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The delinquent class

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The story takes place one year before My hero Academia's first season, so a year before Izuku receives the All for one. A lot of original characters in here that I will try to develop as much as I can. 


In this society of heroes and villains, almost everyone has a quirk except for a small pourcentage of the population. Not all quirks are useful, powerful or even cool. Some people would rather be born without it because it makes them dangerous, ugly or unstable. We can take the example of some mutant quirks that make people look like hybrids of animals or monsters. Or quirks that can be dangerous for the holders health or the people around them.

Sometimes people become villains, not because they are particularly evil but because they were pushed into that lifestyle by this flawed society that cannot take into consideration everyone's quirk.

In order to prevent more people from becoming villains the governement has created a special rehabilitation program for delinquents under the age of 18, as to give them a second chance.

Teenagers who are sent to reform schools too often have their name on the list of that rehabilitation program. It is a waiting list, on which you wait until a pro hero who has signed up decides to take care of you.

Basically it is a last resort thing, to give one last chance to young criminals before they become adults and can be sent to jail. The pro hero's job is to put some good sense in the teenager's mind as well as to give them a safe place to stay and help them out of any shady business they might be involved in to give them a fresh start in life. The bold program goes as far as to give them a chance to become a pro hero in the future regardless of their past bad actions. But it is easier said than done.

Aizawa Shouta is a teacher in U.A high school where he trains teenagers to become future pro heroes and of course he is a pro hero himself. Combining those two jobs isn't always easy but he is a passionate man inspite of his usual sluggish behaviour. Aizawa doesn't wish to have extra work in his already busy and well-organized life, but that was without counting on the gouvernement's new measures.

In order to get the rehabilitation program starting five of the best hero schools are chosen to help out delinquents. Also a good portion of heroes is assigned a teenager who is considered an emergency case : no family or relatives to support them, violent behaviours, past traumas... Perfect candidates to become future villains. They are to assist them in their work as teachers or heroes, in return the pros have to help them find and keep an honest job until they can be financially independant and stable.

The only problem is that the pros were not asked for their opinion in the matter...

Where are you in this story? You are the young adult Aizawa is going to have to welcome in his home much against his will.


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This was supposed to be just another normal day at U.A for all the teachers, as pro heroes they had heard about what the governement was planning on doing to help the rehabilitation of juvenile delinquents. However none of them were considering signing up for several reasons, most of them didn't really have the time for starters. What they didn't know however was that in truth nearly no pro heroes had signed up for the new program which was a bit of an issue. After all the governement could not provide a salary for the heroes who were to participate it was more of a voluntary work, though the pro heroes would be given a monthly check for food and accomodation it wasn't enough to motivate the troops. In order to avoid a fiasco, the governement took one last measure...

At the teachers' lounge.

All the teachers are gathered there under the request of the principal, they are all patiently waiting for the bear... mouse?... dog like man to show up. Meanwhile the teachers are either speculating or drinking coffee, as for Aizawa he is sitting on a chair and drifting in and out of sleep. He had a rough patrol night that jumbled his sleep pattern and he isn't in the best of moods as a result.

The principal walks in and the room grows silent, all waiting for explanations.

"Hello everyone! I apologize for making you wait." Principal Nezu starts as he places himself in front of everyone. "I have an important information to give you. As you may all already know, the governement has made a new program to help young delinquents getting out of the criminal life with the assistance of pro heroes. Unfortunately, since there weren't enough willing participants, our school amongst others was chosen to lead by example..." He further explains. Aizawa who was only half listening until this point gets a bad feeling about this.

"So, all of you are going to have to participate to this program, willing or not." Nezu adds and some of the teachers grunts in response.

"WHAT DO YOU MEAN WILLING OR NOT?!" Present Mic yells, saying out loud (very loud) what everyone is thinking.

"Excuse me, principal. But most of us have two or more jobs to handle, me included so I think I'll pass." Aizawa announces in a bored voice before standing up, ready to leave. However the principal's next words stop him dead in his tracks.

"Unfortunately I will have to fire anyone who refuses to do this, the governement is really serious about this new reform." He explains making some of the teachers gasp.

"Fire us? For real?" Midnight repeats in disbelief.

"Please, Aizawa, you should sit and listen to what the principal has to say." All Might tries to calm down the hero. The two of them stare at each other for a few tensed seconds, of course All Might already knows what the principal has to announce. Eventually Aizawa sighs and goes back to his sit. There is no escaping this shit... He thinks.

"All Might better have to do this as well." He says between gritted teeth. He could probably play the card of the number one hero's responsibility but knowing All Might he would actually accept to do this to lead by example...

"Of course All Might will participate, like everyone else. Now, let me explain it to you. Firstly, the governement will choose 200 pro-heroes at random throughout the country and they will be assigned a teenager between the age of 16 and 18. The teenagers are supposed to help you with anything you ask them as community services during your work as teachers or pro heroes or any other jobs you may have."

"So you're saying there's a chance some of us won't be chosen to do this?" Aizawa asks and Nezu nods in response.

"Yes but these kids are considered emergency cases and this is their last chance to be rehabilitated before they reach the age when they can go to prison. So even if you're not fully happy about this, please take the job seriously if you are chosen. We're talking about these kids future." He says scanning the small crowd of teachers, somewhat staring at Aizawa a bit longer. He is good with the students but he doubts he would be very happy to be forced in this situation. Regardless, he feels like Aizawa would take the job seriously anyway upon meeting someone who needs help. It's a hero's instinct after all, to want to help those who desperately need it.

"At any rate, if you are chosen as a 'foster hero' you will receive a letter from the governement within the next three days. The governement will pay for the food and accomodation as compensation in monthly checks..." He continues but gets cut off.

"Hold on a sec! They have to live with us?!" Present Mic exclaims loudly.

"If you are assigned a teen, yes. Most of these youngsters don't have a place to call home, besides they are going to need constant watch, especially at night." The principal explains them.

He clears his throat, "Now, about what is expected of the school. We will welcome 10 teenagers from the local reform school, in order to help the kids back in society we will create a class just for them: class A-0. They will have a two hour lesson at the end of class hours around 5pm every week day to do some academic catching-up. Of course you will be paid the extra hours..." The principal says matter-of-factly.

"EXCUSE ME BUT WHO WILL BE IN CHARGE OF THOSE CLASSES?" Present Mic asks before Aizawa even has the chance to.

"I was going to get to it... You, Present Mic, as the english teacher your presence will be required once a week. Same goes for Ectoplasm for maths lessons, Midnight for history lessons and All Might to do some heroic prevention. The three other lessons will be lead by the homeroom teacher, whose job will be to help anyone who has issues with their quirk and jobhunting."

"Jobhunting?" Aizawa repeats a bit lost.

"Most of these kids were involved in shady businesses and have no idea how to earn money in a normal way. It will be the homeroom teacher's job to explain them how to write a CV, as well as to find them job ideas that could suit their personnality and/or quirks."

"That's ridiculous, we're here to teach kids how to become heroes. Not how to get a job at the local supermarket..." Ectoplasm mumbles a bit irritated by the situation.

"And who is this homeroom teacher?" Mignight asks but the principal avoids the question.

"It has yet to be decided." He eludes before clearing his throat. " A new schedule will be given to those of you who participate in the extra classes. Once I have more informations on the kids we will be welcoming, I will give you files about their quirks, personnality, age, crimes... Everything. They will be sent to our school on monday, at the end of classes, next week." The principal finishes explaining before dismissing the teachers. Most of them are so stunned it takes them a few seconds before they actually start leaving.

"Don't forget, they might be kids but they are not just students! They are criminals, so if they do or attempt to do anything bad, as pro heroes you have the right to stop them however you see fit." He says as the teachers gather their stuff to leave the room. Aizawa however is quick on his feet, something tells him he better get the hell out of here because the principal has been eyeing him and that can only mean one thing: extra work.

"Aizawa, I'd like to talk with you for a minute."

Shit, not fast enough. He curses as he watches the other teachers leave the room. They both wait to be alone to speak but Aizawa is faster.

"That's a no." He says immediately.

"But I didn't even..."

"I'm not stupid, you want me to be the homeroom teacher. That's a no." Aizawa repeats, no way in hell.

"Aizawa please, I really think you would be the best suited to guide those kids." The principal explains.

"All Might would do a better job than me, he is the symbol of peace after all." The tired teacher points out.

"I don't think so. All Might is great at teaching heroes and people who share similar beliefs but we're talking about delinquents here. His approach just won't work on them." Nezu says and Aizawa groans. He knows the principal is right, All Might is too rightious, the kids won't be able to relate to him and while they might respect him at first he will soon be lost as to what to do.

"Damn, I better be paid good for this!" He says in frustration but still accepts. He would have to rethink his sleep schedule again with all of this. But at least it was just two hours, three times a week and it was a class of just 10 students instead of 20. However something was telling him they would be just as much work for only half the number. The principal smiled and thanked him, assuring him that he would be there if he needed anything or encountered any problem with the class and didn't know what to do.

Aizawa went straight home after that, he needed to sleep pretty bad.

I won't go on patrols tonight, he thought as he crashed on the bed. He sighs again at the extra work he just got. Being a teacher and having to deal with those brats was already tiring, even though he liked it deep down but would never admit it out loud. However having to take care of a delinquent girl everyday is an entire different fucking story. He signed up to be a teacher and a hero, not a dad for god's sake.

Yes, Aizawa was assigned one of those delinquent kids to take care of. He has just discovered the governement's letter in his mailbox, alongside a sealed file that looked like a police report.

You will find all the info about the teenager you will have to take care of, a picture of them, name, age, past crimes, quirks and more in the present file. He reads out loud with yet another annoyed sigh. It isn't possible, it just isn't. Where the hell can he find the time to take care of this kid, do his job as a teacher, as a night shift pro hero, as the homeroom teacher of class A-0 and fucking SLEEP?!

Aizawa doesn't even open the file, he decides he won't do this. Tomorrow at school he will try to give this file to someone else, maybe Midnight will agree since she wanted to sign up for this shit. Or All Mightwill. Someone will.

All Might walks up to the principal after he has finished his conversation with the teacher.

"Poor Aizawa... Not only do you give him the role of homeroom teacher for the delinquent class but you also assigned him the worse teenage girl." All Might says to the principal, taking pity on his colleague.

"I trust him with her, he knows how to handle the troublemakers. She needs someone like him more than any other kid."

"He'll be pissed if he learns he got assigned someone because of you, principal." All Might points out.

"I trust you not to tell him then."

"Let's hope he doesn't exhaust himself out by overusing his quirk..." The n°1 hero thinks out loud. He wouldn't know how to handle you for sure, you would walk all over him like you would a father who has no authority. Aizawa was going to get a few headaches and more trouble than he bargained for with you in his life, that much was sure.

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"Y/N!" Your homeroom teacher finally finds you in some alcove, you are staring out the huge window at the rain that is falling down outside.

"I'm done." You tell her in a defeated way. "I guess this program didn't really give me a chance, in the end." If he doesn't want you, there is nothing you can do about it.

"What are you saying? This teacher was clearly unhappy about the situation but he probably has his reasons. That doesn't mean he won't help you." She tries to convince you.

"You heard him. Besides I don't want to go with this dude! He doesn't give a shit." You say but you are not angry. It was to be expected, nobody ever gives a shit. You only hoped he would have decency to pretend he does, like everyone else.

"Y/N, please give him another chance... Give yourself another chance. If you don't participate in this you will end up in prison. Because if you choose to try to run, because I know that must have crossed your mind, where will you go? You have no place to stay, no money, no job..."

You cut her off, "Aren't you supposed to encourage me? Geez."

"I am encouraging you to make the right choice, Y/N." She is right. If you ran now to try your chance in the world, you would have to steal and do illegal stuff to get money and food. You would end up in prison in a matter of time and given the things you had previously done, you would stay there a little while. But this program is offering some kind of help and support it is true.

"I don't like this guy." You mumble in a childish way.

"You will have to deal with a lot of people you don't like in life, that's what it means to become an adult." She's lecturing you but it does make sense. 

Rejection is one of the few things that really hurt you, even if it comes from a complete stranger. You don't like this guy but it is true you don't need to like him, you can just use him.

You sigh in defeat, she wins for once. You both walk back to the principal's office, the two men are no longer in the corridor so you figure they went inside. You open the door and walk in, the three men turn their heads towards you, the principal smiles softly.

"Thank you for coming back, Y/N." Nezu says.

You smirk, "I figured at least one of us had to act like an adult." You throw one of your sarcastic answers to Aizawa.

He chuckles, "Heh, that burns." He says scratching the back of his head in an embarassed way. "While it's true I wasn't exactly enchanted by this situation, I'm kind of into this whole program thing after all." He says as if changing his mind would magically make you forgive him.

"Oh really, can I call you dad now?" You joke sarcastically to remind him of his previous words.

He sighs again, "Geez, I'm sorry okay?" He apologizes in a tired voice but it sounds sincere.

"Good, can we go now?" You say impatiently as you pick up your bags. Aizawa glances at the principal and nods to him. You squint your eyes at them, wondering what they might have been talking about before you came back. It must have been about you of course, and he somehow managed to convince Aizawa to take care of you, but how?

"I suppose we can go." He says as he stands up but your homeroom teacher stops him.

"Actually I would like to have a conversation with you before you leave, mister Aizawa. If you don't mind, Y/N..."She says and you understand she wants you to leave them so can they can speak about you behind your back. Irritated, you sigh loudly and roll your eyes before leaving the room, for some reason All Might decides to go with you.

Is he scared you would try to run away?

"I'm not gonna leave you know? So you can stay in there if you want." You tell the n°1 hero. He is even more impressive in person than on TV but he looks less threatening as well. Probably because he is in teacher mode and not in a pro-hero mindset. He is one of the few heroes you actually admire, though you don't really like his flashy attitude All Might does his job as a hero. More than that actually, he doesn't do just what is expected of him but what is needed. There was a time when you would have jumped at the idea of meeting him. But he is the symbol of the society you hate and you can't help but be a bit mad at him as well.

 You end up staring out the window in silence, you don't mind it but clearly the silence makes All Might uncomfortable.

"You know... Aizawa can appear to be a bit gruff but he'll take good care of you." He says confidently as he nods to himself. You hum absentmindedly in response, when an idea suddenly pops in your mind.

"Say All Might?" You call him as you fetch for a poster of him in your bag. It used to decorate your room but you no longer have a room now.


"Could you sign this for me?" You ask as you hand him the piece of paper and a black felt pen excitedly. His eyes widen for a second, then he smiles his usual ultra bright smile to you.

"Why, of course I can!" He says laughing happily, he never expected you to be a fan.

"Here." He says as he hands you the poster back. You thank him and carefully put it back in your bag with a smile on your face.

You think you should be able to sell this at a good price. See? You are already thinking about your future!

All Might sighs next to you snaping you out of your thoughts, "Ah it's raining again..." He says a bit sadly.

"I like the rain." You comment in a neutral way.

"I gotta say, it's really impressive." He says and he sounds like he really is impressed.For a good 30 seconds you don't understand what he means by that until you realize he somehow knows the rain is one of your illusions.

"How did you...?" You ask. You actually took pride in your illusion of the rain, it was one of the few things you had watched so much you knew every details of it. The drops of water on the window gently going down, the pools of water forming in any cavity of the ground, the soft sound of the rain hitting the pavement and plopping on the window... How can he know?

"I noticed it started raining suddenly after you left the principal's office, but when me and Aizawa entered the room it wasn't raining outside of this side of school." He explains you. Actually you could have made it rain all around the school but you had no reasons to do that and it was extra work for nothing.

"Makes sense." He doesn't look like the kind to use his head much but apparently he does. It probably is a requirement to be a hero anyway, to pay attention to details all the time.

"It is a very useful and rare quirk, but not an easy one to use." He comments. 

"I know how to use it correctly, I just didn't want to make rain everywhere. It's a pain..." You explain him to clear things up because you don't like to be underestimated. You both grow silent again but thanksfully it looks like Aizawa is finished with his discussion.

"We're done kid, we can go now." He says in a patronizing tone you don't really like.

"I'm not a kid." You mumble as you follow behind him. Looks like he didn't hear you. Your former teacher doesn't even bother to say goodbye, you are ready to bet she is happy to get rid of you. And who can blame her? You had been nothing short of insufferable but dealing with your family's death was not easy on you, especially since you blame yourself for it. But people don't care about that, they go soft on you for about a year and then they expect you to move on.

Like it's that easy.

You follow Aizawa outside of the building, he suddenly pauses and looks around quizzically. He is actually wondering why it isn't raining anymore. Can the rain really stop this fast? Besides the ground isn't even wet, it looks like it never rained to begin with.

"Hold on. The rain, was it you?" He asks in realization, turning to face you. Yeah, it really was a hero thing to pay attention to details.

"Yeah, it was." You simply answer.

"Why did you make it?" He asks suspiciously. No, it isn't part of one of your evil schemes...

"Just cause I like looking at it." You were angry at the time and needed something to calm your nerves.

"I see, that was a pretty decent rain." He gives you a half compliment as he turns back around.

You smile a bit against your will but thanksfully he can't see it, compliments are your weakness.

"I don't have a car by the way, since I don't live far from the school." He explains as you both go through the school gates and out on the street. That dude looks too tired to drive anyway so you're actually not upset about it. Besides you like walking, alone with good music in your ears that is, not in the company of a pro-hero.

"So uh, do you need anything in particular? I mean, there's a convenience store on the way..." He asks, he seems a bit unsure.

"I have everything I need in my bags." You answer.

"I see, well I still need to buy a few things there." He says. Since he wasn't exactly expecting you to show up today he didn't do any shopping and there isn't much food left at home.

At this point you're wondering if this guy really is a pro hero, he just seems like the type to not like big responsibilities. And what bigger responsibility than to have people's lives depending on you?

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At the convenience store

You notice Aizawa is only buying ready meals. You kind of expected him to be the type to just eat cans and stuff but this is too much for you. You always take great care of what you eat, it is something your parents instilled in you. Especially your father who was great at cooking and really made you enjoy it.

"Do you always eat this shit?" You ask him bluntly.

"Yeah, it's quick and easy. I don't have the time to cook..." He admits. If he wanted to squeeze in some time to sleep during the day he needed to gain time somewhere else. Ready meals became his salvation.

"Did you know homecooked meals contain more nutrients than ready meals?" You go on a rant about how it contains less calories and is actually cheaper than ready meals on top of tasting a hundred times better.

"That's good and all, but doesn't change the fact that I don't have the time for it." He says as he picks up a whole bunch of instant noodles. This is too much... Instant noodles are the worst in your opinion.

"Ok, no. Stop." You tell him as you grab the cart and make it roll back so that he can't drop his stupid instant noodles in it.

"What the hell are you doing?" He asks a bit irritated.

"You are what you eat." You tell him, looking him up and down. "I was wondering why you looked like crap, well now I know!"

"Hey! That's not nice..." Truthfully it isn't his best comeback, Aizawa can do better but he is too tired to put up with your sass at the moment. Besides, he knows you are not entirely wrong.

"Look there's no way in hell I'm eating any of this. I'll cook for the both of us if I have to, consider it a part of my community services if you want but I'm doing it." You tell him, you won't take no for an answer on this.

"Are you sure you can cook for the both of us? You know it will require some organization on your part..." He says making sure you know exactly what you are getting yourself into.

"Yeah, yeah I used to cook for the whole family with my father, trust me I know." You assure him but your voice somewhat cracks at the end of your sentence. Just speaking about your family is hard even if all you did was mentionning them. He doesn't seem to notice the sad expression that quickly passes over your face, or maybe he pretends not to.

Aizawa sighs but doesn't complain, "Fine, if you think you're up to it. What's this week's menu?" He asks you as he starts getting rid of all the junk food he had filled the cart with.

You think about it for a couple of minutes, you need to make two meals everyday and enough for the two of you.

"Hmm, considering the crap you've been eating, I can assume you are not a picky eater, right?" You ask him but it's more of a rethorical sarcastic question and you don't really expect an answer. You immediately start walking in different sections at a fast pace to take the fundamental ingredients, like spices and sauces.

"What a little pest..." Aizawa whispers to himself, but he can't deny he finds your barbs amusing. He was certainly surprised to hear that you could cook, even more so after you offered to do it for the both of you. 

If it turns out you can really cook, it will be a real life saver to him.

Aizawa follows behind you, driving the cart around lazily so much that you wonder if it's not the cart that's driving him. You pick up several different kinds of vegetables and fruits, meat, and some fish, rice and noodles. You will keep it simple this week since you feel too tired to think on all the ingredients, you were caught off guard today but next week you will come more prepared.

"Okay, done!" You exclaim but Aizawa doesn't have your enthusiasm.

"That's quite a lot of things..." He comments not knowing what half of it will be used for and hoping you won't explode the food budget. As if reading his mind you reassure him on the matter:

"I know, but it's less expensive like that and it's all fresh." You say. God, you remind yourself of your mother when you speak like that. She was such a cheapskate 

Aizawa is very surprised to see that the total is actually just slightly more expensive than his usual errands, except there's enough for two people to eat and not just one.

"Next time it will be even cheaper." You explain him as he takes the bags, that most condiments and some of the ingredients that don't need to be fresh only need to be bought once or twice a month. That wasn't something your family taught you but something you picked up as a teenager struggling with money.

Organization is key when it comes to make savings. Maybe you are more of an adult that Aizawa first gave you credit for?

You reach Aizawa's apartment after a bit less than 10 minutes.

"You live in here?" You say a bit surprised as you arrive in front of the building.

"Got a problem with that?" He asks.

"No, it's just... surprisingly common." Heroes are well-paid usually, and now he is a teacher at one of the most famous hero schools. Then again you look at the man beside you. He wears a nearly all black outfit that doesn't stand out in any way, his long hair are unruly and almost hides his upper face. The only thing out of the ordinary about this guy is how his slightly red eyes make him look like he is on crack.

"I like to keep it simple." He explains.

Aizawa's apartment is on the second floor, you take the stairs because there is no elevator in the small three-story apartment building. It looks welcoming and less impersonal than big accomodation buildings. Maybe that's what he likes about it?

He puts one of the bags down to take his keys out and open the door to what is going to be your "home" for the next few months. It still sounds weird to you, you're used to live with strangers but they were always families, parents with children. Here it's just the two of you and he is a pro-hero... It's not like you can sneak out or easily lie to this guy.

You take a look around the place while Aizawa puts the food in the fridge, making weird faces at some of the ingredients you bought. Has he never seen a white cabbage in his life?

The front door leads to the leaving room which also happens to be the kitchen. There is a huge window and a glassdoor that leads to the small balcony, next to it there's a comfortable looking sofa and a small TV. The kitchen is simple but has everything you need to cook even if it all looks brand new. When was the last time this guy cooked something? Does he even live here? The place is well kept, a bit too much for a guy who looks so shambolic in your opinion.



Chapter Text

"Did you move in recently?" You ask a bit curious as to why the place is so neat.

"Hm? No I've been living here for a few years now but I'm not home often." He explains.

"Why is everything so... plain?" You wonder out loud.

"And why do you have to criticize everything? I told you I like it simple." He says but doesn't sound irritated, just uninterested in your opinion.

"It wasn't a critic, just an observation. I kinda like it actually." You say as you get closer to the big window, the view must be awesome from here when it rains. Aizawa notices you looking out the window and smirks.

"If you like big windows, you're gonna like the bedroom." He says before opening a door on the left. The bedroom is almost as big as the living room, the bed in the middle looks like it's almost a kingsize. The window however is the best part of it all. It is the same length as the bed and is positionned on the side of it in such a way that the soft light of the exterior shines on the bed. It's really cool in your opinion.


The whole room gives off a simple yet masculine vibe, it has a bit more personality than the living room and you can tell that's definetly the part of the apartment he spends the most time in.

"It's awesome..." You mumble to yourself as you look at the parc the window has a view on.

Wait a minute... It's his bedroom? He doesn't expect you to sleep in the same bed as him, does he? You are about to call him all sorts of names when he speaks before you can.

"Glad you like it then, it's your bedroom now. Good night, kid." He annouces in an exhausted voice before leaving the room. 

Your bedroom? Good night at 7pm? What the...

You are speechless for a few seconds before you finally snap out of it. You open the door to the living room only to find that Aizawa has disappeared, replaced by some kind of human sized yellow caterpillar on the couch.

"Uh, Aizawa is that you?" You ask him, stifling a laugh. He only grunts in response, hoping you will leave him alone. Just like you thought, he only has one bedroom.

"Look I can take the couch, I don't mind." You tell him but he doesn't repond. "I don't want to impose..." You insist.

"Look kid, I need to sleep." He says popping his head out of his sleeping bag. "How about this: if you cook well you get to keep the bed, okay?" Aizawa offers and you understand he is trying to make you feel less of an inconvinience by asking something out of you in return.

"Fine, but do you always go to sleep at 7pm?" You ask him a bit lost.

"Yeah, I work as a pro hero at night. It's the only time I can get some sleep." He says in a tired voice.

"You work as a pro hero at night and a teacher during the day?!" You repeat surprised. No wonder he looks so dead! "Are you going to work tonight?" You ask him. All of this is actually good news for you, if you ever felt like leaving you could always do it while he was at work at night or when he was taking a nap.

"No, not until I know I can trust you." He says yawning, your shoulders drop in disappointment. It won't be that easy it seems.

"Can I sleep now, or are you still going to harass me with questions?" He asks slightly annoyed.

"Yeah, yeah just one last thing." You say.

He grunts a frustrated "What now?"

"Well, at what time do we get up tomorrow?" You ask him, first because you are supposed to make breakfast so you need to wake up before him and also because from what you understood you will have to go to school with him to assist him.

"Ah right, we leave the place at 8 so just make sure to be ready by then." He says before rezipping his sleeping bag, ending the conversation for good. You sigh, the evening is going to be more boring than you thought.

At least you brought some books with you and it looks like Aizawa owns a few in his bedroom as well. You start unpacking your small bags but you realize the closet is filled with that guy's clothes so you keep yours in your luggage, it's not like you have that many. You take your phone out and set an alarm for tomorrow, thinking 7am is a good time to start cooking, leaving you the time for a quick shower before dressing up and you will be ready to go. You were not into make-up or doing fancy things with your hair, so it was a huge time saver. You go to the bathroom next door, quietly passing by the snoring caterpillar as you do. 

It is pretty average, with a normal sized bathtub and absolutely no beauty products whatsoever. Typical man's bathroom, you think. Well, that's about to change because while you don't like make up, you do believe in the power of skin and hair products and you own quite a few.

An hour later you realize that you are basically starving so you decide to make dinner. But seeing as Aizawa is sleeping right next to the kitchen you can't really cook anything without waking him up. Not wanting to have to deal with his foul mood you decide to make yourself a salad, quick, easy and healthy! Nop, not one of those diet salads but the real nutritional deal with some nuts and berries. You go eat in the bedroom, not caring if it bothers Aizawa because who cares he is sleeping anyway and he did say it was your bedroom, so fuck it!

It's only later that night once you are laying in the bed -reflecting back on your day- that you realize Aizawa has somehow managed to do what all the other families have failed at: making you feel comfortable.


Chapter Text

In the morning.

Your alarm goes off and you fumble to find your phone. You're not that tired because you went to sleep early yesterday having nothing better to do. You get out of bed, put a pair of socks on because the floor is cold and head to the kitchen.

Aizawa is still engulfed in his bag, sleeping soundly. You shrug and start cooking anyways, if you have to leave in an hour he will have to wake up sooner or later.

You start by taking the rice out of the rice cooker - that you put there yesterday night in order to gain some time in the morning- before working on the traditional japanese breakfast that you love which consists of: A miso soup, salad, kobachi (small side dishes usually vegetables) and some grilled fish. It's not a heavy breakfast though, the portions are kept small but it is a complete meal.

You are grilling the fish in the pan when you hear a groan behind you, Aizawa is slowly waking up to the smell of your cooking.

"Smells good in here, is that fish?" He asks still half asleep, you notice his voice is even deeper than usual.

"Yup!" Aizawa unzips his sleeping bag and yawns loudly trying to wake himself up.

"What else are you... making?!" He exclaims turning his head to you before realizing you are standing there in nothing but a crop top and your panties. You are not really the modest type and definetly not ashamed of your body so you don't mind walking around like that. You give him a strange look but still answer his question saying you are making a traditional breakfast.

"New rule kid: don't walk around in your panties, will you?" He says in a commanding tone you don't like.

"Excuse me? What's wrong with my panties?" You ask a bit offended.

"What's wrong with your..." He sighs, "Just put on some short at least."

"I like sleeping in comfortable clothes." You argue.

"I don't care what you sleep in, just don't walk around like that." He explains and you finally understand that your panties might be a sight that distabilizes him. Men were all the same in the end...

"Pervert..." You whisper.

"I am not a pervert. It's common sense, do you see me walking around in boxers?" He asks and you realize he is still wearing the same outfit as yesterday, pants and a long sleeved shirt. How did he not die from heat in his bag?

"What are you saying, you just forgot to change!" You point out.

"Hm maybe, but I still wouldn't walk around half naked because it would make you feel uncomfortable, right? So do the same." He explains and you can't argue with that. It didn't cross your mind that it might make him feel uncomfortable too. Most guys are too happy to have a glimpse of a woman's body to complain about it usually. But yeah, he is a rightious hero and blabla. You don't buy it though.

"I can't change, I have to watch the fish so it doesn't burn." It's not just an excuse, it's also true.

"Gah, whatever. I go take a shower, you better put something on while I'm gone." He warns you but unfortunately for him, you like to tease.

"Or what?" You ask.

"Don't make me make you, kid." He all but threatens you with a glare before closing the bathroom's door and you gotta admit the way he said it sent shivers down your spine. Would he really make you? And if so how would he go about it? You never expected him to be fun to tease but you could actually get reactions from him after a good night of sleep.

10 minutes later the fish is cooked and Aizawa is out of the shower but you are still in the same clothes. An irritated tsk escapes his lips but before he can tell you off you explain yourself.

"Yeah I know, I know. I was about to go change, okay?" You tell him, rolling your eyes as you walk to your room.

"You're not doing anything to earn my trust, you know that?" He berates and you stick out your tongue to him while he has his back turned.

"And don't stick out your tongue to me." He says much to your surprise. He turns to you with a smug smirk on his face. 

"Is that a part of your quirk?" You ask him not really knowing what his quirk is the end. Eraser head... A head that erases what? Is this guy a human rubber? What a shitty quirk that would be. You think.

"No it's not, I'm a high school teacher so I have eyes behind my back." He reminds you. That's right, why were all teachers equipped with a sixth sense? You close the door behind you before getting changed. You were supposed to be the one to get on his nerves, not the other way around.

You are in and out of the room in a flash, Aizawa gives you a surprised face, most girls he knows take ages to get dressed.

"Do you have a rapidity quirk as well?" He jokes.

"No, but I understand others may appear to be faster in comparison to your indolent self." You smartly reply.

"Why are you so annoying right from the morning?" He mocks but you ignore him. You get back to finishing preparing the breakfast, all that is missing is the green tea. You make the water boil while you set the plates on the table as well as the different dishes.

Aizawa looks at it and makes an impressed wistle, it certainly looks good but does it taste good? Finally you put two cups on the table and serve the hot green tea, you both can sit and enjoy now!

Aizawa stares at you, so you stare back.

He squints his eyes at you, "You wouldn't poison me, right?" He asks all of a sudden and you laugh heartily. You don't answer and take a bite instead to show him it's safe. You find it funny he would actually think you capable of trying to hurt him but it's true laxatives could have been a funny idea. 

Though you wouldn't do such a thing, food is sacred to you. Cooking is your way to pay your respects to your deceased father and you would never do something that could make him feel not proud of you.

"I sure underestimated your skills, kid." He praises after taking a few bites. You can't help the smile that creeps on your face, though you do your best to fight it so he doesn't notice it. Damn compliments!


Chapter Text

It takes you a good 20 minutes to walk to the school but you kind of enjoyed it, it always feels good to move after eating.

"Since I don't really have much to make you participate in, I thought you might as well follow my lessons with the class I supervise." Aizawa explains to you on the way. Right, your community services. Since it is a school for pro-heroes and you are not a pro-hero there isn't much you can help him with. So instead of making you an assistant, he decided to integrate you to the class like some exchange student. A lot of the things they teach in this school can be useful to you, at least that's what believes Aizawa. And maybe it can change your point of view on heroes? Who knows.

"Great, more classes..." You curse. You were never a big fan of schools, too many rules. Teachers teach but don't care, they debit information like machines. They take the time to congratulate those who do well but don't bother to explain to those who struggle. You are smart so your good grades were the only things saving you from getting expelled from school. Your behaviour however... 

Why can't you be yourself? Why do they want everyone to be the same? School is just that: a sheep factory.

This U.A high school? A hero factory. The thing is, heroes can't be made, they are born in your opinion. So when you try to make a hero out of someone who wasn't born that way, it makes something like Endeavor.

Aizawa is the homeroom teacher of Class B-1, he quickly introduces you to his students as "the kid from that program thing, Y/N".

You cringe at the word 'kid', you are older than his students for fuck's sake!

"From now on she'll follow most of our classes, with a few exceptions. So treat her as you would a classmate." He says and you wonder what are those 'few exceptions'?

"Welcome, Y/N!" Some of the students greet you enthusiastically, the 'happy idiots' as you like to call this type of people. Some just glare at you, others just give you a friendly smile or nod. You start walking to the back of the class where you hope to sit as far away from the front and from Aizawa as possible. However the teacher stops you right there.

"Y/N, there's a free seat here." Aizawa says pointing at a chair on the front row a bit on the left of his desk. No way in hell.

"There's a free seat here as well." You start arguing as you point at a chair on the last row but Aizawa won't take any of your crap at school and certainly not in front of his students.

He glares at you, "Sit." He simply says and you know right away he means in the seat he pointed to you. You sigh and comply, not wanting to make a scene with so many eyes watching you.

You hate it, it's like everyone's eyes is burning wholes through your back, even though no one is even looking at you anymore. You are just not comfortable being in the front, being in the light. That is one of the few things that made you realize you were not born to be a hero. The medias and stuff... Ugh.

The lesson is about the different ways a hero can neutralize a villain, different capture weapons like Aizawa's scarf apparently. This is a 'what to do and what to avoid doing in this situation' kind of lesson. Since heroes are not allowed to kill villains they need to find a balance between holding back just enough to not kill them but not too much or the villain could escape, the hero could get hurt, or worse: innocent people could get killed.

 It intrigues you a little bit, becoming a hero sounds like fun. You half expected boring history lessons, or maths but this high school really have nothing to do with normal schools.

The morning passes by quickly thanks to the interesting things you learn, you absolutely love learning new things it's always useful.

Apparently the school has already arranged everything for you to eat at the cafeteria but Aizawa doesn't trust you enough to leave you alone there, without someone watching you. So instead of eating in the staff area with the other teachers he comes with you at the cafeteria.

You don't understand why he has so little trust in you, it's not like you gave him any reasons to distrust you so much. Is it a hero's instinct or something? 

So you end up eating together on an empty table, it's not like you want to make friends with anyone so you don't mind his presence. Actually, it's probably better like this in your opinion. If he wasn't here, people from class B-1 would come chat you up out of curiosity and you hate talking about yourself. So you're both sitting and eating silently, occasionally students eye the teacher with a questionning look but rumors go fast and soon everyone understands who you are and the situation you're in.

"What did you think of class?" Aizawa asks you, he seems uninterested by your answer as usual but if he bothered to ask, you could bother to answer.

"It wasn't half bad." You say.

"Coming from you, I'll take it as a compliment." He answers inbetween bites.

"Take it as you want." You shrug, that's just what people do anyway, right? They understand what they want, they remember what they need and they repeat what they like.

"Hello, Y/N." A voice you know all too well rings from behind you. Haze... Just by the sound of his voice you can picture his kind smile that never seems to leave his face. You used to adore that smile... Fucking Haze.

"Do you mind if I sit here?" He asks to the both of you.

"Fuck off." "Who are you?" You glare at Aizawa who in turns gives you a surprised face, you both spoke at the same time but he sure heard what you said. And you were the least polite of the two.

Haze has a smile that reaches his eyes, which are closed as usual. He ignores you and decides to sit before answering Aizawa's question.

"I'm Haze Chikage, I'll be in the care of miss Kayama (Midnight)." He answers politely, explaining he is part of the rehabilitation program too.

"Ah you're the kid Midnight is--"

"I'm done eating." You cut him off before standing up, your tray in hand. Aizawa can see you barely touched your food and looks at you with a suspicious look. However his suspicion turns to worry upon seeing your hardened expression. If he ever thought you looked unfriendly before, right now you look like you are about to murder someone and he already has an idea on who.

"You've barely touched your food." He comments.

"I'm not that hungry." You quickly reply, you wanted to be as far from here as possible. Haze has a gift to get on your nerves and you don't trust yourself to be around him.

"Can you at least wait for me to..."

"I'll be at the teachers lounge." You cut Aizawa off again in a voice that leaves no room for argumentation. He notices that you didn't look at Haze at all the whole time, you don't want to see that fucker's face.

Aizawa is a bit lost as to what to do, a part of him thinks he should follow you just in case but his stomach kind of wants to keep eating as well.

Haze sighs as he watches you leaving in a hurry.

"I take it you know each other?" Aizawa asks hoping to get some clue as to why you reacted that way.

"Indeed, we used to date..." Haze answers much to the teacher's surprise. "She's always had a bad temper, it was one of the reasons why it never worked--" He starts badmouthing you but little does he know you are nearby listening, or does he? Was it to get a reaction out of you? Well it certainly worked.

You empty your glass of water on his head and that at least surpised him much to your satisfaction. His eyes, that are usually always closed as if mocking the entire world, open in shock as the cold water hits his scalp.

"The reason why it could never work, Haze." You start explaining, making a dramatic pause before getting your face closer to his. "Is because you are a snake in every senses of the term." You spat before leaving the two dumbfounded men on their chair and quickly leaving the cafeteria. You can feel everyone's eyes on you but for once you are too mad to care.

"See? Bad temper." Haze smirks making Aizawa frown. Whatever happened between the two of you is going to make his job as a homeroom teacher harder, that much he knows. Haze combs his hair back with his fingers in a calculated gesture, earning him some admirative stares from the ladies.

Aizawa too is staring at him but not for the same reasons obviously, there is something off about this guy that unsettles him. He makes a mental note to talk to Midnight about this guy later.

He quickly gets to his feet to go after you before you get yourself into more trouble, or more likely before you stir more trouble.

However you are nowhere to be found, he lost you.

"Damnit!" Aizawa curses.

"Let me guess: Y/N is giving you trouble?" All Might asks with a friendly tap on Aizawa's shoulder.

He grunts, "Yeah that other student from the reform school showed up at our table. Apparently they used to date and it didn't end well, Y/N left and disappeared before I could catch up to her." Aizawa explains in a tired voice.

"Did you try using your quirk on students?" All Might asks.

"You think she used an illusion to pass as someone else?" Aizawa questions upon realizing that was a possibility.

"She could be right there and we wouldn't know it. That girl pays extreme attention to details..." All Might comments, remembering the rain from yesterday. Aizawa nods thinking it's not such a bad idea, he glares at a few students with his quirk but you don't seem to be anywhere around here.

I'll be at the teachers lounge.

He remembers your words from before you left, could you really be there? He doubts it but it's worth checking out.

Chapter Text

You walk at a fast pace hoping Haze didn't leave the cafeteria to go after you. Eventually you reach the teachers lounge where you said you would wait for Aizawa. You take a big breath, knock on the door and enter the room.

There is only one teacher there since most are still eating, you recognize Midnight.

"Hi, uh I'm Y/N." You say a bit unsure. "I'm supposed to wait here for Ai- Mister Aizawa to finish eating." You explain as politely as you can. She lets you in with a nod.

"Aizawa keeps a close eye on you, huh? Don't mind him, he has trust issues." Midnight says but you are currently a bit mad at her, she's not watching Haze at all.

"You should keep Haze under constant watch." You say ignoring her comment and it definetly sounds like a reproach.

"Oh you know Haze? Did he do something?" She asks a bit worried.

"Except being his usual abnoxious self? Not really." You sigh as you take a seat.

"Abnoxious?" Midnight repeats dumbfounded, the guy had been nothing but charming to her of course. Such an ass-licker!

"He might not look like it but he will do bad stuff if you leave him unsurveyed." You warn her, why isn't she doing her job correctly? You swear, heroes like her...

"For now, he has given me no reasons to be constantly on his back. He can at least eat on his own..."

"No, no he can't!" You yell a bit louder than you intended. The teacher turns to you with wide eyes at your outburst. Midnight is about to comment when the door opens, revealing a slightly disheveled Aizawa.

"You're here." He says clearly surprised that you kept your words.

"Why you sound so surprised?" You ask on the defensive. How come he distrusts you like this and Haze is free to roam around? That fucker's very quirk screams distrust: the guy is a freaking snake!

It's always the same, nobody trusts you because of your illusions, before even trying to get to know you. That's why you decided you could use your quirk to deceive people since they are not going to trust you anyway, you might as well get something out of it.

Aizawa sighs, he can clearly see he better choose his next words carefully. For now he takes the opportunity to have a word with Midnight. That Haze guy is trouble, he can tell.

"Kayama, you should keep a tighter leash on Haze Chikage." He advices her.

"You too?! Why?" She asks and you really want to answer her "Because it's been one day since you know him!" but you manage to control yourself.

"I have a bad feeling about him, just do it please." Aizawa argues and you are happy to see he is on your side for once.

"Uh fine I will." Midnight assures him before leaving the room to go find Haze, leaving the two of you alone.

"Look, I won't ask you what happened between you and Haze..." Aizawa starts.

"Good, cause I wouldn't have answered anyway."

He sighs, "You do realize you two will attend the same classes in a week, right?" He asks.

"As long as he sits as far away from me as possible, I'll bear with his existence." You say in one of your least friendly voices.

Aizawa chuckles, "Geez, I wouldn't want to get on your bad side kid."

"You will be on my bad side if you keep calling me kid. I'm 18 for fuck's sake!" You yell at him a bit.

"Right, I'll stop the day you act your age." He says. Is he sassing you? How dare he?

"And become as boring as you? No way." You answer back.

"You just have to get the last word, huh?" He comments and you shrug. You both are silent for a little while and just as Aizawa is about to give up, you start talking.

"Haze is evil." You tell him in a serious voice, he doesn't cut you off and wait for you to talk more. "He wasn't always like that, but he changed one day. Or maybe he was always that jerk and I was just blind to it?" You question yourself as you speak. Maybe he was just too good at hiding his true self?

"I met a lot of people at the reform school, most were not bad kids. They're just lost... But if there is someone I know cannot be changed, it's Haze." You turn to look at Aizawa. "He is a villain and there's no saving him." You tell him confidently. Aizawa is silent and just looks at you for a few seconds.

"Did he do something to you?" He asks, you used to be his girlfriend after all so he is wondering if he abused you in any way. You get flashbacks of all the things Haze has done in the past that hurt you.

The way he stopped giving a shit about your opinion, always put you down, flirted with other girls in front of you, kissed a girl and made sure you caught him, amongst a number of other things...

Your silence worries Aizawa.

"Y/N?" He calls you back to reality with a surprisingly gentle voice.

"It's all in the past now." You quickly say, pushing your negative emotions away.

"Well, if you ever want to talk about it..."

"I don't." Aizawa nods and adds this subject to his mental 'avoid to mention' list.

"I'll keep an eye on him too, I trust Midnight but the more eyes on him the better." He tells you and you look up at him a bit surprised. Does that mean he trusts your words? Or is he just following his instincts as a hero?

You are too surprised to comment, you thought Aizawa didn't like to get extra work but it seems he takes his job seriously regardless.

"Anyway, it's almost time for class to--" He gets cut off by a loud rumbling sound that comes from your stomach. Your eyes widen and you try not to blush, how embarassing especially after you pretended not be hungry earlier.

"Hm? Is there a storm outside?" Aizawa wonders out loud which makes you blush this time. You fail to pick up on his joke.

"Oh come on, it's my stomach dumbass!" You yell at him to hide your embarassement, it wasn't that loud!

"I know, I was making fun of you." He explains, teasing you for the first time and making you blush even further. "Here!" He says throwing a packaged currypan at you.(It's bread filled with curry.) You somehow manage to catch it and you stare at it like an idiot.

"Nice reflex, kid." Aizawa praises.

"Why do you have a currypan in your pocket?" You ask trying to ignore his compliment.

"'Cause a certain student of mine left without eating anything." He answers much to your surprise. He got this for you? You thought he took it for himself to eat later as a snack.

"Thanks." You tell him avoiding his gaze. It's too rare to hear you say that, so Aizawa decides not to comment on it but he does have a smirk on his face.

As you open the package you realize he musn't have eaten much either because of you. You cut the bread in half and silently hold it out to him, he looks at you with a questionning look.

"You didn't get to eat much either, right?" You ask him and he chuckles slightly but accepts it.

So this girl can be cute when she wants to, huh? He thinks to himself as he looks at your still slightly pink face. He had no idea being nice to you could make you lose your usual composure so easily.

You are not used to people being nice to you or giving you compliments without expecting anything from you in return.


Chapter Text

Aizawa is looking at his mails, he finally received the list of students his class will be composed of.

From: principal Nezu.

📎 Attachments

Here is the list of students with all the info you need on them. I think it would be best to make a seating plan considering not all of them get along very well and some need to be separated. Thanksfully, we can leave that to our competent homeroom teacher: Mr.Aizawa!

Read all the files carefully and if you have any question, feel free to ask.

(Note for Aizawa: don't forget to send the seating plan to the other teachers!)

Student 1:

Name : Zeno

Age: 17

Male with short purple hair and blue eyes.

Quirk : Connect

Details : Zeno is a smart kid and a bit of a loner as well. His little sister was in need of treatment for a leukemia and their family was in dire need of money. That is how he started using his quirk the wrong way to get quick money. He should be able to find himself a good job with his skills but Zeno has zero motivation and interest.

Quirk : Connect. Zeno can mentally connect to the web if he touches a device that can connect to internet, he can control all devices that are on the same network. He can share, post, send and pretty much anything in a matter of seconds. Add to this his intelligence and knowledge in computer science and you get yourself one of the best hacker possible.

Offenses : Hacking, sold secret informations, blackmail.


Student 2:

Name : Kyoko

Age: 17

Female with long blond hair and green eyes

Quirk : Hair expansion

Details : Kyoko is full of herself, her princess like attitude can get on people's nerves but she is actually an insecure young girl who lacks self-confidence. At school she is never without her two sidekicks, Cana and Megumi, it would be best to seperate them in the classroom.

Quirk : hair growth. Kyoko can make her hair expand very long or back to their normal length very quickly. They can extend up to 500 meters (5 inch) are a lot more robust than normal hair and can be used as a shield. She can control every lock of hair but not as accurately as a limb. However expansion makes her scalp hurt.

Offenses : Extorsion, heavy school bullying (mental and physical abuse), intimidation on classmates.


Student 3:

Name : Cana

Age: 17

Female with long brown hair and hazel eyes

Quirk : Switch

Details : Cana is easy to influence, she takes her image/reputation very seriously. Because of the requirements to activate her quirk Cana only discovered she had one when she turned 12 and believed herself to be quirkless until then. She was isolated from the other kids before that and she is scared of ending up alone without any friends again. She is friends with Kyoko and Megumi who are both a bad influence on her. She needs to realize this and stop obeying them.

Quirk : Switch. Cana can switch her body with the person she kisses. The person ends up in Cana's body, while she is inside the other person's body and can use their quirk. The switch has a time limit of 3 minutes before both go back to their own body automatically but she can force the switch to end before that.

Offenses : School bullying, extortion, illegal usage of her quirk.


Student 4:

Name : Megumi

Age: 17

Female with black short hair and brown eyes

Quirk : Rumor

Details : Megumi is a quiet kid who seems to have shut down her emotions for some reason. She likes to use her quirk to create drama and is fascinated by how emotionally sensitive other people are. /!\A clear lack of empathy./!\ Cana seems to be the only person Megumi cares about and has shown a protective behaviour towards.

Quirk : Rumor. If Megumi whispers something in your ear you will immediately believe the information to be true. She can also somewhat influence others to do things by whispering in their ear, whether or not they will do it depends on how strong their mind and will are. Emotionally unstable people are easy to influence.

Offenses : Extortion, school bullying, illegal usage of her quirk.


Student 5:

Name : Haze

Age: 18

Male with short dark green hair and yellow eyes.

Quirk : Snake

Details : Haze is a strange young man, he appears to be nice in the first place but his harsh remarks can take by surprise. He can be quite mean to others, almost cruel with his words. Apparently he was a nice kid before but his behaviour drastically changed one day for reasons unknown and has only gotten worse after his break-up with his ex-girlfriend Y/N, a year ago. /!\Better watch these two and keep them seperated./!\

Quirk : Snake. This mutant type quirk allows him to do most of the things a snake can. Very good hearing, smell and sight (thermal vision). Great agility and speed. He can cover parts of his body with scales that protect him against mild impact and fire. Haze can communicate with and control snakes.

Offenses : Armed robbery, intimidation on classmates, involuntary manslaughter. (When he was 12 years old Haze killed a robber who tried to sexually assault his mother.)


Student 6:

Name : Heisuke

Age: 17

Male with short black hair and red eyes.

Quirk : Kindred

Details : Most of the crimes Heisuke comitted were done by his alter ego : the wolf. Heisuke has troubles controlling his quirk, the reason is probably more psychological and needs to be worked on urgently.

Quirk : Kindred (Heisuke has sheep horns due to mutation, that doesn't really have anything to do with his quirk.) He has an alter ego named the wolf, they are like twin brothers living in the same body but their personnality are almost opposite. Heisuke can call upon the wolf, a ghost like wolf that appears from within his body. He should be able to control it but the wolf doesn't listen to him and more often than not he is the one who ends up being controlled instead.

Offenses : Sexual harassment, attempted sexual assaults, exhibitionism.


(Student 7 is you.)


Students 8 & 9:

Names : Haru & Haku

Age : 16

Males with short orange hair and blue eyes.

Quirk : Symbiosis

Details : Those two boys were adopted by a criminal organization and put to work at a young age in the drug dealing industry. Thanksfully they never became junkies themselves, they were arrested when the organization was dismantled by heroes and placed in a reform school. They just don't know anything outside of that lifestyle.

Quirk: Symbiosis. These twins share a unique quirk that cannot be activated without the other. They can decide to make one mentally, enabling telepathy between them without any distance limitation.

Offenses drug dealing, organised criminal activities.


Name: Nayumi

Age: 16

Female with mid-length white hair and light blue eyes.

Quirk: Growth

DetailsNayumi had a rough childhood, because of past abuse from her cruel mother she is psychologically unstable and sometimes uses her quirk much against her will. She was left in the care of her father after her mother lost custody but her father was a self-proclaimed hero (vigilante) who resulted in illegal activities to catch criminals, he made his daughter use her quirk to his advantage. Nayumi's father is currently in prison for his crimes.

Quirk: Growth. This quirk allows Nayumi to make her body age or rejuvenate, she can look like a child, an adult or an old lady but she cannot change into a baby. Because of childhood trauma, anxiety and stress can make her use unconsciously her quirk, Nayumi will revert back to her younger self when she was 7, age at which her mother abused her.

Offenses: Online scams & identity falsehood, private propriety trespassing, kidnapping accomplice.


So that's class A-0 for you!


Chapter Text

Monday, first lesson for class A-0.

It's 5:25pm and class is about to start for you and the others. Aizawa has documents he needs to take from his desk so he lets you head to the classroom on your own. Since the class is new and temporary they didn't bother to make an actual classroom for A-0 so instead the lessons take place in the A-1 classroom. All students are heading home right now anyway so it's not like it bothers anyone.

You walk down the corridor closer and closer to the room when you notice Haze waiting next to the door, his back leaning on the wall in one of those bad boy's position. He immediately notices you of course and you freeze against your will.

You really don't want to walk any closer but you keep it to yourself and move forward. You two are going to have to attend the same classes and you sort of promised Aizawa you would try to put up with Haze.

You walk to the door, completely ignoring Haze even though his eyes follow you, before you unlock the door with the key Aizawa gave you.

"Oh? He trusts you with that?" Haze comments, you roll your eyes internally. It's just a key, what can you do with this that could be troublesome? Again you ignore him and walk in the room.

"Where's your chaperon?" Haze asks following behind you.

"Where's yours?" You retort, frowning. Why isn't Mignight here? Does she really have better things to do?!

"Last I checked, that tired looking dude was our homeroom teacher." Haze points out. He isn't polite like he would be if anyone else was around, this is the Haze only you and a few unfortunate people know.

You decide not to speak to him further, it's pointless anyway.

"You're distant, Y/N. Don't tell me I make you anxious?" He says in a mocking way that shows it would actually make him happy if you were.

"Anxious? No. It's just the face I make when I try not to throw someone out the window." You answer calmly, much to Haze's surprise.

He laughs amused, "Ah, you changed a bit." He says and he seems to mentally deliberate whether that's a good thing or not, before nodding to himself. "I like it."

You don't have the time to retort because more people enter the class, you recognize Kyoko and her two sidekicks Megumi and Cana. These cows were the main bullies in your highschool back when you still attended class. They picked on everyone they could and even tried to pick on you a few times even though you are almost two years older than them. They soon realized it wasn't a good idea to try to bully you however. You don't play by the rules and they sure regretted it. 

Ever since then Kyoko hates you, in her princess mind you are a rival or some stupid thing of the sort and she feels the need to constantly prove she's better than you. Then again, Kyoko is utterly convinced that she is better than everyone.

Cana is just a sheep who follows behind her, too happy to be friend with someone as "cool" as her. As for Megumi, god only knows what that girl thinks, she is kind of a sociopath in your opinion.

Great, this class is getting better and better.

"Ugh, Y/N..." She says and it almost sounds like she vomited your name. Suddenly her expression changes upon noticing Haze.

"Kya~ Haze is here!" She shouts to her friends. Kyoko always had a crush on him, another reason why she hates you, his ex-girlfriend. She gets closer to him and chat him up about random things, Haze simply smiles but you can tell his is utterly uninterested. He is used to girls attention but just because you're here he bothers to answer back to her and pretend to be interested in what she says.

That's why you hate this guy, he always does everything he can to anger you or make you feel jealous even back when you were still together.

The previous version of Haze was so kind hearted and easily flustered, it is really hard for you to accept that they are the same person. No matter how much he suffered in his life you find it hard to believe someone can so drastically change. For a time you stayed with him hoping the Haze you fell in love with could still be brought back to the surface, maybe this snake was just a mask he wore to hide his scars. But it turned out that it was the other way around: the kind-hearted Haze had been a mask all along and the snake his true face.

A guy you don't know walks in the room, you remember seeing him at the reform school a few times but that's all. He is wearing a headset around his neck that is blasting some rock song, the guy just walks without looking at any of you and proceeds to sit in one of the farthest seats in a corner of the room.

"Oh, another handsome guy." Cana comments.

"And a mysterious one at that." Kyoko adds as she eyes him.

You decide to mimick the guy and go sit at a desk but as you are walking to the back of the class you can already tell Aizawa will change your seat. So instead you just drop on a nearby chair, he probably has a seat plan so it doesn't matter. 

The rest of the class shows up a few minutes later, two identical twins you only saw at the reform school and an innocent looking girl with short hair. Heisuke is there too, a guy with sheep horns who was known at school for being a closet pervert but blamed it on his quirk.

The class is a bit noisy, everyone is either happily chatting with the students they know or sitting alone and waiting, like you.

You take a look at everyone, you know what some of them did and their personnality. You can't help but wonder if Aizawa will be okay as a teacher... Handling you alone seemed to already drain him of all his energy and you were playing it nice so far.

Just as you are thinking about him you see the guy approching the door with a bunch of paper in hand. He enters, puts the pile of paper down on his desk and sits on the edge before staring at everyone with a tired expression.

Kyoko who was standing up decided to pretend to be model student and took a seat but her friends, the twins and Haze remained unbothered by the teacher's presence and kept chatting in the middle of the room.

"Sit down you idiots!" Kyoko berates them hoping to earn some points with the teacher but Aizawa shakes his head.

"Actually no, stand up everyone!" He says in a commanding yet somehow still tired voice. "Sorry to shatter your dreams but I'm gonna have to place y'all." He explains. Some students let out irritated sighs and grunts at the mention of a seat plan.

Since you are only 10 and this classroom was made for at least 25 students, Aizawa places everyone in such a way that there is an empty desk next and behind every student, isolating them all. Once everyone is sitting Aizawa finally introduces himself and writes his name on the board.

"Aren't you Eraser head though?" The guy named Zeno asks.

"This is school, so you'll refer to me as Mister Aizawa. Also, raise your hand if you want to speak." He states in his usual calm voice. Kyoko immediately raises her hand enthusiastically.

"Yes, Kyoko?"

"Nothing, I just wanted to hear you say my name~" She giggles, soon mimicked by Cana. However Aizawa magestically ignores her and resumes his lesson.

"My lessons have nothing to do with teaching you a discipline, I'm here to get to know you and help you find who and what you want to be in the future." He explains as he gives sheets out to the students.

"I will be updated on your progress in that matter by the other teachers as well as the pro-heroes in charge of you, so you better get to work." He says, by now you are used to his commanding tone but you just know it won't sit well with the others.

"Or what? You'll arrest us if we don't do our homeworks?" Haze chuckles which seems to make the whole class react on the matter.

"...never cared about school I don't intend to start now." You hear one of the twins say through the hubbub.

"This lesson is useless..." Zeno mumbles in disappointment, clearly he expected more of a school that trains new heroes.

Aizawa sighs and slams the palm of his hand on the desk loudly to get everyone's attention:

"I feel the need to make one thing clear: this is not your average school and I am not just a teacher. Know that there are no grades for this class, so if you want to play around and not listen, it's really up to you. For those of you who want to grow up and get a chance at life, I'm right here. Also..." Aizawa pauses and glares at everyone, his voice also changes to a more serious tone, "Anyone who wants to play villain in my class will be treated as such, do I make myself clear?" He threatens somewhat looking in Haze's direction with more insistence. The student glares back but keeps his mouth shut and the class falls back in silence.

You never expected to see Aizawa get mad but this was the most impressive display of authority he has done in front of you so far. His other class, the B-1 is far from being as troublesome as this one promises to be.

Aizawa sits back on the edge of his desk casually:

"There are personal questions on the sheets I've given you, your answers will remain strictly between you and me. So please answer them truthfully so I can help you accordingly." He explains. You take a quick look at the paper, it asks for basic info like your hobbies, your dream job but the further you read the deeper the questions get. Would you say that you control your quirk? Have you hurt anyone against your will using it? What is the worst thing that you have done in your opinion? Do you feel guilty about it?

There is a total of 120 questions, a full questionnary! You remember seeing Aizawa working on something on his computer this week-end, so that's what he had been doing.

Kyoko raises her hand yet again and Aizawa nods for her to speak.

"I don't have a pen..." She says.

"Who the hell comes to school without something as basic as a pen?" You say to yourself annoyed and a bit too loudly.

"No one asked you!" Kyoko glares at you with her superior air.

"Kyoko, you should remember to bring your material to class." He reprimands her much to your contentment and you smirk at her just to irk her a little bit more. "And Y/N you can keep your snarky remarks to yourself." Aizawa tells you off as well and you stick your tongue out to him as soon as he turns his head, perfectly aware that he will notice it like last time. He doesn't rise to it however and simply smirks to himself in amusement.

Surprisingly the class is calm, it seems everyone is focused on their thoughts. Having to reflect on yourself and your past usually doesn't put people in a chatty mood. Besides you are far from each other so it would require more than a whisper to get someone's attention, which would immediately alert Aizawa.

You don't mind it though because there isn't anyone you want to talk to in this classroom. Those you already know hate you or you hate them, and you are not interested in getting to know the others.

You spend almost an hour answering the questions on the paper, some of them are hard to answer for you such as: what's your dream job? You do have a dream job, but it is just that: a dream. So what's the point? You rather write that you have none, besides you don't want Aizawa to be laughing at you later once you are home. It's a silly dream... or is it?

What made you abandon that dream in the first place? Your parents death? Haze? Yourself? Probably a bit of everything and now you are 18 and you feel like it's too late.

But for a second you dare imagine it isn't. Still you don't write it, almost like the idea of it being possible is too scary.

What do you think of your quirk?

You never really thought about it before, you got your quirk at a very early age so you can't remember how life was before you got it. You love your quirk, you really do but sometimes you wonder how life would be with a different one. Who would you be now? Would you still be you, a delinquent in a class of unruly students? But you don't dwell on these kinds of thoughts for long, as your mom used to say: if wishes were horses, beggars would ride. Though she would usually say that to justify her cheapskate attitude...

In the end, everyone leaves the classroom with a headache, maths problems were less of a hassle in comparison. You really wonder what Aizawa will do of all these informations when a mischievous thought crosses your mind: those papers are going to end up in Aizawa's home... where you could get your hands on. You don't want to invade everyone's privacy, you are interested in one file only: Haze Chikage's.

You are curious to get an insight into that guy's head, that is if by some miracle he answered any of the questions honestly which you highly doubt he did. Still, it's worth a shot.

All the students have left now and there's just you and Aizawa in the classroom. You are starting to think he isn't such a bad teacher after all, he is really trying to get to know everyone which is in your opinion the only way he can truly help anyone.

You were all used to patronizing teachers from the reform school, looking down on you like you made the choice to become delinquents. Or worse, treating you like it was just a teenagehood phase that would pass.

They never bothered to get to know any of you, your personalities, your lives, your pasts... So many things that explain why and how all of you ended up here in the first place. It's like trying to help a foreigner without speaking their language. How are you supposed to understand what they need?


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"Ready to go?" Aizawa asks once he has finished stuffing all his things in his worn out bag. You nod and you both head towards the exit but just as you are about to step outside rain drops start to fall.

Aizawa gives you a side glance, "I swear, that's not me." You assure him. No, you were just unlucky it decided to rain at this exact moment.

"Damn, I don't have an umbrella..." Aizawa curses, meaning you are going to have to walk all the way under the rain. Well, you don't really mind it, not only do you like looking at the rain but you also kind of enjoy walking through it. Sometimes the rain matches your mood and right now you were not in the best of moods. This whole dream job thing still lingering in your mind, what if you had fucked up your life?

You step into the rain without hesitation, immediately you feel a few drops of water on your face. A cooling sensation that soothes your soul and seems to wash your problems away. Ah you love the rain.

Aizawa on the other hand is grumbling incoherent things behind you, clearly upset about the weather.

You are both quietly walking down the street when you notice a small cardboard box on the pavement, curious you get closer to it to look at what might be inside.You immediately regret it: it's a kitten.

You love animals, they are faithful companions, friends for life and you really hate to see any of them in pain. So when you notice this kitten, barely weaned and shivering under the cold rain... your heart breaks.

Aizawa is standing next to you, probably wondering what you are looking at.

He sighs, "People need to learn to neuter their cats..." He says a bit irritated. If only people did it they wouldn't have to abandon kittens like this to a certain death. But at least they were given a chance, unlike those heartless people who straightout killed the unwanted kittens to 'put an end to their misery'. You can't understand how can someone be this cruel, especially to such an innocent, cute looking thing.

Aizawa starts walking again, "Let's go, we can't take care of it." He says without a second glance to the small animal. At the moment you think he is heartless  but actually he doesn't take a look because he knows he might change his mind if he does.

"We can't just leave it here!" You tell him in disbelief. Aizawa sighs and slowly turns back to you, he expected that reaction from you. However you can see in his eyes that he is determined and will not change his mind easily.

"Do you even know how to take care of a cat? Even if I agreed to bring it to my apartment and buy it some food, a cat is a long term thing. Leave it here for someone who has a better situation." He says to you, it's a bit harsh but his words are true. It's not your apartment, you have almost no money and you have no job. Still his words sound like a lame excuse...

You can't help but think: what if no one takes it? What if it dies here alone in the cold? What if a bad person hurts it?

Aizawa starts walking away again, breaking your train of thought.

"Wait! I'll just cuddle him a little, he must be cold." You say after realizing the kitten is a male. You didn't like to address animals as "it". Aizawa will never change his mind, he is a hero but he doesn't like to help others. He didn't want to help you, he doesn't want to help a cat either... Is that why he became a teacher instead? You wonder.

You caress him a little in your arms before taking your jacket off despite the cold and the rain, you wrap it around the small animal. Aizawa watches you silently, the whole scene bringing him back to his own past several years ago:

A time when he was far from being himself, when Eraser head was but a dream. A dream he had no idea could be fulfilled. Aizawa constantly doubted himself, his skills, his quirk... his everything. Unlike most students of U.A he was accepted in the school by recommandation thanks to his quirk and felt like he didn't really belong there. Funny enough, one morning he was on his way to school when he stumbled upon a box with a small kitten in it, just like you did today.

It was a rainy day too, he recalled. Aizawa had no self-confidence and thought it would be for the best to leave the cat behind if taking it meant not caring for it properly.

What kind of hero can't even save a kitten? For a while he did feel guilty and worthless after this. He left his umbrella behind to shield the cat from the rain, he knew it wouldn't do much to help it but the gesture eased his conscience a little.

He walked to school and arrived in class soaking wet. A few minutes later one of his classmates arrived, Aizawa's umbrella in one hand and the kitten in the other. He later learnt that student's name was Shirakumo with whom he then became friends alongside Hizashi (present Mic) and Nemuri (Midnight). Shirakumo actually had no idea how to take care of a kitten... but he took it upon himself to at least learn and try. He inspired Aizawa in so many ways... and still does even though he is gone.

Now that Aizawa is an adult, his reasons for not wanting to adopt the cat are different. His isn't home often, works a lot and could very well be killed by a villain some night. He can't give it the love, care and time it needs to be happy. An animal is not something you take on a whim.

You slowly put the kitten back in the box and he gives you a sad look as if he knows you are going to leave. You turn your gaze to Aizawa, silently pleading for him to change his mind but he shakes his head.

"Don't let your emotions get to you, it's for the best." He says. You furrow your brows and pretend to be upset about it during the whole way back. You don't look at him, you sigh heavily and shuffle your feet. You are really upset about him not wanting to take the cat so it's not hard to pretend. But in truth the real kitten is hidden in your bag... As if you would abandon an animal like this! Now you just need to make sure Aizawa doesn't notice until tomorrow, then you will bring it to school and try to find him a good owner there.

As soon as you enter the apartment you stomp to your bedroom and slam the door shut still pretending to be mad over Aizawa's decision. You hear him sigh but he doesn't make any attempts to talk to you which is good for you.

As soon as you hear that Aizawa is watching TV you slowly open your bag to let the kitten free. You have never had a cat before but you know the basics of how to take care of one. He needs food first so you have to get your hands on some milk without raising suspicion. You also need to make a place for him where he can do his business, journals would be perfect but in this day and age nearly no one still bought them. You know Aizawa has none, he uses the TV and his computer to keep himself updated on villain activities. Toilet paper? Too thin. Paper towels then.

Thanksfully you don't have to make dinner tonight because you made enough last night for the next day, so Aizawa can just heat the leftovers. Though he probably won't eat without you, it kind of became a habit to eat together over the past week. He no longer goes to sleep at 7pm now since he stopped his hero activities because of you. Surely he will have to get back to work one day whether he trusts you or not, it is a matter of time.

The kitten seems a bit intimidated by the new environment so you let him explore it at his own pace.

As to not raise suspicion you go eat dinner with Aizawa, you are both silent and the atmosphere is clearly tensed. You focus on eating as fast as you can to get back to your furry guest. Aizawa doesn't bring up the cat subject probably aware that it would only cause an argument.

You take a glass of milk and cookies that you wrap in more paper towels than necessary, of course you pretend it is for dessert. Aizawa tells you to be careful not to drop any milk on the bed and you roll your eyes at his dad like advices.

Mission n°1 complete, you close the door behind you and let out the breath you were holding. You tilt the glass so that the kitten can lap the milk, once his meal is finished you spread the paper towels on the floor on the left side of the bed. This way, if for some reason Aizawa comes in, he won't be able to see them.

You then try to make the kitten understand what the area is for by placing him on the towels. He sniffs the paper and gives you a look of confusion, you can only hope he understood...

You play with the cat for some time and you start wondering if you should name him. In the end you decide against it, people name things that are important to them. This cat cannot become important to you since you can't keep it. It is best to stay emotionally detached since you will give it to someone else. You can't take care of it, on that matter Aizawa is right. But not being able to care for it, doesn't mean in your mind that you can't save it.


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After a few hours the kitten becomes bolder and more adventurous. While you are reading a book and not really paying attention to him, he starts climbing on a shelf.

However he passes close to a dangerously unbalanced pile of books and you just know you will never be fast enough to prevent it from falling.

The books hit the ground in a loud racket and just as you think that it probably woke Aizawa up you hear steps getting closer to your room. He must think your hurt yourself or that someone intruded the apartment because his steps are rather quick.

You are not breathing anymore, frozen in the middle of the room as if a car is about to hit you. You need to think of something fast! And as you see the door of your room flung open, there's only one idea that come to your mind...

"Wha--" Aizawa's eyes are wide but he quickly turns them away from your half naked body. He is standing there in the doorway, confused and embarrassed.

"What the hell?! Knock before coming in!" You yell at him outraged. In that moment of panick, you thought the only way Aizawa wouldn't notice the cat was by making sure he couldn't look at all. So you used an illusion on yourself to make it look as though you are in the middle of getting changed.

Sure you are embarrassed that you just flashed you breasts at Aizawa but the plan worked like a charm!

"I'm sorry! I thought someone got inside your room or something..." Aizawa apologizes at least five times and acts kinda out of character which you find oddly cute. Even though he is facing the other way you see his ears are red, betraying how embarrassed the whole situation makes him.

You remember your first morning here when Aizawa got thrown off by your panties, could it be his weakness? Everybody has one.

"It's not uncommon for villains to want to try to take their revenge on heroes, even if we do our best to hide our identities sometimes they still find us." Aizawa is still trying to explain himself, saying stuff like he was scared someone got in his bedroom expecting to find him, but found you instead.

"It's fine, just remember to knock next-- Meow!"


"Did you just meow?" Aizawa asks confused.

"It's... my phone's notification sound." You give the lamest lie you can think of and cringe. No way he'll buy that...

"Y/N... Did you sneak that kitten into my apartment?" Aizawa accuses.

"No? Kinda..." You admit knowing that at this point nothing you can say will get you out of this situation.

"Dammit, Y/N..." Aizawa sighs irritated.

" I couldn't just leave it there!" You start arguing.

"What part of 'we can't take care of it' do you not understand?" He sighs.

"The negative I think." You mumble in a childish way.

"Obviously! So what were you planning to do, huh? You hide it from me and then what? You lock it in the bedroom on its own while we're at school?" He asks you, clearly angry this time and taking you for an idiot apparently.

You sigh and calm yourself down there's no point in getting angry, right now you need to convince him.

"You can turn around by the way, I don't want to argue with your back." You tell him. Aizawa seems to hesitate, wondering if you would be mischievous enough to lie just to put him in another embarassing situation. He slowly turns around and seems relieved to see that you somehow put some clothes on while he was talking to you.

"I see, so that was an illusion too." He realizes.

"Maybe but my actual breasts look the same..." You explain him in the hope of distabilizing him.

"I don't want to know!" He rises his voice but this time out of embarrassment and not anger.

"Look, I'll knock on the door from now on, so let's get back to the main topic... You can't force someone to adopt an animal just cause 'you couldn't leave it behind'." He says pointing at the innocent furball on the bed who seems oblivious to the argument he caused.

"I don't want you to adopt it! You said we can't take care of it but that doesn't mean I can't save it." You explain.

"...What?" Aizawa asks confused. He thought you acted on a whim but you actually have a plan in mind.

"I just wanted to give him a safe and warm place to stay for tonight. I was planning on trying to give it to someone at school tomorrow."

Aizawa seems to have calmed down after hearing this, but he is not done questionning you

"Who? Do you have someone in mind? Students are not reliable--" He starts going on a rant so you stop him.

"I was planning on asking the teachers first and if no one wants him I'll ask some of the students BUT I won't give them the cat until I know their parents agreed." You explain him.

"So you were going to sneak a cat into the school?" He accuses and you roll your eyes in annoyance.

"YES, question my methods if you want but I can't stand idly by when someone needs help. Even if it's just a cat." You tell him. You know how it feels like not to be able to save someone, you lived it after all.

Never again. If you can save someone, anyone, you will even if that means not going by the book. Usually people are quick to judge you with your delinquent reputation, they think you are just trying to stir problems for fun but behind every actions you take, there is a good reason.

And Aizawa is just beginning to realize that.

"So can we keep it for a couple days?" You ask much like a child asking a favor to their parents.

Aizawa sighs in defeat, "It's not like I could kick out such a cute thing." He says with a disgruntled face. Maybe cute things are his weakness then? Or just cats...

Aizawa starts asking you all sorts of questions like: Did you feed it? It needs a place to do his business blabla... So you show him the glass of milk and the paper towels proudly.

"I suppose it will do for now, but you're the one who's gonna clean that." He says still in a bad mood for having lost that battle. You won't give him the satisfaction to appear any less happy than you are and simply agree with a big smile on your face.

"Don't get attached to it." He warns you but you already made sure you wouldn't.

"That's my line, mister catlover." You tell him with a bit of a teasing smile. It's obvious he likes animals even if he tries his best to hide it. 

"I am not a..! Fine, I do like cats. So we better get rid of it quickly." He says, displeased. Aizawa does have a heart after all and you can't help the warmth you feel in your chest.

Just as Aizawa is about to leave the room he stops at the door, hesitating on his next words before talking to you without turning to face you.

"Sorry again for barging in like this and... you know." He says clearing his throat before leaving and closing the door behind him. No guy ever apologized to you for something like that, maybe you only knew jerks but a pleasant feeling caught your heart. Aizawa may treat you like a child but it is clear he sees you as woman or he wouldn't react that way. Maybe he keeps a safe distance from you, like he does with the cat, because he is scared of what may happen if he gets attached?