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The ballad of Hope's peak academy

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Wednesday 12:25 pm 

Makoto added Leon, Aoi, Celestia and 12 others to “Class 78”  


Makoto changed 15 names  


8 people are online



  12:34 pm  

Makoto: Hey guys, I made a chatroom! 

God: Makoto... why. I already must deal with these idiots daily. A group chat would only spark chaos. 


God: Although, I do appreciate the name. 

Holy_voice : Well I think this is a great idea Makoto! 

Holy_voice : Although... I think your name needs a change too 


Holy_voice changed Makoto´s name to Luckyeggman  


Luckyeggman : Thanks, I hate it. 

Call_da_police : It´s accurate 

Luckyeggman : >:<  

NoHallRunning ! : Excellent idea Makoto!!! A group chat will surely bring us closer together as classmates and friends! 


11037: Sup 


God_worshipper : H-ha ha, real funny Makoto. 

God_worshipper: But still... true... 

God: I do not appreciate this, Makoto. 

11037: You didn’t deny it 

God: Shut it, weekling 

11037: r00d 

Call_da_police : Anyway, Makoto, why did you decide so suddenly to make a chatroom? 

Luckyeggman : Well I was hanging out with Sayaka yesterday and she told me that class 77 recently created a group chat so I decided to make one for us. 

NoHallRunning ! : And they were exactly right!!! To be able to talk outside of school should help us study when we need!!! 

God: This is going to be hell. I can just feel it. 

11037: Reread what you just typed. Slowly. 

God: … 

God: I hate you all 

DONUTS: Soooooo.... What are you all up to!? 

God_worshipper : What reason would I have to tell you!? Me and Master are having a fun time without you interfering! 

God: Were not even togerther. 

God_worshipper : SHUT IT!!! 

Holy_Voice : Well, me and Leon are currently hanging out. 

Call_da_police : Same for me and Makoto. 

NoHallRunning !: I am currently studying for the test next week! 

NoHallRunning !: And I suggest you all do the same!  

DONUTS: C'mon Taka, It’s a week from now. We have time! 

NoHallRunning : You can never be too prepared! 

Holy_Voice : I doubt any of us besides you have started studying. 

NoHallrunning : Well all of you should quit conversating now! Class is about to start! 


NoHallRunning is offline


11037: Bummer 

Luckyeggman : Well see you all late! 



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Monday 6:28 

Chiaki Nanami added Mahiru, Ryota, Sonia and 11 others to “ Class of Mistakes (77-B)”  


Chiaki changed 14 names  

Chiaki changed their name to “ GamerGal


5 people are online 



GamerGal : Hi everyone 

GamerGal : Ms. Yukisome asked me if we had a group chat outside of school. Since we didn’t, she recommended we make one. 

GamerGal : And that’s how this chat came to be. 

Ms.papparazi : Ah, I see. That’s a great idea! 

Ms.papparazi : … and I see you gave us names too. 

GamerGal : ;3 

Queen_of_Darkness : Yes, I too agree with Mahiru. 

SupreemOverlordOfIce : As the dark queen has stated, this will be yet another way to spread my rule of misfortune so I GUNDAM TANAKA will allow myself to remain within the confines of this world of letters! 

Carbonated Drink: Chill dude. And don’t go calling Ms. Sonia that! 

Carbonated Drink:  

Carbonated Drink: Demit Chiaki. 

GamerGal : ni-shi-shi

Ms.Papparazi : Please don’t phrase your laughter like that. You sound like the rat from 79. 

SupreemOverlordOfIce : Even I do not dare to come close to that creation. Ashe is from neither heaven nor hell! 

Queen_of_Darkness : I agree wholeheartedly! 

Carbonated Drinks: Even I can't disagree with that. 

Ms.papparazi : You should watch out Soda. He's probably coming for you. 

Carbonated Drinks: What!!! He is!!! 

Ms.papparzi : … 

Ms.papparazi: Did you forget that the gremlins favorite thing, besides being a little shit, is carbonated drinks. 

Carbonated Drinks:   

Carbonated Drinks: Mahiru. 

Carbonated Drinks: Why? 

GamerGal : Let's stop talking about Kokichi. If we don’t, he will probably find some way to hijack this chat. 

SupreemOverlordOfIce : To be able to deal with him, Class 79 works in mysterious ways even I do not understand. 

GamerGal: Nevermind all that, did you forget we have a test tomorrow? 

Carbonated Drinks: CRAP 


Carbonated Drinks is offline


Queen_of_Darkness : Look’s like Soda forgot. 

SupreemOverlordOfIce : Looks like this is goodbye, for now! 

Queen_of_Darkness : Gundam! You too! 

SupreemOverlordOfIce : No, I would never steep to such a low level of forgetfulness. I simply must return to my duties of taking care of my 4 dark devas of destruction!!! 

Queen_of_Darkness : All right then, I'll see you all tomorrow. 

Ms.papparazi : Goodbye! 


3 people are offline



GamerGal : Why do I feel like this will turn out to be a disaster.... 


GamerGal is offline



Sunday 2:11 am 

Kokichi added Rantaro , Kaede, Himiko and 12 others to "My servants (Class 79)"


Kokichi changed 15 names  

Kokichi changed his name to I_AM_YOUR_RULER  


4 people are online


I_AM_YOUR_RULER: Heyyyyyyyy Everyoneeee 

I_AM_YOUR_RULER: So, the two classes above us decided to try to one up us with having their own group chats. 

I_AM_YOUR_RULER: Well GUESS WHAT! WE are going to one up THEM, with our OWN CHAT! 

Mother: And how do we accomplice this task of “one upping them” with a chat room. 


I_AM_YOUR_RULER: I dunno. Didn’t really think about it. 

I_AM_YOUR_RULER: Well at least we have a group chat now. 


KillerKid Changed I_AM_YOUR_RULER’s name too “ Rat_child  


Rat_child: … 

Rat_child : I JUST made this chat, and Maki is already bullying me! 

KillerKid : You deserve it. 

LUMANARY!OF!THE!STARS! : C'mon Maki, don’t be so cold. This might be fun! 

KillerKid : I doubt it. 

LUMANARY!OF!THE!STARS!: Well then I’ll make SURE you have fun! 

KillerKid: ...thanks. 

Rat_child : Can you two get a ROOM ALREDY! 

Mother: I could prepare one if you'd like? 

LUMANARY!OF!THE!STARS!: No need, and besides, It's not like that. 

KillerKid : yeah...


Orgles_cousin is online


Orgles_cousin : Oh, what’s this! 

Orgles_cousin : A group chat, that’s a great idea! Why didn’t I think of that! 

KillerKid : Oh look, Ms. Positive is here. 

LUMANARY!OF!THE!STARS!: HI KAEDE! (Your Kaede, right?) 

Orgles_cousin : Yep! That’s me! 

Orgles_cousin: And I have another question.

Rat_child: Ask away!

Orgles_cousin: Why did you make this chat... at 3 AM!!!

Rat_child: Oh that! Simple. To wake everyone up.

Orgles_cousin: You little...!

Rat_child: nishishi~

LUMANARY!OF!THE!STARS!: Honestly, you probably succeeded, but they were so annoyed at you for waking them up that they decided not to join in the conversation.

Rat_child: Wow, everyone in this class sucks.

Mother: This however is not the case for me, I just happened to have run late with a task. I am on my way home as we speak.

Rat_child: What about Maki and Kaito? 

LUMANARY!OF!THE!STARS!: Well, as a matter of fact, were having a sleepover!

Rat_child: Oooooohhhhhhh, you aaaaaareeeee!

KillerKid: Kaito. Why did you tell him that?

LUMANARY!OF!THE!STARS!: What? I see nothing wrong with sharing that information?

KillerKid: I... let's just leave and keep watching the movie.


Killer kid and LUMANARY!OF!THE!STARS! are offline


Rat_child: Aw, that sucks.

Mother: And we all have classes tomorrow, so I would advice going to sleep.


Mother is offline


Orgles_cousin: And Oma.

Rat_child: Hm. What is it Kayayday?

Orgles_cousin: Tomorrow. Your dead for waking me up.

Rat_child: I guess that's fair.


Orgles_cousin and  Rat_child are offline

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Friday  8:04 pm


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Luckyeggman: I demand answers.

30%correct: I second that.

Call_da_police: How much do you want to beat this is Junko's fault?

Luckyeggman: My life savings.

Des-bear: Man, you guys suck!

Pure: It was Junko. Me, Leon and Mukaro can all testify to that.

Des-bear: CHIHIRO!!! Why you ratting me out like that!

Pure: If I didn't, the others would.

Call_the_police: A word of warning. My father will kill you for this.

Des_bear: I've been in worse trouble.

Call_the_police: I reluctantly have to mark that as true. 

Ms.littlegothlolita: My room smells terrible thanks to you.

Des_bear: It will clear out.

Ms.littlegothlolita: We have no windows.

Des_bear: Eventually.

30%correct: I still need the explanation of what happened.

11037: Junko set off firecrackers in the hallway of the dorms.

Luckyeggboy: Care to explain to us what went down.

Pure: We really weren't doing anything special. We were just talking, when Junko suddenly whips out 3 firecrackers, lights them and throws them out in the dorm room hall.

11037: Seriously, she was so casual about it!


Soilderboy is online


Soilderboy: Don't worry. I'll take care of it.

Des_bear: How are you going to do that? You can't even take care of yourself!

Soilderboy: I'm always taking care of your messes.

30%correct: She's right.

Ms.littlegothlolita: We can all testify to that fact.

Des_bear: Shut up guys!

Des_bear: Also, Hiro, you have no right to say that when the biggest mess in this class is you.

30%correct: No! I'm not! There's definitely a bigger mess than me!

Call_da_police:  Like who.

30%correct: TOKO!


God_worshipper is online


God_worshipper: First of all, screw you!

30%correct: HOW DID YOU EVEN GET HERE!!!!

God_worshipper:  Second of all, I may have problems, but at least I'm not stupid. Also, all of your problems were your own fault, unlike mine!

11037: Can we get an F in the chat for Hiro.

Des_bear: F

Pure: F

Call_da_police: F

Luckyeggman: F

Ms.littlegothlolita: F

Soilder_boy: F

11037: F

God_worshipper: F? Wait, why are we doing this?

11037: Memes.

God_worshipper: Huh?

30%correct: Nevermind Toko's idiocy! I'm mad at you all!

God_worshipper: Well, too bad!!!

Ms.littlegothlolita: Are we just going to ignore Junko's stunt earlier. My. Room. Still. Smells.

Des_bear: It's not my fault your door just happened to be open when I threw the firecrackers.

Pure: Why do they smell this bad anyway?

Soilder_boy: The firecrackers are mine. It was something Junko snatched from my room earlier. It has a special kind of gas in it and although it's not deadly it's meant to smell like poison to provoke panic on the enemy side while in a battle .

Ms.littlegothlolita: It smells like poison. Got it.

Call_da_police: That's definitely going to concern some people.

Des_bear: Well it doesn't concern me

Luckyeggman: Actually, it does.

Des_bear: Mukaro will take care of it. It's her firecrackers after all.

Soilder_boy: I guess.

Ms.littlegothlolita: Then could you take care of the smell. As soon as possible.

Soilder_boy: I meant I can take care of the issue with the principle, I can't do anything about the smell.


Ms.littlegothlolita: I must say I'm wary unsatisfied with this conclusion.

11037: Honestly, we all are.

Call_da_police: Why did she even do it.

Des_bear: Got bored.

Call_da_police: Why am I not surprised.

Luckyeggman: I'ts Junko.

Soilder_boy: I should probably go talk to the principle now.

Des_bear: Go take care of my problem for me sis!!!


Soilder_boy is offline


Ms.littlegothlolita: I guess i'll have to camp out in the library until the smell clears out.

God_worshipper: No way! The library is Masters territory!

Pure: But... I go to the library all the time.

God_worshipper: Well... you... you just.. ugh!

Luckyeggman: You got no rebuttal, do you?

God_worshipper: S-shut up!

Ms.littlegothlolita: Well, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to the library.


Ms.littlegothlolita is offline


God_worshipper: …Idiot.

11037: So, what should we do now?

Pure: Find a proper way to punish Junko.

Des_bear: I should have expected that.

Luckyeggman: How about cleaning the dining hall for a month!

Call_da_police: You know she won't do that.

Des_bear: Yeh, she's right, I won't.

Des_bear: Also, why punish me? You know it won't change anything.

30%correct: Sadly, she's probably telling the truth.

Call_da_police: For now we should try to clear out the smell and give Junko the cold shoulder for a while.

Luckyeggman: I second that.

Des_bear: Screw you all.




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Wednesday 9:18 am


5 people are online


GIRL_POWER!!!: Did you all here the announcement!? I AM SO PUMPED!!!

ClumsyLilNurse: Yeah, me too!

Better_than_you: I would be happier if the trashy skank Mikan wasn't coming with us!

ClumsyLilNurse: EEEK! Sorry for ruining it for you!!!!

Better_than_you: You better be, bitch.

GamerGal: Anyway, I wonder where were going this time? It's not unusual to go on a school trip but Ms. Yukisome announced it on such short notice. 

GIRL_POWER!!!: I have noooooo clue, I just know it'll be great!!!


ClumsyLilNurse: What's the matter Chiaki?

GamerGal: It's just... I had promised Hinata too meet with him to play games after school...

Otakuman: Hinata? Is that the guy from the reserve course?

GamerGal: Yeah, we often meet up and play games, I told him meet me today.

Otakuman: Could you not just plan another time?

GamerGal: I guess, but I was really looking forward to this.

GIRL_POWER!!!: Ohhhhhh Chiakiiiiiii, who is this friend of yours! Ibuki wants to meet them!

ClumsyLilNurse: Me too, they sound nice.

GamerGal: You want to... meet him?

GamerGal: ...

GamerGal: I just had an Idea.

Better_than_you: Hmm, what Idea?

GamerGal: Let's just go to the trip for now.


4 people are offline


GamerGal: ...

GamerGal added HajimeHinata to the group 


GamerGal is offline


Wednesday 1:03 pm


HajimeHinata is online


HajimeHinata: Ch-CHIAKI!!!   



GamerGal is online


GamerGal: Yes, I did do that.

HajimeHinata: Why!!!!

GamerGal: I wanted to.

HajimeHinata: But why!!!


GamerGal changed HajimeHinata's name to Hajimeme


Hajimeme: I- I just don't know.


;) is online


;): Oh, who is this fine fella.

Hajimeme: Um hi, my name is Hajime Hinata, I'm in the reserve course. Me and Chiaki are friends, and she, for some reason, has decided to ad me too this chat.

;): I see, how interesting.

GamerGal : Also, Hajime, I should probably tell you that we have to cancel our gaming session. Were on a school trip up in the mountains, skiing.  


GIRL_POWER!!! is online



GIRL_POWER!!!: Also, hi new person!! 

Hajimeme: Um...Hi. 


GamerGal: What is it Ibuki? 



Hajimeme:  aValAncHe!!!!!! 

GamerGal:  SorryHajimeweneedtogo 


3 people are offline  


Hajimeme: I'll... just wait. 


Wednesday 2:43 am  


7 people are online  


Food!: It took us two hours, but we finally got Mikan out of the snow!!! 

Baby_gangsta: To nobody's surprise, the avalanche was aiming for Nagito. 

Hajimeme: Nagito? 

GamerGal: He's um... well let's just say he has this weird thing about him where things go wrong all the time. He would probably be here If he didn't think that "A piece of trash like me isn't worthy or being in a chatroom with all you ultimate's" 

GamerGal: And to fill you in on the situation, Hajime. Mikan got buried under tons and tons of snow because of the avalanche. It took us a while, but we eventually got her out. She's warming up in a cottage nearby right now with a cup of hot coco. 

GIRL_POWER!!!: She was soooooo cute when we finally found her all shivering. As usual, she was in a fan servicey pose. GOD, I wish Mahiru had taken some shots! 

;): I certainly wouldn't mind that either. 

KnifesButBigger: I'm taking care of her so nothing insensitive is bound to happen.    

GIRL_POWER!!!: Awww, bummer. 

Baby_gangsta: That's not something you should be bummed out about! 

Hajimeme: Chiaki. What's wrong with your class?

GamerGal: Just don't question it. 

Hajimeme: I... sure. 


ClumsyLilNurse is online  


ClumsyLilNurse: I'm so terribly sorry for all the trouble I've caused!!!

Baby_gangsta: Nah, don't worry about it. Nagito was the one who started it.

GIRL_POWER: Yeah, that guy is always bad news.

ClumsyLilNurse: I should still apologize! I'm so sorry! J-Just please don't hate me!


ClumsyLilNurse is offline


Food!: Actually, digging her out of the snow was great exercise. I'm really in a fighting spirit right now! In fact, I think I'm gonna fight coach Nekomaru! Now!!!!

GIRL_POWER: Ohhhhhh, I want front row seet!

Baby_gangsta: You'll fucking destroy the cabin were staying at!!!!


5 People are offline


Hajimeme: Destroy?! Do you usually do something like that.

GamerGal: Yes.

Hajimeme: This... is not what expected ultimate's to be like.

GamerGal: Well what DID you expect.

Hajimeme: I guess more... professional types.

GamerGal: Well, you were way off. In fact, almost the entire main Corse is this energetic. If you really thought this was the worst of it. You ain't seen nothin' yet.

Hajimeme: I guess I raised my expectations a little too high of what an ultimate was like.

GamerGal: Just wait ti'l you meet them in person. 

Hajimeme: Allright, I'll be sure to wait.


Hajimeme and GamerGal are offline



Chapter Text

Friday 10:34 pm  


4 people are online  


DateMeHimiko: Kaede! You were amazing!!! 

Hattective: Yeah! You were so good! 

Orgles_cousin: Oh, jeez you guys! Your too nice.  

Hattective: You should hold more concerts with Ibuki, Sayaka and all the others. Somehow, despite most of your genera's being different, it came out well. 

Atua'sVessle: Atua agrees! You were great Kaede!!! Although I'm personally looking forward to the after party! 

DateMeHimiko: Yeah! The entire school's going to be there. Sadly, all the degenerate males too. 

Orgles_cousin: Common Tenko, there allowed to be there too. 

Atua'sVessle: Pray to Atua, that everything will be fine. 


4 people are offline  


Friday 12:04 pm  


6 people are online  


Orgles_cousin: Everything is not fine!!!! 

Thot101: Witch one of yawl fucks did it! 

Thot101: I'm tipsy enough as it is being high on no sleep. Alcohol is not a good mix to that, ya shitheads! 

Satan: It seems we have quite the mystery before us.  

Killer_kid: I'd bet my life savings on it being Kokichi. 

Killer_kid : I'm goanna strangle him. 

Rat-child: Been there, done that.  

Rat_child: Oh, and it actually wasn't me this time. 

Killer_kid: Your lying. 

Rat_child: Maybe I am. 

Satan: At this rate, this will go on forever. 

GONTA: It was not Kokichi. Gonta was with Kokichi the entire time. 

Rat_child: BOOM! AN ALIBI! Try disproving that one Maki. 

Killer_kid: Shut up. 

Rat_child: Love you too, Maki-roll. 

Killer_kid: Don't call me that!!! 

Orgles_cousin: Guys, were getting off topic! We're trying to find out who spiked the juice. 

GONTA: Spiked juice? 

Rat_child: Whoever it was, they sure have a sense of humor. I have never seen Kaito act like that! God, he gets drunk easily. 

Satan: If it wasn't Kokichi, nor Miu, I do doubt that it was anyone from our class. Remember, the entire school is here. 


Satan: I will dismiss your rude remarking, for now. Kaede, do you know if Shuichi is investigating this. 

Orgles_cousin: You can bet on it! He's on the case! 

Thot101: Could he at least keep us updated! Stuff like this is all Pooichi is good at anyway! 

Orgles_cousin: He's good at a lot of other things, I'll have you know, Miu!!! 

Thot101: EEK! I-I'm s-sorry! 

Orgles_cousin: Are you... stuttering through text? 

Satan: It appears, she is. 

Orgles_cousin: Well, never mind that. To answer you. 


Hattective is online  


Hattective: I guess I could keep you updated. Although, I haven't found much, I have a few suspects. 

Rat_child: Oh! Am I one of them! 

Hattective: You use to be. But Gonta can confirm that you were with him the entire time. 

GONTA: Yes! And Gonta would not lie about such a thing. 

GONTA: But Gonta is kind of confused. What do friends mean by "spike the juice." 

Killer_kid: It means someone put alcohol in it. It makes people act weird and tipsy. 

GONTA: Is that why Kaito is crying in bathroom? 

Killer_kid: He's WHAT! 


Killer_kid is offline  


Satan: And there she goes. 

Satan: But I do question. Isn't everyone here underage when it comes to drinking. Isn't this technically a crime. 

Thot101: Three words; Hope's Peak Academy. 

Hattective: It's honestly remarkable how many things you can get away with. 

Orgles_cousin: I heard, that Nagito guy from 77-B blew up the gym two years ago and only got suspended for a few months.  

Rat_child: So, you're basically giving me a permit to blow stuff up? 

Satan: We are NOT.  

Rat_child : Awww, that would allow me so many pranking opportunities. 

Thot101: You little shit already cause us too much trouble. 


Hattective: It was Hiyoko. We shouldn't have been surprised. 

Thot101: That Bitch! Well now I know whose ass to fuck up! 

GONTA: No, do not hurt people! We can talk to Hiyoko and friends to make up. 

Thot101: Fuck that shit!  

Satan: Although, I am curious. How did you find out it was Hiyoko? She would never admit something like this outright. 

Hattective: We interrogated her. She did deny doing it, but based on everything she said, it was easy to assume that she was the culprit. 

Satan: Oh, I see How so. 

Orgles_cousin: She blamed it on Mikan and when we went to ask her, she cried and told us Hiyoko had borrowed some of her alcohol this morning. And due to Hiyoko's track record, it was easy to but two and two together. 

Hattcective: The alcohol she used even has similar affects as this one. 

Rat_child: Wow. Who would have thought you were such an expert on alcohol, Shuichi. 

Hattective: I really am not. We just had a case involving alcohol recently. 

Thot101: Alcohol has different effects on ya. I just drink it when I want to fuck up my mind. 

GONTA: But did Kiyo not tell that Alc-o-hole was illegal. Why Miu drink it! 

Thot101: Fuck the law. I can do what I want. And if I ever get caught, I can just give the cops a little, uh... treatment to get out of it. 

GONTA: Treatment? 

Thot101: Well, nobody will be able to resist my gorgeous bod. Not even the cops. 

Rat_child: Riiiiight Shuichi. 

Hattective: Um... I... 

Thot101: Shuichi could only dream of landing a hottie like me. 

Rat_child: Your ugly, smelly, face would keep anyone away. Quit acting like your disgusting fetishize could get you out of anything. 

Thot101: HeeEe-I'm so-sorry!  





Rat_child: I god, Kaito's here. Wasn't Maki supposed to take care of him? 

LUMANARY!OF!THE!STARS!: Maki rokll wasn iwe th me burt  enrow she smdg on 

Satan: Oh dear, it looks sounds like he's still absolutely waisted. 


Hattective: I think I should go find him. And I should probably go confront Hiyoko. 

GONTA: If that's so. Gonta will help you! 

Hattective: Ah, um, yes, you'd be great help Gonta. I need someone to... um intimidate her. 

GONTA: All right! Gonta just happy to be useful. 


Hattective and GONTA are offline  


LUMANARY!OF!THE!STARS!: Huh jh, whe reare ehetheeey goiuuinrg?/> 

Satan: Someone needs to escort him to his dorm room at their earliest convenience. 

Orgles_cousin: Me and Maki can handle that. Let's just hope he won't have that bad of a headache when he wakes up. 


Orgles_cousin and LUMANARY!OF!THE!STARS! are offline  


Thot101: All right, now all that's left is too fuck up that little dancing girl. Hard. 

Rat_child: I would join you, but watching a showdown between the two of you just sounds too not boring to pass. 


Thot101 and Rat_child are offline  


Satan: Humanity may be beautiful, but I can feel utter chaos spark around me. 


Satan is offline