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Lance Family's First Contact with Kryptonian Family Zor Els

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Writer: bibiwinters

Genre: Horror
Rated: M
TV Show Timeline: December 2000 (Alternate Universe of TVShow by CW)
Earth: 40

                                                                                                    Kyptronians Family: Zor Els and Middle Class Family
Zor El (Alien Race: Kyptronian) Age: 26-Year-Old 'Stop aging"
Alura Zor El (Alien Race: Kyptronian) Age: 26-Year-Old 'Stop aging"
Kara Zor El (Alien Race: Kyptronian) Age: 12-Year-Old 'Stop aging"
Zor El Family's Maids (Alien Race: Kyptronian) Age: 26-Year-Old 'Stop aging"
Zor El Family's Chef (Alien Race: Kyptronian) Age: 26-Year-Old 'Stop aging"
Middle Class Family Husband (Alien Race: Kyptronian) Age: 26-Year-Old 'Stop aging"
Middle Class Family Wife (Alien Race: Kyptronian) Age: 26-Year-Old 'Stop aging"
Middle Class Family Daughter (Alien Race: Kyptronian) Age: 16-Year-Old 'Stop aging"

                                                                                                     Human Family
Quentin Lance (Alien Race: Human) Age: 33-Year-Old
Dinah Lance (Alien Race: Human) Age: 33-Year-Old
Laurel Lance (Alien Race: Human) Age: 18-Year-Old 
Caitlin Lance (Alien Race: Human) Age: 14-Year-Old
Nora Lance (Alien Race: Human) Age: 14-Year-Old
Thea Lance (Alien Race: Human) Age: 14-Year-Old
Sara Lance (Alien Race: Human) Age: 12-Year-Old

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It was a sunny day; everyone was in the yard, laughing and having fun, The sky was clear, bright and blue. Occasionally, a gray cloud drifted around the sky, Birds were flying around in the air, singing their happy songs, The trees made a howling sound each time the wind passed through the leaves, Thirty three year old Quentin Lance was in charge of the barbeque grill, The smoke from the grill rose into the air as the sweet aroma of barbeque filled the air, Quentin seemed quite impressed with his grilling skills; he expertly flipped the beef with a smile on his face, Quentin was always in charge of the grill whenever they wanted to have a barbeque, He was good at it and his family was happy with whatever he grilled, Quentin was a family man before anything else.

He loved his family and it was evident in the way he looked at them, There was so much love in his heart for them, Seeing his daughters chatting and laughing happily filled his heart with joy, He caught his wife’s eyes as he started to put some barbeque on paper plates, Quentin had a white apron around his neck with a chef’s hat on his head, His muscles rippled each time he flipped the meat over, Beads of sweat formed on his forehead but he didn't seem to notice it, Quentin was a tall man with muscles on his arms, His wife Dinah was also Thirty-three years old.

Dinah was a pretty lady with brown hair, She was sitting opposite her husband with a red plastic cup in her hand, She sipped the drink in the cup and then she licked her lips, Quentin laughed at something she said, The girls also laughed, Then Dinah made a joke, teasing her husband. He laughed so hard, The Lances were a happy family, The couple’s oldest daughter Laurel Lance, a pretty girl with blue eyes and brown hair, was chatting with her sisters, The couple had four biological daughters, Sara, Lauren, Nora, and Thea (twins) and an adopted daughter Caitlin, Sara Lance was the youngest daughter and she was Twelve years old, The oldest child was Lauren, who was Eighteen years old, The twins were Fourteen years old while Caitlin was Sixteen years old.

Quentin passed the paper plates around and his wife took a bite of the meat, She licked her lips as she took another bite, Suddenly, a whirring sound filled the air like a mighty gush of wind rushed into the yard, They looked at one another, wondering what was going on, The plate in Quentin’s hand dropped and he ran towards his family, The family started running towards their house when the wind became heavier, The wind knocked the grill to the ground, The barbeque that Quentin had worked hard to grill was all over the floor, The wind also scattered the chairs and tables in the yard, The earth shook and the leaves on the trees fell on the ground, Quentin placed his hand above his forehead as he looked at something in the sky, There was something in the sky and it was coming down towards the earth, Dinah trembled when she realized what the object in the air was; it was an Alien spaceship, The girls held each other’s hands as their hearts pounded heavily, They suddenly had goosebumps on their skin, The family was scared, but they stayed together, They didn't know what the Aliens' mission was, Quentin looked at his family, silently communicating with them to be calm.

Dinah tried her best to remain calm, She knew she and her family would be in danger if they made the Aliens angry, An Alien spaceship landed in the middle of the yard and two Aliens jumped down, They spoke in their strange language and pointed towards the spacecraft, Quentin told his family not to struggle with the Aliens so they won’t get hurt, Despite their fear, they followed the Aliens into the spaceship, The Lance family glanced at their house one last time before they walked along, They had shared so many beautiful moments as a family in their home, There was so much beeping sound in the spaceship and everything seemed so strange to them, Their eyes wandered around the spaceship, taking in the sight of the couple maids and servers marching down a hallway and the advanced technology all around them, Then they met two Humanoids race ‘Kryptonian’, Male Kryptonian Zor El and Female Kryptonian Alura Zor El and Young Female Kryptonian Kara Zor El, The Kryptonian were 5 feet tall, The both Female Kryptonians was 5 feet tall and pretty with green eyes, The Male Kryptonian was her husband and he also had a handsome face, They looked so real but the girls knew they were not humans.

Then the Older Female Kryptonian said “I am Alura Zor El and Zor El is my husband and Kara Zor El is my 14 Year Old Daughter", We have a Female Kryptonian chefs "do not be frightened; we mean you no harm”, The Lance family was astonished "they didn’t know that the Aliens could speak English", “You speak English?” The Lance family asked. Kryptonians replied “We are using universe translator”, The Lance's twins, Thea and Nora, asked, "What are you planned to do to us?", “We are taking you to Planet Krypton” Kara Zor El replied, “A world of infinite delights to tantalize your senses and challenge your intellect,” Kara Zor El said.

Sara was pissed. “Look, to you, we Humans are dumbest order of life”, Laurel also spoke up, showing her displeasure at what the Kara Zor El said, “We face that racism and sexism all of our life, but we loved our planet, we never throw ourselves on your mercy,” Lauren said, “Please return us back to our planet,” Thea said, The spaceship smoothly sailed to Planet Krypton, and the first thing the girls saw was enormous selection of feast, “Dinner, get a load of that Fatten Food.” Caitlin said, “Here your food, please grab all you want but eat all you take,” Alura Zor El said.

The Lance family continued to look at the feast in front of them, They had never seen such an enormous feast before, Sara took a deep breath, taking in a lungful of air, She was thrilled, Everything fascinated her, Sara's eyes drifted from the Kyptronian to the table, She took in the beautiful sight of the new environment, It seemed like a dream to her, but she knew that it was real, She loved adventures; this was one exciting adventure she would never forget, Laurel, nudged Dinah; the women exchanged glances as their gaze drifted to the table, Both women knew that a lot of effort had gone into making the meals, No wonder the Kyptronian asked them to eat all they take, The meals looked exotic, Nora’s mouth watered as she moved closer to the table, Dinah wondered how the chef had managed to make the foods because it would have taken a lot of time and work if it was made by a human, She was also glad that the aliens had shown them kindness instead of cruelty, "Here your food and please eaten food you take” Alura Zor El said.

Dinah felt relaxed when the Kara Zor El smiled at her, However, the Lance Family younger girls continued to laugh even though they were eager to eat, Sara licked her lips as she pointed at the meals, "Please, may I have double meat burgers and double cheeseburgers?" Sara asked, The delicious aroma of the meals had saturated the air, Lauren’s stomach growled, She rubbed her hand on her stomach as she laughed, “Steaks, please,” Laurel said, She had gotten over her fear, now she was ready to eat some delicious steaks, Thea did a little dance; she was so excited to eat some delicious pork chops and meat pies, “Pork chops and meat pies," Thea said with a grin, “All the meals look so yummy” Caitlin said, “What do you want?” Thea asked, turning to Nora, "Ribs and five layers of lasagna” Nora replied, "Large Pizza," Quentin and Dinah said at the same time, Then the couple looked at each other and laughed, Caitlin said, "I want two plates filled with pasta, meatball and meat Sauce" She imagined how juicy the meatballs would taste. Caitlin loved pasta and meatballs, It seemed like the Zor El Family knew Lance Family's favorite meal because every member of Lance Family's favorite meal was on the table.  

“Are you sure you can finish that?” Sara asked, “Do you remember what the Alura Zor El said? You have to finish all the meals on your plate”, Caitlin smiled at her sister, “Well, I will do my best” She said, Kara Zor El was pleased with the Human’s choices, Spreading out his arms, he gestured at them, "Come, Humans, eat", Alura Zor El and Zor El was also pleased, She had a massive smile on her face as she turned to look at the Lance family, She noticed how they all looked fit, "Grow large with food,” Kara Zor El said, There was a pleasant aura in the air, the usual one when people see foods that they love, The Lance family talked happily as they sat at the table, The divine aroma of the food filled their nostrils, "Let's get some applesauce for these pork chops," Quentin said, Zor El Family waiter passed the applesauce to Quentin, but Kara Zor El and Alura Zor El gaze was on the Lance Family Girls, Quentin noticed that Kara Zor El and Alura Zor El was distracted.

"Why are you looking at us, Kara?" Quentin asked Kara Zor El smiled as her gaze drifted to the Lance Family Girls again, "Your daughters are Delicious dish," Kara Zor El said, Quentin and his family thanked the Kara Zor El, "Thanks." Lance Family Girls, The Alura Zor El said, "We happy to provide you with Movies and TVShows on your travel, We get over 1000 channels from handful systems of the galaxy", Sara’s lips spread into a lovely smile, She loved watching movies, "Do you get HBO?", "No, that is extra, This is our achievement in entertainment technology, an anime adopted of Twilight Zone's To Serve Man Episode." Zor El said, Thea, clapped her hands in amusement, "That's just anime! Get better TVShows, Kyptronian!", Quentin smiled as a dreamy look crossed his face, It seemed as if he had remembered a wonderful event, "My wife and I watched Episode that before our marriage" Quentin said.

"We bought this spaceship, Is there anyone here who has travel to other planets? Please raise your hand" Alura Zor El said, Dinah realized that the Kyptronian Family Zor El wasn’t pleased about Quentin and Thea’s comment, She touched her husband’s shoulder as she spoke, "Your game is very nice," Dinah said, kindly. “Don’t you think so, honey?”, Quentin’s response was swift “Yes, of course”, Zor El Family smiled, obviously pleased, “The food has a nice aroma,” Nora said, “Thank you” Zor El Family Chef replied, Quentin, chuckled, “I’m sure that my family’s weight would become four times greater when weighed on a giant scale”, “Why do you say so?” Kara Zor El asked, "Since we got here, Zor El Family and Staff all have constantly made reference to food" Quentin replied, As if on cue, the Zor El Family Waiters began to pass plates around the table, Zor El Family Chef put a large tray on the table which had thirty-triple meat with triple cheeseburgers, thirty-steaks, thirty-pork chops, twenty-meat pies, thirty-ribs, five layers of lasagna and two extra-large pizzas (20 inch), “Dinnertime,” Zor El Family Server said with so much excitement, "How come you guys never eat?" Thea asked.

Zor El smiled as he looked at Thea. He seemed to be considering her question. The Alura Zor El nudged her husband, poking him in the ribs. Thea and her sisters were fascinated by the Kyptronian couple. The couple seemed so nice, so easy-going and friendly. Thea admired the way the alien couple joked with each other and she also loved the way the other Kyptronians respected them. Besides, she loved that they gave them delicious foods to eat, "Oh, we wouldn't want to spoil our appetite for the feast when we land on Planet Krypton." Zor El replied, The Lance family was excited and they wanted to know if they would be invited to the feast on the Planet Krypton, "feast, will we be invited?" The Lance family asked, Before the Kyptronian Family Zor El could answer the question, Quentin Lance had begun to speak again. Quentin had a look of respect and awe on his face when he looked at the Kyptronian couple.

"Thanks to the Alura Zor El, Zor El, Zor El Family Daughter Kara Zor El, and Zor El Family’s Chef, who treat my family extremely well by giving us countless amounts of food to fatten up my family, until the great feast at Planet Krypton, these aliens call their Race as Kyptronian." Quentin Lance said Kara Zor El smiled before she replied to the question, "Oh, you'll be at the feast, I have a feeling you'll be the dish for the feast to be eaten." Kara Zor El said, “Wow, that would be great,” Nora replied, “I’m so excited, I can’t wait for the delicious feast,” Sara said, “Girls, I am sure we will have a wonderful time there,” Dinah said, Humans was excited, temporarily forgetting about the feast in front of them. Thea, her sisters, and parents were already thrilled by the news that there would be a feast on the Planet Krypton.

"Please don't tell us any more about this feast." Quentin Lance and his wife Dinah Lance said, "Please eat now, please fatten up yourself, when we arrive." Alura replied. She licked her lips, rubbing her hands together. The girls laughed at her excitement, “Thank you for this delicious meal,” Laurel said, “Yes, it’s so great,” Thea added, All the girls had something wonderful to say about the feast. Zor El and Kara Zor El had a smile on their face. Zor El Family was pleased that the Lance family loved his meals. Kara Zor El turned to look at the girls, Kara Zor El said  "Very good, Earth Girls, Excellent, Lance Family, Excellent."

After dinner, the family had a nice cozy cabin to sleep in. The girls were content to sleep in their warm beds and chat until they fell asleep. The following day, the girls had a tour of the spaceship; they did their best to stay out of the way of the Kryptonians' guards and Kryptonians maids. Their parents, Quentin and Dinah also loved the spaceship, for once, they had no worries, In the evening, another great feast was made for them. Zor El Family Chef had taken the time to prepare a flavorful meal. The Humans girls licked their lips when they saw the wonderful spread on the table, “It fattens up humans time again,” The Female Kyptronian Chef said.

The family sat at the dinner table while the Female Kyptronian Chef served their meals. The Chef put the following food onto the dinner table seventy -Triple Meat with Triple Cheeseburgers, eighty-Steaks, seventy-Pork Chops, hundred-Meat Pies, seventy -Ribs, 4 -5 Layer Lasagna, two Extra Large Pizza (26 inches), The Lance family talked happily as they enjoyed their meals. They never ran out of food as the Chef continued to pile juicy meals onto their plates. After dinner, Caitlin went for a walk because she suddenly had an unsettled feeling. The tingles she felt in her spine weren’t out of excitement anymore; she could sense that something was wrong. She tried to shake off the feelings but she couldn’t. She noticed that her family was extremely happy which meant that they still trusted the Kyptronians. However, she didn’t trust the Kyptronians anymore.

The Kryptonians were nice to them but she was beginning to doubt their intentions. She had so many questions which she couldn’t find the answers to. She wondered what the Kyptronian’s motives were for abducting them and bringing them into the spaceship. If the Kyptronian family wanted to give them food, they could have brought the food to Planet Earth; instead, the Kyptronians brought her family into their spaceship, “Why do they feel the need to feed us?” She wondered “And why are they giving us so much to eat?”

She didn’t share her suspicions with anyone because she didn’t want to alarm them. One night, Caitlin wandered around the spaceship. She walked so softly so she wouldn’t make any noise. She headed towards the Zor El Family’s kitchen, doing her best to stay out of sight. She heard voices as she got closer to the kitchen. So, Caitlin stood beside the door, trying to eavesdrop. The Chef Kyptronian was making dinner in the kitchen. However, Kara Zor El was talking to tell Chef, "This will give the humans, Delicious taste upon being eaten as food." Kara Zor El said. She sounded so happy.

Caitlin's heart hammered against her chest. She tiptoed backward until she walked out of the hallway. Then she bumped into a shelf, knocking a book to the ground. She grabbed the book and her eyes widened when she saw the title of the book; HOW TO COOK HUMANS, Her heart pounded in her ears as she ran to her family, “Oh my god, you won’t believe what I just saw and heard!” Caitlin said, “The Zor El Family wants to eat us.”

Caitlin’s family laughed because they thought that she was joking, "Stop it! Don't you see what's happening? They're fattening us up so they can eat us!" Caitlin cried, "Oh, come on, Caitlin." Quentin and Dinah said, Caitlin turned to look at her sisters but they also thought that she was lying, "Caitlin, stop lying" The girls cried, “The Kyptronians have been so nice to us,” Quentin said, “Now you want to repay their kindness by being rude and ungrateful. I won’t accept this behavior from you, “Caitlin, please go into your cabin and stay there.” Dinah said, “It is obvious that you do not appreciate everything that our Zor El Family has done for us.

Unknown to Caitlin, she and her family were about to be infected by gas. She knew that her family wouldn’t believe her but she wanted to help them. She thought of what to do and then an idea occurred to her. She went to the first aid kit where the Kyptronians kept their medical supplies. She took some sleeping pills. Then she served her family a glass of juice which she had slipped the sleeping pills into, They didn’t know that Caitlin had put something in their drinks. Caitlin thought that she was helping her family but she didn’t know that she had played into the Zor El’s hands. She had betrayed her family.

The Lance family went back into their cabin to sleep, including Caitlin who also fell asleep. They slept for several hours unaware that they were in great danger.

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While they were sleeping, two Zor El Family maids came into the cabin. First, the maids undressed Quentin. Then they undressed the girls and their mother. Zor El Family Chef had started a fire ina giant twenty feet tall oven. The maids brought the naked Lance family to the Zor El Chef and they put each member of the Lance family into a human-sized pie crust so that they would be able to see each other while they were cooked in the oven. The Zor El Chef reduced the heat of the oven so that the humans would cook properly and slowly. The Zor El Family maids and Kara Zor El watched them.

Soon, the heat filled their bodies, waking them up from their pills induced sleep. They all screamed as they realized that they were stuffed into a humans size pie crust. They struggled to crawl out of the oven but the door was closed and the heat was making them dizzy, “Oh my god, what do we do?” The girls screamed, "I wish we had listened to Caitlin when she tried to warn us," Dinah said, “Urghhh, my arm hurts,” Laurel cried, “My hair seems to be melting; it’s too close to the heat!” Sara cried, "Somebody get us out of here, please," Nora screamed, Quentin banged his hands on the oven door but it was too hot so it seared his skin, “Ah!!” Quentin screamed, “We need to find a way to get out of here,” Thea cried, “I don’t think there is a way out of this,” Dinah said, crying, “Oh my god, Caitlin was right.", “I wish we listened to her,” The girls (Thea, Nora, Sara, Laurel) said, “Yeah, me too,” Quentin groaned, “We Taste Delicious” said Caitlin, “I Taste Delicious” said Caitlin, “I Smell Delicious” said Caitlin.

Caitlin did say some words, the heat made her feel nauseous especially when she noticed that the Kara Zor El with Alura Zor El and Zor El were watching as they cooked in the oven, Kara Zor El said to Humans "You Smell Delicious", Alura Zor El said to Humans "You Taste Delicious", Zor El said to Humans "Humans Smell and Taste Delicious as Food to be eaten by Kyptronian", Kara Zor Ek licked her lips as she watched Zor El Family ‘food’ cook in the oven. They also had a humane grin on Zor El Family's faces.