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Percy Jackson Requests 2

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Jason loved Camp Half Blood. 

In it's own way, he liked it better here than Camp Jupiter. It was busy, chaotic almost but in a good way. A way that showed positive the effect the Seven had had on the world of demigods since the war.

"You have to come out here somtime and see how it runs, Reyna. Its amazing."

Reyna's slightly distorted image stuttered in the mist. "Runs? You mean runs itself into the ground? Yes, I'm sure."

Jason raised his eyebrows at the Iris message. "All I'm saying is I think you'd be suprised. There is always room for improvement and Camp Half Blood might have some great ideas for you."

Reyna flipped another coin into her fountain, keeping the message from disappearing. "Ah Jason, always the positive one. I'm not one to discredit you but it will take more than your word to convince me to travel to a Greek demigod camp."

"Well then who would you suggest, all mighty?"

Reyna's face cracked into a horrible, shit eating grin. "How about your little boy toy Jackson?"

Jason gaped at her, his pale face reddening. "He's not my boy toy Reyna." He said, suddenly serious. 

The girl laughed, shook her head and pointed one finger at Jason. "Oh I've heard a lot of things Jason, you'd be suprised."

"From who, then?" He said, collecting his cool, wondering why the hell Reyna was so interested in collecting information all the way from Camp Jupiter. 

"Cant say, confidential. Sorry."

Jason glared at her. "Nico, then, huh?"

Reyna was a good liar but Jason had been around long enough to practically smell a lie. Especially off Reyna.

"No." She gritted.

"Yeah, it is. I know it."

"Its not, Grace."

"Just forget it, ok? And tell Nico to get his ass out of my business when you see him next."

There was a huff. 

"Bye Reyna."

The brunette quickly flipped in another coin. "Wait, you'll be back soon, correct?"

Jason shrugged. "Maybe. I like it here. It's fun. Relaxing even."

There was silence, consideration.

"Have fun with your boy toy." She said gleefully, and the mist dissipated in front of Jason's eyes.

His face was hot.


Percy Jackson loved to tease Jason.

Tease him in any way he could. Testing his patience, poking and prodding, trying to find weak spots in places Jason would never expect, but Jason surprisingly loved it. He had the self control of a perfect solider, as he should, and Percy didnt seem to understand how far his limits reached. Although Jason had no doubt he would reach it someday. 

They were consistently swearing at eachother, kicking, punching, screeching. Percy was a child, he loved to yell. Jason loved to irritate Percy in the way that he was constantly unnerved by this. 

So as Jason made his way to the arena, he wasn't exactly suprised to hear the tell tale laugh of Percy Jackson echoing off the walls.

He would have grinned. Would have, if this week hadn't chewed him and and spit him out, left for the dead. 

There was alot going on in the mortal world as well as the world of the gods and being both made both sides Jason's business. Unfortunately. 

Both camps were thriving, with hundreds of new demigods appearing all over the country and even in other nations. Camp Jupiter had taken in upwards of fifty new demigods of all ages in the last two weeks, every legion was packed. Of course, with Jason taking his time off, more than just Reyna was forcing a sooner return date than he planned. Camp Half Blood was good for him, he wanted to stay, but his sense of duty as a solider and a leader was screaming at him to go back, to help.

It wasnt that Half Blood was empty by any means, far from it, in fact. Camp Jupiter was just larger, needed more help, and their only son of Jupiter back. It was Jason's job. And it was frustrating him to no ends. 

Do this, do that, go on a quest to save the entire world from an ancient and powerful goddess and destroy yourself in the process, watch your friends die for you, go run an entire army of demigods. 

Jason ran a hand over his face, trying to take a deep breath. He just wanted a break. But he couldnt have what he wanted right now. He was stressed out and needed to fight somebody.

So he put his fake face on and walked into the areas, sun beating down on his neck. Piper and Annabeth were talking daggers in the far corner, Clarisse leaving with a set of damaged armor for cabin number 9 probably, and Percy was sizing up a silver sword on the weapons rack.

It was almost completely empty. Perfect for a sparring match against the best swordsman he knew, with no crowd to watch for once.

There was a strange energy in the air though, an awkwardness almost. Four of the Seven were present, Clarisse gone, but somthing felt off. Jason shrugged it off, deciding to ask later. Right now, he needed to let of some steam.

With Reyna riding his ass about Camp Jupiter nonstop, Nico so obviously spying on him, and he hadn't gotten Piper in bed for at least two weeks now. 

He was just a little frustrated. 

"Hey bro!" Percy shouted, waving and grinning brightly.

"Hey bro." Jason smiled weakly back. "You ready to spar? It's been a long week."

Percy laughed sarcastically. "Long? Not at all. Why would you say that?"

Jason raised his eyebrows, an invitation to keep the rant coming.

"Not like Chiron's been pushing me in ten different directions, I've been put in charge of everything from newbie training to 'just in case' battle strategies, and the fact that the ocean calls me like it does Moana." Percy finished, shaking his fists at the air.

"Understood." Jason replied. "We seem to be sharing a lot of the same troubles." 

Percy squinted at him, grinning. "Yes, of course, your majesty. Gotta slow down soon, though. Right?"

"Uh." Jason honestly wasn't  sure of that.

Percy groaned, batting Jason's face like a cat. "Forget it, let's let off some frustration."

The blonde easily agreed, shoving Percy's hands back into his own face. "No armor?" He preferred it that way with Percy, much easier to watch his body and anticipate the next moves.


A nod from Percy. "Prefer to see you without anything on at all, but you know. I'll take what I can get."

"Percy!" Jason said, aghast, furiously fighting a blush.

Percy shrieked in happiness. "Sorry, sorry, chill dude!" The brunette smirked and winked, running a hand through his hair.

"New sword?" Jason asked shakily, lacing his boots as an excuse to not look at his friend. 

Friend. Uh huh. People don't usually blush that hard at their friends.

Shut up. Jason thought to himself. 

The other boy nodded, putting back the silver sword he was holding. "Thought I might try a different sword but since it's just you I guess I'll use my fists."

Jason scoffed and rolled his eyes, walking to the middle of the arena. "I wont even need to use my arms."

"Just pin mine above my head." Percy purred, suddenly tight to Jason's should, in his ear, breathing heavy down his neck. 

Jason completely blanked and stopped dead. 

That was-

-entierly new.

He heard muffled laughter and snapped out of his head, watching Percy bite his own hand to keep from shrieking again.

"Holy fuck dude you should see your face you're purple." Percy laughed, holding his sides. 

Jason didn't know what the hell to think, other than he hoped nobody saw that. He glanced around, Annabeth and Piper were gone, hopefully for good.

What the fuck even was that.

The blonde rubbed the back of his neck. "Yeah uh, I dont know what happened. Sorry?"

There was one more tiny giggle from Percy. "Let's just spar dude. Get your mind out of the gutter while you're at it."

Jason gasped, half to be dramatic and half suprised all over again. 

Why was he so sweaty and hot already?

Percy brandished Riptide, Jason pulling his sword in return and the two took battle stance. Percy smirked, but his hair was in his eyes. He needed a hair cut but at least it complimented his jawline.


There was a breath, and they both lunged. Jason came faster and harder, for a stab, while Percy dodged to the side and used the momentum to swing Riptide to his left for a slash to the upper torso. 

Jason deflected, holding his sword and an awkward downsided angle which Percy took advantage of, shoving the blade to the ground and kicking Jason in the chest. The blonde stumbled but didnt fall and rapidly brought his sword up to clash loudly with Riptide. 

Percy walked backwards, giving himself a breather, faked a left lunge and slashed right, his eyes wild with adrenaline, grinning crazily. 

Jason snarled, disappointed at himself falling for the trick, rolling on his side to avoid Riptides deadly blade. 

"Come on, Grace." Percy taunted, side stepping again. Tricky little fucker.

The fight continued, the blonde going on the offensive. He targeted Percy's lower torso like hips and legs, his least defended area. Percy parred and dodged and flicked Jason's sword away, but the sweat was steadily dripping down his face and neck now too. His eyebrows were furrowed in concentration, shoulders rolling with the weight of his sword. 


"Watch yourself there Jace." Percy snapped, after a close almost hit to the ribs.

Jason's frustration was only increasing and he wasnt appreciating Percy's commentary. 

Percy was too fast, or Jason was just too slow right now. His reflexes was muddied and he couldn't focus to save his life.

Oh you're SO lucky this isn't a real fight. You'd be dead.

Shut up.

After his sword was violently thrown to the ground, Jason yelled madly for a time out.

Percy collapsed dramatically, sword clattering to the ground. "Holy shit I'm hot." 

Both of their chests were heaving, the smell of sweat heavy in Jason's nose, the air was clogged with testosterone. Jason's mind was fogged, he felt dizzy, and fucking frustrated.

Percy pulled his orange tee off, revealing the most muscular part of his body. Sweat dripped off his body, hair trailed down from his belly button into the exposed part of his boxers, no tan lines on the V of his hips, his collarbones begging to be bitten.

What the fuck.

What the fuck?

The son of Poseidon fished Riptide off the floor and rolled to his feet.

The friction was building. Jason could feel Percy's natural competitiveness climb a level higher.

Neither waited for the normal formalities, the ones they started out with, they just attacked. It was loud, messy, and sweaty. It was dirty. Nothing was off the board.

Anything was fair game. 

He caught Percy's eye. Time seemed to stop. There was something in Percy's eyes, more than trouble, more than the battle and Jason's skin felt a tight

Somthing wild in him barred its teeth. 

Jason swung a leg behind Percy's knees, knocking him violently to the floor. The grip on his sword fell lose and Jason pinned him down with a leg, then turning to straddle him, hips connecting.

That's when he realized his cock was so hard it hurt. 

Percy grabbed the back of Jason's shirt and pulled to his right, rolling and ending up on top. He threw Jason's blade to the side.

Before either could properly react, Jason flew upwards, knocking Percy down again who wasnt expecting it. He grabbed Percy's wrists and slammed them to the floor above Percy's head. He groaned in pain.

Jason sat all his weight on Percy's hips, watching the muscles roll and move on his neck. 

Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck.

This wasnt appropriate. This was completely sexual in a way Jason had no idea was possible between them. This was lighting a fire in both of them, kindled by competition.

Percy had stopped thrashing, deadly still and staring Jason in the eyes. The brunette looked absolutely furious, sweat pouring off his chest and back, a fury Jason could only describe as animalistic lust.

"Come on, bite me, Grace."

So Jason did. He grabbed Percy's jaw, leaned forward and bit until it bled.

"Fuck, Jason." Percy moaned.

Jason's dick throbbed, painfully swollen and he naturally ground himself against Percy who yelled in response. Percy tried to buck his hips to increase the friction but Jason sat heavy on his body, until he had a better idea.

What the fuck.

He somehow stood shakily to his feet and lifted Percy by his armpits, shoving him against the wall with his forearm, knocking the wind out of him the second time.

"Fucking tease." Jason seethed, palming Percy's dick through his jeans. He was as hard as Jason. Jason's right hand moved from the boys chest to his hair.

Percy squirmed, trying to get the upper hand, grabbing Jason's bulge in return. Jason tossed his head back and moaned, frantically unzipping his cousins pants. 

"Stay still Jackson." Jason said angrily, taking a fist of dark hair and yanking hard. He bit Percy's neck again, close to the first bite at the same time he got Percy's pants down.

With one free hand he exposed Percy's perfect body, sweaty and heaving, and with the other hand he held Percy's head in place for better exposure to his neck. The smaller boy worked quickly on Jason's pants and suddenly they were both in their boxers. Percy made unholy noises that had Jason's mind thinking like a wolf in heat.

"Come on, come on..." Percy said grabbing Jason's hips and slamming their bodies together. They ground against each other, back and forth and Jason could help it anymore. He came like a thirteen year old into his underwear, biting his tongue to keep from shouting and squeezing the V of Percy's hips so hard it was sure to bruise. 

"Fuck fuck fuck!" Percy shouted way to loudly, almost sure to be heard. He gripped Jason's shoulders and scratched then through the shirt Jason was still wearing, soaking with sweat.

What the fuck had they just done.