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Lost Time

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Then you came into my life with come hither in your eyes
Pulling me outta the grave what a nice surprise
I die when our nights end
But I only stay dead till I see you again



The doors to the Malfoy library burst open and Hermione watched as her husband staggered through the doors all the way to the loveseat she was currently occupying. Lucius fell face first into her lap before letting out an agonizing groan that sounded more like an animal being tortured. There were a few small chunks of cotton candy stuck to his hair which she vanished with a simple wave of her hand.

“Tired, my love?” she chuckled, looking down from her book to the back of his head.

“Shut up, woman,” he growled into her thighs. “You didn’t have to tote a hyperactive seven year old around a Muggle zoo all day. I don’t want to hear it.”

Hermione patted his head in sympathy. “Sleep in tomorrow. I'll take Roman to the Quidditch match.”

In a sudden move that surprised both, Lucius sat up and pinned her to the backrest. “No!”


“We had a deal!” he waggled a finger in front of her face. “You had him for yourself for over four years. I get to take our son out for myself for the next four!”

“You’re being ridiculous!” Hermione swatted his hand away from her face. “Fine! Work yourself to an early grave!”

“Now who’s being ridiculous? I'm not that old!”

“No,” she agreed. “But you’re not as young as you used to be, Lucius. At least let me come with you. You know how a handful our son can be.”

“Oh, alright,” he grumbled as he laid back, his head pillowed on Hermione’s lap again. “But I’m not going to cheer for Ginevra’s team.”

“Even if your son asked you to? You know how he adores his Aunt Ginny.”

Lucius shot her a look that clearly said, ‘over my dead gorgeous body’. Despite being civil to each other now (Hermione suspected it was only for her sake), apparently, the traditional Malfoy-Weasley feud still continued to this day.

The pair had been married for a year and a half now. True to his word, Lucius wasted no time and proposed to her two months after the homecoming party. It was during a charity event hosted by the Ministry and everyone, save for her close friends, expected Hermione to make her comeback debut with Blaise Zabini only to find her walking up the steps in the arms of the intimidating Malfoy patriarch. The press didn’t spare a millisecond and immediately bombarded the pair with questions and flashes of cameras. Lucius, naturally, took it in stride and soaked all the attention. He even went out of his way to clear everything about his relationship with Hermione and most especially the true paternity of the child.

Hermione, on the other hand, was in a daze at the amount of attention they were receiving and was extremely grateful to Lucius for taking over the interviews. He remarked, once they were alone inside the Ministry halls, that if their relationship was publicized five years ago, the reception wouldn’t be this warm and enthusiastic.

“But why? What’s the difference?” she asked him.

“Because I had five years to redeem the Malfoy name,” Lucius then smiled at her warmly. “I had hoped to win you back someday and we wouldn’t have to hide anymore.”

If it weren’t for the makeup she painstakingly applied for over an hour tonight, Hermione would’ve cried then and there at his words. And when he went down on one knee in front of her and everyone attending the event, Hermione didn’t even hesitate to say yes as tears leaked from her eyes. Screw the makeup.

The wedding, which was held in the wide expanse of the Malfoy gardens, was a simple and small affair much to Lucius’ exasperation and Hermione’s complete satisfaction.

“Why on earth do we need to invite two hundred people we barely even know?”

“But Hermione, dear—”

“Don’t ‘dear’ me!” Hermione brandished her wand in his direction. “I get the final vote on the guest list.”

Hermione had wanted to tell Roman about Lucius right off the bat, but Lucius told her he wanted to get to know his son first. It only took them a month. The child managed to put two and two together immediately since Roman already knew Draco was his big brother.

To Hermione’s surprise, the two got along really well. Lucius was an excellent father when he wasn’t burdened by the pressure of acting like a stiff, aristocratic prat. He doted and spoiled Roman just a little bit. Well, more than a little. Draco would argue that his father spoiled Roman more than his firstborn, not that Draco was complaining. He adored his little brother just the same and would often spoil Roman too every chance he got—which was a lot.

“So, he’s not allowed to have ice cream for dinner?” Lucius raised a perfectly shaped eyebrow at her in question while Draco and Roman stared at her with wide puppy eyes across the dinner table.

“Lucius Abraxas Malfoy, I can’t believe you right now!”

“Can’t he have a single scoop at least?” Draco pleaded on behalf of his brother while Roman sat beside him, nodding his head vigorously.

“Shut it, Draco!” she brandished a fork in his direction and then turned her attention to her son. “And you, young man. Eat what’s on the table.”

“Yes, mum.”

Roman had his father wrapped around his little finger—something he was aware of and had utilized to get what he wanted whenever his mother wasn’t around. That is, until Hermione arrived home earlier than expected one day to an Aston Martin parked on their lawn with Roman and Lucius sitting inside inspecting the car’s features. She dragged her husband by the arm until they were out of their son’s earshot and started questioning him, even summoning her inner Molly Weasley.

“Lucius, why is there a sports car in the gardens?”

“Our son wanted one.”

“He’s seven! He can’t even drive let alone reach the gas pedal!” Hermione pointed in the direction of the car where Roman was happily pushing every button he could find. “How in Circe’s name did you even manage to get that thing here?”

“I had it delivered,” Lucius murmured, finally realizing how foolish purchasing a huge ‘toy’ for their son was. Maybe he could get Roman a train set instead similar to the Hogwarts Express. They could assemble it together in his study and—Lucius stopped short at the sight of his wife’s murderous glare.

“I know that look,” she snapped. “I’m putting a stop to this, Lucius. Who knows what you’ll buy next? The entire McDonald’s company?”

“Don’t be daft, my dear,” Lucius crossed his arms across his chest in a petulant manner. Roman was his father’s son alright. “Seven is still too young to run a company. Maybe when he’s thirteen—”

“Ugghh!” Hermione threw her hands up in frustration and started marching back to the Manor, mumbling words like ‘overbearing’ and ‘idiot’ along the way.

“And how are the young cretins at Hogwarts these days?” Lucius asked as he reached out to twirl a lock of her hair.

“Don’t let the Headmistress hear you say that,” she chuckled. “Professor Snape’s portrait in the Potions classroom keeps them in line most days.”

“That man has perfected the art of scaring children even in the afterlife,” Lucius mused. “I wish he had seen our son.”

“I showed him pictures of Roman when I first started teaching. He hoped that our son wouldn’t be too obsessed with his hair like you and a know-it-all swot like me.”

“I’m not obsessed with my hair!”

Hermione rolled her eyes at him. “The fifteen bottles of different hair products in our bathroom beg to differ.”

They heard hurried footsteps outside and soon Roman, freshly bathed, entered the library carrying a large lion stuffed animal, nearly the same height as him. Ditty the house-elf followed closely behind, panting.

“Ditty has finished bathing the young Master.”

“Thank you, Ditty,” Hermione smiled at the elf before it disapparated to resume its household duties.

“Muuuummmm! Look what dad got me!” Roman suddenly rushed forward and launched himself to his unsuspecting parents. A muffled ‘oommff’ could be heard from Lucius as Roman started to climb his mother’s lap, his left knee ending up in his father’s face. Hermione thought she heard a crunching sound.

“Roman, wait! You’re going to hurt your father!” she immediately set her book to the side before hauling her son off her lap and Lucius’ face.

Hermione heard Lucius chant ‘I love my son’ as he sat up, covering half of his face with his palm. She then placed their son in between them and leaned forward to place a kiss on her husband’s nose. “Are you alright?”

“Fine. Just my pride that’s wounded,” he grumbled.

“Sorry, dad,” Lucius patted his son’s head in acknowledgment while Roman smiled at his father sheepishly before turning his attention to his mother. “Dad got me a lion!”

“Aww, that looks cute, angel,” Hermione cooed at her son.

Roman then hopped off the chair and both parents gazed fondly as he ran around the room clutching his stuffed animal while making roaring noises.

“He wanted to take home the python from the zoo but I told him you would be mad so we got the largest toy in the souvenir shop instead,” Lucius smugly said. “He’s definitely going to be in Slytherin.”

Hermione’s mouth fell open and her eyes nearly popped out of her sockets. “A python?”

“It’s a type of snake—”

“I know what a python is, Lucius,” Hermione narrowed her eyes. “Care to tell me why our son suddenly wanted a live snake?”

“It’s in the Malfoy crest, dear,” Lucius remarked as if that thing should be quite obvious and normal to her.

Hermione sighed and conceded the fact that her husband was indeed an odd man. “Although I have to say, you’re getting good at this. It’s been a month since the last time you gave into our son’s outrageous demands.”

Lucius’ face brightened at the praise, although on the inside, he was trying his hardest not to tell her that he actually got tricked into buying the latest Nimbus broomstick for Roman last week. It was sitting in the very back of his study, hidden away amongst shelves. He only allowed Roman to use it when his mother was at Hogwarts and when he’s under Draco’s supervision.

Hermione didn’t need to know about that little bit of a slip in his record. Nope.

Lucius reached out for his wife’s hand and squeezed it gently, “I love you.”

“I love you too.”



The Malfoy family made their way to their private box at the top of the stadium. Hermione stifled a giggle as everyone openly gawked at her husband who, in all his intimidating glory, carried their son on his shoulders. Roman seemed oblivious to it all and was vibrating with excitement.

“Uncle Harry!” the boy shouted across the throng of people as he spotted Harry standing beside Draco. Roman patted his father’s head asking Lucius to let him down.

Lucius hooked his hands under his son’s arms and gently let him down on the floor. Roman instantly took off and bolted to his brother.

“Does he ever run out of energy?” Lucius asked as he wound an arm across his wife’s waist, pulling her closer beside him.

Hermione shook her head. “I actually wondered if you were that energetic as a kid. I know I’m not.”

“Gods, no,” he frowned. “My father would’ve whipped me senseless. Would you think the worst of me if I tell you I’m glad he died early?”

“Somehow, that seems mild compared to some of the things you did in the past,” Hermione deadpanned. “Not unless you actually murdered your father.”

“Touché. Though I didn’t kill him. He died of Dragon Pox a month before Draco was born.”

Hermione stopped in her tracks and looked at her husband in shock. “Please don’t tell me you named Draco after a disease that killed your father.”

Her suspicions were confirmed when Lucius’ normally pasty complexion darkened, a blush coloring his entire face down to his neck which she found endearing. “Seriously? I’m so glad I got to name our son.”

“Oh, what did father do now?” Draco said as the couple finally arrived at their private box. They took a seat behind Roman who sat between his big brother and Uncle Harry.

“Do you really want to know, Draco?” Hermione smiled sweetly at her son-in-law. She finally had something to blackmail Lucius with and to lord over Draco once the latter found out the circumstances regarding his name.

Seeing his father blush even darker, Draco shook his head vehemently. “I think I prefer not to know anything about my father and stepmum’s sex life. Thank you very much.”

“I do!” Harry piped up.

“What’s sex?” Roman asked suddenly and all heads whipped in his direction. The child shrank back slightly to his seat at seeing everyone’s reaction.

“You and your big mouth,” Hermione hissed at Draco. She then looked to Lucius for help but her husband seemed to find the ceiling suddenly interesting. Men, she sighed. “Sweetie, it’s something couples do when they want to have babies. You’ll understand it more when you’re older.”

The child’s eyes widened in wonder. “Are you and daddy having sex right now?”

Both parents nearly fell out of their chair while Draco and Harry were intensely vibrating with poorly controlled laughter.

“Uhh, no, angel,” Hermione stammered. She just wanted the ground to open up and swallow her whole. She shouldn’t have suggested coming here. Lucius, on the other hand, looked like he was having a coronary.

Roman visibly deflated at that.

“Why do you ask?” Draco nudged his little brother, not willing to drop the subject. Seeing his former enemy and father collectively lose their shit was always entertaining to watch.

“I want a baby sister.”

“Oh,” everyone including Harry exclaimed.

“Well, sweetie,” Hermione glanced in Lucius’ direction. She smiled before turning back to her son “Can you wait for a few months? Though I can’t promise it’ll be a girl.”

“It’s okay if it's a boy. We can play quidditch!” the child clapped his hands together and then turned his attention back to the center of the pitch where the game was just starting.

“Is it— Are you—” Lucius couldn’t seem to find the right words for a moment. “How long?”

“The healer said I was three weeks along but I only found out two days ago,” Hermione smiled at him.

The two boys congratulated them and, like Roman, eventually turned their focus to the ongoing game.

“I swear to Merlin if you ran away from me again, I will scour the ends of the earth to find you. I will chain you to the bedpost if I have to.”

Hermione reached out to pull his face towards hers before pressing a chaste kiss to his lips. “I’m not going anywhere you can’t follow.”

“Good,” he returned the kiss much deeper. “I get to name the little one this time.”

“As long as it’s not Voldemort or, Merlin forbid, Dolores!” she shuddered at the thought.

“Nothing horrible, my dear. I promise.”

A few months later, Hermione gave birth to a healthy baby girl. She had her father’s face and the trademark Malfoy blond hair but inherited her mother’s eyes. Lucius named her Lilith, after Hermione’s mother, much to his wife’s immense relief.