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Better Late Than Never

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The hours quickly faded into days. Before long, nearly three weeks had passed since Olivia's nightmare had begun. Just as in the beginning, Alex had been there every moment that she could. She was determined to show Olivia that she was serious about being with her. Even though Olivia would never admit it, Alex knew that she still had her doubts.

Olivia wasn't complaining about the extra attention. She actually loved having Alex there so much. Alex had gone out of her way to make sure that she was comfortable. The blonde never ceased to amaze her. She had managed to talk the guys into bringing Olivia her favorite foods so she wouldn't have to eat the food the hospital provided. There was nothing funnier than seeing Fin deliver fresh bagels and juice with a smile in the morning. Elliot or Munch would swing by with lunch and Alex would take care of dinner herself. This was something that Olivia wasn't used to... having someone take such good care of her. When she had told Alex this, Alex simply smiled and told her that she would have to get used to it because she was going to take care of her as long as she was allowed to.

"Looks like you're off in Lah-Lah land."

Olivia looked up and saw Pearce leaning in the doorway. "What's up, Doc?" Olivia laughed at her own lame joke.

Pearce rolled her eyes as she walked into the room. "You've been waiting forever just to say that to me, haven't you?"

"You know it."

Pearce took off her stethoscope and placed it in her ears. She placed the other end over Olivia's chest. She went about her regular routine check up. She finally put the stethoscope back around her neck and picked up the chart and took a seat on the edge of the bed.

"You're looking stronger today."

Olivia nodded and watched as Pearce scribbled on the papers. She bit her lip. "Pearce... I know that you and I never actually .... talked... you know about what happened.... or rather what didn't happen. And now with the whole thing with Alex, I just....I don't want you to think that I didn't care or....."

"You love her. I knew that the moment I saw you look at her that night at the club. Am I disappointed...." Pearce paused. "Yes...maybe a little. But I'm happy for you. Real love is a precious thing because it doesn't happen every day. So... when you're lucky enough to find it, you grab it and hold on to it for as long as you can. It's obvious that you and Alex are the real thing. You would have gotten there eventually anyway. I wish you two the best of luck....really."

Olivia looked at the woman sitting in front of her and shook her head. "You're going to make some woman very happy one day, Pearce."

"If I'm lucky."

"No. Lucky would be the woman that actually lands you."

"Thank you." Needing a change of subject, Pearce cleared her throat and went back into doctor mode. "Okay.... just so you know, I've reviewed your chart and everything looks good. And that is why I'm signing off on your release papers. You'll be free to go tomorrow morning."

Olivia's eyes widened. "You're releasing me?" Pearce nodded. "Yes!" Olivia grinned happily.

Pearce watched her in amusement and laughed.

"No offense, Doc. You run a really good show here, but three weeks is a long time to be stuck in a bed. I'm glad to be going home."

Alex walked back into the room to witness her new girlfriend and her doctor laughing. "What's going on in here? Did I miss the party?"

"Doc is giving me my walking papers. I get to go home in the morning."

"That's great, sweetie."

"Before you get too excited, there is one condition. You're going to need someone to help you around the house. There are things that you are going to need help doing. I could recommend someone for you to hire if....."

"I'll be taking care of her. She'll be staying with me until she's released to go back to work." Alex spoke up a little uneasily. She hadn't discussed it with Olivia. She hoped that she hadn't overstepped.

Pearce looked back and forth between them and smiled. "Well alright. It looks like you're all set. I'll see you back here for your follow up in two weeks then." She gave Olivia's hand a soft pat. "Take care of yourself, Olivia."

Olivia grabbed Pearce's hand before she walked away. "Not only do I owe you my life......" She glanced at Alex. "But you gave me something much more than that. I won't ever forget it."

Pearce smiled. "I guess you two will just have to invite me over for that dinner then, won't you?" She gave Alex a wink. "Take care of that one."

"I will. Thanks again, Pearce."

The door closed behind Pearce and they were left alone. Alex bit her lip and started to ramble.

"I know that we didn't discuss where you'd be staying after you were released, but I don't want anyone else taking care of you....."


".....That' s my job and I want to keep it."


"I told Liz that I was taking a brief leave of absence that way I can be with you and not worry about........"



"Shut up."

Alex blinked. Not many people had the nerve to tell her to shut up. "Okay."

Olivia simply held out her hand and Alex took it. Olivia pulled her down next to her on the bed. Without a single word, Olivia leaned in and kissed her like her life depended on it. When she pulled back, Alex was dazed.

"I want to be wherever you are." Olivia said simply.

"Okay." Alex mumbled.

"Good. I'm glad we talked."

"I love you, Liv."

"I know. I love you too."

The next morning, Olivia sat patiently on the side of the bed and watched as Alex finished packing up her things. The blonde looked up and saw Olivia just watching her. She smiled and walked over to her. She stood between Olivia's legs that hung over the edge of the bed. She wrapped her arms around her neck and kissed her.

Olivia grew frustrated when Alex pulled away. "If you keep kissing me like that, I don't think I'll be able to wait two weeks like the doctor advised."

Alex chuckled. "Sure you can. You waited four years for our first kiss."

"Yeah... I guess I did. Better late than never, right?"

"Right." Alex said giving the detective a quick peck on the lips before she went back to her previous task.

A few minutes later, Olivia looked up and saw the nurse pushing a wheelchair inside. She looked over at Alex and smiled. "Take me home, Counselor?"

"You got it." Alex helped Olivia slowly ease down off the bed and into the chair. The nurse graciously allowed Alex to push her girlfriend out of the room.

"Hey Alex?"


"Do you cook?"

Alex suddenly laughed looking down at the brunette. "Are you kidding? I set my stove on fire, remember?"

Olivia laughed. "The next few weeks are going to be very interesting aren't they?"

"When has anything with us been anything but?"

"True.... so true."

The End.