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Percy Jackson Requests 2

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Percy dreamed he was in New York, next to the Empire State building. He was dressed in his school clothes, which was weird because  it was a hot summer day, a warm breeze running through his hair.

It was New York before the battle, before Kronos. Completely normal, aside from the fact there was no noise. No traffic, no cars, no pedestrians. He couldnt hear a bird, even the wind made no noise.

Suddenly he was wearing full battle armor, Ridtide drawn and before he could react, a javelin was soaring through the air, hitting the tip of Percy's helmet and knocking it off. 

"Puny, weak, small, useless!" Screamed a voice so high above him Percy had to crane his head to see. Hundreds of feet in the air stood a giant, one he had never seen before, with an awful distorted face and all mechanical limbs. It looked horribly like the automotive that crushed Bianca two years ago. 

The thing swung its arm, not needing a weapon, and had Percy not landed in the water, he would have been dead for sure.

The dream shifted again and he was standing in a cave glittering with crystals and geodes, smelling of rosemary and various spices. It was warm and inviting and everything Percy had grown to become suspicious of. There was a rack of weapons leaninf against the far wall and straight in front of him was a bed, withal figure sleeping inside.

Percy was frozen, like his feet were glued to the floor and arms stuck to his sides. A creature started to crawl out from under the bed, a sickly looking monster with long, dark brown arms and sharpened sticks for fingers. It crept over the bed and Percy could only watch, struck with horror at the unaware person, sleeping in the bed. 

Percy screamed, his last resort, as loud as he could at the moster turned, and lunged.

The things he saw next are indescribable.


You were startled awake by the sound of screaming. The sound of pure fear, and for a moment your sleep muddle brain was confused, until you put the pieces together. 


You jumped out of bed, scrambling to the living room as fast as possible, seeing Sally Jackson and Paul Blofis barreling out of their bedroom.

Percy was sitting on the living room couch, blankets on the ground and tangled in his legs. Tears spilled freely down his face, his hands clutching fiercely at his sides. "Mo-o-om!" He stuttered, sobbing a shaking like a leaf.

"I'm here, baby I'm right here." Sally hushed gently, shaking a bit herself, hugging her son and stroking the back of his head. It was all a bit surreal.

You stood there, unsure of what to do until Sally gestured you foward to hold Percy.

"Making coco." She whispered, but you saw the pleading in her eyes. This was too much to handle alone. Paul watched carefully from the kitchen, slowly lowing the lights to dim and going to check on Estelle across the apartment, in Percy's old room.

They'd made Percy's room into the nursery, and your room was the guest room until things got... Normal? They haven't had normal since before the first Camp Half Blood quest. There was no more normal. Not since Tartartus.

Percy made a strange strangling noise, similar to your name, and choked out another sob. You sat on your knees on the floor, holding him up and wiping the wetness from his face.

"It's ok. You're here. In Manhattan, your house, with your mom. You're safe." You repeated those words over and over it seemed, until Sally came with the coco and held it to his lips. He was shaking to badly to hold it himself. 

You held his hand and gently untangled the blankets as Sally force fed him blue hot coco and convinced  him to sit criss cross on the couch. Your knees ached from sitting on them for so long and you stood, slowly and unthreateningly, just like you'd learned from previous experiences with Percy and nightmares.

Quiet tears still fell from his eyes and he looked far away, lost, and confused. 

"I'm going to check Estelle with Paul. I'll give you a few moments ok? Maybe a bit of one on one time will help." Sally whispered sadly, watching her son with tears of her own threatening to fall.

You nodded and grabbed the mug, telling Percy  to drink it. It had a bit of the god's nectar in it, helps with calming down. The air around them seemed the grow cold and slow, Percy ragid breathing breaking the quiet.

"You can't leave me." He said. It sounded so broken, like he was falling in a hurt he knew he could avoid but let happen anyway. You knew about the things he dreamed, to a certain extent. About Tartartus, when he fell in and fought his way out. About the battle for Manhattan. About the Curse of Achilles. About Hera.

It scared you. It scared you a lot, but Percy was... he was worth it. 

"Percy." You said. "Come here. Let me hold you."

And the tears started all over again, violent, body racking sobs that shook his whole body, only briefly interrupted by deep breaths to start the whole process over again.

He tried again and again to speak but only started choking on himself. You didn't know when you started crying, but you did.

So you two sat there. In the dark of the Jackson living room, trying to pick up the broken pieces of Percy.