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Perfect Morning, Perfect Lover

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The light coming through the window woke Yuri slowly, and he sighed at the warmth of the embrace from Otabek. They woke up spooning every morning, Yuri always the little spoon. He yawned and pushed closer to his love, basking in the comfort and satisfaction he got from it. 

Potya was curled up in the skater’s arms, purring softly and contentedly. Yuri smiled, he really loved free mornings. 

Otabek adjusted a bit and nuzzled Yuri’s neck affectionately, humming a little tune and leaving small kisses that made the younger’s heart flutter and soar. “Mmhm, I love you, Yura,” Otabek mumbled sleepily into Yuri’s hair. 

Yuri smiled wider and responded, “I love you too, Beka.” He got more neck kisses and he was pulled closer to Otabek’s bare chest, enjoying more skin on skin contact. He was still a bit sore from the night previous, but there was nothing better than waking up next to your truest love. Nothing better, truly and irrevocably. 

“You’re perfect, my love. Simply perfect,” Otabek praised, running his hand gently up and down on Yuri’s waist. The younger shivered and sighed, turning around to face his husband. He looked lovingly into the brown eyes before him and it was only a moment before their lips met in a slow and lazy kiss, tongues moving together gently. Yuri would never get tired of these kisses, so passionate and gentle. 

They separated. “You’re perfect too, Beka.” 

Otabek sighed, his eyes filled with joy and so much love that Yuri wanted to cry. He wanted to cry because he had everything he could ever need right with him in their small and cozy apartment. He wanted to cry because his heart was so content and full of unending love that he felt he couldn’t express enough of it. So he did cry.  The tears fell silently, and Otabek caught them with gentle kisses. 

“Why are you crying, Yura?” He asked gently, not in a worried way, but in a way that conveyed curiosity. 

“I’m just so very happy, Beka. You’re all I’ve ever needed, and it makes my heart burst because I love you so much,” Yuri explained, more tears falling. 

“And I love you so much, Yura. You make me so happy and I feel strong with you by my side.  I’m so thankful to call you my love,” Otabek said, using the pads of his thumbs to wipe any residual tears away. Yura took a deep breath and got a hold of himself, grinning in a way that only Otabek could cause. 

“Wanna have sleepy morning sex?” Yura asked, smile curving a bit upward into a smirk. Otabek rolled his eyes fondly and nodded. 

Needless to say, they made love until well after noon. Potya had left abruptly when it was obvious what was about to occur. 

Both of them would never be happier with anyone else, and that was what was so perfect.