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The delinquent class

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At the convenience store

You notice Aizawa is only buying ready meals. You kind of expected him to be the type to just eat cans and stuff but this is too much for you. You always take great care of what you eat, it is something your parents instilled in you. Especially your father who was great at cooking and really made you enjoy it.

"Do you always eat this shit?" You ask him bluntly.

"Yeah, it's quick and easy. I don't have the time to cook..." He admits. If he wanted to squeeze in some time to sleep during the day he needed to gain time somewhere else. Ready meals became his salvation.

"Did you know homecooked meals contain more nutrients than ready meals?" You go on a rant about how it contains less calories and is actually cheaper than ready meals on top of tasting a hundred times better.

"That's good and all, but doesn't change the fact that I don't have the time for it." He says as he picks up a whole bunch of instant noodles. This is too much... Instant noodles are the worst in your opinion.

"Ok, no. Stop." You tell him as you grab the cart and make it roll back so that he can't drop his stupid instant noodles in it.

"What the hell are you doing?" He asks a bit irritated.

"You are what you eat." You tell him, looking him up and down. "I was wondering why you looked like crap, well now I know!"

"Hey! That's not nice..." Truthfully it isn't his best comeback, Aizawa can do better but he is too tired to put up with your sass at the moment. Besides, he knows you are not entirely wrong.

"Look there's no way in hell I'm eating any of this. I'll cook for the both of us if I have to, consider it a part of my community services if you want but I'm doing it." You tell him, you won't take no for an answer on this.

"Are you sure you can cook for the both of us? You know it will require some organization on your part..." He says making sure you know exactly what you are getting yourself into.

"Yeah, yeah I used to cook for the whole family with my father, trust me I know." You assure him but your voice somewhat cracks at the end of your sentence. Just speaking about your family is hard even if all you did was mentionning them. He doesn't seem to notice the sad expression that quickly passes over your face, or maybe he pretends not to.

Aizawa sighs but doesn't complain, "Fine, if you think you're up to it. What's this week's menu?" He asks you as he starts getting rid of all the junk food he had filled the cart with.

You think about it for a couple of minutes, you need to make two meals everyday and enough for the two of you.

"Hmm, considering the crap you've been eating, I can assume you are not a picky eater, right?" You ask him but it's more of a rethorical sarcastic question and you don't really expect an answer. You immediately start walking in different sections at a fast pace to take the fundamental ingredients, like spices and sauces.

"What a little pest..." Aizawa whispers to himself, but he can't deny he finds your barbs amusing. He was certainly surprised to hear that you could cook, even more so after you offered to do it for the both of you. 

If it turns out you can really cook, it will be a real life saver to him.

Aizawa follows behind you, driving the cart around lazily so much that you wonder if it's not the cart that's driving him. You pick up several different kinds of vegetables and fruits, meat, and some fish, rice and noodles. You will keep it simple this week since you feel too tired to think on all the ingredients, you were caught off guard today but next week you will come more prepared.

"Okay, done!" You exclaim but Aizawa doesn't have your enthusiasm.

"That's quite a lot of things..." He comments not knowing what half of it will be used for and hoping you won't explode the food budget. As if reading his mind you reassure him on the matter:

"I know, but it's less expensive like that and it's all fresh." You say. God, you remind yourself of your mother when you speak like that. She was such a cheapskate 

Aizawa is very surprised to see that the total is actually just slightly more expensive than his usual errands, except there's enough for two people to eat and not just one.

"Next time it will be even cheaper." You explain him as he takes the bags, that most condiments and some of the ingredients that don't need to be fresh only need to be bought once or twice a month. That wasn't something your family taught you but something you picked up as a teenager struggling with money.

Organization is key when it comes to make savings. Maybe you are more of an adult that Aizawa first gave you credit for?

You reach Aizawa's apartment after a bit less than 10 minutes.

"You live in here?" You say a bit surprised as you arrive in front of the building.

"Got a problem with that?" He asks.

"No, it's just... surprisingly common." Heroes are well-paid usually, and now he is a teacher at one of the most famous hero schools. Then again you look at the man beside you. He wears a nearly all black outfit that doesn't stand out in any way, his long hair are unruly and almost hides his upper face. The only thing out of the ordinary about this guy is how his slightly red eyes make him look like he is on crack.

"I like to keep it simple." He explains.

Aizawa's apartment is on the second floor, you take the stairs because there is no elevator in the small three-story apartment building. It looks welcoming and less impersonal than big accomodation buildings. Maybe that's what he likes about it?

He puts one of the bags down to take his keys out and open the door to what is going to be your "home" for the next few months. It still sounds weird to you, you're used to live with strangers but they were always families, parents with children. Here it's just the two of you and he is a pro-hero... It's not like you can sneak out or easily lie to this guy.

You take a look around the place while Aizawa puts the food in the fridge, making weird faces at some of the ingredients you bought. Has he never seen a white cabbage in his life?

The front door leads to the leaving room which also happens to be the kitchen. There is a huge window and a glassdoor that leads to the small balcony, next to it there's a comfortable looking sofa and a small TV. The kitchen is simple but has everything you need to cook even if it all looks brand new. When was the last time this guy cooked something? Does he even live here? The place is well kept, a bit too much for a guy who looks so shambolic in your opinion.