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Percy Jackson Requests 2

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Thick black smoke billow through the air. There was shouting and screaming, a little bit of laughing.

The ground was soaked.

The fire was out, but now they have to deal with the Apollo kids and their air pollution bitching.

"Will you please stop trying to summon satan."

Nico sighed, like Percy was the one out of pocket here. "It's all a work in progress, Percy. Somtimes things like this are gonna happen. That's the price of experimenting."

Percy threw his hands up. "You set a bench on fire!" 

Nico looked equally as frustrated. "How was I supposed to know it would burn!"

"It's made of fucking wood!"

"Nothing here isnt enchanted! Why would the bench be literally the only exception!"

Percy groaned and rubbed his eyes. None of the water nymphs were happy with him for conjuring the high tide to put out Nico's McDonald's disaster. 

The smaller boy awkwardly stuffed his hands in his pants, Percy staring in disbelief. 

"You aren't mad at me are you?" Nico mumbled, watching his boyfriend.

There was a sigh then Percy came to hug him. "Of course not Neeks. I was just worried. This is what? The third time this month you've set somthing on fire?"

Nico grimaced.

"Whatever you're trying to do," Percy said. "whatever you're trying to summon isn't working. I dont know why you just wont tell me."

He then planted a gentle kiss on Nico's forehead and gestured to the cloud of smoke. "Now you better clean this up before the Apollo's smite you."