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Apertum Mortem

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“Oh Midoriya, you want to go to UA too?”


The second those words fell out of Izuku’s teacher, his body tensed in fear, already feeling the mounting bloodlust rolling off his classmates in spades. A familiar explosion is thrust into his face on the top of his already scorched desk, sending Izuku reeling backwards to evade it.


“Deku you quirkless bastard! You are worse than these rejects! UA doesn’t accept people like you!” Bakugo snarls, explosions at the ready to drive home his points.


“Well actually, they got rid of that rule. You never know, I could be the first one…” Izuku points out, still shaking a bit in his paralyzing fear of the malice coming from his classmates. “I won’t know if I don’t try, right?”


“Try? More like you’d die in the exams!” Bakugo shoots back, this time with small popping explosions, holding Izuku up in the air by his shirt.


“Bakugo, sit down and stop interrupting class.” Izuku’s teacher curtly addresses the fiery display to maintain order of his classroom. The ‘you can get him later’ is left unspoken but is not forgotten.


With an angry grumble, he sits back into his own desk, allowing Izuku a moment to breathe easy again. Their teacher gets straight back into the lecture he had prepared after the whole discussion about their career paths after middle school. Even though he is taking notes diligently, Izuku can’t help his spiked anxiety about the encounter that is making his mind wander a bit as the death aura from his classmates still hasn’t dropped an inch.


Welp, I should leave class quickly once school is over. Izuku thinks as he readies himself mentally for his speedy escape.


Bakugo is the only one that hits the hardest when it comes to his mental defenses since he is probably the only one who knows him as good as he does himself. Maybe even better in some cases. His words are just too on point sometimes but it’s probably because Izuku still believes him to be his only friend despite being an angry cactus most of the time. As such, he’s basically his harshest critic. Ironically, despite his explosive personality and how aggressive he always comes off, he’s never even gotten a single scar from him. Plenty of burns that made him always have a good supply of burn cream on hand sure, but they were never bad enough for anything more than that. Honestly, even those burns are more like scorch marks while his uniforms take the brunt of it anyway. He knows he could hurt him so much more, but he’s never done it. His other classmates though…aren’t so considerate.


As soon as the bell rings, Izuku scrambles to put everything away so he can leave as quickly as possible. Sadly, Izuku isn’t fast enough because Bakugo snatches his last item from his hands, his notebook. Bakugo taunts him with in front of his face while Izuku silently prays for its safe return as the rest of the class leaves the room without batting an eye, including his teacher.


“What is that?” One of Bakugo’s lackeys ask with a smirk that Izuku instantly shudders from since its usually the one they give him when they are going to make him really hurt. “Is that his diary or something?”


The two read the cover when Bakugo turns it towards them. Both of them starting howling in laughter once they read the messy lettering on the front, causing Izuku to involuntarily flinch.


“Really, that so pathetic.” The other one chokes out between laughs, barely containing his spasms with him hugging himself. “You can’t take notes and hope that it makes you hero.”


Blocking out the jeers targeted at him, Izuku addresses only Bakugo, knowing he hates to be ignored, especially since he probably took it for his full attention. “Kacchan, please give that back. It’s mine.”


Instead of complying, Bakugo grins dangerously, smashing the notebook into one of his explosions. Before Izuku can let out any more than a small whimper, Bakugo tosses it right out the open window.


“Don’t bother applying to UA, Deku~” Bakugo accentuates playfully with a deceptively innocent grin on his face, chilling Izuku to the bone. Bakugo makes him jump when he puts his hand on Izuku’s shoulder, his uniform starting to smoke from his quirk. “Got it?”


Izuku just stays silent, knowing any response he would give would make his life end a little shorter than he would like at the moment if the lackies got any ideas. Explaining you can’t really die is not on the agenda for today.


Bakugo and his cronies start exiting the classroom, leaving Izuku shaking in anger.


“Man, I thought he’d have at least a little fight in him.” One of the lackies comments with clear disappointment of not getting a reason to beat him up today. Izuku turns towards the door to watch them leave as he doesn’t have any more resolve to continue with his back to them if they decide to come back for seconds.


Izuku’s anxiety spikes when he sees Bakugo stop in the doorway. Preparing for the worst, Izuku mentally prepares for him to come back and give his lackies an excuse to give him a proper beating he won’t ever forget. To his surprise, he instead just adopts another friendly grin as he turns to face Izuku.


“Ya know if you really want to be a hero that badly, there actually might be another way. Just pray that you’ll be born with a quirk in your next life. Then take a swan dive off the roof of the building.”




Suddenly, someone is laughing. It only takes Izuku a moment to see the confused look on Bakugo for him to realize its him. Realizing it might backfire on him he promptly stops, wiping any emotions he has right now off his face.


“Something funny dipshit?” Bakugo growls, honestly looking a little spooked to Izuku’s strange outburst. Reactions like that always get Izuku beatings from his other bullies, so Izuku doesn’t answer in his fear of what is to come.


Panicking, Izuku suddenly gets a brilliant idea that will not only get him out of the building fast, but maybe get Bakugo off his back for a bit. It’s sad to think he’s never had to do this in front of him before now because he never had a proper reason to run away. He may hit hard, but at least he’s never tried to kill him or actually scar him like the others. Adjusting his backpack straps onto him more tightly, Izuku promptly walks toward the open window.


“You gonna answer me asshole?!” Bakugo rages, clearly completely losing his patience.


“You know, I hoped I’d never hear you say that. Did you know that’s number 500? Lucky you.” Izuku faces back at him with a defeated face. “See you tomorrow Bakugo.”


The second the words leave his mouth, Izuku does a backflip right out the open window to hide his hurt expression, barely seeing Bakugo’s shocked face as he fell. This allows him to grab the tree right under the window to climb down to safety. Izuku hears some yelling above him, but he ignores it as he jumps off the last branch with a roll that he has ingrained into his being from his gymnastics class he used to take when he was little.


Not skipping a beat, Izuku retrieves his notebook from the koi pond, brushing off as much of the water as he can so he can hopefully salvage it later when he gets home. With a sigh, Izuku starts his journey home, opting to take the long way just in case Bakugo wants to blow off some steam from his little stunt as well as to hide his tears from his grieving.

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I wonder what I should cook for dinner tonight. Izuku wonders as wanders under a tunnel after the water works finally cease and he tries to pretend he’s okay again. I think it should be something light since I’m gonna run today.


A familiar feeling of death falls over Izuku, making him go on high alert. Suddenly, a squelching sound comes from behind Izuku that causes him to whirl to whatever is behind him in surprise. “Ah perfect, an invisibility suit.”


Izuku shivers with disgust as he now sees a huge grotesque blob of sludge that he assumes must be due to someone’s quirk emerge from the sewers. Without much more warning, the speaking sludge charges at Izuku, causing him to skillfully dodge out of the way thanks to the many fights he has dealt with outside of Bakugo’s view at school and his mother’s torturous training sessions.


Unfortunately, that is when Izuku’s bad luck decides to chime back in as the sludge man catches him right before he lands his dodge. “Hold still kid, it will only be a few seconds. I’ve got to get out of the city quickly. You are a real hero to me kid.”


I’m drowning! Izuku screams internally as the sludge pours down his throat, choking him as he tears at the villain’s gelatinous body. I can’t breathe! Please, someone! Help—




Izuku feels an immense pressure of wind blow straight past him before his vision clouds to black.


A slapping sensation on Izuku’s cheek finally rouses him from his involuntary slumber.


“Mhm… AH!”


Izuku immediately jumps back in both surprise and sheer delight at the sight of his favorite hero, All Might. All Might starts chuckling, monologuing for a moment that passes right over Izuku’s huge fanboy freak out happening in his mind. When he snaps out of it, he immediately grabs his backpack and notebook. “Please All Might, would you--”


Izuku opens his notebook to the next page and finds All Might’s signature staring him back in the face. AH! He already signed it!


“Oh gosh, All Might. Thank you so much!” Izuku beams, causing his idol to give him a thumbs up in response. Izuku slips his notebook back into his bag quickly before preparing for a question he has always wanted to ask his idol.


“Alright, step back. I’m taking off.” All Might declares as he prepares for his jump.


“Wait, I have…” Izuku starts but realizes his pleas are going on deaf ears. I have to know!


Without thinking through about the consequences, Izuku grabs onto All Might just as he takes off.


“Hey. Hey. Let go kid. I love my fans, but this is too much.” All Might protests as he tries to remove Izuku from his legs.


“I can’t. If I let go now, I’ll fall.” Izuku barely gets out with the wind blowing strongly in his face.


“Oh, right.” All Might ceases his attempt to remove Izuku from his person and waits till they land on a building before getting straight into lecturing the eager young man.


“Look kid, that was really reckless. Bang on the door for a little bit. Someone will come for you.” All Might explains as he starts towards the railing to take off once again to take the villain to the police station.


“Wait, I have a--”


“No, I can’t wait.” All Might declares, sounding clearly a little ticked off to Izuku.


“Please, I have to know.” Izuku pleads. “Just one question. Please sir.”


Izuku looks at the ground as he explains, hoping his idol will at least hear him out before he leaves. “Ever since I was little, I’ve always wanted to be a hero. Saving people with a smile, it’s my dream to save those who need it most. Those who are forgotten. Those who think they shouldn’t be saved. But I am kid without any real powers. I just want to know if I could ever hope to be someone like you!”


Izuku looks back up to his idol to find a scarily thin skeleton looking man, freaking him a little out. “All Might?! Oh my god, are you okay?!”


All Might coughs, bringing up a bit of blood. Izuku immediately rips his backpack off and takes out his emergency first aid kit that he always carries with him ever since the start of middle school when things got more intense. Izuku hurries over with it, hoping it will help and that it’s not as serious as it looks. “All Might, where were you injured?! I can help fix it until we can get you to a hospital!”


“Slow down young man.” All Might says with his hands in a surrender position. “I’m injured yes, but it’s an old injury.”


Izuku stops his pursuit, looking quizzically at him. All Might sighs and gets straight to explaining by lifting his shirt, revealing a terrible patchwork reminiscent of an old injury that causes Izuku to wince. “Doesn’t look pretty, does it? I got this beauty fighting a villain about five years ago.”


“Five years ago?” Izuku asks skeptically. “But there’s no way Toxic Chainsaw did that, right? I watched that fight and…”


“I’m surprised that you remembered that.” All Might chuckles slightly at the obvious fanboy standing before him. “But no, this was a different villain that I fought to keep under wraps from the public. I lost my stomach and a lung from it.”


“Oh.” Izuku says, feeling a little small at the grim prognosis. “I’m sorry.”


“Young man, this is the price I pay to make sure people are safe. There’s nothing to be sorry for.” All Might notes with a solemn look. “You said you were quirkless right?”


A foreboding shift in Izuku makes him start to feel a familiar feeling of sadness. But he doesn’t want to lie to his idol. So, an indirect will do for now. “I might as well be.”


All Might sighs. “I’m sorry young man. Even with a quirk like mine, I was still vulnerable to the likes of a villain. So no, I don’t think you could be a hero without a quirk. It’s simply too dangerous.”


“I-I s-see.” Izuku’s face doesn’t shift in the slightest, not wanting to cry in front of the number one hero.


“If you want to help people, you can still help in different ways.” All Might offers as the alternative. “You could be a police officer or even a doctor. I know this is probably hard to hear, but you need to have a realistic dream that’s actually obtainable for you.”


“Yeah.” Izuku somehow chokes out without giving any indication to his inner misery by looking back at the ground.


“Young man, I have to go take this villain to the police station now. Please don’t tell your friends or posting about my injury online. It could put me and others in danger if you did.”


Izuku’s head shoots back. “Of course I won’t!”


After a moment of silent deliberation as All Might starts his walk towards the stairs, Izuku decides to add his thanks. “I’m extremely sorry for disturbing your work. Thank you for being honest with me.”


“Have a good day young man.” All Might enters the stairwell, leaving Izuku to his inner demons.


The tears descend with fury when the door snaps close.


They were all right. I am delusional, aren’t I? I’m really worthless.


Izuku sniffs as he goes back to where his backpack laid with the first aid kit in hand, despite his shaking. Izuku grabs his pen and notebook out of his bag when he returns his first aid kit back into its proper slot. There is only one thing on his mind as he writes into his notebook for what he hopes is the last time if there’s a god that wants to be merciful today.


I’m sorry I couldn’t be a hero the world needs. I just hope it works this time, so I don’t have to do it again.


Looking over the city, Izuku decides to wait to let his tears drop until they want to stop. Suddenly, an explosion in the city diverts Izuku’s attention before he realizes it came from the same direction they flew. Izuku’s blood turns to ice when he remembers not seeing the bottle in All Might’s pocket when they both landed. Putting the two together, Izuku stuffs his notebook back into his bag and runs towards the scene hoping his foolishness didn’t cause someone innocent to die.


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“Everyone! Stay back!” Backdraft exclaims as he fights some of the fires caused by the villain's erratic movement.


“No one can get close! Our quirks aren’t compatible!” Death Arms shouts. “We need to wait for a hero with a more compatible quirk to engage!”


Izuku’s breath hitches as he sees the familiar green sludge over the crowd as he runs towards the cluster of civilians.


 This is all of my fault. I did this.


Izuku moves closer into the crowd to get a better look at who might be potentially trapped in the monster. The second Izuku sees red eyes staring back at him, begging for help, he shoots forward just as the feeling of death washes over him.


“Kid! What are you doing?!” A hero shouts at him when Izuku jumps straight over the water barrier with a simple flip.


Not stopping for a moment, Izuku sprints towards his trapped childhood friend as another wave of death comes over him.


I can’t let him die. I can’t let anyone die. This is all my fault. I refuse to let anyone die!


Seeing a broken pipe on the ground, Izuku quickly picks it up on his way towards the villain. Once close enough to the villain after dodging multiple explosions, Izuku throws his bookbag towards the villain’s eyes hitting them true, causing Bakugo to be able to breathe once again.


Please work!


“Hey DIY slime boy! You miss me?!” Izuku sasses to keep the villain focused on him instead of trying to suffocate his childhood friend.


“Deku, you bastard! What the fuck are you doing here?!” Bakugo screams at Izuku as he drives the pipe into the sludge behind him.


As he struggles to pry him out, Izuku screams back his reply. “I couldn’t just stand there and watch you die!”


“You little fucker!” The villain rages with a howl of pain from his eyes being poked out basically by his backpack. “I’ll kill you for that you fucking little shit!”


The sludge villain raises his arm to fend Izuku off, but it causes Bakugo to slip out of his hold, making him tumble to the ground. Wasting no time, Izuku grabs his friend and throws him behind him before he can do anything for himself. Bracing for the hit knowing he’ll unfortunately be fine anyway, Izuku raises his hands in a defensive stance to protect Bakugo. The hit never comes, making Izuku open his eyes once again to see what happened.


“You know, I’m pretty pathetic.” All Might booms beside him. “A hero never back downs, regardless of the risks.” With a raised arm, he throws his punch forward to blast villain away. Izuku braces for the wind pressure, protecting his friend behind him as it knocks him down to his knees. Izuku stares up in awe as the clouds darken above, causing rain to start drizzling.


Tears of relief trail down Izuku’s face, hidden by the rain coming down. Everyone is okay.



“Kid, you shouldn’t have run out there alone!” Backdraft scolds Izuku with anger. “I’m glad you didn’t use your quirk back there, but you could have been seriously injured. You could be a great hero, but you can’t just run into situations like that right now.”


Izuku flinches at the mention of having a quirk as it really doesn’t matter to him anymore. “I’m sorry sir, but I don’t--”


“Deku doesn’t fucking have a quirk.” Bakugo scoffs after hearing the offhand comment for him. Izuku’s gaze drops to the ground after giving a simple nod despite it not really being the truth, already knowing exactly what will come out of the heroes’ mouths after hearing that.


“Are you serious?!” Death Arms yells in surprise. “Are you suicidal kid?! You could have died back there!”


“Even if I was, you really think anyone would care about another dead quirkless kid anyway?! No one would even miss me if I kicked it back there! At least I didn’t stand by like all of you and watch him slowly die because you didn’t have the right quirk! I may have made things worse, but at least I tried to do something!” Izuku sasses, not realizing the camera was still rolling from the reporters near him. “You didn’t do anything but stand back to keep people away and watch the show! He could have died if he didn’t breathe soon regardless of a quirk! So why didn’t you help him with at least that?!”


The second Izuku regains his panicked breathes, he looks over the heroes’ faces to search for something. Anything that would make him feel better about what happened. But only disappoint stares back at him as tears start to drench his face as he doesn’t see anything like regret in their eyes. “Why don’t any of you care?”


Izuku doesn’t wait for an answer as he dashes away, leaving a bad taste in his mouth as the heroes just gape at him like he kicked a puppy. Izuku makes his way home as fast as he can, never bringing his gaze off the ground once since the lecture.


I guess I should get back to giving up. Izuku notes depressingly as he starts to slow down his dead sprint away from the scene so they couldn’t catch up with him. Not like they would spend any of their precious time to even go after him anyway even though he was basically shouting how bad off he was. Screaming for help, but like normal, nobody came.


Pulling out his notebook, he turns to his page. Tears form in his eyes looking over the desperate scratches of his writing. Drying his tears with his sleeves, he returns his notebook into his backpack before continuing his slow journey home. Mindless thoughts crowd his mind as he trudges along.




The booming voice of Bakugo breaks Izuku out of his dark tangent, making him turn behind him.


Oh great. Guess I should accept a beating before trying to kick it for the millionth time.


“I’m sorry--”


“Shut the fuck up Deku.” Bakugo growls, cutting off Izuku’s attempt to accept his punishment. “I didn’t fucking need you there. I had everything under control. A few more seconds and I would’ve blasted the bastard away myself. You did absolutely nothing to help!”


“You’re right.” Izuku admits, still looking at the ground. “I did nothing but make everything worse. I always do.”


“The fuck is wrong with you today?!” Bakugo growls with malice after a long moment of silence, finally really noticing Izuku’s weird behavior. “You look fucking dead.”


Izuku laughs, but no smile ever reaches his face. Looking up, Izuku delivers his response in monotone with a blank look on his face. “Yeah, I feel like it. Just like a corpse.”


A long moment of silence stretches between them before Izuku decides to end the awkwardness early. “See you tomorrow.” Izuku lies before turning around to continue home to avoid a possible beating. He may want to die, but he’s not a masochist.


Bakugo doesn’t seem to protest as Izuku continues on his way, turning around a corner. Looking over his shoulder, Izuku checks to make sure he isn’t being followed by him anymore after a few minutes of walking. As he turns back around, Izuku is ambushed by a speeding All Might.


“All Might? What are you doing here?” Izuku asks in surprise, leaving behind his melancholy.


“Hello again young ma--” All Might sputters as his forms drops back to the skeletal one. After a cough, he continues. “Sorry about that. Anyway, I wanted to talk to you, but I had to fend off the media first.”


Seeing where this might be headed, Izuku tries to cut away the pity at the source. “All Might, stop. You were right. You don’t have to pity me like this.”


I’m not worth it…


“Young man.” All Might asserts with confidence. “I was completely blinded by my own pain that I failed to see the raw potential in you. This is not pity. While you jumped out to save that boy, everyone around you hesitated. You, someone without any power, did more than any of the heroes there. Even myself. I just came in time for clean-up duty.”


“All Might, please…” Izuku whines, trying to not get attached to the shred of hope starting to bud in his chest that his dreams aren’t for naught.


“What is your name young man?” All Might asks, disregarding Izuku’s pleas.


“Midoriya Izuku sir.” Izuku replies quickly, hoping the conversation will be over soon so he can deal with his grief in peace.


“Young Midoriya, you too can become a hero.” All Might declares with absolute sincerity that brings Izuku’s hope for the future flooding forward once again. Tears drip down his face as the sensation of the words he always desired to hear from anyone at all rolls around in his mind.


“I..I..” Izuku can’t contain the warm feeling swirling around inside him. “I don’t know what to say All Might. No one has ever told me that.”


With a smile, All Might enacts his plan into motion. “My power is yours to inherit.”




All Might laughs heartily at Izuku’s reaction. “My quirk silly. I wasn’t born with my quirk. It was given to me as a sacred torch that grows larger with each transfer to the next person who is deemed as worthy.”


“Passing on someone’s quirk?” Izuku mumbles, starting a mini rant. “There no recorded record of such a quirk. Inherently, they are passed from parent to child and they grow stronger with every generation. But to just straight up give someone quirk like exchanging a gift doesn’t make any sense--”


“Slow down there, cowboy.” All Might cuts into Izuku’s mumble fest to explain. “My quirk indeed can be given to another person. The name of my quirk is One for All. I have been searching for a successor to pass the quirk on for the next generation to step up to the stage. Young Midoriya, I deem you worthy to inherit this power, but the choice is still yours. Do you accept?”


Without any hesitation, Izuku gives his answer with high hopes swelling in his chest and the fact that he actually gave him a choice to have a quirk for the first time in his life. “Yes! Of course All Might.”


“Knew you were such a go getter.” All Might chuckles to himself as if there was an inside joke or something. “Well, I don’t want to keep you too long from your parents. They must be really worried about you given how late in the day it is now. Let me give you my number and I will give you more details tomorrow.”


Izuku nods reluctantly at the mention of his parents but gives him his phone with gusto. After everything is set, All Might sends his farewells and Izuku continues on his way home with a slight pep in his step.


Maybe today will have another big surprise waiting for me at home. Izuku hopes with an intense amount of longing.

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“Mom, I’m home!” Izuku declares with a renewed bout of enthusiasm that quickly ends when he sees no shoes at the front.


With a sad sigh, Izuku notices an envelope on the ground that he recognizes instantly as he removes his shoes. Picking it up, Izuku moves to the kitchen to get dinner started. As always, his letter to his mother is still unopened on the kitchen table. Izuku deposits the envelope containing money for rent and other necessities on the counter as he prepares for dinner. Izuku doesn’t really know who sends the money though he’s always stuck to it being his mother, but Izuku can’t complain where he gets help from at this point.


Beggars can’t be choosers…


Preparing the curry dish in the silence, Izuku decides to grab his headphones from his room to relieve the awkwardness. Humming along to an English pop song, Izuku works his magic on the curry. When it’s done, Izuku sits at the table, giving his thanks for the food before he dives in. Halfway through, a text pings his phone through his headphones that prompts him to grab it out of his pocket.


All Might:

Hi Young Midoriya,

I know this is late, but I would like to meet you at Dagobah Municipal Beach at 5:00 tomorrow morning. I will explain in more detail in person. Have a good night.



Sounds good. See you then! :D


Izuku quickly researches more about the beach on GMaps and finds it is only a five-minute run away from the apartment. Satisfied, Izuku continues his dinner in silence with only his headphones to keep him company. As soon as he is done, he packages up the extra for lunch tomorrow and heads to bed to get to sleep as soon as possible so he isn’t late to meet up with All Might. With a smile, Izuku relaxes under his covers until his consciousness fades away blissfully.



The second Izuku’s alarm went off, he jumped out of bed, practically rushing himself to get to the beach as soon as he could. He sprints to the beach as a substitute for not being able to run yesterday after he changes into some of his workout clothes. When he arrives, Izuku gazes out on the horizon that is filled with garbage.


Wow, that’s a crazy view, huh? Izuku notes, staring at the points where the trash meets the sand and the sand meets the waves in awe.


“What a view, huh?”


Izuku whirls around in surprise to the elderly sounding voice and finds a strange older man standing a few paces behind him on the sidewalk. Izuku nods in agreement. “Yeah, it is.”


The elderly man smiles. “I remember when the beach didn’t have a speck of trash like it was yesterday. My mother would take myself and my siblings here to swim during the summer. What a long time ago that was.”


Izuku turns his attention back towards the sea. “I bet it used to be gorgeous.”


“Still is kiddo.” The man asserts with confidence. “A word of advice. There are always constants in the world, but even those change with time. Don’t ever be afraid to take a chance to be one of those changes.”


Izuku turns back to face the man, but finds he has already started walking away, most likely to head back home from completing his morning walk.


What a strange man, but I guess he has a point.


Izuku decides to hang his legs off the side of the wall above the mountains of trash crowding the beach as he waits for All Might to show up. A good thirty minutes or so pass him by as he surrounds himself in the sounds of the waves crashing against the sandy shore.


Snapping out of his daze, Izuku looks down at his phone. The time 5:23 AM stares him back in the face. Anxiety attacks Izuku as he realizes that yesterday must have been a wild hallucination after having a bad episode.


Before he decides to leave, Izuku gives one more look at the sad beach and the old man’s words come flooding back to him.


Making a silent deliberation, Izuku jumps down towards the sand from the ledge and starts inspecting some of the trash. Izuku finds a large red wagon that seems to be in mint condition, probably dumped relatively recently. With a sigh, Izuku drags it out with ease and starts loading some of the trash onto it.


The trash scrapes at his hands, leaving them bleeding and raw, but Izuku persists his seemingly impossible crusade as the pain never bothered him anyway.


Even if nothing comes of this, at least maybe I could make one person happy.


A buzz from his pocket breaks Izuku’s concentration, causing him to drop the item he was trying to pry out of the stack on his wrist, making him wince in pain for a short second. The pain is tolerable, so Izuku just shakes it off and places the item in the wagon before addressing his phone.


All Might:

Look up.


Eyes wide, Izuku looks up to a waving deflated All Might. With a renewed energy, Izuku boulders straight up the sea wall to meet him.


“Wow, slow down kid. You could have easily taken the stairs.” All Might chuckles at Izuku’s spunk. Adopting a more serious tone, All Might addresses the elephant in the room. “Sorry for being so late Young Midoriya. I had a few people who needed saving on my way here and the time just got right past me.”


“Oh, it’s fine All Might.” Izuku says to not worry his idol since he’s relieved yesterday actually did happen. “Um, well I don’t really know why we are here, but I do have a request to ask of you before we get started or something.”


All Might looks quizzically at Izuku before trying to see what his successor is talking about. “What can I help with my boy?”


Izuku fidgets for a minute before giving his reply. “Well, I was hoping that I could try to clean up the beach in my spare time. I know it might be impossible to do, but I still want to try. I met an old man earlier who talked to me about his childhood and the time he spent here. I kinda wanted to help him see what he remembered for myself, so I’m sorry if my request seems a little selfish.”


All Might straight up started laughing happily, causing Izuku to look up at his idol with a strained puzzled look. “You really are ahead of the game even before I got here, aren’t you?”


“Sir?” Izuku asks, unsure what he means by that.


All Might clears his throat before continuing to explain his reasoning. “I had brought you here to actually clean up the beach as a part of your training to make you a proper vessel for my quirk as you aren’t quite ready for to inherit my power yet.”


“I thought you said I was worthy?” Izuku whines in defeat, not sure what he already did wrong.


“Indeed, you are young man. More so now than I thought yesterday even.” All Might booms with confidence. “But my quirk has a harsh backlash that will literally send your limbs shooting straight off your body if you aren’t prepared for it. Thus, this is where the cleaning of the beach comes into play.”


“Oh, I see!” Izuku perks up after wincing at the violent description, finally seeing the reasoning. “So, this will be like an intense boot camp, right?”


“Correct. You are certainly a sharp one.” All Might grins. “Not only that, but you seem to have already got started without my instructions even guiding you.”


“Oh, well to be fair, it was the old man that I met that spurred me to start working on it.” Izuku mumbles as he blushes in embarrassment. “I actually thought you’d forgot or something, so I decided to just do it anyway. I felt like if I could make at least one person happy today, I would feel a little better about you ditching me. Sorry for doubting you.”


All Might simply shakes his head. “No need to apologize you bleeding heart. I was late, so the fault is all mine. Anyway, now that we have that out of the way, I have something to give you.”


All Might reaches into one of his pockets in his baggy pants and procures a stack of papers. “I have no doubt that you want to apply to UA, right?”


“Of course! It’s the best hero school in the area and you are an alumnus. It’s been my dream to attend UA since I was little!” Izuku accentuates excitedly before ranting. “I have ten months before the entrance exam, so I really need to get a move on. I technically have already been preparing for it with my own training and stuff, but I don’t think it will be anywhere close to whatever we will do.”


“Easy there, partner.” All Might tries to calm the easily excitable teenager before handing Izuku the papers he was holding onto. “This is my ‘American Dream Plan’ to get you whipped into shape just in time for the entrance exam. But this is not going to be a cake walk as it will be extremely tough and demanding.”


Izuku nods as he looks over the front page of the schedule, noting how basic the plan is in his honest opinion compared to his own schedule. Not trying to be rude, Izuku brightens up with a smile. “Wow, this is really extensive, but it seems doable as long as I stick to it.”


Giving him a moment to review the schedule, All Might chimes back in with an inquiry of his own. “Say Young Midoriya, I have couple questions for you that’s been on my mind.”


Izuku looks up from his deep thoughts on the content of the pages. “Yeah All Might?”


“I was wondering what type of training you’ve done. You did a skillful flip when you attempted to save your friend and just now you scaled the wall with relative ease.”


“Oh!” Izuku brightens up at his mentor’s observation as it’s not the dreaded question he thought he’d ask. “I took gymnastics and self-defense classes when I was younger. I also do my own endurance training with running, but other than that stuff, I really haven’t done much.”


“That’s pretty impressive.” All Might notes. “I have one more though.”


Izuku’s heart drops as he has idea of what he’s going to ask.


“You said you might as well be quirkless when we met. What did you mean by that?”


Izuku lies to not let anyone know about it. Not that they would believe him anyway. “I don’t know what my quirk is sir. No one could figure it out, so they deemed me quirkless even though they think it’s dormant or just not noticeable. It’s totally possible I just don’t have one, but I don’t know if I will ever know for certain. One doctor said I was completely quirkless and another told me it’s possible it’s a dormant quirk. I don’t really know who to believe honestly.”


All Might’s face drops. “I see. Not that that is a problem, I’m just sorry you don’t know. Well, I don’t want to keep you for too long now as you should have school today.”


“Ah!” Izuku whips out his phone as he panics a little at the time. “Sorry All Might! I’ve got to run, or I will be late. I will see you this afternoon then?”


“Yup, you really are a quick learner.”


All Might waves goodbye as Izuku starts his brisk jog back in the direction to his apartment to get ready for school.



Izuku barely makes it to his class before the bell rings for homeroom. With bandages on his hands covering up past his wrists because of that morning, Izuku sits down in his desk for class to start in his seat. Out of the corner of his eye, Izuku sees Bakugo staring at him intensely, but he tries not to call him out on it or draw any attention to him doing so because yesterday really hurt him.


Taking notes in class become increasingly difficult as class moves along, but Izuku doesn’t despair too much as he is still able to write fast enough despite the cuts all over his hands. When lunch comes, Izuku tries to make his way out of the room to get away from the staring Bakugo has afforded him for much of the class period.


Just as he is leaving the room, Izuku is forcefully turned around to see red eyes meet his green. “What are--?”


“What the fuck happened to your hands?” Bakugo questions with his eyes narrowed in contemplation as he lifts Izuku’s sleeves to get a better look at his injured hands, obviously noting the blood that has already soaked through the bandages and needs changing.


Izuku panics a bit at the question and tries to cover it up by not being too specific with his lie. “Um, I just cut my hands on some broken glass. Sorry.”


“You are a shit liar Deku.” Bakugo growls angrily. “Tell me the fucking truth.”


“Ah! I think I hear Sensei calling my name.” Izuku deflects as he breaks out of Bakugo’s grip and rushes out of the room to go hide in the courtyard for lunch.


Thankfully, Bakugo doesn’t follow him, allowing the rest of the day to pass without any incident. Strangely, Bakugo doesn’t question him further or even confronts him at all after class ends for the day. Not wanting to question the current silent treatment he is being given, Izuku heads home to start his first official training with All Might.

Chapter Text

Ten grueling months fly by Izuku as he continues his training and cleaning up the beach. Izuku had mixed in his analysis of what the entrance exam would be. Robots again to Izuku’s dismay, but he already had a plan to deal with that in the form of his multi tool pocketknife that he was going to bring. He even got it registered as a support item and everything so he wouldn’t be accused of cheating or anything. He could have made some more stuff like from his vigilante days when he was a little rebel, but he didn’t think it was necessary. Plus, he didn’t want the judges saying he was cheating. Who’s going to get mad at a kid literally bringing a knife to a robot fight?


The sunrise was just starting as Izuku places the last piece of trash onto the moving truck to be hauled away. Wiping off the sweat on his brow, Izuku stands back towards the beach to view his hard work.


“It’s just like I remember.”


The familiar voice causes Izuku’s current exhaustion to drop away as he faces the elderly man from so many months ago. There are tears in his eyes, causing Izuku’s heart to swell in pride for helping him rekindle with something from his childhood. “Yeah, you were right. It is gorgeous.”


“Thank you, young man.” The elderly man replies after drying off his happy tears on his sleeve. “You are my hero.”


Izuku blushes really hard as no one has ever told him that before. “Oh, it was nothing, really!”


“Don’t sell yourself short. It’s an incredible feat.” The man nods before fishing into his pocket for something. “When I told my wife about you cleaning up the beach, she insisted I give you this when you finished. I hope it gives you luck to find the happiness in life that you deserve.”


The man opens his hand revealing a good luck charm made of beautiful strawberry conch shells with a small pink starfish on the end. Izuku accepts the gift with a happy gleam in his eyes. “Thank you. You didn’t have to.”


The elderly man laughs at Izuku’s humbleness. “Neither did you, but here we are.”


Izuku joins in on the laugh as the two of them watch as the sun fully rises above the horizon for the first time in a long while on clean white sand.



Thirty minutes after the old man had given his condolences, All Might finally arrived to see his progress as Izuku sits on the edge of the sea wall admiring the view.


“Oh, my goodness!” All Might exclaims in English, catching Izuku off guard as he turns to face him. “You really cleaned the entire thing, you overachiever.”


“Yeah I did.” Izuku grins with a stunning confidence. “Oh, All Might look!”


Izuku jumps up to greet him with the sight of the lucky charm the kind old man gave him a little earlier. “I saw the old man again. He gave me this as his thanks for cleaning up the beach. He was really happy about it. I’m really glad I could see his smile.”


All Might gives him a beaming smile at the sight of the charm. “Make sure to treasure it. Gifts like those come in few numbers believe it or not.”


Izuku nods enthusiastically. “I will.”


“Let’s take a quick walk on the beach.” All Might directs as he heads for the stairs. Izuku simply jumps off the sea wall and joins him at the bottom of the stairwell as the head onto the beach. “In these few short months, you really have grown a lot Young Midoriya.”


Izuku nods in agreement as they walk, noting that he hasn’t once had any of his episodes since starting the training. In fact, Izuku had made a pact with himself he wouldn’t do it anymore. “I agree. These past couple months have honestly been the best.”


All Might stops their walk to face Izuku more directly. “No matter where we go from here after today, remember this moment as your beginning to your bright future. This, Young Midoriya, is your origin. Never forget it.”


“I won’t.” Izuku declares with pride swelling in his chest.


All Might plucks out a hair from his head. “We should give you your graduation present now. Eat this!”




All Might laughs sheepishly. “In order to transfer my quirk, you have to take in some of my DNA. Now down the hatch.”


Oh my god, I’m going to get sick from this… Wonder if you can die from eating hair? Well, only one way to find out!


After a few moments of struggling, Izuku finally downs the hair, making him feel really queasy at the bizarre interaction. “Bleh, that was really horrifying. My life flashed before my eyes.”


All Might chuckles at Izuku’s reaction. “I said the same thing you know.”


“I don’t really feel any different though…” Izuku points out, feeling like it didn’t actually work.


“Don’t worry. It takes a couple hours for your stomach to digest it before it will take effect.” All Might explains diligently. “I regret not having enough time for you to take it for a test drive, but we did the best we could given the time frame. In fact, you exceeded my expectations. I must warn you though that the backlash of my quirk is pretty harsh. Your body was made in a hurry, so it will not be so easy to control at first.”


“I-I see.” Izuku files that away for future Izuku to deal with. “Um, so how do I use it? I’ve never used it before, so…”


“Yes, of course.” All Might interjects. “To use One for All, you need to clench your butt checks and yell this from the bottom of your heart. Smash!”


Oh my All Might, you can’t be serious…


“Um…okay?” Izuku questions, not sure if that really helps him at all since it’s so vague.


“You’ll see when it kicks in.” All Might assures Izuku with a warm smile. “Anyway, you should head back to get ready for the entrance exam. Good luck Young Midoriya. I’m rooting for you my boy.”


Thanks dad.





With that, Izuku gives his goodbyes as he races home to get ready to take his first big step towards his future while hiding his increasing red face.

Chapter Text

The new addition to Izuku’s backpack sways in the wind as he practically skips to the entrance of his dream school. A familiar angry stare hits Izuku in the back, causing him to reluctantly face his childhood friend once again. For the past couple of months, Bakugo had been really quiet, not really causing anything except for his ever-present gaze. At first, he was super worried about him, but after a few times of Bakugo directly avoiding him every time he tried to approach him, he just let him be since he wasn’t coming after him anymore or sending jeering messages to him. Of course, that never stopped everyone else from that memo. Izuku had to jump out quite a few windows to avoid beatings that would have severely messed with his schedule if he was cornered. The bullies weren’t exactly happy about that at all as they have been pushing Izuku’s stealth capabilities to the max as they try to get him for avoiding them. Good thing he was already so used to running away.


“Deku.” Bakugo growls as he starts walking past him. “You should have fucking stayed home.”


Izuku just flashes his back with a winning smile. “Good luck!”


Only an audible grunt can be heard from his friend that suspiciously sounded like ‘I don’t need it’ before he speeds away towards the building. With a happy sigh, Izuku grips the straps of his backpack a little tighter before taking his first step to the rest of his life. At that moment, Izuku stumbles over a raised brick, making him start to feel gravity catching up with him.


Or I’ll just die right here—


“Huh?” Izuku stares down at the ground as it has stopped moving. Looking to side, he sees a girl with short brown hair wearing a warm smile looking at him. Putting two and two together, Izuku smiles sweetly at the kind stranger.


“Sorry about that!” The girl moves Izuku back to an upright position before bringing her hands together, causing Izuku to once again feel gravity. “I would have asked to use my quirk on you, but it would’ve been bad luck if you tripped. I hope you don’t mind or anything.”


Izuku just nods, stunned the girl is even electing to speak to him without reservations that he didn’t even flinch when she touched him.  


“Well, see you inside. Good luck!” The girl waves as she continues her walk to the entrance of the test building.


Oh my god I just talked to someone my own age without them hating me! Izuku internally screams in joy. UA is amazing!


With a pep in his step, Izuku enters the building to take the written portion of the exam.



Three grueling hours and a pleasant outdoor lunch later, Izuku returns to the orientation building for the practical portion of exam. Reluctantly, Izuku sits next to Bakugo as it’s his assigned seat in the large auditorium for orientation. Sneaking a quick glance at his childhood friend’s battle location card, Izuku breathes an internal sigh of relief that they are at two completely different test sites.


Maybe Kami doesn’t hate me completely…


Before Izuku can do much of anything else to mentally prepare himself for the trial ahead, Present Mic appears on stage in dramatic fashion, causing Izuku to fanboy incessantly out loud in a mumbled rant.








Izuku is about to shout out his support to his favorite radio show host as he’s basically his spirit animal, but ultimately stops in his tracks when no one seems to want to join in for the second time. Instead, Izuku looks down at the paper that is handed to him by the person next to him for more information on the exam. Robots were a given, but details are important.


“Let’s get this show on the road then!” Present Mic shouts, bringing Izuku’s attention back to the stage. Izuku listens as he drones on about the parameters of the exam, going over the point system that brings his focus back on the paper that shows four robots instead of three, leading him to one conclusion.


“The fourth robot must be an obstacle then.” Izuku mumbles. “He’s probably worth--”


“Tester 7111. What’s your question, listener?” Present Mic breaks Izuku’s rant to see a standing blue haired boy with glasses.


“You have described that there are three robots in this exam, but on the paper you have procured for us, it shows four. If this is a mistake, this shows poorly on UA’s prestige as a top institution. Also, you with the curly hair!”


The blue hair boy points straight at Izuku, making him shrink in on himself at the attention being drawn to him. “You have been mumbling the entire time. If you can’t take this seriously, you should leave. You are distracting those of us who are taking this seriously.”


Izuku gives a slight whimpering sound at being called out as he didn’t realize he was mumbling, but just tries to ignore all of the attention that is directed to him now with the not so subtle snickers directed his way.


“Nice observation listener!” Present Mic praises, diverting everyone’s attention back to the presentation. “The fourth robot is worth zero points. It’s an obstacle you should avoid at all costs as there is no merit to engage it.”


The blue hair boy bows formally at Present Mic’s explanation before taking his seat once again. “Thank you very much for your clarification.”


The rest of the explanation just goes over Izuku’s head as he tries not to cry from embarrassment by being called out in such a huge auditorium. The journey over to his testing site is quick, but Izuku’s nerves are making him quake in anticipation for what is next to come. Taking a deep breath to calm himself, Izuku looks over his fellow competitors standing with him.


Ah, it’s the nice girl. Izuku realizes when he sees the familiar brown hair peeking out from the crowd. I should really go over and thank her for—


“What are you doing?” The blue haired boy halted Izuku’s journey over to the girl with a hand on his shoulder, making him flinch out of reflex.


“I-I j-ust w-wanted to…” Izuku stutters out while trying to maintain his composure, still rattled by the foreign hand on his shoulder.


“You were going to distract that girl, weren’t you?” The blue haired boy’s eyes accuse Izuku in frustration. “Can’t you see she is trying to concentrate for the trial ahead?”


“I-I’m s-sorry, but c-could y-you p-please…” Izuku stammers, his breaths starting to wrack his body in panic since the stranger’s hand is still on his shoulder.


“And begin!” Present Mic booms over the intercom, giving Izuku the perfect excuse to dart away from the boy towards the mock city. Letting his panic fuel his legs, Izuku begins to sprint away from the awkward encounter, now alert to any enemies that may be lurking around him for points while his peers stare awkwardly up at their proctor.


Breathe Izuku. Izuku instructs himself to calm his nerves as he runs. Everything is fine. Just focus.


Izuku pulls the pocketknife out of his pocket as he switches it to a screwdriver. It doesn’t take long for Izuku to spot a simple one pointer. Dodging between its swipes, Izuku scans the robot for the security panel he may or may not have hacked UA servers to learn about so he can deactivate it. It’s not his fault there’s literally nothing in the rules for the exam never said you couldn’t unlike the written exam. Plus, the server was separate from the other stuff on campus suspiciously, almost like it was supposed to be exploited by the examinees. It never said where they were located of course, but it sure was detailed in what the wires did. Like hell he won’t abuse the crap out of that.  


Izuku finally spots it right behind the base of the neck, making him grin as he rolls underneath the robot when it comes after him again with a left hook. Jumping up, Izuku straddles the neck of the machine as he undoes the panel. Ripping out the right wires, Izuku jumps off right as the robot starts combusting.


Alright! Izuku cheers as he rushes to find the next robot. Let’s get this party started!

Chapter Text

“That explosive kid is going pretty hard, isn’t he?” Midnight admits with a mischievous look on her face as Bakugo soars from opponent to opponent. “My bet is that he’s going to take the top spot.”


“He seems like he has a temper though…” Shouta grumbles looking over his profile on his personal portable screen for the test. “You saw how he was screaming at the other candidates before the exam even started even though they were asking for it. We’d have to work on that.”


“I wouldn’t be so sure.” Nedzu notes as he sets down his tea as a green blur catches the mammal’s gleaming eyes on the main screen. “That green haired child is currently going at the same pace as that boy. It’s rather impressive considering what he’s doing. Even more interesting is the fact that he knew the wire placements. It's been a rather long time since someone has actually gotten a chance for my espionage points, though I doubt he needs them.”


All of the teachers move their attention to the screen with the green haired participant who is expertly dodging and rolling as he gets close to straddle the robots on the back of the neck to open the panel to tear out the correct wires, effectively blowing up the robots.


“What is his quirk?” Cementoss asks gingerly. “Does he have a mental quirk or something?”


Nedzu pulls up the student profile for Midoriya Izuku on screen for all of the teachers to read along with his current score of 57 villain points and 10 espionage points, just then updated by the gleeful Nedzu of course. After a moment of pause, the room erupts into confusion.


“Wait, so he has a strength augment quirk?” Hound Dog asks in confusion. “Why isn’t he using it? He would be able to destroy the robots much faster that way.”


“Is he doing this as a joke?” Shouta narrows his eyes in contemplation as Izuku bounces around the area. “Or is there something wrong that made him have to find a work around? Either way, he's going to be such a problem child.”


“You can have him Eraser.” Vlad King announces automatically after sparing a glance at the maniac look in their boss’s eyes. “I’m not touching that kid.”


Nedzu sips his tea loudly before he cackles happily, giving All Might a knowing side glance that makes him stiffen a bit. “I guess we should see what happens when we bring out the big guns.”



Izuku is panting pretty hard after he barely made it off scoff free from the last three pointer he blew up. Catching his breath, Izuku turns towards the main street area to find more robots as his corner alley is out of fresh targets.


Just as he enters the street, Izuku feels the familiar sense of death, that makes him tackle an unsuspecting student out of the way of a robot with a piece of its arm sharpened to a point from another participant who tried to take it down and failed. Once safely out of harm’s way, Izuku helps the blond kid up to his feet so they can continue their test. “Sorry, are you okay?”


“Never better! Thanks for the assist mon amie~” The flamboyant boy purrs as he blasts the robot in question away with a laser blast. Izuku simply nods as he returns to his original objective.


A buzzer rings out in the metropolis for a two-minute warning, making Izuku flinch violently to its harshness. Out of nowhere, a huge robot appears to Izuku’s left, making him stare up at it in awe, leaving behind his previous train of thought.


Jesus Christ, are they trying to kill us? Isn’t that a little too big?


Shaking his head to clear it, Izuku turns to the right to avoid the monstrosity until the familiar feeling of death washes over him, making him instantly start sprinting towards the robot, knowing someone could be dying soon if he’s not quick enough to save them.


Please, let me make it in time!


As contestants rush past him, the smoke has started to clear, making the person making his quirk go off visible to him. It’s the nice person!


The second Izuku sees her struggle to get free, his anger flares as he goes through situations to fix the problem in front of him. Looking up, Izuku knows there is no way stop the robot unless he uses the quirk All Might gave him. With nothing to lose, Izuku jumps doing what All Might told him to do, hoping it works.

Chapter Text

Izuku has no regrets. You know what?! I have one regret. Fuck this hurts!


Izuku knows his legs are broken and his arm is too. But damn was it worth it. The raw power was exhilarating. Felt amazing until the point Izuku felt gravity come back and his nerves decided now was a good time to become active to tell him all about how bad he fucked up.


Izuku looks down at the rapidly approaching ground and a terrifying thought comes through his mind as he sends himself into a panic attack.


Oh my god, they are going to find out about my quirk. All Might is literally going to kill me! Shit! Shit! Shit—


A slap to Izuku’s face sends him out of his panic as he realizes he’s floating. After the panic is over, Izuku calls foul.


Fuck you too God. Moody ass prick. At least take me out to dinner first.


After a sigh, Izuku feels gravity hit him again as hits the ground, making him groan in both pain and annoyance. Looking over to the nice girl, he tries to crawl over to her with his one working hand dragging himself along. “H-hey, a-are y-you o-okay?”


She looks up with the sickest look on her face before concern hits her face. “Oh my god! What the heck happened to you?!”


Izuku chuckles to make light of his raging pain to make himself not stutter like the hot mess he is right now. “You should’ve seen the other guy.”


She giggles at Izuku’s joke, making him join in on the laugh. After a moment of allowing their giggles to subside, Izuku realizes that he dropped something important in his rush to save her.


Looking out to the crowd of people staring at him like he’s a madman, he tries to get their help. “Hey, uh, can someone do me a solid and find my pocketknife? It’s white with a pattern carved in it. It’s kinda important to me and I dropped it while dealing with ScrapMetal McGee over there. I would do it myself, but my bones are mush.”


To Izuku’s genuine surprise and delight, the group around the two of them actually helps him out. The blue haired boy is actually the one who finds it, placing it in front of Izuku as a peace offering. Izuku smiles brightly at its sight. “Thanks so much. I owe you.”


The boy bows his head. Before he can say anything like he seems like he wants to, he is shooed away by Recovery Girl who heads straight over to the two of them to heal them. “Please, heal her first. I think she may have hurt her ankle when the concrete fell on her.”


“Hush you.” Recovery Girl chastises but complies as she kisses the nice girl first. “You’re the one with the grievous wounds. I swear you are going to be such a problem if you get in.”


Izuku smirks with a victory sign with his uninjured hand. “Oh, you are going to hate me.”


Recovery Girl chuckles as she shuffles over to Izuku to heal him. “Now dear, you are probably going to pass out from this, so don’t worry. We will take you to the infirmary to rest up.”


Izuku nods reluctantly the pain recedes from her using her quirk to fix him up. Immediately, Izuku jumps up as he has been that exhausted before with terrible injuries and had to keep fighting through it. He instantly starts flexing his muscles to see if everything all good now. Thankfully nothing is amiss as he turns to the currently shocked heroine. “Thanks Recovery Girl. Gotta jet!”


Izuku grabs his pocketknife from the ground and he absolutely sprints away towards the exit as he knows he’s going to have a panic attack if he doesn’t get away fast enough, ignoring the protests from her to wait a moment. As he nears the end of the track, Izuku stares right at one of the cameras he saw from the beginning of the exam with an angry visage that he had been hiding since saving the blond kid. Frustrated as he loses a few tears, he signs the following message regardless of the consequences of being found out: “If I didn’t do anything, you’d have two dead kids on your hands right now.”



“Holy shit, what the hell kid!” Present Mic states in complete shock at the participant’s morbid message through the intercom connecting all of the proctors in the field.


“Zashi, what did he sign? I only know simple commands.” Shouta curiously asks seeing how distressed he is on screen.


“He said that if he didn’t do anything, there would be two dead kids on our hands right now.” Present Mic supplies with a grim look on his face. “Given how upset he is, I think he really thought they would die if he didn’t do anything.”


The teachers all look at the running kid whose angry and frustrated crying expression hasn’t dropped in the slightest as he speeds away from the test site in total shock, unable to understand why the participant came to that conclusion since they had multiple security measures to prevent that scenario from happening. It was just a simple test, no one was going to die.


What are you hiding Midoriya Izuku… Shouta contemplates as he runs the exam over and over in his head to figure out what piece of the puzzle he missed.

Chapter Text

The second Izuku gets home, his panic is in full swing as he starts hyperventilating. Gasping for air, Izuku hurries to the kitchen to grab a knife. It is only after a moment of it hovering over his heart that he realizes what he was about to do.


In shock, Izuku drops the knife and starts violently crying on the floor, curling himself in on himself.


I promised. I promised I wouldn’t do that anymore. I promised.


Izuku chants over and over in his head as he tries to cry out the frustration he feels about the exam.


A knock to the front door, makes Izuku blood run cold in shock as it breaks him out of his circular thinking. Clearing his face of his regret, he puts the knife back into its proper place as he goes to the door to see who is here. Looking through the door, Izuku sees his childhood friend looking pretty agitated standing outside.


Why is he here?


Taking a deep breath, Izuku opens the door to see what he wants. “Um, hi. What are you--”


“Damn you’re a mess, Deku.” Bakugo notes after taking in Izuku’s face that’s poking just outside the door.


Izuku wants to die inside to be seen like this as he gives his friend a really look. “If you came to make fun of me today, I’m not interested. You can wait till tomorrow like everyone else.”


Bakugo’s face snarls but to Izuku’s surprise it doesn’t really come out in his voice. “I wasn’t here for that dipshit.”


Izuku perks an eyebrow at that. “Then…?”


“Is Auntie here?” Bakugo whispers nervously, making Izuku panic a bit but it doesn’t transfer to his face.


“Uh, no, Mom’s not here right now.” Izuku states as if it's normal to not arouse suspicion.


“Okay.” Bakugo looks like he’s contemplating something before returning Izuku’s puzzled gaze. “Can I come inside? We need to talk.”


“Look, if this is about the test, I’m sorry for taking it, but I had to.” Izuku asserts with a hidden sad gaze that he almost let two people die, secretly happy he knows he passed and he’s going to be a hero.


Bakugo scowls more like a pout but ignores Izuku’s admission. “Deku, if you don’t let me in, that’s fine. I don’t care. I just wanted to say something that I’ve had on my mind for a while.”


Izuku looks at his childhood friend with intrigue, giving him room to continue. “I felt shitty about it ever since I’ve said it. I just wanted to say I didn’t mean it.”


Realizing what he’s talking about, Izuku simply nods as he knows Bakugo doesn’t do apologies nor does he want pity. The fact he came to do this shows how much he’s grown and it makes Izuku feel a little better about them. Maybe they can start being friends again. “Okay Kacchan.”


Bakugo eyes widen at the familiar nickname being said for the first time in months. Once he regains his emotions, he resumes his normal scowl. “Right. I’ll be going then.”


Izuku feels compelled to tell him the truth right then as his childhood friend is walking away but decides rather to drop the hint as it’s the safest option. “Kacchan, if I passed the exam, would you be mad at me?”


Bakugo hesitates from his escape from the apartment at the honest question. Looking at the ground, he gives his reply to Izuku’s question. “No.”


Izuku nods even though he knows he can’t see him behind him. “Thanks Kacchan. See you tomorrow.”


Izuku can barely hear a reply as his childhood friend stalks off, leaving Izuku feeling a little better about the situation. Closing the door, Izuku elects to have a movie night to distract himself and deal with things in the morning when he’s more coherent and less emotional.

Chapter Text

Going to school the next day was painful. Izuku felt so distraught about almost breaking his promise that he slugs through his classes. He knows he would’ve survived it no sweat, but he promised that he would never do that again, especially since All Might put so much trust in him. The fact he almost did it makes him feel like he betrayed him and all the time they spent together over those ten months. Putting it lightly, he’s ashamed he even went back to his old self-destructive habits.


Because of it, he avoids everyone, even Bakugo’s worried glances at him. It isn’t until Izuku is coming back from delivering papers to the teacher’s lounge that a group of people confront him from behind him, dragging him into the nearest bathroom in his daze. Trying not to panic, Izuku wipes his face of emotions and waits to find out what they want.


“How was the exam yesterday, Deku?” A boy asks that Izuku doesn’t really recognize off the top of his head. “We are honestly surprised you even survive the test. But who are we kidding, you just chickened out didn’t you?”


Izuku waits for an opening to leave the room, not answering the question. After hearing the all the shuffling in the room, he surmises there must be five people in the room, three in front of him that he can see and two behind.


“What do you want?” Izuku asserts, keeping his voice firm despite his anxiety so that he can leave in one piece.


The group snickers loudly as two of the people behind him, grab him suddenly before he can react properly, making Izuku struggle to get them off of him. “Let me go!”


“Nah, we just want to give you a post-exam reward.” One of them chuckles darkly, making Izuku’s blood run cold in terror as the feeling of death washes over him. “After all, you worked so hard right? You deserve it.”


Punch. Crack. Over and over again. Izuku is wheezing as he knows his ribs are badly broken, only being held up by those who are restraining him.


“Aww, would you look at that?” Another voice rings out in a sing-song way. “Do you really still think you can be a hero if you can't even fight back?”


“You’re pigs.” Izuku spits out some blood from his mouth, not bothering to answer the question as he knows they will actually kill him if he says he passed with flying colors, not even using his quirk for the villain points. Then everyone would know his quirk and they wouldn’t ever hold back again.


I need to fight back. I feel like I’m dying. Izuku shudders in fear as he plans what to do to get out of this. They can’t know. No one can.


“Oh, I have the best idea.” A voice chirps. Almost as if they are on the same wavelength, they all whip out their phones as they continue their laughter.


The one with dark hair chuckles dangerously as the death aura coming off of them flares. “Take off his pants. We’ll make his quirkless ass useful for once. Make sure to squeal for us.”


Izuku’s fury runs red as he struggles to kick them away as they grab at his pants, starting to touch him harshly in a place he doesn’t want to think about.




The group suddenly stops their assault, looking almost as if they are in pain. Terror spreads across their faces and Izuku takes his chances as he kidney punches the two holding him. They grunt in pain as Izuku races out of the bathroom, barely staying awake in his pain.


Izuku only makes it a few steps out of the door when he stumbles into the wall. Wheezing harshly, Izuku struggles to keep walking towards the classroom, using the wall as a crutch. It doesn’t take long for the classmates to come barreling out of the bathroom yelling curses.


“What the fuck did you do, you worthless bastard?! You should have stood there and took it up the ass instead of running away!” One of the attacker’s roars as they pin Izuku to the ground. Pain shoots through Izuku chest like he got stabbed through a lung, making him groan in pain.


“Fuck you.” Izuku chokes out as blood runs down his mouth, struggling to stay aware. “Get off me.”


“What the fuck are you assholes doing?” Bakugo’s voice gives Izuku enough strength to gut check the person above him to get him off, but not enough to do much other than stagger to his feet.


Izuku looks up with blurry eyes at Bakugo and sees anger rolling off him in spades. “Stay away Kacchan, they’ll hurt you too.”


The rest of the group barrels out of the bathroom with furious looks on their faces. “You quirkless bastard! You should have just stood there and took it. You are only useful as our cum dumpster!”


Izuku finds enough strength to stand up and take a deep breath before punching the crap out of the person closest to him in the throat in anger, knocking the bastard straight on his ass. “And you are only useful as a punching bag!”


Out of any more strength to keep fighting, Izuku collapses, still wheezing in his pain. Izuku can hear fighting above him as his brain feels fuzzy, but all Izuku can do is slowly wait for death to claim him as he feels the familiar slip happening.


I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I promised. I--

Chapter Text

“One two three four. Breathe god damn it.”


A breath of air comes into Izuku on his own finally as he feels rhythmic presses to his chest cease. Izuku spurts as he hacks, the air filling his lungs harshly like they are on fire. Opening his eyes, he sees his childhood friend looking at him with panic.


“Deku! Shit, can you breathe?”


Izuku slightly nods as he takes in more controlled breaths of air for a minute as his friend looks at him frantically.


“Kacchan, you need to get out of here. They’ll hurt you too.” Izuku finally croaks out.


Bakugo scoffs angrily. “Shut up Deku. Those bastards got what was coming to them. What the fuck happened?”


Izuku averts his eyes. “I’m fine Kacchan. You don’t have--”


“The fuck you are Deku! You weren’t even breathing just now!” Bakugo yells in Izuku’s face, making him flinch at the intensity. “I’ll repeat it since you are such an insufferable bastard. What the fuck did they do to you?”


“Why do you care?” Izuku loses a tear but no more as he keeps his gaze away. “They just wanted to beat me up. What’s new.”


Bakugo looks livid at his lie. “I heard what they said. What. Did. They. Do.”


Izuku flinches but gives the answer as he tries to sit up. “They cornered me and dragged me into the bathroom. They held me back as they took turns to beat me up while I struggled to get away. Then, they tried to take my pants off. I fought back and got away for a moment before they could do anything. You know the rest.”


“Fuck.” Bakugo gets up and paces for a bit as Izuku catches his breath. “We need to get you to the hospital. They literally beat you to death.”


“No!” Izuku yells back scared of being found out with his parent situation, making Bakugo stop his pacing in shock. “Um, I mean…”


“Shut up Deku. You aren’t getting out of this.” Bakugo already has his phone out, obviously to call an ambulance.


“They will get me in trouble since I fought back. I can’t have a black mark on my record.” Izuku bites down his shame as he tries once again since Bakugo just looks at him like he’s an idiot, pulling out the Auntie card. “Please don’t. Mom would kill me if I had to go to the hospital. I have a first aid kit in my backpack. I can fix myself up. Please Kacchan. I can’t make her worry.”


Bakugo huffs, but seemingly relents to Izuku's relief. “Fucking fine. But I’m taking you home with me to get you cleaned up. Can you walk?”


Izuku silently thanks him for his unorthodox help. He struggles for a minute, but he can stand. “Uh, yeah. Just a little woozy I think.”


Looking around him, he doesn’t see the people who attacked him, prompting him to ask his childhood friend for answers. “Um Kacchan?”


Bakugo growls as the two walk down the hallway towards their classroom. “What?”


“What happened to them?”


“If they know what’s good for them, home with their tails between their legs.” Bakugo chuckles amused. “Damn nerd, you sure glocked that one asshole really good. Knocked the shit out of him so bad they had to drag him away. I’m impressed.”


“They deserve worse.” Izuku burns with a disgusted look now that he has let what happened settle in his mind, making Bakugo flinch for a moment and Izuku feel really guilty. “Sorry. You aren’t going to get in trouble, right? You worked really hard to get into UA and I can’t let you--”


“Just shut up Deku. If those assholes say anything, they’ll be dealing with a whole world of trouble.” Bakugo shoots back curtly to Izuku’s surprise.


The rest of the walk to the classroom is silent. Izuku pads his ribs to feel if they are still broken since they don't feel as bad before he passed out and finds them totally fine.


Shit, I really died, didn’t I? Thank god I died from something internal, otherwise there would be hell to pay right now.


The second they are back in the classroom, Izuku hobbles over to his backpack to get his first aid kit out. Bakugo stands by the door, silently observing as Izuku fixes himself up. Once everything seems to be okay, Izuku puts on his backpack with a wince to join him at the door.


Keeping his eye-line down, Izuku tries to argue for his freedom. “Kacchan, you don’t have to take me home with you. I’ll be fine.”


“And let Auntie see you like this? Fat fucking chance.”


Izuku’s face contorts as he pleads his case. “Mom’s not home right now. Plus, if Auntie sees me, she’ll blab to her. I’ll be fine, not my first fight you know.”


His friend looks at him with a concerned yet bloodthirsty look on his face. “Deku, I’m only going to ask this once. Have those assholes done anything worse than what they did today?”


“No. Usually I can either get away or avoid them all together. I’m not defenseless, they just jumped me before I could do anything so today’s probably the worst by far.” Izuku averts his eyes as he lies convincingly. “My first aid kit isn’t exactly for show Kacchan. I don’t know why you suddenly care.”


Bakugo growls ignoring Izuku’s cheap shot, running his hand through his hair in frustration. “Why don’t you fucking fight back?”


Izuku looks at his friend as if he’s stupid before he realizes he’s completely serious, making him sigh. “You don’t know, do you?”


Bakugo narrows his eyes in confusion. “The fuck are you on about?”


“Kacchan, I literally can’t fight back, and everyone knows it.” Izuku averts his eyes. “And it’s not because of a quirk.”


Bakugo stops mentally as he looks him over since his serious shift. “What?”


Izuku zeros in on his face to explain when he sees he's totally serious about not knowing. “You seriously never noticed I always let them beat me up at least once a week on purpose? You’re smarter than that Kacchan. If I didn’t let them, they would actually try to kill me the next time they caught me. Trust me, I know from experience. I don’t fight back because I’m trying to survive in the long run and not get a black mark on my record for fighting because we both know I would be blamed for it. Then I’d never be able to get to be a hero.”


“Deku, why the fuck don’t you tell anyone?” Bakugo inquires as he starts to see Izuku’s point, already mentally kicking himself for never connecting the dots between how limp Izuku would get whenever someone messed with him and how frequent his injuries were.


Izuku laughs back in frustration with no filter given how hyped up he is. “You really think they are going to help the quirkless kid? I bet they’d let those jerks kill me before they would raise a finger to help. They’d probably give them a gift basket as a thank you too. Even if I figured out I had a quirk, you really think anyone would suddenly care enough to do anything to stop it? I’m just their punching bag.”


Bakugo looks up in surprise, almost in glee, just like a dog wagging its tail. “Wait, you have a quirk?”


Izuku’s face burns with embarrassment as tears prick at his eyes as he realizes what he said. “I want to go home.”


Izuku tries to bulldoze his way out of the classroom, but Bakugo holds him back by the shoulders. “Deku, do you have a quirk? Don’t lie to me.”


Izuku wants to say yes to him as he hasn’t seen Bakugo so happy since they were kids, but the questions that would string forth things he couldn’t answer. Instead, he goes for the petty way out by sobbing. “Please Kacchan, I just want to go home now. I can’t stand being here anymore. I can’t… I can’t…”


Seeing Izuku’s full on breakdown snuffs out Bakugo’s desire to know as Izuku actually starts hyperventilating outside of his will. Izuku curls in on himself as he hugs his knees on the floor, trying to breath normally again.


“It’s okay Deku.” Bakugo says as he tries to calm him down. “I should have been there faster.”


Izuku shakes his head slightly as he continues his silent wailing, unable to speak at this point in his panic finally catching up to him about what could have and what actually happened.


After a few minutes of trying to calm down, Izuku finally chokes out what he wanted to say. “S’not your fault. I knew they would try something; I was just being stupid. I shouldn’t have let my guard down.”


“Deku.” Bakugo solemnly notes. “I know you failed, but you can’t give up like this. I hate seeing you like this.”


Izuku decides to just rip this bandage off right here as if he doesn’t, he might get very mad at him later. “I didn’t.”


Bakugo stares at him wide eyed. “Deku, don’t fucking lie to yourself like--”


“I’m not!” Izuku affirms and looks him dead in the eye. “I got sixty-three points. I passed since the threshold is forty-five.”




Izuku takes his backpack off and shoves his pocketknife in his hands that still is scoffed from the explosions, even having a few green paint specks from the robots on it. “It’s not much, but I used it to take the panels off the back of the robots’ necks. Ripped out the wiring and they went boom.”


Bakugo grins like a maniac. “You crazy bastard. You never give up do you?”


Izuku smirks as he returns the knife back to his backpack. “Can’t help it. You know that.”


“When we get our letters, let’s go celebrate, okay?” Bakugo affirms with a smirk of his own. “Regardless of what they say.”


Izuku smiles gently as he nods, thinking maybe their friendship isn’t as gone as he thought. “Yeah. I’ve got the perfect place in mind.”

Chapter Text

“This is your hero academia!”


Izuku sniffles as he wipes his face with his sleeve.


I did it. I really did it. I’ve got to call Kacchan and tell him.


Izuku picks up his phone off his bed and dials his number, excited to share the good news with his friend to celebrate. While the last two weeks have been filled with nerve wracking anxiousness about the results, Izuku has been more at peace knowing he had someone finally in his corner at school and just the fact of having a friend again he could talk to about stuff, even though its mostly just been school related at that point. 


It takes a moment, but he finally hears his friend pick up the phone in excitement.


“Deku! I got in! I got 77 points!” Bakugo chirps back before Izuku can even give a greeting. "Those shitty bots didn't know what hit them!"


Izuku’s stomach drops as soon as he registers the fact that he got significantly more points than his friend.


Kacchan is going to kill me. Crap.


“Deku?” Bakugo asks tentatively after realizing Izuku hadn’t spoken yet for a good minute. “You got in, right?”


“Oh, um.” Izuku nervously admits. “I got 63 villain points.”


After a longer moment of silence, his friend comes back with an angry sounding voice. “They didn’t let you, did they?”


“Oh no, Kacchan. They did, I swear!” Izuku assures. “I passed.”




Izuku sighs. Might as well get this out of the way. “I um, also got some extra points.”




“Rescue points. And apparently espionage points are a thing...” Izuku informs. “I uh, got quite a few.”


Another moment of silence comes over the two. “How many is a few?”


Sighing, Izuku rips off the band-aid. “Eighty-five total.”


A long silence comes over them, making Izuku increasingly anxious that their newly reformed friendship is going to be broken again because of his friend’s competitive streak. “Please don’t be mad Kacchan, I didn’t know they were even a thing. You even got more villain points than I did. You still beat me. I swear I wasn’t trying to beat you. I just wanted to get in, nothing more--”


“Stop rambling nerd. I’m not fucking mad at you.” Bakugo assures over the phone with a hint of pride in his voice, surprising Izuku. “I fucking proud of you god damn it. You little shit. I knew you’d do it. Fucking finally.”


“We’re gonna be heroes Kacchan.” Izuku realizes in awe as it really starts to settle in.


“Of course, I am nerd. That was a given. You just needed to fucking catch up with the rest of us.” Bakugo scoffs back as if it was obvious.


Izuku snorts at his friend’s childish reaction. “Says the one who got less points.”


“Don’t get so fucking cocky over this Deku.” Bakugo chides playfully. “This is only the beginning. I’ll beat your sorry ass. I’m going to be number one, don’t you forget it.”


Izuku hums, not wanting to push his luck. “So, do you want to meet at the ice cream place?”

Chapter Text

“Why the hell do you want to go to that dump?” Bakugo asks with an annoyed tone.


Izuku giggles. “You’ll see.”


Basically skipping with his ice cream, the two finally arrive at the edge of the beach.


“Holy fuck, when did that happen?” Bakugo gapes like a fish in surprise, almost dropping his cone.


“Surprise!” Izuku smiles with a winning smile, spreading his arms out wide as if he’s presenting the beach like it’s his. “Isn’t it gorgeous?”


“Fuck yeah. Let’s get down there.”


Izuku nods enthusiastically as the two head towards the stairs. Like normal, Izuku jumps right off the sea wall, making Bakugo freak out for a moment at the top of the sea wall. “The fuck nerd? You trying to kill yourself?”


“Nope. If I was, I would’ve picked somewhere much higher.” Izuku jokes that makes Bakugo stiffen a bit before Izuku looks back up at his friend. “I always do this.”


“Always?” Bakugo crocks up an eyebrow at the word choice.


“Yeah. Is that weird?” Izuku crocks his head in confusion.


“Whatever.” Bakugo huffs before he jumps down as well. His legs sting a bit from the landing, but he isn’t going to complain if the crybaby took it like a champ too.


Once together again, the two sit down in the sand, watching the sunset start to come over the horizon, passively eating their frozen treats. Putting the popsicle stick on the ground, Izuku hugs his knees as he sighs out loud at the sight before them.


“Hey Kacchan?”


“What nerd?”


“I’m glad we’re friends again.”


Bakugo turns slightly red. “We aren’t friends nerd.”


Izuku giggles like a madman. “Keep telling yourself that Kacchan.”


“You little shit.” Bakugo shoves Izuku, making him fall over in the sand, still laughing his head off. With a devilish smirk, he starts tickling the giggly bitch.


“Stop Kacchan. I can’t take it.” Izuku laughs, struggling to get away. “I’m gonna die.”


“Perish then.” Bakugo smirks as he continues his escapade.


Izuku smirks devilishly as he pushes him back, making him get a good shot at tickling the blond as well. “Payback time.”


“Hah?” Bakugo says in surprise, trying to get away from him before he gets him in his own ticklish spots. Running towards the water, he throws off his shirt as he rushes into the water. It’s only after a moment that Bakugo realizes Izuku didn’t follow him. Looking back, he sees a terrified look on his face.


“Deku, what’s wrong?”


Izuku shakes his head to hide his inner turmoil. “Sorry, it’s nothing. I’m coming.”


Izuku starts wading towards him in the water without taking off his shirt, making Bakugo narrow his eyes in worry. “Deku, you okay?”


Izuku flashes him a small fake smile as he joins him. “Yeah, just thinking. Sorry.”


“About what?” Bakugo asks worriedly as he knows it was so fake.


“How I’m gonna get you back for that.” Izuku smirks as he throws water at Bakugo, making him block the water from his face.


Bakugo grins manically at his friend as he throws a huge blast of water towards him that he may or may not have used his quirk to do, soaking Izuku thoroughly. “Oh, I’m gonna kill you for that you fucker.”


“Guess I’ll just perish then.” Izuku snickers as he continues the fight between the two, neither really letting up.


Breathing hard and collapsed in the water, Izuku stares up at the sky just starting to turn into a deep purple with the stars starting to peek through. Bakugo isn’t any better off, but at least he’s sitting up in the water.


“When did you get so jacked nerd?” Bakugo asks as he sees Izuku’s muscles under his wet shirt.


“Training does that to a person I’ve heard.” Izuku snarks back with a small toothy grin.


“Whatever, keep your secrets then shitty nerd.” Bakugo huffs with an exaggerated pout.


Izuku chuckles softly as he sits up to join his friend. “If you must know, I’ve been doing some special training to build muscle. Or at least I did. Helped me quite a bit, especially for the exam. Those robots never knew what hit them.”


Bakugo’s eyes slightly sparkle in interest. “What type of training?”


Izuku snorts. “You’d never believe me. Plus, it was literally hell.”


“Try me.”


“Well, you’re technically looking at it.” Izuku gestures around him, making Bakugo mentally pause for a minute.


“Wait, you mean…”


“Yup.” Izuku smiles widely. “Told ya you’d never believe me.”


Bakugo stares at him like he’s a maniac since he knows he didn’t lie. “You can’t be serious. You couldn’t have done it alone. There was someone else here right?”


Izuku shakes his head. “Nope. Just little ole me. I got in contact with someone to help me get the stuff hauled away, but I did all the heavy lifting to get it off the beach and into a moving truck. The idea came to me when I came here, and an old man told me about his childhood here. I just wanted to see what he saw, so I just jumped headfirst right in.”


“You really are insane, aren’t you?” Bakugo stares in disbelief. “How long did it take?”


“Ten months. Totally worth it though.” Izuku accentuates while sitting up to dry himself off a little, his shirt sticking to him from being wet. “He gave me that good luck charm on my backpack once I was finished as a thank you.”


“Really? I thought some stupid girl gave you that shit.”


Izuku snorts sadly as he thinks of his scars as he’ll probably never be able to snag anyone with them. “That’s never going to happen Kacchan.”


“Of course, how could I forget about your gay ass.” Bakugo sneers with a grin.


“Kacchan!” Izuku shoves him into the water harder than necessary. “Rude! You don’t know that!”


Bakugo rolls his eyes as he sits back up remembering catching Izuku staring at that one guy in the locker room a couple years back like a drowning man. “You sure ain’t straight dumbass.”


Izuku hums before sighing dramatically. “Whatever you say Kacchan.”


"Sure nerd." Bakugo chuckles slightly. 


“Smug jerk.” Izuku sticks his tongue out petty like before giving a sigh after he notices it getting too late. “We should probably get back.”


“Yeah.” Bakugo starts walking towards the stairs once the two return from the water, making Izuku pout as they separate with two obvious different objectives.


“Kacchan, aren’t you forgetting something?”


Bakugo looks back with a surprised look. “What?”


Izuku huffs with an angry pout as he points to their trash at his feet. “I didn’t clean this beach for nothing. Get your trash, you litterer.”


Bakugo just shrugs as he joins him picking up the remnants of their frozen treats from earlier. Izuku smirks as he gets ready to race his friend to the trash can. “I bet I can throw it away first.”


“Oh really?” Bakugo grins, ready for the challenge.


“Yup, but no quirks you cheater.” Izuku points out with a grin. “Go!”


Bouldering right up the wall, Izuku races towards the nearest trashcan. He barely makes it in before Bakugo throws his in right alongside Izuku.


Izuku throws up his hands in victory with a winning smile. “I won! Yeah!”


“Cheeky bastard, you took the easy way up!” Bakugo protests with a hidden smile. "You fucking cheated!"


“Let me have this Kacchan.” Izuku states while rolling his eyes. “Victories like this come in few numbers.”


“Whatever nerd.”


Walking home, Izuku feels a little sad about something. Sad that he feels like he should tell him about his new quirk with the whole story, but the words feel heavy on his lips. “Hey Kacchan?”


“Yeah Deku?” Bakugo asks nonchalantly.


“I wanna say something, but I don’t really know how to say it.” Izuku hesitantly approaches. “I just don’t want you hating me for it or freaking out on me.”


“Then just fucking say it idiot.” Bakugo huffs. “I swear you over think shit too much.”


“Yeah.” Izuku scratches his head as they approach their street. “Um, I--”


Bakugo’s phone goes off, halting Izuku’s train of thought. “What hag?”


“Is that anyway to talk to your mother?! You should have been home hours ago!” Auntie yells through the phone that makes even Izuku wince at its intensity. “Where the fuck are you brat?”


“I’ll be home in a fucking minute. Deku and I were celebrating. Fuck off.” Bakugo growls as he hangs up the phone. “You were saying?”


“It’s nothing.” Izuku bites his lip as he doesn’t want to get on Auntie’s bad side. “I’ll see you tomorrow Kacchan. I don’t want to get you in more trouble with Auntie. I know how she gets.”


“You sure?” Bakugo asks with a concerned look.


“Yeah, I’ll tell you about it later. Promise.” Izuku assures with a smile as they part ways to go home.

Chapter Text

The next day, Izuku basically bounds into the classroom before he halts his entrance as his classmates are all around his desk for some reason. It’s only then that he hears the snickers and whispers as they turn to face him.


A lone red spider lily sits on the wood of his desk. “Oh.”


Izuku doesn’t have any tears fall. In fact, he strangely feels deadly calm. He looks up at his classmates only for the snickering to increase.


“You should see your face!” One jeers.


Izuku just blinks at them before slowly leaving the classroom, headed straight to the roof to calm his oncoming panic attack. Izuku doesn’t even remember the walk there or when he started shaking, but he just drowns in the white noise around him as he sits on the roof alone, blankly staring off into the distance as the buzzing takes over.



Izuku doesn’t want to go to school after that. The second his panic attack was over; he went straight to the principal to send him all his work for the remaining of school with him to finish at home as all of the major tests have already ended. It was only really busy work left at that point anyway. Strangely, the principal doesn’t even mind it or seem surprised despite Izuku not even giving him an excuse for why. Izuku just reasons it’s probably because then he wouldn’t have to deal with the troublesome quirkless kid anymore.


If the school already has judged him as dead, why would he continue attending? After all, a corpse can’t really do anything anymore.


Izuku elects to spending most of his time alone with working out in his personal gym in his mother’s room or going for runs since it literally took him only five hours to complete all the work given to him. He sent it in straight away the next morning, not bothering to lift his head to meet the principal’s gaze as he tells Izuku he will send his diploma and information for graduating in the mail.


He doesn’t even congratulate him or praise him, just simply asking him if he wants to attend his graduation ceremony. Izuku just simply shakes his head at the offer as he leaves his office for the last time. Izuku never thought leaving that hell hole would ever feel so depressing.


After a couple of days pass with receiving his stuff in the mail, Izuku barely hears the banging on his front door in the morning that startles him from making breakfast. Taking off his headphones that had been silencing him from noises instead of playing any music, Izuku quietly moves towards the door to see who it is after taking his eggs off the stove. His friend looks frantic for some reason and Izuku just sighs as he opens the door.


“Hi Kac--”


Izuku is basically tackled to the ground when Bakugo pushes the door back as their eyes meet. “You fucking asshole! Where the hell have you been?! I’ve been fucking texting and calling you all last night! The only fucking reason I couldn’t get here sooner is because my hag fucking wouldn’t let me!”


Izuku just blinks at him. “What?”


“Don’t what me you stupid fuck!” Bakugo roars in his face on top of him. “Why haven’t you fucking been at school?!”


“Oh that.” Izuku just slumps in defeat. “I’m not going back.”


Bakugo stills. “What?”


“Would you like breakfast?” Izuku deflects. “I was almost done with it if you haven’t eaten yet.”


“Are you going to tell me what the fuck is going on if I do?” Bakugo eyes him cautiously as if Izuku would bolt the second he let him go.


Izuku simply nods since his friend is bound determined to get answers. “Yeah.”


Bakugo gets up, but clearly blocks the way if Izuku tried to bolt. Izuku is just too tired to do so even though he wasn’t even planning on doing that in the first place. Izuku moves towards the stove and resumes cooking while Bakugo kind of just stands at the front door staring at him for a bit.


Izuku had already moved on to the toast before Bakugo bothered to close the door and sit down at one of the barstools satisfied he wasn’t going to run away the second he moved away from the exit.


“You know, if I was going to leave, I would have taken the window.” Izuku jokes as he flips the pieces of toast over in the wok. “Also, I’m really sorry about making you worry. I haven’t charged my phone in a couple days cause I keep forgetting…”


“What do you mean you aren’t going to school anymore?” Bakugo eyes him suspiciously.


“I graduated.” Izuku points at the counter where his diploma and other stuff lays that he will soon send UA to make his transition to high school complete. “I don’t need to attend because I’ve already finished.”


Bakugo gives it a look over and realizes he’s telling the truth before he comes to a realization. “Did those fuckers that jumped you do something again?”


Izuku flinches before he moves to grab plates for the both of them. “No, not them I don’t think.”


“Something happened.” Bakugo doesn’t even say it as if it was a question at this point.


“I had enough.” Izuku shrugs as he starts placing the food on the plates. “Sorry the eggs won’t be spicy like you like. I don’t have any spices like that at the moment.”


Izuku places the plate in front of Bakugo before grabbing his own to sit beside him to eat.


“Do I fucking have to play twenty questions with you or are you going to just tell me what the fuck happened?” Bakugo accuses after a minute of silence with Izuku just staring at his food.


“N-no…” Izuku sighs as he fights back tears. He hadn’t actually cried yet, even when he was having the panic attack. He’s just been scarily numb the entire time. “They left a spider lily on my desk the day after the results.”





“I don’t want pity!” Izuku shouts at his food, the tears already flowing for the first time since the incident. “I…”


After a moment of tears staining the counter, Izuku shakily tries again. “I’m still going to UA, I just…”


Izuku buries his head in his arms as his sobs make him shudder. “I don’t know why it hurts so much. Why now? None of the other times hurt…”



“The eggs are good.” Bakugo mentions after taking a bite as he’s not sure what to do since Bakugo Katsuki does not do emotions well. He knows he’d probably make it worse. “Not spicy sure, but good. When did you learn to cook nerd?”


“Mom’s gone a lot with work.” Izuku mumbles under his arms. “I’ve had plenty of practice.”


“Yeah, the hag talked to Auntie yesterday because I wouldn’t shut up about you.”


Izuku stills as he hasn’t seen his mother in so long. He just continues to hear his friend ramble about the woman who’s basically become a stranger to him. It hurts that she still is in contact with her friends, but never him.


“She said she’s working abroad on a business trip right now, so she didn’t know what’s happening with you. I was fucking worried when no one would fucking tell me where you were at school with the damn teachers. They stopped calling you for roll call and everything. And every time I asked the extras, they would just fucking…”


“Laugh?” Izuku offers as he has a pretty good idea why he was livid about it. “They did that when I saw it.”


“Those fucking bastards.” Bakugo growls as Izuku hears the chopsticks break. “Shit!”


Izuku looks up from his huddle to look at the damage. “It’s fine Kacchan. I’ll just get you some new ones. They are just the guest ones and we don’t exactly get many of those anyway.”


Izuku moves to grab some new ones as Bakugo stares at the broken ones in his hands. Izuku wipes his eyes of his tears before reaching into the drawer to get new ones. “I’ll be fine. I’m kind of just taking it easy right now. I’m still doing my training and stuff, but…I just kind of want to be alone for a while.”


Bakugo just stares at them while Izuku places new ones beside his plate, not bothering to take the ones still in his hands if he wants something to break. “Who did it?”


Izuku stills over the counter as he knows that tone. “Kacchan no.”


“Who. Did. It.” Bakugo orders with an air of deadly calm.


“Please Kacchan.” Izuku pleads as he can start to feel the death aura coming from his friend and it’s not one he’s ever wanted to feel. “I don’t know who, but I don’t want you burning down the whole school looking for them. It’s not like it’s new anyway…”


Excuse me?” Bakugo looks at him as if Izuku just enjoyed murdering a kitten in front of him, making the aura get to a sickening level that he doesn’t like.


Izuku puts his foot down. Literally making Bakugo jump in his seat and stopping the aura in its tracks. “That’s not the first time, okay?! I don’t want you to lose your spot in UA for the same reason I got out of there. I was not getting out of there because I was scared of them. I was scared I would do something I would regret. Promise me you won’t do something stupid. Please promise me you won’t do anything.”


Bakugo silently looks over his face before slightly nodding despite looking absolutely livid. “Fucking fine as long as you tell me this. How many?”


Izuku perks an eyebrow at that. “How many what?”


“How many times has that happened?” Bakugo clarifies.


“Oh.” Izuku nervously shifts. “I don’t think you want that answer Kacchan…”


“Deku.” Bakugo warns.


“Fine.” Izuku grips the counter to steady himself as he has a feeling Bakugo might flip out. “562.”



Bakugo’s mouth drops, no sounds exiting as Izuku looks back up to his friend. Eventually he finds his voice again. “They put that many fucking flowers on your desk?!”


“No! No! I mean, they have before, but that number is for how many times I’ve been suicide baited…” Izuku becomes more solemn as his eyes fall back to the ground. “As I said, it didn’t bother me before. Not really. That’s why I don’t know why this one hurts the most…”


Izuku loses a few more tears at his unintended lie. “That’s not true…I think yours hurt the most…but you didn’t mean it, so it doesn’t hurt anymore…”


Bakugo pales before guilt bleeds through his face. “I’m an asshole.”


“Oh no you don’t.” Izuku whacks his friend on the forehead with an old magazine near the counter.


“The fuck was that for nerd?!” Bakugo rages on instinct.


“I said no pity! I don’t want a pity party.” Izuku stand firm in his stance.  “That includes you stupid.”




“Absolutely not Bakugo Katsuki.” Izuku’s eyes burn with malice as his friend stills hearing his full name from his friend. “You didn’t mean it. They do. Don’t you dare feel guilty for what you said when you actually came on your own volition to say you were sorry about it. You didn’t have to do that. You don’t say sorry to anyone.”


Bakugo looks ashamed under his scowl. “I never actually said the word.”


Izuku sighs angrily. “Kacchan, I’m going to be real for you for a minute. After, I don’t want to catch you feeling self-hatred or guilty, or whatever the fuck this is.”


Bakugo chuckles slightly. “You cursed.”


“Kacchan, not important.” Izuku immediately gets to work. “I’m not going to sugar coat this. What you said that day hurt. A lot. And you want to know why?”


Bakugo just listens, not bothering to prompt him as he knows its rhetorical.


“Because you are my friend.” Izuku gives him a glare when he opens his mouth to protest. “The point is the others saying or doing that stuff didn’t hurt because I didn’t care about them. I care about you. I know we didn’t have the best relationship. I know you bullied me. I’m not stupid.”


“Not finished.” Izuku interjects as Bakugo opens his mouth again that he promptly shuts. “I speak fluent Kacchan. I’ve known you since we’ve been in diapers. I know you hurt me and what you did was wrong. That’s inexcusable, but I do forgive you. I forgive you because I could also see the hurt in your eyes every time you did it. The others never had that. They never looked at me like that. The fact you came to me for closure because of that and actually stopped shows that you changed. That you actually did care. The fact you are here right now means that you do even if you don’t always know how to show it.”


Izuku makes a fist as he looks his friend in the eyes. “And that doesn’t make you weak. It makes you so fucking strong. You’re the strongest person I know Kacchan, in more ways than one. So, don’t beat yourself up over the past. Instead, fight for the future you want.”


Bakugo sniffs though no tears seem to be falling. “I don’t know how you do it. I’m supposed to be fucking comforting you about this bullshit, but here you are helping me with my shit.”


“The essence of being a hero is meddling when you don’t have to, ya know?” Izuku smiles weakly as he realizes something. “And I figured out why this one hurts so much.”




“Because I feel like I left you behind in that awful place.” Izuku notes, the guilt already starting to pour out in his face.


Bakugo makes for a grab for the magazine Izuku had put down. “Oh no you fucking don’t!”


Izuku covers his head before he can hit him with it. “I’m sorry! I won’t do it! Put it down.”


Bakugo gives him a satisfied smirk as he lowers it. “That’s the Deku I know.”


Izuku has the gall to pout. “I’m serious though.”


Bakugo raises the magazine again.


“Wait!” Izuku protests, not wanting to get hit. “I don’t think I would feel as guilty if we hanged out more since we won’t see each other at school…If you don’t want to, that’s okay …”


Izuku only feels the red sting from the magazine after it hits his head, never noticing the movement before his covers it with his hands. “W-why?”


“You are really dense Deku. If you want to hang or whatever, that’s fine I guess.” Bakugo huffs. “Plus, I had to get you back for that you asshole. Cheating bastard.”


Izuku snorts. “Of course you would take it that way.”


“Hah?” Bakugo sneers with a grin. “You got something to say?”


“Yeah.” Izuku genuinely smiles as his eyes sparkle at the fact he might actually have a chance to help his friend with something he’s wanted to do since it manifested. “I want to help you with your quirk. I have a few ideas I want to try out.”

Chapter Text

This is a disaster. Izuku thinks as he rushes down the halls of UA looking for Class 1-A. I’m going to be so late if I can’t find it. Why did God make me so directionally challenged too?


Finally, Izuku sees a big door with the lettering 1-A printed in red, making him sigh in relief that he has some time left before class.


Please don’t have scary people in it. Please don’t--


Opening the door, Izuku is greeted to the sight of the blue haired boy fighting with Bakugo, making him sweat drop. Well, more like Bakugo acting like he owns the place and the blue haired boy from the exam having to be on the unfortunate receiving end.


Why me…


“Oh, it’s you!” The boy speeds over to Izuku, making him flinch when he puts his hand on his shoulder just like with the entrance exam. “You’re the one who got first in the entrance exam. My name is Iida Tenya and I’m from Somei Academy. I’m sorry I underestimated you. I wanted to apologize for my rude behavior for jumping to conclusions.”


Before Izuku can respond or deal with all of the eyes on him, Bakugo does it for him since he can see the distress coming off of him in waves. “Get your hands off Deku. Didn’t anyone ever teach you at your fancy stick up the ass school to ask before touching people?”


The boy removes his hand as if it was burned, promptly bowing in sincerity. “I truly apologize for not respecting your boundaries.”


Izuku waves him off as it’s not truly such a bad thing to warrant such an apology, despite his extreme discomfort. “P-please, it’s okay. I’m f-fine.”


“I’m glad.” Iida says with a smile. “You knew there was a secret part to the exam, so I respect you for figuring that out. You are truly are a more capable hero than I am.”


“Um, well…I wouldn’t say that…” Izuku trails off embarrassed. “I didn’t really know there were rescue points. Or espionage points... I just didn’t want anyone to get hurt is all.”


Before anyone else can comment, the nice girl appears behind Izuku, startling him for a moment at the closeness as he shakes from the attention. “It’s you! The one with the plain face and curly hair.”




“I never got a chance to thank you for saving me!” The girl chirps with a smile. “My name is Uraraka Ochako.”


“Deku, get your ass in here and forget those extras. It’s obvious you’re uncomfortable with them being that close.” Bakugo grumbles with an angry scowl.


Izuku simply nods as he silently thanks his savior for getting him out of the awkward tension as his shaking has become unbearable. Trying not to look at his classmates too closely since they are staring at him like a science project, Izuku makes his way to the seat behind his friend.


Whispering, he gives his thanks. “Thanks Kacchan.”


“Don’t thank me nerd. Can’t stand seeing you shaking like a little bitch.” Bakugo gruffly replies.


Izuku laughs at his friend’s wording with a soft smile. “Whatever you say Kacchan.”


“If you’re done playing friends, we have class to start.” A man in a sleeping bag growls behind Uraraka.


Huh…he kinda looks like--


“I’m Aizawa Shouta and I’m your homeroom teacher. Put these on and follow me to the training field. We are taking a quirk assessment test.”


Instantly, Izuku remembers what he forgot to do as his stomach lurches.


Oh my god, Kacchan is literally going to kill me.

Chapter Text

After dressing quickly in the bathroom so no one can see his scars, Izuku rushes to find Bakugo so this doesn’t go completely down in flames. Seeing him walking down the hallway towards the field with his hands in his pockets alone, Izuku breathes easy for a minute as he catches up with him.


“Kacchan, I need to tell you something. It’s really important and it totally slipped my mind. I swear I wasn’t hiding it from you, there’s a reason I didn’t say anything, so please don’t get mad at me about it.” Izuku pleads as they walk together.


“The fuck are you on Deku?” Bakugo asks with an annoyed look on his face. “Look I know you’re probably worried about this stupid test because you’re quirkless, but you still can hold your own you idiot.”


“See, about that…” Izuku sweat drops when Iida rushes up to them to talk.


Damn it, I need to talk to him alone.


“Deku, I’m really sorry for my and our classmate’s rude behavior earlier. We should have respected your boundaries.” Iida apologizes, making Izuku flinch at someone he doesn’t know using the nickname.


“Don’t fucking call him that.” Bakugo growls angrily. “Only I can fucking call him that.”


Iida looks appalled at Bakugo’s outburst. “But I have to, it’s his preferred name right?”


“Um, actually it’s Midoriya Izuku.” He explains quickly, impatient to talk to Bakugo alone.


“Hey Deku-kun! Wait up guys!” Izuku flinches once again as Uraraka comes running up to join them.


Why does God forsake me so…


“I fucking said don’t call him that.” Bakugo basically yells at the poor girl. “Only I can call him that you extras.”


Izuku explains once again, this time explaining why. “It’s just my nickname Kacchan gave me. My name is Midoriya Izuku.”


“I think it’s super cool.” Uraraka smiles widely. “It kind of sounds like the word for ‘you can do it!’ It’s really fitting, don’t’cha think?”


“R-Really?” Izuku stutters, not sure how to take the insult becoming something better.


“Yeah! It’s why it’s your nickname right?” She asks puzzled.


“Ah, no.” Izuku admits solemnly. “It means useless. But Kacchan doesn’t really mean it like that. It’s just another way to read my given name. I don’t mind anyone using it as long as they don’t mean the former.”


“Of course I mean it like that Deku.” Bakugo scoffs sarcastically that goes over the other two’s heads as they look slightly appalled at the notion.


“Very funny Kacchan~” Izuku shoots back with a smile. “Speaking of which, I really need to talk with you privately real fast or you are literally going to kill me. I do value my life slightly you know.”


“It can wait.” Iida proclaims as they near the training field. “We have class right now.”


Starting to feel like today’s the day I actually die…


“Please Kacchan, it will only take a second. It’s really important and I swear I didn’t mean to keep it from you.” Izuku pleads as they step onto the field. “I have a reason if you would just hear me out.”


“Later nerd.” Bakugo huffs, leaving Izuku to resign to his fate as everyone arrives to the field for the assessment. “I need to crush these extras first.”


Hanging his head, Izuku reasons maybe he can get away with not using it since it’s so destructive. Izuku just waits beside his classmates as they all finish trickling in.


“Midoriya, what was your ball throw in middle school?” Aizawa-sensei asks as he tosses the ball in his direction.


Izuku catches it with ease with his left hand, despite his new apprehension that this is going to end badly since he couldn’t catch a break to talk to his childhood friend alone. “Um, 73 meters sir.”


“I want you to use your quirk to throw it. Do whatever you’d like as long as you stay in the circle.”




The second Izuku takes a single step to do what he asked after sighing heavily, Izuku stiffens while juggling the ball to his right when Bakugo starts laughing, but not in a happy way.


“Something funny Bakugo?” Aizawa-sensei asks annoyed at his student’s unprovoked outburst.


“You could have picked any of these extras to test out their quirk, but you picked the only one without one.” Bakugo chuckles darkly with a hint of anger as he growls. “You have a pretty sick sense of humor Teach.”


Izuku winces as Uraraka goes on the offensive. “He has a quirk! He saved me!” Uraraka protests with an angry visage at Bakugo.


“You must be fucking stupid Round Face.” Bakugo snarls back with a vengeance. “I don’t know what kind of delusion you are in, but he’s quirkless. Teach is just an asshole if he’s trying to make him display something he doesn’t have.”


"R-round Face?" Uraraka questions appalled with an angry visage. "My name is Uraraka."


“Stop wasting time.” Aizawa-sensei darkly commands as he is not taking any more of the bullshit being spewed. To Izuku though, he seems like he is thinking pretty hard about something though. “I chose him because he came first in the entrance exam. Midoriya, take your throw.”


Izuku simply nods without taking his eyes off the ground as he enters the circle, thinking as he walks on what to do.


Okay, so I can’t control it yet. Izuku compartmentalizes. And I still have more stuff to do today even if Kacchan is going to kill me after this. I should try and minimize damage. I have my mini emergency first aid kit in my pocket. If things go south, I can use that to fix me up.


With a determined look, Izuku activates One for All in his finger to make his throw. Just as he is starting to move forward, Izuku feels something wrong as a headache splits through his head, causing him to drop the ball in his agony as he releases his hold on his quirk.


Eyes wide in pain, Izuku looks towards his teacher to figure out what is going on. Blood dribbles down his face from his nose making Izuku wince at the wetness and the fact that it feels like he was punched in the face. His teacher’s eyes are red, leading him to one conclusion that his suspicions were indeed correct. “You’re the pro hero Eraserhead! You can erase people’s quirks by looking at them. So cool!”


His teacher actually looks shocked as Izuku internally and outwardly fanboys in his mutterings, leaving behind his terrible headache while his teacher shifts to a more concerned look at the liquid coming from his nose. “Midoriya, your nose is bleeding.”


Snapping back to reality, Izuku wipes his nose to get rid of the blood. “Sorry sir.”


Aizawa-sensei perks up an eyebrow in thought before returning to a sterner look. “You were going to break your arm just now, weren’t you?”


Izuku looks at him with a confused look, tilting his head slightly like a cat. “Um, well not exactly.”


Aizawa-sensei looks at him with a slightly angry look as if Izuku lied to his face. “If you break your arm right now, you are expelled. Take your throw.”


Izuku freezes like a deer in the headlights, internally freaking a bit. After deciding that he technically didn’t say that breaking a finger was his arm, Izuku picks the ball back up with his left hand to prove his worth.


Rearing his hand back, Izuku lets it rip, leaving his finger stinging in pain. Noting it is broken, Izuku takes out his portable first aid kit that he always carries in his pocket in case of quick fixes. Sitting on the ground for balance, he expertly affixing the bandages to his hand with rapid speed, making a splint as he has done multiple times before. Once everything is in place, Izuku gets up and finally looks at his score.


803 stares back at him with his teacher looking at him with an expression between surprise and concern as he holds the device in his hand. Izuku, a little nervous at the silence of his teacher, tries to figure out what was wrong. “Is something w-wrong?”


“Did you just break your finger?” Aizawa-sensei demands with a glare.


Izuku hesitantly nods as he gives his explanation rapid fire as the last thing he wants is to be expelled for doing his current best with what he has. “I had a plan. I brought my portable first aid kit with me since I knew I would get injured before we even got here if we were testing quirks. I used my left hand to throw since I knew I would need my right hand later for class to write notes and stuff since I prefer it. I only used my finger to minimize the damage since we are most likely going to do more tests like this since we are here. You technically said I shouldn’t break my arm. You never said I couldn’t break my finger instead.”


Aizawa-sensei seems to be in between delight and concern, not sure which to lean towards.


Izuku decides to just give his final reason. “It was heavily implied you wanted me to give it my all. I just did what I could with what I had available.”


Before Aizawa-sensei can formulate an answer, Izuku feels the familiar bloodlust coming off his childhood friend, prompting him to roll out of the way of the incoming explosion. To his surprise as he stands back up again, it never came, but instead his friend is wrapped in his teacher’s capture weapon.


“Get the fuck back here Deku!” Bakugo snarls in anger while struggling to get out of it. “You fucking liar!”


Izuku tries to protest his innocence to Bakugo to stop the problem from escalating to far. “Kacchan, wait. Before you kill me, I tried really hard to talk with you before we got here. I swear I wasn’t trying to trick you or anything.”


“Bakugo stand down!” Aizawa-sensei growls in annoyance. “Stop making me use my quirk so much. I have serious dry eye you know.”


Bakugo growls but stops his assault. His death glare he is giving Izuku make him shiver. Izuku’s gaze drops to the ground as he defends himself as it’s the truth. “Kacchan, I never lied to you. I was trying to tell you, but I never got the chance. I swear I had a reason. Please don’t be mad.”


The second that sentence comes out of his mouth, Bakugo turns very red. Izuku is about to ask what is wrong before Aizawa-sensei cuts off the idle chit chat. “Midoriya and Bakugo, go back to the group. This discussion is pointless and a waste of time.”


Both of them comply and Aizawa-sensei informs them of the rest of the tests they will participate in, making the group increasingly excited to see what they can do now that Izuku has set the precedent with his impressive score. Izuku is no stranger to the pair of red eyes still drilling holes into him throughout the whole discussion, making him more anxious with no reprieve. He wants to explain it to him right away, but he can’t as everyone is still nearby to hear him.


“This is going to be so much fun!” One of his classmate’s shout in pure delight.


Aizawa-sensei grins devilishly at the outburst, making Izuku’s blood turn to ice as he knows that expression way too well. It’s the look that predators give towards their prey when they have them right where they want them. “Fun? Then I have another rule. The person who comes in last will be expelled.”


Of course, that’s how it is…


Izuku breathes deeply in trying to quell his panic as he knows there is no changing his teacher’s mind as he’s deadly serious, but Uraraka voices the concern on all of his other classmates’ minds. “Sensei, you can’t do that. It’s only the first day of school. It’s not fair!”


That makes Izuku’s blood boil a bit as he forgets all of his anxiety, making him coolly shoot down her childish reaction to their teacher’s ultimatum. “Life isn’t fair. And here isn’t any different.”


The second Izuku sees his classmates’ expressions shift, he tries to cover up his outburst, but it comes out with his stuttering. “W-what I-I m-mean is t-that b-being a hero c-comes with a l-lot of u-uncertainty. I-If your f-first r-reaction to t-this is that, t-then you c-could get k-killed or s-someone could d-die b-because you t-thought things w-would b-be fair. P-Plus we n-need to k-know w-what we a-are capable of o-or w-we c-could hurt p-people.”


Aizawa-sensei grins manically at his explanation. “You got it right in one. Do you think villains are going to play fair? That natural disasters are going to be on your terms that you can save everyone. No. At least one of you is somewhat sensible to understand that. Now stop wasting my time and let’s get this over with.”


Except for his impressive ball throw, Izuku is getting increasingly nervous. Doing some quick math in his head for rearranging the placements of his classmates in each event, he knows he must be near the bottom. There is no doubt in his mind, and his panic is starting to make itself known to his classmates. Plus, the whole thing with Bakugo isn’t making him feel any better. That’s just another world of trouble right there as he can feel the mounting pressure still building up, just waiting to explode. Literally.


“Um Deku-kun, are you okay?” Uraraka broaches when Izuku slightly starts hyperventilating while staring at the grip machine in his hand.


“Yeah.” Izuku chokes out, trying to hide his apprehension.


Clearly his teacher sees the near panic attack Izuku is having, making him scowl in concern thinking he may have gone into shock or something. “Midoriya, do you need to go to the nurse for your injury?”


“Nope.” Izuku squeaks out. “Don’t even feel it.”


Technically true…


“Problem Child, don’t lie to me.” Aizawa-sensei growls.


The second that unfortunately familiar nickname comes out, Izuku’s eyes widen in panicked terror as he stares at his teacher waiting for the pain to come, his breathes hitching even more pronounced as he waits to stifle his screams.


At that exact moment, Izuku grips the crap out of the grip device in his hands, effectively shattering it to pieces. Izuku stares at his hands, them slightly bleeding from the shrapnel but nothing seems like it is broken.


Progress. Next I’ll be jumping over buildings in a single bound!


Izuku notes in glee before realizing his hand is still bleeding and he just destroyed school property. “Oh my gosh I am so sorry! Ididn’tevenmeantobreakthemachine--”


“Midoriya!” Aizawa-sensei cuts off his incoherent rambling making him flinch at the shrillness.


Izuku immediately jumps into action by making himself sit back down on the ground as he whips out his first aid kit again to get to work on fixing everything to not waste time.


So much for sparing my right hand…


Checking the injury carefully, Izuku expertly picks out all of the metal pieces with tweezers that came with his kit. Not even a single hiss comes from he as he starts playing a song in his head he’s had on his mind from last night to distract himself from his current panic about being expelled. Izuku gives his hand a quick look over before wiping clean the cuts with a wipe from his kit.


Wrapping up the cuts with the thin bandages, Izuku flexes his hand a couple times to find it all in working order and still flexible for the later tasks. With a shaky smile, Izuku puts the kit back in his pocket before getting back off the floor.


It’s at this moment that he realizes his whole class and teacher is staring at him as if someone died or something. Even Bakugo who was previously fuming is looking at him curiously. “Um, hi?”


Aizawa-sensei crosses his arms in deep contemplation, not sure what to address first. “First question, why did you bring that first aid kit with you?”


Izuku freezes before giving the excuse he has always given to his teacher with a small dry laugh. “Oh, I’m just super clumsy, so I always keep one on me to fix me up. It happens so often that going to the nurse makes them end up hating me. So, I carry one with me all the time to save time.”


Bakugo winces at that explanation, knowing full well how big of a lie it was.


“You want to try again?” Aizawa-sensei narrows his eyes in annoyance at the obvious deflection. “No one gets to that level of dressing wounds without serious practice. You just picked metal pieces out of your skin like it wasn’t the first time you did that. Your first instinct shouldn’t be to fix it yourself, but to seek out help. On top of that, no one else here nor have I ever had any students in the past bring a first aid kit on the first day.”


Izuku counters carefully so Bakugo won’t be tempted to call him out on his omittance. “My mom worked as a nurse for a while, so she taught me how to dress wounds and proper techniques. I don’t go anywhere without one handy since trouble always follows me. I even have one in my backpack for emergencies.”


The silence is deafening, making Izuku panic as he remembers he destroyed the machine. “I’m really sorry about the machine. I didn’t mean to break it. I can pay to replace it--”


Aizawa-sensei just huffs at his reaction as if it was an irrelevant one. “Midoriya, you aren’t in trouble for that nor do you need to replace it. Instead, I would like to know exactly why your quirk is so damaging to yourself and why you seemingly have zero control.”




Izuku stiffens, not sure what to say. Bakugo seems very intrigued at the question as he has stopped his scowling for a moment, watching Izuku like a hawk. Shaking a bit, Izuku decides to say what is technically the truth without giving away the whole secret quirk thing. “Um, well I’ve only learned about it about a year ago sir.”


Aizawa-sensei mentally stops, giving Izuku a completely undiscernible look. “Excuse me what?”


Getting expelled on the first day? Check.


Izuku closes his eyes in his panic, hoping tears won’t fall in his embarrassment. “The first time I learned about it was less than a year ago sir. About eleven months ago to be more specific. I didn’t know I had it before then. I’ve been trying my best to control it, but it well…” Izuku gestures to himself. “Does this.”


“Deku, what do you mean it was a year ago?!” Bakugo looks absolutely pale at this point remembering Izuku’s hands that one day. “Answer me god damn it!”


“I…” Izuku falters, not sure how to answer that.


“Wait, did something happen a year ago?” Iida asks with a confused look on his face.


“Deku, what did you do?!” Bakugo screams with a terrified look on his face, storming over to Izuku. “Tell me you fucking didn’t do something stupid!”


Izuku’s eyes widen in terror as he knows the situation is getting into territory that he can’t talk about just as Bakugo is almost within arm’s length. “Kacchan, I--”


“Okay, everyone stop!” Aizawa-sensei commands while pinching his nose in annoyance, halting Bakugo’s crusade for the truth. “Midoriya, if I’m understanding you correctly, you were thought to be quirkless until a year ago correct?”


Izuku nods reluctantly even though it’s just to keep his original quirk safe as he files away his anxiety for later. Plus, technically his original quirk isn’t offensive at all, more like dealing with the clean up after an incident. “Yes sir. I was diagnosed as quirkless when I was four, so when it manifested, it was a complete surprise.”


Surprise is putting it lightly though…


Aizawa-sensei huffs. “And I’m guessing this means you never had quirk counseling before, right?”


That makes Izuku pause. “Quirk counseling?”


Aizawa-sensei simply groans as its obvious he’s never even heard of it. “Okay, let’s try something different. How many times have you actually used your quirk?”


Izuku fiddles with his shirt nervously as he notices his classmates absolutely staring at him with wide analyzing eyes. “W-Would you b-be mad i-if I s-said just now w-was number f-four?”


“Oh my god, I’m not paid enough for this.” Aizawa-sensei absolutely face palms, making Izuku flinch and redirect his gaze to the ground in shame. “Okay, Midoriya, go to the infirmary. Once you are fixed up, return to the classroom as we will be joining you there once we finish. After school, we are going to have a very long chat about where we go from here.”


Izuku looks up at his teacher in terror that he’s going to be expelled because he can’t control it yet. “But sir, I can still participate--”


“Midoriya, go see Recovery Girl this instant.” Aizawa-sensei demands in a low growl before offering a slip of paper from his pocket. “You aren’t in trouble nor will you be expelled for this. This test was designed for students who have had years upon years of practice with their quirks. You just said you’ve only used it literally four times and you haven’t even had it for more than a year. I’m honestly surprised you didn’t just now break more bones given your lack of inexperience. You are basically like a four-year-old kid who just manifested a powerful quirk so of course it makes sense why you can’t control it yet. Honestly, if anyone is at fault, it should be me since I had my suspicions something was wrong since seeing your exam results, but I still forced you into a corner that nearly caused you to have a panic attack just now. Don’t give me an excuse that you didn’t because I know what those look like firsthand. I said we would discuss things after school. Do not test my patience any more than you already have.”


Alrighty then…


Izuku nods vigorously as he moves to take the pass Aizawa-sensei is holding out to him. As soon as the slip of paper is in his hand, Izuku basically sprints away towards Recovery Girl’s office to get patched up. As Izuku opens the door to exit the building, he plans for what he is going to come up with to bullshit his way out of this hole he’s just dug himself into.

Chapter Text

Izuku is nervous. Scratch that, I’m freaking the fuck out.


Izuku sighs as he nervously wiggles in his seat. The visit to Recovery Girl wasn’t exactly pleasant as she chewed him out for already being there despite it being the first day. He profusely apologized, but he had a sneaking suspicion she didn’t believe him despite his sincerity about it. The only good thing that came from that visit was that he actually dealt with the injuries properly. Not really a shocker to him since he’s gotten plenty of practice, but it was nice to be complimented on it. Izuku wanted to say that he figured he’d be much more injured than that when Aizawa-sensei announced the quirk assessment, but he didn’t want to suffer her wrath any more than necessary today.


After a couple minutes of zoning out the window, Izuku feels a sudden feeling of bloodlust that makes him snap to attention to the door. Already defensive, Izuku waits for whoever is waiting on the other side of door with a heavy breath as the aura swells. To his relief, it is his classmates rolling in, but Izuku knows something is up with their down casted faces.


“You should have been expelled! You can’t even control your broken quirk!” The small purple haired boy yells in Izuku’s face once he gets near him, making Izuku immediately stands up and retreat to the window with his back never turning toward the boy, his hand already unlocking the latch if things go south. Old habits die hard after all.


Izuku stays silent, not giving the guy a second of his time as he controls his breathing to not freak out in case he has to get the hell out of dodge quick because of how malicious the aura the boy is projecting at him. He’d rather be safe than sorry.


Breathe Izuku, don’t give him an inch.


“Leave Deku-kun alone!” Uraraka protests after hearing the altercation. “He didn’t do anything wrong.”


“Would you look at that? You’ve already got all of the girls around your finger, don’t you?” The purple haired kid accuses with angry tears. “You know, I’m surprised you are even still alive. Did you forget to go to the mass suicide pact for those worthless quirkless losers last year or something?! You can’t even kill yourself properly!”


The entire class gasps and have looks of hatred on their face for the angry boy’s comments, but Izuku doesn’t even bat an eye now that he knows he’s not in any danger. Bullies that go straight towards that angle are usually only bark, not bite. His hand returns back from behind him as he sighs a little in relief.


And 563…


“What, got something to say?!” The boy protests with an extra edge in his voice.


Izuku stops mentally as he zeroes on the kid’s face to make sure he wasn’t wrong. Seeing he’s probably safe, Izuku decides to diffuse the situation. “Okay one, God doesn’t want me and you ain’t special enough to ask him for that favor. Two, would it be fair to say that you think quirkless people can’t be heroes? That no one without a quirk could hope to pass the UA entrance exam?”


“Of course they--”


“Of course, they can’t, is what you wanted to say, right?” Izuku narrows his eyes trying to hide his pain as it hits too close to home. “What’s your name? My name is Midoriya Izuku.”


“Mineta Minoru. I don’t see why--”


“Mineta, I have something to share with you.” Izuku crosses his arms to hide his shaking as he continues his crusade despite all the eyes on him. “Do you know how I passed the entrance exam?”


Mineta stops as Izuku sees the wheels in his head turn, staring at him with a confused look. Izuku decides to stop the mystery and get right down to it. “I got sixty-three villain points in the entrance exam not including my rescue points or my espionage points, which constitutes as passing since the threshold is forty-five points. Do you know how many of those points I used my quirk on?”


Mineta snaps back angry. “Of course you used it for all of them! How else would you get in?! You can’t be a hero without a quirk!”


Izuku shakes his head. “I never used it once on any of those robots. I used my brain and a simple pocketknife to come up with a way to stop them. You don’t need a quirk to do that. I only used my quirk on the zero pointer to save someone as a last resort and that was the literal second time I ever used my quirk. You know what that means right?”


Mineta seems confused as if Izuku is lying. Izuku decides to just keep going, not bothering if he believes him or not. “If my quirk never came in late when it did, I would have been the first person who was quirkless that passed the entrance exam. If you think about it, our teacher actually fights quirkless after he erases a person’s quirk and he’s a hero. He actually fights completely quirkless against mutant types as his quirk can’t erase them. There are also support items for a reason. So, tell me, why do you think someone without a quirk can’t be a hero?”


The entire class seems stunned with Izuku’s roundabout way of dealing with the situation. “Mineta, I’m sorry I’m the first person to say this to you, but quirks aren’t everything. There is more to being a hero than having a strong quirk. Sure, it can help to have a strong quirk, but what happens when you are facing someone with a quirk that you are weak against? A quirk is simply a tool you can choose to use out of all the other tools like knives or a gun. It’s not the deciding thing that secures victory. I don’t know why you decided to single me out like this, but if you can’t see past that way of thinking, you should reevaluate why you are trying to become a hero. How can you save people if you are limiting yourself like this?”


The moment the words roll off Izuku’s tongue, he regrets them as he knows he got way too heated. He stutters as he tries to rectify his outburst as the guilt bleeds off him in waves. “I-I’m s-sorry. I didn’t m-mean to s-suggest that y-you couldn’t be a h-hero. I-I was o-out of l-line.”


“No, you weren’t.” Aizawa-sensei growls angrily as he enters the room, making Izuku shudder in realization he was probably listening the entire time. “Mineta, you’ve been dismissed. Go to the principal’s office. The rest of you, sit down and stop wasting time so we can get started.”


Izuku promptly jumps into his desk to get ready for class, ignoring the constant stares at his back. Mineta is lowly cursing up a storm. Just as he is passing by Izuku’s desk to leave, he says one simple thing that makes Izuku tense for a single moment. “You should just kill yourself.”

Chapter Text

“Midoriya, can I speak with you for a moment?” Aizawa-sensei asks as soon as the bell rings for lunch.




Tense, Izuku nods as he puts away his supplies and procures his packed lunch onto his desk. Slowly, he approaches his teacher, unsure what to really say or if he’s on thin ice.


Thankfully, Aizawa-sensei takes the initiative with a hushed voice since everyone is still in the room. “I’m sorry that I treated you like that. I should have pulled you aside to talk about your quirk instead of making a huge scene in front of everyone. I grossly misunderstood the situation and made a decision that caused you unnecessary grief. For that, I apologize.”


Izuku just shuffles nervously as he doesn’t really understand why his teacher is apologizing to him. It should be the other way around. Regardless, Izuku just simply nods to prompt that he is still listening.


“Midoriya, are you okay?” Aizawa-sensei prompts, noticing Izuku still hasn’t said anything.


“Of course, Aizawa-sensei. Why wouldn’t I?” Izuku looks with a puzzled look on his face.


Aizawa-sensei seems like he is searching Izuku’s face for something, but it just further confuses Izuku, making him feel frustrated given how hyped up he is from earlier. “Aizawa-sensei, is something wrong? Did I do something wrong?”


“Excuse me?”


Izuku shifts his weight to look at the ground and fidgets with his hands now that his teacher is giving him a concerning look. “I’m sorry sir.”


Aizawa-sensei looks flabbergasted. “What are you sorry for?”


Izuku flinches at the sharp tone, feeling like he is going cry. “I don’t know sir. You just seem really upset.”


His teacher sighs, making Izuku meet his eyes once again to see what the problem is. “Midoriya, you did nothing wrong. I’m not upset with you at all. Let’s just put a hold on this conversation until afterschool for now. Go eat lunch with your classmates.”


Izuku give a sharp nod as he rushes to leave with his lunch, ignoring the attention his classmates are giving him. As he heads out of the classroom, he tries to keep a straight face. Underneath, he feels very confused but also hurt about what happened. UA should have been different, right?


The second Izuku exits the classroom, Bakugo ambushes him by dragging him by the arm. “Kacchan?!”


“Shut up Deku.” Bakugo growls as he drags him away, most likely to somewhere secluded. “We need to fucking talk.”


Izuku relents as it’s what he wanted to do earlier. “Okay Kacchan, I wanted to talk too. Just please let go of my arm. That hurts.”


To his surprise, Bakugo actually complies as Izuku follows him to wherever they are headed. Once they are in an area far away from the classroom, Bakugo turns to face Izuku with a concerned look on his face. Unbeknownst to both of them, Todoroki had been stealthy following them to figure out what was going on between the two.


“Are you okay?”


If Izuku was drinking water, he would have spit it out in shock. “K-Kacchan, I’m fine…”


Bakugo growls at Izuku as if that was the wrong reaction. “I’m not fucking stupid! You may have Teach and every single one of those extras fooled, but that little fucking grape hurt you.”


Izuku analyzes his childhood friend and sees the question he really wants to ask. “Kacchan, you might as well ask the real question you wanted. I’m not stupid either.”


Grimacing, Bakugo grunts out his request. “What happened?”


Oh, that.


“Specifically? I feel like crap.” Izuku snarks with sad undertones. “I’m such a hypocrite. Anyone can be a hero, but I basically told him he couldn’t. So, great first day overall.”


“Deku.” Bakugo warns as he knows Izuku’s deflecting.


Izuku sighs as he uses the excuse he was going to give his teacher. Technically, it’s all true, just not the quirk everyone saw. “I was attacked by a villain. I almost died. Basically did. I was really lucky because my quirk manifesting is the only reason I’m still here. So, I may have lied a little about being able to take the exam quirkless. Can’t take the test if you’re dead.”


Seeing as Izuku isn’t lying in the slightest, Bakugo curses him. “Shit Deku, why didn’t you tell me anything?”


“That would’ve gone over so well.” Izuku rolls his eyes. “Hey Kacchan! I’ve got a quirk now, but you know I can’t show you it for fear of breaking all the bones in my body every time I use it. I was trying to tell you about it before the ball throw so you wouldn’t freak out since I knew I’d have to use it, but I never got the chance. I tried to tell you at the beach, but I didn’t know how. I was scared.”


“That wasn’t what I meant fucknugget.” Bakugo scowls, deeply hurt by the insinuation. “I meant why the fuck didn’t you tell me you got attacked. I saw your fucking hands that day after the stupid sludge motherfucker, but you just waved me off like it was nothing. I’m guessing that’s when it happened. I thought you fucking did something stupid.”


Izuku frowns, not sure what that means. “Stupid?”


“God damn it Deku.” Bakugo grunts in annoyance. “I thought you tried to kill yourself.”


Izuku’s eyes widen like a deer caught in headlights. His breathes become slightly strained as he tries to cover up his panic. Unfortunately, Bakugo sees the shift and assumes the worst. “Deku, tell me you’ve never…”


Okay, nope!


“I have to go.” Izuku tries to speed away knowing he can’t lie to him, trying to keep his tears in his eyes and away from falling down.


Bakugo grabs him before he can leave, panicking that he has. “Deku you bastard, did you?!”


Izuku lets a few tears drip down as he faces his friend. “I’m not answering that.”


Seeing the betrayed look in his eyes, Bakugo lets go, watching him run off to be alone.

Chapter Text

After drying his eyes, Izuku silently decides to avoid giving the cafeteria a chance entirely as he heads outside to eat. Seeing a nice tree to eat under, he gets straight to it, trying to avoid his problems swirling around in his head concerning the mess he’s in.


A good chunk of time flies by with Izuku staring off into space as he eats mechanically before Izuku hears the crunching of grass, prompting him to be on high alert to whoever is coming towards him. Preparing his lunch to be taken with him as he’s done many times before, Izuku waits for the person approaching to round the tree.


When they do, Izuku sees the dual colored classmate lock eyes on him. Waiting for him to speak first, Izuku mentally prepares to leave at a moment’s notice if need be. To his surprise, the boy just sits down on the ground with him with his own lunch, just staring at Izuku with analyzing eyes.


Waiting for a bit him to speak first, Izuku decides that it won’t happen and that he has to take the plunge. “Um, hi.”


“Hello.” The boy replies meekly after taking a bite of his own food.


Looking into his eyes, Izuku sees an underlying expression that has graced his own face before, making him feel extremely sympathetic to his classmate. And the scar on his face is making him uneasy that he might be just like him. Unpacking his lunch again since he doesn’t think the boy is a threat anymore, Izuku takes another bite before he addresses the boy again. “I’m Midoriya Izuku. It’s nice to meet you.”


The boy simply nods, not giving him much hints to his own name. Red flag number one, but that’s okay as Izuku won’t press for answers if its sensitive to him. “How do you like classes so far?”


“They are okay.”


“Yeah, same.” Izuku looks again and sees the unspoken look that he has a question on his mind. “So, I’m guessing you have a question you want to ask me. You can ask it; I swear I won’t bite. Sorry if earlier wasn’t exactly the best example to disprove that.”


The mystery boy seems to light up for a moment in his eyes before speaking. “You were quirkless.”


Sighing not in a negative way, Izuku nods. “Yeah.”


“What was it like?”


Izuku looks at the boy and sees genuine interest or maybe longing. He can’t decide on which. “I’m not sure how to answer that question.”


The boy seems disappointed in Izuku honest opinion, prompting him to continue. “If you want to know how I felt without one, I felt normal. Just like everyone else. I don’t really feel any different now that I know I have one. I’m just me. Always have been. I mean, you probably didn’t feel any different when you gained your quirk too. At least I didn’t.”


Looking up to the sky, Izuku continues his rant. “If you want to know how everyone else felt about it, then it’s not so normal I’m afraid.”


“Meaning?” The boy looks back with an eager look.


“I’m not sure I should dump that on you. Not that I don’t trust you or anything. I just don’t want to burden you with my problems.” Izuku honestly replies. “Being considered quirkless wasn’t exactly sunshine and rainbows if that’s what you want to know. People don’t like us.”


The dual haired boy looks conflicted before he speaks. “You trust me?”


Izuku nods. “Well yeah. I mean, I don’t really know you well, but you don’t seem like a bad person. Plus, I know that look in your eyes. I should know. I’ve worn it.”


The boy seems nervous as he sets his chopsticks down. “A look?”


Izuku takes another bite before answering with a shrug. “Self-hatred. I won’t pry as I’m a stranger, but I know exactly how isolating it can make a person. It can drive you to extremes. That’s why I feel like I can trust you or at least understand you. Sorry I can’t give a better reason than that.”


A long drawn out silence passes between the two, the other boy’s face barely shifting from its stoic demeanor despite his obvious deep thinking. It makes Izuku feel anxious that he did something wrong. “Sorry if I said something to offend you, I didn’t mean to. You don’t have to eat with me if you don’t want to.”


The boy simply shakes his head. “You didn’t do anything wrong.”


Izuku exhales in relief. “That’s a relief. I was scared I messed up and crossed a line that would push you away.”




Izuku chuckles nervously as he scratches his face with his finger. “Well, would you be surprised to know that you’d be one of the first people I’ve met today who could be a new friend to me in literally ten years?”


“I’m not here to make friends.” The boy curtly replies as if it was obvious.


“That’s okay, you don’t have to be my friend if you don’t want to.” Izuku backtracks a little disappointed. “We can be classmates first. I didn’t mean to put so much pressure on you.”


“You didn’t ask for my name.” The boy finally points out after taking a long sip from his tea.


Izuku smiles shyly. “Sorry, you just didn’t seem like you wanted to tell me. I didn’t want to make you uncomfortable, so I didn’t pry.”


The boy just stares at Izuku for a long bit, making him feel a little uncomfortable. “Sorry. You can tell me if you want. I’m curious, but I don’t want to overstep a boundary if you don’t want to share.”


“You say sorry a lot.” The boy cocks his head in confusion. “You’re really strange.”


“O-oh.” Izuku stutters, not sure what he means by that. “Well, I’m s--”


The bell for lunch ending rings, prompting Izuku to start packing up his lunch. “It was nice to talk with you. Maybe we could have lunch together again?”


Izuku smiles back at the boy gives him a noncommittal hum on the ground, still not moving yet to leave. He simply waves goodbye as he makes his way back to the classroom for the next period to start.





Izuku flinches since he’s still not used to the nickname being said by someone who’s not trying to hurt him. He stops his journey to the classroom alone and looks back to see both Iida and Uraraka try to catch up with him. Stopping for them to catch up, Izuku notices they look really worried.


“Where did you go? We were so worried!” Uraraka whines with a concerned pout.


“Oh, I just went outside to eat like I normally do.” Izuku adds as if it’s no big deal.


“Midoriya, you shouldn’t eat lunch outside. That’s so irresponsible. The cafeteria was made for that exact purpose.” Iida lectures with hand chopping motions.


Izuku rubs the back of his head in embarrassment. “Sorry, I just wanted to be alone for a bit. Besides, it’s really not that big of a deal.”


The two look at each other with concern, making Izuku feel awkward and cornered. “Um, did I do something wrong?”


“Sorry Deku-kun, it’s nothing. Would you like to join us for lunch tomorrow in the cafeteria? We really wanted to ask you before you left today, but you ran off pretty quickly.”


“Oh, um…” Izuku ponders for a moment before seeing the boy walking towards them. “Hey!”


Izuku waves at the boy to get his attention, which prompts him to join them slightly faster. “You can say no if you want, but I figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask. Iida and Uraraka want to eat lunch in the cafeteria together tomorrow. Would you like to join us?”


“Um, maybe.” The boy replies with no emotion.


Regardless, Izuku smiles widely that blinds all those who can see it. “Yeah! We should get to class now though. I don’t want to make us late.”


With a slight pep in his step, Izuku walks to class with his new friends.

Chapter Text

The rest of the day goes by pretty well. To Izuku’s relief, most of his classmates have stopped staring at him, but he’s not sure what exactly the reason is for. Regardless, his anxiety has spiked a bit thinking of the coming conversation with his teacher. In his head, he’s gone over the excuses of what he’s going to say for like a million times, every angle covered and accounted for. He’s become an expert at lying when it really counts after all.


The bell rings, breaking Izuku out of his circular thoughts. Putting his stuff away quickly, Izuku heads to the front of the classroom before his teacher can even call him over. Eager to get it over with, Izuku shuffles his weight, waiting for everyone to leave the classroom so they can talk in peace.


“Come with me Midoriya, we need to talk.” Aizawa-sensei instructs as he starts towards the exit.


Izuku nods as he follows along. After about a five-minute walk, they appear before a large door that seems pretty fancy. Opening the door for Izuku, he walks into the room. The first thing he sees is a large office with a fancy desk. In the chair is what Izuku assumes is a rat? Dog? Bear? Regardless, beside him is All Might in his small form.


“Yagi, why the hell are you here?” Aizawa-sensei asks in a harsh tone that Izuku immediately realizes must mean he knows that students shouldn’t see that form.


“It’s alright Aizawa-sensei. I know it’s All Might.” Izuku assures while sticking to the script he had already planned on using. “We met when I accidently used my quirk about eleven months ago. He ran out of time. I’m not going to tell anyone. If I was, I would’ve done it months ago.”


Aizawa-sensei stares at Izuku and then back at All Might who looks surprised he even knows how to lie convincingly. “Is this true All Might?”


All Might chokes on air for a moment before nodding, making Izuku stare at his bumbling mentor with a really look. “Yes Aizawa. It would be best for Young Midoriya to explain though.”


Izuku nods as he goes through his script only tweaking it a bit, thankful they let him choose the story. After all, he’s an expert liar with a veteran status at this point. “I was attacked by a villain about eleven months ago under a bridge while walking home from school. In an attempt to get away, I accidently used my quirk. I broke my hands in the process. Because of me using my quirk like that, All Might was alerted to the scene. He quickly dealt with the villain, but he was running low on time, so he accidently had to transform back in front of me since I was pretty badly injured. Seeing how volatile my quirk was, he gave me some advice to do some training to build some muscle. Since as I had nothing to lose, I did just that and here we are now.”


Aizawa-sensei hums as he processes the story. “And you didn’t think quirk counseling was a good idea to suggest All Might? He didn’t even know it was a thing.”


All Might slightly shrinks at the death glare as he looks at Izuku warily for help.


“It’s not his fault.” Izuku defends as he quickly covers that avenue of thought. “He didn’t know it was the first time it manifested. I never told him because it never came up. I was too freaked out at the time to mention it. I did update the quirk registry forms before the exam though. It took a while to get accepted and I thought I had covered everything.”


“Midoriya is correct. I pulled his file before this on the request of All Might ever since he talked with you about the situation. He tried three separate times to get his quirk registered throughout those eleven months, only being accepted when I assume, they gave up trying to persuade him otherwise.” The bear or rat admits with a blank observing stare.


Thank god we are all on the same lying wavelength.


Aizawa-sensei ruffles his hair in silent deliberation. “Alright, first things first. We need to get you to see a quirk counselor. We have one on staff, so we’ll send you to them by the end of the week. I’m assuming if you pulled his file you already have that paperwork ready to go for his parents to sign, correct?”


“Yup!” The bear replies with a chipper tone while raising some papers from their desk. “Midoriya can bring the paperwork to you once it’s completed. I will set up the quirk counseling appointment for him once it has been approved by his parents.”


Aizawa-sensei considers the rat and All Might for a good minute before asking a question on his mind. “What exactly is your relationship with Midoriya, All Might? You seem to be going to great lengths for him, asking for him after the quirk assessment where he was when he was sent away to the infirmary. You as well Nedzu, which is usually nefarious in itself when someone catches your eye.”


“I simply wish to help my students grow and prosper Aizawa.” The bear replies with a cool unmoving stare. “As for their relationship, All Might simply remembered him from the incident and was worried for his progress with his volatile quirk.”


Izuku looks to the side where his teacher is without moving his head and sees a moment of disbelief pass through his face, making him extremely worried his teacher might figure it out if they aren’t careful.


“I see. Regardless, I think we need to set some ground rules concerning you and your quirk Midoriya.” Izuku nods that he’s listening as his teacher continues. “You aren’t allowed to use your quirk until you see the quirk counselor. After that, we will need to work on figuring out control for you. I know it’s relatively new for you, but here at UA we aren’t going to coddle you because you are behind your peers in that department. That doesn’t mean we aren’t going to support you though. Do you understand?”


“Yes sensei!” Izuku affirms with a determined look.


“Good, take the paperwork from Nedzu and we will call it a day. The adults need to talk about where we go from here.” Aizawa-sensei affirms while giving a stink eye at the two across the room.


Not reading too much into it, Izuku takes the paperwork from the mouse and slips it into his backpack. Once its secure on his back, Izuku exits the room full of tension before things get out of hand with him in the blast zone.


Shouta growls as soon as he thinks Midoriya is out of ear shot from his journey home. “So, you two want to tell me the real reason why my student was compelled to lie to my face in your presence? You aren’t subtle in the slightest All Might.”

Chapter Text

Izuku is extremely anxious now. His teacher seems like he knew he was lying and now he wonders when exactly he will piece everything together. He now thinks it will only be a week before he figures it all out since All Might isn’t that great of a liar in his opinion. It’s honestly a miracle his quirk hasn’t been leaked to the masses at this point.


Nearing the gate, Izuku sees his childhood hanging out, obviously waiting on him. Feeling regret, Izuku approaches him cautiously with his eyes on the ground. Once close enough, Izuku returns his gaze to his friend’s face who looks concerned.


Might as well put down the elephant in the room before things get too out of hand…


“Hey Kacchan.” Izuku broaches first, seeing as he seems extremely upset for Bakugo. “I wasn’t trying to lie to you, I swear. You were the first person I wanted to tell when I realized I had it, but I just didn’t know how to say it. Technically you are the first person I have told about what happened other than those who were there to tell for me. I knew you’d want to see it, but I couldn’t risk using it without control. If you hate me for not telling you when it appeared, that’s okay. I won’t blame you. I wanted to tell you at the beach. So much that it hurt every second I didn’t. I was even okay with breaking a finger to show you then, but I just couldn’t. I’m sorry.”


“Deku.” Bakugo looks up with a guilty look. “What did the villain that attacked you do?”


I guess it would be okay to show him the bad scar to put any doubt out of his mind…


After a silent deliberation, Izuku starts unbuttoning the top part of his shirt and jacket. Exposing only the grotesque stab wound that’s scarred over and none of his other scars that riddle his chest and back, Izuku averts his eyes as he lets his friend take it in.


“They stabbed me with their quirk.” Izuku affirms from when his original quirk emerged so that he can divert attention away from his gifted quirk. “They tried to kill me. It was…pretty bad.”


“I um…broke my hands the first time.” Izuku mentions as its technically true since he punched the zero-point robot. “But they were healed up pretty quickly.”


Rebuttoning his shirt and jacket, Izuku rejoins his friend’s gaze for his response.


“Fucking hell Deku.” Bakugo looks Izuku over with pitying eyes, which is an emotion he didn’t even know his friend had. “I’m mad you didn’t tell me, but not about your stupid broken quirk. Why the fuck did you tell me it was nothing that day? That fucking scar says otherwise.”


Izuku’s eyes prick with tears. “I’m sorry Kacchan. I just didn’t know what to say and we weren’t exactly on good speaking terms then. I really did want to tell you, but I just…”


I’m still not over it honestly…


“Come here you, cry baby.” Bakugo offers after seeing his inner turmoil, allowing Izuku to crash into his friend, sobbing as he relives the memory of his mother’s attack over and over in his mind.


“I’m sorry Kacchan.” Izuku sobs. “’m so sorry.”


Bakugo murmurs in Izuku’s hair. “It’s okay Deku.”


Izuku continues to mewl his apologies and his inner anguish that he’s never really gotten to get over it with another person present as he wails. After a good long few minutes, Izuku attempts to cool his jets, knowing Bakugo hates anything to do with emotions.


Gaining his composure, Izuku releases the embrace to clear his eyes. “Sorry Kacchan. I didn’t mean to dump this on you like this.”


“Yeah you fucking did Deku.” Bakugo asserts with a knowing smirk. “So, you have a quirk?”


Izuku smiles widely, sniffing and wiping away his remaining tears. “Yeah.”


“Fucking knew it.” Bakugo grabs Izuku’s head and give him a playfully noogie, making him giggle. “You cheeky fucker. Took you long enough.”


Wait what?


Izuku pulls back with a despondent look as he’s starting to think he’s just like his mother. “What?”


Bakugo stops his crusade seeing his hurt reaction and immediately backtracks. “I didn’t mean it like that Deku.”


“Then what did you mean?” Izuku whimpers, tears already threatening to come back.


“I don’t know how to fucking say this.” Bakugo ruffles his hair in frustration. “I just always had this feeling you had one. It frustrated the hell out me all the fucking time. I felt like you were either lying to me or you didn’t know what it was. It pissed me off. I didn’t mean to get so pissed from the ball throw either. I just thought it meant you’d lied to me, that you didn’t care to tell me. But you were trying to tell me before then, I was just fucking up my own ass that I didn’t hear you out.”


“I don’t understand.” Izuku mumbles, not sure how to comprehend his friend’s point. “Does this mean you were only my friend because you thought I had a quirk? Or that you wanted me to have one?”


“One, not friends Deku. We’ve been over this.” Bakugo chides playfully with a shove that makes Izuku smile shallowly. “Second, fuck no you moron. It was just a fucking feeling you idiot. I don’t care if you had one or not. I was just mad over the uncertainty because I was an asshole. Besides, did you really forget your own shitty speech from earlier already?”


Izuku groans in embarrassment. “Please don’t remind me. That was so not the way I pictured today going.”


“Get over it, that fucking grape deserved worse. I would’ve decked the bastard for the shit he spewed if Teach didn’t show up then.” Bakugo retorts with a hint of anger. “Now I know why you changed in the bathroom, that scar is fucking bullshit. While you were in there changing, that purple piece of shit was already talking about groping the girls as a reward for getting accepted. Fucking rapist shit deserved to be expelled.”


Izuku’s eyes widen in shock. “Wait, he did what?! And he was expelled? No wonder he was so mad. God, today has been just the worst.”


“Fuck off Deku, that fucker was a lost cause from the gate. Plus, your scores came above his shit even though you didn’t even finish all the tests.” Bakugo admits with a hint of pride. “That rat bastard was gone no matter what happened.”




“Stop your moping.” Bakugo whacks him on the back of his head, making Izuku push him back. “You gotta tell me everything about it. I bet you’ve got an entire creepy notebook dedicated to it by now.”


“They aren’t creepy! But… I haven’t really written anything about it yet.” Izuku notes while staring at the ground. “I want to, don’t get me wrong. I just didn’t know how to approach it safely without ending up in the hospital. Plus, today was literally the most I’ve used it at once. But I’m happy about my progress! I actually didn’t break anything on the grip strength test, but I’m not sure what’s the difference from the other times…”


Izuku’s admission makes Bakugo shift, plans already spurring to motion. “Alright, then we’re gonna test it out. We’re going to my house.” Already moving, Bakugo grabs his arm to pull him all the way train station to not waste any time in his excitement.


“Kacchan wait!” Izuku pleads as he walks with him. “Aizawa-sensei told me not to use it until I have quirk counseling. I could get expelled if he finds out since I’m going to get hurt. I wouldn’t be able to hide broken bones from them.”


Bakugo halts his crusade, looking back at his friend to figure out what to do since he doesn’t want that to happen either. “When is it?”


“I’m not really sure, but I think sometime this week. I have paperwork I have to get Mom to sign for permission.” Izuku informs quickly. “Once I can use it freely, we can test it out as much as we want.”




Izuku smiles as he nods in honesty. “Promise.”

Chapter Text

Izuku elected to getting to class earlier than he normally would for two reasons. One, he really didn’t want to have a repeat of yesterday with not finding the classroom fast enough. Two, Izuku wanted to get the signed papers on his teacher’s desk as soon as possible without suspicion.


Not even Bakugo knows this, but Izuku is actually a lefty by birth. Mom never liked it since it ‘reminded her of dad,’ so he always switched in front of her to not make her mad. That was the only thing she ever told him about him except for his own fragmented memories of him, and Izuku knew better than to push her buttons about him. At the very least, his mention was always a sore spot for the both of them regardless.


It’s why Izuku’s handwriting is so bad all the time since now he primarily uses his right to write in class and stuff. Only in private will he write with his left hand since it was more comfortable. The only time he would do it in class was if his hand was hurt. Because of that, forging his mother’s signature was always a cinch since he was using his left hand to do it. It made it much simpler to say it wasn’t him that made the signature since the two handwritings were obviously different. His left could be much more elegant and refined if he wanted, making it even more believable that it was actually her writing.


Doodling in his notebook with his left as he was alone, Izuku sketches everything he could remember from everyone’s quirks from yesterday. He spent a good chunk of time last night compiling the information and all that was left was the sketches. Izuku only made the frames of his classmate’s bodies though. He was still waiting to see their costumes before committing to their final design. Plus, he couldn’t wait to see what kind of things his classmates could do.


The prospect made Izuku absolutely ecstatic, practically buzzing in his seat that he never noticed a good chunk of his classmates come into the room as he continues his sketches. It’s only until Uraraka comes into his field of vision that he panics that he’s using the wrong hand.


“Good morning Deku-kun!” She cheerfully greets with a wide smile on her face as she peers at Izuku’s notebook. “What’cha doing?”


Izuku immediately slams his notebook closed and puts it away in his bag, trying not to creep out his classmates on the second day of school or give them a reason to destroy it. “Uh, just sketching. It’s nothing special.”


“Oh cool!” Izuku immediately notices Uraraka exaggerates her response, making him nervous to her intentions. “You should show me sometime.”


“Uh, sure.” Izuku mumbles, not trying to be too suspicious about his slip up.


Thankfully, their teacher enters the room, saving him from actually having to talk about it. Aizawa-sensei takes one look at the signed papers on his desk and Izuku before starting class for the day.


“Alright class, listen up.” Aizawa-sensei asserts with authority once every student’s eyes were on him, despite looking pretty exasperated by something. “We are going to be doing training today that is going to be headed by a different teacher.”


Before the entire class can erupt in excitement to who the mystery teacher is, a familiar blond comes rushing into the room. “I AM COMING THROUGH THE DOOR LIKE A NORMAL PERSON!”


“Holy crap!”


“It’s All Might!”


So cool! That’s his silver age costume designed by David Shield. He’s made all of his costumes personally ever since he saved him college due to a fire that broke out in the lab David Shield was working in at the time as a grad student. He debuted it in Sonko just after the battle with the villain Hell Raiser. The fight with Penance was the first major battle he wore it in, and it was right after the water vinegar incident where-- Izuku fanboys extensively at the nostalgia.


“Wow Midoriya, you really know a lot about All Might huh?” The red-haired boy with spikey hair notes with a cheerful laugh, making Izuku extremely aware he just mumbled that out loud to the whole class.


“S-sorry!” Izuku squeaks out hiding his face with his arms, completely beet red at this point.


Just kill me now…


“Nothing to be ashamed of my boy!” All Might booms with a signature smile. “Knowledge is a powerful asset to have as a hero. The more you know, the better you can tip the scales into your favor in battle.”


At this, the class refocuses their attention to front to what they have in store for them. “Speaking of battle, we are going to be doing combat training!” All Might holds up a card for emphasis to sell home his point after clicking a button that makes the walls open up to cases. “Put on your costumes and let’s head to Ground Beta!”

Chapter Text

Hiding in the bathroom once again, Izuku admires his costume before he slips it on. The base is a black and green jumpsuit type of material with a hoodie portion that doubles as a mask. Izuku had specifically asked for thin knee braces and his signature red shoes as they would help out with maximum flexibility and movability. The hoodie was a nod to All Might’s signature bangs of course, but they were only like jackal ears so it wouldn’t be so obvious. Izuku also had a mouth guard that could double as a gas mask if the specs he asked for was approved. Shifting it around in his hands, he smiles as its just as he had designed. He’d have to thank the person who worked on it. If he didn’t want to be a hero, he feels like he would have gone into the Support Course since making stuff is pretty awesome, especially since he designed his own voice changer to simulate Mom’s voice even though that wasn’t its original intended purpose. He also made the Support Company add some his old support gear he made sans the electrified items. It would probably be suspicious if a student asked for those with his own blueprints after all.


After sorting through all of his support gear to put in the pockets lining his belt, he determines that everything he asked for was provided so he can get to work changing. Finally all suited up with his hoodie down and his mouth guard on his neck, Izuku leaves the locker room to join his classmates, running after them since changing in the bathroom takes a little extra time to do.


“The clothes make the hero as they say!” All Might booms once Izuku catches up with his classmates, just trailing behind them.


“How cool Deku-kun!” Uraraka cheers after seeing Izuku silently walk up behind them to join the group. “What’s with the hoodie?”


Izuku turns slightly red with embarrassment. Fiddling with his hands as a nervous tic, he gives his answer. “Um, well it’s like a mask in case I need to protect my eyes. It’s got protective airtight clear adhesive and I have my mouth guard for a more effective seal--”


The girl with pink hair that Izuku has found out is named Ashido bounds over to pick at his hoodie, making him still in fear at being touched as he instantly closes his mouth. “Huh… they are like bunny ears! So cute!”


Bunny ears…?


“Um, actually, they are jackal ears…” Izuku admits, trying not to freak out since he assumes the girl means well. “It’s um… my favorite animal… Oh Kacchan!”


Izuku breaks away from the girls to admire his friend’s costume now that he sees his costume came with the additions Izuku designed for him. He had suggested to add slits for his feet explosions that were similar to how his gloves worked. Izuku had come up with the idea that he probably could fire them off his feet as the sweat glands are similar as needed, especially in a pinch. It was over all an amazing discovery to say the least. “You took my advice! So cool!”


“Shut up nerd, I would’ve come up with it eventually. You’re just too fucking annoying.” Bakugo scoffs. “You would’ve pestered me to death if I didn’t.”


Izuku takes that with a smile as its prime Bakugo Katsuki for ‘thanks for the suggestion, it’s kick ass.’ Though, his smile disappears when he sees the state of one of his classmates' costumes. Worried, Izuku hopes it doesn't come off weird. 


"Um, I don't really know your name, but..." Izuku walks directly in front of the invisible girl with only shoes and gloves on. "A-are you n-naked?"


"Midoriya!" Iida comes in with arm chops as disappointment drips from him under his helmet. "You can't just--"


"Yeah, I am." The bubbly girl notes with her hands on what Izuku assumes is her hips with an edge. "Is that a problem?"


"The Support Company just gave you just shoes and gloves!?!" Izuku shouts in disbelief. "Please tell me they offered you to make a costume and you turned them down."


Everyone kind of stares at the two as they have no idea what is going on. Izuku goes on full rant as he sees the poor girl not answer in her own shock at the current situation. "Did they not even bother using your own hair as a baseline to make you at least some clothes to wear? This is so dangerous and could be deadly in the right circumstances in the field. What happens if you deal with a disaster zone or even just cold weather--"


"Nerd, stop your fucking rambling." Bakugo pushes him in the shoulder to cut him off. "Speak clearly you fucking idiot."


Finally coming up for air, Izuku blushes a deep red at his classmate. "S-sorry. Um, just request the Support Company to make you clothes using your hair or something. Yeah..."


The girl perks back up as their classmates just stare at them in confusion. "Wait, they can do that?"


Izuku face palms as he groans. "Yes, they can and it's even relevantly simple to do once they have a baseline for your quirk. Who even designed your costume!?! I swear, I just wanna talk."


"Really?!" The girl jumps up and down excited. "That's would be so much better for me! Thank you!"


"I wonder if they would be able to make something similar for me..." The girl with the black pony tail ponders.


Izuku just looks fierce as he looks at the invisible girl. "Please put in that request. If they deny you, I want to speak to them personally. There's no way I'm letting this slide."


"Dude, Midoriya is a Karen." The boy with a lightning highlight in his hair points out as the rest of the class laugh at the altercation.


“Eyes up front, you zygotes!” All Might calls after seeing the divided attention in his class. “We are going to be doing two on two combat simulations. Heroes versus Villains!”


Izuku fidgets in excitement as the instructions roll off of his mentor’s tongue. Izuku only comes back to earth after a particular statement piques his interest. “Please note that if the bomb is damaged while the heroes are trying to secure it, it will be a loss to the heroes. The objective is to subdue the villains or to touch the bomb to deactivate it after all.”




“All right!” All Might claps to signal the end of his extensive lecture. “Everyone come draw lots except for Young Midoriya. We will have the first team to go pick amongst themselves who would like to go against the last team when it comes to it.”


Izuku mentally stops, trying to keep his disappointment in check. “Don’t you mean ‘everyone’ come draw lots?”


All Might gives him a conflicted look before settling back into his normal smile. “Young Midoriya, you haven’t been cleared to use your quirk. Thus, I can’t allow you to participate.”


Okay, no! Bad All Might! Bad!


“But I can still participate All Might without using one. You don’t need a quirk to fight.” Izuku argues with pouty eyes to try manipulating him to give in easy. “I can defend myself just fine.”


“I understand but--”


“All Might, you’ve never seen the nerd throat punch a motherfucker like I have. Let me tell you he can fucking take all these extras on quirk or not and win. Except for me of course.” Bakugo asserts with a confident smirk, despite his anger at his idol for underestimating his friend. "You'd be an idiot if you underestimate the little shit."


“Young Midoriya, you did what?!” All Might cries out in surprise, obviously dripping with disappointment.


God damn it Kacchan… now dad’s gonna ground me forever…


Izuku shifts uncomfortably before defending himself in front of his mentor. “It was self-defense All Might… I didn’t want to do it… I didn’t even have a choice… I would’ve…”


“Would’ve what?”


Izuku freezes in fear as he hears Iida asks genuinely in worry, almost sending himself into a panic attack at remembering the memory. Sensing his apprehension, Bakugo realizes he shouldn’t have said that despite trying to defend his friend’s ability.


Trying to rectify the slip up, Bakugo growls back a response to divert attention. “None of your fucking business.”




“It doesn't matter.” Izuku asserts lowly, making the entire class tense at Izuku’s shift in attitude. “All Might, I want to participate. Aizawa-sensei said yesterday that I couldn’t use my quirk until we get things figured out so I can use it safely. He never said I couldn’t take part in the exercises. If he didn’t want me doing that, he would’ve made that very clear so at the beginning of class before we got here. I don’t need nor want to be coddled like this.”


“Young Midoriya, I admire your willingness to participate, but it’s not safe without using your quirk.” All Might tries to assert to protect him as well as get himself off of Aizawa’s shit list at the moment. “You could get seriously hurt if you have a handicap like this.”


That never stopped anyone from beating the shit out of me!


“Not having a quirk isn’t a handicap.” Izuku snaps back with a slight edge to his voice without meaning to as it’s a talking point he’s constantly had to face time and time again. “I’m tired of being treated like I’m made of glass. I’m just as capable as any of my classmates, with or without a quirk.”


Izuku shifts awkwardly as he notices all the eyes on him now and All Might’s unwavering smile falter a bit at his points.


After taking a deep breath to not yell at him more, Izuku sets the foundation for his plan. “Look, please don’t get the wrong idea. I’m glad that you care about my wellbeing. But understand that I’ve spent most of my whole life without a quirk. One more fight without one isn’t going to put me in any more danger than my classmates will be in with one.”


All Might pauses at his student’s resolve and concern on the operative word of ‘fight.’


“I propose a wager.” Izuku asserts with confidence now driving him to win. “Let me do this exercise. If I win and I don’t get injured at all, I will be allowed to participate in all exercises from here on out as I will have shown I don’t need a quirk to win. If I lose or get hurt, I won’t protest your decision to leave me out of the exercises anymore until I can use my quirk safely.”


“I understand your resolve.” All Might acknowledges with definite wariness. “Then the only thing to do is find you a partner to join you since we have an odd number.”


No.” Izuku counters as he wants to win properly, on his own merit so there will be no doubt in anyone’s mind about his abilities. “I will be by myself. We have an odd number of students, so it would make sense for me to be alone. Plus, it wouldn’t be a fair wager if I didn’t have an actual handicap.”


“I can’t just--” All Might starts to protest.


“Can’t or won’t. There is a difference.” Izuku points out with almost a side of malice that Todoroki picks up on, staring at the two with a conflicted look on his face. In fact, the entire class is noticing they are fighting with familiarity on a touchy subject between them. “The second I get even a single scratch, you can call it off as I would have lost. That way I can’t get seriously injured like you suggest. Then, it would keep me from even further injuries later down the line until I can control my quirk. That would be the best, right?”


“Y’all are fucking doomed.” Bakugo cuts in with a chuckle seeing how much Izuku is dead set in his confidence to win, making the entire class shudder. “Might as well write an obituary at this point while you've fucking got the chance.”


“Kacchan!” Izuku whines with cute pout breaking his seriousness to win. “I’m not going to kill anyone!”


“Not with that shitty attitude you won’t.” Bakugo smirks. “Guess there must be another reason why you chose a jackal for your fucking costume then.”


“Kacchan…” Izuku warns. Don’t you fucking dare…


“You told me jackals are loyal as hell.” Bakugo starts with a shit eating grin. “But also, resourceful and cunning.”


“Katsuki, you stop right there.” Izuku warns with his first name as he knows where this is going, but Bakugo keeps going anyway.


They will never find your body.


“And how could I forget the most important thing you told me about…” Bakugo drawls out as if he’s ignorant. “They represent the god of death, Anubis.”


“I told you that in confidence you jerk!” Izuku whines as he playfully pushes him on the shoulder even though he’s very pissed.


“Why the fixation on death?” The pony tail girls asks with a questionable lilt to her voice.


Izuku sighs as the cat’s out of the bag and he’d rather not be deemed the creepy emo kid on day two. Plus, it technically has a dual meaning that not even his friend knows. Something that no one can know. “Because it also represents the possibility of rebirth. It means that there is hope in even the darkest places. That there is always a Second Chance for life. Or at least it does to me. I don’t really care about the whole dying part unlike what Kacchan would like you all to believe.”


“You say that but…” Bakugo teases. “You are about to wreck some shit.”


“Kacchan!” Izuku whines with a dangerously cute pout that pulls the heart strings of everyone there.


“What?” Bakugo asks as if he’s the one that’s been hurt. “Are you saying you don’t want to fucking win?”


Izuku glares at him like an angry kitten.


“What a killer baby glare you have there Deku~” Bakugo snarks playfully as he knows Izuku is completely pissed at this point.


“I’m going to destroy you Bakugo. You better hope I’m not against you.” Izuku hits him where it hurts with his mental jousting as pay back. It shuts Bakugo up pretty quick now knowing he went a little too far in his teasing.


“Ahrm.” All Might clears his throat to regain the focus of the class. “Let’s draw the lots now.”


Izuku and the rest of his classmates draw their lots. Team A is what Izuku was put on automatically since he’s alone.


Now to see who’s the competition so I can tweak plans.


“Alright, the first teams to go will be these two!” All Might declares as he raises the lots for team A and team D. “The villain team will be Young Midoriya with the heroes being Young Iida and Young Bakugo.”


Thank you merciful god!!!


Bakugo starts cackling, making Izuku face his childhood friend with a blinding smirk of his own to not give him even an inch. “Just like when we were kids, huh Deku? Always the villain. You ready to get trashed like usual?”


“Oh Kacchan~” Izuku gives his friend a dangerous grin fitting of a true jackal. “Are you ready to play?”

Chapter Text

“Midoriya is at a severe disadvantage, isn’t he?” Satou notes. “There’s no way he can defeat both of them at the same time and defend the bomb. Plus, he can’t even use his quirk. There’s simply no way.”


“I wouldn’t be so sure.” Yaoyorozu points out as she points to the screen. “Yes, he’s at a disadvantage in three degrees, but he certainly seems to be the type that is super clever. Afterall, there must be a purpose for him scouting the outside of the building first. If he wasn’t, the first thing he would’ve done is go secure the area where the bomb is and learn the layout.”


“But what does the outside of the building have to do with anything?” Jiro asks.


“I’m not sure what he’s got planned, but he’s covering all of the bases, which means he’s much more intelligent than we have estimated.” Yaororozu informs with a sense of duty to her classmates. “Even if it doesn’t have a plan around it, he may be looking for possible entry points from the heroes that he would have to deal with. I certainly wouldn’t have even thought of it as important as my first instinct would have been to secure and defend the bomb, then look for those entry points inside the building. Especially if I was under the same level of pressure that he’s currently under with his constraints.”


“Wait, what is he doing with his hands?” Kaminari points out as Izuku reaches for one of his pockets bringing out something thin that they can’t see very well.


“Like any experienced hunter, he’s laying a trap.” Tokoyami informs since he can easily see the wires as the classmates glue their eyes to the screen for what their green haired classmate has in store.



Izuku barely finishes with setting up his traps in the two entrance ways before he has to sprint back downstairs for the first part of his plan. Taking a minute to catch his breath as he knows he won’t be able to do so soon, Izuku runs through the layout he picked for getting to the roof and the location he’d have to be in soon in his head.


“Ten minutes for prep are over! Heroes, you may enter the building!” All Might booms over the intercom, making Izuku shift into survival mode.


The second Izuku hears their bickering and footsteps, Izuku shifts into a villain role comfortably as he’s done so many times before, but this time with his own personal flare by blaring some music on his personal speaker on his tiny version of his voice changer he had the support company make for him. It’s even got his signature theme song with its own special button! Such good memories. But he picks a much subtler song for this to make Bakugo pissed.


Let’s get this party rocking! ;)


As soon as the heroes turn the corner, Izuku starts howling in laughter that makes Iida get chills after turning off Barbie Girl. Izuku only stops when he sees Bakugo give off a warning explosion signaling he’s just about to crack with rage.


First Step: Get them separated.


“Hey firecracker!” Izuku sneers. “How’s being a hero going for you? I’m jealous of you, ya know.”


“Deku.” Bakugo shifts to a shit eating grin at the possibility of driving him into the ground. “I’m gonna destroy you so bad that you’ll need your broken quirk to stop me.”


“Oh Kacchan~” Izuku plays with a hint of sadness. “You were right. Always were.”


That makes Bakugo stop, trying to read his friend as he seems off.


“Bakugo, we need to capture him. He’s right in front of us. We can do it together--”


“Shut up! Deku’s mine. Go make yourself useful and fuck off Four Eyes.” Bakugo orders with a threatening explosion that sends Iida running for the stairwell with a look of defeat.


Must have already had that conversation outside… Good.


“So Deku.” Bakugo sneers with a wicked grin. “You want to give up? If you do, I swear you won’t leave the building in a stretcher.”


Step Two: Bait Kacchan to following you mindlessly.


Izuku giggles to waste a little more time as he has to do this correctly. “Aren’t you happy? I could never be the hero, just like you told me. I was just too deluded to see it. After all, what can a useless Deku do?”


That strikes the right nerve Izuku wanted as Bakugo charges forward with a right hook. Carefully evading it, Izuku grabs his wrist and throws him on the ground with a show of using his weight against him, making his friend lose his breath for a brief moment. Izuku sneers as he grabs out his capture tape. He knows he won’t get him, but it’s to further rile him up.


A control blast comes for him that he predicted, making Izuku skillfully dodge it before it even reaches towards him as he starts to sprint away after restarting his music. “Catch me if you can Kacchan~”


“Get the fuck back here Deku!” Bakugo roars as he uses his explosions to follow after the cackling Izuku.


Step Three: Get to the roof and don’t die.


Chapter Text

“Dude, Bakugo is crazy scary.” Kaminari pales after seeing his rage face of going after Midoriya without any hesitation. “I don’t know how Midoriya is facing that laughing…”


“Deku-kun is like a ninja!” Uraraka states with awe as she swings her fist. “Did you see that take down?! It's like a heated fight between two rivals!”


“Sure, but why did he let Iida go?” Tsu asks with a puzzled look. “He should have confronted them or led them both astray to keep them away from the bomb. Now there isn’t anything guarding the bomb. Iida is too fast for time to simply run out.”


“That’s not necessarily true.” Yaoyorozu speaks up after seeing what might be Izuku’s plan to win. “He made those traps, though I am unclear what they specifically do. They may prevent Iida from getting to the bomb right away before he can take down Bakugo. In a way, it covers Midoriya’s lack of a partner. That might be the reason he checked the outside perimeter before going inside...”


“But then why deal with Bakugo first? If he gets hurt, it's game over.” Ashido mentions rhetorically. “He should have picked Iida to confront, not Bakugo.”


“Perhaps he went for the flashy approach like me!” Aoyama smiles as he dramatically flares his cape. “Wouldn’t you agree my costume is super sparkly?”


“Still…” Kirishima notes looking up at the screen with concern. “If one of his explosions hits him, he’s done. What does he intend to do by provoking him like this? It's not very manly at the least with him running away like this...”


"Fumi, I like him! Did ya see what he did!?!" Dark Shadow pops out for a peek as Tokoyami simply rolls his eyes at his giddy partner watching the screen with extreme interest. "Can we keep him!?!"


"No, we can't keep him Dark Shadow." Tokoyami asserts annoyed even though he is sharing his friend's opinion due to what his classmate had attached to the traps. “Though, his ingenuity should be revered. What a mad banquet of darkness.”



Out of breath from running the crap out of himself, Izuku heads over to the exact spot he wants to be at when Bakugo confronts him. Turning to face him after switching off his mini voice changer, Izuku catches his breath as Bakugo blows open the door to the roof.


“Deku.” Bakugo calmly says, despite the rage on his face saying otherwise. “Are you done running so I can beat you up properly you bastard?”


“Yep Barbie girl.” Izuku snickers. “But I wouldn’t count on you beating me if you aren’t going to do your best. You haven’t even gotten a single scratch on me. Are you really going to beat me at this rate? All I’ve seen is you running behind me like a chicken with his head cut off. Or maybe a mutilated barbie doll in your case. Honestly can’t tell the difference at this point!”


Step Four: Boom.


“Oh?” Bakugo asks as the silent rage enters his face as his eye twitches. Despite his calm demeanor, Izuku knows better as the death aura coming off his friend is starting to get nauseating. “Tell me Deku. Do you know that my gauntlets aren’t exactly for show? You should since you helped me with my costume. But I wonder, do you know exactly what they do?”


Izuku fakes his fear as he looks at his friend in horror. “Wait Kacchan! You don’t have to--”


Bakugo starts to raise his glowing gauntlet as he grasps the pin. “Guessing by that look, you know that they store up my sweat. Let’s see how big it is.”


“Bakugo! Do not shoot off that! You’ll kill him!” All Might roars in Bakugo’s ear so loud that Izuku can hear it as well.


“I won’t kill him if he dodges!” Bakugo yells back as he releases the pin just as Izuku grins wildly. Immediately, Izuku backflips off the building to safety just as the explosion starts its way towards him and the wave of death passes over him as a warning.


Expertly, Izuku jumps down a bit on each ledge he planned on when he took his little look around the building until he’s in front of the open window where the bomb is. Not wasting any time, Izuku scampers in and gets situated as soon as Iida rounds the corner to the open door.


“Hi there, little hero~” Izuku giggles manically to soothe his composure despite him being out of breath from his impromptu climbing. “Come to play?”


“Surrender villain!” Iida roleplays, making Izuku giggle for real at his friend’s silly display. “You are outmatched!”


“Oh?” Izuku chides with a fake sneer. “Come and get me then~”


Final Step: Victory.


The second Iida charges into the room, he realizes he ran right into something, sending him flying. After another second, Izuku’s flash grenade goes off that he took. In an instant, it destroys the paper bomb from Iida pulling the pin quite literally prompting a winning grin to stretch across Izuku's face as he knows he’s already won. It was pretty clever in his opinion in how he made his friend lower his guard long enough to swipe the components he needed. Izuku was acting pushy around his friend, playfully shoving him back and forth while chatting on the way there, making Bakugo none the wiser when he lingered slightly longer before they parted when the time to prepare for the exercise started.


“Villain team wins!”


Izuku instantly drops his crazed acting and helps Iida to his feet, already fussing over him. “Oh gosh Iida, I’m so sorry about that! I didn’t mean to make you face plant like that. Let me get my kit out to help you.”


Izuku makes a grab for his kit in his left biggest pocket and makes Iida sit down to take care of his bloody nose. Thankfully, it’s not broken upon inspection, just scraped.


“Here, keep pressure on it to stop the bleeding.” Izuku instructs with a piece of gauze after he sifts through his kit for the Neosporin and an alcohol wipe to clean it.


“What even happened?” Iida asks in a daze before Bakugo rages through Iida’s comm.


“Four Eyes! Where the hell is Deku?!” Bakugo asks in worry. “Is that asshole hurt? I can’t fucking find him!”


“Bakugo, he’s with me on the fourth floor.” Iida informs as Izuku starts to clean the wound. “He’s totally fine.”


Izuku can clearly hear an unhappy grumble through it as Izuku finishes up with a bandage. “Um, Iida, how many fingers am I holding up?”


Izuku hold up two to check if he’s got a concussion from his stunt. The plan was to not let anyone get hurt other than a possible bruise, but that kind of went out of the window real fast.


“Uh, two. Just not sure what happened really.” Iida ponders confused. “Did we run out of time?”


Izuku smiles brightly. “Nope. You just tripped on my trap. I stole one of Kacchan's grenades just as the preparation for the match started so I could make a homemade stun grenade with my equipment. His grenades need his sweat, so I got creative for the mixture. Since it was the heroes' support gear and you triggered the initial explosion yourself, the heroes were the one to destroy the bomb.”


Iida gapes at Izuku like a fish out of water. Izuku just simply helps his friend up as he doesn’t want to brag with an ‘I told you so’ since he did get him hurt, which was not part of the plan at all.


“Deku you bastard!” Bakugo roars as he blasts his way into the room before grabbing Izuku by the collar of his costume. “The fuck were you thinking?!”


Izuku just pouts slightly. “I didn’t mean for Iida to get hurt…”


“Oh my fucking god…” Bakugo groans in annoyance at Izuku’s ignorance. “How the fuck did you get here from the fucking roof?”


“Oh!” Izuku cheers up instantly as he points to the open window. “Took the easy way in.”


"How the fuck did you win?" Bakugo questions with a growl, clearly ticked off by the defeat.


Izuku simply points to his friend's belt. "I stole one of your grenades and made my own stun grenade."


Then all of the pieces in Bakugo head shifts into place as he realizes what happened after checking his missing slot. “You sneaky bastard. You even knew I’d use the gauntlets you fucking psychopath.”


Izuku grins. “Yup! I knew you’d use them anyway if you got mad enough since you were itching to use them, so I just used it to my advantage and not let you destroy the whole building.”


“I fucking hate you.” Bakugo grumbles with malice. "Your shitty win doesn't mean shit Deku. You fucking cheated like usual."


“I know I did, but all I wanted was to be able to participate with the class. I know you want a proper fight after all. We'll have a rematch eventually, don't you worry a thing.” Izuku chides playfully before becoming more serious. “We should probably get back to the observation room before All Might freaks out or something with you holding me like this though.”


"Whatever." Bakugo scoffs as he pushes Izuku back with a little more force than necessary as the group starts their journey back to the group for evaluations.

Chapter Text

“Holy crap Midoriya! You’re like a ninja!” Kaminari says with excitement. “You scaled that wall like it was a rock wall. And that flip was ballsy! You made such a scary villain…”


“Hey! I said Deku-kun was a ninja first.” Uraraka pouts with a hidden smile. “Don’t steal ideas that aren’t yours.”


“It’s not really that special…” Izuku nervously trails off at the unwanted attention. “I just did that flip so I could orient myself correctly while falling to grab back onto the building…”


"Fumi! I want him." Dark Shadow interjects as he whines, nudging Tokoyami. "Hey Midoriya, can I keep you?"


Izuku doesn't even hear the question as he's already drooling over the sentient quirk in his rapid mumblings.


"Dark Shadow!" Tokoyami chastises. "We talked about this."


"And? " Dark Shadow pouts with his claws crossed. "I'm not listening."


"Your quirk is amazing!" Izuku exclaims as he starts his more vocal outward rambling watching Dark Shadow with absolute fascination without breathing once. "I have so many questions! It's not often I can analyze sentient quirks. I had an idea it was, but I wasn't totally sure from yesterday and I didn't want to be rude as they can be really personal to their partners and--"


"Come up for air..." Shouji offers after Izuku turns considerably red at his current endeavor. "I'm sure you can ask more later since both of you seem interested in the other."


Izuku squeaks in embarrassment as he breathes more oxygen. "S-sorry..."


“Your movements were so fluid with that flip off the building.” Jiro states with interest as the attention redirects in a different direction. “Where did you learn to do something like that?”


Izuku stills as he remembers his mother’s trainings that for which she set up for him and his constant running to avoid his bullies. Not wanting to make them concerned, Izuku just gives the normal answer that is technically true while averting his eyes. “I took gymnastics and self-defense classes when I was a kid. I just applied that experience to my plan to win. It’s really not that big of a deal. Any one of you would have done the same in my position.”


“You really can’t take compliments, can you?” Jiro notes after a good few seconds of silence between everyone at Izuku’s explanation.


Izuku doesn’t answer that as he’d rather not get into his self-esteem and other mental health issues right now.


Bakugo instead comes to the rescue in his own ‘Bakugo’ kind of way since he’s still very sore about the loss. “Yeah, let’s talk about the idiot with no self-preservation skills who throws himself off buildings for shits and giggles. The same fucking asshole who literally drooled over a hero's quirk for nearly twenty minutes yesterday after tripping on his own goddamn feet just to observe it. For fucks sake Ears, do all of us a fucking favor and shut up.”


"Hey, it was a really cool quirk." Izuku protests with a pout, though everyone basically ignores him in favor for the two warring classmates.


“My name is Jiro.”


“And now it's Ears.”


Ouch Kacchan…


The girl looks like she’s about to kill him when Izuku stands between the two. “L-let’s j-just m-move on t-to the o-other m-matches, y-yeah?”


“Yes!” All Might booms to regain order.


Actually forgot he was here to keep the peace… Jeez dad…be a teacher…


“We actually need to do evaluations of the match as a way to reflect. Can someone tell me who is the MVP of the battle?” All Might asks the group, leading Yaoyorozu to raise her hand high for permission to speak.


“Midoriya was the clear MVP of the fight.” She explains quickly and efficiently. “He had a well thought out plan from the beginning of the match. He demonstrated this by clearly taking in his surroundings by checking the building before entering. He then skillfully laid a trap that would guarantee his win as well as distract Bakugo from joining his partner to secure the bomb.”


“I disagree. The one who wins the battle is not the one who wins the war.” Izuku mumbles as one of his mother’s teachings come forth in his mind on reflex, not realizing he spoke out loud for the whole class to hear.


“Would you be willing to elaborate Young Midoriya?” All Might asks after discretely clicking an object to record on a whim concerning the conversation yesterday and everything he’s learned from training with him over those ten months.


“Iida should be the MVP, not me.” Getting a grip, Izuku explains his reasoning as he goes full analysis mode. “I denied access to a partner due to a personal reason to prove a point which should never happen in a real situation. That kind of thinking can get you and others killed if it was a real villain fight even if I played the part of the villain. While I did have a plan before I even entered the building, it was filled with risks and was loosely based on the fact I knew their quirks and personalities beforehand, something that would not be the case in a real situation. The risks I took would have gotten myself and others killed if it wasn’t practice.”


“Really? Are you certain?” Iida asks in confusion. “Your plan was very intricate even though I’m not sure exactly what happened with Bakugo.”


“Yes, I’m dead certain.” Izuku affirms as he continues his explanation. “Iida, you were the only one who stayed on target for the entirety of the exercise, never once wavering. Kacchan came after me solely for personal reasons and I did the same for him even if it was a part of my plan to separate the two of you. Kacchan even technically compromised the building integrity on the top of the roof, something that if I was a real villain would have let happened inside the building, preferably near the bomb. That would have caused the bomb to detonate, thus failing your objectives. My goal should have been to either protect the bomb or defeat the two of you. I did neither and instead went down the route to trick both of you to win in a roundabout way. Iida, you first tried to cooperate with your partner despite knowing that he wouldn’t work with you. The second you knew it wasn’t going to work out and that you couldn’t work together to take down the villain, you prioritized securing away the weapon. You placed trust in your partner to take the villain down while you tried to ‘save lives’ by trying to deactivate the bomb. The only thing you did wrong in that entire exercise was not taking inventory to your surroundings when finding the bomb. And the only reason that happened was because I gave you a sight of both objectives in the same room, making you oblivious to the snare wires. You had to focus instead on deciding which one to prioritize, which you chose the villain as I was the most dangerous. That was the correct avenue as if you got a single hit on me, the match would have ended immediately. If I hadn’t gotten there when I did, you may have noticed the trip wires and I would have had to fight you to keep you from the bomb, which would have led me to getting injured, thus losing the match.”


“Thus, even though I won the battle, my tactics would have never won the war. The war being a real situation outside of these walls.” Izuku concludes to explain the lesson so it won’t seem suspicious with his slip up. “Assuming the one who wins under such circumstances is never the best way to go about things, even if their plan seems rock solid at first glance.”


The silence is defeating as Izuku starts to apologies for his ranting. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to ramble like that. I just felt like it was unfair to Iida if I took credit for something I didn’t earn like he did. I didn’t mean to bore you…”


All Might immediately clicks off the recorder as he tries to reassure his student. “Your observations aren’t boring Young Midoriya. You all are here to learn, so you must voice your opinions to grow. In fact, your honesty has shown me that you are right concerning who should be the MVP. I also owe you an apology. I shouldn’t have doubted you couldn’t handle the exercise.”


Oh, what a shocker...


Izuku just shrugs to keep his sass at bay as deep down, he knows All Might was just worried about him getting hurt though it was overly unnecessary. “It would have happened whether I had a quirk or not given what happened yesterday. It was simply a matter of which teacher and when.”


All Might frowns at that observation for what its underlying meaning is, but technically he isn’t wrong, which is slightly frightening to him. “Well, let’s get the next match started!”


Watching the remaining matches was therapeutic, allowing him to take mental notes about his classmates’ battle styles as well as him committing to memory their costumes. Izuku couldn’t wait to see what else his classes had in store for him. After all, they are just getting started.



“Aizawa, Nedzu. I have something you should hear.” All Might procures the listening device in the staff lounge for the two during lunch. “I think I figured out what his quirk is.”

Chapter Text

Lunch seems to be going pretty well. It’s been a while since Izuku had even seen a cafeteria, so the sheer amount of bodies in the room makes him feel like he's five seconds away from an anxiety attack every time a person moves suddenly in his peripheral. Izuku was sad that the mystery boy who Izuku learned was named Todoroki from the battle training didn’t decide to join them for lunch, but Izuku didn’t want to force him or anything. Halfway through his homemade leftovers, Uraraka waves her hand in front of his face, breaking him out of his thoughts on the boy.


“Hey Deku-kun, you okay?” She asks warily.


“Sorry, I zoned out.” Izuku apologizes immediately, knowing he wasn’t paying any attention to his friends’ conversations due to keeping his emotions at bay. “What’s up?”


“If you say so…” Uraraka trails off. “I was just asking if your mom made you your lunch. It looks super good.”


“Oh.” Izuku puts down his chopsticks. “No, she didn’t.”


“Really?” Uraraka looks skeptical at his lunch. “It just looks like it has a motherly touch though…”


Izuku shrugs to not arouse suspicion. “Mom’s not home right now, so she couldn’t have made it.”


“Then your dad makes your lunch?” Iida asks after taking a bite.


Izuku flinches hard at the mention of his dad. “N-no. I made it.”


The two look at each with a concerned look before settling back on Izuku, making him increasingly worried to their near constant analysis of him. “You know what, I need to go to the bathroom really quick. Watch my food, yeah?”


Izuku basically bolts away even though he doesn’t actually run. Once in the bathroom and checking that no one is in there, Izuku collapses near the window trying to keep his anxiety under control.


Breathe Izuku… They don’t know… I’m okay… It’s—


The door to the bathroom slams open, making Izuku jump to his feet in fear, hand already on the window’s latch to get away.


Three boys in what Izuku realizes is the general education uniform enter with dangerous grins, making him actually unlock the window as he knows it’s going to go south now.


Just my luck…


“We heard through the grape vine that Class 1-A has a Quirkless.” The larger boy sneers, making Izuku flinch at the term. “How can the hero course let someone useless like you in but deny one of us who actually are worth something?”


“I’m not quirkless.” Izuku retorts in vain. “I have a quirk.”


“Oh, then why don’t you show us your imaginary quirk?” The smallest of the group taunts.


Izuku clams up, not wanting to answer that he can’t, or he would be expelled. That would just be a recipe for disaster. Instead, he discretely inches the window up slowly so he can get the hell out of dodge quickly.


The group bend over as they snicker at Izuku’s silence, allowing him to move the window all the way up without them noticing. “Here’s what’s going to happen…”


“You fight back and we’ll tell the teachers how the hero student suddenly violently attacked us for no reason.”


“And you’ll be expelled. So, just sit there and take it, okay?” The middle boy smirks while licking his lips seductively, sending Izuku into a mini panic attack that it’s going to happen again as their rage auras flare up. “I can’t wait to see you all bloody and crying.”


“Please, I won’t tell anyone if you leave me alone.” Izuku pleads as the boys get closer. “I didn’t do anything to you.”


“Don’t forget to scream, okay?”


Izuku tries to bolt out of the window, but finds hands holding him back. “Let me go!”


Izuku kicks at his attackers to get away from their clutches but finds him unable to get away. They drag him back down to the floor as they punch him in the face. Izuku’s anger flares as they start kicking him over and over again in the ribs by taking turns, sending him into a rage that makes him get back up after a few agonizing minutes of bearing the pain in their attacks. He's tired of constantly being people's punching bag and lets the consequences hang in the back burner in his mind as he punches the two bigger attackers and kick the smaller boy back away from him. 


Stay away from me!"


The boys freeze as if in severe pain, giving Izuku enough time to successfully jump out the window to safety. Izuku lands wrong on the ground due to his sore ribs, possibly twisting his ankle. Hearing the bell for lunch being over, Izuku limps towards his class despite the unbearable pain, tears threatening to spill over due to the fear that he’s going to get in trouble.

Chapter Text

Izuku limps into the room, avoiding the stares and gasps of some of his classmates that have already returned as he takes his seat. Thankfully Bakugo hasn’t returned yet or he would have lost a gasket. He never can lie to him.


“Midoriya, what happened to your face?” Iida asks once he reaches Izuku’s desk to get a better look at his forming black eye and split lip.


Izuku ignores his concern as he gets his work out of his backpack to start class despite the blaring pain. “I fell down some stairs. I’m clumsy.”


Clearly that was the wrong thing to say as Iida gets angry and continues his interrogation. “Who did this to you?”


“I did this to myself.” Izuku lies like normal without even blinking from his current task, not sparing any of the worrying stares in his direction any mind. “I told you I fell.”


Before Iida can continue, Aizawa-sensei enters the room before taking a double take at the tension. “What happened now--”


The second he sees Izuku’s face, he gets ready to interrogate for himself. “Midoriya, who punched you?”


“No one. I fell down the stairs.” Izuku retorts, not giving him an inch as he grabs a pencil from his bag. “It was a bad fall.”


“Do not lie to me. You were uninjured this morning and from the battle trainings.” Aizawa-sensei threatens. “Problem Child, you tell me what happened right now.”


“Stop pretending you care sensei.” Izuku coolly responds in his anger to the nickname and what had just happened. “You don’t have to fake it to my face. I’d rather be ignored like I don’t even exist than lied to.”


Aizawa-sensei looks stunned for a moment before returning to his normal intense gaze. “Why do you think I don’t care? I’m your teacher.”


You and every single one that never stopped anything…


“Do you want a medal for that?” Izuku snorts unhappily with no filter being held in his voice. “That doesn’t automatically mean you care. Even if you did, you can’t do anything about the stairs hurting a student because they are clumsy.”


The entire group of eyes on the boy seem at an impasse as Izuku starts looking over his notes like nothing happened, ignoring the painful jarring of his sore ribs as he does.


“Aizawa.” A gruff man who looks like a dog enters from the doorway coming to his teacher's side, whispering to his teacher so lowly that Izuku can barely make it out by reading their snarls. “I have three general education students who came to me saying they were attacked by a hero student from Class 1-A. They are being treated by Recovery Girl right now for their injuries.”


Fuck my life.


Izuku hangs his head slightly, wondering if he should have just let them do it. Then maybe he wouldn’t be expelled.


“Outside.” Aizawa-sensei commands while staring at Izuku with a hardened gaze. “Now.”


Izuku answers only with tears already forming in his frustration as he camps in his seat in protest, not budging an inch.


At that moment, Bakugo enters the room with a few more of his classmates trickling in, his gaze taking a double take on Izuku’s face. His face flares up in rage, making him run straight over to him. Izuku at this point is in hysterics, violently sobbing even though the sound doesn’t come out at all and the only indication is his silent tears falling down. “Deku, what happened?”


Izuku shakes his head.


“God damn it Deku, tell me what the fuck happened!” Bakugo roars as he shakes Izuku to snap him out of his daze, causing the rest of the students entering the room to shrink at their classmate's shouting.


It was a little too hard as he feels a sharp throb from the jostling of his ribs, making him start hacking. It isn’t until Izuku feels something wet on his chin that he realizes its blood. Bakugo and the rest of the class notice as well before he can wipe it away fast enough, prompting the pair of teachers to realize Izuku’s more injured than they realized.


“Bakugo, move.” Aizawa-sensei orders. “We need to get him to Recovery Girl. Explanations will come later.”


“Explanations?” Bakugo asks incredulously that makes everyone flinch at his shrillness. “It's fucking obvious what happened!”


“’m fine Kacchan.” Izuku chokes out trying not to sound too panicked. “Stairs didn’t hurt me that bad.”


“Don't fucking lie to me Deku!” Bakugo raises his voice in anger as it mixes with his own panic about the situation. “The last fucking time I saw you this bad you weren’t even breathing! If I didn’t find you then, you would’ve fucking died!”



Izuku glares at his friend for telling everyone about that. Fucking what the hell Kacchan?!


“Bakugo, what do you mean by that?” Aizawa-sensei broaches carefully seeing Izuku’s panic and anger at the topic.


Bakugo gives him nothing but defiance. “Deku will tell you if he fucking wants to.”


Thank you Kacchan…


Izuku’s vision blurs as he falls forward in his seat from exhaustion.


“Shit Deku!”

Chapter Text

“The boy was beaten half to death! Five of his ribs were broken or fractured. Five! We are lucky his ribs didn’t actually puncture a lung. You should have brought him here the second you saw him instead of interrogating him.” Recovery Girl huffs, making Izuku stir to consciousness even though he doesn’t open his eyes. “How he even jumped out of a two-story window to safety and got to the classroom without passing out is beyond me.”


“I apologize Recovery Girl. I simply didn’t realize his injuries were that severe.” Aizawa-sensei cuts in. “I had only seen him when he was at his desk, not when he came stumbling into the room as many of his classmates described. He didn’t even make an indication he was under that much pain. The worst injury I could see was a black eye and a split lip at most.”


Mom. Dad. Please stop fighting.


A loud sigh makes Izuku feel nervous for some reason but he can’t discern why just yet. “That’s not the reason I’m worried most about the boy though.”


“What do you mean?” All Might?


“Aizawa dear, you said he freaked out on you when you asked what happened correct? Would you please elaborate what stood out?”


“He doesn’t trust teachers at all.” Aizawa-sensei blandly states. “He was quick to say the injuries weren’t from the students that assaulted him, basically saying that he caused them himself on accident. He didn’t back down on that stance at all.”


Another round of silence passes before his teacher picks back up. “I’m worried that the reason he had that first aid kit wasn’t simply because of his supposed clumsiness.”


“The first time we met, he did have one in his backpack…” All Might trails off. "He was pretty adamant helping me get to medical attention too..."


“I think you both need to see this…” Recovery Girl mentions almost reluctantly as Izuku hears some shuffling in the room.


See what---!


Izuku feels his shirt start to move up, making him snap open his eyes, already his hands on his shirt to keep it on without anyone seeing what's hidden underneath.


“Midoriya.” His teacher is burning holes into him with a stern look. “Remove your hands.”


Izuku just stares back in pure terror at the prospect, only able to give a simple shake of his head to try and keep them from seeing what’s underneath.


“Problem Child.” Aizawa-sensei warns, making Izuku flinch at the nickname once again.


“P-please n-noo.” Izuku pleads with a panicked look.


“Midoriya dear, I’ve already seen them to check on your ribs. We just want to help you.” Recovery Girl states, making Izuku’s breathing hitch dangerously.


No longer tired, Izuku tries to bolt off the bed to get away, but instead finds himself wrapped up in his teacher’s capture weapon.


“Please, let me go.” Izuku sobs as he struggles to get free. “I didn’t do anything wrong.”


“Young Midoriya, please.” All Might pleads with a sad look on his face. “We want to help you.”


You can’t help. You’ll just make things worse…


“Midoriya, we need to know if you are being abused.” Aizawa-sensei bluntly says, obviously putting the puzzle pieces together despite not yet seeing the scars.


“I’m not!” Izuku roars back as he frantically tears at the fabric trapping him, internally cursing himself for not bringing his knife today. Never again though. “Let me go!”


“Sweetheart, please calm down.” Recovery Girl assures with a soft gaze. “You are safe to tell us what happened. We won’t judge. Just please allow All Might and Aizawa to see them before you do if you feel comfortable showing. We already know you have extensive scaring.”


Izuku pales. “W-what?”


Recovery Girl cocks her head in worry as Izuku silently dissociates in his panic. “Midoriya, are you okay?”


Izuku just stares blankly while underneath he’s completely losing it, not even thrashing around anymore now that they know.


Why? Why today? Why? WHY?! Just a few more years and NO ONE WOULD’VE KNOWN!


“Kid?” Aizawa-sensei asks in worry as he loosens the weapon slightly undenounced to Izuku who just stands there. “Shit. All Might, text one of the teachers to bring Bakugo in here. I think he’s dissociating. He might be able to calm him down enough for us to talk to him.”


“Of course.” All Might replies with worry dripping from his face as he looks at Izuku not be in the room. He immediately shifts to his larger form as he texts on his phone. “Done.”


Aizawa-sensei very slowly approaches Izuku like a wounded animal. “Kid, you don’t have to show us if you aren’t comfortable doing so. You’re safe here. We just want to talk.”


Izuku flinches violently when his teacher finally gets close enough to reach out to remove the weapon without startling him too much, jumpstarting his tears. Izuku mumbles something under his breath as he starts to calm down.


“What was that?”


“Don’t touch me.” Izuku mumbles a little louder.


“WHERE IS HE?!” A voice roars down the hallway, making Izuku shudder at the intensity of his friend.


The door to the room slams open showing a murderous looking Bakugo. Once his eyes fall on Izuku’s tears, they soften before he demands answers. “Why is he tied up Teach?”


“He freaked out and tried to bolt dear.” Recovery Girl answers.


“You gotta slow down!” Present Mic shouts as he rounds the corner, just in view of Bakugo in the doorway. “Oh, hey Sho! How’s the little listener doing?”


“Mic, please shut up.” Aizawa-sensei growls as he sees Izuku start to shiver at the amount of people watching him. “Bakugo, can you calm him down? We also have some questions to ask you.”


“I am calm.” Izuku cuts in annoyed at being treated like an unruly child at the moment. “And Kacchan doesn’t know anything because there isn’t anything to discuss.”


“Wanna explain why you freaked out about your shirt coming up then?” Aizawa-sensei asks with his arms crossed after he releases Izuku from the tape.


“I was hoping my stripping debut would come later when I’m actually legal.” Izuku smirks, making All Might sputter a bit at the personality shift. Even Bakugo snorts at his angst.


Yeah, I’m actually sassy. So what?! Sue me!


“Deku.” Bakugo basically growls knowing Izuku is deflecting after the humor subsides.


“Fine.” Izuku growls. “I don’t like my scar. Happy?”


“You wanna say how you came by these scars plural that you don’t want others to see?” Aizawa-sensei corrects.


“If I said no, would you drop it?” Izuku gives the puppy dog eyes that make his teacher roll his eyes.


“No, you need to tell us.”


“Worth a shot.” Izuku grumbles. “Too bad. I’m not open for this therapy session. Pretty sure my insurance doesn’t cover this level of depressing stuff.”


“Young Midoriya, we just want to help you.” All Might tries to calm his successor best he can to negotiate. “Let’s all just sit down and talk about this.”


“I don’t want to.” Izuku bluntly states.


“Why the fuck not?” Bakugo asks, obviously pissed at not knowing what’s going on. “Seriously, why the fuck does everyone look like someone kicked a god damn puppy?”


“Bakugo dear, do you know if his parents are abusing him?” Recovery Girl inquires softly.


“The actual fuck is going on?!” Bakugo snarls. “Auntie would never fucking hurt him!”


“Can I go?” Izuku cuts in. “If you’re going to expel me for getting into a fight on the second day, you might as well stop beating around the bush and get this nightmare over with.”


“You’re not being expelled Problem Child.” Aizawa-sensei snaps back, making Izuku tense and shut up. “The ones who attacked you will be dealt with. The real issue is where those scars came from and why you don’t want people seeing them.”


“What, is being self-conscious not reason enough?” Izuku snarks back despite being in total shock he's not getting kicked out for fighting.


“You mean the scar that he got when he was attacked?” Bakugo asks, clearly confused.


“Attacked?” Aizawa-sensei questions with narrowed eyes.


Oh, thank you sweet savior I found my out!


“Yeah. How else do you think I got my quirk?” Izuku bluffs. “I’ve heard trauma is a great motivator.”


The room goes dead silent as three people look amongst themselves instantly with a serious look that Izuku wasn’t expecting. It weird as compared to the complete surprise and worry on Present Mic, it's like they are having a serious discussion between them without much speaking. It goes on for a while too, leading to Izuku realizing they all know his secret and are trying to figure out how to discuss it with people who don't know in the room. 


Huh. Interesting….




“Yeah Sho?”


“Could you take Bakugo back now that Problem Child isn’t about to have a breakdown?”


“Oh shit, was I not supposed to know or something?” Bakugo asks with a concerned look at Izuku when he grimaces at the terrible nickname.


Roll with it.


“I may have neglected to tell you never to tell anyone I told you for legal reasons.” Izuku dodges convincingly with a mischievous look.


“God damn it Deku, you fucking moron.” Bakugo huffs. “You can never fucking keep a secret, can you?”


“You know I can’t lie to you best buddy!” Izuku waves sarcastically as Izuku’s spirit animal takes him away with the most terrifying scowl on his face at his jab.


As soon as the kids have left the room, the adults have come out to play and Izuku is all business. “So, Aizawa-sensei knows huh? When did that happen might I wonder…? It’s only been like two days! My bet was on at least a week before he figured it out. Should have known Aizawa-sensei would figure it out faster. Did Recovery Girl know already or...”


“Figure out what?” Aizawa-sensei asks with a Cheshire grin.


“Oh, stop playing you.” Izuku coos before hardening his gaze. “You two knew instantly I was lying just like All Might, so don’t play with me. None of you are exactly subtle.”


“Fine.” Aizawa-sensei growls as he breaks his fake ignorance. “Wanna let us see the scars?”


“Nope.” Izuku pops the p. “I’m not showing off my insecurities thank you. If you wanted to see them, you should have taken me to dinner first.”


“Where did this sass come from?” All Might asks worried as Izuku hasn’t really shown this side to him.


“Oh, it’s always been here.” Izuku bluntly answers. “Just never thought the demon would get out this early in the school year. I swear I must have forgot to feed him this morning or something.”


That actually gets him a small snicker out his homeroom teacher.


Izuku laughs internally at his total win. “But nah, this is just what happens when I have to cope with something I don’t want to talk about. Speaking of which, it’s class time. Can I leave or do I need to fight my way out to get a simple humble education?”


“Midoriya dear, I understand that you are reluctant to talk about it, but we need to know that you are safe.” Recovery Girl finally speaks back up.


“Well, if that’s all you need to know then sure.” Izuku answers honestly. “I’m not being abused” —right now— "and the last scar happened probably about a year ago. Unless I have new ones from today. That enough?”


“And where did they come from?” Aizawa-sensei asks, crossing his arms.


“Have none of you ever heard of bullies?” Izuku questions with an angry face to bluff his way out. “Seriously, if you’ve never seen one, you have now by those jerks who thought it was a great idea to attack me. The only reason those trash cans got the drop on me was because I was busy having a panic attack before they came after me in the bathroom. Otherwise, I would have jumped right out the window easy peasy before things went down.”


That makes the adults shift uncomfortably that means Izuku’s winning this battle. “Panic attack?”


Izuku rolls his eyes to keep up the act. “Yeah. Would it be a surprise to you if today was the first time I’ve been in a cafeteria in literally five years? Excuse me for being nervous.”


The air turns icy at Izuku’s comment as his teacher picks up the slack as All Might looks close to having a complete meltdown at the admission. “Do your parents know you’ve been bullied?”


“Of course she knows. She couldn’t help because we were told over and over that I was clumsy, or I instigated a fight against my classmates.” Izuku bitterly shoot backs to cover his bases. “You really think the schools are going to do anything to help the quirkless kid?”


“They didn’t stop the bullying?” All Might asks, giving him an almost feral look that scares Izuku a lot.


Izuku just scoffs in response as he keeps up his angsty teen act even though the truth is sprinkled in. “Stop it? They encouraged it. You want to know the first thing every single teacher I’ve ever had told the class right after they introduced their own name except for pre-school? ‘By the way, Midoriya is quirkless.’ You learn real fast how to run away and fix your own injuries when everyone around you wants you dead.”


The silence is deafening that even a pin drop would probably sound like a scream.


Shit, I went too far, didn’t I?


“Look, can I go now? I really didn’t want to have this conversation ever.” Izuku adds tiredly. “I don’t want to miss anymore class than I have. Despite having a fight on the second day of school, I actually want to do well in class. I’m not a delinquent.”


Taking the silence as permission, Izuku opens the window and jumps out to rush off to class since the infirmary is on the first floor as the adults stare at his hasty exit.

Chapter Text

Izuku usually jumps out of windows, not climbing up to one. Given how freaked out his classmates were, he kinda wanted to ‘lift up their spirits.’ Thus, a brilliant idea came to fruition.


Scaling the wall, Izuku climbs up to the window with his class that he had previously unlocked when he got scared by that Mineta kid.


Show time!


Stifling a laugh, Izuku quickly knocks on the window, careful to stay out of sight. Izuku could almost literally feel the confusion rolling off his classmates with their murmurs as he waited a minute before knocking again. Izuku could probably stay up there for a while and draw it out, but Izuku didn’t want to end up in the infirmary again because of a prank. Recovery Girl would probably kill him for that.


After another good minute, Izuku this time basically bangs the window, causing someone inside to lose their shit as a huge bang is echoed.


“Bakugo, please don’t drop your textbook like that.” Present Mic says with an annoyed tone.


Holding in his laughter, he basically bangs the crap out of the window again but not so much that it breaks.


“Okay, which one of you fucks is messing with me?!” Bakugo roars inside.


“Pay attention listener!”


Alright! Final phase.


Little by little the window is pulled down so no one would notice. Once it’s all the way down, Izuku bangs it again like the little shit he is.


“Alright, whoever that is, you’re dead!”


Just as Bakugo stomps towards the window, Izuku jumps up to meet him. “I LIVED!”


Bakugo would vehemently deny it, but Izuku definitely heard a slight noise that could have constituted being a scream or a laugh as he flinched backwards. Too bad that was overshadowed by his overwhelming rage as he pulls Izuku into the room by his collar of his shirt while he’s giggling like a little bitch at his superb prank.


“Oh man Kacchan! You should’ve seen your face!” Izuku laughs as he gives the punch line. “It was like you saw a ghost or something!”


“You cheeky little fuck! You think this is fucking funny?!” Bakugo screeches in his blinding rage.


“Of course I do.” Izuku retorts with a playful grin as he sets up his next joke. “I wanted to lift up everyone’s spirits. Did it work?”


After that joke, everyone howls in laughter as they start to see Izuku’s angle making him smile. Even Present Mic can’t contain his laughter. Except for Todoroki who looks as amused as emotionally stunted toaster.




“I’m gonna kill you Deku!” Bakugo yells in his face, breaking him from his disappointment.


Oh, right. Should probably deal with the bomb.


“Can’t kill someone who already came back from the dead now can you?” Izuku smirks as it’s a slight inside joke between the two of them.


His friend stills from that, but Izuku doesn’t miss a beat as he reaches his seat after detangling himself from his friend’s grasp. “So, while I was six feet under, what did I miss?”


“When the fuck are you going to stop going through windows and fucking take the door like a normal person?!” Bakugo growls as he stalks over to Izuku’s desk as he takes out his supplies.


“As soon as stairs stop trying to kill me for no reason.” Izuku retorts happily. “Seriously, I’ve had to resort to taking the easiest exit way too many times just to avoid talking with death so often. She’s not exactly a happy camper with me after all. Probably sick of seeing me at this point.”


“You were fucking passed out nearly dead not even forty minutes ago.” Bakugo rolls his eyes as he drops into his own seat in front of Izuku. “God you’re insufferable when you’re cranky.”


“Aww! You do care!” Izuku chastises playfully as he starts writing down the notes on the board. “Plus, that bone hurting juice works wonders. Third time since school started baby! I think I’m going for a new record.”


“If your quirk didn’t break every fucking bone in your body, I would swear to fuck it was being a trouble magnet.”


Izuku’s eyes glisten with excitement. “Actually, that would make so much sense! I’ve got to test this out as soon as possible! Maybe I have two like Todoroki!”


Izuku feels the air turn slightly colder, making him think that he shouldn’t have said that even though Todoroki only has one technically.




“I hate you.” Bakugo scowls as the rest of the class just stares at the two, stifling their giggles.


“Wouldn’t expect anything less.” Izuku sighs as he finishes his act. “You wouldn’t be caught dead any other way.”


Izuku may have more than deserved that explosion.


This is going to be a great year!

Chapter Text

Izuku had gone the rest of classes without a single person asking him about it. And of course, that gorgeous streak was tainted the second school ended by his favorite teacher coming into the room dramatically like Jesus rising from the dead, making even Present Mic scurry out of the room with a loud yelp as even he was terrified by the aura his homeroom teacher was giving off.


“Midoriya, can I have a word with you privately?” Aizawa-sensei asserts after the final bell of the day dismisses the class to start putting away their things.


Okay, I am NEVER having this conversation.


“You know, I don’t think I will.” Izuku snidely remarks as he puts his things in his backpack to leave, getting a few giggles but also a few appalled looks from his classmates at his cheeky reference.


Aizawa-sensei does not seem to be in a laughing manner though. “Midoriya, it’s not up for debate.”


“Yeah, well last time I checked, neither was tripping over my feet, but I think I did pretty okay given the situation.” Izuku retorts as he slings his backpack onto his shoulders, trying to keep his boiling rage under control and wiped from showing on his face.


“Problem Child, stop making this difficult.” Aizawa-sensei snaps back with a very pissed off look. Izuku’s classmates are looking at him with extreme concern now, that makes him want to leave the room even faster.


Izuku doesn't even flinch at his teacher's unknowing scarring words triggering some VERY bad memories. Instead, he snarls back at him with a look of pure hate with some fear hidden deep underneath. “You know, I'm pretty sure heard that same fucking excuse once before and if I'm remembering correctly, that ended up being the worst day of my life. So excuse me if I'm being so difficult about having an impromptu making out session with the stairs.”


“Jesus Deku! Why the hell aren’t you being serious about this?!” Bakugo chastises, concerned for his weird outburst since Izuku had been totally fine before this terrible interaction from earlier.


“I am being completely serious about this.” Izuku plays dumb, his pissed off state of basically ten years of pent up feelings bursting at the seams, radiating heavily throughout the room. “Did you know 12,000 people a year die from stairs? I have a right to feel nervous when they are targeting innocent students like me who are just trying to get a humble education.”


The second those words came out of his mouth, Izuku came to regret them immediately as Aizawa-sensei spares no more seconds playing around, encasing him in his capture weapon. “Everyone, leave the room now.”


His classmates all scurry out of the room at their teacher’s nonnegotiable request, with even Bakugo giving him both a concerned yet very much a death glare from his earlier prank as he leaves the room with them.


Just great Izuku, can’t shut your stupid mouth when you are angry, can you?


“As much as I enjoy this heartwarming embrace, I’m going to have to say I’m very uncomfortable as I hate being touched.” Izuku snarks, trying to deflect hopefully from his previous statement with no such luck. “Very hard pass.”


Before Izuku let’s Aizawa-sensei give a reply, Izuku decides to deal with the eavesdroppers with an angry huff. “You know, I know all of you are listening just outside that door. As much as you all are dying to know what happened when I got intimate with the stairs earlier, I’d rather not deal with any of this today. Or ever again if I’m lucky.”


Aizawa-sensei just growls lowly for a moment, knowing Izuku is completely right. “Are you going to behave yourself now so we can go somewhere private to talk?”


Huffing to fake it till Izuku makes its, he ‘relents.’ “Fine. Clearly no one is on my side today. Might as well rip this band-aid off before it becomes contagious. Maybe UA will install ramps in the stairwells just for me.”


“Are you always this snarky or is it because you are pissed?” Aizawa-sensei rhetorically asks as he releases Izuku from the awkward restraints.


“Absolutely livid.” Izuku pops out with a cheery smile on his face, obviously dripping with venomous sarcasm as he tightens his backpack straps in preparation for his daring escape.


He’ll never know what hit him ;)


The second they are in the hallway with his nosy classmates, Izuku grins wickedly as he rushes to the open window he noticed earlier being fixed for repairs or something that morning. Aizawa-sensei is completely pissed at his not so subtle retreat and rushes after him, leaving his classmates completely stunned by the whole kerfuffle.


With a peace sign and a shit eating grin, Izuku backflips right out the window like he’s done so many times before, grabbing to the ledge as he jumps down periodically until he’s on solid ground again. Looking up to his confused classmates and his absolutely fuming teacher, Izuku blows a kiss in his sass and pettiness.


“If it’s any consolation, you're technically the first teacher I ever did that to!” After that, Izuku absolutely speeds away like a mad demon towards the gates to escape, knowing if he doesn’t, Aizawa-sensei will drag him back within an inch of his life at this point in spite for his little stunt.



Nedzu is enjoying his freshly brewed cup of tea when Shouta storms into the room. All Might almost drops his own cup with how murderous he looks.


“I’m going to kill that Problem Child.”

Chapter Text

The second Izuku gets home, he dives into his room to find his personal voice changer from his vigilante days that he commandeered for situations like this and his burner phone that he set for his ‘Mom’ on the contact list for his school contacts. Clipping it on and giving it a test run to switch between the two settings, Izuku presses the call button to call back who he assumes was the school, who, apparently has already called three times.




“Hello this is Midoriya Inko. You called me earlier, but I was unavailable to the phone. To whom am I speaking with?” Izuku asks in his ‘mother’s voice.’


“Hello Ma’am. My name is Aizawa Shouta and I’m Midoriya’s homeroom teacher. There are a few things I wanted to talk to you about today concerning your son.”


“He got into a fight, didn’t he?” Izuku hesitantly asks as if she expected it.


“Midoriya-san, he did get into a fight, but that’s not what we wanted to discuss with you as the most important topic.” Aizawa-sensei replies as if he’s going to have an aneurism. “Are you aware of your son being previously bullied?”


Izuku fakes a choke as if he’s being emotional. “Yes, I am. Izuku he… doesn’t like to talk to anyone about it, but I know it’s been an ongoing problem. I think he just wants to spare my feelings about it and not make me worry. Tell me, what happened today.”


“Midoriya-san your son was cornered by three students and they proceeded to attack him unprovoked. He got a black eye, several cracked ribs, and a twisted ankle. Our nurse healed him up, so please make no mistake that he’s in top shape now. The students that attacked him will be punished for their transgressions and your son will not be punished for defending himself.”


“Are… are you telling the truth?” Izuku hesitantly broaches, not really believing what he’s hearing.


“Here at UA, we take bullying very seriously as we have a zero-tolerance policy.” Aizawa-sensei affirms almost with slight anger. “Is there a reason we should be worried?”


Izuku starts silently sobbing. “I-It’s just t-that n-no one would help h-him before. He’s come h-home with so m-many injuries that I’ve lost count. He always says he’s okay with a smile, but I’ve been so afraid for him. I’ve tried to talk to teachers before and they always assured me everything was alright, or they misdirected the blame onto Izuku.”


“Did you go to the police to report the bullying?”


“I’ve wanted too, but Izuku never wants to.” Izuku gives reluctantly. “He’s a very kind boy. He always thought about the best of even those bullying him. He said he never wanted them to ever be arrested and their futures be taken away from them. He always blamed the teachers, not his peers. We made a compromise long ago that if he talked to me about it, I wouldn’t force him to go report it. It’s been good for him.”


Talking meaning my own version of ‘self-care’… that I don’t do anymore…


“I understand, but he has scars that aren’t normal.” Aizawa-sensei protests. “There is one scar I am particularly worried about. Did you know there is a scar that looks like a stab wound over his heart?”


Izuku deadpans as he 'acts' shocked. “Excuse me what?”


“Midoriya-san, there is a possibility that he’s was almost killed from that injury.” Aizawa-sensei returns almost with anger directed towards him. “Did you not know?”


Izuku acts with anger to keep up an act to not be discovered. “No, I did not know his bullying went that far. The most I’ve seen is burns, scrapes, and other quirk related injuries. Izuku’s never let anyone see himself shirtless. He’s very self-conscious, even around me…How bad is bad Aizawa-san?”


“Recovery Girl, our health resident expert who treated your son today, said there was a very low chance of him surviving that attack without medical assistance.”


I didn’t…


Izuku gives a few moments of silence to add for effect. “I understand. Is there anything else you need to tell me about? I need to have a long talk with Izuku.”


“Izuku! I need to speak with you!” Izuku shouts by covering the phone.


“No Midoriya-san, that’s everything for now. I do think we need to plan to meet soon though. I’m concerned for your son’s wellbeing.”


“I understand.” Izuku reluctantly admits as he switches off the voice receiver to switch to his real voice. Taking a few steps towards the door, he opens it as if it’s him entering. “Mom?”


Switching back, she addresses him. “Izuku give me a moment, I’m almost done.”


“When would you want to meet?” Izuku asks into the phone trying not to panic.


“Preferably within the next week. Let us know your earliest convenience. Have a good day Midoriya-san.”


“You too.” Izuku clicks off the voice changer and ends the call.





As Shouta ends the conference call, he looks at Nedzu and All Might with a look that is seeded in hate.


“What do you think?” Shouta broaches the rat carefully to keep his emotions in check in case he's wrong in his assumptions.


“She never referred to Midoriya as her son once.” The bear takes a careful sip of his warm tea. “And what’s more worrying is that she seemed not used to using his first name, which is highly irregular. I also highly doubt she had no idea her son had a stab wound like that unless her son is exceptional at hiding high risk injuries.”


“Then…” All Might contemplates, worried for his successor.


“It’s possible.” The dog puts down the cup. “I suggest that we back off for now and try to gain Midoriya’s trust if we can. Right now, it seems he doesn’t trust us at all due to bad experiences with teachers.”


“You can’t be serious.” Shouta almost shouts, nearly losing his composure. “Recovery Girl said that scar was probably only about a year old. Some of those other scars are at most ten years old. There is no way bullies did that type of damage at that age, even if they used their quirks.”


Nedzu gives him a contemplative look. “I understand your concerns Aizawa. It’s also equally possible that the aggressor is the father given that he never mentioned him to you and the fact he’s not an emergency contact. We need to play the long game if we are going to help him. We don’t hold all of the cards and I feel like even now, we don’t have even the whole deck.”


“I’ll talk to him tomorrow. I’ve known him for the longest.” All Might suggests with a determined look. “He might trust me enough to talk and tell me.”


“All Might, please. If he was willing to tell you, he would have already done so. He clearly doesn't trust adult figures at the moment.” The dog shoots a look at him when All Might attempts a rebuttal. “Let us wait for his meeting with his mother first. We can have Recovery Girl check up on him tomorrow just in case she did anything. If she did, we would have evidence to remove him from his home. If he doesn’t come to school tomorrow, then we can get an officer to check up on his wellbeing. We must deal with this with professionalism or we will fail our student.”


“I understand.” All Might backs off reluctantly. “But if I even see a single bruise on him, I won’t hesitate to help him. He deserves better.”


“Don’t worry All Might.” Shouta reassures with a dangerous glint. “The sentiment is mutual.”

Chapter Text

Izuku spent a lot of last night venting his frustrations out on his punching bag in his Mom’s old room. Since she ‘moved out,’ Izuku sold the bed and transformed it into his own small personal gym. There’s still the guest room, but it’s not like anyone would ever come over anyway. He may have gone a little overboard with the workout where he needed to wrap up his knuckles, but at least he’s not too sleep deprived as he did actually go to bed. Didn’t do much good as he does have slight bags under his eyes though. Thankfully, it’s still slightly cold outside, so he wears thin gloves to cover up his bandages.


What I am supposed to do now? They aren’t stupid. Of course, they want to meet mom. Maybe I could hire someone to be my mom for a day or something…


Despite his excitement to work on his notebook, his mood is very low as he sits in the classroom drawing his classmate’s costumes, waiting for class to start. He got there even before Iida again, actually being an hour early as he wanted to apologize to his teacher without everyone being there to watch. He felt extremely guilty since they actually seemed like they genuinely wanted to help over the phone. It was at least more than he’s ever gotten previously anyway. The door finally opens after a good ten minutes upon arriving, revealing his teacher that he ditched yesterday.


Speak of the devil and he shall appear. At least he doesn’t look like he’s going to rip my head off…


Izuku closes his notebook and gets ready to apologize.






Izuku closes his mouth, waiting for his teacher to go first.


“You first Midoriya.”


Izuku nods. “I’m sorry Aizawa-sensei. I shouldn’t have treated you like that. I’m mad that you tried to drag an interrogation out of me, but I understand why. I just wanted to formally apologize for my behavior. While I would do it again in the same setting, I still regret it deeply. Please excuse my rude behavior.”


“Next time, don’t jump out windows to solve your problems.” Aizawa-sensei gruffly replies.


Izuku smirks mischievously. “No promises!”


Aizawa-sensei just sighs. “Worth a shot. Just don’t break any bones on the way down.”


“That, I can get behind.” Izuku giggles. “I don’t want that.”


“What’s up with the gloves kid?” Aizawa-sensei asks after eyeing them for a good minute.


Izuku grimaces. “Training. I went a little overboard.”


Aizawa-sensei tenses while looking him over for some reason he doesn’t know, spurring him to just explain. “Yesterday was kickboxing, so I may have vented my frustrations a little too much on the bag. It’s not bad, I just wanted to avoid the questions my classmates would have. Plus, it’s cold today anyway.”


He raises an eyebrow at Izuku. “Kickboxing?”


Izuku nods. “Yeah, I have a menu. I’m not actually sparring though. I’m learning on the bag right now.”


“Would you like Recovery Girl to have a look? You wouldn’t have to wear the gloves all day then.” Aizawa-sensei offers.


Izuku frowns at his teacher, reading that he’s got an ulterior motive for some reason given how tense that question was. “Um...sure?”


“Come on kid, let’s get you patched up.” Aizawa-sensei starts for the door, leading Izuku to join him.


Checking their surroundings, Izuku asks the question on his mind in a hushed whisper. “So, how much did they tell you about me?”


“Who do you mean?” Aizawa-sensei asks after narrowing his eyes.


“All Might. Who else?” Izuku asks with a confused look on his face.


“Oh.” He pauses their walk for a moment. “We’ll talk in the nurse’s office. I’m guessing he neglected to tell me somethings then.”


“You and me both.” Izuku admits quietly that cause his teacher to look at him with a concerned look as they continue their walk.


“Midoriya, what do you mean by that?”


“It’s obvious.” Izuku states as a matter of fact. “It’s obvious that All Might hasn’t told me some things just as obvious that you have a dual motive to taking me to the infirmary. Don’t worry, I’m not sure why nor am I going to run away, just wanted to point it out that I’m not oblivious. I just wanted to know at which level you are with this whole thing since I don’t want to tell you something I shouldn’t on accident. Honestly, I'm not even totally sure who all knows at this point, though I'm guessing that you, Recovery Girl, and Nedzu know.”


“I’m going to kill All Might, I swear.” His teacher growls with a scowl. “If he hasn’t told you or me everything, he’s more of an idiot than I thought.”


“I wouldn’t.” Izuku defends as he remembers their time on the beach training together. “The things he hasn’t told me are personal, I think. It makes him really sad. It’s why I haven’t pushed him about it. I think he’s just trying to come to terms with how to tell me.”


“Let’s just get you patched up.” Aizawa-sensei relents as he opens the door for Izuku to step through to the infirmary.


Once he sees Recovery Girl peek her head out her office, Izuku gives her a sheepish look with a wave. “Did you miss me?”


“I was expecting you.” She responds with her arms crossed.


“Oh.” Suddenly really want to jump out a window right now…


“Don’t give me that look mister. I need to check on your ribs again to make sure there wasn’t any internal bleeding I missed.”


“He hurt his hands from ‘training’ as well.” Aizawa-sensei air quotes without actually moving his hands that makes Recovery Girl’s visage shift harshly for a split second.


“Alright dear, let’s get you checked out.” Recovery Girl motions Izuku to follow her into her office. There, she pats one of the beds where Izuku complies as he sits down.


“Take off your top dear.” Izuku complies hesitantly, avoiding eye contact as he really doesn’t want to look at others seeing his scars, though he doesn't miss the harsh intake of breath from his teacher at the sight of them. She pokes and prods, asking if it hurts or anything. Izuku gives the same answers as nothing seems to hurt. As soon as she’s done, he quickly puts it back on, the cloth a comforting thing that grounds him. The tie is always a fickle thing, but he manages.


Once he’s done, he removes his gloves as he knows he’s not going to get out of it.


“Let’s see those hands then.” Recovery Girl hums as she removes Izuku’s perfect wraps exposing his bruised knuckles. Thankfully the breaks in his skin don’t look as bad as they did last night when he initially cleaned them up.


“You shouldn’t train like this. It’s unhealthy.” She clicks her tongue as she moves his hands about for a better look of the damage. “I swear, you’ve already been here four times for your injuries and it’s not even past the first week yet.”


“I know.” Izuku softly admits. “Sorry.”


“Something specific that made you need to vent?” Recovery Girl inquires as she cleans his hands with an alcohol wipe for any extra germs.


“Bullies.” Izuku basically growls. Bastards…


“You don’t have to worry about them again.” Aizawa-sensei assures. “We took care of them.”


“You didn’t expel them, did you?” Izuku asks hesitantly in worry. “They don’t deserve that.”




“Oh.” Izuku may have lost a tear at that.


“Cut out the dramatics Aizawa.” Recovery Girl swats at his teacher with her cane after seeing Izuku’s distress. “They aren’t expelled, but they have been punished.”


“Oh?” Izuku brightens, wiping his discrete tear away.


“They have been forced to take anger management therapy or they will be expelled immediately. We suspended them for a week as their behavior was unacceptable.” Aizawa-sensei explains thoroughly. “They have also been revoked their privileges to participate in the Sports Festival. In fact, there will be an announcement in all classes today regarding our bullying policy and what will happen if something like this happens again.”


“You didn’t have to do that.” Izuku admits honestly, causing his teacher to scowl. “But I’m glad you did something. Thank you.”


“Okay dear. Let’s get you all healed up.” Recovery gives Izuku a small kiss, making his hands heal. For once, he feels really tired from it, making his eyes droop so much that she notices. “Are you okay sweetheart?”


Izuku rubs his eyes. “’m tired.”


“Strange.” She admits with an analyzing gaze. “You didn’t have any problems with being tired before when I healed you, despite that supposed to be the norm with literally ever patient I’ve ever treated.”


That wakes Izuku up. “Your quirk is healing. Could you tell me about it? It’s rare that I get to ask someone with one.”


“My quirk allows me to speed up the body’s normal recovery process, but that takes a lot of energy out of a person.” She explains with a laugh. “It’s supposed to make them tired. The first time I healed you with your broken bones, you should have been knocked out for at least three solid hours. Yet you just jumped right up like nothing.”


“Huh.” Izuku just contemplates for a solid minute. “Maybe my quirk gives me extra energy or something.”


“Midoriya, I know about One for All.” Aizawa-sensei informs. “I don’t think it works like that given what Recovery Girl and All Might have told me.”


Izuku scowls realizing he talked out loud, now needing to cover it up. “I meant the other one I can’t ever figure out whether I have it or not. Though extra energy wouldn’t work since I still get tired and go to bed normally. Maybe it’s just because I’m too used to running away with injuries that it increased my stamina. Recovery Girl, you said it makes people tired, right? Then it must deal with a person’s stamina since it’s using the body’s natural healing processes but accelerated. Maybe my threshold is just higher because of that. I still felt tired the other times too, just not like this.”


“You really are a smart cookie.” Recovery Girl chuckles. “I never said anything about stamina, yet you arrived right at it with no extra information and just a few times watching it in action. To answer your question young man, it’s possible. But then the question begs is why your current stamina is so low to make you this tired.”


“Easy. I was training really late last night.” Izuku admits with a yawn. “Plus, you healed me yesterday. I’m not someone with boundless energy even if my threshold is higher than normal.”


“You are less of a brat today.” Aizawa-sensei observes with slight smug smirk.


“S-sorry.” Izuku looks down, embarrassed.


“How about you take a nap for a bit dear?” Recovery Girl suggests bringing back up the mood. “I’ll wake you back up before class starts, don’t you worry.”


“Um, sure.” Izuku watches as they leave the room, allowing Izuku to get comfortable to take a nap. Closing his eyes, he drifts off.

Chapter Text

“Wake up dear. Your class starts in ten minutes.”


“N-nooooo…” Groaning as he snuggles tighter in the sheets, Izuku reluctantly opens his eyes as he sits up on the bed, blinking in a daze for a moment before sliding off. “Thanks Recovery Girl.”


“No problem dear. If you need another nap during lunch time, don’t hesitate to seek me out.” She offers with a warm smile. “Now get your butt out of here before Aizawa gives me a lecture.”


“Right. Right.”


Rubbing his eyes, Izuku leaves the infirmary to head out to class. The walk back isn’t too long, but once he’s outside the door, he can hear some commotion going on inside.


Wonder what’s got everyone so excited…


Shrugging, Izuku enters the room.


“You stupid fucks shouldn’t be snooping!”


“But Bakugo, it’s so cool!” Uraraka whines. “I just learned something new from it that I want to try out right away!”


“Yeah Bakubro! How can we not? It’s so detailed!”


“Don’t fucking call me that Shitty Hair!”


“Bro, my name is Kirishima.”


“Now it’s Shitty Hair.”


“What are you guys fighting over?” Izuku sleepily asks as he yawns.




Izuku feels cornered as his classmates basically swamp him, making him wake up a bit. “Um, what’s up?”


“You have to teach us your ways!” Ashido beams, getting a little too close for comfort.




“Your notebook.”


Izuku blanks. And then proceeds to freak out.


“OhmygodIamsosorryIdidn’tmeantowriteaboutyouguysinmynotebook! YoualljusthavesuchamazingquirksthatIcouldn’thelpit. Pleaseforgiveme!”


“Woah dude, take a breath.” Kirishima says after seeing Izuku freak. “What did you even say?”


Taking a shaky breath, Izuku tries again as he bows to apologize. “I’m really sorry for writing about you guys in my notebook. You all just have such fascinating quirks that I couldn’t help it. It’s just a stupid hobby I have. I swear I didn’t mean to do it in a weird way. Just please don’t destroy it. I worked really hard on it…”


Once he raises his head, he sees very conflicted looks on their faces, prompting him to freak out even more on the verge of tears. “P-please, I w-won’t d-do it a-again. Just don’t get rid of it. Is there anything I can do to change your minds?”


Their silence makes him even more worried as he bows further for their forgiveness. “Look, I’ll tear out your pages and you can get rid of them if that’s better. I already have them mostly memorized in case it gets damaged. Just please don’t get rid of the entire thing. I have other heroes and villains in there. Rewriting takes a large chunk of time to complete. Please, I beg you.”


“Nerd, you’re fucking overreacting to your hero fight stalker tendencies.”


“W-what?” Izuku looks over his classmates and sees remorse and pity in their eyes.


Uraraka comes forward with his notebook in her hands, making him increasingly worried. “I’m sorry Deku-kun. We didn’t mean to look at it if it upset you. But we don’t hate what you wrote. In fact, we are all really impressed!”


She hands him the #14 notebook, which Izuku immediately grabs for, inspecting each page carefully for any damage. Thankfully, it’s intact.


“You don’t think it’s weird?” Izuku broaches carefully as he gauges his classmates for deception. The last time someone said it was interesting, his notebook got mysteriously chucked in the water on a school field trip when he was away from his school bag. Drying it took forever so he could rewrite it.


“While I don’t agree with how Uraraka obtained the information, everything you wrote about us was certainly eye-opening. It is simply extraordinary how fast you’ve come up with that information with only seeing our quirks in action twice.” Iida stoically declares as the rest of the class nods in agreement. “In fact, I think the feeling is mutual that we’d love to hear your ideas about our quirks.”


“R-really?” Izuku’s eyes sparkle with excitement at the prospect of it. “I can ask you anything about your quirks and you wouldn’t hate me for it? I have so many questions!”


“Why would we hate you for helping us get better?” Yaoyorozu questions with a worried look.


Izuku excitement instantly dies as he pales, thinking it might be a trick to lull him into a false sense of security for a moment.


“Social hour is over. Go to your seats.” Aizawa-sensei growls, obviously looking very pissed off from something.


Regardless of his tiredness, Izuku rushed to his desk to get ready for class just as fast as the rest of his classmates.


“Alright. Today, we have something important to do.” Aizawa-sensei projects, giving everyone a stern look.


“I wonder what it is…”


“I hope it’s not like the first test…”


Whispers spread across the room as it tests their teacher’s patience. “Silence!”


Izuku feels a terrible headache spilt through his head as he bears with it in his agony. “Ugh…”


“Problem Midoriya?” Aizawa-sensei drills holes into him as the pain subsides.


“Sorry sir, too loud and I’m tired.” Izuku deflects with another yawn as he feels even more tired from whatever that headache was.


Sleep hangover much…


“Then next time get proper sleep.” Izuku gives him a noncommittal hum as his teacher continues, discretely wiping away blood that leaks out from his nose for some reason. “As I was saying, we have something important to do today. We are choosing class representatives. Do whatever you want, I’m going to take a nap while you figure it out.”


Their teacher slinks into his sleeping bag, already in the process of taking his much-needed nap.




“Pick me, I want to be the representative!”


“No way, I’m the best suited for the job!”


“You extras should just pick me and be done with it! I’m the best, so of course I’d be the leader!”


Izuku just puts his head down as his classmates try to duke it out as he just wants to drown out the shouting.


“Everyone please!” Iida projects, catching everyone’s attention. “We should do a vote. That way the right person can be chosen for the position.”


“Wouldn’t everyone just vote for themselves?” Asui points out.


“Not necessarily.” Izuku mentions, drawing his attention to himself with his head turned towards his classmates even though his head never leaves his desk. “There’s bound to be at least one of us who trusts someone else in the room. Even if the votes aren’t high in numbers, there’s still that. If that doesn’t work, rock paper scissors works if no one can agree or if there is a tie.”


“I agree with Deku-kun. Let’s get the vote underway!” Uraraka cheers.


Izuku is handed a slip of paper which doesn’t take long for him to write his answer. Iida is certainly the best choice for the job. He’s earnest to a fault, but that is a good quality in a leader role. He also knows how to prioritize for the sake and wellbeing of the team. Plus, if he needs to explain past that, he saved Izuku from a worse headache due to all the yelling. Discretely placing his vote in the hat, Izuku slumps back into his chair to rest his eyes for bit. Which doesn’t last too long.




Certainly not you. Izuku grumbles at his friend as he raises his head to see the results.




Izuku promptly bangs his head against his desk hard and groans in his frustration. “Why…”


“Well, it seems like you have all chosen your class representatives now. Yaoyorozu is the vice and Midoriya is the class rep. Now, stop wasting time and let’s begin class.”


Izuku jumps straight into taking notes, but he can’t help but notice the cat grin his teacher has worn the entire time once the results had been posted. Almost as if he knows Izuku’s suffering.



Chapter Text

“Hey Deku-kun?”


Izuku raises his head from staring at his food in his chopsticks. “Yeah Uraraka?”


She seems to mentally stumble before sticking with a sweet smile. “Being the class representative must be great, right?”


“Oh. That.” Izuku picks at his food.


Her face falls. “You don’t like it?”


Izuku shakes his tired head. “I didn’t want to be the class representative.”


Iida swallows his current bite with a concerned look. “Why? You are a perfect fit for the position. It’s why I voted for you.”


“I never said I wouldn’t do it.” Izuku admits while taking a sip of his tea he purchased to help get some caffeine in him. “I just didn’t vote for myself because I thought someone else was better suited for the job.”


“Oh, who’d you pick?” Uraraka straightens her back as if intrigued for his answer.


“Iida.” Izuku scoots a bit of his rice around in his bento as Iida looks at his friend with eyes that are about to start bawling because he was his singular vote. “He’s shown me through our battle trial together as well as before the vote took place that he’s better suited for it. He knows how to bring us together and works past everyone’s different personalities to complete a task at hand. That’s what a leader does.”


“Yeah, I can totally see what you mean about--”


A loud sound rings throughout the cafeteria with an ominous message, sending everyone around them to panic. Izuku controls his breathing as he shifts into survival mode, searching the crowd for answers.


“A level three security breach? What does that mean?” Iida asks as an upperclassman rushes past.


“It means someone has infiltrated the school! We need to get out of here!”


His friends rush forward, but Izuku hangs back, the feeling in the air chilling.


Somethings wrong…


Izuku approaches the window carefully, looking out to see the media yelling at some of the teachers. “Hey, it’s just the--”


Izuku stops his train of thought the second a wave of death comes over him, sending him into panic mode to figure out where it is coming from and why. Izuku spots someone in a black hoodie standing a bit farther away from the media, the vultures. It’s only after a few seconds of staring at the figure does he see him turn towards him with a wide grin that creeps him out to the bone, his irritated skin making him look dead. Looking closer, Izuku notices some type of dust on his hands.


What the fuck?




Izuku jerks his attention back towards the panicking students to see Iida on the ceiling getting everyone’s attention.




By the time Izuku turns back, the mystery man is gone, leaving only a pool of dread behind.



Izuku basically abandons his food, electing to head to the classroom despite his friends’ adamant protests to stay. Given what happened yesterday, he doesn’t blame them for worrying as they probably have an idea what happened despite Izuku’s attempts to shelter them from it. But the feeling of doom hasn’t left him, leading him to seek out his notebook for comfort in his uneasiness of the situation.


Without really meaning to, Izuku ends up drawing the strange man on his next blank page, sending him in a downward spiral on what to do.


I should tell someone right? But how can I frame it where I don’t say I have a quirk? Weird vibes maybe?


Finishing the final touches on his drawing, Izuku hears his classmates start to return just outside the room before he can start putting down his analysis of what the mystery person's quirk could be. Deciding not to deal with their questions, Izuku puts his notebook away as he readies for their afternoon classes even though his mind is racing through the possibilities for why they were here on campus.


As soon as everyone is back in the classroom, Izuku can’t help but feel all of the eyes on him.


That’s super creepy…if being the class rep is like this too, I might actually try to figure out how to kill myself—


“Deku, stop fucking mumbling like a creep.”


Izuku instantly turns red, clamping down his mouth, looking around if someone actually heard what his word vomit entailed. To his relief, no one seems to have noticed, so it must have just been Bakugo. Thankfully, he didn’t understand it or simply ignored it, otherwise that would’ve been super awkward.




Izuku diverts his attention to one of his classmates’ conversations to distract himself from his embarrassment as he finishes the final touches to his notes in his head, coming up with the idea that the quirk the person had was related to the dust he saw as well as the irritated skin.


He only breaks out of his circular thoughts on the matter when he overhears them talking about Iida’s actions to stop the stampede. The praise coming out of their mouths makes him internally grin as it gives him the perfect excuse to get rid of the unnecessary responsibilities he never wanted and give it to someone he knows would uphold the office with vigor.




The second Aizawa-sensei enters the room, Izuku enacts his plan with a hidden smirk.


“Aizawa-sensei?” Izuku prompts with a hand raised before his teacher can address the class.


“What is it Midoriya?” His teacher basically grumbles back.


“I think I should step down from being the Class Representative. I think I am not fit to do it.” Izuku innocently mentions. “I believe someone else is better suited for the job than me.”


Of course, the class has to outrage at Izuku before Iida calms everyone down, giving Izuku even more ammo to make this go down how he wants.


“I’ve been thinking about it since the moment we held the vote.” Izuku adds the match to the wood, allowing his classmates to come to the conclusion he wants. “I’m sorry guys, it’s just that I feel like Iida is better suited for it. It’s why I voted for him anyway.”


“You know, Iida did a good job getting everyone’s attention earlier.”


“Yeah! Iida looked like the Exit Sign man.”


“Exit Sign Iida!”


Izuku then enacts his final nail in the coffin. “Aizawa-sensei, it’s within the class representative’s powers to elect and appoint other class officers, correct?”


Aizawa-sensei grumbles. “I don’t really care how you do this. I just want it to be over.”


Izuku nods understanding the underlying message to hurry it along if he wants to do something. “Then as my first and last act as the class rep, I appoint Iida as the new class rep. Of course, if the majority agrees and Iida wants to.”


Iida looks close to tears to Izuku’s declaration. “If the class would have me, then I humbly accept the position.”


Izuku gives a sigh of relief when his classmates agree, prompting him to notice the holes his teacher is burning at him with… concern? Izuku just flashes him a simple smile to show it was his plan all along.


“If that’s over with, we have class to do.” Aizawa-sensei clears his throat as he continues. “We are going to be doing sparing today. Head over to Gym Gamma after putting on your gym uniforms. You have ten minutes, don’t waste my time any more than you have.”


The death glare directed straight at Izuku is not missed in the slightest.


Ouch, salty much?

Chapter Text

Izuku speed demons through dressing in the bathroom in his excitement, being the first one done way before everyone else. Clearly Bakugo notices with a raised eyebrow as he changes his shirt and Izuku just gives a simple shrug as a response as he steps out of the locker room.


What? I’m excited to spar, okay?


Despite his exhaustion setting in full swing, Izuku is rocking on his feet with a smile on his face as he waits for his classmates to arrive. His teacher is studying him per usual as he vibrates with anticipation.


Sighing, his teacher decides to speak since they have a free minute or two before the rest of the bandwagon joins them. “I can’t tell if you are actually energized, or so tired that you’ve come full circle to a jittery mess.”


Izuku snorts with a sad sigh. “To be honest, I wish I had coffee right about now because I feel pretty dead. Tea can only take you so far.”




“So, no quirks, huh?” Izuku inquires mischievously.


“Who told you?” His teacher looks at him curiously with an air of caution.


Izuku smirks. “You just did.”


That gets a genuine laugh out of his teacher, making Izuku smile honestly. “I can’t get a good read on you kid.”


Oh, going for the low shots then huh?


“That’s okay. No one ever does.” Izuku shrugs. “Or wants to for that matter.”


His teacher shifts back to concern.


Aaaaannnnddd instant mood killer. Damn.


“How do you like school so far kid?”


“It’s been great.” Izuku admits honestly. “Yesterday doesn’t count though.”


Aizawa-sensei cocks an eyebrow. “Doesn’t count?”


“Well, for one All Might underestimated me again. Not a big shocker there though. He means well. If not him, it would’ve been another teacher anyway. Second, bullies. Third…” Izuku trails off, not wanting to get into the whole mess with not having parents.




“Oh, would you look at the time, everyone’s here hahaha…” Izuku chuckles nervously as his classmates start to trickle in.


Izuku may be sweating to death from his teacher’s harsh glare, but damn is he not touching that with a ten-foot pole.


Big nope. Thank god for distractions!


Izuku smiles sweetly as his friends bound up to him. Izuku sees Todoroki silently observing him from afar, but he’s not sure where they are at since their first conversation. His joke yesterday did not have the intended effect, but instead made him seem more distant and colder.


Ha. Colder. Okay I’ll just die now.


“Alright, listen up.” Aizawa-sensei grumbles as he removes his sleeping bag from his person. “Since a certain someone thought it was a good idea to jump straight into combat training without any basic training, I’m going to be picking up his slack.”


Don’t call out my dad like this!


Izuku zones out as his teacher shows them proper techniques to capture your opponent and various other stuff on a basic level. Izuku only comes back to the discussion when he’s being called on.


“Midoriya, what do you do when someone is attempting to grab you from the front?” Aizawa-sensei questions, noticing Izuku in his own little world.


“Pirouette roundhouse kick.” Izuku automatically responds before realizing he was even answering the question. “I-I m-mean…d-dodge t-to t-their blind spot?”


His teacher shifts as the technique is very advanced, yet not the correct one for most forms of combat. “A pirouette roundhouse kick… How did you come to that observation?”


Izuku sweats nervously as he prepares to lie. “Um, I just said the first thing that came to mind? I wasn’t really paying attention. S-sorry…”


“Midoriya, step into the ring.” His teacher commands after a moment of silence.


Izuku freezes. “What?”


“We are going to spar.” Aizawa-sensei states with a contemplative grin. “Since you didn’t pay attention, you’ve got to last five minutes with me or you’ll be running five miles as punishment.”


Izuku gulps anxiously as something tells him choosing the five easy miles off the bat will lead to severe consequences. “S-sure.”


Stiff as a board, Izuku enters the sparring ring. Izuku takes a deep breath and assumes a defensive stance much more fit for dodging as he relaxes the tension away. His teacher cocks an eyebrow, obviously seeing his apprehension to attacking. The first lesson his mother’s trainers made him learn from experience was never attack first unless you want to hurt worse. It’s better to observe your opponent’s quirk and fighting style first before you go for the kill.


“Five minutes. Go.”


Aizawa-sensei charges forward without mercy, making Izuku look for openings to dodge as his form turns into a blur. Every swipe at him misses as he imagines each one as a knife going for the kill just as his mother always instructed. Dying is the best motivator after all.


Izuku breathes evenly as he analyzes his teacher as he jumps back for distance. A smirk is given back to him as he realizes his teacher was just toying with him. Preparing for the next attack, Izuku shifts to a more kick related stance to kick into high gear, obviously seeing where his teacher might go with his ‘teaching.’


His teacher comes back at him, obviously going for a grab that’s way too fast for Izuku to simply dodge. The answer is quite simple: parry. Relying on his training, Izuku performs a perfect pirouette roundhouse kick that hits his teacher square in the face, sending him back a few paces. Izuku didn’t even have to put much power into it as gravity and his teacher’s momentum did most of the work for him.


His teacher rubs his face, probably since he got dirt in his face. Izuku hopes it’s not in his eyes though. That would just be cruel since it’s just sparing and not a death match.


“Interesting. Your first instinct is to actually parry, not dodge when someone tries to grab you as you used my own attack on myself. The correct answer was actually to get into your opponent’s blind spot for a take down like you said afterwards, but you instead worked around it to get the upper hand with a parry as you said with your first answer. Why is that?”


Izuku doesn’t speak in case it’s a ruse to catch him off guard. Instead, Izuku waits for his teacher to make the next move. Never talk in a fight as it distracts you and you will suffer for it. He got many bruises for him to never forget that lesson. Noticing he’s not getting an answer from his hyper focused student, his teacher kicks it up a gear as he uses his capture weapon to make a swipe at him. Not missing a beat, Izuku expertly dodges until he slips on a rock that makes him fall forward.


Aizawa-sensei drives his knee into Izuku’s back as he doesn’t waste the opportunity, making Izuku flash back to when that boy had him pinned down as his teacher grabs his right wrist. Lost to his panic, Izuku jabs his teacher in the kidney with his free arm, allowing him enough time to get back up and throat punch him, even though it misses its mark.


Izuku doesn’t stop his assault as he continues to attack his attacker as he completely switches his style to an offensive to take down the boy sneering in his ear, their collective jeers filling him up. It isn’t until he’s thrashing around in his teacher’s capture weapon that he realizes he’s not breathing right to fight them off properly anymore.


“Kid, calm down.” A voice instructs as he panics. “Just breathe.”


“Stay away.” Izuku lowly responds as he reaches for his knife in his pocket that he never goes without now as he doesn’t trust UA anymore since the bathroom incident. Discretely, Izuku cuts at the tape as the boys’ snicker at him.


“Problem Child seriously breathe. You are having a panic attack.”


Izuku doesn’t respond as he tries his best to soothe his nerves as he sees himself back in his mom’s training room. His mother’s commanding instructions hitting his ears, making him realize it’s not real, just him being lost to his panic. The second he feels the cloth give, Izuku drops his knife back into his pocket as he tears at the weapon, ripping it to pieces.


Jumping back, he slows his breathes as he finally sees the concerned visage of his teacher looking on at him worriedly instead of the boy. Assuming a defensive stance once again, Izuku readies himself for another attack. His teacher hesitates, making Izuku angry given how hyped up he is.


“We have two minutes left.” Izuku warns as he continues his mental count. “Are you sure you should be standing there? I thought you wanted to make a point.”


His teacher still doesn’t move, annoying Izuku with a small scowl for not being taken seriously. “To answer your question from earlier, it’s better to parry than take down your opponent by getting up close and personal. You have to observe them first, never attack. What if they had a quirk based on touch? You would die. It’s better to keep your distance and strike sparingly, even if you know their quirk. They could have had someone else use their quirk on them that you don’t know about. Parrying gives you the best chance for survival.”


Izuku impatiently waits for his teacher to continue as he looks over him with concern at his wording. “Man, I wish we had some music because the silence is killing me. Maybe some Panic at the Disco would really get this party started.”


That is the final straw that breaks his teacher out of his funk, sending Izuku reeling back as a punch threatens to connect. Izuku smirks as if it was his plan from the beginning, playing his teacher like a fiddle despite him just hiding behind his real feelings.


He jerks away from his teacher’s incoming fist as he stares in the direction of the new presence of death washing over him. A faint cry of pain is heard, sending Izuku sprinting towards it, leaving behind his confused classmates and teacher staring at him as he rushes to whatever’s aid, regardless of the consequences.


Five miles is nothing after all.


Izuku vaults over a barrier to see a small black cat curled in a ball on the ground, eyes closed and twitching in pain.


Izuku inspects the poor silky kitty for injures but find none visible at the moment. Carefully, Izuku picks him or her up to get help as he feels it start to slip. Panicked that he’s running out of time to save them, Izuku rushes back to his confused class with them in his arms cradling them softly.


“Aizawa-sensei! We gotta help them!” Izuku pleads with tears starting to set in. “Something’s wrong with them! Koda, can you ask them what’s wrong?”


The boy starts speaking to the cat after he gets over his shock of Izuku knowing his quirk so easily since he hasn’t used it much or even talked really. Izuku pets them gently to soothe them as their pained cries intensify. His teacher seems to be on the phone as his classmates gather round him while the cat meowls softly to his classmate, possibly in pain as well.


“She says someone hurt her.” Koda informs the group with regret. “She came here to rest where it was warmer.”


Izuku may have lost a few tears at that as he hopes he wasn’t too late to help.


Koda snickers as he listens to the cat more. “Midoriya, she calls you her moon child.”


Izuku blushes hard. “M-moon ch-child?”


“She can’t believe you found her in her time of need when everyone else ignored her.” Koda nods as his face shifts to a sadder tone when she meowls again. “Someone kicked her after she tried to get something to eat.”


Izuku flinches as he gets a few worried glances at him but decides to divert attention while help is on the way. “D-does s-she h-have a n-name?”


Koda sighs sadly. “She says everyone called her a demon or a monster.”


The cat opens her eyes, revealing two beautiful milky white saucers. She’s probably blind.


“Tsuki-chan, I’m so sorry. You deserve better.” Izuku mumbles in despair. The cat looks up and blinks slowly, as if acknowledging herself. “You are safe now. Why? Because you’re not alone anymore.”




Izuku looks up to his classmates as tears continue to trail down his face. “She deserves a proper name.”


Sighing, Izuku gives his reasoning as he continues to soothe the poor cat’s painful cries. “If I’m her moon child, then she must be the moon.”


“Midoriya, how’d you know she was in trouble?” Koda speaks softly. “She’s confused.”


“I heard her crying.” Izuku diverts attention away from his hidden quirk as it’s technically the truth. “I barely heard it, but I knew something was wrong. I couldn’t just let her suffer alone. I don’t care about running five miles as sparring isn’t that important. I would never forgive myself if I just sat idly by while someone suffered alone.”


The cat looks back up at Izuku as if she knows he’s partially lying but gives him a slow blink as if she understands his plight and will keep his secret. Izuku gives her a sad smile in return, even though he’s pretty sure she can’t see it at all.


“Midoriya, take her to Recovery Girl to see if she can help. She’s expecting you.” Aizawa-sensei instructs. “You also need to get that wrist checked out.”


Izuku looks down and sees a forming bruise on it. Must have bruised it when he grabbed me. Shit.


Izuku nods as he sprints away to save the poor suffering baby in his arms.

Chapter Text



Shoto can’t make heads or tails of his classmate. One second he’s deadly serious when fighting like his life depends on it, the next he’s like a god damn puppy and overly emotional. It’s honestly jarring how quickly he can switch between emotions, especially with how he treated the cat. If he didn't know his quirk was a powerful boost quirk or maybe strength enhancer, he'd think he'd have a sensory quirk like an empath. But that's not really important in the long term. One thing is certain and very concerning. He’s been trained. Extensively and it shows with both the battle training as well as just now. His movements, they are the making of years and years of intense training and fighting, just as many as himself even though his classmate seems to have a mixed form that he shifts between instead a singular one. More worrying, his training must have been worse than Shoto’s. Much, much worse.


Those dodges were of someone expecting to die the second he was touched. He even said so himself. He called it survival instead of trying to subdue the enemy after all.


His panic attack near the end made himself shudder. The pure fear made Shoto see himself in him. Every time he’s ever come out of his father’s training sessions, he’s worn that same expression in the mirror. It’s would have been impressive to think he was still fighting during it if the implications of that weren’t glaring him in the face. Given the fact he kept mental count of the time transpired during it with relative ease despite his panic attack, his classmate has needed to do that during his training. It's an absolute certainty.


Shoto had been suspicious of the boy for several reasons since the beginning of school. The first was the time he learned about his supposed quirklessness. At first, it was because of a slight admiration of never having a quirk, something he himself is cursed with having. However, their conversation was not what he expected. There was so much pain under his shining smile concerning the topic, kind of like he hated his quirk. It was like he could relate to him in more ways than one, but it didn't make much sense at the time. Why would someone hate their quirk if they were previously discriminated against for not having one?


That's where the second red flag made itself known. Midoriya always avoided changing in the locker room in front of everyone. Every single time, he went to the bathroom like clockwork without batting an eye. Before, he thought he was simply self-conscious or was just shy given his personality the first day. He seemed like a nervous wreck the entire time, sort of like a timid rabbit, especially during the quirk apprehension test. Now, he’s not sure he wants to be right. At least his father had the decency not to scar his perfect masterpiece even though bruises and broken bones were always fair game. Burns would probably be more likely if his quirk didn't make him mostly fire proof, but that doesn't mean they don't sting like fire ants after a sparring match with his father.


The third was the conversation with Bakugo. Apparently, Midoriya was attacked by a villain that almost killed him. Strangely, he gave no reason why they came for him nor how his quirk miraculously came in. Quirks don’t just appear out of thin air, which means he might have been hiding it. Those implications make it seem likely he had to hide it for fear of something, only showing it when he was in true mortal danger. Given Bakugo's outburst from yesterday when Midoriya came back beat up like he was in a fight, perhaps he did see the moment when it did come out, but never saw it directly.


That's another thing that got him puzzled, but also dreading the true answer. Strangely, Midoriya's quirk feels just as powerful as All Might’s when the pressure from the ball throw hit them. Shoto would recognize that power anywhere, especially when his father literally drags him to some of his fights to observe how to beat him in the future. The hiding his quirk makes much more sense if he was trying to spite whoever he was hiding it from, making Shoto utterly convinced his classmate is exactly like him. Especially with that argument the two of them had before the battle training started. 


Midoriya may have been angry about being underestimated, but it seemed much deeper than that. It was like he had to prove he didn't need a strong quirk like he had to be a hero. If it’s true, well…All Might is not as much of a hero as he thought. The implication that All Might would breed for a worthy successor just like his father is simply revolting. And train his supposed son to the point of having scars? It just seems insane to think about given how All Might has presented himself to the public. Though, his father certainly fits that category in more ways than one and he's the Number Two Hero.


Are all top heroes’ truly monsters…?


The whole situation gives him chills for his mysterious classmate who sort of seems like he's crying out for help in his supposed 'pranks,' constantly vying for attention in the class in his own way. It honestly makes him feel hopeless about the whole situation, almost to the point of tears. He shouldn’t though. Shoto hasn’t cried since he was a small child. Tears never solve anything after all. But regardless, he feels a strong kinship with his classmate as he might be the only one who could truly understand him.


“Bakugo, I need to talk with you. Everyone else, pair up and spar. No quirks or I’ll make you run extra.”


Aizawa-sensei breaks Shoto out of his thoughts about his fellow classmate as he watches the two start to walk to a more private area farther away from the group.


One thing is apparent to him that is clear as day. I need to talk to Midoriya alone.



Shouta is completely blindsided by what happened. While his class seems spooked by the altercation, they seem more worried about him freaking out than knowing the signs of what is truly going on with their classmate. He’s not sure where to start to dissect how many things went wrong with that spar, but somethings are clear. Bakugo might be the key to figuring out what is up with his Problem Child because what he’s seen so far, the implications have been terrifying to say the least.


He’s honestly two seconds away from slapping All Might for not noticing the signs earlier. He had a full ten months on him, yet he was just as surprised about the current situation. No wonder the kid hadn't opened up yet, his supposed mentor was a complete imbecile. Any hero worth their metal could tell within five seconds of meeting the kid something was obviously wrong, whether it be home or school related. Unfortunately, it's both from what he can see, despite there not being concrete evidence for either yet other than the boy's scars. And gods those scars. Chiyo wasn't kidding on the severity. He honestly felt like throwing up seeing them earlier and probably would have if she didn't finish up checking on him quickly. 


The boy's training regiment is obviously not healthy in more ways than one. First, he literally punched a bag until his knuckles bled and lost sleep because of it. Whether it was willing or not has yet to be seen. On top of that, he seemed pretty skilled with his fighting techniques, but the kid's wording was just so wrong on so many levels. It's honestly like his Problem Child was prepared for war and literally just came back from it to attend UA to be a hero. Whether it was his parents that have forced the training or it was born from a necessity to survive the bullies, only time will tell.


Things for later, I suppose…Let's deal with Problem Child 2...


Once they are a good distance away from everyone, he starts with his concerns. “Bakugo, we didn’t get a chance to talk yesterday, but I wanted to ask you a few things about Midoriya. I understand you came from the same middle school, so you must know each other better than the rest of your classmates.”


Bakugo narrows his eyes at his teacher. “And I should care why?”


That makes Shouta stop as he mentally processes what his student said. He decides to test the waters first just in case to see if he’s even willing to talk. “Bakugo, we are worried for Midoriya’s wellbeing.”


Bakugo crosses his arms in defiance. “Then why aren’t you asking the nerd?”


“We have tried.” Shouta defends with a deadpan look. “He ran away yesterday before we could ask more questions. Twice in fact.”


That makes Bakugo stop, obviously contemplating something deeply. “Why did you ask if Auntie hurt Deku?”


Shouta shifts into business mode now that his student seems to be in a mood to talk. “We aren’t sure exactly, but Midoriya has extensive scarring on his torso. These scars include burns and stab wounds as well as various quirk related injuries of various unknown sources.”


Bakugo stiffens at the news with slightly wide eyes. “How bad?”


Shouta sighs as he’s pretty sure Bakugo is a dead end if this is such a surprise. “Let’s just say one of those scars was from an injury that Recovery Girl said he had a low chance of surviving, given how it was treated. He never went to the hospital for that wound. This is why we are worried he may be being abused. We are not trying to throw blame around, but we are worried that if the abuse he suffers continues, then he may die. That’s what we are trying to prevent.”


“Fuck!” Bakugo growls as he loses a few explosions in frustration. “Those fuckers!”


Sigh... We really need to work on those anger tendencies...


“Who specifically Bakugo?” Shouta prods for more information. 


“It’s not Auntie. Knowing him, she doesn’t know anything as he didn’t want her to worry.” Bakugo sighs as he looks super guilty now and sick. “Let’s just say his middle school time was even worse than I fucking thought. I’m gonna kill that nerd for lying to me. Not worse my ass!”


It’s not just us then that he’s lying to…that’s not a good sign…


“Bakugo, I hate to involve you on such a delicate matter, but is there any way we can get Midoriya to open up with us? I’m not saying that you are wrong or anything, but we really need to know if he’s safe or not. If it is bullies, there is a possibility they are still going after him. But as it stands right now, he won’t even give us more than a few words without ditching us.”


“His shitty notebooks.” Bakugo mentions as he shifts awkwardly. “He’s always writing in them. If you ask about them to talk about it, he may follow you or whatever.”


Shouta tries to make sense of what his student is saying. “Notebooks?”


“Yeah.” Bakugo shrugs. “He’s always writing in them and shit. He likes to analyze quirks.”


So that’s what that notebook was on. I should’ve taken a look before I went to deal with the vultures…


“I see.” Shouta glances behind Bakugo, seeing the impatient red head student waiting for his partner. “Join your classmates to spar. I need to make a call. Let me know right away if Midoriya tells you anything at any time, especially if it puts him in danger. You might be the only one he trusts enough to say something, even if it is in passing.”


Bakugo grunts and turns to go do just that as he takes out his phone again to make a call.


“Nedzu, I have an idea.”

Chapter Text

To Izuku extreme relief, Recovery Girl was able to save Tsuki. She had broken ribs that healed up nicely since the breaks were clean and didn’t need any type of surgery to place them back properly. His wrist wasn’t much of an issue either. Izuku didn’t really care about a sprain that needed to be wrapped up since he was apparently too drained for her to use her quirk. He was just grateful he was fast enough to save her before it was too late.


Recovery Girl tried to keep her in the infirmary because pets weren’t really allowed on campus, but the vixen had other plans. She kept following Izuku despite being tired herself, making Recovery Girl just shoo them both along back to class. Plus, she was kind of giving Izuku a death glare after he told her the infirmary was his new home now as a joke, so he was more than willing to actually get out of there alive.


Izuku just grabbed his uniform from his locker to put in his bag, not bothering to change back. School was basically over and he just wanted to take a nap while he could. So, that’s what he did while his new friend lovingly watched over him on his desk.



Moon Child.


Izuku grumbles as he continues his snooze. A nose brushes his hair, but Izuku doesn’t stir.


Moon Child. Wake up. Your friends are here.


“Ugh…fine.” Izuku wearily opens his eyes to see his a group of his classmates around him smiling with their cameras out. “Who woke me?”


Uraraka giggles as she points at the black fluff ball curling in front of Izuku face trying to get his attention. That makes Izuku shoot straight up as he realizes who was speaking. “Tsuki-chan?”


Yes, Moon Child?” The cat asks with a head tilt.


Izuku giggles as he realizes she must have a telepathy quirk. Animals with quirks were super rare and telepathy is a very personal one. If she was talking to him, she must really trust him. Picking her up carefully, he pets her fondly.


“You have one.” He murmurs in her fur. “Such a wonderful girl.”


The cat feels nervous in his hands. “Don’t tell. Your kind doesn’t like it when I speak.


Izuku pales as he realizes now why she was hurt in the first place. Hiding his shock, he gives her his answer in her fur. “Don’t worry. I’ll protect you.”


The kitty gives a cheerful purr of approval as he cradles his new friend with fondness.


“Wow Midoriya, I’ve never seen you this cuddly before.” Asui points out as Izuku continues his affection. “You’re like a puppy.”


Izuku blushes as he looks back up at his classmates. “S-sorry. Tsuki-chan deserves the world. She’s wonderful. I’m just so happy she’s okay.”


“Awww Midori.” Ashido coos as she snags a few more photos. “Are you going to adopt her? She’s so cute.”


“M-midori?” Izuku questions worriedly.


“Do you not like it? I thought it was clever.” She huffs.


“Ah, no it’s fine!” Izuku assures seeing as she seems genuine and doesn't seem like an insult. “Um, well I don’t think I’m going to let Tsuki-chan go back to wherever she was before. I’m going to have to go shopping tonight to get stuff for her though…”


Izuku shifts as he looks onto his new companion. “What do you think girl? Think you can you tolerate me?”


Tsuki meows affectionately. “Now whose taking care of who.”


Izuku laughs softly at her response. “I swear I’ll do my best.”


“So, where’s Aizawa-sensei?” Izuku asks as he realizes the class has returned, but no teachers are present.


“Aizawa-sensei told us that the teachers are holding a meeting right now and this is a free period.” Iida dutifully replies from his desk.


Izuku tenses, thinking over the possibilities that meeting is about him. Iida notices his apprehension and spurs him to inform his classmate more about the current situation to the best of his knowledge. “I think it is just to decide what to do about your cat. Pets aren’t normally allowed on school premises as it's against the rules. Also the fact that she snuck onto campus without anyone knowing. She probably slipped in during the whole media break in this morning.”


“T-that would make sense.” Izuku discreetly breathes easy now as he continues to shower his girl with love that she accepts in stride.


“Midoriya, I don’t mean to be rude, but you were sleeping in class even though it is technically a free period. Is there a reason why?” Iida questions with concern dripping from his voice as the entire class seems to zero in on him at the same time.


Izuku just rolls with it with a simple shrug to try and get the attention off of him. “I uh, trained late last night. I didn’t get much sleep. Sorry.”


Izuku feels the air shift a couple of degrees down at his admission, making him confused with his classmate’s mood swings.


Seriously, what did I do?


“Oh, what type of training?” Uraraka questions curiously.


“Just some kickboxing. It’s nothing special.” Izuku carefully informs, not sure why his classmates are so questioning around him. “So, uh…while I was out…anything cool happen?”


“No, but can we talk about how you went toe to toe with Sensei?!” Kaminari basically shrieks in excitement. “You really are like a ninja. Are you like a vigilante or something?”


Izuku internally smiles as he remembers the year he spent as the vigilante Switch to deal with a quirkless human trafficking group that tried to take him when he was ten after coming home from school one day. He didn’t get to do much after catching them because he didn’t want to actually get caught and jeopardize his chance for being a hero. Technically, he never did anything wrong because he never even used his quirk and if he was ever caught, well the rules don’t apply to him. Funny how the government forget quirkless people can actually fight back and that vigilantism doesn’t count unless you use your quirk given how the rules were originally written. As long as he never killed anyone, he would be home free with only a stern lecture about his life choices. A slap on the wrist really.


The whole reason he even made that persona is because he wanted to get the bastards and stop them from hurting people like him. He made sure to spray the trashcans with glitter after capturing them for the cops to clean up. He even left notes too that basically said, “Switch was here to brighten up your day!” The cops looked for him for that whole year as he was cleaning up the trash and nothing ever came up. For a time though, he had continued even after those jerks were all taken care of because he really liked helping people, but he decided to stop for a very good reason. Switch disappeared after he learned UA had changed their policy about finally allowing quirkless people to attend. The cops soon forgot him when he hung up the hoodie because of the fact he was untraceable and left nothing for them to go on.


Those were the good old days. He still has the black hoodie that was spray painted with his iconic arrow switch even though it doesn’t fit him anymore. It’s technically the original reason why he needed the voice changer he made as well as the support items he built for himself. He threw out his support tools since they broke down pretty early on after disuse. The voice changer, however, was still working beautifully as he kept it chugging along for emergencies.


Coming back to earth, Izuku realizes his friends are still waiting for his answer, which he gives cryptically to mess with them with the most innocent look on his face. “I mean, if I was once one, you technically can't be a vigilante if you are quirkless. The law literally exempts those without quirks.”


Bakugo completely chokes on air as his classmates still at his subtle confession, looking at him with concern as Iida opens his mouth about to give him a stern lecture before Izuku doubles over laughing to cover his tracks. “I can’t believe you think I was being serious. I mean, I'm not wrong, but still!”


“Really dude…How can you joke about that?” Satou scratches his head in confusion to Izuku’s outburst and attempt at humor as Bakugo stares at him pretty hard since he knows he didn’t exactly lie. Izuku just winks at him like a little shit that makes him turn away from him in anger as he knows he can’t do anything about it, even if he wanted to.


"Midoriya is truly one with the chaos it seems." Tokoyami notes with a small smirk as Dark Shadow pops out for a visit with a pout. "This is why I wanted to keep him Fumi."


“But seriously, where did you learn to do that stuff? It’s pretty badass.” Jiro perks back up the fastest while Iida is having an aneurysm over the totally not a joke.


Izuku nervously pets his beautiful girl for comfort thinking about his mother’s trainings. “You know, I just picked stuff up from my classes when I was younger.”


“Oh yeah, you said you took gymnastics and self-defense, right?” Yaoyorozu brings up with a particular interest.


“Um, yeah.” Izuku quietly notes before an idea pops in his head to divert attention from more questions of his past. “I could show you guys a few flips and stuff if you want? I’m a bit rusty, but I should be fine.”


“YASS!” Ashido screams, making both Tsuki and Izuku flinch at the intensity.


“Okay, okay.” Izuku stands up to go to the front of the classroom to perform his favorite act, an aerial walkover.


Izuku gives himself enough room in the front of the class and starts his movement as he twists in the air, never touching the ground until he lands, which he ends with his own flair: a split.


“Holy crap bro, you did a split!” Kirishima says in awe as Izuku expertly picks himself back up. “That was so manly! What was that?”


“It’s an aerial walkover.” Izuku informs as he returns to his previous position with a grin. “I just like to add the split at the end as it’s pretty fun.”


Izuku prepares for his second favorite: the aerial cartwheel. He twists in the air while his hands never touch the ground as he cartwheels. He ends it with a backflip for extra measure.


Izuku startles as the door slams open, making him tumble forward in surprise.


“What are you all doing?” Aizawa-sensei grumbles as he sees the class in disarray and Izuku on the floor. “Problem Child…”


Izuku turns red as he dies from embarrassment. “I am so sorry Aizawa-sensei.”


His teacher groans in annoyance instead of accepting the apology. “Kid, Nedzu wants to see you.”


Izuku frowns as he searches his teacher for answers. “Why?”


“He’s learned about your hobby.” Aizawa-sensei reluctantly responds. “He is eager to talk to you about your notebooks.”


Somethings wrong…


“You’re lying.” Izuku points out with a hardened gaze. “That’s not all is it?”


His classmates freeze along with his teacher, analyzing the situation before them. The tension is intense, neither Izuku nor his teacher breaking their gazes.


Moon Child. At least hear them out before you cast judgement.” Tsuki softly encourages.


Izuku turns back to his cat as she meows knowingly. Izuku sighs as he goes over to grab his notebook from his backpack, ignoring his staring classmates. Once he’s got it, he goes over to where his teacher is. “Let’s just get this over with, yeah? Tsuki-chan, you can come if you want.”


The cat purrs as she bounds over a couple desks to join Izuku, jumping on his shoulder. It only takes a second for her to find a comfortable position nestled by Izuku’s neck that he rewards with a nice head scratch.


Koda breaks the awkward silence. “Can you talk to animals like me?”


Izuku stares at his classmate with a confused look. “No, she just won’t stop following me since I saved her. I don’t mind though. I just assumed she can understand what we are saying since you can talk to her just fine in Japanese with your quirk.”


Tsuki meows at his classmate as he translates for her. “Uh, she says she can, and she appreciates it.”


Izuku nods and turns to his confused teacher. “So, are we gonna go talk about my hobby or what?”


The sarcasm dripping from Izuku is not missed by anyone in the room as his teacher simply motions for him to follow him out of the room, which he does to figure out what is going on.



The second Midoriya left the room, everyone converged on Katsuki with so many questions about the nerd.


“SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU EXTRAS!” Katsuki rages after having enough of their incessant blabbing.


Iida somehow calms the storm and saves him from a terrible headache, gaining a slight bit of his respect that he can control the fuckers.


“Alright you fucks, what the hell is wrong with you idiots?” Katsuki growls, annoyed by the attention.


Someone no one thought would even speak gets the first dibs as he hasn't really talked in class except for short replies. “Bakugo, you two are friends, correct?”


“Fuck off IcyHot.” Katsuki growls. “We fucking aren’t friends. We just fucking grew up together. Literally known that shit since we were in diapers.”


“Fine.” Todoroki sternly counters. “What’s up with Midoriya?”


“I don’t know.” Katsuki basically whispers as he frowns.


Todoroki perks an eyebrow up at that. “Really?”


“Look, why don’t you fuckers mind your own fucking business and let Teach deal with it?” Katsuki counters. “I don’t know shit. Coming to me whining is just a waste of fucking time.”


Katsuki just tunes out their protests, opting to glare out the window as he thinks back on what may be wrong with his friend and the cryptic hint he so generously handed them.


When the hell did Deku become a vigilante? And why? What the actual fuck is going on?!

Chapter Text

Izuku glides into the room with his game face on, expecting the worse. His anxieties just double as he is graced with the faces of All Might, Nedzu, and a stranger that honestly looks like a detective. Regardless of his apprehension, Izuku simply smiles as he sits in the seat before them.


“Hi again Nedzu.” Izuku chirps. “Something I can help you with?”


The rat sips his tea before answering. “Hello Midoriya. I hope your journey here was pleasant.”


“No need to be formal.” Izuku brushes aside as he adjusts Tsuki to his lap to pet. “What do you need?”


The rat folds his paws in thought before speaking. “Could I look at your notebook? I’ve heard great things about it.”


That reminds me…


“I think I should tell you something before I give it to you to look at.” Izuku opens it to the recent page with the weird man. Izuku places it on the desk for him to view. “I’m worried about this person.”


The principal’s visage shifts to concern after looking at the drawing. “And who is this?”


“I don’t know.” Izuku states calmly as he eyes the detective looking at him strongly. “I saw him when the media broke in. I’m worried he might be involved with what happened. He was…creepy.”


“May I take this page out?” The principal asks gingerly. “We actually are doing an investigation about the break-in since it was…unprecedented.”


Izuku shrugs. “Sure, I don’t need it. I was actually trying to figure out how to share it with you. It’s not exactly hard evidence to suspect someone when all they do is give you a creepy vibe.”


Izuku eyes the detective as his noticeably flinches at Izuku word choice, sending his gears into motion to figure out why.


What is his quirk? It’s not physical since he doesn’t have the physical quirk markers for that. He looks like a detective, so it’s probably not offensive or it’s a weak quirk. Did he flinch at my word choice because it was a —


Izuku goes on red alert as he realizes immediately what his quirk must be and why exactly they are here. Lie detection.


Izuku is now even more afraid and nervous with him in the room. Tsuki obviously feels Izuku’s distress as she tries to rub against him, prompting him to pet her to calm down.


Are you okay Moon Child?” She asks with a concerned lilt.


Izuku slightly nods his head once as the detective looks over the shoulder of the principal as he tears the page free to give it to him.


This is good that I caught it this early. I can work with this…


Izuku waits as the principal reads over his classmates’ pages, leaving only him to pet Tsuki to keep his mind occupied. Izuku silently observes All Might who wears his heart on his sleeve. It’s drenched in worry and concern as he looks at the ripped-out page with the detective.


To his genuine surprise, the principal looks up with an expression of extreme interest, making Izuku confused since he’s pretty sure that detective isn’t here for show.


“These notes are wonderful Midoriya. You’ve only seen your fellow peers for only a couple days and you already have highly detailed profiles on them concerning a variety of factors.” Nedzu praises.


“Um…okay…?” Izuku pauses as he tries to read the room but comes up empty. “Am I in trouble?”


“Trouble? Oh goodness no.” Nedzu assures almost too happily. “We actually wanted to talk to about a few things.”


Izuku doubts very hard but it doesn’t show. “Okay…then…?”


All Might takes center stage with a blinding smile. “Actually, Young Midoriya, we have possibly good news.”


“Good news?”


“I think we have figured out what your quirk is.”


Izuku mentally halts in a panic. “W-What?”


Nedzu gestures to his notebook. “This is your original quirk. I’m certain of it now.”


Izuku stares at him skeptically. “What?”


“Nedzu, stop confusing the kid.” Aizawa-sensei picks up from beside him. “Midoriya, we think you originally had an analysis quirk.”


Izuku laughs very hard now that the panic is over at the stupid guess of what his quirk is. Wheezing, Izuku struggles to speak. “Y-You can’t b-be s-serious. A-an analysis q-quirk. April f-fools was l-last week N-nedzu.”


“We are quite serious, I assure you.” Nedzu counters with a questioning look, making Izuku cease his laughter to hear him out. “But the question is what are the parameters. Beside me is Detective Tsukauchi. He is working on the break in case and knows of your particular circumstances concerning your other quirk. Since you haven’t ever met before, we wanted to see if you can figure out his quirk.”


Izuku slightly pales as he realizes he’s already figured it out because of his white lie. Izuku has never cursed his over observant nature more than he does right now as he nervously sweats in his seat. “Um…okay?”


“Hi Midoriya, it’s very nice to meet you.” Tsukauchi greets with a smile. “Do you know what my quirk might be?”


Izuku decides to see if he can get around his quirk as his first order of business. “Not really”--because I don’t know everything about it yet.


The detective’s smile falters a bit. “I see. You don’t automatically know what a person quirk is.”


Holy fucking shit! YES!


“Sorry.” Izuku sheepishly apologizes to keep his giddiness at the discovery under wraps just in case he needs it. After all, it’s not a lie if he finishes the sentence in his head that makes it true.


“Any guesses though?” Nedzu asks with an eager glint in his eye.


“Yes.” Izuku answers truthfully to divert attention from his real quirk as well as his new discovery.


“Really?” All Might looks like he’s literally vibrating in excitement. “Would you like to share?”


“Um, well I think it might be a mental one given you don’t exhibit any of the typical physical markers of quirk that are emitters or mutant.” Izuku tests the waters as he rambles. “Since you are a detective, your quirk could help with investigations. Typically, people gravitate towards things dealing with their quirk, but not always. But in your case, I think it’s safe to say it does help you with investigations itself. You seemed pretty sure I didn’t lie based on the way you worded your reaction to my answer. It was like you knew it was the truth with absolute certainty.”


Nedzu looks intrigued at Izuku’s observations. “What’s the first quirk that comes to mind for the detective?”


“Um…maybe lie detection?” Izuku offers as if he’s uncertain to throw off suspicion of figuring it out earlier. “Like you can feel when someone lies. But I feel like it’s not really like a yes or no that you know when someone lies or not, but more like a subtle feeling that’s like a hint. Like a ping?”


“Holy shit.” All Might curses in English.


“All Might?” Izuku asks worriedly for real since it’s rare for him to cuss in English and when he does its usually important. “D-did I do something wrong?”


“Goodness no Young Midoriya!” All Might assures quickly.


“I think what All Might here is trying to say is that you are indeed correct. You actually figured out a big part of it too that I usually don’t tell others often as well.” Tsukauchi explains with a growing frown. “Though, now I am confused. Did you actually figure out what my quirk was the moment you saw me, but didn’t realize it?”


Izuku pales even more now that they are on his trail. “Um…?”


“Let’s try the person you saw. What do you think their quirk is? First thing that comes to mind.” Nedzu assures.


Izuku thinks back to the creepy man and blurts out the first thing he thinks of given what he saw. “Disintegration. Like, he touches stuff and it turns to dust maybe?”


Based on the darkening faces in the room, Izuku realizes pretty quickly that he must have been completely right. But why they know he’s right is still a big mystery and makes him really confused.


“This is quite a rare find Midoriya.” Nedzu looks absolutely ecstatic at the moment that makes him uneasy as he rubs his paws together. “It’s a great quirk to identify quirks. I can certainly see how it flew under the radar until now.”


“Um, okay.” Izuku fidgets as he waits for whatever they really want to talk about with him to start. “But I think you are stupid to believe that’s my quirk. I’m just really observant. I’ve had many ways of refining those skills with the hero fights I’ve watched and analyzed for years now. Plus, the detective flinched when I told a white lie, so it had to be a physical response which is where I got the ping from. The lie I told wasn’t only because I felt the person was creepy, but also that I got a really bad feeling from him, like he was a killer. Given how the detective reacted to my answer about if I knew what his quirk was, it was almost like he knew it was absolutely true without questioning once if I was lying. He would’ve have used different wording, like ‘probably’ or ‘possible’ in his response. Those are the reasons how I figured it out, not a quirk telling me that was his quirk.”


“I disagree. How did you come to the conclusion to the person in your drawing has the quirk decay?” Nedzu asks with a particular glint in his eye.


“Um…well he kinda looked like he had really itchy skin that was red and irritated. Being around dust particulars all the time from his quirk would cause that specific type of irritation I saw as well as the dust I saw on his hands--” Izuku mentally stumbles as he grasps at straws before he realizes he has a better question to ask them. “Wait, why are you acting like I’m completely right about that? You don’t even know it as you asked me.”


The detective sighs, diverting Izuku attention to him with a concerned gaze. “Midoriya, the press got access to the campus this morning. Can you give me a guess to how?”


“Well…” Izuku looks to the ground as he goes full analysis mode. “The gates are programmed to close immediately upon a person without an authorized UA id walking into the campus. That means since the civilians could get in, the gate must have been the part that was destroyed since it is the weakest portion of the campus and the easiest entry point for them. Plus, that’s where the media would’ve been located for a story anyway since everyone would’ve had to walk though there on their way to work or class. It couldn’t be an explosion or a melting quirk that took out the gate because that would’ve hurt the press or obstructed the path. Plus, it would’ve caused a lot of noise, which it never did given how they didn’t seem panicked about anything other than getting a story. That means that the quirk used must have been something like…”


Nedzu simply smiles smugly as the realization comes over his student. Izuku stills as he stops petting Tsuki, not wanting to touch what they are currently thinking about him with a ten-foot-pole. After all, he knows what his quirk is. All this is them trying to figure it out, so now he’d rather play along now with his disbelief instead of agreeing. Them learning his original may prove disastrous in more ways than one if they are this willing to go this far to try and figure it out.


“That level of observant behavior gives me a hint that it’s probably not directly tied with knowing quirks though like I thought but instead is more like being hyper aware and observant. Either way, I propose making you my personal student during your free period.” Nedzu suggests with glee as he puts his paws together in a tent. “That way, we can work on it together and see what else you are capable of, regardless of it being your quirk or not.”


Izuku just simply ignores him, increasingly becoming nervous about what they are all holding out on him. “So, is that all or…”


“Sadly, not quite.” Nedzu informs with a darker presence. Everyone in the room also shifts, making Izuku honestly want to curl up in a ball and hide from the aura they are now giving off. “We have some questions for you that we need answers to.”


Izuku just waits for him to start asking away, feeling a little better he found a way around the detective’s quirk that shouldn’t arouse suspicion as long as he keeps his answers believable and within reason.


The detective opens up a sketch pad and gets ready to write. “Midoriya, I’ve been told about your scars. Can you tell me where you got them?”


Izuku gulps as didn’t want to touch that with a ten-foot pole. “D-do I have to?”


“Yes.” The dog responds almost a little too harshly, almost like he’s mad at someone not in the room. Izuku notes to never make him mad on purpose as he thinks it would prove to be a huge mistake.


“O-okay.” Izuku psyches himself up to lie by omission. “Bullies”--and other various places.


“What are their names?”


“I’m not telling anyone anything about them and what they did.” Izuku asserts harshly. “If you need to blame anyone, try the teachers. I’m not taking their futures away because no one told them no.”


The detective nods as he writes down his answers. The desperate expressions of his teachers and the feral look the principal is making lets him know they aren’t going to simply give up on that notion so easily to Izuku’s dismay. But it almost looks like they have something else in mind that holds more precedence that they are after answers for, so he’ll take what he can at this point.


 “Have your parents ever harmed you?”


And there it is…


“No”—my dad never hurt me.


The detective stops, making Izuku realize that is exactly what they are after. “Let me rephrase that since it was too vague. Has one of your parents ever injured you on purpose to hurt you?”


Izuku suddenly doesn’t want to be in the room. “No,”--not outside of training or trying to get my quirk to manifest.


Tsukauchi nods, honestly looking relieved. “I see. Can you tell me who gave you the scar on your chest over your heart that Chiyo told us about?”


Izuku draws the line in the sand at that. “No.”


“No…?” The detective looks up as he knows it’s technically not a lie. “Do you not know who gave it to you?”


“I don’t want to ruin someone’s future.” Izuku clarifies as a divergent thought even though it’s his own future he’s most worried about. “I literally can’t tell you.”


“Problem Child.” Izuku instinctively flinches at the name that doesn’t go unnoticed by those in the room. “You need to tell us. That was clear attempted murder, no matter if the original attempt was just to cause injury. You do realize you could have died from that wound, right?”


“I know exactly how bad the wound was.” Izuku retorts carefully. “And I’m not incriminating someone because it was a mistake.”


“So, it was an accident?” Tsukauchi looks at Izuku inquisitively.


“Yes, it was”--because I survived.


“Can you tell me what happened? You don’t have to name names.”


“I’d rather not.” Izuku admits with a hardened gaze.


“Let’s come back to that then.” The detective shifts to another page blank, but his frustration as well as everyone’s in the room is pungent at this point at Izuku’s clear apprehension to talking about that stuff. “What is your relationship with your father?”


“Nonexistent now.”


The detective looks up from his notepad. “Oh?”


“He’s dead.” Izuku offers with sadness that makes the whole room feel his emotions. “He died right before I turned four.”


I'm sorry Moon Child.” Tsuki offers.


Izuku pets her affectionately to tell her he’s fine.


“Moving on. What is your relationship with your mother?”


“She loves me if that’s what you are asking.” Izuku responds efficiently to beat around the bush. “I don’t like that you are insinuating my mom would hurt me.”


The detective only winces at the curt answer, only electing to scribble a bit before moving on. “Are you aware we want to talk to your mother concerning your previous bullying problems?”




“Is she home right now for us to talk to?”


“No, she isn’t.” Izuku responds, looking at his teachers for their reactions.


The detective looks up with concern. “Is there a reason?”


“Mom is on a business trip right now. So, you will have to wait until she returns home.”


“And that will be?”


“I don’t know as I didn’t ask her when she left. She should be back soon.”


If I’m lucky…


“I understand.” Tsukauchi scratches his head, obviously thinking over Izuku’s one off answers. “Are you safe at home?”


“Yes.” Izuku responds automatically.


“Final question. Have you come across a way to lie without me knowing since you’ve learned about my quirk?”


Izuku frowns as he gives his honest response to that type of question. “Detective, you know that if I did, I wouldn’t tell you. No one would.”


That makes him falter a bit and everyone in the room to shift. “C-could you still answer the question?”


“I did not lie to any of your questions.”


But omit and deflect, sure did weather boy.


“Are you certain?”


Izuku glares at the detective when his emotions on the topic flare to the surface. “Can I go now, or do you want to interrogate me more? You know, I know all of you know you can’t talk to a minor in this type of setting without parental consent when it comes to things like this unless I come to you first. Yet, you did it anyway. If you are doubting my answers because of a quirk that you are just saying I have that I don’t believe for a second is real, just be happy I didn’t ignore you from the start.”


“Young Midoriya, we--”


“All Might don’t.” Izuku loses a couple tears in frustration. “I know you are doing this for my sake to make sure I’m okay. I would probably have done the same in your shoes. But you all are grossly making things seem much worse than they actually are. I was bullied. I’m insecure about my scars. Big deal. I don’t hate you, but you’ve lost my trust at the moment with that question since you obviously don’t trust me at all. So please, just let me go back to class now. I would like to get some proper sleep and be able to take care of Tsuki-chan properly when I go home.”


“You still haven’t agreed to work with me as my personal student.” Nedzu points out as Izuku dries his fruitless tears. “And you most definitely have that quirk. What it entails though... Well, I can help you find out.”


“What benefit would I get out of it?” Izuku decides while being bold. “As I see it, I possibly have a new quirk to learn about that I think is just as likely as unicorns existing. I already have a hobby that helps me work on my analyzing skills whether its real or not. If I’ve come this far alone, why would I need to have your help? Especially when you’ve just broken my trust. All I see is how you’d benefit.”


Nedzu gives him a maniacal smile at his observation. “What would convince you?”


Izuku honestly didn’t think that far. Izuku just continues to pet his beautiful girl as he thinks.


What do I want? I don’t need anything. I—


You are thinking too hard Moon Child.” Tsuki purrs as she nudges Izuku’s hand after a very long moment of silence.


A brilliant idea hits him, making him give a blinding smile. “I want two things.”


“And what would that be?” The principal sips his tea loudly.


“I want Tsuki-chan to be registered as my emotional support companion as soon as we leave your office. You can send me the paperwork when it comes in if I need to do something.” Izuku explains as he points at his new companion. “And I want to be able to bring her to school whenever she feels like joining me. I don’t want her getting hurt in training, so she doesn’t join me then. Only like in the classroom and other non-combat areas. That’s it.”


The detective laughs heartily at Izuku’s conditions. “You have the Principal of UA at your whims and you just want to bring a pet to school?”


“She’s not a pet to me.” Izuku clarifies before settling back down in his voice. “I don’t want anything. I don’t actually care either way. But I don’t want Tsuki-chan to get in trouble if she wants to follow me around, so I’m just trying to make this easier for her. If it makes her happy, I’m content. I did say it would be up to her if she wanted to come.”


Nedzu smiles widely, almost in thanks for something that Izuku notes to ask about later. “Then we have come to an agreement then? My lessons for world domination for your new companion’s luxury.”


Izuku squeaks in object horror as he almost falls off the couch, taking poor Tsuki with him. “World domination?!”


“Ah, I see it’s a little too early for that mode of thinking. I shall ease you into it.” Nedzu grins happily.




“I may have a third request.” Izuku broaches carefully.


“Nope!” Nedzu waves him away to his dismay. “Accept your fate young one.”


“Okay, okay. I agree…but that’s never going to happen, just so we are on the same page.” Izuku gives him the stink eye like a toddler.


“Don’t worry, I’ll convince you soon.” Nedzu cackles after taking a brief look down. “Now, head back to your classmates. They are very worried for you.”




“You have a personal monitor for the camera system on your desk, don’t you?” Izuku points out.


“It’s quite terrifying.” All Might sweat drops.


“Okay, and I am totally gone.” Izuku allows Tsuki to climb back up on his shoulder before he rushes for the door after snatching his notebook off the desk. “Oh, and detective?”


“Um, yes Midoriya?”


Izuku smiles as he gains a sparkle in his eyes about the unique quirk in front of him. “Next time we meet, could I ask you questions about how your quirk works? Also, you should be more specific in your questions. A criminal could exploit that if they figure out a way around it if you are vague too often by testing the waters with how far they can stretch the truth before it becomes a lie. You should also ask your questions in several different ways. That way, the person can’t lie by simple omittance. I wonder if you can detect the subtle difference between half-truths and lies. Does that cause a different feeling or--?”


“Slow down Problem Child.” Aizawa-sensei scolds as Izuku comes back up for air.


Izuku squeaks as color flushes his face. “S-sorry… I’ll just…go.”


Izuku basically rushes out of the room as the embarrassment proves too much to handle. As soon as they are alone, Nedzu adopts a Cheshire grin. “I call first dibs.”


“Nedzu, he’s not a pet. He’s a child. Plus, you have to get in line and let the kid choose himself if it needs to come to that.” Aizawa sighs. “Where the heck did you even find that kid All Might?”


“Under a bridge.” All Might replies quickly. “To be fair though, he was very insistent to talking to me after I had defeated the villain even though I really had to leave. Literally grabbed my pants leg after I took off just to get a chance to talk.”




“Oh god you are serious, aren’t you?” Tsukauchi stares at his oblivious friend.


“Y-yes? Is that a problem?” All Might asks uncertain that is only returned with annoyed stares.






“Yes Nedzu?”


“I need the file for Midoriya Inko.”


“Is there a reason I should be worried? He didn’t lie even though it is possible he got past my quirk.” Tsukauchi composes himself. “He doesn’t seem like a bad kid in all honesty, though. A little excited perhaps, but he doesn’t seem like a liar truthfully.”


“He didn’t lie, I know that for certain as his body language showed he was being honest. But I do know body language a little too well and the fact that the truth for one person may be a lie to another.” Nedzu sips gingerly. “He was terrified of something. And it wasn’t the bullies surprisingly. It was only around his mother being mentioned.”


“Terrified?” Aizawa echos with a growing frown.


“I guess timorous is a better word for it.” Nedzu contemplates as he rests his cup. “It's like he’s hiding something very big and it’s almost as if the thing he’s hiding would put his current wellbeing in jeopardy if it was found out. This is very worrisome to say the least.”


“So, you think it’s his mother who’s the aggressor and that he figured out a way around Tsukauchi’s quirk to lie or at least omit the truth regarding her?” Aizawa puts together.


“Yes and no.” Nedzu puts his paws together. “Definitely she’s a problem, but not the way we think I believe. I feel confident that’s he’s not being hurt right now as I do think it is possible the bullies hurt him physically, but I don’t trust her at all. The father might not be in the picture, but it’s possible he still got around Tsukauchi’s quirk with possible half-truths regarding his mother. From what I’ve seen so far, his mother seems cold, resigned, and honestly like she’s neglecting him. It could be possible that because he was quirkless in her eyes, she didn’t see the use in catering to his needs. If you didn’t notice, Midoriya solved this problem all on his own. It’s like it never crossed his mind for him to seek an adult for help. Any of your other children would have at least asked for a parent or someone they trusted to be here with them. Even adults will seek out a lawyer in this type of setting. And yet, he never came to the conclusion that was even an option. This concerns me greatly as from what I’ve seen so far, his independence streak seems way too large for someone his age for my taste. Even for some adults as well.”



“Anything else I can help with?” Tsukauchi breaks the silence.


“Yes.” Nedzu emotes a little too cheerful. “I want sue a school district.”

Chapter Text

Moon Child.”


“Yeah Tsuki-chan?” Izuku whispers as he makes his way down the hall back to his classroom.


Thank you for what you did back there.” She nuzzles his neck affectionately. “Also, I have a surprise.”


“A surprise?”


More like a present. But I had to be sure.” She pauses. “You can respond to me by thinking with me in mind.


“I can?!” Izuku almost yells in surprise. “C-can you hear me?


Stutter and everything.” Izuku feels like she’s smiling. “I trust you. Plus, I’d rather talk to you more frequently rather than having to deal with your classmates wondering why you are talking to a cat. They were already starting to catch on earlier. I'd rather not any of them learn of it.


That makes sense.” Izuku pauses. “I have a secret too, but I can’t tell you until we get home.


I figured as much given how your teachers were talking to you.” She purrs in his neck. “Don’t worry Moon Child. I’ll protect you.


Izuku smiles as he gives her a knowing pat. “We’ll look out for each other.”


Izuku drops his hand as he reaches to open the door, only hesitating when he hears the scurrying of his classmates. Ignoring it, Izuku pushes inside.


“M-Midoriya, you are back.” Iida stutters for the first time, making Izuku suspicious to his classmates’ nervous air.


“Yeah.” Izuku walks over to his bag to put up his notebook.


“What did the principal want with you?” Asui bluntly asks with a blank face.


Izuku shivers thinking of it as his face morphs to one of pure dread. “He wants me to be his personal student during my free period.”


“Really? That’s amazing!” Uraraka cheers before seeing his panicked face. “That’s good, right?”


“Should I be worried that he called it training for world domination?” Izuku inquires carefully. “I’m asking for a friend.”


The class bursts out laughing, their tension receding.


“Deku-kun you worry too much!” Uraraka giggles. “He probably just liked your notes. We sure did.”


“I think I’m being completely reasonable.” Izuku blankly counters. “Making deals with him are terrifying.”


“You made a deal with him?” Hagakure questions.


Izuku smirks playfully. “You’ll find out what it was soon. After all, world domination always has its price.”




“Has anyone ever told you that you’d make a terrifying villain?” Kaminari blurts out as he literally has no filter.


And that is my cue to leave.


Izuku adopts a look of resigned betrayal as everything that has happened in the last 48 hours slams him in the face at once. He simply checks the clock, noticing there is only really one-minute left for school.


“Dude, not cool bro…” Kirishima points out after seeing Izuku’s silence after looking like a kicked puppy. “You okay Midoriya?”


Izuku grabs his backpack and attempts to flee the room, ignoring the question. Iida is not pleased though as he blocks the way. “Midoriya, you can’t leave! School is still--”


“Iida.” Izuku’s voice breaks it betrays his silent storm brewing underneath. “Please. Let me go home.”


The bell rings, allowing Izuku to rush past his friend, leaving them alone in the chaos that erupts shortly after his departure.



Izuku dries his tears that slipped out momentarily as he crosses the gates to head to the train station.


Hey Tsuki-chan?


Yes, my Moon Child?


I need to head home now to change. Do you want to go shopping after or do you want to wait till tomorrow? It’s your choice, so don’t feel pressured either way. When we do go, you get to pick everything you want. I want you to be comfortable and feel like you belong. Also, please don’t consider yourself my pet. In my eyes, you’re my family.


You’re such a kind child.” Tsuki whispers softly. “Why did your kind hurt you?


Izuku sighs. “I didn’t have a quirk at first. When you are quirkless, you aren’t even considered human. But I’ll tell you all about it later. Fun stuff first. What do you want to do?


Shopping sounds pleasant.


Shopping it is.

Chapter Text

Izuku unlocks the door as he enters the apartment. “It’s not much, but it’s home.”


It’s more than enough Moon Child.” Tsuki jumps off his shoulder as Izuku gives a tour of the place.


“This is the living room.” Izuku gestures in front of him where a simple couch and tv is set up for his movie nights. “And that is the kitchen.”


Izuku shifts over to the rooms. “This is my room.” Izuku points at his name plate. “That room over there is my mini-gym and the other one is the guest room.”


And your mother’s room?” The cat looks up with a sad gaze.


“Mom’s…she’s…” Izuku stumbles over his words. “I’ll tell you later. But she’s not here. I’m not sure if she’s coming back ever.”


I’m sorry my Moon Child.”


Izuku wipes his eyes when they become wet. “It’s fine. I’m just gonna change really quick and then we can go get you your stuff. Don’t worry about money though. I’ve saved plenty, so I’m glad I can use it on someone else for a change.”


Thank you.


Izuku nods as he takes a minute to change. It doesn’t take him long to grab his card to go shopping. Izuku had set up a bank account fairly recently for himself under his name using his mother’s voice, so he didn’t have to worry about carrying cash around and getting jumped. Plus, he’s put most of the spare stuff in his savings for when he becomes a hero and needs a place to stay. That is also a precaution if the money he keeps being sent suddenly dries up. He’s got at least five years of money to live on saved up now, so he’s confident he can keep himself afloat till then regardless of what happens.


Izuku eyes the envelope on the table that he’s guarded for so many years, clinging to the hope she would come back and read his letter. Izuku approaches it, looking it over and over. Deep sadness washes over him as he tears it up into smaller and smaller pieces.


I’m sorry Mom, but I don’t think I can wait any longer.


Izuku discards his past in the trash, replacing his sorrow with a blinding smile as he faces the future with his new family of his own choosing. “Come on Tsuki-chan. Let’s go get you everything you need.”



Toshinori is not usually a worrier when it comes to most things. But ever since he met the boy who could light up the world with even one of his most simple smiles, he’s constantly finding himself fussing over even the slightest thing when it came to Midoriya.


During their training together, he almost freaked out and took him to a hospital when he fell down from simply overworking himself. Looking back, he may have collapsed from more than just overwork. Hearing about the scars his successor carried for months with him even having a suspicion something was even remotely wrong terrified him. Just as much as seeing All for One again would. Honestly, it makes so much sense now why the boy wanted to rush him to a hospital when they first met. He probably actually thought he was dying.


Hearing Chiyo talk about how his boy never went to the hospital for such an injury that could have killed him made him realize how much he is shouldering alone. The situation just didn’t make much sense, which wasn’t helping his anxiety. Even if it bullies like he said in the meeting that caused his scars, his instincts were screaming at him that he was suffering in silence from something more.


Even Nedzu felt so. So much so that he wanted a profile pulled for Midoriya’s mother. He knows he can’t just bust into there and save him like he would like to. Thus, he wants to protect him from the shadows tonight, observing him from afar. Going to your student’s neighborhood to patrol may be extreme, but he can’t help his gut feeling telling him something is dreadfully wrong.


If All Might somehow was nearby to hear a cry for help, well, he wouldn’t simply stand by and let it happen. He may have been blissfully ignorant before, but he will not make the same mistake twice. Now, he’s going to protect the boy who’s basically become his son with his life, even if it kills him.

Chapter Text

Izuku bounces the whole way to the nearest pet store with Tsuki on his shoulder, simply enjoying the ride.


Hey Tsuki-chan?


Yes little one?


I hope this isn’t sensitive, but are you blind?” Izuku broaches carefully.


The cat almost stills on his shoulder, making him fear the worst for her. “No, why do you inquire such a peculiar question?


Really?!” Izuku shouts in his relief before noticing her wince. “Oops. Sorry Tsuki-chan. Well, I thought you were blind because of your eyes. It’s probably because of your quirk then. Not that I care either way, I just wanted to know if I needed to help you with stuff.


My eyes?


They are milky white. It usually is common in those who are blind. Not that I mind it. I think your eyes are really beautiful.


I see. Well, I’m not blind. I can see your unruly hair clear as day.


Izuku giggles. “You’ll have to get used to it. Unfortunately, it’s here to stay. But I’m glad. I was worrying about how I could help you pick stuff out if you couldn’t see.


I would trust your judgement.” She dutifully replies as if it was obvious. “You’ve done more for me in the past few hours than anyone else. I don’t deserve someone as kind as you to be my friend.”


Izuku loses a happy tear at that. “I’m glad we’re friends too. But I also feel like you are family, so don’t hesitate to ask me for stuff you need. Your happiness is mine too.


Family, huh?” Tsuki almost smirks in Izuku’s eyes when he pets her head fondly. “Then I guess you really are my child then.


I would be most honored.” Izuku jokes as he imitates his new surrogate mom.


Oh, stop you kit.” Tsuki bats his shirt collar playfully, that makes Izuku chuckle as he enters the store.


“Welcome to our shop!” The girl behind the desk cheerfully greets. “You have such a cutie there. Let me know if the two of you need any help.”


Izuku gives his thanks as he grabs a cart to get started. “Let’s get the essentials first, then we can get some fun stuff you’d like.”


Izuku lets her pick out her preferred food, only stepping in to give her some variety in the flavors. She preferred the green food bowls, saying it reminded her of him. Izuku helped her pick the cat bed that she felt was the best one, letting her sit on it one by one until she found the perfect one. She picked the soft baby blue one that made even Izuku jealous of. Izuku discretely places a few different types of treats in the basket, hoping she won’t notice as they pick out toys. She’s not terribly picky, but Izuku still wants to shower her with whatever she wants. After all, she’s the first person he’s ever bought anything for. Izuku makes it a priority to avoid the collar section at all costs.


The trip home is less than ideal. Internally, Izuku is anxious to tell her everything. He knows he can probably trust her, but after holding it close to his heart for so long, Izuku doesn’t know how to say the things that have always needed to be said. Silently, Izuku sets everything up, even giving her dinner before himself, giving her extra chicken from his own dinner when it’s finished.


Once the dishes are washed and put away, Izuku sits down in front of his girl to get started explaining. “Tsuki-chan, I…”


Moon Child let’s wait till tomorrow. You are tired. Plus, it’s already late. You have class tomorrow I assume from your friends’ discussions. I won’t be mad if we wait a day.” Tsuki assures soothingly.


“O-okay. I’ll tell you everything tomorrow.” Izuku yawns, rubbing at his deep eye bags. “Just so you know, you can sleep in my bed. I don’t hold a monopoly on it, but I have to warn you, I have terrible nightmares. I don’t want to hurt you if one happens.”


I see. I’m sorry little one.


“Don’t be sorry. Anyway, we should go to bed.” Izuku pauses, thinking about what happened today. The creepy man just left a bad taste in his mouth and he just simply couldn’t get over it.


“Tsuki-chan, if anything happens to me, you can trust All Might. He was the blond person from today in the office.”


You trust that human?


“I know I was mad earlier, but honestly, I trust him with my life. Also I guess Aizawa-sensei. Though, he's pretty grumpy a lot of the time.” Izuku fondly scratches her head. “If you ever are in danger, let them help you. I certain they won’t judge you for your quirk. I know it. I think they'd find it as beautiful as I do.”


I believe you Moon Child.” Tsuki sighs internally. “Now go to bed young man!


Izuku giggles. “You’re just like a mom.”


Shoo you!


“Okay mom!” Izuku continues his cackling as he races off to get ready for bed.


Tomorrow is a new day after all.

Chapter Text

“Izuku dear, come help me with dinner!”


“Coming mommy!” Izuku giggles as he finishes his drawing in his notebook. Brining it with him, he scampers into the living room. Inko is cooking at the stove, currently chopping up vegetables to put into the curry.


“There you are dear.” Inko smiles weirdly that makes Izuku shiver a bit before joining his mother at her side.


After a few moments of silence, Izuku looks up at his mother expectantly. “Mommy, can I help?”


Looking down, his mother frowns. “Has your quirk appeared yet dear?”


Izuku flinches at the question, making him want to cry. Choking down his emotions, he shakes his head. “No mom.”


The knife cuts into the board sharply, making Izuku tense as he waits for his mom to respond. "I see."


Izuku loses a few tears as he can’t hold them back anymore. “I’m sorry mom, I’ll try harder--”




Izuku looks up at his mother’s face, seeing an angry visage that makes Izuku’s blood turn to ice, making him drop his notebook. “Mommy?”


His mother softly laughs. “I guess I haven’t been fair to you, have I?”


The knife raises off the cutting board as Inko’s face twists into a manic expression. Izuku backs away in pure fear, not trusting the person in front of him. “Mommy, what’s going on? You’re scaring me!”


“Problem Child, why are you making this so difficult for me?” Inko raises her hand as Izuku feels something moist fall from his nose as he stills, being controlled like a puppet by her quirk and unable to move on his own due to the pain.


"I'm s-sorry m-mommy..." Izuku whimpers as the pain surges in his head like a severe headache starts to cease, locking himself in place for disobeying his mother, even though he's not sure what he did.


“Don’t worry sweetie.” Izuku feels a weird feeling rush over him as his mother raises her other hand again as the knife follows suit, pointing towards his small chest. “You’ll have your quirk soon.”

Chapter Text



Izuku jolts awake after feeling like he got run-over by a truck from his nightmare, his closed eyes already drenched in tears. Eyes finally open in his panic, he sits up to look around the room to see where he is to see if he’s okay, if he’s safe. He tears at his shirt to stop the bleeding. To his relief, the scar over his heart isn’t open, but his panic still doesn't cease in the slightest. The bed moves as Izuku is unable to keep his breathing under control any longer.


Moon Child, are you okay?


Izuku wipes at his eyes as he tries to calm his shudders. Unable to talk, Izuku tries the next best thing. “Um, just a nightmare. Sorry. I’ll be okay.


Would you like to talk about it?” Tsuki nuzzles his hand that’s gripping the bed like it would get away from him.


Izuku blinks away his blurry eyes to see the time on his old All Might clock from when he was a kid. After a sigh, Izuku nods. “It was about when I first learned about my quirk.


Tsuki seems to pause for a bit before speaking again. “How about we start from the beginning? I feel like you have a lot on your mind.


Izuku nods as he readies himself to speak. “Y-you have to p-promise never to tell a-anyone unless I say you can. I w-wouldn’t be able to stay here with you in our a-apartment alone if you did tell is why it’s so i-important. I would probably be put in the f-foster system and you would p-probably be taken away from m-me since I don’t have a guardian taking care of me.”


I understand.” Tsuki purrs against his leg as if it’s confirmation. “I owe you that much.


“It all started when I was f-four years old.” Izuku grips his knees as he prepares for everything. “My quirk hadn’t come in yet, so my mom took me to the doctor. He told me I was quirkless and I should give up. Once we came home, Mom freaked out that her baby boy didn’t have a quirk. She knew how much I wanted to be a hero and we had just lost d-dad, so it probably didn’t help her reaction. So, the next day she took me to a different doctor. He said I had a d-dormant or hidden quirk. He was honestly appalled the previous doctor said I was quirkless. After that, it’s when…”


When what?


“When the t-trainings started.” Izuku shakes as the air feels way too cold now. “She enrolled me in g-gymnastics and self-defense classes sure, but s-she also took me to other places too. They h-hurt me there. Mom always said she just wanted to help me find my quirk. She was convinced if I kept at it, it w-would show eventually. For a t-time, I truly b-believed her.”


Tsuki nudges her way into Izuku’s lap, allowing him to pet her more directly as he pours out his heart. “School was just as b-bad. When I told Kacchan that I was q-quirkless, the entire school basically had a g-gravestone with my name on it prepared. In retrospect, how ironic. But they didn’t get as bad as the t-trainings until middle school. Before then, it was just n-name calling, hair pulling, etc.…”


“When I turned five, I had enough.” Izuku shifts as his tone made her flinch to its intensity. “I was so done with trying to find a quirk that I didn’t have. I was just so stressed at that point. Between the intense trainings and bullying, I just needed to do something else. Something that I wanted, not what everyone else wanted. So, I turned to writing in my notebooks. I tricked mom into thinking they were just for analyzing fights so I could find my own quirk. I did it because I still wanted to be a hero, but I knew I would have to work harder than everyone else as I didn’t have one. Dad told me that once too, so it encouraged me to keep f-fighting. So, I kept analyzing. I know the principal thinks I may have that as my quirk before. I think that it’s just because of how good I am at reading people now. Plus, quirks have a telltale signs in their users that are pretty easy to spot out once you’ve done it long enough. Also, it’s not possible for me to have that quirk.”


Why do you say that?


“Because I know what my original is.” Izuku admits as he starts to go full analysis mode to calm down more. “Also, you can’t have two quirks from birth alone. Take Todoroki for example. He’s the boy with red and white hair. From an outside perspective, it would seem that he has two quirks: fire and ice. But actually, his quirk is more akin to changing the temperature around him. The ice forms because his temperature control makes the water in the air around him freeze. The fire comes out when the air is heated to the point of combustion of the dust particles around him catching on fire. Or at least that’s my current working theory on his quirk. I know it’s the case with his ice at least because when he uses his ice, it freezes him as well. If he was simply creating ice from his body, it wouldn’t do that unless it was temperature manipulation, meaning he doesn’t have a protection from the cold. It would never hurt him because it would be ejected from his body, meaning it wouldn’t form on him and freeze his cells. Even though I haven’t seen his flames, I know he’s probably fireproofed since his father does have a fire emitter type quirk. It’s more like a passive buff that’s typical with fire quirks, so he’s got a high chance of inheriting it. If the principal wants to think it is my quirk to analyze, by all means let him. I just can’t let anyone know about my real one.”


What’s your original quirk? I’m guessing this means you have more than one.


“Second Chance.” Izuku whispers with a broken voice. “It’s what I call it anyway.”


What does it do little one?


“Well, it’s a little fickle.” Izuku notes. “But I think I should tell you about when it manifested first before I tell you exactly what it does. It would make more sense that way anyway.”


Izuku clears his face of stray tears that have fallen. “When I was seven, Mom’s trainings got more intense. I think she was really desperate, just lying to herself that I had one. I mean, technically, she was right. But…”


Izuku trails off, staring into the darkness of his room.


It’s okay Moon Child. If you don’t want to talk, you don’t have to.


“I-it’s fine.” Izuku psyches himself back up to continue. “I was seven. I came home from school one day and went to work on my notebooks like usual. She, um called me to dinner and… I think she just...snapped.”


Izuku puts on a brave face even though his voice cracks. “S-she asked m-me i-if my quirk c-came in. It didn’t. S-so she…”


She used her quirk on me.” Izuku’s sobs, no longer able to speak out loud anymore. “That’s what my nightmare was about.


I’m so sorry child.” Tsuki purrs to calm Izuku, which helps a bit.


Once it happened, I basically bled out on the floor from what she did. I think she thought it would show itself if I was about to die. But it didn’t. I was so cold. So, so cold. I knew I was dead. When I woke up, she was already gone.” Izuku wipes his shame off his face. “She left a note about how she couldn’t bear being here any longer that she needed a break from me. A trip she said for work came up. So, that’s when I realized I had a quirk. I haven’t seen her since.


Izuku spends the next few minutes hugging the soothing purring cat in his arms as his own cries echo throughout his room. “It’s okay Tsuki-chan. I’m okay.”


Second Chance. What exactly does it do?” Tsuki inquires as her desperate purrs start to cease.


“Well, there’s two parts.” Izuku clears his throat. “I can sense death so to speak. Like when I found you. I could feel the dread I associate with that coming from you. I can sometimes feel the intentions that someone wants to kill if it’s strong enough, which is what I felt from that stranger that I drew for the principal. The second part allows me to heal from injuries that kill me. But only those injuries. Everything else is left untouched.”


Does that mean you can’t die?


“I don’t think so.” Izuku admits. “I mean, I’ve never really tested it out fully as I'm kind of scared to do so, but I have a funny feeling that if I keep dying within a short duration…”


You probably wouldn’t get a second chance.” Tsuki finishes for him.


“That’s one of the reasons why I picked the name after all.” Izuku chuckles with sad morbidity. “That’s why I can’t tell anyone. One, they could torture or experiment on me to find its limits. Two, it hurts a lot to die. Three, if they knew what really happened for it to manifest, I would be sent away to a foster family. And no one wants a seemingly quirkless child. They’d never let me be a hero. I’d rather die for real than give up my chance for being a hero. I just want to save people.”


How many times have you died child?


“I don’t know. I didn’t keep track.” Izuku automatically answers. “But I haven’t died for a year now, though that time wasn’t exactly my fault.”


Please don’t die again.


“I won’t.” Izuku hugs her a little more tightly. “I’ll live for you. I’ll live for my friends. I’ll live for all those who need help. I promise. I’ll always come home for you.”


Take care of yourself my Moon Child.” Tsuki yowls. “You are a light that I would mourn deeply if you went out.


“Thank you.” Izuku wails in happiness. “Thank you so much.”


Says the one who saved me.” Tsuki chuckles. “My plights seem trivial in comparison.


“Don’t say that Tsuki-chan. No one’s problems should be ignored because another’s is worse.” Izuku softly replies. “Do you want to talk about yours? Other than the main stuff I’ve said, there’s not much else for me I’m afraid.”


Another time child. You’ve seen enough distress today for a lifetime. Humans are cruel after all. Mine is as simple as your kind hurting me due to my quirk. The world is never kind to those who lie outside its conventions.” Tsuki notes sadly. “You have more than one quirk, yes?


“Yes, but you can’t tell anyone about it either.” Izuku states sternly. “It was a gift, but I can’t tell you from who. It’s a strength quirk. It makes me really strong.”


I understand. Your secret is safe with me.”


Izuku nods, looking back over at the time to see how much has passed. “I should get ready for school. What would you like for breakfast? My treat.”


I’ve heard of this thing called bacon.


Izuku smirks as he rubs his face clean. “You got it.”

Chapter Text

After returning his gym uniform to the locker room, Izuku makes his way to the classroom with Tsuki in tow. Once he reaches the classroom, he sees a vest for Tsuki on his desk neatly folded and pressed.


“Hey Tsuki-chan, I think the principal gave you a present.” Izuku brightens as he scratches her head. “Do you want to wear it?”


What is it exactly?” Tsuki asks as she bounds onto his desk to sniff the foreign object that has her name embroider on the flap portion.


It’s a service vest. It’s for emotional service animals and allows me to take you wherever I want.” Izuku informs. “But you don’t have to wear it if you don’t want it.


Kind of looks like a cape.


Izuku laughs as she rubs against it. “Then you’d be my hero. And it would be your costume when you are saving me.


Tsuki looks up as if she’s smirking. “Then I would be proud to wear it for my Moon Child.


Izuku nods. “Whatever you want. If you don’t like it, tell me at any time and I’ll take it off. With or without it, you’ll still be my hero.


I would like to try it.


Izuku smirks as he helps her into it. “There, now you look like a proper hero.”


Tsuki purrs as Izuku sets down his stuff to start writing about a hero fight he saw on his phone on his morning commute with her. Izuku just barely finishes his new entry before the classroom door opens, revealing Todoroki in the doorway.


Todoroki opens his eyes slightly larger than normal before resuming what he was doing to walk into the classroom.


“Good morning Todoroki!” Izuku cheerfully greets with a genuine smile.


“Morning Midoriya.” Todoroki pauses at his desk, his eyes never leaving the new addition to Class 1-A.


Izuku gets the hint and sets straight into explaining. “This is Tsuki-chan. You met her yesterday, but today she’s officially my emotional support companion.”


Todoroki simply nods while something conflicting comes across his face that makes Izuku hypervigilant to what his classmate may need.


Once he seems to have gotten his bearings, he attempts to speak. “Midoriya, if it’s not too much trouble, could we speak privately after school?”


Izuku tilts his head in confusion. “I mean, I don’t mind, so sure, but is there a reason why? Oh, is it about the joke I made about your quirk? I really didn’t mean it and I’m really sorry about it. I was just simplifying it for the joke since most people don’t know that you can only have one quirk.”


That makes Todoroki snap to attention. “What?”


Izuku nervously plays with his pencil to keep his attention focused. “What I mean is, there can be different attributes to a quirk, but it’s always a single quirk. Like, your two outputs fire and ice may seem like two distinct quirks, but that’s simply not true. It’s the same with Kacchan. He has a mixture of his mother’s glycerin and father’s acid sweat that makes up the two outputs, but ultimately, it’s still a single quirk. If it wasn’t, he’d have both quirks separately and he wouldn’t be able to make explosions as easy as he does. I read a lot of studies about it and--”


“Wait.” Todoroki cuts him off with a serious look. “You think I have only one quirk?”


“Well yeah.” Izuku turns to his page to show his classmate. “I think your quirk isn’t two separate emitter quirks of fire and ice, but in actuality a temperature manipulation emitter.”


Izuku points to the ice side as Todoroki leans in to read better. “Your right-side forms ice because you lower the temperature of the air around you, causing the water in the air around you to freeze. It’s actually pretty cool because that means you have amazing fine control when making it. The reason why you freeze up is because you are indirectly causing the air around you to get too cold, freezing the water in your body if you do it too much.”


“You noticed that I freeze?” Todoroki eyes him suspiciously.


“Yeah, I mean it’s not hard to notice when your breath puffs out cold air and your limbs collect ice crystals after using it extensively.” Izuku shifts his finger to the left side of his diagram. “I haven’t seen it yet, but your left side forms fire by heating up the air so much that the dust particles around you catch fire, giving you a basically limitless fuel source, just like the water in the air. While most fire quirks already have a passive buff for being flame resistant, I don’t think that means you are resistant to extreme heat. You’d overheat if used too much, similar to how you’d freeze to death if you used your ice too much.”


“How do you know my quirk is temperature manipulation?” Todoroki inquires as he’s not convinced. “As far as I can see, I have two. Which I’m surprised you even noticed as I haven’t used both of them.”


“Well, the way you melted your ice without bringing out your flames proves it.” Izuku notes with a smile. “I think that the reason why your quirk seems like it’s two is because either side of your body has a better affinity with a certain type of temperature control. It’s kind of like handiness. I think if you keep practicing, you could one day make ice from your left side and fire from your right. It’s kind of like when someone trains themselves to be ambidextrous, but in your case, it would be concerning your quirk.”


“You really think I can use my ice on my left side?”


Izuku’s face drops when he sees the hopeful look on his face with no clear regard to his fire side. The notion makes Izuku start to question what kind of person Endeavor really is behind closed doors for him to hate it so vehemently that he would reject a piece of himself. But, he kind of knows the feeling, which makes him scrunch up his face in worry. “Todoroki…”


The door opens, bringing the two to attention to their classmate in the doorway.


Iida comes in hand chopping once he sees Tsuki. “Midoriya, I thought we talked about this--”


Izuku stands up to stop the accusation quickly for his friend’s sake. “Iida, she’s my emotional support animal. Nedzu approved her for me. She has a vest, see.”


Izuku points to her cape like vest that she flaunts like a runway model that almost causes him to snort at her purposeful dramatics.


Iida seems to stumble in embarrassment as he likely knows a lot about it since his family are heroes. “I am so sorry Midoriya! I didn’t mean to--”


Izuku smiles as he interrupts him. “It’s totally fine Iida. You were just looking out for me and making sure I didn’t get in trouble. Plus, she’s new, so I can’t blame you at all for thinking that given yesterday. I appreciate your help.”


Iida readjusts his glasses as he starts to head to his assigned seat. “I see. I wish you both well.”


Looking back to Todoroki, Izuku notices that he’s basically shut down again that makes his smile become a bit strained. He has a feeling that Izuku himself has been the only to get more than a few words out of him and even that has been pretty minimal at best. “Well, we can talk later if you want Todoroki. When would you like to meet up?”


“Meet me at the gates after school. We can go somewhere to talk then.” Todoroki basically whispers as he passes Izuku to sit in his seat.


Izuku simply nods as he stares back at his notebook, getting an ominous feeling about his classmate’s father that makes him sick to his stomach. Flipping back to the hero fight from this morning, Izuku starts back up his writing until class begins.



Izuku is so focused in his own little world that he fails to notice his hovering classmates with their cameras out, taking pictures of his proud girl that is more than happy to strut her stuff like the queen she is as he works on his scribbling, deep in his mumblings and thoughts.


It isn’t until Iida’s voice that Izuku snaps out of it with a shudder since they are too close for comfort.


“Please stop crowding Midoriya and his emotional support animal. It is rude to treat emotional support animals like pets!” Iida corrects as the group doesn’t seem to cease their actions despite his first attempt.


“Wait, so why do you have an emotional support what’s it?” Kirishima points out as the rest of the class who wasn’t there earlier don’t know either.


“Oh, that’s simple.” Izuku perks up once everyone backs up a bit. “I told you world domination always has its price. I just asked Nedzu to register her and he was more than happy to do so if I became his student during my free period. She likes being with me, so I figured I would help her out with it.”



“Midori is such a cinnamon roll.” Ashido pouts as she jabs Kaminari in the stomach, causing him to groan in pain. “No wonder he was so devasted yesterday to be called a villain by you!”


Izuku blinks at her confused. “I’m…not food?”


“Oh my god, he’s so innocent.” Ashido points out with a weird glee. “We need to protect him at all costs.”


Izuku frowns. “Why? I can take care of myself.”


His only response is laughter from the girl who honestly seems like she’s on drugs or something.


“Sure you can Deku.” Bakugo rolls his eyes. “You trip over your own damn feet like an idiot all the fucking time.”


“Shut up Kacchan.” Izuku pouts despite him not really being wrong.


The door to the classroom slams open, revealing their clearly disgruntled teacher. “I know the vultures outside are very tempting to talk to, but please refrain from indulging them further if they try to talk to you.”


Izuku looks up with confusion. “Vultures, sir?”


“The media.” Iida supplies with a troubled look. “They were asking this morning about the rumors about a quirkless student being enrolled in the hero course.”


Izuku’s heart drops that causes him to avert his eyes away from his classmates. He knows it’s all his fault they are being hounded and he doesn’t have to think too hard on what they are saying about him, even though it’s not true.


“Hey, chin up bro.” Kirishima tries to reassure Izuku when he looks dejected in the window for all of their classmates to see. “You aren’t quirkless--”


“Anymore.” Izuku finishes for him. “You’re right. It doesn’t matter.”



“Midoriya, we are going to have a talk later.” Aizawa-sensei breaks the tension seeing his mood drop. “But for now, we are going on a field trip.”


Everyone’s mood perks back up at the mention of a field trip.


“Today, we are going to be doing rescue training at an off-campus training facility.” Aizawa-sensei pushes a button that dispenses their costumes from the wall. “You can go in your costumes or in your gym clothes, whatever works best for you. Midoriya, your cat won’t be permitted to come along, so could you send her to the Teacher’s lounge?”


Izuku nods as he gets up with the rest of the class to change. “Come on Tsuki-chan. Let’s get you where you need to go.”


She jumps on his shoulder as he heads to the teacher’s lounge to get ready for the field trip.

Chapter Text

Turns out All Might did a little too much hero-ing today and yesterday, so he’s been stuck with cat duty to not strain too much on his time limit. Or that’s what he told Izuku with a smile anyway even though he seemed really depressed about not being able to come with them underneath it. Though, that quickly changed as he was in such high spirits when Tsuki managed to nestle her way into his mentor's lap for some free head scratches. Honestly, Izuku feels like All Might really needs more people in his life who knows about his other form, but he's not sure how to engage that type of scenario. He feels like not many people know or support the person behind All Might and it clearly shows.


But how to go about it...?


Sighing, Izuku pushes into the locker room, not really noticing the tension rise as his classmates’ stare at him while he's focused on his own thoughts. Gathering up his gym clothes, Izuku mindlessly heads towards the bathroom stalls.


It’s only then that he notices his classmates are basically blocking the way to the bathroom sans Bakugo given their formation, making him nervous that this is some type of intervention. For what reason, Izuku is unsure and he really hopes its not to beat him up, especially since they've all seemed really nice to him so far.


“I need to change.” Izuku softly points out as he waits for a chance to do so, electing to not make them mad if they are going to do what he fears.


“Midoriya, we are extremely concerned about you.” Iida broaches carefully that makes Izuku tense.


Yup, intervention. Thank god I hid all my drugs and alcohol this morning…


“Why do you not change in front of everyone?”


Izuku blankly stares at Iida trying to read what it is they want. He hopes it not like middle school because showing an ounce of weakness was always preyed upon heavily. “Is it against the rules to do so?”


“Dude, are you being hurt or something?” Kirishima hushly asks with a frown. “We saw how badly you freaked out with Sensei yesterday.”


Izuku bristles a bit to that question. “Is being self-conscious enough of a reason to change in the bathroom?”


“We aren’t going to judge you. We’re all guys here.” Satou assures that everyone acknowledges with nods of agreement, even Dark Shadow who came out for a little peek at the commotion. “You don’t have anything to be ashamed of.”


“He gave you fuckers a reason, so piss off.” Bakugo knowingly looks at him as he shrugs on the front of his costume. "Fucking nosy extras..."


Thanks Kacchan.


While the group scowls at their resident angry man, Izuku nervously fiddles with his gym clothes as it seems they are still at an impasse.


“Midoriya, it is our duty as heroes to help those who are in need. As heroes and as your classmates, we can't simply stand by and let you get hurt willingly.” Iida asserts strongly with diligence, finally breaking up the long awkward bout of silence. “You can trust us. We can get you the help you need.”


Izuku doesn’t miss the subtle flinch from Todoroki, making himself even more concerned than fearful at this point as he searches his classmate's face for answers. Apparently, that lapse of emotion has already faded away under Todoroki's new unfazed gaze, but that doesn't stop Izuku from starting a plan in motion as now he's very upset about a certain flame hero. 


I really need to talk to Todoroki. Maybe Nedzu’s lessons will be useful after all…


Noticing his classmates are still watching him closely, he realizes he didn't actually deny what Iida's speech entailed. Sighing, Izuku gives a vanilla answer that will hopefully placate them. “I appreciate your concern, but I'm not being hurt. If you doubt me, go to Aizawa-sensei and bring it to his attention. I really do need to change now, though...”


Clearly, his classmates don't believe him as they seemingly start to protest. “Midoriya, can we at least see you change once...”


Izuku denies their request with a simple shake of his head, though the pure fear flashing from his eyes at the prospect of any of them seeing the scars that riddle his body isn't lost on them. His classmates' all adopt resigned and pitying expressions after his clear opinion to that option as it's like they've already made up their mind he is currently being hurt and is trying to hide it.


God damn it Izuku…


“I...Y-you were just... I can't...” Izuku can't seem to make up his mind on how to react, now favoring just getting away as soon as possible to not start having a panic attack or saying something to make it all worse. "I'm sorry, I'll just...go."


Exhaling in defeat as he doesn’t have it in him to lie his way out of it, Izuku unceremoniously makes his way out of the room to change in another bathroom, playing in his head over and over what he wanted to say to stop their questions, but was unable to the first go around. His tears don’t hide anymore now that he’s all alone to his harsh thoughts.


Izuku eases up on his silent turmoil as he changes into his gym clothes, no longer feeling very heroic today. Once finished, he pauses at the doorway to wipe away his tears to hide his shame, the guilt radiating off of him at this point for running from his friends. Izuku has never been happier to have brought his headphones to listen to on the way to school as he heads back to the classroom to shut out some of the noise of the world.   

Chapter Text

Finally loaded onto the bus, Izuku takes one of the side seats before sliding his wireless headphones out of his backpack again to relax on the bus. Completely submerged in his thoughts and his music, Izuku almost misses Asui wave at him to get his attention. Taking off his headphones and pausing his music, Izuku gives her a small smile. “Hi Asui.”


“Call me Tsu.” Tsu corrects before getting straight into her original question. “Sorry if I’m blunt, Midoriya-chan, but what music are you listening to? I’m curious.”


“Oh, um do you want to hear it?” Izuku innocently asks as an idea pops into his head that he has always wanted to do in person.


After what happened in the locker room, he kind of wants to bring back up the mood anyway since all the boys have been giving him mixed signals between worry and fear. They must have talked to Aizawa-sensei too because they have also been staring pretty hard between the two of them, something that Izuku has ignored with gusto.




With the go ahead, Izuku enters his special playlist and changes to his phone’s speaker, struggling to keep a straight face.


        Never gonna give you!

        Never gonna let you down!


After the second verse in the troll version, Izuku can’t contain his laughter as the whole class basically bursts at the seams with him at his Rick Roll.


“Midoriya! Did you really just Rick Roll us?” Kaminari bursts out between his laughs.


Izuku tries desperately to stifle his laughs as he tries to plead his case. “Sorry. Sorry. I couldn’t resist.”


“Fuck off Deku.” Bakugo grumbles from the back, clearly not sparing a moment of his time laughing at the occurrence. His bad mood is not going unnoticed and Izuku feels extremely guilty about causing it. The ‘extras’ probably hounded him extensively about Izuku when he left.


“You’re such a jokester Deku-kun.” Urararka notes as her giggles start to slow.


“Sorry. Sorry.” Izuku apologizes sincerely as his gaze drops a little at the realization he technically lied to his classmates. “I just never got a chance to ever do that, so I took it. I didn’t mean to trick you guys. I can still play what I was listening to if you want As- I mean Tsu, but it’s really not that interesting.”


“Please do.” Tsu affirms, clearly not too rattled by Izuku’s prank to his relief.


Izuku nods as he switches back to his learning playlist and finds the song he was on. Pressing play, he wonders if they will like it or not.


        Te digo claro claro

        No es nada raro raro

        Así se puede amor


Izuku pauses the music when his classmates’ eyes widen at the music. “Um…”


“Wow Midoriya-chan, I didn’t think you’d like Spanish music.” Tsu points out.


“Um, well it’s more of for keeping fresh with my verbal skills.” Izuku explains, trying to keep himself from going on a tangent about it.


“Wait, so you like know Spanish?!” Hagakure asks excitedly as her gloves wave wildly in the air.


“¡Claro que si! Pero todavía estoy aprendiendo.” Izuku accentuates with perfect pitch and inflection.


His classmates just stare at him for a long moment, causing him to shrink in on himself at their reaction thinking he did something wrong. “Ah sorry, I shouldn’t have said anything. Sorry if it made you guys uncomfortable or something...”


“Are you kidding?! That was super cool!” Ashido exclaims in pure glee at the discovery. “What did you say huh? Tell us!”


Beet red from embarrassment, Izuku sets straight to explaining while twiddling his hands as a nervous tick to calm him down. “I just simply said ‘of course but I am still learning.’”


“That was perfect Spanish. Is one of your parent’s Spanish or something?” Tsu asks bluntly.


Izuku tenses a bit but it doesn’t follow suit in his expression. “Oh, no they aren’t. I’m just learning as it’s a small hobby of mine.”


“What do you mean by that Midoriya?” Iida asks enthusiastically at the notion that another student like him actually studies as one of their hobbies.


“Well, I have always really liked languages.” Izuku explains nervously while rubbing the back of his head, unsure why he is getting so much attention on him from the entire class. “I’ve just kinda pick up new languages as I go along. Originally, I felt like there might be situation in the future where I would need to communicate with someone who didn’t know Japanese well as a hero. Or I may go to other countries for special team ups in troubling villain cases. It basically sent me on a tangent of learning as much as I could as I have a slight problem with obsessing over stuff when I really get into it. So yeah…”


“That’s super manly!” Kirishima asks with a gleam in his eye so genuine that makes Izuku feel like everything is back to normal again as he smiles at his classmate's enthusiasm. “How many do you know right now?”


“Um, well not as many as I would like to.” Izuku admits with a slightly disappointed manner in his tone. “It’s not like I’ve mastered all of them or anything, but right now I can hold a conversation in Japanese which is obvious, Japanese Sign Language, English, and Spanish. That’s basically it so far. I’m hoping I can work on adding Korean soon though.”


Koda shoots his head up at the discussion, causing Izuku to notice and recognize his frantic hand gestures. "Hi M-I-D-O-R-I-Y-A. My name is K-O-D-A. How are you doing today?"


Izuku smiles as he signs his reply in front of his curious classmates. "Hi K-O-D-A. It’s nice to meet you as well. I’m doing well. I didn’t know you knew sign language as well. It’s a nice surprise."


For the first time in the time that the class has known him, Koda gives a huge smile at Izuku’s fluid signing. Izuku pretty happy he was able to be the one to do that, especially since Koda was one of the more shy people of the class. Putting two and two together, Yaoyorozo adopts a gleeful gaze at the two’s interaction. “Midoriya, you must tell me the names of your tutors. I would absolutely love to learn from them!”


Izuku flinches at her insulation, causing his classmates to get a little worried at his negative reaction to her comment, especially the boys. “No Yaoyorozo, I’m self--”


“Deku’s not fucking rich Pony Tail.” Bakugo huffs angrily, cutting off Izuku’s attempt to explain. “Why don’t you fuckers stop fawning over the stupid idiot anyway. It’s fucking annoying.”


Izuku’s gaze drops to the floor, silently deciding to slide his wireless headphones back on to block out the sound of Bakugo in case he goes into full rage mode. Switching them back on, Izuku ignores the ensuing chaos he sees being thrown around by his classmates. With a sigh, Izuku decides to just close his eyes until they get there.

Chapter Text

“Welcome to the Unforeseen Simulation Joint or USJ for short!” Thirteen chirps as she describes the different locations of the facility.


Izuku feels pretty bummed that All Might wasn’t going to be there for rescue training but saving people can’t be helped. It takes priority after all. Izuku would’ve done the same in a heartbeat after all, so he can’t really judge. Sighing, Izuku stares off into space, observing the different terrains of the facility they will have to work with soon. Izuku isn't looking forward to the inferno looking one if he's being honest. Not that he's scared of fire per say, but the smoke getting in his eyes would be hard to deal with as he didn't bring his entire costume with him, opting for his gym clothes. At least he's still got his mask to protect him from smoke inhalation.


A weird fluctuation of something that resembles a wave near the center fountain catches his eye, making Izuku squint to figure out if it was a trick of the light. Before Izuku can figure it out, a huge wave of death hits him as it forces him to double over, barely able to keep himself from throwing up with his hand covering his mouth as his nausea keeps growing. It’s bigger than any sensation he’s ever felt before and he honestly feels like it might be sensory overload at this point making him this sick as the ringing in his head spreads like a migraine.


“Midoriya-chan, is something wrong? You look green.” Tsu starts, noticing Izuku’s pained expression as he starts sweating in his battle to keep down his breakfast.


The feeling of death constricts his whole being as it flares, causing Izuku to retch as he can’t keep it contained any longer. He hears some gasps around him at his actions, concerned for his wellbeing. Even his teachers seem concerned in his peripheral, but Izuku isn't worried about that as much as he is with the cause of the death auras around him.


“Dude, are you okay?” Kirishima asks as he pats Izuku on the back as he shudders. Izuku struggles to keep himself sane in the waves of pure death pouring over him as they crash over him again.


Izuku shakes his head as tears prick at his eyes in pain, coughing to get his throat clear.


“Something is wrong. By the fountain.” Izuku barely chokes out as a warning as he tries to keep himself breathing okay, his panic already getting worse.


The second Izuku wipes his mouth to shakily look back, a dark purple portal starts to emerge in the place of the weird ripple over the fountain. Fear grips Izuku as his teachers stiffen, obviously gearing up for a fight.


An idea comes to mind, spurring Izuku to send for help as he has a terrible feeling about this.


Tsuki-chan. If you can hear me, villains have attacked us at USJ! Please, tell All Might. We need help!”


“Thirteen, get the students out of here.” Aizawa-sensei commands as he slips on his googles, his classmates becoming increasingly uneasy around him at the dire situation in front of them.


Izuku readies himself for a fight despite the pit in his stomach from the feeling permeating through him.


“Sensei, what is going on?” Ashido asks worriedly, unsure what is even happening just like the rest of her classmates’ sans Izuku.


"Is this a part of the training?" Kirishima inquires with clear confusion.


Izuku answers for them as a hand starts to come through the portal, already gearing up for the battle ahead as given the vibes he's getting from the villains as this is clearly life and death. “We all need to get out of here. Don't let your guards down as these are real villains."


The group retreats as fast as they can with Thirteen towards the exit upon his explanation, Izuku slightly lagging behind due to his panic starting to take over from the overwhelming feelings that have come over him from the villains projecting their desire to kill.


“Midoriya, how did you know something was wrong?” Kirishima asks with a concerned look as he tries to keep Izuku's pace up with the rest of the class.


Izuku lies by omittance as he can’t tell them the truth as they rush towards the exit. “Saw a weird ripple over the fountain. It made me really sick looking at it, so I knew something was very wrong. We need to get out of here as soon as possible.”


“How strange.” A purple mist man with a metal collar looking device on his neck warps before the group blocking their only exit, halting their hasty retreat. “You already started retreating before we had properly warped in. Which one of you was alerted to our presence?”


Izuku’s blood turns to ice as his classmates start panicking, but no one seemingly gives any indication of who said something as they seem to be drowning in their own panic about the situation from what he can tell. The purple mist looks over the group and Izuku struggles to keep a straight face to not give anything away to the enemy as he thinks up about ways to get away from the warper.


Think Izuku! What can I do to raise our chances?


Looking over the villain again for weaknesses, he sees the mist fluctuate. Given how the man warped in front of them, he’s probably the one with the portals bringing the villains in the first place.


So maybe he isn’t solid? Then what is with that collar—


Seeing Bakugo start to get antsy to the point he can start to feel the animosity radiating off him, Izuku relays his new information on the villain ignoring his panic as he has shifted fully into survival mode despite the vibes around him. “His quirk allows him to make portals! He is fluctuating, so he’s not solid! Aim for the metal thing! That’s probably where his real body is or at least something that can be hurt!”


Izuku could use some of his gadgets on his belt since he knows the villains weakness, but he knows his friend would never stay still enough for that given the situation. It would just cause his friend to get caught in the crossfire instead.


The purple mist’s eyes narrow as they zero in straight at Izuku. “It was you, wasn’t it? Do you have an analysis quirk? Aren’t you a clever--”


To Izuku’s relief, both Kirishima and Bakugo attack the mist man where Izuku had specified, making the mist man groan in pain as he is flung away from the group.


“That was extremely risky! Keep moving, we need to get you all out of here.” Thirteen directs as the group continues to move. “Kaminari, try to contact the school with your quirk. The alarms aren’t going off, so they probably don't know we've been attacked yet.”


“On it!” Kaminari gives a thumbs up as the whole group resumes their escape now that they are only fifty meters away from the door. Izuku looks behind him as he realizes Aizawa-sensei isn’t with them.


“We can’t leave Aizawa-sensei. His quirk works best on ambushes and stealth. He can’t handle a full-on brawl with multiple opponents like this.” Izuku voices as he’s nervous about the safety of his teacher. “His blink time reduces dramatically when straining like this. If we had someone sent back to support him, then he could--”


“You really are a golden egg, aren’t you?” The mist villain voices behind Izuku, making him go cold in fear. Izuku turns to face him in a defensive stance, but only is able to jump back away from the purple mist attempting to swipe at him.


“Midoriya, get back!” Thirteen commands as she starts to use her quirk to subdue the villain which looks like it would work at first glance. 


A chill of death runs down Izuku back and he spurs himself into action towards her as he sees the portal form behind the pro hero. “Wait! Your quirk is--”


Thirteen cries out in pain as the back of her suit disintegrates, prompting her to shut off her quirk in order to not hurt herself more. Izuku’s fury runs red as he faces down the villain with an angry visage, thinking she might die from her wounds if not treated soon. In an attempt to stall for time, Izuku calms himself to think rationally to increase their survival rate and to protect his classmates as he doubts any of them have ever faced real villains before. With his teacher down, the vigilante in Izuku is forced to the forefront to protect them, especially since he doesn't yet know their intentions.


Let’s get the villain to monologue. Hopefully this one is incredibly dumb.


“Why are you here?” Izuku accuses with newfound determination to the apprehension of his classmates as he takes control of the situation with zero hesitation.


The mist man chuckles darkly that almost makes Izuku rolls his eyes as that's such an overused dramatic power play move. “I apologize for our rude intrusion, but we are the League of Villains. We have come here to kill All Might, but I can see that he isn’t here. Why is that?”


Izuku bullshits out his ass to keep the villain talking as he motions for his classmates to run behind him, hoping they get the message. “He is still on the bus we came here on. He got a call from the Principal about something and waved us on to start without him. If you want, we could go send someone outside to fetch him for you really quick.”


The villain seems to believe him for moment before he looks over the frightened looks of his frozen classmates, seeing that it couldn’t possibly true. “You are a strange one. If your classmates didn’t just give away that what you said was a lie, I would have considered your proposal. You are too clever for your own good.”


Izuku’s face shifts to horror as the blackness of the mist moves to envelope him again. Izuku expertly dodges the villain's swipes, even pushing Hagakure out of the way when the villain decides to change tactics to get him. "MOVE!"


Izuku barely has enough time to recover from his save that he doesn't quite notice the next wave of black mist. Fearing he's not going to get away fast enough, Izuku reflexively grabs a smoke bomb from his back pocket on his belt.




The last thing Izuku sees as he turns to run away is the terrified looks on his classmates as he slips into the darkness, giving them one last piece of advice as he throws his smoke bomb to hopefully give them all a chance to get away safely. “SCATTER!”

Chapter Text

Izuku falls downward until he hits the ground in an unceremonious heap. Groaning, Izuku picks himself up to figure out where he is as quickly as possible to not get injured from a possible surprise attack from a villain. Izuku’s eyes bug out as he looks at the monster beside the villain from his drawing only a few meters away from him as a terrifying realization hits him.


“H-he… He…”


He’s the weapon to kill All Might.


“What, is your dialogue box broken?” The villain with the hands cocks his head at Izuku’s dread towards the monster as the mist villain appears beside the villain. “Kurogiri, who might this NPC be?”


Seriously? Why is he making video game references at a time like this?!


“Shigaraki Tomura, this child has an analysis quirk I believe. It seems that the rumors about a quirkless student being in the hero course were misleading. He quickly deduced my quirk as well as my weaknesses within seconds of seeing me. I wonder what’s its limitations are though…” The mist man almost squints at Izuku, making him feel sick as he feels violated from that look alone. “It’s also possible he was the one who alerted the heroes to our presence.”


“Oh?” Shigaraki focuses his attention at Izuku with extreme interest that makes him cringe. “Is he a mini boss then? Or a Rogue?”


The death feeling rolling off the single villain makes Izuku blurt out the first thing that comes to mind due to dealing with the added stress. “Personally, I usually main as a Cleric, but I feel like I’m probably more of a Paladin deep down.”


The villains stop and… stare.


“What?” Handsy asks completely blindsided, his death aura finally fading away to Izuku’s instant relief.


Alrighty then, time to make friends! Go bubbly Izuku! I choose you!


“Recently I’ve been playing some Overwatch, but I always have had a sweet tooth for horror games. They always make me laugh with how cheap the scares are.” Izuku keeps talking as he comes up with ideas how to deal with each of their separate quirks and get away as soon as possible. But if he can keep them from hurting anyone in the process as they are definitely the biggest threats on the board, then by all means he’s gonna keep talking. “What’s your favorite video game?”


Handsy narrows his eyes as if skeptical to Izuku’s nonchalant attitude. “You realize the only reason why you are even breathing right now is because I find you mildly entertaining. And the only thing you want to know is what video game is my favorite?”


Izuku smiles brightly as he’s pretty good at faking his emotions to the point they are real in the face of villains and bullies alike, especially if he needs to mess with them. “Yup. I had you pegged as a fan of video games, so I was curious as a fellow lover of games. My favorite is Outlast.”


“You aren’t scared at all, are you.” Shigaraki concludes as Izuku’s tension has rolled away ever since the death aura went away. “Do you have a death wish?”


“Not really, but…” Izuku grins like a madman as he lets some of his inner misery come out in his face to keep them from attacking him. He’d rather not be disintegrated today and find out if he can come back from that. Plus, intimidation sometimes works on scaring off some villains, so it's time to figure out exactly what type they are. “Why would I be scared of you when I’ve had to face worse.


Izuku may have gone a little overboard with his flawless acting because the villains actually flinch hard at his performance. Either way, he's going to parrot back a taunt to keep their attention in case they try to lash out suddenly to catch them off guard. "What, is your dialogue box broken?"


Clearly, the corpse handler is a little pissed at that dig, but Kurogiri shoots him a look that stops him for a moment to analyze the situation better. The fact that they are eyeing him like he's a potential ally makes him want to scream from the top of his lungs, but if it keeps them away from his classmates, then so be it. Izuku will play the part.


“You do realize we are here to kill All Might, your teacher, right?” Kurogiri points out nervously as the confusion on both of them is coming off pretty heavy to Izuku of what his intentions are.


Clearly they respond better to this then. Carry on chaotic neutral Izuku.


“Okay.” Izuku like the little shit he is encourages them a little to keep them off topic and from hurting everyone despite wanting to wash his mouth out with soap with the crap he is spouting to the villains. “Need some help finding him? You know he's not actually here right? You didn't plan very far with this, did you?”


Izuku swears he might be traumatizing the villains at this point with how confused and worried they are that they stumbled into a truly crazy person, but oh well. You reap what you sow. “Is your silence a yes? You know, I won't judge you guys. Everyone makes mistakes once and awhile. Unseen variables can be pains in the ass.”


“Are you even a hero?” Shigaraki questions curiously, as if he’s assessing whether Izuku is the right material to join them given his creepy expression. Too bad the whole notion makes him want to vomit again.


Izuku vaguely shrugs so he’s not caught lying. Lying to a villain is basically a death sentence because they won't hesitate to kill you on site when they figure it out. And Izuku would REALLY rather not let anyone know about his first quirk or traumatize anyone if it comes down to it. “I mean, technically, there’s just one type of person I can’t stand.”


“And that would be?” Kurogiri inquires with a narrowed gaze.


“People who treat others like trash simply because they can. Who hurt simply for kicks.” Izuku replies quickly as he doesn’t ever have to fake this with them as he hopes these killers are more sympathetic to his conviction. “The people I want to keep safe most are those who are ignored, cast aside, and who are never saved unless they do it themselves.”


“That’s a lot of hot air you are spewing little hero.” Shigaraki spits as if he was burned. "You're just like all of those other fake heroes, aren't you?"


Shit. Apparently, that’s a hot button topic for handsy…


"I mean, if you are talking about the heroes that do it for show boating, then nope. " Izuku pops the p. "Those guys are literally the worst. I just want to save and protect people who need it. That's literally it for me. Always has been."


"So you'd protect anyone?" Kurogiri inquires, analyzing Izuku's face for deception as he nods to keep up the facade. Handy man looks like he's torn between having a tantrum and being completely intrigued with him. Either way, gross. "You aren't really a hero, are you?"


"If you say so..." Izuku just tries to bring back up the mood with a simple smile as if he never noticed the villains' shift in attitude. “So, favorite video game?”


“Problem Child, what the hell are you doing here?!” Aizawa-sensei roars a few paces behind Izuku. “I told you all to get out!”


“Sensei… I…” Izuku’s tongue doesn’t work as he isn’t sure how to change his approach now with his teacher entering the fray.


Izuku jumpstarts himself to run, knowing he’s a liability for his fighting teacher with him there as his goal has to change to keep his teacher safe. “Sensei stay away from the black monster! He’s--”


Before Izuku can even react properly, he stumbles into another black portal unintentionally, plopping him down right in front of the terrifying villains.


“He’s what?” Shigaraki looks at him like he’s a cat that’s caught the canary.


“H-he l-looks l-like h-he c-can take o-on All M-might.” Izuku stutters to not give them anything and pretend he’s scared out of his mind with him this close to him. A villain underestimating him is an easy target after all and what he wouldn't give to wipe that smug look off the bastard when he does.


“Flattery is it?” Shigaraki laughs as he outstretches a hand to get him off his butt. “Or are you hiding your quirk? There’s no reason to be shy. After all, you have my attention. Trust me, that’s a hard thing to come by.”


Please don’t touch me. Please don’t touch me. Please--


Izuku gulps nervously as he picks himself up, knowing he can’t fake away the horror on his face when he saw the villain offer it. “I don’t have an analysis quirk.”


“It’s not proper for heroes to lie little one. Based on that face you just made, you know exactly what Tomura’s quirk is, don’t you?” The mist man almost sounds like he was pouting at him, making him feel chills down his spine. “You’d be a much better fit for our line of work. Wouldn’t you agree, Tomura?”


“You’ve found us quite the rare item Kurogiri.” Shigaraki flashes a deadly smile underneath the hand on his face. "Now all we have to do is retrieve it."


Oh fuck no!


“I’m not an item for you to play with.” Izuku growls as he assumes a fighting stance as the tide of his conversation has lost its effectiveness now. “And I’m not lying. I actually hate being touched. You’d know that if you unlocked my tragic backstory. Instead, you barely got offered the favorite video game option and you threw it in my face. Thanks for the free information to never touch you though. Must have something to do with your hands then.”


Izuku grins as Acne Child scowls at him, leading him to believe his handy theory was indeed correct. As Izuku gets ready to throw down with Hand Job to bring him down a few pegs now that he knows crucial information, he feels something come across his waist, pulling him away from the villains in question before he can.


“Get out of here now!” Aizawa-sensei hisses at him once he lands beside him safely.


Izuku nods as knows he’d only hold him back as he gets ready to run. Barely above a whisper, he gives his teacher help rapid fire. “Sensei, Misty has a warp quirk with the metal hiding his real body. Handsy has decay so don’t let him touch you as it is hand activated, possibly five point contact like Uraraka’s quirk or its just skin contact. The black monster probably can kill All Might, don’t get near him at all costs.”


Izuku takes off the second his teacher stares at the mist man to stop his quirk from capturing him again as he's definitely the biggest threat at the moment. Izuku punches the crap out of the villains in his path, mowing them down to lighten his teacher’s load if he has to deal with the big guns behind him. They are just simply a rag team of villains that never come close to touching him at all and he doesn't even really need his equipment to take them out with deadly precision. The blow a lot of hot air while yelling at him since he hasn't used his quirk once, but technically it's not true since he's using it to evade their attack with gusto to knock them flat on their asses. Honestly, Izuku’s ten-year-old self would wipe the floor with how pathetic they all fight blindfolded, almost like none of them had any proper training for their quirks or anything thereof. Regardless, Izuku strikes first and true each time as he mows down the cannon fodder to relieve his teacher of some of his duties to protect his students.


Izuku freezes from his retreat to find his other classmates to protect them after dropping the last villain when he hears a resounding crack on the ground and a wave of death wash over him that makes his heart drop through the floor. Shakily, Izuku looks back and sees his teacher being pinned to the ground by the weapon that must be what they intend to kill All Might with. Without much warning, the black monster villain grabs his arm and breaks it like a twig to his horror, making Izuku feel sick as his stomach lurches again.


“SENSEI!” Izuku bolts straight towards them, not even hesitating once as adrenaline makes him much faster than normal in his panic.


STAY AWAY FROM HIM!” Izuku shrieks as he rears back with a punch at the monster that seems to screech in pain way before he even makes contact.


The punch connects as it hits the monster. It’s only at this moment that Izuku realizes what the monster has as a quirk as the punch rolls throughout its body.


“Shock Absorption.” Izuku whispers with dread looking up as the monster doesn’t even move an inch. The only good is that his arm isn’t broken, so at least he has a chance to hit the bastard again. His only hope at the moment is that the monster can't reflect his blows back at him, but he's pretty sure they can given its not nullification. All he can pray for is that the monster doesn't actually use that aspect of his quirk.


“Oi, Kurogiri I thought you said his quirk was analysis.” Tomura asks as if he’s going to have a tantrum.


“Perhaps he was telling the truth…” Kurogiri ponders. “It’s possible he’s just extremely intelligent and observant… But that power is remarkable...”


Izuku doesn’t wait for an invitation as he continues to punch the monster over and over again, keeping him from hearing the villains converse about him, even though he sees their lips flapping in his peripheral. After a desperate push, Izuku punches it harder than he thought possible, sending the monster flying back a couple paces with his hand probably broken given how purple it is. Though, Izuku doesn't stop as the pain can wait for later when everyone is safe. Izuku carefully picks up his teacher and tries to run with his newfound speed disregarding the state his hand is in as he uses it to get them to safety.


Izuku finally notices Tsu standing near the water’s edge with wide eyes as he hears the villain behind him tell the monster to grab him. As a last-ditch attempt, Izuku pushes his teacher into her hands just before he dashes away from her as fast as he can. “Get him medical help quickly! GO!”


It doesn’t take long for the fast monster to catch up to him after he sprints as fast as he can away from the two, dodging the fallen trail of villains that were left behind in his wake. To his disappoint, the monster grabs his right arm to keep him from leaving despite his initial dodge from the swipe at him. Already in panic mode, Izuku grabs his collapsable staff out of his left pocket as he tries to pry himself out of the monster's grip, already praying that the support company didn't actually remove his panic button in his designed staff.


To his horror, the panic button isn't there at all as the staff is knocked out of his hands by the monster who opts to grab him again, but around his neck to stop his incessant thrashing as it releases his other arm. Flailing about, Izuku tries to get out of the monster’s choking grasp as he knows he's a liability to his classmates if he's captured and used as a hostage.


Let me go!


“Nomu, bring him to me.” Tomura commands.


Tsuki-chan! If you can hear me get help! Please!” Izuku screams as tears flow down his face from the monster’s painful grip as he struggles to breathe freely again by desperately clawing at the black hand until his nail beds start bleeding from the overuse.


The monster moves to rejoin the villains by the fountain, but Izuku moves on to a different tactic as he tries to punch the monster’s arm behind him repeatedly until the lack of oxygen starts to burn to stop them from getting ahold of him. After a few more seconds, Izuku can barely raise his arm due to the crushing pressure that honestly feels like it is cutting off his blood flow as well.


Please, I can't die here! Please, please no--!


Izuku barely notices the ice forming on the ground, causing the monster to stop its march as Izuku struggles to breathe to keep everyone from knowing his darkest secret, the world buzzing in its harsh silence as black dots appear in his vision. Izuku feels himself suddenly drop to the ground, spurring him to gasp and gag for breathes to stay alive, his throat thoroughly bruised from the encounter.


“Midoriya, are you okay?”


Izuku gargles as he tries to speak while Todoroki half drags him away a few paces, both of them watching in silent horror as the monster starts to regenerate his lost limbs. Finally getting enough oxygen, Izuku relays his information as he stands back up on his own with a strained hushed voice. “Monster. Regenerate. Strength. Shock Absorption.”


“The monster has multiple quirks?” Todoroki asks lowly as he keeps an eye on it with another wave of ice.


Izuku tries to nod as best he can without pain as he continues to relay information. “Hands. Decay. Don’t touch hands. Purple. Warp. Go for metal.”


“How do you know?” Todoroki asks, obviously trying to fact check in case they are assumptions.


“Watched.” Izuku supplies as his breathing becomes more normal, his throat not threatening to close up anymore. “They hurt Sensei. He’s with Tsu. They are after me now. They think I have an analysis quirk.”


“Midoriya, do you have two quirks?” Todoroki suspiciously inquires.


Izuku shakes his head as his answer to save his voice for when it’s needed.


“NOMU! GRAB THE ROGUE!” Shigaraki screeches, scratching his neck wildly.


I prefer Paladin! Izuku snarks internally as stands up to fight beside his classmate.


Izuku pushes away from Todoroki when it's clear the black monster is moving too fast towards them to evade when they start retreating, its claws digging into Izuku’s abdomen to restrain him when it catches him again. Izuku suppresses a scream as he kicks at the monster as hard as he can to get away. Despite Todoroki’s attempts to set him free again with his ice, the monster just evades them as it makes its way back to the villains. Izuku tears at the crushing claws to get away to no avail. 


God damn it please! I need to save them! I have to--!


It’s only then that Izuku hears a resounding bang, bringing everyone’s attention to the front of the training center. Izuku has never been so happy to see his idol carrying his teachers with him. And he’s not even smiling.


Stifling his pain, Izuku starts to kick over and over rapidly to get free with his quirk during the distraction as being a hostage can prevent the success of the teacher’s winning against the villains. Plus, he needs to help find the rest of his classmates and save them from being killed as he can't tell who's who with all of the vibes being tossed around. All he can hope for is that it's not too late for any of them and that he didn't save them in their time of need.


Finally, one of his hits breaks him from the monster’s grip, but at the cost of breaking his leg sending him straight to the ground in an unceremonious heap under the monster.


Crap! I need to get--


“Nomu! Bring me the green haired one!” Shigaraki panics, seeing all of the reinforcements as Izuku tries to drag himself away on the ground using his unbroken hand to guide himself.


Bracing to become a hostage again when the air pressure behind him shifts, Izuku is surprised when nothing actually happens. Reopening his eyes, all Izuku sees is a blur of black and white as the Nomu is continually punched until it goes straight out of the stadium after a big one connects from his mentor. Once the steam clears, Izuku is treated to a very feral looking All Might, making Izuku shudder at the pure hate coming off of him in waves. And it's not the steam that's doing most of the talking.


“You come here.” All Might stomps straight into the concrete as he takes a step forward. “And hurt my students.”


Izuku has never felt more pity for someone in his whole life who was trying to steal him away just a few seconds earlier as he lays on the ground in pain as the blood starts to pool in a small puddle on the ground around him. While they talk, Izuku attempts to sit up to make sure he can fight if needed, but he's disappointed because of his broken leg that is bent in a weird angle, preventing him from getting upright properly. the most he can do is drag himself away to get out of the blast range, which is what he starts to do as the two converse beside him a few meters away.


“What do you have to say for yourself villain?” All Might roars.


“This wasn’t supposed to happen.”


Shigaraki scratches once that makes Izuku wince as it's clearly a type of self harm coping mechanism. He would know, he's had them.


“You were supposed to be here alone.”


He scratches again.




Izuku shudders from the sound the bullets make as they strike true into the villain's limbs, prompting the warp villain to protect him.


Stay away from my friends.” Izuku warns maliciously as he notices them obviously trying to flee despite his croaking voice.


As Izuku had suspected, the mist man portals them away to safety but not without Shigaraki giving him a satisfying dose of pure rage at his declaration of war. That or it’s because he was having a temper tantrum from things not going his way. Probably both if Izuku is being honest given how childish he seems despite being the one in charge. Things to analyze for later though. The second they are gone, Izuku sighs in relief as he attempts to sit up again to see if everyone is okay from the encounter. But the pain is too much in his broken hand and leg that he simply lays there to not aggravate his wounds as he turns his head to face the entrance.


“Midoriya!” Todoroki calls out as he rushes forward to help Izuku.


Izuku tries to choke out a reply that he’s okay despite the croaking of his sore throat. “Todoroki…”


In his peripheral, a concrete wall comes between them, cutting him off from his friend.


“Please evacuate to the entrance. We will deal with the injured.” Cementoss-sensei asserts with absolute authority despite his classmate’s adamant protests from behind the wall.


“Young Midoriya, are you okay?” All Might asks in his deflated form as he walks into Izuku’s new line of vision.


“’m fine.” Izuku chokes out in worry as his eyes roam over his mentor's skeletal frame. “H-how are you? D-did the m-monster hurt y-you?”


“I’m fine Young Midoriya. What happened?” All Might inquires softly, obviously wracked with guilt underneath his worried expression.


“They attacked us.” Izuku grunts out in his wracking pain. “I wanted to distract him from Sensei and everyone. Is he okay? Is everyone safe?”


“He’s being treated as we speak. I'm sure your classmates will be fine.” All Might assures with a smile as Izuku hears a stretcher being brought for him. “You saved them my boy, I promise you.”


Izuku gives him a weak smile before his exhaustion hits hard, causing him to slip from the realm of consciousness.


Chapter Text

The moment Izuku stirs, he feels the heaviness in his body all encompassing. With a groan, he shifts to a more comfortable position before opening his eyes. Staring back at him is a white ceiling. The world feels weird and fuzzy, something that he can’t quite place why it’s so weird.


“Midoriya-san, are you awake?”


Izuku turns his head to see a young black-haired man in a nurse’s uniform watching him with a notepad in hand. Izuku tries to speak, but finds his throat extremely dry, making him resort to just nodding his head to give his answer.


“Do you feel any pain?”


A simple shake is given as Izuku studies the stranger more closely in his boredom. The nurse is very clean shaven, with long black hair styled to one side of his head as the other side is much shorter. It makes him giggle because it looks really silly even though it comes out pretty garbled.


“That’s good. I’ll go get your visitors then.” The male nurse smiles as he turns to leave the room.


Izuku returns his gaze to the ceiling as he tries to sit up more on the slightly tilted bed as he floats in the bubbly feeling. Izuku tries to look over himself but doesn’t find any blaring injures to suggest why he is in the hospital other than the bandages over his left arm and right leg. At that moment, the memories of USJ flood back to him, making his heart rate speed up slightly in his panic.


Is everyone okay? No one died right? Oh god, please tell me no one--


The door to the room opens abruptly, shaking Izuku out of his panicked thoughts. Izuku diverts his attention back to his visitors, seeing All Might, Nedzu, and the detective.


Even though he’s nervous with them all there, Izuku giggles internally to himself again, feeling high as a kite.


“Young Midoriya, do you feel okay?” All Might asks with genuine worry on his face.


Izuku nods to his question, relief flooding him that he was alright despite everything that happened as his eyes roam over him, looking for any injuries. If All Might died, well, Izuku doesn’t want to think about it. The only question now is how everyone else was doing.


All Might gives him a puzzled look as if in thought about something. “Young Midoriya, can you talk right now? You seem awfully quiet.”


Izuku shakes his head, hoping he understands why.


“Is there a reason why not?” All Might broaches carefully.


Izuku nods and decides he only has one option to communicate. “I need water.”


“Um…” All Might looks to the detective as if he was trying to figure out what that was. All of them seem confused at the action, leading Izuku to realize none of them know sign language or at least they don’t know it well enough to understand him with his shaking.


Izuku decides to risk scratching his throat if they will understand his simple request. “W-wa-a-te-e-r.”


“Oh, my goodness. Of course, my boy!” All Might assures, now understanding the issue. “We’ll call the nurse to get some for you right away.”


After Izuku drinks the water greedily for a minute, he sets straight into finding out more about the condition of his classmates and teachers. “I-is everyone o-okay?”


All Might nods at his request with a smile. “Yes, all of your classmates came out with less than a few scrapes, except for you of course. Aizawa and Thirteen are both stable and will come out of their injures just fine. You did well protecting them.”


Izuku sighs in relief that everyone is okay and will recover just fine. “Um, s-so what happened while I w-was out?”


“Not much.” All Might informs. “You’ve been out for more than a day now. You had taken a beating, but nothing Recovery Girl couldn’t heal given some time between sessions. It just exhausted you quite a bit, so you just needed a lot of bed rest.”


Izuku nods at the information, feeling like he’s floating at the moment. “I feel w-weird.”


“Weird? Are you in pain? Do you need us to get a doctor—!”


“I-I don’t t-think I’ve ever b-been this h-happy.” Izuku laughs at All Might’s panicked expression. “You’re so f-funny All M-might.”


“I think I see the problem.” Tsukauchi smiles. “He’s probably high on his pain killers at the moment.”


“The nurse informed me it was one of the medium dosages though. That it would be okay to talk to him as he shouldn’t be this bad off by now?” Nedzu points out with a concerned expression as he analyzes Izuku's behavior closely.


Izuku snickers at the seemingly silly faces they are making in his point of view. “W-what are pain killers? Do they k-kill pain like a v-villain? That’s p-pretty funny N-nedzu.”


The blood drains from everyone’s faces as Izuku blissfully looks at his hands, noticing the iv sticking in his hand over his bandages, poking it with interest as he floats between moments of lucidity.


“Young Midoriya, have you never taken something to deal with lessening pain before?” All Might broaches carefully, extremely worried for the answer.


“W-was I s-supposed to?”  Izuku looks up with a frown. “Did I g-get the wrong k-kits?”


“Midoriya, how did you normally treat your previous injuries?” Tsukauchi asks, seeing an opportunity with Izuku's inhibitions lowered.


“O-oh that’s e-easy.” Izuku giggles softly. “I f-fix m-myself up real g-good. N-needles are h-hard though. Too m-much blood.”


All Might’s rage runs high as the implication is evident that Izuku took care of his own injuries, so much so that Tsukauchi gives him a look to cool his jets.


“Midoriya, did your mother never help you?” Tsukauchi inquires innocently.


Izuku’s eyes start to water as he thinks of his surrogate mom. How worried and scared she must be right now that her secret is out in the open. “S-she knows I-I’m okay, r-right? C-can I s-see her? S-she must be…”


Their faces drop due to the fact that they still hadn’t gotten through to his mother about his condition, making Izuku think the worst about his new family having to compromise her safety in return for saving them from the villains.


“S-she t-told me n-not to t-tell. I s-should h-have listened to h-her.” Izuku wails as he cries in his hands. “It’s a-all m-my f-fault.”


“What exactly did your mother tell you not to tell?” Nedzu stares with a blank gaze, determined to find out the root of this outburst. “We won’t tell her, I promise.”


Izuku ignores them as he sobs. “She w-was s-so scared a-and I…she m-must hate m-me now.”


The adults share confused glances, obviously not sure where this was going. “Midoriya, I’m not sure we follow.”


Izuku stares at his teachers, ceasing his wailing for the moment in confusion. “W-what?”


“I guess I should take your advice from the first time we met.” The detective sighs. “Midoriya, where is your mother?”


Izuku freezes as the dread sets in. “I…don’t k-know?”


“And why is that?” The detective grills, hoping it's not what every adult in the room is thinking.


“I don’t know…” Izuku meekly whispers, feeling so doped up and lost in his muddle of emotions, especially since the feeling of death starts to make itself known around him, making him nervous. But, the feelings are distant and fluctuating in and out as his mind races trying to figure out what to do.


The detective flinches, making Izuku know instantly what the result was. “Midoriya, whatever you just said, you lied.”


Izuku simply nods as he averts his eyes away, honestly feeling like the life has drained away from him.


“W-would y-you b-be w-willing t-to j-just…” Izuku trails off, the tears already set in. “C-can I j-just t-talk w-with Tsuki-chan?”


“Midoriya, when was the last time you saw your mother?” Tsukauchi asks gingerly, obviously already seeing where this is going to Izuku’s dismay. “We need to inform her of your condition.”


Izuku shakes his head, not wanting to continue the conversation anymore. His tears make him turn away from them as he drowns in his guilt with soft whimpers. “I-I want T-tsuki.”


Izuku can’t see their expressions, but the worry drips from All Might’s voice. “My boy, we need to know how to contact your mother to inform her about your condition so you can see her. Please tell us how.”


Izuku shakes his head as his panic starts to make itself known in his chest spasms. “I just w-want my m-mom h-here.”


The silence is deafening to Izuku as he waits for the other shoe to drop, that he has to be taken away because he was abandoned. The fear of being put into the foster system and him having to give up his dream to be a hero is suffocating as it has haunted him for as long as he can remember.


I need to see Tsuki-chan. I need to see Tsuki-chan. I need--


“Midoriya, I’ll ask again if you don’t mind.” Tsukauchi softly speaks, obviously seeing where this was headed. “Where is your mother?


“P-please!” Izuku’s breathes turn haggard. “I j-just…”


Izuku can’t breathe. He can’t breathe. I can’t--


“Sshh…” All Might rushes into a bear hug with Izuku, allowing his breathes to cease being so desperate. The warm feeling of a hug grounds him despite his apprehension to being touched, allowing the bubbly feeling to start to come back to the fore front. “You’re okay. You don’t have to answer. We’ll bring her in soon, just wait a bit, okay?”


Izuku just nods as his head as he focuses on not freaking out and making things worse, just allowing his tears to soak his mentor’s shirt as he leans into his teacher’s bony frame, accepting the warm hug.


“Young Midoriya, we still need to go see the condition of Aizawa.” All Might asserts after a few minutes of consideration, obviously due to his panic attack. “Young Midoriya, will you be okay for a few minutes while we are gone?”


“Y-yeah.” Izuku barely chokes out, his panic mixing heavily with his anxiety and sorrow basically a decade in the making as he releases himself away from the warmth. “I-I’m o-okay.”


The second they leave the room, the rest of Izuku’s emotions flow forth onto the pillow beneath him with no end in sight as he waits for his one true fear that has become a reality to destroy all of his hard work, one that he must now face. And he can't even imagine how scared Tsuki is right now. He can only hope she's alright so he can apologize properly for breaking her trust.


Izuku curls into himself as he cries himself to sleep to avoid the emotions and the feelings of death surrounding him, hoping for a better tomorrow.



As soon as the group exits the room, a feral All Might appears as they walk, making them all cower slightly at the intensity.


“Oh dear…” Nedzu sighs as the reality of the situation has really sunk in. “Yagi, please calm down and let’s all go somewhere private to talk about this. I think we may be jumping to conclusions.”


“You think?” All Might growls. “It’s been two days Nedzu. Not a single call back and Young Midoriya freaking out like that? There’s no way she doesn’t know he’s been hurt, even if she’s out of the country at the moment since it was on the international news. It doesn’t matter if she’s just simply busy with work, she doesn’t deserve to call him her son if she doesn’t even answer the phone.”


“Yagi, he just went through something traumatic.” Nedzu assures with a hidden feral look of his own that he knows he’s probably right, but he wants to play the devil’s advocate just in case. “He was doped up on pain medication, so he’s probably really disoriented. Of course he wants to see his new friend also to calm down--”




Present Mic rounds the corner with an exaggerated wave that makes the group stop their march to a more private area.


“So, how’s the little listener doing?”


It’s at this moment that he realizes how feral All Might looks even though he’s not in his buff form. “Whoa, you look like someone killed a puppy. Is he not alright? Did he not wake up yet or something? I thought he was all healed up now.”


“Midoriya is awake, but…” Tsukauchi trails off, not wanting to remind the brewing bear. “I think we may have a bigger problem though if our suspicions are correct.”


“L-like what?” Hizashi cautiously asks, his gaze thoroughly fixed to the fuming man looking like he’s about to murder someone.


“How is Aizawa doing?” Nedzu asks to deflect from mentioning it with All Might seemingly looking like he might burst at the seams. “Is he awake right now?”


“Yeah, he’s awake. That’s why I’m here. Shouta wanted me to come check on the little listener.” Hizashi asserts with a laugh. “He was absolutely furious when I told him what he did, saying the first thing he should do once he gets out of bed is expel him for his recklessness, but between me and you, he was pretty proud of the little green bean for helping out. He was pretty worried about him too that I had to talk him out of getting out of his bed to see the kid himself despite it being physically impossible for him right now. Don’t tell him I told you though. He might actually kill me for that.”


“Your husband sure is one of a kind.” Nedzu concludes with a sigh. “Regardless, I think it might be best to include him in the current discussion about how we go about this and get in contact with his mother. Let’s go to his room.”


Unceremoniously, the group makes their way to inform their colleague of the situation.

Chapter Text

The next time Izuku wakes up, his head is much clearer, but he thinks he must be hallucinating because his mother is sitting in the far chair along with his teachers, making him completely ignore the subtle death feelings coming from random places around him.


“M-mother?” Izuku questions barely above a whisper, scared for the answer as he reflexively trembles to her sight. After all, the last time he saw her, he was under her knife.


“Izuku honey!” His mother flies to his bedside, with a hidden coldness to her that Izuku doesn’t ignore in the slightest. “I was so worried when I was told what happened.”


Izuku flinches away as she tries to hug him as his mother gives him a very cold look in her eyes that he doesn’t trust. His teachers notice and Izuku tries to give an excuse that is truthful as the detective is in the room. “Sorry, there was a v-villain with a t-touch related q-quirk. I’m just a little j-jumpy right n-now.”


“Of course dear.” Inko relaxes with a fake smile. Her demeanor screams she has a hidden agenda that Izuku doesn’t know yet and it makes him increasingly nervous. “How do you feel?”


“I’m f-fine.” Izuku churns out, almost a little too bitterly for his taste given their audience. “When d-did you get b-back?”


“This morning dear.” Inko smiles a cruel smile that seems a little too happy. “The police came by my work to let me know what happened since you probably forgot to give them my new number in your contact list. I came as fast as I could when I heard what happened.”


“O-okay.” Izuku severely doubts that as he never had her number to begin with and as much as he had wanted to see her after all these years, he feels like there is something she wants from him instead of just being there for him. But he doesn’t want to alert his teachers to something being wrong if he needs to get away from her later, especially with the detective he notices is in the room. “W-when can I l-leave?”


His mother just charges ahead, not even noticing his apprehension to his own question. “They already took out your IV drip and I’ve signed you out already. We were just waiting for you to wake up again.”


“O-okay.” Izuku states as he tries to read his teachers’ body languages, which look apprehensive around his mother at best. It’s not like he can’t sympathize with them either as he’s trembling with her in the room as he doesn’t know where they stand right now. “C-can we go?”


“Right away Izuku.” His mother goes back to grab her purse as Izuku sits off the bed to follow her.


“Um, c-can I talk to m-my teachers r-really quick about s-something?”


Izuku does not miss the tense each one of them perform at Izuku’s simple question.


His mother looks back with a confused look. “And why would you need to do that dear?”


Izuku’s eyes narrow at her as everything seems so wrong with that question as he stores away his anxiety for later for a moment even though his shaking persists. “I still need to give them my statement for the police. Surely they told you that much. Plus, I don't know when school is supposed to be back on.”


His mother brightens slightly. “Of course they did. School starts back up on Monday and today is Saturday sweetheart. They just told me they would come by the apartment later to talk.”




“Actually, I would like to give it right now if that’s okay with you while it is still fresh.” Izuku asserts strongly. “I’d rather not bother them later to go out of their way. Plus, we have so much catching up to do since your trip, right?”


Inko purses her lips into a fine line at Izuku’s deliberate jab. “If that’s what you would like, then so be it. I’ll be in the lobby when you are ready to leave.”


Izuku turns his attention back to his teachers after his mother leaves, his trembling finally ceasing. “Is Tsuki-chan safe?”


The detective seems worried at his question, but Nedzu answers the question for them all with an observing unblinking stare. “She is currently on campus until you can come pick her up at a later date. Why?”


“Because some people treated her bad because of her quirk. She trusted me with her secret and I forced her in a position to reveal it.” Izuku explains quickly after a sigh of relief she's okay. “I wanted to know if she was in good hands and wasn’t in trouble for what happened. She risked everything by helping me and I don’t want her to suffer for it.”


“There is nothing to worry about Young Midoriya. She’s being given the best care since she helped us with USJ.” All Might assures before a small frown appears. “Is that really your mother my boy?”


Izuku contemplates the question. “Y-yes. Is that a problem?”


“Of course not!” All Might basically backtracks. “She just seemed…”


“She’s like that around strangers.” Izuku supplies trying to save time before he notices his current dilemma with his clothes situation. “Can we do the interview after I change really quick?”


With a nod of approval, Izuku changes in the bathroom and then recounts everything that happened in USJ, including his in-depth analysis of the villains and how it seems like there must be someone in the background pulling the strings since Shigaraki was way too childish to survive in the underworld with the type of resources he had access to to break into UA. Once finished, Izuku prepares himself mentally to confront his mother after this being the first time he’s seen her in years. He just has a bad taste in his mouth that it’s not going to end well, but he has to give her the benefit of the doubt. Maybe she has changed despite her cold exterior and is trying to make amends for it, but only time will tell in that department.


“Young Midoriya.” All Might calls as Izuku grabs the handle of the door after putting his backpack on. “You know if anything is wrong, you are always welcome to come talk to me about it, right?”


Izuku grimaces before turning back to flash a fake smile. “Thank you All Might. But I assure you, I know how to take care of myself.”


With that, Izuku leaves to go face his mother and whatever reason she’s finally returned for, leaving behind his conflicted teachers.


“He never said anything wasn’t wrong.” All Might points out with malice. “This has too many red flags for something to not be okay. She’s the problem. Did you even see that flinch? He almost jumped out of that bed in pure fear. He was even shaking until she left the room. He wasn’t even like that against those villains who were trying to kill him.”


The detective sighs. “All Might, as much as I agree with you, we still have no evidence at this moment to remove him from her care. It's not a crime for a single parent to be working away from her child when he goes to high school in a different area.”


“Then we are going to get evidence.” All Might declares. “And I’m going to have a long chat with Young Midoriya once we return for class about healthy relationships because nothing I just saw was okay.”


“I have to agree with All Might. That is certainly not normal at all.” Nedzu sighs. “Let’s just hope the boy will open up before things escalate too far.”

Chapter Text


Izuku spots his mother in the lounge, looking at her phone in annoyance. Taking a deep breath, Izuku fakes a smile as he goes up to greet her. “Hi mother, sorry for the wait.”


She flashes him a small fake smile in return. “It’s no problem Izuku. Let’s go home.”


Izuku follows her out to a black car that’s pretty fancy in his opinion. Getting in, Izuku waits for the other shoe to drop for what she wants after all this time.


After a few minutes of silent driving, she breaks the silence. “So, how’s school been sweetheart?”


Izuku fidgets. “It’s fine. Other than being attacked, everything has been pretty great.”


His mother points to the glove box, making Izuku open it to find whatever she wants to show him. Inside is an envelope. Peering inside, he sees at least ten million yen that makes his stomach drop in fear. “W-what’s this for?”


“It’s for you dear as a celebration of all your birthday’s I’ve missed due to work.” She assures as she never took her eyes off the road. “I’m so proud of you, kiddo.”


Izuku narrows his eyes as he discretely places it in his backpack. “Proud of what exactly?”


She laughs to Izuku’s discomfort. “For getting your quirk silly.”


Izuku freezes.


That’s what she…Oh no…


Izuku stares at her with cold anger as he tries to lie. “I don’t have a quirk.”


She purses her lips, not taking her eyes off the road. “Sweetie, I know I left a little too soon, but you have a quirk now. You can’t get into UA without one. I knew my little boy was worthy to get into such a prestigious academy.”


Izuku counters with anger, not leaving her dismissive gaze. “They got rid of that rule when I was twelve.”


His mother stops a little too harshly at a red light. “Are you saying you got into the hero program without a quirk?”


Izuku fears the ice in her voice that he had long forgotten was there, but he’s not a seven-year-old anymore. He can fight and win his own battles now. “I did. Haven’t you seen the rumors in the news? There’s a quirkless kid in the heroics course at UA. Wonder who that could be.”


His mother purses her lips harshly as she waits for light to turn green as a feeling of pure malice and death comes from her, directed straight at him. Seeing where this is going, Izuku makes the smart decision to get out of the car.


“Wait, what are you doing Izuku?” His mother sounds panicked despite her hidden anger just boiling right under the surface of her unchanging cool visage.


“I’m going home. If you follow me, I will personally go to my teachers and tell them exactly what you did to me.” Izuku threatens as he tightens up his backpack to run home. “The police will hunt you down and won’t rest until you are behind bars.”


“Midoriya Izuku, you get back into this car this instant. You are just overreacting. I can help you get your quirk if it hasn’t come in. I’m sure of it, baby.” Inko pleads like she's hurt, but her malice just keeps growing contrary to her words. “You know I love you, right?”


“Leave and don’t come back. It’s what you are good at.” Izuku declares with anger, slamming the door in her face as he takes off down a street to get home as fast as he can to grab his stuff and get the hell out of there before she can sink her claws into him again.



Thankfully, Izuku makes it to the apartment before her. Grabbing his largest suitcase, Izuku piles in his clothes, his small collection of All Might gear that he had gotten when he was younger because he didn’t have the heart to buy any more since his mother left, his remaining gear from when he was Switch, and all of Tsuki’s stuff. Lastly, he gets all of his personal information along with his notebooks.


On a time-crunch, Izuku leaves the apartment with his two bags, hurrying to the front desk to return his key.


“Hi Monoka-san.” Izuku greets with a sad smile as he places his keys on the counter. “I’m checking out.”


The elderly lady that's basically his unofficial grandma to him looks at him in sad confusion. “Sweetheart, what happened?”


Izuku only ever told her a little bit of what happened after a bad episode disturbed the neighbors and sent her to check on him, so he keeps it brief. “Mom’s back.”


Izuku dries a few tears as his voice shakes. “I’m sorry, but I can’t stay. If she comes by, tell her I left a long time ago.”


Tears in her eyes, she nods at his last request. As a gift, Izuku reaches into his backpack to give her the money his mother gave him. “Please take this. It’s the least I can do for all you’ve done for me.”


“Oh sweetheart.” Monoka looks at him as she takes the envelope with her bony hands. “I can’t.”


Izuku smiles despite his tears. “It’s okay. I have a few things still left up there, so you have my permission to sell them. Take care of yourself, yeah?”


“Half.” She compromises as she divides the money in half as she sneakily gives him the significantly larger one, returning the envelope to his hands. “Be good child, won't you?”


Izuku voice breaks as he is leaving the only home he’s ever really known. “Okay, I will. I’ll miss you. So much...”


Monoka place the money on the counter before opening her arms that Izuku crashes into, already sobbing. "There there child. It'll be okay. You'll see..."


Leaving the front desk hurt him so much, having to peel himself away from her and possibly never being able to see her again, but he knows he has to get out fast or she may come after him. He simply can't go through that again, especially with Tsuki in the picture. He can't let anyone hurt his actual family. His first stop on the run, the library. After a few hours of apartment searching, Izuku finds one closer to UA with pretty much the same layout, but with much better furniture and more up to date living conditions.


Sending his electronic payment and getting the confirmation to move in tonight using his mother’s voice, putting the apartment under his dead father's name to cover his trail, Izuku gathers his things to exit out the back of the library to shake off his mother in case she followed him. After a few hours of mindless wandering, Izuku feels confident enough to head to the apartment to check in.


Once he grabbed his new key, he puts his suitcase in his room as he goes to get a few amenities to last the night. Grabbing new bed sheets, bathroom stuff, and a few quick microwavable meals, Izuku returns to his new home, constantly looking over his shoulder to see if she’s following him. To his relief, nothing is coming up and he doesn’t feel her rage that she had in the car.


With tears in his eyes, Izuku crashes on his newly made bed, not even bothering to eat dinner as he feels too sick from feeling that same sense of death coming that he dreads coming from his mother.

Chapter Text



Izuku feels a nudge to his ribs as he blinks blearily awake. Once his vision finally focuses, Izuku squeals in joy as he jumps his dad. “Pappy! You’re home a-again!”


“There’s my little bean.” His dad tickles him profusely that makes him giggle uncontrollably. “My work’s got me running around crazy, ya know. I tell you, running a company is hard work. But I’ll be sure to make it up to ya.”


“Pappy…” Izuku whines while laughing as he tries to push his hands away. “Stop…”


“Okay, okay.” His dad’s brown eyes crinkle as he puts his arms up in surrender. “You wanna tell me what’s got you so upset?”


Izuku puffs up his cheeks as he sits back down on his bed, tears threatening to come forth. “N-no.”


“You sure? Mom told me couldn’t stop crying when you came home today.” Hisashi sits down on the edge of the bed when Izuku shakes his tiny head in protest. “Bottling things up isn’t good Izu.”


Izuku sniffs as he recalls watching with awe as his friend’s quirk show up for the first time in class that day and then the dreaded conversation that came after on the playground. “I’m f-fine.”


Hisashi sighs as he rubs Izuku’s back, making him seek out the warmth of his father’s side. “I know you aren’t fine my little bean.”


“B-but…” Izuku’s lip wobbles as tears threaten to spill. “H-hewos don’t c-cry…”


“Heroes Izu.” Hisashi corrects. “Can you say heroes?”


“Hewos.” Izuku’s face contorts into a frown as he tries again. “H-heroes.”


“That’s my boy.” His father smiles softly as he rubs circles into his back that Izuku leans into. “Though, heroes are always allowed to cry. You want to know why?”


Izuku looks up with his puffy green eyes with confusion written all over his face as he meets his father’s soft brown ones.


“Because you are already my hero.” Hisashi boops his nose that makes him give back a shaky smile. “But to be a great hero, first you must let others help you. You want to be a great hero, don’t you?”


Izuku nods as his tears finally trail down. “I wanna be the gweatest h-hero.”




“G-greatest.” Izuku corrects with a sheepish smile. “I wanna save people.”


“As such a great hero as yourself…” Hisashi mirrors the gleam in Izuku’s eyes at the admission. “You wanna tell me what’s wrong?”


Izuku sniffs hard before answering. “D-do you…”


“Do I what Izu?”


“Do…” Izuku rubs his nose clean. “If I w-was qwirkless, do y-you thwink I c-could be a hero?”


“Yes Izu, if that’s what you want, who am I to stop you.” His dad answers automatically with a small smile. “But the world isn’t fair to those who are different. You’d have to be willing to do more than those around you to keep up.”


“I c-can dwo it.” Izuku asserts but falters as tears gather in his eyes again, making him slump further into the mattress. “Pappy, do you…thwink I’m…”


“No Izu. I think you are going to have a wonderful quirk. Even if you didn't, your quirk would always be making other smile to me. No one would ever convince me otherwise.” Hisashi wraps his arm around him, side hugging him with a mischievous grin as Izuku giggles at his dad's silliness. “Would you like to hear about the options?”


“O-options?” Izuku looks up confused.


“Yup. Now, what I’m about to tell you Izu you shouldn’t tell your mother.” Hisashi squeezes him slightly. “It’ll be out little secret. You can keep a secret, right?”


“Yeah! I'm t-the bwest at keeping secrets!” Izuku brightens with excitement at the anticipation. “Tell m-me Pappy.”


“Alright.” Hisashi smiles. “So, we have your mother’s telekinesis. What do you think about it?”


Izuku pauses as he thinks it over. “M-making thingies float is c-cool.”


“Indeed. And I’ve got fire breathing.” Izuku’s eyes sparkle as his father lets out a small soft black flame that illuminates his father’s own black curls in the dark.


“Kacchan’s quirk is expwosions! They go b-bang like t-this!” Izuku giggles back in response as he imitates the tiny explosions with his hands. “Fire is s-so cwool.”


“Katsuki huh? That’s some quirk there. But I think you got something even more cool.” Hisashi responds with poking Izuku's cheek. “You’ve got your grandmother’s freckles ya know?”




“Yup.” Hisashi smiles sadly. “Mum's quirk was a simple healing one. She could heal others when she touched them. Isn’t that cool?”


Izuku brightens considerably. “You think I can hweal people?! That’s so rare! I could help s-so many people w-with that.”


“What better way to save people, am I right?” His father offers with a grin. “It’s the perfect quirk for such an amazing hero like you.”


“I want to hweal you first Pappy.” Izuku promises with a determined look. “And once I get my quirk, me and Kacchan are gonna be the gweatest hero duo ever!”


“You sure will kiddo. You sure will.”



Izuku awakes with a start as tears cloud his vision from the dream of when things were simpler. In a strange way, his father was right all those years ago about how rare his quirk was, but he never got a chance to see him help others with it. Sitting up, Izuku shrugs off his new comforter, getting everything all together before he goes shopping for all the essentials again.


Taking the money his mother, no Inko, gave him, Izuku heads out to go shopping again in a black hoodie hiding his distinctive green curls, just in case she decides to confront him. Breathing deeply into the cold morning air, Izuku locks his new apartment to keep the negative thoughts and feelings inside his head at bay.


Chapter Text

“Hi Monoka-san. I’m Detective Tsukauchi and this is my partner-in-training Yagi.” He gestures to All Might in his skeletal form after flashing her his own badge. “We are here today to check in on the Midoriya’s concerning a follow up on a low profile pending investigation. Can we go up to see them?”


Monoka grimaces slightly. “I’m sorry, but no Midoriya’s live here.” Truth.


All Might chokes before he cleans up his blood with his handkerchief in a panic.


“Are you certain?” Naomasa asks in complete surprise since she’s telling the truth, already thinking the situation is even more dire than he previously assumed.


“Yes.” The frail woman asserts strongly. “I’m sorry, but if there is nothing else, you’ll have to leave.”


“Wait.” All Might pleads as he finally gains his composure. “Midoriya Izuku did live here, right? Do you know where he could have gone?”


“Midoriya Izuku did live here, yes.” Monoka eyes the two suspiciously. “But he simply did not tell me where he moved to.” Truth.


“What about his mother, Midoriya Inko?” Naomasa asks gingerly.


“His mother frequently took long trips away from home. He told me it was for work.” Truth.


“When was the last time you saw Midoriya Izuku?” Naomasa asks as he opens his sketch pad.


“Last night. He returned his keys then.” Truth.


“Was his mother with him?” All Might asks quickly as his anxiety has shot through the roof at the revelation.


“No. The boy was alone.” Truth.


“Do you know why he left his apartment?”


Monoka hesitates for a moment as if thinking about something before giving her answer to his question. “I’m not completely certain. It’s possible that he left because of the bad piping that’s getting replaced right now. It’s been affecting a lot of the apartments in the area right now and has caused the water to become tainted in some areas. It's only really bad for drinking, but I’ve still lost a lot of customers while it’s been getting fixed.” Truth.


“When was the last time you saw Midoriya Inko?” Naomasa inquires after short-handing all of her comments and answers.


“Inko doesn’t come by my office as often as her son.” Monoka fidgets with papers to sort them. “If I remember correctly, the last time I saw her was when she checked in initially. But I'm not a hundred percent sure as my memory decides to come and go sometimes, especially with tenants that don't frequent me like Izu-tan.” Truth.


“Do you know anything about the relationship between the two?” Naomasa picks at as he’s grasping at straws at this point.


“I don’t know very many details as I’ve never seen them interact together except when little Izu-tan was just a babe in her arms.” Truth.


“Would it surprise you if they had an abusive relationship?” All Might cuts in without warning.


“Yagi, that’s highly inappropriate.” Naomasa scolds him despite his own angry scowl on the subject as its outside protocol and has emotions tied to it. “I apologize Monoka-san. Yagi is fairly new to our precinct and is still learning the ropes.”


“It’s no trouble detective. I’m worried for the boy like a son. Or a grandson given my age.” Monoka mentions after a short moment of reprieve. “You know he’s quirkless right? If his mother was abusive, it would probably break my old heart. You see, he’s such a kind boy, always thinking of others first. One time, he paid his rent two months in advance because he knew the loss of my husband almost tanked my business due to the funeral costs. Heck, I wouldn’t be standing here right now if the boy didn’t come check in on me at least once a week to make sure I was still kicking. And I mean it. I had a heart attack about five weeks ago and I’m only here because of his weekly visits with me. Strangely though, that week he would've ended up visiting me twice for the very first time ever if I didn't scare the poor boy half to death from how loud my fall when he came to check on me again. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has nightmares from it since I certainly do.” Truth.


Is there something I’m missing? A change in behavior seems weird if she’s known him for years, even if he saved her life… It might be worth to figure out if there is something more to it...


“Monoka-san, where exactly were you when you fell?” Naomasa asks on a whim.


“Oh, I was in here.” Monoka responds quickly with a simple wave of her hand. “I was working on my filing for my contracts with the newest residents at the time. Everything is digital now, but I always like to keep a physical copy in case the server I contain my listings on goes down temporarily. Call me old fashion, but it gives me peace of mind.” Truth.


Naomasa nods to agree with her as he continues his probing. “And where was Midoriya’s apartment located? I understand that this area is not exactly near the apartments except for the ones on the end from what I could see when we came in.”


Monoka looks up with a frown. “Well, his was on the other side on the second floor. It’s possible he simply had a bad day and came to talk to me about it, though he never seemed to do that before…Everything happened so fast, so we never really got to talk about it. Though, afterwards he would drop by at least three times for about two weeks, always bringing some hot tea for me. I think the poor boy got really spooked from it, but now he seemed to return to his normal routine until he checked out yesterday.” Truth.


So, something must have happened about five weeks ago that was bad enough to make him visit her twice… I wonder what it was specifically...


Out of the corner of his eyes, All Might flinches as if he was burned, obviously guilt eating at him that he never even knew something was wrong then.


Monoka’s old eyes become drenched in tears as the two stare on as she continues her thoughts on the situation. “I know the boy is safe, wherever he is. He’s a survivor that one. He holds the world on his shoulders as he wears his heart on his sleeves. I’m going to miss seeing his bright smile around here dearly.” Truth.


“Is there any additional information you can give us that might help us find his new residence?” Naomasa tries again, just in case. "We really need to speak to them."


“I’m sorry, I don’t.” Monoka dries her tears after pulling a tissue from under the counter. “The boy and I were close like two peas in a pod, but he never talked about himself honestly. The boy was clearly guarded or at least had his head in the clouds with his cute mumbling all the time. Your guess is as good as mine as to where Izu-tan decided to move to. He was always much more interested in how I was doing than even telling me his favorite food or color. You know, he would always bake a quiche for my birthday once he figured out it was my favorite, the little rascal.” Truth.


“Sorry if this is out of turn, but how old was he when he baked the first quiche for you?” All Might inquires to try and get something other than vague or long winded answers that lead nowhere.


“Hmm…” Monoka tries to think back. “Maybe eight or nine? It was really good you know even though he apologized profusely to me about it if it wasn't any good since he told me it was his first try at making one. Honestly made me think he’d been cooking it for years at that point, but I still gave the scamp a couple pointers that he took to heart for the next ones he made for me. He's a master now and not even mine can compare at this point.” Truth.


The neglect must have been happening when he was even younger than eight or nine then. Shit.


“Was there any indication that Midoriya Izuku was in danger and had to leave because of it?” Naomasa asks after noting the time frame down, already kind of given up at this point to be able to get anything else from her since she seems like an outsider for the most part when it comes to Midoriya exclusively but not necessarily the other way around.


Monoka purses her lips. “That boy doesn’t seek trouble, but it always finds him. If he left because he was in danger, I know that boy has years of experience of getting out it.” Truth.


Naomasa pauses his scribbling at the weird wording, hoping it might lead somewhere. “Years of experience?”


She nods her head. “I’ve known the kid since he was a babe. I’ve seen probably every single injury he’s shouldered over the years, whether he knows I knew or not. Children can be so cruel to him when they played with him, using their quirks on him, probably on accident but still. But he never let it get to him, so I would sneak in a few first aid kits with my cookies whenever he would visit me. He could never say no to this old coot. You know, he was always the only kid here in the complex that fully enjoyed my oatmeal raisin cookies? Even when I baked others, he always would ask about those. He never said it, but I bet my bottom dollar those were the boy's favorites.” Truth.


Damn, the injuries were that severe and frequent he needed first aid kits alongside treats? Kids can't do that type of extensive damage that young. Fucking hell...


“How old was he when the injuries started appearing?” All Might asks cautiously, Naomasa already seeing the hidden anger to that revelation under his friend's convincing smile. "And how bad did they seem?"


Monoka’s face shifts from nostalgia to intense worry for a single second before resuming its previous state as she eyes the two suspiciously. “I think it started around when he turned ten. You know, when he got to Middle School. No earlier than that. And the injuries seemed like accidents you know. A couple bruises and scraps here and there.” Lie.


Naomasa flinches as the lie registers each time, causing his friend to notice, worry already starting to set in for the both of them. Slapping close his notepad as if content, he decides to end the interview early with a friendly smile. “I see. Well, that’s all the questions we have for you really. Thank you for your time Monoka-san. If you see the Midoriya’s or something else pops in your mind you'd want us to know, please don't hesitate to give us a call with my number. I hope you have a pleasant rest of your weekend.”


Naomasa basically drags All Might away from the woman after giving her his card to talk privately in the squad car. Once seated in the car, All Might’s cheerful fake smile drops as Naomasa himself rubs his eyes from both frustration and lack of sleep due to the amount of cases he's on right now. Starting with the UA media break-in, Midoriya's personal case curtsey of Nedzu, and now the USJ case has got him running ragged and the new bombshells aren't doing his already foul mood any favors.


“She lied, didn’t she? I would have never noticed that you flinch when a lie registers until Young Midoriya pointed it out the other day.” All Might basically growls out as he clips on his seat belt.


He nods as he starts to pull out of the apartment complex's parking lot to start driving back to the station, not noticing a fancy black car driving in from the opposite direction. “Everything before that point was the truth, but the last stuff was a complete and utter lie. I’m certain the injuries were much older than just middle school given both her lie and what Chiyo said about Midoriya’s scars. She might have been trying to protect him in case he told her something about where he got them or she feared getting in trouble for child neglect for not saying anything about it earlier.”


“Then we should go back and ask her!”


Naomasa sighs as he shakes his head at his friend's naivety. “Toshinori, once a willing person starts to lie, they won’t stop even if they know my quirk. It would also be pointless if she kicks us out before I can sort through the truth hidden within the lies. Especially since she really saw Midoriya as unofficial family, she would probably try to protect him as much as she could.”


All Might slightly deflates his stature in his seat. “Then how do we find him now? For all we know, his mother could remove him from school next if she's onto us, and we wouldn’t be able to do anything. We can’t just use police and hero resources on pure speculation, or we would’ve already done so. This was already our best shot to get evidence by using the USJ incident to our advantage legally.”


Naomasa frowns. “You’ve known Midoriya for a while, right?”


“Almost a year, why?”


“Was there a way you got in contact with each other? Or any places he might frequent that you were aware of?”



All Might immediately whips out his phone, already dialing his successor’s phone number as he mentally curses himself for being so short sighted.


Chapter Text

Izuku was in the middle of picking between which type of rice cooker he wanted when his phone goes off, making him almost drop the merchandise on the ground. After a sigh, Izuku picks up his phone without looking at it to figure out who was calling as he places the item back on the shelf. “Hello?”


“Young Midoriya!” All Might booms from the other side, almost blowing out his eardrum and making the people around him look at him weird.


“All Might, I’m a grocery store right now, so please don’t yell.” Izuku whispers in the phone before his mind goes fast, trying to figure out what is going on since All Might has never called him before. “Is something wrong? Did something happen or do you need me to tell you more about what happened? I swear I said everything I knew, but if you need more analysis about their quirks, I can--”


“Young Midoriya, it’s not that. I was just extremely worried about you.”


“Um, okay.” Izuku nervously fidgets with his shirt, not sure if this is about Inko or not. “Why?”


“Detective Tsukauchi and I went by your home this morning to check up on you. We are doing it for all of the students as a follow-up from the villain attack on USJ, but your landlady told us that you moved out last night. Did something happen?”


Izuku chews on his lip as he tries to come up with an excuse that would be the truth until one hits him in the face. “The pipes. Mine have been acting up for a couple weeks now and Monoka-san told me about tainted water. What happened because of the villain attack was just the last straw to move to a safer place that’s closer to UA. Sorry if it was bad timing and inconvenienced you.”


“I see.” All Might seems to get quiet for a minute, not helping Izuku’s anxiety in the least. “What about your mother? Is she with you?”




Izuku nervously sweats. “She’s already left.”




Izuku explains carefully as he has a suspicion the detective is present, and he doesn’t want to be caught lying if it does work over the phone. “She has to work to support us, so she’s gone a lot. She came to pick me up to check on me, but ultimately she had to leave.”




“All Might, are you still there?” Izuku asks nervously after a long pause.


“Yes, Young Midoriya. I was wondering if you would like some help moving in.” All Might offers. “We still need to check up on you like I said, but we wouldn’t mind giving you a hand with moving in as well. I know how stressful a move can be, especially if you are doing it alone.”


“Oh, um...” Izuku fidgets as he tries to figure out what to do. “I’ll send you my new address once I get home. I appreciate the offer, but I can totally handle getting stuff together. I don’t want to inconvenience you or anything.”


“Nonsense my boy!” All Might assures. “Send me the details as soon as you can, and we will be there. We are happy to help.”


“Okay, I’ll send it to you after I’m done here. I could make dinner since I’m going to be awhile with my shopping.” Izuku smiles as he plans what to cook for the meal. “How many should I expect?”


“Just two. Does 4:00 pm work for you then if you need some time to finish up your shopping?”


“Yup, it does. Okay, well, see you then All Might.”


“Of course, my boy. Good luck with your shopping. Let me know if you need help or anything in meantime.”


“Thanks All Might. Bye.” Izuku clicks off his phone as he jumps into high gear on getting everything he needs for his guests, only stopping on his way home at the electronics portion of a different store to get a new external hard drive to pair with his old Switch laptop for a certain classmate he wants to help out.



Almost to the precinct, Naomasa feels like given the whole situation with the successor situation, his friend has neglected to look at certain clues that he’s back. “Toshi, I think we need to talk about something.”


“About what specifically my friend?” All Might looks up after reading his successor’s cheerful message about his new residence.


“You heard what Midoriya said about that Nomu yesterday.” Naomasa gives him a knowing look. “It had several quirks and none of them looked like they were made for it.”


“He’s dead.” All Might growls adamantly. “You didn’t see him like I did. For god’s sake, his face was missing. There is no coming back from that. That Nomu is probably just a remnant of his arsenal.”


“I’m not discounting what you are saying, but I have a very bad feeling he’s out there still kicking.” He sighs as they pull into the parking lot. “Midoriya specifically came up with high detail profiles of each of the villains he encountered, and I actually agree with his observations. He said the Shigaraki guy was in charge but was like a toddler playing with his toys and threw a tantrum when he didn’t get his way. The Kurogiri guy was the most in charge, but he seemed more like a pawn that was supposed to shape Shigaraki like a parent by making logical decisions about increasing their numbers. That means that neither of them is the actual boss. I highly doubt they just so happened to stumble across some of All for One’s toys and came after you for no reason. He might be critically injured like you said, having to let his pieces play the game as he’s sitting back as the chess master.”


“Young Midoriya is just a child--”


“An extremely intelligent child who probably has a powerful analysis quirk.” Naomasa corrects his friend’s denial. “He correctly figured out my quirk and what it can do within the short time we met with only a few clues that not even Nedzu himself said he could have figured out given the time frame Midoriya achieved it in with his High Specs. And what I hear from his classmates’ statements, the same thing happened in USJ that potentially and indirectly saved their lives. Within literal seconds, he figured out Kurogiri’s quirk and weakness in the midst of being scared for his life just like the rest of his classmates. Same thing happened with the Nomu from what Todoroki told me as well as Aizawa during his statement. That is something we need to acknowledge with the utmost respect in case the worst is to come to pass.”


“H-he can’t be back.” All Might’s face morphs to shock as the evidence is starting to stack against him. “It was supposed to end with me. I killed him. I avenged Nana and her legacy.”


“Toshinori, it’s just a possibility as we still have yet to run tests on the villain’s weapon in the lab to confirm this as someone could have used their quirk on the Nomu to make it seem like that as Midoriya suggested as a possibility. This is purely speculation at this point.” Naomasa assures. “It could also be one of his upper underlings trying to get revenge for his death, using his tools that were leftovers after his passing. According to Midoriya, the whole endeavor seemed half-baked at best except for the weapon and the obtaining of the school schedule, so it’s possible that it’s not him, but someone like him hiding in the shadows waiting to strike. I just think you may need to tell him about it sooner rather than later in case he is back. Midoriya deserves to know what he might have to face.”


“If he’s back, I’m going to make sure I put him down for good. Young Midoriya should never have to face that vile man.” All Might clears the sweat from his brow as they exit the car. “But first we need to make sure Young Midoriya is safe. I can’t just dump something like this on him if his mother has been physically abusive and is even currently hurting him.”


Naomasa sighs as they enter the building. “Just understand that the longer you keep him in the dark, the more danger he could be put in down the line. If you need help explaining, I’m here for you.”


“Thank you my friend. I’ll tell him today when we seem him, but I still feel like he's not here with us.” All Might concedes with reservations as he tries to come to terms that the monster may be showing his colors again.

Chapter Text

Izuku rushes back home in a panic to make his new apartment look at least semi livable like he actually just moved in instead of fleeing from his mother. The last thing he wants is them thinking he’s a runaway or been abandoned by his mother. Technically, Izuku doesn’t know which one makes more sense at the moment since they are both true, but he’s not one to complain since he has no time.


Putting away the groceries in a hurry, Izuku starts to put together some of the kitchen appliances like the coffee machine together so at least that looks all good. Once the kitchen is all set up and ready to go, Izuku jumps to getting the new tv set up even though its more for show at the moment.


After getting the tv set up and some of his streaming services back online, Izuku gathers all of the boxing to take to the dumpster. He regrets not being able to take his old gaming consoles with him, but perhaps he can browse the internet a bit and find a willing seller who’s wanting to part with them. He could dip back to see Monoka-san, but he doesn’t want to do that anytime yet as his mother may be waiting for him to return. It’s only after he recycles the cardboard that he realizes the time. With no time to spare, Izuku rushes back upstairs to start working on dinner, hoping it will all be enough to fool them for now.



As Naomasa is driving the two of them to the address his friend gave him, there’s been another thing on his mind and it’s concerning what Monoka had said. Now that he thinks about it, a couple things aren’t making sense and strangely it isn’t the boy’s mother that he’s worried about. It’s the boy himself. Not in a bad way he hopes, but it feels like he’s hiding something about himself from everyone and is desperate to keep it that way. That same air that he gave off during his retelling of USJ could be felt with Monoka’s description of retelling recent events. It’s concerning to say the least, especially when the second source wasn’t even from the boy’s own mouth.


The first time they met, Naomasa knew instantly the boy had been abused in some way. The nervous glances around the room keeping an eye on everyone at all times as if trying to make sure they weren’t going to attack him, the flinches that would happen in certain moments as if flash backs or triggers were affecting him, his mind seemingly racing at all times while carefully planning his words as if he expected to be punished for speaking them at the beginning and throughout the interview, and the list unfortunately just goes on.


He didn’t even need to see the scars themselves to know but hearing about them beforehand was one of the hardest things he’s had to deal with in a while. The poor kid sounded like he was a solider after surviving several wars. According to Chiyo, he had more scars than most pro heroes he’s had the pleasure of working with over the years. That prospect is terrifying since he always gets queasy seeing those. But he did see what his friend saw in him as a successor.


Despite all the pain, the torture the boy surely endured whether it was solely due to bullies, his family, or both, the boy had a blinding smile that seemed to light up the room. If he had never seen the kid in person, he would have never suspected a single bad thing had ever happened to him. To his shame, he would’ve just thought the poor boy was skittish and shy, especially in front of the camera. The fact that the kid still smiles like that is a testament to how special the boy is, that he would face the adversity life threw at him and still stand up bright and happy as the previous day.


But there is definitely something the boy was guarding. Something that was a part of him and is definitely causing him internal turmoil. His friend may be dense about it, but it’s not the scars or his mother. The question is what exactly it is. All Naomasa can think is that Monoka-san gave them the key to figure it out, but they need to find the lock first to get the contents of the closet out in the open. Given how guarded the boy seems with even a seemingly close family friend, it might be impossible to do until he’s completely out of whatever situation he is currently in. His mother may be the reason why he’s holding himself back. And the previous bullying problem is probably not doing him any favors.


So, while tonight might be a simple dinner on the surface, it’s going to be a battle of wits to see when the boy slips up first to give him the excuse to step in and let them help him. Especially with how strange the boy’s moving places abruptly was.


“You seem to be in deep thought. Need to vent?” All Might broaches as they turn into the apartment complex.


“I’m worried that there is something Midoriya isn’t telling us.”


“What do you mean?”


“It’s not the scars or his bullies or his mother I think.” Naomasa frowns. “Don’t you find it strange that he didn’t seem to open up to what I assume was a good family friend? Like at all. No favorite color or anything.”


All Might stills as he thinks over his time with the boy as Naomasa finds a visitor spot to park. “Maybe he just doesn’t like talking about himself? As much as I don’t want to admit it, I don’t even know his favorite color, but I don’t think he knows mine to be fair. With Midoriya, he always seems more interested in others rather than himself, so he may forget to give back his own responses to questions like that.”


“Perhaps…” Naomasa muses as they both exit the car to head to the apartment complex. “Tonight though, I want you to talk to him how you normally do. If he catches on we are trying to get him to talk to give us something to work with, he may clam up. I should basically play bad cop in this situation if needed as he’s more familiar with you and may seek comfort from you as such. He’s definitely going to be more wary with me there to begin with, so he will need a person in his court to balance the two of us out.”


“I understand. I’m just deeply worried for the boy.” All Might looks down with deep sadness in his eyes for a moment before returning his gaze to his friend. “I just feel like I didn’t even recognize the signs something was wrong until it came to this. The fact that he got that awful wound about a year ago and I didn’t even know? Perhaps it was before I came along, but if it wasn’t…”


“Don’t beat yourself up over this.” Naomasa reassures with a smile as they start to climb the stairs to the fourth floor where Midoriya lives now. “The Midoriya I’ve seen so far is wicked smart. Just think about it, he’s been fooling a lot of people nothing was wrong for years and probably wanted it that way for better or worse. I wouldn’t blame yourself for not knowing or for him not coming to you. I would instead look to what we are going to do about it to make it better for him.”


“You’re right. This isn’t about me or the past.” All Might nods as they finish the last of the steps to find room 426. “I just have to be there for him.”


Naomasa subconsciously nods as he stares at the seemingly newly printed Midoriya family nameplate just below the apartment number. His friend takes up the mantle of ringing the doorbell, that of which is echoed with a small crashing sound from inside. Tense, Naomasa is about to put his hand on his gun as something might be wrong but is stopped when a very red and out of breath Midoriya opens the door abruptly.


“Sorry!” Midoriya squeaks out, flushed with sweat and embarrassment. “I’ve been trying to get everything together and I was cooking dinner right now and I’m just so clumsy and--”


“Slow down my prince of nonsense.” All Might assures with a grin as Midoriya parrots back the gesture, albeit a little shakier than the original. “There is no rush to be seen here my boy.”


“Right.” Midoriya opens the door wider to invite the two in. “Um, well everything is basically in its right places now and I’m putting the finishing touches on the Katsudon. You can take off your shoes here and put your coats on the rack near the door. Make yourselves at home.”


Naomasa takes a deep breath in and smells the wonderful meal coming from the kitchen as he puts his stuff away, including his hat and coat. “You made Katsudon, huh? It smells wonderful.”


“Indeed!” All Might booms beside him stiffly as the two take in the scenery of the apartment. Naomasa frowns as it looks like the bare minimum of stuff, but he doesn’t elect to comment on it as they all shift towards the kitchen. “Where did you learn to make such a great smelling meal?”


Really Toshi? Can you be any more awkward…


Midoriya hesitates in his stride for a single moment before the continues in his journey back to the stove top. “Um, well Mom’s gone a lot, so I naturally picked it up as I went.” Truth.


“Yeah, we heard the same from Monoka-san.” Naomasa supplies the conversation as Midoriya’s eyes go wide at the admission. “She really is such a sweet old lady. She had only good things to say about you when we went by this morning. She basically told us you were her grandson in more than a few words.”


“I am?” Midoriya’s eyes seem to turn slightly red at the admission as he halts his hand from grabbing the spatula to flip over the pork over the stove. “Wow. Her grandson…”


“Something on your mind my boy?” All Might prods with concern as a long period of silence comes over the teenager staring at the food.


“N-no, not really…” Lie.


Naomasa flinches as Midoriya’s shock becomes clear in his eyes as he waves his hands in a panic. “S-sorry, I didn’t mean--”


“It’s fine Midoriya.” Naomasa smiles reassuringly. “You don’t have to mind me. A small white lie isn’t a bother. My quirk is mostly involuntary you know unless I concentrate. And I’m off the clock right now for the most part, so it’s going to come and go on its own.”


“Oh.” Midoriya seemingly opens a little in his stance as he sighs, almost in relief as he continues putting the final touches on the cooking meal before them. “I was just surprised Monoka-san saw me like that is all.” Truth.


“Well, she seemed really fond of you.” All Might notes with a matching smile. “Told us all about her favorite grandchild bringing her a birthday quiche you know.”


Midoriya sputters furiously at that admission. “Well…you see…I…”


“It was really sweet of you.” Naomasa assures as the kid relaxes a bit, getting more into the grove to finish their dinner. “You two seemed really close.”


“We are.” Midoriya nods before he shifts his gaze again. “Um, so I have water or coffee if you want…? I’m almost done here and the rice cooker behind me should be done in a minute or two.”


“Water for me, my boy.” All Might informs with a small smirk that Naomasa recognizes is usually what he does before he attempts to make a smart joke, even though they are usually awkward at best meaning most take it at face value. “Coffee is too harsh and my stomach isn’t exactly as it used to be.”


“Oh gosh All Might.” Midoriya looks worried as if he forgot something as the boy rambles, only being able to pick up a few words here and there. “Can you even… Oh man, I didn’t even ask if you could eat what I made… I’m such a bad host--”


“Don’t worry Young Midoriya, I can eat it.” All Might assures with a fond warm smile. “Though, I will only be able to eat a small portion, so you’ll have to forgive me for that.”


“That’s totally fine!” Midoriya assures frantically in relief as he removes the pork from the heat before filling a glass with ice and water. “You don’t even have to eat or anything if you don’t want to or can’t. I wouldn’t be upset or anything. I just wanted to…”


“Wanted to?” All Might offers as if that wasn’t the first time the kid has trailed off like that and forgot to elaborate as he takes the offered glass.


“Oh, sorry All Might.” Midoriya sheepishly smiles as he focuses back on the food. “It’s just… I wanted you to share my favorite meal as a celebration for successfully moving in today and having you all here with me…” Truth.



Naomasa gives his friend a knowing look that if he doesn’t adopt the kid, he’s willing to fight for him as that was just too precious. A rare burn of protectiveness and determination comes from his friend that disappears as Midoriya looks back up at Naomasa as if expecting something from him.


“Um, Tsukauchi-san, would you prefer coffee?” Midoriya’s eyes wander a bit as if he’s worried for him. “You look really tired…”


“That would be lovely.” Naomasa yawns tiredly as he is reminded of his persistent exhaustion as he can only imagine how bad his eye bags must look now if the kid picked up on it with only a simple look. “My cases have been running me quite ragged right now.”


“What cases are you working on? If you don’t mind me asking of course…”


“Well…” Naomasa muses as he watches Midoriya start up the coffee machine. “It is technically three cases, but two of them have now melted together. You should already be familiar with those two. The other one is classified right now, but it does relate with a personal matter Nedzu asked of me.”


“Oh, I see.” Midoriya pauses as he looks back. “Um, would you like milk in it?”


“Yes please.” Naomasa answers. “No sugar though. My doctor isn’t exactly happy with me on that front you know.”


Midoriya giggles softly as he presses a few buttons for his preference. “Yeah, well, don’t work yourself too hard on those two cases. I know how…crazy they are honestly. Plus, Nedzu is really scary when he’s mad, though I can’t really blame him too much. I can tell he’s basically foaming at the mouth with the villains who came into his school uninvited from when he saw me at the hospital, though he’s having to cover it up probably due to all the media coverage. I can only imagine the stress…”


“How are you doing?” All Might broaches. “Given everything that happened of course…”


“Oh, I’m fine now.” Midoriya assures confidently that Naomasa is glad to see is the truth. “Tired of course and a little achy, but fine. I should be able to do my workout schedule starting tomorrow again. Though, I miss Tsuki-chan a lot. Do you know when I could…?”


“Tsuki is at UA under Nedzu’s care.” Naomasa affirms softly. “You will be allowed to see her tomorrow during school so you can bring her home. I would be willing to take you to go see her after dinner to pick her up, but Nedzu has the entire campus on lockdown with only a few police officers and other personal on campus right now as an extra safety measure. I’m sure she misses you as well.”


Midoriya’s eyes turn solemn. “So, you two know her…?”


“Yes, she told me you were asking for help during USJ with her quirk.” All Might answers for Naomasa. “She said she could barely hear you, but I’m glad she could. I was so worried for you and your classmates when she told me…”


“Huh, so there is a distance limit…” Midoriya muses curiously. “I’m glad it was in range, but I should probably figure out what the true distance is when I see her again… I wonder…”


He smiles as he recognizes that fire in his friend’s successor. “Always analyzing quirks, I see.”


Midoriya blushes a dark red in embarrassment as he focuses back on getting bowls out of the cabinets and chopsticks out of the drawers to eat with urgency. “S-sorry, I just really can’t help myself with it. They are all so unique and fascinating that I… lose myself thinking about them?”


“It’s not a bother Young Midoriya. It makes you, you and that’s certainly nothing to be sorry for.” All Might praises that the kid returns with a blushing smile. “I’m glad you have such a wonderful friend in Tsuki.”


“Yeah, she’s a good friend.” Lie.


Midoriya stiffens at his flinch before explaining. “Sorry, I guess she’s more like family to me now than simply a good friend. She literally acts like she’s my mom sometimes.” Truth.


“She did seem really motherly given how she was literally five seconds from scratching me if I didn’t hurry to get Nedzu and the other teacher fast enough.” All Might chuckles before full out laughing at Midoriya’s growing mortified look. “Don’t worry my boy, she didn’t, but I’d hate to be between her and those who messed with her kid.”


“Please never tell her I was injured or what I did.” Midoriya finally wheezes out in response as the desperation in his face looks well deserved. “She’ll literally kill me if she knows.” Truth.


This poor kid…


“I hate to be the bearer of bad news…” Midoriya pales considerably. “But I’m pretty certain she knows everything because Nedzu really likes to rant with her about the case. Possibly not the extent of your injuries, but definitely that you were in the hospital recovering from them. Or at least that’s what I’ve gathered is what happening when I’ve check up on Nedzu to brief him on case updates. There’s been plenty of time when he gets really silent for a long period of time as if those two are conspiring against me or something.”


“I’m a dead man.” Midoriya asserts as if it’s a certainty.


“No, you aren’t. Don’t exaggerate so much, my boy.”


Midoriya gives him the most teenager I’m done with life look to both of their genuine surprise. “I will literally be lucky if she lets me out of her sight after this. And that’s if she lets me go back to UA.”


“I’m certain you’ll be fine.”


“Famous last words, All Might.” Midoriya chastises as the coffee marker alarm goes off, sending the devastated boy to get Naomasa’s cup. “Famous last words.”


Midoriya opens a cabinet as he claims a cup, sprinkling a few dashes of some small container in the bottom of the mug before allowing the brew to appear.


“What did you add?” Naomasa asks in curiosity.


Midoriya just smirks a little as he stirs the mixture well. “Oh, just some special sugared cinnamon I got from the market today to give it a little kick. Technically, I didn’t add sugar in your cup if it was already in the mixture to begin with. It was how Pappy liked his coffee, so you have to try it. I usually prefer it in my hot cocoa though. Midoriya family recipe you see.” Truth.


This kid…My doctor would absolute hate him…


“Pappy?” All Might raises his eyebrow at the nickname.


“Ah yeah. My dad.” Midoriya’s face drops slightly as he hands the mug to him to try. “It was what I called him since I had a stutter and words were hard at the time, so the name has always stuck. It’s the same with Kacchan you know.”


Naomasa takes a tender sip of the delicious concoction, not wanting to address the elephant in the room as he read up on how his father had died tragically in a car crash caused by a villain fight too close to the highway as a part of his investigation on the boy for Nedzu. “The coffee is phenomenal. Thank you Midoriya.”


“I’m glad you like it.” Midoriya brightens again. “Anyway, the rice should be done soo--”


A warning alert beeps and Midoriya gestures to the table as he makes his way over to the machine with the bowls. “You can sit at the table while I get it all dished out. It’ll only take a second.”


The two comply as Naomasa looks around the room, on the search for any type of photographs, but his search ends up coming dry on that front. Honestly, the entire apartment looks depersonalized and barren except for the essentials and Tsuki’s supplies near the barstools and toys laid about in the living room. It’s quite concerning since the boy had said he got mostly everything set up before and if there really isn’t anything left to put up, then it speaks volumes to the true relationship between the boy and his mother. It would be truly tragic if the only present parental figure in his life that he could trust was his new companion. If he really saw her as his real mother, then it would make sense why the two of them seem utterly dependent on the other given the vixen’s constant chastising about not getting to see her ‘Moon Child’ sooner. Perhaps his room is more decorated instead since he seems very private in most senses. After all, a man’s cave is his kingdom.


Midoriya’s movement returning from the kitchen breaks his thoughts as the boy gently places the food in front of them. “You guys can get started. I’m just getting some water. Let me know what you think, I’m always up for criticism to make it even better.”


Both of them dig into the feast before them while Midoriya goes back for his own cup of water for the meal.


“The katsudon is exquisite Young Midoriya!” All Might calls towards the kitchen between bites. “I think this is my best bowl yet and I’ve to a fair number of restaurants over the years.”


“Yes, I agree. Great job kid.” Naomasa smiles when he hears Midoriya fumble over the compliments on the way back.


“So, how’s school been for you so far?” Naomasa breaks the silence between bites once Midoriya sits down, placing everything down to for him to eat as well. “Other than the villain attack, of course.”


“It’s really been great!” Midoriya smiles softly as he recounts his experience, taking a few tentative bites before he starts in earnest. “I really like Ectoplasm’s algebra class the best so far and I can’t wait to work on geometry next session. He’s really quiet with his lectures, but when you ask questions, he gets so animated about it. And Present Mic’s English class is always entertaining and never fails to make me laugh, even though the subject matter is a little boring since I learned most of that stuff before.”


“Got a favorite teacher yet?” All Might chides playfully.


Midoriya flushes deeply, averting his eyes bashfully. “Well…um…you see…”


“No lying now.” Naomasa advises with a knowing wink.


Midoriya nods with a smirk of his own after a long sip of water, obviously drawing it out as long as possible. “Well, it’s always going to be All Might, but Aizawa-sensei is a very close second. He’s rough around the edges and scares us regularly, but I think he really cares about all of us deep down. Speaking of Aizawa-sensei, how…?” Truth.


“He’s recovering well.” All Might assures with a slight faltered smile after the stars in his eyes fade from hearing he was his pupil’s favorite. “He got out today from his injuries. It took him a little longer than you because his stamina was very low after the fight. Most of the damage was to his elbow and face.”


Midoriya’s eyes seem worried at that admission. “Is his quirk… I mean is he…”


“Eraserhead will be fine, though his blink time might be affected.” Naomasa picks up the slack that his friend didn’t want to say after a tentative bite. “It’s too early to say for certain though as he did just get out, but his quirk does indeed still work. Though I think you should be more worried about his incoming lecture. I've had the privilege of hearing a portion of it and it's probably going to be first thing tomorrow since I have no doubt he'll be teaching given how stubborn he is.”


“Oh, that’s right…” Midoriya pauses his meal. “I ended up using One for All in that fight twice…”


“Any progress on control?” All Might broaches. “I know we haven’t gotten a chance for you to see a quirk counselor yet for either of your quirks, but maybe something has changed?”


“I mean…” Midoriya fidgets with his chopsticks for a moment. “I didn’t break my arms and legs the first couple hits, but I think it was because the Nomu had shock absorption as a quirk in its arsenal, so he basically displaced the force for me. Though, I still broke them in the end when I pushed it. But you already knew that from my statement.”


All Might rubs his chin for a moment as if thinking. “Did the initial hits feel different? I don’t think you can access more than a hundred percent yet given how short of a time it’s been since you received One for All. Especially since you break your bones using it at max power right now…”


“I don’t really know. I mean, maybe? I guess they felt much weaker, but at the time I was really scared of…” Midoriya trails off, as if he’s feeling guilty of something.


“Ah. I see.” All Might nods as if knowing what that something is. “I think this means that you subconsciously didn’t want to hurt someone too badly with your quirk, so you held back. That’s a big step forward since it means control is obtainable for you.”


“Yeah, that’s good-- Hey wait a minute…” Midoriya scrunches up his face in confusion. “Did you not think I could control it at all?”


“Nothing like that my boy.” All Might backtracks to dispel his successor’s fears. “I was just really concerned for you because you were breaking bones right off the bat when using One for All.”


Midoriya sips loudly as he ponders that nugget of information. “So, you didn’t break anything the first time?”


“Nope!” All Might cheerfully informs. “I actually could use One for All at a hundred percent from the get-go. Most of my training was field work, but I’m certain you’ll get past your learning curve in no time with our help.”



“Of course you got it on the first try. You’re All Might.” Midoriya muses more for himself than the two in front of him with depressed skeptical eyes.


“Err…” His friend turns to Naomasa as if asking for help to get out of the hole he dug himself that he quickly shakes his head to deny that request before it gets messy. “Well, let’s focus on one thing at a time my boy. I’m sure it’s just different for those with a quirk to start after all.”


Midoriya’s head snaps back up instantly. “What?”


“I was quirkless you know.” All Might offers as an olive branch that Midoriya takes in with wide eyes at the news before it turns skeptical.


“Are you…sure?” Midoriya tilts his head as if in confusion. “I swear you had one…”


All Might’s smile drops instantly. “W-what?”


Midoriya keeps pressing. “Do you have the joints in each pinky toe?”


“Um yes I do, but--”


“Really?” Midoriya looks thoroughly puzzled by the news. “Huh. I always assumed your original quirk allowed you to revert to a previous state of your body of your choosing as long as you had the stamina available to maintain it ever since I saw your true form… One for All is more unique than I thought then. I wonder if I could do that when I finally can control it fully in the middle of battle for an extra edge if I’m injured…Though, I’d have to do it really quickly since a loss of stamina can drop instantly if the injury is serious enough…”




Naomasa notices his friend looking like he’s going through an existential crisis and decides to change the attention to a different light as he’s almost 90% sure is unfounded since his friend’s quirk is all sorts of weird to begin with. “What about your original quirk Midoriya? Any progress with it?”


Midoriya instantly tenses at that and looks positively scared for some reason for a single second before returning to his normal resting expression. “I uh… Don’t know really?”


“I’m certain you used your quirk during USJ, did you not?”


Midoriya shifts nervously. “Well sure but--” Truth.


“And you used it right now, correct?” Naomasa points out quickly since surely that much was true given the boy’s analysis of his friend, even though it’s surely inaccurate.


Midoriya simply nods. “Yeah.” Lie. “But nothing’s really shown up with it recently or anything as far as I can tell.” Truth. “I’m just as in the dark about it as you two are about what it is anyway.” Lie.


It takes everything in Naomasa to not flinch to each lie. Midoriya zeroes in on him in worry literally a second later as if he didn’t mean to lie and did it on pure instinct without thinking because of the leeway he gave him earlier. It only confirms something he had a feeling on ever since the talk with Monoka-san. They must be wrong about the kid’s quirk. Extremely off the mark. Midoriya just might be that smart in his own right to figure out those quirks and he doesn’t know if that’s truly a good thing or not. But now the real problem still stands.


What is Midoriya’s real quirk? And why is he so quick to hide it? Is it because of his mother or the previous bullying? Or perhaps a taboo quirk that many would see as villainous? Questions for later...


“I see. Well, I hope your time with Nedzu will help you figure out more about it.”


“Yeah, maybe.” Midoriya nervously adds, still kind of looking for the ‘gotcha’ moment before relaxing a bit when it doesn’t actually come.


Naomasa doesn’t know yet what it means because perhaps he’s overthinking this whole thing, but it seems like the boy was terrified of being found out, like he expected he would be hurt because of it given the panic in his eyes. But what was the cause of this raw fear about others knowing about it? A bad experience or something worse? He told the truth he used his quirk in USJ, but it’s clearly not a physical one because his classmates would have said something… Perhaps it is technically still a mental one, but not the one Nedzu prides himself so heavily on finding. The dog has been absolutely giddy of the prospect of having the boy as his own prodigy since not many can match the rat’s own intelligence quirk. If it was simply brain power alone, it would probably give the bear even more reason to be ecstatic. Thinking on it, Midoriya would be such a monster when he’s finally a pro hero, having both the brawn to get the job done and the brain to figure out the best plan of attack. It would be like Nedzu and All Might in one person combine. But that not important at the moment as figuring out what’s really going on with the kid. There are so many leads to explore now, but not many answers found just yet for a definitive conclusion to be drawn.


I wonder if I could keep pressing, maybe he would…


“Young Midoriya…” All Might coughs as the conversation seems to take a completely different turn as his friend returns back from his mental vacation overthinking things. “There is something of great importance that I—I mean we— need to tell you about One for--”


A phone goes off, interrupting his friend’s shaky nervous voice. Reaching down, Naomasa answers it since it was his work one, already preparing to have to leave as he’s still technically on call at the moment for any special developments in his assigned cases or emergencies. “Excuse me for a moment.”


The two of them silently stare on at Naomasa as his own face goes through multiple emotions of shock, worry, and concern as he would have to be the one to inform them of the bad news he’s being told about on the other side of his phone.


After a few more tense moments, the call is finally dropped as his pitying eyes wander more directly over to Midoriya, already regretting to have to be the one to tell him of the most likely devastating news. “I just got a call from my department… Monoka-san died of a heart attack earlier today and was found about an hour ago by her daughter checking up on her. They don’t suspect foul play at the moment since she has a previous history of it, but I still have to go check it out just in case the villains are targeting students and their families now. I’m truly sorry…for your loss, Midoriya.”


The kid just stares for a good whole minute before enviably the crocodile tears come forth as he crumbles, shaking as the truth settles in that he just lost someone he clearly loved and regarded highly. Naomasa doesn’t know if it is a good thing that the boy isn’t making a single sound yet or not as he prepares to leave reluctantly to go do the hardest part of his job. Dealing with grieving loved ones has always been a sore spot for him in the cases he takes on. Interacting with the deceased personally always leaves a more lasting impact on him though, and it never really gets any easier every time it happens. It just leaves holes in his heart that contort and hemorrhage at the most inopportune times, more than he would like to ever admit.


What a day…I’m not sleeping tonight, am I?


“Dinner was lovely Midoriya. I hope to be able to enjoy it again soon. I’m deeply sorry I have to leave on such a depressing note.”  Naomasa continues regrettably as he moves to get up to leave to put back on his hat and coat at the door, hoping his dear friend can comfort the kid in his absence as the almost silent hiccups start behind him. “I’ll see my way out for now. Toshi, please let me know if you need a ride home when I’m done. I’ll tell you what I learn when I get to the scene.”


All Might gives a stiff confirmation to his request, but his eyes are already on the grieving child, preparing to comfort the boy who’s clearly trying desperately not to completely break down in front of the two of them even though his tears are already betraying him.


“Please take care of him Toshi.” Naomasa whispers as a silent prayer after reaching the door, picking up his coat and hat. “That poor kid…He can’t get a break, can he?”


After all, while death is a constant at the end of everyone’s journey, it always cuts deep wounds in those who are left behind to grieve the souls lost to eternity.

Chapter Text

Izuku just stares at his mocking food as his hiccups burn in his chest, screaming for release from the pressure building in his gut.


It’s my fault, right? If I didn’t leave, then I could have saved her, right? If I wasn’t selfish and didn’t leave, then Monoka-san would still be alive, right? It’s all my fault. I should have stayed and I would've saved her again. It’s all my fault she's dead... It’s all my--


“Young Midoriya, it’s not your fault, my boy.” All Might breaks him out of his circular thinking as he rounds the table. “Please don’t ever blame yourself for this. These things happen my boy.”


“I-It is m-my fault.” Izuku protests with a shaky smile to not break face in front of his mentor and idol. “I l-left her b-behind for such a s-stupid s-selfish reason a-and n-now…”


“C-can I hug you my boy?”


Izuku almost startles at the question before nodding feverishly, feeling like at any time he might throw up as the news really settles in fully. The warmth cradling him grounds him as his shudders become more prevalent, his tears not ceasing in the slightest.


“I j-just…” Izuku sobs into his teacher’s shoulder. “I s-should h-have stayed.”


“My boy, you have to do what’s better for you. This is not your fault.” All Might assures as he tightens the embrace, rubbing large circles behind his back just like his dad had long ago.


But it is… Izuku thinks bitterly as he cries into his mentor’s shoulder. All Might, I could have saved her and…I probably broke her heart by leaving… Literally.


“I know how you feel my boy… Truly... I had lost greatly when I was not only a little older than you now. Her death hurt me the most, more than any of the other's I've had to shoulder over the years. It’s never easy losing the ones you hold dear my boy, so I won't lie to you. The pain will simply never really goes away totally.” All Might notes with his own sadness hidden under his low reassuring tone. “But, remembering the good times always helps cheer me up when I'm feeling down. Would you like to hear more about the wonderful person I lost so long ago?”


Izuku nods slightly as he tries to still his involuntary hiccups.


“Her name was Nana. She was basically my mother even though we shared no blood relation.” All Might continues as he rocks Izuku slightly to calm him down. “She always had such a blinding smile that could light up the room. In fact, you share that aspect with her. So much so that I sometimes need to take a double take because you are both very similar in that aspect. If the two of you could have met, I have no doubt she would have loved you like a son.”


All Might laughs a bit, his booming shakes reverberating throughout his body, shaking Izuku a bit as he holds on tight. "She'd probably have adopted you in a heartbeat and fought your mother over custody for no reason more than to be able to spoil you rotten..." 


Izuku smiles slightly into the shirt even though his tears are still in full force.


“She used to tell me all kinds of dorky emotional and funky stuff all the time to motivate me, you know. There never was a dull moment to be found when she was there. She always caught me off guard with her unique humor after all." All Might chuckles, reminiscing a bit of his training days. "She used to tell me I looked like a rabbit all the time with my funky hair bobbing around in the wind. One time, she caught me napping and put hair gel in my bangs to make them stand up straighter. When I woke up, she acted like I had finally sprouted my missing bunny ears. She hounded me for a week afterward with a fake bunny's tail to my utter embarrassment. I never had a clue where she kept the darn thing hidden on her as she would just whip it out at random times."


Izuku giggles soft hiccups at the story. "Is that why you make your hair do that? Who would have thought All Might was a furry..."


"I have no idea what you are talking about, but sure kid. I guess I am a furry." All Might smiles fondly while Izuku chokes a bit on the air at the clearly blissfully innocent adult in the room. "But there was always one thing she engrained into me that I hold dear to my heart even to this day. Do you know what it is?”


Izuku simply shakes his head as he continues to listen with great interest to his mentor’s past as it’s a topic that is rarely visited, even though it’s under less than ideal circumstances and he knows he’s a complete mess at the moment. “She used to believe that as a hero, saving a person is not as simple as just saving their life. That you also have to be willing to save their heart too. So, she always told me to make sure to smile to reassure those around you that everything is going to be fine now that you are here to help. After all, the ones who smile unwavering in the face of adversity are truly the strongest of all.”


“Is t-that why y-you smile all the t-time?” Izuku inquires innocently. “B-because you a-are paying homage to Nana’s m-memory?”


“Yes and no.” All Might muses a bit. “At first, I did I suppose. But somewhere along the way, I used it to hide the pain inside instead.”


Izuku tenses a bit at that since it hits a little too close to home.


“But then I met you.” Izuku tilts his head a bit for a moment to analyze his mentor’s expression, where he finds his smiling face sporting just as many tears as him. “That day, you, a simple fanboy, proudly stood your ground to ask me a simple question with unwavering determination. In retrospect, it was kind of like a wakeup call for me."


"Technically, I flew quite a large distance after making an almost fatal split second decision that was pretty selfish at best." Izuku corrects with a laugh at the memory of them meeting for the first time. "I swore that was going to be the end of me. The media would've ate it up... Crazy obsessed fan dies by falling."


"You would have been fine. I was there to save you if it came to it, was I not?" All Might smirks at Izuku's deadpan look as they both know he was trying to get him off of him at first. All Might simply ignores his antics as he rocks him more as proof. "See, you are still in perfect condition, are you not?"


"Yeah, okay." Izuku sniffs with small smile, not salty about that at all.


All Might frowns though after a moment of silence. "Young Midoriya, I hope you know I deeply regret my initial answer to your question, the most out of any decision I’ve ever made actually. It sometimes haunts me even. I was terribly wrong about you, quirk or not."


Izuku lets All Might have the floor instead of commenting on it as he sees his mentor go through multiple emotions, almost seemingly at once.


"I think in a way, I was still grieving Nana and it caused me to look right past such an amazing and talented person because I was afraid of seeing you  suffering a similar fate as her." All Might shifts a bit as he embraces him more tightly in the hug once again. "If I could go back, I would throttle the man who stood on those rooftops who told you such things and give him a piece of my mind because there is no doubt in my mind you are going to be a great hero. You would have been a great hero without me, I am dead certain of this now.”


“All Might…” Izuku whines, already thoroughly embarrassed to no end from the compliments despite the tears.


“When I saw you save your friend that day, it reminded me of something I had long forgot.” All Might smiles nostalgically. “It reminded me what being a true hero is all about. Because that day, my boy, you didn’t simply save a life in your friend with your selflessness and desire to save, but you saved my heart as well. It gave me strength to help when I had already given up and ran out of time. When I had already accepted defeat, you reawakened the optimist in me that I could still be a hero and save those who needed it, regardless of my limitations. That I still had what it takes to save the people within in my reach. You, my boy, have that true strength Nana always lectured me on and I was a fool not to see it the first time.”


"All Might." Izuku whispers into his shirt as more tears come forth with fervor. "I just...feel like I a-abandoned her w-when..."


"Young Midoriya, indulge me with this." All Might rocks him back and forth in succession more. "Do you think I can be everywhere at once?"


Izuku shakes his head. "N-no..."


That's literally impossible...


"As much as it pains me to say..." All Might trails off as he runs his hands through Izuku's messy curls gently to soothe his pained sniffles. "There is probably someone in the world right now, crying out for my help and I'd never be there to help. Would you blame me for their deaths or suffering?"


"No, but...!" Izuku protests as he knows his case is literally different than that. I have a quirk that could've saved--!


"All of the people that potentially could have helped Monoka-san tonight also have quirks that could have saved her life... But it doesn't change the fact that no one came..." All Might explains as Izuku turns slightly red at his mumbled slip up. "The harsh reality is that no one can save those who are out of our reach, whether it be physically or mentally. You may have your quirks to help save people, but you can't blame yourself on that fact alone when you fail to be there simply because you didn't know."


"S-sorry...” Izuku barely croaks out as he buries himself more in the shirt, now wanting a change of topic less he confesses his darkest secret. “How did N-nana…"


Thankfully, his teacher gets the hint as he starts to explain without further explanation. “She was killed by a villain while protecting me. She had a smile on her face, even right to the end.”


“She s-sounds like a t-true hero.” Izuku notes after sinking into his mentor’s hug more given how broken he sounded about talking about her. “I’m s-sorry she’s…”


“I am too, my boy.” All Might echoes. “There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of her and her sacrifice. Or what I could have done differently to save her. But I simply can't change the past no matter how much I wish for it. Though, I’m sure she’s proud of me regardless and she would be honored to meet you as my successor if she was still here with us. After all, she was my mentor. One of the predecessors of One for All, in fact."


“S-she was?” Izuku shifts in his mentor’s arms to a more comfortable position. “I bet s-she was an incredible h-hero then.”


“That she was Young Midoriya.” All Might murmurs. “That she was…”


All Might must have really loved Nana... Izuku notes as he feels his mentor rub more circles into his back as he feels heavy wet tears hit his own shirt. Perhaps this was what he wanted to tell me before....about One for All...


The two of them just sit there as they silently cry and think about the kindred souls they have lost. Izuku pauses in his own depressing thoughts on Monoka-san as an idea comes to the forefront. He doesn’t really want to be alone tonight as he fears he might do something stupid again and that would just make him feel even worse afterwards. Plus, All Might is also hurting because of him right now, and he doesn't want him to suffer alone as well.


“C-could you… I mean, only if y-you want…” Izuku starts, very unsure of himself.


“Something on your mind, my boy?”


Izuku takes a deep breath. “W-would you l-like to stay the n-night? We could h-have some hot cocoa and…”


“Watch cheesy movies till we are sick of being sad?” All Might offers with a smile after Izuku trails off. “Or build a pillow fort of sorts if that's more up your alley?”


“Movies please.” Izuku agrees behind a watery smile. “I d-don’t wanna be sad a-anymore.”


“You got it kiddo.”


Chapter Text

Naomasa is not usually one to be a conspiracy theorist, but sometimes whims more than often can lead to something groundbreaking. Though with this case, something bizarre is afoot and it just keeps nagging him, especially ever since their dinner together. And it's not the good kind since the whole thing just feels like a train wreck that already has happened or maybe he's also watching it happen in slow motion right before his eyes? He can't figure out which makes more sense at this point.


God, I'm exhausted...


While the Monoka case left a sour taste in his mouth, his job tonight was far from being over. From the gathered evidence at the scene and the medics on call, it was deemed that the poor lady's heart simply gave out from stress. He doesn't know if it was a blessing or not that there wasn't any cameras in the office space itself as watching people die sucks, but the cameras outside the apartment front office showed no real suspicious looking activities from what the newer officer to their precinct who reviewed the footage told him. There wasn't any signs of a struggle or any type of indication that foul play was afoot in the room, so it was deemed the lady simply had a heart attack and it wasn't a direct attack on Midoriya by the villains who attack USJ. That fact was probably the only good thing to come out of the entire mess. After all, many heart attack sufferers end up having relapses, especially given the woman's age, so it was probably inevitable. 


His only closure and peace of mind with the whole ordeal is that Toshi is having an impromptu sleepover with the kid, who apparently conked out in the middle of the third movie from the texts he got updating him on how the kid was faring while on the scene covering his bases. The sneaky picture his friend took of the kid snuggling into his blankets like a little fluff ball was a precious sight to behold in the midst of his absolute chaotic night. And he's got a pretty good guess of what his friend's new phone wallpaper is. The poor kid sure has had a rough couple of days, that’s for sure and deserves the rest, especially with class back in session the next day. He can only begin to imagine the weight behind the boy's loss and only hopes he can bounce back to his normal self soon. Grief can sometimes do weird things to people, but given what Naomasa learned about the boy's father, the kid isn't a stranger to losing people he dearly loves. So hopefully, he won't take it too hard. At least he can hope for that anyway.


Chugging another swig of his coffee, he adds another stupid incident to his checked list from their database that apparently Midoriya got involved with at a young age. His conversations with both the now deceased Monoka-san and the boy himself just feels like there are holes and he wants to make sense of them to help the poor kid out. That led him down a rabbit hole of thinking, which in turn led him to checking old police records through their data base just in case he found something in the kid's past that bypassed his first pass through. Unsurprising, the initial search part was easy since there wasn't anything to find there at all as the kid had a clean record, though he didn't give up so easily. What a strange gold mine he’s found now by cross referencing the kid's personal phone number from his UA application and the anonymous 119 calls database. All he's done now is pose more infuriating questions about what the hell is going on with the kid, especially given the sheer number of them. The worst part is having to read through each incident report individually to get a sense of what happened with them to see if he can find a link. It is absolute torture to say the least.


“Working late?” Sansa asks as he peeks his head into the door.


“Yeah.” Naomasa replies dryly. “I’m working on that case for the Midoriya kid that’s been personally requested by Nedzu.”


“Oof. That’s rough. Nedzu is one scary guy. I’d hate to be on his shit list.” Naomasa gives an agreeing hum. “Any leads?”


“I have something alright, but nothing makes sense.” He informs with a defeated shake of his head.


Sansa shifts with a contemplative look before inviting himself into his office fully. “Need a cat’s eye view?”


Naomasa chuckles slightly at the joke before nodding as he rubs his forehead, pulling up his digital board to show all of the incidents the little trouble magnet has gotten into for him to view. “Basically, this kid has been all over the place. I swear being a trouble magnet is his actual second quirk or something. He’s consistently called in incidents that he just happens to stumble into ever since he was seven. I just don’t know why yet other than it being extremely bad luck… At least the kid didn’t actually go vigilante with one of the cases at some point or something given the sheer number of them.”


Sansa blinks owlishly for a moment in surprise since it’s a pretty rare trait to have. “Kid has two quirks?”


Naomasa sighs as he comes up with a small omission that is technically not far from the truth from an objective standpoint. “Nedzu suspects Midoriya has been neglected for being previous quirkless by his mother even though he was just a late bloomer, which is the whole reason we started this thing. We think Midoriya has two quirks like Endeavor’s son, one that we know as a strength enhancer as that’s obvious. The second one is a complete mystery. Nedzu thinks it’s like being super observant or something given how crazy smart the kid is for analyzing quirks, but the kid literally laughed in his face like he was an idiot the first time he told him that. And I got a possible indirect confirmation that the second quirk isn’t that at all too. At this point, either the kid is laughing behind our backs for getting it so wrong or he’s hiding it because of whatever abusive crap his mother has done to him, not to mention how much of a fucking shit hole the schools he went to were to him. I’ve been leaning towards the latter ever since I saw that terrified look in his eyes of potentially being found out this evening. And trust me when I say shithole because scrubbing through those security feeds have been downright tortuous to build Nedzu’s case against them. I swear I can’t stand seeing another kid slammed into a locker while a teacher just looks on without a care in the world for a month at least. And some of those feeds have been as recent as of a week ago. I haven't even gotten to Midoriya's ones yet and I'm scared for what I might find. I am honestly going mad from going in circles with all this depressing shit…”


“You done?” Sansa deadpans at the end of his rant.


Naomasa sighs. “Sure.”


“Good.” Sansa looks over the board for a good minute while Naomasa waits for a miracle to be handed to him on a silver platter. “Huh. That’s weird.”


Naomasa’s gaze shoots up as he looks over the board again to figure out what’s got his partner’s attention in his frustration. “What’s not weird about it? The kid literally is a trouble magnet. Most low time heroes experience this amount of action in their entire career, not before they even reach the ripe of old of eighteen. The kid is only fifteen for god's sake...”


Sansa points at the board. “It's just...isn’t it weird that almost every single case he called in that you've combed through so far was where the victim was at risk of dying or was attacked physically in some way? It’s kinda similar to what happens to a lot of people with empathy quirks ya know. Kyokan-san downstairs in records constantly complains about how annoying it is when her quirk leads her to feeling bad stuff happening around her all the time. She has a ridiculously long list of incidents just like this. If this trend continues with the rest of the incidents, then...”


Naomasa stares between his colleague and the board a couple times before it hits him. Hard. “Oh my fucking god, we are all complete idiots.”


“Glad I could help you realize that.” Sansa offers with a Cheshire grin.


“Shut up, not talking about that. But god does it make so much damn sense.” Naomasa taps his pen reflexively as the random dots start to make sense from its trend line. “That’s why the kid threw up during the USJ incident before the villains even physically got there. At the time, I was suspicious since his peers looked at the portal forming and didn’t get sick like he did. But it would make a whole lot of sense if he got sensory overload from the villains inside the portal, but not the portal visibly itself. He even technically didn’t lie to me with the way he worded it by keeping it vague and saying the portal forming was what made him sick. God, he’s so clever at evading my quirk already… If that’s really what happened, we are so fucking lucky he didn’t go into emotional shutdown or even closedown from that. There were 120 villains there, sans the two we failed to capture and the Nomu we are currently analyzing. I can’t imagine feeling the sheer amount of blood lust coming off them if his empathy quirk deals directly with feeling other’s emotions. But…”




“Why seven?” Naomasa taps the pen again.


Sansa scrunches his feline features in confusion. “What about the number?”


“These little incidents started when he was seven, soon to be eight. In early May more specifically…” He draws a circle around the first instance in red with his finger. “So, what prompted the change?”


“You said he had a late quirk, so maybe that’s your answer. Or maybe his parents kept a close leash on him, so possibly the first time he encountered it alone to report it in the first place?”


Naomasa shakes his head tiredly not even hearing his friend’s points. “It just doesn’t make any sense…”


“I’m sure you are just overthinking it.”


“I’m not though. This is a serious deal. And to think the kid has some type of empathy quirk on top of this…? Damn...” Naomasa shakes his head as he starts to pull up an email. “This is such a mess...I need to tell Nedzu my findings right away.”


“Okay, no. I’m cutting you off. It’s bedtime. You’ve run yourself into the ground.” Sansa turns off the bulletin board display. “It’s almost 4 AM already.”


“No, I just got this far. I can’t just--!”


“Tsukauchi, you need to sleep. I’m only here right now because I’m on the night shift this week.” Sansa persists as he points at the growing pile of coffee cups from the last couple days as evidence. “You can inform Nedzu your suspicions in the morning after taking a short nap. Let’s take a brief paws, okay?”




“Okay, you can stop the death glare, I get it. All joking aside, if you don’t go sleep, I swear I will tell the Chief and cut you off for real.” He warns with a serious frown at his friend. “You’ve barely gotten any sleep the last couple of days and it’s really starting to show.”


“Okay fine.” Naomasa grumbles frustrated. “I just…”


“Wanna help the kid.” Sansa smiles as he pats his friend on the shoulder. “I know. So, the best thing you can do right now is go to bed so you can actually help him out. You don’t have to figure everything out at this very moment, now do you?”


“No…” Naomasa sighs hard as the exhaustion hits him again in another wave. “Thanks Sansa.”


“Someone has to keep you chugging along and who better than me who knows how beneficial a good cat nap can be.” Sansa jokes again with a slight chuckle. “Now, get going.”


“Yeah. Yeah. Whatever...” Naomasa grumbles before taking one last look at his computer screen before shutting it all down with a reluctant sigh. He may be throwing in the towel for a little bit, but he's already mentally planning his email to be sent out once he gets home to both Nedzu and his friend in case the kid starts showing signs of being emotionally overwhelmed from his quirk when they finally wake up.


Hopefully, Sansa is right about the kid’s quirk…

Chapter Text

Izuku blinks awake when his All Might alarm goes off beside him. Groggy, Izuku reaches for it to turn it off before snuggling back under his fluffy All Might comforter to sleep for at least ten more minutes before getting up to get ready to go school with All Might.


Izuku bolts up in a frenzy as he almost trips on his way out of his room to the living room in utter disbelief by his brain's memories of the night before, finding the soft snores of his mentor coming from the couch in confirmation.


OH MY GOD!!! All Might slept on my couch! I’m never cleaning it again!!


Izuku pauses for a second.


Okay, that’s a little extreme. I’ll get a blanket cover and wash that so I never have to clean it again…It could even be All Might themed to commemorate the occurrence…Perfect.


Izuku shuffles over to the kitchen with a yawn to get started on breakfast for the two of them while the fanboy inside is still screeching over the fact that the number one hero had not only came over to his apartment for dinner, but had a sleep over with him. He was so rushed and scared out of his mind yesterday he didn't even get a chance to let that reality sink in. He doesn't even care at the moment the ending circumstances were not so ideal.


He feels something wet traitorously prick at his lashes that he tries to ignore it with a passion as he places the pan on the stove, already prepping it with butter to make simple scrambled eggs and toast since he doesn’t have much normal breakfast food at the moment. He just needs to get it done quickly so the two of them will have a nice breakfast. Plus, he’s going to have to make sure the left over Katsudon is enough for lunch and possibly a second serving if All Might needs some since he spent the night. If it's not, he will have to cook another serving, that of which will go to All Might since he's got a special needs with his stomach and left overs might be too harsh on him. Things for later though as he reaches for the block mass in his pocket to see if it’s even still alive at this point since he definitely didn’t charge it last night. Confirming his fears, he pockets the dead phone again to continue cooking for the two of them in the harsh silence as he waits for the pan to heat up fully before putting in the beaten eggs in.


He simply wipes away the growing wetness in an attempt to quell it before it starts up again as he cooks. He knows it’s his fault he didn’t save her when she needed him most, but he can’t break in front of All Might again. Once was already more than he should have done, especially since he almost accidentally told him what his quirk in what was in a moment of vulnerability. He just can’t stop thinking of how he could have saved her. He already saved her once, he could’ve done it again. If only Inko didn't show back up again and ruin everything... If only he was there—


“Young Midoriya?”


Izuku startles for a moment before looking up with a fake smile. “Oh, hey All Might. Good morning. Did you sleep well? Sorry about you taking the couch last night. I haven’t gotten any stuff for the guest room yet since I didn’t have one before. I hope you like scrambled eggs and toast. Sorry it’s not fancy, but I only got enough groceries for a few days, so I’ll need to go again probably tonight and get more of the stuff I--”


“My boy?”


“Ah, s-sorry for rambling...” Izuku frowns when All Might doesn’t give his usual response to that and instead looks increasingly worried. “Is something wrong All Might?”


All Might nods with a sad gaze. “You’re crying, my boy.”




Izuku touches his cheek and finds it really wet. “Oh.”


All Might shifts in his peripheral as Izuku resumes cooking as if that wasn’t happening right now. “If you don’t want to go to school today, I’m sure that--”


“No, please!” Izuku pleads as he furiously wipes at his traitorous face to clear it of his shame. “I’m fine, I swear. I just--”


“My boy, it’s normal to grieve.” All Might points out as he sits on one of the barstools in surrender to not poke the upset teenager more than necessary. “If you need a few days to recuperate, I can get you your notes and the possible homework for this week for you. It would be no bother, I swear.”


“I’m sorry All Might but…” Izuku shakes his head as he removes the scrambled eggs from the heat as he starts on the toast. “I want to go back. I need to. I want to see everyone and make sure they are okay.”


“And you?”


Izuku looks up in confusion. “What about me?”


“Are you okay?”


Izuku grips the pan’s handle hard as he flips the piece of toast to the other side. “I’m fine.”


“My boy…”


“I’m okay.” Izuku lies in anger as a silent prayer. “I swear.”


"Okay, I believe you..." All Might shifts a bit in his seat before looking at the food already done on the counter. “Breakfast smells wonderful.”


Izuku nods as he relaxes a bit. “Yeah. Almost done.”


“I see.”



Izuku focuses solely on the pan in front of him, making to flip the last piece of toast so it doesn’t burn at the right interval of time in total silence. While it cooks, Izuku grabs two plates out of the cabinet to serve the food on. Wordlessly, Izuku gives his mentor the filled plate and a cup of water to boot as he scarfs down his own standing up. Once it's all done, Izuku puts his dirty dish in the sink along with the pans he used for the meal. He usually cleans them right afterward, but the ever watchful gaze of All Might makes him want to hide in his room and never come out because he has a sneaking suspicion his mentor knows he's still not okay. But Izuku has had to deal with much worse with less support, so he just needs to keep chugging along to get out of this rut. If he can trick his brain for a little bit that everything is normal, then maybe he can trick everyone else to not see how much he is breaking inside over what happened. 


I'll be fine. It's just a bad day. You've had worse Izuku. It's okay. I'm okay. Everything is--


"Young Midoriya?" 


Izuku blinks, realizing he was kind of just staring at the sink and dirty dishes for who knows how long. Jumping into high gear, Izuku pulls out the left overs to place in his bento boxes. "Sorry All Might, I was just thinking about what I'd do for lunch. Would you also like a bento of the Kastudon from last night?"


All Might sighs. "Yes please. That would be lovely, my boy."


Izuku freezes at the disappointment that seems to be contained in that one sigh. "A-are you m-mad?"


"Of course not my boy!" All Might protests that Izuku doubts with a look that makes his mentor deflate at his feeble attempt to lie. "Yes, I am. But not at you..."




"I wish you didn't have to lose someone so precious to you so soon is all." All Might notes solemnly, taking a swig of his water. "It's one of the hardest things to go through..."


"I'll be okay All Might. I know maybe right now it doesn't look like it but..." Izuku trails off as he starts packing their lunches. "I um... lost my Pappy right before I turned four, so..."


All Might shifts in his seat. "Were the two of you close?"


"Yes." Izuku doesn't even hesitate as he silently decides to start cleaning the dishes anyway if they are going to talk for a bit after finishing the bentos. "Pappy was my whole world at the time. He believed in me before anyone else had..."


"I'm sorry you lost him so young..."


"It's okay. Pappy would have wanted me to keep smiling even though he's gone..." Izuku reminisces with a shaky smile, starting on the dishes. "He told me constantly I was already his number one hero before I had even gotten a quirk, mind you."


"I think all parents feel like that..." His mentor smiles fondly. "What did your father do as a profession?"


"Ah that." Izuku shakes the current pan dry before putting it on the rack. "He ran a small support company at the time, though now my mother runs it now. Have you heard of Kibou Studios?


"No, I haven't."


Izuku simply nods as he tries to distract himself from his inner turmoil. "I figured probably not since you always use the support gear from David Shield's support company. But that's okay. Kibou Studios was named that because Pappy wanted to not only help the heroes protecting us, but also the victims of the villains they fought. In the company's bylaws, Pappy made sure to pledge half of all sales made to be sent to the victims of villain attacks. That's why it's probably not a huge company at this point anyway. It's always in the top hundred at best in any fiscal year, though Pappy never really cared about rankings."


"He sounds like he was a great man." All Might offers at Izuku's small smile. "You miss him a lot, don't you?"


"Yeah..." Izuku sniffs a bit as he puts the remaining pan on the drying rack. "He wasn't always home often because of his work, but when he was, he basically held up the world in my eyes."


"I found some of his old blue prints in the house that he had made specifically for me when I became a hero you know. He was always running straight for the future..." Izuku brings up as he moves on to his used plate and cup to wash as his mentor elects to listen to him ramble a bit. "I actually used them to design my current costume you know... The main base is all his after all... You know, the suit portion with the hoodie, though I added that hoodie part myself."


The complete set with a few modifications was actually what he used for his first prototype Switch vigilante costume, but he omits that little detail as All Might might freak from that admission. 


"Even as a kid, he was already looking towards the future and was willing to give me everything." Izuku sniffles, his eyes feeling a little itchy and puffy from his crying. "I don't think he ever doubted I wouldn't be one... Even when I was quirkless..."


Izuku stifles a sob from erupting from his throat due to reopening his old wounds that he had thought were long healed. Sighing, Izuku continues to let his inner thoughts flow out.


"I think he was trying to make sure I'd be safe by giving me my support costume as a gift. Or at least that's what I gathered from his notes..." Izuku mentions as tears start to gather again. "I know that right now it probably doesn't look like it, but I'll be okay. I'm just..."


"In shock?" All Might offers as he stands up to relinquish his own stuff to be cleaned. 


"Yeah, I guess..." Izuku shrugs as he tears at the stupid tears in his eyes. "I'll be back to normal soon anyway..."


"You know..." All Might starts as he places his stuff in the sink after scraping away the excess food he couldn't eat in the trash. "Heroes are always allowed to cry. You know that, right?"


Izuku startles at the familiar sentence as he stares at All Might with wide eyes. "I..."


"Don't worry so much my boy and go at your own pace with this." All Might pats his arm reassuringly. "If you need me, all you ever need to do is ask. I'll be there in a heart beat."


"Thanks dad..." Izuku barely whispers with a smile on his lips.


"What was that my boy?" All Might inquires as Izuku sputters after realizing what he called his mentor out loud. "You were mumbling again."


"It's nothing!" Izuku squeaks in embarrassment as he furiously starts scrubbing the dishes given to him, trying desperately to hide the increasing red painting his freckles. "I just said t-thank you All Might. F-for everything... I really a-appreciate it."


"Nonsense my boy." All Might claps him on the back a loud booming laugh. "Just take it easy today, okay?"


"Okay, I will." Izuku smiles as he finishes up the dishes as he mentor returns to the bar stool, browsing on his phone or something.


Once they are all on the drying rack, Izuku rushes back to his room to get his uniform and his wireless charger for his phone to charge in the bathroom while he showers so it will be at least usable for a little bit at school.


"I'm going to take a shower real quick!" Izuku shouts quickly before locking himself in, not bothering to wait for a response since All Might seemed really engrossed with whatever he was doing on his phone. 


Finally alone in the bathroom, Izuku real emotions truly come out as he lets the cold water run down his back as he cries, allowing the water hitting the drain below to cover up his sniffles in case his mentor was listening in to check in on him. Trying not to take up too much time in case All Might needs it too, Izuku tries to limit his time in the shower even though its definitely a much longer duration of time than normal. He just wants to get all the tears out now before he faces his classmates later today. He can't wait to see them again and see if they are all really okay. That and he'll be able to see Tsuki again. He truly didn't know how ingrained his little vixen had become in his life until he's had to be without her for a weekend. It almost makes him wonder if he was even living before she came into his life.


After getting out of the shower with a fresh towel, Izuku briefly checks his phone for notifications before seeing a good amount of texts spanning the last couple days and 5 separate calls from Bakugo from late last night alone. Tense, he opens the messages to assess the damage since he hadn't even checked his messages in a few days. He only picked up All Might's call because he called him directly before everything went to shit last night. He had temporarily blocked incoming text message notifications in case his mother somehow got his number for a short time because he just couldn't deal with that. If she called him, he would've just hung up immediately and blocked her. He just didn't want to cut off his incoming calls in case something came up with the school and they needed to reach out to him about it. Everything with USJ and his mother just caused him to throw everything to the way side and he ended up ignoring his friend's attempts to reach out unintentionally. Now, the only thing he can hope is that the blond isn't busy razing the whole country down in a frenzy looking for him.



Kacchan 💥:


deku, you okay? my hag heard you were moved to the hospital or whatever from auntie. don't do this shit again or i'll kill your ass.



Kacchan 💥:


oi, you still fucking out of it? answer me damn it.



Kacchan 💥:


are you fucking ignoring me shitty nerd?! fuck you!



Kacchan 💥:





Kacchan 💥:


deku, stop fucking ignoring me! shitty ass nerd…



Kacchan 💥:


deku, I heard about the landlady and that you moved or some shit. is it because of the villains? talk to me.



Kacchan 💥:


are you in danger or something? read my fucking messages damn it!



Kacchan 💥:


izuku please talk to me



Izuku drops his phone to the floor in complete shock, especially since his friend actually used the word please in a sentence. “Oh my god, Kacchan is going to kill me. How the fuck did I miss this?”


“Are you okay in there, Young Midoriya? Did you fall or something--?”


“Perfectly fine!” Izuku squeaks, flushing hard as he’s still in his towel. “Please don’t come in!”


“Alright.” All Might calls through the door. “Let me know if need anything…”


“Okay, thank you!” Izuku picks up his abused phone from the ground, inspecting it for cracks. To his relief, the linoleum tiles didn’t take out his phone, but now a worse problem has arrived. How to tame the flame before it rages out of control. Biting his lip, he tries to be vague so he can explain in person by only giving him enough to not kill him on sight.





I’m okay, but right now is probably not the best time to talk. I’m sorry for not seeing your texts earlier. I’ll see you in class today.



Izuku clicks off his phone’s notifications again as he’d rather let his friend stew about it for a bit. If he got them now, he’d probably get super anxious over it and freak out even more than he can honestly handle right now. Hoping to have the chance to catch his friend before class so things don't go any further south than they already have, Izuku leaves his current melancholy behind to get to school as fast possible as he can to defuse the ticking time bomb.

Chapter Text

Izuku races to his classroom with absolute urgency as he can almost taste his impending doom. All Might had to take a few pit stops with saving some people while walking with him to school. There was even that one criminal that just so happened to accidentally run right into Izuku's outstretched leg when he ran out of the store. Izuku may have felt the bastard threatening a lady with his knife through the building beforehand, but he didn't even plan that level of absurdity at the criminal's expense. All Might took care of him real quick after ducking into an alley for the police, but Izuku couldn't stop the feeling that All Might was watching him even more closely after that occurrence, even though he praised him for his quick thinking. Izuku insisted profusely it was an accident, but his mentor just laughed as if he said it as a joke. Once they were safely on campus after avoiding the media camped out in front by taking the teacher entrance, Izuku took off after one second of checking his phone's time. He pledged to find Tsuki during lunch after he dealt with the demon.


Taking a deep breath, Izuku carefully opens the door to his classroom, hoping he didn't look as messed up as he felt with all of his rushing. It only takes Izuku a moment to lock eyes with red to immediately regret existing today.






Izuku immediately dives behind the door in pure terror to the fact that his best friend used his full name for the first time in forever. Plus, he has a feeling the rage coming off his friend will be very fatal even though he’s pretty sure what’s he’s done to warrant such a reaction as he peeks over the door frame. He may have neglected texting back last night, but he still texted back this morning, so it couldn’t be that bad…Right?


“Oh, hey Kacchan, nice to see you here. Do you come here often or--”


“You fucking suicidal martyr!” Bakugo just bulldozes straight to him and grabs Izuku by the collar as he pops off a few warning explosions in his opposite palm. His classmates near the door backs off considerably as his friend's attempt to drag him into the room more fully, not wanting to have anything to do with the rampaging heathen from hell. After all, none of them have ever seen Bakugo's true anger. Everything else they have seen at this point has been an appetizer to the full course. “What the fuck were you thinking holding off those shitty ass villains?!”


Oh shit.


Izuku starts involuntarily sweating as he prays for his life to be normal after this. “Well, you see Kacchan I--”


“Don’t fucking ‘Kacchan’ me asshole!” Bakguo snarls back as the entire class kind of just stares at the two, unsure if they should step in to stop them or if that would just be a worse fire hazard. “Do you even know how fucking Auntie must feel right now about your stupid ass?!”


Izuku flinches at that as it’s still a very sore spot for him right now. “I’m sorry Kacch--”


“Don’t fucking apologize!” Bakugo roars back as Izuku winces at the volume. “You can’t even fucking use your broken quirk and the first thing you do is try to fucking play the hero? You could’ve fucking died!”


Izuku’s face darkens as he raises his own voice as he grabs his friend’s hand to get him off him. “I didn’t have a choice Kacchan! What, did you want me to let everyone else die? I couldn’t just stand by and let that happen!”


“We have fucking quirks Deku! You on the other hand didn’t have one rearing and ready to go without blowing your own limbs off!” Bakugo explains with a dark scowl of his own.


Izuku scowls at that remark. “Okay Kacchan, we’ve been over this, I don’t need a--”


“Not the point you fucking asshat!” Bakugo snips back, cutting him off abruptly with a jerk. “We could have worked together instead of you going fucking Rambo the entire time!”


“Kacchan, I didn’t ask to be teleported away.” Izuku pouts as tears start forming as a reflex to the smoke from his friend’s palms getting in his eyes in small plumes. “I just didn’t want anyone hurt.”


“And somehow you were more qualified Deku?” Bakugo growls as a challenge, thinking he would win that argument. “That you have more experience dealing with villains?”


“Yes, actually, I do.” Izuku glares right back not even phased as Bakugo’s eyes widen in surprise as he stares at him, looking for a lie in his friend’s face. Too bad for him because he doesn’t find one.


“I’ve always had back luck with running into them, so I’m no stranger to it.” Izuku purposefully doesn’t mention his quirk or lack thereof are always to blame. “That wasn’t my first rodeo, but it was the first time I was actually scared because I thought none of you would make it out of there. It doesn’t matter if my quirk is broken, I couldn’t just stand there and do nothing. I may have made things worse, but at least I tried to do something!”


Recognition flows through the room as they all remembered that one interview on the day of the sludge villain incident picking up the audio in the background of the quirkless kid who rushed in to save their friend ranting to the heroes at the scene. They knew Bakugo had been the victim because his name was plastered everywhere despite his face not being shown clearly. The news station had omitted the faces of the two due to them both being minors, so no one really knew who the mystery green haired kid was as the only footage of him was the blurry camera videos taken by civilians who were at the scene. Izuku just ignores the wide eyes of everyone in the room as he starts his own rant about USJ.


“You seriously can’t sit here and say that what I did was wrong. What if they killed you? Or any of our friends? I can’t live with that. I would never forgive myself if I just stood by and watched it happen. You can’t stop me from wanting to save people Kacchan, especially when it’s the right thing to do.” Izuku protests as he continues. “If all of them were just normal villains that were purse snatchers or low time thugs, it would have been fine. We are all strong enough against that. They would have been easy and wouldn’t have stood a chance. But they weren’t alone. Hand Job and Misty Man plus that Lab Experiment were the only real players on the board to be scared of. They could have killed everyone without lifting a finger!”


“What, now are you fucking bragging that you faced them down and lived Deku?!” Bakugo growls back. “Did you even remember being pulled out of there on a fucking stretcher?!”


“Technically, I remember passing out way before that so no…but that’s not the point right now!” Izuku protests as he wriggles a bit to get out of his feral classmate’s hold. “I did what I could to save Aizawa-sensei or lighten his load, nothing more. I didn’t purposefully pick a fight with them like you probably think because I knew they could kill us without a second thought if their leader even had a brain. Good thing he was a big baby though, throwing a tantrum when he didn’t get his way like a two--”


“I don’t want a play-by-play dipshit.” Bakugo snips back, cutting his rambling off. “You fucking got the shit beaten out of you because you were a god damn mutt sticking your nose where it didn’t belong!”


Izuku huffs at his friend in frustration. “Look, I didn’t even mean to get hurt that badly either! It’s not my fault they were doing a terrible job of trying to kidnap me or something, okay?”


Bakugo stills. “They fucking did what?”


Izuku fidgets in his hold, unsure what to do as it’s pretty obvious that the whole class doesn’t know aside from Todoroki and possibly Tsu. He’d rather not have that discussion any time soon if Izuku’s getting thrown through the ringer from simply trying to protect them.


Explain.” Bakugo demands with a deadly air of calm that Izuku knows is far from the truth given how he literally can feel how much his best friend wants to strangle him to death at that moment.


“Yeah, okay.” Izuku yelps as the red infernos burn directly into his soul waiting for his answer. “TheythoughtIhadananaylsisquirk, sotheykindawantedtocaptureme. IswearIdon’tactuallyhaveone, buttheyjustwouldn’tlistentomewhenItoldthemIdidn’t. Ijustcan’thelpitwithanalyzingtheirquirks, soIknewwhattheywereandtheirpossibleweaknesses. ItmadeitlooklikeIhavethatquirkwhenIactuallydon’t. Justpleasedon’tkillmeKacchan.”


“Dude, did you even breathe for that?” Kirishima asks as Izuku vehemently shakes his head in pure fear as he never likes a deadly calm Bakugo Katsuki. There is nothing worse in his opinion, and he’s pretty certain not even his quirk will be able to bring him back from that unforgiving abyss.


Izuku sweat drops as the rage boiling underneath has clearly reached critical mass with even Bakugo’s eye twitching to try and keep it contained. “Speak clearly shithead.”


“They wanted him because they assumed he had an analysis quirk.” Todoroki informs the group to Izuku’s instant relief as Bakugo whips his head towards him. “Midoriya said at the time he doesn’t have one, but I’m not so sure that’s the case given the circumstances…”


“The fuck Icy-Hot? You can’t have two motherfucking quirks you dumbass! Not even your pompous ass got two. You got two outputs like me you complete fuckface. And this idiot is just a stupid ass stalker who can’t keep his filthy nose out of shit!” Bakugo snarls back with rage that turns Todoroki’s slightly concerned look cold before turning back on Izuku. “And speaking about this little shit--!”


Izuku instantly puts his hands up to protect himself. “Kacchan, please I--!”


“Where the actual fuck did you go?!” Bakugo shakes him for an answer. “I went by your stupid place with my old hag to check up on you and the shitty landowner’s daughter told us you skipped town after the old one apparently croaked! Then you fucking go silent when I try to talk to you over the phone. The fuck is that about, huh?!”


Izuku pales considerably as that was not something he wanted to discuss yet as he’s still grieving. “I…uh…”


“Well?!” Bakugo huffs, waiting for an answer.


“I moved.” Izuku explains carefully as tears start to pool more dangerously in his lids at the mention of it. “I moved closer to UA the day I got out of the hospital. It was for my safety given what happened. I’m sorry I didn’t say anything, but…I didn’t really have a choice…I can give you my new address if you want but…”


“Oh.” Bakugo’s grip loosens as he looks over Izuku’s depressed demeanor at the subject. “Are you…?”


Izuku sniffs as real grieving tears start coming out as his friend is probably the only one he can say he's not alright about it. “N-no. I m-miss M-monoka-san…”


“Why the fuck do you even care about the old lady right now?” Bakugo scoffs angrily, not even noticing Izuku’s continued dropping mood over the subject. “You have your own shit to worry about if they are still fucking coming after your ass! How’s Auntie handling this shit?”


Izuku freezes as he runs over the possibilities to not lie in front of him, especially since he’s still unsure about the whole situation. “I…umm…Uh…I mean…”


“What are you two Problem Children doing?”


Izuku absolutely screeches in terror as he flings himself away from the absolute dead sounding voice that had snuck up on him due to dealing with the bomb, disregarding his friend’s hold entirely as he rips away easily to defend himself from the threat.


Once his breathing finally regains his composure, he squeaks out his concern upon seeing his teacher look like a mummy. “Aizawa-sensei, why? I know you can’t take a break to save your life and I kinda expected this because of what the detective told me, but seriously why do you think that was necessary to--”


“Halt your questions before you pass out from oxygen deprivation Problem Child.” Izuku closes his mouth instantly at the glare of his furious teacher, no doubt mad at his actions during USJ as he takes deep breathes to go back to normal. “Good, now everyone to their seats.”


The only noise in the room that is heard is the desperate rush to sit down before their clearly disgruntled teacher shows them the classroom exit permanently. With everyone comfortably in their seats, their teacher shuffles his way towards the front desk in the room. Izuku does not miss the clear red stare of his friend as they march, leading him to know that this is far from being over in a long shot.


“Alright.” Aizawa-sensei glances over to the fervently raised hand of Iida before sighing loudly. “What is it Iida?”


“Sir!” Iida stands up and bows dramatically to their teacher. “I mean no disrespect about this as I can vouch for our entire class how grateful we are concerning your actions during the villain attack. I am glad that you are well, but are you certain you should be pushing yourself during your recovery period?”


“Yeah.” Tsu speaks up with a puzzled look. “Both you and Midoriya-chan took the brunt of the attack along with Thirteen-san. Are you sure all of you are okay?”


“None of you need to worry about me.” Aizawa-sensei’s pointed glare at Izuku makes him gulp. “But Midoriya, I thought I told you before you weren’t authorized to use your quirk.”


Izuku visibly pales as he turns his gaze to his desk in shame, wanting to use an excuse, but running dry as his teacher would probably expel him for doing so. “Aizawa-sensei, I have no excuse as I shouldn’t have done that. For that, I apologize for breaking your trust in me.”


“You are right Problem Child. There is no excuse.” Aizawa-sensei parrots as Izuku flinches to his teacher’s unfortunate nickname for him.


“Wait Sensei!” Yaoyorozu stands up out of turn to everyone’s surprise. “You can’t seriously punish Midoriya for this. It’s not his fault--”


“You are wrong.” Izuku asserts that cuts her off as he continues to stare at his desk without looking up to see his teacher’s growing frown. “It is my fault as I chose to use it. I didn’t have to. It doesn’t matter if they were villains. I could have worked around it. What if I killed one of them on accident or maimed them while using it? I needed control, which I still don’t have. Plus, I engaged in combat without a provisional license with a quirk. In any other circumstance, I would have been arrested for vigilantism.”


“You were only defending yourself.” Todoroki supplies from behind as if it was obvious. "The villain that caught you wasn't normal."


“It doesn’t work that way Todoroki. The law is still the law. The one of the few exceptions to using your quirk in self-defense without a license is if the quirk is constantly activated or the quirk works without the user’s explicit consent like a healing quirk. Even for those cases, a temp license is required beforehand. I should have been arrested for what I did and I have no right to use that excuse that I was only defending myself.” Izuku shakes in seat in fear. “Villains can use the same argument for a busted drug deal. They were simply protecting themselves from the big bad cops. The intentions do not justify the means.”


“We used our quirks too!” Hagakure protests as Izuku’s mood doesn’t change to the news to her disappointment. “You weren’t the only one who…”


“I know, but I was the only one forbidden from using it. That's the difference between me and all of you.” Izuku counters as he grips his pants with a death grip. “Since Aizawa-sensei had given me explicit instructions to not to use it beforehand, I might as well have committed vigilantism in the eyes of UA, regardless of the law being waived in this instance. That’s why I should be punished.”



Aizawa-sensei sighs, prompting Izuku to look up at his teacher to learn his verdict. “I was going to say there was no excuse for me to put you in a situation where you were forced to use it, but apparently you prefer giving the class a lesson on quirk laws instead.”


Izuku’s mouth drops as he strains out a response that almost sounds more like a drowning cat screech. “Are you kidding?”


“You still broke our trust, that much is true.” Izuku closes his mouth instantly. “But it was my duty to protect all of you. It caused you to be in a situation to where you had to make that choice.”


Izuku recognizes the unspoken ‘I failed’ in his teacher’s voice, but not his unamused expression under the bandages. “Aizawa-sensei, you can’t beat yourself up over this. You didn’t know--”


“Problem Child, you gave us evidence of the villain Shigaraki on our campus the day of the media break in.” The entire class adopts wide eyes at the news as they turn in surprise to their green classmate. “We should have postponed that field trip until we had more evidence of why. If this is anyone’s fault, it is the staff of UA and your teachers who failed to protect you. For that, I apologize to everyone in this room for our failure to act.”


Izuku stands up, slamming his palms into his desk in anger as his emotions have reached an all-time high as he's so done with today, startling his classmates. “You can’t be expected to know everything! Just because I sketched a weird dude lurking around the media that just so happened to be Shigaraki that day doesn’t mean I knew what they were planning! It could have been a false positive and you can’t just stop special campus programs for that! If I didn’t know what they were going to do anymore than you all did, then you can’t blame yourself for this. You protected us with your life. You already did more than enough. I’m sorry that I jumped in, but--”


“Stop Midoriya.” Aizawa-sensei silences him with a raised hand. “We can spend all day throwing the blame around but it won’t change what happened.”


Izuku sits back down, though an angry pout is definitely still there on his face as he’s not convinced his teacher actually believe he did everything right to protect them.


“Now, before we get started, there is going to be an announcement tomorrow about the Sports Festival.”


The entire class hollers in excitement as Izuku curls into himself at all the noise as it’s just too much with his emotions being on a rollercoaster given the past couple days. Just the shrillness alone is enough to send him spiraling if his teacher was a fan of the celebrations.


“Silence!” Aizawa-sensei scolds as his teacher’s intimidation tactic comes into play again, making Izuku smile at the normalcy for a second before a terrible headache hits him again as he squeezes his eyes shut from the jarring pain. “I said it would be tomorrow because…”


Izuku can feel his teacher’s red eyes bore into him for a second of concern before another red thing starts to drip from his nose, making his heart rate skyrocket as it feels eerily similar to what happened when his mother controlled him. Izuku only feels his panic grow as he starts to hear his mother’s voice in his ears, taunting over him, forcing him to cradle his screaming head in pain as feelings of death starts to flare all around him once the initial migraine-like pain stops. The pain from the death auras just grows and grows as it starts to feel like his mother is controlling him right before she stabbed him the first time.


No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No--




Izuku feels a tightness in his chest as he struggles to breathe, not hearing anything but her cold voice yelling in his ears as she controls him yet again, the feeling of death only ceasing for a short moment of reprieve. Her knife raises as Izuku screams internally for her to not do it as the death feeling resurfaces again.


Please. Not again. I can’t--


“Please no. Stop. Please don’t. Stop. Stop! Stop--!” Izuku pleads as tears drench his face more than the blood. “I don’t want a--!”




Izuku snaps his eyes open at the voice of his teacher, taking in the concerned looks of his classmates in his peripheral. It’s at that moment he sees the tiny green sparks coming off of his arms that have a slight flame-like flare to them, making him forget the painful feelings of death radiating around him for a second.


Completely and utterly terrified of them, Izuku literally jumps out of his seat with a yelp, managing to hit the ceiling on his way up in his surprise as he’s unaccustomed to the new surge in power. Once he falls back down on his butt with a groan, he tries to calm his breathing as he tries to get rid of the sparks by rubbing his arms to make them go away.


To his relief, they dissipate, but his headache comes back in full force, prompting him to shakily grab at his booming head. Once it goes away, he fumbles with his portable first aid kit in his pocket to clean up the new drips of blood coming from his nose with a thin piece of gauze to not potentially ruin his uniform. He always buys many spares as he expects them to be destroyed, but still.


“Kid, what happened?” Aizawa-sensei asks softly as he kneels down at Izuku’s level while he’s cleaning away the blood.


Izuku looks up trembling from his panic as the feeling of death still lulls in the background, almost shrieking at him without any reprieve. His tongue fails to work for the first couple attempts at speech before he finally gets it to work with him. “I don’t... I think…I…Panicked?”


“Recovery Girl.” Aizawa-sensei declares with absolute urgency as he helps Izuku up on his unstable feet to guide him. “Now.”

Chapter Text

“Sensory overload.”


“Excuse me what?” Aizawa-sensei hisses as Izuku sits on the bed, trembling from the pain of his original quirk is giving off at random intervals as he tries to stop the bleeding from getting everywhere. At this point he's silently accepted whatever he's feeling, it can't be real as nothing has come and attacked him yet. That or someone attempting to burn down the school and is taking their sweet time in indecision. All Izuku can accept with a hundred percent certainty is that he's overwhelmed and just wishes he could see Tsuki. She may not be able to do anything about the pain, but at least she makes him less stressed out when she's in the room. That's all he really wants at the moment, but he doesn't have it in his heart to interrupt the arguing adults in the room for his request to see his girl.


Recovery Girl looks up from her charts. “I need to do an MRI as soon as possible to confirm, but I strongly suspect Midoriya has a sensory overload from a mental type quirk that is going off right now, which is causing the migraine like pain and possibly the blood loss. The panic attack most likely was the start of the symptoms though. Do you know specifically what triggered it?”


Aizawa-sensei groans as Izuku shakes in fear from them knowing what his original quirk is. “I simply erased his quirk and he got a nosebleed that spiraled into a full-blown panic attack. It’s not the first time he’s gotten one though. The first one I saw was the first day, but he didn’t seem bothered by it much unlike this instance. And that doesn’t even begin to explain the green sparks coming off of him when he became panicked like that. Mental quirks don’t do that Chiyo. And as far as I know, neither does One for All.”


“I’m not certain at this moment to give a full explanation.” Recovery Girl hums as she looks over him from a distance while Izuku flinches away at the observational gaze directed at him. “I really think we need to do further tests to eliminate--”


The door opens suddenly, diverting everyone attention to a very disgruntled looking detective, Nedzu, and All Might holding the very proud but extremely agitated Tsuki.


“Aizawa, we came as soon as we could--”


“Tsuki-chan!” Izuku cries out in relief as he was so very worried about his surrogate mother’s wellbeing as he basically jumps off the bed, disregarding his bleeding nose and booming headache. If he lost a few tears at her sight, no one pointed it out.


Moon Child!” Tsuki returns with fervor and she bounds out of All Might’s arms and into his own arms.


After a moment of snuggling his precious, precious girl, he checks on her as he was super worried as protective Izuku flares to forefront. “Are you okay? Did they feed you well? No one judged you for your quirk right? Tell me if someone did and I’ll--


No, no child. I’m in perfect health and no one bothered me to my genuine surprise. In fact, they were quite grateful for my help in the matter.” Tsuki assures with a loud affectionate purr as she rubs her scent all over Izuku’s upper chest and hands. “In fact, once the initial tensions with Nedzu was over, he was such a delight to talk with. Did you know he’s planning to take down a corrupt school district?


“He’s what?!” Izuku squeaks as he’s visibly distressed for that poor school district that caused to get on Nedzu’s naughty list. “Which one!?”


He wouldn’t say, but he was certainly very enthusiastic and proud about the endeavor. It was such a joy to help him with coming up with suitable punishments and creating some talking points for the trial, that’s for sure. The legal system for humans is truly fascinating…” Tsuki looks over Izuku for a moment before her cheerful demeanor dropping a tad. “Moon Child, why are you bleeding? Is it from those villains that so maliciously attacked you? Why are you smelling so distressed?


“Ah, no I’m not bleeding from the villains. I had a…you know…”


"Panic attack..." Izuku admits privately while grabbing the tissue again to wipe his face again while keeping Tsuki steady in his other arm. “I’m okay now I think…”


What did those villains do to you? I know you were injured, but not to what degree.” Tsuki burns with a death aura that seems laced with a very protective feeling, making Izuku flinch a bit from its intensity as his head still hurts a lot. "I swear if they gave you permanent injuries, then I'll--"


“Tsuki-chan, I’m okay. It was nothing really. They didn’t even--” Izuku pauses when he watches as Recovery Girl makes a face before it dawns on him what his little vixen is doing. “Wait. Tsuki-chan no--!”


“This young man broke his left arm and right leg from using his troublesome quirk without permission.” Recovery Girl huffs out as Izuku visibly watches on in object horror at the absolute train wreck about to happen in slow motion. “Lacerations on his abdomen from claw wounds. Multiple scrapes and bruises from collisions with the concrete and fighting various villains. And don’t get me start on the neck bruising from nearly being choked to death given how his windpipe was almost crushed entirely. I swear, he’s just too much trouble…”


“Why….?” Izuku whines as he feels his kitten bristle before swatting him hard in the face for his white lie, though she graciously spares him her claws for the time being.


Moon Child! That’s not nothing!” Tsuki huffs as Izuku mentally prepares for his funeral. “If you tell me that you actually died during that, I swear I’ll--


“No, I didn’t! I swear Tsuki-chan!” Izuku retorts in a panic as he forgets to hide his response from those in the room. “I didn’t mean to get so banged up. I’m really sorry! I didn’t--”


A cough from Aizawa-sensei stops Izuku freak out session as he redirects his attention back to the group. “S-sorry Aizawa-sensei…”


“So, as you were saying Recovery Girl before the distractions?”


“Yes.” Recovery Girl shuffles towards Izuku as she pats the bed again for him to sit down, which he does, careful not to jostle Tsuki too much on the way down as he pets her lovingly, some of his pain starting to fade away from her simply being there to calm him down. His quirk is still angry at him, but at least he doesn't feel like he's five seconds from being suffocated to death. “I have a theory the troublemaker over here has gotten sensory overload from his mental quirk. But it simply doesn’t make any sense given what happened. Now the boy apparently had green sparks coming off him that I have no idea how to explain…”


Izuku sweats a little but stays unfazed as he tries to calm down. He’s about eighty percent sure those green sparks were from One for All now that the panics over since it was the same buzz when he uses it normally, but it could be a new thing with his original that he didn't know about. Plus, there’s no way they know about his original quirk anyway after all for them to suspect that remaining twenty percent that is unsure in him, so he'll go with it being that if questioned over it.


“First, we were totally wrong about Midoriya’s quirk.” Tsukauchi offers to Izuku’s instant dread as his stomach starts to rebel against him by doing somersaults. “So, it makes sense what just happened if he’s having sensory overload actually. It’s honestly a surprise this didn’t happen in the hospital, though I guess it’s probably just bubbling over to now given what happened yesterday. Also, I’m sure those green sparks were probably One for All as it’s always showed itself differently in every user from what Toshi told me once. That quirk has always been quirky if I do say so myself.”


What?” Izuku barely squawks out in nervous fashion, ignoring the pun in his panic.


All Might nods. “Nedzu, my friend, and I were actually having a meeting together about this before we got your call Aizawa. It makes so much sense in hindsight actually, especially if the sensory overload is true from Chiyo. Midoriya did seem oversensitive this morning and quite possibly showed some of the signs that Naomasa emailed me about. It probably bubbled over this morning leading to this happening when he was in a room with more than a few people in it. Also, green sparks shouldn’t be a bad thing I wouldn’t think. I sometimes spark if I use too much power, but mine have been yellow.”


“Can you stop being cryptic?” Aizawa-sensei drawls lazily that Izuku agrees wholeheartedly since his neck is on the line if they truly know what it is. “I have my student here who just went through a panic attack and god knows what else in the middle of homeroom, so I have eighteen more problem children with meddlesome questions to deal with once I get back. Get to the point.”


The detective straightens. “Okay so, I spent all last night working on Midoriya’s case.”


There’s a case on me?! When and why and how?!!!!! Was I the mysterious third case?!


“Did you know there are over 453 anonymous 119 calls that Midoriya has initiated since he was seven? Over 98% of the ones I've gleaned through so far involved some type of physical trauma occurring between the victim or perpetrator.” Tsukauchi looks almost radiant at that observation, like he discovered a possible nuclear energy source the size of a pencil while Recovery Girl simply shakes her head murmuring something Izuku can’t quite catch. “And my genius of a partner Sansa helped me figure out exactly why early this morning.”


Fuck. Fuck. Oh fuck. Izuku pales considerably as he drowns in worry. Here is comes. I’m going to be shipped off and experimented on for the rest of my life because I was a no-good nosy person and didn’t carry my Switch burner phone with me everywhere. I’ll never be a hero and—


“It’s an empathy quirk!” Tsukauchi chirps before taking a victory chug of his fresh coffee cup.


Izuku forcibly has to make himself not throw up with his free hand from his previous building anxiety being released all at once in relief he didn't say what he thought he was going to say. But now poses a different problem he really doesn’t want to prove them wrong at this point. To everyone else, it looks like Izuku is about to go into a panic attack at the accusation, which technically isn’t far from the truth as he’s still reeling from the possibility they will still figure it out if they ask the right questions.


They don’t know…right? Please tell me he doesn’t--


“An empathy quirk? Midoriya doesn’t even show the signs of...” Aizawa-sensei drops his unamused expression when he sees the state of Izuku incoming wide eye tears and all the incurring evidence against his instinctive pessimism. Especially since one of those pieces of possible evidence is sitting proudly in Izuku’s hands.


“What type of empathy quirk?” Recovery Girl prompts impatiently. “Those are very finicky you know and I need to know how to best help my patient after his panic attack mind you.”


“I have no idea.” Tsukauchi downs another swig of coffee like a shot. “I think only Midoriya here would know that answer.”


Izuku has never seen a shift of attention on him occur so fast before that it’s giving him slight whiplash. He removes his shaking hand, but his mouth fumbles trying to form words to challenge their observations. All that comes out is the desperate squawks of a dying bird.


I know as well.


Izuku watches as the adults in the room shift their attention to his smug cat in his arms in contemplation. A broken and desperate “Tsuki!” is all that graces his lips in horror while the adults start having a mostly hushed conversation at the new knowledge while Izuku starts planning his last rights as a human being before becoming a test subject to see how far one can push the human body before it croaks. That or a glorified car crash test dummy. He can’t tell which would be more plausible or worse at the height of his new panic attack just seconds away from ripping him a new one.


The detective can’t tell when I lie.” Izuku raises a shaky brow at that admission and when she must have figured it out. She clearly catches on and explains quickly before the adults notice her speaking specifically to him as they fuss to each other. “It seems his quirk doesn’t work on nonverbal versions of communication. I lied a couple times during his questioning of me about you. He was none the wiser and as you can see” – Tsuki gestures a paw – “He still thinks I was telling the truth then and isn’t questioning my motives in the slightest. I won’t tell them anything about your real quirk if you promise me one thing.


Okay--” Izuku automatically agrees as he puts on his acting hat to get out of this sticky situation.


In return, I want a full report of what occurred with the villains or else.


Tsuki!” Izuku protests before seeing the dangerous gleam in her eye meaning she’s dead serious with that threat. “Okay, okay, I get it. I agree. Just…please don’t…


Excellent.” Tsuki turns her attention back to the clearly squabbling adults over the news. “Would you all like to know what it is?


“Tsuki-chan…” Izuku whines in character.


“What is the Problem Child’s quirk?” Aizawa-sensei sighs as he takes the forefront of the discussion.


I can’t tell you the impossible. My Moon Child simply doesn’t have one.” Izuku chokes on air as that was DEFINITELY not the plan he agreed to as the adults stare at the cat in confusion.


Tsuki-chan, what the hell?!” Izuku growls as that is literally the worst angle they can go. “That’s literally not going to work!


Shush. Not finished. Let me work my magic. I’ve picked up a few new tricks from being around your principal for a weekend after all…” Tsuki regains her eye contact with the worried shifting adults. “As you can see, my Moon Child gets bloody noses frequently because of the dry air. I am uncertain what prompted his panic attack as the smells coming off him are distressed at best, but I’m sure the villain attack didn’t do him any favors. His attacks have never been kind to him as he has them quite frequently, especially in the privacy of his home where there are less prying eyes.


Izuku wants to die from the dying breathing noises he’s making during rethinking all of his life choices up to this point in his life as he zones out a bit. He ponders if it’s still a viable option to jump out the window and migrate to the US or Canada to live in the woods for the rest of his life like a hermit. He could make Tsuki a cat playground out of the spare logs from building the log cabin. It would have to be near a nice stream so he could make a mill. If he plans it right, he could even make a primitive water flow system from it so he could have running water almost year-round. And if he went by a nearby junk yard, perhaps he could find some scraped solar panels and other electronics so he could have power. If he gets that all set up, then it’s possible to upgrade the water system to year-round. All in all, it’s pretty feasible if--


And I just want to talk to the person who thought it was a great idea to the two of us separated for so long. I’m certain my Moon Child requested my presence as much as I did. I’m literally a cat. I could leave to see him in the hospital as my presence isn’t an issue there.” Tsuki hisses at Izuku when he opens his mouth to correct that assumption. Thankfully, he politely closes it once again for her to continue. “Because from what I can see, none of you know how to deal with his mental health after the fact as it was completely neglected by all of you.


“Tsuki-chan, it’s really not their fault.” Izuku wheezes out as he literally had to watch his mother verbally eviscerate his teachers with wide eyes, even though he missed most of it with his own freak out session. “Especially not Aizawa-sensei as he was injured protecting us from the--”


Are you sure about that?” She hisses back privately to him as she rounds on him with another paw swat on his abused nose, cutting off his protests at the source. “I want to know what happened between the attack and now because you mister, are literally five seconds away from going into a complete meltdown right now. I highly doubt those villains caused it unless there’s something more we need to talk about.


“I’m not five seconds from a complete meltdown!” Izuku whines in protest as another drip of blood comes oozing out. “I’m perfectly fine…”


“Clearly you are not and I’m more inclined to believe the cat before you on this given what I saw in the classroom.” Aizawa-sensei crosses his bandaged arms as he shoots a curt look at the others in the room who shrink on his gaze. “Tsuki, what do we need to do to help him deal with this? What’s worked in your experience?”


Tsuki gives the man a tentative sniff from the air for a split moment, almost as if it’s a sign of respect. “I see Tired Dad has some sense of reason. Moon Child needs a full day of not feeling such things to not freak out at the bare minimum given how bad its escalated at this point because apparently none of you know how to deal with anxious children properly. I can only imagine the neglected mental states of the rest of his fellow classmates must be. Talking to him through it has always worked, but cuddles are preferable.


Izuku flushes. “T-tsuki…that’s…”


Totally accurate.” Tsuki finishes for him after flipping her tail in his face purposefully like a little shit that he deviously rewards with head scratches in retaliation.


Aizawa-sensei perks an eyebrow. “Tired Dad?”


“Tsuki-chan does what she wants,” is all Izuku offers between his freak out session going on in the background with an indifferent shrug. “Now you are Tired Dad apparently. She’s not going to stop.”




“I still need to do an MRI just in case, quirk or not. I need to find its exact origin.” Recovery Girl mentions from the back of the pack. “This bleeding could be serious given it hasn’t ceased totally yet.”


The bleeding is from the irritation of the dry air. Your MRI would do nothing. I’ve helped Moon Child through panic attacks before, though it’s never been this bad for so long. It is just rotten luck they happen one after the other. He’ll be perfectly fine when he rests properly.” Tsuki protests, spinning her lies and guiding them straight to the conclusion she wants. “Sadly, I wouldn’t be surprised if he goes into a full-blown panic attack from the fact of me just telling you about his quirkless nature once he's alone though. Especially since he’s talked about you all being obsessed with something he doesn’t possess multiple times as one branch of his current anxieties.”


Izuku turns slightly red at the brutal honesty his mother is laying down while the adults shift to a more somber tone at that admission. He feels like he might be lucky to come back to UA at this point as he knows she’s obviously holding back considerably on her harsh criticism for the sole purpose of protecting him. Once they are alone for him to talk to her about everything that happened, things might get ugly, especially with the news about Inko and Monoka-san. It’s not like his slightly erratic breathing pattern is disproving her point to his teachers anyway.


“I have two questions and it will eat me alive if Midoriya himself doesn’t answer it himself.” Tsukauchi brings up amongst the chaos with a jittery bounce in his swaying, honestly looking like he’s high on the cosmos. “Do you have an empathy quirk?”


Izuku frowns considerably but complies. “No, I don’t have an empathy quirk.”


“God damn it.” Tsukauchi offers with a wave of his hand as if he’s not over being wrong but coping. “Alright, last one. Did you have a quirk before One for All?”


Izuku snorts a little at the detective’s angry swaying as he uses his trick to lie. “No, I didn’t have a quirk before One for All” –-that I can safely tell you about.




“W-When was the l-last time you s-slept?” Izuku asks gently before wincing as he can feel the murderous feeling radiating outward from the detective, a couple more drops of blood oozing out before he has to clean it up with another tissue. “A-Are you o-okay…?”


To his gratitude, the detective stops when he sees the continued concerned expression on Izuku. “I’ll be fine. Thank you for your concern Midoriya.”


Though, not everyone in the room seems satisfied with the explanation as his homeroom teacher is antsy with his trademark scowl in tow.


“Why didn’t you say anything before this point about how you felt Problem Child?” Aizawa-sensei scolds as if he knows something isn’t fully adding up. “We could have saved you a whole lot of grief and pain if you had been honest with us.”


You all have relentlessly hounded him about it at varying times and degrees. It was like you weren’t convinced of anything else, so of course he didn’t tell you outright. If he does indeed have a quirk, he doesn’t know it.” Tsuki huffs exasperated as she spins more lies that seemingly placates Aizawa-sensei with an indiscernible emotion spreading across his face. “It matters not the answer of that question in the long run. Regrettably, this would have happened regardless of knowing his quirk or not since you all denied us the freedom to see each other. The real concern right now should be why you are now forcing him to stay in an environment proven to be harmful given his sensitivity at the moment.


“Tsuki-chan…” Izuku sputters as he felt that was really uncalled for, but still accurate.


“I see.” Nedzu claps his paws together. “Then it’s decided.”


“I-It is?”


“Of course it is. I didn’t spend all weekend with your companion helping me with my training for nothing, though I guess I will have to use my abilities in a different capacity since it will be with someone who was previously quirkless. It’s quite a tragedy how little you have to do to become certified as something as important as an official quirk counselor.” Nedzu smiles widely already ignoring Izuku's protests as he sees where this is going. “If you can’t be in class right now, then we can have our session for both your quirk and lack thereof that’s been long overdue. My office is a comfortable 60 meters from the nearest students in class, so it shouldn’t be any trouble to be a safe haven for you to decompress if you need to as we work through your evaluation. Plus, I much enjoy Tsuchan’s company if we must take a break.”


Always a pleasure Zuchan.” Tsuki purrs to the group. “And I wholeheartedly agree that Moon Child needs help with his new quirk nature since he’s having so much trouble with it. It’s only hurting him in the long run as well if he doesn’t embrace his quirklessness as well. I’m glad I finally have someone on my side about this.


“Why can’t I be in class right now?” Izuku questions with a whine as he feels like he’s being double teamed by the two conniving animals that have apparently gotten so chummy over the span of a literal weekend that they have nicknames for each other now. “I’m fine now.  I’ll just get left behind if I don’t go back and —"


“Dearie, wipe your nose again.” Recovery Girl commands with a tut as she rummages in one of her drawers, to which he complies to not get on her bad side. “And you clearly are not fine. You need rest at the very least if I can’t do tests for you today. Class is completely out of the question.”




“Don’t worry about that, my boy. I’ll ask Young Bakugo to bring you the work you missed at the end of the day. I’m sure with how attached to the hip you two are, he’d be more than willing to do so.” All Might assures that Izuku disagrees with extensively. Bakugo has always been secretive and guarding of his own notes from everyone, so he’d probably laugh maliciously at the request instead. “If you need to rest, you should. Don’t push yourself until you run into the ground from the stress.”


“Actually, I’ll facilitate that myself.” Aizawa-sensei cuts in, overruling All Might’s decision before Izuku can give his mentor a warning about how much that would be a terrible mistake. “Those two were fighting like brats before my class. I’m not having Problem Child #2 cause more trouble nor the rest of the nosy children. I expect full transparency in the future about your mental health condition each day in exchange. We can make a system if needed, but there will be no more excuses or scares without any a fair warning.”


Izuku simply shrinks in on himself at that. “I’m s-sorry…”


“I don’t want an apology. Instead, prove it with your actions.”


Izuku nods slowly in agreement before he notices Recovery Girl in the process of maneuvering over to him with something in her hands.


“Here pumpkin.” Recovery Girl places the bottle in his free hand after he placed the tissue on the bed. “This should help out with those pesky nosebleeds of yours. It’s a simple saline spray. You should ideally spray once before bed, but feel free to use it whenever your nose feels too dry so it doesn’t end up bleeding when it’s too late. Let me know if you need a prescription if you feel like this one isn’t strong enough. You should be able to get this one at any pharmacy or grocery store when you run out.”


“Oh.” Izuku inspects the bottle a bit before looking back. “L-like should I use it now, or…?”


“If you do, you’ll need to do it over a sink and use multiple puffs. I’ll warn you, it will be very messy.”


“C-could I…?”


“Yup. Sink is out the door and to the right.”


Izuku nods quickly as he prepares to do just that. “Tsuki-chan, I’ll be right back.”


Tsuki gets the hint as she hops off his lap onto the bed, curling into an upright ball to await his return. After a few fumbles and embarrassing drops, Izuku manages to clear his airway of the blood and snot accumulated from his panic attack without actually messing up his uniform. He honestly is in between being semi impressed and wondering how the heck he managed it.


Regardless, he returns to room unceremoniously as the adults seem to be in a deep conversation together, not really noticing his return. Nedzu is among the first to notice his return. “All done Midoriya?”


“Yes, Nezu sir.” Izuku meekly agrees as he doesn't feel like he has a choice in the matter anyway.


“Outstanding.” Nedzu gleefully smiles. “This way to my office then please.”


“Wait a minute.” Aizawa-sensei turn his blaring gaze at him. “Why are you even here today?”


Izuku blinks as he’s not sure where that came from. “P-pardon?”


“You just lost a good family friend yesterday if I'm understanding the detective correctly.” Aizawa-sensei clarifies, his arms crossing once again as he does. “So, why are you here today?”


“Well, I had to make sure everyone was okay and--”


Aizawa-sensei raises his hand making Izuku close his explanation down quick. “That's all I need to hear. Go with Nedzu as he knows what needs to be done.”


Izuku frowns at the silent conversation going on between his teacher and the principal as All Might seems to have his attention focused on him instead, mostly in worry. It doesn't last long though as Nedzu guides him to his office, Tsuki trailing beside them, both of them seemingly animated in conversation with Nedzu slipping up once or twice by talking out loud. From the bits of their conversation he does hear, he honestly just doesn't understand and he isn't totally sure he wants to as it seems like a really heated debate about competition and market structures in small businesses.


Izuku just zones out into his own little world as he deals with the lingering throbbing pains of his quirk like a zombie before he finds himself sitting down in the chair right in front of Nedzu desk. He only really comes to his senses when he sees Nedzu hop on his own chair behind the desk, clearly eager to get started with his quirk counseling session.


“Pardon my inexperience as it is my first time as a quirk counselor, but…” Nedzu folds his paws menacingly with an almost too cheerful grin. “Are you ready to talk about your future?”

Chapter Text

“Perfect!” Nezu cheers as Izuku hands him his paper with shaky hands. His brain feels like it went through a toaster and has been so abused that he would have preferred class over this mental exhaustion. His only solace is that avoiding everyone for the most part has given him a little time to not have his quirk still shrieking at him for no reason. “We only have three forms to go through before we talk about your pesky strength quirk.”


Izuku groans very audibly. “Remind me why this is necessary? I don’t have a mental quirk Nedzu…”


“Can’t be too careful, now can we?” Nedzu smiles cheerfully at Izuku’s visible pain at the admission. “Plus, this doubles as a way for me to measure your current progress regardless of having one so I can figure out where to go from here. It would be irresponsible for me to not do so as your teacher, you know.”


“Did we really have to do the stuff with the code on paper?” Izuku complains, rubbing his temples. “Typing is so much faster and you can catch your mistakes then…”


“Writing forces you to slow down so that I can gauge your actual thinking process rather than relying on the computer to point out the problems. I don’t mind about mistakes when it comes to semantics.” Nedzu informs with a baited look. “But the other three remaining tests are something more personal than the previous and has no right answers. So, I need to go take this stack to the staff room for grading before we work on those ones.”


Izuku winces at the implications. “Who’s the unfortunate soul who has to grade them?”


“Yamada as punishment for walking in my office without knocking last week.” Nedzu informs gleefully. “Don’t worry too much though. Kayama will help him out if he begs enough.”


Izuku arches an eyebrow at that. “What did he walk in on you doing that got you mad?”


“Oh, naïve child.” Nedzu’s eyes turn dark. “You don’t want to know. And if Yamada knows what good for him, he would not tell---”


Izuku whips out his phone as he starts using his saved code for breaking into the UA servers to pull up the camera feeds. It only takes a few tweaks and he’s in. The curiosity is just too much to pass up on. “Which day was it?”


Nedzu falters at that. “Midoriya, there are some things that are not worth know--”


Izuku snorts when scrubbing through the feeds to find Nedzu in a weird position like he’s attempting to dance as he’s got an idea of what poor Present Mic probably stumbled into. Eye of the Tiger comes blaring out of his phone when he plays it to check it out. “Oh man, I love this song…”


“You will tell no one.” Nedzu asserts with finality. 


Izuku waves him off, not even looking at him to see the absolute furious look on his snout even though he can clearly feel the malice radiating off of him. “Don’t worry. I’m literally the worst dancer ever. I would never dream of telling anyone about this gem for fear of someone doing the same to me. Present Mic-sensei must be absolutely terrified of you right now, so I want to tease him about it if I get the chance. Subtly of course.”


Nedzu brightens when Izuku looks back up after closing out his program. “It also seems that I need to upgrade my firewall sooner rather than later. Would you like to work on it as your first project under me?”




Izuku literally falls out of the chair in surprise, almost falling on Tsuki whose resting in her personal cat bed that apparently Nedzu went out to get for her just during her holiday at UA. He highly doubts the bed is going away anytime soon given how friendly the two are and he’s kinda happy Tsuki has such a good friend, even though he’s completely convinced he’s going to teach her some bad habits…


“It’s decided then.” Nedzu claps his paws in celebration as if he already said yes and didn't just have a heart attack over the matter. “I’ll oversee your work of course, but I can’t wait to see what you come up with. Our system has needed an upgrade for some time and your experience with it will be invaluable.”


“I don’t have a choice, do I?” Izuku shakily observes as he returns to his seat slowly. "Just because I can hack doesn't mean I can code something from the ground up..."


“Nope.” Nedzu pops the p. “You sold your free period to me. My period, my rules. If you can't do it, we will simply work together until you can. That's what learning is all about after all. I can't wait to get started.”


“I feel like I sold my soul instead…” Izuku gripes as Nedzu starts to gather up the mountain of papers to take to the poor scarred soul in the teacher’s lounge. 


“You have a computer, yes? I would hate to think you did all that work on your phone.” Nedzu mentions after pausing his rummaging.  


“Yeah, I have a laptop but it’s at home.”


“Bring it starting tomorrow so we can work on getting you all set up together.” Nedzu pauses as he shifts the load into his paws. “I’m taking these to my slave for the day as reparations for his misconduct. The door only opens for me and staff, so you’ll be locked in here for the few minutes I’m gone. Feel free to help yourself to anything on my tea cart.”


Izuku just nods as he stares at the floor, itching to do something other than overloading his brain. A gurgle of Izuku’s stomach makes it known that he needs something to refuel as his brain has literally burned him out. Looking over to the cart, he frowns. The rat only has tea. When he meant tea cart, he literally meant only tea. Looking around the room for exits, Izuku smiles at the exit so graciously place at his feet.


I guess this calls for extreme measures…


Izuku whips out his white pocketknife and gets right to work on the vent in the floor in front of him right beside the rat’s desk. He doesn’t have a map of escape, but he knows his classroom is definitely below them to the right a few hundred meters give or take. He’ll just make it up as he goes.


Moon Child, what are you doing?” Tsuki purrs beside the vent he’s taking off.


Izuku simply smiles as he continues his work. “I’m going to go get my lunch. Also, I might go crazy if I have to take another IQ test or memory test with Nedzu. If we played chess or Shogi, maybe I wouldn’t feel like I’m about to have an aneurysm from how hard Nedzu is trying to find my ‘mysterious mental quirk’ as it would be fun instead of all work. I just can't wait to see his face when he realizes he's wrong. And we haven’t even started on the One for All stuff. I just need a break from the madness…


You are such a chaotic child…” Tsuki sighs as she flicks her tail purposefully as in thought. “What did you make for today?


Katsudon. I could give you some when I get back since it’s got pork.” Izuku mentions as he removes the grate fully, placing the screws near the desk to not be as noticeable if Nedzu comes back early. "Only if you don't snitch though... I want to be safely off campus before he looks through his camera feed."


You better my meddlesome child.” Tsuki huffs as if it was an inconvenience, but Izuku knows she really liked the bacon before more than she was willing to admit. After all, he's about ninety percent sure he's going to have to buy the pork flavored wet food more often once they run out of their current stock. “I need some form of compensation from dealing with your antics.


Izuku grins mischievously as he maneuvers to slide the grate over his face as he lowers himself down. “What can I say? I’m an agent of chaos.”


Tsuki growls as she swats at him. Izuku just laughs as she misses, pulling the grate over his head as he starts to make his way to the classroom through the vent system.


Chapter Text

Turns out navigating vents is still subjected to his absolute zero sense of direction. After a few fumbles that scared the shit out of some unsuspecting general education students, Izuku finally spots his backpack, lying beside his desk as a marker that he’s in the right place. Finally.


Izuku opens the vent and peers out to make his safe landing inside before he freezes at the pair of eyes watching him curiously from across the room.


“Oh, hi Tokoyami.” Izuku waves cheerfully like he didn’t just get caught with his hand in the cookie jar. “And hello Dark Shadow. Fancy seeing you here.”


Tokoyami blinks a couple times before addressing the elephant in the room that was currently hanging upside down from the ceiling. “Greetings Midoriya.”


Heya Midoriya!” Dark Shadow pops out with a giddy grin. “What kind of chaos are you dabbling with today?!


Izuku shifts as he attempts to shrug upside down. “I mean, nothing much I guess. Just here to pick up my lunch. What about you?”


Tokoyami gestures to his own lunch tray before arching a brow under his feathers. “So, you came to acquire your lunch by taking the vents?”


Izuku nods before performing a skillful flip downward, hitting the hard floor with a considerable burn in his legs from the maneuver. “I upgraded from taking the window. Nedzu locked the door on me, so this was plan B.”


“May I dare ask what plan A pertained to?”


“Oh, I would’ve hacked the door from my phone to unlock it, but I think Nedzu would’ve grounded me from that and it would have alerted him like right away. Plus it would have taken me a little bit to alter my code to open the door anyway.” Tokoyami’s eyes widen slightly in curiosity and the growing stars in his partner's eyes as Izuku explains unaware to it. “The vents was clearly the superior way to go. It allowed me the freedom to go where I want without being caught or noticed too soon.”


Can you teach me how to do that stuff?” Dark Shadow pleads with a hopeful lilt. “Fumi never wants to do anything but dark rituals in our spare time. I’m not complaining about them, but I just want to be able to create disarray directly instead of from simply the shadows.


Izuku blinks. “Um, what…?”


“Don’t mind him. He’s naturally mischievous and doesn’t need any more ideas.” Tokoyami scowls as Dark Shadow pouts with a huff. “Though, I am curious. You did not seem well this morning…”


Izuku tenses a bit. “S-sorry about that. I’m f-fine now. Nedzu is forcing me to do my quirk counseling right now though. Let me tell you, it's complete torture...”


“I see. My condolences.” Tokoyami seems to notice his lie contrary to his question but doesn’t call him out on it to Izuku's surprise. “Though, not all is well in the chaos it seems. Bakugo seemed really agitated with your unexpected departure from class. I can’t say I wasn’t worried right along with him, but his ongoing temper tantrum is unwelcome at best…”


I hate that boy…” Dark Shadow grumbles. “He’s too loud and snaps at everyone Fumi! You should let me teach him a lesson…


“Dark Shadow, your idea of teaching anyone a lesson is not the same as what would be considered adequate justice.” Tokoyami dismisses with his eyes closed as if he’s exasperated by the notion. “I’m afraid it would do nothing but stir up more chaos from your attempt to quell the darkness.”


“Kacchan is really isn’t that bad, he’s just... an acquired taste. I doubt you’d change anything other than make it worse with a prank. If you met Auntie—I mean his mom, you’d realize it’s just how he grew up as he means well. He’s just not good at showing his emotions is all. Auntie’s just as intense as him, so I doubt you’d be able to change his mind about it either.” Izuku admits after stifling his laughing at the two feuding friends. “I’m kinda jealous of you and Dark Shadow though.”


“Why?” Tokoyami inquires with an intrigued expression.


“Well, you guys are always together, right?” Izuku receives two solitary nods at different intervals in confirmation. “It must be really nice to never be alone. Especially with such a great friend as Dark Shadow. I just think both of you are really lucky is all...”


Tokoyami blinks a couple of times in surprise. “I suppose you are correct. I don’t think I’ve ever adopted that train of thought before…”


Yeah, I’m a super great friend!” Dark Shadow grins from his ego being stroked as Tokoyami eye rolls at his friend’s antics. “I always protect Fumi cause I’m the best quirk ever! He’s lucky to have someone as strong as me at his side.


“Oh, I don’t know…” Izuku teases with a giggle at the quirk clearly ruffling his shadow feather like a proud hawk. “I feel like all quirks are the best quirk ever when I see them, but I’m told I'm very biased about that. Though, I have to say Dark Shadow is extremely unique, probably one of my favorites from our class. Don’t tell Kacchan that or he’d make it into a competition… He's pretty relentless about being the best you know.”


Did you hear that Fumi?” Dark Shadow pushes on Tokoyami’s shoulder like an impatient puppy as the poor boy is trying to eat. “We’re his favorite! Can we keep him now? He likes us!


“One of his favorites, not favorite Dark Shadow. Besides, he was talking about our classmates' quirks.” Tokoyami clarifies as the shadow bird deflates a bit at that. “Also, we’ve been over this all weekend. We can’t keep our classmates like pets.”


But he has a pet…” Dark Shadow pouts during his obvious temper tantrum over the subject. “I don’t see the problem if we do the same…


“Tsuki-chan isn't a pet. She's my friend.” Izuku corrects with a smile as he's pretty sure he knows what the core of what the quirk wants from him. “We can be friends though. Both of you want of course.”


Yes! He’s our now!” Dark Shadow’s yellow eyes almost seemingly adopt sparkles before he ambushes Izuku with a hug, nudging him a bit kind of like Tsuki does sometimes so he’s not too startled by the sudden intrusion. “We’ll take good care of him, right Fumi?


Tokoyami is about to scold his friend for touching his classmate without permission before Izuku bursts out laughing due to the unintentional tickling, relieving his cause for alarm as the shadow clearly didn't mean harm as he unofficially adopts their classmate.


“Haahhaa. S-stop i-it Dark S-shadow!” Izuku protests between his giggling from the fuzziness the quirk makes him feel nuzzling against him. His only reprieve is found when he starts ruffling the bird back on the crown of his head like he does with Tsuki. Izuku stops and retracts his hand when the shadow stills, making him worry he did something wrong. “Oh gosh, I’m sorry Dark Shadow… I should have asked if--”


Do it again.” Dark Shadow basically demands with a puppy dog face. “You feel different than when others touch me. It’s almost comforting, like when Fumi cuddles with me. There’s the buzzing I love!


“I don’t cuddle with you.” Tokoyami basically denies with a small blush forming under his face feathers. “It’s called petting and you basically demand it all the time.”


Yeah right Fumi.” Dark Shadow waves off as if they’ve had that conversation multiple times before. “Same difference.


Izuku frowns even though he complies with gentle strokes that leads to more tingling, uncertain what Dark Shadow is saying. “B-buzzing?”


Yeah!” Dark Shadow cheers with a grin. “You are different from everyone else like Fumi. You have a connection with the darkness. You felt it too, right?


Izuku further frowns as he looks to Tokoyami for a more concrete answer. “He means that you have a connection with things of dark origin. For me, it’s the shadows. Though I am curious what your connection is… Your quirk is quite strange to say the least…”


Izuku pales slightly as it must be his connection with death as he retracts his hand. “Um, well… I…”


“You don’t have to answer…” Tokoyami answers as he sees the conflict behind his classmate’s smile. “If I’m correct, you aren’t sure of your quirk’s capabilities at the moment, right?”


Izuku nods with uncertainty. “Um, kinda?”


Tokoyami simply nods in confirmation before addressing a different issue. “Though, Dark Shadow, what have I told you about touching others without permission?”


“Ah no it’s fine!” Izuku assures when he sees the bird droop a bit. “He didn’t do anything bad; I just was surprised is all.”


“Yes, well…” Tokoyami still turns to the ashamed shadow. “Next time ask for permission. Midoriya is one who startles easily.”


Okay Fumi…” Dark Shadow turns to Izuku with a sorrowful look. “I’m sorry for not asking.


Izuku smiles apologetically as well. “It’s fine, really. Don’t worry about it at all. I should probably get going or Nedzu’s gonna find out I left without permission though.”


Knowing he’s probably really running out of time before Nedzu comes back, Izuku procures his lunch from his bag with urgency. Jumping on a desk to reach the vent again, Izuku flinches when he feels the weird sensation again on his waist. Looking down, he sees Dark Shadow holding him.


I figured ya needed a lift!” Dark Shadow explains with a smile as Izuku starts moving up to the vent.


“Thanks Dark Shadow!” Izuku smiles before he reaches the vent again to scamper back up. Once safely inside, he pokes his head out for a second before closing it up to leave. “You know, if you guys want, you can join me, Iida, and Uraraka for lunch. I don’t think they would mind.”


Tokoyami smiles slightly at the gesture. “I’ll consider your offer.”


What he means is yes, we are definitely joining you.” Dark Shadow asserts with an eye roll. "You need to be more assertive Fumi."


Izuku simply giggles at their antics as he waves goodbye, hoping he didn’t keep his own girl waiting too long for their food.

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Izuku pops his head out of the vent only to be greeted to the visage of Nedzu standing over him with a worried frown. “Oh, hey Nedzu. When did you get back?”


“I should have known locking the door wouldn’t keep you sitting still for long.” Nedzu notes weirdly as Izuku places his bento box on the floor so he can get out. “You were…hungry? You know I was going to grab you something of your choosing when I got back while you filled out the three remaining ones?”


“Yeah, sorry.” Izuku apologizes as he slips out of the vent, already starting on screwing the vent back in place with his knife. “Tsuki-chan wanted a snack too, so I went to go grab it from the classroom. I didn’t want to waste it.”


“I see.” Nedzu blinks at his knife before it comfortably slips back into his pocket. “You know, knifes aren’t permitted on campus.”


Izuku startles at that for second before pulling it back out to show that there aren’t any blades in it as he transitions through the different settings, though the other tools in it can surely cut through thick material at a moment's notice with ease. “Well… Technically it’s my multi tool. It doesn’t even have a knife in it.”


Nedzu blinks in fascination at the pocketknife as he offers his paws to inspect it closer. "May I see it? This is truly remarkable. Did you make it yourself?"


Izuku complies, but his face drops a little at its mention. "Ah, it's mine, but no, I didn't make it. Though, I'm pretty sure this is the only one of its kind."


"Oh?" Nedzu looks up with a playful gleam after finding the tiny soldering setting. 


"Um..." Izuku bites his lip nervously at the memory. "Pappy made it... It was going to be my fourth birthday present... I found it in his office of stuff he left behind. It's proper name is Asteria. It was supposed to remind me of the falling star that we saw that one night during a meteor shower. It burned a bright blue. It was so fast when we saw it..."


"Pappy?" Nedzu questions while folding it back up properly.


Izuku nods as he takes back the pocketknife once Nedzu is done. "My dad. That was the night I told Pappy I wanted to be a hero. I think I was almost three at the time. Everything back then is pretty fragmented though, but I remember his reaction to my declaration."


Izuku smiles sadly as he thumbs over the goddess's small carved figure at the hilt. "He told me he'd always be there to watch me burning brightly like a shooting star, no matter what I did. He was really cheesy like that..."


Nedzu seems to ponder him for a bit before speaking while Izuku stares at one of the last remnants of his most happy time. "I'm sure he's kept his promise, whether it be in the form of what he left behind or your memories of him."


Izuku startles a bit at the difference in attitude about his dad's death. "You're not s-sorry he's gone?"


Nedzu blinks before a wave of realization comes over his snout. "Forgive me Midoriya. I'm afraid emotions are something I struggle with daily."


Izuku immediately backtracks by waving his hands wildly. "Oh no! Please don't apologize, I was mad or anything. I was just surprised is all."


Nedzu tilts his head slightly, as if waiting for the reason why.


"I-in a good way." Izuku adds quickly. "I was just surprised in a good way is all. The only thing anyone ever told me after it happened was how much of a tragedy it was or how he didn't deserve it or whatever. No one really commented on who he was and what was left behind. It was like when he was gone, everyone forgot who he was..."


"You must tell me more of your Pappy Moon Child." Tsuki cuts in on the two's conversation, ceasing her previous task of properly grooming herself. "He appears to be a much better human than your mother."


Izuku's eyes widen when Nedzu is also looking at the traitorous cat who is still attempting to groom herself as if she didn't just drop a bombshell. Tsuki simply lifts her head again lazily while Izuku feels exposed, fear starting to kick in. "Is there a problem Moon Child?"


"You know mother has to work." Izuku churns out bitterly at his mother's unfortunate mention. If he could have his way right now, the title of mother would not be used in such a disgraceful manner to address the woman named Inko. "I thought we talked about this Tsuki."


"My apologies." Tsuki adds as she then shifts to resume grooming herself. "I won't say this in front of Zuchan, but did that witch hurt you again? I heard from him about her visit of you in the hospital. If I were there, I would have teared her limb from limb instead of being so civil."


Izuku blinks before explaining, thankful the dig was probably only unintentional. It certainly wouldn't be the nastiest thing she could have said about the vile woman in front of the bear. It was the nicety that counted.


"Yes, but now is not the time for this. I agreed I would tell you everything. As soon as we are home." Izuku promises.


"I see." Tsuki burns with an air of malice that Izuku could probably feel without his quirk. "I would advise telling your friends the truth, but I'm sure you have your reasons for protecting her."


"Tsuki-chan!" Izuku suddenly scolds, shaking from the vibes from her, catching the principal off guard since he was simply watching the silent conversation occur with interest. "It's not like that!"


"I know Child." Tsuki relinquishes her hold on her anger to Izuku's relief. "I understand your pain, but I feel like it is time to put your trust in others as you did to me. But, I won't force you. This is something you must come to your own on."


"I am never telling them." Izuku returns the volley. "They would send me away as a test subject the second they knew! I'm tired of playing everyones' games. I'm not some rare collectors' item that can be passed around and toyed with until I break!"


"As I stated, this is your choice. I won't tell them about your quirk if that will make you happy and feel safe. The thing I'm asking for wasn't that." Tsuki looks him dead in the eyes. "If she ever touches you again, I won't be so forgiving to not tell them all about how she tortured you. This doesn't mean I can't be allowed to speak my mind Moon Child."


Before Izuku can protest that technically she never even touched him during her 'visit' with him, Nedzu cuts back in impatiently for some reason as Izuku hasn't seen him this nervous before. "Have you two concluded your chat? I would prefer to get started on the last three papers before I let you eat lunch. It will be quick, I promise."


Izuku nods quickly as he feels guilty for wasting his teacher's time and making Nedzu antsy because of it. After all, running a school must be hard work and he probably really does have limited time playing baby sitter with him. He wants to be angry with Tsuki, but he knows deep down she's probably just really worried and didn't mean to be so nonchalant about it. And he doesn't want to force her to do something she doesn't want to. "S-sorry Nedzu, sir."


"Perfect." Nedzu brightens a bit, but the worried look on his face hasn't quite receded just yet. "Now, if you would..."


Izuku picks up his previously discarded pencil to attack the three pages in front of him in earnest so they can eat. But when he reads the first question from the rating bubble test, he freezes.


I am anxious, worried, or scared about a lot of things in my life. 




Izuku looks at the next question, hoping it's not what he thinks. 


I find my heart racing for no reason.


Please don't be what I think it is...


Izuku scans through some of the rating questions on the next page.


I have trouble sleeping or staying asleep.


I hear or see things that aren't there.


I struggle keeping up with daily activities such as cooking, cleaning, homework, etc...


I have flash backs when outside stimulus reminds me of a previous stressful experience.


Izuku abandons the papers as he stands up to get away from them if it's what he thinks it is, not bothering to look at the third page. "Nedzu, what is this?"


Nedzu smiles cheerfully, but all Izuku can infer from it is that it is forced. "This is for something later this week."


Izuku instantly eyes the window after he sees through the poorly said lie, preparing to make a hasty exit.


"There will be no jumping out windows today Midoriya. I had mine reinforced to withstand even one of All Might's punches years ago. For security reasons of course." Nedzu informs with a grin as if he read his mind. "We simply wish to cater to your specific needs as your companion and Aizawa has pointed out. We feel it is in your best interest to fill out the forms before you as honestly as you can for your session with Inui today."


Izuku's heart drops as the casual name for Hound Dog is dropped. A counselor. They want me to talk with Hound Dog.


"I don't need--"


"Moon Child." Tsuki cuts him off as he snaps his attention to his purring girl. "I had to listen to the Coat Man inform us about your recent loss. I may have not met the human, but this is not something you can just brush off like nothing. Let them help you with this at least."




"Moon Child." Tsuki honestly looks crestfallen at best to him. "I do not wish to see you suffer. At least give it a try before you cast judgement. If the first visit does not work, you don't have to continue. I can even come with you if you require my presence."


"Tsuki-chan..." Izuku whines, feeling cornered and vulnerable. "I..."


"If it is any help, you don't have to see Hound Dog if he makes you uncomfortable." Nedzu assures, seeing the conflict on his face. "We have plenty of counselors on call if you prefer that--"


"I don't want to!" Izuku yells as tears start falling involuntarily. "I'm perfectly fine. I'm not crazy!"


"Midoriya, no one is saying you are crazy." Nedzu leans over his desk on top of his chair as Izuku loses a few tears more tears, shaking in fear. "We want to help you with your panic attacks and possibly your grief of losing a loved one if you request it. This paperwork is just standard protocol to let the counselor who works with you what is going on."


"I said I don't want to." Izuku counters, trying to stay calm. "I'm perfectly fine."


Nedzu sighs as he leans back into his chair. "Do you know how many panic attacks Aizawa has told me of that you've had since coming to school here?"


Izuku frowns harder as he looks around the room again as a sudden realization hits him, ignoring the question entirely. "You trapped me in here."


Nedzu shakes his head. "We are here simply to do the--"


"Yes." Izuku glares as his breath hitches at the clear deflection in his principal's voice. "You did. Why else would you bring me to the only room that only opens to staff and that has glass windows that can withstand All Might's punches. Are we even going to talk about One for All today or was that just a logical ruse to keep me occupied here while you do whatever you want?!"


"Midoriya, calm down."


Izuku glares at the rat for tricking him as his breaths become ragged. "No, I won't! You were really worried for a reason when I came back. You were worried because I found a way out, weren't you? I want to know what you're planning!"


"We aren't planning anything--"


"Liar!" Izuku backs away into the chair at that lie. "I know you are lying."


Nedzu curiosity seems piqued for some reason that makes Izuku feel even smaller. "Interesting. You do possess the traits of having an emotional based quirk, don't you...?"


Izuku pales. "W-what?"


"Every part of your current analysis of me was emotionally referenced as the origin of your observations. But that is simply for another time." Nedzu states as if musing through the possibilities. "Regardless, yes, I'm afraid we were planning something."


Izuku narrows his eyes, not trusting the rat anymore. "You can't toy with me."




"I'm not something you can put under your microscope and analyze like a test subject." Izuku spits back in pure hatred, not seeing Nedzu's growing shock at the words as he is consumed with fear of his secrets being brought to light. "I refuse to play along with your game Nedzu. I won't be hurt again."


"Moon Child--"


"Tsuki." Izuku grabs his phone as he pushes a few buttons to unlock the door to Nedzu's office. "I need some air."


That's all the warning any of them get as Izuku sprints out of the room when the fire alarm goes off for the office as the sprinklers start going off, effectively opening the door as it would in the case of an emergency. Thankfully, everything in the room is waterproof, but it still makes both animals in the room uncomfortable as Nedzu starts to turn off the system for the false alarm.


"I told you this wouldn't work..." Tsuchan growls as she huddles under his desk as a safe refuge from the demonic water.


"Oh dear..." Nedzu shakes his head as he starts pressing the call button to get in contact with a free teacher after the water shuts off. "It seems I've made a terrible mess of this..."

Chapter Text

Shouta enters the office with purpose to find out how his kid is doing and possibly what his student's results are if they are ready. It only takes a small look around the room to find Midoriya is nowhere to be seen, though the rat with his ever present gaze picks up on his unsaid question.


"Midoriya ran."


Shouta blinks before he sighs. Hard. Of course he did...


"What happened?"


"All Might came here per my request about thirty minutes ago, so I sent him on a little errand to try and find Midoriya with Hound Dog since they would be more faster to complete it than I. Plus, I'm certain he trusts him more than I at the moment." Nedzu admits while stretching himself from getting up from his desk. "They will be here shortly, hopefully with him, but I want to share with you the other bountiful fruits of your husband's labor. Midoriya's code and other tests will have to come later, but I'm totally certain of my original theory now with the preliminary results..."


All it takes is a couple button presses before a screen displays his student's information, the rat clearly deflecting from his original question. It annoys him to all hell, but he just focuses on whatever the dog wants him to for the moment.


“I don’t understand.” Shouta narrows his eyes at the number on the screen. “While 109 is a high score to get on the mental quirk assessment test, that doesn’t mean he has a mental quirk Nedzu. It would have to be around the range of 120 and up given his age if so. He’s already proven himself to be far more advanced than his classmates when it comes to analysis.”


“I agree, it doesn’t. But don't you see…” Nedzu gestures with a wicked look in his eye to the screen showing the quirk assessment test as he types out his sequence with his free paw. “If we separate out only the sections of the test based on only the two categories of problem solving and pattern recognition out of the four total, we find something spectacular if I do say so myself.”


In an instance, Midoriya’s score goes from a measly 109 to a 137. A twenty five percent increase by simply removing the parts that was tanking his student from showing his true colors in the other two categories. A well above average score that's certainly in range for a mental quirk, but certainly not to a genius level that the bear seems to suggest. The other two scores average to a measly 81, which is exactly where a fifteen-year-old should be around at his age without such a quirk. Weighted together properly for their direct proportions in the test shows how important it is to not relay on the average, but the standard deviation for more accurate readings.


The numbers seem to not lie but the skeptic in him is screaming at him this is all wrong, especially since his kid ran after Nedzu definitely spilled the beans about therapy in the wrong way. After all, there is a reason you can't just cherry pick your data to make it give you the results you want. “Are you sure?”


“Absolutely.” Nedzu’s gaze solidifies as he moves to the other profiles on the screen that show a similar trend on a different graph showing all of the other subcategory related scores. “Midoriya did poorly when dealing with the other subjects repeatedly on all of my other tests. Only average in fact. But in those categories more aligned with his hobby, he truly shined.”


“And surprisingly…” Nedzu shifts to the other section of interest to a different graph. “Midoriya is also extremely good at reading people emotionally as well as controlling his own emotions. When he took the empathy mental quirk test, he got a score comparable to the same level of his analysis skills.”


Shouta frowns. “What are you saying then?”


Nedzu rubs his chin with his paw. “I think it is fair to assume Midoriya’s true quirk is rooted in being emotionally observant given our results and my personal experience from right before he ran. It could potentially explain why the boy is most likely unaware of its presence as well. It’s likely directly connected to his thought process as mine is. There can be a little room for error on the numbers since he was a little emotional from his episode this morning, but that was only a detriment if I do say so myself.”


No. This is all wrong...


“I don’t accept this.”


Nedzu blanches. “What do you mean? This is proof--”


“I’m telling you.” Shouta burns with certainty as he eyes the traitorous screen. “I know the kid has a quirk, but it’s not what you suggest. These results are just from him alone. Plus, I thought we agreed to prioritize offering him therapy, not his figuring out his quirk."


Nedzu's ears prick up slightly at the information. "You knew for certain he had a quirk?"


Shouta scowls as it's pretty obvious now what the dumb dog prioritized instead. "Did we even see the same kid in the infirmary? He was scared out of his mind the entire time, only calming down when the cat helped him. The kid is hiding it for a reason and it’s not because of it being so engrained in his brain that he doesn’t know it exists. Don’t you even know how my quirk works?”


“Do enlighten me.” Nedzu opens up the floor for him with his full attention while the cat sulks in the corner, clearly trying to clean off her uncomfortable wet fur.


“I block the signals between a person and their quirk activation factor when I use my quirk.” Shouta explains with his brows furiously knitted.  "Imagine my surprise at the ball throw when the kid has two of them for me to choose between to cancel out. And let me tell you, he went full analysis mode on me while both of them were blocked mind you. He didn't even seemed fazed."


Nedzu opens his snout before promptly closing it as he starts pacing the room at the implications. "That's a confirmation that he indeed has one. Then, what you are suggesting is that Midoriya lied somehow to the detective since you believe it not to be a mental quirk."


"Not necessarily." Shouta shifts into a mode of thinking he hopes isn't true but the pessimist in him keeps nudging him towards it. "One person's truth is a lie to another."


Nedzu stops in front of the window with a dark look starting to grow. "You don't mean to suggest that..."


"I think that whatever the kid's quirk is, he's denying he has it so much that he doesn't see it as his own quirk. That he truly sees himself as nothing else but quirkless previously. It could be so bad that if we ask right now, he might even be telling the truth if he said he was still quirkless." Shouta curtly retorts. "And I think your little witch hunt for it has caused Midoriya even more anguish. For all we know, he's never even used it around us nor wants to. This is why we had agreed to prioritize giving the kid options to help him after calming him down with your tests Nedzu."


"Oh dear..." Nedzu looks back at his colleague, his beady eyes darting back and forth in deep thought. "This is more serious than I had originally thought... No wonder he ran from me when I pushed my views on his quirk on him."


"That is a complete understatement." Shouta returns bitterly with fervor. "Whatever the reason for Midoriya hiding his quirk, we can't keep pushing him like this or he'll never give us a chance to help him. I thought we had an understanding, but clearly I was wrong."


At that mention Nedzu's emotions turn darker than he's ever seen on him before. "I think I might know why."


"Why then?" Shouta indulges to humor him with his arms now crossed even though he's ready to tear him a new one.


"The language he used..." Nedzu seems to put together something behind those conniving eyes. "He told me specifically he didn't want to be toyed with. While that could imply he was played with and ostracized by his peers, I'm not certain of that conclusion given what he said afterwards."


Shouta shifts his weight. "And what did he say after?" 


"'I'm not something you can put under your microscope and analyze like a test subject.' His words, directly." Nedzu sighs. "And his body language suggested he wasn't afraid of me specifically, but the notion that I would hurt him from such an act."


In a single moment, his heart shatters as he understands the true weight behind those words. "You think he was experimented on."


It's not even a question in his mind as the bear nods slowly, clearly using his quirk to go through the statistics to think things through more thoroughly. And clearly going through his own personal thoughts and experiences on the matter that comes up in his gaze in flashes as he does so.


"We need to check for surgical scars if he has some once he actually opens up to us. That way we can get an idea of exactly what these people did to him." Nedzu muses as he retreats back to his own thoughts on the matter.


Shouta burns with furious hate as he has a pretty good idea of who the mystery 'person' is as they would have had to given the consent to allow such a thing. No fucking wonder the kid was so scared shitless of his mother from what everyone had told him when he was still stuck in a hospital bed. There's no way she so obliviously didn't know the doctors around him were experimenting on him. And it now makes so much more sense why the kid only has a handful of doctor visits that were simply check ups in the last couple years. He never actually received his treatment on paper for any of his extensive past injuries that pattern the kid's torso and god knows where else. And it would make perfect sense why. Especially if these said undocumented doctor visits either helped to patch him up afterwards or were the direct cause for the injuries themselves. After all, the detective never once asked the kid if his mother allowed others to hurt him against his will in her place. What he wouldn't give at the moment to strangle the woman who most likely hurt his kid, but there's a time and place for that. Right now, they need to help his kid get better and watch him for new injuries that just pop up for no reason in case that shit is still happening.


"Did Midoriya even finish the papers for therapy?"


Nedzu shakes his head. "No, he took one look at them and promptly freaked out."


"Damn it." Shouta grinds his teeth.


Perfect job Nedzu. 


The door suddenly opens, leading the two and the cat to direct their attention to their frustrated visitors. 


"Grrr...." Hound Dog seethes as its clear he's in distress. "Ruff... GRRAAA...."


"Did you find him?" Shouta already knows the answer, but it's still best to ask anyway to save time from the pleasantries.


"Uh, no." Small Might shrinks in on himself at the direct question with a downcast expression. "Inui said he couldn't figure out where he was since he could smell him everywhere."


Hound Dog simply keeps growling in frustration while Nedzu seems unusually happy about the news. "Everywhere you say?"


"Yes sir." All Might responds quickly. "I'm not even sure how he even did that--"


"The vents." Nedzu supplies with a smile that seems a little forced under his twitching nose. "He's in the vents then."


Both of his colleagues stop and stare for a second before inevitably resigning to their fate of having to search every vent on campus to find their Problem Child.


Chapter Text

Even though Izuku has been crying his eyes out in the full fetal position for at least forty minutes at this point, or at least what it seems like anyway, he feels strangely calmer in the vents. Sure the current English lesson is boring to listen to since it's nothing new so he's tuning it out, but at least no one is asking him questions and he's able to be himself, even if being himself is currently a crying mess. And even though his stomach is going on strike and his throat is dry from the crying, he just feels safe and out of sight in the vents from the teachers who are most likely hunting for his whereabouts at the moment.


I wish I could stay here forever. It's almost like a second home...


Izuku pauses his silent tears with a loud sniffle from his abused nose. 


Okay, that's weird brain. I'm not a vent gremlin...


"Okay, I definitely heard it that time." Bakugo rages beneath him, making his anxiety spike of being discovered. "WHO THE FUCK IS UP THERE?!"


"I told you." Jiro scoffs loudly. "No one listens to the two of us with listening quirks, I swear..."


"Do you think villains have infiltrated the school again?" Hagakure asks in worry. 


"Don't worry listeners!" Present Mic booms. "I'm sure it's just a rogue experiment from the support students up there making the racket--"


"But there's a heartbeat." Shoji brings up as he cuts off his teacher. "It has to be something living."


"Oh, that's probably Midoriya then." Tokoyami mentions lazily as Izuku reflexly flinches at being called out with a slightly louder than intended bang.


Strangely, the classroom becomes silent, making Izuku listen a little more closely to figure out what's going on.






Izuku curls into himself, trying to be silent even though he knows it's probably futile since that was right outside underneath the vent, much closer than before. Everything in his life seems to be headed that way anyway. Monoka-san dying, Inko, USJ, his panic attack during class, the quirk witch hunt, and now this shit. He just never gets any choice in anything and he just wishes it would all just stop, even if it was only for a second of reprieve.


"Deku I swear to fuck if you don't get out of that fucking vent I will blast you out!" Bakugo rages, already popping a few off as a show of his absolute promise.


"No." Izuku whines between his sniffles as he curls even tighter into himself. "I don't want to..."








"Not happening." Izuku retorts.


"I swear if you don't--!"


"Did you not hear me the first time? Captain Howdy said no!" Izuku shoots back sarcastically to get them off his case.


"Captain who?" Bakugo snarls in confusion. "Deku, you get your stupid ass out of there right now or I swear I'll--!"


"I said no!"


Izuku only feels the explosion behind him before he feels the whole thing fall to the ground, dumping himself into an unceremonious heap. Still, he protests curled into a ball, even when it's tipped over to make him slide out.




Izuku doesn't even give him the light of day as he closes his eyes in protest. "Leave me alone."


"What, are we fucking five again?!" Bakugo hauls his limp body off the floor as he still curls into himself. "The fuck are you moping about?"


"Not talking. " Izuku protests, only coming out of his ball to wipe off his tears from his face as if that would fool them from seeing his distress.


"Alright, that's it!" Bakugo shakes him until he extends his legs to the ground stop the motion as it always made him sick. "Let's go. We're gonna have a talk."


"I told you I don't wanna..." Izuku pouts with a huff, his cheeks throughly puffed out in protest.


"Aww..." Kaminari coos at the angry ball, oblivious to real weight of Izuku's distress as probably the rest of his classmates even though their expressions seems at least empathetic. "Somebody is cranky..."


"More like livid." Izuku corrects with a low growl that everyone sweat drops at since he technically only looks like a mad kitten at best as he resigns to his fate. "Not like I can do anything about it though. Nedzu basically owns me now. That's just how his stupid deals work."


"Okay, we're fucking gone!" Bakugo declares starts pulling him towards the door, right past a bewildered Present Mic who seems pretty speechless at the current situation. "Get your ass moving nerd!"


Though... That reminds me... :)


"Oh Present Mic~~" Izuku purrs as he stops their trip right in front of the front desk, almost sending Bakugo straight back into him at his sudden change in velocity.


"The fuck are you doing you doing no--?!" Bakugo halts his protest to figure out what the hell he's doing as he sees his gaze is strictly on their teacher.


Izuku adopts an innocent smile as he switches to English to mess with his teacher and to give the class something better to focus on instead of his current distress. "I know exactly what you did. Nedzu isn't too happy with you, you know... Today was only just the beginning."


Present Mic only blinks once before shrieking in terror at the hell spawn as he backs up into the board, already coming up with English exorcism prayers in his incoherent babbling. Izuku starts giggling like a madman at his teacher's overreaction to his teasing as he finally allows Bakugo to drag him away by his arm with an extra edge to his growls and grumbling, leaving the classroom in both confusion and chaos as the only adult in the room has clearly checked out by staring directly at the camera, pleading and begging for his life. 


Chapter Text

"Alright. Start talking nerd." Bakugo growls after finding a secluded bathroom for privacy, which of course does nothing but make him nervous as they always seemed so cursed for him before. "Why are you fucking upset?"


"I said no..." Izuku mumbles, his gaze strictly attached to the floor.


Bakugo clearly growls in frustration as he paces in front of him. "Okay, like what the shit is actually going on!?! You gonna tell me at least something?"


Izuku huffs. "I said I don't want--"


"I'm not fucking asking Deku." Bakugo warns with a scowl. "Seriously, this shit is messed up."


"Messed up...?" Izuku frowns at the wording. "Kacchan, I'm fine--"


Bakugo rounds on him, not in a playful way, but not necessarily too hard to actually hurt him either. He rubs at his now bruised cheek with his pout in full force again. "Don't lie to me Deku! You had another fucking one happen, okay!?! And this time...shit..."


Izuku blinks before looking back up to meet his friend's conflicted gaze. 


"Fuck Deku." Bakugo shakes with his gaze on the floor. "What's happening with you...?"


Izuku opens his mouth to ask for clarification, but Bakugo simply keeps going. 


"Why the fuck are you having so many panic attacks?" Bakugo demands as his red eyes searches his green as they widen in surprise. "And why do you have so many scars that you're scared of people seeing? Why...?"


"Just...why don't you tell me anything...?" Bakugo breaks off with a slight whine in his cracking voice. A whine. And Bakugo never whines. Izuku's honestly feels his heart break in two for his friend for the second time this week like when he was told of Monoka-san's death. He's honestly never seen Bakugo this vulnerable before, so it makes him concerned for him deeply. "Please Izuku... I just want to help..."


Izuku shrinks in on himself as he watches his friend violent shake, as if in both pain and worry, knowing full well it's because of him. He made him worry, all because he couldn't keep it together for one single day and--


"God, you were just so scared today... And Teach couldn't snap you out of it... What even...?" Izuku sees even a tiny tear slip down but he doesn't comment on it. It just adds to the fire of Izuku's current well of guilt, settling near the bottom as he watches the flames getting even higher from causing his friend some much clear distress and worry. All because of him not holding it together and smiling like nothing even happened.


Unable to bear watching his friend crash and burn because of him, Izuku crashes into a hug with his friend as his own tears follow, falling on his friend's shoulder. "'m sorry Kacchan..."


"Deku, come on..." Bakugo murmurs in his neck. "Just say something..."


Izuku flinches as he leans into his friend's touch that definitely doesn't go unnoticed, but isn't commented on.


"I'm s-scared..." Izuku admits after a good minute of facing his tribulations with silent tears, his voice cracking the whole way. "I'm r-really scared K-Kacchan..."


"Of what...?" Bakugo brings up with great hesitance.


Izuku could feel the hesitance in his own voice as well. "I...don't k-know..."


"Bullshit." Bakugo growls against him at his simple white lie, the vibrations reverberating throughout his torso as a reminder of his failure to convince his friend otherwise. "Deku just fucking--!"


Bakugo breaks off his sentence abruptly before sighing loudly. "If you can't tell me... could you.... just say something to someone else... I just... I hate this shit..."


Izuku pauses his crying as he goes through his thoughts to try and quell the heaviness in his chest. Bakugo quite possibly could be the only person at the moment he could trust with even a slight sliver of his problems, even though he couldn't go into details exactly. He might be the only one who might not tell anyone as well, if he asked for it anyway. But he settles for being vague as he whispers as the notion of sharing his secrets is too heavy a burden to dump on his best friend. "I couldn't protect everyone during USJ..."


Izuku feels his tears prick at his lids again as he continues. "And I thought everyone was going to die..."


Izuku sucks in a deep breath to calm his shaking from building anger. "And then..."


Izuku goes silent for a second as he sobs instead of elaborating as he doesn't have it in his heart to shatter his friend's rose tinted view of his mother. "A-and Monoka-san..."


"I c-couldn't s-save her..." Izuku buries himself in his friend shoulder more deeply as he shudders. "I j-just don't w-want anyone e-else to die..."


Bakugo's rising chest stops for a moment. "You saw your dad's wreck again in class, didn't you?"


Izuku stills as he hadn't thought of that video in a long time because his nightmares had upgraded into something much more terrifying and real, but Bakugo takes it as confirmation. That stupid awful video that the media broadcasted in the middle of the damn villain fight. Young Izuku hadn't known at the time his dad was in that car that had been smashed as it was just an everyday villain fight he was watching on the live stream, like everyone else in Japan. He didn't know the person in the car was dead. But when he did...when he knew that it was...


Izuku chokes with another sob instead of thinking about it anymore.


"Deku, people die. You can't blame yourself--"


"Yes I can!" Izuku yells into his shoulder in frustration. He knows his Pappy's death wasn't his fault, but that didn't mean Monoka-san's wasn't. "Y-yes I c-can...if i-its my f-fault t-that..."


"Deku..." Bakugo pulls him off to look him dead in the eyes, but not necessarily out of the hug totally. "You're gonna listen to me for fucking five minutes or however long it takes till you stop this self loathing shit. Then we'll go from there, 'kay?"


Izuku opens his mouth to protest but stops when the red burns into his face, making him cease his protest on impact. 


"Great." Bakugo shifts. "I'm shit at this, so bear with me."


"Name one shitty reason why you think the old lady's death is your damn fault."


"I didn't s-save her..."


"Specifically Deku." Bakugo chides. "Try again nerd."


Izuku opens his mouth before settling on something vague. "I could have saved her if I was there. I saved her before. I could have. I know it... But, I w-wasn't... I wasn't t-there Kacchan..."


Izuku feel's Bakugo nod slightly as he crashes back into the hug more fully from his overbearing guilt. "And name two emotions about how you feel about that stupid shit."


"Broken." Izuku ponders it as more tears fall. "Guilty..."


Bakugo searches his face for a lie but finds none as Izuku silently accepts his feelings as they are. "Okay, and name three feelings that are crowding your nerd brain at the moment."


"I feel lost..." Izuku averts his eyes. "I feel scared... and..."


"And?" Bakugo offers when Izuku drops off, tensing against him.


"Angry." Izuku scowls as he thinks of what Nedzu was trying to do in his quirk session. That he had no choice but do what they wanted. It was like his mother all over again, but this time it had real consequences of his wellbeing being ripped away from him to become a lab rat. "I feel really angry."


"Alright." Bakugo pauses for a moment. "Now, tell me of two good memories or whatever with the lady."


Izuku laughs lowly. "W-why?"


"Just do it you stupid idiot." Bakugo shoots back with a snarl.


"O-okay..." Izuku pauses a bit to think. "I really liked her cookies. She'd always bake them for me ever time I visited her. Oh, and she used to let me pet her dog too before she gave him to her daughter cause she couldn't take care of him anymore. I had offered to help, but she never wanted to seem like a bother to me."


"And one emotion you associate with her." 


"Calm." Izuku adopts a small smile as he runs through his memories of her. "She felt so safe."




"So...?" Bakugo picks back up after a good minute of pause without any of Izuku's tears falling.


Izuku redirects his attention to his friend, breaking himself out of his thoughts. "So...?"


Bakugo scowls. "Feel better dipshit?"


Izuku giggles at the normality of his friend's angry face. "M-maybe..."


"About damn time nerd." Bakugo huffs. "You're such a crybaby..."


"S-sorry..." Izuku mumbles before turning over in his head what his friend was trying to do exactly. "W-what did you...?"


"It's called grounding." Bakugo averts his eyes. "It's a special one me and my therapist came up with when I get really angry about shit. We tried the shitty vanilla one and it just frustrated the hell out of me every time. I mean, how the fuck are you supposed to calm down by looking at stupid shit?"


Izuku's mouth drops in surprise. "You have a therapist?"


"What?" Bakugo hisses as his red eyes zeroing in on Izuku's disbelief. "You making fun of me or something?!"


Izuku shakes his head quickly to deny that avenue of thought. "No! No! I just... I didn't think you'd ever..."


"What? Ask for help?" Bakugo scoffs. "Everybody needs help asshole. You're just a dirty liar if you don't agree. That's what she tells me every fucking time I say its a waste of time anyway..."


"That sounds very much like you." Izuku teases lightly as he could imagine that exact scenario playing out very vividly.


"Haah?" Bakugo questions with a crazy grin on his face. "You wanna say that shit to my face?"


Izuku tries to stifles his giggles with his hand at his friend's antics. "I already d-did..."


"Oh yeah...? Well--!"


The door opens and Izuku's good mood drops as he fears the worst, especially from the aura behind the door. Instantly, Izuku goes from care-free laughter to anger as he shoves his friend behind him to protect him from the current threat. "The shit Deku--?!"


"Stay beh--" Izuku doesn't get to continue as a very feral looking Hound Dog enters the room with All Might in his small form trailing behind, thankfully dispelling his fear they were going to get attack, but not his apprehension as they clearly have found what they were looking for.


"Oh thank goodness..." All Might releases a long held breath as Izuku curls into himself. "We were looking everywhere for you."


"Leave me alone. Mr. Yagi." Izuku growls lowly at his mentor to not slip up and call him All Might in front of his friend even though it's clear he pauses at the name change. "I just want to be alone right now."


"Who the fuck is this skeleton?" Bakugo sneers at the two uninvited guests, palm already smoking as the smoke wisps past by Izuku's face in small puffs due to the vent overhead. "And what the fuck do you all want with Deku?"


Izuku lies to get Bakugo off All Might's trail, though his anger behind his feelings on the matter stay. "He was one of the options of being my counselor. Something that I didn't ask for, mind you."


All Might seems surprised at the fluid lying, but Izuku isn't so impressed with his teachers as he feels cornered again.


"Did you seriously have a tantrum over this?" Bakugo questions low as if in disbelief when the pieces seem to click into place. "You know they can't fucking force you to go if you don't like it, right? Did you even try it once?"


Izuku turns his head to his friend in surprise. "No, but--!"


"Alright, where do I need to drop his stupid ass off at?" Bakugo instantly grabs at the neck of his collar and picks him up like a baby kitten before he can even protest and explain the situation. Izuku flails in the traitor's hold while their teachers stare at Izuku like he's an unruly wild child who doesn't want to be tamed. 


"Let me go Kacchan!" Izuku swings a fist to his friend's ribs that gets caught with ease with Bakugo's free hand. "You can't do this! I do not consent!"


"Good thing I wasn't asking for fucking permission." Bakugo adopts a feral grin at the skeleton. "Where are we headed? I think the brat needs his time out."




"You'll be thanking me later nerd."


Izuku groans before continuing his thrashing with diligence to get out of Bakugo's hold as they start moving back towards the direction of Nedzu's office. Izuku isn't going to make it easy for him and walk on his own. If he wants to take him there, he'll have to drag him there. It's not like it matters anyway. Izuku will just escape again once he's out of his stupid hold. After all, all he has to do is bide his time to make his move and the board will be in his control again.


Chapter Text

The next time the door opens, Shouta is greeted to an absolutely livid Problem Child being basically held up like a misbehaving kitten by his Problem Child #2 as he thrashes to get free. He really does try to suppress the smile that worms its way on his face at the familiar display that makes him reminisce of his own school days. After all, he was in the kid's position more than once, so he can wholeheartedly sympathize with the clear frustration on his face.  


"Here's the fucking brat." Bakugo scoffs as he unceremoniously dumps Midoriya straight on the floor without a care in the world. "Say hello nerd."


Midoriya shoots him an absolute death glare if he's ever seen one from the ground, not even bothering to pick himself off the ground at all in clear protest. "I hate you."


"Good enough." Bakugo grins dangerously with a wave. "Enjoy your free torture session."


Bakugo didn't see it as he turned too fast to leave after his clear attempt at a joke, but at the very least Shouta did. Midoriya clearly did not take it as it was. A simple joke. And no kid should ever look that terrified from a joke like that. Ever. For what it's worth, his cat clearly catches the first hitched breath and pads her way over to him to help stave off what might be the beginning of another damn panic attack. 


The two seem engaged heavily in a conversation, not privy to their ears since the feline's quirk doesn't work that way unless she wills it. What Shouta would give to be able to hear even a second of what they speak of behind that superficial barrier. Apparently, that kit actually gets to him as the next thing he knows is that Midoriya scoops her into his arms as his scowl breaks. His fond petting is clearly mixed in with apologies from his mutterings as his ears only pick up on every third word as they snuggle together. If it was any other situation, he might snag a few pictures for Hizashi since he would be super jealous he didn't get to see it in person, but there's no time for that. Especially since the tears start again. How the kid can cry so much, he'll never know.


The others are in clear conversation beside him, talking about where they found the kid and everything, but Shouta pays no mind to the jabbering fools ignoring the actual problem in the room. The only thing on his mind is the tears leaking out of his kid's eyes while he gently rocks with his friend like a small kid hugging a teddy bear for comfort. And then it hits him right in the gut exactly why. Hard. 


He thinks we are going to actually do what those doctors potentially did to him. He ran because he didn't want it to happen again. And now he thinks--


"Aizawa, what do you think--?" Nedzu starts.


"What I think?" Shouta snaps, not even looking at them. Only focused on the hurting kid in front of him. His kid. "Is that we went about this all wrong."


Midoriya's red puffy eyes catches his gaze in... shock? Surprise...? It's hard to tell. After all, that's always been Hizashi's forte. Either way, the kid is attentive and not looking like he's about to bolt or curl into a ball forever. Small victories.


"Problem Child." A big flinch that makes him frown when he sees a flash of fear in his kid's eyes. "Midoriya." Nothing. 




"Y-yes S-sensei...?" Midoriya meekly whispers out from the other side of the room, his breaths still seeming forced at best.


"I'm sorry."


Midoriya's eyes become as big as saucers. "W-what...?"


"I'm sorry." Shouta repeats as he approaches the kid slowly like you would with a scared wild animal. He squats down to his level only a pace away to give the kid space, but also to get on his level so he knows they are on equal speaking terms instead of towering over him to talk. "We scared you."


Midoriya clearly opens his mouth to disprove it, but Shouta stops it with a raised hand. "You don't have to answer why. It's clear you were scared and we should have gone about this differently. That's why I'm sorry for allowing you to be put in the position that made see the only option was to run."


Midoriya shifts nervously before mumbling something in his attempt to make himself smaller.


"What was that?" Shouta questions to save time. "I didn't catch it."


"I don't want to take the test..." Midoriya's eyes shift to the side as if nervous as well as scared.


Nedzu, the dog, starts up his own protests to that statement but Shouta simply sends him a glare that makes all of them shut their damn mouths for a second. Shouta doesn't care if it's the stupid protocol. If that's what's keeping his student from getting the help he deserves, then damn to all hell he's never taking the useless test. After all, while Shouta doesn't like to deal with kids because emotions are way too complicated at times, he's had to deal with a hefty amount of abuse cases. That's one of the bread and butter assignments he gets often courtesy of being an Underground Hero. And if there's one thing he's picked up over the years, it's this. You don't simply force your decisions on children as that scares them, especially if they've come from a situation where they had no previous autonomy. It would basically tell them that your help is no different than the environment they just got out of. So, you compromise with what makes them comfortable and let them choose what happens next.


"Okay." Shouta replies as he turns his head back to the distressed kid. "You won't take the test."


A large held breath was clearly released in that second. Good.


"R-really?" The look of disbelief in his kid's eyes is painful, like he expected he never had any choice in the current situation. And that hurts more than Shouta can truly fathom as it's no wonder the kid is scared of them hurting him. Especially if he had no choice in those situations either.


Shouta nods, keeping his emotions at bay. "Really. If you want, you never have to take it. But I still really want you to talk with Hound Dog or any of our other counselors on hand today. If you don't like them or don't want to continue, it will be your choice what happens after today. You don't have to give a reason if you want to stop either. All I ask is for you to try it out for yourself, that's it."


"W-what if..." Midoriya bites his lip hard as he averts his eyes to the ground. "I.. don't w-want..."


Shouta nods in understanding as the kid trails off. "If that's what you really want, we aren't going to force you to go today either. It's entirely your choice whether you go or not. I was only saying that as a request, not a demand. But if you want, I could tell you about what happens during sessions so you can make an informed decision for yourself about what you want to do next."


Shouta definitely doesn't miss the flinch at the word 'sessions' that grinds his teeth as it's basically a red flag screaming that he and the bear are most likely right. But, he doesn't have any time for his own feelings at the moment other than make a mental note to never say that word again in this setting and keep on the lookout for more triggers. "What would you like to do?"


Shouta spends a lot of time searching the kid's face while the emotions flow freely across his student's face in deep thought, giving Midoriya the space to make the first word. And his patience is rewarded when the kid's mouth does open for a second, even if it hesitated for a second in hesitance. 


"W-what h-happens..." Midoriya murmurs out finally. "N-normally...?"


Shouta nods, ignoring the definite staring contest that's going on with his back and his colleagues behind him. "Typically during the first meeting, the counselor will ask you questions to get to know you. Like favorites and such. You can even get to know them if you wish. But, counseling works where you are the driver. That means you call the shots. If you want to take a nap during your time, then that's what you'll do. If you want to work on homework, you'll do homework. Your counselor can't force you to say anything, so it's your choice what the conversation leads to. If you have something on your mind, you just have another person there to help you figure it all out. That's it."


Midoriya's lips wobble. "Y-you p-promise...?"


Shouta stiffens at the reaction, but doesn't let it go out in his face to keep from projecting his own emotions on the kid as it's a very delicate question to answer. "I promise. I can come with you if want. Or even Tsuki can go with you. You can bring anyone you want in if you ask them first and they agree to come with you. Whatever makes you comfortable if you choose to try it out. If something does happen that you don't like, tell me immediately and I'll resolve it."


Midoriya seems to be searching his face for something that Shouta figures is a lie, but the kid seems content with his honesty when his body relaxes a bit. "O-okay..."


"Okay." Shouta shifts gears as he doesn't want to assume anything. "So, what do you want to do? If you have more questions, shoot them at me."


Midoriya simply shakes his head. "I'm g-good... Um..."


Midoriya bites his lip again as it must be a nervous tic. "C-can I b-bring my lunch w-with me t-there...? And... Tsuki-chan?"


Shouta relaxes himself before nodding. "Sure kid. You must be starving if you haven't had lunch yet. Do you want to try it today and see if it works for you?"


The kid slowly nods his head as his eyes drift behind Shouta, probably to where said lunch is located. "Need some help to get up?"


A flash of fear comes over his student's eyes before shaking his head as he does just that, his cat still attached to him like a life line.


Note to self, doesn't like to be touch... Shouta muses as he gets up himself.


The reactions of his colleagues are comical at best as if Shouta did something miraculous. But that's just shows how Mainstream Heroes differ as Underground Heroes wouldn't have batten an eye at the situation in passing.


"So kid..." Midoriya doesn't flinch at that as he walks slowly back towards the group. "Does talking with Hound Dog sound good, or would you like to go through the other options?"


"H-hound D-dog is fine." Midoriya cordially accepts as he makes a grab for his lunch with his free hand. 


"Perfect." Nedzu smiles like everything went according plan that makes his eye twitch at the rat. "Hound Dog, if you would please."


Shouta feels a weight off his chest as he watches his kid walk away, the final residuals of fear and panic starting to wash away from Midoriya as they leave the room without an inkling of fighting.


"How did you do that?" All Might questions barely above a whisper. "He was fighting basically the whole way here..."


"That..." Shouta drawls as he zeroes in on the traitorous rat with a hateful gaze, even though it is directed at someone not in the room. "Is how you actually help a kid who desperately needs help and support, not more questions to answer. And trust me. By the time this over, there might be someone dead if I have any say in it."


Chapter Text

Izuku stays quiet while he follows Hound Dog-sensei to wherever he is taking him. That doesn't stop the hero from speaking to him about trivial things like landmarks and about the offices they are headed too. He even explains more about the process with counseling, but Izuku tunes him out for the most part. Though, his intentions are not to be rude to the dog hero at all.


Izuku just doesn't have much energy left from today as he's cried too much and his stomach absolutely hates him at the moment since he still hasn't eaten. Izuku may have indulged on water during his tests that Nedzu had provided him, but he's throughly dehydrated at this point from his endless supply of tears being shed. If he didn't know any better, he might think it was a second quirk given how he probably could fill buckets at this point. Regardless, his exhaustion level is simply too high for him to focus on anything for too long as he trudges along the paved path holding the said relief in his hands simply waiting till they get to where they are going before partaking. That's not even taking into account his mess of swirling emotions and thoughts at the moment that take up the foreground of his current problems.


Ignoring the almost constant rumbling at this point, Izuku gently shifts Tsuki into a better position, from a baby carry to her on his shoulder where she usually likes to curl and snuggle against his neck so she doesn't have to brave the vibrations any longer than necessary. A small smile comes when she purrs against his neck, leaning into the free head scratches he provides.


The guilt he carries at the moment from basically dunking Tsuki in water simply because he couldn't breathe in that office anymore is strong. She had explained to him that while she certainly didn't appreciate the gesture, she sympathizes with his reaction as she understood the feeling of having to get away from those she perceived were going to hurt her on more than one occasion. Especially since she went along with Nedzu's nefarious plans since the bear assured her it was in Izuku's best interest to figure out where he stood at the current moment with his mental skills before bringing up the notion of therapy. She didn't understand his intentions were more biased towards another subject of interest and would make Izuku feel cornered. Of course, she demanded fresh pork as compensation for dinner tonight for his 'horrid' actions towards her pristine coat, but that was an easy price to pay to not have his surrogate mom angry at him anymore. Sure, the day is far from being over as he'd need to bring his girl up to speed on everything that's happened as that will probably be another train wreck in itself, but Izuku feels strangely at peace for the first time since USJ.


Though, Izuku thinks he may need to update his previous ranking of which teacher is his favorite at the moment as it is now a very tight race for first. Of course, Izuku loves All Might. I mean, how could you not? He's All Might. All Might even acknowledged him when no one else would and gave him a chance with a life changing choice that will allow him to save even more people in the future. Once he gets past the bone breaking stage anyway...


But for a brief moment, even when Izuku had never felt so cornered and afraid in his life, Aizawa-sensei somehow came and dispelled his fears. Every single one, even though he definitely knew he was still crying and a total mess. In that single moment, he somehow gave Izuku autonomy in a major choice so he could do what he wanted for the second time in his life. And he felt safe. Something that hasn't really been the case since the villains attack. Even before then if Izuku thinks about it as it was more superficial before then because he always had to avoid the bullies and random villains constantly. Even though it was only for a single second, Izuku couldn't help but feel that everything would turn out okay.


Izuku honestly felt like he was drowning in so many emotions at the time that he was so overwhelmed before his teacher's intervention, not sure where to orient himself to cover his bases. And when Aizawa-sensei came over to him and said sorry? That his teacher basically said it was normal for him to run from them instead of scold him for it? In a weird strange way, he felt like he was finally whole again as if he was missing something in his life. What that something is, Izuku doesn't know, but he aims to find out, even if it means going through the scary counseling session with Hound Dog-sensei first. His apprehension hasn't left him so easy, but his thoughts keep drifting back to his homeroom teacher.


Aizawa-sensei somehow must have known exactly when and where to push him, or at least that's what he figures at the moment, even though it was pretty clear his motive was to find out about his closest held secrets. It was kind of like he knew Izuku better than himself, kind of like Bakugo does, almost reading him like a book on what was safe to talk about and where to push him.


But that's not the important thing. Regardless of his own curiosity, Aizawa-sensei still gave him a choice. A choice to chose what he wanted to do what was best for himself. Very unlike Nedzu who simply wanted the unfiltered truth of his quirk, who gave him no choice other than to run to hide from them to simply stop all the questions. And sure, All Might had been the first one to give Izuku a choice when he offered his sacred quirk to him, but in that moment in the office, Izuku felt in complete control as strange as it seemed. Perhaps it is simply a calm before the storm as he still feels wary of their constant probing of him, but Izuku wouldn't like to think so.


For a single moment, Izuku was able to chose what he wanted without any of the normal weight that came from such choices. It was like whenever he was with Pappy. He felt...powerful. Alive. And, as strange as it sounds since he was still completely distressed at the time and still kind of is, he feels wholly content. 


Of course, things are still 'messed up' as Bakugo had put it since Aizawa-sensei couldn't make everything go away in that moment. It simply isn't possible nor that easy to cast everything away. It's because Izuku is still terrified despite everything. And he would be a complete liar if he said otherwise. He's terrified of his mother. He's terrified of his friends dying. He's terrified of his teachers dying. He's just so afraid that everything he holds dear and cherishes is going to come crashing down if everything comes to light about his past and his quirk. And then there's the whole thing with...


Izuku blinks owlishly before internally panicking. 


Oh lord, I forgot all about Todoroki!


Izuku mentally pats rushing shopper Izuku on the back for his magnificent foresight to buy that external drive for his research on helping his friend in the midst of going crazy about stocking up his new apartment. Izuku may be free from Inko, but Todoroki isn't free from Endeavor. Just thinking of the hero hurting his friend makes him shudder. Sure, Izuku doesn't know all of the details and perhaps he is overthinking things, but Izuku just can't agree with that line of thinking any longer. It just seems so unrealistically optimistic, especially since he's seen how it is on the receiving end of such abuse and every sign is pointing him in that direction. 


Izuku bites his lip as a plan forms in his head.


Okay, so after the talk with Tsuki-chan tonight, I'm going to jump straight into find everything on his father... If there's no homework of course. Okay, homework first and then--


"Whose father?" Hound Dog-sensei questions with a quiet ruff. 


Izuku immediately turns red as he realizes pretty quick his thoughts were not simply thoughts. "Uh, it's nothing! I'm just thinking about the new hero I saw the other day and I wanted to get ahead on my notes on him and--!"


"Slow down pup." Hound Dog-sensei assures with a toothy smile under his mask. "No reason to get so riled up. Also, don't worry about yer homework. Nedzu had told us not to assign stuff til tomorrow, though there will be plenty of work from yer classes ya missed. All of the homework assignments from today will be given tomorrow, so there's not much time to dilly dally."


Izuku smiles as he relaxes his tense shoulders. Todoroki it is. 


"Thanks for telling me Hound Dog-sensei!" Izuku chirps back before adopting a sheepish expression. "Oh...I'm sorry about... you know..."


"Nah, it's fine pup. Don'tcha worry 'bout a thang." Hound Dog-sensei rumbles soothingly. "Though, you can call me Inui if that makes you more comfortable since we will be working together today."


"Um..." Izuku bites his lips again as he'd rather keep his teachers as heroes as much as possible, sans for Aizawa-sensei. "Is...It's just..."


"It's your choice." Hound Dog-sensei offers after smelling Izuku's apprehension to the subject, surprising Izuku a slight bit. "Whatever is fine with me pup."


"Hound Dog-sensei is okay with me then..." Izuku trails off as they reach a new building on the trail that they turn towards.


"Meh office is in this set." Hound Dog-sensei informs as Izuku as the walk up the steps. "If ya ever need anything, even if it's fer yer homework, don't hesitate to pop in for a visit, 'kay? If I'm not here, then I'm probably sniffing around the teacher's lounge."


"Okay." Izuku reaffirms as he tenses through the doorway, entering the unfamiliar area as a blast of soft blues from the paint and greens from plants around the room hits his eyes. In the center of the room that looks like the reception, there is a beautiful mural full of swirls and stars on a thin pillar wall, sort of like the artist who made it own version of a galaxy. It's shape divides the room in a unique way, almost like a person is swimming on by the mural as they move through the room towards the main clerical windows. 


"Hi Inui!" A lady behind the glass waves with a bright smile. Her blue wavy hair that moves and bounces almost weightlessly around makes Izuku infer it probably something to do with her quirk, probably a simple appearance augmenter if he's assuming correctly. The woman looks at him after adjusting her funky stark purple glasses frame. "Got yourself another pup, huh?"


"Don't tease meh Aozora." Hound Dog-sensei whines slightly underneath his gruff voice. "Ya know they are all my pups. Every single one."


"Don't worry Papa Bear, I won't scare away your cubs." Aozora's eyes crinkle as she laughs at Inui's clear protective growl. "Hiya cuties! What's your names?"


"My name is Midoriya Izuku." Izuku provides with a slight bow of his head before petting his girl's head as she directs her attention towards the receptionist. "And this is Tsuki-chan. It's nice to meet"


"Aozora Nami at your service. I run the front office and set up appointments." Aozora returns with a friendly smile before adopting a more mischievous one. "So, what'cha do to get caught in the slammer?"


Izuku pales at the implications of her words, meaning that he was actually tricked by his teacher after putting a sliver of trust in him. "What!?!"


"Aozora, yer scaring the pup. Quit with yer jokes." Hound Dog-sensei gruffs after smelling Izuku's distinct distress at such a notion that makes him frown. "Midoriya, you aren't being arrested."


"Ah, boo!" Aozora scrunches up her face in a big pout while Izuku exhales a held breath in relief. "Let me have my fun Inui. You know I have to grill the new recruits."


"L-like hazing?" Izuku offers with a slight wariness in his voice, still sweating quite a bit.


"Yes! See? He gets it!" "No, we don't haze our pups."


The two catch each other expressions before both of them start laughing as if it was normal banter. Honestly, Izuku is more confused than panicked at the moment, so he joins in, even if it's a very nervous laugh. 


"Don't worry so much kiddo." Aozora brings the group back to order with an understanding smile at Izuku's distress with the peculiar situation. "We like to have fun here, so feel free to loosen up a bit. If there's anything I can do for you, just ask."


Izuku fidgets a bit before trying to make a request since his throat probably won't last much longer and he's not sure if there is any water in the room they are headed to. "Could I... um, if you would..."


"Speak up pup." Hound Dog-sensei prods. "No reason to be shy."


"Water." Izuku finally squeaks out in his embarrassment. "I would l-like some water."


"One glass of water, coming right up!" Aozora chimes back as she grabs a cup from under the desk before placing it on the counter, sliding open the window. "Now watch closely! I'm about to blow your mind kid."


It takes a moment, but after a moment of deep concentration, Izuku watches with stars in his eyes as water starts pouring into the cup, seemingly out of thin air as her hair falls back down to her shoulders. 


"Oh my gosh! You have a water control quirk!" Izuku squeaks in excitement as he starts his rambling at the amazing quirk in front of him. "I thought it was appearance augment one with how your hair floats like that! Since your hair fell back down, you must be constantly moving the water in the air causing that effect to happen--"


"Got it right in one kiddo." Aozora confirms with a warm smile as Izuku sheepishly apologizes for getting so excited over her quirk. "And yeah, I can't really stop my quirk from affecting the water in the air. It was such a pain when I was a kid as I constantly got people wet around me from it always being on, ya know. So, I make do with what I have. I learned how to move the water underneath my hair so well I can probably do it in my sleep!"


"Really?!" Izuku giggles already deep in thought about such a notion.


"Joking slightly I'm afraid." Aozora smiles fondly while her eyes shift to something on the desk as Izuku tilts his eager head to hear more about the quirk in front of him. "Well, my partner will attest to it happening sometimes during my sleep, so it's half the truth. You have no idea how many times we have had to change the sheets because of that."


"Oh." Izuku's demeanor drops as he could see how that would be uncomfortable. After all, no one likes a wet bed. "I'm sorry..."


"Nonsense! She said she'd never have me any other way as she absolutely adores my hair effect." Aozora waves him off as it really is no big deal as he relaxes at her positive vibe about it. "She constantly brags about it too, just like an awestruck brat."


Izuku nods as he knows the feeling. Quirks are always so dazzling to him.


"I tell ya a secret." Aozora winks like it's a trade secret. "No one can change your starting line, but you can always change your outlook on how you deal with such things as you race towards the finish. In fact, it can even become a strength that helps keeps pushing ya forward. Personally, I'd like to think my starting line is just slightly more flashy than most."


Izuku smiles back at the nice lady and her fantastic quirk rippling through her hair, the dots connecting in his head on what she's referencing. "I think your starting line is a great look on you."


"Thanks kid." Aozora grins as she reaches out of the window with the cup. "Here's ya cup though. Don't worry about a thing as I can separate the toxins if I really concentrate on it. It's basically filtered water now."


"Thank you." Izuku accepts the cup as he takes greedy drinks as his throat is almost screaming at him at this point. After a moment of reprieve, Izuku hears a clearing of a throat bringing his attention back to his teacher.


"Come on in this way Midoriya and we'll get started." Hound Dog-sensei instructs as he opens the door to the other offices.


Izuku takes a brave deep breath in before entering the hallway with determination to find out what is best for him as he takes the first step forward from his past and into his future.

Chapter Text

The second Izuku's butt is in the cushy couch chair, he starts inhaling his food after giving his girl the first bite as promised, only stopping his ravenous appetite every now and then to offer Tsuki another piece of the cooked pork, careful not to accidentally give her some of the rice underneath as she seemed to shy away from them when the first piece had some on it. He knows cats can eat rice, but he won't force her to eat something she doesn't prefer after all.


Izuku hears the clicks of a keyboard being used from Hound Dog-sensei's desk in the corner of the room away from him and the couch but he doesn't focus too much as he's savoring his own cooking by feeding the both of them as they were understandably esurient. Izuku even shares the water left from his cup as he tips it at the right angle for her to lap up the water comfortably when she prompts him for some.


After a good minute of munching, Izuku ears pick up on his teacher clearing his voice. Looking back up from his bento, Izuku sees his teacher deposit his face mask on the computer desk as he makes his way to the opposing couch in front of Izuku. "Sorry 'bout that. Just had to add ya to the system and block off meh schedule for our time today in case there was anyone who came in fer an emergency."


Izuku nods in understanding before putting another bite of food in his mouth, studying his teacher's current expression. Surprisingly, he seems tense which was starkly different than a minute ago out in the reception area. Regardless, Izuku makes no comment on it as he waits for Hound Dog-sensei to make the first move as he is still wary of how this will all play out. 


"Well, as I said on our way here--" Izuku instantly lowers his chopsticks back into his box to put away his food to not be rude as they talk, something that his teacher clearly catches early on. "--No, Midoriya, you can continue yer eating. It's no trouble."


Izuku shifts a little, but complies as he resumes his eating while his teacher continues. 


"Anyways, the first visit with meh always goes down like this." Izuku finds his eyes drifting towards his teacher's hand gestures before recognizing them as they follow along with his gruff voice. "Usually I have the test to guide meh, but I'll have to improvise on that one. So, I think we should start with ground rules after introductions and see what you want to get out of this experience--"


"You know sign language." Izuku barely mumbles, cutting him off unintentionally as he didn't quite catch his whole message in his own musings.


"Grah..." Hound Dog-sensei follows Izuku's line of sight to figure out his student's surprise and see them firmly on his own hands. "Oh this? I sometimes have pups who need meh to sign, so I do it whenever I'm in the office. Would you like to sign instead if ya know it?"


Izuku puts down his chopsticks to free up his own hands. "I can do both equally if needed."


Hound Dog's face scrunches slightly before signing again his query. "Would you prefer speaking or sign?"


Izuku fidgets hard at the question, abandoning the notion of eating the rest of his meal completely at this point as he knows he can't really delay the inevitable questions any more. "Speaking is fine..."


Hound Dog-sensei nods at his request, but clearly notices the discomfort and instead gestures beside Izuku in the box under the coffee table. "If ye want, I have some stuff fer you to fidget with while we bark a bit."


Izuku blinks before following his gaze to the point in space in question. Once found, he shifts in the chair to look around in the box of knick knacks to fiddle with before he spies something near the bottom that makes his heart almost stop. 


NO WAY! Is that really...?


Izuku carefully separates the things around the cube before picking it out of there, mesmerized by its sight.




"Grr..." Hound Dog looks at the object in Izuku's hand that almost has him in tears as he always wanted one. "You like that olde thang?"


"This is no old thing Hound Dog-sensei..." Izuku would never be embarrassed for losing a tear or two at feeling the cool smooth cube's surface with his own hands as he twirls it around to see its true condition.


Hearing the unsaid question, Izuku starts to explain the simple, yet amazing toy in his hand. "It's a Rubik's Cube. I can't believe I'm holding one..."


"Rubik's what's it?"


"They made them during the time right before quirks started to appear." Izuku informs since it makes sense his teacher probably wouldn't have the same extensive knowledge as he does on the pre-quirk era. "I always wanted to have one, but they aren't being made anymore and most left behind are in such poor condition that they can barely work at all. And of those that still exist, they go for astronomical prices since avid collectors basically hold a monopoly on them. Sure, I could have made one myself since their blueprints have been leaked online long ago, but I always want to have a genuine one to play with. I didn't even learn the trick for speeding through it because I wanted to experience it for myself and figure it out as I played with it and--"


"Ya know..." Hound Dog cuts off his mumbled rant as he looks at Izuku's clear amazement at the simple puzzle with high regard. "I think yer the first pup to ever to pick it up since I put her in there. And I didn't even think it was that special..."


"Where did you even find it?" Izuku breaths out in awe as he starts flipping the colored sides to get it to match it up as Tsuki sniffs at the air around the cube to check it out from his neck. "It even looks like one of the original 1980 ones... It's practically in perfect condition despite it being like way over two hundred years old..."


"It was some of the olde stuff in meh office when I moved in here." Hound Dog-sensei replies watching the growing stars in Izuku's eyes at flipping the puzzle tiles over and over again. "I just kept the whole box for any of my pups who need it, but I didn't realize it was so rare nowadays..."

Izuku simply shrugs with his sole empty shoulder as he continues his fidgeting with the puzzle. "It's not your fault. Most people don't really know much about the stuff before quirks appeared. I only know about them because I did a probably unhealthy amount of research of the era and stumbled over a ton of stuff like videos games, this Rubik's Cube, and other oddities..."


"And why would ye say that?" 


Izuku blinks before raising his gaze back to his teacher. "Well, it's true. I feel like I'm one of the only people who even likes stuff from that era. It's like everyone was in a rush to forget that part of history since quirks were held in much higher regard, or at least now we do. Most textbooks even gloss over that stuff unless there was a big war happening during that period. And usually, that stuff is from right at the crux of quirks being discovered that led to the disarray that occurred as super powers became the norm. Sure, at the beginning, there was a lot of persecution similar to Salem Witch Trials that happened centuries before then, but once heroes made their appearance on the scene, quirks became praised and worshiped. Heroes basically had a systemic impact that is still felt for generations. Even now, those consequences can be seen in how little we've progressed with our technology. Instead of interstellar travel, we focus on quirk regulation and the advancements quirks can bring to our everyday life..."


"Huh..." Hound Dog-sensei rumbles as he eyes the toy with intrigue. "I guess I'd never really thought about it like that..."


"It's not necessarily a bad thing..." Izuku shrugs one shouldered again when Hound Dog raises a brow at his comment. "Quirks, I mean. Sure, there have definitely been some negatives as we shifted our focuses when it comes to a lot of stuff that caused suffering for a lot of people, but suffering has always existed. It's just one of the flaws of humanity itself. It's kind of why people say history repeats itself. In a way, being human is both a blessing and a curse as we compare each other to ourselves. That comparison breeds jealousy, which leads to hate, then persecution, and eventually death. Humanity has always feared things they don't understand. But it's far more than just being a human emotion that drives us to extremes. Every living thing always fears the unknown. It's why birds will fly away instantly from what they perceive is danger, even though it could be as simple as a person throwing them some seed that would nourish them. It's why wolves try to hunt in packs instead of by themselves as they fear going hungry when the season gets bad and food sources become scarce. And it's why quirks scared people when they first emerged. It's only the unknown that truly matters in the end, whether it is death or something else entirely..."


"I think ya and Nedzu would get along well. He always goes on rant like that but it always goes over meh head." Hound Dog-sensei brings up that briefly puts a brief stop to Izuku's continued internal rambling after his voice drops off as it's a subject he's thought through on multiple occasions. Though, the rat's name makes Izuku nervous again. "Though, I think we should focus more on ya than the past."


"Oh..." Izuku sheepishly rubs his head as the tension rolls away again. "Sorry about that... I sometimes forget I'm rambling..."


"I'd like to think yer processing information, but that's just meh." Hound Dog-sensei muses to Izuku's surprise. "But that doesn't mean we won't talk about that stuff though if ye want, especially since ya seem to enjoy it quite a bit..."


Izuku simply nods as he waits for the dreaded questions he fears might come up. 


"Let's bark about what you would like to focus on with meh before we focus more on that." Hound Dog-sensei tilts his head in waiting as he presents his inquiry. "From everything that I told ya, who would you like to be when you leave meh care?"


"Who I would like to be?" Izuku parrots back in visible confusion.


Hound Dog-sensei simply nods. "I've found with my pups that askin' them where they want to be is more telling 'bout how I can help them grow up strong."


"Who I want to be..." Izuku mumbles more like a statement than a question. "Well, I want to be a hero. I want to save people."


Hound Dog-sensei nods again. "That's good and all, but that's more 'bout what ya want to do, not where ya want to be emotionally."




What... do I want?


Izuku bites his abused lip again till he actually tastes metal on his tongue as he ponder the simple yet complex statement alone in his head. 


"Moon Child, I believe you are thinking too hard..." Tsuki mentions after a good few minutes pass by in silence, even though Izuku is hard at work thinking about it. "Why not ramble a bit, as the Dog put it?"


Izuku gives Tsuki a stiff nod before letting his words come out to voice his inner conflict. "I'm not really sure Hound Dog-sensei. I just can't figure out how those two are different is all..."


Hound Dog-sensei shifts in his seat as he crosses his ankles. "The difference is that one of them is how you want to help others. The thing I'm asking fer is how you want to help yourself."




How do I want to help myself?


Izuku ponders the question over and over in his head. The first thing he reasons that has to be done is to find the problem that's causing him to need help. Izuku knows he saved himself from his mother. He knows that his choice to leave probably led to Monoka-san's death as he wasn't there to catch it in time. But his mother could always come back. She could sink her claws into him again since she knows he's in UA. She could tear him out of there faster than he could blink and he wouldn't have any say in it. He knows he threatened her with exposing what she did, but that would lead to more and more questions. It would just end up with his own misery when his quirk comes to light. 


But everything aside, the question really is... Am I really happy right now?


Izuku blinks as he feels tears streaking down his face at the realization, that no, he's not happy. Sure, things are better at the moment, but for how long? How long can he keep this all up? How long before either he breaks the careful balance of being free by slipping up with his teachers or his mother does it for him by coming back for him? How long can he last like--


"I don't know what I need. All I know is that I'm not happy." Izuku finally admits in his moment of vulnerability. "I'm just scared. Like really scared..."


"Scared of what, pup?" Hound Dog-sensei prods with a deepening frown.


"A lot of things, I think." Izuku dodges expertly that simply makes his heart hurt a little bit more. "I just feel scared. I don't know how else to describe it."


"So, if I'm understanding correctly..." Hound Dog-sensei grabs Izuku's attention again with his eyes. "Ya would like to not feel scared."


Izuku breaths in deeply before nodding at his teacher. "Yeah, I think so."


"And how would not being scared make you better?"


Izuku mulls over the question for a moment before a yawn hits him. Tearing at the exhaustion setting in his eyes with his hands, Izuku blinks a couple times to get mentally back to the session. "I would be happy. I'd be able to help others better I think..."


Hound Dog-sensei nods as if in agreement. "Alright, so let's come to the next question this poses. What makes ya scared?"


Izuku freezes as terror starts to wash over him, making him grip the cube a little tighter than before. " I mean..."


"We won't go into specifics today pup." Hound Dog-sensei assures with a soft toothy smile. "Only in general."


Izuku opens his mouth, but finds it strangely mute as he really doesn't know how to say any of his current distress and fears without there being severe consequences to such admissions. And that hurts him more than he thought it would. Finally gaining the courage to say at least something, Izuku puts down the cube so he can sign so he can at least give his teacher something to work with that is safe. "I'm scared about being Q-U-I-R-K-L-E-S-S..."


"Quirkless?" Hound Dog-sensei echos in confusion. "Why would ye ever fear that?"


Izuku sighs involuntarily before signing his reply. "I'm scared of being powerless again. Of being Deku..."


"Did yer bullies tell ya that?" Hound Dog-sensei gently prods as he puts two and two together from what he's heard and been told about his patient. "That you were useless?"


Izuku nods, though his gaze is now strictly on his own hands with the ground as his backdrop. "I never listened to them, but deep down... I think..."


"You acknowledged their opinion of ya?" Hound Dog-sensei offers after Izuku doesn't sign anything more for a good long moment of time. "You do know, quirk or not, that doesn't make ya anyway worse or better than them. After all, quirkless does not mean useless."


Izuku blinks away his tears forming in his eyes at his teacher's words. "Yeah, I know."


"Would ya like to talk 'bout yer bullies a bit?" Hound Dog inquires as Izuku's face falls at the question as a new reality hits him. Hard 


I can't talk about them. I just can't talk about all the things I want to as they would just lead to problems. Just more stress and questions to be added onto my already big pile of problems. 


"Is therapy supposed to be calming?" Izuku asks instead of answering the question after stifling down a yawn. "In general, I mean..."


"It depends pup." Hound Dog-sensei's eyes carry a great heaviness and worry in them. "Though, a big part of therapy is getting out of yer comfort zone. If ya can't accept that, then it might make things worse."


"I don't..." Izuku returns his gaze back to the ground as he signs again. "What if I'm not ready to do that?"


Hound Dog-sensei simply hums as the question registers. "I don't think any of my pups were ever ready per say. I can definitely say with confidence there are things right now that I'd probably never be comfortable with talking 'bout to someone else. But just because ya aren't ready to face it doesn't mean that ya can't. Sometimes, ya just got to go chase it for yerself regardless of being ready."


"Okay..." Izuku signs, his gaze still throughly fixed to the ground.


"Do you think ya aren't ready for this?" Hound Dog soothingly brings up after Izuku drowns in his own tired melancholy for a bit.


Izuku gets caught up in a storm of yawns that make him drag against his eyes to make his body quit its protests before he can answer his teacher's question. 


"Actually, I think now is a good spot to stop fer today. It's no use to ya if yer too tired." Hound Dog-sensei stands up to leave. "Wait here, I'm gonna go fetch ya a blanket..."


"Wait!" Izuku's eyes snap open from their previous half lidded state. "I'm not that tired, I'm fine--"


"There's nothing wrong with taking a nap, especially since it's been a long day for ya. You can crash on meh couch if ya want while I'm gone." Hound Dog-sensei assures as he moves toward the door. "I'll be right back..."


Izuku simply watches tiredly as his teacher walks out, leaving him and Tsuki alone in the room. It's not long before Izuku shifts over to the couch, looking up at the ceiling trying to come to a decision about what to do as Tsuki curls up on his chest protectively. Barely blinking, Izuku finally comes to a conclusion as he starts to slip into a long and well deserved nap.

Chapter Text

Izuku's nose twitches for a moment as something soft and furry brushes past it. 


"Moon Child."


Izuku doesn't reply as he's too tired to wake up to the silky voice calling out to him.


Another brush comes by as he scrunches up his face a little at its annoyance. "Moon Child. It's time."


"Nooooo....." Izuku barely groans out in protest, finally sensing the feeling coming back to his extremities.


"Moon Child..."


"N--" Izuku doesn't even finish his reply to her as a heavy paw swats at him, making him jolt his eyes open in surprise.


Tsuki simply blinks at him, purring on top of his chest like she didn't do a single thing wrong just now. "Oh good. You are finally awake now. Perfect."


Izuku blinks blearily at the traitor. "No thanks to you...."


"Says the one who has slept for literally four hours." Tsuki points out with a flick of her tail. 


"What!?!" Izuku's eyes widen in horror as he only meant to take a simple nap. "Four hours!?!"


"Exactly." The vixen coos under her gentle purring on his chest. "That was why it was imperative for me to wake you in such a manner."


"Where--?" Izuku looks around Hound Dog-sensei's office to find it void of anyone at the moment sans the two of them.


"The Dog went to bring your teachers here I believe." Tsuki mentions. "He said he would be right back, so I decided to wake you in the meantime. But sadly it seems it wasn't such as easy a feat as I had previously imagined."


Izuku fishes out his phone to see the time, but finds it dead as a doorknob. "Crap..."


Glancing over to the clock on the wall, his fear that school has been over for an hour is seen to be true. "Well this is just great..."


"What's wrong Moon Child?


"I wanted to work on Todoroki's stuff for him today as soon as I could." Izuku grumbles as he wipes the sleep from his eyes. "But apparently my body didn't get the memo..."


"Well, it has been such a rather unusually long day. I would be a liar if I said I wasn't taking my own cat nap right with you." Tsuki shifts off Izuku's chest as he attempts to sit up. "Though, what is all this about with your Todoroki?"


Izuku blinks his exhausted eyes before answering. "I think his dad is abusive, so I want to gather information to help get him away from him."


"Like your mother?" Tsuki almost snarls as Izuku feels her malice radiating from her.


"I don't know the details, but I want to save him." Izuku curls a fist as he stretches out in his new sitting position, removing himself from the blanket. "I don't want anyone else to suffer what I have. I won't stand by and let it just happen again. Especially since I can do something about it."


Tsuki seems to nod at his declaration. "What is you plan of action, my Moon--"


Tsuki is cut off by the door opening, directing their attention to their visitors. Izuku simply watches as Hound Dog-sensei, Aizawa-sensei, All Might, and Nedzu all shuffle into the room. Izuku involuntarily tenses at the sight of the dog, but he tries to keep an open mind since none of them seem to be radiating out their emotions at the moment for some reason, almost appearing very neutral in fact.


"Ah, yer finally awake pup." Hound Dog-sensei addresses as Izuku yawns a bit to stretch out more to warm up his muscles. "That's good."


"How are you feeling Young Midoriya?" All Might broaches carefully, honestly making Izuku feel like his mentor is dealing with a delicate situation rather than him.


"I'm okay..." Izuku trails off as he flexes his stiff shoulders from sleeping on the couch. "Tired, I think... but I'll be okay."


"It has been a rather long day, hasn't it?" Nedzu cheerfully brings up with a smile. "I'm sure you are more than ready to greet tomorrow instead. After all, tomorrow I will be helping you get set up with your new project that I am looking forward to greatly."


Izuku hums as the details of said project seem crazy to accomplish, but if that keeps him off his mysterious quirk for at least five minutes, then he will be satisfied. Especially since the rat had such a crazy excited grin from its mention.


"Nedzu, I think you have something to tell Midoriya." Aizawa-sensei glares at the bear that is clearly deflecting from the original purpose for his visit.


"Ah yes." Nedzu smiles as if something had simply slipped his mind. "Midoriya."


Izuku hesitantly catches the dog's gaze, hoping it's not more questions. 


"I would like to formally apologize for my rude behavior by not taking your feelings into account while bringing up the therapy process." Nedzu bows slightly to Izuku's surprise. "I can't help for the fact that I am naturally curious, but I should have recognized as your educator that my curiosity simply went too far. For that, I am sorry."


"Oh, please. Don't apologize." Izuku pleads as he doesn't deserve such an apology, waving his arms wildly in protest. Sure, he didn't appreciate it, but he literally ran from his teachers. If anything, he should be the one saying sorry at the moment. "I shouldn't have overreacted and--"


"It doesn't negate that you felt the need to flee." Nedzu brings up, cutting off Izuku's attempts to let it just slide as he closes his mouth. "All I ask for is for us to put this whole debacle behind us so we can move forward uninterrupted. I'm sure you feel the same?"


Izuku nods in agreement as there is nothing he would like more than to never have to be analyzed for his hidden quirk. "Okay. I still feel bad about running though... I shouldn't have done that. I'm sorry..."


"It's illogical for you to apologize for being scared Problem Child." Aizawa-sensei scowls as Izuku tenses at his teacher's bluntness. "There is no apology necessary. The only thing that matters right now is what we are going to do for the future."


"Speaking of which... Pup, do you want to do another session?" Hound Dog-sensei brings up in front of all them as Izuku stiffens at the last word. "I know we didn't get to do all the things we usually do the first time but--"


"No." Izuku replies quickly with no hesitance, even though his gaze moves strictly to the ground when he does.




"I'm not ready yet." Izuku notes as he looks at his girl briefly.  "So, it wouldn't do me any good I think..."


Tsuki ears prick up at his admission as her gaze finds his. "Are you certain Moon Child?"


"Yeah." Izuku nods at her. "I can't tell them everything I would need to be better without risks and that won't do me any good as it would just cause me more stress to keep everything under-wraps. I want to talk, don't get me wrong. I really do, but I simply can't yet. I'm still kind of in the middle of everything. I just need some time..."


"If that's your choice, Moon Child, then I will accept it." Tsuki allows with a bow of her head as Izuku pets her fondly. "When you are ready to confront the past that haunts you so, I shall be at your side to guide you if you so wish. Though, that does not negate our conversation for tonight."


"Of course not." Izuku smiles gratefully. "Thanks for understanding Tsuki-chan."




Aizawa-sensei glares at All Might, cutting him off before his mentor can finish his outburst. "If Midoriya isn't ready or doesn't want to, we can't force him. It's always been his choice to make that decision for himself All Might."


"I know but if what you said..." All Might drops off his protests due to another pointed death glare from his homeroom teacher.


"I'm fine All Might. I thought a lot about this today believe it or not." Izuku smiles tiredly at his mentor as he gives them half of the equation of his plights. "I know the previous bullying has taken a toll on me, but I'm just not ready to face those consequences. I need stability first to be able to face it. Losing Monoka-san... I just need some time for myself I think..."


Everyone in the rooms shifts a bit in their stance even though Izuku stands firm by his words as he continues. "I'm not saying I won't want to in the future, I'm just kinda unbalanced right now and just making that kind of commitment... I just don't know... I know I'll be okay eventually, but for right now..."


"That's perfectly fine." Aizawa-sensei assures as Izuku stumbles to find the right words to convey his feelings without slipping up on the actual reason why.  "We are here to support you regardless. We want you to reach out to us only when you truly feel comfortable to do so. Not before and not after."


Izuku fidgets on the couch for a good minute as he mulls over his teacher's word as his exhaustion simply has gone away as much as he had hoped it would with his impromptu long nap.


"I'm sorry for getting overwhelmed today." Izuku breaks the silence with an apologetic smile while Aizawa-sensei adopts his trademarked scowl at the admission. "I guess I caused you all a lot of trouble, huh?"


"It was no trouble pup." Hound Dog-sensei assures with a low soothing rumble. "If ya ever need to bark with me, meh door is always open regardless of if it's a session. Aozora likes ya a lot too, so she'd probably enjoy ya dropping by. She wouldn't stop yapping at meh about ya when I left."


"She's really nice..." Izuku breathes easy as he adopts a small smile about the desk lady. "Her quirk is really cool too..."


"Perfect! That's all settled then." Nedzu claps suddenly, startling Izuku a little bit. "If my estimates are correct, which they always are regardless, school has been over for quite awhile. I'm sure you are both eager to return home, yes?"


Izuku nods before shakily attempting to stand so he can retrieve his backpack and other notes from the classes he missed today. He doesn't fall, but his exhaustion is clear to all in the room and how deep it really runs as he finally finds his balance again.


"Kid, you are dead on your feet. Let me take you home." Aizawa-sensei offers.


Izuku starts to open his mouth in protest since he doesn't want his teacher to go out of his way, but finds it might be even more suspicious if he refused. Plus, he really is tired and not having to walk home does sound a bit nice. "O-okay..."


Izuku scoops up Tsuki to ride on his shoulder before he shambles out of the office, following his teacher so he can go home to truly get the rest he so desperately deserves.


Chapter Text

Izuku couldn't stop fidgeting in the seat ever since he got in there. Sure, the stuff he missed was pretty minimal in retrospect and is securely in his bag at his feet, but he's not sure if his teacher is truly okay to drive. Especially with all of the bandages that has him wrapped up on his arms and such. He's not quite sure why his teacher is still injured, unlike him who had his injuries cleared days ago. If he remembers right from the interview, Recovery Girl simply only needed to give him two healing sessions at most to fix everything. For his teacher, that clearly must not have been the case.


Must be because of my original quirk and the extra stamina then... Izuku muses tiredly. I wonder how Aizawa-sensei's--


"What is it Midoriya?"


Izuku flushes as it must have been obvious he had a question on his mind for a good while. "H-how is your...?"


Aizawa-sensei shifts a bit before answering, cutting off Izuku's unsaid question. "I'm well enough to drive if that's what you are asking."


"I" Izuku bites his lip till he tastes bitter metallic as the worry is slightly eating at him. "H-how is y-your quirk?"


Izuku waits a good minute before his teacher actually makes a sound and the sigh from him makes his heart drop in worry. "Y-you can't use it for more than a second, can you?"


"No Midoriya, that's not the case." Aizawa shakes his head. "It's true I probably lost a couple good seconds, but that's not important."


"Of course it is!" Izuku argues as the weight of his teacher's words hit him hard. "Your quirk is a part of you. Of course it matters. Would you say losing an arm isn't important?"


Aizawa-sensei stills as his gaze never leaves the road for a good minute before opening his mouth again. "Hypothetically, if you knew someone who never wanted to use their quirk, what would you do?"


Izuku frowns at his teacher as his thoughts instantly wander to his classmate. "Is this truly hypothetical?"


"Humor me."


Izuku looks down at his girl as the continue the drive to his apartment. If Izuku's teacher was taking the long way, he simply doesn't notice as he tackles the conundrum. "I would encourage them to use it. But it still would be their choice what they do with it in the end. After all, it's their quirk not mine."


"Interesting..." Aizawa-sensei mulls as if thinking about something hard. "Why would you encourage them?"


"They could only hurt themselves if they deny a part of themselves." Izuku offers with a shrug. "Quirks are like muscles. If you stop using it, your whole body could go in disarray in at least the physical sense, possibly in more aspects depending on the exact type of quirk. The opposite is true if you overuse it, like pulling a muscle from overwork. If you think about it in that light, there are probably a good number of people in the world that have literally gone mentally insane or did something violent because they couldn't legally do something that comes naturally to them. It's one of the reasons why I think the overregulation of using quirks is absurd. Of course, no regulation would be equally stupid, but making it completely illegal except for specific special cases is absolute overkill. It's like the government knew everyone with legs could walk, but demanded the populace to be in wheelchairs instead except for only a select few. All that type of regulation does is breed discomfort and contempt that leads people to lash out in different ways..."


Aizawa-sensei shifts in the seat as he catches Izuku's hunched over frame cradling his cat in his lap in the corner of his eye. "You sound like you are talking from experience."


Izuku shrugs with a frown of his own as he ponders the notion. "I mean, technically speaking, I guess I do. I don't think there was ever a single day I didn't see a quirk being used in school because they couldn't do the same freely in public. If they got caught in school, they would get a simple slap on the wrist instead of being arrested for illegal quirk usage without a license. It's no mystery why a lot of violent criminals usually start their careers straight out of middle or high school you know."


Izuku instantly feels malice radiating outward from his teacher due to his round about way of thinking, making him flinch slightly at the intensity. "Your bullies tested out their quirks on you, didn't they?"


Izuku doesn't give him an answer as he simply focuses on petting his girl while addressing the previous question instead. "If it was a fear of hurting others with their quirks that was holding said hypothetical person back, I'd show them how all quirks have the capacity to hurt. It's like a gun. It only depends on the gun's owner what happens when it's used. After all, even with a quirk, people nowadays are still able to die from a bullet wound quite easily. Using a gun for protection, it can save lives from those who would like to hurt others. On the other side, using it for violence can instead take those said lives in a heartbeat. It's irrational to fear your quirk as you are going to hurt people regardless of whether you use it or not. The only important thing is one's own perspective and morals as they will shape how they use their power. And, depending on the quirk, they could do end up doing amazing things that could improve the lives of those around them or even the world. Just like heroes and scientists do."


Aizawa-sensei hums as he continues their drive, the familiar street leading to his apartment complex finally coming into view. "Speaking of fear... What happened with Hizashi?"


Izuku looks up at his teacher with visible confusion at his teacher's given name. "Present Mic-sensei?"


Aizawa-sensei simply sighs like he was annoyed. "The damn fool wouldn't quit whining about how he's going to be erased by Nedzu. And then when I mentioned you to get your work for the day, he referred to you as, and I quote, 'the hell spawn.' I was quite shocked, especially since he took such a good liking to you previously since you do good work in class... So, logically speaking, something must have happened. That or he's finally become delusional."


"Oh that!" Izuku laughs hard once it registers as he had completely forgotten all about his harmless teasing. "Well, I decided to become a vent gremlin for the rest of my life before Kacchan blasted me out. It was the one in our classroom for context--" Aizawa-sensei grumbles under his breath at the admission while Izuku continues with giggles between words. "-- and I simply told Present Mic-sensei that I knew what he did that made Nedzu so angry with him before being dragged off, without my consent mind you. You should have been there to see his face when it finally registered. It was absolute gold."


That actually gets a loud snort of out his teacher. "Zashi owes me 1000 yen then. I knew he was simply overreacting over nothing. He was already researching exorcisms and other stuff equally stupid to save you or something."


Izuku chuckles nervously. "Well, to be fair, Nedzu didn't like it much either when I found out. I had to hack into the camera system to find out said secret, but it was totally worth the risk of death to see Present Mic-sensei go crazy over its simple mention."


"Secret?" Aizawa-sensei furrows his brows in curiosity as he doesn't bother asking about how Izuku hacked into the system at this point since Nedzu's had his eye on him since the entrance exam and his damn espionage points.


"Oh, I can't tell you." Izuku adds quickly as he doesn't want to betray Nedzu's trust in him. "I promised not to tell anyone, but that doesn't mean messing with someone who already knew was off limits."


"You mean that stupid jam session he does every time he's stressed out or is it something new I should be worried about?"


Izuku gapes. "You know about it?"


Aizawa-sensei grins like he won the lottery. "It's not a secret at this point honestly. Most of the teachers have walked in on that spectacle that this point. I guess that means Zashi has finally joined the ranks of Nedzu's superficial hit list now."


Izuku snorts as they enter the parking lot. "You should totally milk it for all it's worth then. If he thinks I was possessed for simply mentioning it, I'd hate to think how he'd react to you actually trying to scare him."


"Kid, I've literally been waiting years for this." Aizawa-sensei admits with maniac grin as he parks the car.


"Poor Present Mic-sensei... He never stood a chance." Izuku giggles out without a shred of remorse as he prepares to leave. "Anyways, thanks for taking me home Aizawa-sensei. I really appreciate it."


"No problem kid." 


Izuku frowns when he hears his teacher's buckle come off as he is just about to get out of the car with Tsuki. "Sensei...?"


"What is it Midoriya?" Aizawa-sensei inquires as he takes out the keys from the ignition in preparation to leave. 


"Oh, you don't have to bother with walking me up there." Izuku assures as the dots connect as he gets out of the car, carefully to not jostle his girl as he places her in her favorite spot on his shoulder after shrugging on his yellow bag. "I'll be totally fine, so you don't have to--"


"You're tired Midoriya." Aizawa-sensei points out as he's already out of the car with Izuku to walk him up. "Just making sure you don't pass out on the way up."




"Just humor me."


Izuku relents as his teacher seems dead set in it anyway. "O-okay..."


The whole way up is awkward at best as Izuku isn't sure how to talk to his teacher now as his teacher seems to be in high alert, constantly looking over their shoulder and other things that suggest he's surveying the area for threats. Izuku just puts it in the back of his mind as he grabs his key to open the door to his apartment, figuring that it's just a habit from being an underground hero, constantly watching for villain attacks and other such things.


Izuku simply opens the door to his apartment, letting the cool air from inside wash over him as he enters the room, leaving the door open for his teacher if he wants to come in for some tea or something.


His teacher simply takes in the apartment as Izuku removes his shoes, careful not to jostle his girl on his shoulder too much from the movement. "Is your mother home?"


Izuku instantly feels a death aura emitting from his teacher and he flinches from it, even though it's not even directed at him. "N-no. S-she's away w-working right n-now..."


"Good." Aizawa-sensei nods when Izuku looks back at his teacher standing in the doorway, clearly thinking about stuff before reaching into his pocket for something. "Here Midoriya."


Izuku takes the slip of paper from his teacher's outstretched arm to find a string of numbers on it staring back at him. He can only assume it's his teacher's personal number. Looking up in shock, he decides to address the elephant in the room. "Sensei, I--"


"You don't have to say anything Midoriya nor explain a thing. That is simply for my own peace of mind." Aizawa-sensei shifts his analyzing gaze towards him. "If you ever need someone for anything, even if it's to talk, call it and I'll be there no matter the time of day. I would hide it under your contacts list or memorize it if you absolutely need to."


"W-what...?" Izuku breathes as he feels his head swimming in worry of being caught, already gripping his bag one-handed to keep his panic at bay and keep himself grounded. "...w-why are y-you...?"


"Because." Aizawa looks him straight in the eyes. "I want to support you no matter what's happened or not. Even if you never want to tell me a thing or don't trust me, I want to make sure you are happy and safe. And if you ever feel like that is not the case, I want you to have a way to reach me so I can give that back that to you. You deserve that at the very least, even if you don't think you do."




He just wants... Oh...


Izuku blinks before inevitably a few tears make their way down his face, definitely without his consent. "I..."


Izuku stifles a sob as he hangs his trembling head as he clutches his bag's strap a little tighter as he can barely whisper out his words. "T-thank you...A-Aizawa-sensei... I...a-appreciate it... a l-lot. B-but, I'm... o-okay. I s-swear..."


"Sure kid." Aizawa-sensei smiles softly as Izuku smiles right back at him even though its very watery at best as he wipes at his tears. "After all, you are my Problem Child. Someone has to look out for you given how reckless you are."


For the first time of being assigned that nickname, Izuku doesn't flinch as it adopts a more warm feeling to him. Instead of flinching, he laughs softly at his teacher's harmless teasing. "Yeah...s-sorry for all the t-trouble I caused t-today..."


Aizawa-sensei simply nods. "Take care kid. Make sure you sleep well so we don't have a repeat of today."




Izuku watches from the door as his teacher descends the stairs to his car that they came in. "He really is a tired dad, huh?"


"I am never wrong in my deductions Moon Child." Tsuki purrs into his neck as he instantly wonders why he got his own nickname exactly. "Though, you have some explaining to do about why we came here of all places. I do not recall us living here before."


Izuku gulps nervously, his previous train of thought fading away quickly as he mentally prepares for the worst lecture of his life.

Chapter Text

"So, dinner first?" Izuku offers after shutting the door as his nervousness hasn't exactly receded and he's not totally sure he will get to go back to UA unscathed from this conversation. "I can make you the leftover pork from the--"


"No, you are going to hold up your end of the bargain right now." Tsuki huffs loudly as Izuku starts to relocate the two of them to the living room. "I have waited long enough Moon Child."


Once the two are comfortable on the rug opposing each other, Izuku dives head first into explaining the last couple days in vivid detail. Izuku brings her up to speed on everything that happened in both USJ as well as his mother showing up in the hospital. He also talks about what happened directly afterward in the car and what spurred him to leave their previous abode. He also mentions Monoka-san's death, but in not as many details as he doesn't want to break down all over again because of it.


"That heathen!" Tsuki seethes in pure anger over someone hurting her kid when he finally finishes. "Where is she now? I want to give her a piece of my claws!"


"It's okay." Izuku reaches out to soothe the bristling cat and her feral aura from his sitting position. "Tsuki-chan, it's okay. I'm okay, see?"


"I will not simply calm down Moon Child as you are not okay!" Tsuki hisses with her teeth bared as she bats away his hand. "She is a rotten wench who deserves to be punished for causing you such anguish!"


"Okay, she hurt me and I'm not okay. I won't lie to you about that." Izuku compromises as he tries to pet the distressed kitten to soothe her angry vibes. "And I'm so terrified of her right now. But I won't let her ever hurt me again. I made sure of it when I came here. Revenge won't help me Tsuki."


"Hurt you?" Tsuki tosses her head in protest. "She tormented you for something you simply could not control! And now she wants to use you now that you have one!"


"I know that!" Izuku finally shouts as he loses all control of his feelings on the matter, causing tears to spring forth. "I know that..."


Izuku sniffs hard as his gaze finds the floor. "If anyone k-knows that truth, I d-do."


Izuku sinks into the floor in a hunch as sobs take over his body, unable to speak anymore. "For years, I felt like it was my fault."


"It always was my fault..." Izuku hiccups, superficially hugging himself as the pain leaks out through his tears. "It was my fault that I was quirkless she said."


"It was my fault that Pappy died she said." Izuku affirms under his shaking frame. "It was my fault for being a burden to everyone she said..."


"It was always my fault..." Izuku sucks in a sharp breath. "And I trusted her for so long..."


"Moon Child..." Tsuki pads her way closer to the tiny ball. "It's not your fault."


"It was though." Izuku retorts bitterly. "And I punished myself for it."


Tsuki goes deadly still as Izuku shakes even harder. "I hurt myself over and over again... I was guilty and had no way to pay for my crime..."


"Oh kit..."


"For years, I was trapped. I couldn't live with myself and..." Izuku admits under his shameful bangs. "I just couldn't... I couldn't... I..."


"Couldn't what kit?" Tsuki prods gently.


"I couldn't die Tsuki." Izuku wails. "No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't die so that I could pay for being quirkless and disappointing everyone..."




"I just wanted to see Pappy again..." Izuku breathing starts becoming even shakier.  "I wanted her to just come back and love me again..."


"I just wanted someone to accept me as I was and believe in me..." Izuku buries his head on his knees as he holds them in a death grip. "I just wish I died when she stabbed me with that stupid knife instead of being cursed to stay here..."




"Do you still wish to die, my child?" Tsuki broaches as she rubs her nose on his leg. 


"N-no..." Izuku admits with a heave of oxygen. "It's... I... j-just..."


"It hurts so much that I can't stand it sometimes. I just wish I could have been normal so I wouldn't have to be so broken..." Izuku gasps between cries. "I even hated my quirk for the longest time..."


"Moon Child... You aren't broken..."


"But, when I saved those other scared kids from those traffickers with it..." Izuku sniffs hard as he ignores her. "I figured if I could trade my life for someone else's, even if it was only temporary, maybe it wasn't so bad..."


"Moon Child--"


"She took everything from me." Izuku burns with angry tears as he continues. "She didn't give me a choice. I didn't even want my cursed quirk. I was happy as I was. I just wanted to save people... I didn't need a stupid quirk to do that!"


"Moon Child, listen to me." Izuku peeks his eyes out from under his arms as he ceases his thoughts.


"Your quirk isn't cursed any more than I am a monster from mine." Tsuki asserts strongly as Izuku sniffles. "Your quirk is a beautiful and kind one. You found me with it when no one else wanted to help me. And I'm sure you will continue to find those who are lost and in need of aid. Your mother is the only one truly cursed."


"I know Tsuki-chan. " Izuku sighs as he sniffs again. "But sometimes, I fear waking up and finding nothing has actually changed. That All Might didn't offer me his quirk so I could help even more people. That I'm not at UA with my classmates that consider me their friend instead of their punching bag. That I don't have you by my side and that I'm all alone again. It's all just... a dream that I'm scared of waking up from..."


"This is not a dream Moon Child." Tsuki assures as she rubs against him lovingly. "I can assure you of that much."


"I know." Izuku concedes. "It's just I can't help feeling this way."


"Well then--" Tsuki purrs against his leg. "I must cuddle that way of thinking out of you till you forget such a notion ever existed."


Izuku laughs slightly at her determination. "M-maybe..."


"I should have told your teachers the truth about your mother." Tsuki observes after the long pregnant pause of silence. "She doesn't deserve your kindness nor your protection as it's only hurting you more."


"No, you can't!" Izuku desperately retorts in a panic as his head lifts up. "They will separate us and--!"


"Then it is better that your mother is allowed freedom while you are stuck with the shackles of the past?" Tsuki questions him.


"I don't care about that! She's not my mother. She never was once Pappy died!" Izuku roars back. "You're my mom!"


Tsuki pauses her desired rant as she slow blinks at Izuku. "What?"


"You're my mom." Izuku repeats. "Maybe not biologically, but you are. And I love you more than I could ever love her. She is nothing but a stranger that killed and tormented me. I know we haven't been together for long, but you're my whole world Tsuki-chan."


"Oh kit..."


"And I love you so much." Izuku affirms with determination as he removes himself from his ball state. "And I won't ever let anything else happen to you. I meant what I said when I said that I considered you my family. And I'm not taking back those words. Not now, not ever."


"Moon Child..." Tsuki meows loudly as her tiny body crashes strongly into Izuku's lap. "I love you too, my child... It just simply pains me to see you suffering so... I simply want to keep you safe and happy..."


"I know. I'm sorry..." Izuku feels tears on his eyelids again as he hugs her tightly. "I want to keep you safe too..."


"We'll watch each other's tails, okay?" Tsuki offers with a purr. "Now and forever..."


"Of course Tsuki-chan. I'm just so happy to have you here..." Izuku pauses for a moment before adding another thought on his mind. "I don't know what I would do without you..."


Tsuki gives off a desperate cry as the two of them huddle together with their tears running down their faces, hugging the other as if they would suddenly disappear forever. "I as well, my beautiful and kind Moon Child."


Izuku laughs with a watery smile. "Hey, why do you call me your Moon Child anyway?"


"It's a rather sad story kit." Tsuki purrs against his chest. "Though I suppose you deserve to hear it."


Izuku simply nods, waiting for her soothing words to come to the forefront of his mind.


"My dam was a kind one, very unlike yours." Tsuki finally speaks. "When my eyes finally opened, my owner cast me out after I spoke to them for the first time. She always would sneak out food for me as she felt wronged by them for sentencing me to death for something I simply could not control. Life was hard alone, but she always brought me the warmth of the world that I so desperately lacked. She was the only one who saw me as beautiful instead as a demon. She was always so certain I would find someone else who would accept me for who I was, even when I doubted that notion at every turn. Your kind words and desperate acts to save me that day reminded me of her so much that I could hardly believe my eyes. You gave me so much hope that I had long forgotten..."


Izuku's breath catches as he feels her shrink in on herself. "Your dam, is she..."


"Departed now, I'm afraid. After she left me behind, I had no reason to stay in her shadow." Tsuki's tone turns slightly pained. "She always encouraged me to use my quirk freely as she loved to talk to me in such a way. A true blessing she always assured me. Every single time I ever doubted otherwise, she would swat at me for my troublesome nature. Once she left me, I never wanted to talk again."


"I'm so sorry Tsuki-chan..." Izuku comforts the clearly hurting cat in his arms with gentle strokes.  


"As I am. Though it matter little in the grand scheme of things. Life is always meant to cease. You are no exception to that rule as I am certain even you have limits as much as it pains me to voice it." Tsuki assures with a purr of her own. "She used to tell me to keep looking towards the bright light in the night sky for guidance in my times of need. I only later came to know it was called the Moon in passing. She always said it was a symbol of great strength and healing for her when everything seemed impossible. Perhaps it was simply a childish delusion that is handed down from dam to kit, but I'd rather not ponder such a things. Especially since you gave me hope and I finally could speak my mind freely again. You saved me, so your childish nickname is such a trivial thing in retrospect."


"Well, I am rather fond of my nickname, childish or not." Izuku adds with a giggle as he nuzzles the cat with his chest. "After all, you're the best Tsuki-chan I could ever ask for."


"The only one kit." Tsuki corrects with a lilt in her tone that makes Izuku feel like she's smiling. "And you're the best Moon Child I could ever have the pleasure of raising as my own."


Izuku hums as they cuddle together, trying to drown their sorrows and pain hiding underneath their shining smiles. The soothing rocking Izuku performs makes him incredibly sleepy as he has really exhausted himself emotionally today, but he stays alert to enjoy the warmth his girl brings.


"By this year's end, I want you to have told one human what your mother has done in full as you have done to me. You don't have to talk about your quirk if you choose not to..." Tsuki brings up softly after a long time of rocking together passes. "But you need to learn to put trust in those around you. They are wonderful humans that even I would dare to call my friends as well."


"So you really like my friends?" Izuku asks hopeful. 


"Moon Child."




"I understand your tendency to deflect from sensitive topics is an instinct, but that is not appropriate here." Tsuki lightly scolds. "I want you to promise me that you will talk with someone, even if no justice ever comes from it. Or I will expose that bitch for her crimes on my own."


Izuku snickers as he replays her words in his head. "Wow. You cussed Tsuki-chan. I don't think I've ever heard you do that before..."


"I only curse for only the truly wicked ones." Tsuki asserts with a tut. "So don't you dare think you get a pass to swear like a sailor as well. Any kit of mine must have higher standards than that."


"Okay mom." Izuku half-jokes with a warm smile. "I'll only do it for the ones who truly deserve it. You have my word."


"That's my kit." Tsuki returns with a warm tone. "Though, you still haven't granted me my request, you master of deflection."


"Okay. Okay..." Izuku finally concedes after a long moment of hesitation. "I promise I'll figure it out, okay?"


"That is all I shall ever request in this matter.


"Okay Tsuki-chan. I'll try my best to find someone to tell..." Izuku dries the wasted tears and snot off of his face. "So, now what?"


"Now?" Tsuki purrs lovingly. "Plenty of cuddles. Followed by some of that promised pork of course. We'll worry about your work after we calm down a bit."


Izuku laughs at his favorite little vixen. "Yeah, that sounds perfect."



"How's the homework coming along Moon Child?" Tskui leans over his paper as he scribbles.


"Good." Izuku replies quickly as he finishes his current page. "I've already written down the notes I've missed, and I'm on the last page of stuff now."


"That's good kit..." Tsuki tiredly rests her head beside his right arm. "I regret I am no help with this stuff..."


"Oh, don't worry Tsuki-chan." Izuku remarks as he rewrites the proper sentence structure for the incorrect one given. "I saved Present Mic-sensei's for last as it's a breeze. Plus, I could always teach you some of this stuff if you want so you aren't bored in class with me."


"Maybe later once you've had proper rest..." Tsuki yawns as she purrs against his free hand. 


"It seems the exhaustion is mutual." Izuku smirks playfully as her eyes droop quite a bit. "I should be done in a few."


Tsuki seemingly hums against his arm as he scribbles even faster to get it all down so they can finally rest after the long and exhausting day. 


"Okay, I'm done Tsuki-chan..." Izuku announces with a stretch after a good five minutes of work, waking up the very drowsy kitten from resting her eyes.


"Perfect." Tsuki blinks a few times before standing up. "I'm absolutely exhausted kit."


"As am I." Izuku admits as he shuffles towards the bathroom to get ready for bed. Once his preparations are all completed, Izuku opens the door to his room, allowing Tsuki to bound onto the bed. 


Izuku simply chuckles at her enthusiasm as he slides under his covers beside her after setting his alarm for the new day.


"I hope you know how proud of you I am, my Moon Child. Everything shall be okay, so don't worry too much..." Tsuki murmurs before falling silent, only the slight rise and fall of her chest remaining.


Izuku closes his eyes, already a simple smile on his face as he feels his girls heat press into the blankets beside him. "Goodnight mom..."


Yeah. Everything will just okay.

Chapter Text

Izuku basically bounces into the hallway with new energy for the brand new day ahead of him, but he's careful not to move too much lest he sends Tsuki flying or breaks his laptop in his bag with how clumsy he is. With his proud mom on his shoulder comfortably enjoying the ride in her vest, he pushes into classroom a few minutes early before class will actually start.


"Oh wow nerd." Bakugo smirks as Izuku zeroes in on his friend at his desk, his other classmates already milling about inside. "You actually took the door like a normal fucking person today. Congrats."


Izuku immediately flushes in embarrassment. "I know how to use the door Kacchan. I'm not a heathen."


"Sure Deku." Bakugo's smirk only grows wider at Izuku's obvious squirming. "You say that like you weren't in the fucking vent yesterday."


"It's not that bad!" Izuku protests with a pout. "I take the door almost all the time."


Iida, the traitor chimes in. "Actually Midoriya, out of all the days you have come to class, you have only used the door--"


"I have used it plenty!" Izuku cuts him off before he can give the number as he realizes pretty quickly it probably is that bad.


"I would have to agree with your friend Moon Child." Tsuki starts with knowing purr. "It's a rare occurrence that you do such a thing."


"Stop teasing me like this Tsuki-chan. Just because it's true doesn't mean you can call me out like this too..." Izuku whines at his furry friend on his shoulder without any malice. "I swear. Traitors. All of you."




Izuku finally notices the weird stares he's getting from him classmates after it got really quiet. "What? Is something on my face or something?"


"D-did you just..." Kaminari trails off.


"Talk to your cat like she spoke to you...?" Uraraka finishes for him with a worried face.


Izuku's jaw drops slightly as he realizes he never said that in his head and must have been way too comfortable with talking to her out loud around people now, especially after yesterday. Paling, he starts begging for forgiveness. "Oh god, Tsuki-chan I am so sorry! I didn't mean to out you like this and--"


"Close your mouth my Moon Child. You will swallow too much fish that way." Tsuki instructs with a knowing paw on his face as the entire class stare at the two in confusion. "This was inevitable I'm afraid ever since those horrid villains attacked you. Especially with your mumbling habit."


"I didn't ask at all..." Izuku protests with a slight audible whimper under her paw. "It wasn't fair of me."


"You were simply speaking your mind." Izuku swears he sees the vixen wink at him and it instantly causes him to start sweating bullets as he remembers her previous words vividly. "Though, I am impressed you kept it together for this long. You are awful at keeping secrets."


"I'm the best at keeping secrets."


Izuku instantly deflates at the pointed look she gives him. She doesn't even have to say a word to prove her point at all as Izuku knows he's already lost that battle.


"Okay, whatever." Izuku dramatically internally huffs at her jab. "Clearly no one is on my side today at all. Some family we are."


"Simply the best." Tsuki shoots back with a deliberate flick of her tail as Izuku retaliates at his sassy kitten with aggressive love pets. "Though, you should probably say something to your classmates..."


"I'll fix this. I don't want you to be outed if you don't want this..." Izuku brings up with a growing frown. "I'm so sorry..."


"If you can, that would be preferably kit." Tsuki purrs against his neck. "I'd rather not have eighteen children to look after with their constant jabbering to me."


Okay, so how am I going to fudge this one... Oh, I know! I'll just--


"WAIT! SO CAN YOUR CAT ACTUALLY TALK!?!" Basically the entire class shouts in surprise once they find the location of their own mouths as Izuku still hadn't addressed the elephant in the room.


"Rude. Tsuki-chan has a name okay?" Izuku points out with faked confusion to their conclusion as he prepares to lie by omission as he knows Bakugo is in the room and might call him out on it. "And she's not anyone's cat. She's my friend. And no, she can't actually verbally talk, but we make do with our system.  She purrs if she agrees with something and rumbles if she disagrees."


"What?" Jiro questions with skeptical look. "How exactly?"


Izuku simply points to his neck where his girl is proudly sitting. "I already know she can understand what I'm saying when we tested out Koda's quirk, so I talk to her a lot cause she seems to like it. She purred right after his comment, so I assumed that it meant she agreed with Iida. The little traitor."


Izuku notices the continued skeptical looks on his classmates and he decides he might have to go about this in a different route as he prepares to sign. "Hey K-O-D-A, could you ask T-S-U-K-I what she wanted to say? I'm sure she is absolutely dying to share her side of the conversation."


Koda visibly brightens at his request. Tsuki starts meowing towards Koda for a long period of time while the class sort of stares on in a weird fascination at the two's interaction. Izuku feels the burn of red eyes on him as if they are skeptical of his words, but they weren't a lie, so he's pretty sure Bakugo doesn't know anything concrete. Regardless, Izuku tries to hide his outward discomfort from the overanalyzing to not slip up.


"Okay, so first she said hello to everyone and that she is glad everyone is okay after the villain attack." Koda informs once their conversation finally subsides. "She wanted to let everyone know that she wholeheartedly agrees with Iida. Her Moon Child is constantly getting in so much trouble that she never can have a break with him around. Just yesterday, he went on an adventure in the vent system for their lunch and was late. She wasn't very happy about that."


"I just wanted to get our lunch..." Izuku pouts as he feels betrayed. "I though you weren't going to tell anyone that.."


"That was only for Zuchan." Tsuki flicks her tail straight in his face like a shit. "I never promised for any other. You should have been more specific."


"Why did you get to have such a cool cat?" Kaminari basically whines as Izuku snorts at his companion's sass. "That's sooooo unfair!"


Tsuki starts aggressively mewling at his poor classmate, making them step back a bit at the clear tonal shift.


Koda smiles shyly as he acts as the class medium for her argument. "She wanted me to stress to everyone that her Moon Child does not own her like a possession. If anything, she's the one in charge and calling the shots."


Tsuki gives a pleased meow at his classmate as he smiles in return. "You're welcome."


"Yeah! Tsuki is like our classmate." Ashido cheers with a wide grin. "Class 1-A's honorary twentieth member!"


The rest of the class shows their support with either cheers mimicking Ashido or with nods of support. Though, Bakugo simply tsks at such a notion like he was annoyed, making Izuku smile at his best friend's defiant nature.


"Though she can be really scary sometimes." Izuku points out after the cheering subsides with a slight pale face as he thinks of last night's proceedings. "Please never make Tsuki-chan angry."


"I agree. If anyone messes with my Moon Child, they shall face my claws." Tsuki purrs against his neck lovingly and protective. "You simply wouldn't like me when I'm angry."


Izuku suppresses a snort. "Did you just...?"


"So what if I did?"


Izuku can tell she's smirking under her smug tone as he rewards her efforts with well earned pets. 


"Anyways, are you okay Midoriya?" Sato brings up with a concerned frown as some of the class coo at the cute girl snuggling lovingly against his neck. "Yesterday you didn't seem to be doing so hot..." 


"Um, well not really." Izuku answers honestly with a shaky smile, though his classmates don't share his forced enthusiasm as they start looking at him with worried eyes.


"But that's okay cause I'm working on it." Izuku quickly adds to dispel their fears. "I'm so much better today, I swear. Plus, now I have Tsuki-chan with me again. She really is a life saver."


"Oh thank god..." Uraraka immediately breathes out in relief. "I don't think my heart could take that level of crazy another day in a row... Are you certain you're really okay Deku-kun?"


"I'm okay." Izuku confirms before nervously scratching the back of his head with a small chuckle. "S-sorry about worrying you all..."


"But seriously, what was that yesterday?" Kirishima brings up. "You were sparking like Kaminari's electricity, but they were green. I thought your quirk was a strength enhancer..."


Izuku instantly feels familiar red eyes snap towards him again as he sweats thinking up an excuse. "I... um..."


"Nothing is ever so straight forward." Tokoyami butts in while nodding as if it's making perfect sense. "It's probably something to due to the darkness within."


"Haaah?" Bakugo snarls with his teeth bared. "The fuck are you even on about?"


"Midoriya is one with the darkness!"  Dark Shadow growls once he pops out with his claws crossed in defiance and ready for a fight against the feral classmate. "He has the buzzing! Not even your pompous ass got that you punk!"


"Buzzing?" Bakugo blinks for a second as if he's missing something before raging about the insult as it takes the highest priority. "Who the fuck are you calling a punk!?! You wanna fucking go Bird Brain?! "


"It's nothing! Really!" Izuku squeaks as he knows Bakugo is simply too smart and would probably figure it all out if he knew what he thinks his friends are implying, getting in between the two of them so that blood isn't shed over nothing.


"Dark Shadow, it's not polite to cuss." Tokoyami scolds, completely ignoring the fuming bomb in front of them that just about to pop and instead focussing solely on his rowdy partner. "And yes, Midoriya has the buzzing. But just because he's a fellow follower of the ever consuming void doesn't mean we understand the complexities that are quirks."


"Stop ignoring me and talking in god damn emo riddles!" Bakugo growls as his palms start smoking from frustration before he turns to Izuku. "And you! Start explaining shit nerd!"


"It really is nothing, I swear!" Izuku protests as Bakugo seems extremely impatient and ready to blow a fuse. "I don't know much about the buzzing that Dark Shadow keeps mentioning, but Recovery Girl said the sparking was just the excess from my quirk coming out because of stress. It's like when a battery is overloaded, but instead of a battery, it was my quirk. I just got too overwhelmed with happened this weekend, so it just boiled over."


"A battery...?" Bakugo barely echos as he furrows his brow.


Izuku freezes as that comparison doesn't line up with a strength enhancer quirk at all and he can almost literally see the gears turning in his best friend's head.


"What happened this weekend?" Todoroki addresses with a narrowed gaze at him even though his face remains neutral.


Izuku mood suddenly falls instantly as both fear and sadness flash in his eyes and his demeanor, leaving behind his previous predicament. "I..."


"Deku doesn't owe any of you extras shit." Bakugo snarls after seeing Izuku's hidden reaction to that statement. "Do all of us a favor and take your fucking questions somewhere else."


"If I remember correctly, you were asking questions only a second ago." Todoroki coolly delivers as his gaze locks on the growling blond as the rest of the class gain wide eyes at their now anxious classmate who simply focuses on their hushed whispering about him. "I am not allowed to be worried if one of my classmates is having panic attacks for seemingly no reason?" 


"Deku isn't having them for fucking no reason you half and half bastard!" Bakugo snaps back in anger. "It's not your business anyway, so fuck off!"


"So you do know why." Todoroki asserts as if that was his whole goal from the beginning as Bakugo growls in retaliation. "Why is it your business to know but not us?"


"You think you're so special Icy-Hot, dont'cha!?!" Bakugo snaps back with his palms already rearing to go. "You wanna fucking go!?! I'll gladly fucking take you off your daddy's goddamn pedestal."


Izuku starts shaking from the pure malice coming from Todoroki coming from underneath his barely fazed expression. The air also dropped a few degrees, but it's his quirk that tells him of the true storm brewing just under the surface, simply another confirmation his fear that Endeavor is not a hero except only in name.


"Both of you! Stop this quarrel this instant!" Iida booms after noticing the lone shaking leaf in the room. "You are upsetting the rest of the class!"


Bakugo's feral expressions slightly softens when he sees Izuku's slightly pained expression, but his rage doesn't calm that easily. "Shut the fuck up Four Eyes! Don't you extras tell me what the fuck to do!"


"The nerve!" Iida scoffs at the flaming blond, simply fanning more flames. "We are your classmates. Don't you respect us at all?"


"Why the fuck would I care what you stupid extras think!?!" Bakugo rages back just as hard. 


"Please don't fight guys..." Izuku whimpers from the malice being thrown around the room. "I'm sorry for causing you all to worry about me but this is just too mu--"


"Who the fuck said I was worried Shitty Deku?" Bakugo glares as if that was an insult. "You should get your fucking useless eyes checked since you're such a fucking crybaby all the time!"


"How can you treat all of us like crap all the time?" Jiro brings up bluntly when Izuku shrinks back at the shrillness of his friend's voice. "You even insult Midoriya all the time even though he's the only one you are even semi-civil with from what we've seen. You are acting like you are nothing but a bully."


"Don't you dare say that." Izuku growls to everyone's surprise as they never notice the slight shift in Bakugo's demeanor from being angry with his classmates to deep self loathing like he does. "Kacchan is an amazing hero. Just because you don't like his personality doesn't mean you can call him a bully. He's not actually mean at all."


"Yeah! He's like super protective of his best bro." Kirishima brings up with goofy smile as he claps Izuku on his free shoulder in a cheerful manner, jostling Tsuki a bit on his other shoulder. "That's like super manly ya know!"


"Deku's not my fucking friend Shitty Hair!" Bakugo rages back, but Izuku can see the smile of relief underneath his angry scowl. "God you extras a super annoying today..."


"Whatever you say Bakubro!" Kirishima grins that makes Izuku feel relief from the situation starting to defuse a bit. "You were super protective of everyone during USJ too, ya know. Admit it, you like us!"


"I hate all of you." Bakugo deadpans with a definite edge to his voice.


"Sure ya do you big softie." Sero grins wider at Bakugo's clear distaste for his sarcastic comment. "That's totally why you fixed some of our injuries before the medics helped us. Yup! Totally cause you hate us."


"Fuck you Soy Sauce Face! If I didn't fucking help, you assholes would have croaked given how stupid you all are. Did you fucking seriously want to get infections?" Bakugo bristles in protest before some of their classmates start to soften their original stances on their prickly cactus. "Even shitty Deku could have done a better job than you assholes! How the fuck haven't you learned at least basic first aid at this point!?!"


"Careful. That was almost concern I heard." Kirishima points out with a toothy grin as he moves to pat the feral pomeranian foaming at the mouth from the stuff being spewed bravely. "Don't worry! We'll help ya work on it bro!"


"Yeah, you can count on us dude!" Kaminari cheers with a thumbs up regardless of Bakugo's growing apprehension.


"Shut up Dunce Face!" Bakugo snips back. "I don't need your shitty fucking help for anything."


"Sure ya do tough guy!" Ashido grins wickedly as she ropes in the guys for a hug. "We're all gonna be the best of friends."


"Like hell we will Raccoon Eyes!"


Izuku giggles at the appalled look underneath Bakugo's face as he pokes the bear who looks just about to blow from the impromptu hug. "You can't escape friendship Kacchan."


"The fuck I can't!"


"It didn't work with me." Izuku teases with a genuine smile at his quarreling classmates as Bakugo struggles to get them off him. His lack of explosions to get out of their hold isn't mentioned, but is clearly noticed by the class. Or at least with Izuku anyway. 




 Izuku blinks before meeting two different colored eyes with a turn of his head. "Todoroki? Is something the matter?"


"You have panic attacks." Todoroki broaches as if wary of bringing it up with him as Bakugo lets off a rogue explosion from the chaos in the background.


Izuku sighs since it's not good to lie on something that's happened too frequently at this point to deny. "It's true, I do have panic attacks. Sorry for making everyone worry about me. I didn't mean to freak out like that..."


Todoroki's gaze falters for a second before regaining his focus. "What are your triggers? We could help prevent them from happening if you told us..."


Izuku freezes for a second before shaking off his apprehension to skirt around the problem. "I don't really know exactly... I just didn't have the best childhood I guess..."


Todoroki's eyes widen considerably. "What do you mean by--"


"I swear there is no normal morning with you problem children. I should have expelled all of you the first day." Aizawa-sensei gruff voice silences the group as the focus their attention to the annoyed yellow caterpillar in the doorway. "To your seats."


Izuku rushes to his seat alongside his panicked classmates without having Tsuki fall off his shoulder prematurely, trying not to make their teacher have a single reason to make good on his words.


"Now that that's settled, your fight isn't over just yet." Aizawa grins slightly towards Izuku like he knows something he doesn't. And that makes him way more nervous than he should be at the moment. "Cause in two weeks time, you all will be competing in the Sports Festival."


Chapter Text

"These next two weeks are going to be mostly dedicated to your preparation for the Festival. You should all use your time wisely as you go forward from here." Aizawa-sensei continues. "The Sports Festival will be an excellent opportunity to market yourselves for internships."


Tsu raises her hand. "Internships sir?"


"Internships will allow you to get first hand experience with Pros, which typically occurring a short while after the Festival." Aizawa-sensei informs. "Not only that, but the whole world tunes in to the Sports Festival to see the new upcoming heroes, heroes and villains alike. You all would do best to respect that and how it would affect your careers going forward."


"Image as a budding hero candidate is extremely important." Iida shifts his glasses with a determined look. "It is our duty to represent ourselves and UA in the best light when competing."


"AWW YEAH!" Kirishima cheers with vigor, cracking his knuckles. "Sports Festival! Here we come!"


"I'm gonna do my best!" Uraraka cheers with her fist raised in victory.


"I am so eager to show off all the tools I can create." Yaoyorozu fans herself in pure excitement. "I have been waiting for this chance ever since I was a child."


Izuku smiles at his whooping classmates before a terrifying thing comes to mind that makes him frown as his classmates continue to get increasingly animated about the festival. 


"Tsuki-chan, could we talk?" Izuku tries as pets her head softly. 


"Of course Moon Child." Tsuki turns towards him with a tilt to her head as she sits down again. "What's on your mind, kit?"


Izuku frowns deeper as he sets into explaining. "I don't think it's safe for me to use my strength quirk. I can't let her see me use my quirk or she might come after me again."


"You shouldn't hide what you are Moon Child." Tsuki purrs softly as he scratches her chin. "You should act according to how you want, not because of her influence."


"Yes, but--"




Izuku's head jolts up at the sound of his teacher's annoyed voice, who definitely did not get his attention originally. "S-sorry Aizawa-sensei. What did you say?"


Aizawa-sensei sighs. "I said, what's your plan Problem Child? Nedzu is pulling you out today during your free period to help you finish your quirk counseling, but we still haven't done the practical portion for you. So, what are you going to do if you can't control your quirk in time?"


"Actually sir..." Izuku nervously fiddles with his sleeve as he shrinks in on himself. "I wasn't even on using all..."


Aizawa-sensei's eyes widen slightly as his classmates voice their own confusion and concerns to his decision. 


"Wait, what?" Ojiro brings up with a frown of his own. "Why wouldn't you want to use your quirk?"


"Midoriya, you would be put to a severe disadvantage if you didn't use your quirk." Yaoyorozu brings up with concern written all over her face. "That's not even to mention how the pros will view you for marketable purposes. Sure, your quirk does serious damage each time you use it, but wouldn't it be better to focus all of your efforts into perfecting it so you can use it correctly?"


"T-that's true t-that I w-would be at d-disadvantage, but t-that doesn't m-mean that I c-couldn't hold my o-own without it..." Izuku stutters as he tries to defend himself. "S-sure, it would b-be great to have my quirk w-working for the f-festival, but I'm j-just being realistic. As I s-see it, it might b-be months before I c-can figure it o-out without b-breaking anything. You a-all have h-had years to f-figure out your q-quirks. I've only ever used it six-ish times now. I have t-two weeks, so I s-should focus m-my preparation on t-things I can a-already do, n-not my q-quirk."


"Seriously nerd?" Bakugo turns around with a growing scowl. "When the fuck were you such a quitter?"


Izuku's heart drops as he knows his friend saw right through him as he technically is accepting defeat before his mother's ever watching gaze. He knows he's sacrificing his future hero career with not showing off a quirk to keep her away from him and Tsuki. He knows how the critics would react to him not using anything as the current news is not pleasant in the slightest. No one would accept a quirkless hero to their agency as he would be a liability at best if they weren't inherently prejudice to begin with. This could be his chance to show the world he's not quirkless and that he never has to wear that term like a cloak anymore. A chance he is outright refusing to do.




Izuku shakes his head to get rid of his destructive thoughts as he meets his friend's crimson gaze with determination. "No, I'm not quitting. I'm just doing what I want to do. I choose what I want to do with my quirk and I'm saying that using as it's too big a risk. It does me no good if I have to have Recovery Girl fix me up after every event just to compete either. That's not my best and I want to give it my actual all if I'm going to be a hero. My strengths have never laid in my quirk, but how I approach the problems ahead of me. That doesn't mean I won't try and get it to work, but I'm not putting everything into it working. I have way more to offer than just my quirk and I can show that to them during the festival."


"You fucking better." Bakugo's expression breaks into a blinding grin. "And you fucking better make it to the finals so I can beat the shit out of you till you have to use it."


Izuku snorts teasingly at his friend's extreme competitive streak. "Not if I purposefully forfeit before then so you won't get the chance."


"Like hell you will shitty Deku!" Bakugo snarls angrily. "It doesn't fucking count if you don't go all out on me asshole!"


"I know Kacchan." Izuku sighs as he hopes fate wouldn't be so cruel to match them up together too early. "I was just teasing. But that doesn't guarantee my best is good enough to make it there to begin with. Everyone's going to be doing their best. Mine might not be better than theirs."


"You'll come up with something offhanded nerd." Bakugo grumbles as he turns around again. "Cheating bastard..."


Izuku chuckles lightly at his friend's petty round about way of giving him encouragement. "It's not cheating if it's not explicitly stated in the rules that you can't do it, Kacchan."


"Midoriya!" Iida cries in despair with his hands chopping in protest. "You can't just bend the rules to your own whims!"


Izuku smirks playfully as he looks at his earnest friend. "Oh don't worry Iida. Rules are meant to be markers of what you should be doing. Too bad I'll just be ignoring them all together."


"That doesn't make me feel any better Midoriya!" Iida cries in horror. 


"He's fucking with you Four Eyes." Bakugo gains a smirk of his own. "He's not gonna ignore the rules."


Iida gives a big sigh of relief before Bakugo starts cackling. "He's gonna abuse the hell out of them."


Iida chokes on his air. "T-That's not any better!"


"It'll be fine Iida." Izuku smiles with sincerity. "It's not like anyone's going to die or anything. I would never push that far to hurt someone else."


Iida sighs hard as if exhausted with his shit, but there was definite relief underneath it. 


"But possibly make them rage quit from my plans if they are petty?" Izuku grins widely. "Oh absolutely." 


"Can you not give your classmates an aneurysm for one day, Problem Child?" Aizawa-sensei grumbles at Iida having a complete melt down over the news of Izuku's plans.


Izuku shoots his teacher an eager smile at the use of the his warm nickname. "Nope! That's why I'm the Problem Child, right? I have to live up to my reputation after all."


"I should have expelled you the first day." Aizawa-sensei shoots back with a groan, surprisingly without any true malice to be found.


"Too late!" Izuku grins happily at his teacher's visible pain. "No take backs."


Aizawa-sensei hums with a small fond smile as an obnoxiously blond person slams the door open, almost scaring the shit out of Izuku. Tsuki isn't so lucky as she's already hissing at the intruder for their sudden interruption to her pristine grooming session. 


"ALRIGHT LISTENERS!" Present Mic-sensei booms as Aizawa-sensei makes his way out the room for the first class of the day to start. "WHO'S READY FOR YOUR ROCKIN' ENGLISH CLASS, YEAH!?!"


Chapter Text

Izuku mumbles a bit over his notes as he tries to make sense of the last few points. Izuku breaks out his daze when Tsuki places her paw on his page, forcing him to look up.


"Hey Tsuki-chan." Izuku smiles as she purrs when he scratches behind her ear. "How was class huh?"


"It was fine Moon Child." Tsuki assures before blinking to his side with a scowl. "Though I was not pleased with the presence of Loud Bird."


Izuku blinks in confusion. "Loud Bird?"


Before she can answer, Izuku notices her looking to the side of them with intrigue. Following her gaze, he finds his friends already beside him. "Oh hey guys! What's up?"


"Wanna get lunch together?" Uraraka offers with a sweet smile.


Izuku smiles in return. "Yeah, that sounds awesome."


Iida also smiles, but his lecture still comes out. "Midoriya, you should be eating with us on a more regular basis. It's the function of what the cafeteria is for, yet you've rarely used it. Are you sure you've been eating properly?"


"Oh, yeah totally." Izuku moves to grab his packed lunch to show them. "I just eat outside sometimes. See?"




Izuku diverts his attention to his heterochromatic classmate behind his friends. "Y-yes Todoroki?"


"Can I talk to you privately?"


Izuku blinks for a bit before his mouth finally catches up. "Um, well--"


"You should eat lunch with us too!" Uraraka cheers with a smile, cutting off his response.


"I agree. This would be a great bonding opportunity for all of us." Iida grins. "Would you like to join us Todoroki?"


Todoroki's face doesn't shift much, but Izuku can definitely see the irritation underneath the mask.


"Wait, I could--" Izuku tries to remedy the problem as maybe he has something private to discuss.


"No." Todoroki cuts him off. "It's fine. I can wait until later. Enjoy your lunch."


Todoroki leaves the room with a neutral face, but Izuku feels his heart drop as his friend leaves them behind as he could vividly see the disappointment underneath. 


"You don't think I was too pushy, right?" Uraraka smiles falls as deep self loathing comes forth to Izuku's surprise. "I hope I didn't hurt his feelings or something..."


"Oh no Uraraka! It wasn't you at all." Izuku reassures, though he can't stop his own frown from forming. "I think he just wanted to ask me something private is all. I think he probably felt bad about disturbing us..."


Iida hums and he straightens his glasses. "I agree with Midoriya. He seemed to have something on his mind. Perhaps he was simply inquiring on your wellbeing?"


"M-maybe." Izuku offers before standing up, letting Tsuki find her place on his neck to snuggle as they make their way there.


"Room for two more?" Tokoyami brings up from behind them before giving Izuku a knowing look. "Dark Shadow has been very persistent." 


"Always." Izuku smiles happily as he's so glad he has friends who want to be around him, much different than in middle school where he had to run and hide to eat his meals in peace. Even then, it was not always a guarantee. "I'm glad we're friends."


"Fives a party!" Uraraka grins as she points towards the door. "Let's eat! I'm starving."


Izuku laughs at his friend's antics as they all start walking down the hallway towards the cafeteria together. "So, Tsuki-chan?"


"Yes Moon Child?" Tsuki rumbles. 


"Who's the unlucky person with the nickname of Loud Bird?" Izuku smirks playfully as she bats at his smug face.


"The loud cockatoo of course.




Izuku bursts out laughing as he realizes she's talking about Present Mic-sensei, almost taking Tsuki with him as he clutches his sides to stop the giggles from getting too out of hand. "Oh my god that's hilarious!"


"What's so funny?" Uraraka prompts at Izuku's random outburst as she looks back to his giggling frame.


Izuku turns beet red before covering up his slip up as he rejoins them again after stifling his remaining giggles. "S-sorry... Um, well you know how Present Mic-sensei always yells at us in class, right?"


Iida nods enthusiastically. "Present Mic-sensei is such an inspiration in the classroom when instructing us on the English language. His methods may be eccentric, but he certainly understands the subject matter in a way that makes even beginners able to excel under his tutelage."


"Yeah, so anyway..." Izuku snorts. "He reminded me of something during class, but it wasn't until just know what that something was."


"What was it Mikumo?" Dark Shadow eagerly pops out for a visit with a grin. "I wanna know!"


Izuku stops walking in confusion to the random name. "Who's Mikumo?"


Tokoyami seems to realize something before he turns to his almost vibrating partner from Izuku's built up suspense. "Dark Shadow, I thought I told you last night we weren't going to call Midoriya that. He already has a name."


"Yeah, but I want to call him that." Dark Shadow pouts with his claws crossed. "It fits him better anyway.


Tokoyami rolls his eyes. "Just because it fits better doesn't mean that you can just change his name like that."


"Huh?" Izuku asks as he's really confused to his friends' argument. "I don't understand Dark Shadow..."


Dark Shadow perks up at his mention. "You agree with me right? Mikumo is so much better than Midoriya anyway."


Izuku frowns. "I mean, I don't hate the nickname if I'm understanding you correctly. But I'm kinda lost on why its better..."


"Because you feel like a nice fluffy cloud when the buzzing happens!" Dark Shadow explains with a gleam in his eye. "It's so fuzzy and bright, very unlike Fumi's smooth and dark buzzing. Plus you've always got your head up in the clouds with how you space out all the time!"


Izuku blushes at being called out with his habits. "I don't mean to space out..."


"I thought you preferred my buzzing." Tokoyami almost pouts at his partner who just gives him an eye roll in return. 


"So, you are saying the buzzing you felt from me is..." Izuku frowns deeper as he's honestly confused at that point and has no idea what they are even talking about. "Warm?"


"Yep!" Dark Shadow grins happily, but Izuku's confusion still lingers. 


"So weird buzzing stuff aside, what was this about Present Mic-sensei again?" Uraraka inquires curiously, breaking Izuku out of his current thoughts.


Izuku snorts again thinking about his sassy girl's original opinion. "He reminds me of a squawking cockatoo."


"Midoriya!" Iida whines as the others erupt in laughter at Izuku's comparison, including himself. "You can't disrespect our teachers like this!"


"It's so true though, Iida." Izuku points out between his giggles.


"Lighten up Iida." Uraraka barely gets out between her snorts as they enter the large area just before the cafeteria. "Deku-kun doesn't mean it in a bad way, I'm sure. Sometimes you can't help how your brain rationalizes things, ya know?"


"But Midoriya is--" Iida starts with an upset face, already hand chopping in his wake.


"I swear I'm not being mean to Present Mic-sensei--" Izuku starts to explain as he doesn't want to disappoint his friend.


"I am." Tsuki cuts in with a growl. "I nearly wanted to scratch him for his incessant jabbering."


"I am not disrespecting Present Mic-sensei." Izuku reaffirms to his friend, ignoring her silent private antics. "It was just something stupid I thought of. I swear."


"It's not stupid if it's accurate." Tsuki points out with a growl. "My ears felt like they were going straight through a meat grinder the entire lesson until the others came in."


"S-sorry Tsuki-chan..." Izuku's mood falls a bit from her discomfort.


Iida seems to consider his words for a second as they enter the cafeteria, looking for an open table to commandeer for lunch. "I suppose thoughts are a fickle thing to control..."


"Still, I'm sorry." Izuku offers that gains him a smile in return for his apology.


Seeing one with a divider, Izuku plops down against the cushion as his friends wave off to him to go get their hot lunches. Chewing slowly, he pets Tsuki with his free hand, hopeful to ease her previous discomfort while also sharing the spoils of his Shogayaki with her and giving her small sips of water from his bottle when promoted.




Izuku jerks up to the voice and finds his classmate's unchanging gaze in front of his table. A happy smile breaks on his face as he thinks he finally accepted his original offer to join them from so long ago. "Oh Todoroki, did you want to--!"


"You are trying to hide your quirk, aren't you?" Todoroki glares coolly. 


Izuku pales dangerously. "W-what?"


"In class." Todoroki elaborates. "You don't want the public to know your quirk, do you?"


Izuku widens his eyes in a panic. "I'm not h-hiding it."


"You don't have to lie to me Midoriya." Izuku flinches at his friend's tone.


After a moment of silence, Izuku narrows his eyes in contemplation to what his true goal is. "So w-what if I a-am? W-where are you g-going with t-this Todoroki?"


"We are the same, aren't we?" Todoroki's glare softens as Izuku's silent acknowledgment of the observation betrays him to his friend's inquiry. "I don't know your story, but it's obvious what you went through is similar. I'm right, aren't I?"


Izuku's eyes soften as he tries to figure out what his classmate is trying to get him to say or do. "Todoroki... I..."


"You don't have to tell me everything if you don't want to." Todoroki shuffles slightly. "I wanted to say I know how it feels to be in the position you are in. But I also came here for a declaration of war, make no mistake."


"Todoroki..." Izuku gaze turns angry as he knows now without any doubt in his mind. The details may be shaky, but the abuse is clearly not. "He should be in prison.


"That won't happen." Todoroki refutes immediately, though his own anger behind his own words lingers. "We both know why that is true."


"That doesn't make it right!" Izuku hisses before he feels his eyes start to fill with tears. "I... had a feeling... I w-wanted to be w-wrong... but he actually..."


"You know..." Todoroki starts as his face seems crestfallen at best. "...I don't know if I should be happy someone else knows how I feel or horrified it happen to someone I know as well."


"Abuse is abuse. It doesn't matter about the details." Izuku spits back in anger. "It doesn't matter if he's the fucking Number Two hero. He's a flaming trashcan if he... he..."


"You're not wrong." Todoroki nods in agreement with a hint of a smirk before refocusing on Izuku's hateful tears. "I'm sorry Midoriya, but I wanted to do this here first in case my suspicion was correct. It seems my theory was proven correct."


Izuku's eyes widen in panic of being caught. "Wait! Please, you can't tell anyone. If they knew then--!"


"I'm not." Todoroki assures to his instant relief as he finally sits down in the chair across from him. "I won't ask any questions if you don't want me to. I just wanted to confirm I was right before I declared war on you."


"W-war?" Izuku wipes his tears away in his confusion. "Why?"


"Make no mistake, I don't hate you Midoriya. In fact, you are probably someone I would consider a friend if things were different." Todoroki's gaze hardens. "But I won't hesitate to beat you. With or without your quirk. I have to prove I can do it without him."


Izuku's gaze falls to his friend's left side as a lot of pieces finally click together. "You hate your fire, don't you?"


"And you hate your quirk as well?" Todoroki parries without hesitation, his eyes searching his for answers. 


Izuku doesn't want to lie as it is partly true, so he nods slowly. Deep down, he truly does hate how he got his stupid quirk, though he doesn't hate using it to save others. It's the only thing he truly cherishes from it, but that simple truth doesn't stop his own conflicted emotions on the subject from flowing out in his tears. "I didn't want it... I...didn't..."


Izuku scowls as he reminisces her attack in his head as he reins in his sobs. "I didn't have a choice. I was pushed and pushed until it finally..."


Izuku chokes on his words as he didn't think he'd ever say what happened to another person as more angry tears find their way down. "I was q-quirkless Todoroki... and i-it finally..."


Todoroki's gaze softens a bit more at Izuku's silent angry tears. "I'm sorry."


"It's not your fault..." Izuku mumbles as he wipes aways his fruitless tears. "I shouldn't have been so naive. It would've happened eventually, I just deluded myself it wouldn't. That I'd blissfully stay broken forever..."


"Still. That doesn't negate my condolences." Todoroki's gaze shifts again. "Since you have All Might in your corner and I have Endeavor in mine, it's almost like fate that we are destined to clash."


Izuku startles at the comparison in confusion. "Todoroki, we aren't them. So, why are you...?"


Todoroki eyes harden once again as he stands up to leave. "I'm going to win Midoriya. This I promise you. Enjoy your lunch."


Izuku blinks before his brain catches up to his leaving friend. "Todoroki, wait!"


Todoroki hesitates his steps as he looks back, accepting Izuku's request.


"" Izuku bites his lip as he looks to the side. "Do you think we could be friends?"


"I'm not here to make friends." Todoroki curtly answers before walking away.






Izuku would be lying if that didn't sting as he's choking down more tears from falling. But Izuku definitely saw the true pain under such a declaration from his friend. Todoroki was in despair, torn and battered in too many directions to count. Desperate for freedom and the right to choose for himself what he wanted to do. Something that should have never be stripped away from him to begin with, but still had to shoulder alone for who knows how long. Izuku would know. He's lived and died through that. Izuku blinks away his disappointment a bit before finally unbridled rage overtakes him as he starts putting the final touches to his plan in his mind.




Tsuki lowers her paw onto his chest knowingly. "Yes, my Moon Child?"


"I promise you." Izuku's eyes shine in pure malice as he pets her lovingly. "I'm going to dethrone the fucker called Endeavor."

Chapter Text

Fucking nosy pricks. Katsuki grumbles as he digs into his own lunch.


He had hoped to get rid of the pushy extras when he left for lunch early and found his own booth to eat in peace. Apparently, someone just wants to fuck with him today since they spotted him in like zero seconds, already promising to come eat with him once they got their own stupid trays.


First Deku getting cold feet about his shitty broken quirk and now these extras who won't stop hanging off me like monkeys.


How much worse can this shit day even get?


Katsuki takes an aggressive bite of his food before nearly spitting it out when a familiar voice surprises the fuck out of him.


"Oh Todoroki, did you want to--!"


Katsuki struggles to breathe after taking a big swig of water, barely listening in on the faint voices behind him over the roar of the cafeteria.


"You are trying to hide your quirk, aren't you?"


Katsuki stills, a growing frown appearing on his face as he leans back against his booth to hear the two's conversation from behind him a bit better.




"In class. You don't want the public to know your quirk, do you?"


Katsuki clenches his teeth as that question haunts him, playing with it over and over as he tries to figure out where that came from as a girl nearby shrieks at her friend putting an ice cube down her shirt. If it was any other time, he would be head over heels laughing at the stupid bitch, but he needs to know what the hell they are saying and why.


What the actual fuck is the half and half bastard headed with this conspiracy level shi--? 


"So w-what if I a-am? W-where are you g-going with t-this Todoroki?"


Katsuki narrows his eyes in confusion. 


Does Deku really not like his...?


Katsuki shakes his head as a table nearby squeal in laughter like pigs, breaking off his ability to hear the conversation as he thinks over their words instead. 


No, the nerd is just worried about that stupid crap. He's an idiot who can't control shit. There's no way he'd ever--


"...I don't know if I should be happy someone else knows how I feel or horrified it happen to someone I know as well."


Katsuki furrows his brows as he tries to dissect that nugget of info as he battles with the obnoxious tables around him making too much damn noise to make everything out that they are saying. 


What? What happened? What the actual fuck are those two even talking about!?!


"Abuse is abuse. It doesn't matter about the details. It doesn't matter if he's the fucking Number Two hero. He's a flaming trashcan if he... he..."




Katsuki feels dumb. A god damn fool. Of course the icy bastard's sperm donor is an abusive asshole. No wonder the stupid shit hasn't used his fire quirk yet. Trauma is a fucking bitch in a half. And Kastuki knows that shit well.


He'd never admit it out loud, but a good amount of his shitty nightmares end with Deku never showing up when he did. He's honestly lost count of the number of times he's woken up and gagged from tasting that nasty fucker's shit in his mouth again. That and watching the nerd's death over and over again because he said shit he could never truly take back. All cause he's a prick with a stick up his own ass half the time and couldn't open his goddamn eyes for once before it was too late.


He'd die before admitting how many times he followed him around like a fucking lost puppy for months to make sure the asshole never took his shitty advice, never once coming up to the fucker and ask it outright cause he was scared of the answer he might find. Just like a fucking coward who never wanted to face the truth of his shit and atone for what can't fucking be undone.


Of course the dipshit forgave him like it was nothing. Like he didn't nearly drive him to his death for stupid shit that didn't mean anything. Fucking stupid martyr complex...


His only solace at the moment from that shit is because of his witch of a therapist riding his ass about talking through shit and the fact the nerd is seeing someone now, but those nightmares still persist whether or not he wants to admit it. And like hell he'll ever tell that witch about those shitty nightmares. It's probably fucking his due with karma anyway.


'If you sling shit, you'd fucking better be ready to be hit' as the stupid old hag would say. 


Of course fucking Deku would pick up on the fucker with daddy issues before the other extras--


"You hate your fire, don't you?"


No fucking shit genius! Katsuki grumbles at the stupid idiot's question.


"And you hate your quirk as well?"


Katsuki subconsciously holds his breath as the long pause in conversation starts to fill him with dread.


"I didn't want it... I...didn't..."


Katsuki freezes.


Completely stops breathing as he's never heard the nerd sound so broken before as he hears his sobs come forth from behind the divider. Not even those assholes who suicide baited him held that much pain in his voice when he broke down about it. Not even yesterday's shit came close to how much suffering that waivers in that tone.


De-Izuku couldn't seriously hate his quirk.... Right?


He's always fucking orgasming over quirks and always rambling about what quirk he'd get when we were brats...


It just came late and--


"I didn't have a choice. I was pushed and pushed until it finally..."




Katsuki growls as he leans farther back to hear better after the table beside him erupts in laughter, drowning out their voices from behind him.


What the actual fuck is going on!?!


"I was q-quirkless Todoroki... and i-it finally..."


Suddenly pieces start to click together in his head.


He said he was attacked and nearly died before he got his quirk. He didn't lie to me then and he's always been a shitty liar anyway.


And he has so many scars given what Teach said...


Did... Did those assholes from middle school actually beat him over and over again to force a quirk out of him?


They'd never be that cruel... Right?


"I'm sorry."


Katsuki wants to throw up. Throw his tray in the garbage and never eat again. It really can't be what he's thinking. It just can't be true. It just can't. 


"I shouldn't have been so naive. It would've happened eventually, I just deluded myself it wouldn't. That I'd blissfully stay broken forever..."


Katsuki's heart sinks to the ground instantly at the absolute resignation in the nerd's voice.


Oh god they did. That's totally what they did.


No wonder the fucking nerd freaked the fuck out right after the bathroom incident if that was also another attempt to get him to manifest it.


No wonder he literally wants to jump out of his own fucking skin around the damn extras all the time.


And he probably wants to hide it from the public so they either won't fucking come after him again or have the bragging rights to say they literally beat the shit out of him for him to manifest it. He's absolutely terrified of them knowing.


No wonder he was fucking scared of telling me about it before. He probably was scared I'd be just like--


"Since you have All Might in your corner and I have Endeavor in mine, it's almost like fate that we are destined to clash."


Katsuki's stomach lurches as he tries to hold down his bile as his mind races to figure that one out, no longer hearing much around him due to all the stupid god damn noise around him.


What the fuck does All Might have to do with anything...?


Sure, his quirk can pack a punch, but there's no way it's even comparable to that definition of raw power.


My explosions are so much more powerful than that shit. Plus, All Might doesn't fucking break his bones every time he fucking sneezes--


Katsuki eyes widen slightly as he remember the stupid bird brain's comment about the buzzing in class. The ominous green sparks coming off his friend's body when he had that violent panic attack in class. And the battery analogy he used to describe it. It leads him to one conclusion that makes him lose all the color in his face.


No fucking way.


Izuku's quirk isn't even a strength enhancer, is it?


No fucking shit he can't control it if it's not enhancing him. It's literally breaking him instead.


Is it like raw energy because of all the excess sparking? Or something else?


What the fuck is his--


Katsuki nearly jumps out of skin when a hand slams down on his shoulder. "Hey Bakubro!"


"Fuck Shitty Hair!" Katsuki hisses at the dumb red head as he shoves the dumbass off him. "Don't fucking touch me!"


"You okay bro?" Kirishima frowns. "You look like you've seen a ghost..."


"Fucking fine asshole." Katsuki growls as he focuses on his food to fake having an appetite around the other chatty extras that join him in his booth to get them off his case.


Taking another aggressive bite of his now tasteless food, one thing is clear. He needs to talk to Izuku. 


Chapter Text

Izuku basically slumps in his desk while listening to Ectoplasm-sensei teach about plotting simple one variable equations. It's pretty rudimentary compared to what he's had to learn for his support projects, but Izuku can stop the feelings of despair bleeding out from him knowing his friend is suffering. The math just blurs together as he never puts his pencil to paper, staring blankly towards the front, barely remembering to blink in his daze.


Despite his declaration of war, his mood is still plummeting and he knows he has all eyes on him as this isn't the type of misery he can ever hide from prying eyes as it hits way too close to home. Especially since his friends picked up his change quickly when he abstained from talking at all after his conversation with Todoroki hit him harder than he thought. He'd be stupid if he didn't also feel the burn of his best friend's worried gaze on him ever since he came into the classroom and his not so subtle glances back at him throughout class, but he doesn't acknowledge it as his own thoughts take over.


Even with Tsuki's meows and encouraging words, he just can't bring himself back up from his current frustration and melancholy. He has a plan, but it's going to take time. Time that Todoroki is going to suffer through while he works. Even then, all of it rides on what Todoroki's decision is. True, Izuku could just release the proof to strip the Number Two Hero of his undeserved title and to pay for his crimes for tormenting his classmate without his consent. But, that would destroy Izuku if he did that. He wants him to decide what to do with the information since it's not his choice to make. He never wants to take away another person's autonomy, even if he doesn't agree with the final conclusion. He's most frustrated with the fact he can't just plop the information into Todoroki's lap right now and save him from further torment and prevent any more unnecessary suffering. But he can't. He may not know the exact details, but the fact that his friend will be hurt while he puts everything together is crushing. It hurts.


He just can't sit still with knowing that he himself is free from his mother's influence but Todoroki is trapped under Endeavor's shadow. He knows their situations are probably different, but it doesn't stop his mind from wandering around and reminiscing his own experiences and all of the pain it caused. If Todoroki even feels an ounce of what he did, it makes it even more urgent for him to save him from the villain in hero's clothing.



You can't save Todoroki.


Yes I can. Izuku weakly defends from his harsh self deprecation. I can still save him.




I'm not lying...




Izuku sucks in a harsh breath as he tries to focus on the board instead to block out the noise.


All of his thoughts swirls together and make the air feel suffocating as he elects to stare at his desk instead, just wanting all of his thoughts to go away. His trainings out of hell he survived for naught for simply being a late bloomer because his quirk required certain activation requirements. Something that was completely out of his control. Yet, he had to do every stitch and bandage to patch himself up after every single session like a broken shell. Just to simply survive for another day. Just for the bullying at school the next day to pull him apart from the seams again.


You deserve to be hurt.


No, I don't.


You're just their punching bag. 


Izuku starts to shake as he knows that truth well. After all, it's only a matter of time before his friends turn on him like everyone before them, isn't it?


All of his haunting night terrors that will never go away. All of them screaming at him about the moment when his quirk manifested. The moment that took his innocence completely away from him. The moment he lost the only person that held out the belief that he was still worth something. But she left. Left him to die. Left him alone to pick up the broken pieces of his life. Left him to take care of himself when no one else in the world wanted him. Left him with the fractures and the scars of the past that he could never erase or truly hide from view. It makes him wonder if she ever did believe he was worth something and she simply did what she did to torture him for his genetic failure. A suitable punishment for someone less than human.


You didn't deserve any of her love and attention.


She hurt me.


You deserved it for being such a failure.


Izuku hangs his head slightly as he tries to stifle his whimpers, thinking over and over about her attack.


All because he wasn't like the other kids who still had their innocence and parents who loved them for who they were. Children who were blessed quirks that came naturally to them, no matter how strange or irrelevant other people thought of their quirks. It was simply that fact alone they had them that made them worth something. That they weren't inherently broken like him.


You'll always be weak, pathetic Deku.


I'm not weak...


You aren't worth anything to anyone without a quirk.


Izuku bites his lip till he can taste something real. Something that keeps him grounded, even if it's only for a brief moment.


All because he lost the genetic lottery, he was destined to lose everything. Izuku knows he was cursed to lose everything he held dear simply because he came out wrong, broken. First he lost Pappy. Then he lost Kacchan. Then he lost his body, scarred and broken just to find something that was impossible for him to find in life. Then he lost his life, only to be reborn in death to continue his suffering. Then he lost his mother, the only one who still believed he could be of worth to society. And now he's lost Monoka-san because he abandoned her when she needed him the most. How long does he have before he looses all of his friends? How long does he have before he looses his teachers? How long before another person dies because of him?