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Young Arthur + Having a Crush on an Insecure 'Tomboy' Headcanons

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  • Arthur first notices you playing on the basketball court in front of his apartment.
  • He is enamored by the way you are so carefree, unafraid to play rough with the boys.
  • He sees how your clothes fit loosely around your body, unlike other girls who choose to wear tight-fitting clothes or frilly dresses.
  • After spending some time watching you, he is captivated by how different you are than most girls your age.
  • A crush soon develops, and he sheepishly finds ways to talk to you while you play outside after school.
  • Arthur is less athletic than you, but sometimes he tries to play with you and your friends.
  • The two of you hit it off after you stand up for him when someone makes fun of his awkward demeanor.
  • Arthur loves complimenting you and reminding you how pretty you are.
  • You always seem so insecure, which he instantly recognizes because he constantly feels the same.
  • He tells you things that make your heart beat faster; he tries to subtly hint to how much he likes you.
  • “I think you’re beautiful, no matter what other girls say about you!”
  • You’re always so surprised at this statement because people try to put you down and say that you have ‘boyish’ features.
  • Arthur always reassures you that you are perfect the way you are.
  • His encouraging words make you blush, which he secretly loves seeing.
  • After months of dropping hints and never getting anything out of you, Arthur finally takes a chance and plants an innocent kiss on your lips.
  • Bringing his head to rest against yours, he whispers how much he loves you.
  • You’re shocked, wondering how such a beautiful man could love you when you don’t try at all to act the way girls are ‘supposed to’.
  • Sensing your insecurities rising, he smiles and says “I love you no matter what other people say, and I would never ask you to change.”