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Unravelling Daisies

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There are some things that a person will never forget in their entire lifetime, even if they lived forever.

One of those is near-death experiences, and the other is the meeting of supernatural beings.

So, it’s no big surprise that Jungkook can oddly remember every single fragment of his meeting with Park Jimin, like the back of his hand; it had both of those.

He clearly remembers Jimin’s widened eyes when he saw the blood spilt all over the front of Jungkook’s shirt and dripping down the sides of his mouth.

Jungkook also remembers the way his lips had parted when he discarded the body he was initially feeding on, and grabbed hold of Jimin’s shirt before sinking his teeth into his neck.

It’s a bit sadistic, but the shriek that Jimin had let out had made Jungkook smile, the taste of the flesh making him sigh in content.

Delicious .

He knows Jimin. He knows Jimin as the friendly and funny boy from one of his classes, the one with the eye smiles that he’s heard girls in the lecture hall giggle over.

He knows.

And that’s exactly why Jungkook did what he did, satisfied as he watches Jimin’s limp figure fall to the ground with a loud thud. He feels full from his meal prior to Jimin’s appearance, so he wipes the blood off from his face for a bit, catching his breath.

Stupid Jimin. He didn’t have to die if only he didn’t appear in front of Jungkook right then.

With one final sigh, Jungkook closes his eyes, pulling his kagune back giving himself a couple of moments for his blood-shot, ghoul eye to turn back to normal.

Jungkook has already turned around to walk back to his dorm when he hears a low grunt.


Jungkook raises an eyebrow and turns to see Jimin looking up at him, a half-crooked smile on his face as he raises a hand.

“Um, can you help me get up?” Jimin chuckles, and Jungkook raises an eyebrow, baffled at how he could speak after such a wild attack. Could Jimin possibly be…

No. That’s not possible. Jungkook can smell the faint odour of human flesh radiating from Jimin’s skin, even as he had sunk his teeth into his neck, so how..?

“If I spend any more energy then, I might turn into my demon form. And then you might die, haha.” Jimin smiles, and this pisses off Jungkook more than it should. Did he just say Jungkook will die? How dare he think that lowly of Jungkook? It instantly makes Jungkook’s kagune to erupt out from his back, the dark, fiery red claw-ish pair of wings bright. Jimin’s eyes are wide again, the corner of his lips bleeding from Jungkook’s previous attack. Hair dishevelled and cheeks badly bruised, it makes Jungkook feel more angry that Jimin still does not lose his smile from earlier.

“I don’t know what you are, but there’s no one stronger than me.” He has to say, before he sinks his kagune right into the middle of Jimin’s chest.

Jungkook can feel a chill run down his spine when he hears Jimin’s loud wail of agony, and he feels accomplished when his smile is fully wiped off, eyes closed and chest no longer rising up and down.

Jungkook’s backpack had been discarded earlier, and he goes to pick it up, giving one more glance at Jimin, slightly unsure of why the latter took so long to die. Another human, they would have died in one blow. Jungkook tries not to let his encounter and the fact that he killed a classmate, ruin the rest of his day.

After all, it was Jimin’s fault anyways.

It’s through some bushy woods that Jungkook had gone for hunting, and he wondered just what on earth Jimin had been doing there in the first place.

A couple of minutes after Jungkook had started jogging through the woods, he notices something odd around his surroundings.

The first thing was how bright the leaves of the trees were getting, and how he could see flocks of crows screeching and flying away from where he had just come from.

Next, it was the unusually bright green light that shot through the sky that rose his curiosity.

The third was the odd, pungent smell, that let him know that the kind of species he was near was not human.

Perhaps it was the feeling of validation he needed, or just plain curiosity; whichever the reason, Jungkook pulls out his mask from his backpack, covering the top half of his face before he makes his way back to where he came from, through the vegetation and away from the main road. He has a sick feeling in his stomach, but he shakes his head away and runs as if his life depends on it, towards the source of the light.

The shrill sound of a shriek is what makes Jungkook halt. That was no ordinary shriek, and he’s never even heard a ghoul do the same in his entire lifetime.

It makes him put his backpack down, closing his eyes as he pulls out his kagune again, cautious eyes ahead as he runs past the trees.

Jungkook could feel his pupils dilate when he finally reaches a clearing, devoid of any kind of vegetation. It takes him a moment to realise that the vegetation in the area has been completely wiped out, and the trees in the area had been… blown away?

Who, or more importantly, what on earth had that kind of power?!

Before he can say anything, another loud shriek runs throughout the surrounding, and Jungkook sees a person inside a box-like figure.

“What is going on?” Jungkook calls out, which makes the person inside the box let out another deafening shriek that makes him fall straight on his knees and put his hands over his ears. When he looks up at the surrounding to see if anyone else was witnessing this like he was, Jungkook is startled to see that there are two other people who were creating a shield of sorts, that was blocking all the light from the box-like figure in the middle of the clearing.

What the heck is going on?! Jungkook feels baffled, wondering what kind of species would be so powerful that other people had to use their supernatural powers to stop it.

The person inside the figure screeches again, and the morbid sound rings in Jungkook’s ears, making him glance back at where it all started from.

This time, the person is facing him, and Jungkook feels his legs turn to jelly at who the monster-like being was.

Park Jimin.