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Joestar Family Hotel

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    A boy stands in the middle of a stage, his short hair hiding his eyes. To his right, a younger boy stood, holding his hand. To his left, his mother, and his father on the other side of his mother. They were standing on a stage, and his father was talking. The boy is named Jonathan. Jonathan Joestar. Latched onto his hand for dear life is his two year old brother Joseph. Today was the grand opening of the Joestar Grand Hotel. He picks up his little brother after a moment, and the two look across the crowd. There was cameras flashing everywhere, and Jonathan just wanted it all to be over so he could get back to his dog and get his little brother to sleep. But instead, he just smiled and waved. He glances at the watch on his wrist every now and then, just to check the time. It was nearly noon, so they would be able to leave soon. His father had simply asked them to be there until then, so they did.

    ‘Just a few more minutes, Joseph.’ Jonathan whispers to the said boy.

    “Then it’s nap time?” He whispers back, rubbing his eyes.

    ‘Yeah! Then you can have a nice nap!’

    If they knew how much this little hotel would mean to them in the future, maybe they would’ve stayed. Would’ve seen everyone’s reaction to the boy dropped on the stage. Would’ve seen everything that was in store for them. But they didn’t, for they were two young boys, and they had no idea what was in store for them.

Jonathan, now age 22, stands in the rain, holding an umbrella. To his left, the now 13 year old Joseph. To his right, the 12 year old Jotaro. They all stood at the graves of their parents, a solemn expression on their faces. The August air felt suffocating, even as the rain poured down. Today marked the end of two lives, and the start of another. Jonathan would be taking up the family business, and running the hotel. He knew that, as the eldest, it would be on him to watch over his siblings and the hotel at the same time. He knew he would be up for the challenge, but he just hoped that it wouldn’t be too much. At the sound of footfalls behind him, Jonathan turns around. A man of about average height with long blond hair steps forward.

    “Jonathan Joestar?” He asks, his eyes on the eldest boy.

‘That’s me.’ Jonathan says, stepping forward a bit. Joseph and Jotaro stick close to his sides.

“I am Robert Speedwagon. I was a good friend of your father and mother. Is your other brother here?” The man, Speedwagon, looks around for the fourth member of the Joestar family.

“He’s on a trip to Egypt!” Joseph says from behind Jonathan, his enthusiastic voice holding some obvious malice. 

“Ah. So then it’s just you three?” Speedwagon asks.

‘Yes. Dio did say he had a brother, but we haven’t met him.’ Jonathan states simply.

Speedwagon looks at the three boys, and nods. He turns his attention towards the graves and takes off his hat. He bows, not caring for how the water soaked through his hair. After straightening up and putting his hat back on his head, he looks back at the three.

“I can take you back to the hotel whenever you’d like.” He says, and turns back in the direction he had come from. 

The three brothers look at each other, then back at the graves. They all say their respective goodbyes, and follow after Speedwagon.

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The sound of a door knocking startled a blond boy awake. He rubs his eyes and turns to look at his clock. 4:30 in the morning. He groans and sits up, looking towards his door.

‘What do you want, J.C.?’ He groggily asks, his accent slightly thicker than usual.

“It’s important, il mio fratellino! Let me in!” An all to familiar voice chims. “I promise, Caesar! It’ll be worth me waking you up at 4!”

Caesar groans and gets out of bed. He throws a shirt on and opens his door a crack to look at his older brother.

‘Che cosa.’ He mumbles, still obviously half asleep.

“So, because I know you’ve been-” A ding sounds from his pocket, and he pulls his phone out. “Not now, Johnny. Anyways, as I was saying, I know you’ve been wanting to get a job for some time now, and that you wanted to get out and meet some new English speakers-”

‘I never said that, but go on.’ Caesar sighs, leaning against the doorframe.

“Mmhmm. Anyways, y'know the hotel I'm working at? They're lookin' for some more front desk workers. Was wondering if you'd be interested.” He says, smiling.

Caesar raises an eyebrow at Gyro, his green eyes meeting duller green. He huffs, and stuffs his hands in his shorts pockets. He closes his eyes to feign thinking.

‘What's in it for me, oh fantastico mio fratello maggiore.’ Caesar asks, his voice dripping with sarcasm. 

“We can get out of this dump of an apartment. And you'll get to meet more people! It'll be a win win situation!” The long haired blond says cheerfully, looking his brother in the eyes still.

Caesar knew that face. He was searching Caesar's face for a reaction. The tiny lift his ears did when he didn't smile but he was inwardly. The distasteful smirk. Anything. Caesar knew his apparent sudden personality change from when his brother last saw him to now worried him. But he couldn't control what had happened back then. Though, apparently his eyes were enough. Gyro pulls him into a hug, and Caesar just rolls his eyes. He hugs back, but no matter how much he tried, he couldn't get himself to smile. After a moment, Caesar's brother pulls away. 

“Also, keep in mind everyone there calls me Gyro. Can't break that streak with you here!” Gyro notes, before turning and skipping into his room.

Caesar sighs and closes his door. He falls onto his bed, not excited at all. He pulls his phone towards him as 'Bodies Keep Warm' starts playing and stops. He knew that number. He declines the call and turns off his phone. He shoves his head in his pillow and groans. He closes his eyes, hoping to get a good rest in before Gyro woke him up again to go to the hotel. As his eyes close, an image flashes in his head. He ignores it.

Gyro, an obviously very tired Caesar being pulled along behind him, walks into the hotel. He greets the woman and man working the front desk. Caesar heard a, 'Johnny' and 'Suzi' and he assumed that was who they were. Gyro was talking animatedly towards the male, and it took Caesar a moment to realize that they were talking to him. He rubs his eyes.

‘Huh- Uh, scusami, could you repeat that?’ He yawns.

“Gyro was just tellin’ me that you’re tryin’ out for a job here. You’re the lil Zeppeli Junior, right?” The male, Johnny, asks.

‘Yeah, I guess that’s me. Mi chiamo Caesar.’ He tiredly introduces himself.

Johnny casts a glance at Gyro, and the long haired male chuckles. After giving him a quick translation, Johnny lets out an ‘Oh.’

“Yeah, sorry Nails. He’s still learning English.” Gyro laughs, putting a hand on Caesar’s head.

Caesar instinctively moves his head away from the hand, and turns his head away. Gyro goes back to talking with Johnny, and Caesar meets eyes with Suzi. Her eyebrows are raised and she seems to be looking him up and down. They both don’t say anything, only basically just acknowledging the other. 

“Yo, is that the infamous little brother of Gyro?” A tiny, excited voice pipes up from behind Caesar.

He turns to find a tiny young boy, with messy dark hair and vibrant purple eyes staring back at him. Behind him stood a girl and… oh. Caesar, while looking blank on the outside, was absolutely mesmerized. Messy brown hair that spiked out at strange angles, green eyes that almost matched his own in intensity. Caesar felt like he was staring at a god. His heart panged, and he looks away. 

“Nara, dude, you can’t just talk about the infamous little Zeppeli brother!” The girl chirps.

“HAH! The infamous Zep brother looks taller than Gyro. We can’t say he’s little!” The larger male laughs. 

Caesar looks at the trio again, and sighs. He turns to them.

‘Caesar.’ He states simply, suddenly feeling self conscious of his accent. ‘Just call me Caesar.’

“Caesar Zeppeli! Caesar Salad Zeppeli!” The smallest of them, Nara, cheers. 

Caesar looks away again, but stares intently as Gyro. Gyro meets his eye, then looks at the three. 

“Oh yeah, this is my lil bro. He’s not good with strangers.” He says, smiling.

“Buuuut, he’s gonna work here riiight?” The Nara kid brags out his question, a pout on his face.

Gyro laughs, and Caesar grabs onto the ends of his bandana and wrings it out. He was feeling uncomfortable, and he hadn’t even been there that long. After a few more seconds of hearing the three talking, with Caesar basically trying to memorize the voice of the man that basically had him star struck, Gyro grabs him by the wrist and starts walking away. Caesar looks back, meeting the green eyes of the male he never got the name of. 

‘Who was that?’ He asks, turning to look at his brother.

“Those three are known throughout the hotel as the entertainment crew. The big guy is Joseph Joestar if your gay heart must know.’ Gyro says, and waves at a few people as he walks past.

‘I’m not gay, J.C.’ Caesar snaps.

“Riight, and I’m not your older brother.”

Caesar glares at Gyro, and Gyro just smiles back. Caesar just sighs and rubs his temple. As they walked on, Caesar was introduced to more people.

Bruno, Leone, Polnareff, Avdol, a little dog named Iggy…

Caesar was still surprised whenever Gyro said that it didn’t care for many people. The dog had seemed fine.

There was also… Caesar thinks as Gyro talks to a woman.

Kakyoin, Jotaro, Fugo, Guido, Giorno, Jolyne, Narancia, Foo, Hermes, Koichi, Okuyasu…

Caesar wrings out the end of his bandana for maybe the twentieth time that day.

Rohan, Josuke, Johnny and Suzi from earlier… And Joseph.

Caesar lets out a quiet huff. He knew it would basically be impossible to maintain a relationship. But… even then… That made him so sad. He looks down at his lap, his green eyes not visible behind blonde hair.

“Why, if it isn't my old student!”

Caesar's head instantly snaps up, and he, without meaning to, is almost instantly on his feet.


There before him, stood the woman that taught him almost everything he knew about Hamon.

“Just Lisa Lisa here, but yes. It's nice to see you again, Caesar. I heard you're trying out for a position in my department.”

Caesar lets a smile slip onto his face, and relaxes a little bit.


Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to work here...

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Workers Against Dio

Hoeseph: so bitches stuck on a balcony

Norange: its him

Norange: hes bitches

Cujoochie: AGAIN??

Caesar Zeppeli: What the fuck.

Hoeseph: dios gonna find me and hes gonna kill me

Caesar Zeppeli: I think you deserve it, then.

Hoeseph: :( uve betrayed me caesarino

Caesar Zeppeli: Again with that silly nickname?

Cujoochie: yall need to stop being gay and help jojo


Norange: doesnt ur aunt have a master key


Caesar Zeppeli: The more you call me Caesarino, the more I wish to decline. But it's Dio, so I'll cut you some slack.


Norange: it was jojo

Slow Dancer: I’ve done nothing.

Norange: OTHER jojo

Cujoochie: Ive done nothing

Norange: yknow what, fuck you guys. 

Hoeseph: ok so yes i changed his name but its funny

Mediterranean Taco: this is why joseph cant have any good things

Caesar Zeppeli: I regret saying yes to working here.

Hoeseph: no you dont

Cujoochie: no you don’t

Norange: no u dont

Mediterranean Taco: no you dont

Scawy Monstew: YES YOU DO.

Slow Dancer: No you don’t.

Caesar Zeppeli: I agree with Diego.

Hoeseph: dont side with dino man :(

Caesar Zeppeli: I have the key.


Narancia shoves his phone into the pocket of his jeans, tumbling over his feet in his haste to meet up with Caesar at the front desk. Caesar had been working there for about 6 months now (not that Narancia was keeping track, but he thinks Joseph is from how much he hears it) and had basically already become part of the family. That may have been in large part because Gyro was his older brother, but Narancia digressed. He was running, waving to his dad as he sped past. Well, one of his dads. Leone Abbacchio-Buccellati. He was Pops. He didn't really do much, from what Narancia usually saw, but apparently he did SOMETHING during the day. Leone cocks an eyebrow at him as he runs past, and Narancia just sticks out his tongue at the other.

Soon, the tiny teenager was at the front desk, out of breath and looking ready to faint. Caesar, who had been waiting for him, cocked a pale eyebrow. Narancia smiles and gives him a thumbs up. Caesar rolls his eyes, waves a goodbye to the others and starts in the direction of the elevators. Narancia bounces up and waves at them as well before racing after him. Caesar presses the up button, and the elevator dings as the doors open. Narancia hops in beside him, pressing himself into the corner of the small compartment. Caesar casts him a confused glance, before pulling out his phone. Narancia feels his phone buzz, so he pulls it out.

Workers Against Dio

Caesar Zeppeli: We’re on the elevator.

Norange: can u guys stop being tall

Caesar Zeppeli: I never wanted this.

Hoeseph: bruh its them jeans

Caesar Zeppeli: Genes.

Hoeseph: bruh its them genes

Cujoochie: damn why’d the genes have to die after jotaro

Hoeseph: good question

Caesar Zeppeli: Does… it matter?

Cujoochie: not really

Norange: im still angry everyone but koochi is taller then me >:(

Hoeseph: theres gonna be people shorter then both of ya some day

Norange: :( bugger

Caesar Zeppeli: I don't think you're saying that right.

Scawy Monstew: i AM SHORT AND iTS HARD

Slow Dancer: Gays shut up my phone keeps going off and I swear this thing is going to explode.

Mediterranean Taco: lol

Norange: >:( not my fault salad is the silent type

Caesar Zeppeli: Pardon me for not liking to talk.

Mediterranean Taco: you talk here tho

Caesar Zeppeli: Mm.

Hoeseph: DONT MM

Caesar Zeppeli: We're almost on the top floor, shut up or I'll bring us down and you'll have to deal with Dio when it becomes nighttime.


[Username has been updated]


Narancia looked up from his phone as the elevator door dinged to announce they had reached the top floor. He quickly changes to a different chat.


Jojo: i regret giving him admin rights

Joly: no you don't.

Nara: no you dont

Nara: also we exist

Jojo: no shit


Jojo: has caesarino said anything yet

Nara: bruv get over your gay crush for a second

Jojo: shut up child

Nara: shut up not adult yet

Jojo: fuck you man we both know thats my weak spot

Joly: when september rolls around jojo is going to rick roll us

Jojo: shut up

Joly: make me

Nara: but shes not wrong

Jojo: i know she isnt im just angy

Nara: no talk me im angy

Joly: no talk me i'm angy

Jojo: i am going to punt you guys into the sun

Nara: even ur precious crushy poo?

Jojo: WHAT

Nara: he was reading over my shoulder and started laughing

Caesar wasn't really laughing, Narancia wanted to point out. He just rolled his eyes and let out an amused chuckle. The teen was going to take it as a laugh though, just to mess with Joseph.

They walk over to the door that separated Dio's house (basically, it's not like he lived elsewhere) from the rest of the hotel. Narancia shoves his phone in his pocket, and Caesar pulls out the masterkey. He silently opens the door, and as if on que, there was the sound of a thud and a hiss. Narancia looks at Caesar, but the blond looked unaffected. Caesar walks in, and the shorter male followed quickly after. Narancia looks around the suite, and chuckles. It was messy. Caesar, paying no mind to the mess besides letting out a 'This will be a bitch to clean.' They finally reach the door to the balcony that had the curtains drawn. Narancia peeks through the curtain, and is instantly met with the furious face of Joseph. He mouths 'get me out of here.' Narancia looks at Caesar, who just sighs and unlocks the glass door. Joseph bursts out of the balcony and clings onto Caesar, blubbering incoherently. The Italian looked unfazed and just closed the glass door again and locks it, readjusting the curtains and heading for the door. Narancia rushes after him, hearing a buzz in his pocket. As they get out of the room, he checks his phone.


You're lucky it's daytime.

Narancia Abbacchio-Buccellati: :) we know

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Ferris Gay Wheel

Diamond: im gonna do it

Kiss My Ass: No.

Diamond: ur not my dad

Kiss My Ass: Your dad doesn’t exist.

Diamond: >:0

Hirose: Please guys, not now..

[Username has been Updated]

Kishibe: Fine.

Bitchass: Okay who the fuck

Hirose: Uugh…


Hirose: Please stop..

Bitchass: Ugh fine

Bitchass: Someone change my name before something bad happens

Kishibe: Something bad always happens with you.

Hirose: ……….

[Username has been Updated]


HAND ME UR BONES: it could b worse

Food Brained: I am. Trying to cook.

Food Brained: Shouldn't most of you be working as well?

Kishibe: You're completely right. Josuke, Okuyasu, get back to work.


Diamond: no.

Ham ass: why am i here again

HAND ME UR BONES: no idea also why is that ur user

Ham ass: wasnt it like hamoff yesterday??

Hirose: I think Rohan-sensei is messing with you.

[Ham ass {Joseph Joestar} has been Removed from the Chat]

Hirose: Yes, he's definitely messing around I am going to take his phone away.

Diamond: gl

Hirose: Thank you, I'll need it.

Ewkako: Koichi, I don't like your friends.


Workers With Pride

Jowoseph: bitch

Kowoichi: I'm sorry about Rohan-sensei.

Fowoowo: :?

Jowonathan: What's with everyone's usernames? I'm quite sure I didn't do this.

Caesar: Oh.

Jowotarowo: …

Kakyowoin: Pfft.

Gyrowo: of course CAESAR has the owo proof name

Caesar: ???

Powolnareff: MON DIEU

Jowoseph: why cant he say it himself

Owokuwuyasuwu: phone privileges gone

Kowoichi: Yeah basically.

Kowoichi: Would you like to be added back?

Jowoseph: not really lmao

Owokuwuyasuwu: haha understandable

Nawancia: oku ur username is gonna give me a stroke

Owokuwuyasuwu: im already having one

Nawancia: so who did it

Gay Ferris Wheel

HAND ME UR BONES: wait is mikitaka still here

Awien: Hello.


Food Brained: Back. To work.



Koichi looks up from his phone as Rohan pokes his shoulder. He shoves it into his bag, and kicks it under the operating station as a woman walks up to them. He could tell from the way she walked instantly about what was going to happen. Rohan opens his mouth to speak, but a look from Koichi silences him. Rohan mumbles something under his breath, but Koichi doesn't catch it as the woman starts talking. And she was LOUD. Koichi didn't want to admit it, but he could feel his mood slowly sinking down as his confidence depleted. He was trying to calm her down as she ranted about how she deserved a free ride, and either Rohan had used Heavens Door on him or Koichi was just obvious in his panic, but the tall male cut in. As Koichi slips out of the operation area to calm down, he spots Narancia talked animatedly with a sulking Joseph and a laughing Jolyne as they walk past him. They all wave at him and he waves back, a forced smile on his face. After a second, he slips back into the booth to stop Rohan from decking the woman in the face.

After she left, it was quiet until around noon. That was Josuke and Okuyasu's cue to pop into the booth, with bags in their hands. Koichi is handed one of the smaller bags, and they all sit on the chairs they've pulled in there over the year they've been working there. He opens the bag and peeks inside. A container, a fork and a bottle. As they all say their respective parts, they grab out their containers and dig in. For Koichi, a simple rice dish with soy sauce on top. For Rohan, a ramen cup. For Okuyasu and Josuke, whatever they had given to Tonio. Normally leftovers that he somehow made appealing. They could all agree, Tonio was a lifesend.

“I don’t know how he does it.” Okuyasu spouts, his mouth full. “I literally could give him rotting meat and then suddenly it’s a goddamn luxury meal!”

“It’s his stand, Okuyasu.” Rohan points out bluntly.

‘I quite enjoy how he makes meals!’ Koichi pipes up, before eating some rice.

“Of course YOU would, Koichi-kun.” Josuke says, pointing his fork at the tiny male.

Koichi cocks an eyebrow as Josuke and Okuyasu start laughing in the background. It hadn’t even been that funny, Koichi thinks as he sulkily takes another bite of food. Rohan hisses something at them that Koichi couldn’t quite hear. He sighs and sinks down a little more in his seat. He checks his watch, and sighs. It had hardly even been 15 minutes, and he was stuck with them for an hour. All of them spend a few minutes in silence after that, before the tune of “Love Lies” starts playing from Koichi’s bag. He hurriedly places the container on his seat before grabbing his bag and quickly pulling his phone out and answering the call.

Koichi didn’t notice the other three staring intently at his back as he shakily started talking.

‘Uh, hello, this is Hirose Koichi speaking?’


They all look at Koichi, who’s already pale face was paler. He mouths ‘Oh god help me’ before responding.

‘I-’ He starts.


Koichi shakes, tears threatening to pour down his cheeks. Rohan stands and grabs his phone before walking out of the booth. Josuke and Okuyasu wander over to the door of the booth and eavesdrop. But there was no need, the three could hear Rohan perfectly clear.

“You stupid seaweed haired bitch, I will get my entire fan base to fucking hunt you down and ruin your entire life you disgusting RAT. The next time to disrespect Koichi-kun it's over for you, you hear me? I will strip you of all ability to move and hang you by your hair until you're begging for Kishibe Rohan's mercy. You are the lowest of low, never will you make a good story, you're a fake piece of shit whose only good in a shitty story like Ghost Stories. You will regret EVER crossing me.”

Josuke and Okuyasu turn to look towards Koichi for a reaction, and are met with uncontrollable sobbing. Josuke wanders back over and pats Koichi on the back lightly in an attempt to help him calm down. Rohan walked back in the booth a minute later, handed Koichi his phone back, grabbed his phone out of Koichi’s bag and briskly walked out of the booth. He never came back for the afternoon, so Koichi was given an out on cleaning for the day and worked the booth by himself. He couldn’t thank Josuke and Okuyasu enough for that. At the end of the day, Koichi stalled when closing up. He knew he would need to meet up with Okuyasu and Josuke soon so they could take him home, but they all had acknowledged that he was afraid to go back there. When he finishes closing up and meets with his friends, they both give him wide smiles. He gives them a weak smile back as the three clamber into Okuyasu’s truck. Koichi sat between them both and laughs as Okuyasu tells him about what he missed on cleaning duty. To delay having to drop him off, they go for ice cream and mess around in the park. When they all finally decided to stop denying the inevitable, they drop him off. It was well past 9:30 in the evening, and Koichi could see Yukako’s silhouette in the window. Josuke gives him a reassuring pat on the back, and he shakily nods. As he walks up to the door, he felt all the good emotions that had built up during the evening drain out of him almost instantly. He walks over to the door, and before he can knock, it swings open to show Yukako. He opens his mouth to say something, but instead, all his bags are thrust upon him. He closes and opens his mouth wordlessly, but she just scowls.

“Obviously, your work means more to you, and your friends mean more to you, even your fucking schooling, so get out.”

Koichi gets his voice back, and squeaks out, ‘For how long?’

Yukako doesn’t hesitate at all as she closes the door. “Forever.”

It took everything Koichi had not to collapse in on himself there. He shakily grabs his bags and uses everything in his power to not fall over as he walks away from the door. Josuke meets him halfway, and helps him.

‘W…. what am I going to do...?’ He asks as they walk up to Okuyasu’s truck.

“You can stay with us for a bit. Just until you get yourself all sorted out.”

Koichi rubs his eyes, and looks up at Josuke. He gives him a weak smile.

‘That would be nice, I promise I won’t bother you guys for too long.’

“Take all the time you need, Koichi.” Josuke says cheerfully, throwing the rest of Koichi’s baggage into the trunk. Koichi slips into the front, and sighs. Okuyasu, pats him on the head, and when Josuke gets in, they all head back to the house they shared.

Workers with Pride

Hand: we’re banning yukako.

Diamond: from everything.

Door: Understandable, have a nice day.

Ferris Gay Wheel

[Ewkako {Yukako Yamagishi} has been Removed from the chat]