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Baristas and sleep deprived night customers

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It's been a few days since Monoma had gotten stuck with the night shift, on top of his normal one just after lunch, and Kendo is starting to get suspicious. So much so, in fact, that she had actually asked to cover Kirishima's shift that same night, not that it was hard to accomplish. A word about how he could use the night to go on a date with Bakugou was more than enough to make him do whatever she wanted, which led to the blond finding her already inside the café when he arrived.
She's tired, but she can't help but notice how surprised he was when he saw a different redhead than the one he expected to be there. "Kirishima couldn't make it, tonight?" He quickly schooled his features, tho, and anyone else who didn't know him as well as the girl does would have been fooled into believing the expression was a product of their imagination. "I asked him to swap. You know how he is" she laughs a bit. "Yeah, mention Bakugou and he loses his brain power" Monoma really isn't quite himself if he manages to mention Katsuki without snarling or otherwise skip any snarky comment about him, but Itsuka couldn't pinpoint exactly why that was.
He was jittery, sure, and kept looking towards the clock but that was all normal behaviour from him. He was always impatient for the night shift to end but right now it's still too early to be checking that. She'll just have to keep a close eye on him. The night is as slow as usual and Kendo finds herself nodding off more often than not in the dead times between customers. She'll have to consider asking Ei to swap his midday shift with her evening one, working twelve hours straight is actually about to kill her, she's sure of it. It's not until about 2:50am that she gets a little bit of excitement in the form of Neito getting up to prepare a drink without a single costumer being around. She was keeping an eye on him when the doorbell jingles and a wall of books walks into the shop. Itsuka's staring, she knows she is, but can't stop herself.
Her blond co worker just stepped out from behind the counter and is approaching the pale man at the table where he had unceremoniously dumped his armful of textbooks. "The usual" "thanks" the guy accepts the cup like his life depends on it and downs a quarter of the large drink in seconds, despite it having been just made. Kendo can't help but wince at the thought, even if the boy hadn't batted an eyelash. She still can't stop staring, as Monoma stays there and actually chats with the costumer, trying to get her brain to work just enough for her to grasp at something that she feels should be glaringly obvious.
It took her an embarrassingly long time, but then it clicks and she realizes what that was about and couldn't actually help but gasp a little in shock. Lucky her, Neito was nowhere near enough to hear it. Kendo keeps staring at the two of them talking until the dark haired customer finally opens his books to start studying for whatever exam he got coming over, surely a very serious one if the bags under his eyes are any indication, and her coworker comes back to the counter. "What was that about?" "What was what about?" "Neito, don't play dumb on me. You don't usually remember customer orders." Itsuka knows that for a fact. She is pretty sure he doesn't even remember how she likes her own coffee and they've been friends for the past ten years.
She can swear he just blushed a little around his ears "It's easy to remember when he is the only customer I've been getting for the past few nights.." " really think you can fool me with a lie like that?" She stares the blond dead in the eyes, daring him to try selling his lie to her even more. He's smart enough to not do that and instead drags Itsuka into the breakroom. "How much did Kirishima tell you?" Now the redhead is just offended on behalf on her friend "Just who do you think Ei is? He probably hasn't even realize anything, and even if he did he wouldn't be a snitch, that's for sure" Neito sighs and just looks at her, resigned. "You are probably right." He doesn't say anything more and Kendo is actually getting a little impatient. "So, when where you going to tell me?" "Tell you what? That we have a new late night regular?"
...He can't be serious, right now. The woman stares at him. And then stares some more when she doesn't notice anything that indicates he realized. "Kendo I need to go back now, if you are done staring at me. He probably already needs a refill" Monoma turns on his heels and leaves the room, leaving her behind to wonder at how oblivious one should have to be to be able to trick even themselves into believing they aren't developing a crush for their sleep deprived new customer.