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Caption: [large pink glow effect text that reads “friend!”]


Video: [Shaky, slow zoom on a small lizard on the wall near the ceiling. It darts suddenly off-screen; the camera jolts in surprise.]


ASHIDO (FILMING), OFF-SCREEN: (laughing) Oh— [The video abruptly ends]




Caption: [large pink glow effect text that reads “kouda we need you now more than ever (crying emoji)]


Video: [Slightly steadier camerawork showing Uraraka and Sero standing near the corner with their backs to the camera, looking up at the lizard high on the wall]


SERO: Is it a gecko?
URARAKA: (unintelligible)
BAKUGOU, OFF-SCREEN: (unintelligible) —Doctor Doolittle fucker?
JIROU, OFF-SCREEN: His name is Kouda. Don’t be a jerk. He’s sick today.
ASHIDO (FILMING), OFF-SCREEN: (laughing) Who will save us? Somebody go get All Might!
BAKUGOU, OFF-SCREEN: It’s not fucking Godzilla.
KIRISHIMA, OFF-SCREEN: (unintelligible)


[Kirishima comes into view to stand with Uraraka and Sero, looking up at the lizard. Video ends.]




Caption: [lizard emoji, enlarged in the bottom right hand corner of image]


Image: [Uraraka, Sero, Bakugou, Kirishima, and Mineta (who is scribbled out with pink pen tool) all standing in a group looking up at the lizard on the wall.]




Caption: “bakuhoe really b like “shut the fuck up ur scaring it!” at TOP VOLUME [eye rolling emoji]”


Image: [Closeup selfie of Ashido’s face. Her heavy lidded eyes indicate that she is deeply, comically unimpressed by Bakugou’s antics.]




Video: [Zoom on the lizard on the wall, then zoom out and the video angles distractedly to the tile floor and multiple pairs of shoes.]


SERO, OFF-SCREEN: Shouji, you can reach that, can’t you?
SHOUJI, OFF-SCREEN: (unintelligible)
BAKUGOU, OFF-SCREEN: (unintelligible) —squeeze its guts out. 

[Video pans back up and focuses on Kaminari, who is standing next to Ashido (filming). The camera is close to his face.]

KAMINARI: Like Lenny in Of Mice and Men.

[The screen switches to facecam, an unflattering up close under-the-chin angle of Ashido’s face.]

ASHIDO: This is why I don’t do any of Present Mic’s assigned reading.
BAKUGOU, OFF-SCREEN: (unintelligible) —I don’t tutor you, either. Kirishima, come here.

[Video ends.]




Caption: [large pink glow effect text that reads “sensei sleepin thru all of this (crying laughing emoji)”]


Image: [Still photo of Bakugou clambering onto Kirishima’s shoulders. They are blurry with motion. In the background, not blurry, is Aizawa in his sleeping bag, asleep on top of his desk.]




Caption: [enlarged thinking-with-hand-on-chin emoji taking up the bottom half of the screen]


Video: [Shaky footage of Bakugou sitting on Kirishima’s shoulders, the rest of the group in previous videos now off-screen. Bakugou has a steadying hand gripped tight in Kirishima’s hair. Kirishima walks them both slowly closer to the wall with the lizard on it. Bakugou has an arm outstretched, careful.]


BAKUGOU: (unintelligible)
URARAKA, OFF-SCREEN: Please be careful, don’t drop him on my desk. It’ll break.
KIRISHIMA: (unintelligible)
IIDA, OFF-SCREEN: I understand that this is necessary for the safety of the animal and for— (unintelligible, further from the camera)—so that we may resume class.
BAKUGOU: (unintelligible)
MIDORIYA, OFF-SCREEN: Seriously, wait a second.

[Bakugou whips around to glare off-camera; the sudden movement makes Kirishima wobble. Uraraka and Sero come into frame with hands outstretched in case they topple. Bakugou drops both hands to grab Kirishima’s hair to steady himself; Kirishima winces.]

BAKUGOU: You think I’m gonna fuckin’ blow it up? The fuck do you think I’m doing up here?
MIDORIYA, OFF-SCREEN: No, I mean the nitro— [The video pans around suddenly to Midoriya standing next to Ashido (filming); having her phone focused on him startles him. He blinks and smiles at it nervously.] Um, hello. Haha. [He addresses Bakugou again; the video pans back to Bakugou and Kirishima] Your nitroglycerin, it’s toxic to small animals, isn’t it?
BAKUGOU: It’s not gonna fucking drink my palm sweat, what the fuck are you talking about?
MIDORIYA, OFF-SCREEN: No but like, don’t frogs breathe through their skin?
MIDORIYA: I know that but what if it’s the same? Like you’re not supposed to have DEET bug spray on if you touch a frog because it’ll poison them through their skin, what if it’s the same with lizards?

[Bakugou looks at the lizard again, frowning. The video ends.]




Caption: [wide-eyed blushing emoji]


Image: [Bakugou stands in front of Yaoyorozu, who has one of his hands cradled delicately in hers.]




Caption: “oh noooo poor kirishima (crying laughing emoji) (broken heart emoji) (crying laughing emoji) (broken heart emoji)”


Video: [Bakugou stands in front of Yaoyorozu, who is gently probing her fingers along his hand and turning it over in her own hands. In the context of a video, it’s clear that their positions are because she is examining his hand. The video pans over to Kirishima, who is watching the two of them. His expression is somewhat forlorn; he chews his bottom lip and wrings his hands. The video zooms slowly on his face until the unsteadiness of the camera renders his features into a complete blur. Video ends.]




Caption: “she made him gloves so he wouldn’t poison the lizard i’m (puppy-dog eyed emoji)”


Video: [Bakugou, now donning white polyester gloves, is back atop Kirishima’s shoulders, reaching for the lizard high on the wall.]


BAKUGOU: (unintelligible)
KIRISHIMA: (unintelligible)
BAKUGOU: Keep me steady. Keep me steady, I’m gonna grab it.
KIRISHIMA: I got you, dude, I won’t let you fall. Hurry, he’s gonna make a break for it if you go too slow.
BAKUGOU: Okay. I have to make—(unintelligible, drowned out by more unintelligible, overlapping voices from off camera)


[Video ends.]




Caption: [large pink glow effect text that reads “KACCHAN LIKES LIZARDS I’M (crying emoji)”]


Video: [Bakugou, sitting on Kirishima’s shoulders, has his hands cupped around the lizard on the wall.]


BAKUGOU: I got it.
KIRISHIMA: You got him?
BAKUGOU: I still have to—(unintelligible)
ASHIDO (FILMING), OFF-SCREEN: (laughing) What is going on? This is the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen Bakugou get hung up on.
MIDORIYA, OFF-SCREEN: Kacchan likes lizards.

[Camera pans over to Midoriya standing next to Ashido (filming). He glances into the camera and smiles.]



[Camera pans back to Bakugou and Kirishima. Kirishima is stooped awkwardly to let Bakugou climb off of his shoulders without using his hands. When this proves to be more difficult and precarious than expected, Kirishima reaches up behind his head to grasp Bakugou’s hips. He ducks his head and lifts Bakugou off his shoulders with just the strength of his hands, wrists, and forearms. The effort makes the muscles of his arms bulge noticeably, straining the short sleeves of his shirt. A pinned sticker of a wide-eyed blushing emoji next to a pinned sticker of a red arrow emoji floats into frame; the arrow points at Kirishima’s arm muscles. Bakugou flails but settles onto his feet steadily with the lizard cupped securely in his hands. The camera moves closer, angled down at Bakugou’s hands.]


ASHIDO (FILMING), OFF-SCREEN: Can I see it? Can I take a picture?
JIROU, OFF-SCREEN: You’re taking a video.
BAKUGOU: Make it quick, I’m putting it outside.


[Video ends.]




Image: [Still image of the small head of a lizard peeking out from a tiny gap between the thumbs of Bakugou’s cupped, gloved hands.]




Caption: [large pink glow effect text that reads “looks like kacchan DOES like lizards (puppy-dog eyed emoji)(lizard emoji)(sparkly pink heart emoji)”]


Image: [Still image of Bakugou, somewhat close up, holding the lizard closer to his face. He is peering at it with a very faint smile on his face.]




Caption: [enlarged smirking emoji in the upper left-hand corner of the screen]


Image: [Still image of Bakugou and Kirishima standing close together, shoulder to shoulder as Kirishima leans in to look at the lizard. Bakugou is holding it up so that Kirishima can see it clearly, and Kirishima is gently petting the lizard’s exposed head. Bakugou is looking at Kirishima. The very small smile is still in place.]




Caption: “be free little lizard!!! be free!!!”


Video: [Kirishima, Uraraka, Sero, and Ashido (filming) are clustered closely around Bakugou as they lean out of an open classroom window. Bakugou extends a hand out, close to the outer wall, and opens his palm. The lizard sits motionless on his palm. He shakes his hand gently in an attempt to dislodge it.]


BAKUGOU: Go, dumb thing.
KIRISHIMA: Aw, it likes you now. Oh, there it goes!


[The lizard jumps from Bakugou’s hand and lands on the wall. It scurries away. Uraraka and Ashido coo. Off-screen, several people applaud and laugh. Bakugou steps back from the window, peeling off his gloves, and tosses them in Yaoyorozu’s direction without looking. The camera also drifts back from the window in time to see Yaoyorozu fumble to catch the gloves. She frowns at Bakugou, who walks off-screen.]


BAKUGOU, OFF-SCREEN: We good now or what?
IIDA, OFF-SCREEN: Thank you, now if we could all— [Video abruptly ends.]




In the warm orange glow of the late afternoon sun, Jirou slings her backpack over one shoulder and pivots on the sidewalk towards the dorms with her eyes on her phone. Idly, she says, “Bakugou’s gonna kill you over some of these pictures, Mina.”

Ashido grins, falling into step beside her. Meters ahead, Kirishima and Bakugou walk side by side with a careful distance between them. “Don’t worry. Bakugou doesn’t have Snapchat.”