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The delinquent class

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This was supposed to be just another normal day at U.A for all the teachers, as pro heroes they had heard about what the governement was planning on doing to help the rehabilitation of juvenile delinquents. However none of them were considering signing up for several reasons, most of them didn't really have the time for starters. What they didn't know however was that in truth nearly no pro heroes had signed up for the new program which was a bit of an issue. After all the governement could not provide a salary for the heroes who were to participate it was more of a voluntary work, though the pro heroes would be given a monthly check for food and accomodation it wasn't enough to motivate the troops. In order to avoid a fiasco, the governement took one last measure...

At the teachers' lounge.

All the teachers are gathered there under the request of the principal, they are all patiently waiting for the bear... mouse?... dog like man to show up. Meanwhile the teachers are either speculating or drinking coffee, as for Aizawa he is sitting on a chair and drifting in and out of sleep. He had a rough patrol night that jumbled his sleep pattern and he isn't in the best of moods as a result.

The principal walks in and the room grows silent, all waiting for explanations.

"Hello everyone! I apologize for making you wait." Principal Nezu starts as he places himself in front of everyone. "I have an important information to give you. As you may all already know, the governement has made a new program to help young delinquents getting out of the criminal life with the assistance of pro heroes. Unfortunately, since there weren't enough willing participants, our school amongst others was chosen to lead by example..." He further explains. Aizawa who was only half listening until this point gets a bad feeling about this.

"So, all of you are going to have to participate to this program, willing or not." Nezu adds and some of the teachers grunts in response.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN WILLING OR NOT?!" Present Mic yells, saying out loud (very loud) what everyone is thinking.

"Excuse me, principal. But most of us have two or more jobs to handle, me included so I think I'll pass." Aizawa announces in a bored voice before standing up, ready to leave. However the principal's next words stop him dead in his tracks.

"Unfortunately I will have to fire anyone who refuses to do this, the governement is really serious about this new reform." He explains making some of the teachers gasp.

"Fire us? For real?" Midnight repeats in disbelief.

"Please, Aizawa, you should sit and listen to what the principal has to say." All Might tries to calm down the hero. The two of them stare at each other for a few tensed seconds, of course All Might already knows what the principal has to announce. Eventually Aizawa sighs and goes back to his sit. There is no escaping this shit... He thinks.

"All Might better have to do this as well." He says between gritted teeth. He could probably play the card of the number one hero's responsibility but knowing All Might he would actually accept to do this to lead by example...

"Of course All Might will participate, like everyone else. Now, let me explain it to you. Firstly, the governement will choose 200 pro-heroes at random throughout the country and they will be assigned a teenager between the age of 16 and 18. The teenagers are supposed to help you with anything you ask them as community services during your work as teachers or pro heroes or any other jobs you may have."

"So you're saying there's a chance some of us won't be chosen to do this?" Aizawa asks and Nezu nods in response.

"Yes but these kids are considered emergency cases and this is their last chance to be rehabilitated before they reach the age when they can go to prison. So even if you're not fully happy about this, please take the job seriously if you are chosen. We're talking about these kids future." He says scanning the small crowd of teachers, somewhat staring at Aizawa a bit longer. He is good with the students but he doubts he would be very happy to be forced in this situation. Regardless, he feels like Aizawa would take the job seriously anyway upon meeting someone who needs help. It's a hero's instinct after all, to want to help those who desperately need it.

"At any rate, if you are chosen as a 'foster hero' you will receive a letter from the governement within the next three days. The governement will pay for the food and accomodation as compensation in monthly checks..." He continues but gets cut off.

"Hold on a sec! They have to live with us?!" Present Mic exclaims loudly.

"If you are assigned a teen, yes. Most of these youngsters don't have a place to call home, besides they are going to need constant watch, especially at night." The principal explains them.

He clears his throat, "Now, about what is expected of the school. We will welcome 10 teenagers from the local reform school, in order to help the kids back in society we will create a class just for them: class A-0. They will have a two hour lesson at the end of class hours around 5pm every week day to do some academic catching-up. Of course you will be paid the extra hours..." The principal says matter-of-factly.

"EXCUSE ME BUT WHO WILL BE IN CHARGE OF THOSE CLASSES?" Present Mic asks before Aizawa even has the chance to.

"I was going to get to it... You, Present Mic, as the english teacher your presence will be required once a week. Same goes for Ectoplasm for maths lessons, Midnight for history lessons and All Might to do some heroic prevention. The three other lessons will be lead by the homeroom teacher, whose job will be to help anyone who has issues with their quirk and jobhunting."

"Jobhunting?" Aizawa repeats a bit lost.

"Most of these kids were involved in shady businesses and have no idea how to earn money in a normal way. It will be the homeroom teacher's job to explain them how to write a CV, as well as to find them job ideas that could suit their personnality and/or quirks."

"That's ridiculous, we're here to teach kids how to become heroes. Not how to get a job at the local supermarket..." Ectoplasm mumbles a bit irritated by the situation.

"And who is this homeroom teacher?" Mignight asks but the principal avoids the question.

"It has yet to be decided." He eludes before clearing his throat. " A new schedule will be given to those of you who participate in the extra classes. Once I have more informations on the kids we will be welcoming, I will give you files about their quirks, personnality, age, crimes... Everything. They will be sent to our school on monday, at the end of classes, next week." The principal finishes explaining before dismissing the teachers. Most of them are so stunned it takes them a few seconds before they actually start leaving.

"Don't forget, they might be kids but they are not just students! They are criminals, so if they do or attempt to do anything bad, as pro heroes you have the right to stop them however you see fit." He says as the teachers gather their stuff to leave the room. Aizawa however is quick on his feet, something tells him he better get the hell out of here because the principal has been eyeing him and that can only mean one thing: extra work.

"Aizawa, I'd like to talk with you for a minute."

Shit, not fast enough. He curses as he watches the other teachers leave the room. They both wait to be alone to speak but Aizawa is faster.

"That's a no." He says immediately.

"But I didn't even..."

"I'm not stupid, you want me to be the homeroom teacher. That's a no." Aizawa repeats, no way in hell.

"Aizawa please, I really think you would be the best suited to guide those kids." The principal explains.

"All Might would do a better job than me, he is the symbol of peace after all." The tired teacher points out.

"I don't think so. All Might is great at teaching heroes and people who share similar beliefs but we're talking about delinquents here. His approach just won't work on them." Nezu says and Aizawa groans. He knows the principal is right, All Might is too rightious, the kids won't be able to relate to him and while they might respect him at first he will soon be lost as to what to do.

"Damn, I better be paid good for this!" He says in frustration but still accepts. He would have to rethink his sleep schedule again with all of this. But at least it was just two hours, three times a week and it was a class of just 10 students instead of 20. However something was telling him they would be just as much work for only half the number. The principal smiled and thanked him, assuring him that he would be there if he needed anything or encountered any problem with the class and didn't know what to do.

Aizawa went straight home after that, he needed to sleep pretty bad.

I won't go on patrols tonight, he thought as he crashed on the bed. He sighs again at the extra work he just got. Being a teacher and having to deal with those brats was already tiring, even though he liked it deep down but would never admit it out loud. However having to take care of a delinquent girl everyday is an entire different fucking story. He signed up to be a teacher and a hero, not a dad for god's sake.

Yes, Aizawa was assigned one of those delinquent kids to take care of. He has just discovered the governement's letter in his mailbox, alongside a sealed file that looked like a police report.

You will find all the info about the teenager you will have to take care of, a picture of them, name, age, past crimes, quirks and more in the present file. He reads out loud with yet another annoyed sigh. It isn't possible, it just isn't. Where the hell can he find the time to take care of this kid, do his job as a teacher, as a night shift pro hero, as the homeroom teacher of class A-0 and fucking SLEEP?!

Aizawa doesn't even open the file, he decides he won't do this. Tomorrow at school he will try to give this file to someone else, maybe Midnight will agree since she wanted to sign up for this shit. Or All Mightwill. Someone will.

All Might walks up to the principal after he has finished his conversation with the teacher.

"Poor Aizawa... Not only do you give him the role of homeroom teacher for the delinquent class but you also assigned him the worse teenage girl." All Might says to the principal, taking pity on his colleague.

"I trust him with her, he knows how to handle the troublemakers. She needs someone like him more than any other kid."

"He'll be pissed if he learns he got assigned someone because of you, principal." All Might points out.

"I trust you not to tell him then."

"Let's hope he doesn't exhaust himself out by overusing his quirk..." The n°1 hero thinks out loud. He wouldn't know how to handle you for sure, you would walk all over him like you would a father who has no authority. Aizawa was going to get a few headaches and more trouble than he bargained for with you in his life, that much was sure.