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He is closer than you believe

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If there's one way to describe his life then the fitting word will be strange. Midoriya Izuku has seen, experienced and lived a lot of strange things so it should be normal than nothing could surprised him anymore, right ?

He learned he was wrong. Why ?

It started a few days later after he got Black Whip and had those dreams about the first One for All user, this little tingling sensation coming from his hands. At first Midoriya ignored it but it stayed, he couldn't understand it and his mind was running wild... Inside Class 1-A dorms.

"I never had this before, could it be a sign that I made progress with my quirk ? That I control it better ? No, if it was this then it would manifest when I developp Full Cowl or Shoot Style ? Or is it a way for remind me that Black Whip it is at my disposition ? After all, to use it I need my..."


"S-sorry Kacchan"

"Calm down bakubro and honestly can you blame him ?" asked Kirishima

"I would feel the same thing as Midoriya if my quirk has developp a weird mutation and that others will appear randomly when I've got a better control on my quirk" added Kaminari

"Me I found this scary." said Hagakure

"No matter what happen with Midoriya quirk, if each time one of them appear and become uncontrollable like in the exercice then you have a lot of work ahead." recalled Tokoyami to the problem child.

At the memory of Black Whip going into a rampage mode, every students of the class fell silent. If Shinsou hasn't be here then the teachers would have to intervene while avoiding to be hurt. No one knew what to said or could counter Tokoyami. It's Jiro who broke the heavy silence by admitting a good point.

"W-well, we're still at U.A. and if this happen again then it's better to be around pro-heroes who could immediately intervene than in a city." exposed Jiro

"Even though, I would have love to see Monoma being scared for his life. After all it's after his little tantrum that it happen." said Ashido

"It doesn't matter, we're students but also friends so as friends it's our duty to help Midoriya with his quirk as much as we can. And as your class president, I promise to respect this vow." exclaimed Iida

"Iida..." said Midoriya with a small smile

"Well said class prez." encouraged Sero

"Now it is said, I hope you haven't forgotten the curfew is soon so is time to go to bed." declared Aizawa, scaring his class except Todoroki, Bakugou and Midoriya, the later looking at his hands and noticing that the strange sensation has disappear. It didn't escape to his homeroom teacher.

"Midoriya." The green haired boy turned his head to the tired man "If you have a problem, don't hesitate to talk about it with someone. It doesn't have to be the teachers." Izuku nodded and went to sleep.

The second time he had this strange tingling running inside in his hands was during one of these dreams but...

 What is more strange to find himself again in the vestiges of One for All but this time alone ?

Normally the first or another user should have greeting him but there's no one, nothing. Also he is noting that the atmosphere has changed. It isn't anymore peaceful, warm it's... Empty.

Then he heard something, more like someone was calling him. And it's now he noticed that he wasn't restrained like the previous times and right now, Izuku was a whole mess of emotion: fear, curiosity, happiness, careful... He doesn't know what to think. But Izuku is naturally curious so he followed the voice.

He walked for a while looking around him hoping he would notice one of the previous holder of One for All because his brain was literally screaming to not continue, that it was a trap. But he wanted to know what was waiting him. It's at this moment that the tingling sensation in his hands came back and it was stronger than before.

Those seconds permit him to heard familiar voices calling him.

"Ninth !"
"Kiddo !"
"Young Midoriya !"

Someone grabbed his arms and he recognized the First. His visible eye was showing fear and worry and Midoriya being the empathic boy he was, held tightly the hands of the First to reassure him. At this, All for One little brother sighed in relief.

"Be careful, ninth. He had tried to trap all of us but it never worked."

"He ? You mean All for One ? And what do you mean by try to trap us ? And this voice who was calling me, it was him ?" asked a confused Midoriya
" A voice ?" frowned the First then the two of them felt something coming in their direction with murderous intent but a calm one. And suddenly a violent wind blown away the first.

"FIRST !" shouted Izuku
"Listen to me, Izuku you need to get out of here, you need t-" and he disappear leaving Midoriya alone before he could finish.

"My dear foolish little brother, you know when I want something you can't hold me back. And yet you persisted in the form of your quirk. Just like me." said a voice who send shivers in the teenage spine just like at Kamino even though he was behind him. Despite being paralysed by his fear, Midoriya managed to catch a detail.

He said that the First persist to fight him inside the quirk just like him. So that means he isn't really here, it's just his quirk but still... What is he doing here ? Inside One for All ? 

"So much question inside your mind, ninth wielder. Me and All Might should have switched."

Deku could sense the wicked smile of All for One even if it couldn't see him because he refuse to turn around and saw the man who almost destroy entirely All Might stomach.

"Why are you here ? What do you want from me ? Even if it's only your quirk and that somehow you have a link with my... our quirk, you're here because you want something necessary to your plan." he asked while controlling his fear.

"You're really a smart child, Midoriya Izuku. I must recognize this little pest has made a great choice by choosing you as the successor of my brother quirk. As the reason of my presence here thanks to the connection between my quirk and this cursed one... Let's just say...." started All for One and Izuku heard the footsteps which means the tall man was approaching him.


Then Midoriya noticed that everything became fuzzy which means one thing...

He was starting to waking up.

But he did his best to stay focus despite the relief coursing in his body, at least to hear what the two centuries man was saying.

"I wanted to meet you in face to face and give you some advice-"

His last words, the green haired boy didn't hear them but he was left with something more shocking as he woke up: his room was utterly a mess, some of his All Might merch was on the ground just like him, the walls was like something wanted to rip them off.

"Midoriya !" exclaimed Todoroki from his door, panting and having a worried face 

"What happened ?"

"Aoyama heard weird noises coming from your room and he woke up everyone. When we wanted to open the door, it was like a invisible force was making the door more difficult to open. Then we heard a few objects crashing and the air crepting like there was a storm." explained Mineta, obviously panicking and almost crying as usual.

"But what make us really worried was the fact, we heard you grunting and whined like you were in pain, Deku." continued Uraraka

"Iida went to inform Aizawa sensei and All Might of the situation. They should be here in a few minutes." finished Ojiro

"I don't know if it could help but do you want some tea, Midoriya ? It should be able to calm you a little before the teachers arrived in the dorms." proposed Momo and Midoriya accepted.

And like Ojiro told him, Aizawa and All Might arrived but they weren't alone. Eri-chan was with them probably because it concern him and Eri is fond of Deku. He knows if anything bad happen to him, the little girl will be worried for him and would want to help him even if it's only with hugs or cuddles. But the gest is appreciated.

As soon as she arrived, Eri ran towards her savior and hugged him, squeezing him as strong as her arms could do. The fifteen years old return the hug because he seriously need it. Meeting All For One, no matter if it is the quirk or the man is still a shock to have meet him inside the quirk with the mission to defeat him and ending his reign.

"Are you okay, Deku-kun ?" asked Eri

"I'm not sure... I kinda have a bad dream" he honestly answered

"A bad dream ?" asked the little girl and Izuku hummed positively

"A bad dream who actually destroyed a part of your own room because you probably activated your quirk since you were thinking you were in danger." reminded Aizawa, pinched his nose.


"Can..." started Eri but she stopped because she still have doubt about her saviors but with a gentle smile, Midoriya encouraged her to continue "Can I stay with Onee-san this night ?" The two teachers were surprised by her proposition and Midoriya was more surprised because... Did Eri-chan just called him Onii-san ? All Might looked at her with curiosity and Eri isn't an idiot so she explained "You said that Onii-san had a bad dream and I had one too. When I have one I'm going in Deku-kun room to have cuddles and because I know I'm safe with him and I don't have anymore bad dreams for the night. So if Deku has bad dreams too then maybe we both need cuddles and he need to know that he is safe."


"Eri, not that I don't want to-" started the underground hero


"I understand your point Eri-chan and I authorized it however..." All Might started and Midoriya gulped, wondering what his idol has planned. "Just in case I prefer there's more students sleeping around Young Midoriya. For both your security. We don't want anything to happen to your your Onii-san." he said wih his habitual smile and Eri nodded "Thank you, grandpa Toshi."


"I'm not that old." he replied while laughing


You don't know what you just unleash, All Might. Aizawa thought


"Did I just heard someone saying students sleeping around Midori ?" questioned Mina


"That's right young Ashido." assured the ex-symbol of peace and to his mifortune, Mina smirked.

"SLEEPOVER TIME IS CONFIRMED, BOYS AND GIRLS !!!" she shouted. The two teachers could hear from the common room the enthusiastic voices of class 1-A. The two heroes shared a look and agreed on the fact it was time to get out.

Just to be sure All Might looked towards Izuku and his blue eyes meet green ones who were saying I need to talk to you tomorrow in private. which means he wanted to talk about One for All.


And he was right.

Yagi Toshinori hasn't been scare like this since his master, Shimura Nana died, when Midoriya revealed he met, inside the dreams, All for One.



This is probably the worst time this has to appear thought Deku, noticing that the strange sensation is back... At the exact moment where a villain appeared and was now standing in the road holding an hostage, Natsuo Todoroki, Shouto older brother and if it wasn't enough.... Endeavour was utterly pissed off, the man made effort to fix his bonds with his family by trying to pass more time with them, Izuku can't deny that.

And the situation became more weird because.... Did the villain just asked to the new number one to kill him !? While he is holding Natsuo !? And because he doesn't have anyone to protect !?

"What the heck ?" he muttered to himself

"Midoriya !" snapped Todoroki

"Y-yes, Todoroki ?"

"If we distract for enough time the villain, do you think you can use this new ability of yours to catch Natsu and make sure he stay safe ?" asked Shouto

"Are you a fucking idiot, half n' half ? He can't do that, hell Deku can't control it. You was here when those black things appeared. They could have destroyed the whole area if it wasn't for purple hair !!!" replied angrily Bakugou

"You don't interfered !" shouted back Endeavor.

"But Natsu-"

"I promise you Shouto that I will bring your brother safe and sound." he explained, making his two sons surprised by his declaration "Besides your plan isn't that bad. Deku I give you the authorization to use your quirk but only to save the civil. Once you accomplished your mission, you get out of here with Shouto and Explosion boy and you find a way to contact the police. You can use all the tricks you learned as long as the hostage is safe. Understood ?"

"Yes, sir !" answered the student in training.

"Why only Deku ?"

"From what I have see and heard, Deku is the fastest one among you three and despite being in dangerous and reckless situation he always found a solution. Plus his new ability can be used in long distance whether to capture an enemy or to retrieve someone or something."

"But Kacchan is right, I don't control Black Whip. If the same thing that happened at U.A. happen here then I could injured severly your son." contested Midoriya.

"It seems to me that All Might said something about heroes..." The flame hero started before to rushed to the enemy "A hero can always break out of a tough spot !" he shouted

Those words resonated within the three U.A. students and they remembered the USJ and the fight between All Might and the Noumu. All Might pronounced those exact words and the fact Midoriya heard them again, give him the courage to reach Plus Ultra.

He activate Full Cowl and tried to reach for Todoroki's brother but the vilain saw him even if Endeavor was attacking him. With the thing who covered his head, he pushed Midoriya away and his action has worsened the situation, Ending tighten his hold on Natsuo and the young silver haired man try to hide his pain as mush as he could.


"Calm down, young hero. This is something between me and Endeavor. If one of you try anything, the boy will be closer from death."


Even if I succeed to approach the enemy there's still the problem to free Todoroki-san and those things seems to be more resistant than they seem. If I use a smash with Full Cowl but to a higher percentage, not only I could injured myself once more but I could hurt Endeavour's son and I will have less chance to approach but also to succeed. And Endeavour isn't using his total strength because he doesn't want to hurt a member of his family. So our only chance is that I trust myself with Black Whip.


Midoriya thought before to raised his arms, extended his right arm and closed his eyes to focus on his new quirk and to call it that he can finally use it. He reminded himself what Black Whip original wielder told him


Before you thought "I want to capture him" or "Catch him". Black Whip is perfect for those situations. But you must remember if you use your power while angry, there will be consequences and you probably lose the control again. What matter is that you always control your emotions.


This time, I need to use it even if I don't master One For All... "Answer to my call, Black Whip !!!" he exclaimed and suddenly the black tendrils appeared from his arms and they headed towards Natsuo to an incredible speed.


"What the..." started Bakugou


"He is using it to save Natsu..." continued Shoto


This kid is incredible. I understand why you have take him under your wing, All Might thought Endeavor


"What did I say, kid ? Does the life of my hostage don't matter to you ?" shouted Ending but Midoriya didn't listen to him, he was entirely focus on his mission: save Natsuo. In his head he was imagining the road that Black Whip has to take to reach his target. "Are you deaf ?" yelled once again the villain and Deku still ignored him. However multitasking while using a new power was hard even for him and he could sense that at any minutes Black Whip will disappear because his arms weren't shape to resist at so much power and he had the tingling sensation who spread into his arms.

I will soon reach my limit but I have to resist or else how are we supposed to save Todoroki-san ? I have to resist, come on Izuku Go beyond Plus Ultra !!!

"Deku !!!!" shouted the two others boy, clearly worried fot their teammates, they could saw he was reaching his limit but the green haired boy shut them off.

Suddenly and out of nowhere, Izuku felt a part of something inside his body being finally freed and he has for consequences to boost more Black Whip and in a positive way  Izuku has a better control on his power, he can direct and change the direction of the black tendrils more easily and they seem to be faster. He doesn't know if the boost will stay forever so with a new determination and fire in his eyes he act.

"I warned you, kid." said Ending while grinning and tighten more his grip on Natsuo but when he done it, he hadn't anymore an hostage, his cuffs were empty. Then he saw it: the boy have manage to recuperate the eldest son.

"Endeavor-san, it's now or never !" shouted Deku

"What ?" questioned the vilain and the last thing he saw before he fall unconscious because of his injured was something bright and hot. Like a sun.


When he saw the man on the ground, Izuku sighed in relief along with Natsuo then they heard police sirens coming in their direction signaling that their rude night was over.


Or at least that was Izuku thought.


At the second he made a step to give his declaration to Tsukauchi, he heard the voice of All For One.


I'm proud of you, Midoriya Izuku, you definitively made progress. But do not forget if you need help but there's no one to, I am willing to give you a helping hand.


Deku turned around as fast as he can to see if the man was standind behind me but there was no one. He was still in his cell at Tartarus but now, Midoriya was worried. If the man could interact with him, even help him in the most desesperate situation he could be then... What was holding him to not escape ? And most important...


Why All For One would like to help him ? What does he won by doing this ?


Something cold was on his left shoulder and Izuku cool down at the sensation and when he tuned his head, he met Todoroki worried glance.


"Midoriya, are you okay ? You look like you seen a ghost..."


"I'm fine, Todoroki-kun. I'm probably still stressed about what happened earlier that now I saw illusions. A good sleep and everything will be better." The dual boy nooded, agreeing with what Midoriya said, his own brother was in danger and even if his father hasn't told him to not move, he isn't sure if he could have help, the memories of Touya death still in his mind.


"Deku, Explosion boy, Shouto, I have contact Nezu. All Might is on his way to bring you back at the dorms. While you're waiting, Deku you should be examinate just in case. I gave you permission to use your quirk but by doing this I encourage you to use a power you don't control and who could have restrain you to complete the task I put on your shoulder if it had injuried your arms more than they are."


"It's just in case ?" asked Deku and the flame hero nodded. All Might's successor complied to the demand but it's due to the fact he doesn't know what All For One has done and if there will be repercussions.


The doctors said he was good and have nothing, All Might has finally arrive to pick the three U.A. students and he shared a glance with his rival, to thank him to have protect the boys and the man nodded.


The trip to the dorms was silent, if Bakugou and Todoroki was silent because they remember that anyone could be held as an hostage even their own family since they were studying at U.A. and everyone knew their name. Thank you Sports Festival even if they only participate to one.

Todoroki phone buzzed, catching the attention of his two classmates. Midoriya wasn't in the mood to but it's in his nature to dig into other business. Shouto noticed the questioning look from the boy who help him to understand the flames was his power.

"It's Natsu, he tells me to said thank you to you Midoriya and that you always welcome to our home."

Bakugou turned his head away with a "tch", Midoriya gasped at this news and All Might was smiling like a proud dad... Which didn't escape to Todoroki.

"Midoriya.... Are you sure you aren't All Might secret love child ?" he asked with his most serious tone, provoking to the ex number one hero to spitting blood.


"From myself." 


"Then spoke clearly, Bakugou that I could answer you properly and that your understand my point of view."

The two boys continued their bickering until they arrived to the dorms and headed for their own room under the vigilant eye of the skinny man. But the blonde hero, while confused by this theory of Young Todoroki, was worried about Aizawa problem child.

"My boy, is there anything that happened while you were rescuing Endeavour oldest son ?"

"Not during but after... It was just for a few seconds but..." Izuku took a deep breath, knowing what he was going to say will cause a shock to his master. "I heard his voice and he told me if one day I'm in danger and no one is around then he was willing to give power to help me."

"W-what ?"

"I'm as surprised as you All Might. I mean... At first he has give the stockpilling strength to his younger brother, thinking the First will agree with his method once he had power but then the events didn't went like he wanted and since that, he went after the different wielder of One For All and kill them all... Well except you and me. So why he would..."

"Midoriya, my boy, calm down. I understand your worries but remember.... All For One is probably playing with you to better broke you later. He is always like this but now he is incarcerate so he had to find a way to toying with our life. Whithout forget he is good with words."

"But even you know he is prefering to tell the truth to hurt people. Proof is I know I could have a better control on Black Whip to save Todoroki san because he done something with his quirk to help me." explained Deku

"He did what !?" exclaimed All Might

"I know it sounds crazy but... Nevermind it's probably better if we think about this once we aren't anymore stress by this whole mess. Good night All Might."

"Good night Young Midoriya." he whispered but Toshi has still questions in his mind

Why All For One was interested in Young Midoriya ? It's not only because the boy have One For All.



A few hours ago, the meta liberation army has moved and engaged battle against the actual society they lived on and they leader was the League of Villain.

How Izuku knew it ?

Him, Shoto and Ground Zero (Bakugou hero name.) were face to face to them and they've got a giant (Gigantomachia if Deku heard it well.) and the ex-leader of army, Re-Destro. And the situation was pretty much at their disadvantage here. But people start to call them the new Big three of U.A. and they're gonna to show why.


"Let's end this." ordered Shigaraki




The two side run towards each other, preparing their move.


"I am afraid your little playground has to wait." said a voive they all recognized

"Kurogiri." whispered Tomura

"That's the name of the mist who can create portals." recalled himself Shoto


"The one with his weakness around his neck ? Then it be easy."


"Kacchan no !" yelled Deku but he realized he had spew a substance he already saw before, at Kamino when Bakugou appeared at the feet of...


"MIDORIYA !!!" shouted Endeavour's son, running for the green boy. Even this far, he heard Ground Zero said shit before using his explosions to be closer from his childhood friend.


"Deku, grab my hand !" ordered the explosive blond and Izuku extend his arm but it was too late... the weird liquid envelopped him, bringing him to his destination. Just before he saw Machia and Shigaraki being teleported too but with Kurogiri portals.


At the sight of his childhood friend disappearing in front of him and that he could save him, he finally understood what they felt in the summer camp and why they risked everything to save him at Kamino.


"Izu..." Bakugou whispered "IZUKU !!!" he roared to the sky

We were supposed to become a duo but more importantly I was supposed to protect him but I never done it or to be more exact I stopped when I discovered he was Quirkless. And now my childhood friend will probably die at the hand of the most powerful villain... No, I can still reach him.

"HALF N' HALF ! We have to found Deku even if that means pass through them by force."


Wait for us, Deku. they both thought.



Midoriya coughed when he was released from this weird substance, it wasn't a pleasant way to travel but he didn't have time to wait. He have to act before-

Too late he said to himself while getting up when he saw Tomura and Machia getting out from the portals, Kurogiri nowhere to be seen. He wasn't the only one to be surprised.

"What the brat is doing here ? I thought Sensei will take care of him personally. It doesn't matter Gigantomachia, crushed him."

No way, he doesn't mean that All For One has escaped from Tartarus. If it's the case then everyone is in danger  The same rumble of the liquid that teleported him get Izuku out of his thoughts. He saw blond hair that he'll recognize everywhere and not only him....

"All Might, the ex-symbol of peace. You're just arrived to the perfect time, to see your successor getting beated to death." declared Shigaraki but All Might was confused until his blue eyes landed on a familiar face.

"Young Midoriya !" he shouted

"I'm fine, All Might. Don't worry I will get us out of here."

"So sweet that it made me sick. Machia, destroy the brat once and for all." ordered Nana grandson

"I can't." replied the giant.

"And why that ? I'm trustworthy of your allegiance so why-" started the new leader

"Because I still have matter to attend with the boy that require the presence of all of you, Tomura."

All Might eyes were wide open, clearly not expecting this, Shigaraki looked delighted, Gigantomachia was on the verge of letting his tears flow, all of this caused by the presence of one man.

As for him, Izuku tensed and was surprised but he was mostly uncomfortable and didn't know what to said because.... Because.... All For One was just behind him, extremely close to him, he wouldn't have time to activate Full Cowl to escape.

"H-How ?" managed to said Izuku mentor.

"You mean my face ? I pay a little visit to Eri-chan and I asked her nicely to rewind time before you inflicted this injury."

Pay a visit to Eri-chan ? What does he mean by that ? Is she safe ? Does Aizawa sensei knows it ? If he had ever hurt her I will-

"Do not worry for Eri-chan, Izuku. She is uninjured, in fact I asked nicely if she could reversed the damage and it seems to mention to her that I wanted to see you was the best course of action because she help me." explained the tall man still behind him, smiling genuinely.

"You used a little girl and you lied to her ! Here's what you've done ! yelled Toshinori

"Did I really lie to her, All Might ? No, I said I wanted to see her savior and here I am. Do you really think I would explain my reasons to a traumatized little girl ? And if it wasn't for Izuku who saved her under Sir Nighteye tutelage, I would have done it like I did it with you, Tomura. But in the end, he doesn't change the fact in both way, we will be all reunited." he explained.

For a moment, he sighed in relief that the little girl he saw as a little sister is safe, it's just that All For One used words intelligently. He knows when it concerned him, Eri always want to help. And if what All For One has said to Eri is true then technically speaking, he didn't lie to her. He just didn't give her the reasons.

Izuku realized he still didn't know why All For One is here and what do he wants with him. And to add to his ignorance, he could feel One For All being agitated with fear and anger but he could sense some happiness in a little part. However with one heartbeat who paralyzed him with a sense of dread coursing in his body, he felt the energy that appeared in one of his dreams and he recognized it was All For One the quirk.

"Young Midoriya ?" questioned All Might, Izuku looked at him and he saw he was dumbfounded and he wasn't the only one: Shigaraki was looking at him, surprised.

"Oh... It seems you discover it without my guidance, Izuku." said joycefully All For One "This is perfect, you're progressing faster than Tomura when he had the same age as you." The fact that his enemy was compliment him and was pleased by whatever progress he had made, confused Midoriya. To understand it, he looked around him and saw it: the usual green lightning that was dancing around him when Full Cowl was activate, is now turning into black and red lightning and it was coming from him.

Deku couldn't find anything to say but he was trying to find any logical explication to understand why he could feel the quirk of the man behind him inside One For All.

"I am the one who create One For All, Izuku. It is normal that a part of me, just like the others wielder, is living inside the quirk and like I was expecting it, you were the only one able to free completely my quirk and use it in purpose to awake the quirks of the previous holder. Now Midoriya Izuku..." he knew the man was smiling and he couldn't move, All For One was very close to him, more than before, he could feel his breath on his neck which means he had lower his face.

"Let me help you." he whispered in his ear and suddenly with one of his large hands, he gripped firmly the upper part of his right arm and with a quirk, he destroyed the gauntlet and the part of the costume who was covering his arm and his scars. Then he caress slowly with his thumb Midoriya scarred hand.

"I see... There's more work to do than I thought if we want to fix your bones. But first you need to recuperate something who belongs to you." Midoriya felt something entering in his other arm and he recognize the sensation.

No, no, no.... Everything but not this...

"Forcible Quirk Activation: Black Whip."


"ALL MIGHT, GET OUT OF HERE !!!" yelled Midoriya


"Who said it was this dear Yagi Toshinori I was targetting, Izuku ?"


To the surprise of the two wielder of One For All, the person captured by Black Whip is Shigaraki Tomura. The man child too is surprised and the way he was restraint, he couldn't use Decay to free himself, he was utterly powerless.


"Sensei, what's the meaning of this ? And how I could have something who belongs to that brat since I'm older than him ?" In theory if it wasn't in this position and literally at the hands of All For One, Izuku would be on the same side as Tomura however he didn't like where this was going.


"Tomura, you played perfectly the role I gave you, you grow up like I wanted or , causing enough troubles to fragilize the trust in heroes in this society. But now your role is over." said calmly All For One


"What are you gonna to do to Tenko, you monster ?" roared Toshi.


"Return him to his true state which means..." he made a pause and Midoriya knew what he is going to say, Tomura was starting to debate to free himself from Black Whip. "Quirkless." Silence reigned when he pronounced the word that every children fear to hear at four years old but since Tomura is still a child in an adult body, even if he made progress on this, was refusing the truth.


"No, no, no. It is impossible, Decay is mine, it is my quirk. It can't be that brat quirk, we aren't even from the same family because Decay was my grandpa quirk."


"But a quirk comes at the age of four which means everything has been play in a very short time. However when he found Tenko, the boy was five, there's still the possibility he was a late bloomer but it still doesn't explain why Young Midoriya is involved and how he fit in." continued Toshi


"Oh but I... We can prove it to you, Tomura, isn't it that correct Izuku ?" I'm sure you understand what I mean." The green haired teenager was shaking, panicking and trying to catch his breath. He knew he could use the quirks on the ancient wielders thanks to All For One but he didn't thought he could use the other ability of All For One. "Do not worry, Izuku, like I told you before it is my pleasure to help you. In fact, I am closer than you believe. I know it is hard but please regain your composure, you need to be calm and especially because it is your first time."


Despite the situation, Deku knew he isn't in position to negotiate so he follow All For One advice and catch his breath as much as he can. When the tall man felt the boy was enough relax, he bring Shigaraki on his knees and closer from Midoriya since he was still in control of Black Whip. As soon as it was done, the bicentury man took the hand of the ninth wielder in his and he directed Midoriya's hand to the top of Tomura head.


"Normaly when I give or took a quirk, the person is in pain but when I do this to a person, originally quirkless, he feel nothing during the transfer. So that means if you aren't in pain, which will be the case, Tenko, it will prove you were quirkless and that I gave you a quirk."


All Might him was totally powerless, he can only look to, probably, the downfall of Shigaraki but even if he has to die, he'll make sure the two boys are safe so he started running towards them before All For One could do anything to Tenko or Izuku. Unfortunately for him, his nemesis saw him moved and before he could dodge or duck, the black tendrils of Black Whip were around him and enough tight to make him spit blood. The blond understood he was an hostage that All For One won't hesitate to use as a weakness to make sure Young Midoriya do is part of the job.


"Already imagining the worst case scenario, All Might ? I'm not that kind that monster, not when it's about Izuku but I'm afraid you have to wait until the boy has Decay back." Before he didn't notice it but now that he was closer, he could see that the way his enemy is treating his student almost like in a father which brings more confusion to Toshinori. If he wanted so much Young Midoriya at his side, why he didn't kidnapp him at Kamino when him, Young Kirishima and Young Iida pass ahead of them. He doesn't make any sense to him at least for now. Because Toshinori knows when All For One will finish his business with Tenko, everything will have an answer.


"At least we are agree on something, All Might." The man with a suit turned back his focus on the two boys and he gave a few words of confidence to Midoriya before to continue his explication "Now Izuku, close your eyes and focus on Tomura. Then you should see in your spirit a familiar light and it will call you because it is your quirk. Normally when you see it, pull it towards you until you feel it on your body."


"How does I know when it will be back to me ?"


"Do not worry for that, you'll know it. But I didn't finish, because it is your quirk, the light will camle to you, making the transfer easier."


Izuku gulped but calm down when he inspired and expired a breath. His body relaxed as much as he can, he close his eyes. For a few seconds, he was in a black space and he was searching until a weak ray of light appeared, Izuku went towards it then he heard it, the voice that All For One was talking about. He came closer and the light was doing the same thing at his surprise. Since the light emitted by Decay was closer, Midoriya ran towards it and he extended his scarred arm to it. Decay seems to recognize him and went to Midoriya hands. His right hand absorbed Decay in his body. Then he felt something warm filling his body and find himself complete like if a missing piece of his soul was back. Somehow and despite doing an act than most of heroes will consider as villainous, he managed to smile.


Once the transfer finished, he opened his eyes and the first thing he saw was a devastate Shigaraki, saking in anger. All For One released both Tomura and Toshinori by letting go his control over Black Whip.


"You damn brat... If you weren't there, if I have kill you before... If you weren't even botn then... then... Sensei would have still care for me!" He made a gest to end Deku life but the blue haired man wassent in the air by the person he consider as a protector while Izuku was held closer by the same person, the man supposed to be his enemy. A yellow blur pass and catch Tomura, a blur that both Deku and his master recognize in the form of an old man.


"Gran Torino!" Izuku tried to move away but All For One grasp on him was firm but protective. He decided to raised his head to have a better look on his enemy.


It was the first time since he was bring here that he could see All For One face and Midoriya thought his heart wil stop beating... This face was a face he didn't saw since he was nine: white and curly hair, a piercing gaze capable of see though your soul and discover your true intentions, loyal to his family and an analytic mind, dissecting any quirks.


Before he could express anything towards him, Deku felt his body was heavy, his vision became blurry and he resisted, hoping he will be enough to not close his eyes. But he wasn't enough and before he fell, he saw All Might shouting something at him.


All Might, I'm sorry... Dad, you miss me so much...




"Young Midoriya !" Yagi Toshinori shputed when he saw his successor falling before to be catch by one of All For One arms and he slide his arm under the uninjured one of Midoriya in purpose to have a better hold on Izuku. He was smiling fondly to Deku and it was enough to set Toshi on an edge of fury even though he was Quirkless. Gran Torino beat him.


"Enough of your sick game, All For One ! Release the kid at this instant !"


"You have no right to give me orders, Shimura friend. After all, All Might and you promised to Nana to stay away or to not have any kind of contact with her family and possible descendant. However you both failed to respect her last wish."


Sorahiko and Toshinori straight up at the mention of their old promise and Shigaraki looked at them, confused then All Might blood run cold when a sudden realization hit him.


"Well, do you see that ? It seems you have a brain and you finally assemble all the missing piece or only a part of it. But you looked like overjoy by the news that you can't use this big mouth of yours, full of reassurance and smile."


"Toshinori, what is he talking about ?" asked the mentor of the symbol of peace.


"Let me spell it for you: Midoriya Inko, mother of the hero in training name Deku and ninth wielder of the One For All, Midoriya Izuku, is in reality Shimura Inko, daughter of Shimura Nana and your aunt, Tomura."


Silence was now the master of their surroundings, letting the three men understanding the importance of the information.


"Toshinori..." the old man looked at his student in pity understanding the situation. All Might told him when he saw Miss Midoriya that she looked so much alike at the deceased seventh wielder of the One For All and Sorahiko replied to him it was only a coincidence. Now he regret it and said student have now a look of disbelief, too shocked to reply and his blue eyes locked on Midoriya, still unconscious in the arms of his mortal enemy. He managed to talk for a few seconds.


"You mean that... Izuku is my master grandson ? And you make her two grandsons fight each other ?"


"At first, when Tomura mention a kid with your speed and strength, I didn't know who he was. It's only during the second trial of the Sports Festival I have an idea of who he really was and my suspicions were confirmed at Kamino. This is why I decide to leave the scene, I knew if I wasn't here anymore it could help Izuku to grow up more while he was fighting Tomura. But you have too a part of responsibility for what occured, All Might."


"Oh god... What I've done ? I should have be more careful and maybe I could have see Young Midoriya was her grandson but I was blinded by his actions and the fact he was a suitable person to receive One For All. And because it is my fault, Izuku is now risking his arms if he isn't careful with One For All but I could have stopped him and I did noth-" He receive a hit on the head, gripped it "Master, you were really..."


"You're really an idiot, Toshinori. Do you ever think that the kid regret the fact of taking One For All ? I don't think so... And even if he knew he was Nana's grandson and knew about our promise, he would have still done it, you know how much he is stubborn, just like you. And I'm pretty sure Deku would have told you something like it isn't her or our choice but his, if he wants to have his life tangled with heroes. And if you aren't convince, you'll ask him yourself. Once we have recuperate him. So stop lament yourself on your past actions and fight for the future of this boy !" exclaimed Torino


"Master..." said Toshi before that determination rise in his eyes "You're right !"


A sound of claped hand resonated and they both looked at All For One now in the air "What an inspirational speech. I recognize the tenacity of those who knew Shimura Nana, but are you really gonna to broke the promise made ? Oh... I forgot that... It is because of this same promise that I was able to use Tenko in my plans. You have learn from the mistake of the past but a little too late. Tenko is now a villain and nothing that you will said will save him. You failed again, All Might"


"Not completely... I may have failed to save Young Tenko but I can still bring together the little family he has. Which means bring him back to his aunt but first I have to save his cousin."


"Then maybe Tenko can know what happen to his grandmother. I'm suppose you still asking yourself why your father hate heroes, here's the reason: I kill your grandfather and because of this Nana thought it was for the best if she give her two children to a family that has no connections to heroes. If Inko understood her reasons, your father hasn't forgive her and thought she abandonated them because she prefers to save the life of strangers than to take care of her family. A few months after this, I killed her, I hoped that I could take One For All but she had already pass it to All Might. And All Might pass it himself to this boy." he explained


"But it isn't... He completely misunderstand her while my 'suppose' aunt is more comprehensive... Wait a minute... If my aunt knows how felt father then she knew about his abuse on me and she didn't do anything ! I hate her, I hate them, all of them ! She should die like her damn brat!"


"I'm sure there's more... I assure you that Mrs. Midoriya is nothing like this."


"I am not surprise... You were traumatized at the point anything related to your family was forgotten. But All Might is right, Midoriya Inko is a good person, it is thanks to her that I knew about you, I even had the pleasure to hold your successor when he was a baby, All Might." Sorahiko and Toshinori were frozen and horrified that the immortal man has been close enough to the Midoriya when Deku was a toddler.


"Then Decay..." started the skinny man


"I took it from Midoriya Izuku, in fact I was there when his quirk came, he is an early bloomer."


This is definitively the worst thing that could happen... No the worst is Mrs. Midoriya doesn't know that she lived near to her mother murderer thought All Might This is... This is...


"Unforgivable, All For One. You used my master's family more than once for your horrid plans and you don't even regret it! I might be Quirkless but I won't let you do it anymore!"


"This change nothing... Yes, I twisted Tenko's vision of the heroes but Tomura still attacked your students and U.A. willingly, that makes him a villain since Shimura Tenko died and Shigaraki Tomura was born."


"But Young Midoriya isn't. And you've done nothing to him and he might have your quirk but I know he won't use it unless it is necessary. Also your quirk only help him to draw the quirks of those who had the honor of inheriting One For All and he will use them to make good." replied Izuku mentor


"Do you think because you were the Symbol of Peace you can change things about 'villainous' quirks ? At the second the public knows he has my quirk, people will made their mind and decide he is a villain, they will even think he is a traitor and it is fault that the League has attack U.A."


"The only villain I see is just in front of me, deblating nonsense about a kid he doesn't know nothing. If people needs proof then I will gladly tell the truth about Stain." exclaimed Torino "And seems you don't want to let go the kid I have to take you down once and for all."


"You want to take away from me what I hold dear in my heart ?" he asked and All Might got flashbacks from Kamino


While I did kill your teacher, you took away something from me too.


"What are you talking about ?" shouted Sorahiko before to activate his quirk and jumped towards All For One, hoping he will snatch the young hero from the white haired man


"While my method with my little brother wasn't the most healthy one and not the best, you know that I value family as important and that I care for mine."


"No..." whispered Toshinori


Sensei, you're not trying to tell us... thought the blue haired boy


"Besides do you really want to separate Izuku from his father again ?" Those words was enough to stop Gran Torino in mid air and have his eyes wide open


"What ?"


"You- You're lying !" exclaimed Toshi


"Do you really think I would lie about my son ? Besides you know the only way Izuku has All For One is that somehow I am related to him, which eased my interactions in the vestiges or the way I could affect Black Whip. An interesting quirk by the way... And must I recall you if my son didn't have my quirk he would have start to turn into a state of mindless just like a Nomu." Toshinori was ready to reply but Midoriya Hisashi cut him "And if he wasn't in Kamino, near to the Nomu's basement, I wouldn't be able to teleport myself there since the quirk I used need that I know very well someone near to the zone I want to be and you could have continue your role as the Symbol of Peace. And he wouldn't have to use One For All while still injured and without a license." All Might was shaking with anger but no matter he try to deny it or to found a response, he knew his enemy was right then All For One sighed, ruffling the green curls "The only good thing I can think of is my brother quirk is back in the family, at the hand of the ninth generation of One For All and he is the only one to use for the good of everyone."


Both Shigaraki and Yagi looked a him, surprise written all over their faces while Gran Torino has an idea of what is in the mind of Deku's father "Each time Izuku helped, it was always as his own risk, no matter the consequences. He always prioritized the person who needed to be helped which leaded him to act as a vigilante three times."


"Three ? But there's only two times !"


"All Might please... I know you are stupid but you can count Bakugou's rescue at Kamino Ward as an act of vigilantism. Even though they didn't fight, they still broke the law and use their quirks to do good. But vigilantes are considered as villains by the law which means by the government no matter what good they made they must be stop."


"Won't be the first time laws are inconvenience. Even Toshinori won't be able to change that, the hero's comission is too stubborn."


"So that means the brat is a villain because of the stupid law ?"


"Hosu, the Training Camp and Kamino were all the places he done the job of a hero but without a license. This is the only thing who separates heroes and vigilantes. Other countries accept vigilantes because they know they won't be able to save evryone or these some affairs that needs to be discreet or to be handle with more force. Izuku could do this if you hav etrained him properly, All Might. Only Gran Torino has done this. But do not worry I will take this weight out off your shoulders, I will take care personnally of his training and offer him a better guidance while I help him unlock the quirks inside One For All. Gigantomachia..."


Unbenknowst to everyone, the giant has been crying the whole time and multiple times. He try to wipe them when All For One call him. In vain because new tears were forming.


"Yes, Lord ?" he said happily


"We're leaving, I finish my business here, we just have to wait for Kurogiri. Gentlemen, it was my pleasure to talk with you." he adressed to the two heroes and to the boy he protected all these years. "But I have-"


A orange ray went towards him and pass near to his cheeks but enough to scrath it.


"Lord, are you okay ?" Hisashi stay silent and with his free hand, he wipe the blood coming from the scratch.


"DON'T YOU EVER THINK YOU'LL GET AWAY WITH DEKU, YOU DAMN BASTARD !" roared a familiar voice and they could hear explosions coming towards them.


"Bakugou Katsuki..." said All For One but with venom in his voice, showing clearly his displeasure for the explosive blond


"Young Bakugou, what are you doing here ?"


"It should be clear... I'm here to save Deku from his shitty dad."


"You've heard everything !?" All Mlight exclaimed


"He isn't the only one... Guess I wasn't that far." said nonchalantly Shoto


"Not the good time for your conspiration, Half n' half." replied Ground Zero


"Young Todoroki..."


"Do not worry I won't tell at the class about this One For All and this guy being his father. Midoriya knows something about me, it is only fair that I keep one of his secret." continued the dual hair kid whilehe looked up to All For One but he noticed something. Midoriya's father was glaring to Bakugou this whole time.


"Lord, this blond boy is a nuisance for you and Little Lord, right ? I can dispose of him if you want." proposed Gigantomachia.


"I'm not scare of you, I'm ready to beat you until you can't move, giant shitty hair."


"Watch your mouth, Bakugou Katsuki... The only reason I didn't kill you or worst, turn you into a Nomu is my son. Even if you hurt him, bullied him, Izuku still consider you as your childhood friend."


"Because you think you're better ? You're nothing but a little piece of shit, you left auntie and Deku alone for almost six years. You know very well, even if you were injured severely, auntie would have still accept you. Hell I will not even surprise if she already knew you were a villain, a big one and long before Kamino." replied bitterly Katsuki "But no, you have to play the villain and imply nerd's cousin in this fucking mess. You could have let auntie take care of him with you and Deku and show him what is it to be a hero. But you see him as a pawn, saw him as a way to have your revenge on All Might's teacher and make his life shitty as fuck. You're really the worst dad." continued the blond angrily "Even I, I realize the mistake I made with Izuku and we both try to have a better synergy, it will take time to mend what I've broke but I'm ready to make the effort because I know in the end it will worth it and auntie will finally be able to-."


"You don't know what you're talking about, brat. Do you know how much pain she could have if she saw me with no face, respiratory problems and close to be a dead man because of him !?" Hisashi replied while pointing to All Might "How much do you think she could have tolerate !? I know she knows that I am All For One because I'm the one who told her who I was and she only smile to me saying she understood but that I needed to stop for Izuku's sake. And that was I planned to do, six years ago but this idiot has to ruin everything."


"If you were so worried why didn't you activate Deku's quirk and pass one of your most powerful but easiest quirk to control to the nerd ? Or asked me to protect them ? I would have, you were one of the reason I didn't treat Izu as useless after kindergarten, I even start to believe that he could really become a Quirkless hero. But when you didn't come back when he was nine I wipe out this thought of my mind and I thought you leave them because Deku was Quirkless." shouted back Ground Zero.


"If I gave a quirk to my son which would have trigger his All For One and that I wasn't there to help him to control it, what do you think would have happen ? I will tell you: lots of people would not understand why they loose their quirks suddenly, guiding All Might at Mustafu and if he have found Izuku and make a DNA analysis they'll find a match with me and he would have been taken away from Inko and imprisonned in Tartarus by the government. Do you really think it would have make her happy that her son, her only bundle of joy isn't here anymore only because of his powers ? Or called a villain because of Decay which would be worst for him ? No, I don't think so, this is why I take away Decay, this is why I gave my son quirk to Tenko, I wanted even to make the surprise to Inko and bring his nephew but I didn't though it would end this way, that Tenko killed his father. That's why I wanted to end this however with One For All in Izuku it might be impossible but there's hope... Only I must guide him, become his new master and fix your mistake, All Might."


Ice went towards him but All For One blocked it by calling a flame quirk and looked to Todoroki "You're talking about Midoriya and his mother and if I understood well you're saying you want them happy. But what little choice does Midoriya have in this ? Or his mother ?"


"I let him act like he wanted until now, a true parent know when he has to step in to stop his children to do something stupid no matter what he is saying and unlike Endeavor before he become the number one hero, I do care for my family and there's no way I let my own blood endanger his life and his arms more." he looked to the two semi-pro hero, they glared back and it was enough for Shoto and Ground Zero, they both activate their quirks and they were ready to combine their super attacks.


"Mr Ice and Fire, Bakunii-san..." At the last second they both froze, interrupting their special moves, turning slightly their heads towards the little voice and they saw...


"Eri-chan !" they both shouted but what was worst is the little girl is just in front of Kurogiri with a worried face.


"What were you going to do to Deku's dad ?" she asked. Both the male students didn't know what to answer, for them they knew who Midoriya Hisashi really was but for a girl of 5 years old, it was hard to understand. The only ones who could explain her the situation can't do it: Deku is in his father arms  and All For One won't let him go without a fight and Aizawa sensei is far away from their position.


"Do not worry Eri-chan, I just wanted to clear a few things with Izu's friends and your uncle Toshi, Shoto and Katsuki just have an overexgerated reaction to the news I gave them. I was ready to going back home with your big brother and an ally of mine. Which makes me think..." he sweatdropped at the sight of a Gigantomachia crying.


"I can not believe this... I'm going to meet Lord's wife the same day I met Little Lord... You really bless me with this Lord even though I don't know if I truly deserve you."


"Is he nice ?"


"Yes, he is. Let's just say he is very protective..." explained All For One


"So he will protect Dekunii-san ?"


"Little Lord has a little sister !? Does I have to call her Little Mistress ? No, it doesn't matter, what does though is I must protect you too. After All Lord had a little brother too but because he was weak, he needed to be protected however he refused and that leaded... Oh, I'm sorry Lord, I shouldn't have talk about him, I know it is still a sensible subject for you."


"It is fine, Machia, you were expressing your feelings and your loyalty towards my family." reassured Hisashi while his two feets touched the ground "But I won't do the same mistake also... Eri-chan are you sure of your decision ?" he asked with a gentle but caring voice.


"What are you talking about ?" yelled Bakugou


"Eri, what does Midoriya's father is talking about ?" asked Todoroki with a hint of worry in his voice


"I'm sure of it, I want to come with you and Deku-kun." she answered, confident and nodding with his head. While te greatest villain was smiling at her, the heroes could only stared at the scene. "Mister Aizawa and Deku-kun's class are nice and funny but sometimes I eel like they don't understand what I lived with Chisaki which makes things com-complicated and it makes me feel like I'm not safe." explained the little girl with a sad tone knowing it will hurt her new family. However she continued with happiness "But Dekunii is different, I feel safe with him maybe it is the first person to have touch me with such warm despite his hands have scars. Besides he told me my power was such a nice and helping quirk. Then I met you and I felt the same thing but I suppose it's normal, you're Deku's dad."


"But it isn't your main reason ?"


"No, I'm scared. I'm scared, if Deku-kun is leaving I'm scared that no one will talk to me anymore, that everyone is nice with me but only because they're friends with Deku."


"Eri-chan..." said with a gentle tone Toshinori


"You know it is not true, Aizawa might be cold in the exterior but he loves you and it is the same thing for Izuku's class, they genuinely care about you."


"I know !" she exclaimed "But I prefer to stay with my brother because he could protect me and I can protect you, mommy and mister Kurogiri." she announced with a smile that could match Midoriya's smile


Too precious for this world everyone thought but their thoughts was interrupted by new tears of a certain giant. Said giant took Eri in his large hands, approached her of his cheeks and cuddle Eri with his cheeks while tears was wetting Eri. The little girl was confuse by what happened.


"We will protect Little Lord's family together. What I'm saying, you're par of the family so you mustn't fight, I'll be the one to protect you." vowed Gigantomachia still crying and Eri patted him on the cheeks while giggling which caused the red haired giant to cry more.


"So be it... I do hope you'll be able to respect Eri-chan decision too."


"Young Eri has maybe choose by herself but even if you're young Midoriya's father, you can't retire him from U.A. just like this." replied All Might


"Miss Inko has express too her worries about Young Master education at U.A. What is you're decision ?"


"Who said I was going to retire Izuku from U.A. ?" inquired All For One. He was delighted by the shocked expression on his mentor's and son's bully "I already said it: I won't repeat the mistake from the past. I'll let Izuku become a hero but he will act with a new perspective and new powers. While he will still follow his classes by correspondence, I will teach him how to have a better control on One For All and All For One and when I decided it's safe he will return at U.A. I know this high school his the best in terms of hero program, proof his the ones teaching there are not idiots and are aware of the problems in this society. It will be the only offer I will make, Nezu has to take it or else I will teach by myself what my son needs to be a hero. I let you pass the message, All Might." proposed All For One before to turned around "Kurogiri, Machia, we're going home."


"Can I hold Little Lord ?" asked his most loyal follower and the supervillain of two hundred years old nodded. He passed his son to the giant in the same and where Eri was. Once Izuku in Gigantomachia's hand, the little girl leaned on his new older brother and slept. Kurogiri opened one of his portals, the giant went first, All For One following until he stopped in his tracks and turned to face All Might once last time before to leave.


"By the way, if words spread about me being the father of one of the most talented students of U.A., I'll make sure this school can't stand up anymore. So remember well that I'm closer than you believe" he warned with a smirk and letting his aura surround the heroes but it disappear as soon as he went through the dark portals.