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Prepare the Transit Beam

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“How sentimental,” Magenta sneered at the tear-stained transvestite stood in front of her and her brother. His eyes glanced around at the empty chairs around him. The only audience in sight was the frightened group of humans on stage. He then turned to face Riff Raff, who’s grip tightened on the laser gun he pointed at Frank. Frank started to back down the aisle, a horrified look on his makeup-smudged face which Magenta found quite amusing. For as long as she had known Frank, he somehow always had the upper hand. His charm proved rather seductive to anyone who had the misfortune of coming into contact with him, even humans, which had been proved by Columbia, Eddie, and even Brad and Janet. The groupie had been absolutely correct when she said that Frank chewed people up and then spit them out again. He’d be all over you one moment, then throw you aside for something newer and shinier the next. At least Magenta had never been one of his favourites; less room for disappointment. Now, he was no longer in charge.

“And also presumptuous of you,” added Riff Raff. The siblings began stalking towards Frank, while Riff Raff continued to speak. “You see, when I said ‘we’ were to return to Transylvania, I referred only to Magenta and myself.” Much like Magenta, Riff Raff couldn’t take his eyes off of Frank. To see the man that had abused him, demeaned him, and forced him to wear a false hump on his shoulder to remind him who was superior, cowering in fear by his own doing, was a satisfying feeling. “I’m sorry however if you found my words misleading,” he continued, “but you see, you are to remain here. In spirit anyway.”

Magenta couldn’t help but have a small smirk upon her lips. Riff was so hot when he was threatening someone. The Master was completely helpless at the point of her brother’s laser gun. It was all over. Frank’s reign of terror would seize, and the incestuous lovers could return to their home planet safely.

The transvestite fell backwards onto the stairs leading up to the stage. “Good heavens, that’s a laser,” said the wheelchair ridden professor, Dr. Scott. The siblings turned their heads towards him simultaneously. “Yes, Dr. Scott, a laser capable of emitting a beam of pure anti-matter,” Riff Raff replied.

“You mean, you’re going to kill him?” asked Brad, who looked rather silly in a corset and garters. “What’s his crime?”

“You saw what became of Eddie,” said Dr. Scott, referring to his nephew and Columbia’s deceased lover, “society must be protected.”

“Exactly, Dr. Scott.” Riff Raff said. He looked back at Frank-N-Furter. “And now, Frank-N-Furter, your time has come. Say goodbye to all of…” He waved around the laser gun. “This. And hello to oblivion.” The laser gun was now pointed directly at Frank, and the transvestite rose from the stairs backing again, onto the stage. Riff Raff’s lips twitched. He grasped the gun with both hands preparing to shoot.

A blood curdling high-pitched scream came from behind. Riff spun around and shot the source. The groupie Columbia fell to the ground.

Magenta continued to stare forward. She feared if she took her eyes off Frank, he would escape somehow. She also feared if she looked behind, she would have to face the reality of her friend’s death. If she didn’t see her lifeless form, she could pretend that the laser had simply missed, and that the vivacious groupie was still alive, though gripping the spotlight in fear.

Frank shuddered; Columbia’s death was an affirmation of his approaching demise. He looked around for a way to escape Riff Raff’s laser, and began to climb the curtains draped in front of the floorshow stage.

Magenta’s eyes continued to follow Frank. This wasn’t the plan. The plan was to take Furter as prisoner and bring him back to Transylvania where he could be prosecuted for his crimes. That was what she had decided with Riff, wasn’t it? Her memory had been falling by the way side lately, but surely she would have remembered if the plan involved murder. What would happen to her brother once they returned to Transexual? Murder was one thing, but murdering the prince was a crime punishable by death. Magenta couldn’t possibly bear to live a day without her brother, how was she supposed to go on if he was executed?

As Riff Raff slowly moved towards his target with a psychotic grin on his face, Magenta found herself unable to move. She felt a flood of emotions including all her pent up anger at Frank, her immediate grief for poor Columbia, and fear for the fate of her dearest brother. The laser blasted out from the point of the gun, and with a cry of anguish, Dr. Frank-N-Furter fell to the ground, tearing the curtains in the process.

Janet screamed. There was a loud cracking sound signifying the destruction to the floorshow set, and Frank’s neck. Janet was trembling in Brad’s arms, and Rocky gripped the wheelchair of Dr. Scott who had covered his eyes.

The curtain fell upon Frank’s corpse, making the stage look like even more of a crime scene. Magenta moved up the stairs to stand beside her brother, who slowly lowered the gun from where it pointed towards Frank. The creature Rocky was in anguish. He let out a grunt, and rushed towards his creator’s body. He dove onto the ground and scrambled to rip the curtains aside. He began to make a noise that sounded like a primate sobbing, as he cradled The Master’s head. Magenta queried that she had never seen Frank look so peaceful. Rocky picked up the body in his muscular arms. 

Riff Raff felt angry at the creature. How could he care about a man who used him as a sex slave? He pointed the laser gun at Rocky’s chest. In theory, the creature was innocent; he had literally been born yesterday, but it had to be done. He could be hostile; he did still have loyalty to Frank. 

Riff pulled the trigger, waiting for the muscle man to fall to the ground. To Riff Raff and his sister’s surprise and chagrin, the laser did not kill Rocky Horror. Instead, it was deflected backwards, luckily missing the siblings. How was this possible? Perhaps it was due to his half of a brain, or the fact that he was not born naturally, Riff thought. Still, this had never happened before.

Rocky headed around the pool and towards the RKO tower, receiving blasts from the laser gun. The creature began to climb up the RKO tower that was part of the floorshow set, with Frank still in his arms. As Riff Raff shot him again, Rocky turned around and shook a fist at him while letting out another growl. He pulled Frank’s arm over his shoulder and continued to climb. It was like an image from one of Columbia’s beloved movies, though Rocky most definitely did not look like an ape. Frank’s forehead was dripping blood. With gritted teeth, Riff pulled the laser gun trigger a final time. The laser struck the top of the RKO tower, causing it to flash red. It began to topple forwards sending Rocky and Furter plummeting into the pool. Rocky’s body rose to the surface of the water; dead.

“Good God!” exclaimed Brad.

“You’ve killed them,” said Janet, horrified at what she had just witnessed.

Magenta was confused. Why would her brother want to kill Dr. Frank-N-Furter? He had made the mission ten times more difficult, and he was a bit much to be around sometimes, but he had always seemed to have a positive opinion of him. “But I thought you liked them,” said Magenta to her brother. The creature too. They did mess with him once or twice but it was never anything out of hatred. “They liked you.”

“They didn’t like me!” cried Riff Raff, tears streaming down his face.“They never liked me!” He couldn’t look at his sister. How innocent she looked. She didn’t know. Or rather, she did, she just couldn’t remember. It was true, Riff thought, Frank only wanted him for his mind, nothing else. There was no kind of camaraderie in it, only Frank’s personal gain. His brow furrowed in misery.

“You did right,” said Dr. Scott. Both siblings turned to face him, Riff pointing the laser gun. What a kiss ass, thought Magenta. Riff Raff strode up to the doctor, Magenta in tow.

“A decision had to be made,” droned Riff; he was back in military mode.

“You’re okay by me.” Dr. Scott stuck his hand out for an unknown reason.

“Dr. Scott,” said Riff Raff, “I’m sorry about your nephew.” He couldn’t help but feel partly responsible for Eddie’s death, and he did help Frank serve him to the unsuspecting dinner guests.

“Eddie? Yes, well, perhaps it was for the best.” He chuckled for a moment then stopped; there was still a laser gun directed at him.

“You should leave now, Dr. Scott, while it is still possible. We are about to beam the entire house back to the planet of Transexual,” he gestured with his laser gun, then glanced at his sister. The name alone gave Magenta a lovely mental image of their home planet. “in the galaxy of Transylvania.” He eyed Brad and Janet as well. “Go.” The three stood frozen. “Now.” They hurriedly shuffled off of the stage, trying to escape the house as fast as humanly possible.

Magenta began to cackle. It reminded her of when she and Riff Raff would terrorize teenagers who dared to trespass on the property.

Riff returned the laser gun to his belt and turned to look at his sister’s lovely face. “Our noble mission is almost completed my most…” he outstretched a hand to caress her cheek, “beautiful sister,” she leaned towards his touch. “And soon we shall return to the moon-drenched shores of our beloved planet.” He was looking deeply into her eyes. Damn, she looked beautiful in her uniform.

“Oh, sweet Transexual,” she looked off into the distance, day dreaming about home. “Land of night,” she continued, “to sing and dance once more to your dark refrains.” Magenta crossed the stage, her brother following behind. She looked over at him, “to take that step to the right.”

“Ha!” exclaimed Riff Raff, as they both took a wide step to the right. Magenta had a giddy look on her face as her brother spoke the next line of the Time Warp. “But it’s the pelvic thrust!” 

She grinned at him, “and our world will do the Time Warp again!” They put their palms together as they began to laugh, raising them until their wrists connected then their elbows. It had become their gesture of affection towards one another. 

The castle blasted off, leaving Brad, Janet, and Dr. Scott behind. This was it; the lovers were heading back to their beloved planet.