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Inasa wasn’t well known for having an endless source of patience to draw from. An unwavering strong will, endless devotion and breeding - that was what the alpha man was known for. His lineage so impeccable that the government should have issued him with a certificate, like they did with purebred dogs. 


He was wealthy, stubborn, handsome and the top graduate from his highly elite finishing school for alpha’s. By 19, he was also forced to be engaged with another man who he hardly knew. 


Before he had been lovingly shackled down, the alpha was practically forced to fight off unqualified suitors with a stick. By graduation, he was easily one of the most desired bachelors in Japan. He had hordes of offers pouring into his house. Offers for marriage with omegas from highly influential families (a princess from a far off land included, though her disfigured face quickly disqualified her) to letters begging for a mere five minutes of his time. For the dominant alpha to stud them with a bastard pup or to use them like a fuck toy - all so they could use his name to climb higher.


His genes were so desired that omegas or their decision makers were willing to sacrifice everything from their virginity, their chastity and their dreams all in the hopes of bearing his unclaimed pups. Most of them willing to immolate a present father or a sire’s acceptance in their child’s life if it meant that his superior genetics would bless their wombs. 


Though lewd, quick sex and a brood of illigerimate pups had never been the goal for the inheritor of one of Japan’s largest companies and exporters of military grade personnel. It surprised many, but the hard ass, army style alpha was a monogamous, dedicated family man. 


Yes, he had dreams of a hoard of pups running around his freshly shined boots. But any children crawling around his future feet would all come from his married mate. Hopefully, a small omega who agreed with breast feeding and would be keen to share their pregnant belly in all of its glory. Though, that wasn’t exactly his top priority. 


They had to be dedicated. Proven to be happy to provide Inasa with as many children as they could healthily conceive. Loyal to him endlessly and have a pedigree as good as his own. 


They would come from a family with ties to an influential business too, if Inasa’s father had any say in the matter. Which of course he did. He had arranged the marriage with Yoarashi’s spouse after all.  


Inasa had given his sire a list of things he preferred in a partner but a willingness to be barefoot and pregnant wasn’t something he could exactly write without judgement. He was an alpha with needs. 


He just wanted his omega to want to service him endlessly with an obscenely large baby bump, with a couple of streaky stretch marks running down their skin as proof. He wanted them to cater to every lustful whim he could manage to concoct in his perverted and slightly bigoted, alpha mind. 


So when his father and Enji Todoroki had forced the union between Inasa and the youngest Todoroki son just under a month ago, Yoarashi had slight reservations. The one time they had met before, had left the proud Alpha with a bitter taste staining his mouth. 


Shouto had been nothing but combative and nonchalant about the whole situation, switching between misguided anger and a monotone display of uncaringness towards his new husband. And while Todoroki may have been conventionally attractive in every regard, with those large, secretly expressive eyes, discolored locks and symmetrical face, Inasa required a lot of convincing to follow through with their promised union. 


That was where Shouto’s hidden talent had been revealed. 


It wasn’t his sweet candy scent or his puppy dog eyes. No. Shouto’s hot mouth was how the youngest Todorok earned his keep and gained favour with the alpha for the first few months.


 Shouto fulfilled every whimsical fantasy that the brown haired alpha proposed, as though it was a kink he had dreamed up himself. Never taking shortcuts or making excuses. If the alpha wanted his cock wet, then he barely needed to bat an eyelash. 


Which was exactly how a year and a half after the pair exchanged vows, Shouto Todoroki (a very pregnant omega) was trying to swallow every spare inch of thick, uncut dick that Inasa Yoarashi presented him with. Clearly happy with how their arranged marriage had worked out. 


The candy cane coloured tufts of hair, belonging to the youngest Todoroki son, bobbed fervently up and down as the horny, dripping omega attended to their alpha’s desires dutifully. Slurping before swallowing the tasty concoction of plentiful saliva and the very pungent, present, musky, salty precum that had spurted gently from Inasa’s red, uncut cock. 


The artful execution of teasing from Todoroki’s excellent tongue brewed as the gentle sucking commenced, starting from the thick base in an upwards motion until the boy with mismatched eyes, slammed his head downwards into the thick, dark bush of pubic hair tickeled at his sensitive nose.


A calloused, large hand twisting itself into the dual coloured locks before exercising its mobility and forcefully gripping the omega’s hair - gaining another element of control and allowing the alpha to tug the younger man in any direction he wanted. 


“F-fucking hell Shouto.” A deep hiss of pleasure squeezed through Inasa’s gritted, white teeth as he pushed his mate’s mouth further down his own searing cock by the emphatic grip he had on the man’s hair. “You s-suck dick like you were made for it.” 


A strained choking noise was the only audible response that the spluttering and whimpering 20 year old could exert as he relished in the feeling of choking on his mates’s well-endowed appendage. Ultimately, pleasing Yoarashi’s inner alpha and sending pleasureful jolts of electric currents through both of their unexpecting spines. 


The thick and prominent vein located on the underside of Inasa’s wet and begging cock, pulsed with a fresh flow of blood as it forced itself to add another inch or so onto the already large, hard chub. An ever increasing warm heat, in the alpha’s heavy ball sack only achingly growing as a preemptive warning to the large, thick load of jizz, the thick ropes of warm sploodge preparing to violently unload itself in sloppy strings down the tight cum dump that was the pink rings of Shouto’s clamping throat, which was constricting against Inasa’s shaft with every well aimed thrust upwards. 


It was hot and sweaty, the air between them intimate as Shouto continued to use his left hand to pull Yoarashi’s darkened foreskin down to reveal the sparkling beads of salty precum. Todoroki’s artistic tongue working full time through a fast cycle of heavy sucking and gentle teasing, cheeky kitten licks darting out of his gorgeously hollowed out cheeks. 


Heavy, dewy drops of sweat caught in Inasa’s buzzed, brown mane. His dark eyes fluttering almost femininely as his omega lover made sure to pay extra attention to his alpha’s swollen, sensitive tip. 


Inasa’s excited and erect knob had started to weep before the two’s romp became anywhere near serious - the pair’s incessant grinding beforehand had almost caused the alpha to finish in his sweaty briefs. So the current blowjob that Shouto had fervently offered, was like adding insult to injury. Coaxing the alpha to the edge of bliss before lifting his head to relish in the bigger man’s blissed agony as he tried to finish his mission. It was a cruel game of cat and mouse that Shouto enjoyed, though neither one knew who really was the predator and who was the prey. 


When the omega felt kind enough to wrap his hot mouth around the girthy dick in front of him once more, freshly squeezed tears welled in the corners of Inasa’s eyes. Shouto even daring to try and shove all of his lovers fat, nine inch dick into his mouth - the smaller man relishing in the limited feeling of the hot cock sliding down his slowly numbing esophagus. Shouto silently praying that his lungs wouldn’t give out from his attempted deep throating before he lifted his head off of the deliciously hard chin. 


His prayers weren’t answered. Todoroki came off of Inasa’s wet, engorged penis without a pop and more of a spluttering gasp for air. 


“Oh fuck omega.” 


The words were breathy as they left Inasa’s swollen lips - plump and marked from how the alpha bit his mouth in pleasure. The alpha’s jaw trembling with anticipation for the next warm, wet thing that he hoped would envelop his stiff, veiny cock. 


“Keep fucking going!” 


The next touch he received wasn’t the dampness of an omega’s waiting mouth. Instead it was the finger-light tracing of each and every ridge that his enlarged penis had to offer. 


“You’re so big alpha…” 


Inasa’s member glimmered like a spit coated lollipop in the light as Shouto’s slick saliva started to roll down the hearty shaft, pooling in the creases and bumpy skin of his heavy ball sack. 


The stronger man’s hips bucked greedily off of the haphazardly strewn sheets, messy from the precoital romp, in their grand marital bed. Just aching and desperate to force his husbands elusive fingers to find their rightful home around his half formed knob and sweaty nuts and to change those teasing trickles of touches into full blown pumps. 


What did I sa -” 


A surprised, deep moan escaped from Yoarashi’s parted lips, interrupting the alpha’s budding protest - a demanding complaint that reminded the omega of a small child being told off after directly disobeying. 


Todoroki’s swift tongue had licked a nice, clean stripe from his alpha’s large balls to the leaking tip that kept spurting heavily scented precum, causing the alpha to go almost feral from finally receiving the touch he had just begged for. 


“Come on you pretty whore! Keep going! Ah!”


The scent that the sensitive little nubs by the alpha’s neck and that stained the molecular makeup of Inasa’s semen, was a scent solely unique to Yoarashi. It was entirely his husband that the smaller omega had to physically stop himself from rapidly inhaling, via large pants, the tantalising smell of the tainted air. 


It was heavily injected with the manly smell of heavy summer breezes travelling through a dense forest; as though the strong winds had picked up freshly washed clothes and crunching leaves inside its blowing vortex. The scent was darkened now, though. The wind, now less of a gentle push and more of a tornado of lust and horny hormones, swirling around and capturing the scent drunk omega in its gail force currents.


It made Todoroki’s multi-faced peppermint and luxury bon bon themed scent (that was reminiscent of a cold Christmas spent by a warm fire), seem excessively sugary in comparison. All without the presence of his sickly sweet slick, that only intensified every element of the unique candied smell. 


The thick clear liquid of Inasa’s hot spunk brought Todoroki’s wandering mind back to the task at hand as it’s lasting, salty flavour oozed into his mouth. The sticky sap quickly coating  every surface made of tender taste buds. Teasing the omega to a quick taste of his impending meal. 


The juicy, meaty girth elicited every unintentional whine and needy noise from the bottom - who was currently slurping the alpha’s cock like it was a sultry treat. Peppermint smelling slick starting to drip from the omega’s whoreish, wet orifice in preparation for the pounding he was desperate to receive. 


Flicks and and twirls of his very gifted tongue had Inasa releasing hot growls and breathless pants in a beautiful mixture that would have been labelled feral and wild by any poor person who had the luxury (or misfortune) of hearing them in the act. They were low, guttural, possessive and demanding. A loud plea for Shouto to suck and lick harder as his alpha’s hands gripped his mates flushed pink skin - hard enough and confident enough to undoubtedly bruise for days. 


In an attempt to please his mate, Todoroki added his left hand to the mix of hot limbs from its previous place on the bed, beside Shouto’s knee. The younger man now relying on his heavily pregnant and stretched belly, his slowly cramping knees and his swindly right arm to support what little body weight he actually had. Though he did sport the newly added baby weight fantastically. The thirty pounds of added fat around his middle, onto his thick’s thighs and seemingly injected directly into his ridiculously plump ass, did the omega’s figures wonders. 


Dragging some of the fresh, sugary slick up from his asshole to coat his long digits, the omega started to use his freshly lubed hand to strokes his mates sheathed, stiff prick. Inasa’s howls of pleasure were deafening as the alpha quickly adjusted to the dual sensation of a tongue and a hand working away on his exposed cock.


The tingling sensation that Inasa had long since linked to an impending orgasm, started to swell from the hot coil that was ready to explode from just under his navel. Warning the alpha viciously that his climax was close; but with the hot, little mouth of his sometimes prissy husband, enveloping his erect prick, could anyone blame him? 


“If you don’t fucking present to me now omega, you’re going to get a mouthful of fucking cum!” 


A moment of indecision flashed across Shouto’s eyes, almost issuing a challenge against Inasa and his command. Something the alpha noticed. 


I said fucking present Shouto or you aren’t getting fucked. ” 


The dominating order was much more controlling this time, instantly making Shouto’s knees quiver with pleasure. Nothing made him happier than complying when Inasa used his alpha voice against him. Especially during sex. 


Very quickly, the fingers trapped tightly in Shouto’s hair, slotted themselves under the omega’s arms. Inasa using the strength bestowed upon him, to help the heavily pregnant boy move from his knees and onto all fours, facing away from each other. Even reaching his hand off the bed to grab the pillow designed for Shouto’s budding baby bump and gently spotting it under his husbands frame.


It was the only gentle thing he planned on doing that night. Especially since their doctor had given them both the go ahead to fuck as hard as rabbits in rut, even in Shouto’s second trimester. 


“What do you say Shouto?”


“T-thank you for the pillow alpha.” The omega was breathless from his dick sucking tactic, but his words weren’t what Inasa was searching for. 


“No.” The alpha paused as he leant forward, his breath now hot and flush against Shouto’s vulnerable neck and already marked nape. “You were being a fucking brat. Only good boys get fucked.” 


Shouto’s breath hitched in his throat, swallowing loudly as a new wave of slick started to travel down his already wet, fat thighs. The new weight on his already wide, pup bearing hips, jiggled ith excitement as a shiver of anticipation travelled down his spine. 


Nothing affected him quite like Inasa providing commands and behavioural discipline. 


“Nice boys get their insides rearranged with my fat dick. Not dirty little sluts who don’t know how to listen when their alpha tells them to do something. Beg baby boy, make daddy want to fuck a naughty bitch like you. Make daddy see how much of a good boy you can be.” 


A rosy rouge dusted against the pale, unblemished skin of the flustered omega. Clearly embarrassed, but equally as in love with the belittling lecture he was receiving. The degrading names and his alpha’s harsh words all feeding into his kink and making Shouto rub his slippery legs together to feel even a sliver of friction. 


Though he promptly received a nice, hard smack against his rear for the latter. 


“Fucking brat. What did I just say?” Inasa only received a wanton, desperate whine from his submissive lover in response. “Apologise. Now. ” 


“I-I’m sorry daddy.” Cried the small pregnant man as another sweaty hand collided with his plump, firm ass cheek. “I’m a good boy. I promise!” 


“I don’t believe you. Good boys don’t act like little whores who can’t go ten minutes without something filling one of their loose holes.” 


Todoroki shook his head and squeezed his eyes shut, actively trying to deny his husbands rebuttal. 


“N-no daddy, I-I’m a good boy. Only for you.”


“You’re telling me that you don’t want me to shove a pretty little plug right in your wet ass? Play with it till you cum on your own stomach? Empty those pretty little balls of yours all over? Bury that beautiful face of yours into the pretty pillow daddy bought you like the prince you think you are?” 


Inasa had caught Shouto in between a rock and a hard place. What the alpha had just proposed was exactly what he wanted - though he would have preferred a hot, dripping cock like the one Inasa was currently spouting instead of the cold, lubed plug he had proposed. 


The normally stoic face of the omega, contorted with a betraying look of want and need. 


“No. I-I wouldn’t.” Stuttered the red-and-white haired omega - faking the courage needed to be dishonest with his husband. 


Don’t lie Shouto .” Another wave of wetness washed over the omega. “ Never lie to your Alpha.


The pair weren’t facing each other, Inasa’s head just resting in the crook of Shouto’s shoulder and marked neck. Taking full advantage of how close his husband’s primary scent glands were. 


“I want your cock daddy. P-please. Not a plug… Please. I’m a good boy!” 


It took a long time before both of the men became comfortable enough with each other to even engage in such lewd acts together - and even that wasn’t guaranteed. They were one of the very few arranged marriages that were considered successful, with an aura of love being involved. 


“A good boy? Prove it to me.


“A-anything Alpha.” Whined the omega in a small plea to be fucked. “I’ll do anything!”


The alpha paused, a million different thoughts of punishment flashing through his mind. The majority of them immediately being vetoed due to Shouto’s heavily pregnant state. It just wasn’t practical to keep an omega with pup, who had a tendency to become cranky, bouncing on a cock for an extended period of time. That’s when an idea struck that should be pleasing to both. 


“Maybe I can just fuck the brat out of you.”


The whisper was gentle and soft, directly into Shouto’s seashell ear, luring the man into a faux comfort as Inasa’s words juxtaposed his softness. Almost making Shouto scoff at the likelihood of his alpha proving his point through viciously bucking his hips. Till Inasa actually followed through with his promise. 


Both sets of hips, one wide and perfect for bearing children and the other with the speed of a pistol, collided with a harsh, noisy slam. The first sound of skin slapping skin, echoing through their large bedroom like a rocket taking off. 


Shouto’s messy thighs and sopping asshole, providing a perfect, lined track for Inasa’s dripping cock to aim into. The sweet smell of slick becoming almost suffocating as Shouto freely allowed the peppermint scent to infiltrate the air. 


Yoarashi’s hairy thighs snapping to thrust his large weeping cock further into the hot pool of warmth that was Todoroki’s awaiting asshole - sparking an illicit moan to burst from the omega’s bitten lips. The tight, bleached walls of the younger man’s boy-cunt, clamping around the thick, steaming meat that was actively pulling on his tender, stretched muscles. 


Todoroki’s squeak was more high pitched than the monotone voice that the younger man typically displayed. His sex noises, abundant and short as Inasa continued his fast rampage against Shouto’s small, pink, wrinkled anus. 




The alpha’s large, calloused hand quickly came down against Todoroki’s plump rear with a stern slap - coaxing an unexpected yelp from the omega. 


“Good boys-” There was a pause in between Yoarashi’s words as he pivoted his hips to hit the tiny, hard to reach spot inside the omega’s wetness. “Don’t fucking swear!” 


The alpha unintentionally released a hearty growl from his rumbling chest, a clear possessive gesture as his pelvis continued to divingly piston into Shouto’s unplundered cavern. Not that Shouto’s neck was capable of turning far enough to see, but after a year and a half of marriage, the omega instinctively knew that his husband had yet to bottom out - sending another pitiful wave of his body’s natural lubricant to assist with a half-hearted little yip. 


“P-please Inasa! More!” Cried the lithe omega. Shouto’s mind already hazed and cloudy from the sheer pleasure he was receiving and the overwhelming cloud of smells that seemed to be directly sent to his already fried brain. 


The sheer speed in which Inasa pulls half his prick out before slamming his entire length back in, sparked a loud scream to erupt from Todoroki’s mouth. The x rated noise of pure ecstasy, echoing around the room and only spurring the almost feral alpha to continue with his high speed fucking - trying to pull every wanton noise from his lovers mouth. 


Hard, manicured nails and red tightened knuckles starting to grip the pure white sheets that the pair knew would be covered in globs of virile seed in a couple of minutes. The fucking and harsh sounds of slapping skin continuing like a pornographic pattern as a heat of it’s own start to blaze through Shouto’s dark tunnel. The omega’s ignored penis, was stiffly erect and pushing into the plush pillow and his own overgrown stomach - a vivid hue of overstimulated purple and weeping red spread across his solid 5 inches ( larger than average for the typical cocklet omega’s usually had). 


“You like that, huh? You like being fucked into your place? Knowing that your alpha controls you?” It was amazing that Inasa had so much breath still left in his lungs to chastise and subsequently arouse his lover. Considering that with every passionate thrust aimed directly at his prostate, every breath of air Shouto managed to take, was violently knocked out of his lungs. 


The only response the breathless omega could muster was a discordant mewl of pleasure. A response that spoke ten folds to Inasa and spurred him on to continue at an unexpectedly harder pace. The now fully formed knot teased Shouto’s rim, threatening entrance with every shove of Yoarashi’s engorged cock. 


White speckles of pure pleasure started to fill the omega’s vision as small tears welled in the corners of his eyes. Shouro’s orgasm was ridiculously close. 


The budding pressure in his navel threatening to implode at any given second from the curved dick hitting places inside of his body that Shouto never even knew was possible. 


“I’m close Alpha!” 


Fucking cum then omega!


On cue, white, spunky streams of sloppy, stringy cum spurred from Shouto’s tender knob with a loud grunt. Covering the bottom of his stretched, pregnant stomach and the memory foam pillow that his front had been actively pushed into. Leaving a mess that he was expected to remain in until his alpha completed and finished brutally fucking him into oblivion. 


Inasa’s raging onslaught on Shouto’s ass continued, each rock of his pelvis becoming more erratic and faster as the alpha prepared to reach completion too. Despite his tiredness and the lack of oxygen running through his system, Todoroki tried to keen and purr as he imagined the nice, warm load that would bless his already full womb when his husband finally finished. A noise that Yoarashi noticed and returned with a fervent growl of control and possessiveness. A promise to finish shortly and sate his omegas desperation for another load of hot jizz to be trapped in his already stretched womb. 


Grunts, groans and unexpected growls continued to leave Inasa’s snarling mouth and bared teeth as his hips pounded into the small but heavily pregnant frame bellow him - a distinct sound of wet slapping now present. 


“I-I’m close little one!” The larger man announced briskly, his brown eyes and long eyelashes shut in pleasure. His already erratic motions becoming even less predictable as Inasa shifted his goal from satisfying his partner and punishing them for their transcendence against his commands, to blindly running towards his own pleasure. Using Shouto’s wet asshole and collapsed form as a fuck toy for his completion, and the omega’s sweet sounds as a blissful song of encouragement. “ Have you learnt your fucking lesson?


“Y-Yes daddy! Fill me up! Please!”


“As you wish, omega.


The tell tale squelch of a suddenly cum full hole still being slammed into was an oddly satisfying noise to the pair. Yet it didn’t compare to the godly sight of small trickles of off-white semen dripping down Todoroki’s jiggling, thick thighs - despite Shouto’s winking asshole being thickly plugged with Inasa’s ridiculously wide and veiny knot. 


The air was heavy with the mixing and melding scents of heavy breezes moving past a peppermint factory and rough sex, created when their juices combined together in Todoroki’s rearranged insides. Todoroki becoming perfectly still as he remained impaled on the slowly deflating dick, drunkenly floating on a sexual high of blissed out subspace that he so desperately craved. 


“T-thank you Alpha.” Mumbled the red-and-white haired omega as the limbs in his body became boneless. His limp frame slumping onto his pregnancy support pillow like a weightless doll. A jizz covered stomach and stained sheets being the sole supporter of what little weight he carried. 


The omega wasn’t the only one floating in between spiritual realms after their sexual romp. Inasa’s mind was switching between his duty to care for his heavily pupped omega and to pass out due to sheer exhaustion. 


Though Shouto was trapped underneath his heavy frame because the omega decided to flop onto the soiled sheets like a boneless fish, so that helped make his decision for him. After all, he couldn’t crush his bratty husband or their unborn child just because he felt sleepier than usual. 


“Alright baby boy. Let’s roll you over and get all this pressure off your tummy.” The alpha cooed sweetly, wrapping his thick, muscular arms around the obviously distracted omega. Gently turning the omega and subsequently himself, due to the unmoving, inflated knot connecting them, onto their side. Finally relieving some pressure from where the pair’s unborn pup was eagerly nestled. 


“Good boy. Good omega. You’re the best omega.” 


Shouto keenly purred despite his brain floating somewhere amongst the clouds, his body still firmly planted on the nest they had just ruined. It was as though his brain wasn’t connected to his jelly-like limbs, too busy being caught up in the gorgeous scent they had produced, which filled the entire room with little signals of ‘happy’, ‘sated’ and ‘loved’.  


Shouto was quickly drifting into a slumber that Yoarashi knew he was unable to stop. After a good, hard fucking, Todoroki was always clingy and sleepy when his boy cunt was overflowing with warm seed and plugged just tight enough to continue to actively stretch his sloppy hole. 


“You’re the best omega, Shouto. Fat and fucking gorgeous with my strong pups.” A single hand snaked down to the omega’s bloated stomach and began to caress the impressive baby bump which Shouto sported. “Pregnancy suits you my little mate. It lets everyone know you’re mine and that you provide so well for your family.” 


“Love you alpha…” the younger man’s voice was strained and almost croaky - most likely from having his throat wrapped around a big prick and screaming to release. It just made the alpha want to coddle him even more. 


“Love you too baby boy. Sleep. I will get you a drink after.” 


Shouto turned his head at that, trying to look at the man who was currently being the big spoon in their connected cuddle pile. His big blue and grey eyes dopey with dopamine and sex, clouded over with happiness. 




“How can I resist those eyes of yours, little mate?” 


On command, Inasa gently sunk his teeth into the scarred and marked skin between his lovers shoulder and neck. The same spot he had bitten when they got married out of duty, surrounded by family and very little friends. The spot he had rebitten when Shouto became pregnant. The same spot he had promised he would always leave his mark. 


The skin gave way to the puncturing, white teeth fairly easily - the skin still fresh from their session and bite last week. The tangy taste of warm iron filling Yoarashi’s mouth while his tired husband happily moaned and squirmed in his mouth’s tight grip. 


It would definitely bruise in a sunset of purple, brown and green hues and add to the constantly growing scar of Shouto’s reopened mating bite. A small act of dominance that the pair had grown accustomed too and loved endlessly.


 The feeling of being owned and owning another person was incomparable. 


“There you go, my omega. Sleep tight. Don’t let any other alpha bite.”