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Tragic, Terrible, Triumphant Treachery of True Love in Asgard

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Lips pressed tightly together, the younger prince of Asgard politely took the hand of Thor's new bride, barely touching her fingertips as he bent and air-brushed a kiss over the pads, bowing and releasing her as quickly as possible. Looking just to the right of her face at the wall, he intoned listlessly, "Congratulations, my dear sister-in-law. May you and my brother find lifelong happiness and eternal glory in the kingdom of Asgard."

The buxom brunette giggled, batting her eyes and winking, making his stomach churn. It was a political match, and he was next to marry (supposedly), loathe to turn around and see the waiting masses of ovulating, frothing hordes that wished to snag the second in line to the throne of Asgard.

Resisting the urge to roll his eyes, he moved down the line to Thor, locking eyes with his brother, studying him intently. If he could burn the message in his brain into his brother's, it would have brought the other to his knees.

As it is, Thor seemed to get his meaning and nodded so slightly none but those closest to him would see it, and only if they were watching closely. Clasping hands tightly, Loki ran a thumb suggestively on the underside of Thor's palm, feeling his breathing hitch just the slightest bit.



Frigga frowned, expecting more from the pair, but suspected she'd have to be happy they were cordial to one another, and that Loki hadn't thrown one of his notorious drama queen fits as to the unsuitability of whatever it was he currently despised, at the moment it being Odin's choice of wife for Thor.

Much later, after the pomp and circumstance, feasting and foisting, dribbles and drabbles had gone by, Loki collapsed, exhausted, into his chambers, chucking off all of his clothing and sinking into the bath.

He frowned deeply, an anger so vast it bubbled up from the pits of despair within him, simmering and rotting and decaying. It would be agony waiting the pre-requisite time before it was safe to poison Thor's bride and render her infertile. Perhaps he'd dabble a bit more in the art, make it a slow-acting one that eventually killed her, undetectable to even the most sensitive of Asgard’s most excellent Healers.

A plan formed, and a small smile finally graced his lips as he settled upon his chosen weapon. It would take two years to brew, and another three to age before he could execute his plan. In the meantime, there were plenty of ways to prevent her from conceiving, and Loki was adept at all of them. After all, many maidens had tried and failed to get with his or Thor's seed.

A knock at his chamber door sounded so quietly he barely heard it, Loki’s body slipping naked from the bath and throwing a silken robe overtop his lithe paleness, sticking to him wetly but covering his bits and sundry.

Opening it a crack, he was surprised to see Thor there already. Flinging it open, he allowed Thor in, putting a finger to his lips to the guard at the entrance who nodded once, tapping his spear on the floor lightly to acknowledge he was to tell no one of the crown prince's visit.

Closing and locking the door, Loki turned and didn't even make it a step before Thor's lips were upon him, the powerful Asgardian lifting him by the waist and walking quickly to the bed, flinging his younger brother upon it.

"I could think of nothing but you, the entire time I was up there with that stupid wench," he seethed, nipping, biting, sucking at Loki's exposed neck, Loki's hands busy chucking armor off his brother into a haphazard pile. "Use your magic Loki," Thor urged, and Loki did so, pausing only to wave his hand, so they were both naked, the bath was forgotten, Thor's big frame crushing his slender, toned one into the feather bed.

Their kiss was more teeth and tongue than lips and soft caress. Still, their need was immediate, and Thor made no bones about taking he and Loki in hand, his large one encompassing both of their lengths, spreading the pre-come along them as Loki looked up at him, eyes wide and tearing a little, gasping for breath as Thor pressed against him, sandwiching their cocks in his hand between their hard bodies.

"I am going to fuck you so hard you will never forget the taste of my cock in your sweet arse, Loki," Thor grunted, fisting them hard, rough, causing his brother to come spectacularly. Loki was particularly easy to get off after a length of time apart. It had been the better part of three weeks since they’d last had opportunity to engage.

Loki stayed hard as well, his Jotunn heritage giving him an advantage. Young males of the species could mate multiple times in quick succession, and Loki was no exception, having a very high drive that Thor loved to oblige.

Thor yanked harder, pressing his mouth to Loki's again. After a time, they both came at the same time, splattering messily against each other's bellies. Thor was not sated but wanted to clean one another and prepare themselves for some serious fucking.

Pulling Loki along to the bathroom like they were still young and he was showing Loki some new wonder, dragging the reluctant boy along into trouble, only now he was far from such, he made Loki zap the water to warmth again and pushed him in, leaping in and dunking him with laughter.

The two splashed and cavorted, tenderly washing one another and then bending over, Loki taking care of Thor's back passage, and Thor preparing Loki. Cleansed, the brothers vacated the bath, unable to keep hands and mouths from one another as they swayed toward the bed again, Loki falling quickly under Thor once more, magicking lube onto his asshole so Thor could press in fully, inch by solid inch until Loki was nearly sobbing with relief.

"Norns how I love you, Brother!" Loki babbled, relishing the deep, harsh, extensive burn of his brother's magnificent cock up his ass. "Fuck me, Thor! I need you!"

"And I you, Brother," Thor growled, taking it slow at first, bending Loki's body back, his legs over his forearms as he pushed up again and again into Loki, the younger prince's also substantial cock pressing anxiously against Thor's belly, leaving a trail of leaking come as Loki sobbed, begging. Thor loved to see Loki cry out for him. It made him feel powerful, like a protector. No bitch was going to come between the brothers, although they both agreed to share one to rule together, to be submissive to them both and bear them heirs. But the brothers would rule Asgard, side by side after their father and mother had passed on, which could be centuries from now.

"I know you've been busy," Thor rasped, "I can see it in your lovely eyes. Tell me, what plot have you to kill my latest bride?"

"I- I – I can't tell you!" Loki babbled, begging Thor to go faster with his hands. Still, Thor wasn't to be deterred, giving a naughty smirk, blue eyes sparkling as he sped up just a little more, angling for Loki's prostate.

"THOR!" Loki shouted, and Thor quickly grasped the base of Loki's cock, squeezing hard.

"You will NOT come until I say so, Brother!" he grunted lowly, reducing Loki to a shuddering mess of need. However, Loki's tight, exquisitely hard ass was not to be denied, and Thor felt his second release coming quickly upon him, causing him to curse and speed up, relieving Loki's stress as he let go of Loki's erection.

Quickly putting a hand between them, Loki jacked himself with determination while Thor reared back and thrust faster and faster, harder and harder, grunting like a freight train until he threw his head back, gnashing his teeth, so he didn't cry out and alert the entire palace with his roar how good it felt to release inside his brother's ass.

Loki's cock spurted a third time, hot jets pulsing wetly against Thor's pubis, and Loki reached up, pulling Thor down by the chest hair, causing him to snarl and push Loki into the bed, grinding his slowly softening cock into Loki's ass.

"Enough!" Loki whispered harshly, and Thor immediately withdrew, flopping next to his lover, taking him into his arms and kissing him, stroking him all over, tenderly.

"You will always be my true love, Loki," Thor told him, knowing how much Loki wanted and needed to hear the praise, satisfied with the happy gleam in Loki's eyes.

After a time, Loki volunteered, "It will take five years."

"What?" Thor started to thunder out, but Loki's hand quickly covered his mouth.

"Are you mad? Mother will hear us!"

"What?" Thor whispered, now up on one elbow. "I must suffer with this – this vapid waste of space for five years?"

Loki smirked in return. "Come now, Thor. I cannot kill her off as quickly as the last one. It will look suspicious."

"Damn. You're right, as usual," Thor conceded. His voice wavered. "I will be expected to mate with her nightly until she conceives."

"Then we make sure she conceives," Loki smiled, and Thor stared at him, unbelieving, until Loki added, "with another man's child. And when the child is born and proven she cheated on the crown prince, she will be shunned and reviled."

"What of the child?" Thor fretted. "I cannot cast an innocent to the four winds."

"The child shall live in the palace, you dolt," Loki sneered, pushing up off the bed and magicking them both to cleanliness again. "Do you, or do you not wish to fuck this woman nightly and risk getting her pregnant for real with your seed? Potions and such only have so much efficacy before there is a small risk of failure. We cannot risk it. We have not yet met the one we must groom to breed heirs."

"I have one in mind," Thor ruminated, staring at the ceiling.

"If it's that elven girl, you can forget it."

"No, no! Not her, the one from Vanaheim. I believe she is a distant cousin of mothers."

"Ah. The one with the curly hair?"

"Yes. She is divine, educated, young and impressionable, very quick with wit and beautiful. Her body is to die for. Sif has sparred with her. She will be a formidable wife."

Loki threw himself on top of Thor, tussling with him for a short time before Thor threw him off. Loki panted, smiling. "Do you truly wish us to share a formidable wife? I thought we'd agreed on a meek, mild-mannered maid of good breeding that will do as she's told."

"Is that how you want your children to be raised? Meek as mice?"

Frowning, Loki shook his head. "Of course not."

"Then let us set our eyes on her unless you have a better candidate?" Thor challenged, and Loki made a snorting sound.

"I do not."

"What sort of-"

"Do NOT. Thor. Just don't ask."

"Why not?"

Loki dressed with a wave of his hand. "You know why! The less you know, the less there is to incriminate yourself! Do you not understand that if this endeavor goes tits up, Asgard will still need a king?"

Thor brought the sheet around his hips, pooling just below his navel, drawing Loki's eye, the heat returning to the Trickster's gaze.

"Yes. But if Asgard does not have you to rule by my side, it may as well burn. I will not go on without you. I promise you."

"Promise me nothing which you cannot follow through with!" Loki raged, and it was Thor's turn to rear up and pull Loki to him, covering his mouth with his own before pulling back.

Steely blue bore into beautiful dark brown. "I promise you. It shall be us both, or none at all. I swear it."

"I love you, Brother," Loki sighed into his mouth.

"And I, you, Loki," Thor whispered back, slipping his tongue in Loki's mouth again, starting the grind all over again.

The new wife wandered the corridors, looking for her husband, bold in bare feet in the dead of night. The guard was changing, and she stopped at her brother-in-law's door, putting her ear to it, hearing male voices rising and falling within.

Putting her eye to the keyhole, she gasped upon seeing Thor's naked ass pumping into Loki's pale bottom, undulating against one another, copulating frantically.

A cold, heavy hand landed on her shoulder and one over her mouth, causing her to shriek into the unforgiving metal of the guard's glove.
Wrenching her around, the guard grunted something low in Asgardian, two more coming trotting down the hall.

"She has seen. Take her to the place of forgetting."

The girl's eyes went wide, and she tried to scream, unable to believe what was happening. Her own husband was fucking his brother! It was a scandal! She had to raise the alarm!

Knowing full well what she was thinking, the guards shared a look, knocked her out, and proceeded to do what they'd done many times before; place her in the Healing chamber, with the night Healer sworn to secrecy, as all of her memories of the past four hours were removed. She was placed safe and sound in her chambers, memory replaced with that of the crown prince bedding her thoroughly and the marks to prove it set by a guards' very willing hand.

Loki was wrong.

It only took four years to poison her, and by that time, Odin was dead, their mother murdered by Dark Elves, and the distant cousin procured. The future of Asgard was proceeding according to plan, and none of the citizenry the wiser as to the cunning deviancy of their ruling heads.