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Percy Jackson Requests 2

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Where they had pinned his arms to the wall, above his head, nail marks were painfully clear.

"I need you to be very ready for the very real possibility that Grace might not pull through this."

You are numb. Barley register the words but you've seemed to come to that acceptance hours ago.

His hair isnt blonde anymore, now a deep maroon and extremely cakey from the blood soaking for days. He has head wounds over every inch of his scalp, all visible from his buzz cut only minutes ago.

They havent even dressed his head wound yet.

He was quiet on the way here, via Blackjack the pegasus. Or maybe he was, it wasnt like you could hear over the roar of the wind. You say you'd have switched spots with Percy, holding Jason's bloody, beaten and broken body, but you're glad you didn't. 

He doesn't move and its honestly hard to tell if he's breathing. You watch.

When they found him, his arms were pinned above his head in a way that can only be described as torture. Chained to the wall by handcuffs, his legs forced to hold himself up only by the balls of his feet. He was completely naked save for his briefs. 

His torso was whipped almost to the bone by the ribs, stabbed shallowly near the hips, and cigarettes put out on his sides. 

You slowly make your way to Jason's body. He's unrecognizable. His face his bruised, no longer the bloody mess it was, the imagine burned into your mind for year until you die, most likely. His arms are both in casts, broken, shoulders dislocated, elbows shattered.

Three of his fingers are broken on one side, all five on the other. His nose is broken, seven ribs broken or dislocated. He'd lost enough blood to kill a normal person. The amount of nectar and ambrosia stuffed into his body was lethal. 

Watching the scene unfold was like a nightmare, a dream, and a vision from Nightmare himself all rolled into one and shoved into your third eye.

There was nothing was ringing in your years. Horror in your eyes. You couldn't hear anything until you heard Percy scream.

It was the same noise of a crying wounded animal. You didnt even realize you were crying without actually... crying? You remember the few mentions of Percy's past, of his step dad, remember seeing similar scars as the cigarette burns on Jason's broken body. It was the bond between them, of warriors, of scars.

You knew Percy was going to kill them.

You didn't realize you were holding Jason's body until you saw his tear soaked hospital gown.

You were numb.