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Danganronpa: Despair Texting Club

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sadistasshole has created a new group chat!


sadistasshole: yo, bitches get your ass in here


Hiyoko Saionji has joined the chat!


Hiyoko Saionji: you interrupted me and mahiru's date for this crap?!


sadistasshole: sorry, had to ruin your little lesbian date


Mahiru Koizumi has joined the chat!


Mahiru Koizumi: it wasn't a date damnit


Chihiro Fujisaki has joined the chat!


Hiyoko Saionji: ew, the trap is here


Chihiro Fujisaki: :/


sadistasshole has changed Hiyoko Saionji's nickname to rude_bitch!


sadistasshole: that nickname suits you better


rude_bitch: asshole


sadistasshole: what asshole? you mean mine?


sadistasshole: what's your head doing that far up my ass anyway?


Makoto Naegi has joined the chat!


Chihiro Fujisaki: Ayeee


Makoto Naegi: ayeeeeee


Aoi Asahina has joined the chat!


Aoi Asahina: AYEEEEEEE


rude_bitch: wtf


Makoto Naegi: who da flup is dat?


Chihiro Fujisaki: its hiyoko-bitch


Makoto Naegi: oh, the nickname suits her well.


sadistasshole has changed Makoto Naegi's username to innocentcinnamonroll!


Yasuhiro Hagakure has joined the chat!


Yasuhiro Hagakure: AYEEEEE


Aoi Asahina: AYEEEEEEE


Mahiru Koizumi: and you all lost me...


innocentcinnamonroll: yay


Aoi Asahina: oh cmon i want one too!


sadistasshole has changed Aoi Asahina's username to powdereddonuts!


powdereddonuts: YAS


Sakura Ogami has joined the chat!


powdereddonuts: BAEEEE


sadistasshole has changed Yasuhiro Hagakure's username to wildhair1.0!


wildhair1.0: yeet


rude_bitch: excuse me, what the fuck was that


Byakuya Togami has joined the chat!


innocentcinnamonroll: eh, thats strange toko isnt here


Toko Fukawa has joined the chat!


Byakuya Togami: damn it


innocentcinnamonroll: nvm


wildhair1.0: he jinxed it


sadistasshole has changed Mahiru Koizumi's username to sweetapples!


sweetapples: ...what was the purpose of that...?


Nagito Komaeda has joined the chat!


wildhair1.0: OH SHIT


sweetapples: RUN MY CHILDREN


innocentcinnamonroll: ayeeee


Nagito Komaeda: ayeeeee


sadistasshole has changed Byakuya Togami's username to alois'twin!




alois'twin: oh hell no.


powdereddonuts: OMG


powdereddonuts: IT MAKES SENSE


wildhair1.0: well, both are rich and unstable.


Nagito Komaeda: excuse me, the unstable trophy is mine bitch, back off.


innocentcinnamonroll: baeee


Nagito Komaeda: baeee


alois'twin: ...


Toko Fukawa: ew, gays


wildhair1.0: pretty sure everyones gay for makoto anyway.


Akane Owari has joined that chat


Akane Owari: YOO


rude_bitch: oh great, kfc lover is here


sadistasshole: i just came up with something...


sadistasshole has changed Akane Owari's username to KFClover!


KFClover: :0


alois'twin: i feel insulted


Sakura Ogami: at what, yourself?


powdereddonuts: OOOH BURN


wildhair1.0: DAYUM


sadistasshole has changed Toko Fukawa's username to nippleslave!


nippleslave: ...


Nagito Komaeda: is this about the pretty nipple thing?


innocentcinnamonroll: please don't bring that up


sadistasshole has changed Nagito Komaeda's username to mentalbestboi


wildhair1.0: wait, i thought tobitch was best boy?


alois'twin: correction, i still am.


powdereddonuts: if you're counting toko then your popularity has already hit the drain.


alois'twin: ....


mentalbestboi: i bet i have way more fanfics than saltydude


alois'twin: come at me bitch


Ishimaru Kiyotaka has joined the chat!


mentalbestboi: could you repeat that?


alois'twin: ...i hate you


mentalbestboi: the feeling is mutual.


nippleslave: how could you even hate him?!


wildhair1.0: yo, togami tell your bitch to shut her mouth, she isn't talking but she's already annoying


alois'twin: i dont even recall giving her permission to even breathe.


KFClover: aw pooh, the whole group isnt here yet


Ishimaru Kiyotaka: Ahem, language.


sadistasshole has changed Ishimaru Kiyotaka's username to sweetchild!


innocentcinnamonroll: we just need the manwhore, Mondo and Sayaka and the trio is complete.


KFClover: whos manwhore?


Leon Kuwata has joined the chat!


innocentcinnamonroll: andddd there he is


sadistasshole: hold on, you forgot gothy bitch and the fat dude.


innocentcinnamonroll: i dont really count hifumi tbh


Celestia Ludenberg has joined the chat!


Leon Kuwata: yooo


Chihiro Fujisaki: hold on, the chat has no name.


Chihiro Fujisaki changed the chatroom name to makoto is best boi


mentalbestboi: i agree with this


alois'twin: i wholeheartedly do not.


nippleslave: are you blind?! change that to togami!


alois'twin: i don't recall giving you permission to be here.


alois'twin has kicked nippleslave out the chatroom!






innocentcinnamonroll: nah, nagito is best boi


mentalbestboi: no u are


Hajime Hinata has joined the chat!


Chihiro Fujisaki has changed Chihiro Fujisaki's username to bigballs


Hajime Hinata: ...what the hell did i walk into?


Leon Kuwata: welcome to the land of gays


KFClover: i have no sexuality, thank you.


rude_bitch: of course not, you can't have one if you lust after chicken.


rude_bitch: still a whore leon?


Leon Kuwata: i was a whore when i was born, a little too late for that dear.


innocentcinnamonroll: lol


Celestia Ludenberg: im starting to regret the fact that i joined this land of insanity...


Hajime Hinata: yo, can i unsubscribe?


mentalbestboi: why would you want to?


powdereddonuts: everyone who thinks makoto is best say aye


powereddonuts: aye


wildhair1.0: aye


mentalbestboi: aye


sweetchild: nae


alois'twin: nae


mentalbestboi: XCUSE ME HOES


wildhair1.0: OOOH SNAP


mentalbestboi: who da faq is better than makoto cause i will rip their head off their body


Hajime Hinata: I can believe you would do that since you set up chi-




sweetchild: mondo is obv better


mentalbestboi: WAT


powdereddonuts: never knew you liked corn hair taka.


Sakura Ogami: i had a feeling he would say that...


KFClover: ^_^


alois'twin: im obviously best boy


mentalbestboi: we already started this, makoto is best boy


alois'twin: he's plain, and a commoner whats so good about him?


innocentcinnamonroll: :(


Kyoko Kirigiri has joined the chat!


sadistasshole has changed Leon Kuwata's username to manwhore!


Kyoko Kirgiri: up to the title i assume


manwhore: hell yes i am


innocentcinnamonroll: kyokooo byakuya is bullying me :(


Kyoko Kirigiri: wtf did you do to makoto


mentalbestboi: he said makoto wasnt best boy


wildhair1.0: *gasppp*


Sakura Ogami: i have the wrench


powdereddonuts: i have the saw


mentalbestboi: IMMA KILL A BITCH


Kyoko Kirigiri: okay, who's driving


manwhore: dayum, byakuya you need to run


alois'twin: try me bitch


sweetchild: NO CUSSING!!!


Mondo Oowada has joined the chat!


sweetchild: MONDOOOO


rude_bitch: ewww corn hair


Celestia Ludenberg: looks like the team 1 is here


powdereddonuts: arent we missing hifumi?


Celestia Ludenberg: blobs arent welcomed here


Hifumi Yamada has joined the chat!


Celestia Ludenberg: fuckcickles.


sadistasshole has changed Mondo Oowada's username to cornhair


innocentcinnamonroll: lol


alois'twin: team 1 is complete


sweetchild: wheres toko?


alois'twin: shes not needed.


nippleslave has joined the chat!


alois'twin: WTF


wildhair1.0: lol


powdereddonuts: sakuraaa come over so we can watch anime


wildhair1.0: can i join?


powdereddonuts: NO NO BOYS ALLOWED


powdereddonuts: except makoto, because he's not nasty minded


wildhair1.0: are you sure it isnt because he's gay?


innocentcinnamonroll: im bi hoe


mentalbestboi: doesnt matter cause he loves my ass


Hajime Hinata: ew, wtf


Chiaki Nanami has joined the chat!


Chiaki Nanami has left the chat!


sadistasshole: oh hell no


sadistasshole has added Chiaki Nanami to the chat!


Chiaki Nanami has left the chat!


sadistasshole has added Chiaki Nanami to the chat!


Chiaki Nanami has left the chat!


sadistasshole has added Chiaki Nanami to the chat!


sadistasshole: STAY DAMNIT


Chiaki Nanami: urgh




Chiaki Nanami has kidnapped Hajime Hinata out of the chat!


sadistasshole: hold on, wtf


bigballs: THATS MY LINE


innocentcinnamonroll: welp, imma go to asahina's and pray that she and sakura wont make out in front of me




powdereddonuts: oh chill, he has to know about anal fisting one day


innocentcinnamonroll: ...fisting?


innocentcinnamonroll: *passes out*


mentalbestboi: LOOK WHAT YOU DID!
























Chapter Text

sadistasshole: MORNING BITCHES


mentalbestboi: what a nice welcoming to a chat i dont want to even be in


alois'twin: i think we can all agree on that


cherryblossom: good morning to you as well.


powdereddonuts: MORNING!!!


coffeeaddict: Bah. Ibuki thinks you're all being boring, 'good morning' this 'good morning' that


coffeeaddict: ADD SOME SPICE TO IT!


cornhair: MORNIN' YA SHITS


coffeeaddict: thats too much spice....


baby_gangsta: morning shitheads


sweetchild: Mondo! I said watch the language!


cornhair: its not a big deal, bro


coffeeaddict: omggggg


powdereddonuts: I ship it


bigbreastednightmare has joined the chat!


sweetchild: Fxxk


cornhair: ...thats not even cursing you blocked the rest of the words




saneperson: well shit


masterofshitting: WHO SHITTED


KFClover: neko, no.


rude_bitch: well fuck


sadistasshole: up the ass or vagina?


powdereddonuts: what if theres no ass or vagina?


mentalbestboi: theres the mouth.




mentalbestboi: when theres a hole, theres a way darling.


alois'twin: i hope this isn't going to become a biology class...


KFClover: i smell semen and eggs


sweetapples: tf?


masterofshitting: its bitchoko


innocentcinnamonroll: morning everyone!


mentalbestboi: MY BOI


powdereddonuts: good morning!


bestgirl: morning naegi-kun.


cherryblossom: it is good that you are awake, makoto.


alois'twin: ... was all that greeting for him necessary???




sadistasshole: bitch, if you break that wall one more time-


rude_bitch: lets stuff the wall up your ass then.


saneperson: and now you lost me...


mentalbestboi: oh shut up alois 2.0


alois'twin: fuck off.


nippleslave: correction, theres a difference between master and alois


powdereddonuts: the fact that byakuya doesnt have a hot butler like claude?


innocentcinnamonroll: I'd kill to have a man like claude


wildhair1.0: he doesn't get enough love in my opinion tbh


cherryblossom: like you?


bigbreastednightmare: BURNNN BOI


pornstar: she speaks!!


innocentcinnamonroll: SAYAKA!


pornstar: MAKOTOOOO


wildhair1.0: that hurt damn it


angelface: good morning-


bigbreastednightmare: mornin sis!


angelface: oh FUCK no


angelface has left the chat!


sweetapples: i dont blame her


gothlolita: do any of us truly blame her?


alois'twin: finally, someone with some sense.


gothlolita: AYEEEE


alois'twin: AYEEEEEE


nippleslave: Ayeeee?


alois'twin: bitch you aint invited


bigballs: BURNNNN


KFClover: guys, look. at. this.


*image sent*


innocentcinnamonroll: ....


pornstar: wtf is that


bigbreastednightmare: it looks like a dick


mentalbestboi: of course itdoes to you, thats what all sluts see


powdereddonuts: BURNNN SAHNNNNN


wildhair1.0: seriously akane, wth is dat


KFClover: junkbitcho finally got it right, its a chocolate dick.


innocentcinnamonroll: excuse me bitch


rude_bitch: wth you that thirsty for a boyfriend so you buy a chocolate in the shape of a dick?


masterofshitting: akane, we've been over this


KFClover: BUT-


masterofshitting: so chocolate is better than 'it' huh.


saneperson: not the 'it' thing again...


datasstho: morning suckkaassssss


saneperson: BRO


datasstho: BRO


mentalbestboi: sweet mama of oreos whys shark teeth here?


saneperson: oi! leave my bro alone hoe!




innocentcinnamonroll: nagito no-


wildhair1.0" okay, cant we go back to black butler ?


powdereddonuts: Yasss


cherryblossom: aoi actually cried during an episode


wildhair1.0: was it the one when sebastian-chan fucked the nun?


cherryblossom: yeah


innocentcinnamonroll: seb is a slut.


innocentcinnamonroll: a hot slut tho.


mentalbestboi: ill be your slut all day makoto ~


alois'twin: ....thats disgusting


innocentcinnamonroll: no, nagito. you're too pure for that


saneperson: PURE?!


gamergal: wtf do you see?


datasstho: obviously a guy that needs to be on pills


mentalbestboi: now, now byakuya. don't judge makoto for his preferences.


alois'twin: ....


alois'twin: toko, be a dear and get a knife for me


nippleslave: of course!


mentalbestboi: oh no, im so scared, whats the mentally scarred boi gonna do?


saneperson: pretty sure that describes you, nagito




datasstho: im betting my one dollar on you!


saneperson: bitch. thats not even real money


datasstho: shut up, im broke.


innocentcinnamonroll: wait! dont fight!


mentalbestboi: yeah, wouldn't want makoto to hate you more than he already does


alois'twin: okay bitch-


innocentcinnamonroll: ILL DATE BOTH OF YOU, OKAY?! DONT FIGHT


alois'twin: ...


mentalbestboi: ( ⁄-⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄-⁄)⁄


sadistasshole: *chokes on popcorn*


sadistasshole: NANI?!


wildhair1.0: top ten anime plottwists


bestgirl: that...was unexpected


mentalbestboi: well, byabitch? will you endure the pain ill give you when you enter this relationship?


mentalbestboi: or will you run to that garbage disposal bin?


nippleslave: master wouldn't abadon me-


alois'twin: *cuddles beside makoto*


nippleslave: *le gasp!*


sadistasshole; your master ditched your ass honey, here have a tissue


powdereddonuts: so...should we expect babies soon?


bigbreastednightmare: is male pregnancy a thing anymore?




cherryblossom: just going to watch my very adult show


powdereddonuts: OOH My little pony?


cherryblossom: no its porn


wildhair1.0: stop lying.


bestgirl: have you ever thought its my little pony porn?


rude_bitch: somethings wrong with you bitches.