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“Ahh! Kami!” Mina squeals from the kitchen, and Aizawa rubs his head at the inevitable mess they’ve made.

He stretches his arms above his head, pushing himself up from the desk that’s been shoved into his and Hizashi’s bedroom.

“You’d better fucking clean that up Pikachu!” Bakugou yells, and some suspicious explosions resonate throughout the house. There’s a pause in the banging, and Aizawa strains to hear Kaminari’s little “Uh, oh,”

“YOU BASTARD!” Bakugou shouts louder than before.

Kaminari screams, and the sound of running and scrambling echo from downstairs. Aizawa rubs his eyes.

“Are you kids determined to destroy our house?” Hizashi asks in his usual loud voice, his footsteps approaching the lively room.

Aizawa grabs his eyedrops, and uses them, taking a minute to prepare himself, before leaving his quiet bedroom. He slowly descends the stairs and walks down the hallway to stand in the kitchen doorway. He gazes at the scene, and briefly wonders how his life became so chaotic.

His eyes are drawn to the flour covering half the floor, the kitchen island, Mina, Kaminari, Kirishima, Sero, and Bakugou.

Kami has Sero’s tape wrapped around his torso, like he’s been pulled away from an angry Bakugou, with Mina hiding near Sero. Bakugou has Kirishima fluttering around him, trying to calm him down with Hizashi standing near the door, and now next to Aizawa.

“What happened?” Aizawa finally asks.

“Would you believe us, if we said the bag of flour knocked itself over?” Mina tries.

At this moment Todoroki slips in. He passes Aizawa, skilfully dodging the worst of the flour to get to the oven.

“Are they ready yet?” He asks simply, crouching down to peer through the window.

“Not yet Icyhot, have some goddamn patience.” Bakugou answers, moving on from trying to kill Kaminari to crouch down next to Todoroki.

“Is the gingerbread ready yet Todoroki?” Midoriya shouts from down the hall. “We only need the final pieces and we’re done!”

“Fuck off Deku! It’s ready when it’s ready!” Bakugou yells back, “Everyone get out and give me some space!”

“Aww, but we wanted to help.” Kami pouts, as Shinsou approaches.

“It looks like you’ve helped enough in here, you can help decorate the other pieces.” Shinsou says as he walks past the doorway, towards the living room.

“C’mon guys! We’ve got a job to do!” Mina cheers, and drags out the Bakusquad, minus Bakugou.

The whirlwind of kids travel to the living room, where the dining table resides. Aizawa briefly wonders if he and Hizashi should move to a bigger house, but shudders at the thought of the effort. His house isn’t usually this full anyway.

“Go on kid, clean yourself up a bit.” Hizashi says ruffling Bakugou’s hair, flour falling from it in clouds.

“What about all this shit?” Bakugou scoffs, looking at the flour still covering every surface.

“We’ve got it, don’t worry.” Aizawa confirms, already moving to grab the broom.

“C’mon Katsuki,” Todoroki says. He drags the floury Bakugou out of the kitchen towards the bathroom.

Aizawa tiredly sighs, and as Mic starts wiping down the sides, he starts sweeping the floor.

“How did this happen?” Aizawa sighs.

“Well, Ashido did say the bag-“ Mic starts.

“No, not that. But this whole situation.” Aizawa pauses his sweeping to gaze to the doorway, where the sounds of his happy, laughing students can be heard.

“Ah, right. That.” Mic walks over to Aizawa, cupping his cheek. “It’s because you’re a big softie, who offered his students a safe place to stay over the holidays.”

“I didn’t have a choice, Bakugou’s family can’t be trusted; they don’t understand him, Shinsou gets lost and neglected in the system, and don’t even get me started on Todoroki-“

“Exactly babe. You’re amazing. The kids feel safe here, in our house – because of you. I love that we can provide a safe space for them to have fun, make messes, and be kids. Even if they do make astounding messes.” Mic presses a quick kiss against Aizawa’s scruffy cheek before turning back to the counter.

“C’mon. Bakugou will be back in a minute to check on the gingerbread. They’ve decided they want to build a gingerbread house; apparently Todoroki and Shinsou never have before.”

They work quickly to clean up the flour, and the kitchen almost looks presentable by the time Bakugou comes back in, Todoroki following.

He opens the oven door, with Todoroki excitedly peering over his shoulder.

“Looks done,” Bakugou says, and slips on the oven gloves. Aizawa remembers when Bakugou first arrived at the house and insisted on cooking for him and Hizashi. He berated Aizawa for not having oven gloves, saying he could easily burn himself by just using a tea towel.

“It’s fucking hot Candy cane, don’t touch it.”

Bakugou carefully slides the pieces onto a cooling rack, and he and Todoroki carry them into the other room with everyone.

Hizashi wanders off after finishing cleaning, so Aizawa curiously follows his students to the living room.

“Ah! Aizawa sensei! Don’t look!” Uraraka yells instantly as he walks into the room. Before he can even register what’s happening, Dark Shadow is filling his vision completely.

“Excuse us Sensei, but you must cast your gaze somewhere else.” Tokoyami approaches.

“Yes, not to be rude, but you can’t look yet!” Iida clarifies over Tokoyami’s shoulder.

“Alright, calm down. I’m leaving.” Aizawa shrugs, heading back upstairs to finish his work. Hizashi’s also in their bedroom, fixing his hair in their mirror.

He sits back down at his desk and begins reading the screen of his laptop. He doesn’t notice Hizashi come up behind him, slipping his arms around his shoulders.

“Hizashi, I don’t need any more distractions. This is why I want a separate study room.”

“Yes, but you added a guest room instead because you knew you’d have students staying over.”

“And yet we still have some sleeping on our couch.”

“Pft,” Hizashi laughs, hiding his face in Aizawa’s neck; as he finishes typing a sentence.

There’s a knock from the door, and Momo and Tsuyu peeks their head’s in apologetically. Hizashi lifts his head to smile at them.

“Sorry to interrupt, but can you come with us?” Momo asks politely.

“We have something to show you.” Tsuyu adds.

“Yeah, of course! Let’s go Shouta!” Hizashi answers enthusiastically and drags Aizawa out the chair.

They go back into the living room, and everyone’s blocking the table from view when they enter. They’re crammed in his small living room; Aizawa used to think this room was big when it was just him, then Hizashi moved in, and now it’s filled with all his students.

“Aizawa sensei! We’ve made you a surprise!” Hagakure cheers.

“Well, it’s for all of us. I’ve been waiting to eat this all day!” Kaminari cuts in. Sero rolls his eyes, and Mina elbows him.

“Yeah, but it’s still for you primarily.” Jirou corrects, also scowling at Kami.

“C’mon, just reveal it.” Shinsou sighs, “Move out the way everyone.”

The class bump into each other, as they make a path for Aizawa, finally allowing him a glimpse at the table. It’s a gingerbread house, as he was expecting, but it only takes a second for him to recognise it. It’s his house. They made his home out of gingerbread. He steps closer to look at the little figures dotted around; some are leaning against the house, and others are laying down unable to stand. He gasps when he notices who they are. It’s them. Him, Hizashi, and his students.

“It’s us Sensei!” Mina laughs, she points to one in the centre. “That’s you. We made one for everyone here!”

Aizawa looks at the gingerbread version of himself, surrounded by everyone. Hizashi is next to him, with Todoroki, Bakugou, and Shinsou all leaning against them.

“We decided on the gingerbread placement carefully.” Iida explains, “We wanted to share our appreciation for you, because you’ve given our friends somewhere safe to stay.”

“We put Todoroki, Bakugou and Shinsou next to you and the house, because you’ve given them a home.” Ojiro shyly adds, rubbing his next as he talks.

“We’re fucking safe here. You accepted me, when even my parents wouldn’t” Bakugou scoffs.

“You gave us a place to stay. I like having a home.” Shinsou smiles.

“We’re a little family.” Todoroki states, and Aizawa feels his heart burst.

Hizashi squeals and opens his arms, pulling Shinsou and Todoroki into a hug, bringing them over to Aizawa. Aizawa looks over at Bakugou with a ‘if I have to join this hug, you do too’ look, and they hesitantly join in.

“We added ourselves as well, to let you know that we love it here too!” Uraraka adds, after they pull away from the hug.

“So yeah, what we’re trying to say is thank you. Don’t fucking cry; we don’t need another Deku.” Bakugou sums up.

Aizawa looks around at his students, his kids, before looking at the gingerbread family again.

‘Yeah, he loves his kids’.