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Daily Life at Hope's Peak Academy

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Hajime always admired Hope's Peak Academy. When they announced that they would be accepting applications for students without ultimate level talents he was among the first in line. That admiration transfered to his schoolwork. He always turned in assingments on time, he always scored high on exams and he always gave 110 percent in class.

And now, at the beginning of his second year, he was being called in to speak with the headmaster. To say he was somewhat nervous was an understatement. The man in charge of the academy he held in such high regard had asked to see him personally. He had no idea what this meeting would entail, but seeing no reason to keep the headmaster waiting, took a deep breath and stepped inside.

"You wanted to see me, Mr. Kirigiri?" He said as he stepped into the office

"Ah, Hinata. Please, take a seat" Replied the headmaster, gesturing to a chair in front of his deck. Hajime sat down as instructed, and took a second to look around the office. There was a case displaying various trophies and awards the academy had won, and above that were the portraits of previous headmasters. On the other side of the room was a bookshelf, stacked high with both textbooks, as well as the yearbooks of previous classes

"Anyway, let me just get to the point. I've been looking at the test scores for the reserve course students..."

This was it. This was exactly what Hajime was afraid of. They had gotten suspicious of his high test scores, decided that he was cheating, and he was being expelled.

"And I have to say, I am very proud of you."

"Huh?" Hajime was so suprised he couldn't stop himself from speaking.

"The truth is, one of the classes in the main course is down a student. They never showed up at all last year and we believe that they simply decided not to attend." The headmaster continued. "As such we have decided the best course of action is to transfer a student from the reserve course to the main course."

Hajime couldn't believe what he was hearing. "Sir, you don't mean..."

"That's right. Starting today, you will be attending hopes peak as the Ultimate Academic"

"Sir that's incredible! You don't know how much this means for me!"

"However!" Kirigiri interrupted, "this is no excuse for you to start slacking off. You'll often hear students say that the main course curriculum is easier than the reserve, but that is because we give students assignments based on their talents. And as an academic, your workload will only become more difficult."

"Y-yes sir" Hajime managed to stammer out, still not quite over his newfound ultimate status.

"I had to pull some strings to make this happen. You better not disapoint me."

"I won't sir. Thank you for this oppotunity sir."

"Starting tomorrow, you'll be a member of class 77-b. Your homeroom teacher is Ms. Yukizome, and if you like, you can move into the dorms. Unless you have any more questions, that should be all. You can go."


Hajime stood outside the door to his new classroom. If he thought he was nervous when he was called to the headmasters office, that was nothing compared to his first steps into the main course. He had no idea what his new classmates were like. If his meeting with the headmaster went wrong, that was just one meeting. He could recover. But these students would be his classmates for the next two years. If he made a bad first impression, that could make the rest of his high school life very difficult. Eventually, he realized that just standing there would accomplish nothing, so taking a deep breath, he opened the door, stepped inside, and saw...


"Ah, Hajime. Are you our new classmate? That's nice." The short girl said, looking up from her game console upon hearing her name.

"Ah! Here he is! Everyone, meet Hajime Hinata, the newest member of our class!" Said a cheery voice to his side, which he quickly identified as coming from the teacher, Ms. Yukizome."You can take that seat in the back Hajime."


Hajime took his assigned seat, next to a boy with purple hair and a jumpsuit.

"Hey man, nice to meet you." The boy said. "Name's Kazuichi Souda. I'm sure you'll fit right in with this group of weirdos."

"Thanks." Hajime responded. Maybe being an ultimate wouldn't be so bad after all.