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Please Exhume the Interruption

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༶ °○ .˚。⋆ ⋆。˚. °

In a world filled with heroes who made sure to make an appearance constantly to instill a sense of peace, such as the amazing Symbol of Peace himself, most citizens were at ease. There wasn't much need to worry when there was always someone around in a single shout's distance in case of an emergency.

So no one was too worried about the almost passable, little green haired boy in an All Might jacket two sizes too big walking alone along the sidewalk of the shopping district in Musutafu City. Sure, it was concerning that he was alone, and a small few of the passerbys turned their heads back to look at the freckled child for a brief sparing glance. Where could his parents be? Did they know that their boy, obviously just barely old enough to start developing his Quirk, was out of the house and walking down a busy sidewalk? 

But surely such a happy child would be alright with all of the heroes patrolling. Most people didn't even spare a second thought to this rather generic looking child, even though his almost shining green eyes were filled with joy. He was confident in his walking and was even singing, oddly enough, a song mostly in English of all things. He switched from talking his thoughts out loud in Japanese in between verses and back to singing in the foreign language with relative ease for anyone at any age, especially for a 4 year old! No, no one thought much about him walking along, nor much about how he seemed to be babbling to some unseen entity. After all, it was normal for a boy that age to have an imaginary friend or two.

The boy walked into a market, now humming the tune of the song. He had a slight skip to his step in beat with the carefree tune, but suddenly stopped by the produce. He looked up at a peculiar angle, tilting his head in a confused manner, before realizing something, a small "oh!" leaving his lips as he pranced back over to where the baskets were. The basket was about the same size as the boy's torso, but the adorable bean could care less, happily carrying the basket with a determined look, his tongue poking out to the side. The boy's hands didn't even poke through the sleeves of the bold colored jacket, making the child look even smaller. 

As the boy walked along, mumbling a grocery list to no one in particular, genuinely just to himself, a rumble came from outside. The ground itself seemed to shudder at the almost tangible tension that rose. The shoppers all started to become wary, fear blooming inside of them, all except the small child, still prattling on to himself. 

Just then, the front door of the supermarket became practically non existent in a single, chaotic blast. It wasn't caused by an explosion, but rather the force of a single impact of a monsterous fiend. An ugly sneer was plastered on the villain's stone like face, riddled with indents that was reminiscent of scarring. "Alright, listen up!!" The grizzled man shouted in a deep voice, "I'll say this once and one time only!! I want all you useless flesh bags to drop to the ground and give up your bags… and…"

He slowly began to break off his tirade of demands, his jaw hanging a bit loose from utter confusion… he watched the little boy, who was clearly a total weakling even for his age, pay him no attention and continue shopping as if he wasn't at risk of getting hurt or possibly dying . Things only became more unnerving to the villain when the child began to speak, but to who, he had no idea.

The boy looked up to the side again, puppy like curiosity emanating from him, "Hm? Oh! I know what kind it is!" The boy beamed, before scrutinizing the villain's appearance, "It's a… a mutation Quirk! Causes the man to look like a sort of stone monster-? A gargoyle?" The small child had stopped walking, pausing to listen to the absent entity, before nodding, "Oh! Yeah, he does look like a gargoyle, then! Still isn't cool like All Might though." He noted in an almost nonchalant tone, before going back to picking out items for the basket. 

The stone villain, currently disturbed by the child's one sided conversation, was also taken aback by how this insignificant toddler wasn't fazed by his presence in the slightest. This enraged him so much, he stomped past all of the cashier lines and people cowering in the aisles. With one side swing of his arm, he easily knocked the fruit stand to his right, making an excessively loud crash and pointless mess of the apples and pears that hadn't done anything to deserve such abuse. At least it got the child's attention, who hummed out of curiosity when he looked over his shoulder, but the villain still bellowed, "Hey, you little shit, how about you pay some respect for those superior to you-!?"

"I wouldn't come any closer if I were you… you're making Mucchan angry." The boy had genuine concern in his green eyes, as if he pitied the villain. 

That, plus the absence of any fear in the boy's face… it pissed the villain off. He snarled, lunging for the child, "Stupid little bast-"

He never got to finish his insult. 

The only thing the other patrons witnessed was the stone villain suddenly getting launched into and through the wall, the bricks crumbling around him, but one thing was obvious: he was out cold before he made impact. Later, it would be discovered that not even the camera footage would be able to show what happened. No one paid any attention to the small boy, nor how the bagged loaf of bread floated down and into the basket, before the boy continued on to the next aisle over.

༶ °○ .˚。⋆ ⋆。˚. °

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ꊞ⋆ ༶ °○.˚。⋆ ✮ ⋆。˚.○° ༶ ⋆ꊞ

"Mucchan! I won't be late to school, promise! I just want to see the supervillain and heroes for my notes!" Izuku Midoriya, now in his final year of middle school, pleaded to his older sister, who simultaneously was his best (and only) friend… well, it'd be just as accurate to call Murasaki his second mom. He knew she had to put up with his hero obsessed antics over the years, but he just couldn't help but beg every time to go watch the fights.

Murasaki, meanwhile, had an iron grip on the green haired idiot's wrist. She had had it up to her neck with him in just this one week. She snapped at him without even turning to look at him, but he felt her glowering glare nonetheless, "No, not again, Deku. You did this yesterday, and the day before… you almost got hit in the head by ballistic concrete, almost got your bag caught on fire, could have gotten crushed by that collapsing building… if it weren't for me covering you every freaking time, you would have been a hurt bystander! You get enough shit from Katsuki already! Those burns are hard enough to heal…"

"Mucchan… you overreact every time." Midoriya deadpanned and went over those few points she mentioned, "That piece of concrete was smaller than a rock and at most would break some skin, that small flame wouldn't have made enough impact to actually catch my bag on fire, let alone heat it up, and that building was collapsing in the opposite direction. If anything, I would have been covered in dust-"

"You were late to class each time."

"I-" Izuku blanked a bit, choking out a small, "Touché…" He huffed and mumbled a defiant rebuttal, "But I filled out a lot of pages with notes… and I know you love the action too~"

Murasaki clenched her sharp teeth at Izuku's obvious sing-song toned taunt. He knew her too well… trembling with agitation and obvious struggle with her own temptation to go see the fight, she growled to herself, "It's a trap, it's a trap, it's a trap…"

Izuku, smiling with a smug, half-lidded look, knowing exactly how to mess with his sister, leaned in to quietly coax her further, "I heard Kamui Woods is in the area…" 

"… fuck it, let's go." 

Izuku rolled his eyes at her language (clearly picked up from years being around Kacchan and Mitsuki), and chuckled quietly to himself as Mucchan released and followed closely after him to the villain fight. She might have seemed attracted to the rookie hero, but really she was just like Izuku: a total nerd when it came to heroes, to the point they both might as well've been blood related anyways! (Well… that is, if Mucchan even had blood in the first place.) Both of the siblings were excited to possibly see the rookie in action! No, the only hero Mucchan had somewhat of a crush on was All Might, but only somewhat, not that he would have teased her for it either way. Lots of women went way overboard, so Mucchan was fine.

… though he'd be lying if he said he didn't enjoy teasing her for other things. Hey, they were siblings! They loved tormenting each other on the stupid stuff.

Mucchan hovered, both figuratively and literally, behind Izuku, keeping perfect pace with the eager green haired teen. Without being asked, she began to ascend higher over the buildings, just to come back down, informing him, "Deku, take a right, right here. There's an alley pathway that'll cut off a good 10 minutes from arrival time, plus you won't have to wait for that busy intersection." 

"Okay! Thanks for the heads up-" Izuku couldn't help but giggle when Murasaki knocked his head for the pun he'd use every time she did that. 

The two just managed to make it when Kamui Woods arrived on scene. Mucchan griped out loud, growling, "Ugh! These idiots! Why do they keep clustering so tightly!? They keep walking right through me-!"

"Mucchan, look! There he goes!" Izuku cut his sister off, pointing up when the wood themed rookie hero sprung up into action, leaping over the huge villain- both he and his sister both cringed when a group of squealing girls came up out of seemingly nowhere, screeching that they were Kamui's biggest fans. The green haired boy wasn't even remotely surprised at Murasaki's cold reaction towards them, or the fact that said sister went and sent chills up the girls' spines on purpose by phasing her tail through them in a gradual sweep. Izuku groaned, a soft, "Mucchan… don't do that…" muttered under his breath.

Murasaki merely chuckled quietly, admittingly a bit maniacally to be fair. 

Both of the siblings now focused on the action being demonstrated in front of them, however. They lit up in almost perfect unison, both sounding out the name of the rookie hero's special attack, "The Preemptive Binding Lacquer Chain Prison-!?!?" The entire crowd seemed to be in sync with the two, when the newest rookie hero, Mt. Lady, made her… less than appropriate debut. 

Izuku made a slight sound of distress when Murasaki covered his eyes, but he sighed in good nature. "Mucchan… you don't have to try and preserve my innocence or whatever." He shrugged her off with a chuckle, shaking his head as he grabbed his most recent notebook, jotting down some quick notes on the Gigantification hero. "I live with you." He casually referenced her normal lack of clothing, not that her nudity made much of a visual difference. She too looked like she was wearing a skin tight bodysuit.

Murasaki huffed, rolling her eyes as she lovingly griped, "Lay off, asshole." She crossed her arms as she glared at the hero who was currently shrinking down. "I was shielding you from seeing the sex-icon wannabe." 

This got a snort out of the green haired boy, nearly dropping his pencil from having to stifle his laughter and not look more like a weirdo than usual. Luckily, nobody had taken any notice to him talking to "no one". He raised his eyebrows, tilting his head to the side slightly as he made a sound of affirmation, "Well… you're not wrong with that observation… but give her a break, Mucchan. She's still a hero, even if a bit self centered. Having a following helps pay the bills, after all." He jabbed a thumb behind him, not even having to look to know he was pointing out the surplus of camera men taking shots. The camera shutters' snapping was more than enough to tell him where to point. Satisfied with the few on sight notes he got down, he nodded his head once before putting his notebook back into his oversized, yellow backpack. "Okay! I'm all set! And look, we'll be on time!" 

His coy smile made Murasaki want to throttle him, but she refrained, merely growling with a forced smile, her pearly white fangs poking out from her lips, "Alright, ya cheeky bastard… knock it off and hurry your ass up then." 

For a brief moment, Izuku's true smugness shined through his expression, a knowing sneer with a glint in his eye. But he quickly swapped it out for a cutesy grin as he bubbled, "Hai, Oneechan!" in a sing-song tone… clearly wanting to mess with her (which he always succeeded in doing). He couldn't help but take advantage over her weakness for cuteness, even though he knew that they both could feel his underlying smugness.

ꊞ⋆ ༶ °○.˚。⋆ ✮ ⋆。˚.○° ༶ ⋆ꊞ

Murasaki had shrunken down to her almost feline form, her draconic wings tucked closely to her fuzzy sides. In her more humanoid ghastral form, when she hid her wings, they were completely gone (and partially useless in most cases, since she could just, you know… float… being ghost-like and all… but they did make for great bludgeoning weapons, like her tail). The tiny dragonlet form she took when in Izuku's classroom was perfect for when she wanted to just lay down and still be close to him… 'cause Lord knew Izuku needed the bit of support she could offer, even if she couldn't really do anything to deter the negativity directed at her little brother…

Not to say that she couldn't , just that Izuku didn't want her hurting anyone, let alone reveal herself. Izuku was Quirkless. It would be really hard to explain how people were suddenly impacted by some invisible force… not to mention the part where they'd probably (most definitely) end up flying backwards. No, soaring backwards. Murasaki had enough pent up rage against his classmates and especially the teachers to rival that of an exploding volcano, and quite literally too, seeing as how her dragon's breath was like fluorescent purple magma that made her insides glow. Her mouth and irises glowed that brilliant shade of violet, and even the tips of her claws and smoke-like, shimmering hair that wavered behind her that also lit up when she was in a rage. 

Murasaki lifted her head up out of annoyance, her smokey ruff bristling when all of the nimrods in the class started going insane. Izuku's awful teacher had mentioned them all going for the Hero Courses provided by high schools. The deep growl that escaped her being didn't fit her miniscule size. 'Ha!! As if!! Some heroes they'll be if they treated you like shit all these years!! Heroes are supposed to protect the weak-'

Izuku sighed, pulling her off of his desk and into his lap, discretely stroking her furry back to calm her down, thinking to her, 'Mucchan… it's alright. We're middle schoolers. This won't matter in three years when they have their licences.' He knew she hated it, how everyone bullied him, but there wasn't much he could do about it. He was literally powerless to do so. 

Mucchan snarked, but was clearly calming down anyways, 'It should…'

Izuku felt his lips twitch at the corner as he fought a smile at her grumpy tone-! He reacted only slightly when his past friend, Kacchan, began boasting pridefully about going to UA. Izuku grimaced, internally continuing his conversation with Mucchan, 'Ugh, he hasn't even taken the test yet. He needs to just stop-'

'Uh, Deku?'

'Hm? Yeah, wassup?'

'Your teacher just said you're trying for UA too-'

Even though they spoke through thought, neither Murasaki or Izuku could hear each other or their own thoughts with how loud the class was laughing at him. Murasaki grimaced as she phased through Izuku, transforming into her normal humanoid form in a prepared stance.

Neither of the siblings were even surprised when Katsuki leaped over and blew up the top of Izuku's desk, scorching it and blowing the greenette backwards. It was almost as if they rehearsed it, how fluidly Murasaki caught Izuku and subtly softened his landing as he hit the ground. "STUPID NERD!! YOU'RE EVEN WORSE THAN THE REST OF THESE DAMN EXTRAS, DEKU!! YOU QUIRKLESS WANNABE!!" Bakugo sneered, the rest of the class agreeing with his harsh remarks, " DEFENSELESS IZUKU… WHAT MAKES YOU THINK YOU CAN GET INTO UA!? DON'T MAKE ME LAUGH!!"

Murasaki, still in her humanoid form, went into a feral stance on all fours, her tail flicking near the tip and her back arched with her wings tensed. Her enraged glow only emphasized how close she was to lashing out- but she cooled off when Izuku subtly gestured with a twitch of his right hand, not even needing to speak to her through their thoughts. She cooed a little bit, before whispering, "I hate your teacher… he's not even trying to stop this idiot…" 

'… you can pull one prank on him later…' Izuku felt agitation rise as well (also due to Kacchan still ranting at him about his "worthlessness"), so it was good to allow his easily angered sister to release some of her pent up annoyance for both of their sakes. He also didn't want her to start "poltergeisting" on accident (let alone on purpose), after all. He silently glared up at the shouting explosion user, 'Just let me handle Kacchan…'

She snarled a little towards the ash blonde, even though it was futile, but abided by her brother's wishes… though she remained tensed up. 

Izuku waited for a good opening where Kacchan was nearing the end of his tirade, when he grumbled, "Why do you care ? If I'm so weak, then there shouldn't be anything for you to be worried about. Leave me alone, Kacchan. They got rid of their rule about Quirkless people not being allowed to take the test, so I just want to try and see if I can be the first one-"

Murasaki phased a wing over and partially through Izuku, a feeling that they both were sadly used to in this sort of situation, so that she could shield him partially from the scalding heat from the close explosions from Katsuki's hands. Even then, Izuku still reacted and shielded his face with his own arms. He was more than thankful for Murasaki being right there for him, cooing louder than the berating he received. 

Later in that class, when his teacher was going to sit down again, his chair moved out of the way "without any explanation", the teacher taking a nasty fall backwards while his papers flew up into the air. He did knock into the desk, though no one noticed how the bump wasn't nearly hard enough to make all of the things get jostled off. 

Izuku had to stop himself from laughing with the rest of the class, a bit peeved with his sister for going a bit too far… but he couldn't deny it was funny as Hell.

As usual, Katsuki didn't join in on the laughter.

ꊞ⋆ ༶ °○.˚。⋆ ✮ ⋆。˚.○° ༶ ⋆ꊞ

At the end of class, Izuku was just finishing up packing his things, excitedly chatting with Mucchan, "That fight earlier today was so cool! I need to finish writing down the notes I have on how Kamui Woods moved so fluidly with his Quirk!"

Murasaki cooed happily, "Yeah, he made great use of his branches, like Indiana Jones… or Spider-Man… like both of them-"

"Okay, okay, I get it." Izuku fought the smile trying to show on his face at his sister's struggle to describe the wood hero, a chuckle escaping him nonetheless-!! 

"Izuku-!!" Murasaki was too late to warn him, having been too distracted by their excited conversation as well.

A surprised sound escaped Izuku when Bakugo snatched his 13th Hero Notebook from his hands, looking less than amused. Well, even worse than his normal amount of lacking amusement. He growled, "We're not done here." One of his lackies that came up asked about the journal, immediately cracking up with laughter when he saw it was Izuku's Hero Notes. Katsuki set fire to the notebook when Izuku calmly asked for it back, even going as far as to toss it out the window. 

Izuku sighed softly from annoyance, while Mucchan almost lunged out of the window to go retrieve it… but she stopped herself, favoring staying close to him while Kacchan further berated him before finally leaving…

What Bakugo began to say, while Izuku stubbornly stayed facing his yellow backpack on his desk, made Mucchan's wings unfurl with fury rising off of her in almost tangible waves. "You know… there is one way to get a Quirk." He turned his head to look over his shoulder, a smug ass smirk playing on his face, "Pray for one in your next life, and take a swan dive off the roof-"

Murasaki had transformed almost involuntarily into her massive form, surprising Izuku a little bit in the process, though he still remained facing away from Kacchan and his goons. She was so big, that her back and the top half of her wings phased through the ceiling of the classroom, even with her crouched down in a position to lunge right at him-

Izuku didn't notice that she paused before he made a secret gesture to get her to stop. 'Calm down, Mucchan!! He's just being stupid!! You know he didn't mean it!!' He gruffly began to zip up his backpack, waiting to hear Katsuki finally leave

"… o-okay…" Murasaki quietly huffed, shrinking back down. She… n-no, she couldn't have… Katsuki wasn't… that wasn't… eye contact , was it?? N-no, she was just imagining things! The idiot probably just realized too late that what he said was a shit thing to tell anyone ! Sure, she was in a state of fury for a moment there, b-but… nah, the idiot would have probably fallen over from total terror if he actually saw her… she didn't ever slip up that badly, not even with criminals she defended Izuku from in the past, there was no way-!!

"Mucchan? Hellooooo??" Izuku waved his hand in front of her face, "I've said your name, like, 5 times already. Can you go find my notebook, please? I'll meet you down there." 

Murasaki blinked a few times, before she snarked on instinct, "I don't know, can I?" She was thankful for the comedic distraction from what was probably not as big of a deal as she was making it.

Deku paused, before groaning at her sassy way of pointing out his mistake, "Ugh, may you please go do that?" 

She made a trilling snort of confirmation, before leaping through the wall and zooming down, saving his journal from the water and koi fish nibbling on it. 

Once he came down and over to her, he deadpanned when he realized where it had landed. "My dreams have turned into fish food…" He smiled when it got Mucchan to snort. They both needed that bit of humor. Today couldn't get much worse… could it?

ꊞ⋆ ༶ °○.˚。⋆ ✮ ⋆。˚.○° ༶ ⋆ꊞ