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Botched birthday.

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Everything and everyone was fine, kids, along with this parents. Were gaping at them and the ones who weren’t were either playing on the enormous bouncy house that Tony has rented or hanging around Peter since he’s a Cool Kid he thinks with a laugh.

But when his phone rings it all goes to shit

Peter knows when Tony comes up to him with a dimmed smile and sad eyes that he had to go away


“You’re leaving again aren’t you?” 

Tony sighs, “look kiddo it’s -“

“Work, Daddy. I know it’s always work.” Guilt reaches its filthy claws up in Tony’s gut and laughs at it scratches and pulls and claws at him.

“I’m sorry kiddo, I’ll make it up to you I promise.”

“That’s what you always say.” Tony doesn't try to say anything after that.

He gets in later than he thought he would. Natasha looks at him with annoyance or pity he isn’t sure.

“How did it go?”

“Doesn’t matter, Peter?”

“Called off the party about an hour later.” He cursed softly before gesturing to the bedroom.

“He was upset with you but he was still worried, he’s getting bigger and understanding what we do more now. He wanted to be with me when you came home.” She explains, green eyes getting her soft mother love look. 

He opens the door grateful that it doesn't creak so he doesn’t have to wake up peter who’s laying on Tony’s bed, pajama shirt ridden up revealing his tummy and he fights the urge to blow a raspberry just to hear his squeals. But the soft snores will have to do until tomorrow.

He dresses quietly as he can and crawls in his bed, Natasha not far behind him.

Peter shifts and whines and a little before


”yes baby.”

”You’re okay?”

”Mmhm, I always am.”


”I’m sorry I missed your birthday.” And really, he hates himself for it. Natasha rests a hand lightly on his side.

”s’okay Daddy, I always have others.”

He laughs quietly, “that's true, there’s always another.” 

But peter is asleep before he hears that.

And God, he won’t miss another.