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Percy Jackson Requests 2

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The pavillion that once stood empty and majestic, glinting in the sun and perfectly open was now occupied with various... instruments. 

There was a large, round, backless couch, covered in blankets and silk pillows. Almost like a giant bean bag crossed with a bed. Next to it, a singlar marble table, matching the pavillion, with one unmarked box placed on top. One Hermes knew his guest would recognize immediately. 

Hermes sat on the edge of the bed. "Apollo!" He said far too cheerfully, folding his hands carefully on his lap.

A loud CRACK and a flash of light, then, Apollo, wrapped in a bright yellow toga, tied off with pure sunlight.

It was perfect.

"Hermes!" Apollo said happily, glancing around the pavilion. "Why, on earth, have you suddenly decided to invite me to your home after refusing to even deliver my mail for..." he trialed off, jaw dropping open at the sight of the box placed on the table. 

Hermes raised his eyebrows, a challenge, waiting for the fucker to keep talking. Apollo hated long, awkward silences. Hermes was aiming for high tensions today.

"What's in the box?" He asked, cocking his head. "I do hope it's Zeus's bolt last time was such fun, in fact, did you know I visited the Jackson boy earlier? An extraordinary demigod, indeed, very much like his father, they have similar jawlines and-"

"Apollo, shut the fuck up." Hermes said quite frankly.

The god's jaw shut with an audible click, his hands fell limp at his sides. "Well if you were going to be rude than you should have just said." Hermes walked carefully over to the other god, slowly putting Apollo's arms behind his back, pinning and holding them at the wrist.

"And if you wanted to be fucked," he reaches up, grabs a fistful of hair and pulls, "you should have just said."

A moan fell from the blonde's lips, back arched uncomfortably to give Hermes the advantage. The tension in the air was so thick you could slice it in half with a dull knife. 

Hermes leaned in closely, his body flush with Apollo's, grinding his erection on his ass. "I'm going to fuck you, and you're going to be good for me. Ok?"

A whimper. "Ok." Apollo said weakly. 

His perfect blonde hair was violently tugged. "Ok, what?" 

"Ok sir?" 

The grip was lessened. "We'll work on it." Hermes purred.

As the words left his mouth, the table holding the box flew towards, slamming into Apollo's hips and knocking him foward. Hermes placed a hand on his back and pushed him gently downwards, enjoying the so unusual silence from Apollo. The box, so tauntly sent only a few weeks ago now sat inches away from Apollo's face, almost mocking him. 

Hermes pulled away only for long enough to grab the box and open it, pushing Apollo's toga away.

"Nothing underneath?" Hermes questioned, stroking the bare skin. "Slut." He said, accentuating the word with a slap on Apollo's ass. 

"Fuck!" Apollo said, half out of suprised, half of pain. 

He felt the tip of somthing cold and large probe his hole, wettened with lube and spit. The dildo. If the rumors were true, and fucking hell he hoped they were, the dildo would be the prep for a dick like Hermes had.

"The only word you'll be saying is my name." Hermes growled, pulling Apollo's hair again, forcing him to look at his partner. He slid the dildo in, tip to end. "Now, sing for me."