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Bella Singh.

Daughter of Charlie SIngh and Renee Jung.

Her grandfather taught her three things that she must never forget.

1.) Never. Ever. Let someone else take credit for your work. Be prideful and confident.

2.) Never let the oppressor oppress you. Fight for the oppressed.

3.) Never. Ever. Trust. A. Vampire. If you so happen to cross one, kill it.

Her mother's family come from a long line of vampire - hunters. Using dark magic and other methods passed down by her ancestors.

Their people were almost eradicated by the vampires, one of them being a man named Carlisle Cullen.

When they learn the Cullen's move to Bella's hometown, she's sent to kill them.

So why oh why did she have to go and fall for the boy she was destined to kill?

To fall for the son of a man that once almost killed her family.

Not only that but her childhood friend Leah Clearwater goes missing.

Her ex girlfriend also moves into town, and her sister wants nothing to do with her.

Life's great, isn't it?