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Rumour Has It

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Izuku remembered the day his life changed like it was yesterday. Which, to tell you the truth, it was. Everything changed yesterday. He lost everything yesterday. On his fourth birthday. 

He remembered waking up with excitement and running to give his amazing mother a great, big hug. It was his birthday and school was out! He was going to go to the doctors later on today to see what his quirk was going to be. Would it be like his father's and he'd be like a fire breathing dragon or like his mother's telekinesis but stronger? Hey! Maybe he'd get both! But that didn't happen. At all.

After getting dressed and opening the present he got from his mom, which was a pretty black and purple wolf pendant hooked up to a gold and silver chain. Izuku loved it.

"Thank you mommy! I love it! I'll keep it forever and ever!" Izuku bounced up and down happily while putting on the pendant. 

Inko chuckled and ruffled his hair. "You're welcome sweetie. Now come on, we are going to the quirk doctor today."

Izuku squealed with joy before running out of the house with his mother close behind him. Neither of them noticed the slight glow coming from the wolf pendant before it faded away.




"He's quirkless." Came the blunt reply of Dr. Tsubasa.

Inko blinked in surprise before looking at her son, who at one point of time, had been bouncing in his seat in excitement, now sat stalk still at the sudden declaration.

"I'm sorry, but what do you mean by quirkless?" Inko asked with narrowed eyes.

Dr. Tsubasa sighed tiredly. "Exactly what I mean. Your son does not have a quirk. He has in extra toe joint in his pinky toe that indicates he is quirkless."

Izuku's lips quivered but he didn't say anything as he looked down at his feet, green hair covering his eyes.

"That's impossible. Both my husband and I have quirks, so my son should have one too." Inko announced while glaring at the apathetic doctor.

"Listen ma'am. Your son doesn't have a quirk. You just need to accept it and leave." Dr. Tsubasa said while rolling his eyes.

Inko stood abruptly, glaring at the stupid doctor before picking up her baby and storming out of the room. How dare that low life doctor say that? Inko thought angrily. He has no right to be a jerk about it and he is wrong. My baby does have a quirk and I'm not giving up on him.

The two Midoriyas were outside the hospital now and heading towards Inko's parked car. Inko was still angry at the doctor and was thinking about taking her son to a different doctor when Izuku spoke up.

"Mommy?" Izuku sniffed while he held onto his mother.

"Yes sweetie."

"Can I still be hero without a quirk?"

Inko stopped next to her car before putting Izuku down. She bent down to his eye level and smiled at him.

"Of course you can honey. You can be whatever you want, you would just have to work harder than everyone else. And besides, I know my baby has a quirk. Dr. Tsubasa is nothing but a fool." Inko hugged her son. "Now come on. We'll go get some ice cream to cheer you up."

Izuku's face brightened. "Yay! Ice cream! Thank you mommy!" Izuku hugged his mother. She believes in him. He'll be a hero. For her.




It wasn't supposed to end like this. They were just going to get ice cream, head home and bond with each other. They never expected a giant boulder to land on top of the ice cream shop. They certainly hadn't expected the shop to catch fire all because of a villain pursuit either. 

The number two hero, Endeavor, and an unknown villain with some type of rock quirk, were fighting in the streets, with a bunch of civilians around. And because of Endeavor's lack of caring for the people around him and only focusing on the villain, many innocent people got hurt. Inko included.

"Mommy! Mommy are you okay!?" Izuku tried to reach for his mom, who somehow got trapped under the boulder that was thrown on top of the shop they were in. The fire was steadily spreading and it was nearing the boulder pretty fast.

Inko groaned in pain. The lower half of her body was crushed under the boulder and her head was bleeding. "I-I-Iz-zu-ku. Y-y-yo-u n-ne-ed to g-get out o-of h-here. You need to r-run be-before you get hurt."

Izuku had tears rolling down his eyes as he tried to get his mother out from under the boulder but with no such luck since he was only a four year old little boy, who has yet to receive his quirk.

The fight between the so called hero and villain continued and Endeavor sent a large fireball towards the boulder villain, who, mind you, was right in front of the downed ice cream shop. The villain dodged the fireball as other civilians ran away but there were some who were too injured to move. The fireball though, was about to hit Izuku.

"I-IZUKU!!!" Izuku felt himself get lifted off the ground and was hurled away from the fire that almost hit him. He landed on the ground, hitting his head on the concrete below him. A scream of pain was heard from where his mother was and Izuku looked up to see that the fireball Endeavor threw, was now burning his still stuck mother, tears rolling down her eyes.

Izuku's eyes widened as pain flared out from his head. "MOMMY!" Was the last thing Izuku managed to say before everything went black. Izuku still never noticed the now glowing pendant around his neck as a barrier formed around him, protecting him from the chaos that was occurring.



Izuku woke with a start. The pain in his head had faded into a dull ache. The four year old sat up and realized he was in an all white room. Hospital. He was back at the hospital. But why? Suddenly the day's earlier events came back to him and he starts to panic.

"Mommy!? Mommy where are you!?" Izuku was now full out sobbing while searching for his mother.

A doctor Izuku didn't recognize came running in. "Hey kiddo. I need you to calm down, okay?"

"Where's my mommy!?" Izuku was now rocking back and forth on the little hospital bed.

The doctor flinched as he remembered what happened the day before and just who brought the green haired child in.

"Listen, Izuku was it?" The unnamed doctor asked. Izuku just nodded his head.

The doctor closed his eyes. This was what he hated about his job. Being the bearer of bad news. But he had to tell the kid, a toddler no less, that his mother was no longer apart of their world.

"Midoriya Inko. Your mother. She, she uh...didn't make it. She was found burnt to almost unrecognizable degrees and trapped under a boulder. Do you understand what I'm saying kid?"

Izuku's expression was blank as mote tears fell down his eyes. He knew exactly what the doctor was saying. His mommy was dead. He won't be able to see his mommy anymore. First he was declared quirkless by a rude doctor and now his mommy was gone. No longer in his life. He would never be able to see her smile again. Never be able to hear her laugh again or have any of her home cooked meals. He'll never be able to feel her love again and he felt like it was all his fault.

And all he could think of was...


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Shinsou Hitoshi has always wondered why people were so cruel. The moment he got his quirk, he was immediately seen as a villain, at the age of four. His parents left him and he lost the few friends that he had. Now, he was in an orphanage called Sunnyside. Honestly, Shinsou thought that was a stupid name for an orphanage filled with stuck up kids and uncaring adults. He was isolated, alone and the other kids would look at him with disgust the moment they find out what his quirk was.

"What's your quirk?" They would ask.

"Brainwashing." Is all he would say because he knows what would happen next.

The kids faces will fall into utter horror and disgust and they'd backed away from. "M-monster! Freak! Villain! Why are you here!?" Is what they'd say and would leave him alone or bully him.

Shinsou will ignore them as always and stare blankly at the wall in front of him. He's fine being alone. 

At least, that's what he keeps telling himself.




The moment his life changes again, is the day the new kid comes in. With a mess of curly green hair and big, yet sad emerald eyes, freckles on his nose and cheeks and a pretty black and purple wolf pendant hooked up to a gold and silver chain around his neck, the boy seemed nice. Seemed. But he might not be. Nice.

The caretakers, who he didn't bother to remember the names of, introduced the boy as Midoriya Izuku and quirkless. Midoriya flinched at being called quirkless and Shinsou frowned. Did the caretakers have to be so mean about it though?

"Don't go near him." They told the other kids.

"He's not worth your time. He's useless." They said.

And Shinsou wanted to scream. Why were people so cruel!? They were saying that right in front of him as if he didn't have any feelings, treating him as if he was some disgusting animal or trash. It was wrong. Were all adults like this!? If they were, then Shinsou will never trust authority figures again. They're terrible beings in his opinion. He went up to Midoriya and held out his hand. Sad, dull green eyes looked into his purple ones.

"Hi, my name is Shinsou Hitoshi. I'm five years old my quirk is Brainwashing."

Midoriya shook his hand, not at all bothered by what Shinsou's quirk was. "I'm Midoriya Izuku. Nice to meet you. I'm four years old, seemingly quirkless, and I hate Endeavor."

Shinsou narrowed his eyes. "Seemingly quirkless?"

Izuku shrugged. "I'm sure I have a quirk. My mom said so before she...she died. I'm just a late bloomer, I'm sure of it."

"Okay. So why do you hate Endeavor? He's the number two hero."

"He killed my mom." Came Izuku's blunt yet sad reply.

"Oh..that's...not right. Why is he even a hero? I hate him too then, not that I liked him in the first place."

Izuku nodded before looking down at his hands. It's been two weeks since his mother's death and the higher ups finally put him in an orphanage, none of his supposed relatives wanted him.

"Hey Midoriya?" Izuku stared at the purple haired boy. He looked nervous.


"D-do you think I'm a villain?"

Izuku blinked in confusion. "Why would I think you're a villain?"

"Because of my quirk. Everyone else thinks I'm one because of it." Shinsou looked down. 

"Your quirk is Brainwashing right?"

Shinsou nodded his head. He didn't look at the newest addition if the orphanage. He'll hate me too and I'll be all alone again. I-I don't want to be alone again.

"Why would I hate you for something you can't control? A quirk doesn't make a villain Shinsou, nor does a quirk make you a hero. It depends on how one would use their quirk. And people can't see that, then they are the definition of stupid." Izuku replied with a smile. "And besides, I think your quirk is great for being a hero especially underground. Just think of all the amazing things you can do with that quirk. You could stop a villain fight or a hostage situation easily!"

Shinsou stared at the smiling freckled boy in awe. He believed in him? He doesn't think he's a villain. He could be a hero. And for the first time since he got his quirk a year ago, Shinsou smiled. "Thank you, Midoriya. Thank you so much."

Izuku's smile widened. "Of course and call me Izuku from now on."

"Then you can call me Hitoshi."


And for the next six years, it was just Izuku and Hitoshi.


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Toga Himiko flinched at the yells that came from her parents downstairs. They had just got back from the quirk doctor and when she found out what her quirk was, the doctor and her parents were looking at her with disgust and fear. Why? Why were they looking at her like that? The four year old had to look away from the looks the adults were giving her. It all started with a bloodied bird. She thought it looked pretty in red and then she got thirsty and drunk the blood and then showed her parents.

She wish she hadn't though.

They had took her to the doctors right away.

Was she bad?

What's wrong with her quirk?

Why are they looking at me like that?

That had been three days ago. Since they got back, her parents had been arguing with each other. Toga had a feeling it was about her. Something crashed to the ground that made her flinch once more before she decided to try and hear what her parents were saying.






They were fighting. About her. Because of her quirk. Toga backed away from her slightly ajar door and whimpered. Mommy and daddy hate me. They don't want me anymore. She thought to herself as she sat in the dark corner of her room, rocking back and forth.

Her parents continue to yell at each other for maybe about ten more minutes before there was the sound of the front door slamming shut. Then, there was nothing but dark silence.

Her life changed that day. Not for the best, but.....

For the worst.


After that day, her mother became abusive, always saying that it was her fault that her dad left, her fault for having such a villainous quirk. Things had taking a terrible turn at her school when everyone found out what her quirk was.

They treated her like trash. Hitting her, calling her names, saying that she will be nothing in life. She lost all her friends, the looks of disgust and fear appearing on their faces when they found out what her quirk was. It was painful and she couldn't do anything about it.



Go away

Psychotic bitch


Why don't you just die

It's your fault he's gone



I don't want you


The voices in her head got louder and louder. Her mother, her old friends and the teachers. She was going insane and she was only four. She wish she didn't have this quirk.

Doppelgänger: It allows user to take on the appearance of someone else by the consumption of their blood.

It gives her the full ability to copy another person's appearance and create a perfect image of them, including tiny details and an exact replica of the voice of the person she’s copied.

That was her quirk. And everybody feared and hated it. Because of her quirk, she lost everything.

(A/N: Her quirk is actually called Transform but I like Doppelgänger better)


After six years of abuse, Toga couldn't take it anymore. Her so called mother had beat her once more for something she had no control over. Something about not cleaning the kitchen. She did. Her mother was just making excuses to hit her. The ten year blonde frowned as she looked at the bruises on her stomach and arms. She couldn't take it anymore. She had to leave.

Grabbing all the clothes that she had, which was only her school uniform clothes, a red and pink night gown and the clothes and shoes on her feet, she threw them into the dirty pink backpack. It was already dark and her that woman, should be sleep in her room by now. Opening the door to her room, Toga snuck downstairs and looked around. That woman wasn't in the living room. Good. Toga ran to the front door and unlocked it. After opening the heavy, locked door, she took a step out the front door and closed it. Toga reached under the welcome rug and grabbed a spare key. She used it to lock the door back before putting it back into its place. And then she was running away from that horrid house. Running away from the pain and abuse, the ridicule of her classmates and teachers.

She was finally free.


Izuku and Hitoshi have been close since they met six years ago. They were more like brothers than anything. They did everything together, including sneaking out the windows of Sunnyside Orphanage at  night, to get some fresh air and away from those stupid caretakers and petty children.

Izuku still couldn't figure out what his quirk is and he remembered when he was eight that one of the caretakers tried to put a muzzle on Hitoshi. Truth be told, Izuku literally growled and nearly bit her hand off. She was bleeding by the time he let her go. She had screamed and dropped the muzzle and called him a monster, a cannibal. He ignored her. Instead, focusing on Hitoshi and making sure he was ok. The caretakers made sure to keep the other kids and themselves away from the brothers after that day.

Not like the two cared. They now had free reign to do whatever they want except they still needed to be in bed by curfew, which they never were. Now Izuku was ten and Hitoshi was eleven and the two was living the best life. Well....if you count sneaking out at night and beating up bad guys with a metal bat and a pipe, the best life, then yeah, lets go with that. Yeah. They were vigilantes. Not really well known or experienced. Yet.

Right now the purplette and greenette were walking down the street well past midnight and carrying around their 'weapons'. Izuku had the bat and Hitoshi had the pipe. Izuku was humming a song his mother used to sing him before he suddenly stopped. Hitoshi blinked and looked at Izuku, only to see that he had stopped walking and was now standing still with his head tilted to the side.

"What's wrong Izu?" Hitoshi asked.

Izuku blinked. "Do you hear that Toshi?" Izuku was now looking down the street, the way they were heading.

"Hear what?" Just has Hitoshi said that, a loud cry for help was heard in a nearby alleyway.


A girl. A young one by the sound of it. Izuku and Hitoshi looked at each other. There were no words needed. The two boys broke into a sprint as they reached the alley. And what they saw made their blood boil. A grown man pinning down a blonde girl no older then ten, trying to remove her clothes as she struggled to get away.

Izuku eyes were wide before they narrowed and he growled. The wolf pendant he always wore and never took off, began to glow. "What. The. Hell. Are. You. Doing?"