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Lover, Please Stay

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Keigo doesn’t know what to do.

Keigo is standing in a dark alleyway, the moon shines above him, the stars sparkle brightly in the sky.
He can’t appreciate the stars, though. He looks to the sky, but the tears still collected in his eyes cause the stars and the moon above him to blur together.
Keigo closes his eyes, leans back until his back presses to the wall and then crouches down.
Endeavor tried to kill Touya.
Endeavor thinks he succeeded in killing Touya. Killing his own son. Because he refused to stop loving Keigo.
Touya doesn’t blame Keigo. Never did. Keigo can’t blame himself. He can’t, he can’t, he can’t.
Touya died because he loved Keigo. Touya loves Keigo. Touya’s dead. Dabi doesn’t love Hawks. Dabi doesn’t love Keigo. Dabi doesn’t love anyone.
Keigo loves Touya, and if loving Touya means loving Dabi, then Keigo loves Dabi, too. Keigo loves Dabi and Dabi loves nothing.
Keigo sucks in a deep breath. Opens his eyes and wipes his tears away with a fist. Stares at the sky until the stars are no longer a singular blob, but their own twinkling entities.
Keigo digs a hand into an inner pocket of his jacket. Grabs hold of his keys. Holds them tightly and looks down.
A keychain rests in his palm. It wasn’t very pretty to begin with, but after thirteen years of use, it has become quite the ugly sight.
It means the world to Keigo. It has meant the world to Keigo ever since his ninth birthday, but especially in the past six years.
T.T is carved in small, neat letters in one of the corners of the keychain. The initials have almost completely worn away from how many times Keigo has run his thumb over them. That doesn’t stop him from doing it once more.
Keigo presses his lips together, closes his hand lightly around the keychain, and stands up from his crouch. His knees protest, but Keigo doesn’t care.
He shoves his hands into his pockets, unwilling to release the keychain just yet, and allows his wings to lift him into the sky.
Surrounded by the stars, Keigo flies home. He doesn’t want to think. He doesn’t want to remember just how disappointed Tou- no, Dabi - how disappointed Dabi was.
Keigo has to fix this. He has to. Winged Hero: Hawks messed up, and Keigo has to fix things.
Keigo removes the keychain from the rest of his keys. He places the keychain on his bedside table, and it watches as he flops down, ready to stop thinking.

The first thing Keigo thinks about when he opens his eyes is Todoroki Natsuo.
Touya always talked about Natsuo, when they were kids. The boys were close, so close, and Touya clearly adored his little brother.
Keigo doesn’t know how to contact Todoroki Natsuo, but Winged Hero: Hawks shouldn’t have too hard of a time. He’s not supposed to be in the office, but coming in on his days off is not an uncommon thing for the number two hero, even if he only does it to say hello to his sidekicks and keep up appearances.
Keigo dons his hero costume, and Winged Hero: Hawks flies to his hero agency.
Winged Hero: Hawks greets his sidekicks.
Winged Hero: Hawks brushes away comments about working too hard as he grabs a cup of coffee.
Winged Hero: Hawks locks himself in his office.
Keigo sits at his desk, unlocks his computer, and looks through every database he has access to until he can find contact information for Todoroki Natsuo.
It hits him, as he’s reading through Endeavor’s emergency contact list, that Keigo could have simply reached out to Natsuo through social media.
Keigo comes close to giving up, even pulling his cell phone from his pocket to begin searching for Natsuo online, until he finds a small section at the bottom of Endeavor’s file titled ‘Dependants.’
Keigo tries to ignore the irritation that blooms when he sees no mention of Rei. Her name is nowhere to be found on the file, as if Endeavor is ashamed of his own wife. Keigo wouldn’t put it past him.
If anything, Keigo should be glad. Rei was able to rid herself of that man.
Shaking his head, Keigo forces himself to focus.
Keigo copies down the number listed next to Natsuo’s name, and then dials it on his personal cell immediately.
He can’t pretend to be surprised when he is sent to voicemail.
He tells Natsuo he is Hawks, please call him back, it’s very important.
Keigo closes everything on his computer, locking it once again and standing up from his desk.
Winged Hero: Hawks prepares to exit his office once more, but pauses at the sound of his phone ringing in his pocket.
The call display shows Natsuo is returning his call, much sooner than Keigo expected.
Natsuo doesn’t know how Hawks got his number, but if it is something involving his father, Hawks should call his sister, Fuyumi, first.
It’s not involving Natsuo’s father, though, and Keigo asks if Natsuo would be willing to meet him somewhere?
Natsuo is silent a moment, before he agrees, giving Keigo the location of a cafe and a time he’ll be there.
Keigo thanks him, hangs up, and chooses to exit from his office patio, rather than the agency’s front doors.

Winged Hero: Hawks arrives at the designated cafe five minutes early, and is surprised to see Todoroki Natsuo already there, waiting for him.
Keigo never met Natsuo, as a kid. Touya was very careful to keep Keigo away from his siblings, even when he had his secret sleepovers at the Todoroki household.
Keigo did meet Rei, however.
It was an accident, of course. Keigo had made just a bit too much noise when he snuck through the window, and Rei came running to check on her eldest child.
Touya tried to hide Keigo in his closet, but the boys weren’t quick enough, and Rei opened the door to her oldest son trying to shove a winged boy in a too-small closet.
Rei scanned the situation for only a couple seconds, before she smiled, held one finger up to her lips, and exited the boy’s room, closing the door behind her.
So, even though Keigo never met Natsuo, he knew who the boy was right off the bat. There was no mistaking that snow-white hair.
Winged Hero: Hawks sits in front of Natsuo, award winning smile on his face.
Winged Hero: Hawks extends a hand, introducing himself.
Todoroki Natsuo accepts Winged Hero: Hawks’ handshake, introducing himself in a bored voice.
Winged Hero: Hawks asks if Natsuo would be willing to go somewhere more private, their conversation is...sensitive.
With a quirk of an eyebrow that is all too similar to Touya, Natsuo agrees, standing from the small table the two men occupied and leading the hero out of the cafe.
Winged Hero: Hawks follows Todoroki Natsuo to a small park, empty aside from the two of them, who sit down at a wooden picnic table amongst the trees.
It’s silent, for a while, before Winged Hero: Hawks finally speaks.
“My name is Keigo.”
Natsuo looks at him, saying nothing. There is no flicker of recognition in his eyes, nothing to make Keigo think Natsuo knows anything about his history with Touya.
Keigo takes a deep breath before continuing. “I...I was really close with Touya. When we were kids.”
Keigo watches as a multitude of emotions cross Natsuo’s face. Sadness, confusion, shock, before the boy finally settles on anger. “You knew Touya? Did you know who our dad was? Did you know what our dad did to us? What he did to Touya? Shouto?”
“Yes,” Keigo replies, shame clear in his voice. “I know it all. Touya told me everything. I was there when Endeavor sent your mother away. I wanted to help, I wanted to do something, but Touya asked me not to. He told me he’s tried, and your mother tried, too, but the police did nothing, and he didn’t want your father knowing who I was. I’m sorry Natsuo.”
Natsuo glares at the hero in front of him. “You went on T.V and said you idolise Endeavor.”
Keigo rubs a hand down his face. “I know. I...I had a plan. But things are different, the plan is scrapped. I have a different plan, now. I need your help with it, though. And Shouto, maybe, if you think he would. I don’t think Fuyumi would, at least the Fuyumi that Touya told me about wouldn’t want to help. Does she still want to reunite you all as a family?”
Natsuo nods, taking a moment to process all of Keigo’s rambling.
After a moment, the middle Todoroki brother speaks. “Shouto might help, depending on what exactly it is you’re planning.”
“Press release. Tell the world what I know. Everything.”
Natsuo stops, stares at Keigo, doesn’t break eye contact. “How do I know you aren’t lying?”
Keigo’s gaze falls down to his own hands, fingers fiddling with a feather. He doesn’t look up as he replies. “Touya...we were together. For years. We never even broke up, technically, but, well. You know.”
Silence surrounds them. It feels like mourning, it makes Keigo feel bad, but Natsuo can’t know. Natsuo can’t know because Natsuo would be so upset to find out his brother became a villain. Natsuo can’t know because Dabi wouldn’t want Natsuo to know. Natsuo can’t know, Natsuo can’t know, Keigo can’t tell him.
“Touya told me who your father is when we were nine.” Memories flood his mind, the playground, Touya whispering his family name, Keigo telling his own story. Touya’s tenth birthday.
They were so young, they never should have worked, Keigo was so young and Touya was so young but somehow with the both of them, it worked.
God, Keigo is still hopelessly in love with Touya.
Keigo finally, finally, brings his gaze back up to meet Natsuo’s.
“I think Shouto will help. I’ll see if he can get out of the dorms to meet us somewhere.”

Natsuo tells Keigo that classes at UA finish in thirty minutes, and Shouto can meet them at the front gates, so they can find somewhere private to talk on campus, if they like. He would need permission to leave campus, and he can’t get it without notice unless it’s an emergency.
Keigo agrees easily, and the two men begin the journey to UA. They get a few looks on their trip, however it’s not uncommon for a hero to visit UA, and Natsuo isn’t known by the public, so there isn’t a big deal to be made.
Sure to his word, Todoroki Shouto meets them at the gates when they arrive. They’re a couple minutes late, but Todoroki Shouto doesn’t comment, instead looking Winged Hero: Hawks up and down, before turning to face his older brother. Shouto asks how he met a pro hero as high up as Hawks, why are they there, what do they want?
Natsuo holds two hands up, a placating gesture, suggests they find somewhere private to talk. Somewhere that students are unlikely to listen in.
Todoroki Shouto looks between the two men in front of him, contemplating, before he nods and begins to walk deep into the school campus.

Todoroki Shouto stops walking when the three of them have reached a large field. It’s used, he explains, for sports, mostly. Students are too busy studying for exams to goof off playing sports, however, so they shouldn’t be bothered by anyone. Even if they are, they’ll be able to see them approaching. It should do well.
Winged Hero: Hawks nods, extends a hand to the youngest Todoroki child, and introduces himself as Takami Keigo.
Keigo sees a flash of recognition in Todoroki Shouto’s eyes.
“You know me, don’t you? You heard of me.”
Natsuo’s eyes widen. He whips his head to watch his younger brother.
Todoroki Shouto nods slowly. “Touya...He thought I was asleep. He was in my room. He was helping me calm down for bed. Training was rough, that night, and he was sitting with me. He did that a lot when it was bad. He had been talking, all night, because distracting me calmed me down. He thought I was asleep. He told me about Keigo. He said Keigo was going to be a hero, one day. He was thirteen, when he told me that.”
Shouto’s eyes don’t leave the grass as he speaks, even when he begins to tear up and his voice becomes quieter and quieter until he eventually trails into silence.
Keigo rests a hand on Shouto’s shoulder, and Shouto starts. Keigo quickly removes his hand. He should have known. Of course, Shouto wouldn’t want to be touched. He’s Touya’s brother. They’re talking about Touya. He thinks Touya is dead. Shouto would be feeling vulnerable. Touya wouldn’t want to be touched. Shouto doesn’t, either.
Keigo waits; waits until the tears have cleared from Shouto’s eyes, until Shouto has stopped sniffling and stopped staring at the grass.
“That’s why I’m here, Shouto.” He says gently. “Touya told me. Everything. About Endeavor. I remember the day you got that scar on your eye. I remember the day your quirk developed, and what Touya told me about your father’s reaction. I know it all. And I want to make that right. I’ve been hiding this knowledge for far too long. I had a plan, but I’ve scrapped that plan, it was no good. I need to make this right. I have a new plan, and if you wanted to be by my side for it, I would be honoured. If not, I understand. I don’t know what your opinion on Endeavor is. I’m doing this for you, for your siblings, for your mother. For Touya.”
Shouto studies Keigo’s face for a moment. Stares hard. His stare reminds Keigo of Touya, but he should expect that by now. Everything about the Todoroki family reminds him of Touya. He’s head over heels in love with Todoroki Touya.
“I’ll do what I can.”

Twenty four hours later, Keigo finds himself on a small stage, with Todoroki Natsuo and Todoroki Shouto behind him, and with at least forty reporters squished into the small room in front of him. Cameras and microphones point at him, journalists with notepads and pens in their front pockets chat amongst themselves.
Keigo looks at the brothers behind him. Todoroki Natsuo has just texted Todoroki Fuyumi an apology, on Keigo’s behalf. He will apologize to her in person later, if she allows him to. He just couldn’t risk her trying to talk him out of his plan. He understands her motives, he really does, but he has to do this. For Touya. For Dabi.
The clock reaches four p.m, the doors close, the chatter dies down, Winged Hero: Hawks steps up to the microphone.
“I’m sure you’re all wondering why I’ve called you here on such short notice. I do apologize, but I wanted to do this as quickly as possible. I’m here to talk to you about Endeavor, our current number one hero. Behind me are two of his children, Todoroki Natsuo, and Todoroki Shouto.”
Winged Hero: Hawks takes a deep breath, and he talks.
He explains.
Quirk marriages. Training. Todoroki Touya.
He looks behind him. Shouto and Natsuo’s faces remain a practiced calm.
He met Todoroki Touya when he was seven years old.
Todoroki Touya had burns and bruises on his body nearly every time Keigo met him at the park. He never let the injuries bring him down, even when he would move and Keigo could see him trying to hide a wince.
He fell in love with Todoroki Touya when he was nine years old. He ignores the quiet murmurs of his crowd when he says his, continuing on with his speech so he doesn’t get interrupted.
Endeavor made Touya because he wanted a child to carry on his legacy. Touya’s quirk hurt his body, but Endeavor didn’t care. He was born to use his quirk so he was going to use his quirk.
When Shouto’s quirk came in, Endeavor switched his focus. Shouto was not allowed to play with his siblings. The only time Shouto saw Touya was when Touya snuck into his room at night, to calm him down after a particularly brutal training session.
When Winged Hero: Hawks and Todoroki Touya were sixteen, Endeavor found out. Somehow, Endeavor found out, and he didn’t like what he found out.
Keigo stops. Takes a deep breath.
Winged Hero: Hawks continues.
Endeavor did everything in his power to end what he found out. Todoroki Touya and Takami Keigo were in love, and Todoroki Touya refused to pretend he wasn’t.
Endeavor did everything in his power to end that.
Todoroki Touya has not been seen since that day. Presumed dead.
The room is silent, aside from the whirring of several cameras. Winged Hero: Hawks doesn’t cry, because he has learned not to. He can’t cry, heroes don’t cry. He breathes.
The police and the Hero Public Safety Commission know. They know what Endeavor has done, because his wife and his children have tried to report it.
Winged Hero: Hawks has been sitting on this information for far too long, because he has known that going to the police will not help. Endeavor will not be taken down without a public outcry.
Nobody breathes. Keigo looks behind him, once again, to the Todoroki brothers behind him. Still, their faces are neutral. Their eyes betray nothing.
A reporter speaks up.
“After so many years, what brought this on?”
Winged Hero: Hawks pauses. Reaches a hand into his pocket, rubs his thumb on an old keychain.
Keigo turns around, looks the Todoroki brothers in their eyes. Their neutral faces slip, only briefly, into confusion at the pitying look on the hero’s face.
Winged Hero: Hawks faces the crowd once again.
“I recently ran into Touya.” Chair scrape all around him, but all he can hear is a matching sharp intake of breath from the brothers behind him. Reporters yell, trying to be heard over all the noise, but Winged Hero: Hawks shakes his head. “No more questions, please. Thank you all for your time.”
Keigo doesn’t have the energy to be Winged Hero: Hawks. He walks into a back room of his company, away from where the conference was being held, the Todoroki brothers hot on his heels. He tries to hold back his tears, but finds the task difficult.
He loves Todoroki Touya so much it hurts.
He doesn’t like to think about what Touya went through, doesn’t like to talk about it, because Todoroki Touya deserved so much better than he got.
Natsuo yells. Demands to know where his brother is. He deserves to know where his brother is. How dare Keigo hide it from them. He should have told them yesterday, right off the bat, they could have invited Touya to the press conference, how dare he.
Shouto is silent. Contemplating. His eyes tear up, but the tears don’t spill over. Touya is alive.
Keigo presses his hands over his ears. It’s so loud, the reporters are still causing a commotion the next room over, Natsuo’s phone is ringing, Shouto is whimpering. Keigo is shaking.
He loves Touya so much.
How is he supposed to tell the Todoroki siblings that their beloved brother is the villain Dabi?
He loves Dabi so much.
Natsuo puts his phone on speaker, and then Todoroki Fuyumi is telling Winged Hero: Hawks to give her permission to enter right now.
Keigo nods, mumbles yes, crouches down and presses on his ears harder. A door opens and closes, probably an assistant going to fetch Fuyumi, and Keigo shuts his eyes tight.
Keigo isn’t in his right mind. If he were, he would never let the Todoroki siblings see him in this state.
He doesn’t let anyone see him like this. Even Touya only saw it once, when they were fifteen and Keigo really, really didn’t want to be a hero anymore.
Touya ran a hand down his back, over his wings, on his shoulder and down his arm until he was calm. It was good. Not too much, not too little, just right. Touya always knew how to make him feel good.
The Todoroki siblings don’t know what to do. Don’t even seem to notice what’s wrong. Keigo can’t say he blames them. He’s just dropped a bomb on them. He doesn’t even want them to notice what’s wrong.
Keigo takes a deep breath. Takes another. Opens his eyes and looks around the room. Shouto is sitting on a couch, staring at the wall, and Keigo recognizes that look. Touya made it, sometimes.
Keigo pulls his hands away from his ears, stands up, takes a deep breath. Walks to where Shouto sits. Asks if Shouto is okay. Does he want company?
Shouto nods, and Keigo sits. Not close enough to touch, but close enough that his presence is known. Some of the tenseness leaves Shouto’s body.
The door opens, hitting the wall beside it with a slam, and Fuyumi stands in the doorway. Keigo never met her, but she looks so much like her mother, he would know who she was even if circumstances were different.
She glares daggers at Keigo, stalking into the room and sitting on a couch opposite from him and Shouto. Natsuo sits beside her.
Keigo’s sidekick runs down the hallway, making to enter the room, but Keigo tells him to go, he’s got this under control, please close the door.
Fuyumi is much more calm than Natsuo but she, like him, wants to know where her brother is.
Keigo shouldn’t tell them. If Touya wanted them to know, he would tell them. It’s really not Keigo’s place to tell them and really, he doesn’t think they want to know.
Natsuo glares at him. Of course they want to know. He’s their brother. They deserve to know. He has to tell them.
Keigo looks at Shouto. The youngest Todoroki is still expressionless, but he makes eye contact with Keigo.
Please. Shouto begs. His voice is flat, his face is neutral, but Keigo knows the boy is begging. Please, tell them.
Keigo heaves a sigh.
“He looks different. He’s got a lot of scars, from when your father…” He trails off, but he knows the siblings know what he’s implying. He just can’t bring himself to say it again. “He dyes his hair, now. He got piercings. He doesn’t look like Touya anymore, and that’s on purpose.”
Fuyumi tears up, but her voice is steady when she tells him that’s okay, they aren’t going to be upset about what he looks like. He’s their brother, they’ll love him no matter what.
Keigo breathes in.
“He’s a villain.”
The silence in the room is deafening. It hangs over them like a heavy fog, a thick tension. Keigo clears his throat, looks at the floor. He doesn’t want to see the disappointment he knows they’re all feeling. Their own brother, a villain.
A villain.
“Is he a big name villain? Has he made the news?” Shouto asks. His voice is so flat, no emotion, it hurts Keigo’s heart. Almost as much as that question from that boy.
Keigo looks at the Todoroki siblings in turn. They have matching neutral expressions, although Fuyumi’s eyes show worry, Natsuo’s disappointment.
He takes a deep breath. Looks at Shouto. Looks away.
“His name is Dabi. He’s part of the League of Villains.”
Natsuo sucks in a sharp breath. Fuyumi gasps. “Aren’t they...your training camp...your classmate…”
Shouto nods. “I saw him. I fought him. He said my name. I should have known. Oh, God, I should have known.”
Fuyumi rushes forward, tears in her eyes, and wraps her arms around her younger brother. Shouto doesn’t reciprocate the hug, but he doesn’t shove her off, either. Keigo stands.
“I’m sorry. I don’t know where he is. I ran into him in an alley. He ran off.”
Dabi doesn’t love anything. Doesn’t know how.
Keigo leaves the room, leaves the Todoroki siblings.

It’s night. Winged Hero: Hawks is patrolling, once again flying amongst the stars.
Flames shoot out, straight into the sky, from a familiar alley. Winged Hero: Hawks flies down, quicker than he probably ever has, and comes face-to-fist with Dabi’s flames.
It would feel like deja-vu, if he weren’t so sad. His emotions are all wrong, this time.
Keigo is in love with Dabi. Dabi doesn’t love him, doesn’t want to love him, doesn’t care.
Dabi is snarling. Keigo is stupid, so, so fucking stupid. What was he thinking? Why would he say all that?
“Stop it.”
“Touya. I did it for Touya.”
Dabi glares. “Stop saying that fucking name. Touya is dead. You know that. Except, you don’t, apparently! Because you just told the press you saw him the other fucking day! Because you’re a fucking idiot!”
“I did it because Touya deserved for his story to be told, and he couldn’t possibly do it himself. I did it because I was sitting on the knowledge for too long. I did it because Endeavor needs to be taken down. I did it because Touya didn’t deserve any of what was done to him. Touya deserved a life.”
“Why would you bring Natsuo and Shouto into it? You’re selfish, hero.”
Keigo shakes his head. He knows that Touya can see the sadness on his face. He doesn’t care. He doesn’t try to hide from Touya. Touya doesn’t judge him for having emotions. Touya gets it. Touya isn’t pretending to be Dabi anymore. Dabi doesn’t care about Touya’s siblings.
“I did it because they deserved to know. I wasn’t trying to be selfish.”
He doesn’t know how to tell Touya that his siblings know who he is. Know about Dabi. He doesn’t want to lie to Touya - he can’t lie to Touya, really. But he doesn’t know how to bring it up.
Touya shakes his hand. Extinguishes his flames. Flexes his fingers.
“I’m sorry, Touya. I love you. I was trying to make things right. I fucked up before, I was trying to fix it. I knew I couldn’t do it by myself, I needed their permission and their help, so I got it. I just wanted to do something right for you. I love you.”
“Stop saying that.”
He shakes his head. Wipes away a stray tear from the corner of his own eye. “I love you.”
“I’ll do anything you need. I love you. I want to keep you safe.”
Touya clenches his fist. “I don’t love you.”
“You’re lying. You said it, already. Touya loves Keigo. You can try as hard as you want, but deep down, you’re still Touya. I know you are. I love you. I want to be with you, Touya.”
“Leave me alone, Hawks.”
Keigo shakes his head. “I’m not Hawks. Hawks isn’t real. I told you this already. I’m Keigo. I love Touya and if loving Touya means loving Dabi then I love Dabi, too.”
Touya doesn’t reply. He walks further down the alley. Keigo rushes to catch up.
“Please don’t leave me.”
Touya turns around, finally. “You need to forget me, Keigo. You need to get over me. You can’t love me forever. Dabi is incapable of love and that’s who I am now. Deny it all you want, but it’s the truth. Let go.”
Keigo hadn’t realized he had been grasping Dabi’s hand until the villain pulled it out of his grip. His own hands feel cold in the night air. He grabs the old keychain out of his pocket.
Dabi looks at the keychain in Keigo’s hands, but his expression doesn’t change. Dabi doesn’t have feelings, after all. All Dabi wants is revenge.
Dabi turns around and once again, leaves Keigo alone in an alley.

It’s less than twenty four hours that Endeavor finds Touya.
Keigo is flying as fast as he can across town. It’s outside his regular jurisdiction, but authorities are calling for all hands on deck. Winged Hero: Hawks was already rushing when he heard that, but when the update came through, that it was a fight between Dabi and Endeavor, his urgency increased tenfold. He is flying the fastest he ever has, and it still doesn’t feel fast enough.
He can feel the heat increasing, the closer he gets to the battle zone.
He knows they want him there to rescue civilians, but he doesn’t care. He’s not Winged Hero: Hawks right now. He’s Takami Keigo. He’s here for Todoroki Touya. Even if the authorities don’t know that, yet.

He reaches the battle zone, sending a sharpened feather through Endeavor’s arm before he has even touched the ground. News crews surround them, too close to really be safe. Close enough, however, to hear every word Endeavor and Dabi say.
Keigo knows this is by design. He knows, as a hero, he should stop it. Get them out of the way.
Keigo doesn’t care. He’s not a hero right now. He’s here for Todoroki Touya.
Endeavor laughs, pulling the now bloodied feather out of his left bicep. “Look at that! Your little boyfriend has come to the rescue. Isn’t that sweet, Touya?”
Dabi snarls. “Don’t fucking call me that.”
“I gave you the name, and you ruined my career. I think I have the right to at least call you by the name I gifted you, son.”
Dabi’s hands light up, the villain shaking with rage. “I’m going to fucking kill you, Dad.”
Endeavor laughs. “How sweet. I’d like to see you try, villain.”
Dabi charges.
Keigo watches, not moving to stop the villain. Reporters and civilians alike scream at Winged Hero: Hawks to help, he can’t let Endeavor die, no matter how terrible a person he may be. That’s not heroic, to let a man die.
Keigo ignores them. He sharpens another feather, sends it flying towards Endeavor. It enters the man’s shoulder, bringing with it a yelp of pain.
Keigo tries to use the feather to push Endeavor back, give Dabi more of an advantage, but Endeavor grabs the feather out of his shoulder and snaps it in half.
Keigo does what he can. Sharpens more feathers, sends them towards Endeavor, but the hero has begun to pay more attention to him. His feathers are being burnt before they can hit the man. Keigo is quickly running out of them.
Dabi isn’t doing well, Keigo can tell. He knows what Touya looks like when he’s overheated, over-exhausted, overdone it.
Dabi looks worse than Touya ever has.
Keigo wants to help, has to help.
He doesn’t know how.

He can’t possibly pull Dabi out of the fight. Dabi would hate him forever if he did that. If he took away his once chance of revenge against the man who made his life hell. Keigo doesn’t want that.
He loves Touya far too much to risk the man ever hating him.
Perhaps Touya had been right, perhaps Keigo really is selfish.
Keigo would rather be dead than live knowing Touya hated him.

Endeavor yells at his son. Tells him he should have died properly the first time. He always knew Touya would be a disappointment.
Keigo sees red. Dabi is bleeding, heavily.
Touya deserves none of this. Touya deserves the world. Touya deserves all the good things, Touya deserves to feel good, Touya deserves love and niceness and Keigo wishes he could take away all the bad things Touya had to go through.
Keigo sees white.
Keigo sees grey.
Smoke. Debris.
Where is Dabi? Where is Touya? Endeavor, what did you do to Touya, what did you do, what the fuck did you do?
The smoke clears some. Keigo can see Endeavor staring at the ground.
Keigo looks down. Blinks. Stares.
Dabi doesn’t move from where he’s crumpled. Doesn’t breathe. His skin that used to be purple, leathery, is now black and charred.
Keigo runs to where Dabi lays face down in the dirt. He rolls Dabi over, doesn’t react as the newly charred skin slides off Dabi’s body, leaving bare muscle in its wake.
He stares at Dabi’s face. His eyes are open, unfocused, dead.
He isn’t moving, isn’t breathing, his heart isn’t beating. Dabi is dead.
Touya is dead.
Keigo cries. He cries and he doesn’t try to hide it as he does.
Touya is dead, dead, fucking dead.
Keigo cradles Dabi’s dead body as he cries.
He cries as he releases a large feather, cries as he sharpens it, cries as he drives it through the heart of a hunched-over and heaving Endeavor.
Touya is dead.

Keigo loves Touya so much, he doesn’t know what to do with himself.
Touya told him to forget, but how could he, how could he possibly forget someone so incredible.
Touya was so incredible, Keigo can never forget him.
Touya is dead.
Dabi is dead.
Keigo can never stop loving Touya. Can never forget him, can never let him go, can never get over him.
Touya is dead and Keigo is still so, so in love with him.
Oh God, it hurts.
Keigo loves Touya, and it hurts so bad.