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Hare Krishna hare Krishna Krishna Krishna hare Hare Hare/ Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

This fanfiction is (obliviously) written by a Hare Krishna devotee from Montreal and an ex otaku...alright, maybe not so moment I heard Krishna was in Shin Megami Tensei, I was ecstatic. when I learn he had taken the role of the villain…I sort of became mad.

Or madder than usual.

Then I became inspired to write, to share Krishna as He is in all His Glories and sweetness. This piece of fanfiction is extremely special, for it has been blessed with the wisdom of many of my teachers and spiritual Master. May it give you, whoever has the fortune of reading this fanfiction, pure love of God and the ultimate goal of life.

This work is not perfect, but Srila Prabhupada wrote in his translation of the Srimad Bhagavatam that even if imperfect, any work glorifying the Lord is topmost in quality due to its ever perfect subject. (1.5.11)

Om tat sat.


(edits and updates. Oh, Krishna all writing sucks. well, my computer was suffering from a bad virus, and firefox kept crashing. those who read it, please just plow trough, I swear I get better...I hope.)


"Hari haraye namah krishna~ Yadavaya namaha~"

Nanashi raised his head as the wonderful, ethereal song reached his ear.

" Gopal, Govinda, Rama~ Sri Madhusudana~*

Giridhari, Gopinatha~Madana-mohana~"*

It felt so familiar, it felt like home, like a dream long forgotten on the threshold of remembrance. if not for the fact that the signer moved further away from the young teen, his voice becoming intelligible, Nanashi was sure he would have remembered where he and when he heard it last.

'...seriously, what is this song and who is singing like that?' he wondered as the desire to meet the signer bloomed in his heart.

Looking back a where his adopted sister was still engrossed in her dumpster diving endeavours, the punk in green evaluated the risk and benefit of following his ears and heart to the singer's location. 'let see. The place is clear. And knowing Nikkari, nothing will get past his watch. Asahi is still very busy and it's like bloody boring. On the other hand, if I am caught straying from her... the boss will rip me a new one...' he shuddered at the prospect...And yet, and yet he was not really one who followed the rules. and he really, really wanted to meet the singer before something happened to him.

"Yo, Asahi," he called to his sister. "I'm going to take a leak. Don't do anything stupid, 'Kay?"

Asahi's head popped out of the dumpster she had been raiding for twenty minutes now, leering at him with curled lips and narrowed eyes as if he had informed her or something worst. "Don't tell me...ugh...fine, I can take care of myself. Thank you for the TMI by the way."

Nanashi grinned, " I' m just following the standard protocol sis,."

Asahi widened her eyes in joked shock. "wait, you? Following protocols."

" Hey, shut up. It was only this one time… can I to now? I really-" need to follow this singer, not that she needed to know. But just for emphasis, he began hopping from one leg to another.

yes, it looked stupid, but he really did have this urge to just bolt from there.

" Yeah, just go do whatever you want. But remember to keep us updated, and find something cool or Nikkari will really roast you this time."

Nanashi smiled broadly, after throwing a quick 'thanks' over his shoulder, began the chase elusive signer, without considering that it could very well be a demon-like a siren. but then, the young anarchist had never met one, let alone a male.

As he followed the wonderful song, already, the singer was far enough that the lyrics where rendered an indistinct mess the maze of the dilapidated Kinshicho district. Eventually, he arrived at where the song resounded the loudest and clearest, there he met a sight that will never leave his mind eyes.

There was a young man of peerless beauty dresser in bright orange bed sheets. He was bare-chested, baring a fragrant flower garland and another orange blanket around his shoulder. On his shoulder also was a string instrument the stranger strummed expertly as he sang and danced exuberantly, making his matted locks of golden hair flare like an extraordinary corona.

Nanashi just stood there, staring at the dancing, glowing man. He looked so out of place in the gloom of Tokyo, as if the sun had gone down to hang out with the unclean crowd of Tokyo. intoxicated with his dancing and chanting, the man swayed and cried tears of joy. belting out a soulful Sanskrit chant that stirred the teen's heart more than a sappy movie.

As for what he was chanting?

Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna~

Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare ~

Hare Rama, Hare Rama~

Rama Rama, Hare Hare~

And, like with his previous song, it made Nanashi shed tears as the distinct feeling of having found a precious treasure once stolen flooded his entire being.

'I know is this song...where have I heard it? And why is this man so familiar.' He thought as he whipped away his unceasing tears. Glad that no one was seeing this display. he was already pretty, delicate and unsure of his orientation. he did not need more fuel to feed this particular fire.

Scratch that, the stranger took noticed, and then grabbed the fifteen-year-old boy by the hands as he swayed in pure bliss.

"Oh, glories of all glories." He joyfully declared with an accent never heard by the underdome dweller. "I came to this place expecting to find a spiritual void, bereft of any type of devotion. And then you came, tasting the nectar of His sweet name like one of His dear devotees." The exuberant stranger extolled as he embraced the youth to his chest in the greatest bear hug known to humanity. "Tell me, oh fortunate child, who are you, who are your parents, where do you reside and who is your Guru?"

Nanashi just stood there, not sure if he should fight his way out or not do anything...And finally realized that the glowing stranger did not touch the ground, and the touch of his hand (he had released the boys but not his hands it seemed.) gave the young teen...a very blissful feeling, more intense than the Marin Karin spell...But better and without uncontrollable lust.

"I'm...Nanashi. I'm an orphan...I live... I live here, and what the hell is a guru? And just who are you?" there, he was back to his normal, somewhat belligerent self.

At the mention of his unfortunate lack of biological parents and crooked answered, the stranger looked compassionately and the young punk. Calming down from whatever had buzzed him so hard.

"Ah...I see. To answer your question, my name is Narada Muni, I am but a servant of the Lord of the universe, Bhagavan Sri Krishna. And a Guru is one who re-connect his disciples with The supreme and absolute truth and re-establish them in there eternal service to God."

The moment the word 'God' left his mouth, the boy in green ripped his hand away from the soft grip of Narada and drew out his Katana. 'shit! He must be an angel. I'm so screwed.'

Surprised and worried at the way he had reacted, Narada tried his best to pacify the boy.

" Ah...Shanti, Shanti. Please be at peace. What cause you this reaction? You know I do not wish you any type of harm."

"Bullshit, you angels are all the same." Nanashi growled " You keep killing us human left and right in the name of God just because we're not pure enough! We will not worship your God...better die free." He boldly declared to Narada in a show of defiance.

Sure, he could run...But he also knew he would not survive the chase. 'better I let him kill me now then lead him to my sister and teachers.' he thought as he was mentally preparing for his imminent demise.

Narada just looked extremely puzzled and saddened at the teen's reaction. " but why do you think-" the angel in orange trailed off for a moment, his eyes opened wide " Oh. No, my lord, Sri Krishna is not like that. He is an unlimited ocean of mercy and a reservoir of sweetness." He soothed.

The boy raised a brow, his katana poised.

"Oh, you unfortunate child. You have been bewildered by the false god of this infernal play." At those words, Nanashi lowered his sword.

"Obliviously, your so-called 'god' and my Master are not the same persons. My master, the supreme personality of Godhead, is an ocean of mercy and the best friend and well-wishers of all living entity."

"Yeah, sure..." Nanashi spoke out, "Pull the other one, it has bells on it.."

This caused an amused smile to bloom on the face of the great sage. " indeed. Well, since I will obviously not be able to convince with words, and since you appreciated my singing of His Names and Glories, I Narada Muni, will give you the greatest of boons." He said as he while he opened his right palm forward in a sign of benediction.

Nanashi tensed up in anticipation, it could be anything, and attack, a curse...a blessing in disguise.

"Very soon, you will experience the sweetness of my Lord and Master, Bhagavan Sri Krishna, as you embark on an adventure that will change many lives. you will gain His ever precious association, and service, as He enacts yet another one of His wonderful pastime. May you meet many great souls and find your true family, and my love of God bloom in your heart. I give you this blessing, that the Lord of All Lord, the Master and Generator of all universes and The Lord of the Gopis of Vraja, your eternal Master, always remain with you."

A shiver went up Nanashi's spine...'what...the hell?'

"Now, I wish I could remain longer to teach you the sublime process of bhakti-yoga, but unfortunately, I must leave." And then, Narada muni was gone.

No, he hadn't blinked, he had kept staring at Narada as he waited for the other shoe to drop. And then he was just gone, leaving Nanashi all alone in the blocked-off street of Kinshicho wondering what the was that all about.

'...ok...that was weird...' he thought as he put away his carbon katana as he surveyed his surroundings. There was no sign that Narada had even been there, nor any demons. Taking a step back, his foot made something slid on the ground with a clattering noise.

'Oh hey! A smartphone!' he picked up the piece of technology off the ground and tried to boot it up, but the screen remained black.

' least I have something to show.' putting his meeting with Narada and his 'blessing' behind him, Nanashi somehow managed to find his way back to the team. Whom, by the time he returned, were planning a search for him since he had been gone for half an hour.

well, at least the corner of Nikkari's mouth had a bit of an upturned twist. so while he was mad, and rightly so, Nanashi knew it would not last long. like last time.


in the control room, chaos reigned and a feeling of utter hopelessness pervaded the atmosphere as the countdown to impact inexorably tick down.


suddenly, one of the tech guys screamed something about Flynn being on camera four. So everyone turned their gaze at the otaku turned samurai.


" I want to save matter the cost." He spoke with resolution as he drew the legendary Masakado sword.


the countdown until the nuclear head obliterated Tokyo neared zero, A...monstrous head of what was probably Masakado engulfed Flynn's own, ready to accept the sacrifice.


And then, the youngest member of the counter demon force...

A pair of hand mercifully hid Nanashi's eyes from the gruesome display that he had seen to many times to count. They were so soft and fragrant...soothing like moonlight.

"Whoops! That's not for you to see. not anymore." Spoke a young man with a voice as deep as the rumbling of the firmament during an earthquake...And yet a thousand times sweeter than...

Actually, Nanashi had nothing to compare it with, this voice literally was the first time had experience sweetness.

He tried to turn around...And when he succeeded, a powerful and all-pervading light blinded the boy. It was so powerful, the dreaming youth thought he would forget himself in the bliss of painlessness.

"No, please. Do not lose yourself in my light. For now, just remain 'Nanashi'. Later, you will have another name, and your eternal identity." The source of the light spoke, his voice pervading the ether.

"Who are you? What do you want of me?" the boy asked.

"...Oh, so you have forgotten about me." Spoke the light, his disappointment very clear. " I am the supreme Brahman or the Supreme Spirit. But God may be more familiar to you." The light, God spoke gently. " And...I just wanted to meet you."

" why?"

" because I miss you."

Those words, heavy with love, made Nanashi reeled.

And then his sister woke him up. They had a training session with Nikkari in Kinshicho park and once again, He had been oversleeping...In her opinion.


" Alright Nanashi, good job." Cheered Asahi. "You're a natural at it."

Nanashi just shrugged as he cleaned his sword, he just knew how to wield a katana well and his aim was true. It took him a lot of practice to get at that level, and a pair of exceptional teachers.

But he knew that he was not at his best, his mind still lingering on last night's dream.

'it's just a dream...a stupid dream where God misses me. I must have been this Narada.'

" everything alright. You look spaced out." Asahi gently asked her adopted brother. "It's another one of those dreams, is it? The one with the crucified boy?"

He nodded, for as long as he could remember, he had been plagued with very intense dreams. Some were of the past when the bedrock dome was erected to protect them from the ICBM and locking them up with the demons. other times, it was about a boy with blue hair being attacked by an amalgamation of demons in the shape of a two-headed grinning beast., usually, he had guns for fingers in those. And other times it was about a woman who had his eyes and... very uncommon hair.

She looked so much like him.

But those were just dreams... dreams he would relate to his sister when she would wake him up.

Of course, the current dream, the one about God missing him...definitely would not fly. He had heard hunters being killed for less than that. And thus he had lied.

Asahi pat him on the back. " Well that sucks...anyway, I think we practiced enough, let's go to report back at the fountain." Grabbing his hand, she led Nanashi to were their mentors waited for them. Both men were speaking about something while absentmindedly flexing and rubbing their left arm.

"Nanashi, you were distracted today." Commented Nikkari, the older demon hunter spoke as less of reproach and more as an observation.

" Yeah...weird dream."

" And then there is yesterday's escapade."

Nanashi shrunk under the older hunters disapproving gaze.

" Yo, Nik. Cut the kid some slack would ya? He's just 15, you know, stuff is changin'." Manabu spoke as he gave a meaningful glance to the 'old man' of the group who simply rolled his eyes and massaged his nose.

Nanashi just kept a stone-like expression, he knew what Manabu was referring too but...well, he'd just never had something like that, something about being malnourished and lacking sunlight, the doctor said.

"Nonetheless you and your sister have improved tremendously. Soon enough, you will both have your own smartphone and demons." This made Asahi squealed in pure delight.

"That should do, for now. Let's be on our way." Nikkari spoke as he smiled at Nanashi, and the boy knew his past transgression was somewhat forgiven.

Nanashi paused as he rubbed his left was twitching like crazy and for some reason, his guts told him something...not so good was going to happen. Noticing his unease, Asahi tried to break the overall tension.

"Was fighting hard, Nanashi?"

'...really?' "Nah, not really." The boy in green shrugged, killing demons never caused him any problem. especially those who were known man-eater, meaning most of them.

"You really held out your own out there." She commented with a tender smile that did not do anything to ease the tense atmosphere.

Suddenly, shadows fell from the sky and an overpowering smell of expensive perfume choked their lungs. Immediately, both elder hunters surrounded the two cadets. and not a moment too soon, for they were now surrounded by a group of demons, all of them gazing at the small human group like a butcher a carcass.


Somehow, this one word by Manabu explained the situation perfectly.

Out of the horde of demons, one walked out, and Nanashi did not know if he should be extremely scared or extremely amused.

The mix of the two was very peculiar, to say the least.

It was an unholy mix between a unicorn and a peacock decorated with piercings, purple makeup and what he hoped where false eyelashes.

The...fabulous being, sashayed from between the other demons, towering over them. Swaying his hip like a pendulum he opened his tail and struck a pose, some flames elegantly curling from his plump purple lips.

"I am Adramelech," he introduced himself with a flourish, "loyal servant and sworn knight of the Demon Lord Lucifer."

The group of surrounded human looked at one another. On one side, they knew they were doom, there was no way they could beat this demon. And on the other...

If a lipstick-wearing unicock...peacorn... fancy-ass thing was his lieutenant, it spoke *volume* about the fallen angel.

The hybrid continued. " there's been talk of Merkabah descent from the Sky Tower and we came to have a little look-see. Of course," his reddish gaze hungrily scanned the only humans around. "After such a long and arduous trek, my solders and I find our stomach howling in hunger."

Now both elder hunters cursed vehemently as they moved in front of the two underage teens. Nanashi stuck close to his sister, he was sure he would survive since over the years it had been made very clear he was hard to kill...

His sister, on the other hand...

"I digress. Word is you human have started feasting on the flesh of demons." Adramelech put his clawed hands of his full, colourful hips." I can't say I disapprove. It's just a law of nature that the strong rule the weak."He flipped his red hair. "It's a dog-eat-dog world, after all." This caused all of his underlings to cheers, and a sure feeling of doom the descend on Nanashi.

'forget about Asahi...I don't think even I will survive.'

He felt his sister move closer to him. looking at her, Nanashi could see only fear in her eyes. It's was oblivious she was regretting her decision to become a hunter by now. The boy in green held Asahi's trembling hand...they may not survive, but he would always be there for her...somehow.

"Yo...Adramelech!" This was Manabu, the rasta hunter brazenly took a step forward. "We get you, you and your teams starving and were probably the only guys you found."

Adramelech raised a well-groomed eyebrow.

"Let's make a deal, shall we?" Nikkari spoke after meaningfully looking at Manabu. " You eat me and Manabu, and you let the two children go."

"What? No!" Asahi screamed. Nanashi held his sister...He didn't like it, but he knew where they wanted to lead the demons.

"Yeah man, me and Nik are old. Meaning more meat for you and your army. Those two kids are scrawny, barely any fat on them and full of bones. Better you eat us. Beside, bet ya never tasted a Brazilian before."

'Oh' Nanashi felt so powerless, he could try to take on Adramelech, but he doubted he would survive to do more than a few scratches.

Adramelech scratched his chin with well-manicured claws. " Well, I will admit we're running out of variety down there...And you two look both well seasoned and exotic."

Manabu lowered his shoulder as a ray of hope, at least for the sibling, pierced the cloud of doom.

And then Adramelech smirked in a way that mercilessly snuffed this newborn hope. "But I'm more of a quantity over quality type of guy if you catch my drift."


"Besides, you don't expect us to wage war while famished, now do you?" The demon assembly then moved closer as the fancy unicorn smoothly danced his way toward his next meal.

Nikkari unsheathed his sword and Manabu cursed a storm as he belatedly realized that his smartphone did not charge the night before. Nanashi pushed his sister behind him as he took out his own sword and Asahi her riot stick.

"Get ready, here they come!" And so the horde was! Lunging at the Quatuor with abandoned, knowing full well that they would feast of the flesh of the young. But not without a fight.

Manabu and Nikkari showed why they were viewed in high esteem by the rest of the hunter alliance, killing demons left and right while Asahi and her brother also held their own...but not for long.

Adramelech, who was standing back from the action sighed. "Oh, I almost feel bad for you. But unfortunately, the world Lord Lucifer want to create is for the strong only. The weak, that's you, are food." He raised his freshly manicured claw. "I grow bored...And you're just making your flesh tougher..." He snapped his finger.


Flames shot from his hand and engulfed the party, Nanashi and Nikkari barely managed to escape the inferno...but, not Asahi.

Jumping in front of her, Manabu took the brunt of the attack.

"Asahi! Manabu!" Nanashi screamed as the sight of his favourite mentor and adopted sister became obscured by the bright, intense flame. When the blaze relented, it was revealed that the rasta hunter succeeded in protecting the daughter of the Kinshicho the price of his own life.

As they reeled back from the gruesome scene." oh Woopsis, might've left that one in the oven too long" The thing lazily gazed at the two fighters "Mmm-mmm...boy, you should see the look on your face."

Nanashi and Nikkari turned to the demon with only one desire in mind to murder that unholy son of the devil. The cadet in green was about to lung for the kill when the surviving adult beat him to it. Slipping past the rows of underlying, he managed to get close enough to Adramelech to get to his jugular...or close to it. The demo caught him before any damage could be done. "What in the world? Pah! I bet that butter knife couldn't even cut through paper." He threw Nikkari away with his sharp claw, tearing the armour and the soft flesh under. Not to be deterred, Nikkari grabbed his knife and catching lucifer's lieutenant by surprise, stabbed him as close to the heart as he could.

"Arg! Oh, how could you? You marred my pelt, you bastards!" Adramelech spat as once again swiped away the hunter, he then pulled the knife off and casually crush it.

"You must think this all so unfair." He spoke as he brushed off his wound. " In truth, it's no different then you consume the flesh of demons. It's merely...a law of nature."

Nanashi swallowed hard...He knew that fact full well. He never likes to eat them, especially when he had heard the Demon speak before. In intelligence and speech, and even in the way they dealt with one another, demons were not at all that different from humans... especially now. ''r about to get killed and eaten now is not the time to philosophy.'

The bleeding Nikkari turned to the sibling, holding his ribs. "You two- run! Forget about the food and get back at the association!"

"Now you're telling us?" Nanashi screamed as he grabbed his sister's hand and attempted to do as he was ordered.

"What? No, no, that won't do either. I don't care much about giving chase..." this was what Nanashi heard as he dodged and slashed away at the demons as he desperately ran to the dilapidated train station...his home for 10 years now. But as they were about to clear the horde, an Infernal heat washed over them.

...And then he felt a powerful shove, sending him and Asahi careening to the side. As they fell in a heap, the sibling saw their second mentor, Nikkari, burn as he saved them.

As he fell on the ground, the elder hunter, now scorched beyond recognition, spoke to the two with great difficulty.

"I'm sorry...I dragged you into this." He whispered as he left his chared remains, taking the appearance of a wailing spirit.

"NIKKARI!" Asahi yield as he Nanashi held her. "This can't be happening, we have to run."

"No shit! C'mon. Let's scram." But he knew their chance of survival was slim, they were still woefully too far away from any type of help. Besides, the enemies had taken the death of Nikkari as a prime opportunity to surround the sibling once more. And this time, they would not let them break out.

Adramelech walked toward them, chuckling to himself. "Oh my, what an entertaining meal. Too bad we lost the two big ones though. Oh well, you will do just fine...especially you, little virgin." He spoke as he licked his purple lips.

'He will eat Asahi...'

The fire of indignation burned away his flight response, there was no way he would let the freak get his sister...not without a fight.

Taking his sword again, the young cadet lunged at the peacock demon in a futile attempt to buy some time for Asahi to run.

but his attempt, while brave and fueled by righteous anger, was thwarted by the more experience Adramelech, who simply catch him out of the air by the throat, holding Nanashi like a sadist his favourite doll.

"Ooh! Feisty one, aren't you? Alright, sweetheart, time to go night-night."

Adramelech grabbed the carbon sword, snapping it in two...And then plunge his sharp claws in Nanashi's chest. The boy In green tried to scream his pain, but only blood came out of his mouth as the demonic lieutenant pulled out his heart.

As darkness engulfed his consciousness, Nanashi desperately turned around, Asahi...his sister, his best friend...

She was screaming his name...

'I failed her...oh'


Update: our temple president just gave me a laptop. meaning I can finally edit this story better now.

it's ok, you may now fear me.

(edit) Oh Krishna...So many mistakes.

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Wow, one person's is following this story, thank you, however you are.

So...yeah, I suck at writing fighting scene, so I didn't. And I swear, there are line break and a whole lot of fancy font and editing goodness...the just ate them all and categorically refused to update the script.

...and I have to warn you, from this point one, it's all about Vaishnavism. And no, it's not a religion. It's the science of the soul. The eternal path to attain our real and eternal identity of a blissful, ever so conscious soul.

The updates are sporadic, my grammar is abhorrent, and yet you have reached chapter two.

Thank you.

(update,) I have a new computer now, and editing feel so good right now. :)

Aum tat sat


"Hey! Hey, wake up!" A familiar voice spoke to him. " wake up I say, Uttisshta!"

Opening his eyes, Nanashi saw none other than the glowing Narada. The sage in orange beamed at the boy. " there you are! Welcome back, oh most fortunate child."

Sitting up, Nanashi looked around himself, he was in...not a forest per se, but close to it, a meadow perhaps? There was a huge water basin with steps made of solid slabs of sapphire inlaid with pearls and moonstone. The water contained in it was clearer than pure crystal, containing an incredible variety of lotuses, lilies and other types of flowers unknown to the boy. Besides the artificial lake was a small hut that glowed from the inside, illuminating the precious stones walls and ruby red roof.

the whole place he was now In glowed more than a flash grenade, and a special feeling permeated the air, but has hard as he tried, Nanashi was unable to catch what it was.

"Where am I?" The boy in green asked Narada. in such a place filled with the sound of birds and the wind dancing in the leaves, his own voice felt like an intruder.

"His is my Kunja or my lake. This is where I live eternally in the abode of the Supreme Lord, Bhagavan Sri Krishna, and it is also where I wrote the Bhakti-sutra." As he explained, the sage helped Nanashi to his feet. " it is situated in Goloka Vrindavan, the eternal land far away from the terrible world of dull matter. where time, death, disease and ultimate destruction does not exist."

"So...Im in heaven?" Nanashi half asked, still looking at his surroundings. There were flowers everywhere, birds sang in the trees, and a fragrant breeze greeted him with the smell of sandalwood and clove.

It felt like Home.

The sage smiled. "No, This a higher realm than the plans and planets where the angels reside. even the abode of your universe's Brahma cannot be compared to it."

Nanashi nodded as he took the sceneries in, no matter where he looked, more beauty and secret revealed itself. *' Holy...even the ground is made of gemstone...wait, is that the sky? Are those clouds?'*

Narada chuckled, at the cadet's childlike wonder. But his mirth soon faded. " do you remember what happened?"

" What happened?" those words acted like a trigger, and the past events flooded Nanashi's consciousness." Wait...Adramelech...Manabu, Nikkari! Holy shit, that beast is about to eat her!"

" I have to come back! Narada, please, I have to come back. My sister-" He fell to his knees, he could see her, his beautiful sister now rendered a bloody mess with a horde of demons feasting on her corpse. Her deceased mother sadly gazing at the boy, clearly disappointed in him.

How much time had passed, minutes? days? weeks?

there was no way she could have survived the hungry demons.

" She is safe," the sage revealed as he brought Nanashi to his feet and out of this horrible headspace. "the Lord paused time for us. Besides, at the state your material body is, I doubt it would be of any use to you."

Hearing those words, Nanashi instinctively touches where the...unfortunately named hybrid had ripped his heart out.

" I...I died..." He choked out. "...I was killed...Asahi...Asahi..." His whole body shook, his knees grew weak. But before he could fall, Narada steadied him.

" ah...easy there." He spoke as he held the boy steady. " she's fine, you do not have to worry about her state of being. Come, the Lord is anxious to meet you."

This had the same effect as a bucket of freezing water. ' really isn't my day, isn't it?'

"Oh, but it is. Come, let's go meet Him." Taking the hand of Nanashi, Narada leads him in the ridiculously expensive-looking hut beside the artificial lake. As they came close to an immense feeling of bliss-filled the heart if the recently deceased cadet.

"Why am I so happy?" He asked aloud. ' One moment, I'm on the verge of a breakdown. The next, I feel like dancing...what the hell is this place?'

" Ah, didn't you know? My Lord Sri Krishna is an ocean of pleasure. He is the supreme enjoyer and His greatest joy is to share what gives Him bliss to all his innumerable part and parcels. "

"Huh?" Was the boy In green's Intelligent answer. " mean, I'm part of God?" Oh hell no! He knew he was less than human, but to have anything to do with the "all-merciful father"... well, better he stayed dead.

This stopped Narada dead in his track. Looking back at Nanashi with a look that screams, 'Are you living under a rock?' To which, the recently deceased boy would answer ' Bedrock, the be precise.'

"Right, you were not raised by her. Alright, I will give you the main point of the absolute truth and the nature of the soul. I will only say it once so please be attentive." the floating musician began.

" You are not this body cooling in the Kinshicho park " the sage in orange spoke holding his right finger up." Nor are you the mind or the intelligence. You are the spirit soul, by nature blissful, eternal and conscious. You are also pleasure-seeking, knowledge-hungry and always looking for a way not to die. for death, birth, disease, ignorance and old age is not natural for the birth-less soul. Do you follow so far?"

"Yeah..." It made a lot of sense...It also sounded extremely familiar somehow. "But, where are you going with this?"

"Right. As for being one with the Lord. You must first know that He is also Bliss, eternity and knowledge, but unlike the finite living entity, He is unlimited. He is the source and shelter of every possible thing, He is also in the heart of all living entities, all the atoms and He is the soul of all the universe. Which is also him."

"So, YHVH is everything then," Nanashi interjected. letting the alien name glitch on his tongue with deep malice. All around, all sound stopped, and he felt the entirety of Vrindavan cringe.

After a pause that lasted too long, Narada cleared his throat. "No. this demon is not our Sweet Lord Shri Krishna, and Never will be." Narada emphasized in such a way that left no place for thought and made Nanashi feel like a complete idiot.

", said something like that yesterday...didn't you?"

"Yes! My, what a bright young boy you are." Narada beamed brightly as the sound came back and the oppressive atmosphere cleared up. "But while Bhagavan Sri Krishna is everything, the source of everything and also the ever conscious controller of everything, He has nothing to do, not even with this material world. For you see, He expands himself in numerous Vishnu forms, those Vishnu, who are no different than Him, and yet not, Are the maintainers of the material world by empowering demi-god to administer the affairs of this world. It is called, inconceivable oneness and difference. Or acintya-beda-abeda Tattva."

"So...I'm a part of God, of Krishna...a small part?" Nanashi tried to grasp what the glowing sage was saying. and while it was extremely dense and convoluted, it also felt very familiar somehow.

"A microscopic part, but apart He cares about nonetheless. As I have told you before, the Lord is the supreme enjoyer, and the greatest enjoyment is to share loving relationships with others. And since nothing can exist outside of Him, he expended himself in innumerable finite entities called the marginal potency. which comprised all the living entities in all the universes."

"So I'm...part of his power?" Nanashi tried to clear this point out, he was getting more and more confused.

"Yes, He is the supreme potent, and thus has unlimited potencies But" Narada trailed off as he glanced toward the palatial hut. Nanashi followed his glanced and only managed to catch the very expensive curtains move. " I believe I have spoken enough about that. Just know that the Lord is not like the one those so-called angels are uselessly worshiping. He is much more different, much sweeter. And He has waited long enough for you." At those words, Narada gently pushed the boy towards the hut.

'I'm about to meet God...the supreme controller...' Thought a very dazed Nanashi, wondering also if this was normal for the recently dead to meet the maker like that.

" My Lord, the supreme and absolute truth, is called Krishna. He has all the six opulence in full; He has supreme wealth, all you see here and in the material world are His for His pleasure only. He is the source of all power, all strength, all Intelligence, renunciation, And all that is beautiful is but an infinite spark of his own limitless beauty. He is our Lord, our master, our Father, our Mother, our best friend, and supreme Well wisher." Narada spoke with gravity, and yet Nanashi could hear the quiver in his voice...what could only be very sincere love.

' Are all God worshipers this weird?'

They were now at the threshold of the palatial hut, and Nanashi's heart...that was somehow back in his chest, was beating hard enough to perform another exit. Only a richly decorated curtain stood between the deceased punkish cadet and the source of everything.

'will I disappear? ...' He wondered. His heart thundering in his chest and cold sweat soaked his back, Nanashi would readily admit, he had never been so scared in his entire short life. then, he remembered his dream...

"...I miss you..."

'But is it true?'

" Behold, the Supreme Personality of Godhead!" Narada boldly declared as he pulled the curtain away with a flourish, revealing the Lord of the universe in all of His incomprehensible glories.

A wave washed over Nanashi, it was a heavy...indescribable feeling that made the punk fall to the ground like a stick.

It was something he had been looking for, this feeling that was...right, it felt just right. It was familiar, yet new. Overwhelming, but not threatening, The Lord...the Universes where all in Him, and yet He reverberated withing Nanashi's heart.

...the curtains pulled open, revealing Radha-Govinda...and for the first time since...he left, she saw Yuki smile...

" Very good, giving obeisances is the seventh path of Bhakti." He heard Narada jubilant and approving comment, breaking Nanashi out of the...memory. And then he heard the Lord.

"He Sakhi-he!..."

His voice was deep and rumbling as the firmament during an earthquake, and yet so sweet.

Raising is head, Nanashi saw a sight many great and powerful yogis could not even catch after thousands of years of austerity and meditation on the Himalayas; the lotus feet of the Lord.

Soft, delicate, blackish blue and glowing. Nanashi never thought feet could be called beautiful. Hell, even His pinkie toe was perfect! Their soles were covered with a reddish powder and the shine his toes nails defeated the glow of magnesium. They were decorated with bejewelled toe rings and delicately crafted ankle bells...and some purplish-green fragrant leaf for some reason.

Slowly gazing up, he saw that the Lord wore the same type of pants Narada did, but there was no way Nanashi would call it a bedsheet. It was obviously pure golden silk, and the deceased cadet would bet his own afterlife that the golden thread use in the red trimming was 24k.

Around his round hips that would put to shame those 'models' in Manabu's trashy mags, was a green sash and a jewelled belt. His waist was thin, and yet his stomach was soft with a deep navel, three lines and a very fine path of jet black hair that disappeared under the opulent garter. His chest was broad, on it was a very long garland made with five different colours of flowers, a white line of hair contrasting wonderfully with his deep dark complexion sat on top of his heart. His arms were long, almost reaching His perfect knees and his reddish hands were folded in front of Him, golden bracelets decorated his soft yet powerful arms. A golden flute was tucked in his folded right elbow, its effulgence rivalling that of the Lord.

' this really God?' Nanashi wondered as he stared unabashedly at the Lord's chest, his cheeks coloured pink. Was this a golden pendant with a glowing blue stone with a cow etched on it?

Finally, he arrived at his face...And Nanashi forgot to breathe.

He was barely sixteen, His face was round, his cheeks delightfully full. His lips were pleasingly plump and bright red, his nose aristocratic, his forehead broad and decorated with a bright red U mark that went to the root of his long curly hair and ending in an inverted leaf shape on the middle of his nose.

His eyes were inhumanly long, like the petals of a lotus, their side where reddish-pink and their iris a rich, warm honey-gold surrounded by long black lashes. Diamond-like tears welled up at their corner, Bringing Nanashi's gaze back to his reddish ears bearing shark-shaped earrings.

His long, black hair tied in a top knot, were adorned with pearls and golden pieces of jewelry crowned with a peacock feather. And while he wore more golden ornament then any man had the right too, it was oblivious that He was beautifying them.

To finish this description of the indescribable was His smile, the Lord was looking at Nanashi with a mixture of shyness, joy, and eagerness.

And Nanashi in all of his? He was shamelessly staring, trying the conciliate the fact that this, absolutely beautiful, mind-blowing youth was God...

He...looked much more human, and sweeter then he'd expected.

'Oh beat still my heart...'

Smiling brightly, the Lord all but glided toward the still kneeling boy, and with gentle hands, brought Nanashi to his feet, and in His soft and warm embrace.

Krishna was so, so soft, Nanashi felt as if he could merge with him. The Lord was tall, the definition of statuesque. And yet he was still non-threatenin and the source of all sweetness.

The Lord released Nanashi. Then, taking the boy by the hands, brought him to the white cushion where they sat down.

"Oh, my dearest friend..." Krishna began, but his voice choked up partway. Tears flowing freely from his beautiful golden eyes. It was oblivious the Lord dearly wanted to hug a his...dearest friend again. Instead, he simply kept Nanashi's hands in His.

Nanashi could only stare...this, if he was to trust Narada, this...Krishna, was God, the supreme and absolute truth and the source of everything...

Was a sixteen-year-old boy who probably wouldn't survive more than five minutes in underground Tokyo. He looked so delicate, like a dancer almost. And yet...there was this unlimited power lurking right under his silky soft skin. He was a huge softy and if one could ignore his deep, almost black skin, he looked completely human. A beautiful one at that.

"Are you really God?" Nanashi blurted out. Krishna's gaze was made the boy experience flocks of butterfly in his stomach and he was not sure if he liked it.

Well, he did, but he was not supposed to.

The Lord raised a brow, and with a chuckle, spoke. " I am. Didn't Narada explained to you who I am?"

" just look..."

" human? Young? Blue?"

'All of the above....' Nanashi though as he fought as he tried to look somewhere else or at least stop the tears pouring from his eyes to no avail. ' It has to be Him...'

Krishna just smiled. " I look the way I do because it is my original form. I made the human for at my image you know."

Right, had heard some preachy angels spout some nonsense like that. 'Guess they were right.'

" And I am eternally sixteen. Why would I be an old man at the end of his life? I'd rather have this age and enjoy eternal youth with all my associates then always feeling as if I am dying."

"Yeah, that makes sense."

" And I like these shades of blue," He said as he spread his arms.

'Holy...his arms are So long!' Nanashi realized as he stared at the Lord's Arms. '...they look powerful too...'

the young punk definitely would not mind being hugged, embraced and held tenderly in those arms...not that it would happen though.

Krishna then took Nanashi's hands again, and the boy marvel at how, once again, they were so soft. And covered in a reddish and fragrant powder, rings and delicate designs.

" dearest friend. " Krishna began as he massaged the scared and rough hands of Nanashi., "I have a proposition for you. "


"NANASHI!" Asahi screamed as she saw her brother collapsed on the bloody ground. Adramelech still holding what was left of Nanashi heart in his hand as he held it aloft to the gathered horde of demons.

She felt sick, numbed by fear...she knew she was done for, the lieutenant had killed everyone so quickly.

The demon then squeezed the heart letting the blood flow in his awaiting maw like a kid having fun with a juice box...

And then spat it out almost immediately.

"Blerg! Pouah! Ugh, what in heaven? That's not human blood..." He spat out as he threw the crushed organ in the fountain.

It was not something new to Asahi, but she considered this another way her Bro was trying to protect her. Taking this opportunity she dived at the corps of Nikkari, the daughter of the boss took her only saving grace, the fallen hunter's smartphone.

Miraculously, the piece of vital technology had been untouched by the blaze and booted without any problem, to the great relief of Asahi. But this relief was short-lived when she realized how by the book Nikkari had been.

all of his demons were gone except for a level one pixie.

"Shit shit shit shit shit shi-"

A hot, putrid yet minty breath washed over her back...And her heart stop.

" You know, you pretty thing, this brother of yours gave me a bad surprise back then. No demons I know, not even angels, taste this bad." Adramelech put a claw to her jugular. " Bou, on the other hand, will be a perfect palate cleanser. Too bad for the other mooks under me, they will have to fight for the crumbs."

She felt the claw dig in her skin, and she did something she never thought she would.

'Oh, God...Save me.'

The moment she prayed, an immense wave of pure power and light washed over her. It was so potent, many lesser demons vaporized, and more fled away from this unexplained Mahama spell.

"What it in the world?!" Exclaimed the demonic hybrid, his shock giving a golden opportunity for escape. and escape she did. Turning back one last time, just to see what the hell had just happened, Asahi saw a looming figure over the corpse of her brother.

He was undeniably male and had the appearance of a black marble statue. He was extremely tall, around seven feet with arms that reached his knees, he wore a sapphire blue shirt that also reached his knee. Its collar and cuffs were richly decorated with golden threads and tiny rubies. He wore...Asahi had no idea how to describe it. It looked like a pair of golden origami pants. The being wore no shoes to cover his reddish sole. In his red palm, he held a golden flute.

He had a round face...but Asahi could only see his red lips in the form of a smile peeking from under a blue fedora decorated with golden ornament and a peacock feather. From its rim, long, blackish silky hair with a tinge of blue spilt out .

Asahi would call him very pretty and attractive if not for the fact that he was obviously *not* human. For one, he was glowing and floating...and made out of marble.

The black being...definitely a demon, opened his palms toward the bloody body of Nanashi.

And then the miracle happened.

Nanashi arose, his 'brown' eyes glowing gold under his ever-present contacts, and while he was covered in his own blood, it was clear that his heart was back where it belongs.

He was glowing with inconceivable power, a golden U shaped mark adorned his forehead and a look that screamed 'I will eff-ing shank you' made his intention crystal clear as he gave the demons a murderous Kubrick Stare.

Hope once again elected to nestled in the pounding heart of the daughter of the boss, and this time, nothing would make it leave.


'Ok, step one is the 'saving Asahi plan: coming back to life' is done...surprisingly enough, and now onto step two; eliminate the threat. Is underway...' Nanashi thought as he clenched his fist, that goddamned peacock was a bit too close to his sister, and some blood trickled from her neck. All around the boy and the Lord, demons of all shapes and sizes stared in awe. This would be a great tactical advantage if he had a weapon with him.

' damn it...I'm back in action but completely useless without a sword.'

Suddenly, time paused and he felt Krishna tap his shoulder, Nanashi turned slightly to the Lord of the universes and paused.

"Krishna...why are you holding a shovel?"

The bluish Lord handed him the black gardening tool. "A wonderful friend of mine saw you using it in place of your broken sword. It is a powerful weapon I assure you."

Nanashi doubtfully eyed the so-called weapon. It was mat black and decorated with seven or so gems of different colours along its body, the shovelhead looked ridiculously sharp and solid.

But beyond that, it just looked like your run of the mill shovel.

"That's it, God is crazy."


"Krishna, I'm fighting a horde of demons by myself and the only thing you gave me is a freaking shovel!"

"It's a spiritual shovel filled with shakti, it is the only weapon you will ever need, And no demons, demi-gods or other creatures will be able to equate me so forget about this summoning app. Now take this holy spade and fight!"

Without any choices, Nanashi took the presented shovel grumbling about how stupid he would look fighting demons with a freaking gardening tool.

"Thank God," He snarked and then had to pause for a bit.

the shovel was unnaturally warm to the touch and those jewels on the hilt...

"Krishna...are those...this shovel has elemental attribute." he realized with some glee. This definitely was no a run of the mill piece of garden tool.

He turned his attention back to the Lord of the Universe, who held the eternal disk of time like one hold a pocket watch, and with actual gratitude, thanked him.

"Your welcome, my dear friend." Krishna inclined his head, a beautiful smile playing on his luscious lips. "Kripa, I will restart time, get ready." Nanashi nodded as he grasped the shovel. The boy was slightly surprised, but then, Krishna was God and thus could easily do whatever he wished. Which included manipulating time, His greatest weapon.

Yes, Nanashi and He had quite the conversation as the Lord dressed up for the occasion.

As the Krishna said, time started again as if nothing had happened, and Nanashi sort of regretted not taking this chance to take a picture of Adramelech epic jaw drop.

"...wait...what? I thought I left you corps like! I rip your heart out! How in the name of Lucifer are you still alive?"

Nanashi smirked."I got better."

Adramelech closed his maw, looking extremely annoyed. "Well, no matter. I will just kill you again!" He roared as he lunged at the freshly resurrected boy who dodged the attack, retaliating with a well-placed strike. but not to be made a fool by a mere child, the demoniac beast parried with a swipe of his own.

Both eh demoniac lieutenant and the cadet glared at one another it was clear one would not walk out of the Kishicho park alive.


'what's taking them so long.' the Master of Kinshicho wondered as he worriedly looked at his phone. 'Nikkari told me he would send me updates every ten minutes...and I had no update for fifteen minutes now. ' putting it back, he closed his eyes and prayed to the Axiom to please protect his kids.

It was all he had left.

Suddenly, he felt his phone vibrate. Needless to say, it was a miracle he still had a breast pocket after the way he took it.

'its Nikkari.' It was not an sms, so it must have been something serious enough.

"Take over, I've got a call." He spoke to his very jittery aid and recruit.

All but running to the quieter back room, the boss answered, expecting Nikki's professional tone as he dismisses his worries. "Yes Nikkari, what took you so long?"

Silence met him on the other side of the receiver. "Nikkari?"

"He's dead..." It was Nanashi...he didn't sound all that great either.

Heavily sitting down on a conveniently placed crate, the Boss locked his raging emotion between the wall of professionalism. He could not...would not show weakness when his kids needed him.

"Nanashi, deep breath. Where is Manabu?. "


'shit!' "Nanashi, where are you, is Asahi safe? What happened?" he really did not want to hear it, but at the same time, he had to know, he had to report it to the guild. 'Oh Axiom...Asahi, please be safe.'

"We are in Kinshicho the fountain...we got...we got ambushed."

The Boss felt as if someone had poured a bucket of liquid Azote all over his body,.

"Asahi's safe..."

"Complete statues."

"...right jugular is bleeding, but nothing life-threatening."

And he could breathe again."How about you?"

There was a pause. "...alive..."

"Nanashi? What is your status, answer me right now!"

"...I'm alive..." His boy sounded as if he was trying to convince himself of that fact.

"Nanashi, can you return to base? Can I speak to Asahi?"


"Yeah, well be there soon. Just...don't panic...I'm...bloody. And with a friendly."

"On a scale from one to ten?"

"Eleven. We'll sneak in...i'll be in my room in twenty minutes."

"And who is the friendly?" The boss asked as dread burned his guts. it could be anyone.

He heard Nanashi speak to someone."Hari, his name is Hari...huuh...look, more demons are sniffing around, I'll see you soon." And with that, Nanashi closed the phone.

And the boss experienced the worst fifteen minutes of its life.

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" She bounced back quickly." Commented Krishna from the couch. The Lord, being very tall, could very comfortably sit on the back in a very casual manner unfitting of his position. He filled the room with his blush light and his fragrance. Either that or the garland he wore had entered a pretty intense competition with his aroma and was losing badly.

Nanashi sighed, trying to get his mind away from those very dangerous thoughts. And instead onto the Subject of his delightful adopted sister.

Yes, Asahi, after this horrible and traumatic experience had declared to her dad that she needed to be a hunter. As in, it was imperative she became one as not to waste Nikkari and Manabu's selfless sacrifice. Since, in her little head of hers, being in constant danger of death would make them proud. Well, they would be proud. The problem was, Asahi was no fighter.

Unsurprisingly, the boss did not approve at all. But who could blame him? He had almost lost both his daughter and adopted son today, his only reasons to live.

So, after the family drama, Asahi had stormed off to somewhere in the Kinshicho station while Nanashi remained in his room since...well.

He didn't want people asking questions as to how he could have survived a pierced heart, the blood loss and the heavy burns and other assorted cuts and bruises. So, he was resting in his room. And Krishna... God was there. Illuminating the room with his dark blue effulgence and filing the stale air with his incomparable bodily aroma. Oh, and playing on his Golden flute what sounded like a love song.

Krishna was truly indescribable...But then, this may explain why so few descriptions of God were available. No one could grasp his form In mere words; He had to be experienced.

Who would believe that God, the supreme and absolute truth, the source of everything, the father of all living entity? Was a dark blue sixteen-year-old boy who played the flute? Nanashi knew he wouldn't. Hell, he had a hard time grasping that, He was casually sitting on the back of his lime green couch and wearing a fedora of all thing.

Nanashi sighed. "What a crazy day, and it's not even lunch yet."

"Is everything fine Kripa?" Krishna asked, some concern coloring hie pleseant voice.

Nanashi opened his eyes and lightly glared at the godly blue youth.

"My name is Nanashi, Not Creeper."

"Not it's not," Krishna countered. "your name is Krishna-Kripa. But since it would get very confusing, I've settled for the second part of your name: Kripa, or causeless mercy." the lord smiled sweetly as he spoke.

"But why? 'Nanashi' is not a bad name..."

"I do not want a Nameless servant."

Nanashi rolled his eyes, he hated when people made this pun. Right, to save his sister, he had basically sold his very self to Krishna for all eternity, he just hoped Narada was right, and that Krishna was different from YHVH.

"Nanashi...I am different from this entity. I promise you; I only want the best for all living entity. You will never regret this, I assure you. "

"Yeah, whatever boss. "Nanashi knew he could not step back out of the deal... he lapsed Into the silence, his wounds were not quite healed yet, but he didn't feel like sleeping anymore, surprisingly enough.

After some time, he spoke something that weighed on his heart.

"Krishna...why me?"

"Hmm? Why did you die?"

"No, why did you chose me? I'm just a cadet. I never prayed to you and...geez, why didn't you revived Nikkari?" He mildly accused the Lord as he managed to sit somewhat up." Or Manabu? Better yet, why did you let us get ambushed? if you are God, saving them would have been a trip to the park!"

Krishna lowered his eyes." to become my eternal servant is not cheap Kripa, it's very rare even among the self-realized." He paused. "They...were meant to die today by the flames of Adramelech Asura... they will take a new human birth in a year from now."

"But why? Why me?" Nanashi tried to sit up straighter as demanded a clear answer for once. "I'm just another unclean one you stuck in this shit hole."

Krishna's face darkened at this accusation. "I have never done such a thing."

"You are God, aren't you? The cause of everything, the source of everything. And your servants just love to remind us about how unworthy we are..."

The Lord sighed, rubbing his forehead. "Nanashi, I have nothing do do with those imitation Kinnaras. And while I may be the cause and the source Of everything, I am only but the facilitator and the witness. All the living entities are in the material world by their own choice. And their actions are choices taken with impure mind and intelligence, Controlled by lust, greed passion and ignorance. The result of those poor decisions can easily be seen in the constant state of unrest of Material world" Krishna paused, his golden eyes growing distant.

"I never wanted any of you to be in this bleakest part of the material world. I never wanted any of you to suffer countless birth...I want you all back. I want you all to be happy, but no one listen to me." Krishna lowered his head and removed his hat, revealing a tightly bound top knot decorated with many priceless pearls. "you all rather try to be me then to be with me…"

Nanashi blinked. "Krishna...what are you talking about? Are we...even speaking about the same thing?"

The supreme personality of Godhead silently gazed at the bedridden boy, looking deeply into his heart. At that moment, Nanashi never felt so naked in his entire life; There was absolutely nothing he could hide from His gaze.

This...was probably the time where he realized that, Yes, Krishna was who Narada claimed him to be.

Finally, after what seemed an eternity, Krishna broke his silence and his heavy gaze.


Nanashi felt his body go slack…" Obliviously. Geez man, what wrong with you?"

The Lord let out a humourless laugh. "I don't know. It seems a good part of humanity thinks everything is wrong with me. I feel fine though."

"Alright, so you say you want us out of here...but what have you done to get us out?"

"Kripa, I have sent countless of my representative in the countless country, on the countless planet and countless universes so that all the suffering souls may have a chance to return to my eternal abode." Krishna spoke with gravity, leaning forward and looking deeply in Nanashi's glowing yellow eyes., touching his servants soul with His own golden glances "I even descended myself 554 years ago, then sent a good friend of mine to spread my Sacred Name to the world at large, the supreme path of liberation."

"Yeah, well what's left of the world doesn't even know your name...we can't even say it."

Krishna tilted his head." what do you mean?"

"I mean, every time we say your name... it's just glitch."

The Lord just kept staring.

"OK, watch this. YHVH!" Nanashi demonstrated to the Lord, the alien words vibrating against his ears.

"Alright, you said Jehovah, that's another one of my names, and I heard you speak it clearly."

Nanashi stared at the Lord, Jehovah himself.

"But, I also heard a very weak illusion covering it," He added. "making this name unusable. No wonder, since it had become attached to a demon playing my role. Just stick to Krishna or Hari."The Lord gave a heart-melting smile to Nanashi. "Now, what were you saying about the world?" He asked with a tilt of his head.

Nanashi stared for a while, everything about Krishna was perfect. from the way he moved, to to the way he talked.

the new servant of God had a hunch saying no to God would be harder then expected.

"Didn't you hear? About 'God's plan'?"

Adorable confused look ensued, and it made Krishna that much more attractive...Like everything He did, it seems.

'Dammit, he's doing it on purpose.' clearing his throat, Nanashi continued.

"Twenty-five years ago, I heard demons started to pop out of nowhere in the world. Killing and eating people while so-called God proved to be no better than your average yakuza, only now dealing with human faith." The boy who survived began. "Oh sure, Humans fought back, enslaving demons with a special app and killing as many more as possible. For some time, I heard it became part of life, just another bump in a shitty road.."

"and then...The day of the apocalypse arrive." Nanashi dramatized" We don't know who pressed the button first, some say it was America, others say it was Russia, and a minority say it was us, Japan. But the result remained the same; the whole planet got nuke to hell. Tokyo survived the shitstorm only because Flynn sacrificed his life to Masakado, the protector god of Japan, who used his body to form the firmament." Nanashi scoffed as he tried to stifle the horrific image of the samurai cutting off his own head… and Masakado, especially Masakado." saved use from the ICBM strike...But got us locked in with demons, angels and whatever in between looking for human resources."

"That's...terrible." the Lord commented, and to Nanashi's great surprise, it was said with all the sincerity in the world.

"On top of us, I heard civilization restarted...But the time is messed up, and angels won't let us up anyway...not that I'd want to. Heard you have to-"

"Swallow a shallow religion they also do not understand. A religion that began as a simplified version of my teachings." Krishna finished as he shook his head sadly, making his shark-shaped earring dance against his flawless cheeks.

'right... I'm speaking to The One True God here...wait.' " don't-"

"no, I do not condone fanaticism in any way, shape or form. I want my devotees to go on the path of Bhakti with full knowledge of Me and the way to attain Me. Not parrots who squawk lofty verses without understanding the most simple of its tenet." he elegantly crossed his arms.

Nanashi...just stared at Him.

"You... don't want brainless zealot?"

Krishna looked positively disgusted. "No! Why would I want madmen who use My words for their own nefarious purposes? It's... it's idiotic at its finest!" He said as he threw his hands in the air. "I told you Kripa, I want all the condition souls back to Me, and for this, I've sent many teachers and acharyas, special souls who follow my words flawlessly. They are perfect and transparent instruments of my mercy, and they are in the material world to salvage those who are materially exhausted and ready to go back home. And those acharyas empower their students to liberate more condition soul." The Lord explained. "Now, if those teachers and students where zealots..." he shuddered. "I have seen enough so-called 'religious' war and so-called saintly man destroy the spiritual culture and tenet I personally gave."

Nanashi, he'd never expected God to be so...down to earth. It was reassuring.

and then it hit him. "'re not the one controlling...your not YHVH, are you?"

"No, I am not this demon."

"Oh... so, the one controlling Merkabah is...not you, meaning he's a fake?" Nanashi clarified, his eyes growing wide.

"Yes," krishna sighed, closing his eyes in what could only be qualified as the greatest relife ever known to man...or the second at least.

Nanashi remained silent as he worked out what he had just heard.

"As for why I chose you? Well, didn't Narada blessed you?" The Lord asked as he tilted his head and crossed his legs. "My Narada is one of my most powerful preachers; he travels the universe to teach and bless countless living entity with the gift of Bhakti. You've met him, you've appreciated his dancing and signing, and thus he asked Me to accompany you on your adventure. "Krishna...God, explained as he sheepishly rubbed the back of his head "While I am the supreme independent, I just can't say no to my pure devotees. "

"Besides," the Lord looked down bashfully. "I do miss you."

A moment of silence fell the duo before Nanashi broke it.

"You spoke to me yesterday…"

"I did…"

"But why? Am I not just another soul for you?"

Krishna raised his head, looking right at the boy as if he had spoken one of the greatest lies in the world.

"Why do you think like that? I care for all of my small parts and parcels. A father of many cares for all of his progeny whether they are obedient or not."

"Alright, but where the hell were you when the bomb fell and when there's a cataclysm? where are you when they, when we all pray to You to save our friend and us to spare the innocent?"


Nanashi let himself drop down on his bed. He has so many questions to ask the Lord, questions no one seemed to have an answer for. But now that God was there, he could finally get the answers to those pesky questions that had kept him up at night.

"Krishna...why do we suffer? What have we done to deserve all this? Children, women, innocent people... why? Why?"

Unseen by the boy, The Lord smiled.

"It is Karma. Or the past reactions to sinful activities."

"you mean, the stuff you don't want us to do so that you may keep us in the dark ages." Nanashi countered.

"No, the act I prohibited for humankind is to make sure you remain at the human platform." the Lord explained." Sinful activities are synonymous with subhuman actions. and those subhumans action causes terrible consequences like wars, cataclysms, pestilence and abnormal weather."

"But why? Why can't we just not suffer here? Or, you know, not have such a shitty life?" Nanashi asked, he then felt Krishna's gaze on him. No, it was not Krishna who was looking at him, but the supreme personality of Godhead.

It was...actually Awesome. No not that type of awsome where you ride around Tokyo on the biggest demon ever blaring queens 'don't stop me now' as you conquer everything in sight. It was the type of awesome that made you feel so small and insignificant.

"Krishna Kripa,' the Lord began his deep voice pervading the either. "The material world is a prison meant for the spirit soul desirous to enjoy without me. It is a terrible world filled with tormented at every step. It is a world where every action has a consequence, either good or bad. And those reactions form many links in the chains that bind you here. those terrible chains have dragged you all around the three planetary systems without any respite. "

"There are still pleasures here; it's not all that bad." The bedridden boy argued. "I mean, sure, there is some good and bad, but you just need to enjoy it while it lasts."

On the other side of the room, Nanashi could feel the frustration of the Lord growing.

"While it lasts? Kripa, have you realized how much effort it takes to have but a drop of pleasure? How long those it last? Twenty minutes at best! No, but a moment of empty relief before the suffering return."

"then what's the point of the thing then?" Nanashi snapped at the Lord, he was hungry, in pain...and now on the verge of hoplessness.

and then...he understood.

"wait...this world, the material world is a prison, a correctional facility."

"yes..." the Lord whispered.

"You don't want us to stay want us back. that's why it's not perfect," he concluded, and while it was a bitter pill to swallow, it was still a better then the alternative

He heard the Lord snap his finger. "Yes! Finally, you have understood. There is no real happiness in the material world, at all. And whatever is there is just like finding a drop of water in a desert. No matter how many drops you will find-"

"-you will never be satisfied." Explain a bald man in orange with a hooked nose. His soft green eyes held a love and a wisdome that transcendental time and space'

The boy blinked away the memory, being used to it. And yet...and yet he could not help but feel the pain of separation from this stange man with kind eyes.

"Kripa, is everything alright?" Krishna asked.

"Yeah. Just some flashbacks...I guess. what were we talking about anyway?"

"We were talking about how this material world is an ocean of sufferingand how no bliss is present here."

" joyful..." Nanashi snarked. "So you don't want us to have pleasure at all."

"No: krishna denied. "I want you all to have pleasure. The very nature of the soul is to seek pleasure. The thing is...The further away you are from Me, the less you have it. and before you accuse me of being stingy and cruel, just listen to be before you pass judgement."

The way krisha had said with, not ordering, but not quite pleading, made the bedridden boy more ope. Clearly, it was something He had to get off his broad and inviting chest. there was no way Nanashi would prevent to lord to say his piece.

"Kripa, I am the source of everything, and I do mean everything in it's pure and unadulterated state. and this includes pleasure. just like the sun is the source of all light and heat in the world."

"Well...I've never seen the sun."

"Alright, then take a simple light, the further you are, the less heat and light you perceive," Krishna explained. "The same principle applies to Me also."

"The further we are from less pleasure we feel."

"Yes...My Narada was once again right. you are a bright young man" Krishna smiled as he praised his servant.

" can we get pleasure then? of its our nature..."

a broader smile illuminated Krishna's moonlike face as some tears gather at their side.

"My dear Kripa, All glories to you. Dear friend, the spirit souls, the actual self seperate from this body made of sixteen elements, belong to the spiritual world. It is a world filled with unlimited varieties of pleasure and eternal relationships. Time is conspicuous by its absence, every word is a song and every step is a dance. weather is sweeter then the nectars of immortality and death is but a rumour. this is where you all my side."

"Oh my Kripa, I have nothing against the enjoyment of the living entity. I just want to enjoy with you all in my perfect and eternal abode."

At this, Nanashi rose from the bed and stared and Krishna. Taking a moment to take in his beauty.

'Holy it the same person?' "Krishna..."

The beautiful, otherworldly being gave the pious soul a very smug, self satified smile. "Yes, It is me Kripa."


"Kripa? are you sure everything is fine?" the source of all beauty asked as he tilted his head to the side. Making his earnings and hair decoration dance, a slew of stars burst forth from all the pearls on his dark curly locks of hair.

Nanashi blinked and internally cursed. He was not supposed to find Krishna attractive. He was not supposed to be attracted to beings that were not human, let alone man.

'OK, you know what. I'm not even human, to begin with...but Krishna's God, there must be a rule against that.'


"yeah, so...uh...we don't belong here? were not from this world?" Nanashi stuttered.

Krishna smile, stealing Nanashi's heart. "No, of course not."

"Where are we from then?"

Laughter shone trough Krishna's golden eyes.

"All the spirit souls belong to the spiritual world. Either Vaikuntha, Ayodhya, Dwarka or...Vrindavan."

"you mean, the place we first met, right?" the memory still fresh. The sight, the sound. Everything was...perfect over here. And yet he felt that something really missing, but hiding.

but one thing was sure though, Nanashi wouldn't mind going back.

Krishna smiled as an answered. 'Wow, I've ever seen someone smiling so much.'

It...gave him a very warm, unexplainable feeling. It was...he desperately wanted...

'why was I not born with two x chromosome? it would have been so much easier to deal with those feelings.'

" what?" Nanashi asked, desperate to change to a less...awkward subject.

"What do you mean, now what?" The Lord shot back.

"Well, what should I do? I mean, I'm your servant now...for all eternity."

"You...accept to be my devotee?" Krishna asked. It was heartbreaking to hear the hope in his voice. It was hard to understand also, but Nanashi had been warned that he was inconceivable.

"Yeah..." Nanashi shrugged. "you make more sense than the other guys. And well., what do I have to lose?"

"Oh, absolutely nothing. "Krishna answered as he leaned back. A brilliant smile was lighting his whole, moon-like face." You have nothing to lose, Oh killer of Adramelech, and everything to gain." Krishna soft, loving Gaze never left his servant. "Now, if you want my opinion, I do believe our best course of action would be to follow your sister and calm her before the poor girl performs something incredibly foolish."

Right...while Nanashi's hormone had not quite kicked in, his sister's had been very...aggressive, and she was now acting like a full-on teen with her dad. It had been cool at first to see her rebel, but now, the boy knew that being rebellious in a place where survival rhymed with cooperation would result in a trip to the furnace. If you were lucky.

It would be good if she were to remember this little tidbit.

"Alright...sound like a plan." Nanashi agreed as he rose from his bed, he felt much better. Still looked bruise though but, after what had gone through, it was as expected.

At least he didn't look like he was a walking dead man anymore.

"Ah, before we go hunting for the wayward one, I do believe you need to change. One should no go out in clothing filled with holes...especially if one of those who would reveal the fact that you essentially lost your heart...and the fabric is bloody."

The boy in green looked down. It was true, his green jumper was ruined...but.

"I have nothing else to wear." Nanashi admitted. "Say, if your God, why don't you fix it?"

Krishna glanced at the jumper and scowled.

"I don't want to."

"You... don't want to."



"It's made from the Blood of m- it's made from eternally filthy plastic and I do not like the lyrics of this song..."

Nanashi blinked.

"Kripa...imagine No religion. My dear friend, I have countless time seen the effect of no religion. It is hell, plain and simple."

'Oh, I get it.'

"You know what? The jumper's OK." Nanashi declared with a devilish grin. he made his way to his shower, the least he could do was to wash off the blood and patch the holes up.

and...He could still rebel a little bit. no use being too pure around these parts anyway.

Once in the bathroom, He gave himself a thorough once over.

still frightfully thin, still as pale as a greenish ghost, and now covered with even more green scars, the biggest one on his chest.

Nanashi gingerly touched where the empty hole used to be...

' heart's still in there...I should have stayed dead.' He realized as he felt his brand new organ beating in response to his emotion.

'God saved me...He personally saved me...' This was...

Huge...he could barely wrapped his mind around...

As if to save him from a complete meltdown, Nanashi noticed a Scar on his jaw, a pretty visible one too.

'Oh man, why do you have to be on my face?" So he was scaring green...this was why he preferred to wear covering clothing. no one would ask if they couldn't see. "think I still have some tapes...still have to be more careful about it.'

his assessment done, he enter the shower, washing away blood and the awfully feelings of losing his teachers.

those were not tears, nor was he sobbing...

He was not weak, He was strong...and man did not cry.

They only did when drunk, and He was still a year too young to indulge.

When he came out, feeling even more refresh, he noticed that his new favourite jumpsuit was...gone. Instead, there was a pair of hunters standard issued armoured green pants and, The edgiest black shirt in the universe. On it was a note that read.

My dear friend, you may consider yourself an anarchist. But I'd rather you be a Vaishnava and dressed neatly. I will find you something more to your liking, but for now, please accept this dress.

With all respect, your dear friend and well-wisher

Sri Krishna, son of Nanda and Yashoda.

P.S I know you miss them, I am taking care of them as we speak. and it's alright to have emotions. I too have them.

The youth blushed. 'And here goes my privacy.'

At first, Nanashi felt a bit...what was the words, too controlled, his will and desires disrespected...and his privacy completely gone.

And yet…

Those pants were of high quality, he realized as he inspected the piece of reinforced clothing. The boy knew very well that those where exclusive the highest-ranking hunters. And that shirt!

"OK...I never thought Krishna would give me something so edgy." He murmured as he took in the high-quality print. It was clear this half-lion Half man creature on the shirt was beyond pissed. 'dang, wouldn't want to be on the business end of those Claws. whoever angered him must be so dead right now.'

He lowered the shirt, there was also a utility belt with a hook for his open shovel, army boots and a pair of brand new underwear, sock and some tasteful pieces of jewelry. All in all, it was more then what Nanashi could have expected to receive.

'...He gave me back my life, he gave me a powerful weapon, saved my sister, empowered me to defeat all those demons, even kill Adramelech...and now he gave me this set.'

Nanashi, scratching his old bandage mechanically … he now realized that God just kept giving. The air, water, heat...God gave everything.

And now God gave him his mercy, and prices of brand new never used cloth…And only now did he asked something from Him.

Krishna had asked Nanashi to be his instrument, and he had politely asked, not expecting anything.

His vision blurred, and a Bald man in orange smiled at Him and the Boy with blue hair. "The airs, Pure water, sunshine...everything is the Lords gift. But, it is not ours to hoard and exploits for our own enjoyment. The lord said in the Gita 3.10 ' In the beginning of creation, the Lord of all creatures sent forth generations of men and demigods, along with sacrifices for Visnu, and blessed them by saying, "Be thou happy by this yajna [sacrifice] because its performance will bestow upon you all desirable things.'"

"I see." Spoke the boy with blue hair.

Nanashi shook his head, dispelling this...weird memory.

Wordlessly, the resurrected punk began dressing. He replaced his contact, and the bandages around his left ankle and waist in complete silence, mulling over the entire conversation he'd just had with God. His entire world view changed in a period too short.
Oh, Asahi had not been too hard to find, she had been sulking for the past hour in the station, moping about the fact that the boss wanted her to be safe.

Nanashi knew that life could be very dull underground for the kids and young girls. Hell, even he would often be napping with how low on action life could be. But of course, yet the banalest day could turn into chaos at the drop of a hat. Especially with Asahi as a sister.

The young girl had her arms crossed under her breast, and her countenance screamed 'I'm mad and frustrated.'

Nanashi may have faced recently the legions of Lucifer, the wrath of the boss after doing something stupid and his recurring nightmares. But nothing, nothing at all would top the tearful face of his adopted sister.

He approached her with extreme caution, all the while trying to hide his fear…

And all the tension of that scene was utterly destroyed by Krishna, who could barely hold his laughter in.

This should annoy the teen, but to see Krishna enjoying his was pure bliss.

Of course, Nanashi shot the Lord a very annoyed look, just to see how he would react. And Krishna did not disappoint; he became comically severe for about five seconds before pulling his tongue out and busting out peals of ebullient laughter.

It did wonder to evaporate his anxiety, but the point still stood, Nanashi had to brave the Asahi typhoon.

He cleared his throat loud enough for her to hear. She turned around, and the moment her eyes fell on her brother, her entire mood changed.

"Wow! Cool shirt!" Complimented Asahi. It seems the new (new!) piece of garment broke her out of her pity party.


"Who gave it to you? Tall dark and spooky?" She spoke as she gestured to Krishna.

It took all of Nanashi's self-control not to panic and/or die of laughter. She could see God...and had called him tall, dark and spooky.

OK, so Krishna may be God, the Supreme Controller of everything and the one who could smite the wrongdoer with a thought...but he was not spooky. Nanashi didn't want to say it out loud, even in his mind, but Krishna was the source and definition of the term' tall, dark and handsome.'

Very handsome.

As if he had read his mind, Krishna, who had been floating/standing close by bestowed upon the resurrected boy one of his crooked smiles decorated with his flute.

Nanashi cleared his throat. "You can see him too?"

"Yeah, kind of hard to miss a tall, glowing demon with ankle bell."

Krishna's face fell. "Hey! I'm not a demon...Kripa, tell her I'm not an asura."

"Why don't you tell her?" Nanashi whispered as discretely as possible to the lord.

"she can't hear me...nor can she see my full features either. If one is not worthy, then they may come to my many temples only to witness a pair of statues."

Nanashi raised a brow, it felt like the Lord was referencing something, but it eluded the boy. Instead, he just turned to Asahi who was still staring at Krishna.

"he's not a demon."

His sister raised a brow at this." really? What is he then? And angel or something?"

' am I supposed to answer that. If I tell Asahi that Krishna is God...yeah, that won't end very well. Especially in public.'

"just tell her the same thing you told Iori. But you need will to tell her everything later though."

'right... wait, you can read-'

"I am not a mind reader, but I do dwell in everyone's heart and thus am privy to all conversation," Krishna explained. "You better start talking tough, your sister is getting impatient."

Nanashi slightly nodded.

"He's a entity who...protect me because he wants to. And yeah, he didn't like the poem on my suit, so he gave me new duds."

"Aww, you're so lucky. You always get the cool stuff."

Nanashi cough a bit. Oh, he had noticed his good luck.

"So...let me guess."Asahi crossed her arms, her mood souring again." dad sent you."

"No...well yeah, and-"


"-Hari's worried about you."

Asahi raised a brow as he faces darkened "seriously? Him too? Tsk...that just typical."


"First it's dad, then it's you, and now there's this creepy guardian." the teenage girl began her rant. "Dammit, I'm not a baby anymore, I'm fifteen!" She threw her hands in the air. "And I'm practically a hunter now! It's just dad acting up again. "

"How can he *not* be proud!?" Asahi exclaim as she began pacing. "I am doing my best to follow in his footsteps, I went through all the training, all the hardship. And he still sees m- treat us like babies."

'geez, I wonder why?' Nanashi commented in his mind. 'it's not like you and I almost got eaten and I killed or anything.'

"I've had enough! The only way I can get the respect I deserve is if I become a legit hunter!" She then turned to the ever so silent Nanashi. "...any idea?"

Nanashi tried not to groan.

" everything alright? "

'No...she knows what has to be done, but she doesn't want to take responsibility for it.'

"So she wants you to..."

'Be a scapegoat if things go to hell in a hand-basket.'


'Krishna, what should I do?' Nanashi asked the Lord. He had no idea what to do. Usualy, Asahi's plane would invovle trying to steal things and explore kinchicho further then what was allowed. But now…

Now, they had no one to look after their sorry ass.

"Hey! How about me?" Krishna exclaimed.

'I never saw you fight.'

"But I can fight" Krishna argued back "...I just do not feel the need to bother with insignificant demons.

' Whatever. So, any ideas?'

"Well, you could tell her you have no idea...or you could."

'No forget about talking sense into her. She's way beyond stubborn...and she has some material on me.'

"Materials?" The Lord asked as he raised a delicate brow.

'Blackmail. You...probably already know about it.' Nanashi admitted.

Krishna just hummed as he considered the situation. "Yes...if that is the case, then better go along with her for now. I can always work out the details as we go."

Welp, Whatever God said.

"We can...go recruits some demons."

At those words, Asahi did this very girly scream as she jumped around and hugged her brother. "I knew I kept you around for a reason!"

'Krishna, please tell me it will end well?'

The Lord mysteriously as he put his golden flute to his reddish lips. "I'm not spoiling it."

"You know Nanashi, maybe recruiting demons would be easier if you didn't kill them all."

So...yeah, they had managed to sneak out of the protected zone and were now hunting for some demons to recruit. There was one little problem though, Nanashi after his meeting with the Lord, was now way too powerful for the onion-chicken and other weak food types. Thus, after the spend of one hour, the whole area was vacated from all demons smart enough to know when to fold them.

Meaning, no more demons to recruit.

It was kind of impressive though. Nanashi was more of a sword-fighter and would still sometimes struggle to fight. But now, he fought with a fancy shovel...and completely destroyed the enemies. It was pretty cool too, and he knew this newfound strength came from the Lord.

'Damn, I sound like one of those angels now. I should just...yeah, I'm stopping before I start sprouting wings or something'

"Asahi, you already have a demon." He spoke to his sister, trying to move away from those...thoughts.

"Yeah, but she's not listening to me." Asahi grumbled as she glare at Nikkari's stolen phone.

No, she did not gave it back.

"can't believe he linked his phone with his health. Now all his demons are gone. Bummer."

"don't you remember? It's normal procedure."

"Well, Normal procedure sucks...he had so many cool and powerful demons, now I only have a pixie. And she's a real bitch."

"Is she even aware that respect usually goes both ways?" Krishna asked.

'I don't...think she realized that.' but, to be honest, Pixies where known to be very temperamental.

"my dear Kripa," God turned to Nanashi. "Promise me that you will respect every living entity and take only what is entitled to you."


The Lord of the Universes looked right into the boy's eyes.

"I do not like seeing My children fight and maim one another, no matter their birth or their form."

A feeling of guilt crawled behind Nanashi's spine... he had been killing demons for some time, he was even good at it." why tough, they are demons, not humans."

Krishna shook his head sadly. "Kripa, the soul, has nothing to do with the body it is in, all living entities are my parts and parcels, or my sons and daughters. It matters not in what form they are, or even if they believe in Me or not, I still care about them."

A feeling of pure dread flooded Nanashi's entire body as he heard those words and he could literally feel his sins cawing up his back like a cold, skeletal hand.

" everything fine, you went all pale all of a sudden?" The Lord asked, concerned for his servant. "Are you still weaken by your previous ordeal?"

The boy in green only had the power to shake his head...

"What is wrong then? can I do anything to help?"

"I...I killed so many..." He never liked to kill, but in this world, in the land of Tokyo, it was killed or be killed. And now...

He felt the Lords cooling hand upon his trembling back. Immediately, he felt waves of love pouring from Krishna, extinguish the fire of his fear.

"My dear Kripa, what you did, and are still doing is not against the laws for humans." Krishna gently explained. Looking up from the Lord's beautiful feet, Nanashi was caught in the net of His bottomless golden eyes. "In the Manu-Samhita, it is clearly written that killing an aggressor, an arson, a thief and an adulterous man will not incur sins."


"Yes." the lord smiled, and whatever fear he had left Nanashi Vanished. "I am not so cruel as to condemn an act of self-defense and protection."

Nanashi averted his eyes. He could see Asahi was busy crawling around in a dilapidated store, looking for more relics.


"But...Sins...I've did so many. I...don't deserve..." The cruel words of the Angels had left a mark on with everyone who lived in this hell-hole.

He felt the lord closing in, His powerful arms encircling his shoulder and his aroma chasing away the stench of Tokyo.

"Oh my dear, You, of all people deserve my association. You have surrendered to me before, you have surrender to me now and you are now forever mine. whatever sins you have committed in all your innumerable life have now been exonerated. "

Another type of shiver went climbing up Nanashi's spine. Never in his life has he felt so...not owned, But being a part of something greater.

He felt home, he felt like this was where he belonged. Like a part back in a great machine.

A machine that just happened to be soft, loving and all powerful...and a person.

"Kripa, to those who surrendered to me completely, even going as far as to relinquished mundane religion, I carry what they need and provide what they lack. And I personally get rid of all their sins."

Nanashi raised a brow. "Wait...that's it? No confession? no penance.?"

"No, to serve me is austerity enough." Krishna explain as he moved in front of Nanashi. giving the smitten boy a chance to gaze at his full form. "I want I my living entity back to me, and thus, I make it easier for them."

'Krishna...if you want us back so badly, why don't you just force us?"

Sri Krishna scoffed. "That's not how love work!"

Nanashi paused and turned to Krishna, Staring at the effulgent blue lord owlishly.

"The hell? What does love has to do with it?!"

"You will know soon enough" Krishna dismissed With a mysterious smile. "Do not fear for all those demons you killed. It was your right to defend yourself. So no sin has been incurred. And whatever sin you have incurred and will commit. I will pardon them. But-" there The Lord of the universe looked right into Nanashi's very self." It does not give you the freedom to commit crime and slaughter innocents in My name. is that clear?"

Nanashi Nodded. the warning was loud and clear.

"OH MY GOSH!" The servant of the Lord all but jumped out of his skin as his sister gasped loudly. She...or Nikkari's phone had received an emergency message.

An urgent one. Urgent enough to warrant dragging her adopted brother to the sky tower to rescue a few hunters send to help Flynn and Isabeau.

'Well, I got cursed with an interesting life it seems.' He lamented as his sister brazenly ploughed forward to the old symbol of hope. The Lord prancing beside him with his sweet-sounding ankle bells. eliciting those same fuzzy feeling he might call attraction.

'Maybe...maybe it's more of a blessing.'
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Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare/ Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare.
It felt like a dream, he was a hunter now. And the way it happened...well, it was something one could call a series of contrived coincidence and incredible events.

They; Asahi, Krishna and himself, had arrived just as things were starting to get ugly for the hunters. Asahi had introduced herself and her brother (plus God, no wait, persona) as fully-fledged hunters, which they were not.

Hell, Nanashi was fully aware that the only reason he was alive was due to Krishna empowering him. There was no way he could have defeated all those demons without having a small army of hellspawn to back him up.

Scratch that...he and his sister should have been dead by now. In a body bag and into the furnace.

Well...His body anyway. If it had been up to him, like, he would have no sister to protect, Nanashi would have stayed in Goloka with Krishna while his sister...body would get eaten by Adramelech. Leaving the boss without any reason to live except maybe help out Flynn with the hope to see the actual sunrise...

Which would probably kill him at that point.

Where was he? Right, the sky tower battle.

They had almost fought the practically naked angel only to have Krishna seduce her without the use of a Marin Karin spell. This pissed off her supervisor, Aniel, who was quick to zap her.

And Krishna, being God and all, had saved her by catching the lightning bolt with his bare, delicate hand.

This had almost killed Nanashi...

To see those bolt hitting Krishna's reddish made Adramelech's stab seems like a pleasant tickle.

He didn't want to see His Krishna hurts.

Aniel had then turned his wrath on Nanashi and his adopted sister, Somehow not seeing Krishna. The fight that had ensued had been brutal, his sister's demon, the pixie was but a smear on the floor. And if not for Krishna, Asahi (and himself) would have been electrocuted to death also. But eventually, Nanashi had won, not without the timely help of Isabeau and Flynn though. But by the time they had arrived, the red-winged Herald had definitely seen better days.

Who would have thought a shovel could cause so much damage. And shoots elemental bolts, of all thing. It had been sweet to beat the feathers off that self-righteous angel. Still, the young boy knew he could have done a better job, he had plenty to learn, especially how to use a fighting shovel.

It is kind of reminded him of a vintage video game...Shovel-Ninja?

After a slightly eventful return trip, the boss had been quick to notice the wounded, and his daughter holding Nikkari's stolen phone.

He would have indeed grounded both for life for running away to a participate in a high ranking rescue mission involving angels- If not for the fact that Asahi had quite the surprise on the phone.

The moment he took the smartphone from his equally frustrated daughter, his rant...stopped dead the moment he noticed that, indeed, that same angel who had her heart stolen by the Lord had formed a contract with Asahi.

Actually, the winged pest had wanted to serve Nanashi, but since the boy in the lion shirt didn't have a smart phone (yet), the angel had to settle for his sister. Much to Asahi's great pleasure.

And thus, the boss had nothing to say but stared silently at the display, desperately trying to make sense of what he was seeing.

His face had been extremely comical, with his jaw nearly hitting the floor.

The Samurai duo then began praising the two youth's battle prowess, mostly Nanashi's skills at fighting with a shovel and his aim. And Asahi's resourcefulness was also highlighted.

Not that she had been of any help once her Pixie had died.

The next thing they knew, both were asked to register as hunters...real ones.

'Hell...I don't even have demons, Krishna, how is it possible?' Krishna, who was casually sitting beside Nanashi at the bar, gave the boy one of his ever-present, ever so mysterious smile. Did he wear a...shirt? A dress? Whatever it was, it was made of this golden gauzy material that let his beauty shine trough.

The reason why he wore something else than the blue kurta?

The Lord had given his shirt to the near-naked angel, cementing his status as 'straight, generous and totally would give His shirt off his back to a girl in matter the species.'

Lucky angel.

Well, not all was lost. Krishna had walked in front of Nanashi...sometime turning around to speak and joke with him. All the while, Shirtless.

It had made the troubles all the more worthwhile.

" Well, you wanted to be a hunter. Didn't you." The Dark Lord asked with some pride as he leaned back onto the bar, holding a lotus flower to his delicate and elegant nose and breaking Nanashi out of his deep meditation.

'Yeah, but with am I supposed to fight without any demons?' Krishna sighed. " My dear friend, you have Me the supreme personality of Godhead! You do not need any so-called demons to protect you. Do not worry, I will take care of you." The Lord assured.

Nanashi slumped on the counter, the day was not even over, and he was starting to have a headache. 'Krishna, you don't exactly look like a fighter, you know.'

Krishna looked at Nanashi as if he had personally insulted him. The boy...realized that this was God, or at least, that's what Narada said, and he had a strong feeling that the orange sage had been truthful. An yet, this failed to instill fear in him...Krishna was just too...sweet.

Krishna sat straighter, His feathers ruffled. "Oh? I'm not much of a fighter? I will let you know that I have killed and is still killing many powerful demons. Demons that would make whatever is crawling here look like mere field mice."

'Go one Kris, impress me.' the boy in the greenish hair goaded, he wanted to know without appearing too eager. Sure, Krishna was God and all that...but there seemed to be more to him than simply being the supreme being and controller.

Taking the challenge, the glowing, dark blue teen puffed his chest. " I killed the Putana witch when I was but a few days old." he boasted "This Demoness as had smeared a virulent poison on her breast to kill Me. But, since she approached me in the mood of a mother, I drank her milk."

'...and how about the poison?'

"Oh, I drank it along with her life air." He replied as is it was not the first time it had happened.

"Oh..."Nanashi Grunted. He really did not feel well...his head felt as if filled with depleted uranium cotton.

He felt do sluggish. His brain acting not unlike those really old Portal the Portal ten edition.

And then something Krishna had said struck him like a pile of brick.

" took birth?" Nanashi exclaimed as he sat up, surprising many patrons. Then woefully realizing that he had spoken out loud.

"Well, not exactly. I did, yet not." Krishna explained as He playfully twirled a lotus flower in his hand. A playful smile dancing on his lips.

Where did He get the pink flower...well, The lord would be the best one to know.

"Explanation please?"

Krishna chuckled. "Yes, of course. You see, my dear Kripa, when a human or any living entity takes birth in a particular species and situation, it is not by choice or at random. It is by their karma and their last thought at death."

'Wait...your talking about reincarnation, right?' Nanashi spoke in his heart, careful not to slip up this time. Especially with how the Boss was eyeing him...and Krishna, especially Krishna.

Krishna smiled."Yes, indeed, I am!"

"So Th"- ' 'That's how it works.' Nanashi slipped a bit.

"Yes, reincarnation is the culmination of a whole life worth of impression, reaction to past action and accumulated sins. You see, my dear friend, nothing is left to chance, and everything is under control. Death, the final exam, is but the transition from one body to the next."

"Ah...I see. So how about you?"

The Lord cast a warning sidelong glance at his servant to remind him that he should keep externally quiet.


"While I am beginning-less and thus birth-less, I do appear on this material plane of existence by My own choosing... it's not that I am not present, only that I show myself when I fell like it and to those who deserve it." The Lord clarified.

"Sometimes I appear amidst the cheers and prayers of the afflicted Demi-gods to save them from troubles. Other times, I come out from unlikely places, like a solid marble column to protect and to please my devotees. And others, I appear to take birth and experience growth like a normal human. But the ever so fortunate women who bore me...are eternally my beloved... they are my beloved mothers eternally." He stumbled on his words as his beautiful golden eyes grew misty. "And they come with Me in whatever universe I am so that we may that I may be her Child." Krishna's eyes grew misty as tears gathered in their pinkish corners.

It was...such a beautiful sight.

'Where are they now?'Maybe he could meet them.

Krishna shook his head as diamond-like tears poured from his eyes. "They are back home.." He obliviously missed them.

" will-" 'you will leave soon then.' I Nanashi tried to stem the quivering of his voice. no need to grieve if Krishna left, it's not like he could not live without him or anything, he tried to convince himself.

"No, I will never leave you." Krishna assured.

'Bullshit They all leave eventually.' Like his biological mother, His adopted mother, this one friend who was taken by the Asura-kai...

Nikari and Manabu.

and then there was everyone who moved away to other places and forgot about him...

'So, who is she?' Nanashi asked. Curious to know who was the eponymous Mother of God and eager to leave the other subject behind.

The lord let out a massive gust of a sigh, and the entirety on the hunter's association bar gained this indescribably, sweet and cooling fragrance. A soft smile played on his ruby red lips and pure love danced in his golden eyes as he remembered Her. By those signs, the boy in the lion shirt just knew the next things that would come out of the Blue youth mouth would be earth-shatteringly good.

"I... Have many mothers." the Lord began, his voice unsteady. "As my incarnation of Prishnigharba, she is Prishni, As Vamanadeva, she is the mother of all the demi-god, Aditi." He began to enumerate. "When I take birth in the sun dynasty, she is queen Kaushalia And...when I appear as I am, in my original form, the one you see right now..." tears poured from his eyes like a pair of celestial rivers. "I...have two mothers...I was born in Mathura to Devaki Mata in the prison cell of her sinful brother Kamsa. But-' The all beautiful lord closed his eyes as his voice choked with emotion.

"But?" Nanashi prodded, mesmerized at the show of loving emotion playing on Krishna's enchanting face.

"But, the source of all the mothers, the shelter of all the qualities of motherhood and the treasure trove of causeless parental love is none other then...then Yashoda Mayi, the wife of King Nanda, the ruling queen of Vrindavan and she who bound my belly with the rope of her causeless, motherly love."

The image of baby Krishna being bound to an upturned grinding mortar was propped upon the altar, at the side of Radha-Govinda. She, like many others, offer the painting a Ghee lamp with as much devotion she could muster.

'Oh Lord Damodara, please accept this lamp on behalf of Yuki, so that he may take birth in a good Family soon.' She prayed fervently to the Lord bound by the rope of His Mother's pure affection. In her mechanical hands, the lamp burned brightly.

Nanashi shook his head and blinked a few time, what the hell happened?

'I was a...Robot...' He realized...not quite seeing the logic of how he could have been a girl robot worshipping Krishna in his previous life. ', this doesn't make any sense, in my previous life, I was Akira, right? A Hunter...and then A king.'

And Akira was an average human, a straight male, and completely normal human, not whatever he was now.

This...was a bit too much... he put the whole "devoted Gynoid' identity in the back of his mind, was not all that important.

' I haven't eaten anything solid for a whole month, and I got really beaten up this morning. The whole thing...must be some sort of hallucination.' He rationalized, keeping one eye of the most beautiful lord to see how he would react.

Krishna just gave him this very innocent yet heavy look...once again, heavy with love. Privately, Nanashi longed to bask in this warm, He praised the luck of those born in a woman's body...

'...Asahi...she's not affected like I am. What the hell is wrong with her?' Then he shook his head, dispelling those thoughts and the slight dizziness afflicting him. 'No, Nanashi, better you change the subject before you get really weird.'

'So how about us, the soul? When did we start? How did you make us?' He asked Krishna, dearly hoping it would not trigger yet another one of those visions.

Krishna smirked, and Nanashi felt as if Manabu was right in front of him. speaking to him the fact of life as they were.

He let the pang in his heartburn then fade with practised ease.

"My dearest Kripa," The Lord pleasantly rumbled. "have you forgotten what my Narada told you about the soul?" The supreme personality of Godhead gave a playful sidelong glance to His servant, and Nanashi realized he already had his answer.

'I'm the same as you.' The wonder that colour his inner voice was undeniable. He had heard it once...well twice. But now, like a curtain being lifted, he partially realized his eternal nature.

'I'm...not this body...I'm..."

"The living entity dwelling within this body you call Nanashi...and Krishna Kripa. You are one of my very dear and beloved eternal servant whom, for the past eternity, transmigrated from one body to the next. Sometimes human, sometimes demon, sometimes a demi-god and sometimes a plant or an animal." Krishna slid his left arm around Nanashi's lilt, sore back and shoulder. It was so cooling, and yet he could feel the unlimited power and at Lord's beck and call. "And now, after long, you have come back to my service." The lord choked on some tears.

He leaned his Krishna's soft side, absorbing this feeling of serenity, pure joy and love without expectation.

It felt...Good to be back.

'No use to deny it Nanashi, you are head over heels for Him.'

And then he realized the boss was openly glaring at Krishna...he saw the whole thing.

It was time for a subject change then. Again.

"...If your mom and dad are rulers, does that mean you are a prince?' he asked as he (Regretfully) moved out of the Lord sheltering embrace.

Krishna smiled brightly. "My Narada was right! You are a brilliant young man." He blissfully praised Nanashi. "I am indeed the Vraja-Raja Kumara; the Prince of Vraja."

The unexpected praise made the young Vaishnava punk blushed as he absentmindedly pushed the 'fried chicken' away from him. "C'mon...was not that hard to figure out." He gently muttered as he grabbed the glass of heavily diluted chemical fertilizer, Instead of the demonized human corps.

No...he was not into meat... especially not demon meat. The smell alone was enough to make him gag. But...well there was nothing else to eat.

'Uh That's cool, God likes to herd cows.' As he 'said' those words. Krishna leaned back further as His large eyes closed in pure Bliss, definitely pleased at what he was heard.

It was such a breathtaking sight...a sight that satisfied Nanashi more than whatever food, touch, sound, smell and sight he could have experienced.

'Sooo...whats a cow?' He asked Krishna, hoping this question would please him more.

The prince of the cowherd just stared at him for what felt like a full minute. Making the teen feel like the most stupid person in the world.

And then he broke into this childlike, loving smile. "Ah right, you lived under a rock most of your life." He teased, relishing the unhappy blushed that bloomed on Nanashi's pale cheeks, "A Cow is not but a mere animal to be indiscriminately slaughter, but one of the Seven mothers who raise the world. She gives milk, the perfect, most complete food in the world. From milk comes yogourt, yogourt is then churned into sweet, nourishing butter, and from butter, Ghee. From this Ghee, sacrifice to the fire is performed, pleasing Me. Being pleased, I bestow blessings trough the demi-gods and thus slowly elevates Humans to the spiritual platform while giving them all amenity for their own pleasure like rain at the right time, health, progeny and nourishing crops."

"But to be honest." Krishna bashfully scratched his glorious cheek. "I'd rather prefer that this ghee, milk, yogurt and butter be used into making a plethora of sweet and savoury treat. it's just much tastier like this." Sri Krishna, the supreme personality of Godhead admitted as he rubbed this soft belly, and Call him Crazy, but Nanashi was ready to put his hand on fire that he had heard the Lord's stomach growl in hunger.

'Right...he didn't eat anything since we met.' Nanashi realized. Somehow, this made the Lord that much more approachable...and now his servant began to worry. Krishna was hungry, and there was nothing edible...

Well, there was the onmoraki.

'Hell no! I can't even picture Krishna eating a corps of all things.'

But what could he offer Him? He had so little Macca, and vegetables were devoid of all taste, and those that had some were fertilized with...

yeah, not an Option.

He felt the Lord's loving gaze on him. And sure enough, Krishna was gazing at him with a supremely sweet and grateful smile.

'Oh hi, warm, fuzzy got pretty intense, didn't you?' Externally, he began scowling. "What? Krishna...stop staring at me like that. It's weird." and now the boss was staring even more intensely.

The beautiful youth closed his eyes as his smile grew wider. "Oh, my dearest friend...I know the feelings in your heart."


"You worry about if I was a human being!" The Lord of the Universe spoke with a voice filled with wonder. "It''s wonderful. Thank you."

'But...why? I did nothing.'

this caused Krishna to chuckled as he laid his cool, fragrant, and extremely delicate hand on top of his...

Nanashi's heart fluttered at the gesture and once again cursed his unfortunate birth as a male.

"Oh, my friend. To me, only the thought and feelings matters. not the physical medium."

Nanashi openly stared at Krishna. 'One moment you speak to me all those great words of wisdom, and then the next, you act like a normal human teenager...a sexy, super attractive, tall blue and beyond beautiful teen..." Hearing those words, Krishna burst into peals laughter of beautiful laughter.

Under His bliss-inducing gaze and infectious mirth, Nanashi realized he had blurted out something he had wished to keep quiet about.

"A-" 'and how about the rest of those demons? You know, the one you said you killed?" There, A better subject.

"You want to know more?" Nanashi nodded discreetly as he sipped some more 'Miracle grow'. Hopping that Krishna would not comment on his slip of the tongue.

"Alright." Krishna leaned back and closed his eyes. His snake-like arm still around his F-servant's shoulder... "After the death of Putana, Kamsa send out more demons to try to kill me." The Lord explained dispassionately, his long, Golden eyes distant. "After the poisonous witch, he sent her brother, the whirlwind demon Trnavartha."

'Let me guess, he failed.' Nanashi internally sighed as the lord let that one slide. He knew he was being extra weird right now...But at the same time, he also knew there were some boundaries not meant to be crossed.

Krishna gave a mild smirk. "He thought he could kill me by dropping My infant form from the stratosphere." He chuckled, dispelling whatever fear could have sprouted in Nanashi's heart. "Little did he know that within me, the entirety of the material and spiritual world reside. Needless to say, he was the one who plummets to his death, crushed under my unlimited weight. He did serve as a nice landing pad though."

It was Nanashi's turn to smirk as he visualized the whole event. 'Alright, that's a bit more impressive. Anyone else?'

Nanashi's question seemed to break the Lord out of his reveries. "Ah...Yes...after that, on the Celebration of the start of my Crawling phase, a body-less demon took over a cart and tried to crush me under it."

The boy cringed...He had the misfortune of seeing crushed bodies. "Dang...He really wanted you dead, didn't he?" He then realized he'd spoken out loud again, but this time, the boss was talking with Flynn of the side. Still keeping an eye on Krishna despite the animated conversation he had with the younger man.

"I struck one of the wheels with my heels, and his days of sinning where done and over poor mother though was at her wit's end." the Lord spoke regretfully, obliviously reliving the events as He narrated them.

'No shit. I don't know how your mother could survive seeing her Son getting almost killed by demons before he turned one.' And in hindsight, even the Putana demoness sounded like a gruesome woman.

He...felt the name to be very familiar somehow. But then, if he were to trust his visions.

'wait...why should I trust those visions? I was Akira before...right? And that blue-haired boy, that's just this weird recurring dreams, right? I mean, no human has blue hair...'

"Yuki naturally has blue hair and blue you have green hair and yellow eyes." Krishna turned to the teen and, once again, it was the Lord of all Lord that spoke. "I could tell you more about those visions...but you are not ready for the truth, not yet at least."

'Why? Come on Kris, what's going on here? Am I Akira? or..." If he were Not Akira and but the other person of this would destroy everything that he considered reality...and After meeting Mister friendly, Aka God Himself...aka Krishna, Nanashi had more then enough paradigm shift to last him a lifetime or two.

Krishna gazed at Nanashi for the longest time, assessing him with unclouded eyes. The young punk shivered, all of his secrets where exposed, all his lies brought to light. The Supreme Personality of Godhead then licked his plump, sweet, red lips and finally spoke.

"Kripa...You are the eternal soul, separated from this body made of flesh and sixteen elements which includes the mind and the false ego. You never took birth, nor will you die. This body that you are in, like all bodies, is temporary, meaning, it does not exist in the past, nor will it endure in the future. This body only exists in the present."

'Krishna...what are you getting at?' Nanashi asked with a raised brow, he was really not into cryptic message and shit. He liked it when things were simple.

"What I am saying is this;" Krishna explained without really looking at Nanashi. Once again, his eyes distant. "The false Identity of Akira does not apply to you anymore, Nor did the other previous identity as the sister of Yuki. Right, now, you are Kanzanami Krishna Kripa, and later you will have another identity. That's all I can tell you for now." He concluded.

'But why?'

Krishna turned fully to Nanashi, making the boy shiver in both bliss and a bit of awe. His contrite eyes never failing at inducing a plethora of feelings deep within the young punk's heart. "Dearest friend, I would love to disclose everything to you. But as we speak, it is neither the time, the place, nor the circumstances. Just...Be patient, and everything will be revealed to you. And no, it will not end in a blood bath, this I swear to you."

This...was not what Nanashi wanted to hear. He once again slumped on the dirty bar, sipping his drink like most patrons were. Yes, he knew Krishna had some secrets, but at the same time...

At the same time, he wanted to know what was happening to him, he had the distinct feeling he needed to know. No, he already knew...but the knowledge was behind a curtain, just beyond the boy's reach.

It was beyond frustrating, but what could he do?

As he finished his life-giving drink, Nanashi let his hearing drift toward Flynn and his Adopted father.

"Anyhow." Flynn brought back their attention to him. "We'll be heading to Ginza next, to meet with Masakado. I will return to you after that."

A smile bloomed on the Bosses sober face, and the rest of the demons hunters gave a loud cheer for their messiah, Nanashi arose from his seats, ready to bide goodbye to the saviour of Tokyo.

And then something miraculous happened; Flynn walked to Nanashi, put his right hand on the back of God's latest servant and smiled.

"Actually...I wanted to speak to you before I left."

"ah...Really? But...I'm a nobody."

"Not to me, everyone is Tokyo count." Flynn smiled warmly as he sat beside the boy as an old friend.

Nanashi...did not share the feeling, but simply awe at the fact that FLYNN THE FREAKING LIBERATOR wanted to speak to him.

"Yeah...sure...w...What you want to spoo about?"

'real smooth Nanashi...real smooth.' Well, not just awe robbed him of his ability to speak...but also the repeated dream of the Liberator cutting his head to 'save' everyone...only to have the whole plan backfire horribly.

"I just wanted to check up on you...Aegis, was it?"

'Oh my God, he already knows my hunter name!' "Yes...Yes I. Yeah that's me now." He felt so flustered, and Nanashi lost all his words.

"You looked quite pale and tired as we came back. You fought a very powerfull angel at the sky tower, and I was worried that he may have wounded you."

"Nah, just some scratches and burns, nothing really big or spectacular." Like this morning. "I just needed some food in." He sipped from his glass again, now noting that it didn't taste strong enough. 'Oh crap...and we are running out again.'

Flynn gave a dubious glance at the liquid. "This...does not look worthy of human consumption."

"Well...Still better than demon meat." He gave another sip. Calculating how much vital element was in the water and coming up with some very low number. 'It's just blue water...that's it, Greg has to go.'

Flynn lowered his eyes as his resolved grew.

"Listen, when I defeat Merkabah and Lucifer, and the celestial vault will be lifted, I promise you that I will personally treat you to a feast."

Image of a hall packed with people eating off the floor met Nanashi's mind's eyes. and once again, this blue-haired boy...Yuki smiled to no end as he ate from a paper plate more food than usual.

"Aegis? Is everything alright?" Flynn asked.


A very uncomfortable moment pass as Flynn owlishly stared at Nanashi as if he had grown a second head.

The next thing he knew, the samurai of Hope gave him a whole loaf of fresh bread.

'Oh wow! It smells so good...oh, Krishna.' The punk feing to take the loaf as he slid it to Krishna. 'Here...please eat this. It's bread, real bread!' He felt the lord take the loaf, and then the sound of the crust told him that the offering had been accepted.

That, and the sound of pure satisfaction that God emitted as he savoured the daily bread.

"Thank you so much!"

Once again, Flynn stared, his mouth slightly open and his green eyes wide. "...What...Ah."

"Oh, Hari's a friend. He saved my life this morning and ow he's hangign around. I think he liked the bread." Nanashi glanced back at a very satisfied Krishna joyfully chewing a mouthfull of the daily bread." yeah, he liked it!" He smiles broadly as he turned back to Flynn.

"A-ah...I see." the samurai squinted a bit. "Well, I am glad your friend appreciated. As long as you get your part, that is."

Oh...That was supposed to go to him.

"Now, there's something else I'd like to ask. It's not related to any quest, or even saving the world. It's simply a personal inquiry of mine."

"Yeah, shoot."

"Where did you find this shirt?" Flynn spoke as he eyed the brand new printed shirt. "I have never seen anything so...rightous in my life."

"Ah...A friend...A friend gave it to me... But, I can give it to you if you like"

"No, It's alright. Please keep it" Flynn raised his two hands, a gentle smile on his lips. "Can I take a picture of it though?"

'Oh my GOD!' "Sure!" Nanashi practically jumped off the barstool, pulling the shirt taut, his face bright with a goofy grin as the Samourai of Hope took a few pictures of the shirt (and the boy that was in it) on his digital camera.

In the background, unseen by all including his dear servant, Krishna smile as he lovingly gazed at yet another dear servant.

"Flynn, It's time to go." Isabeau reminded the samurai, coming back from Asahi's side of the bar. Her red eyes weary as her gaze fell on Nanashi's green scar.

He had also ran out of tapes...thankfully, no one in the hunter association outlet had noticed...except for her.

"Indeed." Flynn paced the camera in his bag again and bid farewell to one who should have been his friend. Nanashi gazed at him until he wad out the door and the gossip started.

He could hardly wait for his triumph, and yet, Nanashi was also well aware that nothing was over until either the lid was lifted, the angels and demons met their end...Of Flynn failed.

Time would tell.

As he returned to his seat, he noticed that the loaf of bread was there, completely intact. not even a bite had been taken out.

'Krishna...Why did you leave it here, it was for you.' Nanashi could not hide his disappointment.

"I already ate, you may take the rest." Krishna gave one of his ever-fresh smile that never failed to make Nanashi's heart melt. The boy dubiously eyed the intact piece of sourdough. "I swear on the head of my Mother and the nine million cows of my father that I ate this bread." Krishna grabbed the loaf and playfully stuffed it in his servant's mouth. "Now eat!"

An incredible flavour filled nanashi's mouth; it was sour, yet crispy, and Nanashi could taste an indescribable sweetness from the soft and moist piece of bread.

As he blissfully chewed on his first-ever solid meal in a few years, he felt Krishna slid His lotus behind Nanaashi's left ear. The teen paused his eating to stare at the lord.

Krishna was reclining on the bar, his playfull eyes not leaving Nanashi, filling his with...with...

plenty of warn and fuzzy feeling that made his heart flutter.

So far, time told him that everything would be alright.

"Hare Krishna, Mukhara speaking." A short woman answered her headset in the middle of a busy park in the late afternoon. She wore a dark violet dress with long sleeves and a pair of black leggings.

The otherworldly woman had short, platinum hair naturally styled as two erected horns. She wore glasses, a bag for her chanting beads and a Tulasi leave tilaka proudly proclaimed to which Vaishnava sect she belonged too.

"Hare Krishna Mukhara, All glories to Srila Prabhupada." Spoke the man at the other end of the connection.

Mukhara's Golden eyes shone with Bliss from behind her vintage glasses as she folded her prosthetic hands in reverence. "Oh Maharajah, All glories!" She greeted him with joy. "How are you? How may I serve you right now?" she asked as she moved away from the busy Edmonton park lane to somewhere less busy and noisy, and with a convenient bench.

"Well, as fine as I can get at 95 and with a new pair of knees." Her beloved spiritual master reminded his disciples of this fact. Mukhara's eyes, lost their shine, Her Guru-deva, her Savior and link Back to Govinda was getting on with age, and while his health was still good, and his body completely spiritual, it was cleared he longed to return back home back to Godhead.

She...didn't want him to leave. And yet she knew it was an eventuality even Erin's hourai elixir* could not prevent. Love is, after all, the most potent of power; and pure love for Krishna is even more so.

"You don't have to stay Maharajah. You can go when you want...I'll...I already went through a horrible heartbreak, I can survive a second one." Not really, but she didn't want her Guru-deva to suffer further.

"Mukhara...I can't, Not yet at least." He hinted, "Now, enough about me. How are you?" He emphasized.

"I'm fine, Maharajah. It's been years since I've been in Canada. The Edmonton Yatra has improved tremendously since the last time I visited."

"Yes, I am well aware of that. But how about you?" Rupanuga swami interrupted her, his concern was resounding clearly in his wizened voice.

"Maharajah... I.. I've told you, everything is fine now. I feel alive again, I go to sankirtan practically every day and my workshop is filled with the finest and most affordable Archa-Vigraha of the lord. I sleep fine, I eat fine, and all my rounds are chanted." she enumerated. And then her guts told her something was...not amiss, but it was clear her Guru-deva had something to say...something that caused the saintly man to worry about her well being more than usual.

Once again, the sombre realization of the dept she had toward her Master brought tears to her eyes. He was a real father to his disciple...and to whoever needed him. He had saved here, and weather she was preaching in Russia or Kenya, she still felt him close, leading her and advising her from within.

" have something to tell me, don't you?" Mukhara sat down, whipping the tears away..

At the other end of the connection, her Guru-deva let out a heavy sighed and stayed silent for some time. Obliviously, He had something weighty to say.

"Mukhara...Are you sitting down?"

'OK, either he has six months to live, one of my godbrother or sister is about to die, some of our more troublesome members have breached the none aggression contract or...' She took a deep breath in and silently recited the Narashimgha-Kavacha. 'no, no use letting my mind run wild.'

"Yes, Maharajah, I'm sitting down. Just tell me plainly."

"Alright...Her worshipable honour, Shiki Eiki Ya-ma-xana-du* just sent me a letter with some... confusing news concerning your family."

Mukhara raised her brows. "Really? Why didn't she contact me directly then, and didn't she received her initiation recently?" she asked as she ran a prosthetic hand into her horned shaped hair.

"She uses her old name for official business. And she knew you would believe me."

She could feel a headache mixed with a heartache coming her way. "Alright...I'm all ears."

She could just hear her Guru-deva composing himself. And it scared her to no end.

"Your son Died yesterday."


" it can't...But he died-"

"Fourteen years ago, I know. But Madam Eiki was clear about this point."

"Oh, Krishna...Oh, Gauranga..."

"Mukhara... I'm not done yet."

Away from the public, the disciple of the Walking monk let out a whimper as the horrible memory of that Sunday afternoon assaulted her.

Her son, Lord Krishna's causeless miracle...

She knew he had died the moment the EKG blared for a whole minute and the desire to save her little boy waned from the heart of the ER staff.

She whipped away the streaming tears from her eyes as she recomposed herself. The pain may have faded away, but it had still left a mark that would never completely fade.

"OK...What else is there to know...and do we have some clues how my dear K.K died twice?"

"Well, that's the thing. He didn't."

It took her a slight moment to restart her brain after that one. Then her mind raced to try to find how could this incongruity even exist. And then...she remembered...

After his funeral, no ashes came back...

There had been talking about it, a horrible conspiracy theory that had given her false hope for a time. But soon, this illusion broke...

But now, this terrible nightmare...'Those were not just hearsay, my shishu had been kidnapped.'

Anger began to burn, but, after years of practice, she knew how to control it.

'Ah, it doesn't matter, my baby would have grown as a someone probably doesn't know Krishna...probably an anarcho-atheist. And probably wouldn't care much about dharmic principle and the Path of Bhakti." She rationalized, keeping her emotions away from herself and acting with detachment.

It still stung though and made her quest for an answer burn brightly.

'May I get a chance to have them? Or is it yet another dead end?'

"Anything else I have to know? Where did he die? When? How?" Mukhara spoke briskly, burying the weeping mother under the veil of professionalism. It would be illogical to get overly emotional over something she had grieved enough about.

"that's...another mystery. The report said that he passed from this world right in the middle of Kinshicho park at 8:51 last evening. And yet, it also said he was in Aogikahara also."

Mukhara's brows shot up as she sat straighter.

"No...Not that's not possible. I was in a Sankirtan one died! It was jammed packed, and Radha was there also! She would have smelled him!"

"So...I believe we have a mystery on our hands." Her Guru concluded. "what do you want to do now?"

"Whatever you see it as the best option, Maharajah." Personally, she would love to investigate the Aogikahara forest hermitage for some time now. But the Celestial mai-Mother Held her Guru's desires above her own and anybody else.

"Hmm...I feel that you have to look into that matter..." Rupanuga Swami carefully deliberated. "I've got a hunch you may find least you'll be able to get closure and an adventure to boot."

"yes Maharajah...thank you."

"Why for?"

"Maharajah, When Krishna passed a-...when he was taken from me, I...we could not do his final rite. And...and I now have so many questions."

"You want answers."

"We all want them. I know it was by Krishna's will, not an atom moves without his desire, and to lose have our child kidnapped at such a young age and all that drama. That was my karma, and we all know we deserve much worst...but..." her voice chocked once more. "I want closure...just to put yet another one of my spectacular failures to rest..."

A moment of silence descended on the Master and His disciple.

"And I think my K.K was taken by a hermit. So that's another reason to shove my nose in yet another adventure."

"Hmm, I see. And how do you know It's a hermit?"

"Kundalini Devi Dasi just knows one sennin who is staying somewhere in Aogikahara. And Krishna...His birth, his body and his parents are not mundane, and I do know one...person, who has a knack for collecting interesting personality for her own pleasure." she shuddered. "she was also into sneaking into places she shouldn't. I just didn't expect her to have remained in Japan."

"You are referring to your old 'teacher' aren't you?"

Mukhara made a face, the mere remembrance of this... wicked person was enough to sen shivers down her spine. "Yes..."

"Alright, I understand." He sighed. "Just be careful and return to me in one piece this time."

"yes, Maharajah, I will." Mukhara grinned as she flexed all of her ball joints.

"Alright, and may Krishna protect you...and Krishna Kripa."
"Take over."

"Yes boss." the new trainee spoke with much more confident, it seemed meeting Flynn and Isabeau had given the poor man a boost in much-needed confidence.

'Not just the rookies, everyone got affected by him.' Oh yeah, the samurai of hope was all, and more then what the Tokyoite population need and wanted; He was their life, the assurance that their wish to see the light again was not so far-fetch as first thought. Looking around the dark bar, he could only see his man (and woman) carrying big smiles on their face and bright eyes, and while booze flowed freely from the tap, everybody was too busy floating of a cloud of bliss to even take a sip.

'Oh well, they can waist as much booze as they want, as long as they are sober when we need them.' He did not have any illusion, he knew many more association Master would send their best man, more would actively participate. And all man (and woman) had to prep and get ready for the grand slam.

They all knew full well that they may not survive the fight. But those who fought only had one make sure Flynn succeeded so that the next generation could live without constant fear, free to see the sun, the moon and the stars without having a feathered fiend spoiling their first date...and demons chewing on the remains.

The Boss also knew there was a whole lot of revenge involved, many hunters had scores to even out with the two factions.

And then there was the Ring of Gaia and the Asurakai.

' Nope, it won't be all that rosy all that soon. With every big shift of power...Oh Axiom above, this will be a huge mess.' The boss realized, there was no way the two marginal groups would not try to establish their own ways after the whole thing would blow over. Taking over most of the population with promise of fame, power, woman, money and plenty intoxication. Well, maybe the rings of Gaea would be easier to deal with since their leader was dead at the hands of Flynn, but the 'Kai?

The boss shook his head, no. He would not let that get in the way of a beautiful event. Yes, there would still be plenty of problems with the whole political climate. But at least he could finally leave this terrible barman job...

He had enough of seeing the grieving waste away their lives in cheap booze over the loss of friends, family and lovers. It reminded him too much about his dad and how his liver just gave up, leading him on the path of a slow, agonizing death.

The Boss of Kinshicho entered his own private bedroom and heavily sat down in on his worn-out couch, being equally worn out from the day's event. And he knew it would not end soon.

Oh no, the fate of his guild, the funerals of Nikkari and Manabu and two other good men, his daughter and adopted son's adventure...and around fifty more social and material issue all amounted to his usual load of stress plus unwanted extra. So much so that the impromptu visit of Flynn and Isabeau did very little to mitigate his worry.

The boss removed his shoes and glasses, laying back to try to get some forty winks...but his mind had other re-posting this image of his boy being embraced by this so-called Persona. Hari, he had called him.

"Bullshit...Hari's not a persona." He should know, he had one.

Personas had no personality, they where just an extension of their owners. They had no free wills, could take no initiative and would simply return to where personas go when not on the battlefield.

Hari...did not follow this well established constant. from what he could see, the flute bearing being had a personality; laid-back, expressive, flirty, self-assured and possessive of Nanashi...a bit too possessive. He could talk to his son, probably had free will and, most worryingly of all, he was still out and very friendly with his boy.

And he had embraced his son so lovingly...this male entity had his adopted son in his too-long arm, glowing with joy...

The Boss closed his eyes as he rubbed them; He knew Nanashi was not human and his taste was...not in line with many people nowadays, especially with how low and old the population was getting. They needed new blood...

Of course, with Nanashi being...part plant, the prospect of him having human descendant was slim at best...or even having descended, if the good doctor was right. A lack of everything made sure of that. But...not many knew that, and the boss made sure it was one secret even the hunter association was not privy to.

And now this stranger, this glowing, human-like creature bearing a crooked grin, more beautiful then Adonis and more attractive then Narcissus and made cupid looked repulsive compared to him was now being a bit too friendly with his boy.

Oh, the Boss may need glasses, but one had to be really blind and deaf not to notice the being shamelessly Hitting on Nanashi, only still an innocent boy despite it all.

And Nanashi in all of this?

Very quickly falling under the strange creature's spell...and too fast for the boss to do anything about it. Well, he could speak to his wise son, but something told the boss this was not something he could simply stop with a sound grounding.

' least he seemed to care about Nanashi somewhat..." He closed his eyes as he tried to drift to sleep. but his mind would not let him have this grace. "Oh Who am I kidding? It had only been a day, and already this demon has his bloody hands all over him!'

And nobody in the association did anything to stop him. There was no reaction when this...Hari floated in, nor was there a reaction from Flynn when he was talking to Nanashi.

Asahi...could, she sees him? Was he the reason why she was holding an angel in her phone? And was the bloody harpy wearing Hari's shirt in the first place?

"Maybe...maybe it's just some hallucination. I must be working too hard again."

But this didn't sound right. This Hari...Nanashi could see him, he spoke to him. And yes, even touch. Meaning he was real for two persons.

Still...there was something about this being; He...was surprisingly familiar. 'I know I've seen him before, but where?' He closed his eyes, trying to dredge up from where this Lustful being came from.

And then, it hit him like a sack of brick.

"Haribol, Junpei-san!" Yuki greeted him heartily, an uncharacteristic smile illuminating his usual dour face. beside him was Aegis dressed as an Indian woman also glowing with natural bliss and colour powder... They had come back late at night after a festival held by the 'other' cultist, the Hare Krishna.

The Boss, Junpei, all but jumped out of the couch at the images of his deceased high school friend at his happiest.

"No...Oh, sweet axiom..." He hoped he was wrong, he really hoped he was dead wrong.

He rushed to his closet and pulled out the massive trunk that was buried under clothing, ammo, and whatever else he had stuffed there.

Taking a deep breath in, he braced himself for what was inside.

Then, he opened the trunk of all things related to those who had left way to early.

His wife's picture, wedding ring in a silk bag and unfinished picture book met him.

Then there was the picture of his father...death by liver cirrhosis.

'At least I got to have a bit of quality time with my old man before he kicked the bucket.' His father had managed to sober somewhat up for his only son's marriage, had even given his blessing for plenty of children and long life for Junpei and his new bride.

'Yeah...he was not sober when he blessed us...should have known it would backfire.'

He moved on from the only happy picture of his dad he had left to the biggest stratum, the result of his obsession with his best friend and, S.E.E.S field leader; Makoto Yuki.

After his unexplained death and disappearance, Junpei and the rest of the gang had begun a frantic search for the body's location. To no avail. And yet, even if they did not find his remains, they had discovered more about Yuki's tragic and...unexplained past then they had cared to learn.

He had no birth certificate, was a natural blunet and greenish-yellow blood. He had a loving family consisting of a father, Makoto Koki who used to be the Fukushima plant director, a stay at home mother by the name of Makoto Toshie, with a background in electrical engineering and an elder sister named Makoto Hamuko, a high school graduate.

All had died in a horrible car accident on the Moonlight bridge, saved Yuki, who had miraculously survived.

Well, his body did. But the whole experience had left him orphaned and emotionally dead. Add to that the way his (many) so-called foster family he had treated him and his PTSD, it was a miracle he did not commit suicide...but from what he had learned from one very loose lips councillor, Yuki was practically a dead man walking, just doing what was expecting to him without really caring about any consequence.

Just waiting for death...

He...was well known to the constable. Not that he was part of a bad crowd...he was just too pretty to be left alone by the creepers.

Which was the reason why he had been transferred to Iwatodai...officially anyway.

No, reminiscing about his mysterious friend was not why he had plunged into the past; he was here for a picture, a picture taken around a month after the Nyx avatar had been soundly defeated and the humanity saved...whether they liked it or not.

Digging deeper, Junpei moved the cult trinket Yuki had amassed over the final month of his life; some prayer beads in dark blue bag, a key chain with the world goofiest smiley face named Jagannath, the worlds weirdest spider plush toy and some book by an individual called 'A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.'

'Still, don't know what possessed Aegis into letting Yuki join this Hare Krishna cult. Maybe they managed to hack her system.' The Boss mussed. 'No...I don't think they had the technology to do that. Still, he's dead...'

They must have made him drink some 'cool-aid' after those orange cultists had learned of his orientation. His nature as an alien... Or something along those lines.

'He had been fine the week before...definitely happier too. Had a cold but...hmm.' he internally hummed as he paused his rummaging. 'Maybe it was exhaustion. I mean, I was pretty beat up after Tartarus and the failed fall...But, we had month's to recover and work up our grade, and I know Yuki's heart was not into his study, never where really. His health took a turn when he started staying at that place.' Junpei shook the idea away, it was all in the past now.

'But not far enough... I swear, I've seen this Hari somewhere..." he grumbled as he resumed his search.

And then, he found it...Yuki's favourite picture.

It was a pair of marble statues, the white one was definitely a woman dressed as an anime Indian princess, her wide blue eyes almost touching her hears. But the white icon was not his focal point. It was the black one.

Bent in three places in an alluring pose, a holding a golden flute to his cherry-red lips, a dreamy smile that stole the mind of all.

'That's him...that's Hari.' colds sweat and anger's fire fought for dominion within the Boss as he tried to quell the horror welling up in his gut.

"You didn't have enough of Yuki, now you want my son." he all but snarled at the pretty picture, crushing it. "Not on my watch."

Getting up from his kneeling position, Junpei reached withing his closet for two items that would aid him; His sword, and his evoker. The modified gun still held so many many battles against shadows and yet another cult.

And an epic battle to save the world too...from Yuki's ex Boyfriend.

'Alright, time to get back into action.' He resolved as he tied the belt around his waist...or tried too.

As it turned out, he was much thinner back then.

'...I think I'll need some de-rusting first...yeah, sound like a plan.'

And maybe just to try if a scare tactic would work first, Nanashi was pretty wise and would probably get the hint. If not...

Here you go, chapter four in all of its glories.

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The first set of books are under the authoship of His Divine Grace A.C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, founder Acharya for the International Society for Krishna Consciousness. The Krishna in Vrindavan series is from one of his disciple, His Holiness Shivaram Swami.

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Chapter Text

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Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna HareHare, Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare.

" Alright, let see." the Redhead spoke as her only her tails could be seen poking from the back of the van. "Body Bags?"

"We only need one." Mukhara commented as she looked over her third quad of prosthetic limbs. she had no idea what would be awaiting her since every hermitage were indifferent.

"Alright, 'one' body bag and two harinam chadars. " Radha-Shyamasundara Devi dasi spoke with experience. "and...ok, what else do we need. Enough clothes for a week."

"three days in enough, I don't plan for staying longer than needed."

"Seven days it is...gotta bring'em buckets too. And laundry detergent."

Mukhara sighed, she loved her little godsister to bits, but sometime, the hellcat would be overly fussy...

And yet, the amount of time her fuss and overpacking saved her life, the hermit simply surrendered to her loving care and prayed to God they wouldn't need those two body bags. one was more then enough.

Of course, a hermitage in the middle of Aogikahara meant that there would be very little food there. Mostly the remnant of whoever was stuck there and whatever the tourist and uncivilized two-legged pigs would leave behind.

"And how about food, how much did you bring?"

"One big bag of dhal, one big bag of rice and some sun-dried veggies from Uttara."

"Oh?" Mukhara perked up at the name of yet another Godsister. "You got some news with those also?"

"yeah, the old nuclear generator is finally scrubbed clean, and it got the green light from the GBC to convert it into ISKCON Chernobyl eco-village."

"Haribol!" Mukhara's countenace brightened.

"Hare Krishna! Let me tell you, Uttara told me she has never been happier in her life. I mean, after being saddled with those nucular powers of her, doing something that constructive really boosted her confidence."

Mukhara nodded, knowing what the hell corvid went trough and the feeling that accompanied it. "That's good, as long as she remains humble about it."

"Yeah, that's exactly what Maharaj told her. Still, it's good to see her walking with her head held a humble way."

" a 'humble' way."

"Hey, she improved a whole lot, alright." the red head peeked out of the van again looking disoleased at the words of her Elder in devotion.

Mukhara smiled. "Yes, Indeed she did. What is happening to her is simply a test, Krishna wants to see how she will handle the fame that will follow her."

"Were lready famous, renovating a nuclear power plant ain't gonna change that. " Radha paused for a bit before resuming her packing list Her mood now definitely more sombre.

"I've...also brought some maha sandalwood paste, a maha prasadam garland from Madhava, maha water and some maha Tulasi patra from Pancha-tattva's lotus feet. Oh, and some Narashimha oil and a conch shell..."

"Are we really going to bring all this?"

"well yeah. I mean, yer son's probably committed enough sin to warrant the big guns."The Kasha quietly spoke.

Mukhara rolled her eyes as she, the millionth time today, send a heartfelt prayer to the Lord to be merciful to her departed son. "And I thought he stopped being my son the moment he died."

Yes, even after death, teenagers will always need their parents to bail them out of sticky situations.

Radha-Shyamasundhara Devi Dasi poked her head out from the hatch, he red braid contrasting against the dark interior of the van and the dimming light of the day. "Yah never stop thinking of him as anything else but yer son."

"Yes..." Mukhara admitted as she let her tears fell unimpeded. She should feel ashamed for her attachement...and yet, as she had learned from her Guru, for a woman to cry over a lost son is nothing to be embarrassed about. Even Krishna's mother, Devaki, cried for years over the deaths of her six previous children.

Besides, she knew the philosophy by heart and knew full well that he would soon take another body in a few months...after having paid his due in hell.

Wich was why Radha had brought the sacred remnants; to get him out and onto another family ASAP.

She felt a gentle, comforting hand on her back. Sure enough, Radha had jumped out the van to give comfort to her elder in devotion. the Kasha wore a very practical green kurta and cream coloured pants, a shawl of the same colour covered her breast and head. A yellow urdapunda tilaka adorned her forehead and a three strands Tulasi neclace rested on her neck.

No words where needed between the two, now rendered inseperabe by years of joint service and a type of love only the Servants of Rada-Krishna were privy to.

'From a corps eating hellcat to a soft-hearted, emphatic Vaishnavi...Radha came from so far.'

Especially for one of the youkai who ate her limbs.

"Alright, that's enough tears for today." Mukhara broke her petty pity party. "the night is falling, and I'd rather not waste any more time."

"Yeah, me neither. It's nightfall, ghosties are about to go active. Better catch them when they ain't in a bad mood yet."

And with that, the cat and the hermit finished their preparation, prayed to the half-lion half-man incarnation of Krishna and plunged withing the darkened ocean of tree. Looking first for some clues to the possible location to the hidden realm...or, if they were where lucky, Krishna Kripa Himself.

Of course, they did not count on it since, after fifteen years, he was not a baby anymore. And while he would probably look like both of his mothers-especially the mother that gave the seed, recognizing him on sight and smell would not be realistically feasible.

Well, they could hope. But this would amount to finding a piece of straw in a pile of needles.

After an hour or so of search and plenty of Vaishnava exorcism, they realized a worrying trend; Most ghosts were afflicted with insanity. They kept repeating about how "all was a lie' and 'I need to tell the others' and the likes.

It was extremely heartening, to say the least, to see those poor tortured soul move on to another body, and a lucky few to Vaikuntha. It was the fuel that kept the two Vaishnavi going strong, even with so many children and young women with broken subtle bodies groaning along like Hollywood movie zombies. Their heads bearing holes and leaking ectoplasm as red as blood.

"after this...Lets serve in the Mayapur goshala."

"With the calves?"

"With the calves."

Finally, after following the trail of Ghosts, they reach the eponymous mount fuji's eternal ice cave.

"Holly cra-carpet-wax-monster-foxtrot-tango-voicmail-diego montoya!"

Mukhara stared sideways at her Godsister, whose tails were twitching and puffed up like a pair of angry feather-dusters. The poor cate was on the ball of her feet as she stared at the darkened, ghost riddled entrance.

"...So, I take it that it is worse than I thought."

"worst then you thought?" Radha looked at the hermit as if she had managed to grow a second head."Worst then you-Girl, this is like twelve times worst the old crack between Gensokyo and Makai. The amount of miasma leaking through it is... it's freaking astronomical!"

Mukhara let out a very shaky breath; this was not the first hermitage she had raided. But she had never seen nor felt such amount of polluted ether in her short stint as the huntress of her own kind.

'Oh, Shishu...what have you gotten into' She wondered as both she and her Godsister walked into the legendary frozen cave.

'what the hell have I gotten myself into?' Nanashi asked as he stared as their Client, a certain Nozomi, revealed herself to be a Fairy by the name of Napaea.

It had all started when Asahi, intoxicated with her brand new title of 'professional hunter' Had picked a challenge quest for them to do. And Thankfully, she had been wise enough not to pick the highest one. Even if her dearest Brother had the distinct feeling he would be able to pull through the toughest one with Krishna's help... Even if the Lord did not really do much. So far, at least.

But, as the excitable 15-year girl had once again dragged off her brother to yet another adventure...she forgot something fundamental. Vital even.

She had forgotten to check if her dear brother had finished his heavily watered down fertilizer.

The answer was, unfortunately, no. After the excitement of having Flynn speak to him. Nanashi, between bites of the heavenly bread, had Talked Krishna's ears off about the samurai of hope, and how he had given everyone the chance to dream of the sun again. Completely forgetting about the blue liquid.

The Supreme Personality of Godhead had been less than impress, to say the least. And as he was about to explain why Flynn was not bigger then slice bread, Asahi had grabbed her brother by the wrist, dragging him off to Ueno...

Well, more like sicking him to whatever demons she saw

and collecting whatever body part that was left.

of course, after his talk witch Krishna and how tired he felt, Nanashi was more into negotiating a safe passage then to fight demons

And thus, after a relatively short time, Ueno was traverse, 'Nozomi' was met, and Nanashi had his first ride ever in a terminal.

It was horrible...

Long story short, he, Asahi and the Lord (And Asahi's Angel.) there now in the very pink, very fragrant Magical fairy forest. Meeting the real Nozomi, and (Finally) getting the detail on Their official challenge quest.

Asahi was, Nanashi could barely focus on what the blond fairy queen was talking about.

He felt terribly tired from the fight with those demons who wanted to test their might against the Killer of Adramelech. He could barely keep his eyes open.

'Man...being famous Sucks...'

But there was something that made the whole trip worthwhile; Krishna's reaction to the forest.

Krishna...looked right at home in this setting. The pink petals raining on his dark blue body, his flute playing and dancing steps. All of was enough to make Nanashi forget his hunger pain and the fogginess that accompanied it.

Then the Lord turned his loving golden gaze toward him...and his smile fell.

'No...Krishna, why are you sad? ' He scowled as he tried to prevent his brain from shutting with little to no success.

' again...'

"Kripa? Kripa!" Krishna was right beside him...he could smell his fragrance, feel his soft hands. He sounded worried.


He felt something to his lips; it was a stone. And tasted like earth. His lips touched something wet, the smell was spicy, fresh...and sulfury.

And heartbreakingly familiar.

"Kripa, please drink."

And he did...

It was sour, salty, savoury with a sweetness he could not describe. He could taste some spice he knew form a long time ago, a taste he could recognize, but not name.

Eventually, this beverage made its effect, and Nanashi's lethargy slowly ebbed until he could finally sit straight and hold the container by himself. Half chugging, Half savouring the content until he could drink no more.

"Kripa...are you feeling better?" That was Krishna, He was supporting Nanashi up with great care, it was clear he was still concerned about him.

"Yeah...Loads better." He admitted. Still leaning against his Lord. "what is it?" He asked as he peered inside the terracotta pot. The content was pure white with a speck of yellow and green.

"It's called chaas, or spiced buttermilk." the Lord answers. "Kripa...what happened?"

Krishna asked with deep concern creasing his spotless forehead.

"We would like to know too." He heard a woman, and sure enough...there was the blond, bodacious...

"wait...who are you?" Nanashi asked, It was the client, but with his momentary faint, he had forgotten her name.

She gave a wane smile. "My name is Nozomi, The new fairy queen."

"Oh yeah!" All glories to his cleared mind. "I'm Aegis. But you can also call me Nanashi if you'd like."

"Aegis, huh? I like it."

"Kripa?" Krishna brought back His servant's attention to him.


"I...I didn't eat for over a month..." He shamefully admitted. It not that he didn't like eating, he just preferred not to puke each time demon meat was on his plate.

Nazomi's eyes grew wide behind her green safety glasses. "Wait! You didn't...Why the hell did your guild master let you go on a quest." spoke the indignant queen. "I swear, men are so insensitive."

"Hey, Dad's not at fault!" Asahi protested.

"Who's at fault then? Santa Claus?"

As they were arguing, Krishna turned to his recovering servant. "Kripa, you ate but a piece of bread, and I did saw you drink this tinted liquid. It was not enough, was it?"

"No..." Nanashi sheepishly admited.

"So why did you not ask for a second? You could have asked for another meal, I would have happily provided." Krishna scowled.

"Yeah, I know...But I didn't want to bother you."

"My dear Kripa, I am never bothered by any request of my surrendered soul, even those who are surrendered by chance only."Krishna patiently explained.

Nanashi remained silent, there had been another reason why he did not take the time to have a good meal.

"Asahi dragged you off again." God once again touched the heart of the problem with terrifying accuracy.

Nanashi wince. "Yeah...she's-"

"Not very nice for a sister. And not always aware of your needs, she is also quite reckless, selfish and prideful." Lord enumerated the daughters of the boss most glaring fault in a very matter of fact way, almost as is he was giving a diagnosis.

Usually, Nanashi would vehemently protect his sisters honor...but what can one do when God himself speaks.

"She's still pretty kind...and she wants to help and protect Tokyo. I mean, that's what Hunters do, you know."

Krishna turned his gilded glance toward the two women, it was clear Asahi was getting an earful from Nozomi, a more experienced huntress. "Yes, and out of love for you, can even sacrifice her own life."

Hopefully, it would not go this far.

"But right now, whatever she does is most of the inmates in the material world."

Once again, Nanashi was about

to protest, but he knew Krishna was right. Everyone wanted something for themselves."

"What's wrong with thinking of one's own happiness? you can't please everyone."

"You are right." Krishna agreed. "Trying to please every living entity will only leave one exhausted and with more enemies than friends. but one should not be selfish and serve one's own senses."

"so we should do what? serve no one?" Nanashi half teased. He already knew the answer, but he wanted to hear it from


"My dear Kripa, it is the souls very nature to serve." He began. "Serve the body, parents, lover, country. And yet, as you may have realized, to serve the mundane master will only lead to broken promises and constant dissatisfaction. it is the same as watering every leaf of a tree; in the end, it will die of thirst, and the gardener will be exhausted for nothing."

"We have to serve you, right?" nanashi looked up to Krishna. this was something he had quickly realized. "Otherwise, everything else is just a waste of time."

Krishna returned the smile, putting a hand on nanashi's shoulder, soothing the unfading ache. "Yes, to serve Me alone is as good as serving everyone, for I am the source of everything."

"Like watering the root of a tree..." nanashi remembered hearing this quote from...

'Oh, Goddamnit'

"Hey!" Krishna yelped indignantly. "Don't curse in My Name!"

"Sorry." Great, now he had to get a new way to express dismay.

He gazed at his sister, Asahi's shoulder's lowered and her eyes were red.

'And she's in a foul mood again.' And knowing his adopted sister...

The two lapsed into silence, just taking in the atmosphere and the joy of each other's company. The centennial sakura tree showering a cascade of glowing pink petal upon the lord and his dear servant. Nanashi still felt tired, but he could feel his energy level rising steadily. With Krishna so close to him... His aroma, and the cooling aura that emanated from his person.

"Can I..."

"Yes, Kripa?"

"Can I lean on you?"

Krishna gazed at his servant with eyes wide open. Then his features softened further, melting Nanashi's heart.

"Of course, my dear."

Well, God gave him permission to do so, and nanashi was not one to argue.

'Yeah... So worth it.' Who knew giving up his freedom netted him a ridiculously friendly, sweet, beautiful and loving Master.

Sure, the relationship nanashi wanted to have with Him was but a phantasm...

'Maybe I do have a chance, though...I mean, Krishna's doesn't precisely...he sorts of...he's calling me 'my dear'...'

'Yes, but He's also God...and I'm a demon.' his mind provided.

And to be honest, he could not even picture Krishna with another man. It was just...wrong, Revolting even. But he could see Him with a girl with an incandescent, Golden glowing skin, though.

"Radhe Jaya Jaya Madhava dayite," Yuki sang blissfully with an evident lack of musical knowledge. "Gokula Taruni mandala mahite-"

His eyes were closed, and a blissful, brilliant smile decorated his usual dour demeanour.

It felt good to see him smile...maybe this cult was not so harmful after all.

'Aaand there's another flashback. Back again to save me from my loneliness.' Nanashi snarked, unaware of Krishna's teasing smirk and longing eyes.

Suddenly, there was a flash of light. And Nanashi jumped to his feet. Shovel at the ready.

"Woah there, Jumpy." The fairy queen lazily drawled out. "Relax, it's just a Camera flash." And indeed, she held an old camera in her hand.

"Taking a picture is a hobby of mine." she explained as she approached the boy and the Lord. "Usually, I'm more into old building with haunted house vibe. You know, the one even demons skip?"

"But...aren't you a queen or something." Nanashi inquired as he focused his attention on the older woman's boots.

'Oh Krishna. What's up with powerful women and skimpy outfit.'

"My dear Kripa, I thought boys your age loved to see the exposed legs and things of an attractive woman. what to speak of their round, full breasts." Krishna teased his young servant whose lips curled at the thought and image.

"A queen can have her hobbies, you know."Nozomi interrupted their sacred exchange. "And you looked just so Cute with your Boyfriend."

'Two choices, I deny it and dig myself deeper, or I stay quiet and dig Myself deeper." Instead, Nanashi looked away, Knowing that To validate it would be even worse...

He didn't want to entertain any type for false hope.

Nozomi Turned to God. Her hundred-watt smile not diminishing a bit.

"And how about you, sweetheart? What's your name? can't keep calling you Pretty-Boy all the time now, Can't I?"

Krishna smiled as he did this adorable head wiggle that caused his golden, shark-shaped earrings to dance. But otherwise remained silent.

"Not much of a talker, are you?"

He once again remained silent, letting his mind stealing smile speak for him.

"I see." She then turned to Nanashi. "So, does your boyfriend have a name?"

'Great...' Well, he could still dream.

"His name is K-Hi Hari. And...He's ah...It's complicated."

"Anyway." Nozomi dismissed this conversation with a little smirk indicating she took a bit too much pleasure at seeing a very flustered Nanashi. "I know you just fainted."

"I didn't..."

"But Napaea's was right about me needing some help."

Right...this was mentioned in the challenge quest Asahi had chosen. Something about a fight needing to be stoped.

In all honesty, with how the fairy queen acted, it must not have been all this urgent.

'It's just a bunch of fairies. What type of trouble can they do?'

In hindsight, it had been a very stupid thing to ask.

"Nanashi!" Asahi Screamed as her brother clumsily dodge King Frost building size sceptre.

As for why he was clumsy and not a snakey bastard who managed to sucker punch Adramelech with a shovel and God's grace?

It was cold.

"Why can't I be a normal, well rounded human and not a freaking, frost-sensitive plant." He muttered as he tried to warm himself up using his black spade, Having taken shelter of one of the trees that bordered the spring.

It worked, but he could just feel King frost searching eyes on him. And if he didn't move, the morbidly obese snowman may cast another one of his Bufala...

"I hate Ice fairies."

As he began to recover some feeling in his extremities, he could hear Nozomi, Asahi, The angel and Napaea fight the so-called king. Taking his attention away from where Nanashi had hunkered down t recover.

As it turned out, the fight Napaea and Nozomi had been alluding to was not just a simple skirmish between a fussy fairy and the rest of the population needing clean water. But the Tyrant King frost capitalizing the 'only' uncontaminated spring in the entire area. Practically freezing the surrounding plant and aquatic life as he used the life-giving fluid to grow in size and power.

Needless to say, Napaea, the sweet fairy who also resided in the natural cave, had been less than pleased to have a capitalizing snowman destroy her home. The cute little fairy was now Gleefully casting agi the capitalistic snowman, wounding him severely.

"Hee-ow! Hey, that hurt!" King frost yelped as he rubbed his melted chest. "How dare you hitting me, King Frost?" The indignant 'king's' smile did not remain a frown for long as he began smirking wickedly. "All right, It's time for your capital Punishment; King Bu-"

"Nanashi! Stop him!" Krishna, who was nowhere to be seen but heard everywhere warned. Nanashi leaped out of his hiding place and, selecting the Choral cabochon, shot a bolt of fire at the oversized snowman.

The shot dug deep in his shoulder, causing it to melt and filling the overflowing lake with more water and the scream of king frost.

Nanashi smirked wickedly. Sure, he may have done more negotiation then killing since his conversation with Krishna, but hitting the big, frigid bastard felt so good.

And then this good feeling faded as King Frost turned his half-melted head toward the overconfident hunter.

"KRIPA! MOVE!" The Lord all but scream as the Tyrant raised his fist.

But Kripa did not move. Instead, he took aim a second time. 'why? His fist can't reach where I am.' His traitorous mind told him.

The King then hit the muddy bank and threw the resulting frozen sludge at the sitting duck with the shovel. Sending his way a frigid tsunami of mud, clay, stones, branched and quite a few chunks of ice faster then Nanashi could outrun.

"...that's why."

Probably not for the first time, Nanashi felt extremely stupid.

'Note to self; Never ignore God...ever.' Those were his last thought before being swept away by the muddy wave of pain and agony.

He did not hear his sister scream as he tried to dig his shovel onto something, anything to stop his disorienting trashing. But it seemed even the ground itself was gone, and no convenient branches or tree came his way.

His skin burned, everything hurt. 'Oh Krishna...Can I please not die again today?'

Suddenly, he hit the side of the meadow he was in. It was painful, but at least he had something to hold on to. The mud, water, and whatever debris where there flowed by him, somehow or other only scratching Nanashi.

The whole thing had lasted but a moment, but for Nanashi, it was like an eternity.

Finally, the frigid wave was gone, and the boy in the lion shirt could open his eyes without having a shovel of sand thrown in. As he opened his eyes, his heart stopped, and it was not because King Frost was getting out of the spring with a chilling smile promising death and doom.

The reason no stones, branches and small iceberg maimed him was...Krishna Himself, The Lord of the countless universe, the supreme Lord in front of his expandable servent, holding a large branch that would have Killed Nanashi in if not for his timely intervention.

Krishna had shielded him, the supreme personality of Godhead, the Supreme Lord, God Himself had shielded him.

In insignificant servant...a soul that had turned his back to him...

A demon.

But before Nanashi could ask Him why? The half-melted abomination lunged again.

"King Bufala!" He screamed with a distorted voice, the deadly wind ripping trough the meadow and towards Nanashi.

And Krishna...sweet, delicate Krishna was in the way.

Something awoke in Nanashi, a power beyond anything he had faced, a power that could destroy mountains, burn down cities and face the greatest of demons with only a hand bangle for a weapon.

Pure, Unbridled, Righteous anger fueled by the fear for one's beloved.

Nanashi all but flew off from the exposed roots that supported him and, either by instinct, or previous knowledge, aimed his shovel to the Tyrant.

Runes and lined formed a six-pointed stars surrounded by a circle made of light. And as Nanashi screamed, a laser burst forth, emitting a low buzzing sound. It hit the half-melted King Frost, engulfing him in the searing white light.

The tyrant stumbled back, his upper body gone, he once again fell in the now destroyed spring, damaging it even more.

A moment of silence ensued as the group tried to digest what had just happened. Nozomi, Asahi and the Angel stared at Nanashi, and not without a small amount of fear.

It was at that time Nanashi realized what he'd just done. And that he was still floating...somehow.

But somehow, this surprising development was not enough to extinguish the rage that burned inside.

He turned to Krishna, dirtied, tattered, bruised looking Krishna and burst out."WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT FOR?" Nanashi yelled as he stalked like a maddened Cerberus.

"Krpa," Krishna tried to calm his servant.

" Why did you do that for? HE COULD HAVE KILLED YOU!" Krishna really was severely bruised, his delicate, gossamer-like shirt was ripped, exposing his broad chest. His Garland was Gone, His necklace laid on the oversaturated forest floor. His hat was gone, and many leaves, sticks and sands where stuck in His beautiful, Messy hair. And his ever-present hat was nowhere to be seen.

His Dhoti was half-undone, exposing his Powerfull yet delicate legs, Legs only the best of dancer could posses. Legs that were battered and scratch.

Nanashi choked back a sob. Sure, his whole body was painful, but seeing Krishna in this state...

It was a pain worse than death.

"It would have killed you." Krishna pointed out." And I had to Act, Otherwise-"

"Big Deal! Your God, You just need to Revive me like the last time." He shouted in anger, ignoring his painful ribs and the craking sound he could hear.

"I do not want to see you dead." The Lord's voice was still quiet, but there was enough strength behind this statement to be loud and Clear.

"Wh-" The pain in Nanashi's side peaked, but he was not done yet. "Why? I'm a soul in a material body, you can just give me another one, or you could revive me like this morning..."

Krishna Gave a fearsome scowl, and once again, Nanashi got reminded that it's was God he was shouting at.

"Krishna Kripa," The Lord of the universe began. "Who do you belong too?" He asked, his head held high, and His Supreme authority undeniable.

Nanashi never felt so small in is entire life.

"I'm yours," he admitted with jaw clench and head lowered...

It had never clicked until now, that he was the property of God...

God could do Whatever He pleased with him, And Nanashi had no say in it.

"Yes, You are Mine. For all eternity."

'What have I gotten myself into?' He wondered as he now realized the repercussion of his choice. He had no idea why Krishna, God Himself, Chose to revive him. He didn't really believe that Him Missing his sorry ass was all that there was.

Nanashi had read enough manga and heard horror stories from the hunter association to know that a powerful entity would not revive a complete nobody for no reason. And that they usually did not give an easy escape clause, and if they did...

well, it would come to bite you in the ass sooner or later.

' Well, no use crying over it. I'm Krishna puppet, my opinion's not even a blip on the radar.'

Not that his opinion ever matters anyway.

"Your body, your mind, your intelligence and your very self are all mine. And you...Do you really think I would not mind if your body where to be destroyed?" Krishna's voice hitch as diamond like tears decorated the corners of his lovely eyes. "No, I will not let you go through another birth, not if I can help it." And then the lord did something...something that somewhat changed Nanashi's view of God.

Krishna engulfed in his all-encompassing embrace, all but crushing Nanashi to His broad, fragrant chest."Don't...Don't you ever do something like that ever again." Krishna whispered hoarsly, shaking from...from...

"Krishna...are you, scared?"Nanashi asked, the whole concept alien to the servant of God.

The Lord remained quiet as he firmly held Nanashi to his heart. His tears soaking Nanashi, It was the that the teen realized that yes, the Lord had been scared for his sake.

'Why? Your God, you can control everything! You know everything?' He wondered from within his heart.

But before the Lord of the universe could form a sentence, a gunshot resonated in the desolated spring, and the two broke their embrace. Once again, ready to fight whatever threat came their way.

Once out of Krishna's arms, Nanashi wanted to be back in. And yet his male ego prevented him from dwelling on his heart desire too long. For something was happening at the edge of the ruined spring.

"Hmm, it seems queen Nozomi may have found the 'source' of her misery," Krishna commented as he gazed at the scene, taking Nanashi's hand in His firm grip. Unwilling to let his servant go.

" ca let me go you know," Nanashi spoke in a quiet tone, the Lord was still shaken from the whole event.

In his heart, Nanashi knew why Krishna acted such a way...but, 'Why would God care about me so much?' It made zero sense at all.

when they arrived at the scene, Nozomi had her shotgun smoking mouth pointed at a Preta, a very terrified Preta.

"Woah, Woah, hey! Please don't shoot! " The preta begged. "I Know-nothing, I was just following the order to find the treasure in this here forest."

The group looked at one another, and Nanashi to Krishna. 'Here's that word again, King frost was looking for a treasure also...Krishna, do you know anything about a treasure hidden here?'

Krishna bit his lips and averted his golden eyes.

'You do, don't you?'

The Lord sighed. "Yes...and no."

"Uh?" 'Krishna, please don't play that card.'

"Let me explain." The Lord sighed. "As you know, I am omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. And I am also time and the knower of times and events."


"Thus, I already know the outcome, given the outcome and also deal with the outcome."

"And?" Nanashi prodded.

"And, while I know what will happen, I rather remain ignorant and enjoy the ride."

'But why?'

Krishna faced his servant fully. "Because being omniscient is dull and boring, You always know what will happen, and thus no surprise remains." He explains. "But since I also control ignorance and forgetfulness, I can make myself forget and thus experience the full emotion of surprise."

"But...what if."

Krishna looked at Nanashi, and for the first time, the resurrected boy knew how an annoyed supreme personality of Godhead looked like.

"Kripa, For me, there is no 'what if' scenario. Faith is arranged in such a way that nothing short of myself can Change it."

"Still Not reassured Krish."

"Kripa, I am the supreme controller, there is nothing to worry about when back in my service." The Lord assured. And Nanashi, seeing his guess face, couldn't help but trust him.

He knew...He had faith in Krishna. Nanashi had no idea where it came from, but his guts told him that everything would be okay in the end.

But one question remained.; Why was Krishna still possessively holding his right hand in his left?

Was it...Could Nanashi even dare Imagined it? That Krishna...That the Supreme Personality of Godhead...

Really cared about him? Loved him even?

The boy of untold parentage felt his heart melt a little...He never felt anything like this before. Not with the Boss, definitely not with Asahi...

He turned his attention to the confrontation, unwilling to dwell on his feeling for too long.

"I was asked to find the treasure hidden here, wasn't told what it was, but I was sure it would be known by them fairies. The plan was to fool some fairies into finding it for me. But now that's a bust..." He scratched the back of his head.

"Who sent you?" The queen demanded, her voice holding the force of authority as she maintained her gun to the imp, her finger on the trigger.

'Dang, she's so hardcore.'


The Preta Yelp. "H-hey there lady, I don't know. I'm just a grunt, and nobody says anything to a grunt."

Nozomi narrowed her eyes behind her glass, and Nanashi just knew she was reading the lying yoma's body language.

"Well, it can't be helped then. You have caused the destruction of the most important part of my kingdom. The only way you can pay is with your life." She tapped her finger to the trigger. And yet the imp did not seem all that concern about his welfare.

'He's either really stupid, or he has balls of steels.'

"He has both." Krishna drily replied.

"he's doomed."

The fairy queen coked her head, and lower her aim to between the Preta's leg. Understanding was she was about to do, the purple spirit began to properly panic.

"AHH! ILL SPEAK ILL SPEAK OH HELL PLEASE DON'T SHOOT ME HERE !" He all but sobbed. "IT WAS A CREEPY GOD FROM POLYTHEISTIC ALLIANCE, HE'S THE ONE WHO TOLD ME TO GET THE TREASURE HERE. I SWEAR, THAT'S ALL I KNOW!"The Imp screamed in fear, tailing out of there as fast as his bowed leg would let him.

But before he could disappear in the forest, Napaea all but body slammed the preta to the ground, lift him up by the scruff of the neck and brought him back to Queen Nozomi.

The Queen in red grabbed the preta's face in her iron grip. "Alright, Grape-face. I have a message for this alliance." She hissed, and Nanashi could not help but move a bit closer to His Krishna. "Mess with my forest again, you creep, and I will make them see why one should not piss off Nozomi, The Queen of fairies." She squeezed the preta's face. "Is that clear, 'pretty Orchid'?"

The purple spirit only answer was a whimper and a very good attempt at a very panicked set of nods.

"Good! Now get your purperus ass out of here before I change my mind and make it red." Nozomi hissed and, with a gesture of her head, signalled Napaea to let go.

The moment he hit the ground, The preta ran for his life.

Silence once again descended upon the desolated spring. And nanashi had the distinct feeling things were about to get more complicated.

Asahi and her brother were back at the ancient sakura tree. Nothing much they could have done after the whole debacle.

'Ugh...this sucks. We were supposed to free the spring, not destroy it.' To be honest, It fitted King Frost's entire mentality. He looked like a 'if-I-can't-have-you' sort of demon.

But This was not what had soured Asahi's mood. It was Nanashi's Persona.

He was...Disturbingly close to her brother, and Nanashi Didn't seem to mind at all. Especially when he begancleaning off all the mud and twigs off from Hari's body. Fixing his long, luscious hair with care and attention rarely showed to others.

Sure, Her dad had warned her to keep an eye out for Hari, telling her that he was extremely dangerous. But now, He seemed more interesting with silently joking with foot therapist Nanashi.

He looked so happy as if he had achieved Shangri-la.

'Why can't he be happy with me?' Asahi crossed her arms below her breast. Then she stopped that, she knew her brother never would be attracted to her. Especially now that Hari, the most beautiful creature that existed, followed him like a puppy.

Nanashi was happy...Her brother was smiling more than any time previous.

As they came back from ground zero, Nanashi and his persona had walked hands-in-hands under the shower of pink petals. Sometimes stopping to watch the scenery, some time to pick flowers.

Nanashi was usually the one doing the picking, he would also decorate Hari with whatever good blossoms he found.

A small, sad smile played on Asahi's lips.

'Oh Nanashi...Be happy while it last, Dad won't let you have this..."

Suddenly, the hair at the back of her neck stood on end.

She whirled around just in time to see a figure shrouded in shadows retreating in the foggy debt of the pink thicket. Before it disappeared completely, the creature gave a 'come hither' gesture.

'Is that?...what it...It wants me to follow him, Isn't he?" As if attracted by a spell, Asahi left the main area and tailed the shadow, eager for a new thrill.

He knew she was safe, Nanashi had scary good ears, and she had her angel with her. And the ex-winged pest was pretty strong too.

As long as she did not get distracted by Nanashi's persona...

Entering deeper in the pink forest, she came within a clearing in which everything was wilted, and an oppressive atmosphere reigned. Everything was quiet, and a deep melancholy seemed to pervade the very air. In the middle, standing like the manifestation of everything edgy

was tall Skeleton. He wore a fluttering cape, a leather armour equipped with silver claws and a bloody red mane.

"So." He rumbled, his voice deep and foreboding. "Ye followed."

"You...who are you? What do you want of me?" Asahi felt a bit stupid now, it was not just a fairy that stood in front of her, but what could only be a God of the underworld.

He ran his neon-green eyes on the young girls like one gaze at the latest weapon. "My Name's Dagda, God of knowledge and ability. And you are Asahi, isn't it?"

'Creep factor; high enough.' She nodded wearily. Her legs paralyzed by fear.

Dagda crept forward, his capes fluttering in the nonexistent wind. Usually, Asahi would find it hilarious, but now, it was terrifying.

"And...I've been keeping an eye on you for a long time, little missy."

'Creep level; Stalker.' And she had a feeling running was not an option.

"And I have to say, you impress me."

Asahi remained silent.

"Silent one, aren't yah...Or scared of me, perhaps?"

Asahi would never admit it, especially to a demon...but she hated skulls and skeletons, more so those who moved.

"Ah... worry not missy, Just...Just some angels messing me look. A Don't usually look like that." Dagda gestured to his armoured covered body.

"So...why are you stalking me." Asahi just wanted the entire encounter over so she may run back to her brother with a very good lesson learned.

Dagda gazed at her, his emerald green eyes cold and calculating. "Stalking...aye, I suppose I was. But what can I do, ye caught my eyes."

A feeling of sheer doom doused the daughter of the boss. Asahi knew, she was pretty, and she knew she was on the cusp of being legal. 'Well, at least he waited that long.' she internally snarked as she reached for her phone.

"Listen, Missy, I'm not this type of God. I ain't got desires for someone who could be my granddaughter."

"The Wh-"

"Your brother, the one who killed Adramelech and pierced a hole in the firmament. that's I got me eyes on. "

"wait...Nanashi did what?" She still remembers the sound of Nanashi's shovel as it gutted the demoniac general, But piercing the firmament!

She still remembers this one infamous pop quiz Nikkari had once given. She had learned from him that the firmament was bedrock, not granite, and was twenty kilometres thick.

As an answer, Dagda pointed at a small light spot in the 'celestial vault.'

"Holy shit..." At that moment, Asahi realized just how powerful her brother was.

"Yes, the kids ain't a human. Humans just aren't made to generate this much aether...nor can they survive with so much circulating in their body, would burn them alive."And if you weren't here..." Dagda, who was now standing right beside the young girl. Turned to her, his exposed mandible somehow twisting into a parody of a smile... "Well, he wouldn't have anyone to control him."

She felt trap...and she knew her brother would not be able to reach her in time.

"But...I ain't here to scare you into using your brother to destroy everything. While's he's pretty powerful, there's much bigger fish out there who wouldn't think twice about turning his sorry ass into a greasy smear on the floor."

That was not really all that reassuring at all.

"No, you see...It's embarrassing to ask, but..."

"But...C'mon, spit it out!" she snapped, more than a bit tired about this creep.

Dagda stared at Asahi, who did not avert her eyes. And smiled...

"A proud one, aren't ya?"

She crossed her arms under her breast, conveniently hiding her smartphone.

"'s the situation. There's a war brewing between the forces of law and Chaos, And we of the neutral side want nothing to do with either of them. We just want to try to recover what little of the society we had before those two clowns began messin' up the balance of things." Dagda explains. "But we ain't even strong enough to be a bit of annoyance. Day by day, the angels force our people to either convert or perish, and Lucifer ain't any better."

"Flynn will defeat them."

"I know lass, I know. But Flynn...her returned my mother to her rightful place and gave us a second queen. We...I ow so much to him..." Dadga trailed off.

"...Oh, so, you want Nanashi to assist Flynn?" Asahi concluded, relieved and surprised that such a fearsome God had so much respect for the liberator. "Why didn't you say so in the first place."

At that moment, Asahi would swear the skeletal god blushed.

He cleared his throat. "Well...I'm not used to beg. Before the angels stripped me of most of my power, I gladly would have taken on the army of hell and heaven in a heartbeat...But now, can't even blow a leaf of a dyin' tree."

"Oh man, that's rough."

"So, here's the deal. I know this one God powerful enough to take on the two pox. The problem is, the poor block got sealed under the Yashiro well by both demons and angels."

Asahi's eyes grew wider ad the mention of the two factions. "Wait, both of them?"

The god nodded. "Aye, The sealed God is feared by both parties...and he wished to help Flynn conquer the two and free humanity. As long as we can get 'im out of the well..."

"So...why can't you?" Asahi innocently asked.

Dagda gave her an exasperated stare. "As I said, I ain't what I use to be in therm of power. And the seal will only open for a Human. But-"

"Let me guess, the whole place is filled with demons." She interrupted.

"And angels. Heard there even was poison here 'n there."

"So here's the deal. You and your powerful brother get down to his seal, yer brother kills whatever lookin' at you the wrong way, and you just have to touch the seal, freeing him."

This...sounded like a good idea. Not a perfect design, but Dagda's plan certainly seemed logical. And doable.

But, there was one thing that bugged her.

"Why not have Nanashi help-"

"Two fer the price of one. Flynn's gonna need all the help he can get before facing the shithawk and bollox head."

Right, those two where the head of their respective faction.

"An' As I said. A Human need to break the seal."

"After surviving both angels and demons." she resumed.

The Celtic god gave something that looked like a predatory smile...but then, without any lips, he may as well gave a cute cat smile, and no one would have been the wisest.

"Yes, which won't be such a hard task with that brother of yours. And just imagine the fame you will receive; everyone will know you."

Asahi smiled, Finally, things were looking up!

'Nanashi won't need to wait much longer.' She could already see her adopted brother basking in the sunlight, away from civilization. He could be himself...

He and his boyfriend would live a perfect bucolic life...all thanks to her.

"Alright! Its a deal!" She readily agreed, shaking Dagda's silver claws.

She did not hear the sound of the closing trap.