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The padded bedroom they shared was cramped and dimly lit. They had convinced Bert to allow them to share a room even though they were siblings. Bert had given them the ok; it would be less trouble to film anyway. 

Nation sat on the edge of the bed fiddling with a pack of cigarettes while Cosmo read a magazine. They hadn’t had an intimate moment in weeks. Yes, they were always together, but Nation was itching to get her hands on her brother. The only concern was how the squeaky clean, conservative citizens of Denton would react to an incestuous pair of doctors running Dentonvale.

Her brother had been in a lousy mood since he’d found out about their new sponsor; Farley Flavours, of fast food fame. She decided, scandalous as it may be, Cosmo needed some cheering up. She pulled down his magazine, red-painted nails draping over the pages. 

“Whatcha reading?” She coyly asked her brother.

“Nothing of any importance,” he replied in his usual drawl. “Why? Are you in need of my… assistance?”

Nation dropped the magazine to the ground, as she said, “Oh, yes, Doctor,” then leaned towards Cosmo, looking into his eyes that were enlarged by his coke-bottle glasses. “I’m in great need of some…” she whispered this word into his ear, “treatment.”

She swung her legs around to sit in a more seductive position. A smirk grew on his lips as he leaned towards her; he loved playing doctor. His hand found her thigh, and he kissed a trail from her knee to her upper thigh. She watched him intently while he went, watching his lips inch closer towards her. His face was then in front of hers, when she realized this was too much. Bert would certainly scold them if the ratings dropped due to their unscrupulous evening antics.

Instead of leaning towards him, she moved backwards, kicking her legs off of the bed to stand up. “We can’t do this Cosmo,” she said, staring out of the window and pulling out a cigarette, “Not here.”

Nation carelessly dropped the cigarette box to the ground. She pulled a lighter from her coat pocket, lighting her cigarette as Cosmo settled back onto the bed.

“But my darling, dearest sister,” he purred, using all of her favourite pet names, “can you resist?” 

He pulled a leather crop from behind the bed, brandishing it. As he whipped it through the air, Nation’s head jolted upwards, as she felt a shiver of irresistible pleasure wash over her. Cosmo smirked as she moved back towards the bed. He put the crop between his teeth. As she turned to face him, he wrapped an arm around her shoulder, helping her lie down on the bed as he kissed her. “I always go back to you. I think its driving me insane,” Nation said. Her brother let out a low, sultry laugh. She put her legs up, and he grabbed her ankles; the pompoms on her heeled slippers tickling his wrists.

“Losing your sanity can be such a good time,” said Cosmo, he removed the crop from his mouth and ran it down her thigh.

“Much like losing your virginity,” replied his sister. She began to giggle, her laughter infecting Cosmo. Her laugh became staggered with lustful gasps as he roughly kissed her neck. “Careful, you’ll leave a mark!”

“Your uniform has a collar, does it not?”

“It’s not a turtleneck!”

She didn’t really want him to stop, but she knew that they had to. Nation gave him a playful push away, and he frowned in disappointment.

“I don’t want to wear you out,” she sat up and gave him a smirk, “We have a big day tomorrow with the Faith Factory premiere.”

“Shame. Will you at least kiss me one last time?”

She immediately obliged, moving onto his lap and wrapping a leg around his back. She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him lasciviously; slipping her tongue in occasionally, and running her tongue across his teeth.

After they had made out for a solid two minutes, Cosmo quipped, “That was a lot more than one last kiss.”

“You’re right. Besides I don’t want to waste my cigarette.” The item in question was still in between her two fingers; Cosmo wondered how she had managed to avoid burning either of them, or catching fire to the pristine hospital bedding. He frowned as she climbed off of him; he didn’t mean to make her stop. 

“I guess you’ll just have to look forward to this tomorrow,” he said, running a finger down the leather crop. He whipped her behind when she bent over to pick up her cigarette box and his magazine, giving her a taste of was was to be expected the following day. She threw the magazine at his face, and looked at him scoldingly. Cosmo innocently put his hands up, dropping the crop, and raising his eyebrows. Nation shook her head at him.

He moved to the opposite side of the bed, allowing her to settle down with her cigarette.

She took a few drags, resting her hand on her crossed legs after. She looked over at her brother and asked, “How do you think Bert will react to this?”

 “We’ll just have to find out, won’t we?” Cosmo replied. He was awfully optimistic then; a sign that her seduction had improved his mood.

  He got up to turn off the lights, and she took a final drag from her cigarette before putting it out on the bedside ashtray. She turned over onto her side, feeling Cosmo pull back the covers, and getting into bed. He wrapped his arm around her, and when his hand wandered upwards from her waist to her breast, she rolled her eyes.