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Percy Jackson Requests 2

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Jason was the last in the house, so by the time he got back, the movie was already started. Nobody was actually watching, just talking, laughing. You know.

Wearing each others clothes.

Percy sat on the edge of the island in the dimly lit kitchen, legs swinging from the pool of hoodie he was swaddled in. Frank's hoodie.

He and Frank were laughing over somthing, each with a red plastic cup in hand. Percy's eyes were sparkling, waving his hands a cup animatedly. Frank laughed in response and reached out to playfully hit Percy in the side of the head.

"Hey Perce, Frank, what's so funny?" Jason said, walking behind Frank and patting him on the shoulder and grasping with a bit more force than was probably necessary. 

Percy glanced darkly at Jason. "Oh, nothing. Just joking around." 

Frank, with his root beer, was very uncomfortable, looking at each of them and deciding whether to stay or leave. Leave was the best option, based on the body language Jason was using. "Hey so Hazel said a movie was on so maybe I'll just-"

"No Frank stay! We just started talking and I miss you." Percy said, hoping off the counter to grab Frank's arm and beg with his trademark puppy eyes. Jason watched, hands stuffed in his pants pockets. While Frank had no doubt Percy's words were true, he felt as though this was a way to get Jason, well, jealous. 

Jason and Percy were fucking, had been fucking, the others didn't talk about it, and Frank wasn't sure where he stood in this situation. It felt very tense.

"No I think Frank's had enough. I'd like to talk to you." Jason said, voice dripping with venom. He stood tall, arms now crossed. He and Percy made brief, intense eye contact. 

"Actually, I'm not done talking to Frank yet. Thanks though."

And that was the last straw for Jason. "You are. Take that hoodie off, and when i want to talk to you I'm going to fucking talk to you."

Jason didn't bother to see Frank's reaction to that, because in an instant Jason was pulling Percy by his wrist to the bathroom across the room. Nobody sitting at the couch said anything, though they all watched, necks craning to get a better look.

Fuck off, Jason thought angrily.

All Frank heard was the bathroom door slam. He picked his jaw off the floor, in a state of shock. 

Percy groaned as the wall behind him slammed into his back. Jason was always very strong, especially when angry. His head bounced awkwardly when his hair was grabbed by the fistful.

"What the fuck are you doing? You whoring yourself out to anybody who can pick you up now?" Jason asked, pinning his Percy's body with his own.

"Try anybody with a dick." Percy taunted. In return, he got flipped around and rapidly bent over the sink. He grasped the counter on either side of him and braced with his feet to keep from falling over. Jason still had his hand in Percy's hair, forcing him to arch uncomfortably. 

"Don't tease me, slut." 

Oh how Percy wished the others could see this side of Jason, the side that was jealous and protective and so so hot, but maybe he was glad this Jason was his little secret. 

He felt Jason's arm wrap around his side, struggling with the zipper and Percy helped, pulling his pants down just far enough for his boner to spring happily out in the open and his ass to hit the cold air. Jason hummed, spitting on two of his fingers and slipping them into Percy's unprepared hole. It burned and Percy groaned, dipping his head between his arms.

Jason gently pumped his dick with the other hand, grinding into Percy's thigh for some friction. Jason leaned foward to breath in Percy's ear and bite his neck and suck on the wound.

"This is what you wanted from me, isnt it? To get me all jealous and bothered, then to fuck you hard into the bathroom counter. Isnt it?" He added a third finger. Percy wasn't ready for it. It felt good.

Percy could only whimper in response, his legs were starting to shake and he was biting his lip so hard it tasted like blood.

"Answer me whore." The blonde said, slapping Percy's ass. His fingers were pumping at a steady rate, strings of profanities came out as whispers from Jason. 

"Yes- fuck! This is what I want- wanted! F-Fuck!" 

The fingers were removed and Percy whined at the loss, but he heard Jason's pants coming off, then the boxers, and he heard the lube bottle pop open. He felt the cold liquid smeared messily onto his streched hole, then Jason's dick head line up.

"Beg for it." Jason demanded. "Tell me how much you love it when I'm rough, when I get jealous. Tell me what a slut you are for my cock."

Jason was a still as a statue and Percy realized he had to beg before getting fucked. "Oh gods, Jason, I need your cock, I want it inside of me I need you right now, please, please fuck me!" 

"Call me daddy." 

Percy quited. Begging was as humiliating as he'd ever gone before, daddy was crossing a-

"Call me," Jason said, slipping his middle finger in and hitting Percy's so easily found prostate. "daddy."

"Fuuuck! Fuck me daddy!" Percy whined in his best slut voice.

Jason groaned and slipped in, head to balls in one deep movement. Percy may have screamed a little, Jason didnt bother to cover his mouth. 

"Uh, uh, uh" were the only sounds Percy was coherent enough to utter, each pump hitting so right with a little bit of pain. Jason was like getting fucked by a horse.

He must have said it outloud. "Rude ass." Jason laughed, turning it into a breathy moan. "You'll regret that."

Jason pulled Percy's head back up, then pushed his arch down, burying his dick balls deep with every stroke. The brunette whined with each hit as Jason watched his giant disappear inside of Percy inch by inch.

Percy was pressed so hard into the counter it felt like a restraint, his knees were shoved into the cupboard handles, his pants were too tight around his calves. He was being so fucking loud, he didn't care. 

"Look at you, getting fucked like a little girl. You like being treated like a girl, dont you?"

Percy nodded, pure ecstasy on his face.

"What do you think the others would say, seeing you call me daddy, letting me pound you into the counter?"

"Fuckfuckfuckfuckkkk!" Was all Percy could say, nearing his end.

Jason could tell, watching Percy's legs shake harder and harder, his moans becoming louder and breathing spacier. 

Jason bit his shoulders and prominent collarbones, pumping his dick again with the rhythm of his strokes.

There was a knock at the door.

Silence. They made eye contact through the mirror.

"I'm in here." Jason said awkwardly.

"Uh yeah hi," Frank said from the other side of the door. "Do you know where Percy is? He's got my hoodie and I kinda need it, I'm leaving and it's raining outside so..." 

Jasom looked down at Percy and mustered the dirtiest glare he could. He was fucking Percy in another dudes hoodie. His hips rolled into Percy by themselves. Percy whimpered.

"Not sure where he is Frank, maybe in his room."  Jason said in a high pitched voice, finding Percy's prostate and slamming into it. The contents inside the bathroom counter rattled. 

"I looked, just, uh lemme know if you find him?" Frank said. 

"Yeah what's the hoodie look like?" Jason asked and at this point he was edging the conversation on, mercilessly teasing Percy by forcing him to be quiet. 

He couldn't help the tiny little gasps escaping him with each hit to his g spot. Jason's thumb danced over Percy's dickhead, playing with the slit. 

"Gray? With blue. That's why Percy liked it I guess?"

"Percy sure loves blue." Jason whispered into the brunette ear, giving it everything, hitting Percy hard enough to bounce of the counter each time. He was vaguely aware of Frank saying Jason's name. Percy's orgasam washed over him, and he couldnt help it. He really couldn't. 

"Fuckkkk!!!" He moaned, gripping the counter and panting, moaning and whimpering, shooting ropes of cum onto the cabinets. Jason grinned, then swore himself. 

He came, exploded inside of Percy, Percy's tight walls gripping Jason's dick like a siv. 

"Oh shit, Percy, mmmm." Jason breathed, eyes rolling into the back of his head.  He gently pulled out, watching his seed drip out of Percy's gaping hole. He'd never cum inside before. 

"You didn't ask." Percy said, fake malice in his voice. 

He was leaning against the counter, eyes blown and hair wilder than Jason had ever seen it. He looked so delicious, all fucked out like that. 

"You wore Frank's hoodie." Jason shrugged, then, realized.



Jason peeked open the door. Frank was long, long gone.