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Bad Situations Can Help In Some Ways

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A/N: Back once again with another Mo Dao Zu Shi/The Untamed ship I love the juniors and shipping them all together and I came up with this little idea while thinking of a prompt that had to do with Jin GuangShan and Jin GuangYao being screwed senseless by loads of semes ahahah. This is an AU where the Wen clan are still around for the purposes of this prompt. I hope you enjoy!! Please R&R!!!

Jin Ling’s POV

I had no idea why I was in this position, right now I was tied up and gagged to a bed that had black sheets over it but at first there was no one in sight. However when someone approached I felt my blood run cold, the person in front of me was Wen Ruohan. He approached and looked me up and down appreciatively causing me to look down as well taking notice of the fact that I was completely naked for the first time. My eyes widened and I started to struggle a little realising for the first time just how dangerous this was. It was a simple kidnapping if there ever was such a thing he was intent that tonight he was going to rape me.

I shut my eyes tight not wanting to look at this old man as he ogled my naked body. The only thing I could do was scream in my mind for Jingyi to hurry up and rescue me. I recoiled violently when I felt cold rough hands run along my bare body exploring every inch of me that they could. I felt so wretched as I thought of what things he’d do to me later and I wanted to vomit so badly. I whimpered softly in dismay when I felt his fingers grazing my nipples which caused me to struggle even harder to get away I did not want this. I know that Jingyi likes to call me ‘Young Mistress’ but that didn’t mean that I was one I was still very male!

“Your body is very beautiful…just like your Grandfathers…” he commented as he ran his hands back down my stomach brushing his fingers tips along my shaft which just made the urge to vomit that much stronger. I didn’t want this dirty old man to touch my most private regions! However I refused to scream like some woman, I simply chanted Jingyi’s name over and over as I struggled against the restraints as well as trying to get away from his grubby hands.

To my horror Wen Ruohan decided to climb up onto the bed situating himself between my legs. This was getting dangerous if I didn’t figure something out soon I was going to lose my virginity to some pervy old man that had a thing for my grandfather. I wracked my brain for some way to get out of this mess but it always kept going back to one thing, Jingyi.

I opened my eyes just as he pulled his straining erection from his pants, I was really beginning to panic now my eyes widened to what would probably be comical if not for the current situation. Just as he leaned over to get started there was a loud bang that caused us both to look over towards the door. I felt tears filling my eyes from the sight there in the door way stood Jingyi, Sizhui, Zizhen, Wei Wuxian and Wen Ning. I watched Jingyi’s expression turn from worry to utter outrage as did Wei Wuxian’s as he and Wen Ning flew forward attacking Wen Ruohan pushing him through the window. The others quickly ran towards me ignoring my nakedness thank god as they freed my bound arms and legs before removing the gag allowing me to finally speak. As soon as I was free I flew into Jingyi’s arms finally letting my tears fall unable to say anything except “thank you.” Over and over again.

They crowded around me wanting to make sure I was alright but I felt slightly intimidated even though I knew that they wouldn’t hurt me I couldn’t stop the feeling as I shrunk closer to Jingyi for protection. The others noticed and simply backed away not taking it personally. Jingyi placed a kiss to my forehead as he held me close “Can you guys see his robes anywhere?” Jingyi asked. They looked around but they couldn’t find any robes let alone mine. When they shook their heads Jingyi cursed softly just loud enough for me to hear “Jin Ling let go for a minute I just want to remove my robe so you don’t have to leave this room naked,” he whispered to my ear. I really didn’t want to let go of him but regardless I forced myself to pull away from him as he worked on removing his outer robe before wrapping it around my form before he scooped me up into his arms carrying me bridal style I wrapped my arms around his neck. Once outside he headed down the road to a nearby inn Sizhui spoke to the inn keeper booking a couple of rooms, they headed to one while Jingyi took me into the other.

He sat onto the bed sitting me in his lap I was still crying as I buried my face into his neck. He whispered words of encouragement and love telling me that I was safe now. I snuggled as close to his body as I possibly could without our bodies becoming one. “J-Jingyi…override that fear…t-that he caused…” I begged him now the tears coming much faster now.

He laid my body down on the bed tearing me from his form “alright Jin Ling…” he told me softly before placing a slow loving kiss to my lips which I returned. He moved slowly and with care as he parted my robe to expose my body to him. I was grateful for the care that he was showing towards me it makes me feel safe especially after today. “Jin Ling you’re so incredibly gorgeous…so beautiful…” he whispered.

This time I didn’t feel disgusted by being told this instead a light blush dusted my cheeks. Jingyi saw this as a light smile graced his lips before he pecked my blushing cheeks successfully making me blush darker red. He chuckled softly it was a light melodious sound that I very much enjoyed hearing “you’re so incredibly adorable too~” he commented before placing a gentle loving kiss to my lips which I happily returned. “It’s that adorableness that made me fall in love with you,” he added making that blush on my cheeks darken a few shades.

“S-stop embarrassing me..!” I exclaimed though it was obvious to anyone that I loved hearing those things. Jingyi simply beamed down at me in response clearly having already worked out my tsundere personality. I looked away feigning annoyance which only seemed to make him chuckle as he leaned in to pepper kisses all over my face. I huffed softly at this display of affection “didn’t I say to stop embarrassing me!” I exclaimed while turning to look at him, before I could say anything else however he captured my lips again this time the kiss was a little more passionate than the ones before.

I returned the kiss as I melted into it all thoughts of anything that wasn’t Jingyi left my mind. He ran his fingers along my sides up to my chest before he ran them over my nipples drawing out a long low groan from between my lips. When he started to pinch and roll the sensitive nub between his fingers I couldn’t help but throw my head back as I moaned, “J-Jingyi..!” this seemed to spur him on more as he bent down to leave a trail of kisses and nibbles from my hip to the other nipple then flicking his tongue over the sensitive nub at the same time that he tweaked the other drawing out another louder moan, “J-Jingyi!!”

I could feel him smirking against my chest but I was left breathless from his administrations that I couldn’t manage a retort. He continued to play with my chest until I was fully erect my moans in turn making his cock jump into life as well. He then decided to trail kisses and nibbles from my chest up my neck along my jaw till he reached my ear where he licked along the lob before nibbling gently. “Jin Ling…” he whispered huskily “I want to fuck you…can I?” he added before nibbling on my lobe once again.

I groaned softly at this as I shut my eyes I fought hard to find my voice again “y-yes..! J-Jingyi..! Fuck me!” I eventually managed to let out. He smiled once more as he pulled back bringing his fingers to my lips telling me to suck. I took his digits into my mouth sucking on them greedily on them before running my tongue over them making sure to wet them as much as possible. When he deemed them wet enough he pulled them out and moved them down to my entrance where he pushed a finger past the tight rings of muscles. I shifted lightly as it was a little uncomfortable but it didn’t hurt. I saw a look of concern enter Jingyi’s eyes and my expression softened “I-I’m fine Jingyi…it d-doesn’t hurt…j-just uncomfortable…” I told him causing him to sigh in relief.

He started to thrust his finger in and out at a slow pace allowing me to get used to the sensation which I was very grateful for. When I started to get used to the sensation he increased the speed of the thrusts before adding a second finger and starting to scissor me. There was a slight sting at the added digit but it wasn’t too bad still and soon he was adding the third finger this time there was a noticeable burn that accompanied the intrusion. However before I could mention this there was a sudden burst of pleasure shoot through my body “J-Jingyi..! T-that spot..! Hit it a-again!” I practically screamed now.

He made sure to hit that spot with each thrust of his fingers leaving me as a moaning writhing mess underneath him as my hips bucked up to meet his fingers. Seeing this he smiled and removed his fingers which in turn caused me to whine at the loss. “Don’t worry I’ll fill you up nice and proper in a minute,” he promised before leaning over and capturing my lips in a passionate kiss, he nibbled my bottom lip causing me to gasp lightly to which he delved his tongue inside mapping out and exploring every inch that he possibly could. As our tongues started to battle for dominance he thrust into me swiftly till he was fully sheathed inside me.

I had no idea when he’d pulled his erection free and had no time to dwell on it as a fierce burning erupted in my lower regions and all I could do was focus on the incredible kiss that I was currently receiving which took my mind away from it. We didn’t pull away until we were in severe need of air before passing out, he stilled his hips as we panted heavily our breaths mingled together. I didn’t want to wait any longer even if it meant feeling pain I wanted Jingyi to fuck me good and hit that spot that was buried deep inside me making me see stars again as I drowned in pleasure. “Jingyi…m-move..!” I ordered him seeing that look of concern on his face again I added “I’ll be fine…I want t-to feel you…”

With my words he nodded and started a relatively slow pace as he pulled almost all the way out before thrusting back in trying to hit that spot deep inside me however, he wasn’t delving deep enough to actually hit it in his attempt to not hurt me. I was honoured that he didn’t want to hurt me but I wanted to feel that pleasure again, gritting my teeth against the slight pain I felt doing my best to hide it from him or he’d stop again I wrapped my legs around him “d-deeper!” I practically growled out now. With my legs locking him in place as I barked out the order he was a bit flustered however after looking into my eyes and seeing the certainty that I wasn’t just saying it he finally started to thrust harder, finally hitting that sweet spot dead on each time drawing out loud moans from my throat as I threw my head back my arms reaching out to drape over his shoulder which soon ended up gripping on his back leaving scratches wherever they touched. “M-more! H-harder!” I demanded “f-faster..!” I added in my pleasure filled haze.

The pleasure had completely overridden the pain and it felt incredible it was as if there was nowhere else in the world or anyone else in the world it was just us and this room and I was okay with that. All I ever needed in life was Jingyi, it didn’t matter to me if we ended up fighting a lot due to our personalities as long as we loved each other we’d make up in the end. “F-fuck..! Jin Ling…y-you’re so god damn…f-fucking tight…and h-hot! I s-swear my dick might…melt!” he growled out as he gave a particularly sharp thrust right into my sweet spot causing me to throw my head back and let out a rather loud cry of pleasure not caring anyone could hear me or if everyone could hear me all I cared about was that he kept hitting that spot.

“J-Jingyi..!!” I cried out before burying my face in the crook of his neck. I ended up biting and nibbling at his neck and shoulder as he pounded me relentlessly “f-fuck..! J-Jingyi..!” I moaned loudly into his neck “c-close!!” I warned him. He let out a feral growl that only served to turn me on even more as my legs tightened around his waist. He snuck a hand between our bodies grabbing my erection he started to pump it awkwardly in time with his thrusts, when he thumbed the slit the added pleasure threw me over the edge as I bit down hard on his neck as I rode out the waves of my orgasm.

My walls tightening and pulsating around his erection pulled him over the edge too as he spilled his seed inside me coating my walls with a small shout “J-Jin Ling..!” I pulled back once I was able to and looked up at him the both of us panting heavily our bodies covered in sweat. Jingyi leaned in so he could place a sloppy kiss to my lips which I returned equally sloppily. “God I love you so much Jin Ling…” he whispered against my lips before kissing me again.

When we parted again I smiled lazily at him “I love you too Jingyi…” I told him softly. He smiled in return as he pulled out before collapsing onto the bed beside me pulling me into his chest. I happily snuggled into him feeling too tired to actually move “I’m so happy that you were the one who took my virginity and not that dumb old geezer…” I admitted softly a blush covering my cheeks again.

“I’m glad too that we could share our firsts I honestly don’t know what I’d have done if I was too late…” he told me as his arms tightened around me holding me tighter which made me happy it made me feel so incredibly safe. I nuzzled my head under his chin “we need to clean up but let’s get some rest first…” he said and I hummed in response my eyes already sliding shut before I drifted off into a content sleep.

The End

A/N: It’s done it took a little longer than I intended but I’m happy to finally be able to post this! I adore this ship and bottom Jin Ling so much he’s just too cute in both Mo Dao Zu Shi and The Untamed. I look forward to writing many more fics for this fandom.