after the mad genius stormed off to which Shinso said no and I found them out said yelling at each other."

"Like one of those old married couples in your movies, babe?" The kid with large elbows questioned to which the electric teen smiled and nodded.

"Sero, you do pay attention but yes and tanks you for asking a question, Tsu," Kaminari commented with a smile and a wave of his hand.

"Tanks?" Jirou questioned before the girl with pink skin shushed.

Midoriya will swear up and down he heard her whisper that she wanted the drama to start as if nothing dramatic happened already.

"Neither of you said anything that could have upset her?" A girl that Shinso recognized as Yaoyorozu asked puzzled.

"Nope, we didn't talk to...her..." Midoriya started before fading off with wide eyes, he turned towards his purple-haired boyfriend with his mouth agape.

"Oh my god, we ditched her! Shinou that's why she was so upset!"

It took a moment but they could pinpoint the exact moment he understood.

"The study date...that was the night I asked you out. Goddamnit, we're dumb, no wonder why she was pissed."

Midoriya nodded and went to say something but Iida spoke first with his arm waving robotically, "please refrain from that vulgar language!"

Without missing a beat Shinso turned to face him with a deadpanned expression, "fine. Satan blesses this tragic fucking event." 

Kaminari snorted before clearing his throat, "so you stood her up on a study date, basically ignored her and then got surprised when she got pissed off?"

At least the two had the decency to look ashamed, Midoriya stood up and grabbed Shinso's arm and started heading towards the exit.

"Thank you Kaminari," the purple-haired boy said as they left.

"We did stuff too," the pink girl, Mina, said as soon as they were out of earshot.

"Shhh, we just solved a friendship problem. Let us have this one unruined moment."

"Kaminari," Mina started with a fond tone. "You ruin every moment by speaking."

"Fuck you, Mina."

Chapter Text

"Hatsume?" Izuku timidly asked as he knocked on the girl's door.

After their meeting with class 1-A, both he and Shinso went to go apologies to Mei. They needed to talk to each other, make some rules in the friendship made...just something.

"For fuck's sake just open the door or we can-" the door opened which cut off Shinso's words.

Hatsume stood there with a frown but she opened the door wide enough so that the other two could come in.

"What do you want? It's late."

Shinso clicked his tongue, "you don't sleep and neither do I. So we both know that this feels like noon right now."

Hatsume rolled her eyes and sat in her office chair staring at them, and motioned for them to speak. It was weird, she wasn't talking up a storm.

"We want to say sorry..." Midoriya started with a shaky breath, "we didn't mean to stand you up. We got distracted, not that it's an excuse for our behavior. We should have told you and at least warned you wouldn't be able to make. Also ignoring you was a bad move and we're sorry, well I'm sorry but that's not the point. Wait it is nevermind because in order for it to be an apology I would have to be sorry so that is the entire point and I'm rambling aren't I which I'm sorry I shouldn't be and I'm not-"

"I accept your apology Jade," Hatsume interrupted with a calm smile that looked foreign but nice on her face.

"I'm sorry too, for all the same stuff Izuku said and more," Shinso began which sheepishly rubbing his neck. 

"We poured out all our teenage angst bullshit on you and didn't even ask if you were alright. Then we go on a date and ignore you. That wasn't right and if Papa were here he would beat my ass for doing it. I don't give drawn out apologies but just know I'm really sorry." 

"I forgive you too, and I know. You're shitty at emotions."

The trio gave quiet smiles and giggles before Hatsume sighed.

"I'm sorry too, instead of blaming and cutting you both off I should have told you what was bothering me in the first place. You both just started dating so you were probably on cloud nine, I should have been calmer and stuff about the whole thing. I'm sorry."

Both boys gave smiles at their friend and got up to hug her, "we forgive you" Izuku stated fondly. It was a nice little moment before Shinso sighed.

"All in favor to talk about feelings for now on to avoid stress say Mineta is a bitch."

"Mineta is a bitch," Midoriya and Mei both said in unison to which caused them all three to start laughing.

Mei stopped laughing for a moment, "so..." she began with a sly smile. "Who asked who out first?"

"I asked him out," the couple said in unison. They both glared at each other playfully and started arguing.

"I asked you first Shinso, you were stuttering too much."

"Sorry, Midoriya. I think you're speaking about yourself.

The two continued and Mei laughed with on thought on her mind...

'They didn't leave me after all.'

"Did I ever tell you guys about my first hero-experience?" Shinso asked breaking the sounds of Izuku's muttering.

He was something along the lines of "It makes things go big boom and I love it." After that, he zoned out until he thought of what happened with Stain.

"No, I thought that whole Stain shit was the hero-experience," Hatsume Mei commented as she put down the welding tool she had.

All three of them were in one of the Support Department Dorm labs or as Mei called it, The Labor Room. When she said it the first time Shinso face palmed while Midoriya tried to correct her saying it was The Fun Room. the worst part, he said it with an eyebrow wiggle that made Shinso wonder why he was dating him. In the room with them was Hizashi, he didn't want to come in and find them dead so he was here.

"No, but actually yes. Okay, so when we were fighting the bird things I was on a roof hiding-"

"Like I told him to but he didn't want to listen," Hizashi mumbled which cause his son to glare at him.

"Anyways, I was on a roof and I saw one of those things creeping up on this kid and his mom. The kid stood in front of his mom to protect her and I jumped off the roof and landed on its brain. I blue-screened for a second because that kid saw me and called me his hero."

"Awww!" All three of them cooed.

"He was going to protect his mommy," Hatsume squealed until Izuku started laughing.

"I can't relate."

Hizashi threw a balled-up piece of paper at the back out his head which caused him to also glare at Mic.

"Yeah, that was my hero moment, I'm kinda mad that I didn't catch his name."

Well," Hizashi added in from his chair, "I'm sure you'll see him- MIDORIYA IZUKU WATCH WHAT YOU'RE DOING!"

Everyone looked to see what he was doing and everyone but Hatsume and Midoriya took a step back.

"What is it doing," Mei whispered with a gleam in her eyes as Midoriya smiled like a madman.





"I don't know."

Chapter Text


They may or may not have been banned from the lab for a month and a half because Izuku made some type of toxic gas on accident which cause him and Hatsume to pass out.

But the details aren't important.

Anyways, the three teens were in Shinso's room studying. Each was pretty good in everything so it wasn't really a teaching experience, but more like a pop quiz.

"So we read about the Yamato period, list three key points about the period," Hatsume told Izuku with a wide grin as she reviewed the mock-test paper Hitoshi just handed to her.

Since the couple had stood her us they all agreed that for their first study session she would be in charge and holy fuck their heads hurt.

This girl took studying seriously, she had made fake quizzes over their math and science work as well as made flashcards with every vocabulary word they had. Not only that but she also made tests to grade their English skills.

"Perfect Hiroshi, you only missed half the answers this time!" 

Hitoshi groaned and flopped off the bed to the floor, "why is it so fucking hard!"

"That's what he said," Izuku commented without missing a beat which causes Hitoshi to stick out his tongue at his boyfriend. 

As the day dragged on they took turns controlling the study session after Izuku tried to kill Mei with a pencil.

There was a knock on the door that interrupted Izuku's muttering when it opened Hizashi stepped in.

"You guys haven't been out of here in 5 hours. Out now, go interact with people other than yourselves, I don't care but do something."

"But we're almost done! We're just about to take a massive test over everything we studied!" Mei whined as Hizashi walked in and tugged the papers out of her hand while Shinso and Midoriya slipped out of the room.

After getting Hatsume away from Shinso's room Hizashi took it upon himself to make them something to eat, "so Izuku, Hitoshi...I've noticed something new."

Both boys paused their eating looking pale, " what?" Midoriya managed to squeak out.

"Oh nothing really, I'm surprised Shota hasn't noticed it yet. For how smart that man is he can be dumber than a rock." The voice hero sighed out with a smirk.

"When did you two start dating?" Mei chocked on her food and started smiling at the duo.

Just as Hitoshi was about to answer Hizashi held up a hand with a smile on his face.

"I know you were planning on telling me right? And your father. I think we should have a family dinner don't you?"

It wasn't really a question, they knew they had no choice, Hizashi then walked out of the common room.

"Shit...we did not think this through," Hitoshi muttered as he put a hand over his face.

"It won't be that bad right?" Midoriya asked, still pale from Hizashi's little...he didn't even know what to call it.

"Dad may be scary but Papa...Papa can be worse."

The two boys stayed frozen for some time as Mei laughed so hard she started crying.

Chapter Text

It was final exam week and the trio couldn't have been any happier, finally, they were allowed to get away from Hatsume and her weird-ass study sessions. Hitoshi wouldn't admit it but he wasn't afraid of anything except Mei when she was in charge. 

He prays every night to whatever god is out there that the girl never becomes a villain...The whole world would be in shambles.

The written exams weren't that bad, the math packet they were given had a total of 50 pages to which they were given 2 hours and 45 minutes to complete, after that it would be both their literature classes and English course combined. The time for that test was 3 hours total. But every test they took had a part two which made taking them hell.

Izuku was practically flying through the math test but as soon as the English and literature test came along he started to struggle, it wasn't that reading and writing was difficult, it was the English portion. Why would any language have the word read but also have it pronounced as read? Was it a good language to learn? It was as good as any language but it was just so confusing.

After those tests were over the students were given a break aka lunch, most students ate while studying more material for the upcoming tests while some slept to get their mental powerhouse up and running again.

The lunchroom was quiet in order to be respectful of everyone doing their own thing so Mei silently waved Shinso over to where they would be sitting.

"Thinking about thinking makes my head hurt," Izuku grumbled softly as he ate his bento, Mei nodded and Shinso only allowed his head to rest on the table. 

"At least we're not the Hero Course if anyone fails the tests completely they would be removed from the course," Hitoshi stated through a yawn.

"Really? Why would they do that?" Izuku wondered aloud before wincing and rubbing his temples.

"Your head hurts from trying to think about it huh." Mei teased as she studied for their Science and History test.

The trio then only sat in silence, trying to relax just a bit before their next few tests. Izuku looked over to the area where class 1-A and B sat and held back a snicker. Half of class A was studying a bit before their next few tests while the other half leaned on each other and slept a bit. 

Class B was a full study session, each of them looking tired and stressed except for one with vines for hair, she looked relaxed. 

Oh, how they all awaited for testing to be over.

"We're free!" Mei shouted as they entered the dorm building, the girl walked to the couch and collapsed instantly, snores soon flowed throughout the room.

The other support students followed her lead and went upstairs to their rooms, Izuku went to the couch and fell on top of Mei who didn't even stir. Hitoshi went back to his dorm room to lay in his own bed, according to him sleeping in a cold bed is better than a warm one.

Izuku soon found himself starting falling asleep, listening to the heartbeat of his best friend. 

As soon as he closed his eyes he saw his dad standing in front of him with a warm smile, he didn't know where he was or how he was seeing his father but he ran towards him.


The older Midoriya hugged his son tightly, the two stayed silent for a while before the older of the two drew back.

"Hey Bunny, how have you been?"  Hisashi questioned gently which opened the flood gates for both of them.

Izuku started to sob, he sounded exactly like he remembered. A calm deep presence that would fill the room, that could calm that one child who cries in the store all the time just by making a silly face.

Hisashi started sobbing, he wanted to be there for his kid, not be a fragment of his imagination or a simple memory...but to be there. His time doing this was short, he probably had only a few seconds left.

"How are you holding up? Have you been taking your medicine? Self-care? You haven't killed Hatsume yet, right? You do love exploding things." 

Izuku smiled and shook his head through his tears, "I'm...I'm good! I've been taking my medicine and my teacher Present Mic has been making sure I take care of myself. Mei isn't dead and umm...I have a boyfriend."

Hisashi grinned ear to ear, "let him know that I'll haunt his ass if he hurts you. And tell Hatsume I said hi and I'm always watching you guys. So no funny buisness."

Izuku let out a chuckle before watching Jisashi start to fade, "dad? Dad, what's happening to you?"

"It's nothing bad, it's just that I can't stay with you for long. I just wanted to make sure you're okay." He started fading faster, "I love you Bunny."

Izuku clutched onto his fading father trying to make him stay no matter how vain his attempt was.

"I love you too dad."

As he said the words he felt someone shaking him, and his eyes flew open.

"Jade?" Mei asked as she looked down on him, her eyes shining with concern.

"You were crying, was it a nightmare?" 

Izuku touched his face and sure enough, there were tears, then he looked at her and shook his head as a small smile appeared on his face.

" just came to visit. He...he, he says hi."

Chapter Text

"Alright everyone it's time for my exam. I hope you're all prepared," Power-Loader spoke as he looked at all of his students.

It was the last day of the exams for the Support course, the other classes had finished the day before. 

"Alright, the first one up is Hatsume Mei when you come out please give a brief explanation of your suit."

Mei walked up to the front of the class and gave a little twirl, the girl had on a more modern, less bulky version of her usual goggles. She wore a legging like material all over her body as the undersuit, on her feet were combat boots that had a green light on the sides. On the legs of her costume, she had multiple pockets filled with whatever she could put in there. Overall it was well made yet simple.

"So this is my costume, I have these goggles which allows me to enhance my quirk up to five feet. The boots are actually jet boots," she waved a hand over the green light which activated the boots. She flew up to the ceiling before waving her hand over them again and dropping down to the floor with surprising grace. "Not only that but my bodysuit has a bunch of pockets that can hold small gadgets and took, I also lined it with titanium and some padding for protection."

After her short speech she bowed and walked back to her seat, Power Loader nodded and called up the others one at a time as well. The last student to go was Izuku who wore a costume similar to Mei's. Instead of such a tight bodysuit, he went with black sweat pants with a lot of pockets, fingerless gloves, a mask that covered from his nose down, and a tool belt. The shoes he wore were black combat boots with a steel toe reinforcement. His shirt was a regular black hoodie and his hair was in a loose bun.

"For my costume, I went with a simple design, my boots have steel enforcement and my fingerless gloves actually have a clear wrap like coding over the fingers to keep fingerprints from contaminating any evidence. My pants are simple sweats with pockets, the sweats added some deepness that I needed for the pockets. This tool belt holds every element on the periodic table as well as some of my own experiments, this mask doubles as a gas mask and shifts from this form to a complete face cover-up."

Midoriya then pressed a hidden button on his left side which made the full shape of the mask overtake him before he pressed the same button to put it back as it was. The teen did a 'ta-da' type of pose before going back to his seat.

Power-Loader nodded with a slight smile before standing up and clearing his throat, "unsurprisingly all of you passed this exam. However, you all need to work on presentation, since this was your first exam I didn't let it take any more than 6 points off your grades. Arakan Atsushi, you need to speak up more and have some confidence. No one will listen if all you do is mumble."

The quiet teen looked down as he nodded, Power-Loader then listed where everyone needed to improve after that. His tone was a bit cold but they all knew he was coming from a place of respect.

Once he dismissed them they all went to change into their uniforms before walking back to their dorm building in a large group.

 It was a week after finals when the grades started rolling in, some were nervous and others didn't care because they knew they had gotten good marks. And there were the select few who knew they failed and didn't panic because they had accepted their fates. 

"If I failed any of those tests I'm jumping off a bridge," Hitoshi sighed as the trio walked down the hallway.

"Honey we talked about this, whenever we have the urge to jump off a bridge we say Nah not yeah." Izuku groaned, "tell him, Mei." 

"No," Mei said with a smile at her friend's face of betrayal. "We say yeet."

Hitoshi smiled before groaning, "alright time to split."

Mei and Izuku waved goodbye as they continued to their own class. The two walked into Power-Loader's classroom and sat down.

"I agree though if he fails I just might lose my sanity," Izuku grumbled out.

"It's not like you had much in the beginning," Mei offhandedly commented which lead to Izuku sticking out his tongue.

"Alright I have your packets from testing," their teacher spoke as he came around the class to give back a thick booklet that had each of their tests stapled into it.

Hatsume Mei-

100% in math

97% in Literature

80% in English

89 % in history

99% in Science

94% on Support_Project 1


Mei let out a sigh and soon after a cackle as she observed her grades, already making mental notes of where she can improve and how.

Midoriya Izuku

94% in math

90% in Literature

89% in English

97 % in history

100% in Science

95% on Support_Project 1


Izuku smiled and sighed after looking over his grades, he was glad he didn't fail anything although he would have to study his English more. The 89% messed up his all A aesthetic.

"You all did very well on your exams, I'm proud of you. Now, you guys have one day left before summer break officially starts. Take this time to invent as your heart's desire but please," the pro hero looked over at the two maniacs he had in his classroom.

"Do not blow anything up."

The teens gave two wide smiles that told Power-Loader that he was asking for too much, and that was how the Support Department spent their last two days of school.

Well...they tried. Mei may have burned a hole through the ground...and Izuku might've made a sleeping gas that knocked Power-Loader unconscious for so long that the class actually feared that one of them killed a pro hero. Besides that it was fine. It was even better for Hitoshi who came to Hatsume's room on the last day of school after calling an emergency group meeting.

"What, please do tell, was so important you brought me out of my theorizing?" Mei almost growled out as she glared at her lavender haired friend.

"You make theories?" Izuku asked puzzled to which his friend nodded.

"I wanted another hobby."

Shinso cleared his throat, he had a wide smile with sparkling eyes which put both of his friends on edge.

"Oh my god he finally cracked, Izuku, your baby daddy killed someone."

Izuku smacked Hatsume on the back of her heard with a scowl, "he's not my baby daddy!"

Mei snorted as she was about to make a remark but Shinso let out a squeal and jumped on the both of them.

"I got in! I made it to the hero course!"

The two other teens reacted instantly, Izuku kissed him deeply while Mei cackled and started listing ideas about support gear for him.

"I know this sounds wrong but I'm so happy someone failed out of the course! I hope it wasn't Kaminari though," Shinso stated breathlessly once Izuku broke the kiss.

"He didn't. He's smarter than he looks but this isn't about him!" Mei shouted in glee as she hugged him tightly.

The trio then spent the whole night making up costume ideas, hero names ("no Mei, I will not be called Mind Fucker. That angry dude in class 1-A already made that my nickname. Absolutely not.") As well as coming up with a whole list of support items.

"What about Puppeteer? That sounds cool," Izuku stated with a smile.

"But that sounds evil," Hitoshi pointed out before Midoriya fixed him with a deadpan stare.

"Your dad's name is Eraser Head which sounds like some school supplies. You'll be fine."

 If the three of them awoke the entire dorm building by laughing their asses off that night...well, it was the first night of summer vacation wasn't it? 









Why would anyone sleep in the first place?


Chapter Text

"I will not, under any circumstances, go to that bitch's establishment."

The three of them were in the teacher's lounge discussing Izuku's home situation for the wasn't going well perse.

"We understand but she is your primary caregiver, while it would your choice to stay at the dorms, after this year with Class 1-A Principle Nezu said that everyone has to go home," Hizashi stated with a sigh.

"She hasn't even called me to make sure I'm okay and I know she didn't call either of you! Why do I need to go? This entire time she hasn't cared that I practically dropped off the face of the earth!" Midoriya shouted.

His face was starting to turn slightly pink in all his anger which was well deserved.

"We know, we just wanted to let you know that you have limited choices," Shota stated with a frown. He also didn't like Inko whatever her last name was, she hasn't called about her son's medication or mental health.

Hizashi helped him with that stuff and was only able to because of his pro hero status.

"What do you mean "choices"? I have none from what I'm hearing," the teenager mumbled, and oh god...

He sounded exactly like Hitoshi was he went through that rebellion phase in middle school.

Shota shivered a little at the memories, those were not a fun time for any of them.

"We're getting there," Hizashi said calmly. "You do have the choice to go to your-"

"She's not my mom."

"To go to Inko but you have another option."

The voice hero paused before his face split into a wide grin, "you can stay with us for the summer!"

For a moment everything was silent...until-

"HOLY SHIT, PAPA! DAD PLEASE SAY YES!" Shinso shouted as he threw open the door and pounced onto the couch where Midoriya was seated.

"Well, I-"

"DID HE SAY YES YET?" Mei screeched as she also jumped onto the couch.

Before Shota could even continue the three chaos children made puppy dog eyes, or in Hitoshi's case, kitten eyes.

With a sigh, Shota opened his mouth to speak before he was interrupted by his husband leaning over and whispering (surprisingly well) into his ear and oh...


A fierce blush rose to his face and he subtly shifted to hide his growing erection as Mic leaned away from him with an innocent smile.

After clearing his throat Shota spoke, "he can stay for the summer. But you two cannot share a room."

"Can Mei come over once in a while?" Izuku asked with a bright smile.


A hand lightly pulled on his hair which made his pants feel just a little too tight.

"Yes, she can, as long as it's alright with her parents."

The three teens cheered before saying thank you's and running out of the room, as soon as they shut the door Aizawa pulled Mic into a deep kiss.

"So...?" Hizashi questioned with a smile that held no regrets as soon as they parted.

"Oh don't play coy with me," Shota growled as he kissed his lover again.















"Do we all agree to never bring up the fact that my fucking father just popped a boner in front of us?" Shinso asked once the entered Mei's room to help her pack her things, Izuku's room would be next. They were only taking things they didn't want to leave alone for the break.

"Yes," Izuku agreed instantly.

"That's probably what they're doing, fucking."


The Aizawa-Yamada house wasn't overly big nor was it small, it was the perfect size for five people. 

As soon as Izuku walked in he could smell spices and coffee, not a bad smell nor was it overpowering.

"It smells good in here," the teen commented with a small smile before looking at the three people in the doorway. "Thank you for having me."

"Anytime little listener!" Hizashi said as he walked into the house, "Hitoshi, show him to his room-"

"His PERSONAL room," Aizawa added in as he also walked in after his husband.

"I know dad, come on."

The two walked up a flight of stairs and stopped at the last door at the end of the hallway, "this is it."

The room was beautiful, it had a black and white theme, the bed and walls being white and black pillows and carpet.

"Pops decorated it because in his words, 'your dad can't decorate to save his life'."

Midoriya snorted, "that's how my dad was. We would often call his work friends to help us decorate but he was really good at dressing."

Shinso chuckled before biding Izuku goodbye so he could unpack, once he made it down the stairs he saw Mic and Aizawa sitting cross-legged on the couch.

"If you two are planning to give me the birds and bees talk I'll pass, I know how it works."

Hizashi snorted, "oh no, it's not that. We're planning to talk with him at dinner."

Hitoshi's blood went cold, "oh my god..." Immediately he turned and walked back up the stairs to his room.

'We're going to die...this is how it ends. Kaminari was wrong, I won't get crushed by a piano at 79 like buzzfeed said.'

With a groan he fell on his bed and tried his best not to panic, if he panicked then so would Izuku and that....

That would cause a domino effect of bad decisions.


Chapter Text

Everything was going well so far, Mic had made dinner with the help of Midoriya. They playfully joked around while Shinso and his dad sat in comfortable silence.  It was lovely...

Until the table was set and they were all seated and eating.

The silence stretched everywhere, even the damn cats were quietly looking at them.

"I'll cut right the chase," Aizawa started with a sigh.

Izuku gave a questioning look to his lavender haired boyfriend, only to raise a brow at the slight look of panic resting on his face.

"Alright? Did I do something? Is that why everyone-"

"Midoriya Izuku, what are your intentions with my son?"

You could hear a pin drop.

Hitoshi sunk low into his chair while covering his bright red face, while he was embarrassed his partner wasn't, Izuku smiled kindly.

"Oh, I see. My intentions are to date your son and make him happy."

It was short and simple...Aizawa looked ready to murder him on the spot.

"Just make him happy? Nothing else?"

"I...I sense I made a mistake?" Midoriya chuckled nervously as he subtly scooted back.

Aizawa didn't say anything but stared at him while he finished eating, as soon as dinner ended Aizawa stood up and walked to his room.

"What just...what just happened?"

Shinso was paler than unused paper as he shook his head, "I don't even want to know."

"You guys are overreacting...he's just thinking," Hizashi tried to comfort them.

Shouta came back out with his capture weapon on and motioned for Midoriya to follow him, Hitoshi looked at him with pleading eyes before he stood from the table.

"So," the grown man started as they walked out the house to his car.

"You only want to make him happy?"

"Yes sir."

"What does that include?" Aizawa sighed as they started driving.

Hopefully not to the youngers death but it is possible.

"I want him to be safe and healthy, I want him to have fun and feel appreciated. I just want him to see that I actually care for him," Midoriya finished slowly as if he was dealing with a bomb.

Aizawa was silent for a minute or two before a rare smile (not creepy one), then he pulled into a drive-way. It was only then that he realized that they had drove in a circle and were now back at the pro's house.

"I know you're being honest with me, so I approve of you dating him," Aizawa stated as he turned off the car before glaring at Izuku.

He wouldn't admit it but the sight made him piss a little.

"However, if I even feel like you're hurting him. I will kill you."

Midoriya nodded and waited a second before getting out of the car.

Once they got in front of the door they heard laughter, Izuku opened it to see Mic and Hitoshi laughing at something.

"What's so funny?" Aizawa asked with a slight frown, if those two were getting along so well it meant trouble.

"We *wheeze* we found your high school pictures-"

The words weren't even out of his husband's mouth yet but Aizawa had used his capture weapon to tie him up.

"You didn't even change much dad," Hitoshi chuckled but one look from his father shut him up quickly, it did nothing to Izuku who started laughing.

Aizawa groaned before going to the kitchen, "I need some fucking coffee if I'm ever going to survive this."

Even the man's capture weapon couldn't muffle the snorts and giggles Hizashi released.


Chapter Text

"Alright everyone, quiet down. As you all know, Mineta has been expelled because of his inappropriate actions during his first year. In order to keep everything even between classes, I was allowed to pick a replacement for him. Before anyone asks, yes we said people would be expelled for their test scores but that was just a logical ruse. " Aizawa huffed to his class that thankfully made it to their second year.

It really wasn't but he had managed to avoid that since his class had gotten even better scores than he assumed they would.

"No one is allowed to ask any questions until the introduction is finished," their teacher said with a pointed look at Mina who had smiled widely.

"Alright, come in brat."

The doors to class 2-A opened to reveal a teen with wild purple hair and deep eye bags, he had a slight frown on his face and glowered at his new classmates.

"Hi, my name is Shinso Hitoshi and I will be joining you this year. My quirk is brainwashing and that's all you need to know about me, I'm not here to make any friends-"

"Oh come on!" A voice yelled from the hall, a pink-haired girl they all recognized as Hatsume came in groaning with a green-haired kid hot on her heels.

"We practiced your little speech! Make it interesting!"

The green-haired boy, Midoriya the class remembered, chuckled.

"I'll do it for you if you want," he offered with a playful smirk.

"Don't you dare-"

"Aren't the two of you supposed to be in class?" Aizawa asked while pinching the bridge of his nose with a heavy sigh.

"Well yes, but we managed to sneak past-"


The two teens looked at each other and snickered lightly, "okay so maybe we didn't exactly sneak out," Hatsume admitted.

"I thought that our new sticky solution would hold him for longer," Midoriya mumbled.

Mina's jaw dropped and she started looking between the two of them, Kaminari thought she might burst if she didn't ask the questions building upon her lips.

"Maybe we should add that to that big ass thingy we found," the cray inventor offered.

"That could work since Present Mic does have metal on his hero costume-"


At the sound of their teacher's voice the quickly turned around to see him at the door, he looked livid

"Hi Mic-sensei, what a lovely morning-"


A devilish smirk appeared on his face, "Do you even believe in God? Your language proves otherwise."

The class watched the pro hero quickly cross the room and take the green-headed teen by his ear while telling him about respecting his teachers as Hatsume laughed loudly.

"I cannot-*wheeze* oh my god I can't fucking breathe!"

Aizawa sighed heavily as did Shinso, they watched as Mic also grabbed Hatsume's ear and dragged them both out the room.


Another smirk crossed Izuku's face, "With your quirk, it's difficult not to hear you Present Mic."

A very loud, floor-shaking groan was heard from the pro hero as he walked down the hallway. 

It was silent after that, however, since he was tired of standing Shinso continued.

"So as I said, I'm Shinso Hitoshi."

Aizawa looked at his class who were practically vibrating with questions and one student was glaring heavily at the door while looking shocked as well. 

'This...this is going to be a long year.'