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Where Josuke didn’t expect to play baseball but was glad he did

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Josuke never cared for active sports. What was the point of being sweaty and ruining your hair? He preferred playing video games inside, reading a magazine and perfecting his hair - sure, not the best of hobbies but it beat hearing annoying girls flock around him.

Yet here he was, standing in a line, waiting to try out for the baseball team he didn’t even know existed.

The whole reason he was even here was because of his mother. She found out he wasn’t doing too well at school… but he wasn’t stupid, he knew that. Everything was just boring but of course, his mother wasn’t too pleased with his reasoning and would absolutely destroy him if he didn’t graduate and made some calls to the school. His mother was scary when she wants to be. Josuke found out if he participated in a school activity and passed the rest of his exams, he’d be in the clear.

As he scanned the people on the field, he winced when he saw someone wearing a helmet. That’d surely be a good way to wreck his perfect pompadour. He looked down at his clothes, at least their baseball uniform wasn’t too bad for a school - after all, it could have been a lot worse.

When his name was called, he made his way over to the person who had a clipboard and couldn’t contain his annoyance when he realized who it was. Of course, this was happening... His luck turned sour within an instant.

Rohan looked up from his clipboard with an arched eyebrow and asked in his ever-present condescending tone, “do you even know how to play baseball?”

Not wanting the other to get the upper hand, Josuke just tsked and grabbed one of the bats learning against the wall and remarked “just watch me,” as he headed over to the base.

He was handed a helmet by the short catcher and defeatedly placed it on, trying to not think about his hair and what kind of shape it’ll be left once it's free.
Normally he would have expected himself to give up and walk away but knowing Rohan was there, predicting his failure… there was no way he was going to give that weirdo the satisfaction.

The catcher by his side lifted their own helmet to call out, “Okuyasu, can you throw for this?”

Someone at the bench stood up and ran over to the mound with a happy smile on their face. Once they were there, they lifted their glove up for the person besides Josuke to throw the ball to them and when he did, Josuke was pretty impressed with the short guy’s arm, but he very much couldn’t ignore how cute the pitcher was. The pitcher looked like they also took care of their hair - something Josuke appreciated, and they looked pretty buff - also something Josuke really appreciated.

… At least he had some eye candy around here if he got in.

All thoughts aside, Josuke set himself up for the ball. Bat tipped to the sky behind him, knees bent and legs shoulder-width apart. He was thankful he still remembered how to properly bat. He gave a nod to show he was ready, internally hoping he looked cool.

He watched intently as the pitcher, Okuyasu, positioned himself to throw.

And as the ball began to whiz towards him - very fast, he noted - Josuke let his instincts carry and swung, the bat made contact with the ball with a good cling sound and jumped high in the air, passing the pitcher and heading somewhere outfield.

The crowd behind him buzzed with surprise and he couldn’t suppress his grin, especially as the pitcher turned back from following the ball to look at him with an awe expression.

The shorter guy behind him also couldn’t hide their astonishment, “that was amazing!”

The sound of footsteps approached from behind and he heard Rohan cough, not looking up from his clipboard but Josuke could see the peek of a frown and he heard a quick grumble, “okay, Josuke, you’re in.”

Josuke hummed, very pleased with himself. He decided not to rub it further into Rohan’s face and walked away, placing the bat back in its place as he passed. It was only when was away from the others that he slowly took off his helmet, inwardly weeping at what his hair looked like and having no mirror around to fix it, IMMEDIATELY.

“Hey, have you played baseball before?” a soft but raspy voice interjected and he turned around to see it was the pitcher talking to him.

He prayed his hair survived now that he was in front of someone he’d want to impress. His eyes drank in as much as it could without being too obvious. Yep, this was definitely his type, he decided.

Almost forgetting to answer, he scratched his cheek self-consciously and confessed, “not really. My grandpa showed me how to bat as a kid and I guess I never forgot about it.”

He revelled in seeing Okuyasu express a look he could only describe as dazzled, and it was aimed at HIM. He wouldn’t mind seeing that face every day, that was for sure.

“That’s incredible!” the other exclaimed, a huge grin appearing, “if you join us, we’ll be even harder to beat!”

He reached out with both hands for a handshake and made a small sound in embarrassment as he realized he was still wearing a glove in one hand. Instead of using his free hand to shake, he settled in pointing at himself with the glove, “my name’s Okuyasu!”

Josuke couldn’t believe his luck at meeting someone so ditzy but cute at the same time. He didn’t stop his smile as he watched the other’s behaviour, “I’m Josuke,” he introduced back.

He then lowered his voice so only Okuyasu could hear, “Hey, you wouldn’t happen to know where there’s a mirror around here, would you?” His hand nervously patted at the side of his hair.

Okuyasu’s eyes followed his hand and he nodded, promptly understanding. The pitcher grabbed at his sleeve and pulled him gently along with him, “the bathrooms and showers are over here, I’ll show you!”

Honestly, Josuke might have assumed the other would laugh at him about his hair but was greatly relieved. He let his eyes wander on Okuyasu as he followed along, quickly sweeping down to the pitcher’s butt.

So joining the baseball team was definitely a good decision, he affirmed.