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Good Vibrations

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Someone had ignored his warnings again. Shindo Yo was at the end of his rope. The weekly agency meetings had become a form of torture. 

He was becoming increasingly convinced that it was part of some sort of office guerrilla warfare. Like the time he lost his temper and snapped at Seiji Shishikura and ended up becoming a vegetarian. 

The tiny little troll had deemed him “Unheroic” and started turning his lunch into fleshy blobs. Even after he apologised in his sweetest tone, the vengeful shit kept turning everything Shindo put in the staff fridge into balls of flub. 

He’d won though! He could only convert flesh into flesh blobs, so by becoming a vegetarian Seiji had no valid targets.

He’d gotten his revenge by vibrating Seiji’s fancy imported sodas. It backfired though, because he had lost the higher ground of being the undeserving victim. Totally worth it to see that bastard dripping with fizzy pop.

The office had found the feud hilarious and his superiors refused to reprimand Shishikura for his misconduct. Ever since then Shindo had been on his best behaviour around his co-workers in an effort to avoid being the butt of any other practical jokes.

Someone was fucking with him again and no matter how many signs he made about turning mobile phones off, not to vibrate, someone still had theirs on.

The cacophony vibrating phones made was Shindo’s most hated thing in the world. Outside, on missions he wore a special headset, and his home was specially insulated against vibrations. 

Wearing his filters inside caused him terrible headaches for some mystery reason. The support staff had yet to pinpoint the cause. He made do around the office with traditional earplugs, but he needed to be able to hear during mission briefings and the weekly staff meetings - hence the 'no vibrations' request.

One hour's peace, once a week; it wasn’t hard, but it was apparently beyond his co-workers. 

This week he had actually asked Endeavor’s permission to speak at the beginning of the meeting to request that the heroes present turn off their devices for the next hour so that he could hear what was being said.

Shindo had been satisfied his charm had paid off when he saw at least six of his coworkers sheepishly pull their phones from pouches and pockets to do as he asked.

Finally. His peace lasted all of eight minutes when he heard it. Somewhere to his right, some asshole had left their phone on thinking that they were the exception to the rule. Turning, he tried to pinpoint the culprit, only to have the call end before he got a read on the location of the vibration. 

There were seventeen other heroes to his left, surveying the group he decided the most likely culprit was god’s gift to assholes, Bakugou Katsuki aka Ground Zero. The man was as arrogant as he was skilled, just the sort of troublemaker to ignore the rules. 

It continued on like that for the next half an hour, each time Shindo glanced in Bakugou’s direction the man’s handsome face was filled with a knowing smirk.

The direction seemed off though, maybe it wasn’t Bakugou. He tried to concentrate on what Burnin was saying about pension payments, but the damn vibration started up again.

No, not Bakugou. Then who? Who was it? He would have to have words with them after the meeting. 

There it was again. Where are you?   Closing his eyes, Shindo focused on the pulsing hum, slowly rotating until he was facing the precise direction of the irritating oscillation.

Opening his eyes, Shindo was very surprised to find himself looking at a very flustered looking Midoriya Izuku. Seeing him glaring, Midoriya’s face flushed and he turned away to look at his hero partner.

Ah. That explained it, those two were as thick as thieves. Bakugou clearly knew Izuku was the one breaking the rules, hence his amused smirk. 

A kindred spirit that one, though Shindo was better at hiding the pleasure he got from the distress of others. He prefered to feign innocence when he watched people fall apart. What must it be like to be able to wear your disdain so openly?

Bakugou’s smug grin only added to his bad boy image. The man was sex incarnate in combat boots, it was only too bad that he had the personality of a huffy tomcat.

Izuku though, it wasn’t like him to break the rules. The green clad hero was usually infuriatingly genuine and eager to please. So much for his wonder boy title if he was not even smart enough to turn his phone off when asked. 

Shindo had missed most of the meeting already because of this blasted distraction, he deserved a little pleasure. Teasing Midoriya would do just fine.

Watching as Deku stared down at his hands, Shindo couldn’t help but admire how Midoriya’s embarrassment made his freckles stand out against his rosy red cheeks.

From the way he squirmed, the slight young man was clearly regretting leaving his phone on. Everytime it went off he was trapped between dread and a need to flee.

His distress was being delectably fanned by Ground Zero. Each time his partner went to move, he was met with a knowing grin. Standing near the door with his arms folded behind the small of his back, Bakugou had the only exit covered.  

Shindo was surprised the other hero could hear the phone from where he was standing. From the few conversations he’d had with Bakugou about hearing protection, he was under the impression the explosive hero’s hearing had been damaged by his quirk.

If it wasn't for his quirk, Shindo wasn’t sure he would be able to tell the green-haired chump was being spammed with calls. It was times like this that it wasn’t easy to tell what he was hearing via his ears and what he was “hearing” from his quirk.

Ten more minutes of watching the number six hero squirm and the meeting was over. Slowly the room cleared of heroes as they made their way back to the daily grind until only Deku, Ground Zero, and Shindo were left.

Even though the meeting was over Izuku stayed seated, not looking up or moving as the phone went off again. 

This pretending it wasn't his was infuriating. Did he think Shido was an idiot?

Whoever was trying to get a hold of him was clearly desperate. Midoriya had received at least sixteen calls in the last hour. Why wasn't he answering it? Was he avoiding the call? Was it his mother? His girlfriend? Shindo hadn't thought the younger hero was a coward.

He didn’t seem very gifted when it came to social nuance, all smiles and sunny attitude. People eagerly followed him into battle, Shindo included - the man was a gifted tactician and was foolhardy enough to lay down his life to save a potted plant.

In fact, this was the most serious Shindo had ever seen Midoriya. Maybe he was a disaster outside of heroics. It would make sense, any sane person would find those big, hopeful green eyes grating after a while - there was only so much sunshine a person could take before they started to wilt.

Sighing with frustration, Shindo decided to cut the morose looking young man a break. Striding over he placed a hand on Izuku’s shoulder, startling him into looking up at Shindo with those accursed eyes.

Ye gads he was pretty all flushed like this. Were those tears in the corners of his eyes? What sort of sword of Damocles did the unanswered call represent? Test results? A break up?

A death in the family? Fuck - Shindo hated it when the losers he worked with made him give a shit.

"Just answer it. She isn't going to stop calling."

“Wha-?” Izuku asked looking puzzled.

"Your phone - whoever keeps ringing you isn't going to stop. Answer it, you coward.  Your mother, girlfriend or whoever doesn’t deserve to be ignored like this. Answer it before I lose my mind and throw it and you out the window."

"I uh-" He looked down, confused, at the phone in his hand. 

Shindo could see that it was indeed not ringing or showing any missed calls on the lock screen. This close to Midoriya, he could  practically feel the vibrations coming from the red-faced man.

"What!? Is it a beeper? An alarm? A support item? Is it malfunctioning?” 

“I- uh don’t know what you are talking about Shindo-san.” Midoriya stammered, clutching his phone tighter as his breath hitched.

He was such a bad liar, Endeavor had best think twice before ever assigning Deku to undercover work.

“Listen asshole, something on you won't stop vibrating! Turn it off before I break the bloody thing.” Shindo squeezed Midoriya’s shoulder tighter, emphasising just how close to violence he was feeling.

Before Deku could think of a lie to reply with, their conversation was interrupted by Bakugou’s barking laughter. 

Izuku's eyes went even wider as he spun in his chair to stare at his hero partner, who was not even ten feet away doubled over with laughter.


"Alright, alright. C'mon nerd - lets go... Ring, pfft your Mother! " Bakugou cracked up again, clutching at Midoriya’s arm for support as the two of them made their way out of the conference room.

Deku shot Shindo an apologetic look over his shoulder before they turned the corner.

The wonder duo were clearly mad. But at least with their departure the teeth grinding vibrations had ceased. 

Maybe Bakugou had been playing a joke on his partner - very unprofessional. See if Shindo would agree to work with them again, if this was the respect shown to team mates.




Clarity came the next day in the form of office gossip next to Shindo’s favourite burrito stand. 

The realisation left him with his mouth hanging open, shredded lettuce dangling in the breeze, looking like some sort of sea creature trying to breathe on land.

Shindo had been paired with Camie for patrol and she filled him in with glee as to what had actually been occurring during the meeting.

“Bakugou texted me ‘bout it last night, fam. He was still laughing his ass off. Wanted to tell me that the official term for taking a nooner is now “Calling your mother,” she said, clapping her hands excitedly.


"Oh yeah, hon. Those were some dirty vibes you caught on your radar."

"N-" He took a second to mouth the start of a lot of words, only to let the lettuce fall to the pavement before slumping back against the burrito stand - soulless. "...No..."

"Huh, that's a new look on you - don’t like it!" Camie said, leaning in and using her finger to close his mouth.

Shindo swallowed around the lump of food in his throat, mind reeling at the revelation.

“Surely, they can’t continue now that they know I can hear their toy!” Shido could hear the pleading in his voice and it disgusted him.

“Dunno. Stress relief, dude. Dangerous job we got. Gotta do what you gotta do to stay sane.”

“But it’s so unprofessional.”

“Bah. S’harmless. They only do it in non combat situations.”

“But...but - in an emergency call, there wouldn’t be time to remove it! What if they end up in hospital with it!? Or if a villain takes control of it??” Shindo could feel the hysteria forming as his brain ran through multiple nightmare scenarios.

“Hmmm. Point. I’ll ask.”


“You don’t wanna know?”

“I really, REALLY don’t.”

Shindo bit into his burrito, it tasted of nothing but sadness. He chewed dispondantly at his lettuce, tomato and beans wrapped in despair.

First, Seiji had ruined eating meat, and now the Wonder Dunces had ruined delicious wrapped street food. At this rate, he wasn’t going to have any food left that was trauma-free.




Shindo watched in horror over the next few weeks as "Calling your mother" spread through the hero community like a virulent STD.

Much like “Netflix and Chill”, there were two camps - those who understood and those who did not.

Everyone in the Know camp seemed delighted with this turn of events - except Shindo.

A team up with Ingenium’s agency resulted in Shindo’s entire squad rolling on the floor laughing like they had been hit by Ms. Joke’s quirk. 

All because Iida had innocently commented, “Midoriya is such a dutiful son. He has left my safety briefing four times to call his mother. So dedicated."

Alone in his apartment after a particularly hard day, Shindo turned on the news as he made dinner, only to burn his stir fry as he froze at the sight of Hawks cutting an after-battle interview short because he needed to “Call his Mother” while making eyes at ENDEAVOR! - his Boss! 

Even the Number One hero had been infected.

I did this.  

This plague started with me. I am patient zero - No! Ground Zero of this nightmare. All roads lead back to...oh God, Midoriya’s ass.  

It was thoughts of that thick, freckled ass vibrating at a frequency only he could hear that caused him to drift off and forget to keep stirring his food. 

The smell of charred capsicum jolted him back to reality. 

And there was the rub - literally, because as awful as it all was, the worst part was how aware it made him of all the sex everyone but him was getting.

Bakugou had taken to setting the toy off every time Shindo entered a room with the Duo.

Like a dog whistle only he could hear, Midoriya’s ass vibrated “Hello!” whenever he was near. Did the man never take the blasted thing out!? Did Bakugou have no shame!?

Obviously not. The whole thing was just as irritating as the men themselves. Bakugou’s knowing smirk, Midoriya’s beautiful blushes - it was too much.

Shindo had taken to spinning on his heel and walking out of any room that contained the two of them. He was not dealing with this juvenile bullshit. They were Heroes god damnit!

He supposed the only saving grace was that they had kept their bullying quiet. Heaven forbid they let others know the secret to getting under his skin.

There was no way to fight back. just like everything else, the Wonder Duo were unbeatable.

He’d reached his limit. This couldn’t continue, he was going to have to file a complaint with human resources - or not. There was no way that would stay private.

How would he even word the complaint? Hostile ass vibrations? Forced Voyeurism? It’s not like he could even prove it was happening. 

No matter how he worded it, people were just going to think his brain had been shaken, not stirred one too many times.

Did he really want to be responsible for outing his co-workers? That was a bell that could never be unrung. He was a jerk, but he wasn’t an asshole.

No. The only solution was for him to leave. Changing agencies would be a hassle, but if he didn’t do something he was going to become three olives short of a full martini.

The Hero ranking awards were only a week away and he was nominated in three categories. After, with his new ranking and awards, he would be in a better negotiating position.

Inasa had mentioned that Elemental's was hiring. Sure the man was an idiot, but maybe being top dog in a smaller agency would suit Shindo better. 

There was prestige in working with Endeavor, but it was easy to get overlooked when surrounded by so many heavy hitters.

Yes, his brilliance would shine brighter at a smaller agency.

Maybe he could start his own? 

First rule - Approved Vibrations Only.




So of course the universe (or maybe just Camie) conspired against Shindo to make the Hero Awards the most awkward fucking event he had ever had the displeasure to sit through.

He was seated at the same table as the dreadful duo, who were still playing their terrible game at his expense. The second time they got up to call Midoriya’s mother almost broke him.

They did break Camie, who was sitting beside him rocking back and forth hugging herself in an effort to contain her giggles.

It made her low-cut evening gown move in very interesting ways.

Inasa and Shouto didn’t seem to be in on the joke, well Inasa at least, the giant was as clueless as they came. Who knew what was going on behind Todoroki’s icy visage, that one was a safe Shindo had never managed to crack. 

He didn’t even get a chance to enjoy the way Camie’s curves started to bounce because Shindo could suddenly feel the blasted vibrations all the way from the opposite side of the ballroom.

They had truly broken him. He was tuned into the wavelength of the toy like it was the only radio station broadcasting. When it was active it was the only thing he could hear. 

Would moving to the other side of the city be enough? Or should he consider moving to the opposite side of the country?

When they returned ten minutes later, not even Midoriya’s sweetly flushed cheeks could improve his mood. He scowled at the cocktail Bakugou placed in front of him. The bastard met his glare, smiling at him with his cheshire grin - And winked! 


He wanted to throw the drink right in the asshole’s face. Instead, he found himself leaning close and hissing, “Don’t you two ever fucking stop!”

“Ever stop fucking?” Bakugou replied in a smug tone.

And what do you say to that? Nothing is what. Just ignore him. Midoriya always seemed the more reasonable of the two, maybe he could be reasoned with.

“Could you two please just give it a rest while I’m around? It’s too loud. I can hear it wherever you go.” He pleaded, appealing to Midoriya’s sense of compassion.

“Ooh,” said Bakugo, “I like it when you say please.”

“Hear what?” asked Inasa, interrupting them.

 “Uh -” Shindo floundered trying to think of an answer.

“Midoriya’s phone calls to his mum. Shindo’s got sensitive ears.” Camie tried to save him, but the path to hell was paved with the bodies of friends who had pushed him too far.

“Oh! We should all call our Mothers! And thank them for supporting us as Heroes!” Inasa said cheerfully in his booming voice.

That set Camie and Bakugou off again. Their laughter proved to be too much for Midoriya, who rested his head on the table and hid behind his arms.

Shindo wanted to join him, but instead he just picked up the drink Bakugou brought him and tried to drown his sorrow in its sparkly depths.

Across from him, Inasa pulled out his phone and happily called his mother. The big man chatted with her loudly before handing the phone over for Shouto to say hello.

Shindo finished his drink in a rush and closed his eyes, surrendering to oblivion. Wishing with all his might to be anywhere but here.

Of course that was when it started up again, drowning out Inasa’s merry bellows. In the dark, behind his eyelids, all Shindo could hear was that damned vibration in Midoriya’s ass.

Except this time it was faster than normal. Short pulses, followed by longer ones, no discernible pattern - except - wait… Fuck.

Was that Morse Code? 

Shindo was going to murder Bakugou Katsuki.

Right here, right now in this bloody Ballroom. 

Live on national television, he was going to liquify his brain and watch it dribble out his nose.

S.H.I.N.D.O - C.A.L.L Y.O.U.R M.O.T.H.E.R

“I’m not calling my Fucking Mother! I hate you all!” He shouted before storming off to get another drink. 

He needed ALL the drinks.

Behind him, he heard Shouto say in his deadpan voice, “clearly someone has mommy issues.”




On stage accepting his award for largest area save, Shindo started to stumble through his thank you’s.

Because of course Bakugou Fucking Katsuki picked that moment to start up again with the morse code.

It was so distracting, he couldn’t help but decode it on instinct.

W.A.N.T - T.O - G.E.T - P.I.Z.Z.A - A.F.T.E.R - T.H.I.S - F.O.O.D - I.S - S.H.I.T

" - finally I'd like to thank my moth-No! NO! I Do NOT Want FUCKING PIZZA! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU!?”

The words were out before he could stop them. Looking down at the shocked faces of the hero filled tables, Shindo blinked, turning to walk off the stage like a robot.




::NEWS:: "Up-and-coming Hero ‘Tremor’ appeared to have suffered some sort of break down mid-speech during the 78th Annual Hero Awards. While accepting the award for largest area save, the young hero appeared to ha -"

::NEWS:: "One wonders Serah, if it was underground UA alumni Mind Thief pulling a prank, like at the UA graduat-"




They were waiting for him backstage. 

Midoriya looked mortified, Bakugou was still smiling but it was smaller and seemed to contain some chagrin.

Fine. They were doing this, but not in public. He needed plausible deniability before he murdered the beloved wonder duo in cold blood.

Shindo grabbed Deku’s arm and dragged him into the Large Quirk User toilet. It took all his strength to move the massive door.

Bakugo followed close behind, still smiling. He seemed curious but ready to act. He knew as well as Shindo did that if Deku wanted to be free, he would be.

Once they were all safely inside he locked the door and spun to face his two tormentors.

"You fuckers! Why are you doing this to me?" Uh oh. Shindo can hear the tears in his voice, he sounded like he was about to cry.

Was he about to cry? He felt both angry and so very tired.


"S'fun - you are so easy to fuck with," Bakugou teased.

"It ends now. You take that fucking thing out now and destroy it!" Shindo said, ignoring Bakugou and focusing his attention on the weak link - Midoriya.

“Or?” Bakugou demanded.

"Kacchan just tell him," Izuku sounded as tired as Shindo felt.

"No - he hasn't earned it yet. Or? Those threats usually have some sort of ultimatimum - we destroy it, OR..."

Shindos mind went blank as Deku's belt clanked to the floor and cut off his lover's posturing.

"Tell him Kacchan, I’m sore. I’m tired. And we ruined his speech. I want this over, I’ve had enough."

"Tell me what?"

Bakugo just folded his arms and glared at Deku. "You safewording?"

"Yes. I am - Eraserhead. Now tell him."

"Fine. Fucking fine! We were flirting."

"Kacchan! The truth!"

"Gods Deku! You ruin fucking everything. Fine! I was flirting."

"Flirting? ... with who?" Shindo was so confused. 

"You dumb ass!"

"Wait, what? You were flirting with me using your boyfriend's ass?"

"It's a fine piece of ass! Who wouldn't want some of that!?" Bakugou insisted, indignant.

"Oh my god." Shindo walked over and sat on the closed toilet seat, slumped, head in hands. "You were asking me out? The pizza thing - you were asking me out on a date. Y-you-you... used a vibrator in someone else's ass to ask me out on national television!? You are mad. Certifiable."

Bakugou’s eyes narrowed as he considered Shindo’s words. "Is that a No?"

"Leave him alone Kacchan, stop teasing. He's upset, we went too far - apologise." Midoriya scolded his boyfriend. Oh, now he was the voice of reason. Where was this compassion before Shindos’s acceptance speech? 

"M'not fucking apologising." Bakugou replied sulkily. 

They continued glaring at each other over Shindos head, neither one backing down. Bakugou's hands started to spark as Izuku's suit glowed with the green light of his quirk. 

Shindo must have fallen and hit his head. The acclaimed wonder duo number were fighting over him - literally over him - because they wanted to have sex with him. 

Two of the most powerful quirk users of their generation and they were idiots, about to brawl in a bathroom because their pigtail pulling declaration hadn’t gone well.

That was it. He has had enough of their childish fucking bullshit.

Shindo stood up abruptly, startling the two men.

He grabbed Bakugou by his red satin tie, holding Midoriya away with his other hand.

"Ok! You want to fucking do this!? Fine, we will do this. Kneel! Both of you. Now!" There were no tears in his voice now. Only resolve. 

These two assholes deserved to be punished, and punish their assholes was exactly what Shindo was going to do.

Deku slammed to his knees quickly, wincing a little as they hit the ground. Bakugou took his sweet fucking time about it, lowering one knee and then the other - never breaking eye contact with Shindo.

In response, Shindo lifted his tie higher, choking the blond man a little. Smiling, he slapped Bakugou’s face gently and told him to wait before making his way behind Midoriya.

He knelt behind Izuku and pressed his front into the smaller man’s back causing him to gasp. Shindo wrapped his arms around Midoriya and started to undo his pants.

Lowering them, Shindo was pleased to see that Izuku was wearing a black satin jock that left his beautiful freckled ass bare. 

He could just barely make out faint red marks in the shape of Bakugou’s hands and licked his lips in anticipation.

Now wasn’t the time for kind words and slow caresses. Shindo had a job to do. Punishing these brats so that they didn’t ever think of pulling this shit again.

Bringing one hand up to take hold of Midoriya’s ridiculous green bowtie, he used the other to grip him roughly through the front of his jock while grinding the hard edge of his zipper into his ass.

“This fucking ass! For weeks, all I have been able to think about is this ass. I wish I could sink in and fuck it like it deserves - but - instead I have to deal with your bloody partner!” 

With that, Shindo quickly withdrew all contact and stood. With a foot between Izuku’s shoulder blades, he kicked him over, sending him sprawling onto his stomach, trapped and tangled in his undone pants.

Bakugou growled at that but didn’t move. Shindo turned to face him.

“Oh. You don’t like that? You know the safe word.”

Turning back to Izuku, he was pleased to see that he had made no effort to move. It was too early for praise though.

“Get up. Strip. Fold it all all nice and neat. Can’t have you getting dirt on your pretty suit. Leave your belt and tie on the toilet. Shoes too.” 

That earned Shindo another growl from Bakugou.

Without looking to see if Midoriya was following his instructions, he turned back to the spiky-haired blond.

He walked slowly in a circle around the kneeling hero, amused as he followed Shindo’s movements with his patented glare.

“Now, what are we going to do with you?”

More growls. Perfect. On his second pass, he saw out of the corner of his eye that Midoriya had finished disrobing. On second thoughts, he couldn’t really afford to get his suit dirty either.

Taking a seat on the closed toilet like it was a throne, he commanded Bakugou to stay and motioned Midoriya over.

The green-haired man knelt dutifully at his feet and Shindo rewarded him by stroking his fingers through those delectable curls.

“Good boy. Now I don’t want to get dirty either - undress me.'"

Izuku licked his lips eagerly and nodded, starting to unlace Shindo’s black shiny Oxfords. He had been trained well, this one. Well, he supposed he would have to be to take such constant torment from the likes of Ground Zero.

Shindo looked over at Deku’s former master kneeling near the door. Bakugou hadn’t moved, he knew how to play this game. 

His growls reverberated around the tiled space. He was testing at the boundaries with his growling, but Shindo found he quite liked the sound of the other man’s displeasure. Turned out some vibrations the big man made were desired, after all.

Bakugou wasn’t the sort of man to wait patiently for anything.

Shindo removed his own belt and tie, placing them on top of Izuku’s for later use. He then stood and let the freckled man help him out of his suit as the younger hero did his best impression of a Victorian valet.

When they were both naked, clothes safely stowed, he pulled the beautiful man forward by his curls, controlling his head roughly and kissing him as deep as he could.

To his surprise, Bakugou’s growls stopped as Shindo licked his way into Midoriya's mouth. The cessation of the sound was enough to make Shindo pull back to look.

“Aw. Look, Izuku-” he twisted the smaller hero’s head sharply to make him look at his lover. “He’s pouting. Poor - Kacchan. He feels left out.”

The growling started up again as Bakugou pulled his bottom lip in. The reaction made Shindo grin big and wide. Now who was being tormented?

Pulling Midoriya beside him, they both towered over the still-clothed Bakugou. They watched as he swayed on his knees, tilting forward slightly as if trying to get closer to the erections filling his vision.

“Uh un. No no. No cheating.” Shindo taunted, swaying his hips slightly to make his dick bob and bounce. 

Katsuki’s eyes locked onto it, following it like a cat playing with a laser beam. So cute. On his knees and silent, Ground Zero was almost charming.

“Should we undress him too?” Izuku asked quietly.

“No - I don’t think he’s earned it.” Shindo replied, parroting Katsuki’s words from earlier.

This caused Bakugou to forget his toy and look up, alarmed. 

Yes, fucker - being good is so very hard for you isn’t it?

I see you. 

Chuckling, Shindo motioned for Deku to kneel again facing his partner. He walked around behind Katsuki, a duplicate of how he had begun earlier with Izuku.

He didn’t grind into Bakugou’s ass, but he did reach around and undo the kneeling hero’s pants. Head on his shoulder, he dug his chin in and made eye contact with Deku. 

“Who cares if this one get dirty? Filthy troublemaker. Everyone should be able to see it.” Shindo spoke softly, right by Katsuki’s ear.

Then he roughly yanked Bakugou’s trousers open and tugged them down hard, exposing the man to the chilled bathroom air.

Freeing the scowling hero’s erection drew Izuku’s gaze down and away from Shindo’s. This time it was Deku’s turn to be hypnotised by dick. 

He had meant to pull Bakugou’s underwear down alongside his pants. Finding out that Ground Zero was going commando was a wonderful surprise. Shindo showed his delight by licking a long wet stripe up the side of Katsuki’s neck, over his cheek, and up into his hairline.

“Such a fucking slut. Where are your briefs Bakugou?” he teased, reaching up to undo the blond’s tie.

“ dirty. Chucked em.” Ground Zero hissed out between clenched teeth. 

“See, Deku? No point trying to keep this one clean. Dirt is drawn to dirt,” Shindo said, sucking on Katsuki’s earlobe, pushing the humiliating words into Bakugou’s brain with hot breaths.  

“Fuck you.” 

“No. I don’t think that is how this is going to go,” Shindo said, withdrawing all contact to emphasize his point.

Coming around to the front, he crouched beside his two kneeling prizes. Looking from one to the other, he made sure Izuku was watching and raised Bakugou’s red tie.

Facing the angry man, Shindo looked into his eyes, loving the way they widened as he started stuffing the crimson fabric into Katsuki’s mouth.

“If you aren’t going to apologise, I don’t have much use for your filthy mouth Kat - su - ki.” Shindo said in his sweetest voice, elongating the man's name so each syllable was its own separate taunt. 

With each word, he pushed more of the fabric inside, making the snarling hero’s cheeks bulge. The finishing touch was leaving the tail of the red tie hanging out, a delightful parody of a lolling tongue.

Grinning, proud of his handiwork, Shindo stood and looked down at his play things.

It could end here and Shindo would die happy. How many heroes had fantasised about gagging the obnoxious blonde? All of them. 

How many villains had dreamed of bringing the mighty Deku to his knees? All of them.

And it was Shindo fucking Yo that got to do the deed. It was so close to perfection… and yet.

“Close your fists if it gets to be too much for you, Blasty.” 

Punishment or not, there was no reason for Shindo to forget proper safeguards. The last thing he wanted was for the wonder duo to stop wanting to play.

Hmm. Now what? Words aside, it would be better if they could leave here later clean, well clean-ish. They were waiting on him, such good boys. No time for him to overthink this.

“Deku? Undo his shirt.” The smaller man looked up from where he was watching, flushed and fascinated as Katsuki struggled around the improvised gag.

He raised scarred hands to follow the command. Quickly opening buttons, even going so far as to undo his lover’s cufflinks and tuck them into the suit jacket’s pocket.

So fucking obedient. Even in this, Izuku went above and beyond, he just couldn’t help himself. He wanted so desperately to be good for Shindo.

When he was finished, Izuku sat back on his heels, staying as close as he could to Katsuki and looking up to Shindo with those big green eyes, awaiting further instruction.

“Good boy. So helpful.” Shindo ruffled his hair playfully as a reward. 

He turned to frown at Katsuki, roughly tilting his head back with a hand on the blond’s forehead to look into red glaring eyes. Bakugou choked a little as he tried to growl around the tie in his mouth. 

“Now what do we do with a bad boy? Hmm?” His words were all sweetness, but his hands were rough as he stripped Katsuki out of his jacket and shirt.

Chest bare, pants loose around his thighs, gagged, obedient, and angry, Shindo let himself have a moment to appreciate the beauty that was Bakugou Katsuki.

Not that he could ever let the other man know, his ego was too swollen as it was. No, much better to appreciate the defiant man in a way that would make him whimper and weep.

“Up!” Shindo commanded, raising both hands quickly, palm up like a conductor.

Naked and free, Deku practically bounced upright. Gagged and kneeling for much longer, Bakugou staggered to his feet, trying desperately not to trip over his pants.

Heh. Perfect. Turning his back on both men, he walked over to the toilet and picked up Midoriya’s belt.

“Hands, Bakugou.” Shindo smiled seeing that Bakugou’s palms were still spread open. 

Yes. Pride or no, Ground Zero liked this. Liked being humiliated in front of his partner, he liked being put in his place. Good, Shindo could work with that.

He softly trailed his fingers over Katsuki’s hands as he brought them together, palms facing inward. It was the first tender touch he had given the big man. A small reward for his obedience.

To his surprise, Bakugou flinched away from it, red eyes upset. Well, well wasn’t that telling. Not a fan of soft touches - this one wanted to be punished. Okay, Shindo could do that.

He firmed up his hold as he started to wrap the belt around Bakugou’s wrists twice, binding them together. Tucking the tail between two more times, he completed the restraint. 

It left Kastuki’s hands pressed together in a faux prayer. 

Slipping two fingers between the belt and the bound man’s wrists, Shindo checked the circulation. Satisfied, he commanded Bakugou to test it.

Both Shindo and Izuku watched as Katsuki twisted and pulled, then as he flexed his hands opening and closing his fists before giving a small nod of approval.

“See. It isn’t so hard to be good.” Shindo praised him, stroking his cheek before patting it patronisingly.

Shindo took up the long leftover belt by the buckle, pulling Bakugou off balance as he dragged him towards the door.

High above them, almost out of reach was a big hook for large quirk users to hang their jackets. Shindo flipped the buckled end over the hook and hoisted Bakugou up until he was standing on his tippy toes. 

Satisfied, Shindo tied the belt off. Before he let go, he pressed Bakugou back against the door with his full weight and ground into him. Standing on his own toes, he stretched up to place a quick kiss on the underside of the glaring man’s jaw.

Standing back to admire his handiwork, Shindo wrapped friendly arms around Izuku’s shoulders. 

“He sure is pretty like this, all tied up and frustrated. But I think we can make him even prettier. Would you be a dear and bring me your bow tie?” Shindo let them both hear the genuine happiness in his voice.

Moving in close while Midoriya was distracted, he whispered in Bakugou’s ear. “I am going to ruin you.”

Izuku returned to find Shindo grinning and Bakugou angrily trying to curse from behind his gag.

“What was that? I can’t hear you?” Shindo reached up and slowly pulled the long red tie out of Katsuki’s mouth. Like a magician pulling scarves out of his sleeve, it seemed much longer than was possible.

Bakugou coughed, voice hoarse: “I said. Bring it on, Asshole.”

“Oh Katsuki dear, you are going to regret saying that.”

Stretching the tie out to its full length, Shindo smirked as he knelt in front of Bakugou. He began to very carefully wrap Katsuki’s straining erection from the balls up.

Behind him, he heard Izuku let out a small gasp of surprise.

“What the fuck are you doin?!” Bakugou barked straining to look past Shindo’s bobbing head.

No doubt, it felt very strange to have your dick wrapped tight in silk while you couldn't see what was going on.

“Shhh. This pesky little thing has been leading you into all sorts of trouble. Best if we just take care of it now. If you don’t have to worry about it, you can focus on being good.”

Shindo finished his masterpiece with a ridiculous bow that was tied snugly under the glans of Bakugou’s penis. Shindo checked the circulation, and then placed a kiss to the tip. He pressed firmly on the head, pushing it down. 

When he let go as he stood up, he let out a small, satisfied laugh as Bakugou’s dick bounced about, making the bow bob comically.

He pulled away before Bakugou could become too encouraged.

“Gooood. Now let’s finish making you pretty so that I can take care of your boy.” With that, Shindo kissed the tip of Katsuki’s nose and tugged the green bowtie up to serve as a gag.

Bakugou let out an indignant squeak and made as if to kick Shindo - He tutted in response and reached forward to do up the belt on Bakugou’s pants tightly around his thighs, effectively hobbling him within his own trousers.


Art by Serah-Chan



Lastly, Shindo got Midoriya to pass him his own belt and secured Katuski’s ankles together. 

“All done.” Shindo made a show of pondering what to do next and then pretended to have a revelation. Clicking his fingers, he exclaimed, “Wait! I forgot one last thing.”

He searched Bakugou’s pants for his mobile phone, tugging the bowtie down to ask for the code.

“3358,” Bakugou gritted out, spitting a little as he said it.

Shindo shoved the tie back into the bound man’s mouth and said “Thank you” in a saccharine tone.

As he played with the phone he let out a small laugh. “Wait - your code is DEKU? So sweet. Izuku come here, I would like your help giving dear Katsuki a gift.”

Midoriya stepped closer and Shindo manhandled him so that he was standing between him and Bakugou. He let his hands trail down his sides, delicately tracing over all his numerous freckles.

They really were everywhere. He had been distracted earlier and hadn’t let himself truly appreciate the beauty of Midoriya’s frosted muscles. With more time, he would have enjoyed the chance to lick them all.

But with time being of the essence, Shindo had to appease himself with only looking - and a little bit of touching. Taking a fistful of that thick ass in each hand, Shindo moaned slightly as he spread freckled cheeks to see the glistening of Izuku’s well-lubed asshole. 

The small man moaned and let his head fall forward onto Katsuki’s shoulder. Shindo abruptly let go with one hand and pulled Midoriya’s head back roughly, hissing in his ear with mocking mild words.

“Uh uh. You do not touch him. Not at all. Not under any circumstances. You touch him again and all our fun stops. Nod if you understand.” The green hair jerked forward under his hand repeatedly.

“There’s a good lad. Now be my best boy and take your toy out for me. I think it’s time I got better acquainted with the damned thing.” 

Careful not to touch his bound lover, Izuku angled himself slightly forward and reached back, slipping two fingers easily into himself. 

Shindo watched, enraptured, as pro hero Deku dug around inside his own ass searching for buried treasure. Finally, he struck gold and pulled out a surprisingly small pink bullet.

Such a tiny thing to have caused so much trouble. Shindo held out his empty hand and Midoriya hesitantly placed the toy into it, clearly still worried that it was going to be destroyed.

No - he had a much better idea on what to do with the pesky little thing. Now it was his turn to grin like the Cheshire cat. He was the one who knew all, who had the power. 

He started to chuckle evilly as he reveled in the high.

“Izuku, my dear, if you have any lube, would you please fetch it.” He watched as the freckled hero slipped nimbly out from between them and bounced over to his folded suit.

Shindo quickly stepped forward and reached up behind Bakugou’s balls with the hand holding the bullet, rubbing it against his asshole. 

He looked the larger man in his angry, angry eyes as he whispered nastily, “Not that I am going to use it on the likes of you. Besides - I believe you like it when things burn!” On the last word, he pushed the toy inside raw, with only the leftover lube from Midoriya’s ass easing the way.

Bakugou squealed sharply behind the bowtie, bucking hard as he bit down. Shindo’s eyes left Katsuki’s to check the status of his hands - still open, the little slut. He knew he was right about the blond preferring a rougher touch. 

Shindo was in the process of wiping his fingers down Bakugou’s face to clean them when Izuku returned with a small bottle of lube. 

He wiggled the fingers on both hands at Deku, who looked bewilderingly between Bakugou and Shindo - searching for the bullet. Taking in the bound man’s muffled sounds, red cheeks, and squirming body, he let out a small gasp. Green eyes blinked quickly as he figured out what happened. He swallowed hard, handing over the lube sheepishly. 

“Not your fault, sweet thing. Only good boys get lube. Have you been good?” 

Midoriya moves in close, drawing attention to his small stature. Not touching, he looked up at Shindo and nodded eagerly as he replied with an edge of sass. “Yes...Sir.”

Ooooh. Such a deliberate manipulation, Shindo loved it. Izuku really was not at all what he was expecting. Bakugou as the brat was to be expected, Midoriya as the eager little bitch was unexpectedly perfect. 

“Oh, yes. That is very good. Face forward so I can give you your reward. Remember, no touching.” 

Guiding Izuku around to face Bakugou, he bent the shorter man over, placing his hands on the door on either side of the bound man’s thighs. The position was slightly awkward until Shindo kicked Midoriya’s legs open wider. 

It left the freckled hero holding his head back in an effort not to touch Bakugou’s beautifully wrapped cock. Due to his short stature, Izuku found himself looking up at his lover’s balls. Shindo watched as Midoriya’s panting breath caused the bow to move as if caught in a breeze.

“That’s it beautiful, just like that. Your only job is to stay still, breathe, and moan all over his cock. Let me do the rest.”

Perfect. Shindo could only imagine how frustrated Bakugou must be. Grinning, he bent down to pick up the discarded phone, unlocking it as he started the toy up and placed the phone to rest between Midoriya’s shoulder blades.

Shindo watched Katsuki closely as he lubed himself up. He stroked his cock slowly as he alternated between watching the big man struggle against his bonds and checking the status of his hands.

Pleased to see that Bakugou’s fists continued to be unclenched, Shindo used one hand to grip Izuku’s curls and hold his head in place - the other he used to position himself.

Lining his dick up, Shindo waited until the blond met his eyes before he started to push inside Izuku’s warm, pliant depths.

As he sank in, Shindo released a breath he wasn’t even aware he was holding. Moaning, he let himself revel in the tight heat of that spectacular ass. When he bottomed out, he ground hard into Izuku’s plush cheeks and used his slimy, lubed hand to turn up the vibrations of the toy inside Bakugou.

Watching the gagged hero struggle against his bonds was almost as good as drawing out of Izuku and slamming back in. 

Without thinking, Shindo started to build up a steady rhythm as he lost himself to the fuck.  

“Yes! Oh, please. Oh god. Yes!” Izuku’s quiet cries brought Shindo out of his rutting and back to his senses. 

This was supposed to be a punishment, Midoriya had been wonderfully compliant, but it wasn't good enough to erase the weeks of suffering Shindo endured.  

No, no. This is will not do. Seating himself deep, Shindo stopped moving and held Izuku still on his dick. While he let the small man absorb his new reality, he amused himself by using the phone to play with the toy inside Bakugou.

Frustrated, Midoriya couldn’t help but to squirm and try to push himself back onto Shindo’s dick, seeking more friction. “Please, Shindo - Sir. Fuck me. Please.” 

Yes, that was the cue he was waiting for. What sort of pushover was Ground Zero if Deku legitimately thought that sort of begging would be enough to shift his Dom from his course?

“No, Izuku, you know this is a punishment. You don’t get the hard fucking you want. It’s not fair if only Katsuki gets punished. Both of you were playing your horrible little game. You get what I give you. And then you will say…”

There was a long pause as Midoriya made an effort to still his squirming, panting into Bakugou’s balls as he struggled to collect himself. Shindo waited patiently, grinning up into Katsuki’s outraged face. If he focused, he could almost hear the larger man’s curses from behind his gag. 

“And then you say…” Shindo prompted Izuku again.

“...thank you, sir.”

“That’s right!” Shindo crowed with false merriment. 

It was taking all he had to not start fucking Izuku again. But one had to stay the course if one wanted his charges to learn.

“Now,” Locking eyes with Bakugou, Shindo patted Midoriya’s curls, saying with a hint of irony, “I’m not a cruel master. I know you are missing your toy. It was your constant companion, after all. You have been very good for me, so here - let me help you.”

He started it small, just a little pulse sent deep into Izuku from the tip of his cock. Then he waited a moment before doing it again at a higher oscillation. 

Slowly, over the course of the next few minutes, Shindo held Izuku trapped on his dick as he increased the strength of the vibrations inside him.

He had to admire the small green hero’s fortitude, as it took a full four minutes before Izuku started to shake and moan with the strength of the pulses Shindo was sending through him.

Unwilling to let Katsuki miss out, Shindo turned the bullet up to full and drank in the moans of both men. Another minute passed before the constant pulses on his prostate caused Izuku to start to leak cum all over the floor.

It dripped from him in long white drops as Shindo held him in place and milked Izuku using only his vibration quirk. 

“What do you think of your little toy now, Deku? I don’t think it will be all that satisfying after this.”

Three more minutes and Midoriya appeared to be milked dry, his arms shaking from the effort of not falling forward into Bakugou.

“There, there, that’s a good boy. All done now. You can rest now while I take care of Katsuki.” Shindo slowly pulled out, his dick oddly numb from being a focal point for his quirk.

He slipped his arms under Deku’s shoulders and pulled him upright only to feel the trembling man’s knees give out. Chuckling, he lowered the exhausted hero to the cold tile floor, reaching over to pull Bakugou’s discarded jacket over the small man as a makeshift blanket.

Stepping over Izuku’s collapsed form, Shindo approached Katsuki with a spring in his step and an evil glint in his eye. 

“Poor dear. He’s all tuckered out. Best let him rest.” This time his fondness wasn’t faked at all.

Shindo leaned in close to inspect his other piece of prey. He ran hands over all of Bakugou’s restraints, checking the struggling man’s circulation.

“Now, now. What are we going to do with you? Do you want to cum?” Shindo asked dismissively, letting himself lean his weight against the big man. Through Bakugou’s skin he could feel the damned toy vibrating.  

Shindo felt it when the bound hero started to nod frantically.

“Well. Go on then.” He taunted, staring at Katsuki’s prettily wrapped dick - waiting. 

Bless the dear, he did try. Shindo had his own moment of cat-like fascination as he scrutinised the way Bakugou’s cock waved about wildly amidst his futile efforts to get off.  

Shindo laughed only inches from Bakugou’s face as he thrashed his vexation against the door. Ever the spitfire, he glared angrily at Shindo with beautiful, blood-drop eyes. Checking the degree of his fury,Shindo glanced up Katsuki’s hands.

Still open. Oh, how frustrating this must be. All his bluster exposed by having to maintain a safeword pose. As if he sensed the turn of Shindo’s thoughts, Bakugou’s very open palms started to spark.

“Oh my, so fierce!” Shindo couldn’t help but place kisses at the edge of Katsuki’s mouth as he ground their dicks together, the satin tie causing an incredible sensation. 

“Tell, me-” he teased, grinding harder and reaching up with both hands to twist Bakugou’s nipples savagely “-has anyone ever told you that you are VERY cute when you are angry?”

He withdrew contact and stepped back to admire the tantrum he had caused. It took almost a full two minutes of spark-filled bucking for his rage to cease. The moment he gave up was glorious, his whole body sagging in his bonds.

Shindo stepped back in and ran soothing hands all over the exhausted man’s chest, fondling those glorious pecs while he mocked Bakugou’s weakness in kind tones.

“Oh, kitten. You still can’t come? That’s not good. How about this? If you beg real nice like Izuku - I will help you come.” Shindo said as he removed the makeshift bowtie gag.

“Bastard! Fine. Fuck - Please, Sir can I come?” Bakugou practically spat the words into Shindo’s face.

“I said nicely.” Shindo sulked, tweaking Katsuki’s nipples in his displeasure, “If you don’t want to play-” He made as if he was going to withdraw again.

“Arrrgh!” Bakugou writhed beautifully, fighting against both his pride and his bonds.

Biting Katsuki’s lower lip to stop his movement, Shindo kissed a command savagely into the other man’s mouth. “Beg, Bakugou.” 

Shindo amped up the tension, dropping his right hand to squeeze Bakugou’s bound balls hard. With the other, he twisted his left nipple as hard as he could. 

"Beg. Bakugou, dear, and I'll let you come."

The moment stretched out, Shindo’s eyes on Katsuki’s spasming hands as he slowly increased the pressure. Bakugou body was stretched taut, arching between Shindo’s torments.

Come on, you beautiful bastard. Give. Fucking Cave! You know you want to.

And then he did. Bakugou broke and sobbed and begged. 

Shindo soaked it all in like sunshine after days of cloudy winter skies. That release, that moment of breaking the other hero was better than any orgasm. He reveled in it as it moved through him like lightning, each word of Bakugou’s pleas a caress.

Shindo’s hands and words turned soft as a reward. Stroking in long passes, none of his affection was faked as he cooed well-earned praise. “That’s it, so good. So pretty. Good boy, good , good boy-” 

Shindo grasped Bakugou’s bound cock with both hands, fingers moving to undo the bow that held it tight - before stopping.  

“I just need you to do one more thing for me…”

“What? Anything. Please, Sir. Just let me fucking cum.”

And it was - almost enough. Bakugou calling him 'Sir' and looking just that wrecked. Except… it wasn't. Because the bastard had humiliated him on national television. No. No matter how pretty he looked begging, Shindo really only wanted one thing... 

“Apologise, please, Kitten. With the same passion you just showed.” He sank his revenge in deep like a dagger, using his sweetest voice. 

“Whu?” Bakugou had drifted away into the fog of praise and it took him a moment to understand.

“Now, Kitten. I’m waiting - heh - and so, it seems, are you.” Shindo flicked at the angry purple head of Bakugou's cock as he played with the satin tie.

He saw it, the moment Katsuki’s soul slammed back into his body. Gone was the happy softness of submission, instead he became rigid with distress - stiff with pride.

“Fuck. You. You FUCKING BASTARD! I’ll Kill You!”

Shindo slammed the other man back against the door hard and covered his mouth with his hand, muffling his empty threats.

“Yes, yes, I know. Grrr. So tough,” Shindo rolled his eyes and proceeded to tug the tiger by his tail. “Bluster all you want big man. But you will do so quietly! Unless you want the whole hero community breaking this door down to investigate?”

Shindo pulled his hand back sharply as Bakugou started bite hard at the fleshy pads of his fingers. Freed, he remained quiet, glaring at Shindo who again looked pointedly up at his bound hands - still open - good, now the fun could really begin. 

“My apology?...” Shindo asked softly. He dragged a lone finger slowly from the top of Bakugou’s head all the way down the centre of him, over his nose, chin, and throat, between his cleavage, over the bumpy terrain of firm abs, tracing though his sandy snail trail, through spiky pubes and up along the ridges of his bound cock until he finally reached the tip and hooked his finger into the loop of the floppy red bow and gave it a little tug. “Well? I’m waiting...”

“Fuck. you.”

Shindo narrowed his eyes and scrunched his nose in distaste before looking over his shoulder to where Midoriya was still collapsed after his milking, lightly dozing under Bakugou’s suit jacket.

“Hmmm. No. I think I will fuck him instead.” Letting go of the angry lil cock, Shindo turned away. “But before I begin, no more fun for you.” Leaning down, he unlocked Bakugou’s phone again and turned off the vibrator inside him, dropping the phone at his feet.

“If you want to come, you know what to do. If I hear anything else out of your nasty little mouth - this ends and I walk away. Do not test me again - Kitten.” Shindo  basked in the look of fury on Bakugou’s face. 

Red eyes blazed with hatred as he glared at Shindo, but because deep down he wanted to be good, he didn’t say a word.

So cute!

Shindo knew he shouldn’t, that he needed to be consistent in his threats to successfully bring a brat like Bakugou to heel - but he was SO fricken adorable with his widdle frown that he couldn’t resist a taste. 

So, throwing caution to the wind, he leaned in and took what he wanted. Deep, wet and hard, he forced his way into Katsuki’s mouth and showed him without words just how much Shindo was turned on by his defiance. 

With a final sharp bite at that pouting bottom lip, Shindo pulled back and turned away to gather Izuku up in his arms in a bridal carry. The sight of his bare back and ass crouched down to pick up the small man drew an appreciative growl from Bakugou.

Flexing more than was necessary, Shindo carried the dazed man over to the toilet and sat down with Midoriya in his lap.

Pointedly ignoring Bakugou, he nuzzled in close and started to bring the smaller man back with soft kisses and sweet words.

It didn’t take long before Izuku’s floppy, cum-drunk limbs started to twitch and caress Shindo in return. He was tempted to just let go and get lost in the warm, sloppy kisses that Midoriya offered.

But hanging over them on the door was a very real threat. Shindo wanted to fuck the man up, make him regret his decisions. If they were going to do this - what ever this was, Bakugou Katsuki had to learn some fucking respect.

Truthfully, Izuku was beautifully pliant in his arms, but in this moment, it was Katsuki’s glare that was really revving Shindo’s engine. He had never had this sort of instant chemistry with a sub before, and here he was with two. 

Letting go and falling into Izuku’s loving embrace was a temptation he couldn’t afford to indulge right now. If he did this right, he would be able to have his cake and fuck it too.

Instead, he pulled away from the kiss and shifted the small man around on his lap so that he faced his scowling lover. Izuku’s small cries of disappointment made Shindo’s dick twitch. But his intake of breath as he saw Baukugo’s anger was the sort of thing that Shindo would be jerking off to for years to come.

Hotdogging his erection between Izuku’s fat, freckled ass cheeks, he started to detail what he wanted for them both. 

“I know. I know, I tried my beauty, I really did. While you were sleeping I tried to help our grumpy kitten - it was just awful. He refused my help.” Shindo explained, all faux concern, his hot breath in Midoriya’s ear making him squirm in the most wonderful way.

“All he had to do was apologise.” Shindo ground up into Izuku while he made eye contact with Bakugou over his shoulder. Still so mad, but he was in. Shindo could see it. He had Bakugou - he just had to bring him to heel. 

“He’s so very stubborn!” Shindo exclaimed with faked outrage. “Honestly, if he wasn’t so very pretty, I’m not sure he would be worth the effort. I think I can teach him - but I will need your help.”

He reached and turned Izuku’s torso around to face him awkwardly, literally pulling his gaze away from Bakugou.

Shindo kissed him sweetly and sent a vibration up his cock, delighting in the way it made Midoriya’s butt slap against his erection.

If pride was Katsuki’s weakness, generosity was Izuku’s. And just like when he had manipulated Bakugou to where he wanted him, Shindo did the same now with Izuku. Except this time he didn’t have to stab past defenses, all he had to do was use the right words and hero Deku would rush head first into his trap.

“You do want to help Kacchan, don’t you Deku?” 

The small man nodded shyly and Shindo had him, hook, line, and sinker. 

Checking on Bakugou he could see the large man had figured out his plan. The arrogant bastard always did have a way of seeing right through Shindo’s ruses.

It didn’t matter though, there was only one way for him to save his Deku now. Lining himself up, he sank back into Izuku’s tight ass, never looking away from Bakugou’s hate-filled gaze.

“Good boy, so good for me.” Shindo cooed as he started fucking the freckled man in earnest. “We just need to show him how. Can you beg for me Izuku? Can you show me how sorry you are?”

For a man who already had a preference for having vibrating things in his ass, Izuku started to quickly fall apart for Shindo. 

Vibrations were Shindo’s fucking domain - his quirk, his career, his life.

“I know, I know. I’m sorry my sweet but I can’t let you come. I just can’t, not until Bakugou apologises. Ask him, show him how.” 

He used it all to pull Izuku apart with his cock. Shindo pulled out all the stops while Bakugou was cucked to the wall - forced to writhe and watch just how good Shindo could fuck his lover with no hope of release - except one.

Puh-lease, K-Kacchan! I’m sorry. I’m so sorry! Oh god. Please. Please can I come, oh - Oh! God. Kacchan it hurts! It hurts so good. Please, please...please…” Midoriya Izuku begged like he was born to do it. With each 'please' he clenched around Shindo like the little minx he was.

Shindo was close now too because Izuku’s ass is just that good, his begging just that sweet. He had to ease off to stop himself from coming. Instead, he contented himself with vibrating his fingertips as they tweaked Izuku’s nipples as he ground up into his prostate.

The hero in his lap was a teary, incoherent mess, his head lolling back against Shindo’s shoulder as he moaned. The only discernible words were soft pants of “...please” and “...Kacchan.

Bakugou was so close to breaking, Shindo could taste it. He kept his eyes on those explosive hands in case he had misjudged the man. So he saw it, the moment his fists almost closed, only to spring open again.

Looking down, he saw that Katsuki’s eyes were closed and his head was sunk forward onto his chest as he listened to his lover fall apart while begging him to save him.

With the right lever, even Bakugou Kastuki’s pride could be moved

 When he met Shindo’s eyes, the scowl was gone and Shindo knew he had won before the big man even said the words.

“I’m sorry... Fuck. Just let him go. Let him come, please. Stop - I’m sorry.  I'm so fucking sorry.” 

YES! Mother fucking, yes!

Shindo had known it would be good, but it was all he could do to not come right then and there. Instead, he pulled out of Midoriya in a rush, pushing two of his fingers inside, right against his prostate and showing Izuku just what his vibrations were capable of.

Midoriya stiffened in his lap as if hit by an electrical current, then sighed and went limp, slumping forward. There was no mess, no bursts of cum. Shindo had milked him dry, he had nothing left.

“Good boy, so good.” He said the words to Izuku, but they were for both men. Shindo was so happy right now he felt like he could fly. There were still things to do. He had eaten his cake but there was still sweet fucking to do.

In a feat of strength, he picked Izuku up and carried him over to set him down at Bakugou’s feet, sitting half upright against the door. Shingo gathered up Katsuki’s suit jacket and crouched to drape it over Izuku. It dwarfed the small hero as he snuggled into its familiar burnt caramel scent, sighing with happiness.

“Thank you, Kacchan,” he murmured before closing his eyes.

Satisfied Izuku was taken care of, Shindo bounced to his feet and grinned at Bakugou “Yes. Thank you Ka - chan!” He couldn’t help but check all the ties again before he softly kissed into the big man's pouting mouth.

With a tug, he undid the bow holding Bakugou’s penis prisoner. His strokes were gentle as he tried to soothe poor thing. 

“That was so very beautiful. Thank you.” He whispered the words into Katsuki’s ear, hoping that this time, like all the others, the big hero could see through Shindo’s games.

He wanted Katsuki to see his joy, wanted him to feel how happy he had made Shindo. But there was always the danger when you lied all the time, that people wouldn’t be able to tell when you stopped.

He found those rose-red eyes and marveled at the tears that pooled at their edges. 

“I promised you a reward, are you ready kitten?” Shindo asked, his voice full of affection, mesmerised by the fact that it took this much breaking for Bakugou to be able to accept kind words and soft touches.

Katsuki closed his eyes and let out a deep breath before he nodded firmly. Shindo kissed the tip of his nose in delight as he wrapped one hand around Bakugou's shaft and the other about his balls.

As always, using his vibrations like this was a heady thing. When he had first used it on himself as a teen, he had become addicted to the sensation. 

No toy or lover could do what he could do. As he used his quirk to make a second man come apart in a matter of minutes, he felt his chest swell with pride.

"Ok, my beautiful little liar - come." Shindo ordered.

Perfect in his obedience, Bakugou moaned and came all over Shindo’s vibrating hand.  

Shindo held the mess up for Katsuki to lick clean and relaxed into the warm and sated feeling of a job well done. Pressing happy kisses all over the other man’s face and chest, he cooed his joy with happy sounds and praise. 

It wasn’t going to last if Shindo was any judge, Bakugou was going to surface back into himself and start pushing his affection away as soon as the afterglow wore off. 

Shindo made the most of the explosive hero’s weakness as he slowly undid all the restraints holding him upright.

With the last belt released, Bakugou slowly slid down the door to sit slumped beside Midoriya. So cute! Shindo wished he could take a photo to mark the occasion.

Stroking himself slowly, he gloried in his defeat of the wonder duo. No, he had another sort of marking in mind.

Crouching on his heels in front of the two spent heroes, Shindo softly slapped each of their cheeks bringing them back to awareness. 

He wasn’t done playing.

They looked at him through heavy lids, and when he was satisfied that he had their attention, Shindo stood up and towered over them.

“We aren’t finished, my pretties. This part is easy though, all you need to do it watch. Mouths open, please. No looking away.”

Determined to draw his pleasure out for as long as he could, Shindo didn’t activate his quirk as he started to jerk off above his two lovers' waiting mouths.

It was a beautiful picture. Shindo was so close and then Bakugou fucking Katsuki went and ruined it by looking away. Typical.

Shindo slowed his strokes and it was his turn to glare, now. He watched, as the big hero started to squirm. A familiar frequency started to tickle at Shindo senses. Eyes moving to Izuku’s innocent face, Shindo let out a chuff.

“Midoriya!,” he snapped, “if your partner can’t even obey a command as simple as sitting still - make him.”

“Yes, sir.” Izuku agreed with a sneaky grin. The little minx.

Shindo watched, slowly stroking himself as the small man ignited with the green lighting of his quirk and pulled Bakugou in front of him. 

His chest pressed to his partner's back, Izuku wrapped his arms and legs around the bigger man as he tried to squirm. Midoriya’s scarred hand pulled back the big man’s head against his shoulder so it was tilted up to face Shindo.

“Be good, Kacchan.” Izuku scolded as he placed a kiss into Bakugou’s messy blond hair. Then he looked up at Shindo with those big green eyes, beautiful and alert as he held his dazed partner immobile.

“Ready, sir,” Izuku said with his trademark smile.

Fuck - these two. He had set out to ruin them and instead they were going to ruin him.


Art by Serah-Chan



“Yes, good. Good boy.” Shindo moaned as he jerked off faster. He needed to cum, he needed to cum now! 

All over that face - all over those freckles!

His orgasm hit him like a fist, punching the breath out of him and throwing off his aim. The first spray went wild, hitting the door. The second hit Bakugou across the cheek under angry eyes. 

The third and fourth found their target: Midoriya’s smile.

Shindo knees buckled and he used the door to keep himself upright, shoving his dick into Izuku’s happy mouth.

“Suck, fucking suck, you beautiful little minx!” He could hear how broken he sounded, but Shindo just didn’t care anymore.

Nothing mattered but the mouths on him. Mouths? Ah, his Kitten didn’t like being left out and was now sucking at his balls.

Yes. Perfect, good. 

When Midoriya started to hum his own vibrations up through Shindo’s overly sensitised cock he pulled back violently, landing on his ass before the two men.

It was fitting. All three of them bare assed on the bathroom floor, equals again as they all struggled to regain their composure.

Proof that the world was back to normal was Bakugo’s muttered curses as he pulled himself out of Midoriya’s embrace, slapping weakly at his partner's arms.

“You fucking cheater. Where is it. Where is my fucking phone!” He snarled, turning to pat Izuku down. 

Bakugou’s efforts made Midoriya to dissolve into giggles.

“I’m sorry, Kacchan, I couldn’t help it. It was just too perfect.”

“Couldn’t help it my ass!

Shindo snorted, focusing on the steady vibration that was now coming from Bakugou’s bottom. “Your ass, indeed!”

“Stop laughing - you fuckers.” Katsuki barked as he found his phone, turning the traitorous toy off.

“Oh my, that is too good. Too perfect. Well done, Midoriya. Good boy.” Shindo smiled warmly at the other man, who was blushing prettily under all the praise.

Too cute!

“Good boy!?” Bakugou huffed sulkily as he sat back down into Izuku’s embrace.

Chuckling, Shindo sat up and ruffled Katsuki’s hair fondly, stealing a kiss before the big man could object. "Revenge, my dear kitten IS being good in my book!” 

Sighing, Shindo stood shakily and walked over to the sink to wash up. 

“Now, how about we clean ourselves up so we can go get that pizza? I suddenly find myself very hungry and craving meat."