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The Tower

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See! I told you guys it wasn’t a sad story. Yeah some shitty stuff happened but shitty stuff happens to all of us doesn’t it? I’ve learned things tend to work out eventually. ‘It’s always darkest before the dawn’. Isn’t that a saying or something? I'm rambling. You guys wanna know how our story ends, not to hear abou --

“Woman! Where are you?”

“I’m busy Vegeta! Gimme like five minutes!”

So there was this HUGE party. Everyone was overjoyed to finally have their lost prince back. I hear the party was one that would be remembered for decades but I honeslty can't remember most of it. Raditz and I-

“I demand you reveal yourself immediately!”

“Go away!”

“Momma, where are you? Papa where is she?”

“Woman! Your child requests your presence!”

OUR child not just mine! Trunks keep your Papa busy for five more minutes! I’ll...I’ll give you three big cookies.”


“Do not bribe our son with sweets! 

I swear I can’t get a minute to myself anymore! Anyways, after we saved Vegeta, everyone that helped rescue him was rewarded handsomely. A lot of people had their own dreams come true. The king and queen were eager to show their gratitude for their help in any way long as their dreams were realistic. Roshi wanted his own harem. The queen wasn’t to keen on making that particular perverted dream come true.

Kakarot made Chi-Chi his mate, officially. The king was so happy with everything Kakarot had done to help Vegeta that they made him Captain of the City Guard. His father Bardock was in charge of keeping the palace safe and Kakarot was in charge of keeping the kingdom safe. Needless to say, crime has basically become non-existent. He had some help though.

“Uncle Raditz!”

“Hey squirt! Why does your Papa look like his head is gonna explode?”

“Momma’s hiding from us. She told me if I keep him busy I’d get three whole cookies. Soooo...I took his crown and hid it. He’s gotta have it before he meets with Grandpa so he’s lookin for it."

“Kid, you’re as bad as your momma is. Your papa is losing his sh-”


“Sorry dollface," Raditz said loudly, unsure where exactly Bulma was at. "He’s gonna lose his mind kid. I wouldn’t want to be you when he finally finds it.”

“I’m not scared. momma and gramma will protect me.”

“Hel- heck yes they will! No one is tougher than the princess and the queen. Your Papa will never admit it but your momma scares the crap out of him. . honestly your momma scares a lot of people...especially when she’s mad.”

Raditz was given a position at the palace. He has the honor of being my own personal bodyguard. At least I personally think it’s an honor. Whether he'll admit it or not, I know he enjoys my company. The pay and the new digs aren’t too bad either. 

Krillin and Piccolo joined the City Guard with Kakarot. Not too long after that, Krillin met his now wife, Eighteen. Someone tried to mug her and Krillin happened to be nearby. Not that she needed help though. Actually, by the time Krillin got there, the mugger was the one that needed help. Eighteen is a badass. 

Piccolo is happy, I think. I mean he hasn’t said otherwise. Yamcha decided to stay with Roshi and help him out with the tavern. We still visit every now and then. Well I sneak out and visit anyways. Then Vegeta freaks out and comes after me.

“Boy! You better tell me where my crown is this instant!”

“No way Papa. I want three cookies!”

“I’ll give you...five! Five damn cookies!”

“FIVE? Really Papa?”

“Yes brat now give it to me!”

God that kid is going to be on a sugar high for the rest of the week. ANYWAYS. Vegeta was finally home and he had a reall family. The family he deserved, the one he should have had all along. He was the prince everyone hoped he would be and more. Everyone adored him, despite his grumpy exterior. They all know when it's time for him to rule, he'll do it with grace and wisdom, just like his parents.

I’m sure what you’re REALLY dying to know about is me right? Well I stopped stealing for one. The outlaw life is a little difficult when your mate is the prince of basically everything. The people's reaction to finding out the most wanted woman in the kingdom was now their new princess wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.


“AHHHH! What the hell Vegeta!?”

“Why are you hiding from me and our son? And why are you talking to yourself? What are you up to woman?”

“If you must know...I was telling our story."

“To who? There’s no one else in the room with you princess.”

“Don’t worry about it. I’d be done already if you would leave me the hell alone for two minutes.”

“Hmmpf. So you’re insane and hiding to tell our story to an empty room? What part of our story?”

“Well I started with your birth and ended when I rescued you. Well, we rescued each other.”

“How much of our story did you tell? detailed were you?”

“Oh I was very detailed handsome. I didn’t skip a damn thing. The shower scene was-”

“ vulgar woman!” His cheeks were red all the way up to the tip of his ears.

“SHH! Where were we. Ah yes. They wanna know how my story ends. Well a certain prince popped the question the second they put the crown (the one I stole) on his head. He kept asking and asking and asking and asking. I said yes just to shut him up.”

“That is not true! You-”

“SO, how do all fairy tales end Vegeta? What's the last line in every story?"


"C’mon my prince, the sooner you say it, the sooner story time ends."

“I refuse.” He crossed his arms and turned up his nose as if the request was beneath him.

“I promise I’ll do that thing you like, ya know when I put your-”

“You-lived-happily-ever-after!?!?! Happy?!” Vegeta blurted out so quickly it sounded like one long word. 

We. We lived happily ever after and yes, I am happy. Happier than I ever thought was possible.”

“Hmmpf. Good."

“Now. I believe you have a promise to fulfill woman.”

“Yep...I owe a certain little prince a shitload of cookies.”

“Wha...what? No! That’s not what I’m talking abou! You said you'd do that thing-”

“The end!!”

“Woman get back here!”