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“Stop being such a fucking brat!” Those were the last words Bakugou Mitsuki told her son before he left for first year training camp.

The last words she spoke to him before he left for camp.

Before he left for camp.

Left for camp.

Kidnapped at camp.


Her son was kidnapped.

Who was screaming?

Whoever it is sounds like their in pain.

Something warm wrapped around her.

Wait is that me?

Voices, there were people talking to her.

Oh it is me.

Coming back to reality was like a sucker punch to the gut. Lungs gasping for breath as her body heaved with tears, Masaru sweet quiet Masaru had his arm around her shoulders as he yelled, Yelled, at the pro heros at their door.

“What do you mean he got kidnapped!” the brunette demanded, “He got kidnapped under multiple pro heros watch, What the hell were you guys doing twiddling your thumbs, leaving your STUDENTS to fend for themselves!?”

The pro hero blushed, indignation crossing his features, “Sir there were 39 other students and 1 child to prote-”

The normally calm man wouldn’t hear it “That child was protected buy one of your students who happens to be my nephew and all the other 39 students you mentioned had to fight themselves, with no help from you so called Pros!” He pointed out.


“NO!, Get out and don’t come back until you find my son!”

Masaru slammed the door cutting the pro hero from saying anything else, Turning to comfort his distraught wife, leading her to the couch as she sobbed “He’s gone, My baby’s gone.”

Pushing down his fear and anger, Masaru held his wife close whispering small words of comfort, “They’ll find him.” He told her “They’ll bring him back to us.”

Neither of them slept that night.



The destruction of Kamino Ward was playing on the TV when they got the call. Midoriya Izuku blaring on the call display. Confused on why Izuku would be calling Mitsuki picked up

“Izuku, what’s goin-”


Mitsukis heart leapt into her throat “K-katsuki?” At their sons name Masaru jumped to attention, His wife hitting the speaker button so hard he was sure she broke it.


There was a sniffle of the other end “Deku and the others. T-they got me out.”

“Where are you?” Both parents were jumping from the couch running to the door.

“Heading to the hospital,” A soft sob echoed over the line, “I love you so much, I’m so sorry.”

Racing to the car Mitsuki ripped the door open as her husband jumped in the driver's seat. “Don’t you dare apologise Katsuki,” The older Blonde demanded “You have nothing to apologise for, You hear me!’

It felt like both too much and too little time had passed before they were in the hospital parking lot. Mitsuki practically throwing herself at the reception desk and demanding to know where her son was.

“A-auntie Mitsuki, Uncle Masaru?” A small voice spoke from her left, glancing over Mitsuki found an unusually dressed Izuku,


“He’s getting checked out.” The teenager informed her, “W-we g-g-got told to wait over there.” Izuku pointed to the small group off to the side of the waiting room, Mitsuki recognized the red head boy, the boy with the candy colored hair and the long haired scraggly looking man but not the other two teenagers.


Before he could say anything else, Mitsuki pulled the teen into a tight hug whispering a small “Thank you.”

Without another word the three made their way towards the waiting group. Upon their arrival Aizawa stood facing the two bakugous as he bowed at the waist with his hands straight at his side, “Mr and Mrs Bakugou, I would formally like to apologies for allowing this to happen. If you would allow at a later date I would like to speak about what happened to you three.”

Masaru nodded “Thank you, When everything calms down a bit more, we would be happy to.” with a nod the teacher cast one meaningful glare towards the kids before he left.

A heavy silence settled over the group as they waited for news, Parents slowly coming to collect their wayward children until it was only the two Bakugou’s. It felt like hours before a doctor came and collected them.

“Luckily he only had some mild bruising and a few cuts most likely from the training camp.” The young doctor stopped at one of the many doors, “He’s in there.”

Mitsuki slammed the door open catching sight of her child sitting on the bed. A blanket across his shoulders and one covering his lap. Red eyes almost identical to hers jumped to see them. Before anyone could say anything mitsuki threw herself at her son. Arms wrapping around him tight enough to crush but the teen said nothing only hugging her back just as tight. Masaru joined them a minute later tears burning at his eyes.